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  1. willnotwill

    LF Advice, Self diapering, Bigger guy

    Let me give some tips. First, start with the lower (lowest) tape. Rather than trying to hold the front of the diaper square on your privates, take your left hand and hold the left bottom tape and then take the flap part of the front of the diaper and hold that in place, tugging both ends so that the diaper is now snug around your leg (you'll want this to avoid leaks). Repeat on the other side. Now you should have it pretty secure, you can now do the top tapes fairly easily. If you find do to the fact you're below the belly that the waist isn't tight, while holding the upper part of the front flap in position pull the top tape more downward (rather than trying to put them on parallel.
  2. willnotwill

    Health Center pushing AB/DL?

    I'm on NSC's mailing list that's targetted at the normal healthcare client. They did run a small blurb suggesting that "Why use boring white diapers" and suggesting some of their AB line.
  3. willnotwill

    Babies of Madison High

    I awoke early and had a hard time placing my surroundings. I was in a crib, but it wasn’t mine, but then I felt someone moving next to me. Ah, yes. I’m in Lexie’s crib. “Are you up?” she asked “Yes,” I said. With that, she launched into a long kiss. This was interrupted by Lexie’s mom entering the room. “Time to get up. Jakie’s dad will be here in a short while to pick him up.” I was disappointed that my stay was coming to an end. Like my mother, Lexie’s mother held a running conversation while she was changing me and getting me dressed. I wondered where my mother was if dad was picking me up. “She’s got some errands to do this morning. Besides, it will be easier getting your high chair and the like back to the car with your father.” She put Lexie and me into playsuits, and we went down for breakfast. I got another turn at being breastfed, and then my father was there. He loaded up the car and finally led me out. I was clutching on to Oliver and turned for one last look at Lexie. She blew me a kiss. As soon as I got home, I wrote Lexie a note telling her what a great time I had. For the first time since this whole thing started, I felt good. Elated. Perhaps I could get through this. As the morning wore on, my diaper was getting progressively wetter. I also needed to poop, but mom wasn’t home yet. I held it off as long as possible, but finally stood and released my bowels. I went downstairs. “Um, Dad,” I started. I hadn’t yet had to ask him for a change, and while he had watched while Mom did it a few times, he hadn’t done one himself. He looked at me, and I looked at him. “I really need it.” He nodded and led me upstairs. He wasn’t chatty like mom was, but he methodically cleaned me up and got me into a fresh diaper. I looked for signs that maybe he would think that this was just too much to continue with, but I saw nothing. Mom still wasn’t home at lunchtime, but dad gave me some PBJ sandwiches and a bottle. I killed more time and Mom finally came home in the late afternoon. “How was your night at Lexie’s,” Mom asked. “It was fun,” I admitted. “Did you and Dad do OK this morning?” “Well, he had to change a poopy diaper, but he seemed to do OK.” Mom just smiled. “Yes, well he had to sooner or later. I’m not supposed to be the one doing all the changes. It was pretty much the same the first time you were a baby.” I bristled at the “first time” part of this. Mom continued. “I hear you got to breastfeed over there. How’d you like that?” I nodded. “It was, um, different.” I had kind of liked it. “I hadn’t decided yet if I should go through the process, but I think now I will. It’s going to take a bit of work to get me lactating again.” Well, there it was. More effort. I wasn’t getting out of diapers any time soon. I moped around the house until it came to Monday morning. My mood improved at the thought of seeing Lexie again. As I was walking into the school, I caught sight of another baby boy ahead of me, and I hastened my pace to catch up. When I got to see who it was, I realized it was Mark. He glared at me. “Get away from me, freak,” he said. “But, Mark,” I pleaded. “Get away. It’s your fault I’m dressed up like a freaking baby.” “My fault?” I said with incredulity. “Yeah, your fault. It was bad enough that the doctors told me I likely would need diapers as a result of the injuries from the crash. But then your mother talked my mother into turning me into a baby like you. I hate you.” And with that, he hustled off. I just stood there confused. I was shaken out of my state when I felt someone grab me. I turned in anger but then saw it was Lexie and smiled. “What’s up with you?” she asked. “Sorry, Lexie. You surprised me. That, and I just saw my old friend Mark. He’s now a baby.” “Really?” Lexie said. “Yeah, but he’s not any friendlier toward me. He blames me for it happening.” “Well, it was probably them going on the joyride that killed a kid that did it,” Lexie rationalized. “Yeah, but it still hurt.” We talked until we had to go to class. At lunchtime, I headed to the babies’ table but noticed the Mad Men all sitting by themselves. They were all babies now. I went over to say hello, but Mark intercepted me. “I told you we don’t want you around. Get it through your head.” I was taken aback but went back to my regular table to sit with Lexie. “It appears all the Mad Men are now babies,” I told her. “But they don’t want anything to do with me.” “They’ll come around, eventually,” Lexie said. “They always do. They’ll find they need to.”
  4. willnotwill

