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  1. I am a sometimes woman, and sometimes bad baby boy.

    1. jesse78


      We all have a girly side

  2. Rhiki here

    I'm here Still waiting on jesse. We can chat till jesse finds us. Why don't you have an avatar? I like your profile by the way.
  3. Rhiki here

    Jesse you here diaperlov you here?
  4. Panama city

    Looking to hook up with people from Panama city.
  5. Dollar general overnight underpants

    I have a 28 inch waist., I prefer the girly pull ups as to make me feel sex you, but the dollar general ones are better.
  6. IMG_5612.JPG

    I like the pink.
  7. Discreet

    Thank you for the suggestions, it might be time for me to come out anyways, so I don't have to hide it from friends and family. Strangers I do not care what they think. For all they know, I am just incontinent.
  8. Would just like to say they fit good and hold a lot of pee without leaks.
  9. I am dl bisexual, and like girly diapers.

  10. Discreet

    Is there a good diaper that does not show through clothes even after peeing?
  11. New to forum

    My name is [email protected], and of course I love wearing diapers.
  12. Anybody in/near Crestview?

    Would like to hook up with like minded people.
  13. Anybody in/near Crestview?

    I'm in fountain.