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  1. iweardiapers

    What started you on wearing diapers?

    Not sure what caused it but when I was a child I was abused and was mostly raised by my grandma. I also grew up never knowing my real dad and I always had a fascination with diapers. Even though I lived mostly with my grandma my mom and step dad lived next door and there would be times where I would sneak and get my baby brother’s diapers. There was one time me and my female cousin wore one. I’m really unsure what honestly caused it but I’ve always been attracted to them
  2. iweardiapers

    If you was given the chance to stop would you ?

    I’m going on 28 and managed to overcome the binge purge cycle. I’m much happier now that I’ve overcome that
  3. I’d someone cane up with a cure to where you could stop this fetish would you give it up? I know I personally would not because honestly life would be super boring lol, basic underwear is just bland. I love the feeling of being padded way too much lol
  4. I used to be able to go a couple days out of the week to where I could sleep without diapers but now I’m at the point where I can’t sleep good unless I’m padded anyone else ever get like this?
  5. iweardiapers

    Wet my diaper last night while i slept

    My bad didn’t even think about that
  6. So today when I woke up I checked my diaper and to my surprise it was a little wet and I don’t remember doing it so I apparently had my first bed wetting while I slept. It wasn’t extremely wet though. Just found that interesting. Anyone else ever done this? Kind of hope I’m not slowly making myself incontient though I really don’t think I’d like that very much lol...
  7. iweardiapers

    Rapper Lil B an AB/DL?

    I’m not a fan of his or anything but I was looking at the followers for Aww so cute on Twitter and he is following them. Kind of found that interesting to say the least
  8. As a Christian is it wrong to do this? Part of me feels like it is but then part of me feels like it’s no different than short shorts on a girl or something along those lines. Thoughts ?
  9. I used to be strictly on the DL side but here recently I’ve found myself wanting to feel little and drink out of a bottle and suck on a pacifier and sometimes talk babyish. Anyone else that was strictly a DL feel like this? I know at the end of the day though it’s all apart of the lifestyle but man it sure is relaxing
  10. iweardiapers

    And end to ABDL?

    Good for him I guess. I’m a Christian too but would I ever give this part of me up? Not a chance, wearing just plain old underwear all the time would be boring. There’s nothing like that nice feeling of padding between your legs with the occasional binky and baba. I believe God can take away anything though because there is nothing impossible unto HIM I just personally love my diapers and I’m sure God understands as long as I keep HIM first
  11. What’s some good ways to accomplish this? I’ve tried hypnosis files and those things don’t want work.
  12. iweardiapers

    Binkie Princess written up

    I can’t stand her she’s absolutely annoying
  13. iweardiapers

    Shaving body hair

    Obviously this is more for the guys lol. I am straight but I find that I like to shave all of my body hair it makes me feel more babyish sometimes I guess when I’m wearing. Any other guy like that ? Lol
  14. I’ve noticed when I’m not wearing I have to pee a lot more frequently. Do they shrink your bladder ?
  15. What’s the best way to get rid of it? Hurts to sit. I’m avoiding diapers right now too.