    When You Have To Change Away From Home

    In 20+ years of going into public restrooms to change I think i have had a comment maybe three times. Once they just asked what I had here, once the clerk observed "that's a big diaper" and once a bunch of drunks in a Denny's lobby said "that's a diaper." But usually, I use a small black knapsack which really is a diaper bag (it has a wipe pocket and little tabs with icons for bottles and pacifiers and the like but you have to look really closely at it to see those).
  5. willnotwill

    Age Group

    DD's account says joined 2004. Mine says 2006.
  6. willnotwill

    Having trouble reading a story

    If it was posted more than a year or so ago, it probably got trashed in the great system attack. It seems to eat all but the first few lines of older posts.
  7. willnotwill

    Age Group

    Was a lot younger when I joined 12 years ago.
  8. willnotwill

    Babies of Madison High

    I've got a bit more in store for Tykie and the rest of the babies.
  9. willnotwill

    Babies of Madison High

    Friday afternoon I followed Lexie home from school. She was wearing one of her usual cute dresses, and I had a short set on. “How are you holding up?” she asked. “Are you talking about Tony dying or just things in general?” I asked. “Either one.” “Well, Tony’s gone. The guys were all friends of mine, and I feel sad, but they pretty much abandoned me of late, so I guess it’s less worrisome. As for the other thing, yeah, I get into a funk from time to time wondering why I’m going through this. Of course, one thing I also thought about was that since I’m going through this, I wasn’t in the car the other day.” “Yeah, that’s a mixed bag. I still get depressed, too. Especially when sitting in a poopy diaper. I can take most everything else.” We got to her house, and Lexie’s mom took us right up to her room for changes. Lexie got on the table first. She was wearing the pink pony diapers. I looked away while Lexie was naked but turned back as she was hopping off the table. She hadn’t put her diaper cover back on, so the pink diapers were nicely exposed. I got up next, and Lexie’s mom pulled off my shorts. She removed my plain white diaper and cleaned me up. This was a bit odd as this was the first time someone other than my mom had changed me. She reached down and then paused. “I don’t suppose you want a pink diaper.” I shook my head. “These will look cute on you.” She pulled out a diaper that had little teddy bears all over it. Something to reinforce that these things were intended to make me look like a baby. Lexie leaned over and whispered, “I think they look cute on you.” I didn’t get my shorts back either. We went down to the basement rec room to play. It was full of stuffed animals and other toys but it did include a video game system, and we set down to play that. I kept stealing glances at Lexie in her pink diaper. It wasn’t helping my gameplay. “If you’re just going to ogle me instead of the TV, let’s play catch or something,” she smiled. I blushed. She picked up a large ball from the corner and bounced it toward me. He had “a ball” playing with that for a while. At least I had a reason to keep looking in her direction. Dinner was announced, and we went upstairs. My high chair was next to Lexie’s, part of the stuff my Mom had dropped off, no doubt. We were bibbed, and Lexie’s mother dropped plates of chicken nuggets and sauce in front of us. This was cool, some of the most adult food other than PBJ sandwiches I’d had in a long time. Lexie picked up a nugget, dunked it in the sauce, and pushed it towards my mouth. She intentionally missed, smearing sauce on my face. I picked one up off my plate and reciprocated. By the time we had finished, we had sauce all over our faces and hands. Lexie’s mother returned and shook her head. She got some wipes and cleaned us up. She let us down from the chair and headed for the living room. Lexie followed along behind her, so I followed Lexie. Her mother sat down on the sofa and Lexie positioned herself on her lap. Her mother opened her shirt and exposed a breast that Lexie quickly took in her mouth and started to