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    • Sorry for the delay in getting the next chapter out, I wrote half of the chapter last Friday, but life got in the way and I could not find the time to finish it until now.  Hopefully, y'all are still okay with the slow burn, but I think it will pay off in the end (I'm at 22K words right now).  Even though I love AR virus and similar type stories, it still always seemed like magic to me.  Hopefully, my plan for Will's physical regression will be plausible to the reader and I do a decent job of explaining the mechanics of how it could happen. I imagine that the process of going from an adult to a toddler or infant would be painful and ugly. I think I may be getting a little too caught up in details in some aspects too.  I debated on having a different nurse in this chapter since nurses typically work 4 12s and 3 days off, but I decided against it since these are one-off characters.  I am also thinking of going back and adding that after the nurse injects medicine into Will's I.V. they need to then flush it with some saline to make sure all the medicine goes into Will.  But I may just be splitting hairs here. I plan to have Chapter 7 posted Monday night and Chapter 8 either Friday or Saturday of next week. For at least the next couple of weeks, I see myself being able to post 2 chapters a week. Chapter 6 I woke up to my mom shaking my shoulder and saying, “Will, Racheal is here to start your feeding tube, do you need any more morphine?” Groggily, I took stock of my body.  Noticing that the pain meds were starting to wear off, I looked at Racheal and said, “I could probably use some more pain medicine now or I will be in trouble soon.” Racheal said, “Certainly, Will.”  Then she injected a syringe of morphine into my I.V., and with the feeding bag already hanging from the I.V. pole, she connected the bag to the port on my feeding tube.  Before she could finish cleaning up and asking if I needed anything else, I was back asleep.  I woke again to the need to poop, getting out of bed, I grabbed my I.V. pole and went straight to the bathroom.  Sitting on the toilet pooping my brains out for either the 3rd or 4th time today, I was feeling a little queasy.  Seeing that the feeding bag was empty, I hoped that this was helping.  I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands.  I get back into bed to see my dad looking up from his magazine and my mom looking up from her phone. “How are you feeling, Will?” My dad asked. I said, “I feel OK, just a little nausea.” “Let's get the nurse and let her know.” He said.  Wasting no time he reached over and grabbed the remote off the table and hit the call button.  A few minutes later Isoline walks in. “Good evening Will, what can I do for you?” Isoline said. Before I could respond, my dad said, “Will is feeling nauseous, could it be from the feeding tube?” Isoline said, “That is a possibility.  The doctor did prescribe him medicine for nausea that I can give him in his I.V. and it looks like he needs another bag of fluids soon and I need to flush out his feeding tube.  I will be back in a minute.” True to Isoline’s word she was back with the needed supplies a few minutes later.  She then flushed my feeding tube, switched out the fluids, injected the nausea medicine into my I.V., and threw all old medical supplies away. Turning to me, Isoline said, “Let me know if you need anything else tonight, I will wake you up around 1 am tonight to ask if you need any more morphine.” I said, “Thank you,” and then Isoline walked out of the room. My mom then said, “Will, it is getting late and we want to be here first thing in the morning to wait on the doctor.  Your father and I plan on staying at your apartment tonight, is there anything that you need that we can get for you?” “I probably could use a few extra pairs of my smallest sweatpants or pajama bottoms and underwear.  I would like to take a shower sometime tomorrow and as funny as it would be to moon y’all, I don’t care to have my butt hanging out the back of a hospital gown all the time,” I said. With a smile, she said, “Anything else?” I said, “Could you pack me a toiletry bag and you can take the pair of sweatpants by my backpack to be washed.” “Sure, how are your underwear and sweatpants fitting you with all the weight and height loss?” She said. “Uhh … very baggy and loose.  Luckily, I can tie the drawstrings tight on this pair,” I said. She said, “We will just pick you up some smaller-sized clothes on our way to your apartment tonight.” With a sigh, I said, “Yeah, that is probably the best option right now.”  After a moment of thinking, I said, “Could you bring me my ODE homework so that I can email it to my professor?” My dad interjected, “Son, you don’t need to worry about school right now.  Did you let them know that you are in the hospital?” “Yes, and I told them to plan for the possibility that I may not be back next week too, just in case,” I said. He said, “That settles that, and either your mother or I will call the department office Monday to update them on you.” Reluctantly, I said, “OK.” “Will, get some rest tonight, we love you, and will be back first thing in the morning,” my mom said. I said, “ I love y’all too.” After both my parents hugged me, they walked out of the room.  