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  1. Dropped in a new world. (ch1-15)

    Love the story so far. As for the spelling errors, my spelling is horrible as well so I use a spell checker. If you run windows then download open office. The writer program has a spell checker in it that helps big time. It's a free office suite and works great. Regardless, still love the story and want to see what other kinds of trouble they get into and how they get out of it. Great story so please continue as you can and I'll gladly keep reading it.
  2. Dropped in a new world. (ch1-15)

    I like it so far and want to read more when you get it posted. Should be interesting to see where this goes. Reminds me of a manga called "The Gamer" Please don;t keep us waiting too long for more and keep up the good work.
  3. Dropped in a new world. (ch1-15)

    I want more! love it so far and will be impatiently awaiting another chapter. Thank you for sharing it with all of us here.
  4. quick update

    no story here folks. Just a quick update. My wattpad account is fubared again so anyone wanting any of my stories can drop me a message.
  5. Raven

    You guys sound ready for the last chapter in this crazy story. Raven will of course do her best to piss off Mrs Whitestone and keep her off balance. It's the final round of the grudge match as the two titans of stubborn willpower slug it out! Who will win? who will lose? Who will mess their diapers? Read on and find out good folks! PART FIVE I spent the next three days reviewing all the information I could get my hands onto concerning the big main company building where Mrs. Whitestone was now staying. The place would be impossible to ghost into as they did not allow littles in without them being authorized and accompanied by an Amazon. The only littles allowed in were always diapered and and programmed to be babies so impersonating an employee or maintenance person would not work. I was going to have to break in and with the building security so high it would be tricky. All the windows had been changed to bullet resistant glass after an attack on her building several years ago by an insane Amazon with a machine pistol. He had shot out a a number of windows after she had stolen some invention from him and then had him arrested and thrown into jail to prevent him from claiming rightful ownership of whatever it was he had created. She patented the invention under her name and made a fortune off of it. This did not surprise me in the least and it was too bad that he had not killed the bitch but her office was designed to be almost a bunker. I finally found what I was after. A long forgotten maintenance tunnel beneath the building allowed access up into the central core that ran all the way up to the top of the building. This core ran all their communications and utilities in one neat and tidy bundle. It was only about three feet square and would make for a tight fit in a few places. There were five points at which the core could be accessed inside the tower for maintenance and it was at almost the top of the tower that I would leave the core and go after the bitch. I would have to load up on some very dangerous items but the botch was going to regret ever having messed with me. I could kill her but that would be letting her off too easily. I wanted her to know who it was that brought her down and to have a lifetime to regret crossing me. I planned to beat the bitch to the point where she was going to beg for death to end the pain. I was pissed and nothing was going to stop me. Going through two floors of her lackeys was going to be a fun diversion and warm up for the main event. According to the schematics the access tunnel had an opening off of one of the main utility tunnels about three blocks from the tower. That would be my access in to the tower. Getting into the service tunnels was easy since the citry used cheap locks to keep people out of it. With a little research I had found the floor plan for the company tower as well and memorized it. I had received a nice notice that she had no intention of letting my parents go when she tried to fry me again. My updated software gave me more advance notice this time and the buffer worked perfectly to shunt the excess charge into a grounded line to dissipate safely. I smiled and left her a message that she had two weeks to release my parents or I would bankrupt her and her company both then have her arrested on charges of violating international treaty. She had paid a fortune in bribes so far to various government officials to avoid being arrested for her numerous crimes. To further anger her and drop her company even further into the mess she had created I leaked all of the information on all of her thefts and bribes to the papers and other news sources along with the proof she had been carelessly hoarding as souvenirs of her conquests. Her ego was going to be her downfall and I looked forward to seeing her trying to escape and finding out too late that she could not run from me. I retrieved my gear from the bus locker and changed in the restroom into my old Hellcats uniform. I had walked into the restroom looking like a nice and innocent little but had emerged looking like a soldier looking for a fight. The two amazon women that had been stalking me and lost sight of me for a few moments and were looking all over the bus station for me when I emerged from the restroom. They stopped dead ion their tracks upon seeing me. My gun was in plain sight as was my combat knife. My uniform had me unit patch on the left shoulder and my black beret also had my unit patch on it thus marking me as off limits to their desires to adopt me. I walked up to the pair of them and stopped to look up at them both a moment without even a hint of fear in my face. “I have seen more hell than you ever will and if you think trying to intimidate me will work you can forget about it. If either of you touch me without my consent you will both be left laying on the floor in need of medical attention and a lengthy hospital stay. Iam not a baby and you will not adopt me. You can take your diapers, bottles, pacifiers and cribs and shove them where the sun don’t shine!” When the first one smiled and reached for me it was a big mistake on her part. I could have ended it fast by shooting her but a bit more violent and public demonstration would remind folks why you never mess with a Hellcat. I laughed and instantly yanked her arm forward while twisting it and as she began to fall I ran towards her and used the but of my knife to break her ankle. She was halfway down when I broke her left kneecap and then hit her in the back of the head as hard as I could before jumping off of her. The lady let out a scream as the little attacked her and busted her up as she fell forward uncontrollably. With her arm at the wrong angle and twisted she landed on it and tore the shoulder joint up badly as well. The final blow to the head knocked her out and left her with a concussion as well. The other giant stood staring in shock at me as I looked at her. You have been warned. Next time I will use lethal force. I am a Hellcat and you will not touch me without my consent! Consider this your last warning!” I walked out with numerous giants in the station staring in shock at what had just happened. The hike to the tower was three miles but not one single giant decided to check to see if I needed a diaper change or attempted to adopt me. A few dozen eyed me but upon seeing the gun, knife and unit patch left me alone. A recent mission by the Hellcats against a well defended amazon unit had made the news. The amazon terrorists had been attacked by ten other amazon units with no losses to them. The Hellcats took them out in a under three days with every member of the terrorist group being killed. A few clips of the battle showed littles in Hellcats uniforms show up out of nowhere and do the impossible. They worked quietly and in a matter of three days they had gone through the city and destroyed 53 buildings. The unit suffered one loss as the little took a bullet meant for one of the hostages who was trying to protect her baby. The terrorist was cut almost in half by a spray of tiny metal disks from some new weapons the Hellcats had just received a week prior to the mission. Their new body armor had worked perfectly but the bullet had caught the little in the face and killed him instantly. The hostage was saved and body of the little was taken home to buried with full military honors. As was custom with the hellcats they cremated the body in a public ceremony and scattered her ashes to the winds. I left the streets a half mile from the tower and went into a utility access tunnel after cutting th lock. Once out of sight I simply changed into my body armor and even hooked up my dark vision glasses to my data port so I could receive a clear image of everything within 300 feet of me. This is one time I actually put a diaper on as I was not going to have time to stop and use the restroom. In future designs I would design a waste removal system so the suit wearer would not need to wear a diaper or take it off to take care of bodily waste. For now a diaper would have to suffice to take care of that issue. The suit added an additional ten pounds weight on to me. It had been a while since I had used the suit and when all the extra gear was added the weight went up to 20 pounds which was not bad. I stored away an idea for powered armor systems to be worked on later. For now it was time to go say hello to someone who was not going to be expecting me. The tunnel was a maze of side branches and I made two wrong turns in the total darkness before finding the correct tunnel branch leading to the tower. This run today was reconnaissance only. I wanted to shake the bitch up a bit more before hitting her in person. This should be interesting. I made it to the core of her building and tapped into the phone systems carefully. It was time to place a call to someone. Mrs. Whitestone “Where the hell is that little bitch at? She is making fools of you! She should be standing here in front of me wearing a nice thick diaper and answering all my questions! She is ruining everything and your incompetence is not helping! Surely someone must want the reward for her capture!” “People are thinking you are broke or not going to honor the reward. The media is having a field day with us! I told you to destroy those files and now the media has them and the police are starting to ask questions.” Why have they not given us the information? I ordered them to be given the drugs to loosen their tongues but still they give me nothing! I want to know who is giving her this information!” “They are resistant to the drugs we give them. Their bodies have some kind of an immunity to all the truth drugs known. Any higher of a dose will destroy their minds which will not help at all. “Then find their daughter! I need her to break them! As long as she is free they are able to hold out hope of being freed! Somebody change them! Their diapers stink!” Both littles were picked up out of the playpen and laid on a large set of changing tables. They had their diapers pulled down and then removed. They were cleaned and then diapered again before being put back in the playpen. “Have you idiots tried hypnosis yet?” “Yes we have. It does not work even in conjunction with the drugs. Their daughter is giving them the willpower to resist. As long as she is free they will resist us. The daughter is also a highly trained member of the Hellcats as well so she knows how to evade capture and infiltrate into various places undetected. Regardless of how you feel about her, she is going to be near impossible to find and catch.” The phone on Mrs. Whitestone’s desk rang and startled everyone. “I thought I told you to hold all my calls you stupid bitch!” Mrs. Whitestone’s face went red with rage. She put the call on speaker phone. “Now that you are all in one room we can have a chat. I am Raven Par. You are holding my parents hostage against their will. I am not so stupid as to believe you will offer to meet me somewhere and give them back so here is my offer to you. You set them free unharmed and dressed the way they were when you kidnapped them. Should you hurt them any further I will make you beg for death after I ruin your company and your personal life as well. I know you have seen the news recently so you know what a Hellcat is capable of. I’m better than the average Hellcat as you are now aware. Release my parents and I leave you and your company alone. Keep them and we will be having a face to face meeting you will not like.” “Raven, if you think I’m going to give in to the demands of a diaper wearing little baby then think again. You have done your worst and I will find your mole. There is nothing more you can do to me. Give yourself up to me and I will be generous with you and give you a choice of parents to be adopted by. If you refuse then I will catch you and mind wipe you then give you to the worst parents I can find!” “We’ll have to talk again sometime. You obviously are not thinking things through all the way here so I guess you need some time to think. I’ll give you two weeks to consider my offer. Have a nice day ma’am.” The line went dead. The phone went flying into the wall as Mrs Whitestone lost her temper and screamed in rage. Trace that damned call! I want to know where it came from!” “I already did trace it ma’am. The call came from inside the building. She bypassed the main switchboard somehow and called you directly from the lobby security desk. Obviously she is not there and she did not place her call from there so she is using some type of hacking software to confuse us.” “I don’t care! Find her! Destroy her!” Mrs whitestone walked out to where her secretary normally was and found the room empty. “Where the hell is my secretary?” “She quit this morning, ma’am. She turned in her badge and made them giver a receipt then made them delete her security clearance as well. She has not been paid for almost a month so she took a job with another company.” “Get her back here! She’s the only one I trust to do the job! who’s she working for now?” “You wont like it ma’am. She was hired by On Par Industries to help run one of their satellite offices. They are paying her almost double of what she got here and she has benefits as well.” “How many have we lost thanks to the audit?” “We’ve lost almost 73% of our employees. The audit took a lot of money from us and having to stop all work during the audit cost us big time. The lawsuits and payoffs have not helped either. Our stock price is down to just barely over one credit per share. We have to get something out on the shelves that wont get us sued for theft of a patented device. At this rate we can hold off maybe another week before having to close our doors for good. The company is almost bankrupt, ma’am. We had to pay a huge fine for the treaty violation and that hit us really hard as well. The negative press has ruined our stock prices. If we declare bankruptcy and try to restructure we might be able to save the company but it’s going to be close. I think that at the rate things have been going that we are essentially finished. We lost too much to On Par Industries when they got all those software and weapons contracts we were after. I looked into their finances and they have never been fined even once. They have the ministry of finance double checking all their numbers for them at their own request so we can’t nail them for fraud or tax evasion. They have gotten some new patents for things they have not made but those people have received payment and full recognition from the company for the work. Of the nine people, eight have been hired by the company and still get percentages of the profits from the patents in an agreement from the company.” I tired to get past their security but never got past the first firewall. Their computer security makes our look like child’s play. They are releasing press releases frequently to technical publications telling about various things they are working on. The company advertises mainly by word of mouth but still makes a huge profit. They are way ahead of us in every area and we can’t compete with them.” RAVEN I listened to their calls a few more minutes then laughed when they dumped a toxic gas into the core hoping to kill anyone in here. My filter mask filtered out the garbage out of the air and made it so that I would not be affected. My body was pretty much immune to most toxins anyways but why chance it. A quick hack from inside of their core and into their computer lines showed some interesting notices that her angry employees never showed her. Tomorrow at two in the afternoon the utilities were going to be turned off for no payment of the bill. I smiled to myself as urine flowed into the diaper I had on. It had taken me four hours to reach here and I had stayed another two hours getting everything ready for tomorrow. It would be another hour before I was safely out of here without them even knowing I was even here. Tomorrow it would not take as long to get into place since I made sure to leave climbing equipment behind out of sight but easily found if you knew where to look. I had everything set to scramble their security systems and to cut off all communications as well. The scrambler would make a mess of things for her. She should have added better security in the core access but too late for her now. I smiled as I climbed down the maze of wiring and pipes to the bottom of the core access then finally made it out into the main utility tunnels. My diaper was soaked but for once I did not mind wearing one as it had been needed. Tomorrow I would use the toilet before getting the gear on and leaving. Once back in the main tunnels I debated changing out of the armor but changed my mind. This would keep any amazon from attempting anything stupid if they saw it. No one in their right mind wants to mess with someone wearing advanced body armor and carrying not only a combat knife, but also carrying a gun. I was wrong though. I came out of the access tunnels and out onto the streets again. An idiot lady saw me and thought I looked absolutely cute. “You are just too cute playing pretend like that! I can’t wait until you see the nursery!” She grabbed me and was rewarded for her stupidity by being shot by me in the right shoulder, the left knee and once in the lower abdomen. The lady screamed in pain and fell to the ground as I jumped clear of her falling body. I walked off as several others came running to her aid. They had all seen her try to adopt me against my will and then pay the price for it. A lady with a little in a stroller came walking by me and eyed me heavily. I stopped and looked at her. “Not happening lady!” “Aren’t you just so cute! Playing dress up like that!” “Touch me and die! I have no time to deal with idiots that don’t even know the damned law about accosting Hellcats!” She grabbed me and that was exceedingly stupid. I grabbed her hand and bent it back while twisting. I heard a satisfying scream of pain as it broke at the wrist and tore the soft tissue. I hit the ground and immediately used my knife to ruin both of her kneecaps. Her ankles were next. The both broke nicely with help from my steel toed boots and the application of a good hard stomp onto each one. The lady was in no shape now to take me anywhere and would need a surgery then physical therapy