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  1. In fact, I was working on my boat today. I spent the last week apply one coat of varnish to everything and a few more to the transom and behind the rear seats. I also changed the oil, charged the battery, put in a new water pump impeller, checked the bilge pump, cleaned most everything, applied protectant to the vinyl on the seats, flemished up the lines, washed the covers. I had spent may rebuilding the carburetor and it seems to have fixed my starting problems. Now I got to put her back in the water. It's been raining so hard here there's tons of junk washed into the lake. May wait a day or so for things to settle down.
  2. https://www.askmen.com/sex/sexual_experiences/never-have-i-ever-worn-an-adult-diaper.html
  3. No, it's an ILLEGAL discriminatory practice if you have ratios are based on sex, age, religion, etc. It's a LEGAL discriminatory practice if it's done because of which division you are in, what your job title is, or just about anything not coupled to one of the protected classes above. Random sometimes feels unrandom. For a while, I hit the "randomly selected for additional screening" at the TSA nearly every trip.
  4. https://www.thepitchkc.com/culture/savage-love/article/21072228/savage-love-i-like-to-wear-diapers
  5. This is a story by "WetBunny" called "Gym Class." You can find it by googling those words. It's was not ever quite finished. It sort of ends with his mother going out and buying him his own bunny suit.
  6. XP Medical has detailed dimensions of the popular diaper brands in their review section... https://www.xpmedical.com/adult-diaper-reviews
  7. A few days later I was playing in the sandbox at daycare with Lexie. She was sculpting a mermaid into the sand. I was constructing a sand castle of sorts. We were lamenting that soon the school year would be starting again. “I’m worried that mom’s going to give me the shots again,” I said. “I guess I did too well on my grades last year.” “I’m sorry,” Lexie said in consolation. “I know that must be hard. I’m pretty much without control even without them. Too long just peeing at all times.” “Have you ever thought about what life is going to be like after graduation?” I asked. “I mean, I dream of holding up a pair of boxers with my diploma. Wearing big boy clothes. Going off to college. Not having to worry about explaining diapers to a girl I meet.” Lexie pouted. “You are going to meet a girl who won’t understand diapers? Why, you have me?” “I didn’t mean it that way,” I stammered. “I mean, what if it doesn’t work out with us?” “Have some faith,” Lexie said and leaned forward trampling both our sand sculptures to give me a long kiss. We spent a blissful few weeks playing together. It did not see that our interest in each other was waning in any amount. An envelope from the school came. It had my schedule which had no surprises. Of course, I read everything from front to back. Sure enough, no surprise, it listed the school uniform and diaper requirements that I had not seen the previous year. It pointed out that my mom’s Big Baby Boutique was the local supplier of such things. Mom informed me that I had a doctor’s appointment the next day. “What for?” I asked. She sighed and told me it was time for me to become incontinent again. Ugh, the shots. I made a half-hearted plea to avoid them or at least to avoid getting them in the rear, but I knew it was futile. She gave me the “we’ll see” look which meant no. The appointment was the next morning and mom told me that she’d just take me out for breakfast afterward. We entered the doctor’s office and we were directed immediately into the treatment room. I was undressed and on the gurney. It was odd not having a diaper on but they had put an absorbent pad under me if I had any accidents. A nurse came in and started swabbing my arm. Huh? “I thought I was getting shots down there,” I said out loud in my confusion. “This is just an IV so we can administer the anesthesia. It’s not the treatment itself.” Oh. Anesthesia. The nurse busied herself with placing the tube in my arm. A bag of fluid slowly dripped into me. She left the room. Something was different this time. The nurse returned a few minutes later with another woman. “I’m Dr. Donovan. I’ll be performing the procedure. The nurse will give you something in a second to make you sleepy. When you wake up it will all be done.” “Oh, OK,” I said with caution. “I mean, you did the shots without this last time.” The doctor and my mother exchanged glances. The doctor turned back to me. “You’re not getting shots this time. I’ll be placing a probe up your urethra.” “Probe? Urethra?” I was confused. “Urethra, the passage from your bladder through your penis that urine comes out.” Oh. “The probe will be used to deliver a pulsed radio frequency wave. It will deaden your sphincter.” Oh. “This procedure is preferable to the shots as repeated shots risk infection and other complications.” “How long does it last compared to the shots?” Not that I liked getting the shots, but this sounded like it could be worse. Hopefully, I’d not have to repeat it every three months. “The procedure will never have to be repeated. It’s permanent.” I was shocked into silence. Permanent. “Then after that is done, we’ll do a similar operation on your anus.” No, I thought. But I couldn’t manage to get it out. A short time passed, “No,” I managed to finally gasp out. “You’ll feel a little sleepy,” I heard the nurse say. “No,” I croaked out with a dry mouth. “It’s over,” I heard my mom say. I opened my eyes up and saw my mom standing next to me. I felt down. I was wearing a diaper again. It dawned on me. I had been knocked out and was now waking up. “It’s over?” I said. “Yes, the procedures went off without a hitch.” It set in. I was now permanently incontinent. Another souvenir to go with the loss of my body hair. I began to cry. My mom leaned forward and hugged me close to her for a