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  1. iweardiapers

    Wet my diaper last night while i slept

    My bad didn’t even think about that
  2. So today when I woke up I checked my diaper and to my surprise it was a little wet and I don’t remember doing it so I apparently had my first bed wetting while I slept. It wasn’t extremely wet though. Just found that interesting. Anyone else ever done this? Kind of hope I’m not slowly making myself incontient though I really don’t think I’d like that very much lol...
  3. iweardiapers

    Rapper Lil B an AB/DL?

    I’m not a fan of his or anything but I was looking at the followers for Aww so cute on Twitter and he is following them. Kind of found that interesting to say the least
  4. As a Christian is it wrong to do this? Part of me feels like it is but then part of me feels like it’s no different than short shorts on a girl or something along those lines. Thoughts ?
  5. I used to be strictly on the DL side but here recently I’ve found myself wanting to feel little and drink out of a bottle and suck on a pacifier and sometimes talk babyish. Anyone else that was strictly a DL feel like this? I know at the end of the day though it’s all apart of the lifestyle but man it sure is relaxing
  6. iweardiapers

    And end to ABDL?

    Good for him I guess. I’m a Christian too but would I ever give this part of me up? Not a chance, wearing just plain old underwear all the time would be boring. There’s nothing like that nice feeling of padding between your legs with the occasional binky and baba. I believe God can take away anything though because there is nothing impossible unto HIM I just personally love my diapers and I’m sure God understands as long as I keep HIM first
  7. What’s some good ways to accomplish this? I’ve tried hypnosis files and those things don’t want work.
  8. iweardiapers

    Binkie Princess written up

    I can’t stand her she’s absolutely annoying
  9. iweardiapers

    Shaving body hair

    Obviously this is more for the guys lol. I am straight but I find that I like to shave all of my body hair it makes me feel more babyish sometimes I guess when I’m wearing. Any other guy like that ? Lol
  10. I’ve noticed when I’m not wearing I have to pee a lot more frequently. Do they shrink your bladder ?
  11. What’s the best way to get rid of it? Hurts to sit. I’m avoiding diapers right now too.
  12. Ok, I’ve pretty much wore diapers for 2 years straight, obviously not 24/7 or anything like that here recently though I’ve noticed small amounts of fecal leakage in my normal underwear. Kind of concerned because I definitely don’t want to be incontienent... Might need to give diapers a break for a while
  13. No because I have an actual life outside of this fetish
  14. iweardiapers

    What Else Do You Wear To Bed With Your Diapers?

    Nothing but a diaper
  15. iweardiapers

    Are you happy in your situation?

    Nope Im kinda considering stopping this stuff for a while