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  1. Hello, all, I was a member here for a long time and posted quite frequently, including post some work in the story forum. I decided it was taking up too much of my time, but I miss the creative outlet. I have published a couple ABDL novella on Amazon, and this may turn up there eventually. But this is more for me, and for those of you who enjoy this. I've avoided diaper dimension stories because I never really liked the concept, but I finally read on this past weekend, and I was very much drawn to an aspect of it: someone voluntarily giving up their adulthood, not in a negotiated way but in a way almost entirely dictated by the Big. That was the first ABDL story, in my 20 years of reading them, that I felt like I was reading literature and not fetish porn, and it was well written. The only thing that threw me about it was the utter hell that is so much of the diaper dimension. So I thought, what would an ethical, consensual part of the dimension look like, and how would it work? So with that in mind, here's what you ought to know going forward: I don't know all the supposed rules of the diaper dimension, and I don't care to hear about them. This is my version. I probably will not post all that often. I have a busy job, a side business to run, and I can't just turn the creativity on like a faucet. Wish I could, but sorry. I hammered out the first 2500 words just in the past two hours. That's my writing MO: burst of creativity followed by period of lack of creativity/writing myself into a corner/being too busy/not caring/getting bored. But I have always finished my stories eventually. I'll shoot for posting at least once a month, and likes and comments are always good encouragement to work on the story. I hate proofreading, so I'm not gonna. That's me not adulting. Ha! I don't know where this story is going. What I have so far is mostly me getting some venting done and escaping in the story what I can't escape in here. The rest is and will be whatever fantasy I'm feeling in the moment. Not autobiographical. Based on thoughts and feelings, not on actual events. Personally, I've had this concept in my head all of 60 hours, and I'm pretty excited about it. I hope you enjoy. _____________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 “So why are you here?” She smiled when she said it; you could tell it was routine, the first question she always asked, and the smile was just good service. Staring across the desk, slumped in his chair, not sure where to put his hands or how to answer and preserve some pride, Eric didn’t respond right away. “I guess … I just don’t want to be here anymore,” Eric replied while keeping his eyes on the desk. Cheryl was used to this. Not many people who came to an adoption center wanted to talk about it. Except the exhibitionists; they wouldn’t stop talking about it, but it was obvious from his body language and mumbling tone that Eric wasn’t here for any of those reasons. “I understand, honey,” Cheryl said, softening her voice, “a lot of people feel that way. Can I ask you some questions about how you feel?” Eric knew what coming; he’d asked the same questions himself more times than he cared to remembered. He nodded. “Do you feel like hurting yourself?” “No.” Flat, matter of fact, and truthful. “Have you ever felt like hurting yourself?” “No.” “Do you feel like hurting someone else?” “No.” Have you ever felt like hurting someone else?” “No.” Cheryl ticked off boxes on her iPad while Eric waited patiently. “I’m so glad to hear that. Can I ask a few more?” She didn’t pause for him to answer. “Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following? Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Personality Disorder, Dissociative disorder?” “Just depression and anxiety,” Eric said as he pushed back in his chair and exhaled. He’d been with depression for eight years and had this conversation with every new doctor and therapist he’d been to in that time. It was boring. Before Cheryl could get her next word out, Eric answered her next question. “I’m taking 150mg of Bupropion once a day and Xanax as needed. I’ve was seeing a therapist every other week until about 6 months ago. Her names is in the paperwork I brought with me. I’d say my depression and anxiety are both well controlled.” “Good,” she said, “That’s all good. Do you mind if I call your therapist to talk with her?” “No, that’s fine.” “Good. I need to be sure your decision isn’t being influenced by your depression or anxiety. So, back to what you were saying earlier, you ‘don’t want to be here anymore.’ Can you tell me more about that?” Cheryl leaned forward, trying to help Eric engage. “I’m work for the county…I’m a social worker…” Cheryl was practiced at this. Nod, say nothing, the client will fill the silence when they’re ready. “I … I …” Eric sucked in air and held back a sob. “I just can’t stay here anymore. I can’t … keep doing this.” Cheryl pushed her box of tissues toward Eric, who reached into his pocket and pulled out a cotton handkerchief. Dabbing at his eyes, he said started again. “Kenard Bering was my client. You probably didn’t hear about that. Good kid, not a trouble maker; wasn’t going to be any project to Harvard story, but he was on track, ya know. And he gets shot over a fucking cellphone.” Tears dripped, and Eric occasional wiped them away as he fell into a soliloquy: “Second kid in a year killed ……………. Dies at school from a fucking asthma attack. When’s the last time you heard of anyone dying from a fucking asthma attack ……………. And this asshole cop says to this 14 year old, ‘well, what are you doing to make your mother hit you? I couldn’t believe it, I … who the fuck says that or even thinks that way? How do you send a kid home who doesn’t want to go home? ……………. Burned ……………. Dropped out ……………. Caught with a weapon his mother game him. And that was after she beat him for losing a fight ……………. But so what if he graduates, right? ‘Cause it’s not like there’s anything but a mop or an apron waiting for him out there ……………. Left her kid to sit in his own shit while she went to get high and doesn’t even tell the cop the kid is home alone ……………. Jail ……………. 12 years old and pregnant and bipolar and both parents on drugs – what can I even do for that? ……………. He had priors ……………. I lost him to the pipeline ……………. Caught out on a corner ……………. Neighborhood says the cops did it ……………. ……………. ……………. ……………. …………….” Eric had stopped crying. He wasn’t sad. He was angry and disgusted and indignant. “For every one I save, whatever that means, there’s five I don’t. It’s like watching a never ending catastrophe and it rips my guts out every time.” Tired now, he slumped back in his chair, “Everyone said give it a year, you’ll get hardened to it. And I never did. Eight years, never gets better, never gets worse. It just is. And I can’t do it anymore. I can’t see it anymore.” Cheryl nodded her, “Uh huh…” waiting to see if Eric had more to say. When she thought he was done, she asked, “That sounds very hard for you. Can you tell me, though, why go to the other dimension? That’s pretty drastic; couldn’t you just change jobs?” “No,” Eric answered, “Because I know it’s all out there. I can’t live with myself if I quit. Or at least I can’t do it here.” That made sense to her. A sad kind of sense. Eric sounded like the kind of person there are too few of, but those qualities that made him so valuable to everyone else were the same qualities that made him so unhappy. Classic burnout. It wasn’t the first time Cheryl had seen this in a client, but it was obviously the worst, and she understood how Eric could believe there would never be an end to it if he stayed. He might even be right, she thought. “Eric, I’m going to be very frank with you. The dimension is more like our world than a lot of people want to admit. In some ways, it’s much, much worse, the way they treat people like us. It’s different in different countries, but in some of them we’re not seen as people. If you’ve heard anyone compare it to slavery and torture, they weren’t wrong. How does that make you feel?” Eric wasn’t surprised. He’d heard it all. It was right there in the web forums: kidnapping, mutilation, mind alteration. Even “Island of Dr. Moreau.” “I know,” Eric replied. “That’s why I came here and not some other place.” “Because you know we only work with people who live in Itali?” “Yeah.” “Well, that was smart of you. Some people get impatient and will go anywhere, or just go somewhere in the dimension and take their chances. You seem like someone who does his research, but I just want to tell you some things to separate fact from fiction: · Itali only permits adoptions through license agencies like ours, and they only adopt direct from our dimension to Itali. Not from any of the other countries there. · While humans can live there independently with the same rights at Bigs, if you adopt yourself out, you’ll have the same rights as a minor there. Anything that is permissible for a Big to do to their own children can be done to you. Anything that is impermissible for a Big to do to their own children cannot be done to you. · You can select the stage of life you wish to begin with as a Little: newborn, infant or toddler. Those are the only choices. That is binding on the Bigs who adopt from us. However, they retain the right to decide the details associated with your stage of life, which may vary from your expectations. Whether and at what pace you progress through life stages, and what point, if any, you stop progressing, is up to the Big. If you choose or consent to it, your Big may further regress you from your current stage at any time. · You’ll notice we call them Bigs. They call us Littles. ‘Amazon’ is a pejorative there. · There’s no amending the adoption agreement. It says what it says. We can make your wishes known to prospective parents, but they can break any promise they make. But we don’t adopt out to just anyone. We thoroughly inspect all of our clients. We wouldn’t work with them if we believed they were bad people. · Our adoption agreement prohibits the following: o Involuntary physical or mental alteration o Giving, selling, or trading Littles o Having custody of any Little not adopted through an agency licensed in Itali o Violations of any Itali laws; suspicion of violations to be investigated, with a preponderance of evidence sufficient to be considered a violation of this agreement o Withholding or unduly delaying adequate medical care o Abuse, neglect, or negligence as defined by The Agency; suspicion of abuse, neglect, or negligence to be investigated, with a preponderance of evidence sufficient to be considered a violation of this agreement o Traveling with the Little to, or sending the Little to, any country where any of the above are not expressly forbidden by law · We have offices in Itali that conduct surprise inspections and work with the authorities there. If they find any violation of the adoption agreement, under the treaty permitting inter-dimensional adoptions between us and Itali, the police are required by law take you into their custody and return you to us. · Unless your parents violate the adoption agreement, you must remain with them as their Little for 10 years. You can asked to be returned to us, but they are not obligated to comply. Conversely, they can return you to us whenever they choose. At the end of those 10 years, you can decide to stay their Little, return to us, or remain in Itali as a full and independent citizen. · Your property and assets with be placed in a trust our non-profit partner manages. If choose to return to us or to become an independent citizen after 10 years, your property will be returned to you less the what we spend eliminating any remaining debt you have here. If you choose to stay a Little after 10 years, your assets, property, and any interest are liquidated, the revenue will be used to pay off your debt, and anything left over will be donated to fund the non-profit. I just want to remind you that Itali is like here; there are good people and bad people. We only work with good, but if you’re looking for a Utopia, that’s not Itali. Does all that make sense? Do you have any questions?” “No. Well, I guess yeah – what happens next,” Eric asked. Eric was familiar with provisions like these. It was part of his job, dealing with foster parents and adoptions. This aligned closely to the laws of he was used to dealing with. He made a lot of those inspections over the years himself. “I know that was a lot to take in,” Cheryl answered, “It’s all in the paperwork I’m going to send you home with. If you have any questions, please reach out to me, and we will be testing you to ensure you read and understood the adoption agreement before we approve you for adoption. So next I’m going to process all the information on those forms we asked you to bring in, then I’m going to call you doctors and last therapist. Our compliance department is going to run the background check you’re allowing us to do, and that includes all of your financial history so we know what we’re taking on when if you decide to move forward. Once that’s done, I’ll be in touch. It usually takes about 10 days for the average person. I’m guessing because of your job you’re going to appear in a lot of court records, so it may take longer. And in the meantime you just go about your life like normal. Don’t make any drastic decisions; don’t go on a spending spree; don’t do anything dangerous or stupid. Anything like that has the potential to cause us to reject your application. If you have any questions, you can call me or one of our licensed therapists – I really encourage everyone to do that anyway. And if at any time you change your mind and want to just forget this, we can do that, too; everything here is confidential, and all your records will be destroyed. Do you have any more questions right now?” With her monologue done, Eric thought for a moment. It was a lot to take in, and even though he was far from the end of it, everything seemed very real now. “Uh, not a question really. Can I tell you one thing I’m looking for in a Big,” Eric asked. “Of course.” Eric felt sheepish. He’d thought about this a lot, and he was embarrassed by it, as if this entire thing weren’t embarrassing. “I don’t know what life stage I want to start at, but, uh, can you, um, put it in my file that I don’t think I ever want to grow up again?” “I can’t promise your Big would abide by that, but I will put it in your file, and we’ll try do our best to find a Big who wants the same as you. Anything else?” “No,” Eric said as he stood up and stuck his hand out. “Thank you for your help. I’ll do all the things you said.” “Thank you for coming in today,” Cheryl replied as she shook Eric’s hand. As Eric reached the door, Cheryl felt compelled to add, “Eric, we’re going to make sure everything turns out right for you. I’ll make sure. And while all this is going on, please … just try to take care of yourself … for me.” Eric nodded and left. Cheryl liked Eric. She had a soft spot for people who had soft spots, and she knew people like Eric were worth protecting. We need more people like him in this world, Cheryl thought, but he needs something else. She understood why Eric wanted to be with a Big who didn’t want him to grow up: so he’d never have to see the kinds of things he saw everyday here. Returning to her desk, Erica started taking in on her notes for the file: Eric is 29 years old and suffers from depression and anxiety which are well controlled with medication … overwhelmed by work and the suffering he sees in the world … is educated and intelligent … is a sensitive and kind person … appears physically healthy … exhibits signs of PTSD, though he has not been diagnosed, and may benefit from therapy post-adoption … will likely need substantial emotional support ... did not admit to any fetish as a motivator .. may have trouble adapting ... desires to NOT progress from initial stage of life … will likely match best with a female head of household looking to dote on her Little and who has a large support network …
  2. let me start out buy saying that this is my first posted work anywhere so I hope its not to cringe worthy and keep in mind that my writing can be very inconsistent. Warning swear words ahead First Arc “I am Emma” Part 1 Great start Absurd things flashed through my mind, complete blackness, a surgical room, giant sized hands hovering over me, giant faces looking down at me and lastly a giant women's face looking down at me with tears in her eyes, all of this time blurred in my memory until I finally awoke. My eyes crept open to see a room that was partly lit by the morning sun but there was a couple of things off about the room it was huge and everything in it was way oversized then there was large wooden bars In front of me, the large bed and dresser alone were odd, I pushed against the soft thing I was laying on to get a better look at the room “if I didn't know better I would think that I was in a crib for a giant baby but then again there was the large bed but how could that be it's just silly I must be dreaming” I shook my head in the hope of shaking off the dream “nope” I said and went to pinch myself only to notice what I was wearing it was a onsie that I had seen on baby's a hundred times and was that… “am I wearing a diaper” I softly screamed to myself and patted my crotch yep no doubt it was a diaper and I may not be an expert on the subject but I was quite sure it was wet “this is some crazy dream and I am going to wake up now” I said then slapped myself the only thing that happened was the sound of a person being startled awake, I looked over to where the sound came from and I saw a giant sitting in an oversized chair “oh shit” I said clamping my hand over my mouth then it spoke “your awake” my mind was racing “I have seriously got to dreaming a giant is talking to me” I tried slapping myself again, the giant immediately rushed over to my side “please don't hurt yourself little one” my back hit the wall and a light popped on, in the light I could see that the giants face was distinctly feminine “ok I don't think I’m dreaming” I muttered to myself and the face smiled down at me “no little one you aren't dreaming” my heart started racing with my head “where am I if I’m not dreaming?” “I think that's a question for later” and she smiled down at me “Lay back down and we can talk later for now just rest” I definitely looked up at her “no, I want to know where I am” the giant let out a sigh “please little one I promise we will talk more...” “you want to eat me” as soon as the thought ran through my head it escaped my mouth, the giant started laughing “no I have no intentions of eating you” she chuckled and reached out to me, I tried to move really I did but my body just wouldn't respond “don't worry your safe with me” and her hand lifted me up with ease. The giant sat on the chair that she was sleeping on before I finally came to myself and tried wiggling out of the giants grip “please hold still” her hand rested on my chest and held me against her with ease then I did something I later regretted, opening my mouth I bit her hand, having been freed momentarily I jumped out of her lap and crashed to the floor. Part 2 The lay of the land It was the heartbeat I felt first the strong heart beating rapidly against my ear. The crys came next “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry please be alright, please come back to me” then the warm drops fell on my face waking me up again, I pushed at the giant again this time thankfully we were on the ground and I managed to run under the large bed “I’m so sorry” came the giants voice again, the pain returned then and my head felt like it was to going burst “LEAVE ME ALONE” I shouted as I saw her face looking at me “please let me hel…” “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE” I shouted again and the face retreated “please…” “GO” I screamed and I heard the door close “fucking real dream” I held my head trying to ease the pain. After some time I let go of my head and looked at my hands they were wet “are these tears? No the giant is trying to trick me” I looked up as I heard footsteps getting louder and the door opened a crack, something was slid inside and the door closed again “I’ve left some pain medicine for you” the voice was still sobbing I couldn't help myself and peaked my head out and saw a large plastic cup with some purple liquid in the bottom of it “please drink some it will take the pain away” “I’m not falling for it” I shouted back “its poison or something” and the pain returned “I’ll try some first if it makes you feel better” the pounding in my head was making me really want to believe this giant woman “open the door slowly and show me” I called, the door opened again enough for her arm to squeeze through and I could see that she was on her knees, she lifted the cup to her lips and tilted her head back slightly then returned the cup to the floor, another tear started falling down her cheek till she brushed it away “close the door” I said and the door closed again. “This has to be a bad idea” I thought “just try it she had some so it can't be to bad” I shook my head “great now I’m not even of one mind” with one last look around I darted for the cup and dragged it back under the bed. Looking into the cup the liquid had indeed gone down that settled it I picked up the cup and tipped the liquid into my mouth, the moment I first swallowed all the pains of my body eased into the background until it was completely gone “that's some good meds” I murmured to myself “now for the next problem I looked down at my attire and unsnapped the crotch to reveal the white diaper and started pulling at the tapes “what the F they won't move fine then I’ll try...” I pushed down on the waistband trying to take it off that way no dice I couldn't even rip the damn thing “fine that can wait” venturing out again I climbed the sheets onto the bed and over to the window. After ten minutes of pushing, lifting and eventually hitting it the window would not move, I turned around in defeat and scanned the room for something to use but beside the things that I couldn't lift everything was soft and unusable to break the window. After an hour of searching the room and coming up empty I collapsed next to the door with the nice cool wall against my back “damn I’m not getting out of this without going through the giant” I shook my head then shouted “hey giant are you still there?” a moment of silence then “I’m still here and please don't call me giant my name is Rose” came the voice from the other side “good for you giant” I called back “this isn't going very well for our first day” I could hear the sadness in her voice, I sighed to myself and thought about how I bit her “I’m Emma” “for Emily?” she asked “yeah but I prefer Emma” the silence returned “I really am sorry” I couldn't help but shake my head “don't be sorry jumping away from you wasn't the smartest idea on my part… umm... sorry for biting you” “thank you Emma” it was oddly surreal talking to a giant that was on the other side of the wall knowing that she could easily open the door and probably capture me yet she stayed there all this time, my stomach growled then alerting me to how hungry I was, a chuckle came from the other side of the door “I can hear that would you like something to eat?” I laughed “if you have something to eat I wont say no” “ok just stay there I’ll be right back” and I heard footsteps going down what I assumed was a hallway, I looked up at the door handle smiled to myself and shook my head “the giant leaves and I wouldn't even be able to open the damn door” I thought to myself. The footsteps returned “may I open the door?” she asked I immediately got to my feet and walked closer to the bed “ok but slowly” it did, the door slowly opened and I could see Rose’s face “I’m sorry its the best I can do on short notice” she said and a large bowl was pushed through the gap, I looked over at it “is that…” “baby food” she finished “yeah” I just sighed “well now I’m sure you can't fatten me up with that” Rose smiled “don't worry there's plenty of time for that” I snorted with a short laugh but I hadn't known her long enough to know if she was joking or not “eat up” I looked up at her “you first” again she smiled and dipped a finger in the bowl, brought it to her mouth and sucked on it, immediately she began gagging and I was sure that she had done something to it “I am really sorry that is disgusting” I stared at her for a moment more than motioned for her to close the door. The door was closed and I dragged the bowl back to the bed and picked up the plastic spoon it was bigger than I was used to but there was no doubt that it was made for a child “please eat slowly” I don't know why but that comment really dug at my nerves “just because you are larger than me and put me in this stupid get up doesn't mean I’m a baby” I shouted, I looked down at the bowl again and had a small bite it wasn't great but I didn't see why she made that face it was just a bit sweet “I’m sorry litt… er Emma” I groaned “when am I going to wake up” “theres somethings that I should probably tell you while you eat” she told me how I wasnt on earth, I wasn't even in the same dimension that I was born in I wanted to tell her that she was full of it so I did “your full of shit inter dimensional travel is just a thing in books and movies” She chuckled “we are a bit smarter” and she went on to tell me that her race the Amazon’s invented it quite some time ago one of the first things they found was that most of the multiverse was inhabited by Littles in other words me and the other humans though I could somewhat understand why they call us littles, littles were then taken from their worlds and “adopted” by Amazons this was originally done to try and make the littles lives better and to fill then need to care for something that most Amazons had but soon it had become a status symbol to have a Little as a pet in some countries thankfully we were not currently in one, then she told me that it was quickly known that littles even though able to live in their own worlds it turned out that we choked on food easily hence the baby food like I was going to choke of some damn food, our bladders seemed to get worse the longer we stayed in this dimension and here I was hoping that they had just drugged me for a long time explaining waking up in a wet diaper, before taking the last spoon fulls she told me that Amazons didn't have that many children in their world which seemed odd to me since they have that need to care for thing and Littles took that place as their permanent babies, I cracked up laughing when she slid an oversized phone under the door with a picture on one of her friends littles it was a grown woman in a way to childish dress with a diaper clearly poking out underneath then I stopped when my brain caught up she was going to do this to me “no way I am no ones baby apart from my boyfriends we just met last month I have to get back to him he's probably wondering where I am” the last of my words trailed off “Emma what's the last thing you remember?” I thought about it “I was studying for my year twelve midterms I went to sleep and woke up here why?” “curiosity” now that was a lie “this has been a strange way of us meeting” I laughed “I’m surprised that there isn't some parenting book for this” I put as much scorn into the word parenting as I could and I heard her clear her throat “well most Amazons drug there littles at first so the little cant speak or walk” the thought that Amazons drugged littles sent a shiver down my spine but if she wasn't lying then she had done something special for me and look how that turned out “I bet your regretting it now” I said and knocked my head against the wall I had my back against “this is so fucked up” and buried my head in my hands.
  3. I've been a long time lurker and after reading several wonderful ab/dl stories based on the diaper dimension, I wanted to contribute in my own way. Be warned it's been a couple of years since I've last written a story, so I apologize if the dialogue maybe a little rough or repetitive, I would appreciate any feedback, hopefully positive! The story starts out slow but it's all for the sake of character development, when I'm done with the 2nd chapter, it should progress nicely. Also I didn't really due too much proof reading, kinda tired At the Wrong place and at the Wrong Time “This is a story based on the Diaper Dimension” It was a typical Friday afternoon for Alice, as she walked along the sidewalk with her two closest friends, Aura and Jessie. With the final days of High school approaching, she knew that her mundane days of school life were going to change whether she liked it or not. “I hate this anxiety, I have no idea what my plans are for the future...College, then get a job working the typical nine to five shift like my parents, that is truly the ideal dream” Alice stated with a sarcastic tone in her mind as she brushed her short red hair. “So do you two still want to join me on my little vacation trip to Wyoming? Jessie asked as they continued to walk onward to there eventual destination. “I honestly don't know. While I would love to travel and get out of the neighborhood, visiting the boonies sounds boring as hell.” Aura replied as she checked her phone for any new social updates. “You really should expand your horizon and see the beauty of the mountains and nature in it's finest form, plus there will be plenty of horse back riding, and that is always a plus. It is so much better than that noisy, ear splitting heavy metal junk you enjoy, perhaps you will finally outgrow your cringe goth faze from Jr High.”Jessie smirked as she ruffled Aura's short pixie black hair. “It's not a faze! It's a way of life, but then again, you have always been very shallow towards the opinions and actions of others. I can understand how you can't comprehend the majestic music of Black Sabbath and Kiss. You are a very special, special girl.” Aura laughed as she pinched Jessie's cheek. Despite being a few inches smaller than Jessie, Aura took great pride in belittling her longtime friend. The playful jabs were as normal as the sun setting each day. “I would rather be special than a simpleton like you, besides, country music is where it's at. Garth Brooks will also be playing next week in Wyoming, it's a win win situation, what do you think, Alice? Jessie asked as she stretched her arms out. “I could care less, but it will be a nice change of pace to go somewhere new, I really need something to detract me from the real world.” Both Jessie and Aura noticed the melancholy tone in their friends voice, and they both knew exactly what was on her mind. For the two of them knew that the safe and predictable life that they have enjoyed together for well over a decade was soon to change as they were about to set out and ascend to the next step in adulthood. “You're not alone, I'm honestly lost as to what I'm going to do, college really isn't really motivating, and don't get me started on finding a job, after my experience flipping burgers, I'll never go back to anything dealing with customers in person.” Aura stated as she tried to cheer up Alice. “I was going to wait and tell you two after we arrived at my grandparents house in Wyoming but it's been bugging the hell out of me for a while and I have been giving serious thought about entering the University of Wyoming, especially since my grandparents were going to pay for the costs of going there . Jessie felt a sigh of relief as she expressed her troubled thoughts while keeping her long blonde hair from blinding her view due to a gust of wind. “I'm actually in the same boat, my uncle asked if I wanted to go to Penn state, and if so, he would take care of all the costs. It's really a pain in the ass decision, plus it's on the other side of the country. “Alice replied. “You have got to be kidding me!” Aura was at a loss of words after hearing the revelation from her two friends. Alice knew that Aura would not take the news well, unlike Jessie, she was very introverted and while she would not admit it, the girl had trouble adapting to living outside her comfort zone, given that she has spent her entire life living in the state of Washington with her friends and family. “It's not like this a final decision, There is still a lot I've got to think about, so don't let it worry you too much” Alice tried to comfort Aura. For as long as she had known her, Alice had always played the role of a big sister to Aura, while she was only a few inches taller she was also a red belt in taekwondo. Aura looked up to Alice and admired her bravery to face new challenges and overcoming her limitations. Aura also admired Jessie's free spirit to be adventurous with the outdoors, Aura for the most part, liked to stay in doors, which she wasn't exactly proud of due to her low self esteem. “Besides, even if we decide to head on different paths, it's not like we are not going to see each other ever again, we can take time off school and go on some pretty awesome road trips. Jessie patted Aura's head but the smallest of the trio wouldn't hear of it. “Why can't we all just go to the same college? Even if we are not able to afford to go to the University of Washington, we could go to a community college together” Aura blurted out “That's something I've also thought about doing, I'm not sold that going to a University would be in my best interests” Alice tried to calm her back haired friend a little. Jessie wanted to express her opinion but a strange sound came from the woods, not far from the sidewalk they were walking on. “You guys here at? Sounds like traffic over there.” Jessie pointed out as she looked at the endless amount of tree's near the forest like area. “You trying to change the subject? I think our dear buddy should know what you're truly feeling.” Alice put Aura in a friendly headlock. “AHH, don't be so rough, I'm not trying to be the next Bruce Lee.” Jessie ignored her two friends as they scuffled. She changed her course and headed towards the woods, her adventurous curiosity getting the better of her. “You're home isn't that way, dumb ass.” Alice blurted out as she let Alice out of the submission hold and started to follow in Jessie's location. Aura quickly followed, she was scared of being left alone if she wasn't in the comfort of her house. “Are you two death? Can't you hear that odd noise coming from their? Jessie replied Alice thought her blonde friend was trying to play a prank on her. For as long as Alice had known Jessie since elementary school, she had always found herself on the end of some juvenile pranks, it was even worse for Aura given she was the smallest and most timid of the trio. Jessie was the tallest, standing at around five foot seven and would not hesitate to use her slightly superior size to her advantage. After walking for several minutes while scoping out the environment, Alice was convinced that Jessie was leading them on a wild goose chase, not to mention that the sun would be setting soon and while the neighborhood she lived in was peaceful, she didn't want to take her chances of getting lost in the forest. “Now that you mention it, I do hear something...Let's go back, I don't like this.” Aura replied as she held Alice's hand tightly. Jessie simply ignored her as she continued, listening carefully as the sounds became more defined. “What the hell is that noise? It sounds like we are about to enter a busy city, that makes no sense.” Alice started to question the odd sounds given they were nowhere close to downtown, it put her on edge, she also kept a close eye on Aura whom seemed rather shaken by the strange noises. “You guys see anything, maybe a radio of sorts?” Jessie asked as she stopped to look around the area, convinced that the source of the sound was close by. Alice was at her wits end, she didn't like seeing Aura scared and felt she needed to put Jessie in her place. “Alright this is enough, let's head back before it gets...” Alice's vision began to blur as her surroundings seemed to expand and defy all form of physics. Aura held tightly onto Alice as she was experiencing the same type of effects. “This is trippy. I wonder if this is what its' like to be on LSD.” Jessie seemed unfazed by the unnatural changes around her. However before she could truly comprehend what was happening, the effects around them started to unravel and return to normal. “Ugh, I feel kind of nauseous.” Jessie stated as she fell onto her butt. “You ok? Alice asked as Aura fell to her knees, looking like she was about to puke. While she was fazed by what occurred, Alice managed to stay on her feet, her adrenaline seemed to be over compensating for the negative effects. “JESSIE, YOU IDIOT!” Aura screamed as she was being helped up. “WHAT THE HELL DID I DO!?” Jessie defended herself as she brought herself up. “I don't know why, but I've got bad feeling in my gut, something doesn't feel right.” Alice stated in her mind as she walked over to Jessie. “Listen, I have no idea at what just happened but let's just get the hell out of here and head to our homes, it's bad enough that we are all stressed out about school, we don't need this bizarre bullshit on our plate as well.” Alice retorted. Jessie wanted to say something in her defense and that she wasn't in the wrong but she knew that Alice was always the voice of reason, as much as she hated to admit it. “I understand, sorry for dragging you guys out here, I don't know what the fuck just happened, this was some weird ass,sci fi bull. My curiosity just got the better of me. “ Jessie felt horrible about what had just occurred and even more, she actually felt a little scared. “What if this was some dumping ground for toxic chemicals? We may have cancer! Jessie, how could you!” Aura started to panic. Alice didn't want to take sides at the moment, she knew that nothing would be resolved with an argument over what just happened, but she needed to speak up before the tension between her two friends escalated. “Calm down, Aura. There is no way we could have predicted that something like this would happen, let's just call this a day and go home and forget about this incident. Jessie sighed, “Sorry about that, I just wanted to know what that weird sound was.” The trio started to walk back in the direction that they came in on. “I just can't wait to take a bath, my body feels weird after all that.” Aura hugged herself while staying close to Alice. After walking for a few minutes, Alice noticed that the sound they heard back in the forest was still there, in fact it was more clearer than ever as they continued to exit the area. “The hell! What's going on? It sounds like were about to enter downtown but our neighborhood is as quiet as the wind. I don't like this. “Alice kept her comments to herself to avoid causing any more friction. “Please tell me your hearing this? I really hope I'm not going crazy” Jessie stated with a more alarmed tone in her voice as she started to increase her walking speed . “Alice, I'm scared!” The young red head held Aura's hand while trying to mentally prepare herself for any more oddities that were about to confront her. Jessie turned her brisk walk into a sprint as to find out as to why the sounds were getting louder. “Dammit Jessie, pull yourself together.” Alice thought to herself. “No....NO WAY!” Jessie had her hands on her knees as she tried to recover some of her stamina. “Alice, what's going on? Where are we?” Aura was on the verge of tears. “I don't know, nothing is making any sense any more.” Even Alice couldn't comprehend the situation that she and her friends were in. Beyond Alice's eyes, she could see a vast metropolis, the opposite of her boring yet quite neighborhood. Skyscrapers, busy communities, this was something that you would see out of New York City. “Hey you guys, come here and take a look at this! Holy shit!” Alice and Aura walked over to where Jessie was and see what the commotion was all about. “Look at the size of this bench! The seat is practically at the height of my head. This is unbelievable.” While Jessie and Aura were in awe of the size of the bench on the sidewalk, Alice took a few deep breaths to regain her sense of composure. “Somehow and someway we are defiantly not in Washington. I need to hold it together.” Alice started to scan the area, for the most part, everything looked the normal for a city but for some reason, it looked off. The people, the cars, it all looks the same...”Wait! It's the size, why is everything bigger?” While Jessie continued to marvel at the size of the bench, Aura took a glance at a woman who looked to be waiting for a bus, she was holding a small girl by her hand. However after close inspection she noticed that the girl looked to be around the same size as her. “That can't be right, she looks to be dressed like a toddler” Aura noticed the girl was wearing a pink snap crotch t-shirt with a very obvious diapered butt. Aura backed a few steps back as she noticed that the woman was actually tall, and not just tall, but actually around twice the size as her. “You're kidding right?” Aura was in pure shock and disbelief. “First I need to focus and get my friends out of here, something tells me if we stay idle around here, that something terrible is going to happen” Alice's thoughts were interrupted when someone tapped her on the head. “Excuse me deary, I couldn't help but notice that you and two of your playmates seemed to be lost, where are your mommy and daddy at?” Alice slowly turned around to see the biggest woman that she had ever laid her eyes on. “What the heck!? She's gotta be over ten feet, but how? Alice was at a loss of words. “Or did you come here on the tour bus and get lost?” The large woman asked but at a more childish tone. “Sorry lady, I have no idea what you're talking about, so if you will excuse me, I've really got to get going.” Alice quickly turned so she could create some distance between her and the woman however before she could do so, a large hand grabbed her right shoulder and turned the girl around so she was facing her again. “So, I guess from your response, that simply means only one thing.” The large woman smirked which cause Alice's body to quiver “You are a lost little, how perfect.” Alice felt like she was prey in front of an apex predator. DIAPER DIMENSION.odt
  4. This is a continuation of my other story, Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky. If you have not read this prior to reading this story, some of it may not make much sense. Also please note, I have typed all of this story on my phone. Please bear with any mistakes. This is also a First person/Third person perspective. Changes will be signified by the "*" symbol and jumps will be made with lines. Enjoy part 1! Over a year passed since Mikey had been given the so called cure. Most of everyone moved on. Word broke out about what at went down at the Rhein house. The D.H.P. attempted to hide the secret that a human existed in their Dimension and cover it up before it spread out too quickly, but sometimes the wildfire grows too big before you have the chance to put it out. The reporters attempted to get information out of the mother, time and time again. Some even broke into the house, causing D.H.S. agents to start making arrests, bringing more attention to the matter, along with media groups, shoving nonsense to try to shut reporters up. Attention died down and it came down to just the occasional reporter knocking on her door. Cheryl kept her cool throughout it all, never losing her composure, making sure not to make any comments. What kept her going so long, were the sounds Mikey started making in his long slumber; babbling, muttering unintelligent sentences and just the occasional sigh was enough. She had a boyfriend and had been going steady for a little over two months. But she didnt bother to tell him about Mikey. But most of all what kept her going was the knowledge that one day her baby boy would wake up. ______________________________ Beep. Beep. Beep. 'What is that sound?' I asked myself. I had heard it for a while. But I could never get to it. Always there. Always beeping. But I tried to go it again, and found no resistance. I glided through until it was so loud I could hear it next to me. 'I got you finally.' My eyes opened to see florescent lights in my face, I quickly turned, shielding my eyes with my right hand. I heard a door open and close. "Ohh. Not again. You've got to stop doing that with your arm." A female voice said, getting closer. "Hello?" I asked, attempting to find out who it was that entered the room. As I lifted my arm, I heard a gasp. "He's awake. Oh my God. He's awake." The woman said, dashing out of the room. I was awake. But I thought I was still dreaming. I could have sworn that she was gigantic. In fact, everything seemed gigantic. Lifting my arm the rest of the way, I saw I had bars around the bed I was in. I had an IV bag and a heartbeat monitor hooked up to me. I was still pretty drowsy and I closed my eyes to go back to sleep. I heard the door click and the voice if the women from before entered. "I went to check on him, and I saw his arm over his face, next thing I knew he was saying 'Hello' to me." She said in shush tone. "He could have said that in his sleep like he's been doing for the past week." A new voice said. My eyelid was forces open and a light flashed in my face. I swatted at the hand that was now on my face. "Oh my gosh. He's awake." I screamed and tried to run, but my body felt so weak. I hardly was able to sit up. The beeping was rapidly growing and the one that I had just swatted at was now pushing me down onto my back. "Go get some water in a cup." The gigantic woman said that was holding me down. The other one left and came back quickly with a cup. "I'll only let go if you calm down." The giant said. "Let me go!" I said, mouth dry as a bone and my voice raspy. "No. Now calm down, or I'll make you." She said. But that did nothing to help me stop. I fought her hand as hard as I could. I felt weaker than I remembered. My vision started to fade black quickly. ******************* "So Cheryl. How was your day at work?" David asked as he helped Cheryl take her coat off. This had been one of the many dates she had been on with him since they had met. "Same old boring day hon. You?" She asked passionately kissing his lips, before sitting down. "So what did you think of getting? I'm getting my usual of fried chicken." He said just as Cheryl's phone rang. She reached into her purse and grabbed out her phone and saw who it was. "David, I need to take this." Cheryl answered her phone, expecting to hear the worst news. But what she heard next, had her getting ready to leave. "What was that about?" David asked. "I've got to go. Family medical issues." She said, rushing outside into the snow covered landscape to her car, leaving her boyfriend so confused. Cheryl drove home and took and packed an overnight bag for herself, bringing things she knew she was going to need before she headed out to go see her baby. ********************* I woke up sometime later, there was a new one of those giant people in the room, hardly paying any attention to me. I had felt something new around my waist and hands. I looked down to see I had mittens on my hands, and a strap across my chest. The machine started beeping faster again and the giant turned towards me. "Shhh. Dont freak out. I need you to drink some water for me." She said. I tried to move back into the soft padding. I turned my nose away and tried to push the water away. She quickly took it back before I could get my hands anywhere near it. "Uh-uh. I know what you're trying to do. You need to drink this. It's been over a year since you've had anything to drink. And we can do this all day until you do." She said softly, pushing my hands down gently before she moved the drink back up to my lips. I slowly started to sip the water. My mouth was dry and I started to gulp it down as quickly as the woman would tilt the cup back. I noticed she was wearing medical scrubs too. Maybe she was a nurse? "Slow down honey. You're not that thirsty. I'll be right back. Then we'll get you changed and finish that water ok?" The woman announced, taking the water away from me. Once she stood up, I got another reminder of just how small I was to these giants. The woman picked a phone up from the wall and said into the phone; "Dr. Faulner to room 124" and hung up the phone. I cautiously watched her as she walked over to that machine that was beeping and turned its sound off. Then the nurse opened a nearby cabinet and pulled out some white pad and a white bottle with some wipes. "Alright. Let's get you all cleaned up now." "W-what?" I asked as the blanket was pulled down and I saw a diaper around my waist and my legs looked sickly thin. I tried to throw my hands down to cover myself, I knew what was going to happen, but I had a hard time trying to move my arms. The giant pushed my hands aside and began to untap the soiled diaper. "Stop. Please." I begged as I continued to try to push her hands away. "No. If you get a rash, that wont be fun either. And if you dont stop, you're not going to like what happens next." The nurse replied. I didnt care I wanted to keep my dignity. The front of the diaper came down, and I blushed as my legs went in the air. I wiggled, tried kicking but none of it worked as she started wiping down my rear, between my cheeks and all over my balls and penis. I had tried to swat her away from touching me there too and she set me back down quickly, grabbed my hand and flicked it. She must have had God-like strength because when she did that I choked up and almost started crying as I retracted my hand back. "Are you going to keep trying to stop me?" She commented seeing my reaction. I shook my head and she went back to work. She was right, I didnt like her for that. She unfolded the pad, to produce a new diaper which I was not happy to be put back into. My legs went back up and the nurse sprinkled something onto my rear before setting me back down. It felt like a fluffy cushion. Sprinkling something from that bottle the giant had earlier, now over the front of me, she brought the front of the diaper up and taped it on me. "You had a lot of us worried that you weren't going to wake up." She said. Before I could ask what she had meant by that, a knock at the door startled me and I heard a loud beep come from the should-be-silenced machine as the door opened and I was covered back up by the blanket. I kept my eye on the opening and one of the giants from earlier entered. "Hey buddy! Are you ready to talk now? I have a few questions for you." She asked, sitting down in front of me in a chair at the foot of the bed. "I am Dr. Kayle Faulner. Do you know your name?" She asked. I nodded my head in response, darting my eyes between the two giants. "That's not how this works honey, you need to use your words." I shifted my hips, trying to push myself back up and further into the mattress. "Michael. But I go by Mikey." I shifted my gaze away as I spoke, feeling I was being talked down to. We went through a couple more genaric questions, like my birthday, if I had any pain etc.. But what really got me is what came next. "Very good. Now tell me, what's the last thing you remember before you woke up earlier today?" That was odd. I wasnt expecting that kind of question. I figured they were going to try to experiment on me, torture or eat me for all I knew. But that wasnt what I ws expecting. I hesitated before answering. My memory was a little foggy. "I-I remember seeing Donna, my sister. And a bright light outside. Something crashing through the walls and grabbing me." I gave a short pause to gain some courage. "What's going on?" I asked. Both nurse and doctor looked at each other with an uncertain look on their faces. "You dont remember anything after that?" The doctor asked, now looking a bit shocked. I shook my head, now worried. "Dr. Faulner to front desk." Said a disembodied voice. It startled me again and another loud beep came from that machine. With a long sigh, the doctor stood up and walked out of the room. I let out a small, and quiet yawn as she left. Now I was tired again. ************************** Cheryl stood at the front desk with the receptionist as Kayle walked out of a set of double doors. "He isn't really aw..." Cheryl tried to say before getting cut off. "This time he is." Kayle said, wrapping her arms around her friend. After all they had been through. It hopefully was now over. Cheryl returned a hug before she broke down crying. These were happy tears. But there was a lot to discuss. Kayle pulled Cheryl off of her with a look of worry. The mother was confused. "What's wrong?" "He doesn't remember anything that happened."
  5. Gabriel has just broken a winery window and he had dropped a rope to into the house, the window was rather narrow but it was easy for him to go through it thanks his small size; being a little had some advantage after all. He didn’t know if someone was into home but in that case he had taken some countermeasures: He had a gun: It was a toy gun and pressing the trigger a flag with the word “bang” would have come out from the barrel. He had some firecrackers: he pretended some gun shots if it were necessary Some stadium smoke: that would be useful to cover an escape. They were cheap tricks but in the past they worked then he was very confident about them and his ability. He dropped with rope until the floor, and climbed the stairs of the winery getting to the door that opened easily accessing to the living room. He searched small objects that can be carried easily: he finded a silver frame with the photo a smiling old man on the small table. He removed and rested iton the table putting the frame in his backpack. Then he decided to take a ride around the house to see if there are something interesting: he opened a door seeing a giant nursery in the room. “I hope it’s not for a little” he said going to the next room, where he found a laptop on a big double bed. He had to climb hardly to reached it and put in the bag. Then he approached the bedside table and found and next generation smartphone, “today is my lucky day!” he said smiling and putting it in his bag, then opening every drawer where he found some cash. He went to the biggest drawers and with more difficulty opened the first drawer finding some jewelry “it’s fantastic!” he said putting everything in his bag. He decided to do another tour of the house to see if there was something else interesting but he heared the noise of the principal door that closed.
  6. Kassiani pursed her lips as she stood, arms folded behind her back, next to her partner. Before them, a sobbing woman had her hands over her eyes, looking like her shaking legs might give out beneath her at any given moment. A man had his hand on her shoulder, trying to whisper soothing words in her ears. The couple was rightfully devastated. It was late, half past ten last she checked, and the woman before her – Mrs. Evelynn Hogan had gone up to give her little boy a late night bottle. It was not uncommon for parents to feed Littles late in the night in the first year. It further promoted healthy bladder movement. Tonight, however, she’d gone up to an empty room; crib abandoned, sheets mussed up, window open. It was only natural she call the police, and Kassiani had been called not long after that. She and her partner were investigating an increased number of disappearing Littles. The count was up to twenty three. Nine little boys, fourteen little girls. Not all of them simply vanished from their cribs like little Nelson Hogan. Some had been abducted in public; plucked from daycares or café patios. No witnesses had ever offered a description that made much sense. At least, not to those with closed minds. Kassiani was beginning to think there might be merit to a few of the claims, made mostly by Amazon children. “I just don’t understand,” Mr. Hogan stated with a shake of his head. “Nelly was a good boy. A little vocal at times, he was still new, but never stirred much of a fuss. Even if a Little were capable of running off in the middle of the night with no one noticing, he never would have tried it.” Kassiani nods. “He’s not the first baffling case. Mr. Hogan, if you would be so kind; my partner and I would like to go up and take a look at the nursery. Would you accompany us? It might be better for your wife to remain downstairs,” she advised. The man’s expression turned grim. He pushed his glasses up higher on his nose and ran a hand through his crop of thick black hair, messing it more than it already was, if it were possible. After a moment, he nodded. “Of course, I’ll show you up.” Silent as always when dealing with grieving families, Kassiani’s partner, Nathaniel, moved first as Jonathan Hogan led them upstairs. He had his hands stuffed into the pockets of his crisp gray suit. Kassiani followed them both up a set of curled, white wash stairs. The top floor of the house was neat and orderly, and a door at the end of the hall was open, light spilling into the dim hallway. Mr. Hogan hung back as the two detectives stepped into the plush carpeted nursery. Kassiani glanced around the room, taking in the details quietly. The walls were a soft, muted yellow, and stenciled across them were various cars, planes, trains, and boats, all with cartoony eyes and gaping smiles. It was sweet. The love the Hogans had for their Little was obvious as her gaze swept over the room. He had all sorts of blocks and toys to play with, many of which dotted the floor and spilled from an open toy chest. Kassiani plucked a teddy bear from its place on a green cushioned rocking chair. The bear was a soft brown, a green silk ribbon tied around its neck, and it held a heart shaped pillow with I Love You scrawled in white cursive letters across it. She stroked a finger over the bear’s plush face and smiled. “You said you had a lid crib?” she inquired. Mr. Hogan nodded. “Yes. Not that we ever had any concerns about Nell ever trying anything, but the boy did love to climb. Climbed everything. If you took your eyes off him for a moment, he’d scramble up a bookshelf or climb the drawers onto the counter. We were worried he might take a tumble at night, so we got a lid and started locking it after putting him down. Safety measure. Listen, you’re free to look, take anything you need to, and I’ll answer any question you have, but I should really remain with my wife right now. She’s not holding up well. Nelson is her whole world.” Kassiani dipped her head. “Of course. Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Hogan. We’ll be alright up here.” “No lid now,” Nathaniel commented once the father had scurried back downstairs. “These things don’t usually have more than one set of keys, and they’d have heard the lock break if someone had busted in.” Kassiani walked up to the crib. It was true, there wasn’t a trace of the lid the Hogan’s had on their crib. Instead, there was just a fine trailing pile of black dust on the crisp white sheets. Pulling on a latex glove, Kassiani scooped some of it up. Ash. It was certainly unusual, but she’d seen it at a few scenes now. Nothing about the situation added up. Once again, her theory rose in her mind, nagging like a cicada beneath a glass. She gave her head a shake. Putting merit into such a concept could get her abilities questioned and the last thing she wanted was to be put under review. She excelled at her job. But no, it was still there, lurking, prodding at her. She couldn’t shake it. “Any theories, Nate?” she asked, her voice a little shaky. Anything to break her from her thoughts. Nathaniel turned, his head cocking to the side like a lizard eyeing a juicy bug and a frown twitched at the corners of his mouth. “You’re not still thinking about the witness reports are you? Kasey, they were children. Kids making up stories, nothing more.” “Kids all making up the same story, Nate? That’s always unusual enough to warrant at least considering. You know as well as I that the second we start excluding suspects based on age, personality, appearance of ability…or size, then we’ve lost the case.” “You really think a Little did this? Kasey, look around this room. It’s meant to contain a Little. We’re damned good at that. Otherwise, every nursery in the country would be empty.” He had a point. The notion that Littles were the culprits felt illogical. How could a Little, or even a ragtag band of them, get in and out so efficiently, casting off restraints specifically meant to use their size and strength against them, and make off with a victim, or perhaps in their eyes, a rescue, without getting caught, or even much more than a passing glimpse by a child? She sighed and rubbed at her temples. Illogical, but not impossible. If there was anyone in the city with cause to take the risk, it would be Littles. They would likely see it as liberating themselves from their own fates, futures. Few Littles sought out the comfort of an Amazon home. But the things that didn’t add up with a Little were rivaled by the improbabilities of an Amazon. “How did the Hogans not hear anything?” she said finally. “If an adult had come in here to pinch Nelson, he would have cried. What reason could another Amazon whisper to a baby to keep him quiet? He’d have no reason to trust them.” “Gun, maybe? Littles may be silly creatures, but they’re not that dumb. Besides, Nelson couldn’t walk. Littles couldn’t have carried him,” Nathaniel responded. He folded his arms over his chest and leaned back against the wall, raising an eyebrow at her. Kassiani grinned. This was much better, comfortable. Bouncing debate points off one another. They’d come to a middle ground eventually. “Then how did the culprit get in? That window is accessible from a ledge too small to safely stand on, and even the window itself would be a squeeze to get through. And again, the noise factor. If the Hogans claims are to be trusted, Mr. Hogan was reading a paper, and Evelynn would have been in the kitchen preparing tomorrow night’s dinner. Neither activity is loud enough to conceal heavy footsteps or a ruckus going on right above their heads.” Nathaniel tilted his head to the side, a sign he was giving her a point. Her grin widened. “Maybe it wasn’t an Amazon. You make a good point. They don’t trust anyone when they’re free and they trust strangers even less after they’re adopted. It would have had to be a very efficient break in to be an Amazon. There’s not a clear motive.” “So you agree with me?” “That it wasn’t an Amazon? Yes. But not that it was a Little. They couldn’t pull it off either. I want to look for a Mid.” It took Kassiani a moment to digest his words. Where had that left field notion come from? “You think a Betweener did this?” she echoed. “But my theory is the absurd one?” “Now who’s casting off a class?” “Well come on, Nathaniel!” she exclaimed, throwing her hands up. “There are no more Betweeners in the city, you know that. You think a rogue Mid managed to go unnoticed this long? They’d stand out like a sore thumb in the crowds. Why take such a risk?” Kassiani swallowed the lump in her throat. A Mid. It was true, she hadn’t considered them. It could mean another civil war though, if they were involved, and she doubted their government wanted to risk the fragile peace they’d brokered. Both populations were still recovering from the backlash of the Betweener separation from government. It had been a major pride blow, to be unable to control the middle class. In the end though, it was easier to give them their land to form their own society and live as they would. The cost was that they were no longer welcome in Amazon society. Not for support, trade, or work. If Mids were snatching Littles from their cradles, the uproar would be wildfire. An uncontrollable blaze that would engulf them all. “If it is a Mid,” she said finally. “You’d best hope we find them quickly and quietly, and that all the missing Littles are unharmed.” She sighed. “Fine. We’ll pursue your theory. But if it comes up dry, Nate, you’re going to support me with mine.” Nathaniel’s posture straightened and his expression darkened. “If anyone else asked me to practically commit career suicide, I’d drop them good.” Kassiani squared her shoulders. “I’m not anyone else.” “Which is why you’re not on the ground,” he pointed out. “And you’d better be right in that event, or I swear, I’ll kill you myself.” “If you’re right, someone else might just do it for you,” Kassiani countered. She sighed and glanced at the crib again. “There’s still one thing I don’t understand, from any angle. How the hell did they do that? Those lids are automated, heavy. How’d they manage to destroy it…it looks practically vaporized. Nothing but a bit of ash, though a fire would have set off the alarm and breaking it would have made too much noise.” There wasn’t an immediate response and Kassiani turned back to Nathaniel. He was staring in the same direction. Finally he shrugged and shook his head. “Yeah, I have no clue. This whole situation is way too messed up.” …Meanwhile… The old warehouse complex was dark and desolate. Nothing disturbed the eerie silence that hung over the abandoned structure. It really was a mess, a surprise the city hadn’t zoned it for demolition yet. Three figures dropped through a broken window, their footsteps drowned out even in the open floorplan of the building. One, a small boy with a mop of sandy curls and brown eyes so wide they might’ve popped of his head, stood between two others. He was still wearing a footed sleeper, fingers locked in the fingerless mitts on the ends, and a massive, swollen diaper sagged between his legs, making his knees wobble. He sat down with a rather noticeable squish and blushed. A lone candle, still flickering in the night, provided them their only bit of light to see by. One his one side, another Little, with shaggy blonde hair and green eyes that practically glowed in the dark. He spun a small crowbar and tucked it behind him on his suit. He knelt down next to the other boy, spun him around, and hooked a clawed finger into the zipper on his back. The sound of the zipper opening filled the room and soon the fabric was spilling off the small boy. Neither made a sound as the clawed figure, cloaked in black, shredded the diaper off next. “Nelson your real name?” he asked finally. The Little boy nodded and hung his head. “You’re safe now, Nelson,” a female voice assured him. The other figure knelt down and caught his chin with her hand. She offered him a smile. Dressed near head to toe in a bright red getup, her dark hair pulled into pigtails tied there with ribbons. “There won’t be any more nurseries in your future.” She glanced at her companion and took out a small red and black polka dotted yoyo. “Time to purify,” she murmured as she dragged her finger up the center. The front of the yoyo split open and a soft white light spilled from it. She took a deep breath, then turned it upside down over Nelson’s head. They all watched as a glowing white dust showered over his head. “What is that stuff?” the boy yelped, then his hands flew to cover his mouth. “My…my lisp!” The girl smiled and nodded. “Gone. You can walk properly again too.” “And hold it,” the other boy stated with a grin. “Useful stuff.” “Nelson, listen very closely. You’re going to go upstairs where there’s a little kitchenette. There’s a box in the cupboard by the stove. You’ll find proper clothes there, some rations. Squat down here a day or two. Someone will come for you. An associate. An Amazon. You can trust him. You’ll know it’s him when he comes in, talking about a fetching a lost teddy bear, okay? He’s going to take you far from the city. A place where you can start over, live freely. You mustn’t leave this warehouse until he comes for you, not for anything, okay?” Nelson hesitated and for a moment, the girl thought he might argue. Then he simply nodded. “Okay. Thank you,” he added. He didn’t wait around, simply scurried off in the direction of the stairs. The girl, still crouched on the ground, shook a little more dust into her hand and blew on it. “Miraculous ladybug,” she whispered. She watched it glow, the red and white swirling from her hands to race off into the night. It would repair any damage, simultaneously destroy any evidence. She grinned at the thought of the baffled looks the police would wear. Oh well. “Job well done, as always Milady.” The girl grinned and rose to her feet. Her associate was holding out a hand. She clenched her fingers into a fist and bumped it against his. “Pound it,” she agreed warmly. “Feel like a little rooftop celebration?” the boy inquired with a grin. “Under the stars, the moon. What’s not to love?” She rolled her eyes at his romantic advancements. A flirt, she’d decided long ago. Nothing more. Still, she trusted him with her life, as she knew he did with hers. Her thoughts were pulled from her as a soft beeping sounded in her ear. She brought a hand do cup one of the earrings in her lobes, watched him twist his ring uncomfortably. “Looks like we’re running low on time. Perhaps another night, Chat Noir,” she decided, offering him a kind smile. She liked him well enough, but it was imperative they knew nothing of their real identities. She stepped up on the window ledge and swung her yoyo until it pulled taunt on a pole a good distance away. “Bug out.” With the final statement, she swung out the window and off into the night. Well then....been a while since I've written a chapter, much less posted anything. I'm kinda surprised that this came from my brain, I haven't written fanfiction in a LONG time. Like, a really really long time, but oh well. It's how I started off back then, so perhaps it's fitting that it's how I'll get back into writing now. That said, I am so feeding my guilty pleasure here. I am a mega nerd when it comes to Disney and animation and all the wonderful things on the memory lane of childhood. Miraculous Ladybug is a show a friend of mine recently got me into and I will curse her name till the end of my days for it, because I'm shipping characters and raging out like crazy at this adorable kids superhero show. But you know what? The characters are literally adorable idiots and I've come to decide they'd be freaking wonderful Littles, and the diaper dimension rather fits them nicely for it, so here's an AU story about vigilantes with magic powers seeking to liberate Littles from cribs and the detectives soon to be hot on their tails. As a side note, yes, Ladybug's abilities are way off in this. I kinda had to rework her a little so it all made sense, since there's no akumas to catch in this. Anyways, to everyone who knows the show, *Fist bump*. To those who don't: go watch it, it's great (Though, start with the origin episodes 'Stoneheart' as it actually makes the show easier to follow than starting at ep 1 does). And if you don't wanna watch it....well, it is AU so I don't think you need too much knowledge of the show to read this, as I am reworking the characters and abilities a bit so I'll touch on a lot of the lore. Disclaimer though. (Wow, have not done one of these in a while either) MLB and it's characters are obviously not mine and the wonderful minds behind it deserve all the credit there. I'm just having some fun writing this story. Also, totally a working title. I'm open to better suggestions on what to call this, lol. Have a great day everyone. Littles - stay out of trouble you naughty things. -Kwoceans
  7. So I couldn't help but be inspired, after BabySofia kind of enshrined this piece with a reference in "Exchanged", to continue on with the story. Hope you guys like the latest chapter, I think it adds a number of interesting wrinkles to be ironed out later... Forward "I'm Eileen Vaux, WILY News, and these are the top stories of the day. At Municipal High Court today, Pauletta Keaira has been convicted of first degree murder in the brutal slaying of her adopted mother, Miranda Guilory. The ruling has sparked both celebration and outrage, as Pauletta's family and friends have repeatedly clashed with CAMOL demonstrators outside the courthouse during the proceedings. Let's go to Tate Cozbi, who is on the scene." "Thank you, Eileen. It took a mere 47 minutes for the jury to find Miss Keaira guilty, sparking an outcry from her supporters and promises from CAMOL representatives to appeal. I've been told Miss Keaira's own testimony was the biggest blow to her case, as she admitted on the stand that, at the time of the killing, Miss Guilory was only preparing to administer punishments that Miss Keaira had already received in the several months she'd been living with Miss Guilory. In his closing argument, Prosecutor Daniel Hegarty insisted that Miss Keaira was therefore not in life-threatening danger when she stabbed Miss Guilory, and therefore must be found guilty." "Now we've heard previously from CAMOL officials who have said that Amazonian law does not grant the same rights to adopted Littles that it does to Amazonian children when it comes to abuse, is this correct?" "Yes, Eileen. In fact, one of the major issues raised by the defense in this case was the fact that Miss Keaira was adopted against her will, which stripped her of the rights she had as an adult free Little, but then she was not protected under child welfare law while under Miss Guilory's care, and after she killed Miss Guilory, she was then tried as an adult." "And how have legislators responded to this watershed case?" "Well, the prime minister has urged Parliament to draft some sort of legislation that at least provides a measure of consistency for adopted Littles, but there is fierce debate right now over what exactly that should look like. CAMOL, of course, is demanding that what it terms as kidnapping of Free Littles be banned, but lawmakers are hesitant to make such a sweeping change." "Thank you, Tate. I have with me here in the studio Malinda Attor, president of the pro-adoption group ELNAP, to discuss the verdict. Malinda, what is your official position on the matter?" "Thank you, Eileen. We at Every Little Needs A Parent believe that this tragic situation could easily have been avoided if the law viewed Littles the way everyone else already does, as children." "Could you elaborate on that position, Malinda? How do you feel the law should handle Littles?" "Well, Eileen, if it weren't that so many of these so-called Free Littles get these ideas in their heads that they're adults and should have the same rights as Amazonians, they would accept their place in society as being in need of caretaking by loving Amazon parents and be happy when an Amazon takes pity upon them and adopts them. We believe strongly that Miranda Guilory would still be alive today, and that none of what CAMOL is calling child abuse would have happened if Pauletta weren't so convinced by Free Little brainwashing that she were a grown woman capable of taking care of herself. It's high time Parliament put an end to this insanity, and we at ELNAP intend to do everything in our power to make sure it happens." "So how do you propose Parliament rectify the situation?" "Very simply, Littles don't belong in adult Amazon society. Right now, when they reach age 20, they're assumed to be adults just like Amazons, and they can get jobs and sign leases and borrow money and a whole lot of other responsibilities they are just not capable of handling. Every time we turn around Littles are getting mugged, raped, and all sorts of horrible things because they just aren't capable of taking care of themselves! They can't drive, they need special accomodations in their apartments, I mean, come on, a Little needs to carry a ladder with her to go grocery shopping, else she has to ask every stranger in the store to get her anything that isn't on the bottom shelf!" "But that's just a size issue, Malina, surely you're not suggesting..." "There's an old saying about that, Eileen. It goes, 'I used to have the same problem, but I grew out of it.'" "Thank you, Malina. Miss Keiara is currently being held without bail pending her sentencing hearing on Thursday. I'm Eileen Vaux, and this is WILY News." 1 "This is a bad idea, that's all I'm saying." His voice has grated on your nerves for the last two months, but none as severely as today. "Dammit, Mike," you huff back as you snatch the blazer, slacks, blouse, and personal care kit out of his hands, "we wouldn't BE here if that bitch had respected the fact that I'm a grown fucking woman, not a child!" "Paulie, I'm your lawyer. I'm trying to look out for you here. The DA is seeking the death penalty. You wear that suit and they'll see a grown woman who killed someone and deserves to face justice! I can have my wife bring one of my daughter's old dresses in a few minutes here, and they'll see what we were trying to show them all along, a confused little girl who..." "I'm NOT a confused little girl, Mike! I'm twenty-one years old, and before I got kidnapped by that psycho, I had my own goddamned LIFE!" And with that, you storm into the ladies' room. Well, you storm towards the ladies' room, but you have to ask the bailiff that has been charged with making sure you don't disappear to open the huge door for you. Which doesn't improve your mood any. You find an unoccupied stall and, after a couple of hops, manage to flip the lock on the door to keep it closed while you strip away that awful orange jumpsuit. God, that thing made you look like a rotten carrot with your straight brown hair flopping all over the place. The feel of the sleek silk blend on your legs as you slide the pants on is, in a word, glorious, after two months in that horrible polyester thing preceeded by another two in... well, you don't really even want to think about how many days and nights you spent in that wretched plastic nightmare. One great thing about solitary confinement; the only distractions to regaining your bladder control were in your head. After donning the blouse and blazer, you do the best you can with your hair and makeup in the reflection from the toilet paper dispenser. If they're determined to martyr you, well by god, you're going to go out proud, and everyone in that courtroom is going to know that you're not some inferior being fit only to be treated like a helpless infant. If this is your destiny, then you're going to meet it with a roar, not a whimper! Full of bluster, you turn to unlock the stall and, of course, have to hop a few times to knock the latch loose. Undaunted, you strut toward the door and... pound on it as hard as you can. The wind rushes right out of your little sails of fury as Mike opens the door from the other side, and you meekly step back out into the lobby under his outstretched arm. "You look good, Paulie," he says with a sigh. "Let's get this over with." The courtroom has taken on a degree of uncomfortable familiarity, and it has indeed bred contempt within you as you scramble your way into the defendant's chair, adorned with that loathsome plastic booster seat. You hate this stupid booster. Six months ago, you didn't have to use these stupid things. Six months ago, you were about to be a woman, a legal adult, a respected member of the community in Amaratos, the island that seems so impossibly far away now. "Pauletta," he said, his face devoid of emotion, "I'm going to ask you once more." "Don't bother!" you shriek. "I'm not marrying that pig, Papa! I'm not going to spend the rest of my life being miserable just so you can feel like you're a big shot! Tomorrow I'll be twenty, and you'll no longer have control over my life!" The argument last night was fierce, and you prepared yourself for this moment, knowing it was going to come to this. Your clothes are already packed, and what little cash you were able to save is already safely hidden in your stocking. It's not even a surprise when he announces, "Then go. Go and never return." You dash to your room as Mama begins to blubber and beg and plead with him, grabbing the gym bag you stuffed to bursting last night and storming toward the door. "Pauletta, please, listen to your father!" she begs as you brush past, pulling loose from her grasp. What you weren't expecting was what happens when you step outside. The beautiful sunshine is doused almost immediately, the very second you walk through that door and into what you believed to be your freedom. Just that quickly, you're upside down, disoriented, and you quickly realize you're in a sack made of fine mesh and canvas. The mesh enables you to look straight ahead, not to mention breathe, but all you see is the back of whoever it was that snatched you, and the first thing you realize is that this person is much, much bigger than anyone you've ever seen. You hear your mother bawling even louder as a deep voice not connected to the person carrying you says, "Sign here." "I'm sorry that I failed to raise you propertly, Pauletta," your father booms. "Perhaps the Amazons can do better." "PAPA! NO! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" you scream as you kick and struggle vainly within the bag. Confused, terrified, but most of all angry, your last words to your father are, "I HATE YOU! I HOPE YOU DIE!" as you're thrown roughly into the back of a large vehicle. A series of doors slam, the engine jumps to life, and off you go into a kind of hell you never imagined possible... 2 "All rise for the Honorable Stephen Nechus!" the bailiff booms. You startle at the announcement, though you've heard it so many times before, and nearly lose your balance as you hurriedly spring up out of the booster and shift your legs out to the edges of the chair to find footing. The foul old man in the black robe shuffles to his seat silently, and the courtroom settles to the crack of his gavel. The entire trial he has treated you alternately with condescension and disdain, and at this point you're sick to death of him. Mike explained how this hearing was going to go; basically it's duelling psychologists, the prosecution's shrink making the case that you were of completely sound mind when you stabbed Miranda and are a lost cause now, while Mike's shrink trying to convince the judge that you were under extreme duress and that, with rehabilitation, you will no longer be a danger to society. Mike was rather vague, however, about what exactly "rehabilitation" meant, only that the goal was to get you into protective custody and that you'd be spending a pretty long time under the care of a psychiatrist. "Call your first witness, Mister Hagerty," the judge says disinterestedly. The DA rises and states, "I call Doctor Isaiah Machlon." Another white-haired old fool. You recall the hours you spent filling out his stupid little multiple-choice tests. He barely spoke to you in the visiting area, just glaring at you as you checked off box after box after box. He steps into the witness box, a folder in his hand, and is sworn in. The DA asks him about his findings, and he dryly begins to read straight from one of the pages in his little folder, babbling on and on about how you're "antisocial" and "passive-aggressive" and "narcissistic", and that you're likely to be "refractory to treatment" due to an "inability to recognize or admit flaws" and a "mistrust of authority figures". Your blood boils as he heaps on what you perceive as insult after insult, but you do your best to maintain a calm exterior. Still, your fists clench almost of their own accord as the old bastard deems you a poor candidate for treatment and at high risk for "recidivism" if they ever let you out. The DA sits back down, and Mike begins his cross. "How much time did you spend with the defendant during your examination?" he asks. "Four hours." "What tests did you administer?" He ticks off half a dozen different acronyms, a nearly smug look on his face. "That's quite an extensive battery," Mike says. Where the hell is he going with this? "I do my best to be thorough in my examinations." "Seems to me you didn't leave much time for an actual conversation. How long did you spend actually talking to the defendant?" "Well," he stammers, clearly blindsided by the question. "I... I don't see much need in trying to talk to a Little. It's common knowledge they're all pathological liars!" "Common knowledge?" Mike asks incredulously. "Do you have some sort of studies to support this assertion?" "Well, no, I just..." "It's fine, I'll concede your point. Yet, you had the defendant spend four hours answering questions on a test believing that she is incapable of telling the truth? How do we know she answered your questionnaires honestly? How can you put any stock in your assessment of her psychological profile knowing that she probably lied on all the questions?" "Well... I mean..." "Objection!" the DA shouts. "Argumentative!" "Sustained," the judge says. "Withdrawn. Nothing further, your honor." Mike struts back to your table confidently, and the shrink just scowls at him, then you, until the judge dismisses him. The DA seems unphased by the demolition of his expert, and you realize why rather quickly as he comes back to his feet. "I call Joseph Keaira," he announces. Your blood runs cold as you see your father rise from the back of the gallery and make his way to the stand. He's sworn in, and the DA has him introduce himself. "Mister Keaira," he begins, "Is it true that you signed the adoption papers allowing the defendant to be adopted by Miranda Guilory?" "I did," your father replies. "Why did you do that?" "Pauletta was promised to be married to Ernesto Vahan. The marriage was arranged when they were both very young." "But she refused to marry him, is that correct?" "She did. The night before their wedding, she told me she wouldn't do it. So, rather than allow my family's reputation to be sullied in our village, I sold her to the exporters and promised her younger sister to Ernesto." They continue their back and forth, but you're lost now, lost in the back of that truck again... "Please, I have money, I'll pay you more than whatever he did!" you plead as the truck rumbles along over the dirt road, bouncing you around in the sack. "I don't think you understand, little girl," one of them laughs. "He didn't pay us, we paid HIM! But when we get where we're going, we'll be getting a LOT more!" "Please, I'll give you all I have, just let me go!" "Where is it?" he asks. "It's... it's in my stocking!" The truck comes to a stop, and you feel a glimmer of hope. One of them begins fiddling with the top of the sack. "Now you be a nice little girl and don't be trying to kick me!" he says. He grabs your ankle and peels back your sock, snatching the small bundle of bills you had tucked away. "Pretty nice, little one. Thanks for the tip!" he laughs as he roughly shoves your ankle back and presumably recloses the sack. "NO! You BASTARDS!" you shriek as you kick at the top of the bag in vain. As you squirm and kick, you feel the bag once more being hoisted up, and you stop to try and peek out through the mesh. You catch a whiff of salt air, and you realize you're at the shoreline. Now you're desperate, in a full panic, and you start to weep. "Please, just let me go! Please! I didn't do anything wrong!" "Aw, poor baby," the other one sneers. "You made her cry, you heartless bastard!" You hear their boots thud onto wooden planks, and you're dropped roughly. You must be on a boat now. "Where are you taking me?" you whimper. "Don't worry, little one. You're gonna have a nice new home soon. The giants will take good care of you." The engine springs to life, and you lie there and sob quietly as you motor toward a place you've only heard of in your mother's warning fables when you were a tiny girl. You honestly believed that's all they were, just fables, but now... 3 "So, Mister Keiara, is it fair to say Pauletta's disdain for authority has been present since early childhood?" "Oh, she was always in trouble. Teachers, principals, myself and other family members, it didn't matter. She did what she wanted, consequences be damned. We tried everything. No punishment would deter her, no promise of a reward would coax her. I hoped getting her married a good young man from a prestigious clan would finally settle her down, having a family of her own and children to raise might change her, but when she refused to honor our family's promise to the Vahans, I knew it was hopeless." "Thank you, Mister Keiara. Your witness." The DA offers a smug grin your direction as he heads back to his seat, and you scowl back. Unbelievable, that your own father would betray you like this. "I have no questions for this witness," Mike says flatly. You look at him, stunned, but he just puts a hand on your back and mouths the words, "Relax, I got this." The DA calls both of Miranda's parents, to no one's surprise, and they both tearfully talk about what a wonderful person she was, and how she just wanted to love me and care for me, and that I was just impossible to deal with, that I fought her constantly, that they couldn't believe how ungratedul I was. And Mike doesn't cross-examine either of them. By the time they're done, you can practically feel the needle they're going to stick in your arm. And your so-called attorney is just sitting there and letting it happen. "I have no more witnesses," says the DA. "Go ahead, Mister Antonino." Mike stands up. "I call Doctor Ivan Metzger to the stand." The other shrink that spent an enormous amount of time with you. In fact, he made three trips. Except he really didn't do much in the way of testing, just asked a parade of questions, most of which seemed completely irrelevant to the trial or even your life. The old coot steps to the witness box and is sworn in. After he gives his credentials, Mike begins. "What are your thoughts on Doctor Machlon's assessment of my client?" "Between his obvious personal bias and the outdated testing procedures, that's exactly the conclusion at which I'd expect him to arrive." "You spent a pretty fair amount of time with Pauletta as well, didn't you?" "A total of nine hours over the course of three days." "And what is your assessment?" "There is no doubt that Miss Keiara suffers from numerous personality disorders, but to say that she's untreatable is foolishness." "How would you approach treatment if she were your patient?" "Intensive therapeutic support, focusing first on behavioral modifications, then, once rapport had been established, extensive cognitive reconfiguration. I'd accomplish this with both medication and direct behavioral therapy sessions centered around constantly challenging her perceptions of herself, other people, and the world around her." "So, psychiatric hospitalization?" "Not at all. I'd keep her in a residential setting with a guardian ad-litem with extensive experience in specifically interfacing with Littles. Her social skills are extremely weak; a hospital would be a poor milieu for addressing that deficiency. No, in fact, challenging her with difficult public situations would be a critical component of the treatment plan." "Wouldn't there be a concern for violent outbursts, considering her history?" "Miss Keiara is certainly oppositional-defiant, but violence is a tool of last resort for her. Even what happened with Miss Guilory wasn't an outburst, but a desperate, though calculated, response to what she perceived as an extreme threat." "Surely you're not justifying her behavior as self-defense, are you?" The DA furrows his brows as Mike asks this question. You wonder if Mike just stole his thunder for his planned cross-examination. "Not at all. Her perceptions are distorted, built from years of ineffectual authority in her life setting weak limits and failing to follow through on them, from her parents to her educators. Her mother was an enabler; any time Pauletta's father or any other authority figure tried to implement some sort of discipline, her mother would be right there to either help her escape it or otherwise diminish it. Limits are completely flexible and ambivalent in her mind as a result, and this is one of the key components that must be addressed in any sort of successful treatment plan. She must learn boundaries, and she must learn to embrace, rather than disdain, authority figures and discipline in her life." You find yourself biting your lip unconsciously as you stew over his assessment. Condescending bastard. And this is supposed to help how? "Okay, let's cut to the chase, then. How long do you think such a treatment program would take to complete?" "Depending on Miss Keiara's level of compliance, I'd estimate somewhere between 30 and 60 days to reach a stage where the court would be satisfied with her condition." "So, an Observation would be the acid test?" "Absolutely." "Do you know of someone who would be willing to take Pauletta on as a patient for such a treatment plan?" "A volunteer has already stepped forward. Due to the publicity surrounding the trial and potential security issues, I must keep his name anonymous, but he is similarly credentialed to me, a graduate of a very prestigious medical university with over two decades' experience in the field." "Thank you, Doctor. Nothing further." Mike walks back to the table with a smile, but you're even more confused. The DA stands. "Doctor Metzger, you just elucidated to us that Miss Keiara was responding to what she saw as an extreme threat when she murdered Miss Guilory, isn't that correct?" "I did." "So what stops her from responding to this treatment plan you've elucidated in similar fashion? What assurance do you have for the court that I won't be trying her for another murder before you can 'fix' her?" "Very simple. When she came into Miss Guilory's care, she was quite literally kidnapped by force from a familiar environment, brought here to the mainland, and deposited at Miss Guilory's door. She was already severely traumatized by this experience. Miss Guilory's administration of what we perceive as fairly normal discipline for a noncompliant Little just scared the poor girl even more, not to mention Miss Guilory's insistence on forcing the most infantile treatment on her right away. It was shock after shock to her system, and the more she fought, the more intense Miss Guilory's disciplinary actions became, to the point where we can all agree that, were she doing it to her own child, she would be facing charges of abuse right now." Well, for all his condescension, at least he's offering some vindication here. Until the DA pipes up and asks, "Your Honor, I move to strike. This was all pontification, and none of it answered my question." "Objection!" Mike speaks up. "Overruled. The witness' last statement shall be stricken from the record." Smugly, the DA continues. "So you're saying Miss Keiara is going to suddenly just comply with treatment?" "To a certain extent, here, she doesn't have much alternative. It's quite literally a choice of being compliant, spending the rest of her life in prison, or possibly being executed." "Aren't you concerned about her giving lip service, you know, just going through the motions?" "Sir, we're not speaking of talk therapy here. Lip service will be quite impossible, simply because the therapist will be interfacing with her constantly, around the clock. She couldn't possibly keep her guard up for an entire month." You know what's happening here. And, the fact is, you don't really want to die. But all these vague references to "intensive therapy" and "boundaries" and "discipline" aren't exactly reassuring. The DA badgers the doctor a while longer, but he's unflappable, really, and finally the DA gives up. Mike stands. "No more witnesses, your honor." You're stunned. His whole case for sparing you from the death penalty is a shrink with a nefarious-sounding plan to "fix" you?! "Thirty minute recess while I make my decision," the judge says, just as disinterested as he's been the whole trial. Once again, the crowd stands, and the judge shuffles back into his hobbit-hole. "I told you I had it," Mike says. "You call that 'having it'? Really? I don't know what river you're trying to sell me down with this whole therapy thing, but that judge looked like he didn't give two fucks about anything that was said!" You're trying to keep your voice down, but the frustration is starting to boil over. "He always looks like that, Paulie. I've tried fifty cases in front of him, and never once has his face been anything but stone unless someone really pissed him off. Trust me, if you had pissed him off, you'd know it, and we'd be up the creek." "You know what? Whatever, Mike. It's been out of my hands since the second I left my parents' place. Why would I believe I'd have any control over it now? If he comes back in here and sends me to my death, there won't be anything I can do about that either. Fuck it." "Well, if that's the closest to relaxing I can get you, I'll have to take it." "It is, Mike. It is." 4 "Misters Antonino and Hagerty and Doctor Metzger," the bailiff calls out suddenly. "The judge has requested you all in chambers." Your eyes widen, but Mike puts a hand on your shoulder and whispers, "It's okay, Paulie. This is a good thing. It means he's giving serious consideration to rehab over prison." He rises along with the DA and the doctor, and they all head into the door held open by the bailiff. It closes, and you're left alone in the front of the court, feeling the eyes of the gallery on you, especially the eyes of Miranda's parents, their hateful stares, full of fury and a lust for revenge. The same fiery look that Miranda herself wore every time you defied her, the one that disappeared so quickly when... It's early yet, but you know you can't wait too long. You had such incredible luck last night, managing to steal the little paring knife from where she carelessly dropped it while putting the dishes away. This may be your last chance for freedom, and you can't squander it. You played the role last night so well, showing her just enough affection to convince her that she had finally broken you, all while that knife sat hidden in your sleeper, safely tucked in the sleeve. She was so full of joy when she put you in the crib for the night, pulling you in close and rubbing noses with you before lying you on your back, and you played right along with her, accepting that horrible pacifier without a fight so she wouldn't strap it down again, giving her a sugary little "Goo-nye Mommy, I lub oo" from behind it. She grinned like an idiot as she stared down and responded, "I love you too, my precious little baby girl!" Now is your opportunity. The stage is set. Waiting for her to wake would be disastrous; you need every advantage you can get to pull this off, and her being half-asleep will be a decisive edge. You work yourself up into the most pitiful, sad-sounding cry you can, waiting patiently for her to show up at your door, the pommel of the knife in your hand, blade pointed back toward your wrist, hidden inside the cuff of the sleeper. You toss that miserable pacifier through the bars of the crib and onto the floor; with any luck she'll pick you up before she sees it. She arrives, bleary-eyed but smiling. "What's wrong, baby girl? Did you wake up all wet and icky?" "Pee-pee, Mommy!" you whimper, calming your whining down to a sniffle. "Mommy get that nasty wet old diaper off you!" she coos, hoisting you up and draping you across her left shoulder. She always puts you on her left side, so her right hand stays free. "Binky, Mommy!" you whine. "Binky!" "Oh did you drop your binky too? Let's see if we can find it." She looks in the crib, then down to the floor. "There it is!" she exclaims, bending down. This is the moment. Adrenaline rushes through you as she bends over; it's a short fall from here, far shorter than if she were standing. Quick as lightning, you flip the blade around as her hand makes contact with the rubber nipple. It slides into the side of her neck so easily; you landed the perfect shot, right into her esophagus. She drops you and reaches for her neck, her eyes a picture of horror as she gasps for air. Blood nearly sprays over everything as she pulls the blade out. She staggers back, coughing and choking, drowning in her own blood now as her hand futilely covers the wound. The crib, the floor, her nightie, and you, all covered in blood, and you lay there and watch her. She drops onto her backside, her eyes lock on you, and she starts to reach toward you with her free hand. You crawl backward, backing up against the wall as she falls forward, and you watch the light fade from her eyes as she coughs up more blood, drooling it out over her chin like garishly red spittle. Her hand reaches your foot, but there's no strength left, and it flops uselessly across your shin as her last breath leaks out and her head drops awkwardly sideways onto the floor, her eyes still open in a picture of shock. You shiver for a moment, stunned at what you've wrought, a pang of guilt rising at your deception. A bloody price you just paid for the promise of freedom. A solitary tear slips from your eye as the full weight of your deed falls upon you... "All rise!" the bailiff commands once again. Out comes the judge, followed by the three men who negotiated your fate. The judge sits; the rest of you do likewise. "It is this court's opinion," the judge booms, "that the defendant's actions were premeditated, meticulously planned, and devoid of remorse. For that alone, she is truly deserving of the supreme penalty under the law!" You cringe. They failed you, your lawyer and that wretched doctor. A white-hot ball of lead sits in your belly as you wait for your destiny to be pronounced. "However," he continues, "let it also be acknowledged that this court is not only just, but merciful. A plan has been laid before me to afford the defendant one last chance to prove herself fit to exist in our society, and it is a plan that I hereby approve. The defendant shall appear at the Maritonia Psychiatric Center in thirty days for a formal Observation, after which she will be brought before this court for a formal accounting of her condition. If she is demonstrated to no longer be a danger to society, she will be remanded to the guardianship of the doctor who will be treating her between now and in the future. Otherwise, she will be scheduled for execution by lethal injection as soon as is expedient. Court is adjourned!" His gavel crashes down, and the gallery erupts. "BAILIFFS! CLEAR THE COURTROOM!" he shouts over the din. From within the chaos of the crowd you hear Miranda's mother scream, "I'LL SEE YOU DEAD, YOU LITTLE BITCH!" "Come on," Mike says, swooping you up into his arms. "We gotta get you out of here now!" He walks swiftly out a side entrance and down several halls, snaking deeper into the courthouse, down the paths toward the holding cell area. "What the hell is happening?!" you bark, but he doesn't answer. "Mike?!" "You'll be safe soon enough. Just trust me." You take little solace from his answer as the hallways blur by. Soon you find yourself in a parking garage, and you're being handed off to a tall, middle-aged giant. "Mike?! Where are you going?!" "I'll see you in a month, Paulie!" he says. "We'll be fine soon, Pauletta," the mysterious stranger says. "I'll explain once we get into the car." He strides over to a black SUV with darkly tinted windows and hoists you into a booster in the back seat, scanning the parking lot before he closes the door, then quickly jumps into the driver's seat. "I'm Artis," he says, firing up the engine and throwing it into gear. "Artis Barrett. I'm here to try and save your life." 5 "Eilieen Vaux, WILY News. We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news from Municipal High Court in the case of Pauletta Keiara, convicted last week of the brutal slaying of her adopted mother, Miranda Guilory. We're going live right now to Tate Cozbi outside the courthouse." "Thank you Eileen. Tate Cozbi, WILY News here. The scene here outside Municipal High Court is absolute mayhem right now, with both pro-adoption and pro-Littles-rights advocates outraged at Judge Nechus' decision in the sentencing hearing today on the convicted murderer, Pauletta Keiara. Police have formed a wall between the two crowds, and I'm told thirty-five people have already been made in conjuction with some violent clashes between the protestors today. I'm here with the parents of the victim, Miranda Guilory. Mr. Guilory, how do you feel right now about the judge's decision to allow for an Observation?" "My daughter deserves justice, and that [beep] stole it from her! The idea that Pauletta Keiara might go completely unpunished for what she did is inconceivable!" [scream from the crowd behind] "MIRANDA WAS AN ABUSIVE [beep]! SHE DESERVED WHAT SHE GOT!" [crowd noise intensifies] [Mr. Guilory] "GO TO HELL you [beep]!" [turns back to the mic] "Miranda went through all the proper legal channels to adopt that little psycho in there. She was a loving, caring woman who wanted nothing more than to embrace that [beep] as her own. Pauletta is a rabid animal, and she deserves to be put down!" [Mrs. Guilory speaks up] "My daughter did everything right by the system, and now the system has failed her! That [beep] in there deserves to die for what she did!" [Tate turns back to the camera] "Well, there you have it, Eilieen." "Indeed, some pretty strong emotions, Tate. I understand there is a whole other controversy surrounding the case at this moment as well?" "There is, Eileen. Pauletta's current wherabouts are unknown at this point as she was whisked away from the courtroom today. I'm led to understand that only four people know the identity of the person who currently has custody of Pauletta, that being the judge, the two attorneys in the case, and defense witness Doctor Ivan Metzger. So far, none of those parties have commented on the situation, but with the chaos going on out here, I have to presume all the secrecy is to protect both Pauletta and her caretaker from potential harm." "Thank you, Tate. A tense scene outside Municipal High Court, for certain. Join us again on the five o-clock news this evening, where we'll have Parliament member Tony Braen, CAMOL leader Benjamin Nabal, and director of the National Organization for the Care of Orphaned Littles, Alexander Dowling in studio for a roundtable discussion. I'm Eileen Vaux with Tate Cozbi, WILY News. