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  1. Get Tykables as those diapers even though they are plastic backed they are also velco style tapes you can reuse them many times.These are the ones I bought and have the velco style. https://tykables.com/collections/diapers/products/overnights-adult-diapers
  2. I wouldn't fluff a depend or attend or even a tranquility ATN. But AB diapers like from AB Universe or Rearz I believe it is ok to fluff. When I started to fluff my diapers I found it to be more thicker and more comfortable. Then without fluffing. I will email both companies and ask there thoughts on the topic.
  3. To tell you the truth I do not have those kind of fantasies. Though I do fantasize about wearing diapers full time.that never leaves my brain. And waking up in the morning with a wet diaper and possible messy one as well.
  4. I'm not exactly sure. But I do know this. It's what I eat that does it. If I watch what I eat I have less bad days.
  5. @Stroller I agree the reason I'm working on going full time is the wearing of the diapers. The satisfaction if choosing to wear diapers is what will please me. I already mess myself why not be happy and wear a diaper for protection.i know once I start wearing diapers full time. I might lose #2 first as I'm close to halfway there now. I got what is called a iron bladder Most of the time I can hold for Manny hours. But when in a diaper it's different.
  6. I do not believe i have ever had a diaper like that.
  7. That picture now that is a really soaked diaper!
  8. Spoony I am sending you a PM about this.
  9. @Bettypooh when ever I read you comments I get a certain feeling of joy. It's like well thought out. Just as @rusty pins both of you I enjoy reading your comments. Most of the time I have to do a 2 part read as it's so long but I love reading them.
  10. I agree. Just to get started wearing full time is a large cost. I'm slowly buying some of what I need to do this but the big cost is of course the diapers. Another cost us my own place to live.
  11. HI Mark Thank you for the update. I am just wondering when your in setback mode do you feel or have emotions of set backs? If so are they strong emotions?
  12. at this time it is hard to say. Income stream is limited right now and I got a ton of bills that need to be paid. Plus I want to be in my own place before I go ahead with that adventure.