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  1. So, I’ve been thinking recently about how much I love wearing diapers and a thought occurred to me. I’m in my early thirties, and as such, would be considered by many to be a millenial. I know it’s not just my generation, but I feel like we are huge into nostalgia. Think about it. Nintendo has now released two old consoles (NES and SNES). Vinyl records have been huge (although, once-skyrocketing sales are starting to plateau and decline). Old TV shows from ABC’s “TGIF” lineup are all available on Hulu. And countless movies are being rebooted. Has anyone else had this thought? What could be more nostalgic than taping on a disposable diaper (or pinning for those who prefer cloth)? I wonder if that’s part of the appeal of diapers for some of us. I think it may be for me. Thoughts?
  2. I’m curious to know the difference in size/fit between the medium and large ABU diapers (Space, Little Paws, Simple). I have a 36” waist and have previously tried the Little Paws in large. They fit, but felt huge on me. Anyone out there with a 36” waist know if the medium would still fit comfortably?
  3. Stressed w/o diapers?

    Yes! It’s so exciting! I’m a little bit apprehensive as to how it’s going to go, just because I’ve never worn around people (to their knowledge). But the fact that it’s my wife excites me because I feel like it’s me really being me.
  4. Tykables taking forever to ship

    Curious to know about sizing/fit. I have a 36” waist and had previously tried the large in the old version and that fit great. Is the size/fit relatively similar?
  5. Stressed w/o diapers?

    Thanks friend!
  6. Miley Cyrus SNL

    That’s fine. I just think it’s silly when something like this comes up and people on here all but convince themselves that some celebrity is ABDL. For me, Miley Cyrus is about the last public figure I’d want to say she’s ABDL. Nothing against her personally, though I’m not a fan of her music. I just think no one would really take it seriously coming from her. “Oh Miley Cyrus likes wearing diapers and acting like a baby? Haha, that’s funny. She’s so weird and crazy.” That’s all I feel like the reaction would be for most people.
  7. Stressed w/o diapers?

    Last night she told me that she had made a decision. She’s okay with me wearing as many diapers as I want for 24 hours the day before my birthday (which is coming up soon), on my birthday, or the day after my birthday. I know that may not sound like much at all to you reading this, but to me, it is more than fair, and I think it could possibly turn into more. The cool thing is she told that she had actually thought about surprising me, but decided not to because it would have meant not really saying much about whether or not she had decided to make a compromise with me. Beyond that, she said she wants to be part of it. I don’t expect that necessarily means she’ll be putting my diapers on/changing me, but she will be around while I’m wearing. I’m so excited!
  8. Miley Cyrus SNL

    I don’t see anything that would explicitly suggest/show that she’s wearing an ABDL diaper in this sketch. I think the farthest anyone could guess is that she is, at the very least, ABDL-aware. I feel like anything beyond that is purely speculation. Lastly, I don’t think a celebrity would have an easier time revealing they were an ABDL than any of the rest of us “normal people.”
  9. Stressed w/o diapers?

    Just a quick update. My wife and I talked for over an hour the other night. It ended up being a very positive and encouraging conversation (which I knew deep down it would be, because she is an amazing woman and loves me so deeply). I basically gave her my entire history of my desire to wear diapers (began around the age of 4, and told about specific instances through out my adolescence where I had he desire to wear diapers leading into my adulthood when I finally felt I was able to act on it and purchase diapers). She even asked me, unprovoked, if after I’ve worn a diaper, if the desire curbs, to which I responded that yes it does, at least for a while. At the conclusion I asked her if she would meet me in the middle somehow. She asked me if she could think about it. I honestly feel like no matter what she says, I’ll be okay. I think she may agree to me getting some, though I’m sure there will be some stipulations for lack of a better word. But that’s okay. I’m also going to have her read Bitter Grey’s article for loved ones of ABDLs. I just want to do my best to help her understand what I’ve been dealing with basically my whole life. I’ve told her it’s hard at times to be so open and honest about it all because that’s the exact opposite as what I’ve been doing - basically trained myself to hide anything and everything to do with diapers.
  10. Stressed w/o diapers?

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I appreciate your kindness and encouragement. I