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  1. The generic adult ones from Walgreens (and the like) aren't too bad. I also have a bunch of the NSC ones in both the large packages and the smaller travel packages. The ones I bought a bunch of however were the Seni adult wipes. These fit perfectly in the wipe compartment of my Fisher-Price diaper bag knapsack.
  2. Solution to a problem nobody has. Supposedly does for the web what block chain defi didn't for the financial industry (Only worse).
  3. I just got $100 worth of stuff from Shein. My favorite was a bear one-peace (with hood and ears). I wore it a few nights ago. Got some shiny shorts (one just black pleather and one sort of rainbow irridescent). Got some Afghan knitted shorts.
  4. I was in a very crunch project for about six weeks where I was working seven days and I'd open the place up in the morning and close it down at night. I also had injured my back and was on pain killers. I said what the hell, and went 24/7 for the duration. I figured I needed some relief. It was neat after hours when I was in the building myself to be able to change in the bathroom there (usually, I headed out for lunch for my midday change).
  5. I was on the three year cycle until one a couple of months ago and they put me on a five year now. I wore a diaper to/from the appointment. Stripped out of it for the procedure. They had me on a chux anyhow.
  6. I remember the slightly less popular beta format. We didn't get Color TV until I was 9 (Motorola Quasar "Works in a drawer."). I remember watching the moon landing on the new TV (not that that was in color).
  7. I guess Children's Band makes sense for this group. I got my Amateur Extra class license back when you had to do 20WPM to get it.
  8. Cell phones didn't exist until I was out of college for about five years. A close friend got an early Motorola Dynatac and I wasn't too far behind with my car mounted phone. Amusingly, he gave me a prototype Morisson Dempsey unit that provided an RJ-11 phone jack for my car phone. I got a real long modular phone cord and a conventional desk set that I'd take out of my car and prop on the hood from time to tiem.
  9. I had a Fireball XL-5 lunch box in the first grade. That probably dates me pretty well.
  10. My (real) name is in the pdksh docs and some of the other LINUX shells. For a long time, that's all you found when you googled me. I'd already been working with UNIX for over a decade when that all came down. I started programming in 1975 or so and started on UNIX in 1977 (that is for certain).
  11. Quarter Inch Cartridge. I remember when Elcasettes were going to be the rage. They were even more doomed than the slightly-less-popular beta format. I'd already been working with computers for several years before 5 1/4" floppies came out. Amusingly, my son when he was a tween got someone to donate an 8 track player to him (this was about 1993 or so). Once people found out he had a player, people started donating old 8 tracks to him. He had very strange tastes in music for a while (anything that was out on 8 track): Steppenwolf, the Partridge Family, etc... One of my first side gigs that eventually led to me running my own company was writing UNIX drivers for QIC drives.
  12. I've worn a diaper to Carolina Panthers games even carrying a spare in my clear plastic bag. I've not been to any USFL games since the first time that league was around (I knew one of the owners and got to sit in the owner's box a couple of times and pal around with a couple of the cheerleaders after the game).
  13. Sounds a bit like College Days, a story in about 30 chapters that was never finished. Don't have a link handy but someone certainly has it.
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