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  1. willnotwill

    Diapers for haunted houses...

    That was a joke son.
  2. willnotwill

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    Perhaps in Canada (but I doubt it). While criminal action lies on a presumption of innocence, when it comes to to prevention of abuse of minors, there is no such presumption.
  3. willnotwill

    How do you put a diaper on?

    Actually, while I can use the wall, I prefer to use a corner or more often the door frame. Makes it easier fishing the wings around. That's for disposables. For cloth, I do prefer to lie down.
  4. willnotwill

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    First off, it's HIPAA not HIPPA. The Doctor-Patient relationship has been protected long before HIPAA. HIPAA protects the electronic and other records that stem from the treatment. HIPAA applies to all covered entities and their employees and contractors regardless of what professional capacity they are in. A covered entity is essentially anybody who uses electronic records for insurance billing, which means EVERYBODY that takes any form of insurance payment these days. There are exceptions, any time the safety or abuse of a child is involved, most of the people listed (doctors, therapists, counselors) are mandated, reporters. Alas, how mandated reporting relates to patient privileged conversation with is provider depends on what state you are in. Each state has rules on where the boundary are. To answer the original question. Is he a pedophile. Possibly, possibly not. If you even get a whiff of child pornography (video or graphic views of nudity or sexual acts), he's committing a felony and you need to, at the least, distance yourself from his activities, less you be charged with a felony. If you find that he's involving real children in his activities, you need to contact the police IMMEDIATELY. Other than that, what you can suggest is that he suggest getting professional help. Having a desired to view child porn or even abusing children isn't illegal. Heading off that before he acts on it is vital. I've got a friend whose doing 14 months (suspended down from 15 years) for child porn. He's looking forward to four years of NO INTERNET after he gets released. Google Alicia Kozakeiwicz sometime. That hit a bit close to home. The guy worked for the same company as a bunch of my friends and the whole thing took place a few miles away from me. Another friend was the first lawyer the abuser contacted. Suggest strongly this guy get help and don't let him drag you down.
  5. willnotwill

    Hey everybody!

    Hej, Raring! Jag har en tolv tums penis.
  6. willnotwill

    Question for Paramedics and EMTs

    Whether a patient is wearing diapers or not is largely irrelevant. If it's a trauma situation, the clothing is going anyhow. In other situations, if they still have a diaper on, the staff will assume incontinence. If there is no diaper on and the patient wets the bed or whatever, they'll deal with it (there's almost always chux under the patient anyhow. Even normally continent patients lose it in an emergency situation).
  7. willnotwill

    Question for Paramedics and EMTs

    Yep. Like I said, If you were cut or had a broken bone, I may cut the affected area open to see it, but I can't recall ever completely removing someone's pants. Most of my exam is done by palpitation.
  8. willnotwill

    Question for Paramedics and EMTs

    Yeah, we never cut people's pants off prior to the hospital usually. All the times I observed things, the patient was already undressed (usually because they were in bed but occasionally, they were sitting around either in some sort of night time attire or undressed when whatever it was happened to them). I was working with an ER doc during training when she decided she needed to (urinary) cath a patient. She asked if I wanted to do it and I declined. While she's doing it she says "I guess you don't do this in the field." I pointed out they could hold it until the got to the hospital.
  9. willnotwill


    I've paid my duesTime after timeI've done my sentenceBut committed no crimeAnd bad mistakes I've made a fewI've had my share of sand kicked in my faceBut I've come through
  10. willnotwill

    oh I have a story to tell you all

    YMMV= Your Mileage May Vary.
  11. willnotwill

    Question for Paramedics and EMTs

    I was a firefighter/paramedic for years. I have twice, if I recall, encountered a diaper on older people In both cases we were called to patients who were in bed on our arrival. One guy had a poopy diaper that fortunately fell off him when we were putting him on the stretcher. We left it behind. The other was a woman who had asked if we could step out while her daughter changed her prior to us transporting her. We complied. Unless there is something we really need to get at (like a bleeding artery or something), we don't tend to cut off clothes in the field. They will do that in the hospitals (especially trauma centers). The docs and nurses in the ER have pretty much seen everything. When I was doing my training in the ER, there were a number of patients that came in with diapers. No big thing. We didn't say anything about it. HIPAA didn't exist back then, but if the department attempts to collect money (ostensibly from the patient's insurance), they are covered entities under HIPAA. Even without HIPAA most paramedics by law or just ethical practice would not disclose anything about their patients. The most amusing time was we had a pair of teenage girls come in with real bad sunburn. Now here I am only a few years older than they are and the doctor tells me to rub antibiotic ointment on all the affected areas. I'm sure he thought it was a double win where I got to rub these girls and here the girls had this hansome young fireman to attend to their needs. I had a patient come in with a stab wound in his shoulder and a 0.42%BAC. He was a hoot. I've come across obviously transgendered patients. I did come across a guy who got chucked off his motorcycle and went bouncing down the highway at 60 MPH. Worst road rash I ever saw. Declined treatment. Said he "does this all the time." The one time I came close to inappropriate behavior with a patient was that I got called out to a kidney dialysis center for a woman with extremely low blood pressure. Now we've got these things called MAST (Medical Anti-Shock Trousers) which essentially you put on the patient and pump up and it pushes the blood up into the torso and brain (think fighter pilot G-suit). Of course, we roll on to the scene and I've got the airway kit and my IV box and the driver grabs the radio (we were still carrying the old biophones like you see on Emergency!) and I tell him to bring the MAST trousers with him. We get in there and the patient is an elderly diabetic lady who has had both legs amputated. My driver turns to me and says "where are you going to put these." I had to work hard to avoid breaking out laughing. I almost decked him after the call was over.
  12. willnotwill

    Missed opportunity.....maybe

    Some do, some don't. But Rusty is right, a lot of them have taken to charging for it. (No SERVICE in service stations anymore). I don't tend to use them. I own (for various reasons) four air compressors. All I do is flip the switch and pull the hose out of the reel and (the tire chuck is usually already on the line).
  13. willnotwill

    Blocking My VPN

    Does your VPN come out at one of the "anonymizing" portals? If so, it's probably because someone else using that same IP range spammed/attached the board and they pushed the ban button on the IP address.
  14. willnotwill

    i want footie jammies

  15. willnotwill

    Diapers in highschool

    They didn't have disposable adult diapers per se when I was in high school. I had some plastic pants with either a disposable or reusable pad. I wore to school maybe four or five times. It was oddly electrifying.