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  1. C'mon guys...it's called tension and part of good story telling. Stories that everybody has a happy time doing their thing are kind of flat.
  2. You've lost me. You poked holes in the plastic and you were surprised it leaked?
  3. I forgot I even had powder in my bag. It wasn't baby powder but the Lotramin AD powder I used when I get crotch funk. They just asked if I had powder in the bag. To get to it they had to move the diapers (adult) to the side. Wasn't an issue once it was identified. I tend to travel in adult diapers because mostly that's what I wear. I only use the AB printed ones when I'm particularly in the mood. Can't really see the point of using more expensive diapers when they're just going to be covered up by my clothes.
  4. That's not true. Some of the AB manufacturers make cloth back diapers to mimic the (current) baby diapers. A lot of what you prefer depends on what era of baby diapers you identify with. For example, I grew up with cloth diapers (not that I remember myself being in cloth but two of my younger siblings were) and my youngest brother was in the early Pampers (rectangular). When the disposable adult diaper (no AB ones back then) transitioned from the rectangular (old school Pampers) style to the fitted ones (attends were an early model), I resisted the change for a long time, much as we are resisting cloth backed now. Oddly, while the fitted (I always loved the early description of "baby shaped" when referring to Kimbies) have endured, I think we're beginning to see people regarding the cloth backing in both baby and adult diapers as somewhat of a gimmick. It's up there with the rather shortlived gender-specific baby diapers.
  5. Yeah. But they released her on her own incontinence.
  6. Why not both? Extra primo good!
  7. If I ever had a record company I'd name it ScreenDoorSlam (after the line in Big Yellow Taxi).
  8. t's in the last line of the review I linked. It was mentioned in some of the other reviews. This movie is touted as a girl's version of The Hangover. Apparently one of their boyfriends launches on a crosscountry chase of them wearing a diaper a la Linda Nowak. I've watched the two trailers, didn't see anything along those lines. I'll have to see if my wife wants to go see the movie.
  9. Monday, I attended school in a dress. There wasn’t any hiding the fact that I was dressed like a girl. Right at lunch time I had to pee but figured the diaper was the lesser evil of having to endure the taunts in the boys room. At lunch, Jimmy came up. He was wearing a skirt and blouse. “That’s a real pretty dress,” he said to me. “You don’t look bad yourself,” I said sarcastically realizing he was wearing the same outfit I had worn a bit earlier. Of course, Jimmy wasn’t wearing a diaper I could bet. “Look, it’s the two girlfriends playing with their dollies,” I heard someone say. I tried to ignore it. After school, I grabbed all my ballet stuff and headed for the rec center. Madame was waiting and she watched as I put my point shoes on. She tapped various parts of the shoes and my feet as I was getting them on, giving me hints as to make them fit better. When I was done I was directed to the barre. “First position,” she said rapping the ever present staff on the floor. I moved my feet to the right position and held my arms up. “Now, up on zee toes.” I drew myself up. Gosh, it hurt, and I wasn’t too stable. I grabbed for the barre to prevent myself from falling. “Down, “ she commanded, and I relaxed back on my heels. “You can hold on to ze barre for now, Up!” she said. I went up. “Work on zee form. Pull ze body up. OK, down. Up, Down.” We did this several times and my toes were screaming. She lightly touched the side of my face with the pole. “You need to get ze hair away from the face.” She told me that it would be a few weeks until the pointe class formally started, but I needed to work on my form and getting used to the shoes. She gave me exercises to do, essentially the same basic stuff I had done before but now coming up on the toes. “Work on it yourself, and keep working with ze other boy. He needs to work harder.” She meant Jimmy. I got home, and my mother informed he that I had a doctor’s appointment the next day. I called Jimmy and let him know how things went and arranged that we would get together and practice. Me doing my pointe practice and Jimmy refining the basic ballet moves. “How was class,” Mary said sarcastically. She was still a little miffed that I had surpassed her in ballet. “Wasn’t really a class. Private