suck. I was floored. I mean, I knew babies were breastfed, and I knew that many of us Madison High babies got the full treatment. I watched for a few minutes and then she got up. Lexie’s mom reached out for me. “Go on,” Lexie said. “It’s OK.” I got on the sofa, and Lexie’s mom maneuvered me to her other breast. I paused but then took the nipple in my mouth and started to suck. It took me a minute to get the position right, but then I was rewarded with the warm, sweet liquid. This was different than the cow’s milk I had gotten in the bottle, even when it had been warmed. After feeding, Lexie and I were left alone. “How did you like that?” she asked me. “It was different,” I kind of hemmed. “I like it. I feel so much closer to Mom now. It sorta makes up for the trauma of going through all this.” I just nodded at that. Perhaps it would. A few minutes later, Lexie’s mom took us up and stripped us out of our clothes and took us to the bathroom. The tub was drawn with lots of bubbles. “Bubbles!” Lexie cried. “Yes, Jakie’s mother sent the bubble bath over with his stuff,” Lexie’s mother explained. I guess this was something Lexie didn’t have. We got into the tub together. At this point I had been trying to avoid staring at Lexie. I mean, I had always loved looking at her legs and lately at the pink diaper. I even stole glimpses while she was changing, but I’d never seen her completely naked. She had cute breasts, too. I got quick thought of sucking on one like I’d done her mother’s, but put that quickly out of mind. I was also happy to be sitting obscured in the bubbles. My penis was as erect as it possibly could be and I was a little embarrassed by it. We spent time splashing each other while Lexie’s mother attempted to make sure we washed. She got me out of the tub and dried me off. I was wrapped in my towel and then she proceeded to dry off Lexie. I got a full view of the wet naked girl during this process, again happy to be obscured by the towel. We were led back to the bedroom. I got my cloth diaper and plastic pants put on and then was helped into my normal full-length sleeper. Lexie also got a cloth diaper. Her mother helped her into her nightwear. It was a satin onesie like thing but without crotch snaps. She looked beautiful as ever. I was happy her legs were still exposed. We went over to the crib. Oliver was there along with one of Lexie’s bears. We climbed inside, and Lexie’s mom reached in and kissed us each goodnight. She shut off the light and left the room. I was holding on the Oliver throughout this process, but suddenly he was snatched away from me. Lexie threw him and her bear over the side. “It’s too crowded in here with both of us and both of them. Oliver and Max will have to sleep on the floor.” She giggled, and I joined in. I wished there had been more light in the room. I would have loved to stare more at Lexie in her nightie. She however compensated by snuggling close up against me. I put my arms around her and felt the smooth fabric of her outfit. I moved my hands down her back and over the diaper area feeling the bulk of that. I moved down and touched the inside of her leg. This was the first time I’d ever had my hands on her bare skin. It was so incredibly soft. She snuggled tighter as I idly moved over her. I reached a finger under the hem of the leg hole. She giggled, “Naughty!” she scolded. I pulled back. “No, it’s OK,” she admitted. I guess Mom feels these diapers and sleepers are enough of a chastity belt to keep us out of trouble. We both giggled. We snuggled some more. “Jakie,” she finally said. “Yes.” “I’ve been watching you for a long time. Even before you were a baby. I had this insane idea that you were interested in me even though I was a baby.” “It’s not insane. I was interested in you. I thought you had the cutest legs.” “I’ll have to confess that I was happy when you got turned into a baby. It gave me hope.” “Well, I was just happy that if I had to be a baby, that you were there.” At this point we kissed. It was short but electrifying. Then we kissed again. Longer this time. After a while we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.
  10. willnotwill