second. Then she got up on the bed next to me. She unfastened her blouse. “I promised you breakfast,” she said. She guided my head to her breast and I started to suckle. Tears were still flowing, but I felt calmer. I had regained my composure by the time they released us from the recovery room. I got dressed in my balloon romper that I had worn in and we headed over to the local Denny’s for a proper breakfast. I ordered bacon and eggs and my mother didn’t protest though she did add that I would have milk with it. She extracted a bib and put it on me while we waited. Soon, the food came. Mom pulled a bottle out of the diaper bag and poured the milk into it. I didn’t care. Bacon and eggs were a treat. I’d not had them since I had returned to babyhood. I washed it down with sucks from the bottle. A mother and two small girls passed. One girl stopped and stared at the big boy dressed as a baby with a bib and drinking from a bottle. Her eyes grew wide. Finally, her mother snatched her along away from me. “Someday, kid. This could happen to you,” I thought. We headed to daycare and as I met Lexie I felt my diaper becoming wet. I guess I’d have to get used to this. “Where have you been?” Lexie asked innocently. I started to cry again. “What’s wrong?” she asked, concerned. I explained what happened this morning. Now it was Lexie’s turn to look upset. She started to cry. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “It happened to me not you.” “I caused it,” she said. “What?” “I wished it to happen to you. I wished this all to happen to you. It’s my fault my wish came true.” “What are you talking about?” I said confused. She regained her composure a little bit. “Remember before you were turned into a baby?” she started. I just nodded. “I saw you looking at me a few times. Maybe I imagined it.” I confessed. “No, I was looking at you. You have great legs and those short dresses showed them off.” She smiled now and then got serious. “I liked you then. I wished that you would get the baby treatment so we could then be friends.” “I don’t think that had anything to do with it,” I said. “But my mom was the one who helped your mom. I mean, I didn’t tell her about you or anything so I don’t know why, but it seemed like more than a coincidence.” “I’m sure that’s all it was,” I said. “Then the other day, you were talking about getting toilet trained and finding another girl, I wished you were never going to be toilet trained, and this happened.” She started to cry again. I pulled her tight against me. “Lexie, I know you feel bad. You didn’t cause this to happen to me. It was purely my mom and probably my fault for being a wild kid with the Mad Men. She felt she had to try something before I ended up dead like my friend Tony.” It sounded good to me. This is the first time I had thought that my behavior might have played a role in this. It changed my persecution complex view on things. I looked Lexie in the eyes. “I have no intention of leaving you,” I said. “Besides, we’re made for each other.” Lexie smiled and then pushed me back on to the sand. She climbed on top of me and we kissed for a long, long time.
  8. I used to do so all the time when I worked from home. Every once and a while my wife would call and say she was bringing someone buy an to put my pants on. Now I have a nicer house but has big picture windows, so I have to watch what I wear when traversing the living room. I still spend a lot of time in my office in just a diaper.
  9. HDIS is "Home Delivery of Incontinent Supplies." They used to be, in the day, one of the few places you could order a wide variety of incontinent supplies. They had a nice catalog and would sell you a box with one of each diaper they had as samples. Despite their foray into TV commericals, they're crap now. They got out by Domtar (which also bought Attends). Their paper catalog is full of non-incontinence junk. They seem to exist now primarily to fleece medicare/medicaid (much like the Liberty catheter folks) and premote their house brand. Other non "reassure" brands don't even appear in the catalog, even though they do offer them on the web site. They offer free shipping which may or may not be a good idea as they have a flat $8 handling fee on everything. They do offer the variety pack ($9.95 + $8 handling for about 30 briefs).
  10. Thanks, Totophe. I was actually in Lyon in April. A good friend is doing a year abroad at the University there. We had arrived on the TGV from Paris to catch a cruise down the Rhone.
  11. I have a rather unpredictable fecal issue. The doctors figure it's either some food allergy that I've not identified or some sort of IBS. They're only answer is figure out if there is a food trigger and avoid that. Alas, while I've had suspected items, I've never been able to pin it down. I've had several embarrasing accidents when it's hit when I was unable to make it to the bathroom in time. There has been a couple of times when I've had a diaper on fortuately, and once even that wasn't enough as I was at the mall and realized that before I got to the car (figured it was easier to go home than try to change out of the mess there), the diaper had blown out.
  12. I guess we all have our own definition of risk. I have less of a risk out driving or shopping than I do walking around my neighbors going to the mailboxes or whatever.
  13. You posted a link to Zity's front page. It works for you because you subscribed to the enema discussions. It helps nobody else. The Zity enema discussions are here actually: https://en.zity.biz/index.php?mx=forum;ox=showcat;cx=459
  14. The Zity link goes nowhere. If you want to discuss enemas, you should create a new thread in one of the OTHER FETISHES categories. It doesn't belong in this thread.
  15. https://rankshops.com/products/funny-birthday-gifts-unisex-adult-baby-onsie-gag-fathers-day-gift-medium?gclid=Cj0KCQjwrdjnBRDXARIsAEcE5YkfnqFJXTgHthS7lG0cMZ6y5fmbEmR8q5_jC70uejSQzzte_-LwO1waAgTiEALw_wcB