lesson with Madame. Gave me exercises to do on my own until class starts. By the way mom. I got to get my hair cut, too.” Mom looked at me like I’d said something incredibly bizarre. “Madame said I need to get the hair away from my face,” I explained. “She just means you need to pull it back,” Mary said. “I’ll show you.” I started to protest, but my mother gave me a look that meant I should let Mary do whatever. She took me to the bathroom and grabbed a brush and started brushing my hair. She then drew it back and twisted it around and then grabbed an elastic off the counter. I looked in the mirror. I had a bun. I’d seen the girls in class with them. Mary yanked out the elastic and brushed my hair out gain. “Now watch,” she said and she did it slowly explaining what she was doing. After that she had me try. “Kinda messy,” she said. “Keep practicing.” The next morning after breakfast I came to the realization that I had better poop before I left for school. Mom had seemed serious about me not using the toilet, so I figured I’d better try. I gave a push, and a large turd erupted into the diaper. It poofed out a bit and then got restrained and folded back on m y rear end. Yuck. I shook myself to get most of the poop into the diaper and put it in the genie. I ran into the shower and got clean. After my shower, I put on a bra, diaper, and another dress. Mary walked in and brushed my hair. I didn’t know what was up, but I figured it wasn’t worth fighting. She pulled my hair back into a pony tail and put in an elastic to hold it. “You hair is a bad length. Too short to so anything good with, too long to just let hang there.” Great, I went off to school. Mom picked me up afterward, and we headed to the doctor. “How am I going to explain all this?” I said to my mother. “Oh, I already told the doctor,” she said. Told him what, I wondered. We got to the doctor, and I was directed to the examining room. “Take off your clothes,” the nurse told me. I took the dress up and placed it over the chair. I slid the bra off. I left the diaper in place. She weighed me and took my blood pressure. She then left the room leaving me sitting there in just a diaper. Minutes passed, and then the nurse returned followed by the doctor. He looked at me and gave an “hmm.” He looked into my eyes and ears and mouth. He listened to my chest and back and then had me lay back and poked and prodded me. Finally, he patted my diapered crotch. “Any problems here? Redness, itching, burning?” he asked. “No,” was all I could manage. I sat up, and he looked at me again. “OK, nothing abnormal here. Your face would do better if you washed it regularly. The acne would be lessened. I’ll also write you a prescription.” He scribbled something down and then left. The nurse told me I could get dressed and I did. We stopped off at the drugstore and got the prescription filled. One was some cream I was to rub on my skin. The other was a pill to take twice a day. This I could deal with.
  10. More as it comes.... http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/06/rough-night-director-lucia-aniello
  11. I had an odd situation yesterday. I was out shopping and twice I had to pee and I was about to just let loose and then I realized I wasn't wearing a diaper. I think it's only a matter of time until I screw up (unless I decide to go 247)./
  12. For me, I was obsessed with it. I might have gone farther if my mother hadn't caught me.
  13. I've certainly used towels. Towels was how I got started. I just safety pinned the towel as a diaper and then covered it with plastic pants made out of a trash bag. Even after I got proper plastic pants (which only had a pad liner in them, I continued to use towels). In college, I also played around with these non-woven textile wipes I had access to in one of the labs. I've used chux (underpads) as diapers as well.
  14. Our NC highway rest areas are impeccably clean. There are onsite caretakers most of the time. The only real downside is the changing table is not in a stall, so it lacks some privacy.
  15. Hah! There used to be a porn site called "Diaper Girl In Public." It was out of Croatia or somewhere. Featured girls in various levels of exposing their diapers walking around the city. In one the girl puts her bag down on a wall and starts strutting her stuff. You can see a guy sneak over and take the bag. I asked the site operator if they got anything valuable (like the girl's wallet or something) and was really hoping what he got for his trouble was a dirty diaper. Alas, the guy said all that was in there was some cigarettes.