before she could do much anything ever again. She lay shaking on the pavement with tears rolling down her face out of her eyes from the pain she was in. “I gave you fair warning and now you know this is not dress up! I bet your little in the stroller is not with you willingly either so how about I set him free?” I tore the straps out from the stroller and removed the gag she had put on him to keep him quiet. He hopped out of the stroller and then took off running down a side alley. “Looks like I was right about him being kidnapped by you. Consider this a lesson that was way cheaper than prison time. Have a nice day now.” The few others standing around made no effort to stop me as I walked off calmly and made my way towards the room I was renting out for a few more days. Two police cars passed by and a third one stopped me. Once he confirmed my identification he let me go and told me to have a nice day. He looked a bit nervous after confirming my identity and service status. Four blocks later the motel came into view and some stupid giant lady decided I looked to cute to not be in a diaper and a nursery. She started to reach for me so I shot a round into the ground next to her right foot. “Next one goes in your head! The uniform is real and I am not going with you!” She hesitated a moment until a police car pulled in and stopped her. “Are you just plain stupid lady! You see the uniform and the unit patches yet you still think you can get away with this? I’ll save your life this time lady, but next time you get this stupid you will likely end up dead. This little is a Hellcat and is authorized to use deadly force if you try to take her! I double checked a few minutes ago and confirmed everything! Now I have to advise you to leave this little alone or she will likely kill you and if she does all I can do is send a coroner to retrieve your remains!” The lady finally left after the police officer chewed her out and explained the law to her about illegal adoption and trying to take in a Hellcat. When she left he leaned against his vehicle in relief. “Sorry about that, ma’am. I think half the women in this town all together have and IQ in the single digit range at times!” I agreed with him and then went into my room finally. The diaper I had on was soaked almost to the point of leaking and I was tired of wearing it. I looked forward to taking the diaper off and throwing it away and then getting a shower. I let out a sigh of relief to be back and away from all the damned idiots outside the room. I took off everything and threw the diaper into the trash. I cleaned out the armor then showered and went to bed. I had a long day coming up tomorrow. I woke up and took care of some company work until about ten then got a thick diaper and put it on. After that I got the armor on and double checked all my gear. I had everything ready but checked it all one more time before leaving the room. I had used the toilet and gone with just a light snack for breakfast. This time I used a different access route in case someone was waiting for me at the one I had used last time. Getting into the utility tunnels was easy enough. By noon I was in the core and adjusting my presents for Mrs Whitestone. I had left my normal gun behind and brought my other two this time. The first one fired darts with different compounds on them from poison to tranquilizers. The other one fired small disks about half an inch in diameter and about an eighth of an inch thick with a beveled sharp edge. Both weapons used a gas cartridge to fire them and were silent as hell plus undetectable by metal detectors and when broken down looked like random junk so X-ray machines saw no threat. At exactly two pm the lights went out in the building. I fired up the scrambler a moment later and smiled as I turned on my vision gear so I could see. Just like last time, it worked perfectly. I triggered the fire alarms and everyone fled the building except for Mrs. Whitestone and her lackeys. I wet my diaper a little but ignored it after the first minor wetting. I began my climb up the core and an hour later reached the 23rd floor access panel. I used a portable cutting tool and cut around the lock then swung it open freely and silently. Emergency lights were giving dim light but I relied on my own vision gear to see better. One man saw me and made a grab for me. I shot him with a poison dart and stayed out of reach as he collapsed over dead almost three seconds later. If he had not come at me with a large knife I would have wounded him and let him live. I was forced to dodge and weave around obstacles to avoid dogs she had roaming the floor looking for anyone not belonging here. One dog got close to me so I fired a disk towards a monitor on the other side of the room. It ran off with three of it’s friends to investigate the source of the sound. I used the distraction to my benefit and reached the stairwell door before they returned. I bypassed the alarm on it and slipped into the stairwell silently. I was shot at inside the stairwell and the bullet bounced off the armor but still almost knocked me down. These folks were not interested in playing fair or taking it easy on me because I’m a little. I shot out the light and then kicked in my overdrive to reach the man before he could figure out a new tactic. I got up to him as he was leaning over the railing looking for me on another landing. I helped him over the railing. He screamed, grabbed for the railing, missed and hit the ground floor several seconds later. The next door had an electrical charge on it. Had I not been insulated and touched it I would have been fried in a second. Even with my armor being insulated it was not a good idea to trust that to be the only trap set for me. I set two grenades at the base of the door, pulled the pins and then ran out of the area. The noise was deafening in the stairwell when they went off. A fire alarm sounded but I ignored it. I had this floor to clear then I could go after the bitch. I found a few more nasty tricks waiting for me in the form of darts loaded with sleeping drugs. That old trick would not work on me. She was too smart for that so upon reaching the next door I used a mop handle to push it open. A spray of knockout gas filled the area quickly as I had suspected it would. As much as she hated me, she wanted me alive. I turned on my wireless transmitter and tapped into the scrambler. With a quick transmission of the authorization code it let me do what I wanted. Her phone rang and I smiled. She picked it up and I spoke. “I’m coming for my parents. You can let my parents go unharmed right now and this can end right here. There is no further need for further property damage or injury to anyone.” She laughed. “I’m keeping my two little babies now! They have told me so many useful things! You should see them! They look so cute in their diapers and baby clothes! I gave them each a bottle a little bit ago and then changed them and put them down for a nap so be quiet when you come up. Before I let you go, do you want ponies or or flowers on your diapers?” “I found your guy in the stairwell with the gun. He’s on ground floor now. Cleanup in aisle four! The other guy you had near the core access is also dead. He begged me not to kill him! You know he was actually in love with you? I let him babble on for several minutes about how pretty you look in the nude. You really should find that camera he hid in your private shower. I hacked into it and followed the link. Nice tits by the way. I can see why he wanted you.” She slammed the phone down. I think I made her mad. I smiled at that thought and proceeded up the stairs as more darts shot out at me. Once inside her private outer office I smiled and went behind the receptionists desk to call her one more time. There was no answer on the phone so I waved at her battery operated camera overlooking the receptionists desk. A few quick shots and the lights were off followed by the cameras. The door from her office popped open and a grenade came rolling out into the room. I ducked behind the secretary’s desk for cover. The explosion was bad. A fireball filled the top half of the room and peppered everything with shrapnel. The door came flying open and she came running out with my parents in a double carrier. One was hanging over her front side and my father was hanging off her back. She was using them as shields. I fired at her head as she sprayed the room with bullets from a machine pistol. Each bullet exploded on impact and forced me to stay down as she ran for it. I think my diaper now weighed almost as much as my advanced armor. The bitch was not playing anymore and was running for it. She was willing to do whatever it took to escape me. Every time I tried to line up a shot on her I had to duck a spray of explosive tipped bullets. My armor can stop a normal round, but explosive tipped shells would rip it apart after a few dozen hits. That would not be good for me. She stopped at the fire door for a second and I fired at her. The disk glanced off her left knee and she cursed at me as she almost went down. She was through the door and running down as fast as she could. Twice more we exchanged gunfire. I’m not sure which was heavier at this point, my diaper or my armor full of shrapnel. I cursed the three cups of coffee this morning and kept going. The bitch threw another grenade at me when her knee almost gave out on her. I caught another large batch of shrapnel and got singed by the fireball rolling over me as I hugged the floor. How the hell she got her hands on low grade plasma grenades I’ll never know, but she made damned good use of them. She sprayed the stairwell with more bullets as we descended and twice more I winged her. My last shot hit the torn up knee again and she screamed in pain as she went down. She raised her gun to fire at me and it jammed on her. I jumped the remaining nine feet to land on the floor next to her. I hit her hard in the head and dazed her. I cut my parents free in an instant. “Run and don’t stop! The building is on fire from her grenades! Get out of the building and wait outside for us!” Mrs Whitestone started to come out of her daze as I pointed my gun at her head and pulled the cap off a syringe with the other hand. “Hi there! I found this in your stuff! Let’s see what it does! I injected her with it and she screamed at me then tried to get up. I hit her again and gave her another injection of the incontinence formula. My third shot was more mercy than anything else, even though she did not deserve it. I gave her a pain killer and then started to use a foam spray that sealed her cuts and stopped the bleeding. I let her look at it. Foam bandages. Designed for emergency trauma use. Had to use them a few years ago on active duty when a giant saved my hide from mortar round. I saved his life with this and was able to get him back to a field medic for more help. Stuff works great and actually lasts for about 24 hours before dissolving into harmless water. A counter can be used to make it dissolve right away as well. Handy for combat medics and mash units. Been thinking of marketing it to hospitals and paramedics on the mainland here.” She tried to stand but her knee was too badly torn up. “I can’t carry you but I could just leave you up here out cold to burn up in the fire. It is tempting. Grab the railing and pull yourself up that way. I’ll help you down to the landing and splint the knee. Also, don’t try to bend it unless you want to rip it up more! On the next landing she was half asleep from the pain reliever shot. It made me wish I had a diaper for her to wear right now. The look on her face is she woke up wearing a diaper would be priceless. Fire fighters clearing the building met us on the ninth floor landing. By this time I had gotten an emergency splint onto her knee to keep it from getting any worse than it already was. They took her off my hands as an explosion somewhere above us sent debris falling down. A firefighter took a piece of shrapnel to his right arm and I did not even think about hesitating. I used an auto injector and then sprayed the foam on the wound to stop the bleeding. We got out of there as a fireball from another of her traps to stop me filled the stairwell and the core. The poor fire fighter was about out of it when we got him out of there but the pain blockers would wear off in about 30 minutes. Him and the others were exhausted by the time they reached the ground and got out. They had a right to be. The gear they have to wear is not light. A couple of photographers snapped pictures of me helping the injured firefighter out of the building but there was no way to identify who I was. My armor was full of shrapnel and scorch marks everywhere. You could make out my unit insignia on the helmet and on the left shoulder just barely. My call sign was clearly visible as it was stenciled above my left breast in black letters. The paramedics were looking over my work on Mrs. Whitestone’s knee when she wet and messed herself badly. They cleaned her up and put a diaper on her. She was out cold by the time they finished. I turned over a copy of the body camera footage to the police as evidence. My parents were fine other than being frightened out of their wits. Their diapers had to be changed but that was no shock. Mine was just about as bad thanks to the coffee this morning. When the police caught up to me I was about halfway done with an after action report of the incident. Old habits die hard. I stalled the officers a few more minutes then asked for permission to access one of their computers to give them the report. I was allowed to as long as an officer could watch to make sure nothing was messed with illegally. The look on his face when I plugged that data cable into the port in my head was priceless. Inside of five seconds the entire after action report was loaded into his laptop machine and three more were filed with the federal authorities as well. “There you go sir. Reports are all filed with the correct agencies and copy for you station to review is on your machine still. You saved me some hassle at the motel yesterday so I returned the favor for you. Feds have a couple of copies as well to save you folks time and hassle of dealing with their nonsense.” He looked at me as I unplugged the cable from my helmet. The data cable from my helmet to my visor was still plugged in so I unhooked it then finally unplugged my helmet from the port in my head. When he saw who I was he was surprised. “Now I’ve seen everything! No wonder no one with any brains tangles with the Hellcats!” He looked at my armor as I began to unfasten it and remove it all piece by piece. The armor was heavy and a bit stuffy but damned good at saving one’s hide. I only had on boxer shorts and a skimpy tank top underneath as well as my dog tags. He saw my tattoo and smiled. “That confirms it! No one besides a Hellcat has that tattoo! I wandered over to the paramedics and retrieved a spare diaper and some wipes from them. “I forgot to pack extra panties.” My parents were starting to calm down now and smiled at me as I cleaned up and got a fresh diaper on. The firefighters thanked me for helping out one of their men. It took them nine hours to get the fire out in the building. Police debriefing took us four hours. They read my report and filed their own as well. I was not charged with anything as they had been looking for a way to get some dirt on Mrs. Whitestone for some time now. They knew she was dirty but she had hidden things and paid off the right people to stay silent. The police examined both of my guns I’d had with me and asked that I never market them to the mainland. “They are sold only to the Hellcats special units and they have to account for each one of them at all times! The next generation of these will have special chips in them to prevent them from working if removed from the authorized user of them. I figured this would help if any were stolen in battle by an enemy. They could grab it but it would not fire for them.” The police wanted to buy my body armor design for their swat teams and I told them I would be in touch with them in a few weeks about it. That was a few years ago now. Things have been real quiet since then. My parents are in diapers full time thanks to Mrs Whitestone. My mother and father both went through rape counseling at my request and they admit it helped big time. My mother delivered the baby she did not want into the world and gave him up for adoption to a nice couple on one of the islands. She left a letter explaining everything that had happened and why she gave him up. He’s good kid and I keep tabs on him when I’m not busy making more money for the company, inventing something new or working with the Hellcats. The Hellcats have me listed as active duty every six months for a period of three months. I train their infiltration and disruption units for them now. They consider my work at keeping Mrs Whitestone off balance as a perfect example of disruption. My multiple identities and disguise tricks are perfect for infiltration. I teach all of this. My motto is simple. Know thine enemy. I encourage thinking outside the box and anyone who does something new that works is asked to show me so I can learn the trick and pass it on to others. The Mainland swat teams love the new armor and more units have requested some for their own swat teams. I’m filthy rich and still hanging out with the Hellcats and acting more like a soldier than a corporate executive. My parents made me an equal partner in the company after we got back home. They loved every new idea I came up with and how I marketed everything. Mrs. Whitestone is in diapers for life thanks to some sneaky person injecting her with double the normal dosage of the incontinence serum while she was in a stairwell in her building and dazed. Wonder who could have been so sneaky? Her main building was torn down two months after the fire and her company went bankrupt. She herself is also bankrupt but not to worry, she still has six more years to serve in prison before she is released. At least she has a roof over her head, clothes on her back and a diaper on her ass. I bought out her properties and got things reorganized and running again. I rehired most of her former employees as we need the help to produce so many new products and research so much stuff. The medical division helped me find a cure for the incontinence serum but it has to be given to someone within a month or it wont work. Still looking into that issue. As for Amazons not being able to have babies as much, I found a partial cure and it helps about 45% of the time. That alone helped reduce forced adoption of littles by about 10% worldwide. My life has certainly changed a lot and I owe it all to Mrs. Whitestone. I have to go now and smack some new trainees around a bit. I wont hurt them too badly. Besides I’m engaged to one of them now. END That's it for this story folks! Thank you all so much for reading it and commenting on it! Not sure when I will be back here with another story. It will be a while though. trying to finish up an avian story next and it is a non fetish story so wont be posted here. IF I can get Wattpad to work right on this darned system I'll try and post there but no promises. I f you are truly bored enough and want to read my non fetish stuff you can e-mail me and I'll send you the non fetish stories I have finished. Once again, Thank you all for reading this and commenting!
