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  1. Favorite Chapter Ever!!!!! Somehow I don't think that Jamie will take advantage of future offerings of alcohol... Hope Becky stays unaware, I can only imagine the hell there will be to pay otherwise!
  2. Makes me wonder if he'll always be a bystander! Perhaps he could become an advocate in that dimension? I don't think Jamie is truly capable of sitting on his hands forever with this stuff. I do believe he needs to let go of his past guilt and have a balance in life, but he's got a long life ahead of him that I doubt can be made up of only daycare and diaper changes for him to be truly happy. I truly am impressed with the last few parts here!
  3. I like the fact that you're presenting the argument that there's some good that can come out of the situation here. Looking forward to you building a relationship between these two characters! With Cheryl at some point she's going to either have to come over and be a little herself, or let Jamie go... I don't really see him desiring to go back to his original dimension when his contract time is up here. (If he contracted to go back... I don't remember if he said forever like he'd been thinking) Thank you for keeping up a crazy writing schedule to post every day! I keep looking forward to it in my evenings to relax!
  4. Cathy the Little in the Big City - https://dommyrosemary.tumblr.com/post/161899782989/cathy-the-little-in-the-big-city
  5. I'm genuinely curious to see how this goes. I have to imagine at least a couple of the workers are not going to 'get the memo' about him. Looking forward to seeing the next part!
  6. I love the way you messed with the dog scene there! I would be okay if you continued to spoil us with daily updates, but we're all going to get greedy with three in a day! Glad that Becky is at least considering the issues with the daycare. Hopefully Amanda really isn't missing much at orientation. (I recall after the first couple days no one going to much of the events at mine!) Thanks for posting and sharing!
  7. I'm so excited to see this!!!!!!! Like others have said I think this is one of the better works out there in the Diaper Dimension and I can't wait to see your new postings on this!
  8. I'm not surprised by any of that after the way you introduced the witch. Going to take a lot for both Jamie AND Becky to be separated a daycare or something soon. That was pretty ominous about Amanda going back to school before, so we know it's coming. Hopefully maybe the new friend they made at the park may have some ideas...
  9. I'm worried that Cheryl is going to be stupid and go over to be adopted herself... Hopeful that Jamie manages to deal with most Amazons okay. Now that they're taking him out into the population though I have a feeling he is in for many a shock!
  10. Equality through Diapers? Seems similar to what you're asking about
  11. I am definitely enjoying your story here. A part of me would like to see Becky out of the equation and see Amanda become his true mommy... she feels more like it to me already! I hope he's not in too much trouble when he gets back to them from swimming. (Hopefully another big doesn't have a fit and 'rescue' him and ruin everything there) Given his recovery swimming probably would be one of the best recovery exercises he could have! Can't wait for the next part!
  12. I was kind of holding off until I edit it... Maybe I will though. I'll think about how I want to do that this weekend. It is a great feeling to have it done. Need to build up the motivation onto other projects while I have some downtime! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!
  13. I very much enjoyed this! I too had tears in my eyes at the end of that chapter! Looking forward to his trip home once he's woken up!
  14. I enjoyed this - I'll have to go back and re-read it now! Hope that the sequel doesn't wait long!