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  1. Student group dons diapers in protest

    Now they're crying because their protest backfired... http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/turning-point-usa-chapter-at-kent-state-disbands-over-diaper-debacle/
  2. New Year's Baby

    Sorry for the delay. Twice I've written the next chapter and lost it. I'm on it.
  3. Question to any one in management or supervisor?

    I was the VP of a medium size company (had 50 or so people reporting to me). I think you're reading this differently than intended. I think he meant the opposite. They'd like to keep you, but they will give you a good reference if you want to go elsewhere. Sometimes these things are handled outside company channels because there are politics for hiring employees away from one division in favor of another.
  4. Onezies

    Yep, here's the article that picture appeared in. Sara's Onezie party... http://extratv.com/2016/05/04/taylor-swift-rocks-onesie-for-post-met-gala-pizza-party-with-haim/
  5. What Is Comfrey Like?

  6. Too bad we can't give diaper advice

    My wife used to work as a special ed teacher with some of the most severe students in a very large school district. Amusingly, she put some of what she learned from me into use when it came to her students. The most amusing one was she was working with another teacher talking about the toilet training of a 12 year old boy . The parents sent in goodnites. The other teacher is saying "these don't look like they'll fit." My wife nonchalantly starts stretching one and says "they probably will they look pretty stretchy." She avoid saying that her husband can fit into them so little Johnny probably could.
  7. Doing a bit of research into Pampers

    Do you have a year. I can go back into some newspapers of the era and look at the ads.
  8. Shittens?

    Anybody try this yet? Shittens...because poop is gross. https://www.popsugar.com/moms/Shittins-Mittens-Diaper-Blowouts-44546923 The reviews/questions/answers on the Amazon listing are hilarious.
  9. No, at least for me the Abena and NSC in Large seem to work pretty well. I can actually fit in the Medium in the dry247.
  10. The Abena L4's are not going to be a problem (either the "classic" plastic or "premium" cloth). The ones in the same class you didn't mention is the DryComfort 24/7. The NSC Supremes are very close seconds. I'm not impressed with the Tranquility ATNs. Can't say about the others.
  11. Porn parody of Rugrats

  12. Creams, ointments, and oils

    I keep the original Dr. Boudreaux's Butt Paste around. It doesn't stink or feel greasy. Don't like their natural (green bottle) formula. I have some Lotrimin AD powder that I keep as I tend to a little funkyness around the top of my legs.
  13. Water Supply Crisis in Cape Town

    I run the only toilet In this part of town, you see So, if you've got to go You've got to go through me It's a privilege to pee Water's worth its weight In gold these days No more bathrooms Like in olden days You come here and pay a fee For the privilege to pee Twenty years we've had the drought And our reservoirs have all dried up I take my baths now in a coffee cup I boil what's left of it for tea And it's a privilege to pee The politicians in their wisdom saw That there should be a law The politicians taxed the toilets And made illegal Public urination and defecation So, come and give your coins to me Write your name here in the record book The authorities will want to look If you've been regular with me If you've paid the proper fee For the privilege to pee
  14. Different diapers for different occasions?

    I have two primary classes of diapers. The heavy (Dry247, Abena L4, ...) that I wear preferably and then the thin but pretty good ones that I wear under sleeker pants to not be bulky. Of course, I have some cloth diapers that I wear on occassion and a few of the AB style when the mood fits.
  15. 24/7 and Sports

    Besides, the horses poop more than you did.