Flipping on the TV, I settled on watching reruns of Ancient Aliens.  In less than an hour, I was back to sleep. I woke up the next morning to Racheal gently shaking my shoulder.  “Good morning Will, do you need any more morphine?” she said. After a few seconds to fully wake up and internally access my body, I nodded yes to Racheal.  Racheal then pushed two different syringes into my I.V., one I could tell was Morphine and the other I assumed was the nausea medicine.  I then saw her hang up another bag for my feeding tube then connected it to the port of my feeding tube. After throwing away all the medical trash, she said, “Will, are you feeling up to getting weighed and measured this morning?” I said, “Sure.” Getting out of bed, I see that my parents are already here and are getting up to help me get my I.V. pole situated.  As all four of us were heading to the nurse’s station, my mom asked, “How did you sleep last night and how do you feel this morning?” “I slept OK, I only woke up once to get more morphine and another time to go to the bathroom.  I feel worn out, but OK,” I said. My mom said, “That’s good to hear as far as spending the night in the hospital.  We have new clothes for you to change into after you take a shower today.” I nodded to my mom as we were walking behind the nurse’s station.  I let Racheal weigh and measure me and like yesterday my dad asked, “How much does he weigh and how tall is he?” Racheal said, “He weighs 117 lbs and is 5’ 5 ¾”.”  After a short pause, she added, “The doctor should see him in about an hour.” With tension in the air, my parents and I walked back to my room. I thought to myself ‘Now I’m shorter than Mom.’  Once back inside the room, I asked my mom, “Can I have one of those new pairs of sweatpants and underwear?  I may as well take a shower while we wait on the doctor.” My mom said, “Sure.” Walked over to the chair by my bed reached into a plastic shopping bag and pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a pack of underwear.  She then ripped open the pack, pulled out a pair, and handed them both to me.  She then walked back over and grabbed the toiletry bag that she packed for me.  “Will, I’m going to go set your toiletry bag on the counter in the bathroom for you,” she said. I said, “OK, can you ask Racheal to get me a clean gown and socks for when I get out of the shower?” “Sure, sweetheart,” my mom said. I nodded and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me.  I turned on the water to the shower and started to strip out of my clothes.  After checking the water temperature, I step into the shower.  I let the water run down my body while trying my best to not let the tape holding my feeding tube in place get wet.  After washing my hair and carefully rinsing it out, I started washing my body.  This time I noticed that most of my body hair was gone.  I have some hair on my legs and arms, but I now have no hair on my chest and armpits.  I also am missing almost all of my pubic hair. I finish rinsing off, then turn off the water to dry off.  Stepping out of the tub, I slowly get dressed in the new pair of sweatpants and underwear.  Looking at the size shows that it is a men’s small.  Thinking back to the last time that I wore this size made me realize that I started wearing this size in 8th grade.  Looking into the bathroom mirror, I see a version of myself that I have not seen since 8th or 9th grade.  Looking at my face, I can tell I am years away from needing to shave.  Not knowing what to do about this, I just brush my teeth and comb my hair. I walk out of the bathroom, pushing the I.V. pole with me.  I see my parents are sitting down watching the news and there is a new gown and socks on the foot of the bed.  I put the gown on and before I could start trying to tie the back together, my mom was up, tying it for me.  I sat on the bed, then pulled the socks up my feet.  I swung my legs into the bed and laid back in bed. As my mom was sitting back down, she said, “Racheal should be back soon to flush your feeding tube out.” I said, “OK,” and then we sat in silence for a few minutes watching the news on TV.  Racheal entered my room with a syringe in hand walked over to my I.V. pole to disconnect the feeding tube bag and used the syringe of saline to flush my feeding tube.  After throwing the empty feeding bag in the trash, she turned to me and said, “I'm going to fix the tape that is holding your feeding tube in place since the tape got wet when you took a shower.  I nodded and she carefully pulled the tape off my face.  She reached into her pocket and pulled out a roll of medical tape and after tearing off a few strips, she retaped my feeding tube back in place on my left cheek.      “You're all set, Will, the doctor should be here soon.  I will be back around noon to set you up with another feeding and to see if you need more pain medicine.  Of course, let me know in the meantime if you need anything before then,” Racheal said.     