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  1. If there are 50 times as many women as men, you are 50 times more likely to be pulled than a woman,,, It's the parameters that are wrong, it seems like they are trying to be gender neutral in testing, ie equal number of male tests taken as women tests, but they take no account of the fact there are far more women than men,,,
  2. I would very much prefer a strict authority figure, perhaps even bordering on sadistic, I'm open to PMs on this subject from anyone,,,
  3. Perhaps she wants to be sure you are wearing?, If you put the diaper on yourself and show her, she might be happy with just knowing you are ready for the night,,, Not ideal I guess, but maybe better than her putting a diaper on you as you are not comfortable with that,,,
  4. Hi Weggley, I'm from West Sussex, please feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat mate,,,
  5. I never wanted to untrain, and also found I have less bladder anxiety because I know if I wet it's no drama,,, My choice didn't change, but I am trying other diapers beyond Tena Silhouettes,,, I'm still discrete, but not bothered so much about others knowing, I don't like to advertise but less uneasy about people knowing,,,
  6. Autism speaks does not speak for me,,, Northshore duly boycotted,,,
  7. Go into the store with a note and ask a staff member for help in finding them, it looks like you're buying for someone else then,,,
  8. I claimed that I needed for medical reasons initially, but later on I disclosed that I really enjoyed it, she asked if she could "borrow" a pair of mine, I wear Tena Silhouette btw, and she loved it!, when we go out now, we are both wearing, it's kind of a bonding thing, if that makes sense,,,
  9. Wearing pull-ups in bed and nothing else is very relaxing,,,
  10. Hi Scout!, nice to see you here, dinosaur toys sound great,,,
  11. Hello, what a wonderful post!, so much reminds me at least of how lucky I am, I'm not offering pity to Tori, she is such a brave little girl!,,, I would very much like to PM with you, is it ok to message you?, if not I won't be offended, you are welcome to PM me btw, I'm male, 55, in UK, DL and mostly vol IC,,, I'm starting to explore the world of AB,,,
  12. If I go out in the evening I usually wet myself on the walk back, don't even bother trying to hold these days,,, There aren't any toilets available on the walk home, I pass by a couple of twittens which are fairly discreet, but just can't be bothered to hold until I get to either of them tbh,,,
  13. Before I was wearing 24/7 I used to get stressed about having access to a bathroom, now I'm much more relaxed about things, because I know if I can't hold on there won't be a problem,,, I feel much less of a need to go than before I was wearing 24/7,,,
  14. I used to write down what I wanted and asked an employee, as if I was getting them for someone else,,, or you could buy female IC pants, staff would assume they are for someone else, nobody is that bothered anyway, easy for me to say at my age when I've given up caring what others think, I would have been nerve wracked at 18, so you're doing really well!