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming." As the truck lurches out from the parking garage and into daylight, you finally organize your thoughts enough to speak. "Who are you and where are we going?!" you ask, suppressing your panic and indignance over being passed around like a hot potato. "I'm the doctor who has been assigned to get you ready for Observation," he says. "And right now we're headed to a safe house." "I don't understand! What is all this observation crap?! Why can't I just go home?!" You can't help but feel like everything is happening around you and that you're little more than a helpless observer. "Look, Pauletta, I'm a member of CAMOL, so..." "I don't even know what that IS!" you plead. "It's an advocacy group that's trying to prevent what happened to put you here in the first place. Please, will you let me explain?" "Okay..." "As I was saying, there are a lot of us who would love nothing more than to get you out of here and back to your island, but to do that would cost me and your lawyer our licenses to practice and probably land us both in prison for a long time. So we've got to play ball with the court." "So why all the rushing around and secrecy?" "There are people out there who want to kill you, Pauletta. Me too, if someone found out who I was and that you were in my custody." "None of this makes sense! I was kidnapped, dumped in some apartment with this crazy person who decided to try and dress me and treat me like an infant, beat me and locked me in dark rooms and all sorts of other horrible things to get me to go along with it, and because I fought back, suddenly everyone wants to kill me? How is this even right?!" "You really don't understand how Amazon society works, do you?" "No, I don't! I don't get any of this! I mean, my mother used to tell me, 'you'd better behave or we'll send you off to the giants!', but that was supposed to just be a scare thing, not reality!" "I hate to tell you this, Pauletta, but it's all true. Here on the mainland, Littles are 'adopted' by Amazons all the time. And they go through all of what you did and worse. They're sent to brainwashing centers where they're taught by force how to be compliant and act like babies. They get all their teeth taken out so they talk in baby talk all the time and so they can't bite when their adoptive mother wants to make them breastfeed. And they get tendons in their ankles cut so they can only crawl. Grown men have sex changes against their will. Women have their breasts removed. All so their Amazon 'parents' can have perfect little babies that never grow up." You're completely in shock now. "How...?!" "How is it legal?" he finishes for you. "Because here, few people think of Littles as anything more than children who never grow up. It's hard for a Little to get anything but the most menial work. Housing for free Littles is scarce. The law doesn't even acknowledge Littles, other than the right of Amazons to adopt them at will. It's a horrible, horrible place for a Little to be." "So what happens now?" you whimper, trembling as you try to process this nightmare. "Well, the immediate right now, I hate to tell you, is that we have to change your appearance. Your face is all over the national news right now, and if you're going to live long enough to make it to Observation, we need to make you blend in." "How are we going to do that?!" you ask, not really wanting to know the answer. "By making you look like my daughter." 6 "Now just hold on a minute!" you snap, panic giving way to indignation. "What the..." "Relax, Pauletta. We need you to be able to blend in, so we're going to just do a little makeover to give you more the appearance of an Amazon child." "I don't want to look like a kid, Abel, or Andy, or whatever your name is!" "Artis." "Okay, fine, Artis. Why can't we just change my hair color or something?!" "Because people will start connecting the dots if they see me suddenly turn up with a Little in tow. The only clues the press is going to have is what Doctor Metzger gave in his testimony. And my colleagues already know I live alone and have ever since my boyfriend passed a few years back." "Oh wow, you're gay?" "Yes. Does that bother you?" "No, actually. Means I don't have to worry about you being all creepy." "I'll try not to take offense to that suggestion. Anyway, I can put together a cover story about a niece coming to visit a lot easier than I can explain away a sudden decision to adopt a Little right about the time it leaks out that you're under the care of a renowned psychiatrist in a round-the-clock setting but not in a psychiatric hospital." "Ugh... Okay, I get it, I get it. So what exactly is this 'makeover' going to entail?" "We'll just redo your hair, change color, do a more little girl type of hairstyle, you know, probably change your eye color too. Of course, the court's going to demand a tracking implant, but you'll hardly notice that. I'll be getting one as well; you need to be within 100 feet of me at all times, or the police will be alerted immediately. There'll also be a plastic surgeon on hand to do some other minor things like make your cheeks and chin a little more chubby. I think your chest is okay as it is, so long as we lose the bra." You wince at his assessment of your breasts. Not that any of the women in your village were particularly busty to begin with, but you always felt self-conscious about how small yours were compared to other girls at school. "Yeah, thanks," you mutter back. "Oh, and we're going to have to figure out a new name for you, too. But that can wait until after the makeover." Well, at least it doesn't look like they're going to try and babify you like that bitch did the very second she laid eyes on you... After what seemed like hours, the boat finally thumps into a solid object. A dock, no doubt. You've long since run out of tears, and now you're just numb, the fear having given way to a cold resignation as you listened to one of the men converse on the phone to the person you figured was going to "handle" you once you made land. There's no way out of this; you're just going to have to face whatever fate is coming. "Alright, we got all the papers in order?" a new voice calls out as you hear heavy footfalls on wooden slats. "All right here," one of the familiar ones says. "Poor little twerp's gonna turn twenty tomorrow. Fat lot that'll do her now!" He laughs, as do the others, and suddenly you're back in the air, rising off the floor of the little boat, only to be set back down on the much more solid dock. "Here you go, then, five thousand. Keep 'em coming; I got plenty of customers lookin' for wild ones that ain't already been housebroken, ya know?" "You keep payin' in cash, and we'll keep bringin' 'em, don't you worry!" "So, is this one a scrapper?" "Nah, she struggled a bit in the beginning, tried to buy us off with half a hundred rupees. It'll help pay off the next frustrated parent or husband or whoever." "You just make sure and stay legal with 'em; I don't need us bein' in the middle of some political crisis over you snatchin' someone ain't supposed to be snatched." "Don't worry about us, you just keep the money comin'. We got another one to go pick up out on Gethsemane Island right now. Long goddamn boat ride ahead." "Well get gassed up and get goin', and call me when you're back in range. We'll just be off, then, won't we, little one?" With that, he hoists you up over his shoulder. "Off we go then," he says cheerily. Through the mesh, you can see the figures of the two men in the boat fading away, huge men, six or more feet tall. As best as you can figure, this one is just as tall, bigger than any man you've ever seen on the island. What could these people possibly want with someone like you? As he hoists you into the back of another huge vehicle, your mind spins at the possibilities. Are you to be someone's servant girl? You imagine yourself scrubbing huge floors and standing on stepstools to wash dishes and prepare meals for these monsters. After a much longer but smoother ride than the one you experienced on the way to the boat, the vehicle lurches quickly, then comes to a stop. "Ride's over, little one!" he calls, and you hear what is presumably his door opening, then another door behind you shortly after. Back in the air you go, back over his shoulder. "They were right, you are quiet!" he says over the din of more vehicles passing by, the chatter of more people than you ever imagined possible in one place. You try to look through the mesh again, but somehow your position has shifted in the sack and you can no longer see. You're moving, is all you know, and the bustle of an enormous number of people is going on around you. It's not long before you come to a stop, and you hear a buzzer sound. "Hello?" a very deep, but distinctly female voice calls out, sounding almost like it came from a speakerphone. "Very special delivery for Miss Guilory," the man responds. Her pitch rises, and you can hear the excitement in her voice. "Wonderful! Come right up!" Another, louder buzzer sounds, and the man opens a door. The noise of the bustling streets is cut off, and now it's just his footfalls, seemingly going up a number of stairs. Another door opens. More footsteps. A knock on a door. The door opens. "Come in! Come in!" the almost giddy-sounding female speaks. Her tone changes again, almost scolding. "Oh the poor thing, was the bag really necessary?!" "They're quick little buggers," the man replies as he sets you down. "They'll take off on you in a second if you don't keep 'em wrapped up!" "Well let's see her, then!" "Right, right." The door closes, and you move a few more paces before you feel him fiddling with the bag, then turning you over and pulling it back over your head. The sight that greets you is terrifying; you thought these men were huge, looking six feet or more tall, but the woman that stands before you is positively enormous, easily nine feet or more! In a panic, your eyes dart around the room; it looks like normal furniture for a family room, but it's all sized for someone her height. You start to crawl backward away from the two towering figures, but you bump into something hard almost immediately. You turn and realize you've cornered yourself against a huge footstool, and you stop, trembling in fear. "Oh my god, she's adorable! What a tiny little thing! I thought you said she was full-grown?" the lady says, turning to the much shorter man. You feel incredibly self-conscious at your height, yes, you've always been short compared to the rest of the girls in the village, but at three and a half feet, the difference was never so stark as what you're feeling right now. "She is! Got the papers right here; she turns twenty tomorrow! You're a lucky one, Miss Guilory; lotta people would pay a tall premium to have a tiny one like this." She turns back toward you. "Oh and that sad little pauper dress! Did you sew that yourself, sweetie?" she asks, leaning down and grasping the hem as you cower before her. "N...no... my mother made it for me," you manage, trembling. "Well don't you worry, little girl, Mummy's got plenty of pretty clothes for you to wear here, much nicer than this!" She rights herself and turns back toward the man, reaching into the pocket of her blazer and producing a huge wad of bills. "Here you are. Eight thousand, just as we agreed." The man takes the wad from her and begins quickly flipping through it. "Looks like it's all here. I'll just be on my way, then. Enjoy!" He picks up the empty sack and starts toward the entrance. She opens the door. For a second, you think about making a run for it, but both of them are directly in your path; you'd never make it. "Thank you so much! You've made a lonely woman very, very happy today!" she says as he steps out, and she quickly closes the door behind him, leaving the two of you presumably alone in this cavernous space. Your eyes are fixed on her as she struts toward you. "Stand up for Mummy now," she instructs. "Let's have a look at you." You nervously slide up the footstool, struggling to keep your legs from shaking. "That's a good girl," she says. She reaches behind you, and your eyes follow her arm, but you can't see what she grabs off a nearby end table, though you quickly figure it out as huge scissors suddenly appear at the shoulders of your dress and snip, snip, it falls away, leaving you in your underwear, even more terrified now. She takes your hand gently and pulls you into the room, examining you back and front. "Those mean old men didn't hurt you, did they, precious?" You shake your head. "Good. Poor thing, you must have been just terrified in that horrible sack all this time." Another snip, and your bra falls to the floor. You cover your chest with your arms in embarrassment, and she snips away your panties as well. You cross your legs in front of you, stumbling as you try to hide your nakedness from her. "Oh, don't you worry, you adorable little thing. Mummy will get some pretty clothes on you in just a minute," she says, setting the scissors back on the table and, without warning, snatching you right up around your middle. She sits down in an enormous rocking chair, holding you tightly in her lap. You finally find your voice as the two of you slowly rock back and forth. "Wh... what's going to happen to me?" you ask. "Don't you worry, baby, I'm going to take good care of you from now on," she says sweetly, reaching into her pocket with her free hand. "I... I'm not..." you start, before her hand flashes in front of your face and a huge mass of rubber finds its way into your mouth. "MMPH!" you squeal, squirming and kicking, but her powerful arm holds you fast, and her hand covers your mouth locking your head in place against her enormous chest. "Just relax, baby, just relax," she says. You hear a click, and suddenly the rubber is expanding in your mouth, pushing your cheeks out wide. "MMMMM MMMM MMMMM!!" you nearly scream through your nose, flailing away uselessly with your arms and legs. Her hand comes away from your face and wraps around your entire torso, pinning your arms at your sides. You shake your head, grunting and squealing, trying to rid yourself of this thing in your mouth, but it's so huge now you couldn't spit it out if you wanted to. Her other arm, meanwhile, has made it's way down to your legs, wrapping them up and holding them fast as she calmly continues to rock back and forth in the chair. "Just calm down, baby, calm down and let Mummy love on you," she says. You continue to thrash against her, but she's far too strong, and before long your adrenaline runs out, and fatigue takes over. Your eyes fill with tears as you finally realize that a huge pacifier is now stuck in your mouth, and you offer a weak, whiny, "Mmmmm," in protest. "That's a good baby," she says, a tone of approval in her voice. "Don't cry, baby. Mummy's not gonna hurt you." She shifts the one arm under your legs and hoists you up, cradling you in front of here as she stands and walks down a huge hallway, stopping at a slightly open door. "Time to get my baby dressed!" she coos as she kicks the door open gently. The sight that greets you is more horrifying than anything you imagined possible... 7 "Yeah, we're about 5 minutes out... No, I'm pretty sure we got out clean, no one following us that I can tell... Got it... See you then..." Artis hits the terminate button on his phone and sets it in the console. The city has dissolved away, replaced by the serenity of grasslands, wire fencing lining the road beside you, cows and horses dotting the lush landscape. "Where are we?" you ask. Dumb question, for sure, but at the same time, this is the first open space you've seen here since those bastards carried you off. "About ten miles outside the capital," Artis replies. "Not quite the middle of nowhere, but far enough away that the cameras and microphones aren't likely to catch up to us before we get you fixed up." Oh yes, "fixed up". That's a delicate way of putting it. "Do we really have to go this far with it?" you ask, already knowing the answer. "Can't we just dye my hair or something?" Even the thought of ruining your long chestnut locks with dye makes you shudder, but... "Trust me, Pauletta, you're not going to want the kind of attention that will happen if someone figures out who you are. Neither of us will." You let out a long, frustrated sigh. "I'll be glad when this month is over," you mutter. "Me too," he says as he turns down what looks like a dirt driveway off to the left. A short, bumpy ride later and you arrive at a sprawling ranch house with a huge barn adjacent. He pulls the truck into the barn, and someone pulls the door shut behind you, leaving only the light filtering in from a few windows to illuminate this suddenly very gloomy place. "Here we are," he says, opening his door and stepping out. You fidget a bit with the buckle on your booster, but you lack the strength to release the latch. He opens your door and pops it loose, then helps you down to the hay-strewn dirt floor of the cavernous building. He leads you out and over to the main house, and you're greeted at the door by a heavy-set blonde woman maybe a foot or so shorter than Artis, but still enormous compared to you, who hurries you both in quickly, looking around outside before closing the door. "Glad you made it, Artis. You must be Pauletta," she says, sizing you up. "I'm Arlene, and I'm a hairdresser, but this is my family's farm. My sister's a plastic surgeon, and she and I've been doing these kinds of 'makeovers' here for a good while now." "Is Jolie here yet?" Artis asks. "She is; she's just getting into her scrubs upstairs." She must have noticed you cringing at the word "equipment", because she cheerfully adds, "Don't worry, Pauletta, you'll be asleep for the whole thing, and when you wake up, I bet you won't even recognize yourself." "Yeah, that's the part I'm not really looking forward to," you say glumly. "I know, sweetie," she says. "But I promise you, Jolie and I will be delicate. Artis already told us what a tough patch you've been through here lately." "How soon does Doc want to get started?" Artis speaks up. "She'll be ready to go in a few minutes." She looks back down at you and extends a hand. "Come on upstairs with me?" Nervously, you take her hand, and she leads you through a galley kitchen and up a set of stairs with old-looking, beautifully carved white slats supporting a dark hardwood handrail. "Jolie's the plastic surgeon, but she's gonna just do some little touches here and there to soften up your features, and then it's all on me." You resist the urge to pull away as she runs her fingers through your hair. "You got beautiful, thick hair, Pauletta. I'm pretty jealous, you know?" "Thanks," you murmur, still feeling very uncomfortable with this whole process. "It's okay, I'd probably be pretty nervous if I were you too." The two of you reach the top of the stairs, and she guides you down a hall, stopping to knock on a door on the right. "Come on in, I'm ready!" a cheery voice calls from the other side. Arlene opens it and ushers you in. As much as you can tell from the shapelessness of the medical outfit she's wearing, Jolie looks trimmer than her sister, but also shorter, maybe eight feet tall, and she smiles broadly as you enter. "Been a while since we had such a petite client!" she chuckles. "Are you Pauletta?" You nod quietly, feeling increasingly self-conscious. She squats to her knees and puts a hand on your shoulder. "It's okay to be scared. We're gonna get you fixed up quick and on your way, maybe even this evening, if everything goes right. Have you eaten anything today?" "No, food's kinda been..." you start. "I doubt I'd have much of an appetite either," she affirms. "How about you get changed over there behind the curtain, and then we'll get started?" Silently you walk over to and behind a makeshift blind set up in the corner of the room, where a hospital gown awaits you on a footstool short enough for you to sit on it. You strip down to your bra and panties and slip the gown on, doing your best to tie it behind you, though you're sure you didn't do a very good job of it. With a sigh, you step back out from behind the blind. "Good, good. Let me give you a hand here," she says cheerily, hoisting you up onto the bed in the middle of the room. You lie down and manage to stifle a squeak as she pricks your arm with a needle, attaching it to an IV bag dangling above you. "Ready?" she asks softly. "As I'm ever gonna be," you answer. "Okay, I'd like you to start counting backward from 100," she says, picking up a syringe and inserting it into the IV line. A subtle rush of cold shoots through your arm as you begin to count. "One hundred, ninety nine, ninety eight, ninety..." Your eyes droop, and the room begins to dissolve. "seven, ninety..." You open your eyes. The IV is gone from your arm, replaced by a small cotton ball held on by a piece of tape. Your blouse and pants are back on as well, which feels very strange. What is even stranger is that it's not Jolie but Arlene standing over you now, grinning ear to ear. "How do you feel, sweetie?" "Uh... disoriented?" You look down your arms, your eyes stopping on your hands and wrists. They look softer, almost a little chubby. You wiggle your fingers; they feel fine. Are you imagining things? This couldn't be right. You try to look around, and you realize your cheeks seem more in your field of vision than they used to be. You reach back to touch your hair. There's no doubt, it's much, much shorter now, and it's... curly? You grab a strand and tug it in front of your eyes; it's... strawberry blonde?! "You ready to see?" Arlene asks. You nod nervously. No, you're not ready, you're terrified, but you HAVE to see... She picks up a large mirror from a nearby table and holds it in front of you. The face staring back, those bouncy curls, the girly little bangs, the chubby cheeks, the pouty little lips, this isn't you, is it?! This is a kindergartner's face! And her eyes... they're bright blue! Adorably cute, bright blue, mystified eyes. What happened to your deep, dark, brown eyes?! Your throat starts to close, and tears begin to form in your eyes. "I... I..." Words fail you. Everything that horrible woman tried to take from you, it's all gone in an instant. There is no more woman, just a little girl playing dress-up in this suit. A tear streaks down the little girl in the mirror's cheek, and her little lip trembles. "Oh, Pauletta," Arlene says, her face a picture of sympathy as she puts the mirror aside. "I know it's a big shock, but you really are beautiful." "A beautiful... toddler," you whimper. You want to be angry, but all you feel now is empty, like someone just scooped out all your guts with a melon baller and left you a pile of skin. A pile of skin with adorably chubby cheeks and bright glassy blue eyes, and a bob haircut that's just begging for a great big pink bow on top. How can you face the world like this? How can you be anything but ridiculous trying to be proud and dignified with a face like this?! "What time is it?" you finally manage, dropping your head into your chubby little hands. "Four thirty," comes Artis' deep, powerful voice from the doorway. "As soon as you're ready, we'll head for home or, well, what's going to be home for the next month or so anyway." 8 Eventually you recover, or at least you gather yourself enough to where you're ready to get the hell out of this house of horrors. The two women offer encouragement as you leave, but it's just more empty words to you, someone trying to convince you that they didn't just strip you of your womanhood and that you actually look nice as a four-year-old, which is exactly the opposite of what you want to hear. As you re-enter the barn, Artis pipes up, "How does Rosalita sound?" "Huh?" you ask, surprised and a bit confused. "Your name. I can't go around calling you Pauletta or Paulie all the time, it'll be a dead giveaway." "Oh sure," you shoot back. "You've already taken my identity away, I might as well give up my name!" "Okay, so you're still pretty upset about the makeover, I'm sorry. Maybe now wasn't the best time to bring it up." "Rosalita's fine," you grump as he helps you into the truck and gets in himself. Arlene opens the barn door once more, and you pull out into the dim light of the dusky evening. "Rosalita, or Rosie, or Rose. I'll probably interchange them depending on the situation. At some point here, you need to stop addressing me as Artis as well, but one step at a time, okay?" "Sure. Whatever." Apparently he's content not to pursue it further, because he falls silent as the dimming scenery outside whips by. After riding silently for a few minutes, you finally realize you have to try and get your mind off this horrible "makeover". "So what exactly is this rehab thing supposed to entail?" you ask. "Well, they're going to put you in a room and basically try to goad you into getting violent. Every button they can push, they're going to push it, to see if you snap." "So all I have to do is hold my temper and I'm good, right? That sounds easy enough." "Trust me, Pau... I mean Rosie, it's not as easy as it sounds. You and I are going to spend the next month getting you accustomed to dealing with the kind of stuff they're going to do to you." "That... suddenly sounds very ominous. Like, what are they going to do to me?" "Well, there'll be bullying, and humiliation, and degradation, and I won't be able to help you once you're in there. No one's going to beat you up, obviously, because self-defense is still self-defense, but rest assured, it'll come right to the very edge of that line." "So... what are we going to do to 'get me ready'?" This is all starting to sound increasingly uncomfortable. "All you need to do, Rosie, is remember that everything that happens between now and the Observation is part of the process that we need to go through, and just do your best to roll with it. I'll handle the rest, okay?" "Well... I guess..." you offer, not entirely convinced. You fall silent, regretting your decision to try and "change the subject". This is definitely worse, this anxiety not only about what's going to happen a month from now, but what's going to happen between now and then. The landscape begins to change again, fields and forests giving way to houses and buildings. "Are we back in the capital?" you ask. "No, this is Maritania, about twenty miles outside Guajiro. It's much quieter, but it's big enough to where we have access to everything we're going to need here. Tomorrow we'll probably be doing some shopping at the big mall at the edge of town." Again with the ominous vagueries, and something much more pointed to dread; your first public appearance pretending to be an Amazon kid. Without warning, he announces, "Oh, I nearly forgot, we need to stop a the pharmacy." Almost immediately he pulls into the parking lot of a building with a tattered old neon sign that announces, "Ralph's Rx". Strange that he decided this so suddenly? Maybe, but certainly more strange when he insists you come in with him. Then suddenly it isn't so strange, just horrifying... "Good evening, Sir!" a deep, but cheery male voice booms. "What can I help you with?" "We need to get some appropriate underwear for little Rosie's bottom," Artis says nonchalantly. "Wait... what's wrong with the..." you stammer, recoiling from Artis as he suddenly latches on to your hand. "Artis, what the hell are you doing?!" "Of course, sir!" the towering, bearded man replies. "Right this way! Will she still be going potty on her own?" He leads the two of you straight toward the diaper aisle, Artis' hand locked in a death grip on yours as you vainly struggle against him. "Well I'm not sure," Artis replies. "Would Rosie like some pull-ups so she can go on the potty chair like a big girl?" he coos at you. "I don't need pull-ups, Artis! What the hell is this?!" "Well, I guess we have our answer," he replies. "Diapers it is!" the man declares. Artis set you up, and you fell for it like an idiot. "She looks to be about 120 pounds, am I right?" the clerk offers, looking you up and down. "One twenty?!" you snap back, indignant at his suggestion of you being so fat. "I haven't been more than 65 pounds in my life!" A broad grin crosses his face as he looks back at Artis. "Only way to get the truth out of a Little is to offend their vanity," he says, laughing. "By the way, she's adorable, but as soon as she opened her mouth she gave herself away." You feel like a bigger idiot for being so easily manipulated a second time. "I recommend the Comfeez Super-Dry Overnights for a first-timer like this. They're the thickest, most absorbent diaper I carry, good for up to 12 hours, to get her accustomed to being changed on your schedule instead of going to the bathroom on hers." "Okay, okay, I'll take the pull-ups! Don't do this, Artis!" "Sounds fine, so what size?" Artis asks the clerk, completely ignoring you. "Fine?!" you shout. "I'm not wearing those fucking things!" This situation is deteriorating rapidly, and your mind reels trying to figure out how Artis suddenly turned into Miranda and what you can do to fix it. "Someone is about to get her little bottom tanned right here in the store," Artis says, glaring down at you. The salesman laughs. "By weight she's in the size three range, but these are sized for Amazon babies. They tend to run rather big on Littles, though, because of their slighter but more muscular frames. A size two would probably fit her nicely on her waist, though you could go with the bigger size if you wanted. It would ride up nearly to her chest and be much thicker between her legs, which would keep her more aware of it all the time." "Well, that is a conundrum, isn't it?" Artis says thoughtfully. "Any chance you've got a restroom where we can try them on?" "Artis, Please!" you complain, still wrestling against his iron grip. "You're right, Rosie, it's much easier to just do it right here." "NO!" you shriek. Artis squats to your eye level and pulls you in toward him. "If you yell at me one more time, I'm going to take those ridiculous pants off you right here and now, spank your little tush until it's good and red, and then put your diaper on in the middle of this aisle. Is that what you want?" he says in a low, intimidating voice. "No," you reply, much quieter, though no less panicked. He stands up. "So, restroom?" 9 "Absolutely!" the salesman says. "Right in the back. One of each, then?" "No, just a size two," Artis replies. "Artis!" you plead. "Maybe Rosie wants the size three instead?" he asks, eyeing you fiercely. "No!" "Then size two it is," he reaffirms. "Excellent choice, Sir," the clerk says, reaching for a bag and ripping it open. One side of the package shows a sleeping Amazon baby, thumb in his mouth, with a simple blue T-shirt reaching to his waist, below which the puffy white diaper dotted with cartoon animals is displayed prominantly, followed by his chubby bare legs. The other side, to your chagrin, shows a Little in an identical pose, though she's dressed in a ruffly white top, and her legs are obviously much more slender. Sick bastards, outright marketing these things to the psychos that kidnap and abuse Littles. You have little time to dwell on the thought, as Artis takes the diaper the clerk offers and walks you toward the back of the store and into the restroom, first unfolding the wall-mount changing station, then quickly reaching for the clasp on the front of your trousers. "I can do it myself!" you complain, reaching down to grab your waistband. "I can't believe you're doing this to me!" He swats your hands away. "Keep those hands out of there," he growls, unceremoniously jerking the slacks down along with your lacy black panties, then hoisting you up onto the table. Bewildered, you let out a squeak as he straps you down, tosses the pants and panties onto the floor, and pulls your ankles into the air, flopping the noisy garment out underneath you. "I thought you were on my side!" you whine, tears of humiliation threatening to fill your eyes once more. To your horror, it's at this point you notice that your entire crotch area is devoid of hair, smooth as it was when you actually WERE a little girl. What'd they do to you back there, laser it off?! "What did I tell you in the truck?" he says as he pulls the noisy plastic between your legs and up to your waist. "You said trust you! And now you go and do this!" you blubber back, incredulous at the entire situation, the tears beginning to stream down your cheek. He secures the tape on each side, sealing you into your bulky prison. "Are you going to cooperate, or would you rather have the bigger one?" "No!" "Good. You can put your pants back on now if you like." He plants you on your feet and motions toward the slacks lying on the floor. You quickly sit down with a loud rustle and pull the pants up your legs, but as you stand to pull them over your hips, it's fairly obvious there's no chance of them getting over the diaper. "I can't get them up!" you sniffle. "So you won't mind if I just take this stupid thing off, right?!" "Sure, if you want the size three instead," he says flatly. "You knew they wouldn't fit, didn't you?!" "I didn't figure they would, but you wouldn't believe it otherwise." No warning again, he snatches you around your middle with one arm and pulls the pants off with the other. God, he's strong! And fast too! He hoists you up and stands you on the counter next to the sink, pointing you straight toward the mirror. "Now, take a good long look at what you see there, and remember it. Remember it when you want to yell curse words at me in front of strangers, and think about how utterly ridiculous you'll look when you do." Furious, you open your mouth to respond, but then you see it. Your anger doesn't translate to this face. You just look like an adorable little girl having an adorable little tantrum. The tear-streaked cheeks and the tiny little pout and... dear god, the diaper... The huge white mass poking out below your blouse, which looks completely silly on you now. No matter how you contort that face, it's just a ridiculously cute toddler girl looking like someone told her she had to eat her broccoli. It's positively devastating. With that, he plunks you back on the ground and grabs your hand, marching you back out of the bathroom with your slacks in his other hand. You can't help but stumble both from the pace he's setting and the slightly bowl-legged stance your new, yet familiar underwear imparts. Half running, half staggering, rustling loudly the whole way, you make your way back to the diaper aisle, where the salesman stands there grinning like an idiot. "I think it fits pretty well," Artis announces. "Lift your shirt up and show him how it fits." You start to complain, but instead just give him a scowl as you pick the hem of your blouse up. "Turn around, please," the clerk instructs, and you comply. "Again, please." You turn again, your eyes shooting daggers as you face him. He doesn't acknowledge, though, instead reaching in to tug at the leg elastics, then the waistline. "It definitely won't leak. I still think the three would be better between the legs. A pronounced waddle is quite an effective behavioral modification for particularly defiant Littles, especially the girls." "What do you think, Rosie?" Artis says. "Do you like your new diapers, or should we try on the bigger ones?" "No," you nearly whisper. "I'm sorry, do you like this diaper, or do you want to try the other one?" he repeats. "This one," you reply, slightly louder. "Please answer the question," he insists. "Or I'll just take his recommendation." "I like this diaper," you growl. "Whose diaper is that?" he presses. You can't believe he's going this far with it. "I like my diaper!" you snap, then blush even deeper as you realize you've basically just announced it to the whole damned store. "I'm glad you're happy with it," he says. "We'll take a bag of the size twos." "Excellent choice, Sir," the salesman says, grinning evilly at you and leading the two of you toward the checkout counter. He slips behind the counter, scanning the package and announcing the price. Artis flashes his black chip-card in front of the scanner and a receipt shoots out of the printer next to it. "Thank you very much, Sir, and good luck training your new daughter!" "Say thank you to the nice man for helping us," Artis says sweetly, grabbing the package and staring at you expectantly. "Thank you, sir..." you pause for a moment. Artis' glare doesn't wane. You swallow and continue, "...for helping us..." He's still staring. "...pick out... my new diapers..." "See, we can be polite when we want to, can't we?" Artis beams. "Thank you again for all your help, sir. Come along, then, baby." He grabs your hand once more and off you waddle out the front door. Back in the booster seat, the ominous package sitting on the floor at your feet, you snarl, "What the fuck was that?!" "That," Artis says, "was the beginning of your retraining process." "So you're gonna try and make me back into a fucking baby?!" "I don't think you quite understand what has to happen next month," he says. "You killed your caretaker. The only way to convince the judge that you are no longer a danger to society is to demonstrate to him that you can control your emotions in the same exact circumstances." "But why?!" Your mind reels at his revelation and the implications of "same circumstances". "The best case scenario here is that the judge is going to grant me permanent guardianship over you. Now as I told you, I'm sympathetic to your situation, but the judge doesn't give a damn about any of that. He wants to see that you're not going to get violent in response to this kind of treatment!" "You could've warned me!" The weight of the situation is crushing you now, stealing your resolve. "They're not going to give you an itinerary at the Observation, Pau... Rosie. I'm going to bring you in, put you in a room, leave, and they're going to send people in there to do whatever they decide to do. And trust me, I've watched my fair share of awful treatment in Observations before." Your blood runs cold at the picture he paints. "Now, unlike other people who have attempted to train Littles for Observation, I've presided over plenty of these fiascos, so I pretty much have an idea of the range of abuse they're going to subject you to. In addition, as a doctor I have access to medications and other treatments that will help you along, make it a lot easier for you to handle what you're going to endure. This month is not going to be pleasant for you, but I'm going to do my best to make you comfortable as we go through the process. But you have to trust me, even when what I'm doing doesn't make any sense at the time, even when it seems cruel." "I'm sorry," is all you can come up with. You stare at the bag at your feet silently the rest of the ride, struggling in vain to close your legs, the thick, noisy bulk between them sneering at you, teasing you every time you move, reminding you of the horrible sight in that bathroom mirror... 9 The truck pulls into the driveway of a rather sad-looking old house, much smaller than the sprawling ranch where you spent most of the day. Artis lets you out of the booster and helps you to the ground, and you find yourself looking in every direction, terrified of someone seeing you in your current state of dress, even though deep inside you know such anxiety is not only pointless, but eventually will be fulfilled, unless Artis somehow has designs on leaving you here alone whenever he has to go out for provisions or whatever else. Regardless, you still breathe a sigh of relief once he leads you through the front door and into a sparsely furnished living room, where he sets you up on a plush couch and hands you the remote to what you presume is the television in the corner. "Maybe this'll help get your mind off it for a while," he offers. "I'm going to go see if there's anything useful in the pantry for dinner." You turn the TV on and begin, with some difficulty managing the huge remote with both hands, to flip through the channels, when an image stops you cold. It's a picture of you; the one they took at the police department after they arrested you. It's horrible; Miranda's blood still spattered on your face and neck, matting down parts of your hair. The news reporter is jabbering about some kind of protesting going on and Parliament debating over new laws. They cut to a photo of her, a little younger than the day you had the misfortune of meeting her, smiling and happy. That smile is one you'll never forget; it's the smile she wore most of that afternoon as she imposed her will on you the first time... A belt strapped across your chest, pinning you down on the vinyl-covered table, you squirm and kick, squealing behind the enormous nipple still lodged in your mouth, as she reaches under and pulls out a huge square of white plastic decorated with cheery little cartoon animals. Your eyes dart around the room in a panic; this is a nursery, there is no doubt of it, but the furniture is enormous. The crib in the corner is at least as tall as her shoulder height, though the mattress sits only just above her knees as best as you can tell. If she put you in there, those bars would certainly rise above your head, far too tall to climb out. The furniture and walls are all various shades of pastel pinks and whites, perfectly color-coordinated for a little girl's room. A little girl about your size, no doubt. The crazy woman hums a merry little tune as she sets out a bottle of lotion and a can of powder. You want to grab them, swat them away, anything to delay the inevitable, but your arms are secured by the strap; you can barely bend your elbows from this position. She turns to the closet and brings out a garish pink-and-white dress, all ruffly and lacy and looking like something made for a newborn, hanging it up on a hook next to the table. She grabs at one of your legs, but you kick it loose, and she frowns down at you. "Lie still now, baby. Mummy needs to get clothes on you," she scolds softly. She grabs the leg again, more firmly, and you keep squirming, but this time her grip is stronger. You kick at her with your free leg, and she slaps you across the thigh sharply. "Naughty baby!" she says, shaking her finger in your face. "You don't kick Mummy!" "MMMMM!" you scream at her and kick her arm again as hard as you can. Her face darkens, and you can see her grit her teeth, but then she takes a breath, lets go of your free leg, and says, "Then you can just lay there and kick until you decide you're ready to get dressed." She turns and leaves the room, leaving you there to thrash away. It doesn't take long to realize that you're not getting off this table until she accomplishes her aims, no matter how much you fight, so you decide to lie still and save your energy for a better opportunity. A few minutes later she comes back and says, "Baby ready to get dressed?" You glower at her silently, but offer no resistance as she rubs your whole bottom half down with the sweet-smelling lotion, nearly choking you with its pungent odor. She picks your legs up by the ankles, covering your bottom with a cloud of the equally potent powder, then flaps the disposable diaper out in the air and slides it under you, laying you back down onto it with a rustle. "My goodness, Mummy didn't realize you were going to be such a tiny thing when she bought your diapers! Maybe the nice man at the store will let us exchange some of them for something that fits you a little better." She coats your front with powder as well, drawing the diaper up between your legs. You're horrified as her little comment comes into focus; the top of the diaper rides up over your rib cage and just short of your breasts! She puts a firm hand in the middle of your chest while releasing the strap with the other. "Arms up, please," she says. Clearly, she can't tape the diaper up with your arms pinned to your side. An opportunity to resist! You lie there motionless, staring at her with as much hate as you can muster. You may not be in a position to fight her right now, but you damned sure aren't going to HELP her do this to you. "You're a little spark plug, aren't you?" she says, looking around the table with a puzzled face. Suddenly she smiles and grabs the strap with her free hand, forcing it up under your armpit, then tucking it back through the other, despite your best efforts to keep your arms locked in place, then secures it again. Now the position of the strap actually makes it painful to keep your arms at your sides, digging into your armpits on the edge, and you reluctantly relax them, allowing them to splay out to the sides. She smiles and proceeds with pulling the tapes snug across your stomach, crossing them nearly over one another to get the fit tight. The bulk between your legs is incredible; you can't do much of anything but splay them out wide. She turns to grab the dress, and in defiance you reach down and rip one of the tapes loose, and to your glee it tears some of the plastic away with it, clearly ruining the diaper. She turns around with a fierce glare. "I can see this is going to be quite a challenge," she says, no small amount of annoyance in her voice. She grabs your hand and swats it fiercely, causing you to squeak at the sharp pain. "NO!" she booms. "NAUGHTY!" You can't help but flinch at her powerful voice. She rips the other tape off, tossing the diaper into the pail next to her and grabbing another one from under the table. "If Baby takes her diaper off again, Mummy will spank her bottom but good and put it back on her. Understand?" she says, returning to the syrupy tone she's maintained through most of your interactions. "MMMMM!" you screech at her in defiance. She ignores you and repeats the process, but you're not going down without a fight. Kicking and squirming as she tries to draw the diaper up, you can see that she's becoming more and more agitated. After several hard swats on your legs, she manages to get it into position, and now you're darting your arms in and out, pushing the plastic down and pulling it away. She grabs one and swats it three times in rapid succession, yelling, "NO, NO, NO!" The sting actually brings tears to your eyes, and you pull it away, still furious, still defiant, but at this point content that her victory, though hard-earned, is temporary. She finally cinches the second diaper up even tighter than the first, the leg elastics now biting ever so slightly into your thighs. She grabs the ridiculous little pullover dress and sticks your arms in one by one before loosing the strap across your chest, then sits you up and pulls it the rest of the way down. "Now is that so bad, that you had to be such a naughty baby your first day with Mummy?" she asks. You glare straight into her eyes and respond with a growl. "I know the problem," she says. "You're just overtired after a long hard day, aren't you?" She hoists you up under your arms and plunks you into the crib. "Time for baby to have a nice nap," she says. You jump back to your feet and screech at her through the bars, but she walks away. "Go to sleep now, Baby. Mummy be back soon!" She flips the light off and closes the door, leaving you in the dim light peeking through the shade on the window. You immediately set about trying to wrestle the huge bulb out of your mouth, pulling this way and that on the ring, fumbling around for buttons, twisting and turning it, but all that gets you are sore lips from all the tugging. Frustrated but undaunted, your attention turns to your waist. RIP! RIP! You tear the tapes loose from the diaper and throw it over the top of the crib bars. Immediately you hear her footfalls approaching the room and she bursts in. "Mummy didn't want to spank the baby on her first day here," she says, a black look on her face, "but Baby didn't give her any choice!" You stumble backward in the crib, trying to evade her grasp, but she gets hold of you anyway, hoisting you out, then sitting down in the rocking chair beside it, draping your squirming form over her lap face down. She holds you fast with an arm wrapped around your middle, then her hand comes crashing down on your backside. The pain is incredible, stinging fire on your bottom and jolts shooting all the way up your back and down your legs, and you scream in protest, but she's undeterred. Over and over again that hand comes down with terrific force as you wail and sob and plead incoherently behind the pacifier gag... "Pauletta! Pauletta!" The memory dissipates, and Artis' face fills your vision. Confused, terrified, you mouth words, but no sounds comes out. You can feel yourself trembling in his grasp as he hoists you up and embraces you. "It's okay now, I promise. It's all going to be okay," he says over and over again, rocking you in his arms as you struggle to regain your grasp on reality. The pieces begin to fall back together as Miranda's horrible face fades back into the recesses of your memory, but doubt has come to the surface, doubt as to whether you're even going to be able to hang on to your sanity between now and the coming day of dread. 10 Artis sits down, settling you in his lap, and quietly rubs your back for a long time before he speaks again. "I'm sorry about the flashbacks, Pauletta. And I'm sorry that the training process is triggering them. I wish there were some other way to do this, but..." "I get it," you offer without much conviction. "I have to be a good little baby for them, like I should have been for her. Or else they'll kill me, like I killed her." "That's... about the size of it." "Artis?" you ask, grabbing on to a random thought just to get away from the current topic. "Yeah?" "You mentioned being part of a camel or something – what were you talking about?" "Tell you what, let's go eat dinner and I'll explain." "Sure." He carries you into the kitchen, where he's stacked a few books on one chair. "I don't have a booster here, sorry, but we'll see about getting one soon," he says, setlling you onto the stack with a rustle. "Of course, eventually we have to get you used to a highchair; they're GOING to have you in one at the Observation, guaranteed." He puts a plate of food in front of you along with a normal-looking juice glass full of water. "Might as well skip the stupid booster then," you say glumly. "I hate those things." Day after day in court, struggling to look dignified in a big plastic booster; no, you're sure a highchair wouldn't be any worse. Either way, you'd prefer not to think about it anymore, so you decide to change the subject. "So, about this camel stuff?" you ask, digging into the casserole-looking thing Artis put together. "Ah yes, CAMOL. Citizens Against the Mistreatment of Littles. It's a small but rapidly growing group of activists trying to get laws changed to offer some protection for Littles in Amazon society. So far, all we've accomplished is giving ourselves national visibility by staging rallies when situations like yours come up, although yours is definitely new territory." "What, I'm the only Little to ever fight back against her owner or whatever you call it?" "You're just the first one to actually kill her adoptive parent. But how the legal system handled you has sparked a lot of conversation in high places, and we're definitely making inroads in Parliament as a result." "Oh great, so I get to be the martyr everyone rallies around. Just what I always dreamed of doing with my life." "No, I stepped in and volunteered to handle your rehab to prevent exactly that from happening. There were certain high-ranking CAMOL officials that were hoping to engage in a protracted legal battle over a death sentence, but they've backed off trying to appeal because of the negative publicity it would bring at this stage of the game, since the judge gave you what is considered by the vast majority of the public to be a very generous reprieve." "You'll have to pardon me if I don't seem exceptionally grateful, seriously," you huff, squirming a bit atop the pile of books and the very unwelcome padding. "No, I understand, believe me. I'm pretty well familiar with what Miranda did to you, and the best I can offer is that I have no intention of repeating same. Hitting people with sticks and spoons and belts and the like, no matter how big or small those people are, is just wrong. The sudden shocks, well, they're a part of the process, one we can't avoid, but between them I aim to make you as comfortable as possible." It's the 800-pound gorilla in the room, and no matter what side conversation you try to spark up, you have the feeling it will all eventually come back around to it. You decide, at least for now, to just stop talking and eat. Artis seems content to do likewise, and the rest of dinner is relatively quiet. You do notice him constantly refilling your glass throughout the meal, and it's not hard to figure out the motivation behind it. Every time you try to adjust on your little hardbound perch you're reminded of it. Get comfortable. Get comfortable with pissing on yourself again, with wearing your toilet around your waist, with giving up one of the first pieces of independence a child gains in her life. Sure enough, you haven't finished your plate before you hit that crossroad. Much to your shock, however, fighting it is nigh impossible. At the very first urge, the flow begins, and you gasp in surprise at it, feeling yourself blush in response. "Wet?" he asks softly. You nod. "I... That was..." Confusion reigns; how could you possibly have lost control so fast?! "Too easy?" he follows through. "You may have re-trained yourself while in jail, but it hasn't been that long since you taught your body that voiding in a diaper was acceptable. This is a good thing, really, because it means we just have to get you over the psychological aspect of the problem, the embarrassment over what you perceive as self-degradation." Anger rises up in you as the stream becomes a dribble, then stops. "Easy for you to say," you offer bitterly. "You're not the one sitting in your own piss over here!" Fact is, you don't feel wet right now; the padding definitely wicked it away, but the residual warmth is a very present reminder of your shame and disgust over what just happened. "I know, I know, but you have to keep reminding yourself that this is not your fault. You don't have a choice in the matter. This is something you have to do to survive right now. Go ahead and finish your dinner, and I'll change you afterward." "Yeah, I kinda lost my appetite, to be honest." All you want now is to be out of this thing as fast as possible. Of course, another one just like it awaits you, but... "I'd rather you finish eating; it's the first meal you've had today." "Please?" "Alright, alright. You've had enough shocks to your system today, we can take it easy." He stands, hoists you up off the seat, and carries you into the living room, lying you down on the carpet near where he left the bag of diapers. "Sit tight, I need to grab some supplies," he says, disappearing quickly down the hall, then resurfacing with a handful of items that he lays out next to you as he kneels. You recognize immediately the wipes and baby powder, but the last box takes you by surprise. "Why the gloves?" you ask as he dons them casually then hoists your ankles into the air. "Oh, I have a hell of a time with psoriasis on my hands, so having to wash my hands after every time I do this is just not an option," he says, not even looking up from his task. "I'm sorry if it feels weird." "Right, because being twenty years old and being wiped and powdered and diapered like an infant doesn't feel weird at all," you huff. "Rosie..." he says, raising an eyebrow at you. "Yeah, yeah, I have to get used to it. Doesn't mean I have to like it." Apparently he decided not to engage you any further, because he quickly wipes you down, powders you back and front, and tapes you back up. "Thanks," you mutter quietly. If you have to wear these miserable things, a clean and dry one is damned sure better than a wet one. "You're welcome," he answers, scooping you up and carrying you over to the couch. "I'm thinking the news isn't the best choice for viewing material right now. How about we just relax and watch a movie?" "Sure, whatever." It's been so long since you watched television, and even longer since you watched something that wasn't what seemed to be propaganda against Littles, it's hard to care. You watch in dismay as Miranda produces a jumper seat, which she quickly sets up in the corner next to the couch, ratcheting it up to its tallest height. Quick as a wink, she has you under your arms and plunking you into the seat. "Now you just keep Mister Binky in your little mouth and be a good girl while we wait for the movers to get here!" Your predicament is worse than you thought now; miraculously your toes do just brush the carpet, but the seat sinks so low your arms are forced nearly parallel across your shoulders, all but eliminating anything in the way of mobility. Even if you wanted to, you couldn't play with the stupid colored beads on the wire or the little spinner attached to the table. Thankfully you're actually skinny enough to pull your arms in with you into the seat, which is marginally more comfortable, and you stare at your hands and suckle your pacifier, doing your best to stay calm and ignore Miranda as she flits back and forth between the front window and the kitchen. "Comfy?" she asks as she returns with a paper plate full of saltine cracker "sandwiches" filled with peanut butter and a sippy cup full of what you're guessing is juice. "Eat up, or there'll be another spanking in your immediate future," she warns. "Go to hell!" you snap back. "I'm sorry, were you addressing me?" she says expectantly. "Fine! Go to hell... Mommy!" you growl. "So adorable when you try to be all grown-up. Here, Mommy turn the TV on for you while we wait." She points the remote at the huge panel on the wall and, after a quick run through the guide, settles on a children's show. With a frustrated sigh, you hoist your elbows up onto the table in front of you and drop your head between them, staring at the colorful puppets bouncing around on the screen. This particular show ends and a new one starts, one featuring a number of young Amazon children and a big, hairy, pink monster of some sort, all of which are sickeningly joyful to be there, dancing about to goofy kid songs. As the show moves along, though, something strange happens. An older kid arrives on the set with a Little in tow, in full baby regalia including a pacifier, her big poofy diaper obvious under the hem of her dress. Simultaneously horrified and transfixed, you lock in on the dialogue. "This is my adopted little sister, Cammy!" the Amazon girl shouts joyfully. The Little blushes and offers a tiny wave at the group. "It's her birthday today, and she's turning TWENTY-NINE!" the girl boasts. This announcement is mostly received rather well from the other children, with a few notable exceptions, including one boy busy playing in the sandbox. Almost predictably, after the staged excitement over the Little, her Amazon escort heads straight over and deposits her in the sandbox next to him. "Cammy play in the sand too?" she coos at the Little, who doesn't look any happier to be there, but gamely picks up a plastic shovel and begins digging. "Aw, Clarice! I don't wanna play with some dumb baby Little!" he pouts. "That's not nice!" the newly identified Clarice says, hands on her hips. "I'm five and I don't have to wear diapers! She must be really dumb or something to be that old and still a baby!" Thankfully, the goofy pink host steps in. "Tommy," she says, sitting down in the sandbox and pulling the blushing Little onto her lap. "It's not nice to make fun of Littles!" "But she's older than my big brother!" Tommy says, "and she's still a baby!" "Would you like it if you had a baby sister and someone made fun of her?" Clarice asks. "Well no." "That's right, Clarice!" the pink thing adds, before turning back to Tommy. "You used to be a baby, but then you grew up! It's not Cammy's fault that she's already grown as much as she can. She needs big kids like you to be nice and look out for her, because she can't take care of herself!" "But I've seen some Littles with grown-up clothes and grown-up jobs in the city," another boy says thoughtfully. "That's because they don't have anyone to take care of them like lucky little Cammy here. They have to work so very hard to pretend to be grown-up because they have to take care of themselves, even though they don't really know how. Some of them end up getting hurt, really bad, because they don't have a grown-up to give them the help they need." "That's so sad," a girl pipes up. "I wish my mommy would adopt a Little." "Me too!" agrees another. Tommy walks over and hugs Cammy, then says, "I'm sorry for being mean to you, Cammy." He lookes at Clarice and says, "Can I go push her on the swings? I bet she'd like that!" The crowd moves over to the playset, and the bewildered Cammy is deposited on a swing. Music cues, and the pink fuzzy host begins singing a ridiculous song about being nice to Littles because they're just like babies, but they don't ever grow up. "They're here!" Miranda says, breaking your concentration on the insanity in front of you. She's entirely too happy about this, from your perspective. As she dashes for the door, you sink deeper into the jumper seat, wishing for all the world that you could just disappear under the table and have the two burly Amazons Miranda reveals at the door not notice you... 11 No surprise to anyone involved, you wind up giving Artis another wet diaper before the evening is over, and it happens just as easily as it did the first time. Unfortunately for you, he lets you sit in it for a good hour, adding a few extra little spurts to it, before he decides it's time for bed, which is immediately predicated by a rather embarrassing bath. The bigger surprise, though, is when he carries you, coccooned in a huge towel, into what you assume is going to be "your" bedroom. You were certain a full-blown nursery would be waiting behind that door, but instead there sits a simple bed, though sized for a giant, against one wall with a lift-up rail on the room side along with some rather plain-looking furniture you might expect to find in a guest bedroom. There's a night table with a simple lamp, a bureau, and a vanity, all in a lightly-stained wood tone. "Wait... where... I mean... what happened to..." you stammer, confused, but certainly not wanting to invite him to change the decor. "I figured you'd appreciate having a normal bed, at least for a while, as you get used to the situation," he answers with a gentle smile. He lays you on the bed, unravels the towel, puts his gloves back on, and proceeds to rub down your legs and arms with an incredibly sweet-smelling lotion, but not so pungent as to overwhlem your nose. You can't help but enjoy the relaxation you're experiencing right now as you melt under his soft touch. In fact, you're in such a state of bliss, you scarcely notice as he powders between your legs and pulls that thick diaper up, snugly taping it off as you lay there like a puddle. "Sorry I don't have any pajamas for you. We'll take care of that soon enough, okay?" he says softly, slipping the towel out from under you and covering you with the soft sheet and a very cozy comforter. "Mmhmm," you offer, eyes half-closed, already nodding off to sleep. "I sleep in my underwear most of the time anyway." He lets loose a little chuckle and says, "Well we can't have that long-term. Goodnight, Rosie. See you in the morning." You're barely aware as he lifts the bed rail and locks it into place with a metallic click. Unfortunately for you, it's not morning when you wake up. It's not even close. The alarm clock on the stand next to your bed taunts you with the time; just after four AM. You have to pee, badly. You could get out of bed if you crawled all the way to the foot and carefully climbed down, and you could probably find the bathroom again, and you could take this infernal diaper off, and you might even could get lucky and not kill yourself trying to crawl up onto the giant-sized toilet. Oh, and do all of it in complete darkness. But there's no way you're going to be able to do all that before you piss all over yourself. Or avoid waking him up in the process. You're trapped, and you know it, and now you're going to have to wet yourself, and then you're going to have to try to go back to sleep afterward. It doesn't take long, lying on your back and fixated, for physical need to overcome willpower and pride. Once again the pillow between your legs is warm and swollen, only now there are hours between you and a change. Rolling over on your side doesn't help; the extra bulk presses against your thighs and makes the position thoroughly uncomfortable. Lying on your stomach isn't much of an improvement, more like a hard pillow pressing against your pelvis. No, flat on your back with your legs splayed out is the least miserable of your options at this point, and that's exactly where you wind up, staring into the darkness above you, feeling disgusted. Five o'clock rolls around, and finally you've had enough. To hell with Artis, you're not laying in a puddle of your own piss until whenever he decides to get up. You cover up with the huge comforter to quiet the noise and pull the tapes loose very gently. They still make a terrific racket, but the blanket is definitely helping. You lift your hips and pull the thing out from underneath you, kicking it down to the bottom of the bed, flopping the blanket over it, and enjoying the cool night air on your nether regions. Naked never felt so good as this, and you revel in it for a good long while before curling up on your side, pulling the sheet over your shoulder, and drifting back to sleep. In fact, you sleep so soundly that you barely even feel Artis pull the sheet down. "Well, at least I know why Miranda lost her temper so much," he says, shuffling the blankets around as you begin to stir, then suddenly snap awake. "Oh, good morning," he says flatly as he locates what he was looking for: the wet diaper at the bottom of the bed. He holds it up and says, "Any particular reason why this came off?" "It was four in the morning, Artis! What was I supposed to do, lay around in a wet diaper until..." you look at the clock on your bedside: Seven AM. "Okay, still, three hours in a wet diaper? How was I supposed to go back to sleep?" He frowns, then shrugs. "I'll give you this one. But going forward, your job is to do what you have to do to get used to it, and my job is to help you along, whether you like the help I give you or not. Are we clear?" "Yes, we're clear," you grumble. Meanwhile, Artis applies powder a bit quicker, a bit more gruffly than last night, and seals you back up into a clean diaper, then sits you up and hands you your bra and blouse. As soon as you're finished dressing, he says, "Alright then, young lady. Get dressed and let's get breakfast; we've got a busy day ahead of us." "What busy day?" you ask, following him into the kitchen and watching him pour two bowls of cereal. "We need to go clothes shopping today." "Wait a minute," you protest as he hoists you up onto the pile of books on your chair. "You said we were going to ease into this!" He plunks a bowl and spoon in front of you and says, "You wore that shirt all day yesterday and you're going to be wearing it again this morning. I'm not having you wear it three or four days in a row, and you have no other clothes to wear." "I'm not ready to go out in public like this!" you whine, panic welling up inside you. "Can't you just measure me or something?!" "Remember what I said yesterday, Rosie. Argue, fuss, whine, whatever you want out in public, but when we're alone, respect my judgment, because I'm doing what needs to get done." "But... The pharmacy was bad enough, now you want to cart me around a clothing store in this stupid getup?!" you protest. "Do I need to remind you of the alternative here?!" he replies, his volume level rising right along with yours. "You just want to humiliate me again like yesterday!" you shout, the panic boiling over into anger. "You're enjoying this, you fucking sicko!" He rises, leaning right in until he's mere inches from your face, taking on a low, menacing tone. "I'm going to put this real simple, Rosalita. The fact that you are here at all is a testament to my kindness; otherwise you'd be strapped to a guerney right now about to get a needle full of poison in your arm. I'm trying to be kind and gentle to you, because you've been through a lot, and you're gonna have to go through a lot more if you want to make it out of that courtroom alive in a few weeks. "But you'd better hear me right now, and hear me well, kiddo. You keep talking like that to me, and I promise you, kind and gentle goes right out the window, and so does easing in. And if that's not enough to smarten your sassy ass up, hey, it's your funeral, you know? I don't put up with my own FAMILY speaking to me in that fashion, I'm damned sure not going to put up with it from someone I barely KNOW! Are we clear?" "We're clear," you nearly whisper. What the hell else are you going to say to that, especially when he's that much into your personal space, looking for all the world like a spawn of hell with the stormclouds on his face? "I'm glad we have an understanding. Now finish your cereal quietly while I go calm down." Before you can respond, he storms down the hall, slamming a door behind him. Your head is spinning now; you can scarcely believe that you've managed to already piss him off enough to start making threats. Still, better to do as your told, at least, so you grab your spoon and commence eating while you try to sort out this bizarre Jeckyl-and-Hyde presentation over the last day. You finish, but he's still in the bedroom. Rather than risk more anger, though, you decide to just sit there and wait, as much as you'd like to get away from that pile of books. You're almost looking forward to a highchair, as uncomfortable as this seating arrangement is. Finally he surfaces again, his face having returned to the calm gentleness you've seen most of the time you've been around him. "I wanted to wait on this, but between your flashback last night and the difficulty you've been having with both panic attacks and angry outbursts, I feel like it's better we start on it right away." "Start on wha...?" you start to ask, but are cut off by his hand suddenly covering your mouth and something very, very familiar protruding from it. He's holding it there, and it feels suspiciously like a nipple. "Suck," he instructs. You try to spit it out and twist away, but he's much stronger than you and holds it fast. "I said suck," he repeats. He's obviously not backing down on this, so you take the nipple and begin to slowly nurse at it. He moves his hand away once he's satisfied that you're not going to spit it out and says, "Trust me, you'll feel better in a few minutes." At first you just glower at him, humiliation burning in your cheeks. He stands there silently, watching as you continue to suckle on the infantile accessory. "What's in that nipple is a fast-acting anti-anxiety medication," he finally says as he attaches a ribbon to it and clips it to your blouse. "It's a tightly controlled dosage system, but nonetheless you should take it out once you start to feel the effect. Trust me, you'll know when it happens." "You couldn' jush gi' me a fill?" you grumble, still incredulous at this new development but loathe to cross him again this soon. "First of all," he says, hoisting you up onto his hip, "one of the things you need to be ready for come Observation is nursing on a nipple. Second, how do you think it'd look if I was handing you pills every time you turned around while we were out in public? And finally, when you're in that Observation room, I'm not going to be there to give you a pill anyway. This way, when you need to calm yourself down, you have what you need right there, and it's in a form that will slip under the radar when you're gonna need it most. Make sense now?" "Yesh," you mumble halfheartedly. It's strange, this wave of calm washing over you, stifling you instincts toward the indignation you know you should be feeling right now. "Yes what?" he asks expectantly as he walks toward the door. "Yesh i' make shensh?" He stops still. "I told you last night, you have a new name, and I have a new name. What is my new name?" "Oh come on," you whine. "You need to get used to it, Rosalita," he scolds, adding emphasis to the false name he's given you. "I'm willing to be patient if you're willing to try. Otherwise, I'll just have to start ignoring you when you don't include 'Daddy' when you address me. Is that what you want?" "No... Daddy." You want to rebel, but for some strange reason it just doesn't matter enough to bother. "Better. Ready to get some new clothes now?" "Yesh... Daddy." No, not really. But... you're actually starting to feel a little sleepy, and you definitely aren't giving a shit about any of this anymore. "Then let's go," he says. "But first, let's take a break from this." He pops the pacifier out of your mouth with a grin. "You definitely missed the cues that it was kicking in, but I'm betting you'll remember them next time you need it." He carries you to the car and buckles you in before settling into the driver's seat. He gives you a quick glance in the rearview mirror, then puts it into gear and takes off. Houses and trees whip by, and whatever dread you had over your impending humiliation dissipates into the blur of the scenery flying by. You've no idea how much time has passed when you arrive at what you presume is the intended destination, a strip mall on a much busier street than the one you started out on, with one very large store on the end. "Couture Le Bebe" the sign announces, and Artis heads directly towards it when he enters the parking lot. You may not know any French, but it's not hard to figure out what "Bebe" means, and even in the comfortable little fog that surrounds you presently, you still aren't all that happy about the implications. "Here we are!" he declares, cutting off your train of thought as he opens your door. As he carries you toward the entrance, you pass several sets of giant and Little, some with store employees in tow with packages, the Littles rarely looking particularly happy. Some are walking alongside their "parents", but one hapless thing is on his "mother's" chest in a harness while she carries bags in both hands, his arms and legs flopping in rhythm with her steps, and his face blushing beet red at his predicament. A few comments come your direction, mostly right in line with that jerk at the pharmacy, offering approval for Artis' obvious "decision" to put you in your "proper place", no doubt a side effect of you still having the very adult-looking blouse on along with what you're stuck wearing below the waist. Maybe a new wardrobe will actually be an improvement, considering how much extra, unwanted, derisive attention you're getting right now. Most disturbing, however, is the scene that unfolds as you near the building's entrance, where a car door opens and you hear the desperate howling of a male Little, screaming, "I'm sorry Mommy! Please! I'll be a good boy! I promise!" "You had six weeks to be a good boy!" the woman spits as she reaches into the car. "Now we'll see if you can be a good girl instead!" She produces a squirming, sobbing mess, naked save for his obviously wet and sagging diaper. "Keep making a spectacle of yourself, and while we're at the clinic making it permanent, we'll look into having your teeth out too!" she barks directly in his face. That quiets his wailing down, at least to whimpering and sniffling. You shudder as the two of you pass by. You're starting to wonder if this anti-anxiety drug wears off as fast as it takes effect, because you're really not feeling very calm anymore. Then again, who knows how long you were driving? You wonder if Artis would say something if you... No, you don't need that crap! "I'm sorry you had to see that," Artis says, loud enough to be audible. "So many of them just go too far, I swear." You don't even know how to respond to that one. Doesn't he already think kidnapping an adult and forcing him or her to be a baby is going too far? Isn't he supposed to be part of an advocacy group whose purpose is to stop this sort of thing? Your stress level rises even higher as you enter the building. It's not like you can fight him; he holds your life in his hands at this point. But your suspicion of his motives is even stronger now, especially when you realize he never actually denied your accusation in the earlier spat... 12 To your surprise, there are no checkout lanes when you enter. Instead, you're immediately greeted by an oddly short woman in a well-tailored blue blazer and matching pencil skirt, white blouse, and seven-inch heels, with a tailor's tape draped on her shoulders. Even with the heels, she barely reaches Artis' broad chest. Scanning the store, as much of it as you can see, you notice the other salespeople here are roughly equal in stature to this one, or at least they stand significantly shorter than the customers they're helping. Obviously a marketing tactic, but why? Are they trying to empower the customer to take command of their purchases? Or is it just a way of subtly reinforcing the idea of servitude from their sales staff? Either way, her opening doesn't endear her to you at all. "Oh my goodness, aren't we just adorable in our big grown-up looking blouse! Was it Daddy-daughter day at work today?" Artis, cool as a cucumber, manages to embarrass you even more. "Actually, Rosie here just joined our little family day before yesterday, and she thought she was a grown-up, but we figured out differently, didn't we?" Saving you the ignominy of a response, the Middle pipes right back up, "And let me guess, none of her big-girl clothes would fit over her new underwear, huh?" "Even if they did, she clearly doesn't belong in them, after our little show at the pharmacy." "Uh-oh, did we have a temper tantrum?" the lady coos, dropping her hands onto her thighs and leaning over to leer at you. A subtle urge to take a swipe at her rises, but you fight it off. "Indeed, I was just trying to pick up a potty chair and some pull-ups for her, just to keep her safe, you know, and she wasn't having any of it." "So now she doesn't have to, isn't that wonderful?" She rears back up and claps her hands. You're quite certain now you'd like to at least punch her in the face. "Of course, she was far less pleased with this arrangement. I'm thinking the prospect of graduating back to a potty chair will keep her motivated to behave better for the next few months." Artis continues to converse with the Middle as you continue searching for a hole in the floor to crawl into. Suddenly Artis deposits you on your feet, and quick as lightning the tape is off the saleslady's shoulders and around your waist, your thickly padded hips, your meager chest, up your back, and down your leg, making sure to give you a solid and rather loud pat on the bottom after she takes your inseam. She quickly scribbles notes, then announces, "Her legs are long enough for a two-tee, but she'll fit in our nine to 12-month sizes just fine on the chest. You may also want to consider leaving a bit of room for weight gain, though." "Ah, yes, getting her on a regular feeding schedule might change things in that department." "Of course, the poor things have to scratch and claw just to get a bite on their own, from what I hear," the lady offers sympathetically. "Isn't it wonderful having a Daddy to make sure your little tummy doesn't go hungry anymore?" she coos at you, reaching a finger out toward your chin. Reflexively, you slap it away. "Don't you dare touch me!" you snap. The lady recoils a bit, then stiffens up and says, "Well, I see we still have a big-girl mouth on us!" "Indeed we do," Artis says with more than a hint of malice in her voice. "I think someone needs Mister Binky right about now." He picks the pacifier up from where it dangles on your chest and offers it to you. "What, it's not bad enough I have to be your dress-up doll, now you want to let EVERYONE play with me?" you growl. "Oh my, she is a feisty one!" the saleslady says, feigning shock. "She's right on the verge of getting her first spanking, if she doesn't take her binky right now," Artis says, staring straight at you and bringing the nipple in close, right in front of your face. He told you to put up a fight in public, but suddenly you're wondering if the "show" includes following through on a threat like that. Reluctantly you accept the rubber nipple and suckle it a bit. "Good girl," Artis says. "Shall we get started? I'm thinking we split the difference and go 12 to 18 months. That should account for any baby fat, don't you think?" "Absolutely, though that size pants would be awfully short on her." "Proper little girls wear dresses, so their daddies can keep track of the state of their diapers." "Indeed," the saleslady says, smiling wickedly down at you. "Right this way." Much to your chagrin, the behemoth store is divided first by infants and toddlers, then by girls and boys, meaning. Whatever hope you had at even a scant few outfits that might have looked somewhat dignified dissipates as the saleslady grabs a rolling hanger rack and leads you away straight into a sea of ruffles and crinoline and soft pastels in the infant area. Just when whatever Artis put in that pacifier starts to work again, your intense suckling is interrupted when the saleslady removes your blouse, taking the attached ribbon and the pacifier with it, leaving you naked and blushing save for the... well, you may as well concede it's now your diaper, bra, and flats. Even worse, your bladder betrays you and you begin peeing, right there on the spot. "Isn't that adorable?" the saleslady gasps. "What great big pads we have in our little training bra, trying to look all grown-up while we're peeing in our little pants!" "I'm pretty sure I told you to leave that at home, little girl," Artis says sternly, popping the strap loose in the back and stripping it off, the pads the insipid Middle mentioned flopping to the floor in the process. "No matter, we won't be dressing ourselves anymore, will we?" he says. "Do we have a trashcan somewhere?" You're pretty sure, if it weren't for whatever that drug he's giving you was, that you'd be pitching a fit right now. Even with the vague calming sensation, all the cheap shots the saleslady is taking are starting to get to you, not to mention the state of your diaper and the fact that you're now standing there showing it off to anyone who cares to look. The saleslady says, "I'll take care of that," gathering the pads up, taking the bra from Artis, and tossing this last proof of your womanhood into a nearby wastebasket. If either of them noticed the condition of your diaper, neither one of them acknowledged it. "Artis!" you whisper harshly. "I'm sorry, what's my name?" he replies, that stern look back on his face. "I mean, Daddy!" you grump back. "Better. Did you need something?" "I..." The humiliation of what you have to ask takes the spit out of you, and you nearly mumble, "I need my diaper changed." He looks down at your middle, then back up. "You'll be fine until we're done, Rosie." With that, he turns you entirely over to the saleslady, who dives into the dresses with gusto, pulling one after the other over your head, to be celebrated by both of them and removed, after which they find their way onto the rack next to you. The fact that none of the hemlines even make it halfway down your thighs is not lost on you; they'll be little better than the damned blouse you were wearing at covering your underwear, especially. As you watch the outfits accumulate on that infernal rack, standing there alternately naked and dressed in idiotically babyish clothes, the fires of indignance are burning brightly inside of you. Artis' rebuff of your request for a change is gnawing at you, the warm density between your legs a perpetual reminder of it. Being treated like a dress-up doll is mere icing on that cake. Worse, you find yourself longing for the calm of that pacifier in your mouth, which angers you even more. The stoic face you've been struggling to maintain begins to devolve into a scowl, which elicits nothing but teasing from both the Middle and Artis. By the time you're dragged into sleepwear, you're practically trembling with rage as the snotty bitch makes suggestions and Artis accepts and dismisses them for various reasons. Then the Middle crosses the line. She raises up what looks for all the world like a pink flannel bag with mittened sleeves and a cutout for a head and suggests, "These are great for when they just won't stay in bed. I hear they're perfect for timeouts, too!" "Well that's certainly sensible, especially for little girls who won't keep their diapers on in bed," Artis says, staring down at you. You scowl back at him, gritting your teeth as your rage begins to boil over. "I think we'll take one," he says. Before you can stop yourself, you shout, "No goddamned way, Artis! I'm not wearing that fucking thing!" Silence. Not just in your group, but immediately nearby as well. You feel eyes on you from every direction, and your ears burn with the embarrassment of it, especially as you remember you're standing there naked in a slightly drooping, yellow-tinged diaper. The saleslady looks at Artis expectantly while you suddenly find the scuffs on the top of your flats very, very interesting. "Where are your restrooms?" Artis asks stiffly. You feel your knees getting rubbery as the Middle points toward the back of the store. Artis' head follows her finger and nods. "Thank you." Panic fills you as he turns toward you, a storm of barely-contained anger in his face. "I'm sorry?" you whimper just as he snatches you up by your middle, grabs the diaper bag, and storms off in the direction the saleslady pointed. "Sorry is in the rear view, little girl," he barks at well more than a speaking volume. "You're not nearly as sorry as you're about to be..." 13 "But I thought..." you start to beg, in absolute terror at what's about to happen. "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THOUGHT!" he shouts as the two of you enter a hallway and make a quick left into the men's room. You squirm helplessly while he pops open the changing station, straps you down to it snugly, then turns toward the sink. You try to crane your neck, but to no avail; the wall this table is attached to completely blocks your view. You hear the zip of the bag he carried with him, then some other rummaging sort of noises. Suddenly and swiftly, he turns back toward you, bearing down toward your head as you cower. One hand reaches behind your head, tilting it forward. The other contains a toothbrush coated in a substance bearing no resemblance to any toothpaste you've ever seen. He brings it toward your mouth and commands, "OPEN!" Almost reflexively, you close your lips tight and try to turn your head. His fingers dig into your jawline, causing a sharp pain to run across it from end to end, and you yelp, "OW... MMMPH!" as the toothbrush finds its way into your mouth and begins to vigorously scrub your teeth with... hand soap?! "I warned you about your foul mouth, little girl, and now we're going to clean it up the hard way!" he says stiffly as he works it around first your bottom teeth then the top. You recoil your tongue at the horrid taste of the stuff, helpless against his iron grip and the bounds of the strap across your chest, incoherently wailing in protest between gagging and coughing. After what seems an eternity he stands back, slapping the toothbrush down onto the sink with a sharp plastic crack. "You tol' me to pu' up a figh' in pub'ic!" you sob, desperately trying to keep your tongue away from your teeth as he looses the strap and turns you face down, allowing you to at least drool and spit out onto the floor. "And you just walked right over the line AGAIN. These people EXPECT me to treat you harshly!" "You coul' have col' me!" "Told you what?" he says, moving you over next to the sink, "that I expected you to fight me in public but that I also would have to punish you if you lost it? What would you have done?" "I woul' have wai'e' un'ew we were in da car." "And you would have pitched a fit there instead, right?" "Yesh..." you have to admit. "Which is exactly the opposite of the goal here. You need to learn how to control your temper in the moment, not just save it for later." "Sho I'm shupposh' 'o keep arguing wid you sho you can corchur me 'ike dish?!" "No, you're supposed to fuss, whine, and cry, but keep control of yourself. I've told you where the line is, and now I've shown you where the line is. It's your job to stay on the right side of the line, and it's my job to reinforce that line by whatever means necessary, because it's the difference between life and death for you! Got it?" "Yesh." "Yes what?" "Yesh I gah i'." "Who am I?" "Daddy." "Good. Now we can rinse your mouth out and go finish our shopping trip." "Wha' abou' my diaper?!" you ask incredulously as he fills a cup with water and hands it to you. You immediately begin rinsing the horrible soap taste out of your mouth as fast as possible. "I told you it didn't need changing. Did you think that little stunt out there was going to change my mind?" "No..." you mumble between spits. "So," he says, "we're going to go back and finish shopping. And you are going to apologize for being such a bad baby and yelling such dirty words to everyone I get close enough to talk to until we find our saleslady again..." "B...but..." you protest, horrified at the instruction. He continues, talking straight over you as he plunks you onto the floor. "and you will also apologize to her for being so disrespectful to her the entire time she's been helping us, understand?" Your legs begin to move almost of their own accord as he leads you out of the bathroom, and you find yourself sniffling through a defeated, "Yes Daddy." Almost immediately out the bathroom door you meet a giantess with two male Littles in a double stroller. The faint smell of a dirty diaper greets you as Artis says, "Oh hello!" as you drop your head once again. "Oh my, this must be the loud one we heard earlier!" the lady says curtly. "Why yes it is, and she has something to say to you, doesn't she?" Artis prompts. Not looking up, you mutter, "I'm sorry..." "Sorry for what? And speak up, please." "I'm sorry I was a..." the words hang on your lips, and you struggle to continue, "a... bad... baby... and I'm sorry I said all those bad words." The second half comes easier, but it doesn't stop fresh tears from rushing down your cheeks. "Well you should be glad to have a Daddy who cares enough to teach you how to be a good little girl," the lady responds stiffly. "Because you clearly have much to learn." "I... I am..." you mumble. "Anyway, it smells like you have some business to attend to," Artis says with a chuckle. "Say bye-bye to the nice lady," he prompts again. "Bye-bye." And so it goes, at least another four or five times before you finally make it back to the infants section and find your attendant. Of course, Artis makes you apologize to her as well while he retrieves the pacifier from where it dangles on your blouse. "I believe we were about to have a fitting for that lovely little sleeper," he announces. You let out a whine, but Artis pops the pacifier back into your mouth before you get a chance to speak. "Wonderful!" the Middle declares. "Now, the 12 to 18 will probaly be too short on her, but the two-tee should do just fine." "By all means, let's try the bigger one," Artis says, and before you know it, his hands are under your arms and you're being deposited into this fuzzy bag and seated on the floor, despite your whimpering. Your arms are shoved into the holes, and the saleslady slides the zipper up the back. "And it locks in place just like this!" she says as you hear a click at the back of your neck. "Now go ahead and stand up, sweetie," she coos. You ignore her, your mittened arms crossed, pouting behind your pacifier. "The nice lady asked you to stand up, baby," Artis says. "Or are you just so comfy you'd rather wear that the rest of the day?" That spurs you into action. You plant your feet and try to stand, but the bag isn't big enough for you to straighten your legs, and you lose your balance as it jerks you back down, dropping to all fours with a squeak. "Isn't it perfect?" the Middle says, clapping her hands. "Guaranteed to keep her in bed until Daddy decides it's time to get up!" "Indeed, it's perfect. We'll definitely take one." You start to complain, but you're still stuck in this thing, and you want out. "Excellent!" the Middle declares as she unzips you out of the horrible trap. "I think that should just about do it," Artis says, much to your relief. Just when you think the nightmare is finally over, though, the sales-bitch pipes up one more time. "Oh I notice you've got her in Comfeez Overnights. Are you fairly stocked up on those?" she asks. "Actually no, I just picked up the one bag last night," he replies. Great. More diapers. Except... "You know, those are made for normal babies, not Littles. Let me show you something." 