I said, “Thank you,” and Racheal walked out of the room.     My mom turned to me and said, “Hopefully, the doctor will have some answers today.” “I hope so, when I was taking a shower, I noticed that most of my body hair has fallen out now,” I said. With a look of concern, my mom said, “Well, your father and I were talking last night and regardless of what the doctor tells us today, we are going to ask for you to be transferred to the Mayo Clinic as soon as possible.” I said, “OK, I hope I have better luck there and they can find out what is going on.” Before we could get any further in our conversation, there was a knock on the door, and in walked Dr. Wilson. “Good morning Will, how do you feel this morning?” He said. I said, “Tired and run down, not much different than yesterday.” Dr. Wilson said, “I was hoping the feeding tube would give you more energy, but I am glad that you seem to be handling it well.  Have you been having any worse or new symptoms?” “I felt nauseous yesterday evening after being fed from the feeding tube, but the nausea medicine helped and I noticed this morning while taking a shower, that most of my body hair has now fallen out now,” I said. “The nausea medicine should continue to help. There is still a chance that you could vomit, but if you do vomit, it should not affect the feeding tube.  If you do have issues with the feeding tube, let someone know immediately.  A nurse may have to take the feeding tube out and put a new one in,” Dr. Wilson said. My dad interjected, “Do you think this is even helping him?” Dr. Wilson said, “It is too early to tell right now, I did see in his chart this morning that he lost a quarter of an inch less than yesterday.  But what we perceive as a nonlinear loss in height could be linear for his body since as he gets shorter, it takes less to sustain him.  A 185 lbs person that loses 10 lbs is not as concerning as a 95 lbs person that loses 10 lbs.” “That makes sense, what are his test results?” My dad asked. “As expected, his blood cultures came back negative.  We did test for more rare diseases that could affect his skeletal muscle system.  We tested for Osteogenesis imperfecta, Achondroplasia, Hypophosphatasia, Multiple osteochondromas, Fibrous dysplasia, Pseudohypoparathyroidism, and Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.  All tests have come back negative.  It does not seem to be a condition that I know of that could fit the symptoms that he has.  Most diseases that affect the skeletal muscle system can take years to cause noticeable changes and to cause a decrease in height like Will would have gross skeletal deformities.  His scans show a normal skeletal system and for all intended purposes, he is healthy besides his symptoms,” Dr. Wilson said. “How could this even be happening?” My mom said in frustration. Dr. Wilson said, “Honestly, I am not sure how something like this could be happening.  I have talked to some colleagues and they agree that something of this nature is unheard of.  We all agree that this is probably a genetic disease in nature, but without further testing, we do not know.” In a worried voice, my mom said, “Will’s father and I have been talking and we want to have Will transferred to the Mayo Clinic.” Pausing for a second, Dr. Wilson responded, “That is the second half of what I wanted to discuss with Will on.” Before I could respond, I was hit with the immediate need to go to the bathroom.  As I was getting out of bed, I said to Dr. Wilson and my parents, “I have to go to the bathroom.”  My dad jumped up out of his chair and before I could reach over to unplug my I.V. pump, he was already unplugging it and helping me to the bathroom.  As I walk into the bathroom, my dad shuts the door behind me.     After what has become my new normal in the past few days, as far as bathroom visits are concerned, I stepped out of the bathroom and made my way back to my bed.  As I was settling back in bed, Dr. Wilson turned to me and said, “I have already gone over this with your parents but I want to go over what to expect over the next 24 hours.     “OK,” I said.     “I have already put in the request for you to be transferred to the Mayo Clinic this morning.  We will keep you here for the rest of the day and tonight, but early tomorrow morning an ambulance will be transporting you to the Mayo Clinic.  I have already transferred all of your medical records and results to the Mayo Clinic and have been bringing a team of doctors at the hospital up to speed on what has been going on with you.  Do you have any questions?” Dr. Wilson said.     Thinking for a second, I said, “No, I just hope they can figure out what is going on.” “The team of doctors that will see you are some of the best in the world and they specialize in genetic, autoimmune, and diagnostics medicine.  If anyone can solve this enigma, it would be them.  I will also be following up with your case and offering my help as they take over,” Dr. Wilson said. Feeling a little more at ease with my situation, I said, “Thanks, Dr. Wilson.” “I'm going to let you get some rest, let the staff know if anything changes for you between now and being transferred tomorrow morning,” Dr. Wilson said.     