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  1. I'm really curious to see what Jason decides to do. I'm also wondering if his neighbor Jill will play in any other parts of the story. Great story so far can't wait for the next up date.
  2. I love the turn this story has taken. You write some of my most favorite stories on dd.
  3. Just saw blade runner for the second time. Picked up some more things I didn't catch the first time. Great movie.
  4. So I went for an MRI today after work to make sure that none of my tendons or ligaments are torn. Before heading to my appointment today I called asking for a diaper saying I didn't have time to get one from home after work. Their office didn't have any but they said I check with the adult intensive care unit for some when I arrived. So I went to the 4th floor of the hospital and asked a nurse if I could possibly get a diaper for my MRI since I didn't bring a change with me. The nurse was very helpful and brought me two pull-ups and wished me well on my ankle. It was an interesting experience I was curious as how people would react but everything went fine. I wouldn't do it again this was just to see what would happen. I get my MRI results on Friday. Hopefully it will be good news.
  5. Saw blade runner 2049 yesterday it was so good. It did a great job of holding its ground with the first blade runner. Very good imagery and music. The story brings up questions about humanity and life. This is a movie I'm definitely going to have to watch again.
  6. I truly believe my depression would be much worse without diapers. Whenever I need a release from reality so to say diapers are always there. It does stress me out when I can't wear one especially at night for fears of wetting the bed. Diapers are just part of who I am.
  7. 24 minutes ago, Spiderman said: Diapers....is there anything they can't do.
  8. Well I need to order some more diapers. I was thinking about buying a case of tranquillity atn soon.
  9. I've gone once to a massage in a diaper just because I didn't have time to change before going. The experience was fun and embarrassing. I don't wish to impose my lifestyle on others and wouldn't want to do it again.
  10. Going to flix brew house Saturday night to watch blade runner 2049 with my dad. I absolutely love the original blade runner and have heard nothing but good things about the new one. I've been looking forward to this movie since I heard about its production. I'm probably going to watch it a couple of times while
  11. Stress fractured my ankle trying to prepare for a 10k. Pretty lame. 6 weeks in a boot. Just thought I'd share my misery.
  12. There's someone in my apartment complex that is incontinence. I usually see a couple trash bags a week filled with used diapers in the dumpster. I also saw a car parked that had a bag of attends in the front seat parked here too. It probably belonged to the same person.
  13. You know you're old when you prefer dial calipers opposed to digital read out calipers