  6. Raven

    It looks like you good folks a re ready for another chapter to this story. Enough waiting then, here's the next chapter. PART FOUR The show lasted for three days and I made almost 100 sales to various companies by the time all was said and done. Each and every company knew that a little had created the operating system. Two of the amazon ladies from one of the companies admitted to being surprised that it had been created entirely by a single little over the course of six years as a pet project during slow times so that there was always something to do to be productive. Every machine it was tried on worked more efficiently tha with the old operating system created by Whitestone industries. “The whitestone operating system has a number of bugs and glitches that require extensive work around patches to fix and the fixes only open up more security issues. Let me show you the more common issues with it. We did a side by side speed test and even though my demonstration system was slower it still ran the same test programs faster than the other machines did. My benchmark scores were almost 50% better than the Whitestone operating system. I even let other people look at the computer without it’s side panel on so that they could tell it was not a trick. There was no wireless signal and no hardwired line piping in the signal to the system either. My parents had been thinking of revealing the cranial computer I have inside my head tot he world but not one as advanced as mine. The new operating system was a very small version of the one I have running my own internal computer system with a few differences thrown in to make it work on a desktop unit. That was my base to work from and change the source code bit by bit for compatibility until all that was left was a few more tweaks and some debugging. A reporter asked me what was next for On Par Industries. “How about a computer that fits inside of a person’s head or a data cube the size of a sugar cube?” The lady laughed and agreed that the data cubes seemed like a reasonable thing to expect to see but the computer in a head was a far off idea. We both laughed at the idea of a huge mess of cables and wires and deformed heads. When the interview was over she shook my hand and thanked me for the interviews. “Too bad about the cranial cybernetic computers. It would be interesting to see.” I turned my head and brushed my hair out of the way of my data port so she could see it clearly. I smiled at her as I let my hair cover it again. “Just a pipe dream I guess. Maybe someday when the world is ready for it.” I swear her jaw almost hit the floor as I vanished into the crowd of departing vendors before she could get to me. With all the contact information and sales information safely saved as well as what they wanted added or subtracted to their copies of the operating system. This alone would keep me busy for a good six to eight weeks and would net me a tidy profit. The old computer was no longer needed so I donated it to a family looking for a used system that would work reliably. They were littles with only a small budget and the guy kept trying to sell them on a long and expensive contract for used system. “What’s your budget for system?” The lady was surprised to see another little. “Only 300 credits I’m afraid. Rent is high in this town but to keep my job I need a computer that I can do all my work on.” “What work do you do?” “I run a clothing store for littles. No diapers or babyish materials, just good quality clothing at an affordable price. “In that case then I have just the thing for you since that giant over there can only think about making a fortune or putting us in diapers. This system in my arms runs good and I have a better one at home. I only used this to demonstrate a new computer operating system that I loaded on here. I’ll save you some money, to be specific, it’s free as long as you put it to good use and prove that being a little does not make one a baby.” I helped load it into their car and smiled when the sales person came storming out mad as hell at having lost a sale to my charity. “What gives you the right to just give them a computer! I’ve half a mind to spank you and then put you in a diaper for your own good!” “I’m a free little and if I choose to give away a computer that is my right. I have broken no laws either so you have nothing to use against me.” The man glared at me but soon stormed back into his shop and slammed the door behind him. It made me chuckle a little when the glass in the door broke. With that situation resolved peacefully I decided to go find something other than greasy fast food burgers. Who knows, they might have a place that sells good beer as well as good food. Right now I could go for a good Black Bolt beer and perhaps some steak. It took some searching to find a place willing to serve littles. The food was nothing fancy but at least they had Black Bolt beer. I walked in and a giant looked at me a minute. “Where’s your mommy at dear?” “I am a free little and you have just lost a sale for that stupid remark.” I turned and walked out the door without a glance back and kept walking until I finally found another place willing to serve littles. Halfway through my steak meal another giant asked me when my mommy was going to come and get me. “I am a free little ma’am.” She left and came back a few minutes later with wipes and a diaper. The moment she reached for me I moved at top speed. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as I slammed into her legs and used the butt end of my knife to wreck her left kneecap. As she started to tumble forward in slow motion I guided her head into the corner of the table. Her head hit the table hard and I knew beyond a doubt she had fractured skull. My next move brought me around to her right side where I promptly ruined her right knee by pulling it back and twisting it a little too far as she rebounded off the table and fell backwards with her weight on the now twisted right knee. She hit the floor screaming in pain. “I warned you. You chose not to listen. I am not your baby or anyone’s baby for that matter. I am more than capable of taking care of myself. Have fun with the knee surgery.” I paid for my meal and walked out of the building with a dozen other littles staring in shock along with at least two dozen giants and a few inbetweeners. My entire attack had taken maybe three seconds and had ruined both of her knees, cracked her skull, and given her one hell of a concussion as well. So much for keeping a ow profile. My temper had just gotten the best of me. Oh well, it was time to change identities anyways. My few clothes at the motel had nothing of any real major value and I could always pay for the room remotely. After looking through a thrift store and enduring three more diaper checks I left with two sets of clothes for my next identity. It was time to become another person once more and let this identity just suddenly vanish. I kept a careful eye on the motel for three hours then borrowed a half hour of Internet to look for any flags on my motel account. With nothing stopping me I went to the room and grabbed my few things. I almost left the diapers behind but changed my mind and took them with me. No sense leaving them behind when they could come in handy for my next identity. It took me 45 minutes of time in park restroom to change clothes and get my makeup just right. This time my identity was Marjorie Jones. My occupation was listed as a mechanic. My status was listed as free but injured. My injury was the right leg that had taken shrapnel damage during the last island conflict where I had worked as a mechanic in a run down garage. My cover story showed I had gotten caught in bombing run by sheer bad luck on my way to work. I downloaded a number of manuals for various cheaper vehicles and memorized them along with every cheap trick to keep a car running. I had control issues at night and wore diapers to bed to deal with the issue as was required by law. The background listed me as having a tendency to insult others when my limited patience ran out. I had been warned twice by police about threatening to hurt someone and it was listed on my record. Hopefully no one would dig too deeply into the background. For now I needed someplace safe to sleep since tomorrow I was going to find Janice and enlist her help. I was also going to watch the news and papers as well since someone had anonymously leaked out that Whitestone industries was being audited by the ministry of finance. That should knock her company’s stock prices down a bit more. I hope she enjoys the public scandal. Mrs. Whitestone The entire office building was in a state of chaos as a swarm of auditors poured over the finances of the company and began to find everything that had not been paid or declared on their taxes. Several accounts had been hidden and moved to prevent being easily found by anyone. Somehow the accounts were found and looked at with extreme detail. Company profits were falling with no one able to do anything until the auditors were done. “How the hell are they finding everything? Who is leaking information to them? We need these assholes out of here so we can get back to work! How long until they are done?” “I was told they would be here another three weeks at the most before they had a handle on how much we we are going to have to pay. I had to stop installing the new servers yesterday until they looked at every single one of them! “We need to keep this quiet or our stock prices are going to drop even further! Find out who is leading them to everything and silence them! I want those auditors out of my hair and now!” The head accountant walked in with a newspaper and dropped it on the desk. “Someone leaked the news of the audit to the press. Every one of the papers has this as their front page story. Our stock prices have been dropping steadily all day. Our stock is down to under 20 credits a share now.” The two littles in the playpen smiled but said nothing. Mrs. Whitestone looked at them. When the hell are you two going to tell me what I want? I’m getting tired of waiting!” “You can rape us and diaper us and even drug us, but you will never get the codes! Raven will have changed every one of them by now and anything you got will be worthless! She will never quit looking for us and making you look like a stumbling fool! Mrs. Whitestone screamed in rage and grabbed the little man from the playpen and threw him across the room as hard as she could in anger. The little hit the far wall and fell tot he floor silent and not moving as the other one screamed in terror. “The accountant ran to the little laying on the floor. “You better call your private doctor and tell him to hurry or this little is going to die! You broke half his ribs! Don’t let them get to you this way! This is what they want! You are smarter than this!” She about hit the wall until her computer technician grabbed her hand and stopped her. You’ll break the hand again ma’am! We can’t afford to have you out for hand surgery when we need you the most!” She calmed down and looked at the little on the floor and muttered several curses before picking up the phone. “Julia, get DR. Branson up here immediately and tell him it’s urgent. Tell him to bring everything he has.” The group of men and Mrs. Whitestone discussed ways to get rid of the auditors in order to get back to work before the company went bankrupt. She growled as she spoke in anger. “I can’t even sell my own stock without getting hit for insider trading and investigated for that as well! Who the hell is doing this to us? Who the hell is the mole in our...” She looked at the little on the floor. “Your daughter! She’s behind this! How the hell is she doing this?” “It can’t be an attack from the outside. I have software monitoring every single connection to the computers and nothing unusual is going in or out! It has to be a mole working inside to take us down. We need the information they have. Maybe if we went back to their lab we could find the information if we sent a team with everything they need to get those servers to unlock and spill their secrets to us. I’m certain they have hidden back up data storage systems.” “Do it! Send in all my outside sources that we can! Anyone who is still available from the last raid should be sent with them as they will know what to expect and we can neutralize the threats easier! I want that information on my desk inside of four days! Make this a priority and do not put anything on the systems here! Those damned auditors are screwing everything up and snooping in everything!” “I’ll use a phone a few blocks away and call our friends and send them instructions. I’ll have a team on the ground by tomorrow afternoon. Nothing will trace back to us. We will have to pay them from our island accounts or it will be traced back to us.” “Do it! Triple the reward on that bitch daughter of theirs! I want her caught so I can teach her a lesson! I’ll make her pay for this!” “I don’t see how one little could be doing all this damage to us. The attacks on the company have to be the work of a highly skilled team that have people on the inside. There is no way a little is that smart or capable. By now she’s most likely wearing a diaper and sitting in a crib drinking from a bottle. It has to be a team working for some other company doing all this to us.” The two littles in the playpen were a bit spooked by the look on Mrs. Whitestone’s face. She was evil without any hint of remorse for her actions. She would destroy anyone who got in her way no matter the cost. The only reason they themselves were not yet in a nursery is that Mrs. White wanted all of their research information and was not about to risk losing it by putting them in a nursery. RAVEN I spent the next four days modifying my operating system for various clients and sending it out to them on data cubes to be installed on their computers. Most of the changes were just minor things but the government wanted very heavy security. I spent half a day on the security upgrades and added a trace and report program to the software so if anyone but me attempted to get into their systems it would trace their location and report it to those watching for attacks. When the government loaded it onto one of their systems and attacked it from every angle they could come up with they loved it. They hit the system with almost 200 attacks and nothing got through the defenses. Every system was traced and logged so the ones doing the attacks could be caught. When the Hellcats sent me a letter digitally they asked about security options as well as lethal feedback options. Checking on Whitestone industries was amusing to me. The auditors were having a field day with the company and the fines were stacking up heavily. In another day or two the auditors would be done and then levy their fine against the company for their attempts at tax evasion. So far it looked like the company was going to have to pay out close to 500,000 credits in fines. The little money they had trickling in was not enough to help offset the huge fine. I had no idea where my parents were being held at but soon I would find out and then begin to make plans to rescue them and if she hurt them then she would have no place she could hide from me. I would make her wish she had never met any of us. On Par industries was making a fortune from government contracts but all of the money went into a holding account until the ministry of finance could go over it with an eye for details that I or my parents may have missed. The ministry had been asked by us to double check our accounting for tax errors. This arrangement has never once had us audited as we have never hidden a single credit from them and all funds coming in are sent into that account for examination before being passed into the main accounts a week later. It slowed things a little bit but kept us from ever having to be fined like most big companies were from time to time. Over the next two weeks I traced down the whereabouts of Janice until I finally found her. She had been laid to rest a month ago. When I first met her she had been battling an illness and now I found out it had killed her. Janice had died from bone cancer at the age of 56. I cried at the news and stopped working for the rest of the day. I made one stop on the way to her grave to buy some roses. She had always loved roses so as a farewell gift for a friend I bought her a dozen white roses. I had one giant lady at the cemetery show me to her grave site. “She was a good person. She helped us out a number of times and with that help we freed almost 100 littles and got them relocated. She worked until almost the very end. She had a seizure then a massive stroke. She passed away a week later. Did she free you too?” “No. she was my instructor in dirty tricks and dirty fighting. She showed me how to get inside a person’s head and keep them off balance. She taught me so much. I’ll miss her. Rest in peace my friend.” I laid the flowers on her grave and wiped away the tears before turning to leave. By the time I reached my cheap apartment I was not in a good mood. My best friend was dead and the bitch still had my parents. To top it off some stupid idiot giant lady tried to adopt me so I had to hurt her to get free. I really miss the islands now. Very few giants on the islands and they are not stupid enough to try to kidnap a little. It does happen but not often and maybe one out of thousand gets away with it. Part of me wanted to just take a nuke and put it in Mrs. whitestone’s building but too many innocents would be killed. It was still a tempting thought though. It was after midnight when the last of the software for the Hellcats was finished and sent off to them. With all this work I was now richer than Whitestone industries. It meant nothing to me without someone to share it with. As I was about to unplug from the Internet for the night a proximity alert from the island popped up. I looked at the security feed and frowned. The assholes had decided to try to storm the island again to get to the secure servers and data storage vaults. There was no holding back this time. I activated all weapons and security defenses. Everything was set to lethal force. A large force of nearly 700 men stormed the island and met with a defense that tore them to pieces anytime they tried to advance more than 100 feet off the sandy beach. The force trying to climb the cliffs on the other end of the island met a grisly end when a set of generators pumped up enough power to the focused microwave emitters facing the cliff to boil the men to death in a matter of seconds. Their blood literally boiled and they died screaming in pain as they fell to the water boiled alive. The docks were stormed by a force of men but the found that their armor was no match for the mass driver guns. These guns fired round projectiles at nearly mach five. The force of the impact tore through the soldiers and dropped them to the ground with no chance of advancing further. Drones flew over and dropped more ordinance on them. Each drone carried a small explosive charge filled with tiny needles. The charge would drop and at about 25 feet from the ground it would explode and send needles everywhere at high velocity. After losing nearly 500 men the soldiers withdrew under heavy fire. I sent the bitch a copy of the failed on the island by her hired mercenaries. It had not been a good day for the mercenary unit and after taking losses that heavy they would not try to storm the place again. The men withdrew and left their dead behind to rot in the sun rather than risk being killed trying to retrieve their bodies. The video was not edited to hide the carnage and if anyone had a weak stomach they would not like the video. I sent Mrs Whitestone and everyone working for her a copy of the video of the assault forces getting torn to pieces by the automated defenses of the island. It had been super expensive to create this defensive system but had proven it’s worth. I offered the Hellcats a chance to buy a similar defensive system but they declined