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  1. Pete671

    Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    Best with diaper on but pulled down to just above knee level lol
  2. Pete671

    Cheap chastity cage?

    I can't offer any suggestions, but Lovehoney are a great company with excellent customer service,,,
  3. Pete671


    Only if they let you lol
  4. Pete671

    Peeing uncontrollably

    Interesting to hear about the urethra kinking while seated, but surely it's the bladder muscles that control peeing? pardon my ignorance ,,, Anyway, I do feel less urge sitting upright than standing,,, When I do a planned wetting, I'll watch TV, drink water or beer, sitting in my armchair. I don't try to hold, or try to go, just sit relaxing,,, I do feel some pressure after an hour, I ignore this, after about another 30/45 minutes I'll lift my legs, bend at the knee and put the soles of my feet together, also slouch. After about 5 minutes I'll leak a little, then maybe a minute after that have an uncontrollable flood that feels amazing, the build up is really sensual, similar in feel to a big ejaculation but without the orgasm if that makes sense? But next time I might stand up after the first little leak, I'm keen to experiment lol.
  5. Pete671

    discreet or thin diapers

    Yes, try Tena Pants Plus or Lady Tena Silhouette, both widely available in supermarkets
  6. Pete671

    Hello im new here.

    Hi Sailorsnow and welcome, I'm the same re motivation for wearing, comfort and security,,,
  7. Pete671

    Drinking wee

    Yes many times, pee fun in the bath is great fun, and a woman letting go while I'm going down on them is amazing,
  8. Pete671

    Sometimes I just want to wet my pants

    I've been into wetting jeans without underwear most of my life. Usually in the bath on laundry day, sometimes in the garden when it's summer,,, or when gardening and I can't be bothered to go inside for the loo,,,
  9. Pete671

    What Other Fetishes?

    Yay! I'd love to find a young woman, very pretty but low enough IQ to be considered mentally disabled, with a physical disability as well like CP, and is also incontinent. She would be from a very wealthy family, and having an unmarried daughter would be shameful to them for some reason, so the deal is I marry her in return for a massive dowry, (house, income etc etc) in return for which I become her full-time carer,,, I'm also into cross-dressing as a male maid, not convincing at all as a woman but presenting as an obviously feminised male, also being a food source for a Vampire Goddess (I have a rare blood group that is like a drug to vampires lol) and being a sex toy for m2f transsexual dommes,,,
  10. Pete671

    Panty Wetting While Wearing Skirts Or Dresses

    I think the magazine was called "Wetting For Pleasure",,, I also remember the network of psych hospitals, Graylingwell in West Sussex in particular, it's all been converted into luxury flats now, and vulnerable/unwell people being left almost to fend for themselves in the community,,,
  11. Pete671


    Nice to hear you are wetting regardless of wearing or not lol. I've been 24/7 for about 18 months now, but still love wetting without a nappy,,,
  12. Pete671

    Watersports questions

    Perhaps you could try sharing a bath, say you need to pee, perhaps he'll be ok with you letting go in front of him in that scenario, and maybe build up from there? An ex I had was shy about pee, and we started off like this, it wasn't long before she got into letting go while I was going down on her, and taking my stream into her mouth,,,
  13. Pete671

    Location, Location, Location!

    Hello I'm Pete from near Worthing
  14. Pete671

    Paraolympian wets herself

    I'm in the UK and diaper up when travelling by train to avoid using the loos,,,