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  1. Growing up my sister and I found the "Adult Diapers" in the Sears catalog and thought that you'd have to be pretty strange to wear those. I was always had these odd school punishment fantasies (which stem from some abuse at school when I was in Kindergarten). It wasn't long before the idea of being punished in diapers evolved.
  2. https://gruntstuff.com/doctors-battling-coronavirus-in-wuhan-wearing-diapers-during-long-shifts/783/
  3. I was once at a conference and went out to lunch with three friends. All three of the others came down with food poisoning that afternoon. I'm pretty sure what it was because they all had one appetizer and I had something different. We once had a trip to a winery that had a big buffet outside. Something turned on the buffet because about two thirds of our bus got sick.
  4. That's why I only used a half an ounce. However, the stuff was so irritating to my rectum, it took me two days to recover. I probably should have had a non-alcoholic "chaser."
  5. A couple of weeks ago I decided to get the idea of trying a rectal shot. I put about a half an ounce of 160 proof moonshine up my rear. It's a good thing I have diapers around because my ass was so irritated for the next too days, that I needed to either be right at the toilet or wearing a diaper.
  6. Normally just the diaper. Sometimes I wear a satin gown or one piece. In the winter I have a velour night shirt.
  7. If you're up in the Northern Virginia area, try John B. Hayes in Winchester. Used to be in the Fair Oaks Mall, but I believe that location has closed. They were planning to move into a new space down the road where they'd not get so much grief about the smoke but I don't know if that happen.
  8. I wore "cloth" faced ones as my daily wear when I was working (either the Sams Club house brand or the Attends Extra Absorbency). I wanted the velcro closures more than anything else because I wanted to be able to easily open the diaper when using the toilet at work. I always thought the Prevail "Breezers" name sounds more like something on an infant product. Now I just use the NSC supreme lights. They're easy enough to slide down on the rare times now that I do use the toilet. They have refastenable tapes but I don't bother.
  9. Frankly, I'd not patronize a store that sells bongs unless I am not intending to burn tobacco in mine. Many of the real tobacco stores (ones that sell regular stem pipes) have moved into hookahs. They're usually able to explain things and offer a better tobacco selection than a place that sells them as a sidelight. When it comes to selecting the tobacco these shops and perhaps even a more friendly hookah bar will let you try small quantities to find one you'll like. I'm not big into odd flavors like cherry or vanilla. Try a mild shisha blend if you want to start out easy. These often will also be lower in strength (nicotine) so you don't get quite the smack in the face that others will do. This is especially important if you aren't already a smoker. Again, a more sophisticated store will help you with the selection. This works whether you buy the hookah and other supplies on line or not. Once you hone in on brands or styles you like, then you can buy them online or anywhere that is convenient. Where in the world are you? I can make some recommendations for shops in
  10. Right now my default daytime diaper are the Northshore Supreme Lites. These are pretty impressively absorbent. I've gone through an evolution of daytime diapers. For a long time I'd buy cases of the Members Mark/Simply Right briefs from Sam's Club. There are cheap if nothing else. I then used the Attends Extra Absorbency breathables until Domtar ruined the Attends brand and stopped making these. I'm happy being back in a plastic-surfaced brief.
  11. You're on a mac, I bet. Pasting sucks from Mac Word to this forum. Don't do a regular paste (which pastes an image), use "paste special" text only.
  12. Not the biggest fan of the fact that the diapers bear that pattern to begin with, so I probably wouldn't buy one of those shirts. I do have one that I got from a diaper service that says I ❤ poopy diapers
  13. The last one brings to mind a video I was watching once about polishing something. The guy was saying the best thing to use was a diaper. He then qualified it with saying it needs to be a CLOTH one, and preferably unused.
  14. Can't beat the price, but I was really dismayed at how bad the slimlines were. I was really expecting them to be my goto daytime diaper, but they couldn't take it. Even the Walmart/Sams house brand was better.
  15. That one is just a MS Word file and designed to have the prizes edited. Go for it!