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    • Chapter sixteen: Face-to-face with a primus At the seventh-grade recess, Theo set off to scout the ground floor. He immediately peeped into the bathroom, where he discovered it was located in front of a classroom hidden by light and above its first-floor counterpart. He entered it, then locked himself in one of the vacant bathrooms. Tight, but enough to hide in. "The bathroom has been checked," he told himself. "Now it's Toby Marlowe's turn." Sally had given him a scanty sketch, in keeping with what was the 13-year-old's dull, lonely personality. Afro-black hair and a dark complexion. Yes, just two features that were enough for Theo to spot him in his classroom near the teacher's lounge. He peeked inside from behind the door and prepared an unsure face ready in case anyone saw him. Pretending to be lost was a good excuse not to attract the attention of a bunch of seventh graders. Or so Sally had told him the day before. He found him sitting in the first few desks, arms and head on the desk, he was bored and didn't want to know about moving from his state of boredom. For a moment, Theo felt like he was seeing himself again before group work with Riley. Had Toby still not found a friend? The answer came soon after, one his classmate had called him, and his bored state abruptly disappeared. He stood up abruptly and disappeared from his sight. He had friends "That's him," he spoke in a hushed voice and hid his head. "Afro-style black hair is there, dark complexion is there. It must be him." An idea flashed through his head: go in and ask for him. A suicide mission? With only a few minutes left before the end of their intermission? Would it make sense to take that risk? What if then it wasn't him? Questions and doubts came flooding in! "Are you lost, primus?" asked the girl's voice, sounding out of tune. "Primus?" summed up the expression from before again, but it sounded more to a fool. "What does that mean?" The little girl with black hair covering part of her face and irreverent clothing touched his nose. She replied amused, "You're a sixth grader, so you're primus." Theo preferred not to argue, feeling offended for a second. "Is this Toby Marlowe's class?" "He's a classmate of mine. So yes, this is our class." Theo had nailed it. He pulled a red envelope out of a pocket and handed it to the little girl. "Could you give it to her? È... from... a friend of mine who... has a crush on him." Suddenly, the girl looked at him despondently, seeming to restrain herself from laying hands on him. Theo was already beginning to regret taking Sally's advice; he could feel the tension in the air. He thought, "I'm doomed!" "Now the primus want it too?" she asked tensely. Theo kept his composure. "Why does it... bother you?" The girl gave him a questioning look. The 11-year-old had no idea what he had provoked. "Come with me." "But...don't you start l-le lessons again now?" "Just follow me, primus!" Theo straightened up in fear and began to follow her. He said to himself, "Sally, if I survive this, I will kill you!" The girl led him into the art room. As luck would have it, no class was occupying it at that moment; that calm was more eerie and Theo felt addicted. "Who is it?" thundered the girl. "Who is who?" asked Theo nervously. (He was thinking of the next lie to tell her, as Sally and Riley had told him. Even though Riley had expressly told him "A lie must not create a chain of lies!" and he was agreeing with her.) "The primus who has a crush on my best friend!" Theo wanted to die... from laughing, though. He found love triangles, and romance in general, silly and unnecessarily complex. He couldn't get enough of his parents' mind-numbing smooches, Riley's romantic fantasy books and Sally's love rock songs. Why is love everywhere? "Why do you care?" asked Theo with a thread of anger. "I'm just trying to... to send a message." "Tell her she got it and doesn't want to hear about the primus crush!" Theo took it personally. "Primus! Sixth grader not primus!" "It's the same thing!" she said in a menacing tone. "Fact is, you shouldn't be here. Why didn't she come?" "She is sick at home, she wanted to give it to you for Valentine's Day!" "But if it's December!" she answered him with a puzzled air. "Wait a minute, she told you to say that?" What is she talking about now?, he began to ask confusedly. "Huh?" The tension disappeared in the seventh-grade girl's voice, "Open the letter and read it." Theo clutched the letter, put it behind his back, and stepped back. The situation had just escalated; it had to be fixed before it was too late. He