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  1. Pete671

    Hi from the UK

    good for you, enjoy the freedom and good luck with your studies,
  2. Pete671

    How old were you?

    early 50s, although I've loved wetting for as long as I remember,,,
  3. minor, most times I wet for fun, although sometimes I wake up in a wet bed,
  4. Pete671

    Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    I prefer pull-ups because they can't hold as much liquid as "proper" diapers, it's more fun soaking jeans as well as overfilling my nappy,,,
  5. Pete671

    why do you wet

    I wet mostly for fun, sometimes out of necessity though,
  6. Pete671

    Question About Our Fetish

    It's a related but separate fetish imho, Japanese have a word for it, "omorashi", enjoy both!
  7. Pete671

    I need ideas

    Wet in the bathroom, then bundle up your wetted clothes with dry ones and put in the washing machine, even if room-mate is in, they won't see anything "untoward",,,
  8. Pete671

    Peeing in a condom

    Never tried that, but sounds interesting, I've peed in my own face in the bath many times though, with my eyes closed and imagining it's someone else doing it lol,,,
  9. Pete671

    Hair, Down 'there'

    waxing is kinda semi permanent, there is a fairly new wax out called "honeycomb", it doesn't stick to the skin, so with a deft therapist the pain actually isn't that bad,,,
  10. The only people that would notice is if they are wearing themselves imho lol,,, I'm just thinking of that scene where Sharon Stone swings one leg over the other, and instead of no underwear she's wearing a Tena Silhouette lol,,,
  11. Pete671

    Tips for Wearing 24/7?

    I've been 24/7 for about two years now, and it just seems normal to me now, it used to be exciting but that's worn off a bit tbh,,, As for accidents, I've never had any serious ones, but sometimes allow myself a leak for comfort,,, I keep spares in a separate zipped section of a shoulder bag, together with small carrier bags and cable ties (zip ties?) but I've never needed to change when out,,,
  12. Perhaps try being restrained, you kinda have something to work against, if that makes sense?. Dribbling and wetting at the same time is amazing to see as well lol,,,
  13. Pete671

    Getting use to diapers

    Perhaps try pull ups with a low waist like Tena Silhouettes to start with and build up confidence?,
  14. Pete671


    Welcome back Lukey!
  15. Pete671

    Do you NEED diapers?

    Mental/emotional, they help with bladder anxiety, I feel the need for the loo much less,,,