as they did not think it would be as efficient as I had claimed it would be. I had told them it would guarantee a 70% casualty rate to enemy forces. I was wrong and the rate was closer to almost 98%. I sent the head of the Hellcats a copy of the video footage and a detailed explanation of what had happened and when. They investigated and purchased the system after seeing the video and the dead bodies on the island and in the water. I unplugged and went to bed with my charcoal mask in place and my gun under my pillow as always. It will be most interesting when Mrs Whitestone reads her message and her board of directors start arguing over money. I was getting tired of the game though so I sent her a peace offering. “Let my parents go and leave me and my family alone and I’ll leave you alone. Refuse and I’ll destroy both you and your company. Please enjoy the video of your mercenary force attempting to Storm the privately owned island belonging exclusively to On Par Industries. In the middle of the night a hissing sound alerted me to another attempt at gassing any littles in the building. An alarm sounded a few seconds later and a giant came running down the hall kicking open doors and hollering at everyone to get out. I grabbed my small pack of things and went down the stairs in a hurry as the giant lady came stumbling out with two other littles in her hands out cold. Smoke was pouring out of the building as she cleared the front door and set the two littles down carefully while coughing and trying to get the smoke out of her lungs. I did CPR on one of the two littles and heaved a sigh of relief when she began to breathe again on her own. Another little came staggering down through the smoke and without a second thought I rushed in and grabbed him before he could collapse from smoke inhalation. Everyone stared at me as I came out of the fire with the little slung over my shoulders like they had trained me to do in the service. The fire department and paramedics credited my quick thinking with saving the life of the little. I blew my cover when a paramedic rolled up my sleeve to examine a burn on my arm and saw my tattoo. He laughed as he saw the tattoo. “I should have known with the way you charged back into the fire to save someone. That was good work ma’am.” “I did very little. That lady over there ran up the stairs and made sure to get us all out before anyone got caught in the heavy smoke! She kicked in every door and carried two others down the stairs with her and she had no filter mask on like I do! She’s the one who saved us all with her quick thinking! All I did was some CPR and then carried another little about 20 feet! If she had not warned us and risked her life doing so it would have been far worse!” The lady was sitting on the ground with an oxygen mask on. She smiled when she saw me. “Thought I saw you but was not sure you escaped! Sorry to spook you like that but I couldn’t let anyone die in there if I could get them out! I’ve been after Carlos for two years to fix the wiring and the gas lines but I guess it’s too late now. I saw a tattoo on her left shoulder and smiled. “First expeditionary force. Nice!” “That was a long time ago. I was just another soldier is all.” I smiled. “And I’m actually Mrs Whitestone’s best friend!” She threw her head back and laughed. “Spent a year in the service myself. First battalion, Bravo company, Third platoon. Hellcats.” We shook hands and both agreed the world is an ugly place and sometimes some folks have to be taught a lesson to keep things calm. I spent the next two hours at a police station giving them a report on the fire and then finally explaining that they could try to arrest me for arson if they were stupid but they had no proof. “Yes I wore a filter mask! I’ve had some less than scrupulous individuals try to gas me and then sell me! I do not take chances of it happening again. I sleep light, keep my weapon handy, and never let them take me by surprise. I have stayed free by being cautious and even ruthless when I had to. No one is going to put me into a diaper and stick me in a crib for life. The last one who tried it found out that I will fight to stay free.” The officer looked at my identification card and frowned. “This is a pretty damned good fake identification card. Almost impossible to tell from a real one. Who are you really?” “I am no one and anyone! I am a ghost that can vanish into the mists to never be caught! You know what I am if you use that tiny little pebble of a brain you have.” He looked at me a moment then rose up and grabbed a diaper from a stack on a table by the wall. I moved the moment he picked it up and broke both his kneecaps and his jaw before he could react. He hit the floor and a sharp blow from his stolen night stick to the back of his head silenced him as he tried to scream in pain. I retrieved my small pack after wiping my prints off his night stick and calmly walked out of the room and then the station as if they had let me go. Three blocks later I vanished like the ghost I had claimed to be. My clothes vanished into a trash dumpster and I dressed up once more in a nice blouse, slacks and sensible but nice looking shoes. A handful of wipes over my face removed my makeup to reveal my true face. I switched to my real identity to make it harder on anyone trying to find a mechanic that had escaped the police station. I will not be trapped in a diaper and a crib. Anyone trying is in for a surprise. My patience is wearing thin and I was about ready to grab some body armor from home and a few advanced weapons and then storm the bitch’s tower!” I slept under a bridge on some plastic to avoid making my clothes filthy. A newspaper declared later that Whitestone industries had been fined 559,000 credits for tax evasion and fraud. The stock price of the company was steadily dropping and they were hemorrhaging money big time. The value of On Par Industries was steadily climbing with recent sales of the new operating system and the defensive systems sales to the Hellcats. A close examination of my funds showed that I could buy out a majority share of Whitestone industries if I so chose to do so. They had some nice medical research facilities that would come in handy for creating various medicines to be used in treating all sorts of ailments and eventually curing the sterility of the giants. Curing their sterility was not high on my list of things to do though after how they had treated me. Maybe letting them all die out in a few hundred years would not be so bad. They would be replaced by littles who were starting to slowly outnumber inbetweeners. MRS WHITESTONE The video made several people ill and enraged the board of directors. “That island was a death trap! We never made it off the beach! Everything we tried was countered immediately and we lost men trying to break out off of the beach! The docks were another deathtrap! Scaling the cliffs to come up on their blind side was equally fatal to my men! You never told us she had defenses like that on that island! We would have to hit it with artillery and even then I don’t think we could take it! That whole island is a giant death trap!” Mrs whitestone watched the video of the men getting torn to shreds by the island defenses and for once was actually left speechless and a little sickened at the mess. “How the hell did she reinforce the island so heavily so fast? We lost men last time but her defenses were not that tough to destroy and get past!” “I think she let us have those data cubes, ma’am. You said they were a trick and caused a lot of damage to your computer systems. That little is dangerous to pursue ma’am.” “I want to know who the hell is helping that little baby! I want them dead for this! No little could possibly do this much damage! I want her found and captured! I want her brought into my office so I can diaper her myself and then we will see how superior she is!” “I looked up her background and we are in trouble, ma’am. It took some bribes and digging but I found out how she can do all this.” The man put a video into the computer and it showed Raven take down a police officer in under three seconds with brutal efficiency. He stopped the video after she was out of the room. “The police spent five hours looking for her and did not find her. She vanished as if she had never existed. Her statements were disturbing since she did exactly what she said she would. She’s a ghost! Not the supernatural kind! She spent a year in the Hellcats special forces unit and during that time she saw combat action. The trained her in infiltration and disruption. As you just saw she is super fast and and very dangerous. The video was not sped up either. She is not normal. No little could do what she did to that officer that fast!” Her parents laughed silently at the look of shock on their captor’s face. “She’s our best invention!” Mrs. Whitestone was about to back hand the little lady but stopped in mid swing. “You made her! She’s not normal because you made her somehow! You had her trained by criminals and special forces soldiers! She has been trained to in business and a hundred other skills in order to blend in! She’s been behind every attack on my company all along! That’s impossible! It can’t be! How did you do it? I’ve had my top scientists working on that idea for a decade and we’ve gotten nowhere! How did she get into my computers without leaving a trace behind?” Raven The bitch had not released my parents so I sent the video of the attack on my home by her mercenaries as well as proof of her paying them to do the attack to the news media. They had a feeding frenzy tearing her apart and her company stock prices started to plummet further as international treaties had been violated in the attack. To help throw her further off balance I traced every one of her numerous inventions back to those who had actually created them and been ripped off by her stealing the work and then putting her name on the work while the actual people who did the work were never compensated so much as a single hundredth of a credit. She had made enough inventions on her own to stay in business but the lawsuits she was about to get hit by were going to almost bankrupt her. A look at her finances made me smile as her company was reeling financially and almost ready to collapse under it’s own weight. I watched over half of her staff refuse to work for her and walk out when she refused to pay them. I smiled and made a trip to the island for more gear. The cleanup had gone well as the robotic units designed for this task had dropped all of the bodies into a huge plasma incinerator then burned the bodies to ash. I walked calmly along the pathways leading to the main labs and living quarters I had shared with my parents. The countermeasures let me pass without a problem as I was one of the few cleared to be there. Anyone else would have to wait in a designated waiting area. My parents valued their privacy and the work they did was cutting edge work decades ahead of most everyone else. By the end of the day I had what I wanted and went back to the mainland with everything I needed. I was going to go say hello to Mrs Whitestone and get my parents now that she was reeling from the work I had done to ruin her. I am certain she was not going to be happy to see me, but I was looking forward to seeing her. I even invited some friends to come watch me have a friendly talk with her. Things were going to get very interesting. END PART FOUR That's it for this chapter folks. Things are not looking good for Mrs. Whitestone. One last chapter yet to come and things will come to a head as both do what they can to achieve their goals. Who will win and who will lose? Thank you for reading this story so far. All comments and questions are welcomed.
  7. Raven

    Don't confuse me with the facts! My mind's mad up..I think..What was I talking about again? lol. Thank you for catching that error. And for those who thought Mrs Whitestone was mad before and trying to catch her balance just wait. Things are about to get worse for her. And now, on with the story! PART THREE The bus trip was not fun. The toilet was off limits to littles and they forced me to use a diaper for wetting and for messing. A lady on the bus changed my diaper for me and put a fresh one on me each time and on the last change she tried to feed me a bottle of formula. It did not go as planned for her as I am certain she wanted to adopt me and keep me in diapers and a crib forever. She had just changed my messy diaper and pulled my slacks back up when she tried to shove a bottle in my mouth. The bottle did not smell right to me and there was no way she was going to shove the garbage down my throat. It was bad enough to force me into a diapers for the duration of the trip but now she was trying to force feed me a botlle with who knows what lacing the formula in it. I bent her hand hand back far enough to hurt but not break it. I then squeezed it hard enough to drop her to her knees. I have to let you diaper and change me but nothing requires me to drink from a bottle and let you try to force me into a life of wearing diapers and living in a crib! When I let go of her now very sore hand she grabbed it and held it with the other one. One sniff of the formula told me the truth about it. The can of dry powder formula under the changing station had directions for mixing the formula. This stuff was made to turn a little who drank it into a baby for life as it would rob them of control so they could be adopted and kept in diapers for the rest of their life. This was never going to happen to me if I had my way. Later that afternoon she left her mug of coffee with heavy cream sitting while she went to use the restroom on the bus. I dumped in two scoops of the formula and stirred it in real quick before returning to my seat and staying silent. It should be interesting to see what happens to her in about four hours when we arrive at the terminal. It took a great deal of effort to not smile and look at her drinking her drink without being aware I had spiked her large cup with a couple of scoops of formula. She filled up her cup again and dumped in more powdered creamer then went to the restroom again. This time I waited only long enough for her to close the door before moving fast. I emptied almost a third of the can of formula into her powdered creamer and mixed it together quietly and quickly. The only other little on the bus smiled when he saw me spiking her drink and almost laughed when he saw me mixing her powdered creamer with formula. Paybacks can be a bitch! The bus finally pulled into the terminal and I was still dry so the lady did not get another chance to change my diaper for me but she did check it. When she set me down I accidentally knocked the formula over and spilled it everywhere. She saved what she could and gave me a look of frustration as she put the formula back on the shelf next to the diapers. I picked up my half bag of diapers and exited next to the other little who was also carrying a half bag of diapers. I had to wait for the baggage to be unloaded and brought inside before I could retrieve my briefcase. I bent over to retrieve my briefcase and the lady from the bus came over towards me. “I want to see your identification! I have to make sure you did not run away from your mommy!” I showed her my identification card for this identity and smiled at her as she farted noisily. “Sounds like you need to go change yourself. Hope you remembered to bring spared diapers.” Another fart escaped and then she bent over in pain trying to hold back what was soon going to be impossible to hold back. Urine ran down her legs and another noisy fart escaped her as she suddenly messed herself horribly. She looked horrified. “Funny thing about the powdered creamer. It is the same consistency as the formula and almost the same taste. Are the effects permanent or do they wear off?” “You little bitch!” She tried to grab me and a brown runny mess ran down her legs! I stayed out of her reach until security marched her to a hallway and out of sight. I waited around for my hotel bus to come and got to see her as she came out into the main area again about 20 minutes later obviously waddling a little bit from the thick diaper she was now wearing. She gave me a dirty look as she left the terminal and I almost busted out laughing at her. “I’m George. That was worth sticking around to see!” I saw the little I had ridden the bus with and smiled at him. “She usually gets one or two every trip, but this time someone got her back. You here for the computer show?” “That and other things. Yourself?” My boss sent me here to look into the computer show and see if anything here is really all that new or just a bunch of upgrades and patches to the software.” “This year will be interesting . My company is owned by On Par industries and they have a whole new computer operating system to show off this year. It should be interesting to see how people react to the beta version of the operating system.” He was real interested to know if I had ever met the family and what their daughter was like. I laughed. I never got to meet her when I met them two years ago. “She was away on active duty at the time. She’s a member of the Hellcats unit and from what I’ve heard, damned dangerous and sneaky when she wants to be.” He smiled. “I would love to meet her sometime! I hear she’s cute and only about three years younger than me.” I laughed. “And just what would your wife say when she found out?” “She’s find out that I did not have sex with her and treated her with respect. From what I hear she’s a genius with computers and my wife and I would both love to talk shop with her for a few hours if she’d let us. I’d love to hear more about her unit from her too!” “Good luck with that one! They are sworn to secrecy and they never break that oath! The best you can get is for them to give you the public information website. Anything more is classified and they wont talk to outsiders about it.” We talked shop for a while longer until my ride finally showed up. I shook his hand and wished this had been a pleasure trip so I could meet his wife as well. Talking shop with them would have been fun. Maybe in the future we could all meet after I took down the bitch and freed my parents. For now, I had more work to do and very little time to get it done. Once at the motel and checked in to my room I assured the check in person that I would not wet the bed. The temptation to shoot people at times. Just because I am a little they assume I will wet the bed if not wearing a diaper. After having my panties checked four times on my way to my room the urge to open fire was starting to get real high. Once behind closed doors I was able to finally relax before I went insane and shot the next fool offering to diaper me after checking my panties. A few hours of sleep would have been nice but there was still a lot to do so with that I got to work. I pulled up my pet project and put the finishing touches on it. Before my parents had been kidnapped I had been working on a new computer operating system. Without all the patches and workaround routines to plug holes in the code it was smaller and faster. The requirements to run it were lower as well and it was likely going to upset the mainline computer software companies. This was going to be the culmination of about three years of off and on work. I finished the work about four hours later and yawned. It was tempting to be lazy and order room service but they are all giants and one of them would likely try something stupid. I settled for going to a local fast food place for a quick meal then returned. Halfway back an Amazon lady stopped me and checked me to make sure I was not wet or dirty. What the hell is wrong with all these giants? Not every little has to wear diapers and those that do would love to throw them out the window and go back to to wearing normal undergarments. She was upset to find me wearing panties instead of a diaper and to find the panties were perfectly clean. She had no reason to try adopting me and was forced to reluctantly let