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  1. Mark84

    Anyone else?

    Get this feeling in the pit of your stomach when you put a diaper on for the first time in a long time? Pure exhilaration. I discovered today that I get that same feeling when I smelled some Pampers baby fresh wipes that were in my wife’s car (she nannies from time to time).
  2. How is that a “basic cheap white disposable?” There are clearly colored shapes on the white part and the sides are purple.
  3. Not prequels. Sandra Bullock’s character is Danny Ocean’s sister. Not that it really makes it any better, but...
  4. While talking about the cast of Ocean’s 8, Sarah Paulson jokingly said she wished she’d been wearing a diaper when she met Rihanna (a little after the 3 minute mark).
  5. Mark84

    DL wanting to try AB

    I’m primarily a DL, but I also have been curios about looking into AB stuff in the past. I’ve bought bottles and pacifiers. I remember probably 7-8 years ago, I went nearly a week trying to fall asleep diapered and with a Pampers brand pacifier, but I just could not fall asleep with the pacifier in my mouth. One morning I finally woke up with it still in my mouth. At first I was really happy, but that was almost immediately followed by regret. I’m not sure if it was just because it was a baby pacifier or maybe I was chewing on it in my sleep, but my front 4 teeth were very sore! I stopped trying to sleep with a paci after that. I'm still very curious about AB activities. I think that I’d really enjoy trying some ageplay as a little with my wife, but I don’t think she’d be willing to try. She knows that I’m a DL, and she accepts it, but she doesn’t really want to be a part of it. At least not in terms of participating.
  6. Mark84

    Wearing Clouds

    Whoops! My bad, I meant Crinklz. I’ve been mixing those two up lately.
  7. Mark84

    Wearing Clouds

    Not sure you're thinking of Wearing Clouds, here. They have many sizes. I’ve ordered both mediums and larges from them. Also, they’re most likely buying cases of diapers, which is the most cost-effective way to buy them and then selling them for almost $4 a piece. They’re most likely making at least a little profit. By the way, the store is back up now and they’ve also stocked both of the new Cuddlz designs!
  8. Mark84

    Wearing Clouds

    I’ve never tried them and I never will. They look like they suck, haha!
  9. Mark84

    Diapered? Yes/No

  10. Mark84

    Wearing Clouds

    Glad to hear, though, as I said I hope everything is okay and that he gets better soon.
  11. Mark84

    Wearing Clouds

    Never knew about this. So Aww So Cute sued a bunch of companies for selling their diapers without permission? This does make me worry about Wearing Clouds a bit. I hope everything’s okay and they aren’t getting shut down. They’re pretty active on social media and advertise what diapers they have, so I would THINK they had permission or that it’s not necessary since Wearing Clouds isn’t trying to advertise them as “Wearing Clouds Diapers.” But then, I know basically nothing about copyright laws. I feel like they’ve closed temporarily (and unexpectedly) before due to the owner having some health issues. Either way, I hope everything is okay.
  12. Mark84

    Wearing Clouds

    Anyone know what’s going on over at Wearing Clouds? Checked out the website today and it had a notification saying “Store will be closed until further notice.” I hope they didn’t get shut down. Best place to get samples from multiple diaper companies, in my opinion.
  13. Mark84

    Taxes in diaper

    Laughing is one thing, but this felt like a shock-factor story. Pulling in two outsiders just to get their reactions feels like more than JUST “look at this guy wearing a diaper, is that funny?”
  14. Mark84

    Tykables and tax day

    Already posted. I actually found it to be kind of disrespectful. The reporter seems like a major tool and was just trying to get people inside the store to get their reactions on camera.