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  1. DiaperboyEddie12

    Going 24/7, My Journey So Far

    Hi Kumagoro11, Thank you for all your stories about your journey. Soon I will be on that journey myself. Right now I am in planning stages. And trying out different diapers. I like the thick ones. I do like the disposable diapers over cloth diapers. I also plan to be fully diaper dependent as I do have IBS as well. I already mess myself from time to time anyways so why not go all out and just go #2 in my diapers anyways. Just wondering what is PC stand for? I read a few times when you’re talking about your journey you mention that. I just do not know that short hand word. Thank you again All the best DiaperboyEddie12
  2. DiaperboyEddie12

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    I am sorry they did that to you though one thing I would ask is how are they to know what the difference is between a depend or a tena It is not like you can see the diaper through your clothing. And none AB/DL and none Incon do not know the different brands. I am still sorry that has happend to you it was wrong and inappropriate for them to make that kind of comment. I know for me it won't be on accident. Though I do have some accidents from time to time. I am going to un-potty train myself and wear diapers for the rest of my life.
  3. I know it is counterintuitive of what I want to do though right now if I were to wear one of the thick diapers I would be definitely seen because of the fact of it the Bulge. I am don't have the correct clothing nor do I have the correct plastic pants or other things that will go along with it so I have to go with the flow right now. As I sit here at the mechanic shop I I am wearing a diaper though it's a discrete diaper.
  4. Hi, there so far I have tried the ABU Lavender diapers the MyDiaper Yellow and ABU Little Pawz. The ABU Lavender is a nice diaper and if they had it in Medium I would probably wear them more often. I tried the large and the fit was not all that as it felt a bit big on me. Though the tapes are awesome. And held up for what they are supposed to do. As for the MyDiaper Yellow ones that one there is cute and all I am not going with that one for sure as it just did not fit right It kept on riding down my rear end and I did not like that. I did tape it tightly though it still slid down my rear. As for the ABU Little Pawz diapers I do like them the bulk in the front is one of the things I like plus the feel. The tapes are really nice and they stayed up the whole time I was wearing them and I wet the diaper 3 times before I took it off. And no leaks so I am happy about that. I will not be wearing another premium diaper until Monday night Sept 17th as I like to be in it for a while before I take it off. I have to get up at 5:30 am for car repairs so this would not be a good time to try out a diaper. The next diaper I do try will be the MyDiaper Blue though if they are like the yellow ones I won’t be going that route for my full-time diapers. Tuesday night I will be wearing the ABU Space diapers as I am off on Wed from work and I want to wear them while off so I can get the full feel of it and pee in it a few times. Well, that is it for this time around.
  5. DiaperboyEddie12

    How do you put a diaper on?

    rusty pins I envy you. I have to stand next to something like wall or dresser or something to do it. I have constant pain in my back which hurts while standing for a bit and doing things. So it is easier to put it on while next to something though I do like to lay down from time to time. Though on the hard floor it also hurts the back. I can not wait to have a bed to put on a diaper so I do not have to worry about the hard floor.
  6. DiaperboyEddie12

    oh I have a story to tell you all

    What does YMMV mean?
  7. DiaperboyEddie12

    D/L says...Hello

    Welcome Wife's Lil Boy. One thing I have noticed here in DD is that everyone is very friendly. There is not a day that goes by that I do not come on this site Either to read the forum or chat in the chatroom. Really nice people to talk to. I have been a Diaper Lover for 30 something years. When I was 10 I was forced into a diaper for wetting the bed and something that night clicked. I really enjoyed waking up then in a wet diaper. Though I know about it. My memory is not that great so I wear more often. To live that memory more often. I do not have a problem sitting outside with just a diaper and a tee. THough it is in the backyard and I live on 60 acres of land and all woods behind me so I can get away with it. Soon I am going to be wearing full time and become un-potty trained so that I can wear all the time and use my diapers for what they are meant for. I am not married though I do want to be. Though I would like to find a lady to marry that will be ok with me wearing diapers. Though by the time I get married I will be in diapers full time. and I have been liking the printed kind. I just bought some samples to try them out as this will be the first time I try printed ones I have tried Confidry 24/7 and I like them as well. Have a nice day.
  8. DiaperboyEddie12

    Almost had an accident in my pants.

    Thank you Rob110 Right now my budget does not permit me to have such luxuries though I am planning on going full time soon. I bought me some samples. Here is what is coming in the mail. ABU Space Diapers ABU Lavender Rearz Safari MyDiaper Yellow LittlePawz MyDiaper Blue Once I have the money coming in I will be buying me the premium brands. I got to see what I like first.
  9. DiaperboyEddie12

    Has anyone tried ABU Cushies?

    Cool once I have some money and I am full time and in my own place. I will have all kinds of different kinds.
  10. DiaperboyEddie12

    I've done it! first time diapered

    rusty pins I agree with you on this though there is one thing that I think might be the issue with him. It is Anxiety that he is having once he buys a few packs of diapers over time that anxiety will go away. Though for me I still get a little bit of anxiety when buying cheapo diapers in the stores. I know one really cares but it is part of hour emotions. I rather buy online so that I do not have that anxiety. Then I get anxiety when I do that as I am impatient and can not wait for them to come in the mail. I am currently waiting on some samples and man the good Anxiety is messing with me.
  11. DiaperboyEddie12

    Has anyone tried ABU Cushies?

    I did not get one of them on the sample order though these are the kinds I ordered. ABU Space Diapers ABU Lavender Rearz Safari MyDiaper Yellow LittlePawz MyDiaper Blue They all look really thick and comfy. Not sure which one I will choose for when I wear full time. I know the my diaper blue and mydiaper yellow won't be that long so I might pick another. I still have more to try.
  12. DiaperboyEddie12

    oh I have a story to tell you all

    Well I laughed myself as well
  13. DiaperboyEddie12

    How do you put a diaper on?

    Thank you Smash-N-Dash. I am finding it a lot easier to lay down on the floor and pull it on and tape the tapes. And it feels a lot more snug that way.
  14. DiaperboyEddie12

    How do you put a diaper on?

    Cool I wish I had someone to put me in diapers. Cool Nice Yeah that is true Cool