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  1. Pete671

    Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    I sleep best in just a pull-up, no pjs or nightshirt,,,
  2. Pete671

    What diapers do you wear?

    I use mostly Tena Silhouette pull-ups,
  3. yay I love buying as well, used to hate it but got used to it, and I hope some day I'll get a phone number handed to me by a cute cashier who is also DL hehe. One thing I try and do each morning is wet myself when I get up, hopefully fill or close to, then when I'm standing in the shower, let go completely so my pull-up overflows lol.
  4. yes I do, it's hot, wearing nothing but a Tena Silhouette and being controlled by a Mistress lol. Not sure about in public but at a party would be fab, to me CFnm means Clothed Female, nappied male, not naked male lol.
  5. Pete671

    Anyone in West Kent/surrey

    West Sussex here,
  6. Pete671

    How often do you wear?

    I wear 24/7 for fun mainly, but they do help with bladder anxiety, I've loved wetting since my teens, historically in jeans without any underwear but with a nappy on I can let go a little in many places in public.
  7. Pete671

    West Sussex

    Anyone else from West Sussex area? I'm male, 54, DL 24/7 and vol IC.
  8. Pete671

    Favorite Disposable Diaper?

    I mostly wear Lady Tena Silhouettes, they don't have a great capacity but that's ok, it's fun to overflow anyway, and they are very comfy,,,
  9. Pete671

    Wearing pre-wetted diapers,,,

    Is anyone else into this? it's really fun having a partner wet a fresh diaper before putting it on, then weeing into it so much it overflows, I mostly use Lady Tena Silhouette so you get an overflow quite easily lol. I had a fwb that would do this for me, if I didn't over flow she'd squeeze the front of it so it would run down my legs, then drink water and repeat lol.
  10. Pete671

    Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    Best with diaper on but pulled down to just above knee level lol
  11. Pete671

    Cheap chastity cage?

    I can't offer any suggestions, but Lovehoney are a great company with excellent customer service,,,
  12. Pete671


    Only if they let you lol
  13. Pete671

    Word Association

  14. Pete671

    Peeing uncontrollably

    Interesting to hear about the urethra kinking while seated, but surely it's the bladder muscles that control peeing? pardon my ignorance ,,, Anyway, I do feel less urge sitting upright than standing,,, When I do a planned wetting, I'll watch TV, drink water or beer, sitting in my armchair. I don't try to hold, or try to go, just sit relaxing,,, I do feel some pressure after an hour, I ignore this, after about another 30/45 minutes I'll lift my legs, bend at the knee and put the soles of my feet together, also slouch. After about 5 minutes I'll leak a little, then maybe a minute after that have an uncontrollable flood that feels amazing, the build up is really sensual, similar in feel to a big ejaculation but without the orgasm if that makes sense? But next time I might stand up after the first little leak, I'm keen to experiment lol.
  15. Pete671

    discreet or thin diapers

    Yes, try Tena Pants Plus or Lady Tena Silhouette, both widely available in supermarkets