14 So much for it being over. She leads the two of you into an aisle full of a huge array of diapers along with all the associated supplies; lotions, powder, wipes, the full monty. "We carry Comfeez, but only because we do have occasional clients with normal babies come here to shop." The emphasis on the word "normal" and the derisive tone she uses sends a surge of anger through you, but it quickly fades back behind the anxiety of what horrible thing she's about to reveal and whether Artis is going to be game for it. Even with the fog closing in, this is nothing short of horrifying. "About two years ago, a company called 'Forever Baby' launched a line of products specifically for parents of Littles, with lots of features especially for babies who are built like tiny adults. They are, very simply, the finest diapers for Littles on the market, with a heavy five-mil plastic shell that will make sure she'll never sneak up on you, but with a specially formulated matte finish to keep her from chafing, and several super-heavy soaker layers in the middle to handle her floods while she gets used to not using a toilet. Of course, the extra padding between the legs along with the stiffer plastic is absolutely guaranteed to produce the maximum waddle effect. A lot of parents have told me that their babies would drop and crawl once the diaper was wet because it was just too much bulk for them to keep their balance on two feet!" Artis nods thoughtfully, and you cringe as she continues her spiel. "Now, are we planning on taking her back to baby food and formula right away, or is she going to stay on table food for the time being?" "Oh, she'll be eating table food. I'm not especially impressed with the nutritional content of the baby food out there marketed for Littles," Artis says firmly. "Well then you'll definitely want her in one of the 'Big Kid' models, which both have a section in the rear with substantially less padding and a softer, more elastic outer shell back there, so the diaper isn't pushing back on her when she has her bowel movements, since her stools will obviously be more formed. Makes for easier cleanup too, if you catch it before she sits down anyway. You wouldn't believe how many of these poor things wind up with impactions not only because they're trying to hold it, but because those regular baby diapers are helping them do so! And we wouldn't want this little cutie to be all backed up, now, would we?" She leans down and reaches toward your face, but you stumble backward, fighting the urge to take a swipe at her with every ounce of self-control you can muster in spite of your growing lack of coordination. Clearly whatever's in the pacifier has done all it can do short of knocking you out, though at this point you're beginning to think unconsciousness would be preferable. Either way, Artis must have noticed as well, because his lightning fingers snatch it out of your mouth and drop it back to its dangling position in front of you. "So what's the difference between the 'Big Kid' models?" he asks. "Well, their classic model, the one they came out with when they first launched, is unisex, with just the extra room for BM's in the back. Their latest version, which is substantially more expensive by the way, comes in boys' and girls' versions, both of which give the baby a little reward for going pee." She reaches into a drawer on an endcap and produces a pale blue diaper, unfolding it on the highest shelf. Now you can't even see what she's doing, the damned thing is so tall, and you're left to wonder what horrors are coming. "Now this is the boys' model, which is a little less involved, because everyone knows that little boys are just waiting for a little tickle to get themselves going. So this one simply has a nice little pocket right here up front where we'd put a little penis, and as soon as he starts peeing, the pocket closes right up on him, so he gets his little tickles every time he wiggles!" She folds it back up and slips it back into the drawer. "I guess I don't quite understand why sexual stimulation is so important in a diaper," Artis says, raising his eyebrow. "Oh you haven't heard?" she asks, reaching into another drawer and pulling out a similarly pale pink diaper. "Forever Baby actually did some substantial research about sexuality, and they found that Littles who get regular chances to, you know, blow off some steam are much more calm and compliant than the poor things that don't." She suddenly reaches out for you, looking up at Artis to ask, "May I?" "Of course, of course," he replies, much to your chagrin. "No!" you squeak as she grabs you under your armpits. "You wanted your diaper changed, didn't you?" Artis asks. "Now's your opportunity." She hoists you up onto the shelf, which you now realize isn't a shelf at all, but a padded changing table top, complete with a strap that she secures across your middle in spite of your squirming. "Now this one," she says as she tears the tapes loose on your diaper and strips it away, pausing to clean you thoroughly with a wet wipe, "is the girls' model, and it has this special ridge through the middle that just hugs right up against her sensitive little parts, which gently stimulates her bladder when it's dry," she says, pointing it out to Artis while he nods. "And it has a bit more stiffness to the padding through there in order to keep it put once it's wet." She draws the diaper up and cinches each side, and you're immediately aware of said ridge, which feels nearly like getting a wedgie from a bikini bottom. She looses the strap, sits you up, and continues, "When she goes tinkle, that little ridge swells right up and stays just a little bit damp, so it's right up against her little sensitive spots, and it even has a little sensor built in that triggers a short-action vibrator. It'll give her an extra little buzz right along the ridge, so she can get herself all worked up just rocking back and forth in her playpen, or her highchair, or her crib, or anywhere else! Isn't it wonderful?" Even dry, this horrible thing is lightly stimulating, but you're repulsed at the sensation as much as anything else, and you're absolutely terrified of the idea of peeing in it. "The internal battery is only designed to run about ten minutes, which is usually more than enough to take care of her little urges." "Very interesting," Artis says. "I'm not entirely certain I want her having orgasms in public, though I can see the training advantages, teaching her to appreciate her diapers instead of loathing them." "Daddy I already hate it!" you whimper, trying to at least vent some without crossing the line again. "Oh don't worry, baby," the saleslady coos, ruffling your hair and patting your bottom. "I'm sure your daddy won't make you wear them all the time. In fact," she turns back to Artis, "Forever Baby recommends no more than one of these a day, or desensitization can start to set in. Right after lunch is your ideal time; it'll wear her out so she'll take a nap for you." "Obviously we'll want to load her up on fluids ahead of time, to make sure it works," he replies. "Absolutely," she agrees. "So what do we think?" "Daddy please no!" you beg, but you already know the answer. "I'm sold," he says. "We'll take a case of those and two cases of the classics." "Excellent. Can I interest you in some stimulating rash cream to go with that?" Your eyes bulge; is there no end to the torture devices in this place?! "No, no, I think this will do fine, unless Rosie would like some?" You shake your head fiercely, fighting back the temptation to scream at him. She laughs at your gyrations. "Alright, then let me just call for a bellhop and we'll get you rung up and on your way!" 15 Finally, the saleslady leads you and Artis toward the nearest register, out comes Artis's black credit card, and you are marched out the front door, a male similar in size to your saleslady in tow with all the hideous clothes you're going to be wearing for the next 28 days along with several huge boxes of these ridiculous diapers. Of course, you're laser-focused now on your own diaper, as it strokes away at your nether regions with each step. The sensation is still more of an irritation than a stimulation; there is no pleasure, and thankfully the saleslady's promise of it triggering your bladder doesn't seem to have come true. Perhaps the bitch was just a huckster after all, going so far out of her way to tease, degrade, and humiliate you every chance she got. Or maybe you're just so completely in shock at what you've just experienced that you've gone numb. Once back in the truck, your mind reeling from the entire experience, you finally find your voice again, though it is certainly trembling. "I... I don't... understand... uh... Daddy..." "What do you not understand, Rosie?" he asks calmly. "Why? Why did you do those things to me?" Despite your best efforts, tears begin to flow once more. "Why did you let her do those things to me? Why?!" You hear him unlatch his seatbelt, and he turns around in his seat. "If you think I enjoyed any of that in there, you're very much mistaken. That Middle in there, considering the kind of treatment they experience in Amazon society, I'm appalled at how smugly cruel she was, how much pleasure she took in tormenting you. But first of all, when we're in public, I have to behave in a way that draws as little attention to us as possible. And believe it or not, what happened in there is considered to be completely normal in this society. People's eyebrows would start raising if I treated you like an adult, respected your feelings and desires, talked to you instead of at you. "You don't seem to understand, Rosie," he continues, climbing into the back and sitting next to you, "that this is what people do to Littles every single day. They strip you of your station, babify you, and if you resist, they punish you until you give in. The few free Littles out there live in constant fear that the next Amazon they pass on the street will decide that they're adorable and in need of a new home, because just that quickly, they can be in the same or even worse situation than you were with Miranda." You're weeping now, confused, terrified, and utterly overwhelmed by the picture he paints. "But... Why?!" "Because," he sighs, "that's just the way Amazon society has viewed Littles for a thousand years or more, since their first contact. Someone decided that people your size make wonderful substitutes for actual babies, because you never grow up. And people caught on to the idea. And no one in government was all that bothered by it, because it kept the population down, and it made people happy. Well, it made Amazons happy, and that's all that mattered to them. It's only been in the last fifty or sixty years that Littles were even allowed to walk freely among us. Before that point, if someone your size showed up in a city without an Amazon "parent", the police would immediately take you to an orphanage to be adopted out. It's wrong, it's horrid, but it's just how things happened. "More importantly, though, I hope you're starting to understand why I had you undergo that cosmetic surgery. If you look and act like a normal Amazon child, then you and I can behave like a normal Amazon family. Amazons don't do things like that to their children. They love and care for and nurture their children, because they're trying to raise them up to be productive members of society. Littles are treated differently because any show of independence on the part of a Little is viewed as rebellion, and it is viewed as perfectly normal, even expected, that parents discipline rebellious Littles, that they keep them under control. The Littles you saw in that store? Notice none of them spoke? They're terrified to speak unless spoken to, because that's what is expected of a well-behaved Little. I didn't want that for you, not while you were under my care. So I remade you as an Amazon child, so at least when I wasn't specifically training you for Observation, I could give you a little bit of space to relax and enjoy a carefree life as a little girl who is spoiled rotten with pretty clothes and fine food and sightseeing with her Daddy. "But I can't do that if you open your mouth and give yourself away like that every time we go somewhere. The second you start speaking like an adult, everyone knows what's up, because no Amazon your size knows those kinds of words, nor can she put them together in perfect context like that." There's logic in what he says, reason, sense. Maybe even a little bit of warmth. But still every fiber of your being screams against it. "So you're saying if I act like a proper toddler, then everyone is nice to me, but if I try to be myself, my life is hell. How is that different from all those other Littles?" "Because like I said, Amazon children aren't expected to keep silent and always behave exactly as their parents instruct. A Little, if they're allowed solid food at all, certainly doesn't get to choose what they eat at a restaurant. They're not allowed to say 'no' to their caretakers. They're not allowed to fuss or talk back or misbehave or show any sign of rebellion. "On the other hand, no one is surprised when a toddler misbehaves a little, fusses, gets headstrong, or even throws a little tantrum. There are limits, of course, but if parents treated their actual children the same as people treat Littles, they'd be in front of a judge facing child abuse charges. So yes, you'll be able to vent a little, blow off steam, give in a little bit to the very fierce independence within you. That's something I can't let you do as a Little, but I can if you can learn how to stay in character, to act the way you look. Does that make sense?" Yes, actually, it makes perfect sense. But it doesn't make you feel any better about it. "Okay, I get it. Can we just go home now?" "Yes, we can. In fact, we probably need to get moving, to make sure you have a little privacy whenever nature decides to come calling." With that, he moves back up to the front, buckles his belt, and starts the truck. Nature... "Oh come on, Ar... I mean Daddy! You're not really going to make me..." "Yes, I am, because I'm already aware of the studies she referenced, and to the extent that it will be very helpful to you to not be full of sexual frustration a month from now, she was exactly right." "But..." you're incredulous at this thought, horrified that he actually intends to go through with it. "No buts, Rosie. Furthermore, if I have any suspicion whatsoever that you are actively trying to resist your body's urge to void, you will wear those diapers every minute you're awake until you stop, and if that means out in public, that means out in public." He pulls the truck back out onto the road and continues, "One thing that is probably helping now and will continue to help you is that the anxiety medication in your pacifier has a numbing effect on your entire body, meaning you'll be less susceptible to the physical stimulation that diaper is designed to give you." You're pretty sure you've never in your life shoved something into your mouth so quickly, and you suckle it as hard and as fast as your mouth muscles will allow you. Humiliating, degrading, none of that matters now, all you want is to find that fog again and stay there for as long as humanly possible. It doesn't take long, as hard as you're drawing on that thing, for the world to begin speeding up around you, Artis' voice from the front seat drifting further and further away. "Rosie... please take that out now. Rosie?" It comes out, but not because you actively chose to respond to him, but because you're slipping more completely into the fog now. Your head wobbles, and the pacifier falls away from your face, bouncing on its little ribbon a bit before coming to rest on your tummy. Your eyelids are so heavy now, too heavy to keep open. "Rosie?" you hear Artis call from somewhere off in the distance before the clouds come to carry you off. When next your eyes open, you're cradled in Artis' arms, your body moving in rhythm with his gait, your head buried in his chest. "Where are we?" you murmur, squirming a bit, your diaper rustling in response. "Home, sleepyhead," he chuckles. "You're certainly good at taking naps in the car like a little girl. You were asleep for a good hour and a half." He shuffles you a bit as he opens the front door and carries you in. "I... where was that clothing store?" you ask, confused. "In the capital, down in the shopping district by the shore. Meanwhile, I think we should get Rosie laid down for a while, so Daddy can bring her new wardrobe in and get it all put away, okay?" "Okay... Daddy..." you offer. He carries you into the guest bedroom and lays you on the bed, lifting up the bed railing. You feel his hand at your neck, and you sleepily watch as he removes the ribbon, taking the pacifier with it, lifting it up in the air to examine the nipple. "Time to refill this, apparently. That was supposed to be a full fourteen hours' worth of doses," he chuckles. "Oh well, have a nice nap, Rosie." With that, he leaves the room, closing the door behind him. Still drowsy, you roll over onto your side, and your diaper gently tickles up and down your clitoris in response. The urge to pee is upon you quickly, too quickly for you to stop it, and it's mere seconds between when the flow starts and you are awakened fully, suddenly, and violently by the powerful vibrations, the damp padding forcing itself fully against your entire groin, expanding inside your labia, sending shockwaves surging through your body. You flop onto your back involuntarily, arching your neck in response to the incredible intensity. You whimper, writhing as pee continues to spurt out of you, swelling the padding further, which just presses it tighter against you, every slight movement rubbing it up and down. Before long you're bucking, your hands grabbing hold of the plastic between your legs, trying in vain to pull it away, to stop what's about to happen, but all it does is rustle loudly, teasing you with the noise. You moan involuntarily, but the horror of what's happening fills your eyes with tears as fast as the juices begin to escape your vagina. "Nnn...nnnn...NO!" you scream over and over again, but you're helpless to stop it. The first orgasm comes like lightning, overriding your dignity with a rush of endorphins so powerful your mind goes blank and your hands move of their own accord, slamming the plastic against your groin, pressing it with all your might. You're sobbing, wailing, whining, begging it to stop, but the orgasms keep coming in wave after wave, the diaper swelling larger and larger between your legs, pressing them farther apart as you come and pee simultaneously, amplifying the humiliation and the pleasure all at once. It seems like hours have passed before the horrible thing finally stops buzzing, but the cycle continues even longer, the momentum of your physical responses to orgasm after orgasm keep the now-sodden mass of pulp pressing, rubbing against you. You try to reach for the tapes, pull them apart, but your hands seem to have a mind of their own now, grasping and stroking whatever they come in contact with. "DADDY PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!" you finally scream out in desperation, sobbing helplessly as your body twitches and writhes. "PLEASE!" Artis rushes in. "Alright sweetie, alright," he says softly as he rips the tapes loose and pulls the front of the diaper down. You collapse, still sobbing, feeling dirty, degraded, humiliated, but grateful for the cool air between your legs. "Please, Daddy, don't make me do that again!" you blubber. "Just relax, Rosie, relax. Daddy's going to get you cleaned up and changed now, he's just got to get your supplies, okay?" "Please let me take a bath Daddy!" you cry. "Please?!" "Alright, alright, we can have a bath. Lay still and I'll get the water running." He leaves and returns shortly after, quickly taking your shirt off and swaddling you in a towel, carrying your still-twitching form into the bathroom and gently placing you into the tub, tucking the pacifier into your mouth, which you nurse gratefully, but much more slowly than before. "Daddy get you all cleaned up now, Rosie. All cleaned up now," he says, his voice soft, soothing, as rhythmic as the soapy washcloth he pushes across your chest while he supports your back with his other hand. He is gentle and thorough, despite your whole body twitching when he touches your private areas, despite your periodic hiccups, and between the warm water and the drugs, you somehow manage to find a way to relax, both mind and body. By the time he has you dried off and dressed, the fresh, clean diaper around your middle is like a warm, welcome hug, and the ruffly, powder-pink dress with the smocking across the chest and white lace trim that looked so garish on its hanger actually seems sort of cute. You even find yourself giggling softly at the silliness of this new outfit while he rocks you gently in his lap. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you're wondering if this is what going insane feels like... 15 It's a short time... or maybe a long time, you're not sure which, that you find yourself sitting back on the couch, Artis sitting next to you, the sounds of some sort of New-Age music playing through the television with scenes of majestic fog-covered mountains and soft, sandy beaches cascading by. Emotionally, you're pretty well spent at this point, grateful to have your own fog drifting in and out as you intermittently feed yourself from the pacifier, grateful for its serene little waves washing over your mind, in and out like the tide. "I have some bad news," Artis finally speaks up. Whatever it is, you don't want to hear it, and you offer him a look that says the same. He's determined to give it to you, though. "The cupboards weren't particularly well-stocked when we got here. Meaning we need to get some groceries and, considering neither of us have eaten since this morning, I'm thinking we should probably get dinner out." Nope, you definitely didn't want to hear that. "I... can't handle any more today, Art... Daddy. Please..." "You don't have to handle any more today, Rosie." "So, you're gonna go shopping and I'll wait here?" you ask hopefully. "No, but you have an opportunity to do like I suggested earlier," he says. "I don't even remember..." "Like I said, right now you look like my daughter, not a Little I adopted. For all anyone knows, you're just small for your age. Relax. Use simple words, or don't even talk at all if you don't want. Make silly noises. Play. Have fun. Be shy. Be coy. Be cute. Be a little girl for a while. Think I didn't hear you giggle earlier when you looked at yourself? Find that place." You're not sure if it's the drugs or the music or just being completely exhausted from all the stress this morning, but what he's saying almost makes sense. It certainly beats the alternative, being humiliated at every turn because you outed yourself as a Little. Still yet, you're not exactly excited about the idea, and you're still pretty suspicious of Artis' wildly unpredictable attitude. "How do I know you're not gonna just suddenly change your mind while we're out somewhere and start encouraging everyone within earshot to humiliate me again like this morning?" you ask as calmly as you can. "I told you this earlier, Rosalita. I don't enjoy making you suffer. As long as you don't give yourself away, as far as I'm concerned you're my niece come to visit while her parents are on a cruise. There are going to be certain situations we will be in over the next month where yes, I'm going to be treating you like a Little, and everyone is going to know that you're a Little, and you'll be under pressure to behave like a perfect little angel, but I promise you, if I tell you in advance that you can play the cute kid role while we're out somewhere, then the only way that changes is if you don't stay in character." "I don't guess there's an option 'C' here, is there?" you offer glumly. "If for no other reason than our tracking devices, no, there isn't." You begin to concentrate. What were you like when you were tiny? You reach out for memories, but there are only wisps; so many things have happened, it's like you never even had a past before that fateful day you defied Papa. "I... don't even remember being that young." "Did you have siblings?" he asks. Well, that you certainly did. Armida was only three years your junior, though. You close your eyes and try to picture her. She was the penultimate yang to your yin; quiet, deferential, one might even say introverted. She was always sweet, though, even when she was little. You remember her looking up to you despite your boisterous, fiercely independent nature. "She used to call me Paw-Paw," you chuckle. "Who?" he asks smiling. You didn't even realize you'd said it out loud. "My little sister, Armida. She followed me everywhere, whether I wanted her to or not. But she was never in the way, more like having a mascot. She called me Paw-Paw because when she was little, 'Pauletta' was too much to pronounce." "Think about how she used to talk. Say something in her voice," he encourages. "Come pay tea wif me, Paw-Paw!" you lisp. It's almost shocking how much like her you sound, what with your newly high-pitched voice. "Good, good!" he laughs. "And what would little Rosie like for dinner tonight?" His words are broad and exaggerated, and you giggle in spite of yourself. "Chicken an' fwies!" you squeak, offering a toothy grin. "Chicken and French fries?! But you always have chicken and French fries!" he says, continuing the silly lilt to his speech. "Nuh-uh! I had wohnees last night!" "Oh that's right you did have macaroni, didn't you? Well I guess maybe you can have chicken and fries tonight, then, but only if you get TICKLES FIRST!" His fingers are up under your armpits before you can react, and now you're squirming and squealing and giggling helplessly. "Daddy! Stop!" you shriek, gasping for breath in between peals of laughter as he continues, "No more!" Your bladder announces it's about to give up its accumulation, but you're helpless to do anything about it. "Daddy! Pee-pee!!!" you squeal. This finally seems to slow him down. "Well good, now you can have a nice clean diaper before we leave, and there won't be much chance of needing a change while we're out." He smiles as you pant, a warm bulge expanding between your legs. So he had an ulterior motive. And, all told, you can't very well complain about it. The last thing you need is having to ask him for a diaper change in public. The scariest part, though, is how easily you were able to fall into that speech pattern, into... that mindset... Was this some sort of manipulation on his part? Was it part of his "preparation" plan? "You're brooding again," he says, snapping you out of your thoughts as he lays you down on the carpet and proceeds with the now-familiar changing ritual. "Is this part of it?" you ask. "Trying to get me into thinking like a little kid?" "No, actually," he says as he lifts your legs effortlessly, wiping and powdering you with a gloved hand. "This has nothing to do with the Observation. It's exactly what I said it is; making it easier for you when we're out in public." "Then why does it feel like you're in my head again?" "Probably because you know what I'm trying to do here, but you don't know exactly how I'm doing it, so you're questioning everything I do. Which is exactly the opposite of what you need to be doing, because you being on edge all the time is just going to make the process more difficult." He tapes you up and strips his gloves off, tossing them onto the wet diaper before pulling you into his lap. "So in a way, I guess you could say this is part of the process, because anything I can do to help you relax will make it all much easier, even the parts that we both know will stress you out." He starts to rock you gently, rubbing your back, which feels amazing, as bizarre as it is to be cradled in the lap of a man you only met a day ago. "So can Rosie find her way back to that happy little girl place again?" A sigh escapes your lips, a product of the warmth, the relaxation you feel as you nuzzle his chest. "Binky, Daddy," you mumble. Of course it's dangling from your collar and you know it, but that doesn't mean you want to move. "Of course little Rosie can have her binky," he says, reaching down and teasing your lips with it. You accept it gratefully, but instead of suckling, you just let it rest on your tongue. "Shank you, Daddy" you lisp. "So we ready to go grocery shopping?" he asks quietly. "Uh-uh. Cuddle, Daddy." "Okay, we can cuddle a while first." Simple words. Simple thoughts. Simple feelings. It's not hard, really. At least, not when you're like this, a puddle in Daddy's lap. You wonder how long it'll last when others are watching, when self-consciousness creeps back into your thought process. No, no, no, that's a big person thought. Butterflies. Fairies. Chicken and "fwies". Your "binky". Those are the happy places. Let's just stay there for a while. 16 "So, has little Rosie decided she's hungry enough to go out?" he finally asks. Truth be told, your stomach is growling a little. You wonder if he felt the rumble too. You look up and offer a big grin and an exaggerated nod. "Well then let's go get some chicken and fries for that empty little tum-tum!" he chuckles. He starts to slide you off his lap, but you latch onto his arms. "Oh, so we want a ride, do we?" "Uh HUH!" you chirp, offering the silliest, toothiest smile you can muster to drive home the point. It's too damned comfortable in his huge arms, and besides, as much of that medicine as you've taken today, you don't even want to know how wobbly your legs are. "Well how can I say no to an adorable little face like that?" he says as he gathers you up, stands, and settles you on his hip. Your bottom rustles noisily against his arm as he walks, slightly bouncing you in rhythm with his stride as he carries you out the door and to the car, buckling you in gently as you let out a contented sigh. This new head space you've discovered, or he helped you discover, is soothing all on its own; there's no anxiety here, and you find yourself noticing things about the world around you that you hadn't paid attention to for a very long time: the vibrant colors of the sky as the sun begins to set, brilliant red with dark purple wisps of clouds dancing through it, the feel of cool wind rushing across your face as Artis opens the windows in the truck, the smell of that fresh air coming out of the groves of trees as though they were exhaling it just for you. There's not even any dread as you arrive at the grocery store. You rest your head on Artis' shoulders as he carries you in, and instead of derision like at that horrible Littles store, the people that pass by offer smiles and waves and "Isn't she adorable?" And you play coy with them, hiding your face, then poking it back out with a wide grin, which just brings more delighted responses. When you giggle, the whole world around you revels in it. They ask how old you are, and Artis tells them over and over that you just turned three. And they believe him, and you get little tickles on your leg and scratches under your chin, and you just keep right on playing it up. Now your legs are dangling in the baby seat of the grocery cart as Artis pushes it through the store, your dress all bunched up around your waist. You're too busy pointing and laughing as Artis asks you to pick out food items and plays guessing games as to what exactly you want. It's too much fun to just thrust your arm out in a vague direction and giggle, then shake your head over and over again, your ringlets flying every which way until he gets it right. You're the biggest star in the grocery store right now, everyone in line of sight mesmerized by your little performance. By the time Artis starts toward the checkout line, basket filled with staple foods, but with plenty of little treats that you got by batting your eyes at Artis until he gave in, you've fallen completely into the role, bouncing and squeaking and playing peek-a-boo with anyone who'll join by covering your face with your hands. Another cart is parallel to you in the next checkout line, this one with what is clearly a Little, and a rather unhappy one at that, in the baby seat, her "mommy" scolding her while she snivels. Your heart goes out to her; you've been in that place before. No! You can't let this break the spell! Happy thoughts! Simple thoughts! You point to her and look up at Artis. "Bebe?" "Yes, baby." "Bebe cry?" "Yes, baby is crying." "Bebe go pee-pee?" "I don't know, maybe." "Bebe diaper change!" The mommy takes notice of the exchange. "Baby is being fussy because she wouldn't take a nap today," she answers. "She's a cranky baby, and she's going to get her supper and bath and straight to bed as soon as she gets home." "Ohhhh," you reply. Keep fighting it. Simple words. Simple thoughts. You grab your binky and tuck it into your mouth, determined to stay in the happy place. "Wozie went nap nap today!" Artis laughs. "Yes, Rosie took a good nap today, that's why she's so bouncy and happy now!" "See that, baby Kimmy?" The lady stares down at the little, who looks for all the world like she's trying to sink through the crossbars of the seat and into the floor, though her eyes are locked on you from behind her own pacifier. "Little girls who do what their mommies and daddies tell them are much happier than ones who fuss and whine and throw fits. See how happy she is? I bet her daddy doesn't ever have to spank her." "Oh, Rosie gets fussy sometimes, doesn't she?" Artis smiles. You shake your head hard, to bounce your curls around some more. "Nuh uh. Wozie good girl! Wozie not fussy baby! Kimmy fussy baby!" You point at the little, and she looks away. "Yes, that's right. Kimmy's a very fussy baby!" the lady agrees. "Your daughter is positively adorable! How old?" "She just turned three." The woman's face changes a bit. "And not potty trained yet? Tsk tsk." Damn her. Your turn to do the head drop. You blush in spite of yourself. "She will when she's ready, won't you, Rosie?" Artis smiles as he lifts your chin up. "We don't have to be in a big hurry to grow up, do we?" "Wozie not big girl?" You're trying to stay in character, but it's getting tougher, now that the focus is on the underwear you don't even need. Why'd he have to pick 3? If he'd said 2, no one would have cared. "Sweetie, you can be a little girl for as long as you need, and when you're ready, you can be a big girl too. Daddy loves you, no matter how big or little you are." He kisses your forehead, and suddenly that huffy lady with the adopted Little doesn't matter so much. You reach your arms up to him as the line shifts, and he chuckles as he hoists you up onto his hip. "Lub you Daddy!" you whisper, resting your head back on his shoulder. "Lub you too Rosie," he whispers back. The line moves forward, and a Tweener man appears, putting a divider behind the groceries on the conveyer belt and hurriedly emptying your cart behind it as the belt rolls forward. It's the first time you notice, all the front-end workers, baggers and cashiers alike, are all Tweeners, and they scurry around at maximum speed, occasionally glancing down to the end of the row. A huge Amazon, taller than Artis even, stands there, arms folded, scanning up and down the checkout lines. These people fear him, much more profoundly than someone just worried about keeping their jobs, and you can't help but wonder why. They're nothing like that horrible Tweener salesperson from the Littles baby store. They offer polite greetings, to each of the customers, but never make eye contact, constantly focusing on the next task, emptying a cart, filling a bag, loading bags into the cart, following the customers to their cars and loading the bags for them, then scurrying back to the store to return the empty one and find another job to do. Once Artis buckles you in, you can't help but ask. "Why were they all so scared, Daddy?" The toddler show is over, and your voice returns to normal, even though you remember your manners as you address him. "Who was scared, Rosie?" "Come on, Daddy, all the grocery clerks, they were terrified of that one Amazon watching them." "Tweeners who work unskilled jobs like that are usually on their last chance, Rosie. Some of them have been in jail, others have been fired from more prestigious positions for various reasons, be it slacking on the job, mouthing off to their bosses, or just general incompetence." "So... what happens if they get fired from there?" In your gut, you already know the answer. "As far as Amazons are concerned, if a Tweener can't be a productive member of society, then they're just like a Little, and they are sent off to become Littles and be adopted." "Wait, 'become' Littles?" "Yep. We have shrink rays and aging reversal nanites for that purpose, though their use is tightly regulated by Parliament. They're also used on Amazons who get in trouble with the law one too many times. I'd be willing to bet at least one of those Tweeners used to be an Amazon, and they're getting one last chance to behave themselves before they get sentenced to Etiquette School." "You mean, some of the Littles we saw could have been Tweeners or Amazons once?" "It's actually quite likely here in Candohar, considering the rules we have in place about importing Free Littles." "Free Littles... like I used to be..." "Yes, any Free Little adoption has to be registered with the national child welfare office, which must include paperwork signed by the Little or that Little's legal guardian at the time of the adoption. Which is why the scant few Free Little adoptions are typically cases like yours, where the parent, seeing the child as incorrigible, signs over the child's rights before they turn 20. Only on very rare occasions does an adult Little willingly sign that paperwork, and usually it's because they're in some other sort of trouble, and adoption is their only way out. They're in debt over their heads, or they're on the run because they committed a crime on their home island. Lots of different reasons, but none of them are ever good." You don't answer. No wonder adopted Littles are viewed so dimly here. Most of them earned their fate. All you did was refuse to marry someone you didn't even like, never mind love. 17 You're brooding now, staring out the open window. All the little feelings that made you so happy are background noise. The wind whips across your ear loudly, involuntarily tearing up your eyes if you turn your head too much. The sun on the horizon is blistering bright, forcing you to look away. And here in what looks like the downtown area of this little village, the air isn't fresh and clean, just a confusion of smells that remind you of your empty stomach. And at the center of it all is your frustrated, despondent, angry helplessness. How is this fair? How am I supposed to believe that Po is good and fair and just when he lets me suffer like this? I would have been better off jumping into the volcano and letting Pele decide my fate. The thoughts swirl through your mind. Mama, why didn't you stop him? Why didn't you protect me? I was your firstborn! Didn't you love me? I always knew Papa hated me, he clearly loved Armida more than me, but you were my shield, whenever he favored her over me, you were there to restore the balance... Why did you abandon me? Your tightly clenched fists tremble, and tears of rage fill your eyes. Damn you, Papa! I hope Armida gets taken too! I hope she has all her teeth taken out and gets her ankles cut, and I hope you're there to see it, you traitorous dog! See your golden child have her future stolen too, be humiliated and debased like I have been! I hope the whole of the village shames you into exile for being such a terrible father, and the image of Armida the helpless baby haunting you every minute until you draw your last lonely, miserable breath! DAMN you! The hate surges through you, and it feels good. It feels like being alive again. Like that little window of time you had, standing over Miranda's body, naked and covered in her blood, before the police came and took you off to prison. You hate Papa with every fiber of your being. What you did to that Amazon bitch, you'd do to him if you ever got the opportunity. In fact, you lust after that thought. Just one chance. After this miserable Observation is done, maybe you'll get that chance. Once you convince these giant monsters that you're no danger to them, you can be free again, free to return to the island and give Papa what he deserves for his treachery. And Mama too, for being such a coward, for not protecting you when you needed it most. You promise yourself in this moment to hang on to that thought, no matter what happens. One day, you'll see justice done to both of them for this, even if you have to get that justice yourself. If the police want to kill you after that, so be it. You'll see that day first, you swear. But first back to the present. Artis is still driving, and he's looking at you like he said something. Wait, he expects you to act like a child, else there'll be more misery at the restaurant. You try and muster up that cutesy voice you had at the grocery store. "What Daddy?" you ask. "I said that was an awfully grumpy little face you had on, Rosie! What's wrong?" You stuff the pacifier in your mouth. "Nuffin' Daddy!" "Are you sure? You seemed awfully upset after I told you about the Middles at the grocery." "It made me sad that there are lots of big people that can't take care of themselves and need to be babied." You're choosing your words carefully here, trying to at least perpetrate whatever mindset you had before the grocery store trip. "Why didn't that lady just adopt one of them instead of me?" "Supply and demand, Rosie. There are more Amazons who want Littles than the penal system can possibly supply, because most Amazons obey the law. Also, some people just want wild Littles, because they're nervous about adopting former criminals, even though they are put through rigorous etiquette training and whatever modifications deemed necessary for them to be safe to adopt. Of course, as widely publicized as your situation was, the demand for wild Littles will probably slack off for a while." Lot of good that does me. You suck on the pacifier a little bit. You know you have to get out of this mindset before you get to the restaurant. Simple thoughts. Simple feelings, you remind yourself. "Well I'm glad you're my Daddy now! You're much nicer that that mean lady." Maybe a complement will satisfy him enough to let you alone. "I'm glad you're my little girl now too." Something about his voice sounded off when he said that, but the medication is kicking in now, and it's hard to hold on to complicated thoughts. You let it drop from your mouth and stare out the window, watching all the blobs fly by. True to his word, Artis let you pick out your dinner from a children's menu at the restaurant. The waitress finds you adorable, and Artis weaves a little side-story to her about how your Em Oh Em Em Why passing away delayed your emotional development, which only increases her affection toward you. You play it up effortlessly, enjoying all the attention you're getting for acting like a silly toddler, making cute noises and playing with your food. After Artis pays the tab and you wave exaggerated bye-byes to the waitress, who kisses your cheek in return and tells you once more how adorable you are, he carries you back to the car and buckles you in. He gets in as well, and once the door is closed, he speaks up. "You were very, very good in there, Rosie. I'm proud of you!" "Fank you, Daddy!" You're in full character momentum now, no need to stop. "See how easy it is to make them believe that you're an Amazon girl, not a Little?" "Wosie a Am-ee-zon girl, Daddy!" He chuckles. "Of course you are, silly goose! And when we get home, a certain Am-ee-zon girl needs a bath and her jammies on, doesn't she?" "Aw but I don' wanna go night-night, Daddy!" "I didn't say you had to go night-night right away, silly. If you're a good girl for Daddy, once we get your jammies on, we can watch a movie, before sleepy-time, okay?" "Yay!" You thoughtlessly pee in your diaper and feel it swell ever so slightly. You barely noticed that you had to go before it started, but between the lingering anxiety medication and the warm glow of being doted on all throughout dinner, the thought hardly stays with you but a few seconds. It'll be a month before I can do anything about it anyway, why should I care now? It's "Daddy's" problem, right? When you get home, Artis draws you a luxuriously hot bath with sweet-smelling bath bubbles. He dons a much longer pair of latex gloves than the ones he uses for diaper changes, then takes off your clothes and settles you into the tub. It's so soothing, so relaxing, you can feel your arms and legs just turning to jelly in the heat. Artis reaches for a loofa and some soap, and you quickly realize why the long gloves as he begins to wash you, dipping his hand into the water halfway up his forearm, but stopping short of the edge of the glove. "We'll have to see about getting some bath toys tomorrow, maybe some other things for little Rosie to play with too! How's that sound?" "Mhmm." You're so relaxed, you can't even bother putting on a facade of caring. He probably could tell you he's taking you anywhere short of back to prison and it wouldn't blip on your radar right now. Once Artis is content with your current state of cleanliness and the water has just started to cool, he lifts you out gently and wraps you in a soft, fluffy towel. He carries you into the bedroom, lays you on an open diaper on the bed, then proceeds to rub lotion into your arms and legs and chest. The whole experience is heavenly, and by the time he's done your limbs feel like they're made of lead. Gods, if she had treated me like this, I could have been perfectly happy being her baby the rest of my life. "Fank you Daddy." The fake lisp aside, it's a genuine sentiment. He tapes your diaper up and slips a nightie on you. "You're welcome, Rosie. Feel good?" "Uh huh." "Good, let's go watch that movie." You don't last five minutes in his lap before sleep claims you.
  8. Hello friends. I fully intend on continuing "The Biggest Little Vacation", but here's a story that has been eating my brain for the past week or so - KWOceans and I have written this together (we'll see if you can figure out who wrote which parts!). This one is not as light and fluffy as Vacation, but I hope you enjoy it. I won't be doing my usual one-per-day update schedule on this, as I'm going out of town this week, so it will be a little more irregular than I prefer. Well, here we go... enjoy the ride. ------ CHAPTER ONE Sabrina sat at her computer, typing away, finishing up one last chapter of the book she was working on before she could call it quits for the day. Days like today made it hard to be one's own boss. She wanted nothing more than to toss her computer out the window and go play, but she had bills to pay. She was lucky, honestly - good, steady work that was suited to her talents, she worked from home and thus didn't face a lot of day-to-day discrimination... but in Allemagne that was much less of an issue than on the other islands. Allemagne was very proud of its native Little population and while they weren't quite as socially progressive as Gaule, Littles were safer in Allemagne than on any other island in Europa. As she marked her place in the book she was editing - it wasn't bad, it wasn't top tier fiction, it was a little trope-y here and there... the idea of a Little gaining magic powers and escaping to a world where they weren't on the lowest rung of the societal ladder was done to death at this point, ever since that Witch School series that took the world by storm. But, people were reading more and that meant people needed more books to be edited, and that meant that there was more work for her to do. She had been languishing in obscurity before she got her own short story published in an anthology. She smiled at her copy of An Amazon Below sitting on her desk and ran a finger along the spine. It was almost entirely filled with stories by anonymous authors, very few people were willing to put their name on a story that had Amazons as slaves to Littles, but she had... and she scored no fewer than three new clients off of it. Sabrina Weber - it felt so good to see her name on the cover of the book. She got top billing since there were so many fake names or Anonymous authors in the anthology. No risk, no reward, she smiled to herself. Sabrina hopped down from her chair and got dressed - it was Wednesday night, and that meant Littles night at the club. Violet Intrusion, a hot nightclub downtown that didn't discriminate - if you had ID and credit you were in, they didn't care. She'd been going there a lot since An Amazon Below came out - she had only made a small amount on the book itself, but the other business had her wallet flush in a way it hadn't been before in her life. She stepped out of her loose flannel pants and baggy shirt - she hated pants in general, but they were super comfortable to write in - and put on a bra, which she didn't need normally but she always padded the cups to make her look more shapely, more adult, like the Amazons - it was a risky move, Native Littles were generally small chested... only Portal Littles looked like tiny Amazons and no one wanted to be confused for a Portal Little, they had no rights at all, they were pets and property. Like an Amazon should be, she smirked, wishing. Sabrina had a taboo desire - she wanted to see an Amazon grovel at her feet. It's what all her stories were about, it's what all the stories in An Amazon Below were about. Littles owning Amazons. She imagined having a docile Amazon on a leash as she stepped into her black clubbing dress, pulling it over her well-padded bra. She would be a kind enough mistress, she would love her pet... but the Amazon would know beyond a shadow of a doubt who was in charge. She couldn't wipe the grin from her face as she selected her jewelry for the night - bangles for the left wrist, leather for the right, nice big hoops for the ears and... yes, a simple black choker. She let her waist-length dark brown hair down, cascading as she removed her ponytail holder, and imagined sliding her hands along a naked Amazon body, kneeling before her, begging to be touched. She released a deep shuddering breath before doing her makeup for the evening - a dark red lipstick and heavy eyeliner over her usual foundation and powder. Like the addict she was, she sat down at her computer one last time to check her favorite AmzDom message boards - places where like-minded Littles gathered and shared their fantasies. She had fans from all over Europa, but the majority were here in Allemagne. She was practically untouchable by the Amazons, in order for an Amazon to claim a native Allemagne Little, they had to have a Hunting Permit - which were not easy to obtain, you had to have a target picked out who had been proven to be unfit for society. Unfit meant unable to control their bodily functions AND were unable to support themselves financially. The first could be easily faked, that had been the downfall of the last of the Albion natives who had thought themselves so safe after their Adulthood Declaration laws were passed... but Amazons were clever, they'd get a Little in a position where they couldn't make it to the bathroom one way or another and then before they knew it, they were claimed. Albion didn't even have any free Natives left. Allemagne solved this with the permit system, as well as the requirements. And Sabrina was safer than even most Littles - she was self-employed. She wasn't at the mercy of any boss or company, she was her own boss. Sometimes that was rough - sometimes she had to go a month or two without a contract, but she was booked up for six months solid now, there was a waiting list to get her attention, and things were looking up. So were her points on the AmzDom board, her latest chapter was doing well. She loved each and every person who commented on her stories, she was LittleDomme on the boards and she had a small stable of fans who would read anything she wrote - and she tried to keep them entertained by writing often. There was Ellie, and Ocean, and Trip... but her favorite by far was TinyRebel4. Rebel was always the very first commenter on every thread and always showered her with compliments and tried to predict the twists in her stories, and half the time she was right. Any day that Rebel commented was a good day. Rebel was some kind of scientist - nobody said their real names on the boards, it could make a person's life hard to be outed as an AmzDom fan, but she had dropped enough hints that she worked for some chemistry lab. Sabrina wished that she could crow to the message board that she was in the Amazon Below anthology... but it was risky enough that her name was attached to that book but if her two identities were tied together, it could really make things hard - the story for the anthology was far, far milder than the stuff she posted on the board. Just as she was ready to walk out the door, she noted that Rebel had sent her a message, but if she didn't leave now the wait for the robocab would be dreadful, and she was looking forward to the club. She sat on the small bench next to the front door and pulled on her platform boots - knee-high, laces all the way up, black patent leather, but the best part were the 4" platform soles. Sabrina had always been on the tall side for a Little, but between the padding in her bra and the extra height from her shoes she really felt like she passed for a Mid - and they dealt with substantially less discrimination. She glanced over one more time at the computer, wondering what Rebel had to say. Rebel would have to wait, however - it was Littles Night. The club was gorgeous as always. It was an older building in a part of downtown that was being revitalized, it had been here a long time but the owner had spent a lot of money over the past couple of years renovating it. Now it was ultramodern with a black and silver theme and clean lines, but Sabrina cared much less about the architecture than she did the music. The Violet Intrusion always seemed to have the best DJs, the best bands, and it was one of the few places she wouldn't get hassled for being a Little... well, hopefully people just assumed she was a Mid. She'd still get in for free, her ID showed that she was a Little, but she hoped that the patrons inside wouldn't realize it. Even though it was Littles Night, not many Littles actually showed, this part of town wasn't very Little friendly - the bathroom facilities alone around here weren't adequate for Little needs, but that didn't generally bother Sabrina. She was relatively tall. "Hey Anna," Sabrina smiled as she took her spot at the bar. "Hey Sabrina," the bartender greeted her - the club was just getting warmed up and Sabrina was early, as usual. She liked to make friends with the staff anywhere she went on a regular basis, she was actually pretty good at making friends. "How are you doing?" "Honestly," the Little grinned, "I'm on top of the world. I don't think it could get much better. Work is going great and I feel good. How about you?" "Not as good as you, apparently," Anna laughed. Sabrina loved that laugh, that alto chuckle that she had - Anna had some kind of insecurity, she always covered her mouth when she laughed, but Sabrina didn't mind. A fair share of her Amazon domination fantasies had featured Anna lately. Kind Anna, gentle Anna. She wondered what it would feel like for the woman to actually kneel before her, to submit to the collar... she was snapped out of her reverie, however. "... and then I twisted my ankle! It's better now, but it was a rotten day." "Oh that sucks!" Sabrina sympathized, though she wasn't entirely sure how the story had begun. "I'm glad your ankle is okay, standing all night on a twisted ankle would be awful, and I'd miss you if you weren't here." "You're sweet," Anna smiled, putting away the last of the clean glasses. She was quite attractive, shoulder-length blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin. Her teeth were the tiniest bit crooked, an oddity seeing as how dental correction was a well-understood science, but there was likely a reason. "What are you starting off with tonight?" "Let's see," Sabrina began ponderously, pulling out her comm and loading her wishlist. "Next on the list is the 'Dark N Stormy’." "Sorry," Anna smiled sadly, "I don't know that one - what's in it?" "That's okay," Sabrina knew better than to let anyone mix a drink they didn't know - she was out to try new ones, and if it was mixed wrong, she'd never know if she actually liked it. "How about the Gaule 75? That one's supposed to be really good." "That one I know," Anna grinned, pulling out the ingredients. Anna - Sabrina was pretty sure - thought she was a Mid, she always got Mid-sized drinks here. The frustrating thing about most food and drink places downtown was the fact that even though Little portions were so much smaller, they were almost always the same price as a Mid or an Amazon portion - it was just the way things were, if she wanted fair she had to go to a Little-specific restaurant that only served Little portions. Amazons wouldn't bother going there, it would cost them a fortune to get enough to eat. Sabrina took her first sip of the pale yellow drink - it was strong, but it wasn't as sweet as she had been hoping, but it wasn't bad. She took a long draw from it, savoring the way it burned on the way down. She knew she probably shouldn't drink so much, but an over the counter hangover cure before bed would keep her from feeling it tomorrow after she enjoyed the buzz tonight at the club - alcohol always made the music feel better. She could appreciate the music either way, but if she really wanted to lose herself in it, a drink helped immensely. "Oh," Anna said, walking back to Sabrina's spot at the bar. "I'm supposed to tell you that you have an invitation to the VIP lounge tonight." "What?" Sabrina asked, surprised. "Upstairs? Why?" "No clue," the bartender shrugged. "I just got word that if you came in tonight, you were invited up. I think it's from the boss directly." "Who's the boss?" The Little raised an eyebrow. "Naomi Alexis," Anna replied, but the name didn't ring any bells. "She's nice, a real kind and understanding type. She's a good boss, I'm pretty sure she's up there tonight herself. You'll like her." "Sounds good, I guess I get a glimpse of how the other half lives, huh?" Jump to Chapter 2!
  9. Hello friends, and welcome to a brand new, Interactive Story. There are a few things I want to say first: 1) DO NOT TRY TO READ THIS STORY IN ORDER. It won't work. It will be confusing and awful. There are choices (sometimes only one) at the bottom of each post, just click the link and it will take you to the next one. If you reach the end, you can always hit Back on your browser, or click back to Page 1 and start all over again. 2) LIKES SHOW ME WHAT PATHS ARE MORE FUN/INTERESTING Please, take a moment and like the parts that are interesting to you. I worked really hard on this and it's also a very easy way to show your appreciation. I'm going to judge popularity of the various twists and turns of the story based on the number of likes they get. I hope everyone who plays at least likes the first post. 3) THIS STORY HAS SOME DARK PARTS. Not every twist is going to be for you. I covered a lot of themes, some of them light, some of them dark. It has happy endings and bad endings. I hope you enjoy both 4) THIS STORY HAS HOMOSEXUAL THEMES. I'm a lesbian, sorry not sorry. So there's lots of female on female romance. I hope you enjoy it anyway <3
  10. This is my first step into writing diaper stories. If there is interest I'll write the full thing out. Hope it sets a mood for you. It has been many years since the doors had been opened to the what is now referred to as the diaper dimension. At first it was just random happenings where “normals” would be snatched and dragged into the dimension to be treated as babies, forever known as “littles.” A terrible fate really, no one knew what was happening until the “amazonians” created doors that wouldn’t close. Their technology had been fueled by their desire to be maternal and paternal to a very “confused” population of “children.” The normals as we call ourselves, initially gave up many people that were willing and wanting to go. The ones defined as ABDL’s or littles or any of the other such that just wanted the relationships in their lives. This wasn’t enough for the giants of the other world. They wanted more of the littles, their forever babies. Those misguided and confused tiny people that ran around like they had important things to do. It was so cute the way they tried so hard to be adults. In the end the giants natural instincts were enough to start the raiding parties again. It was estimated that over 100,000 normals had been stolen from the world. There didn’t seem to be a way to stop them. However, in the world of the giants, things were beginning to change… Initially, it was all so wonderful for the mothers of these new babies everything went perfectly. Discipline meted out however they chose. The little babies wandered around and all you had to do was snatch the cute little things up and adopt them, then you could diaper, spank, love, snuggle, discipline, or show off your new baby that would never grow old. Well time went on and these new babies began to age somehow. The Doctors couldn’t explain it, but they just got old. It wasn’t fun to have an “old” baby so they began to euthanize or abandon them. Even special doctors were created for the care of these interesting babies. The behavior began to grow massively appalling even to the giantesses and giants. CELL was formed, The Coalition for Ethical Little Loving. This was a group of Amazons and Littles that decided littles were people too, and they should be treated as such. This didn’t sit well with a lot of Amazon moms, so they began to treat littles worse, diapering them in the streets and forcing them to do things that were humiliating, adopted littles were getting the bad end of it as some received corporal punishment for no reason at all, bruises and broken bones and worse. So Littles retaliated, they began to murder their mommies and daddies in their sleep, so much did they hate them. The amazons put a chemical in the water that affected the littles genetic structure, making all littles go incontinent eventually, it was absorbed from water Into plants and released into the air through the same. Within a year it had gone beyond ever fixing. The littles could avoid it sonewhat, even to adulthood sometimes, staying in the cities away from too many plants, not eating leafy things like spinach. Eventually though, it built up in their system and they would be incontinent. When this happened the amazons were like vultures. Dragging littles into offices, closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, or even just laying them down right there in public. Stripping them of dignity adulthood, and anything else their life was about. So retaliation went on and on until finally a couple amazons and a couple littles stepped up like a beacon of light. Immediately they acted to pass the Anti-hate laws that exist today. With the new laws passed, no little could be abandoned for any reason, could not be killed for any reason, and had to willingly go into adoption. One lingering thing was left out though. Diapering, There was not really a reason to take it off the table. All littles were eventually going to pee themselves. And so a giantess could take a little by the ankles and place a diaper under a tiny tushy any time she desired. A giant could strip a booty and pad it up whenever the mood struck. In this new world though Littles had a lot more freedom than ever before, not having to scavenge for whatever they could just to survive without being a baby. There wasnt much fear being snatched up and made to disappear because they were now a baby in the arms of a giantess. There was always the opportunity to be forced into a diaper at any given moment but a little indignation versus being forced into infancy was sometimes worth voicing your opinion. Needless to say though there were always those who wanted to be littles, both in the normal world and the Diaper dimension. You may ask the question :Who would ever choose this kind of life of their own free will? Well, the answer is harder to define than one might imagine. The reasons are as varied as the personalities of normals, as varied as the worlds they live in. And that is what our story is all about...
  11. Exchanged By BabySofia DD Story I'll start reposting this over the next couple of days. I had posted through Chapter 20 before the crash, so a few posts of 5 chapters should bring us back up to that point. I'm planning on spending some time this week hopefully getting back into the swing of writing here. I've begun going through and re-reading and proofread some more before posting this again. I do have through Chapter 22 completed at this point, with a start on Chapter 23. I'd like to get through Chapter 25 though before I begin posting new chapters. Sorry it's been so long, but it's been a long tough few months for me in real life! Before I begin I have to give full credit to PrincessPottyPants for the universe, as well as Langtab and KWOceans for writing the stories that inspired this tale. This is of course fan fiction with probably several universe blips, but I hope you enjoy this Diaper Dimension tale! Warning: While I think this story is quite tame compared to some of the works on this site and community, I was requested by a reader to add a disclaimer that there are cases of graphic abuse of individuals in the Diaper Dimension. If you enjoy the Diaper Dimension works there won't be anything within this story that's out of line for the other works you have read. However if you have issues with that type of content, caution in reading is advised. Chapter 1: I STARED AT the computer for a long moment at the text of my ad in front of me. “Inter-Dimensional College Exchange Student Looking For Room And Board 18 year-old student is currently seeking room and board for his time studying at Emerson University. Emerson University has accepted student into Computer Science program and hopes to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. Upon researching the dynamic at the university believes renting a room in a home would be the best option. Open to ‘traditional’ little living conditions, but must remain mentally unaltered and able to physically still walk and function normally as adult. Must be allowed to complete degree and be delivered back to home dimension. Terms open for negotiation. Contract of funds to be paid half upon agreement and half upon delivery of little back to home dimension.” Two years ago my family had gone on an adventure to the new dimensional world of the Amazons. Our guided trip had been a life-changing trip; as I had been amazed at their level of technology, and how far they had brought their computers and engineering beyond our current levels! It was incredible! A tour of a college called Emerson University made me really want to go to school there. During the tour I saw supercomputers and faculty that blew my mind, even if when I looked around it seemed like being as short as I was would be a problem. Apparently for many people one of the side effects of going through the dimension was a reduction in height. I had been five feet eight inches tall back home at the time, but only about four feet and an inch when I arrived in the other dimension. All around me had been giants in the form of the Amazons! Even my parents felt like kids in comparison to them. My dad had been alone amongst us in remaining a height that could be considered an ‘in-betweener’ according to our guide. The guides had immediately assured us that they would make certain we were not ‘poached’ if we remained with the group. We were strongly discouraged from any outside exploration though! It hadn’t taken long after that conversation for me to see why when I saw a nearly naked college girl being breastfed on a bench. Her breasts gave away the idea she wasn’t a regular baby, but other things like her yellowing diaper made things more confusing. The lady, her ‘mother,’ gave me a quick glance and a wink before noticing the guide. To their credit they managed to get us back home safely after a two-week tour of the amazing new world. I had taken in every bit of information about how adult ‘littles’ ended up as babies. It disturbed me that nearly seventy percent of them that ended up that as surrogate babies, but the world was so amazing! Towards the end of our trip I was able to sit down and pick the brain of one of the few free littles we met while we were at a restaurant. “I’d love to come to school at Emerson,” I told him. “What for?” “Computer science,” I told him. He nodded, “I hear we are way ahead of you with our technology… but you would have to be very careful. Most of the time they’ll let an intelligent little get through the first three years of college because they get so many grants for them from the government. But as soon as that fourth year rolls around they find an excuse to send you to an etiquette school instead… Then it’s back to diapers, drooling, crawling, and breastfeeding for life.” I found myself slightly enticed by that, but asked, “I don’t suppose there are any that survive to graduate?” “A few… sometimes a very clever little like myself can make it through if you are always watching. Too often though you let your guard slip one time and the nearest Amazon to you will spank you, diaper you, and adopt you as their new baby…” The last day of our trip I had managed to snag a brochure for the university and for the last two years had dreamed of nothing but going to school in that dimension at that school. I just had to figure out how to do it and still have my mind and my body mostly intact when I returned. Given the cost of the network hop to the inter-dimensional network I proofread the ad several more times and changed its wording in the hopes my meaning would be clear. My parents were very well off and had invested and saved quite a college savings account for me. Emerson had been very intrigued by my application and had actually awarded me a full-ride scholarship there. That meant the savings account was available for other expenses. I figured if we decided on a monthly fee for rental and board that we would pay in full, then with another payment of that full amount plus thirty-three percent upon my delivery back here at home I would have a good shot at remaining free in the end. Money seemed to make the world go round there too. At least that was the hope… I opened up the brief connection and submitted to that universe’s Craigslist server and hoped for the best. A WEEK LATER I found myself looking through fifty-eight responses to my ad. About half of them seemed to not care about the money and just wanted a baby… those went in the trash file of my computer in a hurry. Another dozen or so I held as a backup in case the others fell through, and finally I had it narrowed down to about five real possibilities. All of the replies left were couples that currently had no kids. I had decided upon that requirement after thinking more on what the little had told me. Apparently when a toddler is taller than you they see you as a great target to pick on. The last thing I wanted to deal with was an Amazon baby picking on me and making life miserable… From that final pile I picked out two couples that both had at least one person working at the university. First couple on the pile was Jennifer and Mark Nimitz. Mark was a doctor in the med school focusing on ‘Little’ care and Anatomy and Physiology of them. Jennifer had earned a doctorate in Psychiatry focusing on Little needs, but wasn’t currently working full time after having left a recent position. “They certainly would understand your needs,” his mom had said. “Yeah, but I’m a little scared they might understand how to manipulate me too well…” She had just nodded, but didn’t say anything more. My parents weren’t actively fighting me on this decision, but they had both made it clear that they thought I was crazy to be willing to go risk my adulthood there. The second couple was named Amanda and Fred Westerfield. Fred was a professor at the medical school specializing in obstetrics, and Amanda was a professor in the engineering department teaching courses in bio-mechanical engineering. Both of them worked on the university campus I wanted to attend. I hoped I could continue through school without ending up in the campus daycare, and on paper they really were a good bet to help. Amanda’s field was the next most interesting to me to study, so I thought we might have some common interests. In the end we had gone down to the Inter-Dimensional Portal Center and video conferenced with both couples in a private room. My vibe on Jennifer and Mark stayed the same, practically screaming a big warning sign when they spoke. I had ended the call by saying “I’ll be in touch when I’ve made my decision.” Amanda and Fred though were a completely different experience as my parents and I talked to them. “I love this idea of being your surrogate family so you can come study here. I believe you can learn a lot from us and probably vice versa,” Amanda said with a smile. “You understand the stipulation that I would be coming back home upon graduation?” I asked. “Absolutely Stacy, we’d be happy to have you on those terms,” he said with a smile, “I’ll even guarantee you we’ll get you through that degree even if we have to help make sure professors don’t play games with you.” “I’m not asking for you to fight all of my battles,” I said with a little bit of concern. “We’re not saying we will,” Amanda soothed, “but this is a different dimension and to be perfectly honest there are professors who won’t take you seriously as anything but a baby.” I nodded, “That’s what I heard when we visited.” “You visited?” Fred asked surprised. “We came for a family vacation with a guide two years ago,” my mom told them over my shoulder as she absent-mindedly played with my long hair. “Ever since then all Stacy has wanted to do is come there to study at Emerson. He wants to learn about everything that you all do in computers since it is so much further ahead of us here.” They nodded and Amanda looked perplexed for a moment, but asked, “You do understand if you come we will have to alter some of your… umm… clothing options?” I nodded, “I kind of expect that based on the other littles I saw around. I just don’t want to end up with the mind of an infant, toddler, or preschooler,” I tried to cover all bases there, “or end up with some of the bizarre surgeries I saw there where teeth were removed, or something was done to where they could only crawl…” I shuddered visibly at the thought of a few of those ‘babies’ we had seen. Fred smiled, “Don’t worry about those types of things, we’ll not only make sure you don’t go through those, we’ll help you avoid some of the traps that some of our kind have setup. I’ll go ahead and forewarn you don’t watch TV on your own. There’s a program called Naomi and Oliver, which I know for a fact will regress you and addict you to it. We also have some scientists that have come up with other shows that will mess with your head. Please regardless if you choose us avoid those if you don’t want to be a mindless drooling baby.” I nodded, “If I do come… what will you expect?” “Well right now any little without a diaper on is a sitting target for kidnapping. I honestly believe your best bet is to plan on wearing them for the duration of your time in college here.” I sighed and nodded, “I kind of expected that, what else?” “Well… If you don’t mind letting me indulge myself a little?” Amanda asked calmly. “How much is a little?” “Well if you’re going to be in diapers… just a nursery and a highchair at the dinner table.” Dad practically seemed to be laughing next to me but mom pinched his leg hair or something and he suddenly became serious. “You’re serious?” He asked. “Mr. Slane it’s a matter of custom as much as anything. But it will also serve as a way for us to keep Stacy safe. If they found out a little wasn’t being properly cared for the state could come in and take Stacy to an orphanage… We have to be very careful with this plan, especially if Stacy is going to attend classes.” “Oh my!” My mom said worriedly next to me. I looked at the screen and the two friendly looking faces on it. Her blonde hair actually matched mine nearly perfectly. His eyes twinkled and seemed to be a similar Hazel to mine. They actually mirrored my own parents so closely it was almost unnerving. Mom’s hair was just a bit darker than mine, and dad had the same Hazel eyes I had. The risk of this was great, but if I could return with the knowledge of their level of technology I could make a fortune back here. “So yeah… I guess I could deal with that.” I responded. They both beamed at me and I felt my own parents shudder a bit. “Great! Now with this deal I know you’re trying your best to make a safe contract for yourself. This is such a unique opportunity I agree that it needs to be done right. Do you have a contract drawn up already?” Fred asked me. “Yes sir, let me just note the items we agreed to real quick and I’ll send it over to you to look it over and sign.” “If you don’t mind I’m going to have our own attorney look it over?” Amanda suggested. “That’s fine, and then we’ll countersign it when it comes back.” I said before adding, “My parents are going to sign as witnesses to the action as well.” “Sounds good!” Amanda said, “This is really exciting Stacy!” My own parents began talking as they turned away from the screen and I just made out something about “I can’t wait to have our own little g…” before the screen went blank. ‘I told them I’m a guy… Right?’ I asked myself. Stacy was a terrible name for a boy! “Stacy let’s go ahead and note the items you all agreed to here,” mom said. We noted that diapers were okay, a nursery was okay, a high chair was okay, and car seats I knew were mandatory by law. The clauses stating I was to be unaltered psychologically via brainwashing techniques, or physically altered to prevent my locomotion as a normal adult on two legs was also noted. I hoped we had hit the majority of the things that would be fates worse than death in the contract before we scanned it through the offices scanner and sent it on to the Westerfields. I also made sure to send a polite message to the Nimitz couple to let them know I had gone with someone else. I had been told by the little and the guides that to be rude in any way was a bad idea for a little! As we drove home I couldn’t help but note the fact that sitting in a regular car seat, eating in a regular chair, and sleeping in a regular bed might be a short lived idea. At home mom called, “Stacy are you going to just keep letting your hair grow for college?” I shrugged, “I suspect it won’t matter one way or another there mom. I like it long myself, so I’m just going to leave it.” She nodded, “I hope it doesn’t cause problems there.” I thought back to whatever was being said by Amanda as the screen cut off and just shook my head. ‘It’ll be fine…’ THE NEXT FEW weeks were crazy as May wrapped up and I graduated from high school with my plans for my future set in motion. I was proud to be the salutatorian of my class to my good friend Gabby who was .01 points ahead of me GPA wise. I had made the mistake of taking some non-AP classes as electives like band and it had unfortunately brought my GPA down. I was bummed, but with a full ride to college in the other dimension I had no real reason to be upset. At the post-graduation party the school ran she asked me, “So you’re really going through with this plan to go to school in the other dimension?” I nodded and smiled, “It’s an adventure!” “Sure… but haven’t you heard the stories? I me I’m sure they’re just stories… but…” I shook my head, “They’re actually true…” I said softly, “when we visited a couple years ago I saw it happening.” She looked horrified, “Then why the hell are you going?” “You wouldn’t believe how advanced their computers and technology are! If I can go and learn their level of computer science and come back with that knowledge I’ll be able to make a fortune here!” “From what I’ve heard and you just said that’s only if you don’t come back drooling and crawling on the floor waiting for an Amazon mommy to change you or feed you…” I sighed, “We’ve setup a pretty strict contract to make it worth the families while to get me back here unharmed. Basically they’ll get $100,000 when I go to pay for my room and board for four years, and then an additional $150,000 when they send me back.” “What if they decide it’s more worth it just to keep you…?” I didn’t have an answer to that question and just shrugged. After that night I just kept moving towards my future plans. I was young and invulnerable! I spent the summer enjoying every bit of freedom I could though! Not that I was partying and drinking, but I drove everywhere I could and spent as much time with my friends as was possible. I watched many of them leave for their colleges early, leave for the military, or just generally begin working hard at menial jobs. Once a week I traded e-mails back and forth with the Westerfields about the upcoming move. On a whim I sent them the graduation photo of me receiving my diploma, “That’s a great picture of you sweetie!” Amanda Westerfield had responded almost immediately. I liked the photo as my hair was just behind my head where it should be, and I had a great smile. Their responses made me wonder how hard it would be to get used to the new life I had agreed to. They were invaluable though in acting as liaisons with the university registrar and deans offices. Together we had gotten all of the paperwork squared away for my scholarship, my course request list was in the system, and the week after I arrived I would be able to pick up my schedule. There had been several hiccups with the system as we’d moved forward since I was ‘just a little,’ and I was from the dimension they considered behind them. It was only the backing of Amanda that had really guaranteed me a spot in the department of my choice without further issues provided I passed a local exam. She guaranteed I would be ‘disciplined’ and would ‘stand up to their rigorous standards.’ I had been fearful of what that could mean, but there was a clause in the contract that stated should I be kicked out or drop out of the university I would also be returned home. About three weeks before it was time to leave I couldn’t help but notice that I was paying attention to babies and their care more than I ever had. Diaper commercials would come on TV and I would blush thinking about how I would soon be wearing them myself. Strollers and car seats, high chairs, everything seemed to make me shudder when I saw them - I knew it wouldn’t be long till I was stuck in them myself… I just had to hope it really would be temporary. One day Gabby called me and asked, “Hey Stacy, I’m over babysitting, I’m bored, do you want to come over?” Knowing friends would be fleeting I had agreed and went over. She was holding the little baby girl in her hands as she answered the door. “Hey Stacy!” she said as she gave me a hug from the opposite side of the baby. “Hey Gabby,” I told her and followed her inside. “I was just getting ready to give Elena her dinner, why don’t you come sit down with me?” She asked. I watched her buckle Elena into the high chair straps, “How old is she?” “Seven months,” she said, “isn’t she adorable?” I had to agree, “She is,” looking at her wearing a pink romper with flowers on it. I watched as Gabby opened a jar of some disgusting looking baby food and poured some into a little bowl. She microwaved it briefly and then sat it aside while she put a bib on her. “Want to taste?” she asked me as she sat there. I made a face. “I dare you baby boy,” she smirked. I sighed and let her put a spoonful in my mouth. It was some sort of beef concoction, but the texture made me want to gag! I managed to swallow it without puking, “That’s awful,” I told her. When she rinsed the spoon off though and fed it to Elena she didn’t quite agree. While she wasn’t fan enough to let it all in her mouth, she did seem to mostly be okay with it. Her face and bib were a mess though when I think Gabby decided she had enough. “Stacy there are some pouches of Elena’s milk in the fridge, would you mind getting one and pouring it into one of the bottles over there?” she asked me as she began attacking the squirming Elena with a baby wipe. “Sure,” I said, certain that I could manage such a task. I reflected that as an only child I’d never really been around babies. Babysitting as a boy wasn’t really common and I was usually too busy to have ever been asked anyway. Inside the fridge I saw some pouches I recognized as breast milk storage having been looking at such things on the Internet. The closer the day drew it seemed like I found myself looking at what existed for babies and I couldn’t help but shudder and picture the woman I had seen when we first stepped into the dimension on our visit. I did as I was asked and poured a pouch in one of the bottles and even was smart enough to assemble the bottle. “Just place it in this warmer?” I asked her. “Yes, there’s a mark on how much water to add from that jug next to the stove.” Before long the bottle was done and the next thing I knew I was sitting in a rocking chair in her nursery holding the bottle for baby Elena while she nursed. Gabby coached me every now and then and then took a very content and sleepy Elena from my arms and burped her over her shoulder. I watched stuff come out of her mouth and grimaced a bit there but Gabby expected it and just wiped her face off. I watched as she laid her down on the changing table and popped open the crotch snaps on her outfit. She quickly changed her diaper, which had been more than wet. I felt my nose scrunch up at the smell... “You ready for these moments?” Gabby asked me quietly as she taped her diaper back up. “Not really,” I admitted to her quietly. She placed a pacifier in her mouth and we quietly snuck out of the room. “I think you’re crazy Stacy, but I’m kind of envious of your adventure,” she told me before I left to go home. “I know I’m crazy…” I admitted. For the next couple weeks I would find myself waking up from nightmares. In those nightmares Gabby changed my messy diapers or fed me that disgusting mush. The cold sweats I woke up in didn’t do much to help me relax about my upcoming adventure. ALL TOO SOON it came time for me to pack my belongings. The dimensional portal charged for luggage much like an airport. Since the ticket I had purchased was a long-term ticket I was allowed two large suitcases and my backpack. I had a feeling I wouldn’t necessarily be wearing a ton of ‘my’ clothes over the next few years there though. I remembered seeing the diapers and how they had poofed out of just about every set of pants I had seen on littles. I settled on taking some sweat pants at least, some other wind pants, my letterman jacket, some other jeans and underwear just in case I ever had that freedom - though I doubted that would occur, and then packed some more important essentials. My flute fit in the luggage easily, along with my XBOX and PlayStation, both of which were the latest models. I had no idea if I could connect those to their TV, but I took them and a plethora of games anyway. My final real item I cared about was my state of the art laptop. It was a 15” model that I could easily carry around in my backpack, and had a battery that was rated well above ten hours. It had the latest graphics card and processor, and I had maxed out every bit of the options I could when I ordered it. I knew realistically it would be way behind the specs of the computers in the other dimension, but at least I could be assured it would be my size… Or at least I hoped it would be. I assumed it would shrink with me at least. Otherwise I would regret not going smaller! My grandparents, cousins, and even Gabby gathered for a last dinner celebration the night before we left. Before they all arrived though Mom brought me a women’s razor and said, “I’m not saying you have to do this… but I remember some crazy advertisements about hair removal. It might be a good idea to at least shave your legs and down below…” I blushed but took care of those areas like she suggested. It had been awkward contorting to take care of it, but I had felt her suggestion wise. I didn’t do my arms though… I felt I needed at least that bit of maturity. I was self-conscious throughout dinner with my naked legs under my shorts! After dinner my grandfather cornered me late in the evening, “Stacy I’m so proud of you. You have an adventurous spirit that lives up to the Slane name,” he told me with a smile. “Thanks Grandpa!” I told him and gave him a hug. Grandpa Stacy Emile Slane, II was a big man like dad and stood three inches taller than me. His grey hair was still full and contrasted with his still black bushy eyebrows that rose above his blue eyes. “That being said I think you should pack one last thing… just in case!” He said and handed me what looked like a Nintendo Switch. “Umm I already packed two game consoles Grandpa,” I started. “I’m sure you did,” he said with a laugh, “which is why I’m pretty sure this will fit in well. The only games that are in here for this one are child games that should seem tame to your surrogate family.” “Okay…?” He then pressed on one part of the case, then another in a sequence and I watched the back come apart. My mouth dropped as I saw that inside the cover was a small pistol… “Grandpa I can’t…” “Yes you can. Every member of the Slane family that has ever gone on an adventure like this has been armed. This pistol is something you’ll hopefully never need, but if you do I hope you’ll have it if you do.” I felt some tears in my eyes as I gave him a hug and examined the pistol some more. It looked tiny, but had a clip of eight rounds of 9mm ammo. “Where did you get this?” “I had it made for you,” he told me. “It’s made of a material, along with the rounds, that can go through a metal detector unseen. The case is designed in such a way that it looks like just supporting components on a X-ray machine.” “That sounds…” “Illegal?” He laughed, “Yes, this is a very illegal gun and storage for it. It would be stupid to send you away without something though.” I hugged him tight. “Well hopefully this doesn’t get me in trouble…” “If someone finds it just tell them your grandfather gave you this as a gift - you had no idea it was in there.” I nodded and we reassembled the Switch to where the pistol was once again hidden. He walked me through the steps to open it one more time before we rejoined the rest of the party. That night my dad gave me a single beer to celebrate. As we looked at each other I knew we both feared that would be the only beer I would ever drink with him. THE NEXT MORNING it was suddenly the day! It was Monday; two weeks from the day orientation would be starting. The night before my nerves had barely let me sleep. Right after lunch I found myself driving to the Inter-Dimensional Portal with my parents in the passenger seat. They both seemed to understand my time to drive was not going to exist in the other dimension. Both remembered well that every time we had entered a vehicle there had been booster seats or car seats for all of our kind. Dad had been the only one spared that indignity since his height kept him from being a true little when he arrived for some reason. No one was actually completely certain why the portal shrank some more than others. For some reason Dad shrank all of an inch on that last trip, while I had definitely experienced more shrinkage! I expected the same would be true on this trip and had steeled my self for it. Dr. Bremer supposedly had a few theories, but she never shared them with anyone before she disappeared one day. I calculated out that should it affect me the same way as last time, I would be at about 4’7” max! At the terminal I checked my bags just like at an airport and kept my backpack with the Switch and a change of clothes. Mom brushed my hair out of my face and gave me a big hug, “Stacy take care… we’ll be here to take a video call from you Friday…” “I love you Mom,” I told her and felt tears on my face and knew they were on my hers as well. “Take care Stacy!” Dad said to me and hugged me tightly too. I wiped my tears and said, “I love you guys, see you soon!” As I turned I made sure to wipe my tears just in case any marks were visible when I got to the other side. My backpack with the Switch in it made it through security with no problems and I found myself in the final room before being allowed to the portal. The portal had its own branch of TSA agents that questioned me, “Purpose of your trip?” “I’m going to college.” The agent looked at me coolly, “You sure that’s a good idea?” I shrugged, “I have a family that I’ve made a contract with. We pay them for my room and board now and then an additional fee upon my return. I won’t say it’s without flaws as a plan, but I think I can learn enough there to make it worth the risk.” “You are aware…” “Yes sir, if you look at my passport you’ll notice I passed through here two years ago.” He shook his head, “Well it’s your life ma’am… I mean sir.” He added the last bit after looking at my passport. “Girls name?” I sighed, “Family name, it’s my grandfathers, and was my great-grandfathers too. Back then at least it didn’t have a feminine leaning to the name. I’ve heard it all growing up and just kind of tune it out now.” He just shook his head again, and said, “Good luck son, you’re cleared.” I walked down the hallway and stood in line to watch as groups of about pass in a single file line through the portal. Soon enough it was my turn and I walked in between a group of tourists that I hoped were all smart enough to have a guide. A moment later the world flashed and then I was standing on the ground on the other side. Signs clearly marked to keep moving with inbetweeners seeming to draw the job of first contact here. I walked down the hallway and gathered my luggage from a conveyor belt before going to stand before a huge customs desk. “Anything to declare?” The large nearly Amazon size in-betweener lady asked me as she leaned down to look at me through the window. “Just my computer and gaming systems?” I asked. “No need to declare those. Any food? Perishables or Alcohol?” “No…” said without hesitation. “Okay what’s your business here?” I found myself repeating my previous conversation with the agent on the other side, but this one didn’t offer advice. If anything I felt like there was a predatory smile on her face. She eventually stamped my visa and then had me pose for a local identification card. The agent smiled again and said, “Enjoy your stay sir.” I walked quickly down the hallway to the concourse and hoped I would see Amanda and Fred quickly. As if to underscore the perilous situation I could see several amazon women eyeing me just beyond the tall barrier. Just as I was beginning to panic a little I spotted Amanda and waved! I pulled my suitcases quickly towards her and had just about gotten to her when I felt a large hand on my shoulder. “Excuse me, but you aren’t with a tour are you?” A sinister sneer was in the ladies voice. “No, but she’s with her mommy,” I heard another voice say and saw Amanda close in. “I got here first bitch,” the lady started to snarl. “Hold it!” I said. “I have a contract with Mrs. Westerfield here.” “Sure you do… Stupid tourists and guides…” the lady griped as she walked away. “That was a close one,” Fred said quietly under his breath. “Well, how are you doing Stacy?” He asked with a smile as he crouched down to my level. I couldn’t help but shudder involuntarily as I realized just how different our heights were. Especially with the shrinking I didn’t feel like I even had hit toddler height compared to him. I smiled though and stuck out my hand, “I think I’m glad I met up with you right away… That was scary, it’s nice to meet you!” I said with a smile. Amanda was crouched down next to me a moment later and said, “I’m so glad that you decided to come!” She engulfed me with a hug and asked, “Is this all of your stuff?” I nodded, “Somehow I had a feeling that much of what I would normally bring won’t get used…” I eyed a pink bag she had sat down next to her feet and had a feeling it was a diaper bag. ‘Why pink?’ I wondered. She smiled and said, “Probably not…” She pushed me back to arm’s length and then still on one knee brought her mouth close to my ear. “Look, I planned originally to slowly get you used to everything, but I’m thinking with that lady still glaring at us it would be in our best interests just to get things out of the way…” Her sideways glance to the diaper bag said it all. I sighed, “It’s not like I didn’t agree to it.” She laughed, “Then I’m going to take you to the family room and get you changed. Honey can you get Stacy’s bags and get the car?” “Sure thing honey!” He said with a smile and easily scooped up my luggage. It was all so small compared to him that I had a fear he would accidentally crush everything. The only thing that remained with me was my backpack. I watched Amanda carefully put the strap of the diaper bag on her shoulder and then she picked me up and settled me on her hip. “Just out of curiosity, why pink?” I asked her. She laughed, “I know you’re a bit of a tomboy Stacy, but I think we’ll have to get past that for these next few years…” “Tomboy?!?” Apparently I had forgotten something in the contract! Chapter 2: I WAS IN total shock as my mind processed what she had just said. She carried me a few more steps to a family station with multiple countertops spread around that was obviously for changing diapers. She sat me down for a second on the floor while she pulled out a pink changing pad and then scooped me back up before I could find words. “Umm… There’s a problem…” “What’s that Princess?” She said with a smile and tickled my belly for a moment before quickly taking my shirt off. “Umm…” “Wow, you have small breasts even for a little!” she said with a larger smile like that made her happier. “There’s a reason for that,” I started to tell her as the door slammed open. The crazy lady was struggling with a man my dad’s age in a suit and tie. Plastic was quickly shoved between my lips to keep me quiet. “Put me down you bitch!!!” He screamed and she quickly stripped and spanked the poor guy before he even knew what hit him. “Not going to happen!” She said as she punctuated her sentence with a strong stroke to his rump, “You’re going to make a nice addition to someone’s nursery baby boy.” The spanking continued until he was a blubbering mess. Breathing hard she then looked over at us and said, “Well at least if you’re going to get the cute one you’re doing things right. No way should a cute little like that ever be considered an adult!” With that Amanda quickly finished off pulling my pants off. It was then that I think the first real clue hit her with the underwear. The second was there when she pulled my underwear down and off of my legs. My body stiffened nervously as I was now naked for the world to see. I could feel the blood rushing to my head in embarrassment and knew my face was redder than a stop sign. “I guess you are a tomboy…” she whispered in my ear. “You know we never said anything about that in the contract, right?” I gulped and felt a tear go down my face before she stroked my face and said, “Don’t worry, I promise I would only do that one with your permission. But we are going to have some problems here… Thank you for at least taking care of your nasty hair there. Let’s get you diapered and dressed so we can meet up with Daddy.” I just grimly nodded as she pulled a large folded diaper out from the bag. It was decorated like a Pampers diaper from back home. In fact it seemed identical to one I had seen Elena changed into just a few weeks back! She wasted no time grabbing my ankles in her enormous hand to lift my legs up. When she sat me down on the thick padding it was softer than I would have imagined. From the bag she dug out a bottle of powder that she opened and generously sprinkled on my groin. She moved her hands gently around my butt and everything else to make sure she didn’t miss anything. It tickled in a way and I felt myself get aroused and embarrassed all at the same time. She was quick though and lickety split she had the front of the diaper and back of the diaper taped together with the little tapes… sort of… “Uh-oh,” she said, “you are way smaller than I expected…” She sat me up and I could see myself in a mirror next to me and giggled around the pacifier. The diaper came all the way up nearly past my ‘tiny breasts’ as she had noted them. The tapes had to crisscross to be tight enough to hold. I looked beyond ridiculous in my opinion and was red with that embarrassment, but that of course wouldn’t matter. “We’ll just have to stop at the store on the way home.” She said with a smile. “If you’re a good girl I’ll even let you pick out a stuffie!” I blinked like, ‘really?’ but just found myself sucking on the pacifier that was strangely far more soothing than I expected. She dug through the diaper bag and said, “I really hope this dress still can fit you…” A second later sure enough I was enveloped by a dress that was probably four sizes too big. She tied the bow in the back as tight as she could though and then said, “Well I guess that will have to be good enough. Unless you’d rather just go in your diaper?” I shook my head and she smiled. “You’ve been so good so far, thank you sweetie.” I was then given a high view from her arms as we traveled through the terminal. As we passed a random height gauge I couldn’t help but feel my mouth open in awe. Amanda was obviously incredibly tall even for a giant! I could tell her height was over ten feet if the gauge was accurate. I remembered Fred was even taller… One guide had given us a way to guestimate the difference between Amazon and Little heights/ages. The simple way was to just divide the height of an Amazon by about six-tenths, then you could sort of guesstimate the relationship with heights. As we cleared some automatic doors the math in my head made me nearly drop the pacifier. This put Fred and Amanda at like six-feet and five-foot eight’ish? I had a very good memory and had intentionally memorized a few data points for at least my projected height I had guessed. I seemed even smaller than I had been before, but without a measurement I couldn’t guess just how small I had become... I was so taken aback at the shock of the situation that I almost missed that Fred was standing outside of a nice looking car that looked like a BMW SUV. It was humongous compared to me, but not unexpected. Inside a pink rear-facing car seat awaited me. The pink and rear-facing… that I had not been expecting. “Since she’s smaller than we expected I went ahead and installed it as a rear-facing seat,” Fred told Amanda. “Good thinking. I’m really glad we got one of the carrier models now, I worried she would be a bit bigger than we expected... I never expected her to be even smaller!” She said that with a glee and tickled my belly through the too large dress. Or at least tried too… the diaper was in between her fingers and so my skin was safe from tickling for the moment! He stepped out of the way and she gently sat me down in the seat and then brought a set of straps together and then tightened down on them. I wasn’t going anywhere with those as tight as they were. “Comfy?” She asked me as she pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. “Umm… not really to be honest,” I told her. “Well the clothes and diaper being way too big probably aren’t helping that. I do want to go stop by a store on the way home and at least pick up some diapers that will fit you and a few outfits, are you okay with that?” “I have a choice?” I said. “Well if you really aren’t ready for it I could take you home and Fred could stay with you while I go shopping.” I sighed, “I might as well get used to it. But….” I started to say something about the gender issue when she interrupted and said, “Good girl! Would you like something to drink?” I was thirsty after all of this stress so I nodded. I pretty much expected a baby bottle straight away, but she surprised me with a pink sippy cup instead. I took a tentative suckle from it and discovered apple juice inside. I examined it for a moment and was surprised to feel like something meant for a baby could feel almost too large in my hands. She gently closed the door and I heard both of them get in the car. “We’re so excited that you’re here!” Amanda said for the billionth time. “I think I’m glad to be here too…” I hedged politely, “Thanks again for saving me from the psycho lady earlier. I so don’t want to end up in a random orphanage here…” “We wouldn’t let that happen to you sweetie,” Fred said. “So just out of curiosity… just how tall are you two?” I asked, “I mean if that’s not a rude question…?” Amanda laughed, “Well I could see why you would wonder. I’m ten feet with an extra inch, while Fred is ten feet ten inches.” I gulped, “You’re taller than average… right?” “Fred is… I’m just above the norm.” Amanda said. “So… Not to sound ungrateful as I see there’s a ton of pink around… but…” There was a sigh from Amanda up front, “I think we’re going to leave things as they stand Stacy. You’re going to have to get used to dressing up while you’re here. If nothing else for the fact that the university has you down as the same.” I groaned and Fred asked, “What are you talking about honey?” “I’m not a…” I started to say. “She’s not a girly girl,” Amanda said. “But we’re just going to get her over her aversion to pink. I mean after all a little tomboy is just sending up an invitation that they aren’t being taken care of… Her hair with a little bit of styling is going to just make her so adorable!” I groaned but decided there was nothing I could do on this subject. She clearly didn’t want Fred knowing about my extra parts. How she planned to keep him from seeing them though through diaper changes was beyond me. I stuck the massive sippy cup back in my mouth and quietly drank it as we continued down the road. The cup itself reminded me of a large fast food cup from one of the restaurants back home. My rear view of the car wasn’t exactly inspiring, but I was able to see some of the city that I remembered from last time. In fact we even passed our hotel that we stayed at last time right as a tourist group with a guide was being organized on the sidewalk. One teenage girl locked eyes with me for a brief second and waved at the baby in the car seat. I WAS ACTUALLY feeling a little more relaxed by the time we pulled into the parking lot of a big store that shared the name of one in our dimension. Babies’r’us seemed to be a universal chain and I just hoped it wouldn’t be too humiliating as Fred undid the base of what was apparently an infant carrier and dangled me from the handle. “Don’t swing her too much Fred!” a warning came to him, “You’re cleaning up if she throws up!” “Yes dear,” he said with a smile before looking down at me and then tickling my chin. “She really did pick the wrong clothes for you!” “You have no idea,” I muttered quietly. She came around with a cart to him and he secured the carrier to the front of the cart somehow to where she could push and look at me. “There we go Princess!” she said with a smile. She took the large juice cup from my hands and popped the pacifier back in. Knowing it was in my best interest to go with the flow I just sat quietly and nursed the pacifier. After a while though I was definitely growing bored as I couldn’t see much of anything other than her and her breasts - and I wasn’t thrilled too thrilled about that view for the moment. Not that I didn’t appreciate her exceptionally large breasts! What I appreciated most though that they seemed in proportion to her body to be a normal cup size for a girl. I had never liked girls with breasts that stuck out beyond a regular proportion. Amanda pushed the cart quickly around the store. I was surprised that she didn’t seem to take her time shopping like my mom would. “Ah here we are, let’s find you some diapees that fit!” She said with a smile. I heard an attendant in the aisle ask, “Do you need some help ma’am?” “You can probably help me figure this out quicker than we will on our own. We just got our little girl here and I misjudged her diaper and clothing size by a mile…” A young lady amazon was suddenly peaking her face at me and said, “Oh she’s adorable! Aren’t you sweetheart,” she cooed at me. She tickled my face for a moment before looking at Amanda and asking, “what size dress is that?” “Twelve months?” “Oh yeah, you definitely overshot. If she fits in this carrier like this…?” I watched her face think hard for a moment, “I think you’ll either need a Size Newborn in Little Diapers or Size 1 in regular diapers.” “What’s the difference?” Fred asked. “Well the little diapers have a bit more room for hips - though it doesn’t seem like you really have a need for that with this baby girl. The regular diapers won’t tell her she’s in a diaper as much as the little diapers do.” I saw Fred give her a questioning look that she answered, “You expect a baby to learn to crawl and then walk. What little this size needs to do that though? The little diapers are thick enough she’ll have to work to even crawl depending on the brand you choose… Really though it’s all Mommy’s preference! Cool? Huh?” She said looking back down at me and squeezed my cheek. “Honey grab that Size 1 package of Pampers?” Amanda asked Fred before turning back to the young lady and asking, “If you were going to buy some little diapers for her, what would you get her?” Amanda pushed the cart down a little ways and ended up being told, “These are great for night time! You can easily leave her in this for over twelve hours easily without a leak. They also will keep the baby from moving about!” I overheard the talk of diapers for ten more minutes before hearing three more packages land in the basket and wondered just what had been placed in the cart. Based on the way she’d cooed over some diapers made especially for princesses I was certain those landed there. They were designed to guarantee I would have to crawl as soon as they were wet according to the bubbly girl. ‘Just as long as it wasn’t a package of those ones…’ she had mentioned something that would basically abuse me with a sex toy. It sounded awful and I couldn’t imagine why anyone would think of that in context of a surrogate baby!!! ‘How can that not be against a law...?’ “For such a recent adoption you seem to have a really good baby girl here!” the girl commented. “We have a punishment aisle if you are worried though…” “No thank you Miss, I don’t think we have anything to worry about from Princess Stacy here.” Amanda said with a smile that sort of disarmed my nerves from the last ten minutes of horror. As she pushed me down the aisles towards her next stop she whispered, “Don’t worry, I didn’t buy any of those disturbing diapers. Just some of the night time ones as they make sense… and some of the princess ones because they’re sooooo cute!” she smiled at that, “And then some of the ultra-thin ones that she wasn’t a fan of. They’ll probably be better for you getting around campus.” I genuinely smiled around my pacifier at that. “Thank you,” I said around it. “Trust me, I promise I won’t harm you,” she told me with a smile. Of course she said that and then we were in the clothing section. The GIRLS clothing section! I couldn’t really see, but the dress that was held up to me made it clear. “Hmm… I think this is the right size, but let’s get you out of your seat so I can tell!” As soon as she had me unstrapped she pulled the dress I had on straight off and pulled the new one on right in the store. I was mortified as I looked around and saw another little in a cart stare at me. He was dressed in just a diaper though, so I guess it was normal for the store. Another little down the row was made to crawl after her ‘mommy’ and was being scolded for not keeping up. “Maybe we need to just make it to where you can only get on your tummy if you’re not going to even keep up as a crawler!” the lady said as she roughly picked up the little and spanked her until she bawled. I shuddered as my vision was obstructed by the new dress coming back off. “Still too big I think…” She stood up and I heard the clicking of hangers above me before she produced another dress over my head, “Here we go!” The new dress had puffy sleeves and flared out quickly from the top of the dress. I couldn’t see my toes around the skirt, but I could tell there was no way it fully covered my ill-fitting diaper. I could see a butterfly embroidered on it and had to grudgingly admit it was probably a really cute dress for a real baby. I absentmindedly touched the butterfly and she cooed, “You like butterflies don’t you?” I blushed even more than I had before. She hugged me tight and said, “So do I!” I absently sucked at the pacifier as a way to bite my tongue as she said, “Honey, help me pick out several more outfits in size three months. I want to get out of here and be on the way home so I can get dinner started.” From the ground I watched them fly through the racks and waddled after them. A growing need to go pee was coming, but I was kind of scared to go in a diaper that clearly didn’t fit right. I watched as rompers, onesies, pajamas, nightgowns, four more dresses, and six pairs of shoes were added to the pile in the cart before I was returned to the carrier. I whined a bit about that before she said, “Oh, we forgot to get you a stuffie for being such a good girl didn’t we?” She picked me back up out of the carrier with nothing but the badly fitting diaper on and carried me towards a large toy area filled with stuffed animals. “Which do you want sweetheart?” I looked around and couldn’t help but find a white teddy bear that had two turquoise bows in her hair on her ears cute. I pointed to it and she smiled and said, “Good girl, you picked one out all by yourself!” She tickled my thigh and then placed me back in the carrier that Fred had pushed to follow us. Once I was strapped in she covered the carrier with a blanket from the diaper bag. I kind of hated not seeing and losing the airflow, but at least I was covered and ‘decent’ now. Just before we got to the checkout she whispered, “I’m doing this to make it a little bit easier for you, just nurse your paci and pretend to sleep.” I wondered what she meant until I heard the cashier. “Looks like you must have just picked a new little up?” “Yes ma’am,” Fred answered. “She must be a tiny thing if she’s fitting into diapers this small!” “She is, we got so lucky!” Amanda squealed. “We just finally got her tired out and got her to sleep though, so can you keep it down?” “I’ll be quiet and good,” the cashier lady said with a little laugh. “Your total is three-hundred thirty-four dollars and sixteen cents.” I had a feeling that there was a card swipe before the lady said, “Have you signed up for our rewards program yet?” “I signed up awhile back…” Amanda said. “Well now that you have your baby, make sure you go to your account online and let us know her sizes, actual age, and her new age. That will let us be sure to send you coupons that you can use.” All of this talking about me using baby items made me need to pee even more… and I quietly squirmed a little. “We’ll keep that in mind, thanks!” Fred answered. The cart was pushed forward and I heard some bags rustling, a box being ripped open, and then a few other things before the carrier was picked up. “Fred I’m going to go to the changing room and get her in some clothes that fit.” “Okay, I’ll load up the princesses new things in the car and pull it around for you. Do you want to just carry her so that I can get the carrier back in the seat before you get back?” “Sure,” she said and the blanket came off as she sat the carrier back on the cart and unbuckled me. “Come on sweetheart, let’s go get you in a diapee that actually fits you!” I blushed as she wrapped me with the blanket and carried the diaper bag and me back inside. I really needed to go pee at that point, but the fear that the diaper would leak kept me holding on. I could see the door for the family room near as I lost the battle and just let myself let go. My face turned bright red and I leaned my head against her shoulder in embarrassment. Just as she cleared the door to the changing room and nursing room I felt the diaper leak and urine spilled down my leg. She noticed as she pulled the blanket away from me. “Uh-oh!” she said in a singsong voice. “Good thing I had you all wrapped up in your blankie…” I felt tears stinging my eyes as she said that. “Oh don’t worry Stacy, I expected that would probably happen if you had to use that diaper, no harm done. We’ll get you all dry in a jiffy!” She smiled kindly at me. The wet blanket was sat on the ground and she sat me on top of a cushy pad she had placed on the changing station. I was pushed back onto my back and she moved my hands out of the way before untaping the ridiculously oversized diaper. “Definitely too big, huh?” she said as she grabbed my ankles in one hand and wiped my bottom and everywhere else. I squirmed a bit at the cold wipe but tried not to cry out in embarrassment. I knew I was as red as ever then as she pulled the oversized diaper out from under me and placed the right one instead. She added rubbed in some powder quickly and then taped it shut. “There, all dry, huh?” She said in her mommy voice. “Let’s get you in this pretty new dress!” She pulled the first dress she had me try on back over my head before pulling a matching diaper cover up my legs. “All done, and cute as a button!” She told me with a smile and a light tap to my nose. She clipped a pacifier clip onto my dress and the pacifier that was in my mouth before picking me up on one hip and grabbing everything else with her free hand. I felt awkward with my bare feet and hung onto her shirt nervously. I found myself leaning my head against her shoulder as she carried me to the car and I genuinely felt like a nap would be a good idea heading to their house. I was scared though to let them have one moment of me unconscious though… what would they do? At the front of the store Fred had the door open and I was quickly strapped back into the carrier, given my new stuffed bear, and we were back on the road. “Stacy I can’t believe how well behaved you were in there,” Amanda cooed at me as we drove down the road. “I do believe you might actually survive college here.” “What now?” I asked as I popped out the pacifier and let it dangle from the clip. “Well we’re going to get you home and unpack what you have. I’m going to have to take back most of the clothes and diapers I put in your nursery, but I saved all of the receipts and tags so that won’t be a big deal. We can go do that this weekend or something.” “Does it have to be…?” “Yes it will be girly Stacy. The second you try and not be girly I have a feeling we’d have social services involved. You being a good girl out in public though should help keep that at bay while you’re in school. Everyone expects a bad little, since they believe you’re just helpless babies. If you want to act grown up enough for classes you’ll have to act more mature than most.” “That’s kind of hard with a diaper on…” I complained. “It could be way worse, you saw that, right?” Fred said. “Yes I did… how can anyone…?” “Be so cruel?” Fred said, “I don’t know. It doesn’t even make sense to say you’re a baby and then be so cruel to you. If a little really is a baby then you should shower them with love and affection just like a real baby.” I heard a contented sigh from Amanda as I guess this was one of the reasons she married this man. ‘It could be way worse,’ I told myself. “So after we unpack?” I asked. “Well we make din-din and then I think an early bedtime for all of us seems like a good idea today. I know I hardly slept last night in anticipation of you coming!” Amanda said. “We’ll also give you a chance to message your real parents that you made it safely.” She added the last part with a kind of sad cadence on the word ‘real.’ “Thanks, I know Mom must be worried sick,” I said to them. I knew most Amazons would probably have taken me from the terminal, dressed me as she had, but just gone ahead and given me the full blown baby treatment. I really was luck that so far they had limited their actions. Of course I had been on my best behavior too… A quiet silence fell as we made numerous turns and I could see large trees beginning and a neighborhood forming. I saw the entrance to the university flash by my window a few minutes later… at least I thought it was that from what I could see anyway. I played a little bit with the butterfly embroidery on my dress and tried to touch the outside of the dress hem too, but I really was strapped in securely! The view looking back really meant that I could just make out my bare feet and the seat easily. It was only an occasional view through the side of the window that really showed me much. Amanda came around to my door and opened it before fiddling briefly with the latch on the harness and working me free. I expected her to carry me inside, but instead she sat me down on the ground on my own two feet. I looked around and realized I missed us pulling into a large garage with at least one other car in it. “Can you get your bags while we get your new stuff?” she asked me. I nodded and managed to get my luggage back into a little train like I had when I checked into the portal as Fred handed them to me. Amanda giggled, “You look so cute like that!” Sure enough a phone came out and she took a quick picture of me fighting with my luggage. Once I made it through the door into the house I discovered we were in a huge kitchen. The lowest cabinet knobs were at the level of my head so I had no chance of seeing any higher. It was scary how tall everything was inside. Amanda took the lead and led me past a huge kitchen table and a highchair that I knew was for me against a wall. A living room was through the next space and she stopped and said, “Why don’t you just leave those there for a moments sweetie.” I looked up and she motioned me to follow her to the tall couch that I could just reach my arms onto the cushions. I found myself picked up and propped up on a pillow on the other side from her. Fred came and sat in a recliner on her right to where we could all look at each other. “Okay, so what is this elephant in the room Amanda,” Fred asked her. “Huh?” “You’re hiding something and trying to get Stacy in on it too…?” I sighed as Amanda pursed her gigantic lips at me. There was no doubt that I was afraid of what she would do, but she nodded at me. “Well sir we have a bit of a misunderstanding right now…?” He motioned for me to continue on, “about?” “Well… my name is Stacy, and I should have made certain you knew… but I’m one of the rare boy Stacy’s.” He laughed, “You’re a boy named Stacy? I’ve never heard of a boy being named Stacy?” “My Great-Grandfather was named Stacy along with quite a few other males about 1900 or so. It wasn’t only a girl’s name then in our dimension…” “So we’ve done all of our preparations for a little girl… and you’re really a little boy?” He laughed a belly-roaring laugh, and I blushed, as I did have to admit the joke would be pretty funny from the other side, “Tomboy” he laughed again. Amanda was giggling too for a moment before she said, “And that’s going to be part of our problem.” “Why?” I asked. “The university has you registered as a girl. If you attend as anything else they’ll probably use it as an excuse to take away your scholarship and deem you not fit to be in school.” I gasped, “but…” Fred nodded, “Unfortunately she’s probably right… Damn… We put together such a pretty nursery too…” “So what do we do?” I asked. “Well… I don’t have a clue,” Amanda offered. “Thank you for cooperating long enough for us to look at buying some time here. For not being a girl you certainly have long hair?” I blushed, “I just like long hair,” I said. “Well it definitely helps you blend as a girl…” she said. “How about shaving?” “I did that this morning?” I felt my face, knowing stubble was unlikely. “How often?” “Every other day?” “We could help with that…” Fred said. “Well… we’re going to have to do something…” I said, “I would hate for all of my hopes and dreams of going to this school to go up in flames before I even get there…” “There is a solution at least for now,” Fred suggested while looking at his wife. “Providing no one is changing your diaper no one should guess that you’re not a girl. Even if they did with all of the crazy things in this world I don’t think anyone would do anything more than tease you?” “So you’re saying just pretend to be a girl?” I asked and felt my face flush, “If anyone back home finds out…” “Surely some of your friends already know about some of it?” Amanda asked. I felt my face was never going to not blush, “Just my friend Gabby… She and I talked quite a bit over the summer,” I told her. “Girlfriend?” Fred asked. I shook my head, “We both cared about our studies too much. Though I guess it would probably have been smart to go off and have crazy wild orgies or something before coming here…” Fred laughed like crazy about that while Amanda shot me a glare, “IF you’re going to pull off this college degree you’re going to have to behave better than that young lady.” I gulped, “Sorry…” “Well, I guess we probably should go over some more of these expectations then Stacy… For now are we agreed as far as anyone is concerned you’re a little girl?” I looked down at the pink dress I was wearing and the hair from my head that hung down to the top part of it. I sighed, “I don’t want to lose my scholarship or worse, so yes.” “We may have to think about this some more Amanda, but I’m okay with it. I’m glad you told me before I changed a diaper and got a surprise!” As if by magic the word diaper made me think of my bladder and I couldn’t help the feeling that I needed to pee again. I had long since steeled myself that this was going to be a part of my world now so I just let it go in the diaper. Both my pause and the expanding diaper must have let them both know what I was doing and the blush returned. “Good girl,” Amanda said, “That’s going to be the next thing. You already agreed to the diapers. Please understand that means we’re watching your toilet habits like good parents… if you don’t go poopie at least once a day we’re going to have to see if you’re stopped up… and help otherwise.” My eyes opened wider, “That won’t be a problem…” said quickly. “Also understand we’ll try and change you as soon as we can, but sometimes you may have to wait a while.” “Could I just change myself?” I asked, knowing that would probably not be a yes. “For right now no,” Amanda said, “Maybe in a few months I’ll think about it if you can be trusted. Depending on which diapers you’re in you may not even be able to do so though. The pamper you’re in would probably be possible, but any of the other diapers we bought today are designed to where littles can’t untape the diapers themselves.” “Oh…” I sighed, “I understand I’ll have to wait sometimes. What else?” “Well obviously once you see your crib you’re going to understand it’s probably impossible anyway… especially given how small you are, but even if you CAN climb out of your crib somehow you are not to do so. Same thing with your playpen.” I shuddered at memories of failing at rock climbing walls, “Okay, I won’t even try either of them. Just please don’t lock me up like an animal and forget about me?” I asked. Amanda smiled, “Don’t worry, good mommies never forget about their babies.” “That’s going to be the next thing,” Fred said, “for your own protection we’re not Amanda and Fred, we’re Mommy and Daddy.” I nodded, “I figured we’d have to do something like that… Daddy,” I said, “just please remember my real mom and dad?” “Don’t worry, that’s part of why he said Mommy and Daddy, I figure we can keep things straight about who you’re talking about. Especially now that we know you’re really a boy I can’t imagine you’ve called either of your parents by those names in years?” I shook my head, “By sixth grade my friends gave me enough crap I stopped calling Dad that then.” “Obviously you came here for school, so we expect you to keep your grades up Stacy,” Amanda said. “I’d like to honestly see you get at least a 3.5 GPA, but as long as it’s a 3.0 things will be fine since you can keep your scholarship.” “IF it doesn’t though you need to be aware of consequences that won’t even be in our control.” Fred said. “Like?” “You’ll most likely be seen as too immature to be in college and at the least sent back to a preschool. If that happens they may begin to look at us as unfit parents…” “And I’m a goner,” I nodded, “that’s at least something I’ve already prepared myself for. Given the fact I’m not exactly going to have a crazy social life it shouldn’t be too big of a deal for me to come home from classes and study.” Amanda smiled, “No it won’t be a big deal, but be warned our days are longer here…” I nodded, “I remember from my visit. It was kind of nice to naturally be able to get more sleep!” “Well when we tell you it’s night-night time, it’s night-night time,” she told me. “Got it… what about downtime and fun? Am I stuck with those toys over there?” I pointed to toys that looked like they were straight from Elena’s nursery back home. Shape puzzles, blocks, stuffed animals, and a couple dolls were popping out of a couple elegant looking bins in the corner next to a folded up playpen. She smiled, “Well, you will probably have to pretend to play with those at least a little bit. If we have visitors you’re going to have to pretend like we’re treating you normally…” “Even with me going to classes?” “Especially with that, because we can say we’re indulging you in some maturity because you’re being so mature and a good baby too.” Fred said. ‘That makes no sense at all…’ I told myself. “What would you like to be able to do? Remember we said no TV…?” I nodded, “I brought some video game consoles?” “Ooh, really?” Amanda asked excitedly. “Wait, that excites you?” “Well yeah, we have better computers here but no one has completely mastered making video games as entertaining as yours!” I must have looked dumbfounded but Fred chuckled and nodded, “you brought probably the most valuable commodity you could have from your world.” “How come the customs officer didn’t care?” I asked. He snorted, “She probably figured by now you’d be on your way to being a brainless infant and your mommy would sell them.” “This mommy just wants to play them with you!” Amanda said. “Luckily for you I’m in my profession! The cables won’t go directly into our TVs as you have them, but I should be able to rig up some adapters!” “Okay, so video games are okay… reading?” I asked. “You mean Dr. Seuss and other picture books? Those are fine!” Fred joked with me. I felt terror as he added, “As long as it’s just us here you’re free to do any of those things.” “And if other people are here?” I asked nervously. “Well, that’s going to be the next big thing before I go get working on dinner sweetheart.” Amanda said, “If it’s just us like tonight you’ll be able to eat regular table food.” “Thanks!” I said with a smile. “Well don’t thank me yet, I or Daddy will be the ones feeding it to you though.” I sighed, “As long as it’s real food, I can deal with that.” “Good girl. Now if we have company or we’re out and about that may not always be the case. I’ll do my best to make it myself if we’re home, but company will expect you to be eating baby food with the size you are.” “Will they be okay with that even?” I asked and then regretted it. “Well some of them may very well be of the opinion that you should only be breastfed. Especially with as tiny as you are sweetheart.” “Remember you’re only the size of a three month old baby here,” Fred added on. “Three month olds should still only be on a liquid diet.” I shuddered, “Okay, we’ll deal with that as we have to and I’ll try not to pitch a fit?” Amanda replied, “That’s all we ask most of the time. Once in awhile though it’s okay if you have to pitch a fit… it’s almost more unnerving that you’re such a good girl.” “I kind of came prepared…” I told them while noting they hadn’t said anything about not feeding me liquids as a diet… ‘We definitely missed some things in the contract…’ “Seems like it,” Amanda said. “Let’s go check out your nursery and change that wet diaper before we let you send a message home.” I shrugged and started to climb down from the couch but was quickly intercepted by Amanda, “I want to show you!” She said as she tickled my side a bit. I started giggling uncontrollably as she kept going for a moment and then kissed the top of my head, “I know this is only for a few years here, but I hope you know we’re going to love you as our own baby for this time. I hope you’ll grow to feel a connection to us as your surrogate parents.” I felt my eyes moisten a little at her words, “I hope so too.” She held me at her side and I could now really view the rooms a bit better. She actually made a point to go back to the kitchen, “Okay, so obviously I like to cook,” she said as she pointed at a kitchen my mom would kill for. “Wow, how many ovens do you need?” I asked quickly counting three along with eight burners and an indoor grill built into the stove. “Well we like to entertain, so when we bought this house we redid the kitchen. You’ll see the dining room table can hold twelve people, so I like to be able to cook for that.” Sure enough I could see the table was long and other than a missing seat next to one chair was set up for twelve. I suspected she planned on placing my high chair next to that spot there. She walked over to a high chair that was something that would fit into any house back home. It was pink with butterflies printed on the fabric with a white tray. I saw that there was a harness like a car seat to restrain me, and I could see wheels on the base to make it easy to push it around. “We bought a normal baby high chair and not a little’s high chair,” Fred told me with a voice that sounded like it was trying to reassure me. I looked up at Amanda, “What’s the difference?” “Well this one is just meant to keep a baby safe from falling out… the other type would let me strap your legs down to keep you from kicking me, and arm straps to keep you from hitting me, or getting your hands in Mommy’s way of feeding you.” I gulped, “Thank you,” I said quietly as she gave me a squeeze. “Let’s go check out your room then sweetheart,” she told me. We walked down a hallway with pictures of them together, with friends, with older people I assumed were their parents, and Amanda seemed to have several sisters in another picture with her. She stopped there, “These are your Aunties, Aunt Cassie, Aunt Chloe, and Aunt Megan.” I gulped as I looked next to the photo and saw another where Aunt Cassie seemed to have two real babies and a little. Aunt Chloe seemed to have a set of three littles of her own too in another picture. “Are they…?” She sighed, “They’re not necessarily what you would consider to be nice people to your kind. When they come to visit we may have to be a little bit different with them here…” “Are they coming soon?” I asked. “Well Aunt Megan wants to come over soon and meet you - she’s the baby of the family so she’s still in college herself.” She smiled at me and pointed at the youngest blonde haired girl who actually seemed much shorter than the rest. She was still obviously an Amazon, but the line was closer to inbetweener. “She’s also the safe one,” she told me as she moved down the hallway. “She’ll probably help us with getting you to classes occasionally. She’s actually the only person in my family I’ve told about you.” I nodded and noticed the absence of any more information on her other two sisters. I was distracted as we came up to a room that had a white door and “Princess Stacy,” in cute fabric letters alternating in a light green and pink with a mixture of polka dots and such on them. It was adorable and I found myself reaching out to touch them. I grimaced at the princess part, but it looked like they had wanted me to feel special. Amanda opened the door and I looked at a work of art in awe. White paneling went from the floor to just about the level of the top of a massive white sleigh crib. Above the white was a pastel green, with pink and purple butterflies chasing each other along the wall. At the bottom edge were flowers that other butterflies appeared to sit on. Above the crib was painted in flowing pink script outlined in purple, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” “You had a Walt Disney in your universe too?” I asked while smiling at the words. “He’s always been a bit of a hero to me,” Fred responded from behind us. “From what I understand yours did more with amusement parks than ours did.” “We’ll have to compare notes later,” I said as my eyes continued to look over the room. Pink curtains with butterflies on them framed two large windows in the room. A cute quilt hung on the side of the crib that continued the butterfly theme. It even had a mobile above it that had four plush purple and pink butterflies hanging from it. I looked closer at the furniture and had no doubts that the crib would easily contain me. It would easily be a foot or more taller than my head from the mattress to the rails. I actually shivered a bit and felt myself going more in my diaper, which made Amanda squeeze me tighter. “It’s okay sweetheart.” She moved towards the changing table that had drawers underneath it and several cubbies as well. I noticed a nice glider chair sat in a corner next to a light and a bookcase. The changing table had all of the normal things you would expect to see and I couldn’t help but feel helpless as she sat me down and then pushed me gently by the shoulders to get me to lie down. “Oh goody Daddy, you brought her new diapees with you!” She told Fred as he had followed with all four boxes of them. “Which do you want?” “Hand me another of her Pampers,” she told him with a smile as she took a belt from the table and secured it around my chest. She pushed my dress up towards my face and said, “Hold your skirt for Mommy please.” I did as she asked if nothing else because it hid my face from them looking at me as I felt her pull down the diaper cover first and left it dangling on my ankles before she popped open the tapes of the diaper. “We are going to have to figure out something here,” she sighed to herself as she wiped my genitals. “What do you mean?” I asked nervously. “I’m not sure yet…” she said gently. I was more than a bit nervous at that, but I held my tongue. “Such a serious baby,” she told me and tickled me just as she put some lotion on me. I felt myself harden again and hated that I felt so helpless and aroused at the same time. I was grateful that she didn’t make it more than an innocent diaper change, as I was sure I couldn’t have taken that! Soon I was sat back up to look at the room from my perch on the changing table. A diaper pail device sat next to the crib that I watched her place my wet diaper in it. Around the room at my new height toys sat everywhere. In the corner though was an odd little desk and chair that was just a little bit bigger than my size and seemed kind of out of place. It had pencils and pens in a cup, but other than the white that matched the nursery it was something I could have had back home as a great workspace. I noticed there was even a power strip there that looked like it would let me plug in my laptop. “That’s a power strip for my electronics?” I asked. “We bought it at the portal station since you said you were going to bring your laptop?” Amanda said. “Where’s it at anyway?” I held my arms out for her to pick me up and set me on the ground. Fred had just returned with my luggage and I went to my backpack and dug around for my computer and the cord that I had stuffed in a compartment. I had guessed correctly that it would end up coming down in size for me and it seemed proportionally the same as it had. Amanda had sat down on the floor next to me, “Oh my god that is soooo cute!” She told me. I blushed, “I figured it would be a good idea to bring a computer my sized with me…” “That was very smart,” she said with a smile, “Can I see it?” I held it out to her and she opened it to watch the computer start up. It made me feel even smaller that in her hands it appeared to be even smaller than a netbook. “This keyboard is sooooo tiny! But it’s got everything it should!” “Well it’s the state of the art back home… I know that might bring it only into the mid-range here, but I’m hoping the size of it will let me still take it to class?” “It’s better than anything we have for littles for certain,” she told me. “What are the specs?” “Processor is a 5.2 gigahertz processor, it has 64 gigs of ram,” I went on about the specs quite proudly because I had put my heart and soul into getting the machine all but custom made for me. We took the time to make sure the power would work for the computer and it seemed to be charging it just fine. “You know it only has about a quarter of my machines processing power, but it starts up quickly…” She said to me. I felt more than a little bit nervous at how far behind we were from them, but that was why I had taken the risk. “Well, we’re so far behind you… It should be okay for most things I would think.” I told her blushing. She nodded, “It should. Oh hi honey,” she said slyly to Fred who had sat there just staring at us. “It’s bad enough she gets like this anytime I let her and Megan get in the same room… Hmm… at least I can do this with you though,” he said as he playfully reinserted the hanging pacifier in my mouth. I glared at him but he just laughed. I spit the pacifier back out and hoped I wouldn’t get in trouble for it. I remembered a little getting a spanking the first trip here for that. “I take it he’s not of the computer people?” I looked at Amanda. “Nope! He’s great with bodies, not so good with computers!” she told me before looking at him, “Maybe she can help you when you get stuck on the computer now…” After a few more minutes she said, “Fred, can you help Stacy go through the stuff she brought and put it away? Go ahead and put any clothes on our bed so I can decide if there’s anything she can use.” I sighed, “I didn’t bring much.” “Won’t take long then! I’m going to go get dinner started. When you’re done you can explore a bit Stacy?” I nodded and between Fred and I we soon had everything unpacked. My XBOX and PlayStation gaming consoles were taken to a room Amanda had set aside for her electronics tinkering. I had nearly wet my diaper again with excitement at all of the REAL toys she had, but Fred shooed me right back out before closing the door, “That’s off limits to you Princess.” “Yes sir,” I said. “Not sir Stacy, Yes Daddy,” He smiled when he said it, but I got the feeling he meant it. “Umm… Yes Daddy,” I blushed. “I know this is weird for you Stacy, but it will only take one slipup to make people believe you’re not the well behaved baby that you need to appear to be.” He paused before adding, “Especially around any of Mommy’s family but Megan.” I grew nervous but he said, “Now go off and explore. I know you have to be curious about the house.” So that’s what I did. I walked back to my nursery first… ‘my nursery?’ I had to think at the girly extravaganza. I looked down at my dress and pulled up on it to look at the diaper cover that matched it. I pulled it down to look at the diaper for a moment of curiosity but then put everything back where it should have been and looked around. If there was a baby toy meant for a child less than two years of age I was pretty sure it was in the room. I had more toys in that room than I probably had as a real baby! I noticed that next to the changing table several were strategically placed to be used as distractions while my diaper was changed… Several of them looked like teething toys. ‘I’m so glad I said nothing could be done with my teeth…’ I shuddered at the thought of having all of my teeth removed. My backpack was set next to my desk for now and I used the chair to go ahead and sit down for my computer. ‘I forgot to ask the Wi-Fi password…’ I thought to myself while also being grateful that the technology was the same in this world. I stood up and went down the hallway to where Fred seemed to have a home office. This thinner diaper definitely affected my gait a bit, ‘those night time diapers…’ I shuddered. “Umm… Daddy?” I asked as I approached him sitting in his chair high above me. “Yes princess?” “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” He laughed, “The important things in life, huh?” He paused, “most people would probably argue that babies shouldn’t have Wi-Fi access and Internet unmonitored?” “You probably have NetNanny or something here, right?” He laughed again, “Right you are, and it’s already installed through the modem. You should be able to do homework, play some games, but don’t plan on anything more adult than that!” “I just need to email my parents,” I reminded him. He scribbled on a notepad on his desk and handed me a twenty-character password, “You memorized that?” I asked looking at it. “Well of course, it’s your mommy’s birth year, my birth year, your birth year, along with all of our initials.” “Oh,” I responded looking at it. I noticed that instead of SES for my initials it was SEW. I had no idea of their ages until then, but now I knew could see they were exactly ten years younger than my parents. “Thanks,” I said and turned to go back to my room. I was able to quickly login and connected to a mail server that worked trans-dimensionally. My e-mail was pretty short, but it did contain some new information like their address I quickly found by digging around online, along with some code phrases that said I was okay. We had established about thirty innocuous phrases that were keys to saying everything was okay and going according to plan. Additionally there were ten danger phrases that said I was in trouble and that I needed help. At the last minute I added, ‘By the way my name has struck again… Somehow we never told them I wasn’t a girl. When we video conference this week don’t be surprised by my clothing… For now I think we may have to pretend I am a girl so I don’t lose my scholarship.’ I sighed as I pressed send and thought about it. She had mentioned there being maybe something they could do to help me. Knowing what little I did about this world I had little doubt there was a clinic that would gladly take me and correct the little error down below... What would they do while they were doing that though? That was what terrified me. I was used to people seeing me as girly… honestly it didn’t bother me that much either. I’d never had one of those moments of thinking I was born in the wrong body, but I also wasn’t married to my male body like so many other men were. I sighed and decided to go explore some more of the house. I had found the bedroom doors closed for the most part but one door was cracked open and I found myself in a huge bathroom. I’d seen a toilet for an Amazon on our last trip here, but I’d forgotten how intimidating it was. Most of the places we had stayed were designed for littles or in-betweeners. This place was pure Amazon comfort and I couldn’t even see above the edge of the tub or the toilet. “What are you doing in here missy?” Amanda asked suddenly. “I was exploring,” I told her honestly, “even if I wanted to do anything it’s not like I could in here,” I added. She laughed, “You’re very right princess. I don’t think you could probably use this toilet hardly even if I held you on top of it!” I found myself being picked up, “Let’s wash your handsies up for din-din.” She held me up to the sink and leaned me towards the water after putting soap on my hands for me. I did the work for the most part but she found a towel and dried me. “We’re going to have to do something with your hair later,” she told me as she brushed it out of my face. “Just don’t cut it off?” I said, nervously remembered there had been nothing in our contract about it. “What, I can’t have my baby girl looking like the newborn baby she practically is?” I was genuinely scared for a moment while she laughed and placed me down on my still bare feet with a pat to my diapered behind. “Why don’t you go downstairs and meet us in the kitchen.” I nodded and started down the stairs very carefully. Like everything else they seemed twice the size of my world, which meant they were probably about fourteen inches high. I thought back to my own childhood and found myself sitting on the stair and then sliding down to stand on the next. I repeated that until I was at the bottom and heard Amanda call out, “What a big girl you are!” I turned and smiled at her, “I’m not completely helpless…” “No, but make sure you are careful on those stairs. I probably am a terrible mommy to have let you climb them…” I sighed, “You’re doing a good job so far,” I told her. I found myself quickly in her arms as she gave me a squeeze and carried me to the dining room. The smell in the air was incredible with some sort of beef. I could see she had already pulled it out of the oven and it looked great, if not humongous! I didn’t take long though before she moved the tray out of the way with a free hand and then plopped me down into the highchair. The harness was quickly pulled over my shoulders and the tray placed back down. I put my hands on it. “The little ones are more restrictive?” I asked unintentionally. She nodded, “Don’t worry, as long as you’re a good baby girl at meal times I’ll never use one of those here…” “Here?” She sighed, “We’ll have to figure out what we’ll do when we visit my family…” “Just how bad are they?” I asked as she moved to cut the beef and plate it. “Well… I’m not going to lie, Chloe is about as bad as it gets…” She sighed as if wondering if telling me was smart but continued, “If you were Chloe’s little you wouldn’t have any teeth or need to sit at this table. She nurses all three of her littles only.” I gasped a little. “I wish that was the worst, but she also had all three of them through an etiquette school and about all they can say is mama, poopie, and baba. She also had some sort of surgery done on them to keep them from standing. Well… actually Kacey can’t even crawl and is stuck with ‘tummy time,’ as Chloe calls it. It’s really really sick,” she told me with tears in her eyes. “Why?” “I honestly don’t know other than maybe she feels like they’re dolls? Sadly she’s not alone. She convinced Cassie to get her little boy Neville back to crawling status. At least he can still talk, but he’s also missing all but three of his teeth so he can’t bite his mommy anymore too.” “Umm… what… why…” I kind of stumbled over my words. “Why am I not like that?” She asked. She smirked, “You hope I’m not at least right?” I shuddered. “I’m not, but I wouldn’t trust an Amazon further than I could throw them if I were you. I can guarantee Chloe is going to do all sorts of pushing towards me to do that when she visits. I’m going to promise you right now that I’m not putting you down that day. You’re going to just have to be a clingy baby that day and just not say anything if you can help it.” “I have to meet her…” “Daughters?” She asked. “Yeah… She’ll expect you to play with them too. Not quite sure what you’re going to do. Know that they might as well be babies now and treat them as such and you’ll probably be okay.” Fred slipped in the kitchen then, “Smells good!” She was just dishing stuff onto plates then. A small plate that looked smaller but maybe even still too big for me looked to have more of the butterfly motif on it. “Anyway, you asked why I’m not like that?” I nodded. “We had a ‘baby sister’ little growing up at home…” she shuddered, “Hannah was so cute it was hard not to see my mom needing to baby her. Especially as we have children grow up or don’t have kids the mothering instinct in us is incredibly powerful! Studies have actually shown that it’s significantly more so in us than littles or in-betweeners… Anyway, I always viewed Hannah as the cute toddler baby sister to play with and treated her well. Chloe though… Chloe I think was jealous and would constantly bully poor Hannah and get her in trouble. One day something happened… I don’t even know what, but Hannah fell and was killed at a park with her while I was at a summer camp.” I saw the tears in her eyes and wished I wasn’t restrained so I could give her a hug. “I’m sorry,” I told her. “It’s not your fault. To this day I think Chloe did something… Anyway, when no one else was around I would talk to Hannah like an adult and she would help me with my homework. She’s the reason I made straight A’s through eighth grade when the accident happened.” “Why didn’t you…?” “Try and free her?” She asked with a laugh. “I was the second daughter and seen as the one with her head in the clouds. My parents would just laugh at me and say I didn’t understand the world when I would suggest we potty train her or something to help. Mom would usually use that moment to grab Hannah and put her to her breast and say something about babies that feed from Mommy have no reason to potty train.” “Are your parents?” “Still alive?” “Yes,” she told me. “I don’t speak to them every day, but I’m sure I won’t be able to keep their new granddaughter away from them forever since they live pretty close to here.” I felt bad for her but at least I could sort of understand why I probably could trust her more than most. I felt a shiver of true fear though of the idea of dealing with her family. “What about your parents Daddy?” “They’re still around, but they live on the other side of the country. They may very well want to come out and visit their new granddaughter too, but it may wait until Christmas or the New Year as my dad is always busy with work.” “Are they…?” “As bad as Mommy’s parents?” He asked while shaking his head, “No, they never took a little and honestly they will be kind of looking at me strange that we have. I’ll explain everything to them though and I know they’ll be proud that we helped keep you from being someone else’s mindless baby.” Amanda sat a sippy cup of juice on my tray and then a bib appeared from somewhere that went over my dress. It seemed to have been bought for the expected proportions rather than the way I had come through. “I wonder why you shrank so much when you came through?” Fred asked thoughtfully as he took his first bite, “This is great Amanda!” She had just sat down next to me and asked, “See what you think?” A plastic fork had skewered a very small piece of meat that was clearly mutilated to keep me from choking. I opened my mouth wide for it though and took the meat and chewed. “That’s really good!” I told her. It was in fact one of the best roasts I could ever remember eating! “Good!” she said with a smile before loading some mashed potatoes up and feeding me a bite of that. “I wonder if it’s because it was her second trip through? Stacy, you said you shrank like eleven inches last time? So this was what probably double that?” I nodded and said, “yes,” after swallowing the last bite. “So going back and forth for the summers…” she took it to a logical conclusion I hadn’t thought about. I just sat stunned for a moment… “If I get any smaller…” “Yeah, you’re already just a little bit above newborn size right now… you’d be like a preemie,” Fred said. “It’s something to think about,” Amanda said with a little bit of worry in her voice. Over the rest of dinner they began asking me about other things and in between bites of food I would tell them about our versions of people and things like Disney and they would tell me theirs. Turns out in this world he had actually gone on to be a vice-president of the country. He never built a theme park there though; a rival of his seemed to have beaten him to that. Disney had nearly as much of a market though still on cartoons and toys. When dinner was done I found myself quite full and had finished the sippy cup. “May I please get down?” I asked Amanda. “In a few minutes sweetheart, let me clean up dinner. You need to get used to this... “ I sighed. “Here, why don’t you drink this while you’re waiting?” She said as she brought forth something I had been surprised not to see yet. A pink baby bottle contained what looked like a liter of white fluid that I presumed was milk or formula. I made a face but she told me, “You should be grateful that’s not your dinner. Just drink what you can, but I want half of it gone before bedtime.” I tentatively picked it up with my hands and couldn’t believe the size of it compared to me. It was actually almost too heavy to handle but I was able to get it in my hands just barely. I stuck the nipple in my mouth and gave it a tentative suck. The milk inside actually tasted pretty good, sweeter than the milk back home, and she had taken the time without me noticing to heat it up so it was nice and warm. It was awkward leaning towards it though as I kind of tried to prop it on the tray. She solved that with some sort of latch on the seat and I found myself leaning back quite a ways. “Is that better?” She asked me as she pulled the tray off and trusted in the straps to hold me there. “It’s pretty heavy,” I admitted as I sort of thrust it away from my mouth. It felt like I was trying to drink from something like a 2-Liter. “Well I probably should get the smaller nursers for you… I never dreamed you’d be this small. I mean in your normal world size you’re almost an in-betweener!” I kept nursing a little bit here and there but my arms were definitely getting tired as she cleaned. I heard Fred tell her, “Here honey, let me get the rest of these honey, you can help Stacy out…” “Thanks!” She told him almost gleefully. I held the bottle out to her with both hands. She grabbed it from me and sat it down on the table before she fiddled with the harness for a moment. I was soon loose and she picked me up and placed me on her right hip before grabbing the bottle in her other hand. I just stayed still as she carried me upstairs. I saw quickly she planned to sit with me in the glider and she grabbed the quilt from the crib and wrapped me in it before turning me face up in her arms. I watched as the giant bottle and nipple came towards my face and opened my mouth up to accept it while she held the bottle for me. She began humming as I nursed and I felt myself relax. The whole plan was crazy, but at least I seemed to be with a couple that didn’t want to mutilate me. I found my eyes closing and heard her say, “Well, I guess you’re okay with this part at least baby.” Chapter 3: THE NEXT THING I knew the room was dark except for a butterfly nightlight next to the changing table. I tried sitting up and found I was severely impaired by the diaper I was now wearing. ‘Must be one of those night-time diapers…’ I thought to myself and rolled over to see if I could push myself up. Carefully I was able to get on my hands and knees and looked at the bars in front of me. I quietly pulled myself up to my feet with the help of the bars. I looked up and curiously checked something by raising my hands as far in the air as I could. Sure enough I couldn’t even touch the top part of the rails with my hands. I found standing difficult in the diaper and a moment later decided to just give in and sit back down my butt. ‘Not that I planned to try to escape like that,’ I acknowledged. ‘What time was I put to bed?’ With no clock I had no way to know, but I definitely had a strong urge to pee. For a moment I held it in, but remembered how silly that would be. ‘You knew diapers were part of the deal…’ I mentally scolded myself. As I let it all out I was shocked at how much the diaper expanded! I couldn’t believe it could get any bigger! I found myself back on my stomach and grabbed the new stuffed bear that lay next to me. ‘Elena,’ I named her in my mind and cuddled her closely to my chest. I would have expected a soaked diaper to be uncomfortable, but other than how much it had expanded I couldn’t tell that it was wet. ‘Tomorrow is going to be another long day’ I told myself and forced myself to close my eyes and go back to sleep. It was hard though… I found sleep difficult as I thought about how yesterday had filled in so much information on my future. The gender misunderstanding was embarrassing and tough to deal with pink dresses suddenly, but nothing compared to being the size of an infant! I had come to this dimension expecting to at least be the size of a toddler… or maybe even almost an elementary school kid. Being either of those sizes would have allowed a little bit of freedom compared to my new size. In our world a three-month-old baby would rarely be left alone, and then only when caged safely… In the Amazon world I couldn’t see much more freedom for me either. Being called ‘princess’ was certainly also a novelty. ‘Being a princess might not be too bad,’ I had to admit with a king and queen like my surrogate family. So far they had shown remarkable restraint and kindness to me. I couldn’t help but notice though that there were certain things that hadn’t been thrown away as possibilities. It sounded almost certain that baby food was a possibility in the future for meals when we were away from home. ‘If Amanda makes it that might be okay,’ I allowed. She really was an excellent cook, so if it was just pureed food from her cooking it would probably at least not taste terrible. Any sold jars from the grocery store though were most likely going to be disgusting. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell even worse tasting stuff for littles to be tortured with…’ Amanda’s sisters for the most part sounded like a horror movie brought to life. They were everything I had been warned about, or worse… It sounded like her mom might have been cut from the same cloth too… ‘So was it regular milk or her milk?’ I wondered sleepily as I finally succumbed to sleep again. WHEN I WOKE again I found I had been rolled back onto my back and had a pacifier back in my mouth. ‘They must have checked on me at some point,’ I said as I sleepily stretched and remembered the wet diaper I was wearing. It now cold and clammy and was rather uncomfortable. I pulled myself back up by the bars and was just about ready to holler for someone when Amanda walked in. “Oh, you look so cute with that bedhead!” she told me as she walked up to the crib. I held my arms in the universal ‘up’ pose and she carried me straight over to the changing table as I pulled the pacifier out and let it hang by the clip. “Gee thanks…” I told her. “Oh no, do I have a grumpy princess?” she asked. I sighed, “I’m not a morning person.” “Well, we’ll just have to work on that! Probably a fresh diaper is a good start, huh?” She proceeded to strip me of my sleeper quickly with a zipper that went all the way to the foot. Once my diaper was exposed she said, “Okay, now which diapee today?” I groaned, “Pampers?” “I think we need one of these instead,” she said and I could see one of the princess themed diapers that she had been sold on. “It’s so thick!” I said as she laid me back down on it a moment later after wiping me clean. “It’s soooo adorable though!” She smiled at me. “And just think of the waddle or crawl I get to see you with!” I groaned, “It’s too early for this.” She tickled me and I found myself back in the sleeper. She grabbed something from the bottom of the stand and carried me to the glider. At first I thought I was about to be fed another bottle, but instead she produced a hairbrush. “Let’s take care of your hair, then we’ll go feed you breakfast and see where we get from there.” I sighed in relief that was all she had planned. “What are we doing today?” I asked sleepily as she ran the brush through my hair. “Well first we have to go to the store and do some shopping for some other things to replace what we bought way too big for you.” “Like what? I mean besides clothes?” “Well bottles for one… You could barely lift the full size nursers I bought you! The sippy cup was a smaller one and you were almost fine with it yesterday, so I think we’ll go get one of the half-size nurser sets that are more appropriate for you.” I sighed but nodded. I felt her twisting my hair around and guessed that she must be braiding it into pigtails. Gabby had insisted on braiding my hair like that for a cross-dressing day for homecoming week. Scarily I had seemed pretty normal looking as a cheerleader in uniform I borrowed for that day… I felt her tickle my side and she said, “I said I’m done, you really aren’t a morning person, are you?” I shook my head, “Not without a lot of coffee…” She turned me to face her in her lap and said, “I hate to tell you this princess, but coffee is one of those things that’s going to be off limits for you.” I bit my lip but nodded, “I’m not surprised. But would love for you to consider changing your mind…” She looked thoughtful for a moment, “Tell you what, you make it through your midterms with a 3.5 and I’ll let you have a latte in your bottle each morning.” I smiled, “Deal,” I extended my hand to hers and she enveloped it with hers. “Okay let’s get breakfast in you…” I was carried down to the kitchen where my highchair sat waiting for me and I was soon strapped in wearing a bib with a sippy cup of milk sitting on the tray in front of me. I drank some milk from the sippy cup she had sat down in front of me and watched her move around for a couple minutes to make a bowl of oatmeal for me. “Some special mornings we’ll have a hot breakfast with eggs, bacon, and such, but this will probably be breakfast for you normally,” she told me. “That’s fine, a lot of times I don’t even eat breakfast,” I told her as she sat right next to my chair and pulled it on the wheels closer to her. “Well that won’t work here Stacy, you’ll have something for breakfast every morning.” I nodded, ‘that wouldn’t be so bad…’ “Let’s get this airplane in your hanger!” She smiled while making an engine sound that made me grimace but I opened up anyway. For the next ten minutes she fed me while playing every cutesy little baby feeding game I’d ever heard of - and then a few more. By the time she got to the last spoon I said, “I’m full Mommy…” “Just one more spoon,” she said and I opened up. I felt really stuffed then. “All done!” She wiped my face with a baby wipe since it had been a casualty a few times that I happened to look the wrong way. The bib definitely had some evidence on it too and I just sighed as she unbuckled me but left the bib on. I started to remove it but she said, “Leave your bib on sweetie.” She picked me up and carried me to the living room where the playpen was sat in front of the couch. “Play here for a few minutes while mommy cleans up.” I nodded and tried to stand in the playpen but the diaper was so thick it made it difficult to do so. Just thinking of the diaper brought to mind an urgent warning my body was giving me - I sighed knowing this would come. Given Amanda’s warning about needing to poop each day I knew I didn’t dare hold back on this either. I found myself using a larger ring toy as a way to pull myself up so could squat. ‘Come on, you know you have to do this…’ I told myself. Suddenly I felt my bowels let go and I could feel the diaper accept the pieces while I kept pushing until I didn’t feel like I needed to go anymore. Suddenly it was like I flashed back to when I was three years old standing back in my grandmother’s house. I remembered being in diapers and just wanting to play with her electric organ there. I pooped my diaper and kept playing. ‘Stacy did you poopie your diaper?” Grandma had asked me and I had shook my head and lied so I wouldn’t have to stop. It hadn’t seemed so bad then! I didn’t want to fall backwards on the mess so I leaned forwards onto my hands and knees and could feel the mess rubbing against the bottom of my genitals. I sat there a little bit in shock before looking over at the toys in the playpen. I knew Amanda would come soon and decided not to make a big deal out of what was going to become an everyday occurrence for me. I was looking closely at how a doll in my hand was made when the inevitable happened, “Uh-oh, I think someone made a stinkie!” I groaned and tried to stand up to hold my arms out to her but instead ended up falling back on my mess. “Eeewww…” I said. “You didn’t seem to mind it for a while there,” Amanda told me. “You sure you’ve not been a little baby here before?” I nodded, “It wasn’t too bad until I smushed it…” “Well let’s go upstairs and changie that stinky diapee!” she told me with a kiss on my forehead and carried me up the staircase and into the nursery. She laid me down on my changing table and I began to smell it worse as she opened the diaper up. To me the smell was enough to make me gag, but she acted like I was a normal baby and this was no big deal at all. ‘Shit happens with a baby,’ I reminded myself. She didn’t try and embarrass me anymore about it too - which I appreciated. I was quickly re-diapered back into a regular pamper and lay on my back waiting for her to figure out what she was dressing me in. She reappeared a moment later with a pink romper I remembered here cooing over yesterday in the store. It had the words, ‘smile, I’m cute!’ on it and ended basically at the crotch with a little more of a short pair of legs to it than a basic onesie. I appreciated that she’d been good about only shopping in the actual baby portion of the clothing aisle. I had caught a few glimpses of some of the odd clothing they made specifically for littles to wear… It was a thousand times worse! “Well, now that we’ve got your stinky diaper out of the way for the day, why don’t we go see what trouble the two of us can get in?” She asked me. “What about shoes?” I asked, noticing my still bare feet. “You don’t need shoes today Stacy. Everywhere we’re going you’d probably just look out of place.” I nodded remembering most of the littles I remembered seeing rarely walked, but asked, “Socks?” She looked at me, but nodded and found some pink socks that folded down and had lace around the bottom of the folded portion. They seemed appropriate to a baby of my age and I groaned at that, but appreciated having something warmer on my often-cold feet. “Better?” She asked me. I nodded. “Thanks! Where’s Fr… Daddy?” “Daddy’s at work, he decided not to take paternal leave right now. I took a few weeks of maternity leave so I don’t have to go to work until after you start your orientation… well I could take off more than that, but what’s the point?” She smiled at me. “You get maternity leave…?” I asked shocked. “You’re my new baby, of course I do!” She giggled like that was a truly stupid question. Her behavior was a little bit different this morning, but so far she was still being sweet so I just went with the flow. I was placed on the ground for a moment and watched her repack my diaper bag with the correct size of diapers. I was grateful to see that she only put the regular Pampers and a couple of the thinner diapers in there. She filled my large sippy cup back up with juice and handed it to me to hold two handed as she carried me to the garage and set me in my carrier. “What’s the outside of the house look like?” I asked as she buckled me into the harness. “Oh that’s right, you still haven’t seen… I’ll show you when we get back?” She asked. I nodded and watched her close my door and walk to her side of the car. With a press of a button above her the garage door opened leaving me squinting my eyes with the sudden exposure to daylight. She carefully pulled out of their driveway and began slowly driving down the road. I was just able to catch a quick glimpse of their house though. It looked like a very pretty, and expensive, suburban home with a nice lawn. I couldn’t see many details though before it quickly passed from sight. Bored I began to slowly nurse at the sippy cup of juice, and probably had finished a quarter of it when she stopped. Our first destination was apparently like a Walmart with a different name, ValuMart. She pulled me out of the carrier and carried me a short distance to where a cart lay unused. As she strapped me into the cart’s seat she asked, “I assume you’d rather sit here than in your carrier?” I nodded, “I can see this way.” “Well just remember where we are... If I feel like you’re about to say something you shouldn’t, I’ll plunk a pacifier in your mouth. If you can’t control yourself before that please find that thumb of yours,” she told me. “It’s not going to be that bad…?” I asked. She shrugged, “We could run into friends here. Just go with the flow please.” I was really nervous now, but I was determined to face anything to attend college here. As she pushed the cart towards the entrance I noticed that even though the seat was designed for babies I still felt like it was too big for me. Right away when we stepped inside I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by a store meant for giants and filled with giants. Most of the people inside seemed to be stay at home mothers with a mixture of real, ‘little’ babies, and preschool age children in their baskets. One mom had her little suspended from her neck with a sling and was openly breastfeeding her while talking to another lady. I couldn’t help but stare at the size of the breast and looked up at Amanda’s set as she looked down at me. I turned red but she merely smiled without saying anything. Our destination was clear as we headed straight for the baby section. Amanda had just started looking up and down at the selection of bottles when I heard, “Oh hi Doctor Westerfield!!!” from a giant girl who appeared to not be much older than I was. “Hi Jennifer!” She told her and gave her a hug. “Oh my god, she’s adorable! Is she yours?!?” this new girl said suddenly close to me. “She’s sooo tiny!!!!” “We just adopted her yesterday,” Amanda told her. “How old are you?” She asked me. I looked up at Amanda and she nodded, “Eighteen.” “Going on three months,” Amanda added. “I believe that… Are you going to…?” she asked almost accusingly. Amanda shook her head, “We’re taking care of Princess Stacy’s needs, but we’re not going to mutilate her. She’s even going to start attending the university in a couple weeks.” Jennifer sighed, “I’m glad to hear that. I hate the way my mom treats Lily…” “Then why are you in this aisle?” “Oh, Lily’s out of wipes,” she said and held up some generic baby wipes. “If I don’t get her some Mom will probably just leave her poop on her bottom until her next bath… whenever that would be.” My eyes opened in shock at that and once again I was grateful for a friendly giant. “That’s horrible…” Amanda said. “Yeah it is. Maybe I’ll be in some of your classes Stacy?” She smiled at me. “Let me know if you need a babysitter sometime,” she told Amanda. “See you later! Bye bye princess!” she waved the last part at me like you would a real baby. I blushed and was shaking a bit as I felt Amanda put her hand on my head gently. “You’re okay, if there was one of my students we had to run into that was the one. She is much more like me than most.” I nodded silently and watched as she began looking at bottles. I found myself turning myself sideways the best I could to see what she was doing. “Need help ma’am?” a helpful store employee asked. “Just trying to pick out a smaller bottle for her. I never dreamed I would adopt a little so tiny. She can’t hold up a full size nurser.” “Ah well, that makes sense. Are you wanting to breastfeed too?” “Why do you ask that?” She asked, not denying that idea. “Well if you aren’t then this one works fine,” she said holding up one smaller nurser that looked equivalent to the small nursers I remembered from back in my home dimension. “If you think nursing is important I would recommend one of these two to help with nipple confusion.” In shock I followed her advice and stuck my thumb in my mouth at that point to keep quiet. Truthfully ever since I had seen that woman breastfeeding on my first visit the idea of doing it myself had kind of intrigued me in a strange way. I was curious which she would pick and found myself not surprised when she grabbed both of the types that would be considered good with breastfeeding. She threw in several multi-packs of each and some nipples before pushing the cart away. “Good baby girl,” she cooed at me sucking my thumb as we continued down the aisles. We ended up in the clothing aisle and I sat patiently as she threw in several onesies, rompers, dresses, and a pair of shorts that she liked with no request for input from me. Apparently she was satisfied with my three-month size, as she didn’t make me try them on like I saw several babies and littles experiencing in the open right next to the racks. While she was looking through the clothing I discovered who Oliver and Naomi were since they were featured on tons of shirts on the little side of the aisle. Amanda stayed on the actual baby side though which had other characters that mimicked many from my world. Apparently Anna and Elsa from Frozen, along with Sofia the First were sort of the same in this dimension as I recognized them. There were plenty of characters though that I didn’t recognize. Amanda must have sensed that as she would occasionally say, “Oh look there’s…” every now and then. Amanda moved on a mission though and before long we were in the checkout lanes. Every Amazon mother we passed stared at me with longing in their eyes, but it was those that glared at Amanda in a threatening way that scared me. I hadn’t even realized my thumb was still in my mouth from earlier when she said, “I know that thumb tastes good, but let’s use your paci.” The kiss on my head and the gentle squeeze made me feel a little bit safer. “Oh my god she is the most adorable little I’ve ever seen!” The cashier said as Amanda pushed the cart past the card machine. “Yes she is, isn’t she?” Amanda squealed a bit and kissed me on the forehead again. There was small talk made for a few moments before the lady said, “You know hon, if you got rid of most of her hair you could pass her for your own natural baby?” I shuddered and found myself instinctively grabbing to hold my pigtails. “But then she wouldn’t have cute pigtails like this?” Amanda said. “I love her hair, it’s not going anywhere… it’s too much fun to play with!” she smiled at me and I returned a small grimace. “Suit yourself!” she said. Once she had me safely strapped into the car seat she told me, “I’m sorry you had a couple of rough encounters there… Unfortunately that’s going to be a pretty regular thing here.” I nodded, “It’s okay, I’m embarrassed when they happen, but at least I was warned before I came.” I paused and added, “Just please don’t give me away to one of those monsters!” “No worries about that Princess! You’re all mine!!!!” she told me with a smile and closed the door and walked to the drivers side. “Speaking of that though, I do want to take you to a local office to… register you as ours.” I gulped, “What are they going to do?” “Some of the offices are rougher than others, but this one should be pretty gentle by just doing a checkup, blood sample, and get hand and footprints from you.” I nodded, “Then I’m officially adopted?” “Yes…” She said. “Will that be a problem when it’s time for me to go home?” I asked hesitantly. “Well if anyone asks I’ll say I sent you to live with your grandparents for a while!” She kind of choked up for a moment before adding, “Thankfully we just got started, so that’s a long ways off!” I nodded and sat quietly in the seat and drank the rest of my juice that she had handed me back. We pulled up quickly to an office building and instead of getting me out of the carrier she left me inside and just lifted it free of the car. “If you’re in this carrier I don’t have to worry about as many things happening to you,” she told me. I nodded, “I trust you,” I said before she put the pacifier back in my mouth and pulled the shade down over the top part of the carrier. She walked through several doors before arriving at a receptionist’s window where she sat my carrier on the counter. “Oh my god isn’t she precious?!?” the lady cooed while looking in at me. “I never seem to be lucky enough to get one of these cuties!” Amanda smiled, “As you noted, she’s a cutie. I don’t want to risk kidnapping…” “Of course, I don’t blame you one bit! Here, take this paperwork and fill it out and we’ll get a spot with the doctor as soon as we can.” “Thanks!” I found myself picked up again and the carrier was gently sat onto the groan. Apparently the carrier could rock when it wasn’t in its base, as I discovered as she rocked me gently with her foot while she filled out all of the forms. It seemed like there must have been about twenty pages from what I could see! I found myself needing to pee again and let it flow into the diaper while my face turned red. To ignore my now wet diaper I looked around as best as I could from my seat. Several other ‘mothers’ moved about the room in various delightful or hostile moods. All seemed to hold their ‘babies’ tightly to keep them from running and escaping. Just in the time she was writing I watched three littles get spanked bare bottomed, and another had her ear twisted for a moment. When she finished Amanda picked my seat back up again to take the forms to the window. While the lady looked over them she popped a couple of the snaps open on my romper, “Do you have a place I can change her?” I flushed red with the diaper exposed and Amanda clearly sharing its state with the receptionist and anyone within range. I bit down on the silicone of the pacifier a littler harder just then to keep from complaining. “Why yes ma’am, right down the hall here, I’ll show you,” she said as she opened the door beside her and led us to a small nurses station with a padded surface. “I can’t believe how good of a baby she is!” “Yes she is a special princess.” Amanda popped the remaining snaps in a hurry and quickly changed me into a clean diaper before redressing me. “There, that should be more comfy, huh?” She said as she hugged me and whispered, “Pretend to be a baby as best you can while we go back. Don’t back talk no matter what they say… and try not to cry out.” I looked curiously at her but nodded and nursed my pacifier that I was beginning to actually grow fond of. It felt like she had barely set my carrier back down on the ground when the nurse called, “Stacy Westerfield?” I started slightly at the change of my last name. I wasn’t surprised though; after all with Fred’s explanation of the password the night before I figured that was inevitable! It was obvious to me from my surroundings that we were at a doctor’s office, but it certainly didn’t feel like a normal doctors office back home. Something about the place just gave you the creeps! From my place in the carrier I could only vaguely see doors as we passed them. As we passed one of them I heard a mans voice shout, “You goddamn bitch!!!! You can’t do this to…” followed by loud whacks and whimpering. As we made it to the end of the hallway I thought I could hear the unfortunate person beginning to bawl. By another room it wasn’t a thought, you could definitely hear the full on screams of pain and terror from a woman. It was the kind of thing you expected to hear in a horror movie… I found myself shaking slightly in the seat and nursed on the pacifier more to try and distract me. Finally the nurse led us to an open walled nurses station where she said, “Okay, we’re going to need little Stacy just in her diaper for most of this exam.” Then she looked at me and talked to me for a moment like I wasn’t a baby, “Make sure you behave baby or you won’t like the consequences.” I nodded meekly and I was quickly freed from the seat and my romper was taken off. “When did you change her last?” “About ten minutes ago, she was soaked.” “So she’s using her diapers just fine? Messes too?” “Happily peeing and pooing like a good little should.” The nurse nodded like that was the right answer as she picked me up and lay me down on what had to be an infant scale. “Okay… Twenty-four pounds… she really is a tiny thing. You must have had a tough time finding the right diapers!” I jolted at that, twenty-four pounds? I had lost over a hundred pounds of my weight and not even realized it! ‘Unless they measured pounds differently…’ “Okay little girl, stand tall right here,” she told me and had me stand up next. “Thirty-six inches…” she mused, “I guess we could give you another half or the full inch, what do you want Mommy?” She asked Amanda. “Just leave her at thirty-six inches, she’s just a little baby anyway,” she told her. “Yep, no way this one could make her life through the world on her own…” Surprisingly to me she took my blood pressure, pulse, and did a body fat check before directing Amanda to carry me into a waiting examination room while she followed with my carrier. “Okay, now some health questions for you Mommy,” most of the time Amanda actually knew more than I would have guessed, but several times I told her the answer and the nurse pretended not to hear anything until Amanda parroted it back. It was weird, but I could see how they wanted to continue to degrade any adult confidence a little might have. The lady nurse left after saying, “I can’t believe how good she is!” to Amanda before looking at me and saying, “Just remember bad crybabies do get punished!” I shuddered as she left and Amanda collected me in her arms. I snuggled gratefully into her warm body, as it was cold in the room. A moment later a man slightly shorter than Amanda came in, “I’m supposed to get some blood?” “I think so,” Amanda said. “Can you hold her arm so she’ll stay still?” He asked. I just rolled my eyes and sat calmly while they took my blood like any other time I’d ever done it. Of course I wasn’t counting on the needle being twice the size I remembered in my last checkup! I managed to hold still though and other than a brief flinch did my best not to let them know how much the damn thing hurt!!!!! ‘It wouldn’t have surprised me if they used a bigger needle just to make it hurt more!’ I thought to myself. He filled three vials up before pulling the port out and putting a Band-Aid with that show Naomi and Oliver’s characters on it. “What a good girl!” He said as he patted my head, “Just remember that if you’re a crybaby you will be punished.” He left and I whispered to Amanda, “What exactly do they do?” She shuddered herself and whispered, “I watched Hannah get given enemas and spankings with a paddle.” I shuddered and leaned even closer into her. Shortly thereafter the doctor came in, “Hi, I’m Doctor Nimitz,” he said to Amanda. I froze, knowing he was the other ‘daddy’ I almost chose. “Hi, I’m Doctor Westerfield,” she told him with a smile. “So you’re here for this little cutie?” He said with a smile and looked at me. Something about the smile refused to expand to his eyes though and I believed in a heartbeat I had chosen correctly. “That’s right, especially with this baby girl being so tiny and cute I didn’t want to delay getting her registered for adoption.” “That’s very smart,” he told her. He looked down at the notes for a moment and then looked at me with recognition in his eyes, “We spoke a couple months ago, didn’t we?” I nodded, “Yes, sir.” At least it sort of sounded like that through the pacifier. “Well if I’d had any clue of how cute you would be in a diaper I would have made a stronger case for my wife and I. Truthfully I don’t know why you’d ever bother with college. You’re clearly meant to just be a cute little baby!” I just stared at him without saying anything. “Okay, please place her down on the table so we can do an examination. She’ll need to lose the paci while we do this…” He looked apologetic to me at that. He felt my lymph nodes, looked in my ears, and listened to my heart and lungs before laying me back and untaping my diaper. When my diaper came down he said, “Oh, so you’re a baby girl with a surprise in your diaper! Mommy do you want me to do something about that?” I cringed and shook a little in fear, ‘will he just rip off my parts?!?’ “Not now, I kind of think it’s endearing right now... I may change my mind, but her daddy and I need to talk it over a bit more before we do anything too permanent.” “Makes sense, no rush,” he said. “What are our options though?” she asked him. ‘Really?’ I screamed inside. ‘She’s serious?’ “Well, do you want her to have it as a punishment?” He paused, “Or do you just want to do it to get it to where she’s right cosmetically?” he shook his head, “There’s even an option out there that would go ahead and give her ovaries so she could have her own little babies.” He paused for a moment, “I hate to think of this one like that, but she would be ultimate breeder if you mated her with a really short little boy.” He nodded before adding, “I bet I can even get you in touch with a couple of my patients that fit that bill…” I was truly horrified as I sat there and he talked about making it possible for me to have babies just to make me a baby-making machine. There was no sense of compassion in his voice at all. As he gave her information he never stopped his examination of my groin. A second later he flipped me over on to my stomach while leaving me partially over my diaper. I feared what was coming next and sure enough I felt something enter my butt that I hoped was just a thermometer. “We’re not interested in mating her,” Amanda said carefully, “but maybe that type of procedure would be best so that we could make sure we have options?” “Well if you go that route you’ll be able to do it all in one day at the university’s hospital. We have a doctor trained in a new technique there with nanites…” He paused and added, “I’ve heard that they can do other modifications while they’re at it too if you want. Really great designer options!” He laughed, “Speaking of which I just now realized who your husband is. Tell Fred hello for me.” “I will,” Amanda said as she gently squeezed my hand. “Well I think that should be good.” He pulled out the thermometer and I let out a silent sigh of relief. That sucked! “Okay, last bits I’ll leave in my nurse’s hands. Overall you seem to have a very healthy little on your hands. Be sure to think about what I said and definitely have her back here in six months for a checkup.” “We will,” Amanda replied as he left and she quickly put a new diaper on me and redressed me in my romper. “Sorry baby,” she whispered to me as the door opened again and the original nurse entered. “Okay, let’s make some art for your mommy!” the nurse told me with a smile. A large ink pad was brought out and my feet and hands were covered in it before they put them on a large paper labeled, ‘Adoption Certificate.’ I looked at the details on the certificate. Both of my ‘parents’ full names and birthdates were listed, my real age of eighteen was listed with my birthdate, along with my height, weight, hair and eye color. I was surprised to see my gender listed as Female without any surgery required. The nurse scanned a bar code printed at the top of the page with some sort of gun looking device in her hand. “Where do you want to put her chip?” Without warning Amanda flipped me over onto my stomach over her lap and I felt her pull back my romper and diaper right on my right butt cheek. A second later I nearly bit my tongue in half to avoid crying out as I felt another feeling like a shot, but worse, go right in there. “Stay there for a second baby, I know that hurt, sorry,” she told me. A scanner was run over the chip to confirm it was working correctly before the lady said, “You’re such a good baby!” Amanda held me tight for a few minutes to reassure me while the nurse said, “The chip is active and confidential where it’s located. You actually didn’t put it in any of the most common spots, so hopefully any trader wouldn’t find it easily.” “Can’t they dig it out?” Amanda asked. “It’s a lot more work than you would think. Pretty soon scar tissue forms around it inside of her and you end up damaging the goods to get it out. They can reprogram them with a lot of patience, but the password you put in the reader prevents anyone but you from easily doing that. Make sure you share that password with your husband though just in case you need it in the future to update her medical or your contact info.” Amanda nodded and I found myself sat back in the carrier with my pacifier again in my mouth, just grateful the exam was over! As she walked past another room on the way out the door I heard, “You can’t do this to me!!!! I’m not a baby or a girl!!!!!!!!” A smack and cries of agony serenaded us as she carried me past the receptionist. Our exit out the door of the building didn’t happen soon enough for me as I could only imagine the horrors that existed in that building. “I’M SORRY ABOUT that,” Amanda said a little while later after we had driven down a ways. “That was horrific!” I told her bluntly having lost the pacifier from my mouth when she had closed my passenger door. “And you were a good girl! You heard… well imagine how it is for most people…” She paused, “How in the world have you been so calm about all of this? If I had to go back to wearing diapers and being tortured and made fun of like you just were…” She took a breath in, “I’d be spitting nails!” I sighed, “On my previous visit with my family I had a party where I was able to sit and talk with a local little for a couple hours. He had managed to remain free - which given his age of thirty seems even more impressive to me now - but he knew all of the ins and outs. He shared with me pretty much everything that’s happened so far and more… So it’s not like anything was a total surprise like it has to be for some. Just terrifying to see it for real though,” I shuddered. I paused, “I want to go for this degree so badly that I’ve steeled myself for the past two years basically that any of this can happen. I know I don’t stand a chance of stopping it… my best bet is to be a good passive baby.” Amanda was silent up front for several minutes before she said, “You’re probably right.” I sat there for a few more minutes before the car slowed and she said, “You hungry? We’re going to meet Daddy for lunch,” she told me. I sighed, for a moment it had felt like there was a brief pause in the babying but obviously that wasn’t going to last. She stopped the car and opened my door. She didn’t immediately grab me though instead she messed with something for a moment before she slung my diaper bag on her shoulder. She made quick work of the buckle and we were on our way inside a restaurant that seemed fairly casual. Amanda spotted Fred and we walked over to where a high chair was already waiting for me. “Hi Princess!” He said to me with a smile and exchanged a quick kiss with Amanda after she buckled me in the highchair. The waitress came over and she handed her one of the new bottles, “Would you mind filling this with milk for her?” “Why certainly, she’s too cute! What would you like to drink?” She asked Amanda. “Iced tea would be fine,” she told her. “Great, let me get this cuties bottle filled and I’ll be right back to take your orders.” “Let’s get your bib on you sweetheart,” Amanda told me. She quickly placed one on me that read ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ with a tiara underneath it. I groaned but smiled. “Aren’t you just the perfect little Daddy’s girl?” The waitress said a moment later when she brought my bottle and Amanda’s iced tea. I could feel the bottle was warm - I guessed it was a sign the lady cared. “I’ll have the Quiche here, and our Princess will have your child’s mac and cheese,” she told her. “Does the chef need to do anything extra with her food? He can puree it if you need?” “Oh no, we’ll be fine like it’s supposed to come. She’s a little, but I prefer to just think of her as my normal baby. She’s eating solids and pasta just fine!” “Okay then, and you sir?” “I’ll have the Bacon Cheeseburger and fries please.” “Very good!” She said and walked away. Amanda quickly grabbed the bottle from the tray and checked it on her wrist before handing it back to me, “Careful, it’s probably a little warmer than it should be, but it’s still safe for babies.” She gave me a look that I took to be a hint to ‘start nursing,’ which I did. I noticed the milk tasted more normal like at home and couldn’t help but wonder what I had been given last night… “So what did you two do this morning?” Fred asked. “Well we had oatmeal,” she smiled at me and made a face, “then we went to ValuMart to pick up some new babas. I think she manages with that size a lot better!” “Looks like it,” he nodded. “What else did you get?” “Well first we ran into my student Jennifer Faulkner in the baby aisle.” “She’s the one…” “Yes,” she said cutting him off and making me curious. ‘One what?’ I wondered. “How was she doing?” “Doing well, her mom apparently was going to make her little sister go without wipeys for a while, so she went to buy some for her.” “That’s awful, she could end up with more than just diaper rash…” “You and I both understand that… her mom has always sounded like a piece of work though,” Amanda added. “Anyway, we talked for a little bit and she fell in love with our little princess here. I think she’s probably going to be our go to babysitter if Megan’s not available.” “As long as you trust her?” “I do.” “What else did you manage to get done?” “Well not much more, we made it to the doctor’s office to make the adoption official. I have three copies of her cute handprints and footprints with the certificate for us to use. I also got her chipped while we were there,” she said the last bit quietly. “Probably a good idea,” he told her and looked at me nursing the bottle, “I know that had to have hurt princess, but believe me it’s for your own protection.” I nodded. “Anything else?” He asked. “Nope, just lunch with Daddy so far!” She said as plates arrived. The macaroni and cheese actually didn’t look too bad to my surprise, but the burger Fred had sounded way better. It was humongous though, so I was pretty sure there was no way that I could ever have managed even one bite in my small mouth! Throughout lunch Amanda fed me the macaroni and cheese. By making some sad eyes at Fred I was able to steal a couple of ‘Daddy’s fries’ from him. Each of those was practically a quarter of a potato back home! The bottle sat with a quarter left when we were waiting for the check so I sat and finished it. As I popped it out from my mouth I found myself letting out a huge burp. Amanda smiled at me, “Did you have some wigglies in your tummy?” she cooed at me before she used the bib to wipe a little bit of stray cheese sauce from my face. She removed it and placed it in my bag before she picked me up out of the highchair. “What are you two ladies doing now?” Fred asked. “Well I think we’re going to run home for a little while for the princess to take a nap. After that I think we might take a walk over to the university.” “Okay, I may be home earlier this afternoon than normal. Doctor Clark just about fired me when he found out I have a new baby at home and I’m not there helping my wife.” He smiled at both of us. She laughed, “I bet, Bob has always been a softie!” After a kiss from him Amanda carried me outside and I was once again bound in my car seat. I waited for us to get home for naptime. ‘Sounds so exciting…’ I thought grudgingly to myself. While she drove I felt the need to pee more and let it out into the diaper with a sigh. Thankfully for my growing boredom the ride home took just a few minutes, and I once more found myself in their garage being picked up. Amanda didn’t set me down though; instead she walked out the open garage door so I could see the front of the house properly. “See there’s plenty of pretty grass for you to play on,” she said with a smile. “Though you won’t play out front much because I don’t need you getting hurt, huh?” I looked at the two-story house and saw it was a sort of Victorian style home with gabled peaks. The front had a long porch complete with a white rail and porch swing. A single tree that looked like a Magnolia tree rose from the ground in the middle of the lawn. It was monstrous to me in size and I was impressed by how pretty the house was. I was also more than a little bit unnerved that it looked very similar to my parent’s house! It was different colors though, while my parents had painted their house in shades of yellow, this was painted in shades of green. And probably thirty feet or more in additional height... “I’ll show you the backyard once I get everything put away,” she told me with a smile as she bounced me lightly on her hip and closed the garage door. She took me to the living room and sat me down in the playpen while also making me jump as I felt a fingers intrude on my diaper. “I’ll have to change that wet diapee here soon too!” I blushed bright red as she disappeared to go carry stuff in, while she apparently felt safe leaving me alone since I was very effectively caged in the playpen. After watching her go back out to the garage through the white mesh fabric I went back to the doll I had been looking at a bit earlier. I began messing with her and a stuffed cat next to it debating about how I would be expected to play with them. Before long Amanda was back and took me upstairs for the needed diaper change. “Since I’m going to put you down for your nap I’m going to put you in one of your pretty princess diapers,” she told me excitedly. I groaned. “They’re not that bad are they?” I nodded my head, “They intentionally make it impossible to walk!” “Well good! You won’t need to because you’ll be napping!” In an effort to avoid being bored in the crib right away I asked, “Could you show me the backyard first, like you promised?” She sighed, “I did promise that didn’t I?” I nodded, “Uh-huh.” “You think you’re stalling your nap, aren’t you?” I gave her my most angelic face I could possibly make, “I would never do that Mommy!” I kept my face and said, “I’m a good girl!” She laughed at me and tickled me for a moment, “You certainly are a good girl! I have to keep reminding myself that you’re not a normal baby, or a normal little. It takes everything I have to keep from going and getting some other tools to regress you more…” I shuddered a little bit, “Please don’t.” “I won’t do anything without asking first. But I would suggest it might be a good idea to think about some help on unpottytraining yourself? I saw the look on your face in the car as you wet your diaper, maybe you might be less miserable if you’re not aware you’re going?” I shook my head, “I was reading in the college handbook that if I poop myself in class I can be kicked out of the university. I have to at the very least keep my bowel control.” She looked like that was a surprise to her. “What?” “I’ll show you later. It was a small line that I think most people would probably overlook, but all it would take is one angry professor….” “Gah, and it would probably be Professor Krantz too…” she muttered. She carried me down the staircase and said, “By the way, how did you know Doctor Nimitz?” I sighed, “I had narrowed it to you two and him and his wife from my fifty some responses.” “You have no idea how close you came to disaster…” She told me and I could see some tears in her eyes. “I kind of got that feeling when I talked to them over the link and also today. I know I picked the right mommy and daddy!” She squeezed me and then led out a sliding door to the backyard. A fence that looked pretty formidable to me ran round a beautiful pool they had in the backyard. I saw a sandbox and swing set that didn’t look brand new like everything else. “Those look older…” I pointed. “They came with the house and came in handy when my sisters visited until they messed with their littles ability to walk. I think we might put in another playground at some point, but since you’re supposed to be a baby I don’t know how much we really should put in for you. A lot of people would probably prefer to see us use that infant swing and nothing else.” I noticed that one of the swings had a traditional infants bar and harness to it to make it very safe for someone my size. ‘Or make it the perfect way to trap them for hours…’ I thought darkly. “Okay, enough stalling, naptime!” She commanded. “I wasn’t stalling,” I told her innocently. “Right…” she tickled me for a moment and then retraced her steps inside the house. Back in my room she lay me down on top of the quilt in the crib for a quick second before quickly and effectively tucking me inside of it to where I couldn’t move. “What are you doing?” I asked before being effectively silenced with a pacifier. I didn’t complain though and sucked on it lightly. “It’s called swaddling Stacy, I should have done it last night but I was worried with the sleeper you would be too hot. It helps keep me from worrying about you flipping over and possibly having problems breathing…” I looked up at her and wondered if I was now getting to another story, but chose not to push. She kissed my head and reached above me to turn on the crib’s mobile. Just as she began to turn around I noticed a dark dot on her left breast. She was out of my sight quickly though and I was left to look at the mobile of butterflies turning while Brahms Lullaby played softly. Seeing nothing else I could do I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. Chapter 4: I WOKE UP to the sound of someone doing a really poor job of sneaking around. “Shhh, she’s sleeping!” Amanda scolded. “Probably only because you made her,” the voice hissed back. “Oh my god she is so adorable.” “Umm thanks,” I told the voice as I opened my eyes and looked at a shorter version of Amanda. She squealed, “Can I pick her up?” “Yes,” Amanda said, “just be careful…” “I will,” she said the strange giant grabbed for me and released me from the quilt. I felt her finger quickly check my diaper and I blushed. “All dry!” “Well, we’ll have to fix that soon, huh?” Amanda said to me with a smirk. “Ignore her, she’s just grouchy cause someone else is holding you. I’m your Auntie Megan by the way,” she told me with a smile. I sighed in relief, “Thank god, I was worried it was…” I caught myself. “Chloe?” She shuddered, “Yeah, I think that would be a bad nightmare to wake up to her face. You haven’t told Chloe about Stacy yet, have you?” She asked her. “Not yet. I haven’t even told Mom yet,” she added. “Just me, your baby sister?” She asked with a smile as she held me in her arms like an infant and I could just make out both of their faces by going back and forth with my eyes and head. “Well duh, you’re the only sane one in the bunch. You’re probably thinking about how you could sue me for taking a free little…” She seemed to be joking. “Well if she was free and didn’t invite you to adopt her…” “Yes I know the law sis. In this case we actually have that contract you saw.” “Interesting contract too. What did your lawyer say about it?” She asked. “In theory it’s legally binding that we return her after college. But he did mention that there were probably a dozen loopholes around it if we just wanted to keep her for ourselves,” she smiled kindly at the suddenly wide eyes I made at her, “but we’re not intending on that!” “Good, I will come back and take you on myself if you or anyone abuse this cutie! I won’t let her become another Kacey…” she said sadly before saying, “So Stacy, tell me about yourself,” she said as I was carried downstairs to the couch where she sat me in her lap facing her. “Well, I came here a couple years ago…” I told her all about why I was insane enough to come and she was good about listening to me. “So anyway, it seemed safest to go ahead and have I guess foster parents instead of risking whatever else came up out of the dorms.” “That’s very smart of you,” she told me, “I’ve had a few littles in the last couple semesters of my classes - I’m going to be a junior by the way - that have all ended up disappearing to etiquette schools… Sadly it’s like a matter of time for every one of them. Last week they introduced a bill in the Senate to make it permissible for the first person to put a hand on a little that comes to this dimension to be their guardian.” “So…” “Yes, yesterday that lady would have become your guardian…” Amanda said with a catch in her voice. “Anyone coming through the portal?” “There’s still a diplomatic clause in effect for the tour groups, but yeah, anyone else will be swept up into a nursery before they can say baba,” Megan said. “What was I thinking…?” I said aloud. “Well, two years ago when you visited it wasn’t as bad. There were some serious roads being made towards little’s rights then.” “What about my ability to be in college?” I asked Megan. She honestly seemed to understand the situation better than anyone. “Well your parents have decided they want you attending school. While every Amazon will think they’re nuts, they’re your parents and have full authority over you like any parent.” She said with a smirk, “same way they could enroll you into elementary, junior high, high school, or a regular pre-school and no one would bat an eye on those!” “Anything but junior high again…” I looked at Amanda pleadingly with a smile. “Don’t worry, you’re off to college young lady,” she smiled at me. “Speaking of which, I promised you a walk in your stroller, didn’t I?” “Umm… yes?” I said, not really caring about it. “Megan you want to come give her a tour of the campus?” She smiled brightly at me and said, “sure!” Megan checked my diaper and said, “Geeze Mandy, did you put her in a thick enough diaper?” “It’s cute!!!” She told her. “Seriously pop the snaps of her outfit and look at it, it’s adorable!” Megan looked at me sympathetically, “May I, she has me curious now?” I nodded and she wasted no time pulling my outfit apart and looking at the very pink and feminine diaper. She sighed, “I’m so glad I’m not a little, I would burn this…” I laughed, “You can still do that for me?” “Nah, she’s right, it is cute… on YOU. You haven’t even put a dent in that padding, do you feel like you need changed yet though?” She asked me. “No, I’m probably good. It could soak up half of the ocean I think…” She squeezed me tight, “I like you. I have dibs on you if my sister gets tired of you!” There was a bit of a circus that went on while Amanda grabbed a stroller she had stored in the car. My car seat carrier apparently connected into it normally, but so that I could see she just let me sit in the very oversized toddler seat. I was so small she could barely get the straps tight enough, and even then I could have slipped out if I wanted to! I watched as Megan filled a bottle of juice for me, while Amanda simultaneously stuffed a pacifier in my mouth, before handing me Elena to hold. I sighed as she started walking down the street and I learned quickly we were only a few blocks from the campus. “Look over there,” Megan said to me, “That’s the student union where we have a cafeteria, the bookstore, and some offices!” She was being cute with her voice in a way that made me think she was hiding my intelligence from the people we passed by. Many of those waved and cooed at me, but we were other wise allowed to walk by unmolested. The buildings with massive lecture halls were pointed out from the outside for me. Apparently the university prided itself on small class sizes, but still had four large lecture halls; the largest seated seven hundred students! They also took the time to point out the building that housed the computer and math departments that would be my home. The sisters decided to take a break midway through the campus and sat down on a bench with my stroller facing them. Amanda took the bottle of juice out of the diaper bag and replaced my pacifier with it. “So you’re keeping her on solid foods?” Megan asked. “We have no agreement on that in the contract, but I think to be kind yes,” she told both of us. “That is kind… and as long as you’re not using cloth diapers it doesn’t really matter what her poop is like, right?” I looked up inquisitively enough that she told me, “breastfed babies poop is water soluble, which means your poopy diapers could just be put in the washing machine and everything would dissolve!” I made a face at that and Amanda leaned forward to tickle me. Megan’s face changed as she looked at her and said, “Manda really? Already?” Her eyes appeared drawn to two spots that were similar to the one I’d seen earlier. She sighed, “Yes, and this is with pads in!” “You know most can only really deal with it in one way…” She nodded, “I don’t want to push something on Stacy that she doesn’t want…” “What’s going on?” I asked as I took the bottle nipple out of my mouth. I watched her look around to see if anyone else was around, she sighed and answered, “Most Amazon mothers have a really strong maternal instinct. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a cute little and I deal with leaking breasts for a week… I’m not surprised that a day with you and I’m leaking like a cow…” “Does it hurt?” I asked “What?” “Those?” I asked, as she seemed to hurriedly dig something discreetly out of the bag. I could see for a brief second they were pads that she swapped out some others that were already there for ones she bagged in a plastic bag. “No… but it would feel better if the milk was gone. I’ll have to buy a pump I guess to get rid of it…” “Or…” Megan said looking at me, “Somehow I don’t think Stacy would mind trying it…” “Well…” I put the bottle in my lap and squirmed in the stroller as I tried to think this through carefully… “I don’t know... I wouldn’t want to only eat it though…” I told her. “New deal?” She asked me. I sighed, “What?” I did my best to figure out what I had just implied. “If it’s not horrible to you, we do this three times a day? I’ll feed you real food all the time - not baby food - but that will keep me from doing this…” “And if I hate it?” “Then I’ll buy a pump and use it instead. Maybe another baby can drink it?” I thought back to that first woman I had seen when we came back and couldn’t deny there was a curiosity in my body from that. The very idea of it had been arousing to me since then… “Deal,” I told her. There wasn’t a second of hesitation then for here as she unbuckled me from the seat and promptly revealed a gigantic orb of flesh that I had little idea of what to do with. Her nipple stuck out from the breast far enough that it would easily reach my back molars. ‘Nothing but to try it…’ I had just thought as her hand guided my head and open mouth to it. I really had no real idea what to do as my mouth tentatively rounded on her flesh. My tongue touched her nipple and discovered milk was already leaking out. It entered my mouth before I even suckled and I discovered that it didn’t taste bad at all! I gave her breast suckle like I did with a bottle, and was rewarded with a mouth of liquid that tasted far better than I believed it would! It was like an amazing vanilla shake or something. Before long I felt like the world was on standby as all I thought about was sucking more! After awhile it stopped coming and I became a little annoyed. A finger tickled my chin and Amanda said, “Let’s try the other one instead…” I felt like I was on some sort of insane drug or something as I found myself latched onto her other side. “I guess it must be pretty good,” Megan said next to her. Amanda sighed, “I guess so, we’ll see when she gets out of the milk coma what she really thinks.” “Yeah… I have a hard time after that reaction not thinking there’s something to be said about our milk being addictive.” I tuned most of the conversation out though as all I seemed to care about was getting the next gulp of milk. Before long I was actually feeling kind of full just before the last of this breast ran dry. “Hand me that cloth,” I heard Amanda tell Megan. “Here sis,” she said. “You didn’t burp her between breasts, I bet she spits up quite a bit…” “Yeah…” I suddenly became more aware of the world as I found my face being held to a cloth on her shoulder and my back gently patted. ‘This won’t work on me… will it?’ I thought just as a big belch issued from my lungs along with a bunch of milky spit up. “Eew…” I said aloud as my mouth felt kind of gross then. “It’s okay baby, that’s to be expected,” Amanda said as she gave me a loving squeeze. “Good thing we put you in that thick diapee, huh?” She told me then. “Huh?” I asked. “She’s still out of it…” “Think I should I change her here, or just wait?” “With how much she just drank she’ll keep going for a while I’d guess. You may have a stinker before long too…” I felt myself bounced up and down as my eyes felt sleepy. “We’ll just let her sleep it off then,” Amanda said as I felt myself buckled in, a pacifier slipped in my mouth, and then nothing. NEXT THING I knew I was laying in Megan’s lap with the news on TV. “Oh, so you decided to wake up, huh?” I looked at her confused but nodded. My diaper must have been changed because it felt like one of the ‘thinner’ Pampers again. “What happened?” I asked and spat out the pacifier that I was nursing. “Well my crazy sister exposed you to her psychotropic breast milk and then we decided to go party in the town. Before I knew it you were hanging on a chandelier daring some crazy twelve-foot tall lady to change your diaper before you shot her?” I laughed, “So it made me crazy?” “Not crazy per se, but definitely makes you zone out. Some of the littles groups have tried to make it illegal to feed littles the milk because it seems to have some side effects.” “What else?” “Well eventually you sort of crave it…” she hesitated, “I’ve seen research that it lowers resistance to suggestions and possibly may affect control of your toilet training.” “Great… So one hit and I’m an addict?” I asked. “No, probably not…” I saw it was only Megan, “What do you think I should tell her?” “You’re here for four years, right?” I nodded, “That’s the plan.” “Honestly neither of you has the self-control to not do it again; I say just go for it. Set a limit like you did and try and stick to it the best you can.” “Have you ever had that happen to you?” I asked her. She nodded, “Chloe’s littles caused it one time… You’ll probably do it to me too if I’m here much. I’m a sucker for cute princesses,” she said as she tickled my stomach a little. I groaned with the thought, “Umm… did…?” “Did I change your diaper and discover your secret?” She asked with a smile before answering, “Yes I did.” “And…?” “And… what?” “Well what do you think?” “Well it’s not like you have a say in the clothes you wear silly.” She told me. “My big sister is a nice girl, but she’s definitely going to want to play dress up with her doll!” She tickled my stomach a little more and blew a raspberry on my neck. I squirmed quite a bit before she stopped, “You honestly want to know what I think?” She asked, “Even if I may not be unbiased?” “I think you’re less biased than anyone else from the way you talk. I think you actually believe in rights for littles?” She sighed, “I do… but I’m also a realist. Stacy my advice would be to go ahead and do the procedure. With the technology at the university it’s just a matter of knocking you out, injecting you with some nanites, and then you wake up with the right parts for the Stacy that was admitted into the university. I’m worried if someone discovers something extra on you that they’ll use that as a pretext to dismiss your scholarship and insist you go to an etiquette school.” I nodded, “Seems like something that could easily happen.” The garage door opened right then and I jolted a bit at the sound. Fred came in a moment later and asked, “How’s my favorite princess?” “Good,” I answered tentatively. He took me out of Megan’s lap and held me before giving me a quick hug, “I know you’re not quite comfortable with me yet Stacy, but I promise you can trust me.” I nodded, “I’m trying…” “Hi Megan,” he said and gave her a hug from the side when she stood. “Where’s Mommy?” he asked her as much as me. “She ran to pick up pizza, she should be back soon.” ‘So I was already left with a baby sitter, huh?’ I thought to myself. “Great!” He felt my diaper without warning and said, “Well I guess that’ll last you through din-din?” I turned red and found myself hiding in his shoulder. Somehow it was even more embarrassing that he had checked me than it was one of the girls… He just laughed, “You better get used to it sweetie, sometimes Mommy has to work and I’ll be the one taking care of you.” I just nodded. “Auntie Megan would you go ahead and take her back while I clean up for dinner?” He handed me back to her, “Of course,” she answered with a smile. “What now?” I asked her. “Want to swing outside?” She asked me. I shrugged, “sure?” “You don’t sound too enthused…” “Well this isn’t unexpected stuff, but it’s not why I came here?” I suggested to her. “I get that,” she told me. “You really think you can make it through the program here?” I shrugged, “I have no idea… I hope so. I know there’s a uniform for littles on the campus that I’ll have to wear. I know that diapers are okay as long as they’re not messy in class… I guess we’ll see what comes beyond that.” “What about your real family?” “What about them?” “Aren’t you going to miss them?” “I do already, but there’s nowhere back home that would have been as good for college as this. I would have had to move away anyway... In theory without that law you told me about I would think it would be safe for them to visit with a guide… now I’m not so sure. I think the last thing I want is to be in a crib next to my parents!” She nodded, “I’ve always felt it’s especially cruel when littles over the age of 30 are kept like this. At least at your age you’ve only had a little bit of freedom so far…” I sighed, “I think it is just plain cruel.” The garage door opened again and soon Amanda came in with two huge boxes of pizza and a ValuMart bag in her hands. “Who wants pizza?” Ten minutes later we were all sitting at the table… well sort of. I was in the highchair with a bib on and half of a ridiculous slice of pizza on a plastic plate in front of me. I had heard of a place somewhere in Texas that sold pizzas that were like 42” and could feed a family of who knows… The pizzas she brought home must have been pretty close to that size and I watched Fred tear through four slices like nothing. I found myself carefully taking bites out of the slice slowly. It was good, but I couldn’t help the fact I was definitely still full from my experience a couple hours earlier. “So what do you think of Emerson?” Fred asked me. “I really like it!” I told him, “When we were given the tour a couple years ago I couldn’t believe how far ahead everything was from us… I just hope I can get through the basics and catch onto your more advanced ideas quickly.” “I never asked, what languages have you learned so far?” Amanda asked. Megan seemed interested too. “Well I can write well in about five of the languages back home, we call them C#, SQL, Java, JavaScript, and Python. I’ve also dabbled a bit on the iOS stuff Apple puts out. I don’t know if you all even have those?” Amanda looked stunned but answered, “Well we have all of those actually. Those were our standard languages ten years ago. Those all have bumped up to new standards and we’ve added a few others you’ll need to learn too. If you know those though I think you should pick up on them quick…” I sighed in relief, “Hopefully the syntax is all the same and everything here. I don’t suppose you would have some software and a compiler to work with those here at home?” “Of course,” she smiled at me, “tomorrow we’ll both go play together with it?” “Cool!” I said, suddenly feeling like maybe there was a future beyond drooling and messy diapers still. I looked at Megan, “What’s your major?” “I’m doing two actually, Philosophy and Computer Science to go Pre-Law.” “A lot of people would say those have nothing in common, but a lot of the logic principles carry over from the two,” Amanda said proudly of her baby sister. I nodded, “I’ve heard that. If I was back home I think I would probably try to do the same. Here I’m just going to try and get away with my mind intact and one degree!” “Speaking of your mind intact…” Amanda asked guiltily. I had just taken my last bite and gulped it down nervously. “How… how are you feeling now?” I smiled at her, “I seem to be fine now.” “What happened?” Fred asked nervously. “Well… we went for a walk earlier,” Amanda started, “and… well…” “Your wife started leaking from her boobies like a dairy cow at the farm,” Megan finished with a smile. “Megan!” Amanda said annoyed. “Well that’s what happened isn’t it?” She smiled and stuck her tongue out at her. Clearly she was determined to maintain levity at the table. “So does this mean Megan nursed?” Fred asked with a twinkle in his eye. “Eeeeew…” both Megan and Amanda said in stereo. “No, but I did,” I admitted. “Were you forced to do it?” He asked me with concern. “No,” I said. “We made a deal,” Amanda told her husband, “since as long as she’s around the boobs will keep leaking… she would try it and see if she liked it.” “And did you Stacy?” “Well she definitely became crazy about it…” Megan said. “Stacy?” He asked. “It was weird… Honestly it tasted amazing… Once I had one mouthful my body just wouldn’t stop craving it. I’ve never done drugs… but I felt like a drug user must. Is there something in Amazon milk that does that?” He sighed, “It’s hard to determine which of the research into that is genuine and what’s been altered to fit agendas.” “What do you think?” I asked him. “Well… like I said the field is muddled. Most of the research studies that are done on breastfeeding real infants show that it helps with brain development, helps with body development, etc. We have movements like ‘Breastfed Babies are Best’ around all the time. On our infants it does seem to yield benefits above formula fed infants through the first few years… I think that research is absolutely certain.” “And on littles?” He sighed, “Well the majority of the research here has so much bias so clear it’s impossible for me to believe anyone can say it with a clear face. The research tries to say that breastfed littles are better-behaved, more docile, more loving, healthier weight wise, less sick, etc. The problem is that most of the major research is sponsored by people with their hands in etiquette schools. They make money by pushing the idea of littles needing their teeth removed so they can’t bite their mommies. I always find that funny given your teeth can’t even pierce the skin of an Amazon’s breast - no matter how hard you bite! They also push that it’s a healthier diet and you’ll live longer with a more youthful appearance.” Amanda looked a little nervous, “What do you think…?” “Well I thought we weren’t going to do this yet to be safe…?” I saw he was genuinely unhappy about this and Amanda kind of shrunk her giant figure down a little bit. He sighed, “Something in the milk of most Amazons seems to instantly make a craving happen. The little can’t really help needing to finish what their mommies have for them. It seems to have some sort of calming quality that becomes at the very least a psychological support for them. It does seem that those littles on a mixture of breast milk and regular food are in better health longer too. Those only on breast milk though tend to bloat up and gain too much weight. Many of those end up needing other care twenty years down the road for heart related issues.” He paused, “The biggest downside, or benefit according to most Amazons, is that breastfed littles seem to lose their urinary continence very quickly. Bowels don’t seem to be as directly affected except how milk normally affects a person.” “So I’m probably not an addict?” I asked him. He shrugged, “One hit won’t do it, but if you keep it up you may find you need Mommy’s milk more and more? I don’t honestly know. We were going to wait until you were a bit more settled before it came up, but my wife has always had such a strong maternal lactation reflex I’m almost surprised it took her until this afternoon to soak through the pads.” I looked at Amanda, “Last night’s milk?” “Regular milk with a little bit of honey in it…” She paused, “I really am sorry Stacy…” I sighed, “I don’t think any true harm has been done honestly.” I paused for a moment, “The bet was if I would enjoy it or not?” “No Stacy, I’m calling…” “Hold on… I know it probably wasn’t our brightest moment, but you’re doing me a huge favor by taking me in and NOT making me a mindless infant. If my presence is going to make your body have that reaction… I don’t mind helping out.” “Are you sure?” Fred asked. “Really Stacy… maybe it’s not a good idea…” Megan said. She had gotten stiller and stiller on the side and I sensed she felt even guiltier than Amanda had since she egged her on. “We just have to be very careful when. I’m guessing I messed my diaper on the way back home?” I asked. Amanda nodded, “About fifteen minutes later…” “So I think you can probably add some bowel reaction to your research,” I told Fred. I thought for a second, “What time are my classes probably starting?” I looked at Megan. “You’re a freshman, so you’re probably stuck with 8:30am?” “And end?” “Well you should be able to be done by 5pm every day. Once in awhile there’s an odd evening class. Extracurricular groups tend to meet in the evenings… most of those would be dangerous for you though.” I nodded and thought through my agreement before looking at Amanda, “Okay, when I wake up and before bed I think would be safe?” I suggested to her. “On weekends after lunch?” “We said three times?” She tentatively asked. “Well let’s wait and see my class schedule first?” I said. “Remember if I defecate in my diaper in class I’m on a one-way trip to nursery school instead of that college degree.” She looked guilty, “and you did zone out really good…” I nodded, “So is that fair to you? I did make the deal and will stick with it.” “Deal,” she said with a smile. “You sure?” Fred asked me. I nodded, “I’m a m… girl of my word.” “I’ll try and see if I can’t get some emergency drugs for you to have on hand too…” he said. “What?” Amanda asked. “We both know there will be some close calls for Stacy here… probably best if she has some emergency injections to counter any bouts of diarrhea or in case someone tampers with her.” She nodded, “By the way Stacy make it your habit to NEVER accept food, candy, or drinks from strangers. If a drink is out of your sight, even for a minute, don’t accept it.” “What about at restaurants?” I asked. “From now on I’ll make sure we take something with us…” I sighed, “You know this is complicated.” “Yes it is, if you’d rather just go to daycare and watch Naomi and Oliver that would be fine with me…” she smirked at me. Fred and Megan laughed and I just stuck my tongue out at her. Chapter 5: MEGAN LEFT SHORTLY after dinner with a promise to see us soon and also keep my existence secret from the rest of their family. I had then been deposited on the floor of my nursery after a quick diaper change. I was debating what I was going to do when Fred brought a baby gate from somewhere and secured it to my doorway. “Really?” I asked. He laughed, “This is one of those things the protection agency would look for if they ever come check on our house. Amanda asked me to pick one up on my way to work…” The gate secured to the outer edge of the doorframe. Since the door swung in you could close the door and leave it in place as it had it’s own gate that swung open or closed. He left it closed and the door open when he left a moment later leaving me caged in my room. I walked over to my desk and got on my laptop. There was a message from my parents, Hi Stacy, So they thought you were a girl? I bet you have a really pretty nursery… We didn’t make any deals on that front, so I hope everything’s okay? Or at least you’re okay with the consequences? We knew when you decided to take this adventure you would be taking a huge risk of anything being possible! I sighed, ‘if I show up with a vagina I don’t think they’ll freak too much…’ We’re just glad that you’re safe and still okay. Please keep writing us, we promise to intervene if the contract is breached. By the way Gabby came by yesterday, she wants pictures! I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I think if she were there she’d probably be jumping to be your Amazon mommy. ‘That’s just weird…’ I thought, ‘But yep, I bet she would…’ Write soon, we love you so very much, Love Mom and Dad I sighed and looked down at the romper I had been wearing all-day and let myself go pee in the diaper some. I watched the padding swell as I did so and couldn’t help but think about Elena’s diaper change by Gaby this summer… ‘Mom’s right, Gaby would jump on babying me in a heartbeat!’ The romper left my legs exposed and I noticed for the first time the hair on my arms and the stubble on my legs seemed more than a little out of place for a supposed girl... let alone baby. I knew decisions would have to be made on that and my boy parts very soon. I ignored thinking about that for a moment though and began writing a reply. As I began the letter I used a couple safe key phrases that sounded innocuous before getting to the heart of the message, Today I heard some things that make me really nervous… should something happen I’m not sure it would be worth you attempting to enforce our contract… If I disappear I would really love the idea of you coming for me like a knight on a white horse, but think it through carefully. The reason I worry is that there are some new law changes from the past two years and several coming. In the likely circumstance that the new laws pass, anyone without a guide coming straight out of the portal can be adopted by the first Amazon to touch them. It’s sick… it’s like a game to many of them! I would be in big trouble now if that law had already been on the books as another Amazon woman attempted to get me the second I came out of the line in the terminal. If Amanda hadn’t immediately claimed me as her baby this lady would have carted me off. While Amanda was dressing me in the changing room the lady actually showed up with a man that was fighting her tooth and nail! I watched as she spanked the living daylights out of him. He had to have been almost two feet taller than I am now too… She said things that make me certain he was taken straight to an orphanage or one of their etiquette schools. Speaking of height… I shrank a lot more than expected this trip… waaaay more than last time! Last night when I messaged you I just honestly thought everyone was so much taller than me - like I expected. With Amanda being ten foot one, and Fred being nearly eleven feet tall I didn’t think about it… Today at a doctor’s office I was measured and I discovered I shrank down to about thirty-seven inches… I know even in our world I would be toddler sized! Here I’m the size of an infant! We’re not sure if it’s related to a second trip, or it was caused by something else - for all I know it could be some sort of control on the Amazon’s end to allow them to have better designer control on their littles… not that they really need that as it is. I know without a doubt that I’m truly adorable by their standards and really in danger if left unattended. Dad you might be okay with a second trip, but Mom you might be doomed to shrink more like me too… Amanda did take me today to get ‘adopted’ legally. With that they put a chip in me like some pet… It hurt like hell! But, supposedly if I’m kidnapped it’s not easy to remove. While I pretty much believe Fred and Amanda think of it that way, I’m sure most people think of it as a way to prevent a little from escaping… Please… I’m not sure it would be worth coming for me if something goes wrong. I also think it would be dangerous for me to make the trip home for vacations. We’ll talk a little more at the portal Friday I guess though. I made sure a few more safe phrases were included before signing it, Love, Stacy I felt a tear go down my face as I faced the reality of my circumstances. ‘If you have half a brain cell you’ll go home and never come back at the first chance…’ “Are you okay sweetie?” Amanda’s voice startled me. I looked up at her form kneeling down beside me and wondered if she had read my e-mail as I typed it. It really didn’t matter if she did, I had written under the assumption that she and the authorities would all read it. I had been a little more open on my thoughts about them than maybe I should, but it was all stuff that should have been mostly protected by free speech clauses - even here in this dimension. I shook my head and answered, “No, I’m pretty sure this whole thing was the dumbest thing ever done by a teenager on their way to college ever!” I shuddered, “I didn’t really consider how the laws would change… and how much I would change. Last time I visited I was still nearly my real size. I would be a toddler even in our world at this size… here I’m an infant! Am I going to be able to even walk to classes?” I said even softer, “Will I even be allowed to walk to class…?” Amanda took me in her arms and cuddled me for a long moment before kissing the top of my head, “Princess we promised you you’ll leave this world with a degree, and your mind intact and able to walk. I intend to keep that promise no matter what!” “I hope you can keep that…” I told her. “I will,” she said with another squeeze. “Now, I think that diapee could wait a bit longer, but it’s definitely past time for Princess Stacy to have a bath!” I smiled at that and asked, “Can I have bubbles at least?” “Can you have bubbles?” She pretended to be angry, but I could tell already when she was joking, “You want bubbles?” She began tickling me mercilessly and there was definitely a steady stream of urine joining what I had peed before. I giggled, “Please?” “Please what?” She said slightly out of breath, “Keep tickling you?” I giggled more and said, “Please stop?” My hair had come undone in spots and several hairs blocked my vision. I managed to put my hand up to pull them back then as she said, “I guess I’ll stop… but bubbles?” “You said I’m a princess, princesses have to have bubbles,” I said playing along a bit. “You are so adorable,” she hugged me again and said, “Okay you can have bubbles.” There was the flash of a camera and I looked up to see Fred holding an expensive looking DSLR and a big smile. “Have to add to our wall downstairs!” Amanda picked me up and carried me to the changing table where she pulled out the hair ties first that had mostly come undone under her tickle attack anyways. She fingered loose the remaining braids before she quickly stripped me of my romper, diaper, and wiped me with a baby wipe. I was wrapped in a pink hooded towel before she carried me to the bathroom. She left me standing next to the tub and began adding water and bubble bath to the monstrosity. I had no hope of seeing into the tub and guessed it was probably four feet in height. It seemed to be probably eight or so feet long too! That meant it could easily be a small swimming pool for me! Amanda must have felt very nervous about bathing me in it because it seemed like she probably hadn’t added nearly the capacity of water to it when she picked me up and sat me in water that only came up to my belly button sitting. I looked up, “Can I have more water?” She shook her head, “You know they say toddlers can drown in four inches of water here?” “We say two back home,” I told her with a sigh. “Really you should be getting sink baths…” she said with her eyes showing their concern. I made a face at that, “I can swim really well?” She laughed, “Well we’ll have to see about that soon! If you can swim without your water wings across the pool I’ll let you have a few more inches,” she told me. I smiled, “Okay.” “Always the little deal maker, huh?” She asked me as she threw a rubber ducky and a couple other toys in the tub with me. She played with the bubbles and me for a few moments, before grabbing a pink, bunny shaped mitt, and used baby soap to scrub my arms, legs, and everywhere in between extraordinarily well. She had just finished that when she looked at me and said, “Stacy?” I looked up and she had a serious look, “What?” She sighed, “I think we need to seriously talk about some things here…” “What?” I asked nervously. “Well first of all you must have shaved your legs and groin before you came?” I nodded, “I had a feeling something would need done…” “Well, I appreciate you did that, but I think you would be better off with something more permanent.” My eyes opened wide, but I calmly asked, “What do you mean?” ‘You knew this would probably come…’ the voice inside my head reminded me. “Well there are some creams out there that supposedly make it all fall out and stay out. It never worked on Hannah though…. Maybe they’ve improved in the last twenty years, but I think the better bet is still laser removal.” I gulped, “completely permanent then?” She nodded, “Would you consider it?” I stared silently at her for a moment before asking, “where would we get that done?” She shuddered a bit, “Well probably at one of those centers or maybe at the university’s hospital.” “Which is… safer?” I asked. “Well it depends. If you just want to go to one of the centers I’ll pretend to make it seem like this is your big punishment and make them think I want to torture you with the other things later. They’d probably leave you alone other than taunting.” “And the hospital?” “Well that one only makes sense if you do something about that,” she said while pointing to where the water had cleared and you could see my ‘something extra.’ Fred came in the room behind her then and had overheard her last part and sighed, “I asked a few questions today, and I think if you want to have a chance at your scholarship you would be best to do it… and soon.” I looked up at the towering man who really had given me every reason to trust him so far. “Do you have someone you can trust?” He laughed, “I don’t trust anyone with littles honestly… something about our psychology just makes us all crazy around you. But I have one friend who I know does really good work with his nanites. You’d be able to walk in and get an injection of nanites under anesthesia that would keep you asleep until they were done.” “And that one would let me have babies myself some day?” I shuddered. “In theory…” he nodded. “Let me sleep on it?” I asked. They both nodded and said, “No problems baby,” Amanda said. Fred left the room again and Amanda said, “Okay baby, close your eyes while I wash your hair!” It was no tears shampoo, but I thought it was still a good idea to close my eyes! She rubbed shampoo into every inch of my hair before rinsing it out with a cup thing. “Where’s my princess?” She cooed at me when she was done. I opened my eyes and smiled at her. Not long after that she pulled the drain stop from the tub and wrapped me back in a hooded towel with a face on it. I was amazed at the amount of time she was letting me go without a diaper right then as she had me brush my teeth first before laying me back on the changing table. A nighttime diaper with stars and moons on it was pulled out from underneath the table. After I watched her unfold it she grabbed my ankles and lifted my butt off the table and onto the new diaper. I tried to sit as still as possible while she rubbed some lotion and powder into my skin, but couldn’t help but physically react to her touch. My blush extended from my toes to my hair! After she taped it shut she sat me up and worked my hair with a towel for a moment before picking up a blow dryer. The sound startled me with how loud it was and I jumped. “Awww… did I scare you baby?” She asked as she flipped it back off and hugged me. “Is that a Jet engine!?!” I shouted at her when she turned it back on. She laughed at me some more. The air felt good as she combed through my hair and dried it carefully. When she finished she braided it all into a loose braid and tied it off. ‘That part at least is relaxing,’ I admitted to myself. “Sleepy yet?” She asked me. “Not really,” I told her wondering what her response would be. “Why don’t we go downstairs then and we’ll watch TV for a bit with Daddy.” “Is that safe?” I asked while thinking of what she had told me. “The shows we watch are.” “Okay,” I said before asking, “Aren’t you going to put something else on me first though?” “What? A diapee is plenty!” She told me. I sensed though she was feeling out where I felt my boundary actually was. “Please may I have pajamas Mommy?” She smiled, “If you were being a brat I would say no, but I can’t say no to sweetness and a polite princess like that!” She sat me down on the floor and I wobbled for a second before sitting down. The diaper was just too thick to stand easily! I watched as she went to a drawer and grabbed a onesie that looked different than any I had seen before on a baby. It had an extra panel coming over to the left of it with snaps in addition to the crotch. It was light purple for the main fabric with little bands of dark purple on the outer seams. “What’s that?” I asked from my seat. She sat down on the floor next to me and said, “I’d never seen this style until today, but it’ll make changing night time diapers a lot easier!” She smiled at me. I saw up close as she opened it and slid my arms through the sleeves that everything else unbuttoned easily to get it all out of the way to change me without taking it off of me. “Lay down real quick sweetie,” she told me with a smile and pushed me back down on my back. A number of quick snaps later and I was in a t-shirt… sort of. I looked down at the bottom and how much the diaper pushed out the material. You could just see the frill of the leg gathers on either side and I was sure by giant standards I was adorable. I held my arms in the universal ‘pick me up’ motion and she obliged me. I watched as she grabbed a cloth on the way out the door and put it on her shoulder. Downstairs I sat watching TV sitting her lap on the couch while she cuddled into Fred’s side. We watched the entire length of a TV show with him occasionally playing with both of our hair. The show itself was a really bad detective romp that reminded me of a Law and Order episode. Like back home every now and then commercials would come on. Several times Amanda covered my ears with her hand and her body so I couldn’t hear or see what was going on in those. The first time I had asked ‘why’ and she had explained since it was a product for littles it might have some subliminal messages. I nodded at that then. At the end of the show she turned me to face her, “I think it’s time for night-night.” I groaned but couldn’t deny I was sleepy so I nodded. “Let’s get you filled up first,” she said with a smile as she pulled her blouse down and revealed her breast and nipple to me. I looked briefly at Fred at her side and he just smiled and nodded, “go ahead baby girl.” I leaned forward and took her nipple in my mouth again and was once again rewarded with the tasty liquid. Just as before I felt like I couldn’t possibly get enough and kept suckling quickly. When that breast ran dry I kept nursing on autopilot before she tickled my jaw again and lay me on her shoulder with the cloth. ‘Why’s she stopping?!?’ I felt a part of my brain cry out, ‘I’m not done!’ My awareness returned only slightly and I understood what was going on as she patted my back, and I burped twice, before she wiped my mouth and placed me at her other breast. I was happy again as I nursed and this time as I stopped feeling the liquid entering my mouth I just kept nursing and she let me. I went to sleep like that feeling very safe and contented. I WOKE UP with it dark still and found myself wrapped so tightly in a blanket I couldn’t move. I sighed, ‘This is annoying…’ I knew of the concept of swaddling, so I guessed that was the problem. With my arms and body unable to move with the simple swaddling I began to wonder how in the world I would have a chance at running away from crazy giants if I ever needed to. I had checked quickly before getting on my computer yesterday and discovered the Switch was still in my bag. If they asked about it I would just tell them it was a portable device and not even explain its connection to a TV. I feared if I left it with Amanda she would have her nerdy need to take it apart, and the next thing I would know she would find the gun! ‘What the hell do I do about my gender?’ I asked myself disturbed. I knew without a doubt based on my conversation with the little on the trip before that giants only gave you one chance, if you were lucky, to prove that you were an adult. In theory by being ‘mature enough’ to wear a diaper I was avoiding that pitfall. My going pee in a diaper wasn’t going to land me in the orphanages, especially since I had a loving mommy and daddy. However the chance of them saying that ‘Stacy Slane’ registered as a girl and lied as a reason to renege on the scholarship seemed not unlikely. All it would take is one professor or student trying to be helpful changing the littles wet diaper and then it could be all over… A liar would probably be seen as the most immature form of a little. ‘Did I really have much of a life as a boy?’ I asked myself. I was a virgin, having never even had a girlfriend long enough to even consider going all the way. The most I had ever done was with Kelly in 7th Grade at the school dance when she kissed me on the lips. By the next day I was forgotten as she was going out with Greg. ‘Let’s say I let them do this… and I can have kids… and I go back home…’ The possibilities of being a girl in my world weren’t terrifying. Really fifty percent of the population survived just fine. I would probably be able to go on to whatever future I wanted and if my current looks were anything to go by I’d have no end of guys wanting to date me. ‘Having my own diapered babies to breastfeed wouldn’t be a bad thing…’ I admitted to myself. ‘Okay, so you got yourself in this mess already… might as well see it through,’ I gave myself a pep talk. Right then I felt something in my stomach and had only a moment of time to wonder before I realized I needed to poop badly. It felt like I needed to pee badly too… so I released a little bit of that hoping it would make keeping not messy easier. The plan was doomed to failure though as my stomach suddenly cramped up badly and I felt a liquefied mush enter the back of my diaper. I lay stunned for a moment wondering what the hell to do. ‘Call Amanda,’ a part of me said. I groaned as the mush had nowhere really to go and I whimpered out, “Mommy!” a few dozen times. The light turned on and a sleepy looking Amanda rolled in. “What’s wrong…?” she started to say before saying, “never mind baby girl, let’s get you all nice and clean.” I whimpered as she undid the swaddled blanket and I watched her face wince as she said, “Well looks like you had a bit of a blowout here sweetie. Eew…” It was the first time I saw something actually make her look sick. She picked me up by my armpits and kept me at arm’s length until she got to the changing table. The cute outfit was apparently a lost cause from what little I could see before she buckled me onto the table. Poop had escaped my supposedly indestructible diaper and made it all over it and my legs and everything else. I whimpered some more, “It’s gross,” I said and she found a pacifier and pushed it in my mouth. “Shhhh… it’s okay baby girl, Mommy’s going to get you all nice and cleaned up.” To clean me up she must have used nearly an entire box of wipes! By the time she cleaned me up, put a new diaper and outfit on me, she had her own share of poo on her sleeve that she made a face about. I guessed the changing table cover was a lost cause until it could go in the washing machine too. She picked me off of the table and sat me down in the glider saying, “Just stay there while I clean up your crib baby.” I wiped sleet from my eyes as I watched her take the quilt she had swaddled me out of the crib, made a face, and then pulled the sheet off too. Those plus my outfit were walked out the door down to the laundry room. I sat there and watched the door sleepily and listened to the sounds of closing doors and what was probably the washing machine starting. I heard her climb the stairs again and run to their bedroom before she came back up in a robe, “Well you sure were a messy baby! You feel better now?” I nodded. “Any idea why?” “Nerves,” I told her, “if I get really nervous my stomach does that.” “What are you nervous about?” She asked me. I just laughed, “You’re kidding, right?” She sighed and nodded, “I can’t even imagine actually.” “Then why perpetuate what amounts to enforced slavery with me as a guest? Couldn’t I in theory just wear training pants?” She sat holding me thoughtfully pushing the chair back and forth for a few silent moments before answering, “Because I’m certain of one thing Stacy after these two days…” “What?” “I have already grown to love you, and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you. If that means keeping you in diapers for your protection, having you sleep in a crib, even embarrassing you every now and then I’ll do it. You’re smart and I don’t want to see another Amazon put out the fire in your mind.” I looked at her and sighed, “Thanks I guess…” “So what had you up?” “Well I told you I would think about something and give you an answer in the morning… Is this morning?” She laughed, “It’s 3am, so yes technically.” “Speaking of time… would you please get me a clock?” She looked thoughtfully around the room, “Let me find one that matches the nursery. I’ll see what I can do. So you were saying…?” I sighed and hoped I wouldn’t regret this, “Setup the procedure, just please let me be able to have babies of my own when I go home.” She hugged me tightly and placed her chin on my head, “I promise.” “Thanks,” I said. I noticed then that her robe had come open and her breast was bare just inches from my face. ‘Why not?’ For the second time that night I nursed myself to sleep.
  12. I was hoping to get some opinions on this before posting but I decided I'll post it anyways. Here is my take on the start of our favorite dimension. Origins of Dimension Ch.1 Origins The diaper dimension has its origins in the apex of a new technologic age. With it came a new body augmentation. Simply called Enhance. The process was mainly meant to allow people to be twice as big and more fortified. The process required two people to work. One person would be gifted the height and strength of about two people while their volunteer was left a fraction of their normal selves. As people went through the process, people wouldn’t see some of the damning side effects the Enhance would belittle their donators. As the enhancing became more and more common people started calling themselves amazons while at the same time calling the donators “Littles” As the world grew to accommodate Amazon, Littles became more and more inconvenienced. Littles in an effort stop their suffering destroyed the enhancement tech and tried to return their love ones hoping to turn them back to normal. By this point Enhance had spread its way through the populace. Changing the genetics of those whom when through the surgeries. Unforeseen side effect hit Amazons and Littles. Little would lose a good part of their mental fortitude and required. The Amazon had bouts of power lust and inflated egos. What follows is the story of a grateful Amazon to her Little partner, and the start of a new renaissance. “Babe?” Started a voice breaking William from his spaced out state. “Sorry Daisy, what were you saying” “I was asking if you needed something to eat?” Mary ask again gently. “I know how your body sugar gets” William and Daisy were in the third to last session of Enhance before it was lost. They’ve been getting use to their new augmentations. William’s need for food and drink while Daisy was working around her new strength and height. She keeping her ego in check, not wanting to worry William. “I could use a snack and maybe restroom stop would be nice.” William replied back. They were relocating to an Amazon centric country. Their original home was meant for the inbetweeners. Daisy suffered for awhile before they were given their relocation request fulfilled. Now they were with in transit to their new home. “Again Hon” Daisy said with a mild sigh. “We only just left an hour ago, and you’ve had to go 3 times” William cowered slightly hearing her slight anger. Her added size didn’t help much either. Daisy got up and was followed by William. They ended up at the back of their flight in the restroom. William’s new size made it impossible for him to go on his own. Daisy did this for him since he sacrificed for her. Thanks in part to the pride of most Amazons items to help Littles in this situation some time yet to come. Once William was done with his business and after they washed their hands, him and Daisy were back to their seats. Daisy handed Will snacks to settle him for the remained of the flight. They talked while the flight went on. Daisy had a new job already lined up and had their home waiting for them. Due to the oddly strict laws all of their items had to be put into Daisy’s name. Will on the other hand was having a horrible time on his job search. It always started so nicely, but once Will’s documentation came in, they were quick to shut him down. “Sorry sir but we don’t hire Littles” Came most of their statements. “Dais I’ll keep looking once we get home” Will said in a depressed sigh. Daisy gave off a small smile. “No worries honey, our transfer loans had covered most of our cost and I got a well-paying job so we’re okay” “But….” Will’s reply was stopped short as they landed. The subject was lost as Daisy and Will went about getting off and receiving their stuff. Will felt even more useless as Daisy took most of their bags. A new low was hit as Daisy made it a point for Will to hold her hand as they walked. Will felt the blood rush to his face, but was thankful. The airport was crowded and rather difficult for a Little to navigate. “We have a Brian Jones here looking for his wife.” A speaker announced to the gaggle of people. “Poor guy” Will said softly to himself. “Glad that’s not me” Daisy hailed a taxi and loaded their bags. William took a seat and waited for Daisy. “Ma’am we’re going to need him in the car seat.” The driver told her. “Littles are considered too small to sit in the car without it” The driver was obviously not talking to Will and didn’t care what he had to say. Daisy nodded reasoning that Will’s size and normal traffic laws would make it illegal. “Sorry honey I’m sure there’s another way we go about this in our own car” Daisy said back as she buckled William in. “I feel so stupid” William said back in the car seat. “It can’t possibly be that bad” Daisy stated. “We’ll get home go get you something to eat and if I’m not wrong, you’re going to be hungry soon” Will stated to smile seeing that Daisy was trying to cheer him up. The couple found themselves in a suburb landscape. Daisy was happy to see everything was her size and was beautifully done. Mostly two-story houses with a two-car garage, and some with pools. Will was a little more stun about how it looked. He was dwarfed by everything. The doorknob was even out of his reach. “How am I supposed to get in?” Will asked worriedly. “Like this” Daisy said laughing as she opened the door for him. “Not funny” Will replied. Once inside Will looked around while Daisy was busy unpacking their bags. He looked at everything and noticed that it was impossible for him to reach anything. At was just the first floor. The stairs were another story of the same genre. He almost had to climb the steps. William went to join Daisy in their room. “Flower, this house is a workout to get around” Will shouted. Flower of course being just a pet name. “Bill it’s not that bad. We just need a few aids for you. I’m sure we’ll find something that will help” I would love feedback and comments. If this turns out to be hated. I'll happily take it down.
  13. Lock and Key “You know, Sally,” The Amazon let out a deep sigh, as the latex stretched and squeaked in order to accommodate the hand inserting itself into it. “I really did like you, honestly. I hope you know this hurts me more than it does you.” Her fingers traced the metal edge of the table, and she leaned in close, blowing a short, cool rush of air onto the Little’s face. Rapidly, like mice trapped in a cage, her pupils darted in all different ends of her eyes, and the overhanging light teased her sensitive sockets. She tried to thrash, shake, tumble, and roll, but the thick, leather restraints wrapped around her wrists, ankles, and head kept her from moving an inch. The chilled metal was pressed to the skin on her back, and her bare breasts were on full display. All of her surroundings were shrouded in darkness, apart from what was above, and a small, illuminated screen in front of her fixed vision. In fast intervals her chest rose and fell, and her eyes strained as they hadn’t blinked in quite some time...The metal prongs delicately fixed between her eyelids made sure of it. “Ooohhh….!” The Amazon as she strolled around the corners of the tiled room let an almost euphoric moan escape her. “Sally, try to stay calm for me, please?” Her sadistic pleas came as an almost panicked whisper. “Whenever I see you Littles struggle, writhe in pain, bask in shame….it’s just...just…!” A deranged smirk started to form, and the eye and brow visible to the Little contorted in an indescribably terrifying way. The creature that resembled a woman found its nails lightly touching the Little’s shifting stomach. “It excites me in a way...in a way I can’t even begin to describe…!” Without any warning, she secured a piece of the Little’s flesh between her fingers and gave it a tight squeeze. A scream filled the room, and between the sobs and cries a second voice spoke.“P-Please! L-l-let me go!” The Little, on the verge of losing her own sanity, couldn’t even look the Amazon directly in the eye out of physical and mental limitation. “N-nanny Fifi, I’m sorry! Please...” Somehow, her eyes managed to widen even more when she could see the silver tool the Amazon brandished. “No….no….no…! No, NO, NO!” With each cry and plea, the tormentor inched closer and closer with her tool. Along the way, the Amazon’s expression seemed to keep twisting, morphing, and shifting from calm and cool to maddened and manic. “PLEASE, I’LL BE GOOD! DON’T! NO! PLEASE!” In seconds what was left of the Little’s mental strength deteriorated at a rapid pace, as she could feel the blade press to her cheek. Everything was blurred, and the most primitive reactions were running rampant, and she stood on the doorstep of potentially death itself. Coherent thoughts had abandoned her, and she devolved into a blubbering mess, every fiber of her being trying to turn away, but outside forces prevented so. Nothing mattered more than avoiding injury itself, as the Amazon above her cackled and laughed, and a warm, uninvited sensation pooled beneath her, and soaked into the one article of clothing she wore. As soon as it came, the metallic blade left her cheek, only after it’d left a faint mark. “Sally…!” The Amazon’s face was of pure ecstasy and pleasure, as she watched what was once a person fall apart into a scrambled mess. Setting the scalpel aside, the Amazon got close again, pressing her hand against the crotch of the victim’s now-swollen diaper. “You’re just so cute when you squirm! When you can’t even keep your pants dry when you’re scared...There’s just so much raw emotion in you that I want to coax out of you!” The enthusiasm wasn’t shared, as the Little with tear-stained cheeks was quietly murmuring, staring off into nothingness. “Oh poo...” She pouted, giving the crotch of the wet diaper one last squeeze. “You remind me of your sister.” Past memories briefly streamed through her head. “Feeling all proud and big, but as soon as they face some backlash they’re like puddy...What was her name? Amy?” She scoffed, then regained her relaxed composure; a shroud to the true madness she harbored within. “I think her name was Hannah after the conditioning...” A cheshire grin came back just as fast though. “And oh...did she break!” A look of deceptive concern overcame her. “You’re different though, Sally, right? Please tell me you’ll last a little longer? I don’t get to do this as often as I’d like...” She collected a handful of cotton, circular pads from a nearby tray, and connected to them were wires. “I heard happy thoughts can help you stay aware...Maybe your sister was thinking of you when I had my fun with her?” The Little’s crying hadn’t become any more focused, but something the Amazon was saying made her cry harder. “All the other nannies like to use hypnosis for these sorts of thing,” Explaining, she made sure the pads were fixed to various points on her legs. “But where’s the fun in that?” She slowly cranked a nearby dial. “Discipline is most effective when you know there’s no coming back...and all you can focus on is holding on to what you have left. Punishments need to be permanent reminders. You remember Mandy, right? She used one of the cribs in your room? You’d be surprised what permanently killing someone’s sphincter muscles can do...Apart from making them a stinky baby, it makes them try everything they can to protect their bladder, too...Knowing that your only options are to maintain what you have, or fall even further...” A small click could be heard, and then a shrill, beeping noise slowly grew in volume and pace, until it became a piercing, pinging noise, and a small shock could be heard from the Little’s legs, inviting a new wave of inconsolable screams, and her legs jerked in their restraints for the slightest moment, then laid limp. The Amazon the whole time watched with fascination, and disappointment as it was over faster than it took to start. “Probably the cutest part though was thinking by keeping her bladder control it actually meant something!” Her sadistic punchline didn’t mean much to the screams she was currently ignoring. “It’ll only take a few months until she’ll start to lose control of it naturally...But, I think being unable to walk was something you could have prevented...” Instinctively, as the Little couldn’t scream much longer, she tried to wiggle her toes, move her legs at all, and all that came was a faint response. Her voice drowned in tears and deranged screams. “I guess it wasn’t as clean of a job as I thought...” The Amazon mentally logged her observation, tapping her finger on one of the Little’s knees, resulting in almost no reflex response. She removed the shock pads, returning to her table of tools. “It gets the point across, though. We have some very nice walkers, though! I know you liked using the baby bouncer though...It helps if you can push yourself off the ground, though. Guess we’ll need to find you a new activity...” Returning to the Little, she planted a wet kiss on the small cut on her cheek, placing a smiling bandaid on it. “There! Nanny Fifi made the boo boos go all away! Now what do we say?” She raised her brow, as if her small deed had undone the mutilation she’d just committed. “T-t-t-th….than….” Her voice stuttered a teetered on insanity. How she hadn’t passed out yet was cruelty she couldn’t even begin to fathom, and her body’s insistence to hang on by the few threads it already was felt like inexplicable betrayal. “....y-you….” “You’re welcome, sweetheart!” Her voice was sunshine and syrup. “See how nice it is when we use our manners and do as we’re told?” “Y...y...” The Little was taking exasperated breaths. “...es….” “I really did plan on breaking you, you know...” Her matter-of-fact words shattered the forced glee the Little was trying to plaster on her grimacing, disheveled face. “But maybe this really is enough to curb you…? I doubt you’ll be able to escape now, anyway...Tell me, why’d you do it? Try to run away? After everything the orphanage has done for you?” The way she eyed the broken soul looked as if she were trying to discern the answer from looks alone. “We give you a home, a comfy crib to sleep in, three meals a day, toys to play with,” She gave her squishy, discolored crotch another squeeze. “We even take care of the most simple responsibilities! All we ask for in return,” An inch separated their noses, and with each word, the Amazon’s breath grazed her skin. “Is:” “You do, as, you’re, told~!” Rearing back, she let out another sigh, as if this conversation had been repeated many a time over and over. “And yet, here we are. Another Little getting a bit too uppity. Too big for their britches--Diapers, sorry about that.” Her added comment made the girl’s face grimace, which only triggered further visual pleasure on the Amazon’s face. “I know you’ve been here for about a month, that’s what your records say, at least. But if you were curious,” As if she was being devious, the Amazon watching the Little’s gaze, held her white, frilled apron to the side, while her other hand found the small zipper to her ankle-length skirt, and suspensefully pulled it down, and the cloth sewn together by it slowly parted way, and soon revealed her bare thigh, and hinted at the obvious set of underwear she wore underneath. Still with a firm hold on it, she lowered it slightly, heightening the Little’s despair as she gave her a view of the much more adult panties she adorned. Tantalizingly so, she even swayed her hips the slightest bit; her non-diapered crotch following every which way. “I know we’re not supposed to give you tykes any ideas, you know,” Biting her lower lip, she hooked a finger around the waistband of her panties, then let go to result in a small slapping noise. “Reminding you of what grownup underwear looks like,” The Little tried to grit her teeth, as she whimpered seeing what looked like a long lost friend. “But the occasional reminder to how many pegs you’ve fallen is always a fun reaction to see.” The look on the Little’s face seemed to have satisfied her, as she zipped her skirt back up. “I bet you wish you still had some of those, don’tcha?” A suggestive finger seemed to find its way around the tip of the Little’s breast, and as soon as the Little’s breathing showed even the slightest signs of changing it peeled away. “Sorry, sometimes I get a little ahead of myself!” She slightly covered her mouth with the back of her hand. “I’m only supposed to tweat you wike a baby! You just don’t know what it’s like to tease someone smaller than you...” As if she were being playful, the Amazon then danced her nails on the bottom of the Little’s feet, which gave no sign of life. “Oopsies! I forgot about that.” She started to laugh, which only escalated her sobs. “As per the rules, though, we still have to go through the formalities. How lucky you got me, though! Being a permanent crawler was just a little gift from me,” She beamed as if the pride was called for. “We haven’t even started with the real stuff, yet!” “Y-you….you bitch...” In a small, broken smile, the Little stared back at the Amazon, who turned her ear closer. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” “I said...you fucking BITCH!” The Little screamed as loud as she could, hoping in some way to get her revenge by entertaining the fantasy of shattering one of her eardrums, but it wasn’t likely. Watching the Amazon recoil in slight surprise was enough to put the Little in her own form of twisted giggles. “H-h-how do you like that? Huh? You, stupid, fucking-” A large hand collided with the side of her bandaged cheek, with such force that it caused one end of the bandage to leave her face. Involuntarily the Little winced, and new tears were running down her eyes. The sudden shock of pain felt like she’d been punched twice over in the gut, only it was her face. Before she had time to collect herself, a fat, silicone teat invaded her mouth. The Amazon’s finger pressed down on the shield of the pacifier, and with each pump the teat inside grew larger and larger, to the point where it slightly stretched the Little’s jaw and she could only let out a muffled scream. “We use our outdoor voices outside,” The Amazon looked visibly pissed, as she hissed her words and gave her ear a slight rub. “I suppose we’ll take your vocabulary down a few pegs as well...Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to leave you with the essentials.” She grabbed a pair of Little-sized headphones, and eased them over the Little’s head and ears; much more delicacy then when she’d slapped her. “Shhh….shhh...There, there, now you’re gonna watch some cartoons! Say bye bye to bad words! Yes, then you’ll only know how to be a polite, potty pants! No reason why we shouldn’t weaken your bladder and bowels either...I’ll keep them strong enough just so you know when you need to go, however. Every time you go pee, or poo, you’ll feel the need to go, but you’ll be powerless to do anything about it! And I heard we can make real pacifier addicts out of you Littles nowadays...Maybe we should give that a try, too?” The Amazon suddenly laughed, as she hit play on the nearby remote, and the monitor screen pointed toward the Little started to play a seemingly harmless cartoon. “I know you couldn’t hear any of what I just said since those are noise canceling, but I think you’ll find out soon enough. I’ll be back in an hour!” Suddenly, a thickly sick mud started to ooze from the pacifier’s teat, and the Little could do nothing to stop it as it slipped down her throat. She opened a door behind the Little’s vision, and hidden in the dark. “Try not to leak, if you can!” Gently the door closed, and back on the angled table, the Little tried her best to scream and maintain her focus, but it was quickly becoming clouded by the noises invading her ears, and the cartoons occupying her vision. The anger, rage, sadness, and despair were drowning in something unknown, and certain words started to resonate in her head, reverberating with the bright colors and images as her brain was slowly rewired. “Now then...” Alone in the hallway, the Amazon set a timer on her phone, and then swiped it over to some log of sorts. “Looks like little Bella’s scheduled for her afternoon enema...Maybe I should up the dosage on her bladder formula?” As if it were an excellent idea, with a stylus she scribbled a note onto her screen. Slipping it back into the pocket of her apron, the nanny, of countless dozens, made a brisk pace down the hall, admiring the countless numbers etched into each and every door, mentally rambling off each and every name behind them. With a strangely loving smile, she took a deep breath and then let out a calm exhale once she rounded the corner. She looked down at her right breast, tilting the pinned badge to her uniform to fix its orientation, admiring her title in curvy print, decorated with a rattle and teddy bear. Engraved on top of it like all the other staff tags read ‘ANGELA’S ORPHANAGE: HOME FOR THE LITTLES.’ The print was tiny, but the brick-lined display from outside did the name more than justice. Her eyes looked back up to one of the daycare entrances, her heart racing to see what was beyond. “Like a kid in a candy store...” Sup! Different than usual, right? Depending on how this is received, it's probably best to consider this as an opener for something bigger...I feel like it's standalone enough should that not pan out though? I'll probably move forward with it, but I think it's going to be a bit crueler than anything else I've written, or it's at least what I want to try for. Not sure if there'll be a happy ending? Bittersweet at best? Who knows. I know this posting is pretty short, but I was hoping for a bit of a darker tone and that's what I'm trying to feel out. There's always room for improvement, and the revisions for this were small, so please give me input!
  14. Hello everyone, I tried many, many years ago to write a story, I am hoping what little i posted of it was lost forever in the few site crashes we have seen. I have decided to have another go at it, this time, I finished 2 chapters, before I posted anything. This is the first chapter, and I do expect some good, or bad, comments to help me better this story. I am dyslexic, and so writing, or reading becomes difficult at times. This chapter has not been looked over for mistakes, other then myself, and my wife, so there will be plenty of issues with grammar and spelling, but I just couldn't wait to let you all read it and see what you think, and yes, i might be stalling a little bit, so, here it goes. This is an older version, if you wish to read the newest version of chapter 1, please scroll down further. The Most Unusual Amazon Diaper Demention Chapter 1 I felt warmth on my face, must be the sun, I think to myself, trying to tell me to wake up, and start my day. Though, right now, i have other plans as I slowly open my eyes, as little as possible and reach over to the curtin that was suppose to be covering the window that was just above the left side of my bed and pulled it so it would actually do it's job and block out the ,unrealenting, morning sun. As I survey my bedroom, not sure why, but I just had to make sure everything was still the same I guess, and my eyes fell upon the big oak dresser accross the room from my Amazon twin size bed, that I was currently laying in. To the left of the dresser was my walk in closet, I so loved that closet, and the secrets that it hides from everyone that happens to come into my room. To the right of the dresser was my bedroom door, which at the moment was closed, for some reason I just can't sleep with it open. Above the dresser was what I was really looking for, it was a clock, one of those easy to read clocks, in the morning I am just to lazy to try and think about reading one of those, "... mmm, what are they called again?" My brain is still trying to go back to sleep, but for now i will just call it the grown up clock. The clock read 7:14 A.M, "It's the fucking weekend, why am I not still asleep?" I say outloud to my empty bedroom. I curse myself several more times in my head as I lay my head back down on my pillow so I can try to go back to sleep, though, I was sure I wouldn't be able to, but a girl has to try right? As I lay down and try and get into a comfy position, I hear a crinkling sound, I just smile to myself and close my eyes, demanding my body to go back to fucking sleep. "Ok, I know, I curse to much, but I am an adult, so i am aloud to use adult language, right?" After I lost the battle with my brain and body, over going to sleep, I got out of bed, and yes, a lot more cursing going on in my brain that I will not bore you with. I walked over to the body length mirror on the back of my door that I might have forgotten to mention before, "What I was half asleep, I can't be faulted on not remembering or seeing every little detial of my room, give a girl a break will you?" I love looking at myself in this mirror, I look so sexy, even after just waking up, my long blond hair, that goes down to the middle of my back, but currently braided into pig tails, yes you heard me, pig tails, it makes it easier with my long hair. I looked at my sexy, black silk nighty I was wearing, "God I looked so damn sexy.", and my nighty is covering the best looking breasts I have ever seen. "Ok, you are right, I am bias, and I am probably not near as sexy as I think I am, but it's all about self image right?" I cup my nice double D boobs, and gave a nice firm squeeze. "Just right.", I think to myself. Then I look at my legs through the mirror, they are long legs, ok, not that long, but I am a little tall, even for an Amazon. I raise my nighty a little bit at a time, taking in the clean shaven legs, till I see something that you, normally, wouldn't see on an Amazon, even on an inbetweeners it's a rare sight, at least it was for me. "What is it you ask?" "It's a diaper, yes, you heard me right, I am wearing a nice, thick, diaper under my nighty, and no, I do not need it for bedwetting, or any other medical issues. I have a diaper fetish, deal with it." I reach down and feel the front of my diaper and press my hand firmly into the crotch of the diaper, and somewhat, to my surprise, it's wet, which has been starting to be a thing lately. I guess after wearing a diaper to bed every night for, I think it was a year, or there abouts, I was becoming a bedwetter, and that thought made me blush, and tingle in all the right places. I ground my hand more into the crotch of my diaper, and moan, maybe a bit to loudly, but I lived out in the country, my nearest neighbor, a nice Amazon/inbetweener couple, lived at least a good 10 minutes drive from my front pourch, to theirs, and that is if you drive in a straight line. But I didn't have time for any playing this morning, like i normally do, every morning, some big baby wanted to try and sleep in on a busy day and I had a lot to do today, well, not a lot, just stuff I had to get done before this afternoon. I had a backyard barbaque at my best friend's house, an Amazon woman named Daria, to get ready for. So I headed out of my bedroom, which is right off from the kitchen, one of the reasons i bought this house, less walking to get a snack in the middle of the night. As I was walking through the kitchen, towards the laundry room, I could hear my diaper crinkle, and I could feel the weight of it between my legs, and the coldnesss from the pee I had filled it with in my sleep, which I quickly stopped and warmed it up some with some fresh warm pee. It felt so good, which made my brain start to fantisize, when I should have been thinking on where I was going and doing. My mind though, was already thinking about someone, an Amazon, inbetweener, or even a little, it did not matter much, would be standing there watching me pee in my diaper, and when i finished, they'd just walk up to her and pat her bottom and say something like "Wow, you really pee-peed in your diaper didn't, just like a BIG baby, and at your age, and an Amazon. You should know better then to go potty in your diapers like that, you naughty BIG baby. You should be ashamed of yourself, standing there, in a wet diaper." As she says the words BIG baby, she smacks my butt to get her point across. That's when i realize i was standing in my living room humping the arm of the sofa. I looked around and saw that I must have just kept walking, right through the kitchen and ended up in the living room, which wasn't that much of a walk, it's a small two bedroom house, another reason I bought it, less areas to clean. As I looked around the room, the first thing I saw was my new, big screen TV, and thought, "Oh, yeah, I need to find someone that can come and hook that thing up, I might ask around at the shindig tonight and see if anyone there might be able to help a girl out." Then a grin formed on my face, "If that friend of Daria's shows up, I might be able to talk her into coming home with me to "fix" it, might lead to some fun times later on tonight." As I thought of that, I caught my hand before it got to close to my naughty kitty, but not before I could stop my other hand from massaging my boobs, making my nipples get harder then they were. "Dammit girl, get it together, I know, it's what I do, like every morning, but we ain't got time for it this morning, you big over grown baby." Not sure why I was talking to myself, outloud no less, let alone why I added that last part, but, I am weird that way. I also noticed that the blueish green carpet needs to be vacumed, "I know, I hate that color too, but it was on sale, what can I say?" Then I saw something that kind of got my heart racing, the curtins on the big double window, facing the front yard, were wide open, I quickly raced across the living room and closed them, but just as i got them closed, I lost my balance and fell on my padded backside. It didn't hurt, but my pride was wounded a bit, and I figured if this was the best time as any, I stuck my thumb in my mouth and sucked on it, as I wimpered like the big baby I am. I am just glad I lived so far out of town, and from people, my house was the last house at the end of the dead end road I lived on, so unless someone was here to see me, there wouldn't be any reason for anyone to be on outside my house. I finally got a hold of my inner sex demon and walked back into the kitchen, passing the hallway to the second bedroom in my house, and started the pot of coffee, it's not one of those kind that has a timer that starts it for you, I liked things less automatic. After I was sure that the coffee was going, i walked out of the kitchen, and into the laundry room, it was a nice size laundry room, with a decent size, washer and dryer, the kind that are stacked on top of eachother. Right in front of me was the back door, well, side door, I guess would be a better term for it, it had a window in it so i could look out at my garden I had growning in the back yard. Which remided me that it was now spring and I should start getting it ready to plant, and to figure out what it was I wanted to plant this year. I opend the door, mostly to let in the cool breeze, and to get some fresh air in the house, but the secret reason I did it, was so I felt more exposed, as I took my nighty off, picturing it in my head, that people could see me, and everyone new what a baby I really was. I finally took my diaper off, rolled it up nice and tight and threw it in the trash can next to me and the door I had just walked through. To the left of where I was standing, was the bathroom, it wasn't that big, which is one reason I usually get undressed, and dressed, in the laundry room. I walked in and started the walk in shower, which surprisingly, is big enough to fit two Amazons, not that I have had the chance to try that, but I might get that chance tonight, if all goes well. After the water heats up, I get in the shower to wash off the sleepy feeling I get when i first wake up, and to wash off the pee. After my shower, I got dressed, just a pair of blue jeans, and a red T-shirt, and threw a blue button up shirt on top of that, I left it unbottoned, it wasn't really cold or anything outside, just a nice breeze, so it worked out great, since I like dressing like this. I didn't bother with socks or boots yet and I am sure you are wondering, what's she got under those jeans, well, I like to take risks sometimes, and today, I went with some of those cotton training pants, I like the idea that I might get caught, though, being that I am an Amazon, not sure how well that would actually go over, but since I didn't satisfy my sex demon this morning, it was able to swade me to be daring, or as it might turn out, plain stupid. I went into my small kitchen, though I am sure an small inbetweener, or a little would think it's big, but either way, it suits my needs. I make some breakfast, just some toast with some apricot jelly. After I washed that down with a nice cub of coffee, black, three surgars, I put my long socks on, and a pair of boots, not those you go work in, nope, some country boots, or some call them cowgirl boots. I am a country girl, and I am not some cow, so I call them country boots. I grabbed the keys to my truck and my country hat, and out the door I went, as I dropped tha hat on my head.
  15. 12.6 Million to Freedom…. Twelve point six million, it was an almost unfathomably large number that equaled roughly 5 years….. It was the number constantly on Grace’s mind as she surveyed the clean but worn storefront. Part pawn broker, part convenience store… It was a lot of money, that stood between her and freedom. Still it could be a lot worse…. It had been twenty million that 17-year-old Grace had been chipping away at when she had forged the paperwork and dropped every cent, she had left from her folks to take over the foreclosed commercial space…. At 21 everyday was a fight to live, to avoid becoming well… Like the girl who had just sprinted into Grace’s shop. Once smart suit pants coated in piss and shit; tears smudging her make up. She locked eyes with Grace through the ballistic glass enclosure around the checkout counter. “Please!! Oh God you have to help me!! I was here on a business visa. That guy put something in my drink and is trying to kidnap me!! And everybody was trying to help him!!” Graces only response was to buzz open the reinforced metal door leading to the back which the woman wasted no time sprinting through. Thirty seconds later a 10’ tall Amazon man comes thundering through automatic doors. “Where is she!!?” Grace simply stares with a mask of controlled indifference. “You gonna buy something mister?” “I know she’s here you little bitch, that girl is mine…” Grace light’s up a Marty’s cherry vanilla cigar… “Buy something or piss off….” The hulking giant walks up to the glass and slams his fist down on it with a dull thud causing it to shake. “Little girls do not talk back you will give her to me now… In fact I think the breeder I’m selling to will be interested in you as well….” Grace rolls her eyes and punches a button under the desk and takes another drag on her cigar. A hatch in the ceiling pops open and a 15mm HMG on a servo mount swings down. Targeting laser pointed right at shitlord’s crown jewels….. After shitlord’s panicked retreat, Grace decides she’s going to have to check in on the girl, help her get cleaned up, make a call to Antonio and The Liberator’s. Hopefully they’ll be able to get her home or at least to Galt or the Islands with the right papers to keep her free and safe…. That night was rough. Seeing the girl like that brought back bad memories….. She had passed out after taking a nap on Grace’s couch in the living room of her third story flat. The second was extra inventory/a buffer zone. It was the usual set of nightmares fire, smoke, gunshots, and screaming. A friend of her father’s carrying her to safety as their home burned and smoke filled the tunnels. Her mother was an exo-pilot one of the best in their ad-hoc militia, her father was a firefighter and a medic. Both had died on the front while other’s tried to get the small children, wounded, and disabled out……. The door creaked open allowing a small sliver of light to slip in. She reflexively dove for the side arm strapped to edge bed and got about half way there before realizing it was only the girl. Mikala that was her name. She was standing there in one of Grace’s old sweat shirts. She was almost inbetweener height at 5’9”, compared to Grace’s 4’3”. Combined with her sharp facial features, short cut blond pixie, and nose stud…. All Grace could do was stare. “I heard you screaming, and I came to check and see….” “I’m okay just…” “Shit I was having the same problem after today.” Grace could only swallow as Mikala peeled off the borrowed sweat shirt. Revealing a toned figure, firm breasts, and a neat thatch of hair. From there it was all a tangle of sweaty limbs, grasping hands, and muffled gasps/squeals. Both needed something else to think about, to not be alone, and after about thirty minutes of desperately reaching out; both Grace and Mikala were able to get some sleep.