played the truth card; there were no better alternatives. "Let's start from scratch, shall we?" he asked, but left her no time to answer. "I'm Theo, what's your name?" "Zoe." "Nice to meet you. Zoe," he told her, then spit it out. "Your best friend Toby told around a bad story about a friend of mine, my best friend. I want to understand why he did it." Zoe was grim, incredulous. "Toby? He wouldn't do that! He spends all his time in his room drawing! I know because he only ever dates me! Who told you that?" "One of Katrine's bully friends," replied Theo. "They almost had caught her." "May I know..." she asked cautiously, "what did she tell you?" "Promise me that it will stay between us. Toby too, if you care. And don't laugh." "I promise." Theo looked into her eyes, a knot in his throat preventing him from speaking. Zoe did not look like a bad person, she looked like Sally taller and with blond hair. He jumped. "He saw her in the supermarket with wet pants." Zoe paled, felt her shoulders get heavier in an instant. She only managed to say, "Gee..." . Silence fell. "Did you witness everything?" asked Zoe sorrowfully. "I was next to her... her jeans started to get wet..." admitted Theo feeling tears in his eyes, but he was doing his best not to let them out. "I don't want anyone to know, I don't want Katrine or some other bully to hurt her, you know?" Zoe nodded solemnly. "What about the envelope? What do you need it for?" "I had made a plan to meet him in the bathroom...but it doesn't make sense now." "And why?" "I should have waited for him two hours in the bathroom, with no guarantee whether he would come or not," huffed Theo. "I met you, you seem like a sincere person and you instill trust. So my plan would have been useless." Zoe blushed, gave a faint smile. He liked that little boy. "Thank you... I admire your sincerity. And I think you should not throw away your plan." "You mean you... you like it?" asked Theo hopefully. "It's very spy movie plan, yes, I like it. But I want you to meet him anyway." "Do you think he will tell me a lie?" asked Theo trying to surprise her. "Yes," she replied bitterly. "Toby lies without realizing it." "Why does he do that?" "He just does it. He has not yet learned to be honest with the right people and a liar with the wrong ones. If you only knew how many times he has lied to his own people to come to me!" They laughed with amusement. "How can I tell when he is lying?" asked, then, the little boy. "He never looks you in the eye. If he never takes his eyes off you, he's telling the truth," Zoe replied seriously. The bell rang. Theo handed the red envelope to Zoe. "Why are you helping me?" "Because no one should ever be targeted by those vipers. I still wonder how their classmates put up with them." "Fear and inferiority," replied Theo. "When you are with the strong, anyone who is afraid of you avoids making trouble for you, otherwise they would be up against an army." She looked at him surprised, then gave a laugh. "Have you had a lesson on bullying recently?" Theo replied, showing off his passion. "No, I was thrown into books on bullying and came out an expert." Zoe did not realize that was a joke and took it as any other answer. — Theo was walking up the stairs when he heard someone sobbing. He stopped for a moment and realized it was too late; they had gotten away with it. Fear paralyzed him when he saw them coming down the stairs from the opposite side. They passed by him, completely ignoring him, and for that he felt graced. As soon as he finished climbing a mountain, he reached his friends who were consoling poor Luz. Guilt came like a punch in the stomach. They escorted her back to the classroom with her sobs in the background. None of them knew how to console her, not even Riley's hundred thousand hugs helped. At one point Fergus Glenn, the giant with a heart of gold, came running into the classroom. He called his name three times. "She's here, Ferg!" shouted Sally to him, and Riley broke yet another hug. Fergus rushed in, politely thanked his classmates, and asked them to leave them alone. As they returned to their seats, Theo ventured to ask, "What happened?" Riley answered for both of them; Sally did not have the courage to relive that moment in her own words. They helplessly witnessed that act of cruelty by Katrine and her band of brats. It was a pitiful scene: they surrounded and forced Luz to donate everything she had, money and snack - a turkey sandwich. Sally was in the front row, behind them; while Riley, to avoid falling into their field of vision and becoming their future victim. "I bring good news," cut Theo sharply, the worst