me go. A police officer noticed my large combat knife but let me go when showed the permit for it and for my concealed firearm. He was polite about it and thanked me for cooperating and did not try to check to see if I needed a diaper change or even needed to be adopted for not taking care of myself. The doorman greeted me politely and opened the door for me as I walked into the motel. Once in my room I double checked it for any listening devices before getting to work on my next trick. By Now Mrs. Whitestone was likely very unhappy and likely about halfway through replacing and installing new computer servers. That would keep her busy for a while and she would not have time to check on other angles I would use to attack her. I plugged the buffer into the motel room’s data port then plugged one end of my data cable into the buffer and the other end into my cranial computer. I closed my eyes and zipped out onto the net and then used a satellite tp get to the island servers that had been brought back online right on schedule. I downloaded all of Mrs. Whitestone’s financial information and started to go through all of it carefully. It was almost ten at night when I finally finished tracing everything down and putting it all together. She had been sneaky with splitting up her finances into so many files to hide her illegal activity. I smiled and began to arrange everything in a better format to y 11:00 I had everything I needed to make her life miserable one more time. I made notes and then put all the notes into a file and downloaded all her finance records to the ministry of finance audit department along with the notes telling them where to look for all of her hidden funds and where she had cheated the ministry on her taxes. After removing all traces of my computer work on the networks I finally unplugged and put things away before going to bed for the night. I had nice dreams that night about Mrs Whitestone getting a visit from the ministry of finance. I can’t figure out why she does not like me. I’m just showing her the holes in her security and the mistakes in her accounting. My sleep that night was wonderful with the dreams of Mrs Whitestone screaming privately in anger at me. All she had to do was return my parents to me undamaged and I would leave her alone. Oh to be a fly on a wall when she gets audited. Tomorrow night I would be busy with orders for the new operating system if it worked correctly, which it should. I had already electronically filled out and filed patent and copyright paperwork on the new operating system which I filed under my own real name. I made it to the computer store just as they were opening and purchased an older computer. When the show was allowing people in I got to the table for my display and had vendors laughing at my older system. I erased it’s operating system completely and loaded my own operating system then let it go to standby while we waited for people to file in. My old system was ten years old but ran the operating system easily. I had intentionally used an old system to prove the requirements of my work. I would also be able to run circles around their best gear since they had to use so many workaround programs to avoid the numerous bugs in their programming. An hour into the show I was making all the other big companies mad when they couldn’t beat the speed and efficiency that my operating system had. I gave the four biggest computer hardware companies limited copies of my operating system to try. Each copy was loaded with security features that would make attempting to view the source code a bad idea as it would scramble itself beyond recovery as well as alerting me to the attempt. I informed each company that this was a beta release and what they had was a light and limited version of the full operating system running on my old computer. A couple of gaming companies wanted to see if it could handle running one of their games so I loaded their new game onto the old system and shocked them when it alert4ed them to glitches on the game code. One older game was loaded with several lines of code that would steal information and send it to a server on the other coast to be stored and exploited by someone. My operating system took on every challenge and even the military asked to try one of their now declassified programs on it. The software loaded quickly and ran flawlessly once my operating system blocked several attempts at breaking into the core files of the source code. They expected it to have some minor issues and were pleasantly pleased with it. “This operating system can be configured in a number of ways and with the source code a new version can be created to tailor the customer. My cover was almost blown when my former commanding officer came walking up to me and shook my hand. “Nice work. The Hellcats look forward to your return. He had slipped me a note that I read instantly. It only had a hastily written code we used for clandestine meetings. The numbers following were time and room number and address.” I made 20 sales that day and promised to contact the companies in four weeks. At that time I would sign contracts and make a fortune off my pet project. Noticeably absent at the show was Whitestone industries. I made a few discrete inquiries and was told that they had canceled their reservation for the show at the last minute. A major power disruption and then surge had destroyed a large number of their servers and they were busy repairing the damage. I played innocent and continued to show off the new operating system the rest of the day. I showed other companies that it was able to run all sorts of software from games to advanced code breaking software. One person tested it on a newer computer and was amazed at how fast it ran. A representative from the Hellcats stopped by and chatted with me about the computer operating system for a bit as well. When no one was looking I showed off a tattoo to him and handed him a card with my personal e-mail on it and then smiled and shook hands with him. He was sale number 20 for the day. The hellcats would get a good deal on the software and I would turn it inside out, upside down and do everything possible to make it flexible and super secure for them at a very reduced price. Giants and others would have to pay normal price for those services and it would not be cheap. On the way out of the conference center I stopped back at the fast food place and had another burger meal. I only endured one panties check on the way back and was glad to when once more the quietness of the motel room gave me a chance to relax. I watched the news feed and saw that Whitestone industries had a stock price drop of almost three percent thanks to the computer problem. I wonder how low they will go when the audit hits and the news of it gets leaked to the press. Mrs Whitestone “What the hell do you mean I’m being audited? Get the hell out of my office or I’ll throw your skinny ass out the window and let you take the fast way down!” The lady in the suit stood quietly a moment then spoke up. “If you do not wish to cooperate with this audit that is fine. All of your assets will be frozen. Both personal and corporate. Any attempts at bodily harm to me or any other auditor will result in sever penalties up to and including mind wiping and retraining. Now then, I shall require all of your people to step away from their terminals for the duration of the audit. Anyone not complying will be arrested. I would also like to note that any harsh treatment of your littles in my presence will also be reported as well so do not take your anger out on them. From the looks of things I begin to wonder if thy are even legally adopted at all. The law takes a dim view into illegal adoption of littles.” “Do your damned audit but leave my personal life alone or I will make sure your next assignment is testing adult diapers yourself as no one else will hire you!” The lady left the legal paperwork on the desk and quietly walked out of the office. Mrs Whitestone picked up her radio and called for her personal accountant to meet her in her office as soon as possible. The two littles in the playpen huddled into the corner as far away as they could get from Mrs. Whitestone. She was mad and did not dare punch anything with her right hand in a splint already. Ten minutes later her personal secretary let the accountant into her office then turned on the light above the office door to signify that no one was to enter without being called for personally by Mrs. Whitestone. She felt sorry for the two littles in the playpen and wanted to talk to them but she was told on the first day to say nothing to the two of them. The best she could do was to smile at them when she saw them but nothing more. “Who the hell is doing this to us? First the computers! Then everyone gets fired! Now a damned auditor is digging into things! Tell me we at least made some sales at the big computer show.” The accountant looked at her a moment before replying. “We never went this year. Due to the computer crash and the firing of all the people our reservation was canceled so we could focus on getting the servers working again. My reports from the show tell me that a new operating system was unveiled this year and it exceeded everyone’s expectations. The company had a little demonstrate the software to everyone on an old computer and then again on a new computer as well. We lost the military contract we were trying to get and the Hellcats have even expressed an interest in the software as well. I took the liberty of having one of our men obtain a copy of the operating system discretely and it is being sent here to be looked at by our own people. If it is any good we can break into it and change things then go from there.” “What company made the operating system?” The man looked through his paperwork a minute. “On Par Industries. The lead programmer was a miss Raven Par.” Mrs. White spun around to face her accountant. “What?! How the hell did they do that when they are both right here in this playpen?! “I do not know, ma’am. My agent is good and does not lie or exaggerate. They stand to make close to 5 billion in initial sales and long term sales are looking to be upwards of 20 billion over the next five years.” “Get me that software and I want the little from the show in my office in two days or someone is going to pay!” “How much do we stand to lose in this audit if they find everything?” “Almost four billion plus another two billion in fines.” “This is a fucking nightmare! How the hell is all this happening all at once? There is no way this is all coincidence! The timing is too perfect! Who the hell is doing this to us and how the hell do we find them and kill them for it?!” END PART THREE That's it for part three folks. Things are not looking good for Mrs whitestone it seems. Makes you wonder what else is going to go wrong for her. Thank you for reading this story so far. All comments and questions are welcomed and I hope you good folks like this crazy little tale so far. (pun intended).
  8. Raven

    I have part two finished/ Before I post it I would like to clarify a few things. Raven is not a normal little which is quite obvious. The computer system in her head is called a cranial cyberdeck an dis an idea from the Shadowrun roleplaying game. Her body was created through genetic engineering. The idea is from a book by Robert A. Heinlen titled FRIDAY. She had her body assembled from the best genes of numerous littles and then when the fetus became viable she was put into the womb of her mother and carried to term. The idea of this character is la littles version of the character Friday with a cranial cyberdeck added in and some elite military training as well. She does tend to get impatient at times and where her parents are concerned she will stop at almost nothing to free them and obtain her revenge. She is well aware of her uniqueness in the world and uses it to her advantage and sometimes gets into trouble by not being patient enough to think things all the way through. I hope this helps you folks understand her a little bit better. The Hellcats special forces unit are made up entirely of littles. They work for one of the island nations of littles and have a reputation for being ruthless and very dangerous when crossed. Most of their work is done under strict secrecy and very little of it makes the news. What small amount has made the news has been spectacular and tends to spook the amazons a bit. Part Two Mrs Emily Whitestone paced her office impatiently as two diapered littles shivered in a playpen and held each other desperately. “This can all end right now you know. Tell me everything you know and give me access to the information then you can be changed and sent on your way. Surely after nearly a week of wearing diapers you want out of them and want your lives back. That can be arranged easily. You are both very smart and you know that I can easily return your lives to you. Some of the information on those cubes looks very interesting and I’m honestly impressed with the work you two have done so far. I’m very surprised just how formidable the defenses on your little island were. It took my men almost a full day to get inside your buildings to retrieve these out of there. I even lost 119 of my men to retrieving these cubes. Those men are expendable but there is still money involved in everything and operations like this are not cheap. Still, I’m willing to pay you a generous sum in addition to returning your lives to you. You can even continue to work for me and stay free if you only tell me what you know. Give me the access codes to your computers and this whole ugly mess can be brought to an end. I get what I want and you get your lives back. I’ll even pay you each a million credits as well as setting you free. I loved the genetic engineering ideas you talked about and how you could even possibly cure the sterility in so many of us. I got a glimpse of some of the initial work and it makes me wonder just how far you have gone since that information is almost 20 years old. You research into computer design is also impressive. Some of the new stuff coming out now is your old work from nearly 20 years ago and only just now coming out to the public. How far have you two gotten with all your research? It’s all got to be way beyond what we’re using now. Surely you can understand the value of working with me instead of refusing to help me out. When my men retrieved these cubes they had orders to not break any of the computer equipment in your labs. You only need to give me the access codes and this can all end without any further ugliness. No more diapers, No more cribs and bottles. No more diaper changes. I don’t want to use drugs because if I have to then the side effects could very well turn you into babies for life and that would be a huge waste of genius. An example of your genius was the defensive weapons on the island. We did get into some of the computers running the defenses but still, it was not enough to prevent the number of casualties the team suffered. I lost 119 well trained and loyal men to your island defenses. Machine guns we expected, but what you used was spooky. Miniature rail guns firing at the speed of a machine gun! Those things fired a single pellet weighing about a gram and then shot it out at nearly five times the speed of sound! Focused high intensity microwaves that boiled my men alive! I loved the tricks you pulled on my men! The weapons alone would be worth setting you free if you gave me the those designs. Is that so much to ask? I’m more than willing to be nice to you and let you go free if you just give me the access codes. I’ll even call off my search for your daughter. Surely you don’t want her in diapers and signed up for breeding do you? The new laws make it very easy for anyone to turn even an inbetweener into a baby. I turned my younger cousin into a baby along with his girlfriend for trying to steal from me. I had them diapered and given some medicine to help them clean themselves out. She got to watch as I diapered him and then gave him the shot. The look on his face when he peed his diaper then messed it was priceless. I did the same to her next and her eyes were wide as can be when she began peeing herself without being able to stop. When she messed her diaper she was actually crying! I made them both an offer and they refused. All they had to do was give me back the money they stole. They lied to me about the location of the money so I signed her up for breeding. She looked so terrified when we strapped her down to the bed and removed her wet diaper. She was used by three very well endowed littles before she cracked and told me how to get to the money. She is quite attractive and when given a choice she readily agreed to the diapers instead of being used for more breeding. She’s still in diapers and is almost due. My little cousin is still in diapers as well. He spends his days crying and begging to be set free. You know, I could arrange to have him brought over to breed you. He’d be very energetic and quite willing to do the deed after a shot to make sure he performs without reservation. If you like, I can arrange that for you. I’m sure we can even find a nice little for your husband to breed. I have a little in my office staff that all but drooled on the floor when she saw your husband in nothing but a diaper. Care to give me the access codes or do we continue with this?” “Fuck you bitch! Raven will kill you for this! She’s our greatest work and you will never get what you want from us! She will kill you as you stumble and bumble around like an idiot! You can do what you like but we wont give you any information!” “As you wish.” The two of them were separated and taken out of the office in different directions. A few minutes later she watched on camera as the wife was raped by an inbetweener while her husband was forced to watch. When the man was finished he was diapered and led out while she laid on the bed in pain. She smiled as the husband was strapped down to a bed and the office little walked in smiling. She removed her clothes and then took off a damp diaper. Within minutes she was smiling as she rode the husband and denied him release for some time before she finally allowed him to finish off deep inside her. She panted with exertion and smiled as she picked up a fresh diaper and diapered herself before getting dressed again. “Thank you ma’am for this! I promise to have those reports on your desk within two hours, ma’am.” At that point she left the room. Mrs. white walked into the room as both little were being diapered again. Both of them were crying as she looked at them. “Give me the access codes and this will never happen again. Surely the data is not worth that much? I’ll fix you two up and get you out of diapers. I’ll pay you each a generous sum of money and I’ll even let you work for me at a very high pay rate with benefits. You will never again have to be used as breeders. Think about it a while.” RAVEN I woke up on the floor with the librarian checking to see if I was still alive. My head hurt like hell for a minute as my hand pulled the data cable out of the jack in my head. “Fucking sneaky bitch.” “Such naughty language!” I looked at the lady as I got to my feet as I yanked the cable from the wall port I had been plugged into. “You’d be rude too if you just got zapped with almost 100 volts directly into your cranium! Hurts like a bitch!” A quick look at my data cable pissed me off. It had been ruined in the attack on me. I had passed an electronics shop a few blocks back so they would be my next stop. “Where’s your mommy at?” I looked at the lady and resisted the urge to hurt her, but not by much. “This is ridiculous. I am not adopted! I am a free little perfectly capable of taking care of myself!” “I doubt that! I just found you passed out on the floor!” “Lady, move or I move you, and I wont be gentle about it!” “I have to call for littles protective services! You need help!” I yanked the other end of the cable from the port in my head and cursed when I saw the lightly scorched