  16. This is something I've written up the past couple of days, while being sick. It's not great by any means, but I hope it's entertaining. If this is somehow your first exposure to 'diaper dimension' stories, please go read the progenitor, "Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension," and some of the other, better, and more prolific authors around here. Technical and plot criticism is very welcome. Enjoy. -- Blair wore a smile on his face, as he stared at his love in the driver's seat. He began to reminisce. Fay Smedley had been his girlfriend for three years. A mutual friend, a Little named Paul, had set them up. He had said they were perfect for eachother. Blair had a thing for Amazon women, and he had majored in Mechanical Engineering at university. Fay had also majored in Chemical Engineering, although she went to a different school. Blair had figured it wouldn't work out, but, at the time, he decided to humor his friend. It wasn't odd for the two races to date, although it almost always ended in adoption. He wasn't very interested in being a baby. Marriage between Amazons and Littles wasn't illegal, but it was rare. Despite his interests, Blair didn't expect it to happen. That was until he saw Fay. It was love at first sight. She felt likewise. They had changed eachother. While he would've loved to marry his love, he came around to the idea of being her baby. He became less independently minded, and she became less dominant. He let his emotions show more. He grew his hair out, because she liked it. He slowly let her do more and more for him. She made sure to occasionally let him feel needed. She made sure to never regarded him as anything less than an equal. She valued what he had to say. They had been through a lot together. Good times had brought them close, and the bad times had made them stronger. Today, however, had been the most important day of the couple's lives. Everything had been taken care of during the preceeding days. They'd visited a clinic to got himself examined medically and tagged. A local judge had privately interviewed both, and a lawyer helped them get all the documents together. Everything was approved by the state. Finally, the Amazon woman and the Little man had reached the final step in making their relationship official. As per their country's laws, they both signed an adoption agreement. From here on, the two were bound together. The woman as the caretaker, and the man as her ward. It was a union that both had dreamed about for a long time. The pair were now riding home from that event. "Home" was Fay's house. A medium-sized, three-bedroom, one-story, suburban cookie-cutter. It wasn't lavish. It was more than enough for two, though. Blair had moved in months ago, but he had slept in Fay's bed. He had a room, but he had never seen it. Fay wanted to keep it a secret. It was a present to the love of her life. He knew it was a nursery. Whenever she was home alone, he knew that she worked on it. He had begged her to let him work on it, to help her out, but she had rebuffed him. The room was a surprise present for him. It was silly to think he could work on it. She promised he would love it, though. A gentle nudge on the shoulder and an angelic voice roused him from this thoughts. "Hey sweetie, day-dreaming?" He looked up at Fay, now holding the back passenger-side door open. They were already home. He responded with a smile and then held his arms out to the much taller woman. "Yep. Up, please." "Of course, of course." Fay chuckled as she lifted him out of his carseat. "You know, now that you're adopted, you're going have to have better manners than that." "Sorry, Mommy. I'll do better next time." "Well, there will be plenty of opportunity to learn." With that, she started walking towards the door. "How's it feel to never have to use that boring old carseat again?" As she got to the door, she fiddled with her keychain. "Great. I hear the babyish carseats are way more comfortable." The door opened, and they stepped inside. Fay began to carry Blair towards his new room. Their small-talk ceased. He was excited, and she was nervous, even if she didn't show it. Ever since Blair moved in, he had wondered about this secret room. It would be representative of the life he was going to live from now on. Fay just hoped that Blair liked it. As they stopped in front of the door, Blair noticed something different. A name plaque was on it now. It was pink. Well, he had to be fair, the border was pink and the center was white. The pink was a bit worrisome, though, as was the stylized butterfly that took up some space next to his also pink name. Blair would've asked about this, but Fay spoke first. "Are you ready to see your nursery?" He nodded, putting the plaque behind him. It might've been a mistake. When she opened the door, and he took in his first view of the nursery, he realized that it wasn't a mistake. The carpet was the only thing he was fine with. It was the same greyish color that went throughout the rest of the house. The wall opposite the door was pastel pink, as was the wall with the door on it. The walls to the left and right were a pastel yellow. A crib sat under the window, which was in the middle of the other pink wall. It was white and rather ornate. The sheets and pillows on the bed were yellow. To his left was a closet door, which was painted white and covered in butterfly designs. To his right was what he assumed was a changing table and a toy-chest. Both were painted white, matching the crib. The cushioning on the changing table was pink, however. Blair's mouth hung open. Fay forced a smile. "What do you think?" Several seconds passed by before the small man in her arms gave a reply. "I-it's for a girl." "Of course it is, buttercup." "A-and I'm a boy." She looked down at him and smiled. "That is for Mommy to decide. Now, let's get you out of those nasty big boy clothes, and get your first diaper on you." She started towards the changing table, but stopped as her charge struggled in her arms. "Wait! Fay! Explain what's going on to me, please." Blair was rightfully upset. This was not was he was expecting, and Fay had never mentioned anything like this to him. He was scared, too. He knew that a lot of Little boys were turned into Little girls. He also knew, that he didn't make sure to specify anything against that in their agreement. He was a boy, and he thought Fay wanted a boy. It was an oversight on his part, and now it was costing him. His large lover sighed and sat down on the floor, still holding him. "Calm down. It's okay." She stroked his shoulder-length, blonde hair. "I've been debating whether to tell you. It's been my biggest worry. I didn't want to destroy the love we have. I figured that surprising you like this would be the best way. In retrospect, it was stupid. I got too deep into it. I kept putting off telling you, but I kept working on this nursery." She paused for a moment. "I've been a liar. I never wanted a man. I still don't. I never wanted a little boy, either." Blair cringed at that. "I don't exactly want a little girl, either." That surprised him. What did she want, then? "I want you. As a boy, but as my princess too. It has been a fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember, to have a cute Little boy dolled up as my Little girl." Another moment of silence passed before Blair spoke. "So I'm not going to be turned into a girl? I get to keep my," He paused and glanced at his crotch, "y'know?" "Yes, you do. Your princess parts will stay intact." The words embarassed Blair a bit, but they did make him relieved. His mommy continued "I want you to know, we're still equals. Mostly. I would never make a decision like that without your consent. This," her hand sliced through the air, "was just my silly way of asking you if this was okay. If it's not, I can change it. Make it fit for a little prince, instead. But, I really, really want you to be my little girl. Please?" Blair grimaced. He loved her, and he would do anything to please her. She had shocked him with this room. A role he didn't want was thrust upon him. It had taken a long time for him to get used to the idea of being a baby boy, and now he was expected to be a girl. It was something he had never imagined. He was firmly a male in his mind. For his true love, though? He didn't adore the idea, but he adored her enough to make this concession. He had one more concern, however. "W-well," It bothered him to even have to ask this, "I'll still be the only man in your life?" "You're not a man anymore, Blair. You will be the only love in my life, though. It'll just be you and me. No Daddy or second Mommy for you." "Okay, then. Anything for you, Mommy." He was still hesitant, but he had decided. Not that he really had a choice. If she forced it, there was nothing in their agreement against it. Besides that, his love for her wouldn't let this desire go unaddressed. With that, Fay began to undress Blair. His big boy clothes and underwear were left on the floor, as the Little was lifted onto the changing table and strapped down. She took some supplies out of a drawer on the side of the table, and then began. He'd heard about the first time being intimate and romantic. It was everything he could've hoped for. Baby-powder smelled incredible. The feeling of it being sprinkled onto him, and then gentlely spread around by Fay's hand was tantalizing. She spoke sweet nothings to him, as she lifted his behind and slid some padding beneath him. The thick, white garment was taped around him. It was an odd feeling, but a feeling he knew he'd get used to. After checking the leak-guards, she unbuckled him and picked him back up. She took him to the butterfly-covered closet door. Each design was perfect, and each butterfly was randomly placed around the door. Blair figured that Fay had used a stencil. She had never been the best at that sort of thing. Fay used her free hand to open the door, revealing a rainbow-colored cornucopeia of clothes. There was a large selection on hangers, and Blair could see a few plastic drawers. He had quite the wardrobe, and Fay was browsing through it. Two different items were eventually displayed to him. A frilly, pastel-purple dress with puffy short-sleeves, or a simple pink onesie displaying the words "So Sweet" in cursive. Blair didn't particularly care for either choice. This was his lot, now, however. He weighed the options. One was sickeningly girly, and more formal. The other was a bit more gender-neutral in design. Today was their special day, though. Blair assumed that Fay would prefer him to pick the dress, so that she could get some pictures to commemorate it. He pointed at the dress and uttered a "Please." He needed to get used to that kind of clothing anyway. This certainly wasn't the only dress he now owned, and it wouldn't be the last day he'd wear one. "Good choice, buttercup." Fay sat him down on the ground, and the dress was slipped over Blair's head. A zipper was zipped up the back of the dress. He was now dressed. It was a little uncomfortable, but not overly so. The hem of the dress was about at the middle of his diaper. Blair didn't expect to have many clothes that covered his diaper, but it was something else to really feel the air on his legs. The knowledge that his undergarment was on full display, and that he could very well be taken outside like this was a lot to take in. "How does it feel? It looks like it fits well." "Y-yea, it feels fine, Mommy." Fay looked down at me, impressed with her work. She fished her cellphone out of her pocket. The Little knew what was coming. There weren't any flashes, but he could hear the telltale clicks. His caretaker was taking pictures and lots of them. "You are just absolutely adorable. Do you think you can do a little curtsy? For me?" Now she was making him pose. It was to be expected. She'd finally gotten her doll, and she wanted to play with him. Blair didn't mind, it was in her Amazon nature. All the same, a blush spread across his face. A curtsy? He wasn't really sure how. That thought was a bit silly to him. He awkardly lifted the skirt of the dress, and bent over a little. His uncertain curtsy got an audible coo out of his photographer. "Aww, we'll have plenty of time to work on that. Little girls should know how to properly curtsy, huh?" "Yes, mommy." She bent down and pulled me in for a hug. "I love you so much, Blair." "I love you too, Mommy." The two embraced for only a couple moments. "If this ever gets too much for you, just let me know. I'll lighten up on the little girl treatment." Blair nodded. "You wanna see?" She held up her phone. On the screen was a Little girl, looking up towards the camera. Blair was surprised at how much he looked like the opposite sex. Littles were generally neotenous and androgynous, but a simple change of clothes couldn't make a man look like a girl. Could it? Blair knew the answer, after seeing the picture of himself. Now, the only way for anyone to know his real gender was to change his diaper. Suddenly, a growl emanated from his stomach. All he had for breakfast was a simple granola bar. The busy morning didn't allow Blair and Fay the time to eat much, and they hadn't stopped to get anything to eat on the way home. "How about we fill up that tummy, huh?" Fay reached down and tickled his stomach a bit. Like most Littles, Blair was ticklish, so this elicited some uncontrolled giggling. "I'll even let you walk to the kitchen, so you can get used to moving in your diapers." Calling it 'walking' was giving Blair too much credit. What the feminine Little did was toddle along behind his caretaker. "If you need to crawl, feel free." Fay giggled. Blair rolled his eyes. At least, he had been clear about that in their agreement. Freedom of movement was too important. Restriction of movement was against their rules. These diapers, despite impacting his gait, weren't too bad. They weren't the kind of diapers that forced the wearer to crawl. Blair would never voluntarily choose to crawl. He'd make it to the kitchen, if a bit slowly. It was only a minute before they were in the kitchen. It served the dual purpose of a dining room, having a small table in the corner. On one side of the table was an regular chair, next to it was a white high-chair. That was a new addition, and Blair wondered when Fay had the time to sneak that in. The amazon deftly lifted the much smaller person up, and placed him in the chair. The tray was locked into place in front of him. The seated Little watched as the fridge was opened and shut. He then heard the beeps and whirs of the microwave. His vantage point wasn't great, so the contents of lunch weren't known to him. As the microwave ran, Fay opened the fridge again. This, Blair could see. She sat the materials to make a sandwich on the counter. Their lunches were going to be different. Two jars of worringly green paste and a bottle of formula were eventually brought to their table, alongside the sandwich. Blair grimaced. He had an idea this was coming, but he had hoped it wouldn't. Fay was very adamant about controlling what he ate. Relucantly, he allowed that to be enshrined in their agreement. Pureed food was a fad among Amazons. Many adopted Littles were on a pureed-only diet. As was he, apparently. "These are..." Fay, now sitting beside him, picked up the jar and looked at it. "Banana, green bean, pea, and zucchini. Sounds healthy, right? There's some formula to wash it down with too." Sounds gross, thought Blair. "Why was it in the fridge?" From what he knew, baby-food didn't need to be refridgerated unless it was opened. A small blush appeared on Fay's face. "When I bought it, I tried a bit." She paused. "It was gross." "And you're making me eat it?" His caretaker giggled. "It's good for you." She dipped a spoon into the jar. "Open up, sweetie." He was hungry, and he didn't have much of an option, so his mouth recieved the spoonful of baby-food. It wasn't awful. It wasn't his favorite, either. A far cry from gross. Baby-food for Littles was engineered just for them, after all, so it made sense that it wasn't horrifically disgusting. Spoonful after spoonful entered into his mouth. Fay didn't meet with any resistance from the Little, yet she still enacted tactics like airplane noises. She was just having a good time with it, and Blair didn't mind much. Once the jars were empty, Fay turned and began to eat her own food. Blair picked up the sandwich, and tried to nurse on it while she ate. It was harder than he had imagined. It took him several seconds to get a little liquid to trickle out. Halfway through Fay's sandwich, he had figured out how to get a constant and consistent flow. After lunch, Blair was let down from the highchair. "Alright, sweetie. I'm going to excuse myself for a second. Why don't you pick out a couple toys and bring them to the living room?" With that, Fay walked back to her room. Blair figured that it was to use the half-bathroom that was attached to that room. He did as told. Once he entered his new room, he went straight to the toy chest. Entertainment for the Little was now to be found in the wooden container. In the coming days, he was sure to be intimately acquainted with each item inside. Not wasting any time, he opened the chest and began to search through it. Several stuffed animals, some dolls, some accessories for the baby-doll, blocks, a rattle, a shape-sorter, a corn popper, a pull-along train, a pack of crayons, a set of wash-off markers, a stack of blank paper, some coloring books, and several more uninteresting toys. He grabbed a stuffed doll, the rattle, the pull-along train, the crayons, and the coloring books. Blair figured that it was a diverse selection. Enough to experiment, and let him see what he liked. With toys in hand, he toddled to the living room. Fay was already out there. A pink, mesh playpen had been set up in Blair's absence. As he entered the room, Fay stood up from her seat on the couch to pick him up and carry him to the playpen. She placed him down on the soft floor alongside his chosen toys. "Enjoy your playtime, buttercup." With a kiss on the forehead, she went back to the couch and turned on their television. To Fay, it was just background noise. Blair was the focus of her attention, and he knew it. She just wanted to see him play and be adorable. He did just that. The rattle was first, as Blair figured it would be the least interesting. He was right. After several seconds of shaking, he figured he had gotten the full experience. At best, it'd be something to off-handedly mess with. Next was the toy train. As it was pulled along, it made little clicking sounds. In terms of entertainment, it was much like the rattle. Not something to really keep his interest. The stuffed doll was next. Blair figured that he'd have to like this one. Fay would probably decide he looked too adorable without it. It had moppy red hair, and a short plaid dress. The doll got a quick hug, and it began to be manipulated by his hands, dancing about. Had he brought a couple other dolls, he could've had a fun time making up a story. "What's her name, huh?" Blair looked away from the doll and towards his mommy. "I don't know. I didn't know she needed a name." "Of course, silly. Every girl names her dollies." A pensive look donned his face. His eyes drifted towards the ceiling. "Maybe... Lizzie? Yea, Lizzie." He nodded his head to confirm it. "That's a good name. I hope you and Lizzie have a lot of fun from here on out." "We will, Mommy." He didn't know how true that was, but he'd at least try. For much of the rest of the afternoon, he played with Lizzie in the playpen. Either focusing just on her, or hugging her while coloring-in a coloring book. At some point, his bladder made itself known. Blair had no qualms about this, and he knew it was something he had to do. Without much thought, he pushed and pushed until his bladder emptied into his thirsty padding. If Fay had noticed, she didn't mention it to him. By the time Blair was roused from his playing, the sun was starting to sink towards the horizon. It was evening. A growl from his stomach informed him that it was dinner-time as well. Lizzie was left behind, as Fay carried her Little towards the kitchen. Dinner went much the same as lunch did, except one jar of baby-food was pureed turkey and gravy. The taste was comparable to the baby-food from lunch. After dinner, Fay announced that it was bathtime, and then off to bed. Blair didn't groan or make much fuss about it. This was expected. Babies got early bedtimes. He was looking forward to the bath, though. Fay checked his diaper first, of course. Discovering that he had wet it at some point, she declared that it was time for a change. His first true change had been just as lovely as being put into it. He thought that it might be better, even, considering he was being taken out of a slightly-uncomfortable diaper and cleaned. Now naked, Blair made his way to the bathroom with Fay. Their bathroom wasn't huge, having just enough room for a moderate-size tub, a toilet, and a counter with a sink. She turned on the water, and filled the tub with a small amount of water. When Blair was set in the tub, he found out that the warm water only just covered his legs. Fay gently washed him. She had a cup, which she used to rinse his hair and body. She massaged some liquid soap into his skin and hair. Blair guessed that it was both a soap and a shampoo. He let his caretaker do all the work, just enjoying the sensations of warmth and of her working on his body. Muscles relaxed, as tension released. This was an event that the Little could get used to. A couple of toys, specifically some rubber ducks, floated around. They were ignored in favor of melting into a puddle of relaxation and comfort. Blair groaned as he was lifted out of the bath. "I know, I know, but you can't stay in there all night. You'll turn into a prune." A large, soft towel was wrapped around him. He let Fay do all the work, as she scrubbed him dry. Once she was done, Blair was lifted up into her arms and carried into the nursery. He was again placed onto the changing table. Powder was sprinkled, and a new diaper was taped on. Sleepwear was chosen for him this time. Fay pulled the pink onesie from earlier out of the closet. Blair stuck his arms up, allowing his mommy to slide the garment onto him. Three clicks later and it was buttoned. After being deposited in his crib, Fay planted another kiss on his forehead. An inflatable pacifier was coaxed into his mouth, and it was inflated a few times. "Goodnight, Blair. I love you so much." He managed to respond around the pacifier. "I love you too, Mommy." On her way out of the room, Fay turned on a baby monitor and turned off the lights. The room wasn't pitch black, however, due to a nightlight somewhere in the room. Blair examined the crib. Besides the usual pillows and blankets, he found a stuffed bear. Deciding to act the part, Blair pulled the bear in and wrapped his arms around it. Snuggling underneath a blanket, Blair began to think. Fay and his new life were at the forefront. All the girly stuff was certainly unexpected. Not that it was bad, or made his life worse in any way. Except for a few trappings, Blair reflected that his new life would've been the same either way. And, if it made Fay happy, he was happy too. Losing himself in his thoughts, he eventually drifted off to sleep. Fay stayed up later than normal. She sat in the living room, fixated on her phone. A baby monitor laid on the couch next to her. The television was on, being the only source of light in the room, but it was muted. Fay listened to the regular breathing of her new ward. On the phone, she flipped through the pictures she took that day. Happiness was all she could feel. She was glad that her lie of omission hadn't bothered him. She was even more glad that he had accepted the role as her little girl. Had he refused, she would've been devastated. There wouldn't have been any legal way to stop her from forcing him into the role, but, if she did that, she wouldn't have been able to live with herself. It didn't matter, though. Now, he was hers. He was her cute, girly Little. All she had ever wanted was now in her possession. The pair were both pleased with their lives.
  17. Carl was walking for many hours in that woods, he didn’t remember when he lost the path, and he wasn’t able to come back. He was starting to be afraid when he saw an gigantic police car in front of him. “hey! Please help me” he scream to the woman trying to attract her attention. (sorry for the grammatical mistakes I’m not from an Anglophone country)
  18. Prologue The yellow flames licked the dark sky as an acritty diesel smell invaded Rebecca’s nose, “No, not this dream again!” She wanted to scream but she had no mouth, she wanted to run but her legs would not move. That was when the praying started. “Blessed Father and creator of all. Cleanse my daughter of her impure urges with your holy light!” “With your holy flame she shall be purified.” “With your holy flame her articles of lust shall be destroyed.” Rebecca saw a shadowy figure pick up a flaming hunk of wood and bring it towards her, “Lord, let these flames impart your holy wisdom into this lost soul.” Rebecca felt the flaming timber brush against her thigh and crotch. She felt her body scream out in pain as the flames licked her skin, yet she had no mouth. ****** Rebecca awoke in a cold sweat. Her alarm clock blaring only for her to hit the snooze button. The clock read 6:30 AM, “Why is it always that dream.” She muttered as she swung her legs out from under the covers and stood up. Her lily white nightgown was damp with sweat. “Rebecca, are you up?” A woman’s voice asked as the door opened revealing her mother in her typical outfit, a floor length skirt and a blouse, “Breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes. Shower up and get dressed.” “Yes mother.” She sighed as she opened up her wardrobe and removed a white blouse and ankle length skirt similar to her mother’s. Rebecca set the clothes on her bed before walking out of her room and rounding the corner and opening the bathroom door. Rebecca shut the door behind her and locked it. The girl exhaled deeply and removed her nightgown. She always hated this part because she had to look at what she had become. A scarred shell of her former self. She looked at herself in the mirror with disgust. Burn scars like blades of grass flowed around her inner thighs and crotch, constant reminders of her discovering her true self two years ago. Rebecca was doing researching for a school paper when she stumbled across a banner ad for The Bureau. She was curious and soon her research veered off from the American Revolution to The Bureau and the world of AB/DLs. She was fascinated by this world and felt some strange connection to it, that was when she made the choice to buy diapers. She had saved up some money from babysitting to purchase a small package of bedwetting diapers. She had hidden them in her wardrobe, she thought she had covered her tracks, she thought wrong. One week after she had bought the diapers she was pulled out of English class and brought to the Principal’s office where her father who was the town’s priest, the guidance counselor, and the principal were waiting for her. They interrogated her about the websites about the diapers, about… things and feelings that she never understood, wearing the diapers felt good to her and when she said that, things got worse than she ever could have imagined. That night she was led to an empty field and the diapers were burned in front of her. Her own father burned her with the flaming timber in the name of God. Rebecca fought back tears as she remembered the events of two years ago. She was eighteen now, an adult, yet she knew that her parents did not trust her with a phone or even to go out of the house without one of them with her. Rebecca had been a virtual prisoner of her parents for the past two years, her only respite was school. At school Rebecca had some friends and she could read in the library during her breaks. Her father had gone to great lengths to conceal what he had done to Rebecca, mainly to maintain his reputation and to keep his church’s congregation from leaving him. Some priests called their congregation their flock, he called his, his herd. Rebecca sighed and turned the shower on, letting the water heat up for a few before stepping into the stream of water. She shut her eyes and stood there for a few minutes as the water washed away the sweat from her sleep. After washing her head and body she turned off the shower and stepped out before wrapping her body in a towel and making sure that she wouldn’t drip any water onto the hardwood floor. Her long brown hair wrapped up was wrapped up in a second towel. Rebecca made the short walk back to her room and stared at the outfit she had laid out. This was what her father had told her to wear today, everyday he dictated her outfit for the next day. Rebecca ruffled her hair with the towel to help dry it out before getting a pair of panties and bra from her underwear drawer. Wearing them felt wrong to her ever since she discovered the joy of diapers, but unfortunately she knew this would be her life until she died. She quickly got dressed and made her way downstairs where her parents were waiting for her, a grey suitcase was sitting by the door. “Good morning Rebecca.” Her father looked up from the paper. He was already dressed in his black pants and shirt with clerical collar. He took a sip of coffee, “Excited for the trip to Jackson?” “Yes sir.” She nodded meekly as she sat down across from him. Her mother set a plate of scrambled eggs and biscuits in front of her, “Thank you.” “You’re welcome. Now, eat up. Father will be driving you to school today.” She said as she refilled Father’s coffee cup. “Thank you sir.” Rebecca nodded to her father as she muttered a quick prayer, “Thank you lord for this food, amen.” “Short, but I’ll allow it.” Father nodded as he went back to reading the paper. “Thank you sir.” She said as she began to eat. It took about fifteen minutes for Rebecca to finish her breakfast, “All done sir.” She looked at her father as she set her fork down. “Good, go brush your teeth and get your shoes on. I packed your spare toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag. I want to be out of the door in five.” “Yes sir, thank you sir. May I be excused?” “You may.” “Thank you.” Rebecca said before walking back upstairs to the bathroom where her pink toothbrush waited her, the bristles were starting to become frayed but for now the brush still worked. Rebecca brushed for two minutes exactly, before spitting and rinsing. She set the toothbrush aside and went to her room to retrieve her shoes, a pair of black flats. She grabbed her wallet from her dresser and stuck it in one of her skirts interior pockets. She then slipped her shoes on before walking back downstairs, her father was waiting for her. “Ready?” Father looked at her as he grabbed the car keys. “Yes sir.” She nodded as she grabbed the suitcase and followed her father out the door. “Have fun.” Rebecca’s mother smiled as she started to clean the dishes. The drive to Rebecca’s high school was a short one. She only lived about a mile from the school. Rebecca could see a charter bus waiting in the school parking lot, a group of seniors and their parents were milling about. This was the start of the annual senior trip for the seniors of Corinth High. The trip was simple, a one week excursion to the state capital of Jackson. The trip to Jackson would take about seven hours by bus and when they arrived they would go straight to Millsaps college to attend a play, and then they would retire to their hotel. That was all Rebecca remembered. “Here we are.” Her father said as he parked the church van that he used as his personal vehicle. Rebecca saw the principal walk towards the van. “Father Charles, how are you doing this morning?” The Principal smiled as he wiped some sweat from his bald head with a handkerchief, the hot Mississippi sun was in full force, signaling the start of summer. “Principal Skipper, I’m doing quite fine today. How are you?” Father smiled as Rebecca got her suitcase out of the van. “Sweating like a sinner in church, father.” He smiled. “We are all sinners Principal Skipper.” He looked over at Rebecca, “I trust you will be keeping a close eye on her?” “Yes father, of course.” He looked over at the girl, “Come along Rebecca, the bus is just about ready to leave.” He motioned for the girl to follow him as he started to walk towards the bus, “Have a good week father.” “You too Principal.” “Goodbye father, thank you for allowing me to go on this trip.” Rebecca smiled a bit and hugged her father. “You are welcome, now go get on the bus.” Father smiled back. “Yes sir.” Rebecca nodded as she followed the principal over to the bus where he loaded her suitcase into the luggage compartment of the bus. Rebecca saw one her friends, Casey, the daughter of the town’s sheriff. “Hey Casey!” Rebecca smiled a bit. “Hey Becca.” She smiled back, “You excited for the trip?” “Yeah.” She nodded a bit, “I’ve never been to Jackson.” “It’s nice.” Casey smiled, “Lots of places to hang out.” “Alright students!” The principal raised his voice, “Board the bus so we can arrive in Jackson on schedule please!” “Come on Becca, you can sit next to me.” Casey smiled as she entered the bus with Rebecca behind her. “Thank you.” Rebecca smiled and took a seat next to Casey as her classmates filed in. “Anytime, this is going to be a long bus ride.” Casey smiled as she put her ear buds in. ****** Rebecca awoke to Casey poking her side, “Becca, wake up, we are at Millsaps.” “Wha?” Rebecca yawned and stretched as the bus came to a stop. “Did you seriously sleep the whole time?” Casey smiled as she saw large groups of students with picket signs walking down the sidewalk, “What’s going on?” “Looks like a protest.” A guy sitting behind them said, “Hey Brendon, can you see what those signs say?” “Yeah, I think they say: Wolowitz has got to go. Who the hell is Wolowitz?” Brendon said. “Millsaps’ current president, “No idea why they are protesting him, guess he must have pissed off some snowflakes.” “Fuck off Casey.” A voice from the back of the bus yelled, “Wolowitz covered up a massive hazing culture at Millsaps.” “Enough!” The Principal Skipper yelled, “We will still be seeing our play. Now, everyone off the bus. We will be walking to the theatre.” he sighed as the bus doors opened and he stepped out. “Come on Becca, lets try and get good seats.” Casey smiled as she followed Rebecca out of the bus. Principal Skipper led the group of fifty seniors down a sidewalk, however, the group soon found themselves in a quad where two opposing groups were getting ready to square off. On one side were the Pro-Wolowitz protesters while the anti-Wolowitz protesters were on the other side. Campus police were trying to keep the two sides separate. “Excuse me.” A student said as he accidently bumped into Rebecca, “My bad.” “Its okay.” Rebecca smiled as the student walked off. Unfortunately for everyone in that quad all it took were two bottles, one from each side to turn the quad into a madhouse. College police quickly lost control of the situation as the two sides surged towards the other with Rebecca’s group and some extremely unfortunate college students caught in the middle of the melee. Campus police tried to regain order, but in the end they were forced to pullback with several injured officers. Rebecca was terrified, in the melee she had gotten separated from her classmates and was struggling to find somewhere safe. Pepper Spray was starting to be used and it hung around in the air, many were starting to cover their eyes, Rebecca was unlucky enough to catch a spray right in the face. She went down screaming in pain as her eyes began to burn. She felt herself being picked up and carried through the crowd. She could hear police sirens getting closer and closer, “It burns!” She screamed as she kept her eyes tightly shut to try and alleviate the pain. “I know, I know.” A masculine voice close to her head told her, “We are almost to the paramedics, they will help you.” It must’ve belonged to the person carrying her. “T-thank you.” Rebecca managed to choke out. “Not a problem.” The voice said, “HEY! I NEED SOME HELP HERE!” The voice yelled as Rebecca felt herself being laid on some grass. “What happened?” A second voice asked? “Pepper spray. Some fuckers were ready for a fight.” “Someone always is in these types of situations. Lucy, go get me my thermos.” “Why do you need your thermos?” “It has milk in it. That should help flush her eyes and since capsaicin is fat soluble it will help with the pain.” The paramedic said, “Alright young lady, I know it hurts but I need you to open your eyes.” “O-okay.” Rebecca cried as she started to open her eyes. Suddenly her vision went white as the paramedic poured milk over her eyes, instantly she felt better, her eyes still burned a bit but it was nowhere near as bad as it was. “There we go. Feel better?” The paramedic smiled. “Yeah, thanks.” She turned to try and find her rescuer, but he had disappeared, “Where did he go?” “The guy that brought you? He went back into the fight for more people.” The paramedic shrugged, “Now, I need you to blink your eyes rapidly. Tears should help flush the last of the pepper spray. I’d recommend staying here. If you need any help just holler.” The paramedic said before going to work on another patient. Rebecca kept blinking her eyes for a few minutes as the melee raged on. Rebecca looked around a bit and a poster grabbed her attention the moment she saw it. The poster read, “Tired of your life? Is the stress too much for you? Do you want to be pampered for the rest of your life? Come to The Bureau recruitment depot! Only one block this way!” The poster featured an arrow pointing down the street. Rebecca’s heart was beating out of her chest. She looked around and couldn’t see any members of her class. Rebecca stumbled to her feet and did what her heart told her to. Rebecca ran as fast as her feet could carry her. Rebecca’s heartbeat faster and faster as she ran down the street. As she ran she saw more signs pointing her towards the recruitment depot. Soon she saw it, a large building whose sign said: Bureau Recruitment Depot. Rebecca’s hands were shaking as she opened the glass doors to the building’s lobby. A secretary was tapping away at her computer as she looked up at Rebecca, “Welcome to The Bureau recruitment depot. How can I help you baby?” Rebecca walked over to the desk, her entire body was shaking now. She wanted to talk but her mouth refused to open as fresh tears started to form in her eyes. “Baby, are you okay?” The secretary stood up and walked over to Rebecca, “Do you need help?” Rebecca nodded a bit. “Okay, did someone hurt you?” Rebecca nodded again. “Do you need me to call the police?” Rebecca shook her head before her mouth started to work again, “I-I want to leave here.” The receptionist nodded and smiled as she realized what Rebecca wanted, “Do you want to go to Amazonia and get a new life?” “Yes please.” Rebecca inhaled and started to cry. “Its okay suger.” The receptionist hugged her, “I’ll get one of our recruiters to come down and help you. Don’t worry, you are safe. They can’t hurt you anymore.” The receptionist rubbed Rebecca’s back before hitting a button on her desk “T-thank you.” Rebecca cried. “You are welcome.” She smiled “You got one for me Grace?” A new voice called out as a man in a suit entered the lobby from a set of double doors. “Volunteer.” The receptionist smiled at Rebecca, “Now dear, John here will help you fill out paperwork okay?” She said and grabbed a box of tissues for the girl Rebecca nodded and broke off the hug before grabbing some tissues, “Thank you.” “All part of my job sweetie. Good luck.” Grace smiled before taking her seat. “Now then Ms….” John looked at Rebecca. “Rebecca.” She said before wiping her face with the tissues. “Ms.Rebecca, I understand you wish to enter the care the Amazons?” She nodded, “Yes please.” She said as she blew her nose. “Excellent, please come this way.” John smiled and led Rebecca through the pair of double doors into a normal looking corridor before stopping in front of an open door and stepping in, “here is my office. We just have a bit of paperwork to do before we can proceed. Please take a seat.” John shut the door behind Rebecca and gestured to a chair in front of the desk, “Now then.” John said as he sat down behind his desk and got some papers and a pen out, “What is your full name?” “Rebecca Mary Matthews.” “Age?” “Eighteen.” “Okay, date of birth?” “March tenth, 2018.” “Okay, and do you know your SSID?” “No sir.” “I see. Do you have any identification on you?” “Yes, I have my ID.” Rebecca shakily took out her wallet and fumbled for a few seconds to get her ID out but she did and gave it to John. “Thank you.” He said as he scribbled some information down on the paperwork, “Now then, some of these next questions may be a bit hard to answer, however, please answer them truthfully as these will help us determine what Amazon you will be placed with.” “Yes sir..” Rebecca nodded as she put her ID back into her wallet. “Have you ever been abused either mentally, emotionally, or physically.” Rebecca swallowed hard and inhaled deeply, “Emotionally and physically.” “I’m sorry.” John sighed, “How long was the last incident of abuse?” “Last month, Father called me a useless harlet.” She teared up. John slid a box of tissues towards Rebecca, “Take as many as you need. Has your abuse left any scars? I don’t need to see them. I just need to know about any scars.” Rebecca nodded, “Burns on my thighs and crotch.” She started to cry again. John sighed loudly. He hated doing this, making people like Rebecca recall details about their abuse. But, if he wanted to get them into the right Amazon’s household, he needed all the information he could get, “Would you consider yourself an AB/DL?” “Yes.” “Was your abuse tied to the fact that you identify as an AB/DL?” “Yes.” John nodded and started to write on a new form before sliding it to Rebecca, “Just sign on the dotted line at the bottom and your new life will begin. “J-just sign?” Rebecca cried. “Correct.” John couldn’t help but tear up a bit. Rebecca’s hands shook as she took a pen and started to sign her name. This was it, her new life, her escape, her path to living how she wanted to live! John smiled and took the form after she signed it. He placed the forms in a clipboard and stood up before walking over to Rebecca, “Do you need a moment?” Rebecca shook her head as she blew her nose again, “I’m ready.” “Alright, follow me.” John said as he opened the door and left the office. John led Rebecca back down the corridor through another pair of double doors into a warehouse like place. Rebecca saw silver and green pods that were closed with lights blinking on them and clipboards in holders on the sides, she saw many more like that but they were open, “These are the stasis pods. You enter one of these and you have the best sleep of your life. When you wake up you will be in Amazonia.” “Just like that?” Rebecca looked at John. “Just like that. Of course our physicians will give you a full check up before you are given to your Amazon.” John said as he guided Rebecca to an open pod. He placed the clipboard in the pod’s holder, “All you have to do is step into it.” “John… Thank you.” Rebecca smiled at him as she stepped into the pod and laid down on the cream colored upholstery. “You are welcome.” John smiled as he pressed a button on the side of the pod. The lid of the pod started to descend until it fully closed. Within ten seconds Rebecca was sleeping. John smiled as he moved the stasis pod into the OUT zone with the other occupied pods. John exhaled deeply and walked back to the lobby to talk with Grace a bit, however, when he got to the lobby he saw Grace arguing with a portly bald man in a suit. “Sir, I will once again tell you, no girl like that has come through our doors!” Grace said clearly getting angry. “Woah, woah. What’s going on here?” John asked as he walked over to the desk. “I’m looking for a girl. Long brown hair, ankle length skirt, and a white blouse. I know she came here!” The man yelled. “Sir!” John raised his voice, “If Grace said that someone fitting that description did not come through those doors than that means they didn’t! Now either leave on your own, or I will have security escort you out!” The man was clearly angry but left anyway, “This isn’t that last that you have heard of me!” He yelled as he left the building. “Good job Grace.” John smiled. “Thanks. She all ready?” “Yep, she is in her pod waiting for the truck.” “Good.” Grace smiled and raised a closed fist towards John. “We make a good team.” John smiled as he fist bumped Grace. ****** Rebecca couldn’t remember a time she had slept better than she had just slept. She dreamt that she was sunbathing on a cloud while being fed grapes by angels. However, eventually the dream started to fade away and she found herself laying somewhere she didn’t recognize. Her head was resting on a fluffy white pillow while her body was covered with a thick pink blanket. She sat up and looked around, she was sleeping on a massive couch, she felt tiny as she saw how big everything truly was. Rebecca noticed an easel set up with its back facing her, was someone painting her? Rebecca soon noticed her outfit, she was in a white onesie, a onesie, just like the ones she had seen online! She turned her head and didn’t feel her hair brushing against her arms, she felt her head and discovered a pair of pigtails on either side of her head. Rebecca then tried to stand up, but that was when she felt it, her diaper. “M-my diaper.” Rebecca started to tear up as she placed a tentative hand on the bulge around her waist and crotch, “My diaper.” Rebecca smiled. “Lindsay, listen!” A woman’s voice echoed through the room, “I’m still going to be able to make it to the gallery in Libertality opening in a few weeks. I’ll just bring her with me…. No, I’m not leaving her at a daycare while I go to the gallery! The first month with a newly adopted little is some of the most important bonding time! Trust me, when you see her you will fall in love with her! Poor dear was abused by her parents for wanting to wear diapers. I know! Littles belong in diapers! You don’t punish them for wanting to be in them!” Rebecca’s ears perked up upon hearing the woman’s voice. This was her new family, this was her….mommy, “M-MOMMY!?” Rebecca called out. “I’ll call you back Lindsay, she just woke up and is calling for me. She is already calling me Mommy! Talk to you later.” The woman’s voice was getting closer to Rebecca. This was the start of her new life, this was the first time in years that she truly felt happy. Chapter One Miranda Arevalo had applied to adopt through The Bureau almost five months ago. Sure she could go through a local adoption agency or she could even grab one off the streets, but she was one of Galice’s most famous artists, she was going to go through the best possible channels in order to get her little, she was not going to half ass this. The day Miranda had gotten the call for The Bureau was the best day of her life. Miranda had gotten the call as she was working in her studio on a new painting. She had gotten her hands on a book produced by The Bureau detailing the art movements and styles of Earth and she was eager to try and recreate some. She had fallen in love with Romanticism, Impressionism, and Expressionism. However, she was trying out the pointillism technique and getting quite frustrated. “Ugh! How can anyone make art like this?!” She yelled as she put her palette down and sat down in her spinning chair, defeated, “I swear, whoever masters that technique should be paid millions of Kules.” She groaned as she massaged her temples, concentrating so hard on the tiny little dots had given her a headache. Miranda removed her hair sticks and let her pink-blonde hair fall out of its neat bun. That was when her phone rang, “Yes?” She sighed as she answered it. “Hello, Ms. Arevalo. This is Chuck with The Bureau. I’m pleased to inform you that we have a little that we think you would be a great fit for. She is currently en route to our Galicean headquarters from Libertality. Do you still wish to adopt with us?” The adoption agent on the phone said. “Y-yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Miranda’s eyes went wide as a massive grin exploded across her face. “Excellent, is it possible for you to swing by our offices right now?” “Of course! I will be right there!” Miranda said as she stood up and exited her studio. “Excellent, just a reminder that our adoption fee is 1,500 Kules.” “Of course, do you take check?” “Of course ma’am.” “Excellent, I shall see you in about ten minutes.” “Very well, we look forward to uniting you with your Little. See you soon.” The agent said before the line went dead. “YES!” Miranda fist pumped a few times as tears ran down her face. Miranda had always wanted to adopt a little. Like many Amazon women she had an incredibly strong mothering instinct and without a significant other, her chances of adopting an Amazon child were quite low, however, when adopting a little, marital status paid no part in the decision process. Of course Miranda worked from home so she would be able to spend 99% of the time with her little. Miranda quickly changed out of her artist’s smock and threw on a t-shirt and some jeans. Before walking out of the door she took a look at her penthouse apartment. The neat and tidiness of the living room, the fine pieces of art that decorated the house. This would all change soon. Soon there would be a playpen in the middle of the living room, there would be toys scattered about the apartment, finger paintings hung next to her landscapes and still lifes, Little gates would be on practically every door, or not… she would have to see what kind of little she got. Miranda couldn’t help but feel nervous as she slipped on a pair of sneakers before grabbing her phone, keys, and wallet from the marbled kitchen counter, “Miranda, you can do this.” She reassured herself as she turned the lights off and left the apartment, locking the door behind her. Miranda had two neighbors at the penthouse level. Grenna Gonzales, an actress, but she was off on one of the smaller islands filming a new movie. Her other neighbors were the Lockflints, an agricultural lobbying power couple. She got along well with her neighbors. Miranda pressed the button to call the elevator when a thought crossed her mind, “I need to call Daniel!” Daniel was her personal shopper and best friend. She got into the elevator when it arrived and dialed Daniel’s number, he picked up on the second ring. “Miranda, sweetie. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Daniel asked as Miranda descented forty five floors. “Daniel, guess what?” Miranda giggled. “You are finally getting a full body waxing?” “No. No matter how many times you invite me, the answer will always be no.” Miranda laughed. “Rats, alright then, what is it?” “I got approved by The Bureau!” “Congratulations! So, what kinda little didja get?” “I don’t know. I’m about to head over there to take care of paperwork.” “Well, if you ever need any help. Uncle Daniel, and Uncle Peter will be happy to babysit for you.” “That is so sweet of you. I might just take you up on that offer eventually.” She said as the elevator reached the garage level, “Alright, I'm about to start driving. I’ll likely send you on a shopping trip when I get my little’s profile.” “What kinda of budget do you want?” Daniel asked. “I’ll tell you when I know.” Miranda said as she got into her SUV, “Alright, talk to you later.” “Talk you later sweetie. Congrats again!” Daniel said before he hung up. Miranda smiled as she turned her car on and drove out of the parking garage. Constance, the capital city of Galice was a hive of activity this time of day. Miranda didn’t care about the traffic or any of that, she had a little to get to! Constance traffic was legendary for being bad, fortunately it wasn’t rush hour so she was actually moving at a decent pace. She turned on the radio and her favorite song came on, right at her favorite part, “Everybody put your hands up, everybody put your hands up!” Miranda started to sing along with the music and bounced in seat as the trumpets started to play. It only took about half an hour to reach The Bureau’s Galicen headquarters, normally traffic made getting to this part of town an hour long adventure in traffic land, fortunately is was unusually light. Miranda inhaled deeply as she drove her car into a spot marked for adopting Amazons, “Here we go Miranda, you can do this. You’ve done commissions for The Bureau tons of times, you got this. They like you.” She muttered to herself before turning the car off and removing the key. Miranda noticed that the parking lot was quite packed, with only five spots reserved for adopters remaining, “Must be a large batch.” She thought as she entered the lobby. “Pick up, interview, or consultation?” The Amazon manning the front desk asked in a rather board voice. “Pick up I believe.” Miranda flashed a nervous smile. “Name?” “Miranda Arevalo.” The secretary typed on her keyboard a bit, suddenly a friendly smile started to form on her face, “Ah, Ms. Arevalo, it seems Regional Director Maloof has seen fit to oversee your adoption personally. He should be down shortly. In the meantime please take a seat.” She gestured to several rows of chairs with Amazons in most of them. “Thank you.” Miranda nodded and walked over to the waiting area. On the way she noticed something familiar hanging on the wall, it was one of her paintings, her first dabbling in romanticism, “Home at Last.” Miranda muttered the title to herself. The picture depicted an Amazon breastfeeding a pair of littles next to a crackling fireplace as snow gently fell outside. The painting had sold decently well at auction, fetching around 48,000 Kules from a phone bidder. She had no idea The Bureau had bought it. “Is that her?” A hushed voice asked behind Miranda. “I think so.” A second hushed voice replied. Miranda sighed a bit as she heard the click of a phone’s camera shutter. “Great.” A sarcastic thought echoed through Miranda’s mind, “Now the paparazzi will be here.” Normally the paparazzi would pay no mind to a painter like Miranda, however, she had recently gotten into a feud with an incredibly popular Libertalian starlet, Grace Kernals, over a commission. She had requested a painting in the style of little artist Jackson Pollock and when Miranda presented the actress with a drip painting, she had thrown a fit saying that it looked hideous and nothing like Pollock’s work. Miranda had guessed that Grace knew jack shit about art and heard the name Pollock from a friend. One lawsuit later Grace was stuck with the painting and out half a million Kules, plus legal fees. That was when she started to smear Miranda on Hoot, the planet’s premier short message social media platform. Not that Miranda really used it, she maintained a profile just to inform her fans of new gallery events or auctions. Miranda chuckled a bit, pictures of her new little may just start to adorn her Hoot page. Miranda was eventually brought out of her thinking when a bearded Amazon tapped her on the shoulder. “Ms.Arevalo??” The Amazon smiled as Miranda turned around, “Fareed Maloof, regional director. How are you?” He asked. “Well, traffic was actually quite light today.” A small smile crept across Miranda’s face. “Excellent, if you would follow me please I will get you your new little’s file.” “Of course, lead the way.” Fareed nodded and guided Miranda through a door marked, “Authorized Personnel ONLY” Fareed walked over to a small filing cabinet next to a door that had the word, “Processing” on it, “Here we go.” The Amazon said after he opened the cabinet and looked for a few seconds before pulling out a manila folder, “Her name is Rebecca, of course you are free to change that, and I would actually recommend it.” “Why? Rebecca sounds like a fine name for a little.” Miranda was confused. “You see… Rebecca, was abused by her parents on Earth. She identified as an AB/DL, a little that wishes to wear diapers and act...properly.” Fareed handed Miranda the folder, “She has nasty burn scars on her thighs and crotch from a particularly nasty incident.” Miranda was horrified, to punish a little for wanted to be diapered was absolutely abhorrent to her, “Why would they do that?!” “Her biological father was the religious head of their town. He had a quite...conservative view of things and viewed her interest in diapers as a sin.” Fareed shook his head a bit. Galice had for the most part shunned all kinds of religions after a 150 year war happened over which religion should rule Galice, the Ilutia or the Puluks. It was a bloody and needless war. “I see.” Miranda opened the file. Waiting for her was a picture of a sleeping girl with long brown hair and pale skin, “She is so cute!” “I know. Your profile matches up with her pretty well. Your personality test was a 98% fit for her situation. Now then, you just need to fill out a few forms that I will have her brought to you.” A clipboard with several forms made its way into Miranda’s hands as she was brought over to a large viewing window. “Is that?” “Our temporary nursery.” Fareed smiled at five rows of ten cribs, most of them were pink, but about fifteen were blue, “Not a whole lot of boys this cycle. Rebecca should be right about there.” He pointed to a crib towards the top right corner of the nursery, “Unless her name isn’t Rebecca anymore.” Tens of different names crossed Miranda’s mind, “Um, I was thinking about… Kiki.” “Kiki sounds like a perfect name, just write that in where it says new name.” Fareed adjusted his tie, “Now, do you have a nursery set up?” “I do not, but I have a room cleared and I can have it set up within the hour. I was waiting to see what kind of little I got before I set up the nursery. Didn’t want to have a pink nursery and get a boy.” “Of course.” The director nodded, “But how quickly can you have a nursery set up? We do not like sending out littles with Amazons who do not have the means to care for them.” “I can have my two best friends, one of which is my personal shopper, start setting the nursery up within the hour.” “Excellent, however, we will be sending a representative to make sure that the nursery is set up. We will not tell you when.” “Of course, of course.” The pen skipped across the forms as Miranda signed them, “Here you go.” Miranda handed the clipboard to Fareed. “Thank you, I will go file this and soon you can leave with Kiki.” The fading footsteps on the carpet told Miranda that Fareed was leaving, but she didn’t care. All she could do was focus on her soon to be little sleeping away in her crib without a care in the world. Miranda quickly whipped out her phone and started a text to Daniel. “Daniel, its a girl. I need you to swing by Little Emporium with Peter. I need you to get a full nursery set, the whole package. I also need you to get diapers, her papers say she is a size 4 in Littles of course. I also need you to get all sorts of clothes for her, color and style doesn't matter she will look amazing in whatever she wears, she is so adorable. I also need bottles, formula, a high chair, little food and snacks…. Oh, and pacifiers plenty of pacifiers, and a walker and a stroller…. Please. Set budget at 50,000 Kules.” Miranda’s hands were shaking slightly as she typed out the text, her grammar was going to shit but she didn’t care.” Miranda looked up from her phone to see an amazon nurse in scrubs walk over to Kiki’s crib and pick up the swaddled little. The nurse looked up at Miranda and smiled as she carried Kiki out of the nursery. Miranda’s heart yearned to be with her little. Suddenly her phone vibrated. “Already there. Was just waiting on your budget, I should have everything at your apartment within an hour if traffic isn’t too too bad.” The text from Daniel read. Miranda chuckled and texted back, “Thnx.” She chuckled as Fareed returned to her. “All the paperwork is filed, lets get you united with Kiki.” Miranda blocked out most of what Fareed said, all she heard was that she was getting united with her little. Fareed began to lead her through the hallways. Eventually the two of them came to a room marked: Uniting Room #1. “Is this it?” Miranda’s hands shook. “Yes it is.” Fareed opened the door revealing a small playroom like set up. The room was carpeted with pillows off to one side, there was a toy chest over neatly tucked up against one of the cream colored walls, a changing table fully stocked with all sorts of diapers, and a playpen with toys in it. All of those things meant nothing to Miranda. All she cared about was the nurse sitting in a rocking chair holding a pink bundle in her arms. “Now, she will still be sleeping for around one to two more hours. Which should be enough time for you to get her home and prepare for her to wake up.” Fareed smiled and watched Miranda gravitate towards the nurse. “C-can I hold her?” Nervous shaking gripped Miranda. “Of course, would you like to sit down?” The nurse stood up. “Please.” Miranda quickly sat down in the rocking chair. “Alright, here you go.” The nurse smiled and handed Kiki to Miranda. Tears started to stream down Miranda’s face as she gazed upon her little’s pale face, “She is beautiful. Hey there sweetie, I’m your new mommy.” Miranda swore that she saw a faint smile develop on the girl’s face. “Take as much time as you need.” Fareed smiled, “Nurse, can you get Miranda a swaddle carrier please.” “Of course director.” The nurse nodded and left the room. “It feels like a part of my heart that was missing has been returned to me.” Miranda wiped tears away from her face. “Good. However, Miranda, please know that we are making a massive exception for you. Normally we require a nursery to already be set up and inspected by us. Luckily, you are a great friend of The Bureau. Take heed that we will be watching you very closely to make sure we were not wrong in trusting you.” “Of course.” Miranda gently rocked Kiki as the nurse returned with a basket like baby carrier with a car seat adapter on it. “Director, there seems to be a crowd of paparazzi outside.” The nurse set the carrier next to the chair. “Are you still feuding with that actress?” Fareed looked over at Miranda. “Not really. It’s mainly just her slandering me over that painting.” She sighed, “I’m so sorry about this. I’ll leave to get them away from here.” She said as she looked down at the carrier. It seemed to be like a pram but there were straps that help the little in place. Miranda carefully set Kiki down in the pram and buckled the little into the carrier. Miranda made sure that the straps weren’t too tight. “Its okay Miranda, we will give you an escort.” Fareed said and took out his cell phone and dialing a number, “This is Fareed, can we get a security escort waiting in the lobby please? Thank you.” The regional director put his phone away, “A security escort is waiting for you in the lobby.” “Thank you.” Miranda sighed as she followed the nurse and Fareed. The trio soon reached the lobby where a five amazon security team was waiting. Two more guards were keeping a swarm of reporters from entering the building. Miranda looked down at Kiki and raised the sunshade on the carrier fully so that she was hidden from the prying eyes of the cameras. This was Miranda’s problem, not Kiki’s. The nurse accompanied Miranda and the security team as they walked through the crowd of reporters. “Ms. Averlo, what do you have to say about the latest allegations against you by Ms. Kernals?” “Have you adopted a little?” Miranda rolled her eyes at the idiocy of the question, she was walking out of an adoption agency with a little carrier. Despite wanting to yell at them, numerous past incidents had taught her that it was best to keep her mouth shut. “What do you say about the rumors that you are giving up painting?” “How would you describe your relationship with The Bureau?” Miranda sighed as she opened her SUV’s back door. The nurse helped her set the carrier on a seat and then began to expertly and properly attach the carrier to the seat, “There we go. If you have any problems with Kiki please call us.” The nurse smiled as Miranda got into the driver’s seat. When Miranda had began to pull out the nurse and guards retreated back into the building. Miranda looked back at Kiki’s shut carrier and smiled, a new chapter of her life was about to begin. ****** Traffic had picked up from when Miranda had gone to the offices to get Kiki. It had taken Miranda nearly an hour and a half to get back home. When Miranda had gotten back to her apartment she could hear Peter and Daniel working away in the room that was to become Kiki’s nursery, “How is it coming you two?” “Almost done Miranda!” Daniel’s voice rang out from an opened doorway in the hall. “Thanks again you two.” Miranda smiled as she lowered the sunshade and unbuckled Kiki from the carrier. “It is our pleasure.” Peter’s deeper voice replied. “This goes without saying, but would you two mind being Kiki’s godfathers?” After a brief moment of silence the pair replied, “We would be honored.” “Excellent.” Miranda started to undo Kiki’s swaddle revealing the girl wearing a white onesie with a diaper bulge and her hair done up in pigtails, “Such a cutie pie.” Miranda set the girl on her sectional before quickly grabbed a spare easel and canvas and set it infront of Kiki, hopefully she could get a rough sketch before the girl woke up. She smiled as her phone started to ring. A quick check on the caller ID showed that it was her publicist, Lindsay. Miranda silently cursed and grabbed a pillow and blanket from the section and carefully set Kiki’s head on the pillow before covering her with the blanket. Miranda sighed and answered the call, “Lindsay, to what do I owe this call?” “What I can’t just call and check up on one of my favorite clients?” Lindsay’s sing songy voice came through crystal clear on the phone. “You heard about me at The Berau huh?” She sighed and walked towards her bedroom, consciously not looking at nursery, she wanted it to be a surprise. “Yes I did, and I can clearly see that you adopted a little.” “Are we going to have a problem with me adopting?” “Not at all, no. This is great for your image.” Miranda could hear shuffling papers, “Now, there is the matter of that gallery opening in Libertality in a few weeks.” “I’ll make the gallery opening, I will just bring her with me.” “Dear, littles don’t belong in an art gallery unless they are the artist, or they are buying art. Just put her in a daycare like the one I put Timmy in when I travel. He loves it, he has plenty of friends there.” “No, I’m not leaving her at a daycare while I go to the gallery! The first month with a newly adopted little is some of the most important bonding time! Trust me, when you see her you will fall in love with her! Poor dear was abused by her parents for wanting to wear diapers.” “What?” Lindsay sounded slightly shocked, “You don’t discourage littles from wanting diapers!” “I know! Littles belong in diapers! You don’t punish them for wanting to be in them!” Miranda rolled her eyes. Suddenly a voice called out, “M-MOMMY!?” “I’ll call you back Lindsay, she just woke up and is calling for me. She is already calling me Mommy! Talk to you later.” Miranda quickly hung up, her arms were shaking as she briskly walked towards the living room. Miranda could just see Kiki’s head poking out from over the section. “Why hello there sleepy head.” Miranda cooed gently as she walked over to the couch and knelt down next to the easel, “Did you sleep well?” Kiki’s face lit up when she saw Miranda, “Uh huh! Are you my mommy?” “Yes I am, such a clever little girl you are.” Miranda smiled and patted Kiki’s head, “This is your new home Kiki.” Kiki’s face suddenly grew confused, “Who is Kiki?”
  19. Good morning friends. Here we go, the first new story I've written in a while - it's not done yet, but I've got six chapters ready to post. So every day for the next six days at least, there will be a new chapter right here. One of my favorite things is if you try to name the chapter Prelude "Okay group, let's stay together," the smiling Amazon in the blue suit-uniform waved her hands, directing the group as they walked about the street, "I know, it was a long bus ride - it will be good for everyone to stretch their legs." She cleared her throat for a moment before raising her voice, launching into her prepared speech. "Welcome to beautiful Tours, capital of Gaule. It is not the most populous city, but this is due more to the fact that King Francis the second relocated the seat of the monarchy five hundred years ago in an attempt to wrest power back from the parliament established by his grandfather, Francis the First... yes, you probably know him as Francis the Little." She frowned at some of the foreign Amazons who laughed at this, but the Littles in attendance were listening raptly. King Francis the Little was arguably the most important historical figure in all the history of all the islands, of course Genevieve admitted she was a little bit biased, given that she was from Gaule herself and their attitude toward the Little population was vastly different from the majority of the islands of Europa. "For those of our international guests who may not be aware," Genevieve continued, gesturing to the statue of a Little confidently riding a full-sized horse, "King Francis established the constitutional monarchy we enjoy today by voluntarily limiting his own power, in what many consider one of the boldest and most visionary political moves of the time period... " "He was a Little," one of the Catalon guests whispered to another, "his Amazon probably made him give up the power and he obeyed." "Excuse me," a Little woman standing next to the pair of men spoke up, "It's well documented that King Francis never had a caretaker, many Littles didn't - though most entirely free communities were insular and secluded. The fact of the matter is, that while Amazons might be bigger and stronger, to ignore the contributions of Littles is to lose out on a lot of culture and creativity." "It's true," Genevieve agreed with the Little woman, stopping the angry-faced Amazon man from responding to the Little directly, "There's a reason that Gaule is the entertainment capital of the world. Many of the screenplays that are made into movies are written by Littles, and many of the songs that your Amazon pop-singers perform are written by Littles. And I'd like to point out that you are, in fact, speaking Gaulish like nearly every other Amazon in Europa, it's only been the dominant language for four hundred years. And we have this Little King to thank for it." "Well," the Amazon man grumped, gesturing to an Amazon pushing a well-diapered Little in a stroller, "Some of your people still know how to treat a Little." "Sir," Genevieve responded politely, "That is almost assuredly a consensual relationship. Adopting a Little against their will is illegal in Gaule. Tours is actually home to the largest percentage of Adopted Littles in the entire country - nationwide around 20% of Amazons have adopted a Little, but here in Tours that number is closer to 60%. The open culture here is a contributing factor, many Amazons and Littles seeking this kind of relationship move or visit here for that reason. Littles outnumber Amazons here on Gaule nearly three-to-one, and the law is on their side so the ones who want an Adopted lifestyle basically have their pick of parents." She waved politely to the stroller-bound Little, who smiled and waved back, his Amazon waving as well. "I think we've dallied here long enough," Genevieve smiles and makes a sweeping gesture, "Let's keep moving - the Entertainment museum is up ahead, where we'll learn more about the contributions Littles make to Gaule's society, hand-in-hand with Amazons... the two races working together are what makes Gaule a world leader." Chapter One: A Little Excited Cammi looked at the clock for the ninetieth time today, the seconds ticked by so slowly... she had to be put down for three naps, the caretakers just couldn't deal with how wound up she was. Of course, the third nap was really just enforced quiet time in the crib.. she couldn't blame them, even the other Littles were getting sick of hearing her excitement about the vacation. You didn't have your fifth anniversary every day, and her mommy Joanna was determined to make a big splash with this one. The waystation in their hometown of Tours had opened a new tourism program, and Jo had managed to get her hands on some of the very first tickets... and Cammi would not shut up about how she and her mommy were going on vacation. Cammi bounced on her diapered bottom in the crib, gripping the bars and giggling, wishing the clock would go faster. Jo was finishing up her work for the week, it was Friday afternoon.. soon she would come through the daycare doors and they would be off. Tours had several Little daycares, an uncommon thing in Gaule in general, keeping a Little was expensive here... but Tours had the highest Adopted Little population of any city on the island and with that came businesses catering to that lifestyle. "Cammi," a small voice called with a complaining tone from the next crib over, "will you please stop bouncing? Some of us are trying to sleep. I need to write tonight, for the love of cake." "Sorry Paul," Cammi replied without a trace of sorrow in her voice, but she did stop bouncing. Paul was a novelist - he had a bestseller a few years ago but hadn't had a big hit in a while. His books more than paid for the daycare though, so his mommy was happy. Paul liked to sleep a LOT during the day because he stayed up most of the night writing when he had an idea. He played with his mommy when they got home, they ate, and she went to bed while he wrote in his crib. Paul had a good life that he enjoyed quite a lot. Both Cammi and Paul, like most Adopted Littles on Gaule, were volunteers. Littles had it hard in this world, they were at a constant disadvantage - Amazons were bigger, stronger, and smarter in every way and a Little had to really struggle just to get by. Not all Littles loved the idea, but Amazons had a need that most of them couldn't fulfill.. they needed someone to love. They were just wired differently, they needed someone to care for and many of them were infertile... not so many that the species was in danger, but they weren't going to overrun the globe due to unchecked population growth either. But one thing that was near-universal to Amazons was a desire to care for a tiny, helpless life. And Littles generally fit the bill. Other islands had barbaric laws, where Littles could literally be captured off the street and forced into babyhood... Gaule was different. Cammi hadn't worked in years, she had sold paintings for a while after Jo adopted her, but Joanna had continued to climb the corporate ladder and eventually it was just easier for Cammi to do nothing at all, well... nothing productive. She had been a mural painter when she was still Independent.. that was how the two had met, she had been painting a nursery for one of Jo's friends... and then she got a gig at Jo's office, and they just hit it off. The pair of them were two peas in a pod, and were madly in love within the year and had been inseparable ever since. It hadn't been Cammi's plan in life to get Adopted... she had slid gradually into babying, one little step at a time. At first it had been Little silverware, then a bib, then a sippy cup... and every little step into regression had made Jo so happy and Cammi so comfortable... before long she was diapered and cuddled, and she never wanted to look back. Cammi hadn't used a toilet in years and honestly couldn't if she had the opportunity to now, it made Jo feel complete to care for her love in every way. Some Littles thought the Adopted lifestyle was strange and demeaning... Cammi maintained that they didn't know what they were missing. "Camille," an Amazon caretaker frowned at the bouncing girl, speaking softly, "You got put in there because you were too energetic, now you're keeping your neighbors awake? What am I going to do with you?" "Sorry Miss Adele," Cammi said sadly, looking down for a moment and rubbing her index fingers together in a contrite gesture. She waited just a moment... and looked up again, a pout on her lips and her eyelashes batting. The reaction from Adele was immediate and obvious... Cammi could practically hear the younger woman's ovaries cry out. A split second later, Cammi was out of the crib and in Adele's arms. Amazon's just couldn't help themselves, and a clever Little knew how to exploit those urges. "How could anyone stay mad at you?" she asked softly, carrying Cammi out of the Quiet Room, "You are just so darn cute! Your mommy is so lucky." Adele booped Cammi on the nose and the Little grinned. "But, my little cutie, you're driving everyone crazy today." "I'm sorry, mommy and I are-" "Going on vacation, yes, I know. Happy Anniversary for the tenth time today, you silly Little. But seriously, what are we going to do with you? You won't sit still for naptime... " "That was my third nap!" Cammi said defensively, "Nobody can take three naps in one day except Paul." "Well we need something to keep you occupied! We have ten Littles and three Amazons, if you're eating up a third of the caretakers' attention, that's not fair to the other Littles." "Have you ever been to another dimension?" Cammi asked, ignoring Adele's perfectly reasonable logic entirely. "No, sweetie.. very few Amazons get to do that in Gaule, we have incredibly strict rules on dimensional travel... The main reason for traveling is getting yourself a Little! You'll have to tell me what it's like." "Oh I will," Cammi promised, "I just wish I had a better idea of what it would be like. Mommy says she picked a place on a tropical coast, she's actually going to get to relax for a change. There aren't too many tropical cities in our whole world, it's hard to even imagine!" Adele just shook her head, Camille was incorrigible and everyone knew it. "Here, hold this," she said, handing Cammi off to Louis and walking back into the quiet room. "Louis," Cammi started, "Have you ever been to another dimension?" He looked toward the Quiet Room door... and realized the stunt Adele had just pulled. "You and your questions!" Louis laughed, "You asked me this same question this morning, and what did I say?" "You said the same thing everyone says! How is it that we've had dimensional travel for years but no one has ever used it?" "Silly Little, we learned quickly that very few dimensions out there had anything worth seeing.. except for cute Littles like you! The portals are pretty much only used by countries with fewer laws about Little protection and only to bring Portal Littles back here to be cute little babies like you. Now, I have Littles to change," he stated, ignoring her question but giving her diaper a squeeze, "And you aren't one of them. How about you sit down and color a picture for your mommy, and I come find you when your friends have fresh diapers?" "Yes, Mister Louis," Cammi said sullenly as he sat her down in a highchair and gave her a coloring book and a box of crayons. She flipped through the book and found a page that had a picture of a tropical beach and set to coloring. The workers knew to always give her the big box of Little-hand sized crayons, she was still quite a talented artist and even when the medium was crayons on lineart, she inevitably made something beautiful... and it would keep her occupied for a good long time, whenever she was engaging in something artistic, she turned into a little perfectionist. After a while Cammi had entirely lost track of time and was startled when she heard a voice commenting on her work. "That is really beautiful," the older man's soft voice was soothing and wonderful. "You always make the most beatiful pictures, Cammi." "Julien!" Cammi squealed, "Have you ever been to another dimension?" She was sure she hadn't asked him yet. Julien laughed, the man was slightly older than Joanna and was friendly to a fault. He was the darling of the daycare (as far as Amazons went) and ever Little loved him. He was always patient and kind, and had lots of knowledge to share. "No, Little Camille... I've never been to another dimension, but I've met many people who have," he pulled her out of the highchair and sat down on the floor, placing the Little in his lap, "Would you like to talk about it?" "Yes please," Cammi batted her eyelashes at Julien, who only chuckled. "Well, when I was younger, I travelled a lot. I've been to every island in Europa," he was quite proud of this, and it showed as he spoke, "And while Littles are treated fairly and equally here, there are many places where that isn't true, as you know." "Oh, I know - it's why mommy and I have never gone on vacation anywhere else! Nowhere is safe enough, she says." "And she's right, you're too cute, Little one. But I've met many Portal Littles in my travels, brought from worlds where they thought they were Amazons, like in the movies." "They really come here thinking they're the same?" "They do," Julien assured her, "They often think they're better than the Amazons who bring them... but what's interesting is-" "Camille!" Miss Adele's voice rang out from across the room, and Cammi looked at the clock. 5:30! It was time for mommy to come get her. "Sorry Mister Julien!" she cried as she scrambled out of his lap and ran to the gate. "I gotta go!" Julien wasn't upset, of course, he was quite used to Cammi and her excitable attitudes. He waved to her as he picked himself up off the ground, shaking his head. "Mommy!" Camille bounced at the gate. There was Joanna in all her splendor, the intimidating lines of her suit as sharp as ever. "I missed you! I can't wait to go on vacation! We're going now, right!" "She's a bit excited," Adele smiled as she opened the gate and watched Cammi tackle the love of her life's legs. "You don't say," Jo laughed, picking up the Little girl - anyone who watched the two of them together knew that Jo was a big softie, but that was not her reputation in the professional world. She had gotten to where she was because she was intimidating and ruthless... but all of that got set aside the instant she was with her precious Little girl. "Yes sweetling, our bags are packed. You're going to be one of the first Littles ever through the portal. Isn't that exciting?" "Oh, I can't wait mommy, I've never been anywhere tropical before. Will there be tropical birds? And tropical fish? And we'll go swimming?" "Yes to all of those things, my precious girl," Jo answered. Adele shook her head, the Little was spoiled beyond belief and the woman swore that she delighted in asking the same question over and over. She had witnessed essentially this same exchange when Cammi had been dropped off that morning. Cammi was a handful, but she had a heart as big as the world. She would be missed while they were gone... but the entire daycare would also enjoy the brief peace. All three of the regular caretakers expected a very sedate week without Calamity Cammi. "Come sweetling, the beach awaits," Jo smiled to Adele and carried her Little away to the car. "Bye Miss Adele! Bye Mister Julien! Bye Mister Louis!" the Little waved frantically as Jo walked them out, but the instant they were out the door, she was practically vibrating with excitement. "I want to swim, and look at fish, and touch a starfish, and eat a coconut, and... " She rambled for quite a while, and Joanna was very happy listening to her Little's excitement.
  20. Hello friends, this is a repost - I was going to fill in the old thread that still had some of the comments, but that was deleted completely recently. So here we go. I'll be posting 2-3 chapters per day to allow for discussion (it'll be new for some people). When the story is done, I'll share a brand new one! ----------------------------- "No, Aimee, for the millionth time, I won't diaper you. You're my roommate, not my baby. I'm sorry your job sucks, but do you really want to just throw away your adulthood?" Fiona was exasperated at her roommate's constant attempts to get her to Amazon-up and baby her. She kept finding Little goods catalogs casually left around the apartment, showing happy Amazon mommies cuddling their fully-grown adult Littles. They watched the news together, they both knew how bad it could be on other islands. Catalon, for example, didn't even see Littles as persons. They were second-class citizens at best, pets at worst. No Little there went undiapered. Here on Gaule things were drastically different. Gaule still had a thriving native Little population, most of them fully functioning adults."Fiona, c'mon.. we've known each other forever. You can't honestly say you haven't wanted to see me in a diaper, even one time?" Aimee blinked her long black eyelashes at her roommate. She had her blonde hair in ringlets and was wearing a pink t-shirt with Tinkerbell on it, Patron Saint of Diapered Littles, under her shortalls. She purposefully dressed in a way that made her cute and vulnerable. She had the blonde hair and blue eyes that most Amazons prized, but Fiona just wouldn't budge."I can honestly say I have never wanted to see you in a diaper, you silly Little. If you want to be adopted that badly, why don't you just go stand in the middle of a store and pee yourself?" Fiona folded her arms across her chest, covering up the TARDIS on her worn t-shirt. She leaned away slightly from her pushy roomie."Owie," Aimee frowned, "I don't want just anyone, Fi.. if I did that, who knows what would happen. I could end up in an orphanage or something, I don't want that. And my job sucks more than you can even imagine. And it's not like you need my help to pay the rent! You just got promoted AGAIN." Fiona would be the perfect mommy, Aimee just knew it. She knew that if she could just get her friend to buckle once, to see how wonderful it was to snuggle someone who needed you, everything would just fall into place. She stared up into her friend's green eyes, reaching up and flipping her tight brown ponytail. Fiona hated makeup and her long hair, she'd shave it off if she could, but she needed it in her climb to the top at work."I have zero interest in taking care of someone's diapers, and you're an adult. You're my friend. We play games and watch movies. And yes, I got promoted but that doesn't mean you can just give up on being an adult. How is your job that bad?""I'm a greeter, Fiona. A greeter. I greet people. I stand on top of a big platform in a cutesy costume and I welcome people into the store. For eight hours. Each day. I already wear diapers at the store, they're not a big deal. They're actually really comfy. I hate changing myself though, and I hate using our stupid giant toilet here." Fiona didn't mind all the Little-aid devices that were around the house that allowed Aimee to live a normal, adult life. The ladder on the toilet didn't seem like it would be that bad to her."Tough nuggets, Aims. I'm not changing your diapers, you aren't my Little. If you're so keen on being a baby, why haven't you put out an ad or gotten adopted by someone while you're on the job?""Oh yeah, I want someone I don't know, or someone who works at the same awful store as I do as my mommy. No. My badge says clearly that I'm licensed, nobody can claim me without my permission. I give you permission!" Aimee flung herself into Fiona's arms, knocking Fiona's controller out of her hands, clutching at her shirt and clinging to her."Ugh," Fiona pushed the Little back onto her own couch cushion, "For the last time, no. And it's your turn to cook tonight. Finish your move in the game and go start dinner while I take my turn.""It's not fair," Aimee whined, turning back to the TV and picking up her controller, "I thought all you Amazons had crazy hormones that made you want to baby cute Littles like me." Aimee put in her orders, instructing her civilization that all Littles should be diapered no matter what, which caused her international reputation to plummet. She ended up making choices like these in most of the games they played, Littles ended up diapered like it was the way things were supposed to be. Fiona thought her dear friend should probably visit a therapist to talk about it, but any time she pressed the issue, things went very badly."You're not as cute as you think," Fiona tickled her roommate as she delivered the joke, "And who would honestly want to wipe someone else's butt? I've never understood it.""You're supposed to want to, we're supposed to be irresistible. I know it's not me, I get asked to come home with a customer at least once a week," Aimee sighed, knowing not to push this too far, Fiona would get really upset if anyone implied she was abnormal, "I just wish you wanted me that way, Fi. You're really great." Fiona allowed Aimee to lay her blonde curls across her Amazon lap. Aimee finished her turn from this odd angle, it didn't matter that they watched each others' turns - they always had it set so they were in a permanent alliance. It was always the two of them against the world.With a dramatic sigh, Aimee put the controller down on the coffee table and trudged to the kitchen. Aimee was actually a really good cook, she had this knack for knowing exactly what spices and what proportions to use, she never used a cookbook or a recipe. Tonight was chicken enchiladas, one of Fiona's absolute favorite of Aimee's dishes. Fiona chose to dream of her wonderful, gooey, cheesy chicken delights rather than focusing on how Aimee was getting incredibly pushy again. She hadn't pushed this hard in a while, things must actually be pretty rough at her job. The last time she got in a big fight at work, before she changed jobs, Aimee had actually started having "accidents" in the apartment, but Fiona had made it clear that she was either to take care of her own diapers or find another place to live. They'd been friends forever, but she just wasn't going to deal with that. Aimee's bladder control returned miraculously shortly afterward.Aimee was right, they didn't need her money to pay for anything in the apartment. Fiona had just made VP at work and money was not an issue.. but she really, truthfully had no interest in owning a Little. She never had, no one in her family did. She had grown up very nearby a Little community and had been friends with many in her youth, the thought of treating her good friend like a baby was just weird. She didn't understand why anyone would want it at all. Littles were adults, they weren't as smart or as strong as an Amazon, but they grew up and learned things and had thoughts and feelings just like anyone. They could be productive members of society, they could fall in love. Not that Fiona understood a lot about love, either.She focused on her turn, using her civilization to make peace on behalf of their alliance. The President of her democratic government was a Little, and had to spend a lot of time explaining her backwards partner's anti-Little attitudes. Honestly, it made the game more challenging. Fiona hated it when they teamed up and the game was too easy, she may as well just play solitaire. But she got to build up her military to defend Aimee's borders and work out the diplomacy, while at the same time protecting her own Littles from the worldwide attitude shift that Aimee's civ caused.Dinner was wonderful as always, Aimee put Fiona's own culinary skills completely to shame. The spanish rice and black beans were perfect. Fiona took just a moment to wipe the footprints off the countertops, it was totally and completely worth it. As was the deal, Fiona took care of all of the dishes on Aimee's night to cook. She helped Aimee down from her Littles chair and took her cartoonish pony plate and rubber fork. Aimee bought those with her own money, she wasn't going to make her get rid of them. If Aimee really wanted to wear diapers and be a baby, that was fine.. as long as she did her share of the chores, kept cooking her wonderful meals, and took care of her own diapers. In fairness, Aimee's share of the chores was smaller. She had to go to extra effort to make meals large enough to satisfy Fiona's Amazonian hunger so Fiona took care of the majority of the chores in general, especially the ones that would require more strength than Aimee had. Fiona took care of most of the dishes and the garbage, Aimee did a lot of the cooking and always took care of her own laundry.As usual, the pair stayed up a little bit too late playing their game. Aimee fell asleep on the couch during a particularly difficult turn for Fiona, who carried her off to bed and tucked her in. Aimee had to struggle very hard not to smile as her giant friend carried her, cradled in her strong arms. She "fell asleep" like this quite often, she'd hate to tip off Fiona that it wasn't always real. Being carried was addictive though, Fiona was always so careful, so gentle. Before leaving the Little's bedroom with its tiny furniture, she shook her head as she picked up a fallen pacifier and dropped it on Aimee's desk. She slipped out quietly and closed the door, then closed the smaller, Little door as well with a soft click.Fiona was pretty sure that her Little friend's longing was just a "grass is always greener" situation, she wouldn't actually like life as a babified Little. And even though she had mentioned it, she would be heartbroken if an Amazon came and took her best friend away from her. Somehow she didn't think she'd be able to go have video game playdates as a visitor in a nursery. She sighed as she climbed into her own normal-sized bed, fully expecting to wake up to Aimee snuggled in her arms in the morning. The thought brought a smile. They were best friends, but Fiona really did love Aimee in a way. She wasn't exactly sure in what way, and she wouldn't ever call the feeling "love", but she knew it was there.Her thoughts turned to the stresses of her new position. She was rubbing elbows with a different class of people now, there was a big difference between being a Senior Director in the firm and a Vice-President. Tomorrow was the start of her second week in her new office on the 14th floor, and she was still finding her footing. She wasn't used to having a secretary or having to talk to people outside the firm as part of the job. It was a new skill set she was having to hone. She had the knowledge and the expertise from the internal-facing side, but she had to succeed in this external interfacing capacity if she were going to continue her climb. It had been a long, hard road but she hadn't reached the peak yet. And she wasn't going to give that dream up for anything. Fiona was on a path to make her mark on the whole world, not just to help bring products to the market that made Little lives easier in Gaule, she wanted to reach a position where she could help Native Littles everywhere. Chapter Two Aimee struggled down from the booster seat in the back seat of the car and let herself out. She crossed in front of Fiona's car and waved to her friend to let her know she was okay. Aimee still had to go put on her uniform, it was in the breakroom with her work diapers. Fiona waved back, her hair coiffed perfectly and her dark blue suit immaculate. A gold bracelet glinted on Fiona's wrist as she waved, and then she was gone. Off to live the life of someone with power, while Aimee struggled into her diaper and her hated costume to stand and wave at people who barely paid her any mind. She wished that Fiona would change her mind, even if it was just for a week, and let her be the baby. Stay home, watch TV, snuggle... it sounded amazing. The ultimate vacation, free from all cares and worries, she wouldn't have to do anything at all..."Hey mascot," the voice snapped her back to reality. Kurt. "Need help getting into your diapers?""Kurt, that sounds suspiciously like sexual harassment to me, do I need to go talk with Helen again?" Aimee whirled on him, hands on her hips. Kurt was a jerk, he was only a couple of feet taller than her. He was one of those In-Betweeners who made themselves feel better by being mean to Littles, he was the personification of the idiom 'Shit rolls downhill'. His greasy brown mop hung down into his eyes and his face was broken out in blemishes, he just didn't seem to care enough to take care of himself. He wore the standard uniform, black slacks with a brown collared shirt. He leered at her as he responded."Offering to help a Little into a diaper isn't sexual harassment any more than offering to help a fish flopping on the ground back into the water. You know where you belong, baby girl. Like all Littles, you're just waiting for the right Amazon to scoop you up and whisk you off to a life of bottles and diapers. Everyone knows you like your work uniform.""Go fuck yourself, Kurt," the Little stormed off toward the employee ready area, Kurt couldn't see the tears in her eyes as she left. What hurt the most was that he was right, though. If Fiona offered to sweep her away to a life of cribs and bottles, she'd take it with glee. It was her favorite fantasy. But Kurt made her feel like she was betraying Littles everywhere just by having these feelings.Being Little in an Amazon's world sucks, why shouldn't I want to be cared for and loved? Work sucks, having to struggle to climb everything sucks, finding transportation sucks. Why is it so wrong to want Fiona to just pick me up and carry me? If diapers go with that, fine by me - they're cute and comfy anyway. She was consumed by her thoughts as she locked the door of the employee ready room and stripped. I should probably go to the bathroom first, she thought - she almost always did that first, but Kurt threw her routine off. She laid down and powdered herself as best she could, pulling the medical-looking plain white diaper up between her legs and fastening the tapes. She'd be standing up on the greeting platform for the next eight hours with only a few breaks and the bathroom was on the other side of the store. She had learned quickly that if she spent her break time using the bathroom... she never got a break.Aimee toddled out of the ready room in her neck-to-toe teddy bear costume, the round ear headband atop her blonde curls. The original costume had a head, but they found the customers responded much better to Aimee's bouncing locks, so the manager modified it. They'd actually done an empirical study and discovered that Aimee provided a not insignificant boost in sales when she was the greeter... but they didn't tell her that, of course."Hey Aimee," Helen's voice came from behind Aimee as she toddled toward the front of the store, "Need a lift?""Sure, I'd like that," Aimee agreed, raising her arms. She liked being carried in general, especially when she was having trouble getting around like she did in the bear costume. Helen was a true giantess, too - she was easily a foot taller than the average Amazon, so Aimee felt delightfully small in her arms. Helen scooped her up and smiled down at her as she walked toward the front of the store. "Are you okay? You look a little upset.""You mean I look like an upset Little," Aimee joked, "Kurt was just being a jerk, saying stuff about how Littles belong in diapers, his usual stuff. It just got to me today.""I can talk to him if you'd like," Helen offered, smiling down at Aimee. She had thought about offering to adopt Aimee before, but she had never worked up the courage. Aimee already had to deal with wearing diapers as part of her job, she probably hated the idea of being babied, or so Helen thought. She carried Aimee in one arm and ran her fingers through her short-cut blonde hair. She had brown eyes to Aimee's blue, but they were similar enough in complexion that you could believe for a moment that Aimee was really Helen's relative. "He's got to stop picking on you, it's unprofessional.""Thanks, Helen.. but no," Aimee declined as Helen placed her on the platform above the carts at the front of the store, "I'll handle it. I'll try not to let him get me down. Thanks for looking out for me.""Any time, Aimee. You're a good friend to me," Helen smiled warmly at the Little dressed as a teddy bear, but Aimee didn't pick up on the sad longing that hid just behind that smile."You're a great friend too, Helen," she waved as her giant friend walked away. She turned toward the people walking into the store and shouted, "Welcome to Sir Bearington's! Be sure to check out our special on Little ladders! They're beary great!"* * *Fiona pulled the sedan into her designated parking spot, close to the building. Of all the small perks that came with the new title, the reserved spot was one she enjoyed quite a lot. Her car looked a bit out of place, a simple Honda sandwiched in between a pair of BMWs. She didn't have much practice at being one of the "fancy people", but this was part of the game you had to play if you wanted enough power to make a real difference. She'd have to upgrade her car soon, after another month or two in her new job. Fiona hated buying things on credit, she had an old-fashioned philosophy of wanting pay for things outright and not be beholden to anyone.She smoothed a wrinkle from her skirt as she slid out of the car, grabbing her briefcase from the passenger seat. She sighed at the cheeseburger wrappers Aims had left in the back seat, she'd have to get her Little roommate to clean those up, she couldn't afford the hit to her image at work. They'd just have to excuse her for now, the booster seat would provide all the explanation she needed for the moment. The elevator ride to the 14th floor was pleasant, if a little lonely.. as Senior Director she mingled with her product team a lot, now that she was VP she was a little isolated up there with the executives, but this still felt like the right move."Good morning, Miss Marr," Carol's voice floated across the office as soon as Fiona stepped out of the elevator. This was the hardest thing for her get used to, having a dedicated assistant. She and several other Directors had shared an office assistant before, so it wasn't the fact that her only job was to help out.. it was just that Carol's only duty at all was to help Fiona. Carol was a little bit older than Fiona, but not by much. Today she was wearing a classic red blouse with a lovely gold necklace that matched her gold hoops, her earlobes exposed by her high braided honey brown hair. She was an earth tone and her makeup was perfect with just a touch of eye shadow ad the faintest gloss on her lips. Carol was an expert at wearing just enough makeup to look like she wasn't wearing any at all."Good morning, Carol. But please, call me Fiona," Fiona reminded her gently. She'd been with the company for a long time, almost as long as I had, but always as an executive assistant."Right, sorry Miss M... Fiona," Carol was very good at her job, but old habits die hard, "Your 11 AM called, Mr. Whitmore, he can't come to the office for the meeting today but he said he'd be happy to meet with you at the club."The club, Fiona cursed in her head. She didn't have a membership yet, but she knew she'd need one eventually. Osmium was an fairly exclusive club that many of the movers-and-shakers she'd need to interface with belonged to. A lot of business was done there, and getting on the membership roll was on Fiona's to do list. It was looking like that one would get crossed off sooner rather than later."Please confirm with Mr. Whitmore, I'll be happy to meet him at Osmium," she smiled to Carol as she strode into her office, but she wasn't exactly happy. "Please move my 1 o'clock to allow for travel time." Carol chirped a confirmation, the one PM was an internal briefing, it could wait. Getting Mr. Whitmore's agency to approve the new designs for the Little Pilot seat her team was working on for testing by actual Littles. The design was revolutionary, it used a low-latency neural interface that when installed and configured would allow a Little to drive a full sized car with no further modifications. Littles could technically drive currently, but not all roads had a Little lane, and it was still very dangerous for them, most Littles relied on ride-shares which had their own risks, or public transportation. This would give Littles worldwide more freedom than they had had... well, possibly ever. Lawrence Whitmore was the head of the LPSA, the Littles Product Safety Administration, and Fiona needed his agency to sign off on the testing before they could go any further. It wouldn't be easy due to the social ramifications of the new product, and getting to Mr. Whitmore himself was the fastest strategy.Fiona sat down at her desk and started with the emails that had piled up overnight. She knew the morning would fly by in no time and she'd have to be on her way to the club, she'd need time to do the membership application.. there was no time to waste.* * *Greeting felt like such a waste of time. She just said the same thing over and over - it could be done by a robot, why did they want an actual Little in a bear costume shouting at customers?"Oh my, the cute mascot is working again today," she heard a passing Amazon remark. "I like her much better than the one with the bear mask, she's so adorable! Did you see her ringlets.. " the conversation faded as they walked away, but Aimee felt good. She liked knowing that people thought she was cute. Of course, most of the Little customers didn't seem to approve of her getup, neither the ones who walked in of their own will nor the ones riding in the front of a cart, sucking on a pacifier. She watched jealously as an Amazon mommy pushed a Little girl into the store, the girl had very similar ringlets to Aimee's own. If only that were Fiona and me, she daydreamed for a moment, a dream of Fiona pushing her in a cart like that.. leaning forward and squeezing her diaper and remarking how she would need to be changed soon.."Gaule to Aimee," Kurt's voice shattered her daydream into a million pieces, "Helen's been calling you on the intercom, dummy. Walk your bear butt to her office and then take your break.""Ugh," she groaned, "Thanks Kurt," she said grudgingly as he helped her down off the platform."Sure thing, squirt. Hey, sorry I was rough on you this morning. I.. had a bad night," he walked off before she could respond, but any kind of apology was nice. Aimee wondered if Helen had said something to him. Waddling to the manager's office in a wet diaper and a bear costume took forever, she wondered if she'd have any break time at all when this was done."Great job representing us Littles," a Little man in a t-shirt and jeans said snidely as she passed, "I can smell your piss from here." Aimee blushed and hurried on, she knew she should have gone before putting the costume on, she was wetter than usual for this time of day and the medical grade diapers the company provided weren't the best, it was barely 11 AM - there was still a lot of time left in the workday. By the time she made it to Helen's office, she was fighting tears, feeling betrayed by her own desires. Yes, she was wearing the diaper for the job... but she'd gladly let Fiona diaper her for real, all she had to do was ask. It felt like her fellow Littles could see that hidden desire, and they hated her for her traitorous feelings.She pushed open the Little-sized door cut out in the larger door to the manager's office and closed it quietly behind her."Helen? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you calling me over the intercom, I was shouting at people to buy ladders," Aimee walked into the office looking for her giant boss, faking a smile, "What's up?""Aimee," Helen smiled from the enormous desk. She got up from her seat and crouched down to be "on the level", as they said. "I have great news! You're Employee of the Month! We've gotten so many compliments on your greeting that they're giving you a $100 gift card to the store as thanks. And I get to give it to you," Helen beamed a genuine smile at Aimee as she handed over the card in a gold holder. "Great job, Aimee. Your picture will be up in the entrance this month. Congratulations!""Wow," Aimee stammered a bit, genuinely surprised, "Thanks Helen, I had no idea I was even being considered!""Take an extra ten minutes on your break and keep up the good work, Aimee." Helen was genuinely proud of the Little, and it took everything she had not to scoop her up and give her a big hug. The smile on the girl's face lit up Helen's entire world. Every fiber of her being screamed at her to sweep up this cute thing and snuggle her, to feed her and protect her and never let anything make her sad ever again. She had really laid into Kurt this morning, she watched him like a hawk for a screw-up and nailed him to the wall for it. Something about Aimee brought out every Amazon instinct in Helen.. and it took incredible willpower to keep that in check, especially because she already knew that this wonderful Little was already diapered, and probably wet too.Aimee felt light as a feather as she headed back to the ready room to stash her giftcard and change her diaper, when she felt a hand on her shoulder."Oh, what a cute Little, where's your mommy?" the woman asked, bending over Aimee in a way that was intended to intimidate her. Her accent said clearly that she wasn't from around here, "Your diapee smells so wet, Little one. Let's get you to your mommy so you can be changed.""Back off, lady," Aimee said grumpily, holding up her employee badge, "It says clearly that I'm licensed. I'm on my way to change right now, thank you very much.""Oh," the woman practically hissed as she stormed away, "You shouldn't send false signals, brat. This island is so backwards, it's ridiculous.""Have a nice day," Aimee called after her in her most pleasant tone, but more quietly added, "I hope you trip and break a bone." She was grateful for her license, it kept her from being scooped up by just anyone... there was only one woman she wanted as her mommy. And she doesn't want me, Aimee thought bitterly to herself as she reached the ready room, ...yet, she finished the thought with a smile. Chapter Three Fiona's car was sorely out of place in the sea of Audis, BMWs, and Lexuses as she parked in the guest lot of Osmium. The grounds were enormous and the clubhouse was austere and intimidating. On her way up the stairs to the entrance, she passed a man in a power suit with a red tie talking on his phone as a Little in a poofy princess dress ran to keep up with him, the lead to her reins held in his left hand. She shook her head, feeling badly for the poor Little. This was the kind of thing she was out to fix."Good morning, ma'am," she was greeted warmly by a man in a black turtleneck behind a counter. He was balding on top, his hair shaved short to hide it, "Can I help you?""Yes, I'm a bit early for my meeting with Mr. Whitmore. I don't suppose you could help me with a membership application?" I smiled warmly to him as I strode over to the counter."Of course, madam," the man smiled pleasantly, but didn't move an inch, "I just need to know the name of your sponsor and the name, gender, and age range of your Little." The sponsor she had expected, she already worked it out with her boss that she would use his name.. the part about the Little was a surprise."Dean Jackstone is my sponsor," she smiled, handing him a card with perfect confidence."Mr. Jackstone, really! Oh he is a fine member, quite well-liked," he took the card, his demeanor warming, they went through the initial paperwork and were just about done when he asked, "And your Little?""I don't have a Little currently," Fiona stated this quite matter-of-factly."I'm afraid all members must have a Little, Miss Marr. It's part of the club bylaws. I'll be happy to let you in today for your meeting with Mr. Whitmore, but just for today. Only members are allowed is Osmium, and they expect all members to support our care facility for Littles. Adopt yourself a Little and we'll finish your application. I'm sure you could have one today in your position." He sounded a little jealous.Ugh, I don't even want a Little, what am I going to do about this membership? Fiona wondered to herself as she entered the club proper. The entire right wall of the club was glass, looking down into a giant plastic jungle. Dozens of Littles ran and played in there, obvious diapers on display. Fiona shook her head, this is what she was trying to fight, not trying to encourage. The man from the desk led her deeper into the club, she was in what looked like a large restaurant, waiters bustled about, various bigwigs were dining or drinking. Littles were obviously meant to be seen and not heard in this part of the club, the few that were in the dining area had auto-feeder pacifier-bottles strapped to their faces for their meals, or were otherwise silenced by breasts or restraining pacifiers. All conversation was done in hushed tones, silence was apparently golden.The balding man led her to a back corner, what looked like private booths.. each booth had its own curtain. She was asked to wait while he peeked into a curtain, she only waited a moment, he returned and motioned for her to enter the right side of the curtained booth. Lawrence Whitmore, a very large, very wide man sat across from her. He had tiny, round glasses perched on his nose.. they had to be for show, it was very rare that someone who needed vision correction had a condition that couldn't be solved with an easy surgery. He had a pencil-thin black mustache and a dusting of gray hair on top of his head. The position of his bushy white eyebrows indicated that he was in a serious mood at the moment."Miss Marr," he greeted me. His booth was lavish, the seats were a soft leather and there was plenty of room between the seat and the table. There was a Little in the corner, strapped into a booster seat with his elbows secured to the table, his hands forced to hold a bottle that he sucked from, his eyes closed. He was dressed in shortalls with a blue shirt underneath.. why in the world would Aimee want that? "You've got quite an interesting project that you're working on. Do you really think Littles can be trusted to drive?" He looked pointedly at his captive Little."The majority of Gaule's Littles are perfectly capable, Mr. Whitmore. They have jobs, they pay taxes, and they are perfectly capable adults. It's true that there are some Littles who shouldn't be driving," I smile at his Little, hating myself just a bit, "but I doubt any Amazon is going to allow their diapered Little to get a license, unless you intend for Little... ""Rusty," Lawrence smiled, with what looked like genuine love."Little Rusty here to chauffeur you?" Fiona finished with a smirk, hating herself just a bit more. The mental image caused the large businessman to laugh heartily, and Rusty blushed deeply, looking very much like he wished the world would swallow him whole. "We both know that Littles are big business, both in diapers and in the workforce. And giving them this mobility will increase their employability and thus their spending. I know I'll be making some strategic investments when this product is ready for market... " she finished with a sly smile.A waiter came and took their order - Fiona hadn't really intended to eat here, but Lawrence insisted. Fiona kept herself to a simple club sandwich and chips, Lawrence had quite a large steak with all the trimmings. She stayed and ate lunch with him and they talked stocks and sports while he spoonfed his Little some of what looked like yogurt. Rusty still hadn't spoken a word. This meeting was running much longer than she had intended, Fiona was very glad she had already asked Carol to move her 1 PM."You've definitely piqued my interest," Lawrence turned back to Fiona's original topic after the meal was concluded. "Unfortunately, I'm out of time for today. Would you be willing to meet me here again on Thursday? I want to review your plans personally, have you explain them, and if I'm satisfied I will personally promote your Little Pilot to the department.""That is exactly what I was hoping to hear, Mr. Whitmore," I smiled, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Rusty." His Little blushed and hid his face in his still-secured hands, which caused Lawrence to laugh. Fiona slid out of the booth with her briefcase and made her way for the exit, pondering the best way to secure her membership...* * *It was like Amazons were all members of the same club, they all seemed to have the same jokes. Aimee had just heard the, "Oh she'd look cuter in a crib," joke for the hundredth time today, but nothing was going to get her down. She was Employee of the Month and it felt great. All the cooing and fawning over her, the not even whispered questions about whether or not she was diapered under the costume only reinforced the fact that she was desirable goods to Aimee. Fiona should be begging to change her diaper! She was so cute, she was the Little every Amazon wanted, it just didn't make sense. They had been best friends forever, why didn't Fiona want to take things to the next level? Aimee shook the thoughts away, focusing on the crowd."Good afternoon sir," she greeted a Little as he walked in, "Welcome to Sir Bearington's!""Thanks," he said gruffly, grabbing a cart and heading inside."Hello pretty lady," she smiled and batted her eyes at an incoming Amazon, she didn't have a Little but seemed like the type who wanted one. She wore a simple blue dress and sandals, and had a lovely blue leather purse that matched her outfit. "Welcome to Sir Bearington's!""Oh my goodness, aren't you the cutest thing?" the Amazon cooed up at her on her platform. "Does your mommy work here, sweetie?"Normally this sort of thing annoyed Aimee a bit, but she was feeling so good today. Knowing that Helen and the company appreciated her work made all the difference in the world and she was feeling really good about greeting people. The whole day just felt brighter after the lunch break, which she spent a good chunk of the time staring at the gold envelope. She wasn't even sure what she wanted to buy with it."No pretty lady," she smiled, wishing she could curl a finger through her hair.. but all she had was a bear paw, "I don't have a mommy, I'm licensed.""Oh, such a shame. A cute little thing like you shouldn't have to work, although you're doing a wonderful job!"I know, right? Aimee agreed silently. I shouldn't have to work, I'm cute! "Thank you ma'am," Aimee smiled, "I like my job though and my Amazon bestie would be disappointed in me if I gave it up." The first half of the sentence would have been a lie just this morning, but Aimee was feeling really good about the job today, it was silly what a big difference a gesture of thanks had on the attitude."Well, not everyone can have the right opinion on what a cute thing like you should be doing with her time, I suppose," the lady smiled, "If you were my Little, I'd never let you go.""Aww, that's nice," Aimee smiled, knowing full well that the nicest gesture from the nicest Amazon could just be a trap. Once a Little was adopted, there was no way out. You only wanted to enter that kind of relationship if you knew you wanted it to be forever... like it should be with Fiona. Wonderful Fiona, Aimee fawned, who would never hurt me or make me do anything unfun. This lady seemed nice, but for all Aimee knew, she was a total sadist with a fully decked out punishment nursery waiting. Some Littles liked that, after all... Aimee, not so much."Would you like to go to dinner with me sometime, cutie?" The Amazon flashed an amazingly white smile.. it was dazzling."I uh.. " Aimee was sorely tempted, dating an Amazon while licensed was mostly safe, as long as she didn't get full-on kidnapped. This lady didn't seem like the predatory type..."Aimee," Helen's voice came from behind her, "I need your help with something. Are you available?" Helen had been watching this whole scene unfold and a cold fear gripped her heart. She couldn't bear to see Aimee get abducted, sometimes the nicest-seeming Amazons were the craziest ones. This particular lady looked like the type who wouldn't give Helen the time of day, so she was immediately distrustful. Amazon women tended not to like Helen, or so she felt, because she was so big and tall. She didn't have many friends in school and she was often ostracized as awkward. This lady seemed like the sort that would have picked on her back then. For all her trepidation regarding females, Amazon males were even worse. It was extremely rare that she could find one as tall as she was, and no one seemed to want to date someone taller than them. It severely limited Helen's fashion choices, and she was quite jealous of the lady's chunky-heeled sandals. Adding even a few inches to Helen's already above average height was awful, but she wanted to wear cute shoes too."I gotta go, sorry," Aimee excused herself and climbed down from the platform. Helen desperately wanted to scoop up Aimee and hold her close, but she had to show the lady that Aimee was a strong and independent Little, even helping her down from the platform would only encourage her to pursue. The woman lingered as Aimee toddled over to Helen. "What's up, boss?" she asked cheerfully.Helen gestured for Aimee to follow and walked slowly away from the woman, trying to think up some excuse for why she needed Aimee. She hadn't at all, but the thought of Aimee going out with that... temptress sent her into a complete panic."I um," Helen hesitated, "It's stupid, but I can't get my computer to respond." The lie was plausible, Aimee wasn't a tech wizard or anything, but she knew her way around. Helen was no dummy either, but she could claim the problem was real and had fixed itself, "I was hoping you could poke at it. I have to get a report done today.""Sure thing, boss!" Aimee beamed, toddling along next to Helen at what was a painfully slow pace for her. Aimee was overjoyed at being asked to help, today was positively fantastic. The journey to the manager's office was a long one, and neither of them noticed the lady from the entrance casually following them, looking at merchandise here and there. She only gave up once the door to the manager's office was closed."Okay," Aimee said brightly, climbing up with a considerable degree of difficulty into Helen's chair. "Let's see what we can see." She tapped the screen and the keyboard and the computer sprung to life. Aimee did a couple of standard gestures and the computer responded correctly. "You say it was frozen?""Of course it's working now," Helen smiled nervously, a tell that she was lying - one she wasn't even aware she did, "Sorry for wasting your time, Aimee. Computers always seem to do this to me, they work fine as soon as I ask for help.""I hate that," Aimee commiserated, "Well, I guess I should get back to greeting people.""Actually," Helen said a little too quickly, "I was wondering if you could do some sorting for me. It'll probably take you the rest of the day, you'll be in the back so you can switch to your street clothes." Helen was really worried about that lady, she could be lurking around, just waiting for Aimee to return to the front and Helen to walk away. "Do you mind?""Of course not, I'm happy to help you however I can," Aimee hadn't really thought much about Helen, other than as the often-hated authority figure at work, but she felt really valued today and Helen was a big part of that. She wanted to make Helen happy, and it would be nice to get out of the uniform for a while. "I'll head to the ready room and go change, and meet you back here?""Well," Helen started and hesitated, "Would you mind if I carried you?" She was terrified that she was pushing her luck, most Littles would be incredibly offended at the question. "Just to save some time, err.. not that you're slow or anything, I just walk quite fast for an Amazon.""Sure! I don't mind, having short legs sucks," Aimee turned the chair and lifted her arms up, ready to be carried... and Helen felt weak in the knees. She shouldn't fantasize about an employee, but she really wanted this. She felt her cheeks grow warm as she picked Aimee up and placed her on one hip. Helen had never walked faster in her life, it was a speed-walk, it was almost a run. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she felt like she might faint. "Wow," Aimee remarked, "You really are fast! It must have been torture for you walking from the front, I'm sorry.""Oh, no.. it's no big deal," Helen stammered a bit. She would need to calm herself down actively while Aimee changed. "I don't mind, it's relaxing to walk at a slower pace. My sister says I need to slow down anyway."Helen leaned against the wall with a hand against her chest, steadying her breathing as Aimee went and changed. She hoped no one else was watching.