    Babies of Madison High

    Freshman year, so probably about 13 or 14.
  11. willnotwill

    Babies of Madison High

    The following Thursday I again came home to find my father home early. Something was up and the last time he was home early was the beginning of the baby phase. This didn’t seem good. “Sit down, son,” my father started. “We’ve got something to tell you.” I plopped down on the floor, happy that the padding of the diaper softened the impact. “Some of your old friends, Mark, Kevin, Tony, and Frank, were smoking pot yesterday and then decided to take Tony’s mother’s car and go for a joy ride. They were speeding and got into a pretty bad wreck.” The shock hit me hard. Even though these boys had pretty much abandoned our friendship after I became a baby, they were my old gang. I thought about this hard. If I hadn’t been a baby now, there’s a good chance I’d have been with them. We always hung together. “Are they OK?” I asked. My mother swallowed. She started to answer but couldn’t. She turned to my father for assistance. “Tony is dead,” he said. “The rest are banged up pretty badly, but they’ll recover.” I just stared out in space. Tony dead? “That could have been me,” I said out loud. I ran up to my room. I looked around confused. Finally, I grabbed Oliver and plopped down on the floor clutching him and bawled away into his fur. My mother came up and sat beside me and held me. I just clung to the bear. After a bit, she led me to the table and changed my diaper. Had a diaper kept me from being in that accident? Kept me from being killed. “The funeral for Tony is Saturday,” she was finally able to say. I just nodded. Saturday morning, Mom dressed me in that white suit that had been in my closet. She paused and then came back with some black fabric and pinned it into an armband for me. We got into the car and headed toward the church. “There isn’t going to be a viewing,” Mom said. Tony’s parents wanted you all to remember him like he was when he was alive. We sat in the church and listened to the service. I stared at the coffin. Tony was in there. Dead. I’d never see him again. I started to tear up. After the service, we got into cars and made a procession to the cemetery. Dad got the stroller out of the back of the car as Mom released me from the car seat. My legs were too weak at this point to make a complaint, and I let Dad push me over the grass to the gravesite. I looked around. The other surviving Mad Men were there. They had a collection of casts and bandages. I just nodded to Mark. He nodded back but then just looked away. There was nothing to be said. After the graveside service, Dad started to push me back to the car. Mom lingered a bit to offer condolences to Tony’s parents. And got back to the car just as Dad had finished buckling me in. We went home in silence. I moped around the house for the rest of the weekend. These guys had been my friends even if they had ditched me when I became a baby. I wanted to ask Mark how he was doing. I wanted to know how it had happened. Was I concerned that it could have been me in that car? It could have been me in that casket rather than Tony. Monday rolled around, and by then the news had hit the school, and the rumors were flying. Mark seemed to still be out at home, and I didn’t see any of the other Mad Men. Were they still too banged up to go to school. I talked to the other babies at lunch, and they were generally supportive. Many of them had been a bit on the wild side before they got converted as well. I pretty much tried to put it out of my mind as the week went past. On Wednesday, Mom dropped a surprise on me while she was changing me. “Friday is our anniversary. Your father and I are going out to dinner and a play. We’ll be out pretty late,” she said. Ok, so they’re not going to be home. That’s fine by me, I thought. “I thought about getting a sitter for you,” she continued. Ugh, I thought. Just because I’m sitting around in diapers doesn’t mean I need someone to watch me all the time. But I let it slide. “I thought you might want to sleep over at Lexie’s that night.” Well, there was the first good thing I’ve heard in a long time. “Sure mom, that’d be fine.” “I’ll pack all your stuff and drop it over there. You can go home from school with Lexie on Friday.” I couldn’t wait to tell Lexie.
  12. willnotwill

