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  1. ABDL Diapers - too many options?

    Yeah, no offense, but I’m glad for the variety. Between eBay, Amazon, The Diaper Drawer, and Wearing Clouds, there are plenty of affordable ways to try out “designer ABDL” diapers. Sure, you’ll still end up paying between $3-$5 per diaper sample, but it’s a nice way to try them out before just buying a bag or case and then realizing you don’t really care for that particular diaper. More ABDL companies with more designs for diapers also allows you to find designs/features you like. I heard a theory that many ABDLs are drawn to diapers that look like or are reminiscent of diapers that babies wore when they were kids (though not necessarily babies, themselves), and I think that holds true for me. I believe that when I was a baby I wore plain, white disposables, but when I started to take an interest in diapers (around age 4), a lot of them were starting to feature designs/colors/etc. I guess, ultimately, it comes down to what you’re into. As an aside, however, I’d HIGHLY recommend giving the Tykables Overnights a shot sometime, if you haven’t. I’m a 36” waist, and I LOVED the fit!
  2. Wearing Diapers And Not Using Them

    I used to pee in diapers, but realized that if I don’t, I can wear a diaper several times before it starts to break down or the tapes lose their adhesiveness.
  3. Ellen has baby Amy on

    In before everyone claims “Amy Schumer MUST be an ABDL!!!”
  4. First time wearing a diaper

    The first adult diapers I ever wore, were Molicares. From there I tried Abenas (anyone remember the velcro-tape ones where you’d wrap a waistband around first and tape that, then pull up the front?), Bambinos and Drycare 24/7. It’s kind of funny, I used to stick mostly to medical diapers because I thought I didn’t want to feel like a baby. But the more ABDL brand diapers came out, the better they kept making them, and the more babyish they looked, the more I wanted to try them. Now, I don’t think I’d ever go back to medical diapers. The new(ish) Tykables Overnights are my favorite, and it’s really not even close. I don’t use, and so having a diaper that I can untape and retape a billion times is amazing. I used to slip off regular adhesive tape-style diapers so that I could limit the amount of times I was untaping and retaping. Cannot wait for the new Tykables designs that are coming this spring (including an updated version of the Snuggies Waddler design)!
  5. Podcasts?

    Anyone know what happened to The Big Little Podcast? Anybody know of any other podcasts out there? Seems like the only active podcast related to ABDL is “Dream a Little.” And, no offense to Lo, but it seems that she’s turned it into a general podcast about kinks (which is fine, it’s her podcast). I’m just curious if there are any other ABDL-specific ones out there.
  6. Snuggies Diapers Finally Shipping!

    They’re bringing an updated design of the Waddler back this spring, along with two other new designs to go along with the Overnights. I’m so excited to try them! The Overnights are my favorite diaper, no contest. The new tapes are amazing, and they’re a lot thicker than the old Overnights.
  7. Unfortunate truth. Are there others?

    That sucks. I sleep, well, like a baby when I wear a diaper to bed. I’ve always slept well when diapered.
  8. Tonight I was mostly sleeping through Smurfs: The Lost Village with my wife and her family. At one point Gargamel was given a clue to where the Smurfs village is located and in trying to decypher the clue he somehow arrives at babies knowing where it is. He then says they (he and his cat) must gain the trust of babies by looking like babies. Then he said something to the effect of, “Where can I get some huge diapers?” I looked at my wife and was tempted to say I knew, but thought better of it considering our company.
  9. What is everyones diaper wish

    I wish that my wife surprise me with some diapers on Christmas Eve!
  10. First time wearing a diaper

    I had that thought as I was recalling the story the other day!
  11. So what has everyone’s past/history with diapers been like? I feel like there are a lot of similar stories out there, but I know not everyone is the same. I first realized my interest in/desire to wear diapers around the age of 4. Seems odd given that, at most, I don’t think I could have been out of diapers for much more than 2 years. One thing I feel like I hear a lot is that many people stole diapers either from their younger siblings/cousins or kids their family members were babysitting. I’m sure I had opportunities to do so, but I never did. I was terrified of being caught in the act, or caught later on wearing a diaper. Years later (maybe when I was 11 or 12), I was on a school field trip and we went to a hospital. At one point I think we were near the maternity area. The nurse who was giving us a “tour” had a packet which I think was for expecting parents. Each packet had a diaper(I think it was a Pampers) in it. I couldn’t believe my ears when one of the kids in my class asked if we could all have - and then the nurse agreed. I don’t remember how I got it home, I suppose I must have just stuffed it into my backpack. I could not wait to get home and try that diaper on. I knew it likely wouldn’t fit on me, but that’s nothing a pair of underwear didn’t fix. So that was my first time wearing a diaper (after being potty-trained, of course).
  12. Diapers, the Ultimate Nostalgia

    Apologies to those of you who felt left out because I mentioned my affinity for disposables. I was generalizing for myself, but thought I made it clear that, as I am a millennial, I feel most millennial ABDLs prefer disposables to cloth.
  13. Coming out

    I told my wife about it after we had been engaged for 3-4 months (and just a few months before our wedding). Unfortunately, due to a lifetime of going to the extreme of hiding anything and everything to do with my ABDL leanings, I wasn’t completely honest with her for a few conversations until after we were married. Fortunately, she’s an amazing woman and loves me unconditionally, has forgiven me for being dishonest and now that I’ve given her basically my whole history of my desire to wear diapers, she’s finally agreed to compromise with me and give me some diaper time. Before that she was always against it and just didn’t understand.
  14. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Most recently I tried the new version of the Tykables Overnights, the Rearz Safari, and the ABU Kiddo. All three diapers were great! I’d been wanting to try the Safari for probably a few years and they did not disappoint. I was very excited to check out the Kiddos, as I’ve never tried a two-tape diaper, and they were really good. And lastly, the new Tykables are hands-down, my favorite diaper! Thick, crinkly, super comfy and the new tape system is amazing! I only wear for comfort/fun, not function, so I loved being able to take off my diaper and do other things or go out and about, and being able to come back and put the same diaper on without worrying about the tapes still working. Really a brilliant idea/design! In addition, there’s still a small tape strip closer to the panel of the diaper so that when you’re done with it you can still fold it up with the tapes. I really can’t say enough about how awesome the new Tykables Overnights are!