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  1. I was very surprised when Audi contacted me and asked if I was willing to drive an electric car and be interviewed for internal research. I was very surprised that the car I was given to test drive was not one of the Audi electrics but the Tesla S. It was fun and they gave me a bunch of Audi swag (a jacket, and some other Audi-logo stuff0.
  2. If you are serious, I'd avoid microwaving it. Desitin comes in a foil tube which probably won't do well in a microwave. You could heat it up in boiling water however. Warm cream I don't know about. However, my wife early on in our AB fun and games bought me a little heater that wraps around a box of wipes. Warm wipes were a great joy (though they do dry out faster). Occassionally, she just uses hot water in a washcloth to clean me up.
  3. I wore my old style "incontience pants" to school a few times. Never "used" them in school.
  4. Just sew snaps in the crotch
  5. Ah-hah! So they do make bigger diapers. That deceitful woman told me I'd have to learn to use the toilet! Well, fie on the toilet! It's made slaves of you all. I've seen it sitting in there: lazy, slothful, porcelain lay-about, feeding on other people's doo doos while contributing nothing of its own to society. You get a job! Like DD, I too was a regular purveyor of the medical section of the Sear's Catalog. I'm a bit older than him (or I got started younger, that's the ticket). They had cloth diapers back in my early days. The first disposable they listed came out about the time I headed to college (1977) were single taped, rectangular ones. By the time I graduated in 1981 they had Attends (and later as DD shows above, a similar house brand). I actually, had cute incident when I ordered the cloth adult diapers to pick up at the catalog desk at the store. The young female clerk insisted on opening up the opaque outer packaging that the Sears stuff came in to "make sure everything was OK." I was mortified but I think she was just curious what adult diapers looked like. Had I been a bit further along I'd have found it amusing at the time
  6. It really depends on your build. You should measure the widest part of your anatomy. Typically men have hips not too much larger than their waist. Women on the other hand tend to have much wider hips than their waist. Diapers really need to fit the widest part (which is why the sizing charts say waist/him). My 34" waist falls into the Medium range supposedly on most diapers, however, I guess I'm more oddly shaped, and with the exception really of DRY247, LARGE size fits me better. I can fit into Mediums, but larges fit better. You'll never know until you try. The good news on tape-on diapers is that there's a lot of adjustment there. Even the pull on kind have a lot of stretch typically.
  7. I was living in a house with several other people. One of the women in our group had known about my diapers for a long time. Another didn't and she had found the bag where I kept them at the time. The first woman told her to stay away from it. The second asked me if I could tell her what was in the bag. I relented and explained that I had the diapers and also some women's clothing. She and I went out to a hotel and sort of had a show and tell about all my stuff. I ended up marrying that woman. I guess you can say *THAT* was my best real life diaper experience.
  8. When I wear a diaper, I carry a bag. My goto bag is an actual FILA diaper bag that just looks like a small knapsack. Got it on Woot! a few years back. It doesn't scream diaper bag. In it: Spare diapers An underpad in case of emergencies Wipes (usually the larger adult size sams club wipes) A extra snappi or two and plastic pants if I'm in the cloth mood. Some tall kitchen size plastic bags for disposal. When in full up AB mode I have two different diaper bags: one blue with teddy bears on it and one pink. Usually gets similar stuff to the above but often a pacifier and clip and a bottle.
  9. Hey it worked for Sean Connery as James Bond: of course, Sean also showed up in a diaper (Not one of his greater movies): [
  10. Historically as far as Jews go, if you're not Jewish, then their rules don't apply to you. This comes in handy when you can use things like the sabbath goy (a non-Jew who performs things it would be illegal for a Jew to do).
  11. Actually, it is on my list of things that I'll get around to finishing eventually. Back in the days of the old "short takes" subforums, I'd float story introductions to see if got any interest from readers to decide if I should go further. Such encouragement helps. While you're waiting, you can find some of my completed and cleaned up stories (note the above story was garbled in some UNICODE-UTF8 encouding screwups when the forum software was updated that DD was never able to get invision to address, I still have my original word files for most of these stories). See my signature line for the links.
  12. From a historical standpoint, the church was open to all who wanted. The authoritarian exclusion of those whose sins are perceived to be contradictory to the popular belief is a relatively modern concept. The Southern Baptist Convention (the US's second largest religious body), for example. Largely liberal in their views for the first two centuries of its existence but was taken over by authoritarian factions in the late seventies.
  13. I don't know about that but bodysuits.com has been around a long time and I've bought stuff from them before. Man-rompers is the latest attempt at a fashion niche that's come along.
  14. Which, at least in the US, has caused a schism in the church. A more conservative faction has split off to oppose this. The fun part is "who owns the building" the congregation (which split off) or the mother church in many cases.
  15. Ah, sorry I misunderstood your act of self-deprecation there. That's a failing of mine at times. I take things too personally.