end. The lady’s eyes went wide with my string of profanities as I coiled the cable and dropped it into my lower right pocket. “Such a naughty baby!” When she grabbed for me she found herself grabbing air and falling forward as a couple of other littles in the area watched and smiled. She hit the floor and I simply grabbed my frame pack then put it on and started to walk towards the main door. A group of men and a lady came running in the door while four more blocked the exit as I was grabbing my beret from my left top pocket. “Excuse me please, I’d like to get through here please.” The large lady looked down at me and smiled. “Where’s your mommy at honey?” “I have no clue where my parents are since they were abducted almost a week ago and I am in the process of tracking down their location.” “I see. Do you need fresh diaper, honey?” I held my temper in check and did my best to stay polite. “I do not need a diaper. I am a free little and registered as such.” I pulled out my wallet and retrieved my free little registration card. She saw the black star on it and frowned. “May I see you other identification, please?” “This is ridiculous!” I handed her a civilian identification card then waited a moment. Okay, it says here you are in the military, which is hard to believe. What unit?” I handed her my black beret. “Hellcats! No way! That can’t be right!” “Fine!” I dug out my military identification and handed it to her. She ran an ultraviolet light over the card and gasped. “Okay, this is a first for me! My apologies for this! What is your call sign?” “Hellion. Anything else you want to know is classified and above your pay grade so be a good girl and leave it at that unless you like getting into a lot of trouble.” She handed me everything back and motioned for everyone to let me through. The lady I had tripped looked pissed. “You can’t just let her go! She’s a little! She passed out and I saw it!” “I can’t stop her ma’am. She’s a reserve member of the Hellcats special operations unit. By international treaty we can not hold her or attempt to adopt her unless that is her wish.” “She tripped me! It was a deliberate attack! I want her stopped and adopted right this instant!” The lady looked at the librarian and smiled. “Lady, if she had wanted to, she could have killed you before you even had a chance to move. Look up the Hellcats special operations unit on the computer and you will see why we have a treaty of non interference with them. If you still want to try to adopt her then feel free to try. I wont stop you but I wont help you either.” Ten minutes of angry walking found me wanting to slug a wall in frustration. The giants in this town were baby crazy and it made me want to start opening fire on all of the idiots. What I needed was a new data cable and transportation out of this town before I shot half the idiots in the town. A number of amazon women looked at me with longing in their eyes but seeing me in a uniform and wearing a black beret with the Hellcats unit insignia on it kept them from bothering me. After an hour more of walking across the city I spotted a sign that caught my interest. “Sam’s Custom Electronics and repair” On the off chance they had what I needed I stopped in the small shop and browsed a minute before a giant man behind the counter spoke up. “Can I help you find something ma’am?” It surprised me he was polite to me and did not attempt to adopt me or insult me for being a little. “Perhaps. I need a four foot class one fiber optic data cable with class one data jack ports on it.” “I don’t have anything like that in stock. Do you have one with you I can look at for comparison?” I dug the fried cable out of my pocket and handed it to him. “What did you do to this poor thing!? It’s fried!” “Tell me something I don’t know! Can you get me a new one or do I have to go somewhere else?” “I can have one made I think let me ask someone real fast. Hey Beth, got a challenge for you! It’s safe!” I heard the sound of feet then a ladder being moved into place then climbed. A blond haired little with the prettiest blue eyes took the cable and looked at it a moment. “I can make another one in about 20 minutes. An amazon plug it into an electrical outlet?” “No. Got hit with an over voltage attack. Hurt like hell too.” The little looked down and her eyes went wide when she saw me standing in front of her. “You never told me we had a Hellcat for a customer you big dope!” He smiled at her as she jumped down off the counter and came up to me with the cable. “What’s this hook up to anyways?” “A computer.” “Bullshit! No computer on the market can utilize the speeds this can handle!” “Very true. The computer is a one of a kind at this point and when in use it pushes the data ports to their limits.” “If that’s the case you need this type of connection then but I’d love to see the system!” I looked around and saw no cameras or anyone else in the shop. “Fine, but if asked by anyone, this does not exist.” I brushed me hair aside and showed her the data port in my head. Her eyes went wide and she gasped at what she saw. You have a fully functional system in your head controlled by your brain?” “Yes. I can run digital circles around anything on the open market today. I was not counting on a nasty bomb being left for me though. I need a buffer to stop over voltage but not slow down the data flow. Let me show you what I need.” Within minutes we were discussing a design and the components to make it work and still keep it small, light and portable. It took the two of us about 30 minutes of back and forth talking to create a circuit design that would work and not be overly bulky. “I can make it and the cable in about two hours time if you can afford it. It will cost around 600 credits and use some specialty components I made myself. The capacitors I use are my own design. They take about one tenth the space of a normal one and do the same thing with less weight as well. A variation off the Par’s design for micro capacitors.” I gladly paid the money and waited while she worked on the device and the cable. Barely two hours later she came back with both. She showed me the features of the over voltage buffer and I loved it. “The Hellcats could use something like this! They’d love it with it so small and portable. Do yourself a favor and copyright the circuit design paperwork then patent the device as well! Do not let any giant other than this guy here know about it until after you have it legally protected!” “You sure you don’t want a share of the profits if this design sells?” I smiled at her. “My last name is Par. You need the funding far more than I do. If I get truly desperate for money I can go back to active duty for a few years.” “If half of what I’ve heard about you guys is true then that I would not want you guys after me! I will call them and see what type of tech they might be looking for.” “Good. Tell them that Hellion told you to call them. Hellion is my call sign.” Beth vanished into the back with the card and a smile on her face. I was halfway to the door when a large giant of a lady came storming in. She saw me and tried to kick me out of the way. “Filthy vermin! Out of my way before I stick you in a crib where your type belong!” I looked at the lady and held my tongue but refused to move for a bully no matter the size. I looked over my shoulder and called out as I drew my pistol. “How hard would it be to clean the blood off the floor and dispose of this trash for you?” “Not worth it ma’am! Take an hour to get rid of the blood off the floor and then the police get involved and I have to explain that a Hellcat was being treated improperly by a rude customer and threatened as well. Take her out back and shoot her so I don’t have to close up for half a day!” “Do something about this vermin before I put a diaper on it and put it in a crib where they all belong!” Sam winced and he knew what was coming next. I did not shoot her even though it was tempting. I simply dropped my pack and leaped up to about knee level and used the but of my gun against the side of her knee with as much force as I could. She let out a yelp of pain as the gun hit and caused her knee to buckle dropping her to the floor. A couple more quick hits on various pressure points left her laying on the floor in pain. “This young lady you chose to insult is not so helpless it seems. It would be my guess that she is more than capable of taking care of herself. Threatening to put her in a diaper and have her put into a crib was not such a good idea after all I guess. I always warned you that one day you would threaten the wrong little and would end up hurt. Just because she is a little does not make her vermin, helpless, or stupid! I think Mrs. Carson that perhaps you should take your business to another shop as you are not welcome here any longer!” The lady glared at me as I watched her leave the store mad as hell. As soon as the door was shut Sam broke out laughing. Beth came out from behind the counter laughing as well. “That was hilarious to see the look on her face as she fell on face! When you continued to hit her on various places and left her hurting she looked about ready to wet and mess herself!” It took Beth a moment to catch her breath. “If you ever come back this way please stop in again! Don’t worry about losing her business either! She’s a pain in the ass to deal with. She asks stupid questions and rarely buys anything then when she does, she insists we are overcharging her and trying to rip her off! She’s actually cost us customers a few times so no loss losing her few sales a year!” I would not forget this place anytime soon as I waved at them and left to find a way to get out of town without attracting anymore attention. I had drawn enough attention now that the bitch looking for me would be looking for a Hellcat in combat uniform and causing chaos. I almost smiled as I caused a bit more trouble in a few places and made my appearance memorable. Once the sun set it would be time to vanish and and be someone else. At the dock I made very public inquiries about prices of ferries going to the other islands, further North along the coast and further South as well. No camera got a good look at my face but they all got a damned good look at my unit insignia on my shoulder. With this much chaos and attention drawn to myself it would be interesting to see what that bitch would decide to try next since in a few hours Raven Par would vanish off the radar. The reserve Hellcats member would turn into a ghost. I only had to debate on which identity to assume next. Upon walking past a bank it was tempting to try to pass myself off as a bank officer but it would be way too much work and too risky as well. I needed a disguise that would not get me adopted immediately and not draw a lot of attention either. In the end I wore a nice set of slacks and a nice blouse. I tied my long black hair back into a long ponytail and then went into five different electronics shops to purchase the tools needed for my disguise as a computer technician. There were littles that were indeed computer technicians and they were uncommon but not rare. An hour of Internet time purchased at a run down cafe allowed me to create a dummy company real quick and to have my name listed as the technician. Two more stops at office stores helped me to create my fake computer technician identification. I had a laminated card with my company name on it and a picture of me. It said in bold letters below the picture that I was a computer technician. Anyone checking my briefcase would find the tools of my trade in it. Once done with my cover identity work it was time to make Mrs. Whitestone’s day so to speak. A quick change of address and I entered her network with an eye out for signs of more traps. There were several very tempting prizes dangled in front of me but I ignored them as they were likely traps to try to snag me. So far no one knew I was even in the network. The data cubes were starting their data worm program and within a few hours she was going to really be mad. I found what I was looking for and went to work with some minor vandalism. Every employee of the company was now going to receive a pink slip and be told the company was closing for good and they would have to find employment elsewhere. I about left a calling card so to speak but changed my mind and slowly erased all traces of my presence in her network as I carefully and quietly backed out of it. Once this was done I logged off the net with no traces that I had done anything from the shop except check some online library books for information on car repair for older cars made for littles. Anyone seeing this would think nothing of it. I was now Alexis Darlene and was on my way cross country to a computer show on the East coast. A hotel near the convention had my reservations and I was signed up for the convention as well. I was also a registered free little with no history of discipline or potty problems with a Gold star rating from a nice college on the mainland and a family still on one of the islands. This should do nicely I figured and most folks did not bother to look too deeply at the past of a little. I have extensive knowledge of computers as well so if they try to trip me up with computer questions I can give them answers and hopefully not blow my cover. This identity helped me get into a motel that served littles and the man running the place never even gave me a second glance. I was just another little and nothing about me stood out in the least as I went to my room and prepared to sleep. A sign on the wall stated that all littles were required to be diapered while sleeping but it had been badly defaced. A diaper was not going to be part of my attire tonight. Not being the trusting sort I kept my gun loaded and within reach as well as a charcoal mask since some of these places were black market outlets for giants looking to get a cute little by paying a few hundred credits. They would take the out cold little that had been gassed and turn him or her into a baby with no one caring enough to look for another missing little on the mainland. In the middle of the night I thought I heard a hissing sound and grabbed my mask then my gun. The door was locked and would not budge as I tried to open it. I turned the safety off on my gun and quietly waited for the next person to step through the door. About ten minutes later an amazon with a mask on stepped into the room and went for the lump under the covers on the bed. The man yanked the covers back and stopped when all he found were pillows. He spun around and saw me with my gun out. “Surprise!” I shot him in the head when he tried to make a grab for me. I kicked his body then looted it for anything useful before leaving. Downstairs and behind his desk I found a hidden set of switches to activate the gas and to lock the door of any room. Three other switches were flipped so I flipped them back and proceeded to lock the rest of the rooms that had giants in them and turned on the gas to them. The littles would wake up and be able to leave the place but someone was going to have to free the giants. I yawned and went back for my briefcase while making certain to avoid the blood on the floor. Dawn was about three hours away so I grabbed my things and headed to the nearest bus station with storage lockers. I took the data cubes, all my ammo, five fake ID cards, and my combat knife from my frame pack before shoving it in a locker and paying the fee and taking the key with me. Nothing in the pack was irreplaceable so if it was never retrieved nothing critical was going to be lost. Outside the bus station I walked a few blocks and curled up inside an abandoned building for some more sleep. My filter mask was concealed in a pocket along with my gun and knife just in case. I have learned to not trust too many people too closely. Getting too trusting as a little is a quick one way trip into diapers and a crib for life. The motel tonight had proven to me it pays to be very paranoid when your instincts all scream at you that something is not quite right. Last night my instincts had warned me that the man had been a little too eager to get me into my room for the night. I had been right. Passing by the crime scene with my briefcase in hand and dressed fairly nice made me just another little in a sea of littles, giants, and inbetweeners. I blended in and did not stand out as I passed the scene and ignored it as I walked on. I was about to enter the bus station when a police officer stopped me. “Not many littles traveling alone. Where you headed?” “Is this an official police stop or are you just out to make me miss my bus?” The officer smiled at me. Maybe I should make it official and see of you are a run away from a nursery! You trying to avoid going back to your mommy?” I looked at my watch and had an hour before my bus left. “I’m a registered free little and heading to a computer seminar on the East coast. Happy now?” “You need a diaper change?” “If I did, it would not be you changing me!” “Mouthy little aint you! Maybe I should just adopt you here and now for your own safety!” “You are not legally allowed to do so. I have not demonstrated any reason for you to adopt me legally. I am free and gainfully employed. I have broken no laws nor given you a reason to stop me.” The officer let me go reluctantly but kept an eye on me as I proceeded to go get my prepaid bus ticket. I showed my Identification and was handed the ticket by the lady manning the place. “Here you go dearie. You do know about the rules regarding littles riding cross country on the bus right?” I decide to play it safe and asked the lady politely about the rules. I allowed her to examine my briefcase full of tools and a few common supplies for computer work. “No spare diapers?” “I don’t wear diapers. I have not been in a diaper since the age of three.” The lady smiled and showed me a copy of the rules about littles going cross country on a bus. I was required to wear a diaper and could not board without a diaper on. “It’s not my idea ma’am, but a little accidentally messed herself on the bus last year so the company made this new rule and a few others as well.” She was very polite and explained the rules to me and made sure I understood them. She was nice and sold me a bag of diapers in my size then led me in back and diapered me gently without teasing me or threatening to adopt me. “I know theya re thick and make you waddle a bit but it is the brand the company has us sell to littles who do not already have any. She was a very nice lady and showed me the paperwork as well as her official disagreement with the rules about littles being diapered. “Look at it this way, If the toilet is filthy or full or not working you can use the diaper and no one can complain. Each bus has a small changing table that folds down and one attendant on each bus that can change you so you don’t have ot spend an entire trip in a wet and or messy diaper. Those not wearing diapers will have to hold it until the bus stops somewhere with a restroom if they can’t use the one on the bus.” I thanked her for her help and checked in my briefcase. She examined it and I told her what each tool was for and then let her x-ray it as well. It passed and she put a tag on it certifying it as safe. My next hurdle was the metal detector. I had a false federal concealed weapons permit so they could not take my gun as long as the gun remained on safety and unloaded while on the bus. The computer in my head would be an issue though. No way to disguise it. I would bluff when the time came. I figured that my day was going better than my nemesis. She was going to have a company full of very irate employees to deal with as she had fired all of them. I might have to ask my folks about that when I freed them. For now the dreaded metal detector waited. A giant tried to pick me up and I rewarded his efforts by dropping him to the floor as fast and hard as I could before I realized it was the police officer. Oops. “Sorry about that, sir. You did not identify yourself and so reacted to defend myself from possible abduction! He got