was over, it was time to get up. "Toby and I are meeting tomorrow, there's more, I met a friend of his who is willing to help us out." "Really?" asked Riley. "Tell us everything!" Theo explained the whole thing, every last detail about all the moves, the places he had been, and, most importantly, Zoe. Every time he mentioned her, he would suddenly stop and forget what she was saying. Sally had to take him back several times. She came to the conclusion that she had a big crush on that seventh-grade girl. "So let me get this straight," Sally intervened rather bewildered by her friend's explanation. "Tomorrow you're meeting with Toby Marlowe and then you're meeting with Zoe to confirm what he told you?" "That's right, Zoe is more important than Toby. She is the one who will tell us whether he told us the truth or not." "But to talk to Zoe directly after you talk to him?" proposed Riley puzzled. "I had thought about it too, but Zoe told me that Toby constantly tells lies. How can you trust a liar? Simple, you don't trust him and trust someone else!" Riley was interjected, her friend reasoning was working, and Zoe's presence did not convince her at all. If Theo trusted her, then she had to trust Sally as well. Sometimes you have to jump into the void to see the light.... Theo did, but who's to say he saw the light on the other side? — "I have a bad feeling about tomorrow," Riley said as she closed her science book. "We don't know anything about this Zoe, how can we trust someone we don't know?" Sally looked at her thoughtfully. "From Theo's words, this Zoe would seem to care about us sixth graders. Or primus, that's what she calls us. Is primus a Latin word?" Riley ignored the last question. She found that name very strange, why call her and her classmates like that? She let go in her chair, feeling the need to pee. Maybe it was better to go and do it before her mother would take her back. "I'm going to the bathroom. What about you?" Sally looked at her, moving in the chair excitedly. "I've done it... a little bit," she replied, showing her joined thumb and forefinger. "Just two drops!" Riley laughed amused, then exclaimed, "Mom, I'm going to the bathroom!" From the office, her mother replied, "All right honey, give yourself a good scrubbing!" As she headed for the stairs, Riley enacted the move her best friend would never forgive her: "Mom? Sally needs to be checked! I think she peed in her diaper!" She began to run as fast as she could. Sally winced in shock-to be jokingly accurate-she jumped out of her chair and began to chase after her. "Riley! You're dead!" she shouted at her laughing. Minutes later, Riley was waiting outside her room with a teasing smile. That prank would be the first of a long series, and she was already planning the next prank to play on her. She laughed under her breath just at the thought. Sally, unlike her friend, was inside in her room, lying on the changing table and with her diaper in full view. It was the second time Mrs. Bishop had changed her and, like the first time, she was dying inside from embarrassment and discomfort. "You've been at it I see," commented Mrs. Bishop as she tore off the first tape. The little girl summed up a laugh, beyond feeling the cold air touch her. "Oops... that wasn't my intention." Mrs. Bishop took little time to change it. Unlike her daughter, Sally was more cooperative and less talkative. "I wish Riley was like that!" she thought after changing her and getting her off the changing table. As soon as she came out of her room, the rebel gave her friend quite a surprise: a tickle attack. She pounced on her and they fell to the floor with laughter. Riley had never cried so hard from laughter before. Sally stopped and let her breathe. She concluded pretending to be offended, "That's for tattling!" "Did you do it again?" joked Riley and resumed laughing hysterically; Sally had started again. A little later she stopped. "Tell me... did you pee, young lady?" asked Sally provocatively. "Do you want me to call my mother again?" Sally did not think twice to attack her again. Riley began to cry with laughter again, doing nothing to stop her. In fact, she didn't want to stop her, she wanted to laugh so hard that she wet her pants. — Toby Marlowe showed up in the downstairs men's room at 10:20 on the dot. His friend Zoe made it a point to arrive on time, not a single second late. Their day together had passed quickly, they listened to music blaring in his room, drew something together, played some video games - as long as she didn't see him play, Zoe had to convince herself to hold the controller and do whatever he said - and, finally, studied for the technical drawing test that, in all likelihood, they would have gotten top marks. Before she left, Zoe told him about the primus she had caught in front of their class. Her friend's serious and solemn air hinted to him that the question of who should talk to him had a certain priority, a higher priority than an audit. "Did you tell one of the eighth-grade bullies something about a primus who peed herself in the supermarket?" thus began the discussion, Zoe's tone awe-inspiring. "What are you talking about?" the friend asked innocently. "An 11-year-old girl wetting her pants? Ew." Zoe punched him in the arm, but not a joking one. It hurt him. "It was a Saturday, not last Saturday, but the one before!" reminded him of Zoe furiously. "As it happens, the only Saturday you and I didn't see each other. You told me you had gone to the supermarket to get some things for your dad. You saw what happened. Then?" "Then?" repeated Toby in a hangdog tone. "Who did you tell, TM?" he ranted. Toby looked away, bit his lower lip. Seeing Zoe so angry over something so insulting made him regret what he had done. He was trapped, stuck in front of a wall. Finally, he admitted, "Nella, one of the two tall ones." Zoe got up, grabbed her things, and left. Few times she had made that scene, he never deserved it. This time he had deserved it; it didn't take her words to make him realize he had made a mistake. The next day, everything was back to normal. He did not try to unionize, Zoe was right and he had to make it up to her. There he was, he was there. Why? Still a mystery. Intermission ended at that instant, he had to make sure that three out of four bathrooms were empty. And they were. The last door opened. A little boy with glasses came out, squared him from top to bottom, and sentenced, "Toby Marlowe, nice to meet you." Toby stepped back. "And who might you be?" "My name is Theo, a sixth-grader who needs to talk to you about something very close to my heart," the little boy replied seriously. "I bet Zoe told you about it." Toby nodded, everything was clearer to him, and he noticed the connections. He spit it out immediately, "I told Nella, one of the tallest." Theo did not have time to speak that the 13-year-old had already answered his question. "How the hell did he know my question? Zoe?" He moved on to the other question, "Why?" Toby did not answer immediately, sighed, and averted his eyes from the little boy. "I don't know." Theo remembered Zoe's words. "You don't know or you don't want to say?" "I don't know!" replied the 13-year-old. Her eyes did not look at him. "Why won't you tell me!" fumed Theo. "With your... b-bullshit a friend of mine, one of my best friends is the target of that group of bullies!" Toby inevitably felt guilty; silence could not be his response to such a rant. Geez... what an horrible person I am..., he told himself. "Look," he began sincerely sorry and stared Theo straight in the eye, "I had no idea Nella would tell the others. I would like to help you, if only I could. I promise you." Theo, still imbalanced, said no words. He believed his apology and accepted it; he could not do otherwise. He had to lecture her though, boy did he have to lecture him, "You know she is in Katrine's group, you know she bullies sixth graders, one question doesn't occur to you?" For an 11-year-old, he expresses himself well, the 13-year-old told himself. Geez man! Toby replied submissively, so he made Theo believe, "No questions, man. Just the mad desire to go home after talking to her." "Oh" Theo did not expect such an answer. "I have nothing more to ask you, so you are free to go." "Wait, that's it?" asked Toby puzzled. "Um, yes. I have class now and I'd better hurry. If you look for me, I'm on the second floor. Say hello to Zoe for me!" replied Theo with his backpack on his shoulder and walked out. Toby was dumbfounded by his natural manner. In complete solitude, he said, "Zoe, what the hell have I gotten myself into?"
    • The strategies suggested by Emma to make sure girls remain unaware of the potty regression therapy "until it's too late" are similar to the concepts used to craft effective rat poisons for highly resistant populations. In particular, the concept of sub-critical (chronic) dosage of the active principles seems to be mutuated from there.
    • for those who still wear undewear, and yet enjoy wearing diapers.   heres a question lets  say you go to bed one night wearing your under wear ,not a diaper. you wake up the next morning in a hosptial and you are in a diaper?  what would your reaction be?  
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