    Babies of Madison High

    Saturday came, and I was happy that I wouldn’t have to go to school. I didn’t need any more exposure in this condition, but I did sort of miss Lexie and the others. After breakfast, wheeled something into the living room. It took a second to register, but then it occurred to me. I was looking at a stroller, scaled up in size. “Hop in,” she said. A sighed and took a seat. She pushed it out the front door and started down the sidewalk. “Where are we going?” I asked. “The park. You have a play date.” I enjoyed the ride until we got to the park. There were people staring at me like I was some sort of retard that needed to wear a diaper and be pushed around in a stroller. I was just getting my ire up when we got to a gathering. It was the other school babies including Lexie. I burst out of the stroller and went to be with them. I saw my mother join a group of other mothers at a picnic table nearby. “Hi guys,” I said. “Hi, Jakie,” Lexie said. They were pushing a ball around on the grass, and I joined in. I was no longer concerned about what other people might think. “We were just talking about Monroe High,” one of the boys said. “What about it?” I asked. “They switched to uniforms this year when they also started the IB magnet program there,” he said. “They’re talking about making Madison the Arts and Sciences magnet,” another said. “Does that mean we’ll get uniforms?” I asked “I hear it’s a possibility,” Lexie said. “I wonder what that will mean for us,” I asked. Jamie spoke up. “Probably means we’ll wear the uniforms, but we’ll still be on permanent lavatory restriction and wearing diapers. I’d need to wear them anyhow. I’ve lost my potty training. But I’d go back to just wearing baby clothes when not at school.” There was a general acknowledgment that this would likely be the way it would come down and that it would be a slight improvement to not dress as babies at school. We continued to play. I decided to tell the group about my recent nightmare. “Yeah, I’ve had that one, too,” Tykie said. A few others admitted to the same kind of thing. I’d not mentioned the part about Lexie. I took her aside and told her about her appearance in my dream. She smiled. “Anything to see me in the pink diapers, eh?” she said. I blushed. A mom came by and said something to one of the boys, and he was led away from the group. A minute later I looked over and saw him stretched out on the ground getting a diaper change. I prayed my mother wouldn’t come checking on me for that. Lexie must have caught me looking. “Have you been changed like that yet?” “My mom did it at the mall. A little boy sure was surprised when he saw that.” “I need a change,” Lexie said. “How about you?” I shook my head. “Can you make it so you do?” she said. I stood and closed my eyes and wet my diaper. When I opened them again, Lexie took my hand. “Mom,” she said. “We need our diapers changed.” Our two mothers grabbed our diaper bags and proceeded to set up pads on the grass. Lexie lifted her skirt as her mother slid the diaper cover down. There she was, the pink pony diaper right in front of me. She got down on her pad. My mother had unsnapped the crotch of my outfit, and I got down on my pad. I then started to get embarrassed and closed my eyes. I felt the plastic pants come down and then the diaper start to be unpinned. I felt a hand in mine. I opened my eyes and found Lexie staring back at me. We stayed this way through the change and then when all dressed again, rejoined the others.
  13. willnotwill

    What's the strangest place you have worn a diaper.

    Scariest was during a traffic stop. It was at night and the cop stopped me on pretense to see if I was drunk (did all the field tests). I was sober but I imagined he could see through my pants and tell I was diapered. At least I didn't get a ticket or anything. Have had a few funny times. One time I was in the middle of the colonoscopy prep and my wife comes in and says "Are you wearing a diaper?" I admitted i was and she laughed and said it was probably the one time it was a good idea. Another time we were on a long trip and my wife was commenting on the fact she needed to use the bathroom and I didn't seem to mind the long drives and then she figured it out, "You've got a diaper on don't you?" Strangest. I wore them skiing a few times. I've worn them to a few doctor's appointments (ENT, MRI, etc.. when I knew the doctor wasn' tlikely to have me take my pants off). I wanted to wear it to the colonoscopy but my wife talked me out of ti. Actually, for both the colonoscopies, I could have changed in and out of the diaper with nobody seeing anyhow.
  14. willnotwill


    I have tried a variety of swim diapers (I've got my own pool). Betty and Fillmeup are of course right. The things are merely a stopgap to allow you to get out of the pool and change in case of a fecal accident. If you have diarrhea you don't want to use them either. Always take precautions before you go into the water and get out and change properly (and washup well before going back). These things have the nick name of being a "fecal teabag." Anything with any amount of absorbency becomes at best a water anchor in the pool. Water will GET IN them. Even my cloth diapers with tight fitting plastic pants (loose ones balloon the trapped air when you get in) as many pools insist for babies are problematic. They're fine for a few minutes until they start to take on water and then you now have a ten pound weight around your middle. Gabbys and a few others make reusable pool diapers. There's a sort of AIO one callled a containment brief but boy was it expensive (and their sizing is off, order larger size than you think you need). I have a couple of the new tranquility swimmers but I've not tried them yet.
  15. https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2019/02/tales-of-sinister-haunted-and-possessed-teddy-bears/