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  1. I couldn't adequately answer the poll. I have been diagnosed by my counselor with high functioning autism but it's not recognized as being "official" which is super frustrating. People judge me solely by appearance and think that I'm completely able to do all kinds of things. Basically I fell through the cracks and have had to pretend and copy other people in order to fit in and be normal. Now that I'm older it's clear I can't keep up but there is little to no help for those in the 30s age bracket. I'm currently working with an autism service to try and help other people like me but it's hard. I really lament not having the foresight to find help sooner but I'm determined to not give up.
  2. I definitely agree that being open and honest from the very beginning is the best way to forge a lasting relationship. I met my "Daddy"/ boyfriend about 2 months into 2019 and all it took was a phone call. When you finally meet the right person you'll just know. I spent close to 15 years online searching but not realizing he was right there waiting for me. The moment I stopped trying the universe gave me my heart's desire. Sorry if that sounds corny but that's how things happened. All the seemingly awkward stuff was brought out into the open so that the trust we have in each other is super strong. I cook and I clean for my Daddy, in return I get to be his baby girl and enjoy a more adventurous life full of diaper changes, bath times, cuddles and lullabies. When both parties work towards each other's happiness it's truly a beautiful thing. P.s. I totally think the above posters said everything already and gave really sound advice.. I honestly just wanted to share my experience in finding a Daddy.
  3. Currently I use the Tranquility ATNs for my bedwetting needs but after checking out your review I'm definitely going to see if I can't get my hands on those Foresite diapers. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Happy New Years everyone! My apologies for my lengthy absence but I have been without a computer of my own for a very long time. I'm super happy to be back though as so much has happened in 2019. Hoping each and every one of you are having a great new year as well.

    ~With Much Love, Funshine~

  5. hi hope your christmas went well i love your new pics  

  6. First, let me start off by saying that I am proud to be part of this wonderful community. I have not been able to be here these past few months due to stress and a high volume of medical appointments. But in the spirit of the season I am beside myself with joy and want to wish everyone the merriest of Christmases! I can't think of a better time to express myself as the adult baby girl I am and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to do likewise. The magic of this holiday is definitely still there, it just takes a little more effort to bring out. Having said that, I wish you all the best in health and happiness and hope that each of you receives the one present you've been wanting the most! Happy Holidays to everyone at Daily Diapers.. and thanks for everything you do.

    -*With much love, Funshine*-

    1. Wannatripbaby


      Awwww, thanks Jenny! ♡♡♡♡

      *Hugs and offers a bottle of hot chocolate to the adorable Christmas baby." 😊

    2. jamespir


      hapy christmas  

  7. Haven't written a blog post in a while so here goes: Tomorrow will be interesting as I move one baby step closer to my transition bottom surgery. I'll be meeting with the anesthesiologist (gosh that's a big word!) to find out how best to sedate me and for how long. I'm already on the waiting list but it could be over a year before I get called in. Still, I'm pretty excited and I will definitely post updates once I know more. Been on hormones for about 3 years and I feel I've made excellent progress so far. Hope everyone is having a lovely autumn season (I hear some people still celebrate Halloween, too!) I've been too busy to even think about dressing up but who knows.. anything is possible. Until next time.. stay sweet, sweeties!

    ~Much Love, Funshine~

    1. jamespir


      good luck with that hope all goes well

    2. Jennifer Funshine

      Jennifer Funshine

      Thank you jamespir, I appreciate that a lot.

  8. Thank you for the invite Hun, maybe I'll try and figure out a way to get there. Though with all the fires going on at the moment it won't be easy.
  9. Yeah I should have expected as much. This really depresses me, what kind of reply can I give now? I guess that's why there aren't any ABDL munches in PG. I respect your response and I understand where you're coming from.. but it seems like everyone feels the same way you do. *sighs*
  10. Well I'd still love to meet new friends too drynot. Yes a Daddy is what I'm looking for but it would also be great to set up a playdate if you're interested. I mean, why knot? :) Lol
  11. These past 7 years have been extremely difficult in terms of meeting anybody in the PG area who is also into this lifestyle. In fact I'm not expecting anyone to reply to my thread but here goes: I am desperately looking for a Daddy in Prince George. I am a male to female trans baby girl.. which at this point is where most people stop reading. Because I am not a "real" girl they immediately lose interest. But if there is a true Daddy out there I would love to meet you. I am currently transitioning and on track to have reassignment surgery in a year from now. I am only interested in serious inquires. I have been to numerous dating sites and even made a profile on fetlife because I understand that for some this is a fetish, especially the diaper aspect. Through my journey I have made lots of online friends but none who live near me. The people I have met in person have been a mixed bag and not at all who I was looking for. After so many instances of real life failure I can only conclude that my location is the problem and that there just isn't anyone in PG either interested or willing to take a chance on another human being. As mentioned earlier, I understand that this is a fetish for a lot of people, often with a sexual component attached to it. I have tried to accommodate this but I would really like to connect with someone genuine. Someday. Well, thanks for reading.
  12. Such a long and turbulent month.. and the snow just won't go away over here but I am finally on big girl estrogen and dealing with the numerous side effects and mood changes. My advice to other Trans people out there looking to start hormone treatment is.. Don't. If you can find a way, any way to be happy inside your own skin just go with it. Transitioning full time is a stressful, difficult and bumpy road to go down.. be careful you don't get so wrapped up in your desires that you lose sight of what's important in life. 

    You are just as special a person no matter what you look like!

    ~Much love, Funshine~

  13. Hiya Nitewets, I enjoyed meeting with you the other night and chatting too! Hopefully you feel better so we can connect again soon, I'll try my best to be online later, do take care. *Hugs close*

  14. Skype doesn't seem to be working on your end...