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  1. Takes the term "jobbie catcher" to a whole new level.
  2. Which of course is complete bunk. I'll give you a simple truth: acronyms didn't really exist before the 20th century. Any attempt to ascribe an etymology to them like golf, posh, etc... is just bunk. Etymologically, golf more likely derives from the Dutch, kolf which is the word for club and used for several striking the ball games there (though none really resembled the eventual Scottish game). In fact, women have historically played golf. Mary Queen of Scots brought golf to France.
  3. No light up shoes, but I do have some heelies in my size.
  4. The oldest archived message I can find is a post from August of 1982 regarding the problems with trying to play interactive games on the Tektronix 4025 computer terminal. I first got a local to one machine email account (UUCP wouldn't be invented for another two years) in 1977. My first ARPANET email was on one of the MIT ITS machines in 1980. I wouldn't get a personal work ARPANET email until 1981. About the time the Internet started to really take off, I got an email account at a fledgling ISP a friend of mine worked for (DIGEX). I was lr@digex if you were around alt.sex.fetish.diapers. I was also some random set of numbers at the compuserve HSX groups. Amusingly, the friend worked for the ISP was also AB and figured out why I had set up that account.
  5. I'd make toddlerish clothes beyond just simple onesies. I'd really like to have a bubble romper.
  6. Not in my mailbox, but I found some ABDL posts I made in 1994 in the google archive.
  7. It's a mixed bag. I'll often write a chapter or two and see if it gets any comment. If it doesn't (or, rarely, gets a negative reception), I abandon it.
  8. The site was spazzing out this morning for some reason. I couldn't open any threads (though the previews popped up).
  9. https://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/revolting/diaper-battery-bust-089647
  10. I wasn't commenting on your fetish in general, just that it started out with "We all have our fetishes..."
  11. Yes, but not silly ones Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  12. Not exactly timely. This was a decade ago in Seattle. Note this problematic instance was the last in a succession of nine conventions including four at the exact same venue without an issue.
  13. https://www.timesnownews.com/world/us/us-news/trump-supporters-wear-maga-diapers-at-rallies-a-take-on-von-shitzinpantz-article-109795979
  14. Wife tonight says "you are going to have big boy pants on this week when we have guests" (of course). I can't believe you were wearing baby pants when Mike came over. I protested that they were just depend real fits (age apprpriate for us seniors) but she didn't buy it.
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