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  1. Hi Joseph, nice to see you here,,, I hope you are free to wear and wet at home,,,
  2. Just want to say they look awesome, I'm a medium in adult size and can just fit into the 8-15 age ones, they don't really have the capacity for an adult bladder but they are fun to wet in,,,
  3. Two friends know I wear but not how much I enjoy doing so lol,,,
  4. I've been 24/7 for about three years and never regretted it, I would suggest Tena Pants Plus or Super grade pull-ups to start with, I mainly wear Always Discreets or Lady Tena Panties, both female styles, I started off buying female styles as they were less embarrassing to buy in ASDA, but found I enjoyed them, and started wearing panties to wear while peeing myself in the shower, gf thinks it's hilarious btw,,, As for disposal, you can get a RADAR key mail order, and use disabled toilets, they are bound to have a disposal point,,, I'm not in any much danger of wetting myself in public, but wearing gives assurance, and it's SO much more convenient when out, also relieves the boredom of queues or when waiting for a train,,, Eg I got stuck in traffic on way home today lol,,, Welcome to PM me if you like,,,
  5. Tena Pants Super might suit you, high waist and good capacity,,,
  6. Thanks for that, my ASDA had piles of them, so yeh that all works out,,, The new ones sound exciting,,,
  7. Pete671


    Hi Kylie, welcome, I've been here a while, always found it very friendly and welcoming, a big thing here is that nobody is allowed to PM without prior permission, the mods do a fantastic job of preventing harassment, there are plenty of younger ladies here, and can introduce you if you like?,,, But if you not ready yet that's fine!,,,
  8. ASDA are doing two 10 packs of Pajama Pants for £8, age 8-15 size, so if they would fit, it's a bit of a bargain, just though I'd put this out there,,,
  9. Lady Tena Blanc, normal grade, medium size,,,
  10. If you are open to the idea of a mature Daddy figure I would love to meet you,,, Please feel to PM, or mention here that it's ok to PM you,,,
  11. Depends on the season, in summer just a light nappy like Tena Lady, normal grade, in winter any nappy, with a nightshirt and socks, but looking into a sleepsuit,,,
  12. You go to your inbox and click the little square box below the word "messages".

    A window pops up saying "select rows", and you choose "all"

    When you do this, a rubbish bin icon pops up, centre screen bottom. It's black with white writing, and will say "With 25 selected [rubbish bin] [right arrow]"

    Click on the rubbish bin, and another pop up will ask you if you're sure. Click OK, and they'll be gone!

    (Online now, btw)

  13. My inbox is really full, and others have told me via chat that they are unable to PM me, Thanks in advance,,,