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  1. Mark84

    Whos Your Favorite Worship Band/Artist?

    Citizens, Kings Kaleidoscope, The Sing Team, Rend Collective, The Modern Post, For All Seasons
  2. Update: I had a good bit of diaper time last week, and one night I went into our bedroom to change. I picked up the diaper I was going to change into (reminder, that I don’t use, so my “dirty” diaper wasn’t dirty or even wet at all), and stood there for a few minutes. My wife came into the room and asked what I was doing, to which I replied that I was thinking. She asked me what I was thinking about and I just said, never mind. She then asked if I needed help with something. I said, “No, I don’t NEED help, but I would like some if you’re up for it.” She asked, “What do you want help with?” And I just asked her to take off the diaper I was wearing, and only if she was up for it, would she be willing to put the other one on me. She then said she would take off the diaper I was wearing, but not put the other one on me. Man, at first I really almost thought she was going to just change me! I think maybe she was, and then got psyched out and possibly uncomfortable with the idea of changing me. It’s okay, though, she also took another one of my diapers off the next day, and even just experiencing that was pretty nice (especially the second one because I was actually laying down). I feel like the more time I spend in diapers around her, the more comfortable she’s getting with it, and I think, eventually, she may warm up to the idea. Again, I don’t wear frequently, or even often, so it’s not like I’ll be asking her to change me all the time - even the next time I wear I won’t ask her again, but who knows? I think it could happen.
  3. Mark84

    Why do you wear diapers?

    For me, it’s all about relaxation and feeling like I have no adult responsibilities. They’re just so comfy and I love wearing them!
  4. Mark84

    halloween diapers

    So not a “little, 7 pound 8 ounce” baby Ricky Bobby? Lol I could never do it, at least not as I would really want to - babyish t-shirt and just an ABDL printed diaper. Cannot imagine trying to answer the question, “So where’d you get that adult diaper that looks like a baby diaper?”
  5. Mark84

    Most Baby-ish TV Show?

    Came here to say that when I really want to feel babyish when diapered, I’ll watch Rugrats
  6. Mark84

    Halloween diapers

    Buntewindle made a Christmas themed diaper 6-7 years ago. I don’t really see the necessity of any holiday themed diaper. I kind of feel like most ABDL diaper companies have a hard enough time keeping their inventory stocked that doing a limited run type diaper like that wouldn’t really be worth it. Just my two cents.
  7. For the sake of clarification, I don’t wear 24/7. We have an agreement for when and how often I actually wear diapers - usually just for special occasions. And that’s great, I’m so grateful to her for finding a compromise. As I mentioned, I would feel like I was being selfish by asking her to diaper me, so I’m not going to do that, because I don’t want her to feel that I’m taking for granted that she has found a way to meet me half way. But, yes, I completely agree.
  8. Yeah, I don’t want to push my wife, either. She just became comfortable enough to be around me when I’m wearing diapers about a year ago. I know that’s a big deal, and I would feel incredibly selfish asking her to diaper me or change me (which, in part, I feel isn’t as big a deal as it might be for some spouses/partners because I don’t use my diapers). She knows that I would like her to do it, so I don’t think I will ask her to, but last year the first time I wore in front of her, she had said something to the effect of wanting “to be involved” or “participate” and I didn’t want to assume that she meant diapering me. But I never just asked her what she meant, so it came and went without me knowing. She may have just meant that she wanted to show me that she loves me even if I’m wearing diapers, but not that she wants to put me in them.
  9. Have you ever had your vanilla partner diaper you or change your diaper? What was it like the first time? Was it everything you thought/hoped it would be? Was it weird for them? Was it weird for you? Mostly asking out of curiosity, but, also because I would love to have my wife diaper me. Part of me feels like I would love it, but part of me feels like it would end up being really weird.
  10. I’ve gone as long as 2.5 years without wearing diapers, but I wouldn’t say that I didn’t want to wear them during that time.
  11. Mark84

    Adult Sized Pacifier

    So, I won a Twitter contest from Rearz and they’re sending me an adult-sized pacifier. I’m primarily a DL, but I have what I’d call AB “curiosities.” Either way, I’m pretty excited! 😊
  12. I lived with my parents when I first started getting into wearing diapers. I had to wait long stretches of time, but, eventually they’d go on vacation by themselves and I’d have the house to myself for about a week or so. I’d either go to a 24-hour pharmacy that was about 30 minutes from my house and buy some or I'd try to buy some online and time the shipping so they’d arrive the day my parents left or the day after.
  13. Mark84

    Colorful disposable diapers

    Ohhh, that’s right! I never got a chance to try those, mostly because at the time, I was telling myself that I didn’t want babyish diapers, lol.
  14. Mark84

    Colorful disposable diapers

    As was mentioned above, I think Bambino made the first printed ABDL diaper, but unless I’m mistaken, I think ABU was the first to introduce and “all-over” printed ABDL diaper with the Cushiez somewhere around 2009-2010. The first all-over printed diaper I ever tried was the Fabine Teddy. I wear diapers just for relaxation/fun, I don’t use them and it’s not a sexual thing for me. So when I first started buying diapers as an adult I told myself that enjoying wearing diapers was weird enough and I didn’t want “babyish” diapers. My, how the tables have turned! Now I only wear printed diapers! They’re so much more fun!
  15. Mark84

    Youtube "My Strange Addiction"

    Now, I never stole diapers (in any condition) because I was terrified of being caught, so I can’t relate to that, but I do empathize to an extent. Having said that, if this, or anything, is taking over your life so much to the point that you can’t control your impulses, you need to seek help. I know that’s hard and may seem harsh, but it far outweighs the potential negatives. And of course they wanted to highlight his arrests and jail time. I’m shocked he agreed to do the show even though they hid his identity.