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  1. Thank you Mark! I am not there yet but my body is making me move faster towards it. Though I still can not afford wearing full time that day will come.
  2. DiaperboyEddie12

    I'm becoming a diaper pooper

    I agree though not everyone is into a messy diaper nor do they want to clean the diaper butt up after the mess.
  3. DiaperboyEddie12

    Got a spanking

    Man Spanky I feel for you! Getting it 3 times in one day! Wow! I hope your butt recovers.
  4. DiaperboyEddie12


    Is that a wet diaper as well?
  5. I just wanted to let everyone now I been wearing more often definitely to work as I been having accidents when out and about. I even had an accident in bed about 2 weeks ago. I was sleeping and woke up to my rear end a total mess. Soon I am buying a half case of ABU Space And ABU little pawz 20 of each. So I can at least have good protection while at work. I am not full time as of yet but I am getting there.
  6. DiaperboyEddie12

    Oh no... It can't be real!

    Not going to happen. But they might all go to cloth like. I'm pretty sure AB diapers would stay plastic backed.
  7. DiaperboyEddie12

    What do you Prefer?

    Disposable diapers all the way!
  8. DiaperboyEddie12

    Hello from BC!

    Hello Rose and welcome to the DD Community here there are a lot of like-minded people and we all get along! And we all like to make new friends!
  9. DiaperboyEddie12

    What diapers do you wear?

    I am currently using the Tranquility ATNs but I prefer the Premium AB diapers they hold a heck of a lot more. I can only wet in a ATN once and anymore it would soak it. I prefer the AB Premium diapers.
  10. DiaperboyEddie12

    startbedwetting.com Any one used this before?

    You do not need that site or pay someone to help you bedwet! First you have support here! Just ask questions and someone will respond! There are thousands of people on this site and a whole lot of them are either bed wetters who have no choice and those who unpotty trianed themselves. Though I have read it is much easier to unpotty train during the day first then the nightly bed wetting comes about after you achieve the day time wetting!
  11. DiaperboyEddie12

    What diapers do you wear?

    I find that Tranquility ATN does not hold up when wetting! Though I also do full stream so I can soak them easy. I have tried many many diapers And I like ABU Space And ABU Little Pawz Though there are a few I do like I have not mentioned.
  12. DiaperboyEddie12

    Hello from Central Illinois

    Welcome to the DD website! There are many many like minded folks here. We even have a cool chatroon.
  13. DiaperboyEddie12

    New here from Michigan

    Welcome to DD website there are many many like minded people in this site and a cool chatroon as well
  14. DiaperboyEddie12

    Help me design a diaper week

    Rearz Princes diapers might work for you. Also ABU has some cool diapers.