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  1. willnotwill

    Tuck In Extra Or Let Hang?

    For a second there, I thought we were talking about what's in the diaper rather than the diaper itself.
  2. willnotwill

    Barrier Paste Help

    I'm not big on desitin because of the smell. I do like Dr. Boudreaux's Butt Paste (the original yellow, the green "natural" variety isn't as nice). It has reasonable coverage and permanence but without being greasy or stinky. I've been told it will stain cloth diapers, but I've not used it enough with cloth to notice. I tend to only use it when I know I'm going to be pooping in the diapers which I'm a bit reticent to do in my cloth ones.
  3. willnotwill

    Baby Furiture

    We actually have about 10 feet of countertop in our laundry room (which is right off the bedroom). Makes a dandy changing table. Actually, the piece of furniture that I was thinking of making was a potty chair. (or perhaps one of those things of my youth that mounts on the toilet, complete with the little boy splash guard)
  4. willnotwill

    Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    Same here. I rarely use pull-ups (or protective underwear). I'm just not that big of a boy.
  5. willnotwill

    Staying at a motel

    Chux (underpads) work fine if you don't move around over the bed real estate.
  6. willnotwill

    baby wipes

    I used to get a lot of the ones (Chubbs I think) that came in the Lego-style box because I liked the box. Years ago my wife bought me a wipe warmer that wrapped around the box. It keeps the wipes nice and warm but they tend to dry out. As I said, for baby wipes I use Huggies becuase they gave me a nice little refillable pouch to load out of the big bags. My SENI adult wipes however fit nicely in the wipe pocket of my Fisher-Price diaper bag knapsack that I take everywhere.
  7. willnotwill

    Big store brand diapers suck

    Agreed, while there was a change in the styling last year or so, all the generics (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Sams) seems to have moved to the new brief styles from that company. The old ones were fairly moderate ones with the crosshatch printing on the tapes. The new ones come in two styles, either a pullon brief with tabs you can tighten (sort of like the old Depend adjustable underwear) and a fairly wide taped diaper.
  8. willnotwill

    baby wipes

    At home it's not too much of a problem, but I use the wipes a lot on the road.
  9. willnotwill

    Madonna Live

    This just showed up in my Facebook feed.
  10. willnotwill

    baby wipes

    Yeah, I don't much use them when changing from a wet diaper to a dry one, but I guess I have more poop instances than you (dang IBS).
  11. willnotwill

    Big store brand diapers suck

    People don't want thick. They want thin and discrete. The "cloth like" vs. "plastic" is just a marketing thing. Even Depend is relenting now. I think you'll find that the store brands at many of the stores you mentioned not only are mediocre, but they're the same diaper just rebranded for the store you are in.
  12. willnotwill

    Almost Normal

    Thanks. I'll have to keep these characters in mind for a future story, but I just dashed this short one out after I was thinking about the movie.
  13. willnotwill

    Screw that

    This is why I pretty much lived on site when I was building my house AND I HAD A GOOD BUILDER but I did catch some subs cutting serious corners.
  14. willnotwill

    baby wipes

    The adult wipes cost twice what the baby wipes do, but they are also more than twice as large.
  15. willnotwill

    Screw that

    Don't forget maintaining a proper slope on the pipes and to keep the venting right.