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  1. . Aulia Allah Foundation. (Don't ask. Google is my friend!) D lly
  2. Mean Mommy says she'll eat YOU for breakfast, never mind the cake! Happy B'day to you, Mean Mommy, hope you have a fab day!
  3. . Lemonade Shandy D lly
  4. . Help As in, I've had lots of help
  5. . ^ Yes it is! We've got a heatwave here in S England right now. I can't say I hate it but it's too hot for this wilting flower V Board Games?
  6. . Heal As in, it's been a long time D lly
  7. . ^ ^ ^ Pretty in Pink ^ ^ ^ D lly
  8. . Add p r e s t i a t o r to make - Prestidigitators
  9. . Hi ri, good to see you! We must swap notes about Hong Kong. Did you hear the noonday gun being fired on the island every day? Did you run up Victoria Peak or cheat and take the funicular? Back to the game.... ^ I hate Sudoku, too frustrating. I like the word logic problems. V Monty Python?
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