up off the floor looking a bit surprised to have been taken down by a little. “How the hell did you learn that nasty trick young lady?” “I had an uncle that served in the military and he showed me that and a few other tricks. Is there a reason you tried to grab me sir? If not then I’ll be on my way. I still have to go through the metal detector and show them a some proper paperwork.” I walked off and the officer just stood staring at me as he rubbed his sore left knee I kicked hard enough to almost cause severe damage to. I walked through the metal detector and set it off. I was ready for that and handed the man my permit and then showed him my firearm with the clip removed and in another pocket. I remove the clip when traveling on a bus or aircraft. I cleared the round in the chamber already and put it in the clip. The firearm is currently on safety as you can see. My combat knife is in a sheath and within legal length limits at only ten inches. I set the items aside and let him run a portable detector over me. He got to my head and stopped. “What’s in the hair?” “It’s not my hair or anything in it sir. I have a data port and a few other devices inside my skull, sir. The devices can not be removed without extensive surgery and will not have any effect on the bus.” I was ushered off to a full body scanner and forced to strip down to just my diaper. I walked through the machine and watched the look on the faces of the men looking at the display. They were confused and it almost made me laugh. “What the hell is that thing in your head?” “I’m not at liberty to discuss it yet. It is secret technology that my company wants to sell to the military in a few years after they have it field tested heavily in numerous settings.” They finally let me go after that and a quick check to see if my diaper was wet or dirty yet. I got on the bus and was happy to be on my way. They had believed me about my built in computer system and did not log anything onto the computer about it except for a few quick notes to send off to the other stations that it was legal to have and would not harm anyone. Twenty minutes later the bus pulled out of the station. I was relieved to get this far without getting caught by the bitch that had my parents. The bus route passed by the white industries building where there was a lot of confusion going on. I was so tempted to smile and laugh but held it in. In a few hours my next surprise present for her activate and destroy her computers. This was going to be one hell of a fun day for her to deal with and I had a few ideas of what to do to her next. I was going to do everything possible to keep her reeling and off balance while setting her up for the final fall. Mrs Whitestone It was a nice morning and she looked forward to breaking the will of the two littles in her care and stealing all their technical secrets. Once broken she would have their brains worked on a bit to make them compliant and working for her to make more high end miracles of science for her despite being in diapers for life. Once she caught their daughter she would put her in a diaper, sign her up for breeding and then sell her unless she had just as many wonderful ideas that her parents did. Her limo pulled into the garage and she was surprised by the number of irate people out in front of her building instead of inside working on keeping the company running. The driver let her out next to her private elevator and made sure she was safely in it before driving off. The elevator stopped at the top floor and the doors opened to an empty floor. Everyone was gone. She walked into her office and found her private secretary and head of security waiting for her. “We have a problem ma’am. Last night you sent out a notice to everyone in the building. You fired everyone.” “I have been trying to keep things going as best I could ma’am but there are a lot of angry folks constantly calling and asking why they were fired! I canceled all your appointments for the morning ma’am and have been trying to calm everyone down. Jake is going through the computers now trying to find out what happened. He has been sending updates every 45 minutes. You did not fire anyone as you always have me draw up the paperwork or tell me who to call and you have done neither so I believe it is an attack from outside as does Jake.” Mrs White slammed her fist into her desk as she set down. “That little fucking bitch! I am going to kill her when I catch her! Julie get everyone you can back in their offices and tell them we were hacked and they are not fired. Jake is doing the right thing looking for the source of the hack but I suspect he wont find it. That daughter of theirs is too damned sneaky! No little should be able to do this to me!” Julie was already back behind her desk making calls to get everyone back to work. It took almost four hours to get everyone back to work again and she had given some of the ones that had stayed on the job trying to do damage control raises for their loyalty and smart thinking. Jake called and was hysterical. “Pull the cubes! Unplug them before it’s too late!” “What are you talking about, Jake?” They are time bombs! Unplug them now!” She reached for one and her terminal went dark along with every other terminal in the building and all the phone lines turned off as well. Mrs white grabbed a radio and was answered by Jake. “Too late ma’am. Those damned cubes were bait and we fell for it. They had fake computer files in them. Almost all those experiments were fake but close enough to truth that we were suckered by the data. Each cube had a virus in it that was carefully planted in and designed to go off at a preset point after the cubes were opened. Everything we had on the computers is gone! Those worms ruined everything! We need new servers now as well. They were over clocked and then had the cooling turned off as well as the warning systems bypassed! Until we get new computers and run the backups we are dead in the water! We are looking at about five days to get everything replaced and it’s not going to be cheap either!” “How bad?” “Rough estimate, about 500 million in equipment cost plus another two or three in labor.” “Thanks for trying to warn me Jake. Get started right away and see of we can savage anything.” “Yes ma’am, and sorry.” A pair of littles looked at her from a play pen and laughed at her. “Raven is not going to be caught until she wants to be and then you are in for an even bigger world of hurt. Our little Hellion is too good for you!” Mrs White looked at the two littles in the playpen and then walked out of her office and around a corner where she promptly slugged a wall as hard as she could which resulted in four broken knuckles and two broken fingers as well as a fractured wrist. To say she was mad would be an understatement. END PART TWO This wraps up part two of the story. All comments and suggestions are welcomed along with all questions. I intend to start work on the next chapter tomorrow and hope to have it done in a week at the most. Thank you all for reading this weird idea of mine and for commenting.
  9. Raven

    This is a story I think is a bit dark and very violent in a number of places. The story is a bit dark as one of the main characters is very evil, greedy, and unscrupulous as well as rich and powerful. I hope you folks give me feedback on it and tell me what you think of it and whether it should continue or not. At any rate, here is the first chapter. Raven Alexia Par 4'0” 50 pounds black hair gray eyes intelligence:19 wisdom :17 Charisma:19 Strength:22 dexterity:19 Constitution:17 If you think your life is tough then try mine for a while. I am only 4 foot tall and have looks that make me highly desirable to many Amazons. My hair is jet black and currently down to just barely above my shoulders. I have gray eyes that seem to compliment my face and hair to make me look very cute unless I am angry and then I have been told that my gaze is a bit spooky. Both my parents are gone now and I have been trying to find them but it is not easy to do. They were forcefully adopted while I watched from hiding where the amazon could not reach me without pulling back a bloody stump. We had gone to the mainland to negotiate the rights to sell some devices my parents had designed that would revolutionize the computer industry. They were both brilliant and way smarter than anyone knew. The computer system sitting snugly inside my own head was proof of that. I have a fully functional computer hooked up to my brain inside my skull. The system is at least a thousand times faster than anything else out there. I can hook a slim data cable onto the jack on the right side of my head and a millisecond later I am going to be cruising through your data network and stealing all of your secrets and crashing your computer before you can stop me or even try to stop me. Another bit of proof that my parents are smarter than anyone else is me. They spliced genes and then after almost ten years of hard work they got a breakthrough that enabled them to make me out of the best genes available. I am highly intelligent and very agile and strong. My body is able to fight off almost any poison you or virus you throw at me and allow me to survive things that would kill you. When the negotiations were finished my parents signed the agreement which would make them the richest littles in the world. While they were busy making the agreement I was quietly sitting in a coffee shop in a corner plugged into a data port. I skimmed through all of Mr. Long’s business dealings to make sure there was going to be no double dealing or attempts at other types of trickery. His accounts were in meticulous order and all 100% legal. He even donated to agencies fighting for littles rights. A number of attempted buyouts by a Mrs. Black had been resisted and since he owned 52% of the company he could fight the buyouts easily and stay in control of his company. I was watching the security feed when an Amazon lady came walking in with ten big men and started to shoot everyone in sight. The alarm had been interfered with and it took me a few seconds of screaming through the networks to find that it been ruined by a malicious virus designed to erase it’s programing. I watched in horror as she stormed into the office, shot the secretary and then had her men grab my parents before they could escape. She stole the data cube with the all the information on it but not before I put in an encryption program that would take a mainframe at least a year to crack. Mr. Long was shot six times in the chest and then twice in the head. Before she was satisfied. She turned and smiled as she waved at the security camera like a smug bitch. I will not forget that long silver hair and the cold look of sadistic enjoyment in her brown eyes as long as I draw breath. She had enjoyed killing those people and inflicting pain on them. The men held my parents as she scanned the data cube and then laughed as her face grew dark with rage as she could not get through the security on the cube with any program she tried to run. Every time she ran a program I attacked the program and turned it into lines of useless zeros. My parents smiled as they knew I was watching her work and recording everything she was trying. “Tell me the security code or spend the rest of your days as babies!” My father shook his head. “We don’t have it and Raven will never give it to you! She’s our greatest creation and will avenge us while you sit and stumble around like a dumb amazon trying to stop what can’t be stopped!” The lady smiled an evil smile. “So she’s watching now? Good! She can watch as I adopt the two of you!” “You can’t! We’re free littles! You have no cause to adopt us!” “I’m rich and can do what I want!” She tore the clothes off my father and laughed as he struggled to get free. She moved out of camera sight a few minutes as my father screamed in terror and all I could see was his legs kicking in futility until she grabbed them and lifted his bottom up. A minute later she passed him off to one of the men and all he had on was a diaper. She had put a pacifier in his mouth and made sure he could not spit it out. One of the men pointed out that she had done this outside of the camera’s view so she laughed and grabbed my mother next. My mother screamed and struggled as she was laid down on the floor and had her hands held by one of the men as the lady grabbed another diaper and pacifier. She put the pacifier in my mother’s mouth and inflated the nipple so it could not be spit out. She stood and laughed as she unfolded the diaper slowly and in full view of my mother. My mother kicked at her and she simply smiled as she grabbed the legs in one hand then lifted my mother’s backside up far enough to slide the diaper under her. Before she pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it she pushed a suppository up inside her rectum. My mother broke down in tears as she knew she was doomed. The lady pulled the diaper up between my mother’s legs and then adjusted it before taping it shut tightly. She motioned for the man holding my father to bring him in sight of the camera. His eyes went wide as his bowels exploded into the seat of the diaper he had on This was followed by him wetting the diaper uncontrollably as well. He hung his head and cried as she laughed and made my mother watch the entire event knowing that she would soon be wearing a messy wet diaper as well. The lady laughed and teased my mother as tears rolled down her face. My mother tried to double over in pain but the lady held her upright as she wet and messed herself almost to the point of leaking. “I don’t really need a pair of babies to take care of but they are young and in excellent shape to breed. I can sell them off as breeders and they can spend the rest of their lives being raped and wearing diapers while I make a fortune off selling them or renting them out! I know you are watching Raven so I’ll give you one chance to end this. Decrypt this cube and I’ll change them into fresh diapers before letting them go and taking the cube with me. Resist me and I’ll be more than happy to diaper you and sign you up as a breeder. You can stay free and not end up in a diaper by my hand.” My only answer to her was a middle finger showing up on the monitor in front of her and the data cube exploding. The lady snarled and hit the monitor with her fist. The monitor shorted out but that was fine with me as she would never get the data. The only other copies were in the mainframe network back on our island which had such high security that it was nearly impossible to storm it. The last group that tried this wound up dead and fed to the sharks in the ocean so I had no worries as I turned off all the power to the top ten floors of the building and emergency sealed every door leading off of the floor they were on. It would take them some time to escape and I intended to make it as tough as I could on them. I smiled as I was about to send a copy of the video off to the police. Someone yanked the data cable out of the data port and threw me roughly to the floor. I hit the floor stunned for half a second as another tall lady grabbed me with one hand and smiled as she pulled a diaper out of a bag hanging from her shoulder. “Such a cute little girl! She started to try to remove my clothes when my hand came flashing down with a combat knife in it. She screamed as the super light and strong blade sliced through the fingers hand and left bloody stumps for fingers. I grabbed my specialty data cable and ran for it as the lady had a pair of Amazons stuff the diaper over the hand to try to stop the bleeding. My parents had always made it clear to me that if faced with adoption by force that I was to maim or even kill to stay free. Having been trained all my life by the nastiest street fighters and little soldiers they could hire it made a big difference. I don’t believe in a fair fight. I fight to win and I fight dirty with no compulsions against maiming or even killing if I have to. By the time the lady in white and her bodyguards got out of the building I was on the other side of the street with a frame pack on and a 7 mm pistol in my hand ready to shoot her and then grab my parents. To further humiliate and break my parents she changed them into super thick diapers right on the street in front of everyone. A crowd of Amazon ladies congratulated her on her luck of adopting a pair of such cute littles. This pissed me off as I could not get a clear shot at her and with the crowd there I would not be able to get my parents away safely. She threw the used diapers in a trash can then put my parents into the limo parked out front of the building. Her men made damned sure to stay between her and the possibility of any sniper so I still had no clear shot. I snarled in silent rage and was about to holster my gun when another Amazon lady grabbed my right shoulder. “Where’s your mommy at sweet heart?” I spun and pointed the gun at her and barely managed to not blow her head off in anger as the limo drove off. I tried to not yell at the lady but I was angry. “You fucking idiot! I almost had the bitch that just kidnapped my parents and you got in the way! I tried to get around her to get the license plate of the limo but was instead grabbed and thrown over lap! She stuck a finger in my pants and frowned when she found them dry but proceeded to try to pull my jeans off to see if I had dirty panties on. This lady was damed strong even for an Amazon and she frowned when she found my panties to have a single skid mark in them from where I had used the toilet earlier only to find that the stall for littles had no toilet paper in it. “It’s plain that you can’t take care of yourself and you tried to hide messy panties! And to think, I was going to adopt another little today and here and even cuter one with messy panties shows up!” When her shirt sleeve rolled up I instantly knew why her strength was higher than normal. She was using some kind of drug to make her stronger and possibly faster than normal. The needle tracks were easily spotted by me and it made me more desperate to escape. I panicked, squirmed and twisted as she pulled a diaper out of her bag and unfolded it with one hand. I was lowered onto the diaper and held there as she smiled and then tried to stick a pacifier in my mouth. I knocked the pacifier away but she continued to diaper me despite my protests. The thick diaper was pulled up between my legs and then taped shut. My fate had been sealed and I would only escape diapers when being washed or changed into a fresh diaper. Several other Amazon ladies watched and smiled as I was diapered and talked to like a toddler. “Give me the toy honey and you can have it back later if you behave.” My senses returned and I pulled the trigger without any hesitation. She screamed as the bullet slammed into her shoulder and almost blew the limb off when it exploded on impact. The lady dropped me and screamed in pain as I landed, grabbed my jeans and panties then ran for it. Having seen me shoot the lady with an actual working gun no one wanted to risk trying to stop me. The damned diaper was thick and forced me to waddle a bit as I made my escape into an alley then over a dumpster and into another dead end alleyway. I stopped and tore the diaper off and took a minute to get my panties and jeans back on again. The lady had been rich or she would not have been able to afford that new hand. Those were still new to the market and cost almost a cool million credits just to buy one then you had to find the right doctor to the work of attaching it and that was just as expensive. Someone was spending a lot of money to stop me so that meant someone super rich and with connections. That lady being there was possibly a random accident but somehow I doubted it. The lady in white had killed over a dozen people in a building and no one had sounded a single alarm yet! I also had to not allow myself to panic again or I would end up in anther diaper and this time I would not escape. That had been too damned close for comfort. I needed information and to contact the one person who could help me find my parents and rescue them. The coffee shops were too dangerous as they would surely have too damned many Amazons who would be more than happy to try to adopt me and I did not want a bloodbath from me escaping and shooting anyone in my way. I was stuck with very little money and no gear other than what I had on me. It took me most of the day to get a ferry to the islands where I could get a private boat to the lab island my parents owned. Boarding the ferry alone attracted the attention of two more Amazon ladies looking to adopt me regardless of the law. I presented my ticket then boarded the last ferry to the islands for the day. We were half an hour out when an explosion surprised me. A building on the mainland had just blown up and it would not take a genius to know that someone was covering their tracks. Nothing explains dead bodies like a natural gas explosion. I had used an alternate ID when purchasing my ticket and paid cash so their was likely to be a delay in anyone tracking me down. It would take time to find me since they had only looked to see if I was a runaway little that was listed on their printouts or one of the rare terrorist littles being looked for on the mainland. Terrorist little was a line of crap and I knew it. They were littles who had helped others escape a lifetime of diapers and cribs and had to use force a few times to do so. This got them labeled as terrorists. When the ferry was about 20 minutes from the island one of the Amazons made her move for me. When she reached for me I pulled a gun and looked at her. “Touch me and die!” “I was only going to see if you needed a fresh diaper is all! Surely your mommy would not want you getting a rash!” “I do not wear diapers and you are not forcing me into one!” The lady seemed to think my gun was a toy which made her brave enough to offer me a fresh diaper. “If you wont let me change you then here you go. You can change right here and I wont interfere.” The other lady must have been her partner because she suddenly grabbed me from behind and clamped a hand over my mouth. “Naughty baby! Babies never run away or curse their mommies!” I grabbed the hand and twisted it until her wrist snapped, then jumped up onto the one in front of me holding the diaper and punched her in the throat hard enough to hurt but not kill. