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  1. Pete671

    love to wear baby girl diapers n dress as a girl

    Hi Nikki, sorry to hear you're lonely, it seems very common these days, I know you mentioned you were seeking another female, but if you want to PM me anytime you are welcome, the chatroom is a good place to hang out as well if you are feeling isolated, take good care of yourself,,,
  2. Pete671

    how many nappies do you use in 24 hours

    I'm 24/7, use a Tena Silhouette (usually) during the day, put on straight after morning shower, then then a Tena Pants or an Always Discreet straight after my evening bath to cover me for leaks during the night. I try to always wet both just before shower or bath, it's wasteful throwing a dry and clean nappy in the bin. So, usually 2 per day, unless I have to wet during the day, then I'll put on a clean one straight away.
  3. Pete671

    Looking for ABDL medium/large nappies North West UK

    Are you nervous about buying in a shop? and maybe don't have a cc? perhaps someone could meet up with you and go in for you? I'd help but I'm in Sussex
  4. Billyboy, thanks for that, yes she's fully adult, I'll def try and develop things, but a little afraid of coming across as some kind of pest, but atm I'll just enjoy her company and understanding, the rest is destiny. It's like a 10 mile trip out there but I have the excuse that a friend lives 5 mins away and I'm housesitting for them, which I was then,,, She's just a nice girl you know? thanks again,,,
  5. Pete671

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    Hi le Hollandais, imho it's maybe not the diapering that would upset her if she found out, but the thing that you were hiding it from her,,, I'm single, never been married so I'm probably no expert on these matters!,,, btw you can get a blood test to investigate prostate problems, it looks for the presence of something called something like T54 antigens, in addition to a physical exam/unltrasound whatever,,, I'm no expert medically either btw lol,,,
  6. Pete671

    The Psychology Behind Incontinence Desire

    I started wearing nappies about 2 years ago because, and sorry to be graphic here,. I was drinking a lot of alcohol at that time, one morning in bed shortly after waking I thought I was only going to fart,,, So I decided to wear at nights, but within a week I was 24/7 as it just made things easier, and also helped me a lot with bladder anxiety, caused again by drinking alcohol,,, I also hate the idea of putting skidded pants in the washing machine with all my other clothes,,, I go for female pull-ups nearly all the time as I actually found it less embarrassing buying them in the supermarket, I used to buy Lady Tena Pants (now called Silhouette) for my late housebound mother so started off with them, and use them about half the time, the female style/cut seems to fit much better than male styles,,, As for the psychology of the pleasure of wearing, I guess, as others have said, that I maybe yearn for a simpler time in my life, there's less to think about when you have disposable underwear to put on, and no worries regarding having enough clean underwear,,, As for the amount of TV ads in the UK for IC products you'd think everyone was diapered lol, I wonder how many people have seen ads for IC underwear and thought "hmmm that looks interesting, I think I'll try that",,, In winter, diapers also have the advantage of keeping my intimate area warm, without diapers, my penis used to shrink so much in the cold that it was difficult to pee when I got to a loo, with a diaper on it stays a size that I can handle easily, or I can just wet myself into the diaper if a loo isn't nearby,,,
  7. Thanks, yes people do hit it off in a chatty way sometimes without there being any deeper intent, and yes, nice to find someone pleasant and friendly,
  8. Pete671

    Missed opportunity.....maybe

    I was thinking exactly this, esp women who work in service roles like housekeeping etc,,, I had a sort of similar experience recently myself, it's in the Scoop The Poop section titled OMG I can't believe I had this conversation, sorry, I don't know how to link it, and it's my understanding that it's considered rude here to PM people without asking first? btw my PM is open to anyone to discuss anything!
  9. thanks, yep I'll def only get them when she's on the till, on those days, I'll craftily get in her queue, lol.
  10. Pete671

    What Female Celebrities Would You Like To Spank You?

    Jane Horrocks for me lol.
  11. Pete671

    Random Encounters

    Perfectly said, sometimes you just know!
  12. Pete671

    Incontinence and Sex

    My ex and me used to have a bath together first and pee on each other, she was a little IC then and I wasn't btw, as for the bed, plastic sheet and a duvet on top, so if she did have an accident the duvet would soak the pee up, and it was fun snuggling together underneath a wet duvet,,,
  13. Pete671

    Sleeping with my mother..

    I would suggest using Tena Silhouettes under boxers, they don't hold a lot, but not noticeable under boxers, and they are silent,,, also, you could check with the hotel that you have a twin room, not a double,
  14. Thanks diaperguy! as I said, I'm well old enough to be her dad, but maybe that's kinda what she's looking for, an older guy as a father figure, who she can look after, I don't mean sexually, I don't really think of her in that way tbh, but yes, I'm defo making a beeline for her section, today is maybe too soon but def Thursday,