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  1. Diapers and active travel

    Customs isn't likely to be a problem. These are your own personal goods, not merchandise. I've shipped medical stuff for my mom via fedex while she was in Canada and it was never a problem.
  2. Site Glitches

    Almost surely the same thing that eats the longer posts. While people are upset about the stories, it's not limited to that. It appears many longer posts got chopped to their first few lines.
  3. What's Your Portable Music Player Set Up/Preferences?

    I voted "ear buds" although I detest earbuds and rarely wear them. What I do is have the audio streamed via bluetooth into my hearing aids. I use a mix of things on my iPhone (Pandora, itunes, youtube).
  4. Diapers and active travel

    Can't say I've done it for Europe, but I've often just FEDEX'd my stuff to the hotel in advance "hold for arrival".

    I like the Snappi because the center part of the T pulls the diaper upwards and that works better than most "pinning" strategies.

    I got the Snappi size 2 when I switched back to cloth a few years back. Pretty much use them exclusively.
  7. Odd questions

    Actually, Duluth trading has their "ballroom" jeans that probably helps.
  8. Most of the post content is missing?

    We had one back may five years ago that corrupted a lot of older posts on the forum. They just turned into gibberish. The software upgrade to the new version screwed the character encoding param which caused a lot of the punctuation to turn into funky euro characters. Invision is a nightmare. It's amazing DD holds it together as well as he has.
  9. Banned members

    Yeah, moo caught me for not using my real day/month. I got a finger shake, but not banned.
  10. Tapatalk

    No, you install it as an app. You can then add in any forum that supports it (it takes a modification on the forum for it to work). I used to use it a lot, but most of the forum software has gotten better at presenting things for mobile devices. Further, TAP has some odd quirks in the later versions which I really don't like.
  11. Banned members

    They're not listening to warnings. You delete them and ban the IP address you come from. They are not going to reform.
  12. Banned members

    If you're a spammer or underage, there's no point in a warning. If it's because of some "reformable" behavior, a warning would be advisable.
  13. Cute Beetle Baily Comic

    I Already posted it in the "Diaper in the News" section.
  14. The Three Musketeers Senior Year

    Chapter 12 Pretty soon we had agreed to hit up our parents about the graduation party. It was decided that this would be a wonderful idea and Kim’s mom would host it. We didn’t have a whole lot of friends outside our circle, but it was decided that the families would all be there, our parents, Kim’s older sister, and Kaitlyn’s older brother. We decided to invite Kayla and a few other close friends from school. Graduation came. The three of us sat there in our caps and gowns and diapers listening to the speaker drone on. Finally, we filed up and got our diplomas. The three of us stood together for pictures. Here we were, high school graduates, about to turn eighteen, and in diapers. We moved on to the party. Fortunately, it was a fairly adult affair. We were wearing what we had on under our caps and gowns. The girls had dresses, and I had a pair of dress pants, a dress shirt, and a tie. The party was a hit, and people were eating snacks and having conversations. It felt like the beginning of a normal life for the three musketeers. We laughed and hugged each other. My mother started tapping on a glass with a fork to get people’s attention. “It’s time for our birthday babies to have their cake.” I bristled at the term birthday baby. Many of the people here didn’t know about our foray into diapers and baby stuff. We all followed her into the dining room. A large sheet cake was in the center of the dining room table. Three smaller cakes were at the far end of the table and beyond that, our high chairs. My insides jumped. No. The three mothers beckoned us from behind the high chairs. The cat was out of the bag now. I saw a little tear form on Kim’s face. We propelled ourselves towards the chairs and were seated. The trays were fitted, and our bibs were in place to protect our good clothes. The individual little cakes were set in front of us, and the candles were lit. The room launched into a laughing version of Happy Birthday. Rather than our names, the word babies was sung. I reddened. Kaitlyn appeared to be seething and Kim on the verge of full-blown sobbing. I blew out my candles. The big cake was cut, and pieces pass. The candles had been removed from my cake, but there was no fork. I knew what mom intended me to do and broke off a piece with my hand placing it in my mouth leaving frosting on my fingers and face. The conversation between the guests shifted. Those who didn’t know were asking others. I heard Kayla saying “Oh yes, I’ve babysat a few times. Fed them. Changed their diapers.” More laughter at that one. Sated with cake, the guests began to leave. Kayla came up to us and asked if we needed diaper changes. My mother suggested that we probably did, but she could handle it herself. I was led off to my room. “How could you?” was all I could say. “You were the one who wanted to be a diaper boy. I wasn’t the one who intentionally pooped my diaper and then lied about it.” It was a point she had made before. She had my pants off and changed me into a cloth diaper and pulled the plastic pants in place. “Now let’s say goodbye to your guests.” I was led out with nothing below the waist but the diaper and shook people’s hands as the left. The girls were still in their dresses, but people knew they were similarly attired below. Finally, the three of us collapsed on the sofa. “We’re going to have to do something about this, you know,” Kaitlyn said.