After Dr. Wilson left, my mom said, “I’m glad we didn’t have to fight with the doctor on getting you transferred.”     “Me too, there is enough drama going on already,” I said.     Turning my attention to the TV, I see that my dad has the weather channel on.  After spending a few minutes watching the weather forecast across the country, my eyes felt heavy and I fell asleep.      I awoke to my I.V. pump beeping.  I look over and see that my fluid bag is empty and groan at the beeping waking me up.  As I am turning to look at my parents, I hear my mom say, “I already pressed the call button, Rachael should be here soon.”     I groggily said, “OK.”     A minute later Racheal walked in and heard the beeping from the I.V. pump, walked straight to it, and pressed a few buttons to turn it off.  She turned to me and said, “I’ll be right back with a new bag of fluids and it looks like I can go ahead and flush your feeding tube too.”     She walked out and was back a moment later.  She disconnected both my I.V. bag and feeding bag and took a syringe of saline to flush my feeding tube.  She then hung a new bag of fluids up and connected it to my I.V.  She said, “Alright Will, you're all set now, I will be back later for your mid-day feeding and pain medicine.”     I nodded and as she was walking out of the room, my mom spoke up and said, “I have been talking to Marley and she wants to Facetime you if you are up to it.”     I said, “Sure.”     Wasting no time, she hands me her phone that is already calling my sister.  A few seconds later, I see my little sister's face pop up on the phone.  While our older brother favors our dad, both she and I favor our mom.  If it wasn’t for the two-year age gap, most people would think that we were twins growing up.      With a look of shock, Marley said, “Hey Will, how are you feeling?”     “I mainly just tried and wore out,” I said.     “Wow Will, you look like you are back in middle school or at the most 9th grade,” pausing for a second I can see a devilish grin form on her face, “looks like I’m not the baby of the family anymore,” Marley said.     Before I could respond back, I heard my dad speak up in a playful voice saying, “No matter what Will looks like, you will always be the baby of the family and my little princess.”     Smiling, I said, “You heard Dad Princess, I hope I am not holding you up from your tea party?”     Groaning, she said, “I guess I am never going to live it down that I had tea parties until I was 12.”     “Nope, and you are the only one of us who still has a stuffed teddy bear,” I said.     In mock shock, she said, “Don’t bring Mr. Biggles into this.”     “Well, I have to punch below the belt since you are bigger than me now,” I said.     With concern, she said, “What are the doctors doing for you, have they figured anything out?”     “They figured out what it is not so far.  I’m being transferred to the Mayo Clinic tomorrow morning and a team of some of the best doctors in the world are supposed to be trying to figure this out.  Hopefully, I get some answers in the next few days,” I said.     She said, “I hope so too. I was just wanting to check in on you, I will let you get some rest since mom said that you pretty much sleep all the time right now.”     I said, “Yeah, the only reason I’m awake right now is because the I.V. pump was beeping earlier and woke me up.”     “Well, I love you, Will, get some rest,” she said.     I responded, “I love you too, Marley.”     After talking to my sister, I spend the rest of the day sleeping and only walking up to either go to the bathroom or get more pain medicine. When my parents left to go back to my apartment for the night, I went to bed that night hopeful that the doctors at the Mayo Clinic could find out what was going on with me.
    • Dahlia looked around the room nervously. Was this… her home now? Wait, was she completely at Francine’s mercy? What was the model going to do to her?! Nothing bad, right? She’s Dahlia’s idol! This whole thing couldn’t have been an act… right? To calm her growing anxieties, she started poking and prodding at the very full diaper she was sitting on. It was squishy… not warm, any more but still. She giggled a little bit as the squishes and squelches it made. Thankfully no one was around to see it though. But she’d definitely have to do something to try and make it up to Francine. She owes the model a lot!
    • "Nonsense, nonsense!" She shook her head and led the sweet waddly baby into the living room and sitting her on the soft, comfy couch with a gentle squish. She then went to take care of the task, handling it like an expert even though it was clear She herself was soggy! It was impressive, as always. But then again, she wasn't sitting in a mess the size of Texas!
    • How do you feel about this development. 
    • “W-wait! Shouldn’t I bring the boxes in? I feel bad having you do everything…” she mumbled, not quite waddling through the door yet. Though she hadn’t gotten used to waddling yet so she was in very real danger of falling several times on the way to the door. 
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