  21. “Has anyone given you a placement test yet?” Nerissa asked as she led the girl past the receiving desk. "Oh, um... no. I didn't know there was one?" Shannon said. She felt horribly dwarfed around the woman, especially with her this close. Shannon had been on earth until a few days ago, and she wasn’t sure if she still was on earth. Everything around her looked and seemed the same in terms of scenery, technology, language and human beings… BUT there was a glaring amount of cultural differences, mostly centered around people who were tall, the Amazons, and people who were not, like her - the littles. Shannon was 5 foot 6 inches tall a few days ago, and since coming ‘here’ she’d either shrunk or found out that her height was far down the low scale as whatever height she was now, Nerissa was 4 feet taller than her. There were lots of Amazons around, and more so then there were people her height. "No worries hun, just a mix up then. Come along with me and we'll get this all straightened out." It was Shannon’s first visit to the ‘wanderer home’. It was something she’d heard of that helped lost people who didn’t seem to be from this world. One scary thing she’d found since arriving was that the other’s her size seemed to blur the lines between children and adults. Leading the smaller girl into one of the back rooms of the group home, Nerissa indicated where some of the guest rooms were, as well as the bathroom and the kitchen, and finally, the classroom. There was a certain amount of acclimation that new arrivals to this world would need to do. The only problem was that the classroom was not encouraging. There were colorful desks arranged in lines, posters with educational values on the wall… and oddly, at the front of the class was a plastic child's potty, and to its side, a wooden stand with bottle. Shannon looked a bit confused, but otherwise remained silent--wanting to make a good impression. She’s spent the night before sleeping on a park bench. She didn’t want to mess this up. "...So um, do I just take a seat at one of the desks?" Nerissa shook her head no, having the girl stand at the front for a moment. She leaned against one of the desks and crossed her arms. "We came up with this test back when the wanderer home got popular. It’s a home for visitors, and not residents. Does that make sense?” “Um.. I guess, you mean it’s a place for those who aren’t native?” “Exactly, and I’m not sure if you’ve seen the boys and girls who look about your height, but there’s a lot of them who have a problem growing up.” Shannon gulped and nodded. She’d seen one or two at the park. They looked like big toddlers with their much taller parents treating them as such. “I’ve seen them, and I’m not like that.” Nerissa nodded. “Good, but that’s what the test will determine. In the past we’ve had a few runaways try to stay here and pretend they were from somewhere else. This test will help determine one very important factor.” “What’s that?” “Are you a big girl?" “Umm… do you mean like, physically or maturity? Because I’m not really as tall as you .. er.. obviously, but I’m an adult. I mean, I’m nearly 23, which is adult for where I’m from.” Nerissa nodded at the girl. “Allow me to rephrase, I forget to explain things to new girls at times. Are you a big girl, as in, are you potty trained?” That made Shannon blink. "Y-Yeah! I have been for years?" Shannon said, looking a little confused at what was a silly question to even bother asking. It made her think about the young adults she’d seen dressed strangely in the park. Were they potty trained? She got a little more nervous as being at the front of the room was... even though it was empty, it was stressful. Nerissa just grinned. Littles were so wonderfully naïve. "Good, now if you would be so kind, follow me over here, we're going to have a retention test to determine your maturity," Nerissa said motioning toward the wooden stand. Shannon nods. "...um, retention test...?" regardless, the girl followed, looking the stand over. It’d been in the room the whole time, but she just didn’t really know what it was for. "Mhmm... this stand right here is a piece of medical equipment. It's designed too... clean... things. In a moment we're going to hook it up to you and it’s going to feel like you need to go to the bathroom. The test of a big girl is going to be showing me that you can hold it. Can you wait 10 whole minutes without having an accident? It should be very easy for any BIG girl." "...um..." That one took her a few seconds to decide on. "...Yeah, sounds easy!" She didn't sound so sure, now, but she did want to prove that she wasn’t a big girl. "Good, let’s get the test started then," she said, going to the stand and starting to prep it a little bit. She took the bottle off the top, filling it with a solution from a sink in the corner. "I'll need you to pull down your panties, and please lift up the back of your skirt a little." Shannon hesitated for a few seconds. "W..why?” she asked. “Because this is how you prove you’re a big girl. Do I have to help you do it?” the woman said a little impatiently. “No, I can do it." She said a bit nervously. It felt kind of like a parent was talking to her as she slid the panties around her ankles, setting her skirt up a little. She looked around the classroom. It was empty and the wanderer home was mostly quiet. Still it was embarrassing to be in a classroom like this with her butt on display. "This is going to feel a little odd hun, just relax and it we'll start the test shortly," Nerissa said as she replaced the bottle on top of the stand and took out a long hose connecting to it. At the end of the hose was a bulb. “Do you know what an enema is?” Shannon gulped. She had a general idea. She knew you took water up…inside… you. “Is this the only way? I mean, is there some other test?” “You’ll be fine hun. This is a common medical procedure.” Nerissa just put a calming hand on Shannon's shoulder before starting to tease the tip of the hose in between her cheeks to poke at her pucker. Shannon tensed up her shoulders. Instinctively, at first, her body seemed to reject the intruder, tensing up to try to disallow it. "It’s… uncomfortable... w--wouldn't it be easier to just wait until I need to go...?" Nerissa shook her head. "I couldn't be sure you were telling the truth in that case. This way, I know for sure you'll need to go potty and we can properly assess you, " she said pressing a little more firmly until the bulb started to press in. "There, it’s in hun. Now as I said, this will feel a little weird. I've got a full bottle. And it’s just warm water. Relax and we'll be ready for the test in under two minutes," she said as she slowly opened the valve, and a rush of warm water went down the hose. Shannon tensed up as the water rushed in. The feeling was unlike anything she’d ever felt. While the amazon had told her it was a medical procedure, and she’d heard it was before coming her, this was the last thing she’d thought she’d be doing today, and if it wasn’t for lack of place to stay, she would never have allowed this. "How much more...?" she asked with a groan. Shannon was starting to feel very full. Nerissa tapped the bottle as it emptied the last of the way out. "That.... should just about do it," she said. She put her hand back on the girl's shoulder and started to gently remove the hose. "Now the test begins as soon as you have your panties back up and you take a seat on that plastic potty. Ten minutes, and if you're panties are still completely clean we pronounce you a big girl and you get to stay upstairs on the top floor." Shannon nodded, rushing to get her panties up--stopping halfway down, however, hugging at her belly. She went a bit slower, trying not to strain herself, hobbling over to the potty. Taking her seat, her eyes shot to the clock. Determined as she was, part of her KNEW she couldn't make all ten minutes. She’d never felt such an intense need to go before. Nerissa pulled a pocket watch out and started the timer with a click. "All right, 10 minutes hun. Show me you're a big girl," she said as she took a seat on one of the smaller sized desks. After a minute or two, Shannon reached down and latched her hands on the potty, tensing up. She let out a small, distressed whine. "H--how many people pass this?" Nerissa smiled and artfully redirected the question. "All BIG GIRLS have passed it," she said honestly. "Only babies fail it." Shannon nodded, trying to use the sentence as motivation, but it didn’t take long though. After another minute, and not long before the halfway mark, Shannon let something slip--just a tiny bit of water. It dripped noisily into the potty. Nerissa stopped looking at her watch when she heard it. "Hun... did you just do what I think you did?" she asked, a slight smile curling at the side of her mouth. "Speak up, tell me what just happened?" “I…” Trying with everything she could, the dripping only got louder as more leaked out. “I’m trying… I just…” All of a sudden it was everything at once. At first it was just water, soaking through her panties and going into the potty, but then it was much more then water as everything in her piled up in her panties. Shannon sat with one of her arms curled around her stomach, and another around her mouth, stifling a small gasped "Noooooo." “Shannon?” Nerissa persisted, but it was obvious what had just happened. Shannon whimpered out a small "I couldn’t..." squirming on the seat. "Ew, ew, ew..." "You failed,” Nerissa sighed. “And you know what that tells me? Do you know what type of people can't even pass a simple test?" she asked as she walked toward a shelf at the side of the room, getting some wipes. Shannon hung her head. "b--but I haven't had an accident in years! And I’ve never had an enema before!" Nerissa came back with a box of wipes, taking the little by the shoulder and having her put her hands out on the ground in front of her, positioning her at a crouch over the potty. Her ruined pantied bottom pointed out. The amazon pulled down the panties and started trying to clean her up with wipes. "Haven't had an accident in years until you took the placement test? Are you saying you intentionally failed then? You wanted to prove to me you’re nothing but a baby?" "N--no, it was an accident! This is a crazy test! You have to believe me!" Shannon said, put off guard by the treatment. She whimpered at being cleaned. "Well... if you swear it was a onetime thing, I'll make a deal with you. Because you had an accident in our classroom, and failed your placement test, I'm going to put you back in diapers. You're certainly not going to be the only little around here in diapers. From now on though, when you have to go to the bathroom, I want you to come find me or any of the other adults here and we'll help you get out of the diaper to go potty... We'll keep that up for a week. That should be enough proof I think... but if I find out you have more accidents. Well, you may find yourself in diapers quite a bit longer." Shannon didn't need diapers, but what argument could she make in a new place. Especially dirty panties around her ankles... "Alright..." Nerissa finished cleaning the little in the somewhat compromising position, leaving the wipes and the ruined panties in the plastic potty on the floor. She took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the changing table at the back of the room. "Consider yourself on probation hun. I know this is a new place, and I know you’re nervous, but don't think you can get away with more than a few accidents before everyone here will know just what you are," she says stopping short of the table. She gave the padded surface a pat. "I--Well, good! That was the last one!" Any attempts of hers to seem confident were complete failures; she was just whining now. She crawled up, laying out on the padding. "...Um! Since I'm just on probation, can it be a thin one?" "Sure hun, just remember, prove to me it was a onetime only accident," Nerissa said, bringing out the thinner diaper. It was a disposable, the same kind you could get at convenience stores. She got a bottle of powder to go with it. Without warning, she took the girl by the ankles like she really wasn't anything more than a baby and pulled her bottom up off the table, sliding the unfolded diaper under her before setting her back down and starting to powder her. Shannon fidgeted a bit, not used to the sensations. "Well, yeah! Just--long 's you don't give me another enema I *know* I'll be okay! I'm not a baby..." "Of course not hun, and this diaper is just to keep you protected in case that test wasn't a fluke," she said as she finished taping it up. She gave the now diapered little a pat on the front of her diaper before helping her off the table. She tried to hold back a giggle, as the girl's skirt didn't seem to come down far enough to hide what she was wearing. This was how all littles needed to be really. Diapered toddlers. "Remember, tell an adult when you need to go potty. Okay?" "Why can't I just take it off myself?" Shannon whined, taking her first few steps in the diaper. Each one had an awkward waddle to it as her legs were pushed apart. "I need a dress or something to cover this, too..." she continued to march around the room, trying to get used to the rustly plastic. It never quite worked though--every step was as infantile as the last. "You need an adult so that they can make sure that your diaper's clean. I'm sorry to say that after failing that test you need to earn our trust," she said, covering her mouth with her hand to hide the bemused expression on her face as she watched the girl toddle about the room. She had no doubt, with a little help from a special teacher like herself, she'd get this girl to need diapers for a rather long time. "...Alright! No problem! That's just a few seconds extra--and I'm not a baby so I can wait it!" She was clearly determined to prove herself. Shannon was about the most plucky wanderer that Nerissa had ever seen. Usually girls screamed their heads off. Stopping after a waddled lap around the room, Shannon poked at her diaper. "...this is a *thin* one...? What are the thick ones like?" "Hopefully you'll never need to find out. Those are for heavy night time bedwetters and littles who are such babies that there's really no hope in potty training them," she said. Shannon gulped. --------- "Hi hun, do you need to potty?" Shannon jumped, spinning around. "Um--yeah, I was planning on heading back to the home in a bit! But since you're here, um, yeah I need to go!" Nerissa lifted up the back of Shannon's skirt, checking her just like a toddler. "Let me check your pants hun, and then we'll head to the potty." "But..." Shannon rolled her eyes. She was bone dry. But this sort of thing had happened a few times since she started staying at the home. Heck, it was just about standard for the world at large and people her size. The Amazon smiled and gave Shannon's crinkle bottom a pat. "C'mon then, let’s get the big girl to the potty," she said taking Shannon's hand and leading her back toward town, waddling and stumbling a little at the taller womans longer gate. It was almost too easy as Nerissa took a particular path back toward town, making sure to bring the two of them just past an area of construction. It was almost Halloween and a local haunted house liked to set up every year in a storefront. They’d barely rounded the corner before an Amazon in a monster suit made a silly ‘RAWR’ jumping at the two of them. Nine feet of monster when you’re just over five is terrifying. The little stumbled back and fell on her padded bottom, promptly soaking her diaper. After the initial shock, and hearing Nerissa chastise the costumed monster, Shannon tugged her skirt down, her heart pounding. “Its not Halloween yet! You shouldn’t be doing that!” the Amazon teased the performer. She got a flyer in response before looking back in surprise at Shannon. “Oh, you okay hun?” she asked bending down and offering a hand to help her up. She nodded. Shannon just had to make it back and rush to the bathroom... and Narissa would never even know. Standing up, she put on the most confident face she could muster with a soaked diaper around her waist. “Well we’re almost back, come on hun,” Narissa said turning back around and already able to see the yellow tinge under the girl's skirt. She didn't say anything, instead offering her hand. "You're safe, it was just a guy in a costume, c'mon the home's not far now," she said leading Shannon back by the hand once more. As she got on the same street, there were a few giggles from the other Amazons as they spied a little in diapers. Given her ‘adult’ clothing it was still obvious she was ‘new’ to the area. Shannon was bright red long before they got back to home. At some of the giggles she realized what the problem could be and when the Amazon was turned, she hastilly tried to tug up the diaper, and push her skirt down. Anything to avoid detection for the few seconds she might need! Nerissa led Shannon into home and went back toward the classroom, stopping before the pink plastic potty. "All right hun, do you need some help getting the diaper off?" she asked, looking quite ready to lean down and help the little get seated to do her business. Like this was some second test or something. Shannon shook her head, pushing the skirt down a little. "Why are we here? Why can’t I just go to the regular bathroom? It’s not that big of a deal. " She was obviously hiding something. "...u--um, would it be okay if you left for a moment? I don't know if I can do it with you watching..." "Hun... are you trying to hide something?" Narissa asked at the very obvious way the girl was pulling down her skirt. "I know you’re a big girl and of course you wouldn't have any accidents, but you do seem to be acting a little strange." Shannon shook her head. "You already checked me once! Nuh uh!" Nerissa leaned down and swept Shannon's hands away, pulling up the front of her skirt almost to her chest, and leaving the girl looking rather foolish as she stood there in an obvious soaked diaper. Nerissa let out a 'tsk' and shook her head, obviously looking very disappointed in Shannon. "Why did you have to tell a fib Shannon?" "W-well--I dunno! It was--I had it up until that stupid monster at the end! And--I'm not a baby, I don't wanna go back to diapers!" She let out a small whine, stomping one foot down. Reaching down, Nerissa gave the front of Shannon's diapers a few pats, making sure she could feel that she was indeed in a diaper, and that it was wet. "Aww hun, so you were scared? That's all it was? I believe you, besides, you said you've never had an accident... aside from just now and earlier at your test," she said, ticking the two incidents off on her fingers. She undid the tapes on the girl's diaper and removed it, leaving her wet lower half exposed as she gently put a hand on the girl's shoulder and had her sit down on the child's potty. "Go ahead and see if you still need to go, we'll get you back securely into a diaper after." Shannon nodded, trying to go... but she had nothing. "...this--um, this won't count against me, right? Since it was just a fear-thing... which hasn't happened in years either by the way!" "We'll use a three strikes rule to make it fair... does that work? I know you said it'd never happen, and sometimes we do just get scared, but there's only so much I can believe... so that's strike one hun. If I find or hear about you wetting two more diapers... then I'm going to extend this whole thing another week. That's another week of diapers. ... If I find out you've messed in a diaper... that's going to be three strikes automatically. " Shannon bowed her head, then nodded. "Well--I definitely won't mess! Or wet! Promise..." Nerissa nodded and helped the girl up, shaking her head but not commenting on the empty training potty. She led the girl toward the back of the classroom once more, helping her up on the changing table. She got out another thin diaper and lifted the little by her ankles once more, getting a wipe and cleaning her thoroughly like the toddler she'd been acting like. She put the diaper under her next, getting out powder and liberally applying it before taping it up once more. "There, dry again," she smiled, grinning at the little who now smelled a bit like a baby. Shannon nodded, hopping off the table with a smile. At least she was out of that wet diaper... for good, she was SURE of it. She wouldn't embarrass herself again--either in front of this nice caretaker, or in front of the city full of people. "...Um do you have any drinks? All the walking made me a bit thirsty..." "You a fan of milk? I have some in my room in the back. I got it fresh this morning," she said motioning toward the office door in the corner of the room. "Yeah, I love milk!" Shannon followed, bouncing and crinkling with every step. "Um, thank you! ...sorry about all this... accident stuff..." "No trouble at all hun, that's what the class is for. And as you said, not going to happen again right? So there's nothing to worry about," she said leading the way to her office which had a small desk and two chairs. Behind her desk she had a mini-fridge where she pulled out a metal pitcher filled nearly to the brim with a rather thick milk. "Fresh, and cool," she said, reaching to a drawer on her desk and pulling out a double handled sippy cup. She poured the cool milk into it and capped it back up. "Sorry, I’m not sharing my own mug," she said pushing the cup toward Shannon. Shannon looked at the cup for a moment, frowning. There was something about this world. Childish things didn’t seem THAT bad… and hearing someone that much bigger then you tell you something, you were just inclined to listen. Shannon snatched up the cup quickly, rushing out a small "Thank you" before drinking the stuff. "...Wow, this is really good!" she giggled. It didn’t taste like any milk she’d had before. "Glad you liked it," she grinned. --------- "...So, um, what are the uh guests on the top floor like?" Shannon asked with a yawn. "Intelligent and energetic girls, most of them are littles like you," Nerissa said, smiling. The tall amazon was in the midst of the common room, a diaper bag on her shoulder, helping a few other littles who had less than perfect potty training. Shannon had been spending more and more time at the home, but as she spent time on the ground floor, she’d been curious about the upper floor and some of the girls she’d been told were there. People who had passed the test she’d failed. She’d never actually met one herself. It was already a few days since her arrival and some of the strange things in the home were starting to seem pretty casual. She’d only had one more strike since making the deal with Nerissa. It’d happened after lunch a lunch of milk and sandwiches the other day. It took her by surprise, but other than a warning of not to let it happen again, Shannon had just been changed and sent on her way. It was comforting to know she wasn’t the only little with potty problems. When Nerissa had finished attending the other little, she came over to get Shannon, scooping her up. Shannon, being tired, was content resting her head against Nerissa's arm. She even dozed off, ever-so-briefly, breathing out a light high pitched sigh for a second before snapping back to the waking world. Shannon had been given her own guest room on the ground floor and recognizing someone was in need of bedtime, Nerissa had brought her to her room. She set Shannon down just before her bed, making sure she was awake enough to know she was home. The little yawned again, but then her stomach growled angrily at her. "I missed dinner," she said sheepishly. Shannon was still allowed to wander around close to the home and she didn’t have her own money so she depended on the home for most things. Nerissa smiled and nodded. She came around to the other side of the bed and sat down, laying her back against the pillows and motioned for Shannon to come sit next to her as she reached into the diaper bag for something. Sitting next to her, and squirming over to look inside the bag, a natural curiosity overtook Shannon. Nerissa pulled out a baby bottle, one that was more sized for an Amazon baby, and was rather large for someone the size of a Little. It was filled with a heavy milk, the same actually she'd had at lunch the other day and in the sippy cup before that. She smiled and held it up, motioning warmly for Shannon to rest against her, "It'll help you relax hun, you seem stressed." "...Um... do I have to drink out of the bottle...? I'm trying to *not* be a baby! I mean, I know it'd help... but..." Nerissa tried to do her best to seem warm and comforting and like there was nothing odd about this at all. The world tended to help these girls act more appropriately to what they really were and it was hard for Shannon to object. Nerissa kindly put her hand on Shannon's shoulder, pulling her in so that the diapered Little was resting with her head on the amazon’s chest, and she softly, but firmly pressed the nipple between her lips, silencing her protests. "Just relax hun, you've had a very trying week." Shannon whimpered, but as she was in the position and her tummy was grumbling she nodded slowly, sucking on the nipple. After the first drop, there was no way the Little was going to move an inch. The milk was so delicious, so thick, and... a little sleep inducing. But of course, she made sure to finish the bottle, filling herself up with the creamy goodness. When she finally did finish, she turned her head slightly, resting against the Amazon's chest. "Thank you..." she murmured, nearly asleep from the milk. Nerissa smiled as the girl turned her head, being sure to give her back a few firm pats. She had a very full tummy of milk, and Nerissa already knew exactly what that'd do to her. She kept patting her back leaning in to whisper, "It’s okay hun, get some sleep, I'll be back in the morning to check on you," she said. Shannon nodded, letting out a small burp before dozing off in the woman's arms. After all of the adventure of winding up in this new world, all of the stress, and the belly full of milk, she’d sleep through just about anything. Nerissa slowly eased Shannon off of her. She tried her best to make the sleeping girl comfortable, propping her on pillows, pulling the covers up. She also couldn't help taking the girl's hand, and gently bringing the thumb up to push in her mouth. Nerissa smiled, Shannon was quickly moving along with the program. She grinned to herself, taking the bag, and leaving the room quietly. By morning, Shannon was still sleeping like a baby in complete bliss. She was still sucking on her thumb and hadn't moved an inch since last night. Nerissa was there first thing in the morning to let herself in. She had the same bag from the night before on her shoulder, but it was a bit fuller with a few different things this time. She smiled seeing the girl still sleeping and sucking her thumb, she came around to the side of the bed, easing the blankets off of her and discreetly checking her diaper, trying her best not to wake her. Shannon slept through the check--it seemed like it would take a lot to wake her from this state. The diaper was, of course, soaked. Her thin diaper had barely managed to take it all and she’d leaked a little on the bed. Smirking, the Amazon just started prepping things. The milk had apparently worked its magic, the little not even waking as she wet herself like in an infant in her sleep. Nerissa took a seat on the bed next to Shannon, not bothering to change her yet and leaving the blanket off of her. "Shannon, wake up hun," she said giving the girl a good shake on her shoulder. Shannon slowed to waking, turning up to look at Nerissa. "Mmmorning..." she murmured. She first noticed her thumb, still in her mouth, and instantly retracted it, blushing. "Um, I don't usually suck my--" She fidgeted in her embarrassment, causing her to feel something quite foreign. Another fidget confirmed her fear. "I--" she couldn't come up with any excuse, like she always had before. Either to convince Nerissa, or herself... So she simply started to tear up. "Strike three hun," she said softly. “Remember what I said?” She gave the soaked diaper a pat, as if confirming what the girl could feel. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and took out a pacifier, unceremoniously pressing it into the girl's mouth. "It's okay, I'm not mad... I kind of suspected from the beginning," she said, taking out powder, wipes, and one of the very thick disposables from the bag. The disposable had very childish prints on the front and unlike the thin diapers with two tapes that looked more medical. These were baby diapers, one tape on each side, thick able to keep a baby dry. Shannon shook her head, murmuring a quiet "MmMm! MmMm!" from behind the pacifier, a very childish "no, no". But... how could she argue it? She was *sitting* in a wet diaper. And she wanted to get out of it, even if it meant getting into the childish diaper. Shannon laid out, turning her head to the side, whimpering a little. Nerissa stood up and began her task of changing Shannon. She got out a changing mat and placed it on the bed, pulling Shannon by the ankles and resting it under her. She untapped the wet diaper and began wiping her. The amazon took and unfolded the thick disposable, sliding it under the girl. She took out baby oil and rash cream first, starting to work it into the girl's privates. The time it took to clean her up made Shannon feel... well, babyish. She didn’t think she could have changed herself for one, and for two, it made her feel kind of gross, knowing that Nerissa had wipe pee off of her. Nerissa followed up the rash cream with a healthy dossage of baby powder, this time not just centering it to her diaper area, but on her tummy and thighs as well. This Little was going to smell like a baby. She taped the diaper snuggly in place, it was thick enough that it forced Shannon's legs slightly apart. "There, dry and clean," she said offering a hand to help the sobbing girl sit up. Nerissa put the used diaper in the trash and came back to the bed to sit down opposite Shannon, holding her arms out for a hug. "It's okay hun, it’s not a big deal," she repeated sweetly. Shannon hugged her, trying to believe her... for her own sake, really. What she had been so sure of before, now seemed like an insurmountable obstacle looming on the horizon. Nerissa giggled with the girl and reached over, taking the pacifier and trying to keep her distracted as she reached into the bag and pulled out another full baby bottle. She was gentle, but still firm and insistent as she pressed it into Shannon's mouth, moving her from hugging to resting against her chest again. She smiled, somewhat smugly now. Shannon snuggled tightly against Nerissa, drinking the bottle hungrily. She noticed that rather than get tired of the bottles, she was liking each one more and more and more. Her thoughts eased off of the wet night she had made minutes before, instead easing to a relatively new, infantile bliss. Nerissa watched Shannon settle into a steady drinking rhythm. She smiled, patting the little on her diapered bottom. "Its okay hun," she said in a steady, relaxing voice. "Just relax, we both know what you are, you're just a baby, and that's perfectly okay. After you finish your breakfast bottle, we'll get you dressed and bring you to the nursery of the home. Shannon shook her head when Nerissa mentioned that she was a baby, but wound up relaxing back down, and nodded through the rest of the conversation. Nerissa smiled as the bottle emptied, and once again, she holds Shannon close to start patting her back. As soon as she'd recovered from the wooziness of having a full bottle, she'd get the girl dressed in something rather juvenile and help her toddle off to the nursery section of home. --------- It was another day or two later before Nerissa decided to come check on her pet project. Shannon had been coming along rather nicely, the cute little accepting that diapers were something she may need to wear for a while. She grinned just thinking about the small 20-something girl waddling around in them. Shannon was in the nursery part of the home most of the time now. She was playing alone when Nerissa arrived, and as she set her eyes on Nerissa, rather her typical reaction, she jumped up, scowling angrily. "Nerissa!" Nerissa smiled warmly. "Hi hun, you settling in well here?" Shannon nodded on instinct. "Well--yes--but-- I was talking to some of the other kids today, and *none* of them passed the test! I don't think it’s possible!" She couldn’t really hold up the ruse forever, might as well give a grain of truth on it. "I remember when you asked hun. You asked me and I specifically said 'only big girls pass the test,' which is true. And all the girls you asked... were they diapered like you?" "Well, yeah, but... how many big girls *are* there? Because someone said there aren't any, only mommies and caretakers!" Nerissa shook her head, laughing good naturedly. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and pulled out a pacifier. "Just who haaaaave you been listening too?" she asked as she pressed the pacifier between the Little's lips. "I bet you’re just cranky because you need a change," she said with another warm smile, bringing her hand to lift the girl's juvenile dress and check her thick diaper. Nerissa was spot on--though it certainly wasn't as bad as she expected. Just damp, not even squishy to the touch. Shannon shook her head a few times, blushing, but didn't remove the pacifier to continue arguing, instead sucking on it and shooting the Amazon a glare. Nerissa gave her diaper a few pats. "Seems all right hun, I think you can stand to wait for a change," she smiled. "Come on, I bet I know what will calm you down," she added, nodding toward a rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. Shannon let out a small whine, bringing her hand up to the pacifier. "...’tay, but... take me to see the potty-trained kids soon! I mean it!" Nerissa just nodded absently, not really planing to do any such thing. She took a seat in the rocking chair, lifting up Shannon to sit on her lap. She cuddled her close, holding her head to her chest and bouncing her a little on her legs. Then reaching down, she pulled up another full baby bottle of milk from her bag. "Now just relax hun, I know how much you like your milk." Shannon nodded, but eyed the bottle with noticeable suspicion. For a second, it even looked like she would reject it... but with the milk being as addictive as it was, she caved, opening her mouth wide. Nerissa smiled as she pressed the nipple into Shannon's mouth, tilting her back to let her drink it all up. She rocked the chair and hummed softly, grinning as she gave the girl's diaper a bit of a pat. Shannon squirmed, disliking any focus on the diaper, or its slightly wet state. She may have accepted it, but she didn't embrace or enjoy it. Her mind shifted off everything else though, focusing on how *wonderful* the milk tasted... Nerissa let the girl drink it, she had a plan today, and she'd need the girl in her semi-haze after the full bottle of milk to put it into action. Shannon drank the bottle, almost mindlessly, gulping the entire thing down as quickly as she could. She didn't seem to notice, but Nerissa felt the diaper grow warmer and soggier. It often seemed to happen when the girl was drinking her milk now. Nerissa grinned as Shannon was almost finished with the bottle. She looked around and was happy to see that the Nursery was mostly clear now, and so with the cute Little so focused on nursing, she decided to help her come around to the idea of liking diapers a bit more. She began to rub at the front of the soggy diaper, gently, and tracing her hand around to the back, giving a few soft pats. Shannon let go of the nipple briefly, letting out a small whine. "N--nerissa, what are you--nnh..." she hastily finished the bottle, sucking harder whenever the Amazon rubbed her. Nerissa alternated rubbing the front and giving soft pats to the back. She was counting on the general sleepiness of a full tummy of milk that Shannon wouldn't wholly understand what was going on. She just coo'd softly. "It's okay hun, relax, you like your diapers, they feel good don't they?" she asked with another soggy rub. Shannon moaned softly. She wanted to say no, she hated diapers, but it was starting to feel really good. "...y--yeah... " she set her hands down, on Nerissa's legs, and started to softly squeeze. The Little was breathing out horny little sighs and gasps on every single breath. It felt so wonderful... the squishy padding pressing against her, the soft patting at her bottom... the way the diaper swaddled and cushioned everything... she squeezed tighter with her hands, focusing everything she had on how wonderful her diapers were. Nerissa kept at it, leaning down to whisper in an ear. "That's right, diapers can feel really nice when you relax..." she said with a particularly firm pat to her bottom. "Its okay when you’re tired and when you've got a nice full tummy to just be a baby and enjoy your diapers," she said. Part of Shannon wanted to whine and complain about being called a baby--but that part was shoved back, and her focus forced back on how right Nerissa was. It was always easy to listen to Nerissa and what she told her. She gave a small nod, whining on her next breath. Nerissa grinned and whispered just a little more. "It’s okay baby," she repeated, almost like a mantra. "It’s okay to feel good in your diapers. It’s almost nap time for you... go ahead and let go, let everything go in your diaper," she said with another soggy rub to the front, and pat on her bottom. "Show me you need your diapers," she said in the softest whisper. For a brief second, Shannon shook her head, trying to shrug off the attempted suggestion. But by the time Nerissa reached "Let everything go", Shannon felt something in herself, forcing out. She hadn't realized how far she'd gotten into all of this... part of her tried to resist, to hold it in. But like so much else, she was powerless to do so. As Nerissa finished "show me you need your diapers", Shannon's back arched, and she obeyed Nerissa's order. And she, however slightly or subconsciously, accepted Nerissa's suggestion, melting into a pleasure that she /knew/ could only have been caused by her wonderful diapers. Nerissa smirked as she felt the Little start to shiver and whimper, cumming cutely and adding to the wetness there. And as the Little arched her back, she felt the suggestion take hold, if only for her semi-concious state, and could feel the girl shudder as she gave in to do something really babyish, messing her diaper. Nerissa started to hum the lullaby again, nuzzling the Little as she continued to shake and convulse a bit. "Such a good baby," she said, watching her use her diaper as instructed. She knew this wasn't the end, but this little was coming along nicely. Shannon settled back, shell-shocked from the whole experience. It felt unreal, dreamlike... and part of her wanted to fall asleep right here. "...Did I just poo poo...?" she murmured, confused. She may have been back in diapers, but a full-fledged messy accident? That was the worst she’d had yet. Nerissa was all coo's and tenderness. "Aww it’s okay hun, that’s why you’re in diapers. We'll get you cleaned up and then ready for a nap in no time." Nerissa didn't seem to act like anything was wrong. Where Shannon's previous accidents, she'd tried to console the Little, this time, Nerissa just gave Shannon's diaper a few good pats, and as she got up, carried Shannon on her hip. "Come on hun, we'll get you changed out of that poopy diaper and put you down for a nap. You’re usually pretty sleepy after your bottle, huh?" she asked. Shannon nodded, squirming slightly as the woman carried her. "...yeah..." she sighed, in a daze from what had just happened. "...I didn't feel it coming at all... I usually do, kinda... I just can't make it..." Nerissa nodded smiling as she took Shannon toward the changing table in the nursery. "I know, it’s tough to know when you need to go hun, that's why you're in diapers. Accidents happen," she said, going about the process she had quite a few times before with Shannon, changing and cleaning the Little before putting another thick diaper on. She took out a pacifier and put it to Shannon's lips. Shannon nodded, seeming to accept that fact for the moment. She certainly didn't have the energy to fight it, if she did want to, so she sucked away at the pacifier, nearly dozing off right on the changing table. Nerissa changed Shannon into a fresh diaper and seeing how she was falling asleep, she quietly and gently changed her into a one piece footed sleeper as well. The bottom was bulging noticeably with her diapers and it just made her all the cuter. Instead of her usual bed, Nerissa carried her to a crib in the next room. Pacifier in mouth, adorably clothed, she looked like a baby. It was another solid hour before Nerissa came in checking on the cute little. With gentle hands, she scooped up the baby, bringing her back to the changing table and removing her sleeper. She slipped on the juvenile clothes she'd been wearing earlier, and left the pacifier in. Shannon had managed to wet a bit more in her sleep, but she wasn't soaked, so Nerissa didn't change her. Then, almost as good as earlier, Nerissa, put the sleeping Shannon back in the playroom, leaving her propped against some stuffed animals. When she woke... it'd be a bit different then earlier. Had earlier even happened? Nerissa left quietly, being sure to just let the girl discover what she will on her own. Part of having these wanderers in the home was playing a little with their heads. Usually they were already susceptible to things they normally wouldn’t be… the world it made it so. But it was especially effective if you left them believe they’d dreamed up an incident where-in they enjoyed diapers. Shannon eased out of her sleep, looking around the room in confusion. Her initial reaction was that her experience with Nerissa was undoubtedly real--just like anyone who has a dream. But after a moment, she immediately recognized that the pieces didn't quite fit. She was in the same outfit, and in a totally different spot, for starters. Two, she was as clean as could be. She kind of remembered being changed... and she couldn’t believe she would have messed, but… maybe she had? Pressing a hand to her diaper, she was just as wet as before that whole thing... she sat up, sucking idly on the pacifier. What an odd afternoon. --------- As the days went on, things were mostly normal for Shannon... or really as normal as they had become. She was diapered full time, she made friends with the other Little's of the home, even if most of them were in diapers themselves and no one seemed to question or bat an eye that she was too. The rest of town kind of ignored them, usually only giggling when they saw them around. As small as they were though, things did change. Shannon hardly noticed them. One day, while back in the park, once again searching for the place that had brought her into this world, her thumb found its way to her mouth. She didn't even realize it was there, and at the same time, she began to wet her diaper, not knowing she was doing it. Nightly she'd wake up in the morning needing a change as well. There were a few successes mixed in, she found some of the other adults and told them she needed to go poo poo, phrasing it as a child would and was successful in doing that, one time even with Nerissa, who smiled, and praised her, and gave her a nice bottle of milk as a reward. ... but the successes stopped the next morning after that. Right at the breakfast table with everyone else around, Shannon felt an odd sensation in her rear, and before she knew what had happened, she was messing her diaper. Shannon froze mid-bite, moving a hand behind herself to pat at the diaper in disbelief. In the mornings she often just came to breakfast in a t-shirt and diaper and although no one seemed to mind her accidents, and she had started to care less and less each time. But this… doing it without warning, right at the breakfast table? She hadn’t even felt the need, just suddenly there was a warm mass pushing out of her. She slid out of her chair, rushing towards Nerissa's spot. "Um--Nerissa!" she whined, waddling and whining as it squished around. "Nerissa I made poo poo again!" Nerissa smirked, as some of the others at the table giggled. "Turn around hun," she said, in a somewhat admonishing tone. She proceeded to lift up the back of Shannon's night shirt, in front of everyone having breakfast, and pulled the back of her diaper out to check her like a toddler. "You sure did hun..." she said, letting the top gently snap back into place. "It’s okay hun, babies can't help it," she said with a warm smile, the word baby kind of rolling around Shannon's head. "Go back and finish your breakfast, we'll get you changed after." Shannon bowed her head, looking around the table. It was humiliating as could be... but the others were *just* as bad as she was! Most of the time, at least... sticking her tongue out at the other girls giggling at her and she toddled back over to her seat. Sitting down in her chair with a little squish. She continued to eat, her face completely red the rest of the meal. --------- Shannon was wearing a baby pink t-shirt underneath a sunflower yellow pair of shortalls today. It was a lot less embarrassing than the usual onesie she sometimes had on in the nursery. It didn’t even bother her that she never selected her own clothing any more, even if she did have some clear favorites and least favorites in her new wardrobe. "Hey there hun, I had a fun idea for today, you want to go to playground on the north side of the city?" Nerissa asked with a big smile. She was casually kneeling down next to Shannon, reaching a hand to unsnap some of the poppers along the arch of shortalls, to check her diaper. "Um, sure! That actually sounds like a lot of fun!" Her diaper was just a tiny bit damp, and she barely noticed the check, having grown used to them. Nerissa helped Shannon up, redoing the snaps to her overalls. "Well then I'll go pack a bag and we'll be all set, why don't you go find your shoes hun? Those overalls and that adorable shirt should be perfect for a day outdoors." Shannon nodded, poking around for her shoes. Her old tennis-shoes had gone missing one day, and they’d been casually replaced with pink, childish sneakers. Once she found those, she slipped them on and bounced over to the door, bobbing in place as she waited for Nerissa. Nerissa came back with a cloth diaper bag on her shoulder. It was a light pink with baby bunnies on it. The tall Amazon happily took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the front of the home where she'd left a stroller set up. Shannon blushed a little. A stroller? She could walk just fine! Still, she knew that it was probably a long walk... and the diaper made her waddle really badly... and she knew that Nerissa usually knew better than her. Without so much as a word, Nerissa lifted the Little up under the arms and placed her in the seat. It made the Amazon smile, not even an argument. She leaned down to pull a strap snugly up through Shannon's legs, connecting it to one around Shannon's waist, securing her in the baby stroller. She put the diaper bag on the tray under it, and gave Shannon a tickle on the nose. "All right hun, lets head to the park," she said, winking. She couldn't help but smile at how cute Shannon looked. Pink t-shirt, yellow overalls thickly bulging at the waist, obviously diapered. She was the perfect little baby girl, and she’d be ready for adoption soon. As they went, Shannon first started to look at people around her--watching them all go about their day, moving back and forth... it was mesmerizing. But after a few stifled giggles as they saw her, she focused off into the horizon, thinking about whatever came to mind--how good the milk she was fed was, how much fun the park would be... It took a good 10 minutes to walk across town, but it was a nice day out and the journey was pleasant. As nice as it was, Shannon still arrived as red as a beat. Still, it didn't matter, she told herself. She got to have fun at the playground, after all, and the gigglers didn't. And as Nerissa kept reminding the Little, what was wrong with being a baby? Shannon might not have fully believed it, but it was a useful thing to tell herself whenever she heard little snickers and giggles. Nerissa pulled the stroller up to the playground, pausing to unbuckle the strap and help Shannon out of the stroller. She placed the Little in the woodchip area of the slide and swingset, giving her puffy bottom a pat. "I'll be right over there on the bench hun, you have fun with the other kids," she said, leaving the Little who wasn't much bigger then about half a dozen Amazon babies and toddlers. Shannon blushed, bowing her head a little. It was a bit embarrassing to know that everyone else here was perhaps two dozen years younger. Still, she charged in, intent of having that not matter--after all, a slide was a slide, no matter who rode it! Nerissa watched with a warm smile as Shannon played. At first a little shy, and perhaps a bit timid as the other kids weren't entirely sure what to make of her. One Amazon baby girl was overly curious and gave the back of Shannon’s overalls a tug. It shocked Shannon enough that she felt her diaper suddenly warm as she wet it uncontrollably. But things settled down, and not long after, Shannon was having fun, riding down the slide, playing games, and generally toddling around with the other babies. It wasn't till about thirty minutes later, when Shannon was hardly aware of the passage of time that Nerissa got up to fetch her. Shannon could never get really used to a wet diaper. She wildly flipped between having not a single clue or care in the world, to awkwardly standing off to the side, her mind inseparable from the soaked padding. Most of the time, though, she was playing and having fun just like any of the actual babies. When Nerissa finally came to collect her, she didn't want to go. "We're right in the middle of a game of tag, though! Can I *pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase* keep playing?" Nerissa came over, and in front of the other kids, and a few giggling parents, unsnapped some of the poppers on Shannon's overalls, checking her diaper. "Aww hun, you're soaked, you can play tag again in a moment, but first it’s time for a little baby girl to get her diapie changed," she said, taking Shannon by the hand and leading her waddling away from the playground a second. She didn't go far, just back to the stroller to collect her bag and then taking a changing mat out of it. She started to set up the bench as a makeshift changing table. "Up you go," she said lifting Shannon up under the arms. Shannon kicked her legs slightly, blushing and looking at the other kids. Many were two or three, but some were older, and undiapered. Getting teased by people her actual age was one thing, but getting teased by people far younger with seemingly more maturity was another. But once again, Nerissa was right... she was absolutely soaked, so she needed a change. Maybe that's why she was having problems catching people in tag? Nerissa undid the rest of the snaps on Shannon's overalls, pulling them back up to her waist and revealing the wet diaper to the playground. Most of the parents and kids didn't bat an eye, a diaper change was nothing new here. But it was the first very public change for Shannon. Nerissa smiled good naturedly, getting out wipes, powder and some diaper cream as she undid the tapes to Shannon's diapers and pulled it away, lifting her up by the ankles to wipe her down like a baby. It was nice that no one minded... still, Shannon couldn't tear her eyes from the group, watching for anyone who might be staring. She still cooperated of course, helping Nerissa by lifting her legs up. "Um, thank you!" she said courteously, turning her attention back to the group again. Nerissa placed another thick and clean diaper down on the bench and lowered Shannon to it, she took out diaper cream and rubbed it in, before taking the powder and applying it liberally. Shortly after she brought the front up and taped it snugly on. She gave the little’s diaper front a rub. "There we go, all dry," she said, helping stand her up and redoing the snaps to her overalls. She sent the little away with a scoot and pat to her crinkling rump. "Go on and play a bit more hun, it’s a nice day." Shannon nodded, dashing off to the group. When the game of tag finished, she went to the slide, giggling with excitement as her rump slid down the slide over and over. She went down another four times, Shannon obviously enjoying herself and sinking into the reality that playing carefree with the toddlers could be pretty fun. She had lost track of time again until Nerissa came and lifted her up from behind. "All right hun, all that play had to have made you hungry by now," she said, smiling and tapping Shannon's nose. She carried the baby girl back over to the bench, before sitting down, reaching into her diaper bag, she taking out another full bottle. She helped Shannon sit back, craddling her to feed her a bottle. Some of the kids, most of whom younger giggled, as apparently Shannon was really just a 'little baby' even younger than them, as she was being fed like this. Shannon blushed a little, but in the moment, certainly couldn't find herself caring. After all, the milk tasted absolutely amazing and the others didn't have any. It was sweet, made her feel warm and soft inside... it was wonderful, even with the giggles in the background. Nerissa hummed softly, feeding Shannon. She let her nurse, and drain the somewhat large bottle, filling up her tummy with the liquid. After a full 7 or 8 minutes, the bottle was empty, and Nerissa helped Shannon up to her shoulder, giving her firm and gentle pats to her back, causing a few errant bubbles in her tummy to travel up and make the Little burp with a little line of milk hanging out the corner of her mouth. Nerissa cleaned it up gently with a wet cloth and brought the baby girl back to the playground, smiling and letting her play again once more. Although with a tummy full of milk, she was a bit more slow this time, getting a little more tired with the afternoon. Rather than the more active activities, the girl wandered over to the more relaxed ones, like the large tic-tac-toe board that was set up. Being so obviously an adult, she figured she would beat all the kids who tried--but of course, perhaps because of the milk fogging her mind, she wound up losing most of the matches. Pouting, she decided to head back to the slide for one or two quick goes. Shannon went down the slide twice grinning. She was getting tired, but she still wanted to do it again. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, climbing up a little slower and one handed to ride down once more. She giggled around her thumb, although all the milk her belly was sitting a little heavy now. She toddled away from the slide, walking a little slow as felt her bottom suddenly push out a big warm mess into the back of her diaper. She stopped and stood still a moment, sucking her thumb. She wouldn't be able to say why she just stood there, sucking... it could have been a babyish mindset, it might have been shock and awe, or a bit of the two. She stood there for about ten seconds after, just sort of staring, letting the feeling sink in, before spinning around and looking around at the other children. "Nerissssssssaaaaaa!" she whined, a new instinct from the home. It brought a lot of attention to her as she looked around for the Amazon. Nerissa had watched the whole thing, smiling as she’d seen Shanon slow, and then babyishly fill her pants. Nerissa had been tracking Shannon's progress, and even without the bottles, she lately seemed to be at that point where she legitimately needed diapers now. She waved and walked over to the suddenly panicked girl. "Aww hun, everything all right?" she said coming over and gently cupping a the side of her face in her hand. "Someone getting a little tired?" she asked as the girl looked so cute sucking her thumb. Shannon pressed couldn’t help but nudge the hand and try to lean against the taller woman. Looking for affection with tears forming in her eyes. "I--I made a poo poo..." she whined. Nerissa bent down and gave Shannon a hug, discreetly reaching a hand around to pat the girl's bottom, helping reassure her, and let her know that indeed, she'd had a messy accident, but it was okay. "Aww hun, it’s all right. C'mon, let’s get you back home for a nap. I only brought one diaper to the park." she said taking Shannon's hand and starting to walk the sobbing baby girl to the stroller. Nerissa had purposefully not brought a second diaper, planning on this with the milk. Shannon had learned to accept diapers, and she needed to learn to accept using them, and sometimes being stuck in them. Nerissa's consoling helped dramatically. Shannon winced as they walked, the mess mushing up against her. It was even worse when she was sat down in the stroller... but all that consoling was helping to dry the tears. Nerissa brought the strap up between Shannon's legs and around her waist once more, causing the girl to whimper a little as she was suddenly pressed into and held firmly to the mess in her diaper. It wasn't a completely bad feeling, kind of warm, mushy. Nerissa was quick to recognize the look on Shannon's face and reached into her bag pulling out Shannon's favorite stuffed animal and a pacifier. She slid the thumb from Shannon's mouth and pressed the pacifier in, kissing Shannon's cheek as she handed her the stuffed animal. "Just relax hun, it'll be a short ride back," she promised. And the milk was making her tired... although it would be a little bumpy. Shannon nodded, staying quiet and sucking on the pacifier. She did her best to relax, which was good... it let her feel the warm mushiness against her in a different way. The little bounces might have caused her to wince once or twice, but they wound up helping her come around to acceptance. Just 8 minutes into the 10 minute walk and nearly back, Shannon nodded completely off to sleep, being at peace enough with the load in the seat of her diaper to ignore it and rest. Nerissa smiled. This was a good step. The goal was total incontinence and acceptance of being a baby. A few more outings and gentle encouragements to get Shannon used to the feeling of wet and messy diapers, and she was sure the little girl would stop asking for immediate changes. Once back at the home, she unbuckled the sleepy baby and carried her toward the nap room, going for the changing table first. No need giving her a rash. The girl blinked and stirred a little as she was being changed. Nerissa spent a few moments wiping Shannon thoroughly to clean her bottom, before lowering her down onto another thick diaper. She grinned. "No worries hun, just giving you a diapie change before you go sleepy sleepy," she said, starting to apply diaper cream and powder to her. Shannon barely heard it, back to sleep shortly after. Nerissa taped up the thick diaper, helping Shannon up and removing her overalls. She left the girl in just the pink shirt she'd been wearing underneath and her diaper. She was placed and left to sleep peacefully in her crib. --------- Shannon had slept well. Her sleep had felt really good, and she had some memories of yesterday, but they were like dim lights in a fog. The milk had helped her dreams, crafting them to gentle childlike dreams of wonder and simple joy. Shannon didn't even stir an inch as she wet her diaper thoroughly in the night. This had become normal, and even as she woke up and sat with a slight squish, it only jostled her a tiny bit. Nerissa heard Shannon and was quick to let herself into the nursery, scooping up the Little and hugging her close, patting her back. "Morning sweetie," she said reaching into the crib and looking for her pacifier, easing it into the girl's mouth. "You just need a change huh?" she asked, pretending like this was completely normal, that the Little infant in her arms was just that, an infant who needed coddling. Nerissa set Shannon on the changing table and the Little went through an all too familiar diaper change. It'd been two, almost three weeks since she'd last even had a chance to use the potty. She was in thick diapers full time. She sucked her pacifier, while Nerissa lovingly cleaned her up. Her sleeper was removed, and she was given a cartoonish baby t-shirt, since it was warmer out, before being brought downstairs to breakfast… where for the first time she didn't sit at the table with the others, but instead was placed securely in a high chair. Shannon squirmed in place, looking down at the others. "mm--" she lifted a hand up to remove the pacifier. "How come I'm in the high chair?!" she whined, squirming in place in her crinkling diaper. "I can feed myself just fine!" Nerissa smiled, she liked head games early in the morning. "Oh you can? All right hun, I just thought the high chair would be a nice change of pace, if you can feed yourself," she said getting out a simple bowl of oatmeal and a small spoon that had a deceptive weight to it, and putting them both in front of her. "Finish it all up, and you'll get a nice bottle of your favorite milk," she smiled. Shannon snatched up the spoon, immediately fumbling with it a little. But after a few practice swings, she was sure she had it, so she went to snag some, only to drop the spoon entirely in the oatmeal. Nerissa sighed a bit dramatically, and reached in to reclaim the spoon, letting the need to do so go unspoken. She cleaned it off with a paper towel and then she got a pink cloth bib and wasted no time tying it around Shannon's neck. She pulled up a chair, took the bowl, and the spoon, and held out a scoop of warm oatmeal, smiling. "Come on hun." Shannon shook her head. "I just fumbled a little!" but still, she opened her mouth. She was hungry... and the idea of more milk was a wonderfully enchanting idea. It was a little awkward at first, but Shannon took a bite, and then another, and then another. There was a drip here, and a soft dab of a paper towel to Shannon's cheek to clean it away... and as the other residents came in and out for breakfast, it was apparent that Shannon was a baby this morning. Baby shirt, thick diaper, being fed in a high chair. Shannon gave a little whine, but otherwise, tried to move her attention back to the oatmeal. Not the best of foods to really focus on the taste, but still, better than the others since she got all of Nerissa’s personal attention. Having started with breakfast that day, both lunch and dinner had Shannon seated in a high chair with a bib around her neck. After another bottle of formula, which she had no power to resist, it was back to bed. Days started to go on like this, and while Shannon got more comfortable with the routine, there was still something nagging at the back of her mind, like something was wrong, like she'd forgotten something important. It was a day or two later, dressed in another pair of adorable overalls with a onesie underneath, doing nothing to hide her obvious diaper bulge, that Shannon was seated in her stroller. Nerissa was taking her back to the park. Baby Shannon had been well behaved and she needed a bit of excitement. Nerissa also seemed to be excited about something too. Oddly, the park wasn’t as empty as usual. In one corner of the park, there was a picnic going on… and oddest of all, it was a picnic of littles. Littles who were professional, and adult, at least as they appeared. There were five of them, and almost all watched Shannon curiously as she was helped out of her stroller when she arrived. The Littles were noticeably more aware that Shannon wasn't a baby then the Amazonian woman. It didn’t seem to meet Shannon’s attention though. To her, she almost entirely believed herself to be a baby after the weeks and weeks she’d been living such a life. There was something wrong somewhere in her mind, and that something bugged her when she saw the other group her size, but the rest of her and the want to have fun carried her towards the slide, which she rode down, giggling all the way. With a pacifier in her mouth, the cute babygirl waddled her way up the play structure and rode the slide another two times. The picnic group had all but stopped now, 5 girls watching her a bit stunned. They were acutely aware that Shannon was way too old to be in diapers, even if her size didn't seem to make the Amazonian parents in the park look twice. Two of the littles whispered something and looked over at Nerissa, who offered a polite wave, which had all the girls quickly look away. Another parent took a seat with Nerissa after a while, talking about motherhood and her own adorable Amazonian baby which size-wise wasn’t much smaller then Shannon. It was at this point that one of the Little's quietly made her way over to Shannon. The girl was a red-head with a neat little pony tail and a cute summer dress on. Maybe in her late 20’s. As Shannon went down the slide, she was waiting at the bottom. "Hi, what's your name?" she asked. Without breaking her stride, Shannon popped the pacifier out of her mouth. "Hi, I'm Shannon! Who're you?" she bobbed up and down in place at the bottom of the slide, brimming with infantile energy, crinkling with each little movement. The girl tilted her head. "Jacquline... erm, Jackie. Are you... ... you're not really a toddler right? I mean, we're Little, we can tell, even if the others," and she indicated the parents around the playground, including the Amazon chatting with Nerissa. "even if they can't." Shannon tensed her fingers up, unsure what to say. She had to think about what she even meant by "not really a toddler", at first. She sat there, umming and ahhhing for a second, looking at Jackie and then Nerissa. "...um, well--I... don't know?" she eventually settled on, looking confused and just a little bit embarrassed. "Are you wearing a diaper?" the Little asked, since it was fairly obvious under Shannon’s overalls. Little's could be blunt and very forward. Two of the other Little's from the picnic group had gotten up and were talking to each other just out of the playground area. "I, um... yeah." Shannon knew there was absolutely NO denying that one. "...and um... that makes me a baby, I guess!" she added, following Nerissa's usual line of thinking. Nerissa got up, along with the other parent who went to get her own child. Nerissa scooped up Shannon eliciting a meep of surprise as she was picked up just like a toddler. Jackie watched wide eyed, calling "You're not a baby!" in a quiet voice after Shannon. Even as she heard it, Nerissa had something new in store. She'd been working on readying the baby slowly, and sitting down on the bench with Shannon, she started to unbutton her top. Shannon squirmed. It was... weird hearing that from Jackie. She was a bit upset, and couldn't quite pin down why. She didn't want to call Jackie wrong, since Shannon's physical age was the same as hers... but people *could* be babies even if they were old, right? It was just so weird. Shannon looked up at Nerissa, staring as her top was unbuttoned and a maternity bra came into view. "...Are you... going to breastfeed me...?" she asked realizing the obvious. Shannon's paci hung on a ribbon attached to her overalls. Nerissa smiled and nodded at her. Nerissa was not fabulously endowed, just a modest C, but the nipple was already wet as she undid the clasp on the bra, the milk smelt very similar to what Shannon usually drank. "It’s okay hun, I know you must have a rumbly tummy, you can drink your fill baby girl," she coo'd. The wide eyes of the five Little's were watching Shannon intently now. There was a slight revulsion from Shannon, but then that smell, that milk she was soo used too, so … addicted too. Shannon nodded, casting a look over to the Littles. It was difficult to push herself towards doing it, but Nerissa was right, her tummy was all rumbly and that needed fixing. She curled up towards the nipple, latching on and starting to nurse hungrily. Nerissa cuddled Shannon to her, patting her head one hand, and patting her thickly diapered and crinkly bottom with the other as she cradled her. She was acting like an infant now, shamelessly nursing like a baby and drinking breastmilk. Some of the mothers in the park watched approvingly, but to them, Nerissa just looked like she was feeding a baby, to the Littles, they couldn't believe what they were seeing. "Did you make a friend hun?" Nerissa asked of Shannon, smiling and stroking her head as she nursed. Shannon didn't move her mouth off of the nipple, but she gave a small, mildly discontented grunt between little sucks. Nerissa nodded. "That's nice hun, we'll have to see about setting up a playdate with her some time. I know you have lots of friends at the home, but it’s always nice to have new friends," she grinned. She gave Shannon's bottom a few more crinkly pats, and almost by way of answer, Shannon started wetting her diaper, the padding swelling a little. "Aww such a good baby girl," Nerissa coo'd softly in her ear. Shannon blushed, hoping that the others wouldn't notice. She did take a small bit of pride in it, now... at least when Nerissa praised her. The praise felt good. And having a playmate would be a lot of fun! She finally moved herself off of the nipple, sighing as she finished drinking. Nerissa just moved the baby to the other teat. Baby girls could drink a lot and over feeding wouldn’t do much more then ensure a full diaper and a nap for Shannon. When she was finally finished being nursed, Nerissa adjusted Shannon to her shoulder, patting her back firmly. Shannon felt a little funny for a second, but then she gave out a little burp, with a tiny bit of spit up trailing down her chin. At the same time as her belch, her tummy cramped a little and helplessly her body pushed out a mess into her diaper. Positioned as she was on Nerissa’s shoulder, the seat of her overalls suddenly drooped and the Little's watching were able to see just how much of a baby she was, filling her diaper. Nerissa finished patting her back and gave her bottom a few pats, causing the mess to squish. "Such a good good baby," she repeated the praise. Shannon would have felt humiliated in front of the other Littles, but the praise helped offset that. She curled her hands around Nerissa, giving her a big squeeze. She didn't even think any more about how sudden her mess was, or how icky it felt--it was a warm sort of surprise to her now, and wasn't really a bad thing. Just a part of being her. Nerissa redid her top, and got up with Shannon, going over to her stroller and gently putting her in her seat before buckling her in. She made sure the buckles were snug, pressing her into her full diaper. Nerissa was still working on making her comfortable with having had an accident. She spoke softly to Shannon, "We'll chat with your friend before we leave," she grinned. "Do you think she'd like to come play with you at home? I bet you could show her how fun it could be." "I um... I dunno! She doesn't seem like a baby... but I'd love more friends!" Shannon giggled, unaware of what she was signing the girl up for. Nerissa nodded, wheeling the stroller toward the group of Littles which were now looking intently like they were busy picnicking. Nerissa stopped just behind the red headed one, tapping Shannon on the shoulder. "What was her name hun? Can you ask her to come here?" Shannon nodded, looking over to the group of Littles. "Jaaaaackie!" she called, bouncing in the chair (and her mess). She was excited for a new playmate! The red headed Little stood up a bit stiffly and came over, immediately looking shy before the taller Amazon and the girl in the stroller. She could smell that Shannon had a messy diaper, and her cheerfullness and the way she ignored what she’d done was a little unsettling to her. "Hi Shannon," she said with a slight wave. Nerissa smiled and leaned down to Shannon, "Go on hun, why don't you invite her to visit?" Shannon grinned. "Hey, can you join us at my house some time? It'd be a lot of fun to play with you!" Jackie's demeanor changed a little as she looked back to her friends, who seem to be focused on their activity. She thought a moment, and looking up, with a slight bit of resolve, she nodded. "Y-yes. I'll come visit some time, I think I have something I’d like to talk you to you about Shannon," she said. "We can spend some time being... big girls," she said with a slight glance at Nerissa and lowering her voice to say the last part. It was the only thing she could think of in terms of fixing whatever was wrong with Shannon. Shannon tilted her head, looking confused. "Well... you can be! But I don't think I am..." she squirmed a little in the seat, making a small meep at the feeling of her diaper. "But yeah, come visit, please!" The other girl scurried back to her friends and Nerissa put the paci back in Shannon's mouth, pushing her in the stroller back home for a diaper change and an afternoon nap. “I really do hope she visits,” the Amazon smirked. --------- It was just after Shannon had been fed a full dinner of baby food in what had become her personal high chair, that Nerissa had decided to give her another lesson. Quietly taking the babygirl to her office by the classroom, she took a seat in the rocking chair with her. She started to rub at the front of Shannon's diaper, rocking them both in the chair gently. Shannon had grown slightly used to having her diaper, and chest rubbed on occasion. Even if it was still a bit weird, she quickly settled into the chair, sighing out a pleased and aroused little breath. Nerissa continued to rub at the front of her diaper, waiting till she got a slight moan with the loud crinkling. "Feels nice doesn't it hun?" Shannon nodded, letting out a few soft whines. "Y--yeah... it's really really nice feeling... it's ama--ah! oooh..." she leaned her head in, resting it against Nerissa’s chest. Nerissa traced a finger around Shannon’s ears, continuing to rub her diaper, smirking as the baby’s hips were moving in time with her hands. "That's a good baby girl... such a good baby girl," she said, sweetly whispering. "You want to do something for your caretaker baby?" Shannon nodded, beaming. The praise made her really happy. She softly grinded against the woman's hand, her hands softly kneading Nerissa's lap. "Use your diaper, do everything in it that you can, feel how good it is to let go in your diaper," she encouraged. It was something they’d done before, but she had a more specific intent for it today. Shannon squirmed, pushing herself against the woman's hands. "... I dunno if I can though... I don't really feel it anymore, so I don't know if I need to..." she let out a few grunts, trying her hardest. At first, it seemed she definitely didn't need to--but then, all at once, her diaper start to fill. "O-oh gosh!" she whined, the diaper taking on a new feeling as she was rubbed.” Nerissa grinned, easing her hand from Shannon's ear to move the girl slightly, starting to bounce her on a knee and focus both hands now on the front of her diaper. "Such a good girl, filling up your diaper, but there's still something more you can do," she said caressing the front of Shannon's diaper. The conditioning was going well, Shannon was addicted to the milk, nearly incontinent, and on the verge of a sexual connection between her diapers, and best of all, accepting that she was a baby. Shannon bounced, grinding against Nerissa's hands and genuinely enjoying the feel of her diaper. It wasn’t long before she was starting to dissolve into a body shaking orgasm. Just as she was peaking, Nerissa leaned forward and whispered in Shannon’s ear, right at her most susceptible moment. “From now on you are forever unpotty trained…” she whispered, “You will be in diapers the rest of your life… and I will always be your mommy.” The words invaded Shannon’s mind just as she was shattered and racked by orgasm, whimpering and shuddering as she came in her full diaper. Even if she didn’t fully understand it, her body processed it. She’d never feel the need to go again, and she’d found her mommy. It was over, she was officially a baby again. The poor baby was panting and spent after that. She was more than ready for an early bed time... after a diaper change and short pre-bed feeding straight from the teat of course. She was already asleep before she finished nursing. Not long after she’d been dressed in a new thick diaper under a purple onesie, and laid down in her crib. --------- Nerissa was relaxing on a couch in the large playroom at the home. She was dressed in a casual spring dress, her feet in flip flops and her hair falling lazily about her shoulders as she read from a book. Shannon was on the floor nearby, playing. Today Shannon was dressed in a short blue denim dress, and a pink t-shirt under it. Her bottom was covered in a frilly diaper cover and it caught the back of her dress, holding it up slightly to show her padded backside. Shannon seemed to flip back and forth, alternating between hyperactivity and calmness. Half of the time, she would contently color, nearly silent, while the other half of the time she'd be bolting from one activity to another, giggling and laughing to herself. Right now, she was hyper, waddling across the room to grab various toys, which she was busily building into a large fort in one of the corners of the room. At a knock from the door, Nerissa looked up. She put her book down and looked over to Shannon, just to make sure the babygirl was okay, before going to the door and finding that a Little was waiting outside. It was the girl that Shannon had briefly met at the park. "Oh hello there hun, have you come to play with Shannon?" she asked. The red head nodded shyly, looking around Nerissa to Shannon. "It's Jackie... uh, Ma'am," she said, before being invited in. She barely even acknowledged Nerissa and went right to Shannon. "Psst... we need to talk." "Um, okay! What do you wanna talk about?" Shannon asked innocently, paying only half attention. She was busy building a stack of baby blocks as a sort of flag for her fort. Jackie was wearing a simple short dress and a pair of loose shorts under it. She couldn't help staring at Shannon though. The way the other Little was dressed as a toddler, hair in a pony tail, pink shirt, obvious thick diaper under her denim dress... and not only that, but the red head knew that the other Little used her diapers. "You're... not really a baby," she whispered, watching as the amazon walked across the room to take a seat on the couch, getting her book. She tried to speak so she wouldn't be heard. Shannon shook her head, confused. "I don't understand..." she thought about it a little, stopping her construction. "...Mommy says I’m a baby." It was so firmly in the Little's mind, now. After a few seconds, she found her thumb slipping into her mouth, on reflex as she tried to think hard. After all, her hands weren't being used, so why not? Jackie shook her head, "Just because you look like a baby, doesn't make you one," she said putting a hand out to touch the front of the girl's diaper. Jackie was doing it mainly to confirm that the other girl was indeed wearing it, but what she didn't know was how thorough Nerissa's training had been recently. Which included helping Shannon to really like and enjoy her diapers. The slight bit of pressure on the front of her diaper made her tingle. Shannon half shut her eyes, whimpering ever so slightly around her thumb. It was hard to pin down exactly what it was, with the thumb in the way. Curiously, though, the girl held totally still as the Little held her diaper, not jumping away or even flinching at all. It seemed she was quite used to having her diaper touched! Jackie looked a little surprised as Shannon seemed to straighten, and she tugged her hand away as suddenly the diaper began to warm. The baby was peeing, but by the look on her face, she had no idea. Jackie gasped, perhaps she was in over her head, perhaps Shannon was already a baby and there was no saving her. After a few seconds, Shannon opened her eyes. "...Jackie? What's wong?" she asked after a few seconds, still sucking her thumb. Nerissa noticed the odd occurrence out of the corner of her eye, and put her book down, getting up to go over to the two Littles. "Uh oh... I think someone has a wet diapy," she said coming up from behind to tickle at Shannon's sides. Jackie took a step back from Nerissa, watching the exchange nervously as if it was something dangerous. The babygirl's dress was raised and it was confirmed that she was indeed wet. "Why don't you go get a new diaper and some wipes from the corner Shannon, I'll grab the changing mat from my bag," she said, fully intending to change her right here on the floor. Jackie was dead silent watching them both. Shannon dashed away, waddling noticeably as she snagged a few diapers and the box of wipes from the baby bag in the corner of the play room. She jumped down, laying out right next to her fort as Nerissa got the mat. She was laying down in front of Jackie and she looked up, blankly, hardly realizing that her and Jackie were having a conversation before. Nerissa lifted Shannon's dress up, smiling and giggling. "Why'd you bring so many diapers hun?" she asked, "You bring extra for Jackie?" she teased. The other Little gasped at the thought. “I’m only teasing,” Nerissa laughed at her good naturedly, letting her know she wasn't being serious (for now). Jackie had an instinct to leave, something was not right, but at the same time, something magnetic compelled her to stay. She knew what happened to some littles, and if there was any chance of saving Shannon, it'd be important to save her. She simply turned aside, letting the diaper change finish. Shannon was very used to it by now, thinking nothing as her legs were lifted by the ankles, she was thoroughly wiped, diaper rash cream applied, and finally followed by a healthy dusting of powder before being taped into a thick fresh diaper. "Can I get you something to drink Jackie? It's just about time for Shannon's bottle," Nerissa said, taking the wet diaper balled up, and throwing it away. Jackie nodded dumbly, not sure what else to say, and Nerissa returned a moment later with a sippy cup and baby bottle. Both filled with the same thing. Jackie was handed the cup and she looked at it with a frown as Shannon was given her bottle. Shannon happily stuck the nipple in place of her thumb, drinking hungrily. After a few seconds, Shannon lowered the bottle, looking at Jackie. "Drink! It's really really yummy." Shannon sat up, drinking away at the bottle, shuffling around a bit to get comfortable. Jackie watched Nerissa sit on the couch once more and looked at the sippy cup. "What's in it?" she asked, curiously. She wasn't about to degrade herself by drinking from the cup and managed to pry the top off. Nerissa noticed this, but didn't say anything. The red head gave the drink a worried sniff. "Milk!" Shannon giggled, getting about halfway through the bottle. She stretched out, feeling a little bit sleepy now. Still, she seemed determined to finish that fort--she stood back up, bottle in one hand, a toy in the other, trying to complete her build. Jackie stared at her drink a moment. It did smell like milk, but something was a bit off. She looked over at Nerissa again, worriedly, but there was something about the milk that smelt really really good. She tipped it up to her lips, taking a taste, and her eyes widened as she took a little more of a sip, which turned into a gulp, and soon she'd finished off her cup. "That.. was pretty good," she said nodding. She watched Shannon building her fort for a minute or two, trying to decide how best to handle the situation... oddly, she was starting to feel tired too as she saw the other girl yawning. Nerissa checked her watch, it'd be nap time for two Little's shortly. As they worked, Shannon finished her bottle too. She kept working, but she slowed to a literal crawl, and began to yawn every so often. She looked back at Jackie, nodding. "Yeah! It's pretty good, I love my milkies..." Not having been used to drinking nearly as much as Shannon, the redhead was not used to its effects, and even as Shannon was crawling around, yawning around her thumb, Jackie had managed to nod off, her back against the wall. Shannon noticed this after she finally completed the fortress. She crawled over to Nerissa, giving her pant leg a small tug. "I think we need naps mommy..." she yawned, resting herself against Nerissa's leg. Nerissa closed her book, smiling at the two adorable girls. She scooped up Shannon first, "I think you're right hun, let’s get your stuffed animal and your pacifier, and we'll put you down for a nap in your crib," she smiled, bumping noses with Shannon lovingly. She carried the Little on her hip for a moment. bringing her back to the nursery and doing what she said, getting her pacifier and teddy bear before easing her down into her crib. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get Jackie and set up a nap mat in here, I don't think she'd like the crib," she said teasingly. Nerissa went back out into the playroom, scooping up the younger girl. She was out cold, the milk having hit her hard for the first time. Nerissa couldn't help a grin, she knew this girl would be consigned to diapers and being a baby soon. She brought her back into the nursery, setting up a mat on the floor and laying the girl with a blankie atop it. Shannon grinned sleepily as she watched, squeezing the teddy bear. It was nice to have a playmate, even if she was a little bit unfun sometimes with her ‘not a baby’ talk. Hopefully she'd stop insisting Shannon was a big girl. Shannon laid down, letting her eyes drift shut. The girls slept easily. A milk induced sleep was one free of stress. Shannon slept deeply and with wonderful dreams, hugging her teddy, occassionally sucking on her paci in her sleep. She rested so soundly, that the milk's effect didn't even wake her. Her bottom pushed out a warm mess into the back of her diaper just like a baby. And not far away from her, napping fitfully on the mat, Jackie wasn’t far behind. Her body processed the milk and her bladder released in her sleep, causing the ‘adult’ girl to soak her panties, dress and naptime blanket. At the girls woke up, it would be nothing out of the ordinary for Shannon. For Jackie though, she awake with a start, letting out a startled shriek as she realized what had happened to herself. The red head started to cry, not trying to be too loud and bring Nerissa. Shannon sat up in her crib, looking at the distressed girl across from her with a big wet spot. At first, it was a little hard to believe--she was such a big girl! But after a few seconds, Shannon tried to reassure her. "Don't worry--it's not that bad! I mean... well... I'll call Mommy and she'll clean you up! Mommy!!" she called out, watching the crying girl. Jackie hopped up, still crying and tripping over the blankets around her ankles for a second. She came over and tried to put her hands on Shannon to shush her and keep her from bringing the Amazon. It didn't help, a moment later Nerissa walked in with her long legs. "Oh, someone up from their nap? Smells like someone has a stinky diaper," she said smiling. Her eyes were quick to see the red headed girl next to the crib, with the wet spot on the back of her dress. Sensing this, Jackie let out an eep, backing away from Shannon. "Oops, looks like there was more than one accident during naptime," Nerissa said. She quietly shut and locked the door behind her, going for Shannon first to change her baby. Shannon lifted her arms up, giggling as she was lifted. She didn't seem to realize that Jackie didn't want Mommy to be called. Why not, after all? Did she want to stay in her wetness? That wasn't that weird for the home she supposed, but if she just said that to Nerissa, she'd understand! Or maybe it was that she was a big girl... or, well, apparently not! "Jackie hun, its okay, sometimes girl's have accidents. I'm not upset," she said in a calming and familiar manner that Shannon could almost recognize. "Let me take care of my baby here and we'll get you sorted. Jackie was too mortified to answer, hands covering her rear and backing herself around the crib so that she was always on the opposite side of Nerissa. Meanwhile the Amazon carried her baby, lovingly laying her down on the changing table and going through a routine diaper change for her. Wipes, rash cream, more powder, and a thick diaper later, Nerissa set the babygirl down on the floor. "Why don't you go get her for me," Nerissa said with a pat to her diapered bottom. "I think she's scared and embarrassed." Shannon nodded, crawling over to Jackie. "Jackie?" she asked, softly prodding the girl’s arm. "Mommy's all ready to clean you up... don't worry, it happens! If you really hate it, you gotta get clean and get it gone!" Jackie was reluctant a moment, looking at Shannon and resisting. "You're not a baby Shannon, you're not... and I didn't have an accident, she did something to me! I've never had an accident before like this," she whimpered. Nerissa could hear her of course, but she remained quiet a moment. Shannon shook her head. "Well--accidents happen! I am a baby, and if I didn’t have my diapers I’d make puddles everywhere!” She giggled. “Mommy’s really nice and she'll get you all squeaky clean." There was something innocent and truthful in Shannon's face, and slowly, unsuredly, Jackie came out, walking bowlegged with an obvious accident spot between her legs. It felt gross, and she did want to get cleaned up. She couldn't look at Nerissa as she was led over. "It's okay hun," the Amazon echoed her baby's statement, very proud of the girl for how she'd handled it. "I'll have you all cleaned up and right as rain. I bet you’re worried that I'm going to put you in a diaper huh? Well, I can, if that's what you want?" to which the red head quickly shook her head no, and Nerissa laughed, "I didn't think so. I don't have any clean panties in your size, I do have pull-ups though." The girl whimpered at that, but defeated as she was, there wasn’t much she could do. Nerissa helped her get cleaned up, having her stand as she carefully took some wipes and a small baggy to wad up the wet panties and short and put them in. The little didn’t let go of the baby’s hand the hold time. Shannon squeezed her hand back, smiling all the while. She was really glad to be of assistance! "See?" she sighed, softly resting herself against the changing table. "Mommy's really nice and stuff! She's only here to help." Freshly cleaned, with pull-ups under a short dress that was designed to be worn with shorts, Jackie was quick to excuse herself. Nerissa reassured her that if accidents do happen once more, and that it was okay, and if she needed help with future accidents that she knew where the home was. She also invited her back for lunch whenever she wanted it... The red head was quick to make any excuse she could and escape the place as soon as the nursery door was unlocked. Nerissa and Shannon watched her go. "I think she's a shy girl who needs some friends Shannon," Nerissa said, scooping up her baby girl, carrying her on a hip as she watched the little practically sprint down the front walk, her pull-up easily visible under her dress. Shannon nodded. "I wanna find her some time again! Maybe we could stop by the playground soon and see if she's ever there again?" Shannon rested herself against the amazon's chest, softly tugging at the bottom of her shirt. Nerissa grinned and began to unbutton her shirt, hugging Shannon close. "I think she'll be back some time. She looked like she really enjoyed that milk," Nerissa winked. Her bra was next to go, leaving the girl's pert chest bare before Shannon. She removed the babygirl's pacifier and moments later she was breastfeeding again. --------- Heyo, I'm reposting this after getting a few messages about it. I've slowly been working on a pseudo-sequal about Jackie. No date of release to announce, just 'sometime in the future'.
