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  1. Starting to build up a stash, my go-to pull-ups are made in The Netherlands, and I'm in UK, anyone else doing this?,,,
  2. Pete671

    Questions For Bedwetters

    I'm DL and DW, but haven't been in the mood for DWing for quite some time,
  3. Pete671

    Away for the week

    have a great holiday!
  4. Pete671

    Getting Rid of Your Undies

    I've been 24/7 with pull-ups for over two years now, still keep my normal underwear though as I love wetting in them,,,
  5. Pete671

    Recycling nappy wrappers,,,

    You can put the plastic type wrappers in the used carrier bag bins at larger supermarkets, just saying, thanks, please feel free to bump this post so as many as possible are aware, many thanks.
  6. Pete671

    How old were you?

    52 for me, although I've always enjoyed wetting from a young age, like early teens,
  7. Pete671

    What's Your Diaper Size?

    Medium in both Tena Silhouettes and Tena Pant Plus, medium seems to fit well in other brands as well, I'm lucky in that respect,,,
  8. Yes, that's the one!
  9. Hi all, just wanted to give UK people a heads-up on this episode, idk any further details but looks like it could be interesting,,,
  10. Pete671

    What diapers do you wear?

    Just seen this, you're very welcome, and I def agree with your previous post about availability, Tena Silhouettes and my second Tena Pants Plus are very widely available in UK, Silhouettes don't have much capacity, which makes them more fun to wet in private lol,,,
  11. Pete671

    when do you get ready for bed put diapers on

    I'm 24/7, to ease bladder anxiety but also for pleasure, but not sure if it's the nappy itself or the ease of anxiety, either way I'm happy to wear so it's ok,,, I'm in my PJs about 7-8pm, I'll wet my day nappy watching TV etc, then put on a fresh one just before going to bed, then in the morning I'll wet my night one before morning shower, hopefully filling it so I can pee again in the shower while wearing the full one lol. But if my PJs are due to laundered, I'll pee in them in the shower before turning the water on,,,
  12. Pete671

    Hair, Down 'there'

    Waxing every time for me,
  13. Pete671

    The end of Disposables?

    or the nappies I expect,,,
  14. Real friends might not agree with it but would still want to be friends, if you're worried someone will notice, stick with IC pants instead of a nappy, like Tena Pants Plus or even Tena Silhouette which look and feel like lady's panties, I wear them 90% of the time,
  15. Pete671

    West sussex abdl

    Lancing here! Lancing here, also not too far!