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  1. Why bodysuit/onesie not common and sold in stores?

    I'm 6'1" and the LARGE size at bodysuit.com is plenty "roomy" in girth. On the other hand bodyaware.com sizes are all over the place. I bust the snaps open on some of their suits.
  2. Teddy Bears

    I don't know if I ever had a childhood bear. I have many of them now. Right now I have one of my favorites (Brighton) sitting on my desk and my 56" costco one sitting in the extra chair in my office (Bob). There's also a teddy bear wrapped around my computer monitor and a bear holding a stack of post it notes on my desk. My wife restricts the number allowed in the bed at any one time. Odd thing, more people know of my bear interest than the AB. I get bears as gifts from my wife's sister who's about as straight-laced as they come.
  3. Taxes in diaper

    I always do my taxes in a diaper. If I have to do them, I might as well be comfortable. It's just me and TurboTax however.
  4. Why bodysuit/onesie not common and sold in stores?

    I bought some bodysuit tees and polos from www.bodysuit.com. Look like normal shirts on the top. I've got a handful of AB onesies and a variety of dance leotards (both male and female). The latter is one of my favorite workout attire (I have a home gym). I even went to pumpers.com and got a custom leotard (with snap crotch and "male" room), tights, and skirt made up.
  5. What are these

    Reality TV isn't.
  6. The Secret Lives of Altar Boys

    Those are good questions. This is one of those ones where I had a first chapter in mind and not much beyond it. I kind of know where the middle of the story is going to end up but have to work up some stuff to lead up to it and a conclusion.
  7. I've taken to dribbling a bit so I wear the men's guards when not diapered.
  8. Butt plugs

    There are the Coloplast rectal plugs (sort of an anal tampon) but not sold in the US but you can find them on eBay. Appear to be relatively workable. There are the Butterfly patches that you can find in the US, but they're really just a tight fitting pad to deal with liquid anal leakage rather than to "stop" things. There are the Renew inserts, but I've no direct experience with them.
  9. Disney

    I usually change in the regular restrooms, but there are "companion" restrooms that have larger bathrooms. Most of these have counters you can set your stuff on. A bit small to use as an adult changing table (typically only 3-4' wide). They all have large trash bins and sinks within the stall or lockable room so you have reasonable privacy. I've heard of some going to the first aid center, but that's probably a bit much if you're reasonably mobile and competent. You can download a map specifically for the disabled park guests (and they have a lot of info on the web page) with the locations of all the bathrooms. This sort of situation is definitely the time I use the thinner cloth back (I like the attends breathable "advanced" (formerly extra absorbency)). They're not too thick and reasonably absorbent and easily opened and reclosed when you want to use the toilet (I just unfasten the upper tape on one side and slide them down like regular panties, and then redo that tape after I pull them back up).
  10. The Secret Lives of Altar Boys

    Sunday came around, and I was in the congregation again. I watched the altar boys serving the Sunday Mass with envy. It was a bigger deal than the weekday ones with four altar boys attending the priests. I got in line for communion with the priest that Mike was assisting. Mike gave me a wink as I approached the priest. I knew all the boys serving where wearing diapers, I mean purificators. I was leaving the church afterward when mike came up to me in his street clothes. He must have done a really fast change out of the cassock. I’m sure the other boys were cleaning up. Being the senior knight had its privileges. “Did you see the notice in the bulletin?” he asked me. “No,” I said. “Order meeting tomorrow afternoon. Be there, aloha,” he said and bounced off. I flipped through the bulletin, and sure enough, it said there would be a meeting of the Altar Servers Monday at 3:30 in the vestry. The next day I made my way to the vestry. There were some other boys there but not Mike or anybody I knew. They were getting undressed. One looked up at me standing they're confused. “You must be the new guy,” he said extending his hand. “I’m Jim.” I shook it and nodded. “Jason.” “Well, you better get undressed. Order meetings are just purificators and medallions.” I remembered how Mike and the knights appeared to me when they gave me the medal. I got undressed. I pulled a purificator from the cabinet and quickly got it on. I pulled the plastic pants over it. I saw the boys heading through a door I’d not ever used before. I followed them into a room with a conference table and extra chairs along the walls. Jim signaled me to one of the chairs along the wall next to him. “So, you just started last week,” Jim said to me. “Yeah. I only officially got into the order on Thursday.” “Well, it’s great to have a new guy. I hate getting up early to do the weekday masses. I know you think it’s great but after you do it for a while, it gets a little tedious.” “So you like Sundays?” “Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation are good. Weddings and funerals are the best, however.” More and more boys entered. All were clad in the plastic pants over diapers and wearing the medals like mine. A few arrived and took seats at the table. These were the knights as they sported the more ornate medals. Mike called the meeting to order. “First, I’d like to introduce our newest squire, Jason.” He motioned for me to stand. I did so, and there was a brief round of applause. I would have been more embarrassed if everybody else hadn’t also been wearing a diaper. The applause subsided, and I sat down. Next item, schedule. Anybody got any absences planned for the next month? A few boys made statements, and Mike noted them. He started to rearrange the schedule. “Jason, are you good covering all the weekday masses the next two weeks?” I nodded. “Good, we’ll also put you on the 9 AM Sunday mass if you are OK with that. “ I nodded emphatically; I was moving up. “Don’t burn yourself out though. We want you to stay a long time. We can go back to taking turns on the weekday masses.” I waved my hand to say it was OK for now. “The ushers ask that if we’re in church and not serving mass that we check with them. They have been coming up short on volunteers and wanted to know if we can help. That’s entirely voluntary on your part, but they’d appreciate it.” Mike then paused and appeared to be looking at his notes. I noticed a yellow tinge start to appear behind his plastic pants. My eyes widened, and then I realized Mike was looking at me. He was peeing. I looked away quickly. Mike continued with the next item. Later as we were changing back into our clothes, I was talking to Jim and confessed my embarrassment at watching Mike wet his diaper. “Yeah, he’s worn so long that he probably doesn’t even think about it,” Jim said. “That could cause problems at times,” I said. “I’m pretty sure he wears a diaper all the time, not just during Mass and meetings,” Jim said. I thought to myself that’s got to be pretty strange.
  11. Doctors Visit

    As a paramedic (and DL so I was attuned to such things), I've treated/transported patients in diapers. It means nothing to me professionally. As Rusty says, you have to live with the consequences of your actions. At this point in my life, I don't care.
  12. Plastic pants in the 1950s?

    Never got threatened with pink but "diapers and rubber pants" was enough to scare the hell out of me as a kid.
  13. Trying out goodnites

    The biggest could fit me when I had a 32" waist. They tear now that I've put on weight.
  14. Plastic pants in the 1950s?

    I was born in 1959 and my baby pictures all show milky white plastic pants (some guessed they were "Sears Best" which makes sense knowing my mother). I do recall also finding some actual rubber pants and trying them on later in age (but still living in a house we moved out of in 1966). I certainly remember them on my sisters (born 1961 and 63). My brother wore pampers (born 66) but my mom still put plastic pants over them.
  15. Points