  22. Hi all! So, I'll preface this by saying I've only ever read Diaper Dimension stories before, never written one. I've never written ANY AB/DL content before. Normally my works are fanfiction, and otherwise action-based. So if the pacing in this seems a bit awkward, that's the reason. But I really like the ideas presented in so many Diaper Dimension stories, and am hoping I can make my own contribution, no matter how small. Chris, after running for almost twenty minutes, had come to rest in an alleyway, hidden behind several trash cans. Trying to remain as quiet as possible, he struggled to get his breathing under control as he went over the events of the last day-and-a-half. Trying to figure out just how his vacation went to hell. To be fair, it was probably the decision at the start to spend it in the other dimension. When he first heard about the world beyond the portals, he was intrigued immediately. A world of amazing science bordering on fiction, and ruled by a class of people generally known as the Amazons. A few years later, and he learned that it was now being permitted for civilians to enter through the portals in tour groups, so he had begun saving up immediately. He had gone with a small group of four, but was instructed to go nowhere without a guide. He had inquired why, and was only told that a guide was the only way to ensure his protection. Despite being a fully grown adult, twenty-four years of age, in the new world he would be considered a 'Little.' Another of the classes in the new dimension. He wasn't sure why exactly he might need protection, until the group came through the portal. The Amazons, apparently believing that Littles were no better than children, would often claim even fully grown littles as their own. Chris watched in fascination and a hint of disgust as he watched people his age getting treated as everything from toddlers to infants. Many were being kept only in diapers. He even witnessed a couple nursing at the giant breasts of their Amazon 'parents.' Chris was told that so long as he stayed with his guide, however, it was illegal for one of the giant men or women to take him. At the end of the first day, they had made their way to their hotel. All four of them, plus their guide, an in-betweener – Someone too big to be considered a little, but too small to be considered Amazon – were staying in one room. And despite the horror show throughout the day that was the forced babying of Littles, Chris found himself drifting into an easy sleep. Why shouldn't he? He was a tourist, he had a guide, and there was safety in numbers. The next day was when things began going south. When Chris awoke, the hotel was being protested. The group of protesting giants was large, furiously chanting, and waving signs that said things like 'Protect the Littles!' and 'Mothers know best.' Their guide kept a neutral face, but his tone showed he was worried. As he ushered the group toward the rear exit to avoid the Amazon protesters, he explained that the group had been causing all sorts of problems for the tours. Apparently, their idea of 'protecting' Littles meant protecting them from themselves, locking them into diapers and cribs since a Little clearly --- in their eyes --- couldn't be trusted to care for themselves. They couldn't legally take any of them while they had their guide, but according to the in-betweener, they had begun to grow more zealous in the last several months and it would be best to avoid them entirely. He had the four holding hands as they exited the building out the back. The rest of the day was thankfully uneventful until lunch. The group visited a museum and were instructed on the history of this alternate world. To be fair, only one of them was paying that much attention. Chris was too busy watching the babied Littles. It was like a car wreck on the highway to him. He didn't really want to watch, but it was fascinatingly horrifying, and thus more compelling than hearing how similar or different this dimension's past was from his own. Two others – a couple that had introduced themselves as Elizabeth and Jake – were too busy sucking face. Apparently they were fresh from college and had just started dating about two months prior. The last member of their group, a young man named Mark, was actually paying rapt attention. He was a history major and was planning on getting first-hand knowledge of the other dimension and how it differed from their own. Their tour was providing all their food, as they were told not to trust any food or beverages given to them by Amazons, which meant returning to the hotel for lunch. The hotel which was still under protest. Before they could reach the relative safety inside, all hell broke loose. x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x He awoke with a start, having fallen asleep in his hiding place. It was getting dark now, and he assumed safe to find a new shelter for the night, so that he could hopefully get back to the portal at the tourism center tomorrow. Peaking out from behind his trash can wall, Chris climbed out and made to move as discretely as possible from alley to alley, making his way across the town. By nightfall, he had made his way to a public park. It was nearly empty now, so he ducked towards the playground. The castle-like structure of the jungle-gym wouldn't provide much protection, but it had walls to hide behind, and a roof in case of rain. And it was warm enough out that he wouldn't freeze from sleeping outside. He would also hopefully find that this public playground would also have a public restroom. He hadn't gone since breakfast, and he was starting to feel pressure from his bladder. For the first time all day, Chris actually smiled and let out a relieved sigh. But sadly, it seemed fate was not as kind as he had hoped. The feeling of the ground leaving him filled his stomach with dread as he was grabbed under the armpits and lifted from behind. Struggling, he was turned around to see the curious face of a young Amazon woman. “What are you doing out here by yourself? Especially at this time of night?” She asked. Chris actually stopped struggling, a spark of hope within him. Despite his position, she had just spoken to him without a single coo or bit of baby talk. “Long story,” he said after a moment. “I'm not from around here, and got separated from my tour guide.” He realized his mistake almost immediately. Just because the young lady spoke to him normally at the moment, didn't mean she wouldn't decide to take him anyway. The Amazon gasped and actually looked concerned. He took notice of her features now. Chocolate brown eyes matched her hair, which was pulled into a ponytail and hung just past her shoulder blades. She was lean, but had a bit of muscle to her which suggested she worked out. “Well, you don't want to sleep at the park. Any cop that comes around on patrol will ship you off to an orphanage without a second thought.” Making up her mind, she pulled the once-again struggling man close, his head now over her shoulder. “Hush and stop squirming. It's either come with me, or off to the orphanage. And I promise you, little one, the first option is going to be your best bet. Besides, you need a bath. You smell like a dumpster.” Chris blushed a bit at the comment, but stopped struggling for now. He didn't know what an Orphanage for Littles entailed, but he felt he wanted no part in it. His option with this new women didn't seem much better though as her entire demeanor seemed to change. “I've been thinking about adopting for a while now, anyway.” she continued, still speaking to him like an adult, but rubbing his back and patting his butt, bouncing him as she walked as though trying to calm an actual baby. “So what's your name, Sweetie?” Chris didn't answer, the shock of what was now happening to him beginning to set in. After a few moments of silence, the Amazon continued in a sing-song voice. “If you don't tell me, Mommy's going to make one up for you...” “You're not my 'Mommy.” Chris grumbled, but yelped when he received a sharp slap to the rear. Even through his pants it stung something fierce. “This shouldn't even be happening. And I'm probably older than you are-OW!” Another smack to his butt. “A, I absolutely am your Mommy, and you will refer to me only as that, or Mama” she declared sternly. “Regardless of how you got separated from your guide, it happened, and now I'm claiming you. B, it's totally legal. Not only are you all alone, but it's clear you've got nowhere to stay now. And a homeless Little is more than fair game, it's any good Amazon's responsibility to get that Little under their loving care and protection. And C, yeah, you probably are. I'm nineteen, which for your information is a year older than I need to be to claim you without permission from my own parents. With permission, an Amazon can legally adopt a little at sixteen.” Chris went silent again at that information. “Listen,” his new 'Mommy' continued. “You be a nice baby, and I'll be a nice Mommy. Misbehave, and there has to be consequences. So, please tell me your name.” “Chris,” he said after a moment. “My name is Chris.” The Amazon nodded with a grin as her sternness disappeared. “Well, Chris, we're almost home,” she announced, going back to bouncing him. “We live with your new Auntie and her Little. I just know you'll have so much fun playing with your new cousin. She doesn't talk much though since your Auntie had her teeth removed...” The Amazon felt the Little in her arms stiffen and begin to shake, so she began to rub his back. “Shhhh, it's ok Honey. Your cousin was just a biter. Jenny and I couldn't feed the poor thing because it was like nursing a little shark. Believe me, as long as you take care not to bite Mommy, or Auntie if she feeds you, I'll let you keep all your little teefers.” This didn't help calm Chris down in the slightest. “Wait, you both breastfeed her?” he asked. She nodded with a smile. “Sometimes. You can't expect an Amazon woman to live with a cute little doll like my niece and not start to leak all over the place. It helps relieve the pressure on Mommy's boobies, and it's better bonding time for babies to take from the source instead of us having to pump. So to answer your next question, Sweetie, yes, Mommy will make sure you get good, healthy breastmilk multiple times a day, and if a situation comes up where your Auntie is watching you, she might nurse you as well.” At this point, Chris was actually beginning to tear up in frustration as they moved up the driveway of what he had to assume was the house shared by the sisters. Both from the situation and from the fact that the constant bouncing on the way here had brought to the forefront the pressure in his bladder that had been growing since the incident where he and the group got separated. “I really have to pee, so if you could please hurry,” he announced. The Amazon just rolled her eyes, but neither stopped bouncing him, nor lost her smile as she began to dig in her pockets for her keys. “Of course you do,” she said, as though it were obvious. “Which is why Littles should always be wearing protection. With your tiny little bladders, it's amazing you can hold any liquids at all. Speaking of which, this is the only time Mommy's going to ask you to try and hold it, since you aren't wearing a diapie yet. But if you can't, it won't be the first time I've had a Little pee on me and probably won't be the last, so I won't be mad. And given how much has happened to you today, I won't be surprised...There we are!” Pulling her keys from her pocket, she took a moment to re-situate Chris in her arms with a big bounce. He felt his bladder go from high pressure to red alert and it took everything he had to stop himself, though he knew a few drops had managed to trickle out. Kicking off her shoes in the entryway, the giant carried him upstairs, and Chris let out a squeak as a bit more urine leaked out into his pants with each step. He visibly flinched at the squeal of delight that he heard when they reached the top of the stairs. “Kenzie, you got a Little?” the voice asked, and he was turned around to see his 'Auntie' for the first time. There was no doubt the two were sisters. The new Amazon had the same brown eyes and hair that his definitely crazed kidnapper had, and a face that was remarkably similar. However, she was actually taller than his new mother, and kept her hair short, letting it hang down only far enough to brush her shoulders. “I did,” the now named 'Kenzie' replied, beaming with pride. “Poor thing was wandering the streets after losing his guide. I couldn't let him fend for himself, or get taken to an orphanage, Jenny.” The sisters nodded at each other as if what Kenzie was doing was in any way better. “So he's from the other dimension, then?” Jenny asked, and Kenzie nodded. “He was,” she replied.”But this is his home now.” Throwing him back over her shoulder, she cuddled Chris into a tight hug. That was the last straw, and Chris yelped as the flow of urine broke free. “Uh oh,” Kenzie said, realizing what was happening and quickly moving onto the hardwood floor of the kitchen to avoid staining the carpet. Chris felt her hand on his back as she just held him close, As the wetness soaked through his clothes and hers, he whimpered pathetically, but Kenzie just continued to rub his back and lightly bounce him, whispering into his ears. “It's ok, Sweetheart,” she said. “Mommy isn't mad, she told you she wouldn't be mad.” Chris began to actually cry now, the tears flowing freely. Not only did he, a grown man, just wet his pants and urinate all over a girl who was younger than him, but she was acting as if the only reason he was upset was because he thought she'd be mad. “Just let it all out, Honey,” she cooed. “We were gonna give you a bath anyway.” “Awww,” Jenny sighed. “Don't worry little guy. Sarah did the same when I brought her home. We know you need protection.” He couldn't see her, but heard her walking up to them. He shivered as the last of his pee dripped out. But when he opened his mouth to actually say something, something was shoved into it instead. He looked up to see Jenny holding a pacifier in place in his mouth. “Just suck on this, Baby, you'll feel better. And Auntie will go make you a nice warm bath.” “Thank you,” Kenzie said, taking her sister's place at holding the pacifier in his mouth until, defeated, he began to just suck on it on his own. “That's it, Honey-Bunny. Just suck on the paci.” Within moments, Chris found himself sitting naked on the cold kitchen floor, his wet clothes unceremoniously dumped in the trash, while Kenzie began to wipe up the puddle on the floor with paper towels. At this point he wasn't even thinking about escape from these people. After everything, a bath sounded good right now. x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x The warm water did serve to calm him down. The thorough cleaning of every part of his body, genitals included, did not. Nor did the stinging gel she used to clean every part of him save for the top of his head. He soon found out what the gel was for, as every bit of hair that it touched, arm, leg, back, chest, and even his face and pubic hair, simply wiped away with each pass of the wash cloth. Chris would have made a joke about being smooth as a baby's bottom, but it was definitely not the time for jokes, especially of those kind. When Mommy – Kenzie, he corrected himself. He had a name now, he wouldn't give her the satisfaction of actually thinking of her as 'Mommy' – pulled the now clean and mostly hairless man from the bath, Jenny came in carrying her own Little. “I had to get her up for this,” she said, quietly. “Sarah, can you say hi to your new cousin?” she turned the young woman in her arms around, grabbing her hand and making her wave. Sarah just looked exhausted and held a mostly defeated look in her eye. She opened her mouth in a yawn and Chris again went rigid at the sight of those toothless gums. As Chris was swaddled into a towel, Jenny continued speaking. “Are the kids going to share the crib? It's big enough for the both of them.” Kenzie looked thoughtful for a moment. “Hmmm, no. Not tonight at least. Chris can sleep in the playpen next to my bed for now.” Jenny just nodded. “He doesn't look any bigger than Sarah here, so her diapers should fit. I put a clean pair of her jammies out too,” she said as they entered a room down the hall that made Chris begin whimpering again. The nursery. He looked over and thought he saw a twinge of pity in Sarah's eyes, before he was placed on the changing table, a strap hooked over him to keep him in place. Kenzie grinned ear to ear, and now devolved into full-on baby talk as she pulled a crinkly, white, baby's diaper out and gripped his ankles in one hand, pulling his bottom off the table, before placing it back down on the soft padding. “Baby's first diapie!” she cooed, liberally sprinkling him with baby powder, rubbing it all over his crotch and butt, making sure he was fully covered with it. He looked away in humiliation, and was met with the sight of Jenny sitting in the corner rocker, shirt lifted, bra-less, and with Sarah's mouth working the nipple of her left breast. His face crinkled in disgust at the thought and he didn't even pay attention to the diaper being taped to him, forcing his legs apart from its bulk. He remained distracted until Jenny noticed his gaze and giggled. “I think somebody's hungry, sis,” she announced. “I know its past his bedtime, but you should probably feed him, and he'll probably need a change immediately after.” Chris tried to scoot away, but he was being held in place by Kenzie, who was slipping his arms into the sleeves of the one-piece footie pajamas. Chris looked down and grimaced. Pink. Princess. Footie pajamas. “Oh, don't you look adorable!” Kenzie squealed, turning him to show her sister, who gave the exact same squeal. “You know, if you let that hair grow out and then put it into pigtails, it would be unbelievably cute. Maybe little Chris should be little Christina instead.” Chris's eyes widened, and he looked between the two sisters. They couldn't be serious, could they? “No, not little Christina,” Kenzie said, and Chris let out a sign of relief. But because fate was simply screwing with him at this point, once again, it was too soon to relax. “I'm more partial to 'Crystal' myself,” she said. “Yeah, Crystal sounds right.” Jenny's grin contrasted Chris's horrified gape. “So I've got a little niece instead of a nephew?” she asked, burping Sarah, before trying to switch her to the other breast. Kenzie looked down at Chris, who was vehemently shaking his head in the negative, and could see nothing but how that would look with those future pigtails whipping back and forth. “Definitely,” she agreed, and Chris felt his stomach plummet as she lifted him. Then she noticed that Sarah was apparently done with her feeding without finishing off Jenny's other breast. “Why don't you take her to the living room. She can even you out while I set up the playpen in my room.” As the dozing Sarah was deposited in her crib, and Chris was handed off to Jenny, his new Auntie looked uncertain. “Are you sure that's ok? Wouldn't you rather be the first one to nurse her?” Even despite the subject, Chris was concerned with how quickly they had transitioned to referring to him as a girl. Kenzie shook her head and kissed Chris's forehead. “A little,” she admitted. “But I know it feels awkward only having one breast get drained, and it's always nicer than pumping. Besides, she'll get plenty of Mama's milk.” “And you also want to see if she's a biter before you nurse her yourself,” Jenny playfully fired back, and her sister looked a bit sheepish. “She knows the consequences of biting. I told her about it on the way home.” Jenny just rolled her eyes as she positioned Chris on her hip. “Well, come on Princess,” she said, turning out of the nursery. “Let's go get you some nummies.” Chris squirmed in her grip but she held fast. With the swiftness only a mother could muster, she held him on her hip, nabbed two remotes, and by the time she had sat down and put him in her lap, she already had a movie selected and started. Chris tried to slide down onto the floor, but was caught, and repositioned, cradled in the crook of Jenny's arm, staring up at the already revealed breast. He clamped his mouth shut and turned his head as far from her nipple as possible. “Sweetie, you've got to be hungry. If you've been running around all day, I doubt you've eaten.” Chris grunted in response, but didn't open his mouth. Jenny blew a strand of hair from her face. “Always difficult at first,” she muttered, before speaking aloud again. “If you don't eat, Little one, I guarantee your Mommy will have no problem with me giving you a spanking.” “She's right, I won't,” came the voice of Kenzie from down the hall. Jenny nodded in satisfaction. “Which means one of two things can happen. Either you can be a good girl and eat, or you can be a bad girl, have your butt smacked, and then eat. You're eating either way, it's your choice whether you have a sore behind or not.” Chris remembered the walk here, how Kenzie smack him in the butt a few times while carrying him. That was casual during a walk and it hurt then. What would a legitimate spanking be like. He gave a whine, but ultimately turned back to Jenny's breast and hesitantly opened his mouth. And just like that, her flesh met his tongue. There was far more than he thought there was, the nipple filling a large portion of his mouth alone. He thought for a moment about trying to pull away, but as milk began to flow over his taste-buds, his mind began to grow hazy. Why was he struggling again? This stuff was delicious. He had enough presence of mind to avoid using his teeth, but other than that, once he found a rhythm he was suckling greedily. Jenny smiled and sighed. This was indeed better than pumping. It didn't take long for Chris to take what milk Sarah had not, and he whined, annoyed when the milk stopped coming and Jenny removed him from her boob. He was still in a daze as he was passed off to Kenzie, already waiting topless, and her own nipple slipped past his lips. He was vaguely aware of her rubbing his back and whispering softly in his ears, but he was too focused on the milk to listen. By the time this breast ran dry, he was beginning to feel full. Rather than replace him directly on her other boob, Chris was somewhat confused as he was thrown over her shoulder instead, his head resting on a soft cloth. A few firm pats to his back told Chris she was trying to burp him, and had he not still been out of it, he probably would have tried to muster some sort of resistance. No sooner had he held the thought 'she can't be serious,' then Chris let out a powerful belch, and spit up a bit of milk as well. He let out a few more smaller burps, and then it was back to suckling. x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x Chris came to just as a new, dry nighttime diaper was taped to him, and the pajamas zipped back up. He realized the sisters were talking, just not to him. “...And you've emailed your professors to let them know you're taking a few weeks for maternity?” Jenny asked. “Yup,” Kenzie replied. “I'll need the car tomorrow to bring her in for registration, and then I also plan on making an appointment with Dr. Nemeth.” Jenny nodded as Kenzie picked up the freshly diapered little. “That's fine, but I'll go out first to the store and buy a second carseat. The kids can't exactly share that.” Jenny punctuated the sentence by placing a wet kiss on Chris's cheek. “Night-night, Princess.” Carried into Kenzie's bedroom, Chris groaned. “What just happened?” he asked, getting a giggle in response. “You went into a milk-haze, sweetheart,” she explained. At his confused look, she elaborated. “Amazon breastmilk has an addictive effect on Littles, and can make them zone out during feedings. I bet you didn't even know you had wet your diaper until halfway through changing you, right?” Chris just blushed, embarrassed that she was indeed correct. “Though I'm surprised. Another side-effect is bowel incontinence and yet you didn't make any poopies at all,” she continued, sounding confused and disappointed. “Even if you consider that it was only your first time, having three boobies at once should have done something. Especially if you've gone as long without pooping as you had peeing earlier. I'll have to ask the Doctor about it tomorrow.” She laid him down on the padded mat of the playpen. No pillow, but there was a blanket that she used to cover him. She kissed her fingers, tapping them against his nose, before getting ready for bed herself. Stripping her pants off, bringing a blush to the Little's face, the already topless Amazon threw a baggy t-shirt on, leaving her in just that and her panties. Lights off, she flopped into her bed. “Do you want a lullaby, Honey? I don't mean to brag, but I do a mean Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Chris just frowned and rolled to his side, not facing her. Kenzie's face fell slightly at the actions, but just passed it off as her new daughter being tired and crabby. “I'm leaving, tomorrow,” Chris insisted, and Kenzie's frown deepened. She propped herself onto her elbows and gazed through the dark into the playpen. “The only things happening tomorrow is you getting registered, getting a checkup, and getting lots of cuddles and love from Mommy. You'll be getting chipped at the registration office, and that chip will not only let you be tracked if you get lost, it also will deactivate any portal you get within five feet of. You are not going back to that other dimension without Mama's permission, and I'm not giving my little girl up.” Chris was suddenly hoisted by the large woman and flopped onto her bed. Within moments he was swaddled in his blanket too tightly to move. A large pink pacifier was shoved in his mouth as Kenzie placed the now immobile Little back in the playpen. “There is going to be no more fuss about leaving now, Crystal,” she continued sternly. “You are my baby, I am your Mommy, this is your home. And once you're registered, you'll have nothing to do but accept it.” Chris struggled against the blanket as Kenzie rubbed his stomach. If what she said was true, then he had to get away tonight, escape into the dark while the rest of the house's inhabitants were asleep. Unfortunately, his belly was full of breast milk, he was laying on an admittedly soft mat, having his belly gently rubbed, and the giant woman doing the rubbing was now actually singing to him softly. Two renditions of Twinkle Twinkle and half-way through 'You are my Sunshine,' and Chris was out like a light.
  23. [06/03/20XX] 10:54.35 AM The black screen comes to life, catching the sight before it in crisp, high definition quality. The setting is a simple room, viewing the front end of a bed, draped in a brown comforter as rays of light bathe its side from the right off-camera. A computer on top of a desk sits right next to the bed, and its monitor is lifeless, just like the lamp on the nightstand to the side. Everything is quiet, minus the chirping of birds from an open window. “BOO!” A woman suddenly hops in from the left, crashing on the cushiony bed, as her brown hair bounces with the constant shifting. “What’s up guys!” She keeps her attention fixated on the recording screen, straightening out her cream-colored shirt. Her jeans didn’t need any readjusting, as they clearly did a good job at holding to her figure. “I know it’s been a bit since we last talked, but I just got finished moving a few days ago, and I’m completely, totally 100% moved into my new place!” She let out an exaggerated cheer. “That’s right! I finally made it to XXXX!” She laughed again, wagging a finger. “Sorry, but I’ll need to take that out in post. Can’t have you guys sneaking up on me, after all! But here I am! I’ve been browsing so many forums about this place. It just feels great to be off the islands and on the mainland! People are HUGE here! I’ve heard they can be a little pushy, but they are pretty much just like Littles.” She stood up for a moment, walking out of the shot and returning with a water bottle of a massive size, supported by the both of her hands.. “So like,” She finished taking a sip, screwing the cap back on. “I’m starting my part-time job tomorrow, and I’m pretty nervous. Thanks to you guys though, through all your support I can sustain myself and put out more content. This job is just to give me something to do other than film! Oh, and also the P.O. box won’t be up for a bit! I still need to figure out how I’m gonna do that here.” She leaned back on the bed, kicking her feet in the air, lazily. “The place already came with internet, cable and the whole shabang, so apart from me getting used to the area, ya girl Sarah is fully functional!” She cleared her throat. “I gotta go grocery shopping now though. Stomachs, you know how they are! I’ll talk to you guys soon. Till next time!” With that, the video star walked up to the camera, her figure quickly enveloping the entire lens, and then the screen truly cut to black. [06/03/20XX] 5:39.22 PM “Ugh! The nerve of some people!” Sarah didn’t bother with playful introductions this time. The camera hadn’t changed spots compared to last time, and if anything was slightly turned more to the left, revealing the beginnings of a doorknob. “Hey guys,” She kept a passively annoyed look on her face. “Just wanted to give you an update. I got all the food I needed, but jesus if that wasn’t stupid as all hell!” She was already digging into a large plastic bag, pulling out a sizeable chocolate bar. [END OF CLIP] [06/05/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [06/18/20XX] 2:31.47 PM “Weekend is finally here everybody!” Sarah sat on the same bed as usual, sporting a pair of shorts and loose top. “Man, am I ready to unwind! I’m just ready to get my games on…” She looked longingly over at the computer, which never seemed to have changed. “I should be doing a livestream soon, so stay tuned for that. But for today’s video I wanted to-” She was cut off by the ringing of a doorbell. With a strange and unexpected look, Sarah shifted her head to the left, to somewhere out of the camera’s range. She sighed, hopping off the bed. “Fine, fine...I guess I’ll just put in a jump cut...” Ignoring the camera, she walked to the noise which now turned into a resounding knock. “Yes! Yes! I’m coming!” Sarah already sounded irritated. The noise of a door opening was heard. “Yes? What can I do for-” Sarah’s voice went silent, as it was quickly replaced by a shriek. “You again!? How did you--?!” The entire altercation still remained out of the camera’s vision. All that could be registered was the sound and slight vibrations from nearby. “Is that ANY way to greet your new mommy? Honestly!” A sigh from a second voice could be heard. “You’re definitely going to take some work, Sally...” “Sally? My NAME is Sarah, you creep! Now get the hell out of here!” It sounded as if she were closing the door forcefully, but with a prolonged swinging motion, it was clear that she was being met with resistance. “If you come quietly I’ll make this as painless as possible missy!” The female voice was stern and commanding, followed by the sound of the doorknob hitting the side of a wall. Sarah screamed, and the tapping of feet became rapid and louder as Sarah’s figure darted from one end of the screen to the other. She remained partly in view, taking a defensive stance towards where she ran from. She was breathing fast, her adrenaline pumping. Footsteps from where she came that were much louder and composed arrived. “St...stay away!” Sarah had quickly lost her bark, and as she backed out of view, the camera could only capture up to the knees of this unknown figure. From the top of the screen, the underside of a wide bag suspended from her torso was evident. “I gave you a choice, and I’m being extremely nice by offering you again,” Her words were like ice, and her threats were dressed in thorns. “Am I going to have to punish you already?” “I’ve already called the police!” Sarah’s voice shouted. “You better leave before they come!” The giant’s posture gave no sign of change in attitude. “Right,” The woman was clearly unconvinced. “Next you’re going to tell me that I have a tail? Mommy likes a silly baby, honey, but now is not the time for fun and games.” The words came heavily with a deathly seriousness to them. “I suppose we’re doing the punishment first...” Nonchalantly, the bag was dropped on the bed, clearly in view behind the figure’s legs. What could be seen were smiling balloons and letter blocks on it, with multiple storage compartments installed. Without much warning, she walked towards where Sarah was, and it was followed by the screams of a defenseless, much smaller figure as the much larger one bent over as if to pick something up. “LET ME GO! PUT ME DOWN!” From her screams alone, it was evident that Sarah was the thing that had been picked up, and she was currently thrashing for dear life. “I don’t think we’ll be needing these anymore!” She chuckled, as Sarah screamed only louder. An article was suddenly tossed into view, hitting the ground with a small noise. The recording was sharp enough to identify it as a pair of shorts. “And my, my! How bold of a choice my wittle Sally!” She commented.“I think you’ll find your new underwear much more appropriate though.” “FUCK YOU, you psycho!” The woman returned to the bed and sat her bottom on it; taking up just about the entire width of the mattress with it. A twisting and turning Sarah was then lowered into center-view from the camera’s perspective, as she was pinned to the assailant’s knee. She was missing the shorts she first wore at the beginning of her recording, and now the black panties she was wearing underneath were visible. No matter how much she kicked her legs, it did nothing to free herself, she kept struggling for as long as she could, but it became evident she was only tiring herself out. The camera perfectly caught the steady hand which planted her down, as the only thing which tried to move was the restrained Sarah. “Aww, all tuckered out?” The camera could now see up to the woman’s lips, decorated in a light red lipstick as they curved upward at the corners. “Let me go!” Sarah was still shouting, but obviously low on stamina. She found it in herself to grow wide-eyed though, when in one swift motion, a large hand yanked off her underwear and tossed it off-screen. Tears could be seen forming from the visible part of her face. “Please...” She had started to assume a weakened, pleading tone. “Don’t touch me down there! Don’t violate me! I’ll pay you! Take anything you want! Just don’t!” The woman tutted her voice, as the hand closest to Sarah’s bottom drew out of view. “Such a dirty mind, too! You’ll need to learn how to not have such a potty mouth, young lady. Besides, what could you have other than yourself that I’d possibly want?” Much faster than when it left, the hand came crashing back into view as it collided with the round bottom attached to Sarah. Almost immediately she let out a shriek, her muscles visibly stiffening while her head and legs shot upwards, quickly falling back to their semi-relaxed state. “Four more ought to do it.” The woman sufficed, repeating the same motion from just a moment earlier. Smack! Sarah’s second scream this time had become much more thick, as if something else were on its way. “Just remember, you could have prevented this.” Smack! Sarah’s shout was a bit quieter than last time, but tears were rolling down her cheeks now. Although only one was visible to the camera, it was a likely assumption for the other out of view. Smack! She was full-on crying now, her body reacting less and less as her cheeks turned red. “PLEASE!” Sarah’s voice came out awkward and shaky. Her body was quivering all over. Surprisingly, the hand didn’t come crashing down yet. As if she was willing to listen. “I’m sorry...so--!” A jolt of pain must have ran through her body, as she visibly winced. “P-please...stop the spanking!” The hand came back down, but much more slowly this time, in such a fashion that it was apparent it wasn’t homing in on Sarah’s backside. “Well...I’m glad to see you’re starting to learn, hmm?” Sarah’s teary face could only nod and make an agreeing noise. Her face looked somewhat relieved; only because she couldn’t see what was happening behind her. “Babies need to know though, that misbehaving will not be tolerated, and that there are consequences to their actions.” With that, the hand came down with an unmistakable amount of force greater than the the times before it. The slight shake of the camera backed up this theory. In her system Sarah found the energy to wail yet again, as she almost hung there lifelessly, sobbing as she had been totally and utterly defeated. The crying didn’t stop as the giant, oddly enough, pulled her in for a hug with her severely red bottom faced towards the camera. “There, there...” She cooed in a syrupy voice. “Now we’re gonna make it all better.” She stood and turned, leaning over the bed as Sarah disappeared somewhere on the covers. The sounds of fishing through the large bag could be heard. “Now let’s get all your supplies~!” The woman spoke in a sing-song voice, as she pulled two things out. In one hand was a large, white rectangular bottle, and the other a white plastic square, covered in childish motifs. “I couldn’t wait to bring you home, Sally!” The sounds of plastic unfolding could be heard, and a second voice, likely Sarah’s could be heard whimpering as she tried to protest. They were quickly silenced by the sound of a slap on bare skin. “But I will not listen to this grownup nonsense anymore, got it?” She eased into a hum as the edgings of a white cloud could be seen around her figure, with more sounds of thick plastic and padding being secured. “Annnnnd done!” The woman cheered. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” “Why are you doing this to me?” A silent voice spoke. “Because this is who you are, silly!” The calm and collected voice laughed. “And if I didn’t pick up your little padded bottom today, it sure would’ve been someone else tomorrow! You’d be surprised how much we were gossiping about your little tush! You little ones are always so uncertain and nervous about this at first, but I can tell you’ll fit in very nicely. It’s too commonplace for you uppity balls of energy to wind up back in diapers! You’ll be thanking me soon enough. Now enough chit-chat, up we go!” She made a woosh noise as her arms raised in the air. She turned around and set Sarah down in front of the camera, with a clearly different set of underwear on. Caught from a side view, a thick set of padding snaked its way in between her legs and emphasized both her bottom and crotch. Large yellow tapes drew the sides to the front, as the disoriented girl turned past the camera, sharing the happy bears that were frolicking on the plastic front with the screen. With each shift in her unsteady posture, a loud crinkle was picked up by the still-recording device. With the giant’s back turned, Sarah pulled at the tapes, but her brows started to furrow and lips began to quiver when they did not budge. “Now let Mommy tidy up your changing supplies, then we’ll be on our merry way!” “Wh...where are you taking me?” She shifted her terrified focus from her plastic prison to the warden who put her in it. “Where else would I be taking you? Home, silly!” She laughed as if it were a given. “I know you’re excited for Daycare, but we don’t even have you signed up yet!” “But I live here! You can’t just kidnap me!” “Not a single person would think twice about a Mommy carrying out her adoption. And how could you keep living here? We don’t even have a changing table for you! I got your baby powder all over the comforter too...” The red-faced Sarah, still out of the woman’s line of view, looked in just about any direction, as if she were searching for something that might help. Then, her eyes collided with the camera, as her eyes grew wide, and her hands quickly snatched it. The screen started to shift in awkward angles, as it suddenly found its way in between Sarah’s shirt and bra, the lighting quickly becoming dark. It did not last for long however, as Sarah made a worried whine, illuminating the scene once more. Her breathing still fast-paced, the camera was suddenly faced at an awkward angle. Looking down at the ground, all that could be seen was the front of Sarah’s cushy diaper and her toes which just managed to peak past the overbearing pad. With her other hand, although visibly straining with a stifled groan, she just managed to peel the elastic waistband from her stomach, opening a gap in between. The gap grew bigger and wider until all that could be seen was darkness, as the interior padding ceased to look white without proper lighting. Noise could still be heard from outside, but it was clearly muffled now. “Okay, precious! Time to get a move on! Up we go!” The slight turns and shifts of the camera did little to suggest how the diaper containing it was moving, but suddenly the pad pressed inward on the camera’s vision, with the screen suddenly going black. [06/18/20XX] 8:24.17 PM The screen was still dark. As dark as it had been before, if not a little more. The sounds were still muffled as well. “Now Mommy has been very generous with your bedtime tonight, since I know you still need to adjust a little, so I think we’ll get your bedtime schedule on track starting tomorrow.” It sounded like the giant from the last known recording. “What? But it’s only like 8:30!” The sound of Sarah’s voice complained, much closer to the camera. “Babies need all the sleep they can get. And your little tush is no exception!” “When are you going to let me go? When can I go home?” There was a sigh in the room. “I thought I had made this clear with the first two spankings. You are home Sally! It’s scary, I know, but you’ll come to find this is much better than that mean old life I plucked you from; riddled with so many tough responsibilities.” Oddly enough, Sarah didn’t seem to protest, as if she knew better than to. “Don’t you feel so much better in your jammies, wearing a comfy diaper?” She cooed. “Well?” The second time she spoke came with a bit more authority, expecting a response. “..Yes...” Sarah bitterly spoke, obvious with unwilling compliance. Her voice seemed to read as if she were blushing when she spoke. “That’s right. Now Mommy gave you some special juice at dinner, and that diaper has been bone dry since the moment I put it on you this morning! You’ll need to learn that the potty is your diaper now sweetie, and not the toilet where the grownups go. I expect that to be well-used by the morning, okay?” Her absolute words resulted in Sarah’s whimper, as she started to sniffle, clearly upset by her words. “Goodnight Sally,” a faint kiss on skin could be heard. “I expect to find a pleasant surprise in the morning!” Right before the sound of footsteps and a door closing, the beginnings of a nursery rhyme’s tune could be heard. A few seconds passed, and suddenly noise from above the camera could be heard, followed by more plastic crinkles. “Come on..you...stupid diaper!” A hushed voice silently whined as the camera was slowly but surely lifted out of its prison. For a brief moment the darkened room’s scenery was revealed beyond pink bars basked in moonlight. The floor was carpeted, and had a rug laid in the center of the room. A tall changing table sat on the opposite end, with clear view of the many diapers stored underneath. A chest labeled ‘toys’ was visible in another corner as well, right beside a rocking chair. In the darkness, all that was discernible from the walls was that they were of a pale color. A few interesting quotes hung from the wall as well...one reading: “A wet baby is a happy baby.” There was more to the room, but the view was quickly changed as it spun to the crib’s interior, and was currently being leaned on what was likely a stuffed animal, with its brown, furry, stuffed legs taking up a small portion of each side. Sarah was back in view, yet again, only now that she was wearing a new set of thin, yet soft looking pants and shirt. A smiling sun was adorned on front, and her pink bottoms were covered in white stripes. And needless to say, the way the lines on her bottoms curved only emphasized the bulge that was caught on camera earlier. A white waistband was peeking from all sides. Sarah looked equally as distraught as she did at first, only slightly more composed now; beyond her initial fears and settled into a constantly frightened sense. She sat on her knees and leaned a bit to level with the camera’s angle, as her bottom crinkled and her assumed stance gave the perfect view of her much more rounded crotch. “If you are watching this...” Sarah spoke in a hushed, yet urgent voice. “Please...” She already started to get teary-eyed. “Please help me...I don’t know where I am, but this woman has kidnapped me and taken me somewhere. She’s treating me like her baby!” Sarah choked back a full-on cry. “I don’t even know her name...she’s only telling me to call her...Mommy...” It looked as if she wanted to vomit at the thought. “I haven’t been to the bathroom all day!” Sarah looked in any which way, as she shuffled her legs and hips, with a hand pressed to her crotch. “I really need to go...but there’s no way I’m gonna fucking piss myself for that monster!” Admitting her predicament was clearing starting to get to her. “I can’t…” Her sobbing face looked to the side. “I can’t even take the damn thing off...” As if to check one last time, she snaked down the front of her pajama bottoms, revealing the same plastic front as before. Pulling as the tapes like a mad man, it was as if they refused to acknowledge her existence, confirming her worst fears and despair. “I don’t know what she fed me earlier, but my stomach hasn’t felt right since...” Her face grimaced at the thought. She took a few heightened breaths, as she suddenly wrapped an arm around her abdomen. “I can feel it pushing, and I can’t stop it...” Sarah sniffled. Quickly, she suddenly turned to the bars, allowing an angled side view of her position, including the view of her pronounced bottom. “I….can’t….” Sarah whined. “...hold it!” With hands fiercely clutching the bars for support, she grunted and moaned in as much of a hushed voice as possible. She tried her best to cover her mouth, but the struggles in her voice were unmistakable; doing anything she could to suppress her audible struggles. On her knees, she stood up the ever-slightest, and then her plastic underwear began to make slight noises as the outline of her bottom began to expand. Slowly, her backside expanded and her bottom quaked, and in an exhausted state she tried to set it down gently. Uncovering her mouth, she kept taking rapid breaths. “Oh...oh god…!” Her head laid sunken, hands clutching the bars as she sobbed, trying to process what she had just done. “She actually fed me laxatives!” Her hand slapped the bar, making a small noise, crying in defeat. Turning back to the camera with an exhausted look, puffy eyes and reddened cheeks, she tried to stay off her backside for obvious reasons. “I need to...” Her nose slightly twitched as she quickly pinched it, with a new disgusted look on her face. “I need to find a way out of here...This isn’t righ...” Sarah gasped as she quickly cupped the front of her crotch. Based on how close she was to the camera, the slightest hissing noise was evident. There wasn’t much noise after that, as tears silently rolled down her cheeks. Her hand left the front of her masked diaper, and laid on the blankets lifelessly. “My name is Sarah Foster,” She silently started, trying to keep her tone straight, although it was thick. “Aged 19, almost 20. I have lived as an adult for almost my entire life,” It seemed as if it hurt to speak any further for her, visibly becoming stressed as she spoke. “And...” She blinked, glossy-eyed. “I don’t want that to stop now.” With each passing moment, her eyes seemed to grow heavier and heavier, as if she were being sapped of her strength entirely. With what strength she had left, Sarah raised the screen and lifted what looked to be a pillow, and covered the screen’s vision. “I’ll tune in soon...” The screen went black. [06/20/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [06/20/20XX] 12:43.06 PM “Sader Street! It’s Sader Street!” Sarah in a fast whisper occupied the entire camera’s vision. “I heard her talking on the phone, I think she’s ordering something, and she was giving an address. I was trying to listen, but then she put me in this stupid playpen...” She backed from the camera to give a better view, revealing the denim shortalls she was in, sported by an obvious diaper underneath. “I managed to sneak the camera out when she let me play in my--the nursery.” Sarah quickly corrected herself. “I can’t hide it in the diaper like I did the first time, because she checks in the morning and--...” Sarah’s blush signified she didn’t want to elaborate any further. She looked a bit jumpy, or at least she couldn’t seem to stand still for very long. “And god if only there was some way I could get to the toilet without her knowing!” The stress was becoming more and more visible. “I swear, when I get out. I’m gonna-” “Mommy’s sorry about that sweetie, but I needed to hear the grownup on the other line! Your diapers are a little bit too noisy for me. Especially when they’re so dry! Speaking of which, I think somebody’s a looking a bit fidgety right now!” With Sarah still in view, a familiar hand pressed her on her bottom, as it leaned into her abdomen. As physical resistance was clearly not an option, she tried to fight the battle internally on her reddened face, but it was clear who became the victor once she involuntarily let out a gasp, followed by a sigh. The bashful girl remained still for a few moments, unable to respond coherently. “Much better!” The woman cooed. “Now let’s inspect the damages...” With an easy motion, she had the snaps on the crotch of Sarah’s overalls undone with a discolored diaper partly on display. “Yep! Wet as a walrus!” She confirmed with an audible squeeze, then started to button the crotch back up, much to Sarah’s displeasure. “But we can do much better than that to warrant a change. We need those to last, after all!” “But I want to be changed now!” Sarah shouted, her focus no longer on the camera. She was quickly lifted out of sight though when a pair of hands swooped her from the armpits. “Little girls do NOT want in this household missy!” Sarah was starting to shout and struggle.”I really thought we made some progress these past two days! I guess not though...I think I’ve been too lenient with the spankings, so it looks like we should add 5 more and maybe some corner time, hm?” The smacks and shouts of protest continued for only a few minutes, as it was quickly replaced by crying. “I know it hurts, Sally, so why do you have to make things so hard on yourself? It’s as easy as playing with your toys and doing what you’re told! I don’t want your bottom moving an inch from that stool until this timer goes off, and I say it’s okay, understood?” There was silence. “UNDERSTOOD?” She raised her voice. “Yes...” The words came out in a meek and broken voice. The noise of a spring windup could be heard, and was followed by a constant ticking noise nearby. It seemed whatever conversation the Woman was having earlier, she moved it into the room with the playpen. “I’m sorry about that Janette,” She sighed. “It’s been a rough few days breaking her in, that’s all.” There were periodic pauses over the phone, followed by agreeing tones. “I think that Daycare will do her some good. I’ve already loaded a few nursery rhymes into her mobile that should help with some tendencies and triggers. Just to get her feeling a bit more acclimated, that’s all.” “Hypnosis? What do you mean?” Sarah’s frightened voice shouted from a direction that implied she was facing the wall. “Did I say you could speak during corner time, Sally? I thought we just got finished with your spanking? Maybe third time’s the charm...” The woman could be heard walking from the area. “...no...no...no..No, NO!” Sarah’s voice became louder and louder, as genuine fear began to consume her cries. “I’ll be good! PLEASE!” No physical noises could be heard. “This is your LAST warning Sally. You are on EXTREMELY thin ice. Another outburst like that and you’ll have another spanking and 30 more minutes on the timeout stool. Do I make myself clear?” The woman sat back on the couch. “I want her to be happy, I do. But, she just fights me at every twist and turn! It’s a little fun to tease her every now and then, but we both know her role, and she clearly isn’t acting it.” Her voice came a bit lowered this time. “I guess I’ll keep spiking her bottles and food. Maybe that’ll do some convincing for her...” She resumed her normal volume. “She actually starts a week from now! I know she’ll be nervous, but I’ve only heard resounding things about what they do for Littles. I think it’ll help her let off some steam. And, oh! You should have seen her the first morning. Poor thing completely soiled her diaper; back and front. If only I could get her to do that on her own...In due time though! I think we’ll work on getting her used to wearing used diapers next. Can you believe it? She expects me to change her after a single wetting!” She let out a laugh. “It’s the adults who make the decisions, though. She’ll understand that soon enough...” The conversation carried on for a bit longer, but after 30 minutes the timer rang, and Sarah was collected then deposited back into the playpen. “Now what do we say?” The woman asked, hanging Sarah slightly off the ground. Clearly Sarah didn’t want to say what she was expecting, but after a cold stare and moment’s hesitation, she mumbled, “I’m sorry….” “I’m sorry, who?” The woman pressed. “M...omm…..y...” “Come on sweetie, put it all together now! I know you like the timeout stool, but I’d really like to give you some playtime too.” “I’m sorry, Mommy!” Sarah shouted, in an almost defiant voice. The hands let go and dropped Sarah, unprepared for the crash landing. The sudden drop coupled with the added weight around her hips sent her on her bottom, unsure of how to react. “We’ll need to work on our manners, but I suppose that’s a start.” Sarah sat there aimlessly for a few moments longer, but then scurried over the camera, her diaper crinkling slightly less louder compared to when it hadn’t been used. “Hypnosis? God! I need to get out...soon…” [06/27/20XX] 9:32.43 AM “Okay everyone! Gather round! We have a new friend joining us as of today!” This was a new female voice, the screen shrouded in darkness. The sounds of giggles, murmurs and whispers could be heard. “Can you introduce yourself to everyone, sweetheart?” “Hi.” It was Sarah’s voice. Clearly it the kind of tone that did not want to play ball. “Ooh, you’re a shy one, aren’tcha?” The nearby voice laughed. “Can you tell everyone your name?” “Sarah. My name is Sarah.” “Hahaha!” The voice seemed to be getting closer in the middle of the laugh. “Listen up, little girl. I will NOT tolerate any form of disobedience. Now you’re going to drop that little grumpy attitude of yours right this minute, or you can go over my knee and we’ll try this again. Need I say we’ll have to tell Mommy about how bad you’ve been behaving? Do I make myself clear?” “...Yes....” Sarah sounded as if there was more than just verbal coercion involved. “Now can you tell everyone your name, sweetie?” The venom had seemed to leave her voice, as was loud enough to address the unknown audience as well. “I’m...Sally. Nice to meet you...” “What a pretty name!” By their previous actions, the voice’s fawning was likely artificial. “Can you tell us some things you like to do? I’m sure there’s at least one thing here you’ll love to do!” “I like to film.” Sarah was keeping it brief, but not in the uncooperative sense. “Sometimes I like to read and draw, I guess.” “Coloring?” The person exclaimed, obviously dumbing down what was supposed to be a sophisticated hobby. “Well, I know Alice over there loves to draw pictures with crayons! I think you two will make great friends! Daniel right next to Matty also likes picture books too. We’ve got quite the selection! Maybe if everyone’s alright with it, you could even pick the story we’ll read after recess!” “Do you have any murder mysteries?” There was an obvious bit of sarcasm in Sarah’s voice. A faint giggle could even be heard through the muffler. “Oh Sugarlump, you and your silly jokes! We’ll have to be on our toes around you.” The laugh was equally as artificial as was her interest in Sarah’s fake name. A meep escaped Sarah, as the camera shifted with her movements, as if she slightly bent over. The sound of plastic could be heard rustling, as if her diaper were expanding. She made a small groan. “Uh oh!” The voice announced. “Looks like Sally had an oopsie! Well, that’s alright. There’ll be plenty of time for you to meet the others during snack time. Please get along with Sally, everyone! Let’s all do a great job at getting her used to Daycare!” It sounded as if everyone dispersed and resumed their play, with the noise level turning back up a bit. “I gave you a warning, potty pants.” The voice was like poison again, in a hushed whisper. Sarah could be heard sniffling, as if she were trying to keep herself composed. “Your Mommy told me all the phrases that make you tick, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll change you this once, but after that you’ll be waiting for diaper checks just like everyone else. Even if you mess yourself like you did right now. You’ve had your fun, but I think it’s high time you realize your place. There will be no backtalk, and if there is you’re either getting spanked or worse. Don’t expect me to speak to you like a stubborn adult anymore, because clearly the messy diaper around your hips supersedes that kind of idea.” “But you made me mess!” Sarah with a stifled voice spat. “Maybe, but poop doesn’t end up in a diaper on its own, now does it? The time for big girl talk’s over though. And from now on I expect you to address me as Nanny Desna. I’ll accept a shorter name though, as long as it’s appropriate. But pee-yew Sally!” Her voice was upbeat again. “I think you did quite the number in your pants, silly! I think a clean diapie suits you much better. Not that they’ll last for long though!” The swishing noise indicated Sarah was swept into the air, and the screen went black. [06/27/20XX] 7:43.23 PM “Goodnight sweetheart,” It was Mommy’s voice. “I’m so glad to hear such a good report today! Maybe there’s hope for you after all! But after bath time it’s time we go beddie-byes! I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun in Daycare tomorrow! Sleep tight, sweetie.” The sound of a mobile could be heard as the door closed. Again, a diapered bottom scrambled as what was a stuffed animal was lifted off the camera. Sarah was in footie pajamas now, with no visible zipper on the front. Sarah took a moment to look up in the direction where the mobile sounds were coming, its shadows dancing across the blankets, illuminating stretched shapes of bears and butterflies. She looked as if she were contemplating something heavy, and suddenly turned her focus back to the camera. “That Desna bitch fucking made me shit myself!” Sarah looked as if she were ready to pull hair. “Momm--That woman put these...triggers,” Sarah wiggled her fingers as if she expected them to be tangible. “These ideas inside my head! I don’t even know what they are! She used so many words at once, I have no idea what it could have been! And ugh! That name she used! Sugarlump? How do you even-” Sarah looked strained, as she sat on her knees and hands, looking as if she were starting to stretch. She groaned and grunted, with her bottom tilted upwards. “Un...believ...” Even after all this time she found it in herself to cry. Apparently repeated messings hadn’t made it any easier. Wiping a tear from her eye, trying to stay bittersweet she tried yet again to support herself. “Guess we know what one of them are...” “Right after she changed me, I was sent to go play with some girl. Alice I think her name is? She was an adult too! Not only was she my size, but she had fucking breasts too! Bigger than mine!” As if to emphasize the point, she fondled her own chest for a second. “I’m not even allowed to wear a bra..” Sarah whimpered. “And I can’t get off in these stupid things!” She looked to be reminding herself of old, painful memories. “Last time I tried, all it got me was a spanking. God…! It’s one thing to put me in diapers, but don’t pretend as if I don’t have adult tendencies too!” “I swear Mommy--” Sarah looked as if she wanted to hit herself for that one. “She,” Putting a large amount of emphasis on the pronoun. “Keeps spiking my food and drinks. I’m sure of it. I don’t poop until I...have too...But the peeing part happens too often. I’ve never peed so much in one day! Not until I was under her finger, that is. And!--” Sarah looked to be keeping an emotional check on herself. “She won’t even change me when I shit myself! She’ll always say, ‘Not wet enough sweetums!’ Or, ‘My? You can hardly call that diaper used, can you?’” She imitated her voice in the most mockingly way possible. “It’s a miracle I haven’t gotten a rash yet...” Sarah sighed. “I’ve never had someone use a trigger word on me before though...” Genuine fear started to loom over her. “It feels...invasive. Like I don’t have control...I didn’t have control...” Sarah gave a slight hiccup. “She’s making me drink this stuff too,” Behind her, Sarah produced a baby bottle proportionate to her size. The bottle apart from the teat was translucent, looking as if a white liquid were inside. “She’ll spank me in the morning if it’s not finished, or even worse, Mr…..” She went quiet. “Ever since I’ve been drinking this stuff--It’s been a few days I think, but ever since then mornings have felt weird. My bladder has been feeling full, like, really full...So much that it takes me like a whole ten seconds to finish!” She stuck the nipple in her mouth and gave it a few sucks. “I gotta say though...as bad as this stuff is, it actually taste kinda good...Like bananas and vanilla ice cream...” She shuddered. “It’s kinda addicting...” “Daycare was terrible though,” Sarah leaned back onto her bottom, and visibly cringed when a look of realization overcame her along with a squish of plastic. She didn’t sit upright though. She merely tried not to move. “Apart from that Desna bitch breathing down my neck, all we did was have nonstop playtime, then snack time, story time and finally naps. And of course they stuck us in cribs. Fucking pathetic. The only thing that was redeeming was the juice. It wasn’t unbearable...But you try telling me that mashed chicken and peas is something you could stomach! It’s like school food, but for babies! I’m an adult though...I am. I’ve been waiting on any more information I can get, like maybe an address for the Daycare. The only reading material accessible though are those stupid picture books we read from! And god are they depressing! It’s all about Littles being submissive; having this ‘divine’ revelation,” She motioned a rainbow with her hands. “That somehow returning to a life of diapers is the end-all-be-all. The lengths these people go to for both mental and physical conditioning is absolutely sickening. I think for the most part I’ve managed to hold it together. I better cut this short though...Space is starting to become an issue...” [06/30/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [07/13/20XX] 2:21.33 PM [WARNING: BATTERY 33%] “Don’t worry, I promise you Sally’s in good hands!” The voice reassured. “I know...I tend to fret. This is her first play date...that’s all.” It was Mommy’s voice. “I’ll be fine!” Sarah’s voice groaned. “I think someone’s a little excited to play with their friend!” The first voice joked. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she gets the right stuff in her system. I have your number and her diapers for when she needs them. She and Alice are gonna have a great time!” “Oh...I know they will! Come here Sally, give Mommy a kiss before she goes.” “Bye...” Sarah briefly spoke. She didn’t seem to make much motion, as if she hadn’t moved from her spot. “That’s okay, Mommy can just come give you kisses instead!” The sound of pecking filled the audio, with each kiss sounding wet and overbearing. “You know, maybe if you learned to cooperate a bit more it wouldn’t have to be so hard...” Mommy whispered with a sigh. The sound of a zipper could be heard as Sarah yelled. “Hey! What are you doing with my skirt?” “Well, how else is Alice’s mommy supposed to check your diapies? I might know when you’re going peepee or poopoo, but Alice’s mommy hasn’t seen that little bladder of yours in action, has she?” “There’s no need to feel embarrassed, Sally. Your mommy has a point. I think it’ll be easier for me to check you this way. And I think your diaper looks very pretty sweetheart.” “But I don’t wanna be naked...” Sarah sounded to be pouting. “Then it’s a good thing you have your diaper on!” Her mommy laughed. “Okay Sally, I’m gonna get going. You be good now, and listen to everything Alice’s mommy tells you to do, understood?” “Yes...” “Alright then. I’ll be back at 6! Have fun!” Alice’s ‘mother’ could be heard giving the other giant a goodbye, and a door was then opened and closed. “Now then!” The new giant-in-charge spoke happily. “I think a certain somebody is waiting for you upstairs! Up we go!” The sounds of plastic crinkling could be heard as Sarah was hoisted in the air, the sound of bare feet moving across wood. It creaked ever so slightly as if they were going upwards. “Aaalice! Guess who’s here!” “Sarah!” The female voice happily shouted. “You’re here!” “Ah-ah-ah!” The mother’s voice almost sounded stern. “Remember we talked about this? Her name is Sally.” “But Sarah tells me to call her Sarah at Daycare!” The protest was adamant, but childish. “Sometimes Sally likes to be silly. Her mommy named her Sally though, so that’s what we should call her. Isn’t that right, Sally?” “I think I prefer Sara--Ow!” The resounding noise of a slap on bare skin could be heard. “Such a poor start already...” The larger woman sighed. “What’s your name, honey?” “Sa...lly….” “Attagirl.” She spoke with satisfaction. “Now I’ll be right back with juice for you two, alright? Play nice now.” A few moments went by, and Sarah was on the move. “Jeez, I can’t believe I almost thought your mommy--Sorry, I mean your owner was nice for a second there. She didn’t have to slap my thigh so hard...” “Mommy can be a bit of a meanie sometimes...” Alice’s voice agreed. She didn’t sound totally sophisticated, but her tone was a tad bit more relaxed. “As long as you do as you’re told, it’s not the worst.” “Yeah right, that’s the understatement of the year,” The screen became light again as Sarah stared down the front of the screen. She was a little blurred however. “Hey, can you reach the wipes on your changing table? I was hiding my camera in my diaper and I couldn’t...” Her voice trailed off, not looking to finish the rest of her sentence. “Yah, I’m a good climber. I’ve had lotsa practice.” She waited there for a few moments, and a third hand reached in with a white cloth. “Thanks. It’s nice knowing I can count on at least one person...” The cloth draped the screen, and wasn’t as blurry but seemed a bit damp. Sarah grabbed a piece of the blue frock she was wearing and wiped the front, giving a brief glimpse of the diaper she wore underneath. With the view mostly cleaned, her nose leaned in, sniffing curiously. “Disgusting...” Sarah muttered. “Why do you always keep that thing with you?” Alice asked, as Sarah tilted it upwards to get a decent view of the room. She faced it towards a brown, wooden crib, then turned it back towards the rest of the room, setting it down. Here legs were spread far apart while she angled it, giving a view of her padded crotch. It looked to be a little discolored. She backed up, as if she were assessing the shot. Seeming content, she turned her focus back to Alice. With her full body on display, without the supposed skirt she once started with, the lower half of her underwear was on full display. “Because it’s my ticket out! Once I get the information I need, all I need to do is upload that video and someone will come and save me. I have a pretty sizable following you know.” “Really? So you’re like a movie star?” “Well, I wouldn’t say that...But a lot of people on the internet know who I am.” “Cool! So, how are you gonna upload the video?” “Well I...” Sarah stammered. “I haven’t got that far yet...” “I’m sure you’ll figure it out Sally. You seem pretty smart.” “Er, thanks. But don’t tell anyone I have it! Everything would be ruined if you did. I’d….I’d be in big trouble. And please call me Sarah. Even if your mom--owner, said so, I still prefer Sarah.” Alice looked to be nervously playing with her hair. “I don’t know...What if she hears me call you that? Then I might get in trouble...and I don’t wanna...” Her face looked to be getting stressed fast, and she was starting to hiccup. “O-o-okay! That’s fine. Just call me Sally. Whatever makes you feel better...Your trauma must run deep, huh?” Alice sniffled as she nodded her head. “Yeah...I don’t like to talk about it so much...” “That’s alright. I’ve been in my share of deep poopie too...” Sarah almost looked a little shocked, covering her own mouth. “But I...I could have sworn I...” Alice stifled a giggle, “You can be pretty silly sometimes Sally.” “N-No! But I knew what I wanted to say! I meant to say sh-poopie!” She looked mortified. “Why do you keep saying poopie?” Alice had a slightly turned head. “But I’m not!” Sarah whined. “I’m thinking of the word, but what I’m trying to say it spelled: S-H-I...A? C? No no no! I can imagine the word, but I can’t say it! And when I try to spell it, I just...I just forget!” She turned to Alice, who seemed to be at a loss, or at least not on quite the same wavelength. “Motherfu-nny!”Sarah let out another whine, stomping her foot off the carpeted floor. “Are you telling me I can’t even swear out loud anymore? That’s a load of bull-poopie!” “I mean, bad words aren’t that important, are they?” Alice had absent-mindedly started to play with her foot, paying no mind to the hem of her sundress being lifted as it put her diaper on full display to the camera. It looked to be in a state similar to that of Sarah’s. “Don’t you get it? She’s taking away everything from me!” Sarah sounded to be having a meltdown. “First it was my name, then my dignity, next my potty training and now my vocabulary? Where does it end? How the fu-nny am I supposed to cope with something like that?!” “I’m sorry...” Alice looked down at the ground sheepishly. “I don’t know...” “Alice...” Sarah pulled her in for a hug. “It’s not your fault. I just annoyed. I want to get out of this as soon as possible.” “Promise?” “Yes. I promise. And another thing, could you let me know if I start to wet myself?” “Sure. But why?” “I haven’t exactly been able to keep good track of it lately...” Sarah’s voice was somber and disappointed. “I know I can’t do much about where it goes right now...but if I can at least keep track of it during the day, maybe I can somehow--” “You’re peeing right now!” “What? Really?” From the side view, Sarah quickly lifted the front of her smock, pressing a hand to her diaper. Her knees buckled as her lip quivered. “I could barely feel it happening...Only after you told me did I realize...” “It’s okay, I’m sure Mommy will change you if you ask nicely. Maybe after she brings us juice?” “Somehow I doubt it...I’ve been in a diaper for too long to know what feels like a change-worthy diaper...” Sarah, trying to keep herself composed sniffed. “And this isn’t it...” “Does it really feel that bad though? I think they’re kinda comfy...” Alice awkwardly pressed her fingers together. “That’s not the point!” Sarah raising her voice had Alice slightly taken aback. “I’m sorry...” Sarah sighed. “I just want to be an adult again...” Alice closed the distance with a hug. “I’m sure you’ll be, but no matter what happens, I’ll always be your friend!” Sarah’s arms seemed a little weak at first, but she clutched the other girl soon after. “Thank you...” She let out a slight sob. “I think you peed a little again...” They broke up the hug as Sarah tried her best to laugh. She didn’t seem too crazy about it though. “Okay girls! Who’s ready for juice?” “Mee!” Alice cheered as she waddled over to the legs in the door frame. Sarah slowly followed in tow. “One for you, and one for Sally!” Both in the distance now had bottles in their hands, suckling the orange-looking substance. “Okay Alice, you know what time it is. Can you show me what a big girl you are and help me do a diaper check?” “Mhm!” From just the right angle, the camera could see as Alice almost immediately dropped her bottle, using both hands to lift the front of her dress high up. “My! What a good girl you are!” Her ‘mommy’ fawned. “I think that diaper can last a bit longer though. And now it’s Sally’s turn...” Sarah looked to be lifting her own hem, only not with as much enthusiasm (A bottle wasn’t seen hitting the floor). Before she could finish though, the giant’s hand had already made an audible crinkle by squeezing her crotch. “I was gonna show you!” Sarah complained. “I’m sorry Sally, but that’s a privilege you need to earn. Your mommy told me to keep you on a tight leash today. I know I can trust Alice to check her diapers, but you might be a different story. Maybe next time.” She tussled the top of Sarah’s hair. “And I think your diaper has a ways to go too. You are a tad bit more wet than Alice though...I’ll check on you in half an hour. Your mommy told me juice goes through your system fast.” The larger figure disappeared, and the two girls were left alone again. Sarah turned back to the camera, and was walking with purpose, anger and frustration in each step. “Sally? You left your juice back here. Do you want me to-” The screen cut to black. [08/15/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [09/22/20XX] 7:57.59 PM [WARNING: BATTERY 21%] Sarah stared back into the camera, yet again in her crib setting. The only key difference now was the pacifier rhythmically pulsating in her mouth. A few minutes lingered until she finally pulled it out; a faint bit of drool following. “It’s been a while since I last did a clip.” She was currently in a onesie, sporting the same podded posterior. “I’ve been having to delete old clips...or at least the ones I DEFINITELY do not need. I’m starting to run low on space...” Her eyes became a bit glossy. “And battery...” She wiped a few tears from her eyes. “Mommy stopped giving me that white stuff about a month ago, I think. She said I didn’t need it anymore...My bladder isn’t full in the morning,” She slightly grimaced. “But I don’t wake up dry either...” She rocked a little back and forth, quietly beginning to moan and sob. “I can’t tell when I’m peeing anymore...Either I’ve stopped focusing, or I can’t control it anymore? Or….or maybe both...” She let out a strange sigh, almost urgently pressing her hand on her front, but didn’t do much else about it.. “I miss panties...I miss wearing a bra...It’s hard to even remember what it was like keeping my pants dry for more than an hour!” She stomped her foot into the crib mattress. It barely made a noise. Desna finally stopped being a poopie-head to me at Daycare...or I at least stopped getting in her way. She still likes to torment me every now and then though...I’ve learned how to stay on her good side...for the most part. We started doing some dance too, and I don’t like it...It’s starting to make my body feel funny...” She yawned and gave a stretch. Fatigue was obvious on her face. “I’ve…*yawwwn* been trying to do these later, but I think this mobile is starting to make me fall asleep faster...sometimes I’m not even fully awake if I mess….I DON’T like peeing or pooping in my diapers...but I’ve at least adjusted to wearing them now...I still wanna use the potty though...I’ve at least tried to ask Mommy about potty training, but she always laughs it off...” Her lower lip quivered as she hugged her legs, the white outer bands of her diaper peeking through her leg holes. “I wanna go home...I don’t like it here...I wanna...Hang on...let me just get comfortable...” Sarah laid on her stomach, facing the camera with her head tilted to the side. “Sorry about that...I just feel so wiped out at bedtime now...I...just….” Her eyes closed, and they didn’t open. She quietly breathed as all that could be heard was the mobile’s nursery rhyme tune. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [09/16/20XX] 7:22.41 AM [WARNING: BATTERY 13%] As the time went on, so did the camera. For almost 11 hours, the camera watched the soundly sleeping Sarah, who had forgotten to turn it off. Suddenly though, she quietly stirred as she slowly opened her eyes. Stretching while still lying down, she slightly pushed herself up, giving the camera a view of her torso. The lower half of her onesie had turned a much darker shade than her upper half. It looked wet, even. “Oh no...” Sarah’s nose sniffed and then twitched. “Not again…!” She did her best to stand up while handling a sodden pad between her legs, as she clutched the bars for support. From this angle, it could be seen that her thighs looked a little wet, right where the edge of her diaper was. Even through the onesie, the backside looked a bit heavy, and fuller as well. “Good morning Sally...” Mommy’s voice entered the room. “Oh! Honey! You leaked! It looks like the backend isn’t doing so well either...” Sarah sounded as if she were trying to stay strong, but it looked and sounded to be a downhill battle. She let out a little gasp however, when she almost dived to the camera, fumbling with it. “I forgot to turn it off?!” Sarah silently screamed into the screen. “I think maybe it’s time for some thicker diapers, sweetie. Daycare has been saying you’re often a bit fuller than the others...That’s okay though, mommy loves that about you! I’m sure you like your squishy diapies by now anyways. Let’s get you changed though! We need to get you ready for Daycare…” The screen cut out once again. [09/25/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [10/19/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [11/30/20XX] 3:21.54 PM [WARNING: BATTERY 3%] Again, Sarah was sucking on a pacifier, only that it was connected by a strap and was clipped to her denim dress, the hem of which easily stopping short of the midpoint on her diaper. This one seemed a tad bit thicker than the past ones she’d worn. It looked unused. “I gottah pawshwood!” Sarah shouted into the camera. She had a brief double take, and pulled the pacifier out of her mouth. It dangled from the clip on her breast pocket. “I got a password! I found Mommy’s notebook when she was cleaning my highchair...” Sarah blushed. “I may have leaked...But it was on purpose though! I needed ta distract her. I’m at Alice’s right now. We’re watching tv.” “Sally! You’re gonna miss it! The Cookie Monster is back!” Almost with a sense of urgency, Sarah turned her head towards the direction of the voice, almost as if she were contemplating whether or not to rush to it. “I uhh….” She looked back at the camera, then the doorway. “I should probably go...I don’t wanna miss...” Her face grew a little blank, as her brow furrowed. She stood on her tippie-toes as her face grew a little red, grunting, and then letting out a sigh as it became evident of the business she’d done. Picking the camera up, she waddled in a hurry to the exit of the nursery, a shuffling diaper being heard with each step. “Saaallly!” Alice’s voice shouted. “I’m coming! Hang on!” “Girls! I know Sesame Street is exciting, but you need to-” The screen cut out. [12/24/20XX] 11:57.38 PM [WARNING: BATTERY 0%] “I don’t know how much time I have…” Sarah’s cheeks were wet. “I tried...so, so, so hard! So why? Why does it have to end like this?” “Mommy saw her password book was moved...When I tried the password when I had the babysitter, it didn’t work! She never accused me...but I think she...” “It won’t be that bad...right?” She tried to smile at the camera, but her despair was beyond evident. At last, she’d reached the end of her rope. “I have Alice at Daycare...And messy and wet diapers are at least bearable now...The juice isn’t bad either...” With each point, she seemed to cry and shake more and more. “I don’t wanna be a baby!” She started to shake her head, left and right. “I want my panties back! I don’t like eating mushy food all the time! I wanna know when I need to pee! And I’m sorry everyone! I lied! My name’s not Sarah! That was a fake name I used for social media...It’s actually An-” [12:00.01] [WARNING: BATTERY DEAD] [MERRY CHRISTMAS]
  24. Hey! Thanks for dropping by to read this short. Please leave comments and feedback! Enjoy the holidays! It's Christmas, After All. “Good morning Anna...it’s time to get up…” The small girl stirred in her bedding dismissively, preoccupied with maintaining a state of bliss that only sleep could make possible. A much larger hand than her own gave her back a slight rub, dragging her further from peace itself. “Don’t you want to open all the nice presents Santa brought you?” Presents? What was she talking about? She needed to get up for work and- Oh. Right. It had been one of those dreams again. The kind where Anna wasn’t being awoken by a person countless times her size every morning. The kind where she could sleep soundly in her own home without a single soul claiming ownership over her. The kind where she’d fight the struggles of reality with caffeine and willpower, sitting at a desk completing menial tasks to secure the paycheck that guaranteed her survival until the next one. Pessimistic, she knew; but god if that hadn’t become her idea of paradise now. Instead of such strange luxuries, she had become acquainted to the life of submissiveness that robbed her of all possible freedoms. Replaced by her alarm clock was now a doting “mother” that never seemed to take no for an answer, nor ever leave her unsupervised for a second; banishing the concept of privacy altogether in Anna’s life. Yes. The kind of life where it was inappropriate now for someone of her age and stature to be drinking coffee, much less working an “adult” job. The filing work she’d done, reports she’d submitted, presentations she’d given, had all now been downgraded into clashing dolls with each other and learning that the cow goes moo for the fifty-fucking-thousandth time. The dreary grays of maturity couldn’t help but feel so tempting now; oh how she’d taken it for granted. Instead, every day now was regulated happiness showered in sickeningly bright colors and infantile songs and games. And oh how she missed playing with herself. She couldn’t remember the last time she was able to touch her own nether regions… It was despairing to think that someone else was now placing sanctions on her own crotch. It was the cursed fate of a Little, someone who fell at the mercy of the “superior” Amazons. Every morning she’d have this sort of reflection; a longing to meticulously consider each and every possible way she could have avoided the fate she was now trapped in. Not that her regrets would ever change anything now, it was fair to say that stepping outside her apartment wasn’t the smartest move in a world of Amazons. A fall from grace could not even begin to describe the constant dread Anna felt on a daily basis, and it almost felt like human instinct was what kept her going at times. That’s all she could reason with, as anything else that might justify her will to see the sun rise would either be snack time at Daycare, or seeing the mischief from when the Cookie Monster was up to no good. But of course that wasn’t the case. Even if the juice was really starting to grow on her… “It seems like somebody had a soggy dream!” The maternal voice continued to coo from above, easily rolling over the drowsy Little. A hybrid noise between a squish and a splosh became audible to Anna’s ears, and the faintest bit of liquids swam in her pants; forcing her to yet again acknowledge and lament her greatest setback of all and worst misfortune. Almost ready to grimace, she cringed at those all too familiar words, as Mommy’s repetition of them had long since conditioned Anna to know that was her ‘cutesy’ way of saying she’d done quite the number on her terribly thick and cushy diaper. By no means was Anna a bed wetter, or, at least not until Mommy got through with her. She’d long since ran out of tears for her bedtime ‘accidents,’ as she used to call them in protest. The excuses stopped though after Mommy kept reinforcing the point that they couldn’t be accidents if that’s what was supposed to happen, and you tend to stop calling the sky green if it never seems to stop being blue. From Anna’s opening eyes, past the shield of her pacifier, the unmistakable bulge pronounced itself on her crotch past the thin and snug pyjama bottoms, decorated in twirling butterflies and smiling flowers. The aimless grins the motifs donned had clearly become something that mocked her, acutely aware of the garment they confined her to; intentionally hugging her waist and legs just to emphasize the unmistakable bulge that never left her bottom. She could still remember the pair of panties that used to be around her legs like vivid war flashbacks. Each and every day that passed however, she fell farther from the feeling of adult cloth that hugged her in only the necessary ways. Now she had a cloud around her hips. The only luxury brands she ever wore now were either Pampers or Luvs. She’d miss her morning diaper change if she started to think about the toilet next. God how she missed her porcelain throne… “Come on honeybunches! Aren’t we excited to see what Santa brought us?” Mommy had started standing the groggy and bow-legged Anna up in her crib. The waistband of her diaper peaked past her bottoms as she raised her arms in a stretch and muffled yawn past the pacifier. Anna could feel the lukewarm pad shift with her movements. Whenever she woke up nowadays her wettings at night had gone from a question of “if” to “when.” It was a tough pill to swallow that it was considered the inevitable now, and the only thing which could keep her even remotely sane or invested in resistance was trying to guess when she last wet it. Judging by the neutral temperature in her pants, it was at some point during the later half of the night. Needless to say, she was ready to feel dry again. Not that it would do much to change the constant smell of lavender powder she smelled. That was a package deal now, of course. Wherever she and her diapered bottom went, the telltale crinkle and smell would follow. The brand of infancy if you could call it that. The brand of shame. Even amidst all that though, despite living 20 years of her life, only to be sent back to square one, her first Christmas in hell still had her spirits elevated by a somewhat mentionable amount. Anna wanted to believe that somehow beyond her Mommy’s demeaning and condescending treatment, there was some form of genuine affection she had for her. Maybe her recent forms of complacency would at least earn her a smidgen of something resembling maturity. She could only hope. It was no secret that she did the gift shopping, but of course any parent would maintain the facade for their “baby.” Anna suddenly felt reminded of past spankings when she tried to argue the toothfairy wasn’t real. Daycare never was the best place to raise controversial topics of discussion… Mommy hooked a finger around the ring of Anna’s pacifier and gently pulled it out, the slightest string of drool trying to maintain a connection between the teat and her lips. Immediately Anna could feel herself craving for that vanilla-flavored silicone again. She tried her best to stomach such urges though, as it’s what the adult in her would want. “Can you change me now? I want to be in something clean.” Anna for the most part remained neutral, as submitting simply was not an option, and resistance was met with punishment. All she co