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as I jumped back down and then used the but of my knife on the knee of the diaper holder. I grabbed the diaper and then stuffed it into the mouth of the other one as her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to cry out in pain from the snapped wrist. From start to finish the entire thing took maybe two or three seconds. When I stopped moving again and calmed down both ladies were on the deck of the ferry in pain and incapacitated. A pair of littles had seen me attack the pair of Amazons and gave me smiles and thumbs up for my actions. When we reached the island I departed the ferry and was lost in the crowd of littles on the island in seconds. They would play hell finding me now and the government on the islands would drag their feet in searching for me. Even if they found me they would be more likely to buy me a beer and laugh than arrest me. Amazons are not very popular on the islands. I spent the night in a motel that catered only to littles and had a sign stating that Amazons and inbetweeners were not welcomed. Three days later I was back at the lab and screaming through the Internet via a satellite connection looking for news of any kind that would lead to the identity of the lady in white. I had hoped that the waters had been muddied enough by me coming here to cause the lady to stop looking for me. I was wrong. In a freak accident the ferry had been hit a fishing boat and sank with all hands on both ships reported as lost at sea. The lady or whoever she may have worked for wanted the information my parents had been about to sell off with an agreement for a percentage of the profits and all rights to modify the information left up to them to decide. It was worth a tidy sum of money to the right computer company and several companies that make robotic nannies to babysit littles had offered money for the designs. I had not looked at the data personally yet as my own computer was much more advanced than what my parents were willing to allow limited sales of. I suspect that the lady wanted everything my parents had created and would let nothing stand in her way. She might not know what I looked like yet but it would not stop her from trying to find out and then tracking me down until she could grab me and stick me in a diaper than a nursery. I would be held as ransom until she had every last piece of valuable information out of my parents and then we we would be adopted out , killed, or sold to breeders. With all the information on the computers it was a weak point and the information could be lost at almost any time die to any number of disasters both man made and natural. Within five hours all of it was backed up onto a set of special data storage devices that looked like over sized sugar cubes. Normal data cubes hold about ten terabytes of data and are about eight inches on each side. Mine hold about almost ten times that much and are only about an inch on each side. If replicated by a computer company they would be worth billions of credits. Making them was difficult but my parents had found a way to overcome that obstacle almost six years ago. I wished there was a way to contact Baelorn and his wife, Melina, but I had no idea how to get in touch with someone who lived out side the normal cities let alone someone who lived off world like they did. I was going to have to rely on Janice. Trying to contact her by way of a phone call or the Internet would be dangerous for her and for me as it would tell them I was looking for her and they would be waiting for me. My best bet was to show up in person and contact without warning her. Just to be certain that anyone managing to somehow get into the lab could not steal or destroy the data I made copies of everything in the mainframe data banks then spent another three hours programming in a failsafe to prevent data theft. The link with the satellite was now encrypted heavily so no hacker would get into the data banks easily. Should someone get into the computer room on the island and try to get the information it was all encrypted just as heavily as the satellite link. If anyone got the password wrong three times in a row then all the data would be scrambled beyond recovery. As a mean trick I left five data cubes of the current standard design used on the mainland. All of them contained experiment data with false results added in to screw up anyone trying to use the information. There was also a worm program embedded in each cube and set to release four days after the cubes were accessed. The worm programs would destroy the data on whatever computer was used to read the cubes.. I don’t play fair and never will when the stakes are this high. As soon as the sun set I left the island again. Under cover of darkness I slipped down to the shore line and climbed into a concealed little boat that was powered by a very silent electric motor. Getting to the main land took almost all night but it was better to slip ashore at night so as to not be spotted by a bunch Amazons with the desire to forcefully adopt a little . Once the boat reached the mainland I Hopped out and set it on a slow course towards an island owned and run by Amazons. Anyone finding the boat would not know where it came from and it would hopefully throw off pursuit of me thus making them waste time looking for me in the wrong location. With their attention focused in the wrong location I would be able to get a bit of a head start. I had changed into some B.D.U.s and had the unit patch of the Hellcats special forces unit. This is a special forces unit of all littles and they are very dangerous to try to stop. Anyone with half a brain will leave them alone unless they are fond of pain and fond of possibly being maimed for life. My dog tags listed me as blood type A+ and my rank insignia listed me as a specialist E-4. The littles in this unit all use a call sign for their name as a way to protect their identity. My call sign was Wild Child and it is actually listed with the littles special forces unit that I am an honorary member of. I have nearly 10,000 credits in cash and four other fake identities and paperwork to as well to back them up. I was determined this time not to be messed with and I figured that looking like a little in a special forces unit was a disguise no one would expect. Hopefully I could use this disguise for a few days before changing to another identity and continuing my journey to find Janice and then free my parents before it was too late. Half a day after landing my stomach let me know that food was needed. A small diner nearby looked like as good a place as any. My plan was to eat then leave and continue my trip across the city to a contact that would help me reach the city where Janice lived without risking being adopted. A number of Amazons eyed me as I walked past them with my full frame pack on my back and a pistol in a holster within easy reach. Every inch of me screamed predator at them and they left me alone as I pulled the heavy door to the diner open without difficulty. A normal little would have struggled to open the door but I am not a normal little and when the two Amazons following me saw me open the door easily they stopped following me. I think they were intimidated a bit, which was exactly what I wanted. Upon walking in an Amazon with big tits and no brains reached out to grab me. I grabbed her hand and twisted it as fast and far as I could without breaking the wrist then proceeded to knock her to the floor painfully with some nasty tricks I had been taught by Janice. “When I want you to touch me I will tell you, otherwise keep your hands to yourself! Next time you will pull back a bloody stump and if you think I’m kidding then try me!” I let go of her hand and walked over to a booth where I promptly removed my frame pack and let my right sleeve roll up far enough to show off the special forces tattoo. The lady reported what had just happened and when another one saw the tattoo they treated me with respect instead of as a toddler needing to be diapered and babied. A server walked over to me and waited for me to make my order. “What can I get for you today?” “I’d like the small steak and a black bolt beer, please.” Black bolt beer is almost as strong as some whiskeys and few people drink all that much of it. I ordered a 20 ounce glass of it which surprised the server. I love the stuff and it is one of my minor vices that I indulge in when on the mainland. She put in my order then returned to the table with a foaming black colored beer. I politely thanked her and drank almost a third of it down in one long draw. There was a surprised look on her face when I not only smiled after drinking it but showed no sign of it being very strong. “I’ve never met a little from the Hellcats before but now I can see why you folks have such fearsome reputation! You on leave right now or mustering out?” “I’m on leave for a month and doing some sightseeing, but with the way things are I could be called back to active duty at any time. Things are heating up in the Southeastern part of the globe again so who knows what will happen.” “What do you specialize in?” “Mayhem! I’m an expert in it and that’s all the information I will give you. We all take an oath when we enter the unit and none of will talk about what we do or where we have been. For every one thing you see on the news there are numerous other things we do that you will never hear about on the news and all of it is dangerous and usually lethal to someone.” The lady smiled and then tried to grab me. “That unit is fake and does not exist! You will look so cute in my nursery!” My combat knife flashed out and I made sure she saw it stop a millimeter from her left eye. My other hand had my gun out and it was aimed at her chest where her heart is. Try that one more time and Is stop being nice. You are not authorized to know anything more than I have just told you and if you attempt to grab me ever again you will end up very dead very fast! Just because you can’t read beyond a first grade level is no reason to insult me! Now either bring me my food or I will leave and take my business to another place where my money is welcomed!” A large man came in and saw me in a standoff with the server who was too afraid to move. “Martha! Get your ass in back right now and tell Liona to serve this nice young lady while you do the dishes!” She backed up slowly from me and I did not holster my gun until she was out of sight. The man came up to me and smiled politely. “She is bound and determined to adopt a little and is too damned stupid to realize how close she just came to getting herself killed! Your meal is on the house and I apologize for her actions!” He shook my hand politely and I noticed a similar tattoo on his right arm. “Third lightning brigade. Mountain infantry. Got out after finding a land mine the wrong way. Started this place for a way to keep from going stir crazy and getting sucked into a dark depression. I recognized you from my last tour. You guys pulled my unit out of the shit when we got cut off and then you went on to make the enemy look like children playing with toys! I remember you especially as you patched me up and then drug me out of that death trap and to a medic! I have never seen a little move like you but I can understand why you were in that unit after seeing you in action! No one else but me will ever know this information either so your secrets are safe with me!” I noticed his left leg was a prosthetic and not a very good one at that. “This junk leg works good enough for me to run this place and I’m too set in my ways now to go back into the service even with a new leg.” I stood and faced the man then saluted him. I am surprised he remembered me from my only actual combat assignment with the Hellcats. It had been a real nasty surprise to us to be called out of a training mission to rescue his unit. I ended up getting hands on experience in combat during that five day rescue mission. The men were shocked big time when I stormed the enemy stronghold with a satchel of explosives and an assault rifle. I was moving in overdrive and everyone else looked like they were moving in slow motion. I was adopted into the unit after that and they promised me that should I ever wish to do so, they would take me in an instant and grant me a promotion from E-4 to E-5 gladly as I had earned it. That attack made headlines around the world and after that the reputation of the unit grew as they went on to take numerous more hazardous assignments, some of which made news again and shocked the world that they were all littles and had done things that Amazons had thought to be impossible. That had been almost two years ago and the unit was always active in hot spots around the world proving that not all littles are meant for diapers, cribs and bottles. I had finished my meal and was strapping on my frame pack again when the new protection acts were signed into law. If things were not already dangerous enough for littles the new law made it even worse for them. Under the new law any non Amazon found to be in need of care could be adopted immediately. Should a little break a law they could be adopted as they were not able to even follow simple laws so therefore were in need of care. If a little became ill it meant that they were able to be adopted as they did not have the ability to take care of themselves. Littles also could be stopped and have their pants inspected by any Amazon. If they were wet or messy they could be adopted on the spot. Even having a single skid mark in your pants was enough to get you adopted. Any little caught not telling the truth was to be adopted immediately as they needed someone to watch over them since they do not truth from fantasy. The list was long and dangerous but it amounted to open season on littles and inbetweeners as well. I was walking down the street and an Amazon lady stopped me for a pants check. Her mind was already made up as she already had a diaper in hand when she stopped me. When she found no marks of any kind she was disappointed. “Where is your mommy at dear?” “I’m a free little and a member of the Hellcats special forces so therefore you are not allowed to adopt me! The law specifically forbids you from touching active duty and reserve duty members of any military unit and therefore I am off limits by your own laws, ma’am!” I showed the lady my reserve status duty card for the Hellcats and she turned a little pale then got brave. “That’s not a real Hellcats registration card and you are a liar! You tried to lie to me just now!” When she grabbed me I acted fast. This time I did not panic and let myself get put into a diaper again before coming to my senses. I broke her wrist and messed up her knee pretty badly then left her laying on the ground in pain and unable to even stand. I took the diaper out of her hand and thanked her for it before walking off with it. I examined the diaper and decided it would serve for toilet paper since many stalls for littles did not have any stocked and it made the little leave brown and black streaks in their underwear. They would be inspected the moment they left the restroom and then promptly diapered and adopted on the spot for failure to even keep clean. I passed by a store and saw a number of littles being drug in against their will and promptly diapered and adopted on the spot. One lady came out with an inbetweener girl in tow and the tears rolled down the pretty girl’s face as she was wearing a very short skirt and a very thick diaper under it. I felt sorry for the girl as she was going to be put into a crib and would be wearing diapers for life now. She had been adopted by an Amazon after the giant found an excuse to do so. Several more times I was stopped and had to endure pants checks. I had only had to hurt four more Amazons by the end of the day and my collection of diapers had grown as I had taken one from each Amazon as a souvenir. Any time I had to knock an Amazon down a few notches and prove they could be hurt by a little I would take one of the diapers as a souvenir. Who knows, by the end of tomorrow I might be able to sell them to some idiot Amazon for a handful of credits. It was almost six at night when I found a branch of the public library. So far I had managed to stay free and whoever might be looking for me was not having any luck in finding me. I wanted to check the island labs remotely and lay a few false trails on the Internet for anyone trying to find me. It was a little risky but the risk was low enough to not be dangerous. Besides, I am the only one with the access codes to the servers and security systems. Anyone else trying would find a lot of encryption and security firewalls that would take a lot of time to hack through. The library branch was fairly large for not being the main hub but this would work in my favor if I had to run. With so many shelves of books the place would be like a small maze. Finding me would be tricky and unless they blocked every exit I could lose a pursuer in the stacks and then slip out an exit quietly. Once inside I found a data port easily enough. Everyone else was using wireless connections but for me a data port was better. I pushed a chair to right next to the data port then removed my pack and sat down. A librarian watched me with interest as I plugged one end of my data cable into the data port and then pushed my hair out of the way of the data port in the side of my head. I smiled at the lady as she watched me then began walking towards me. The look on her face was priceless when I plugged the other end of the cable into my head was priceless. She saw the plug go into the port and her mouth was open in surprise. I closed my eyes and half a second later the Internet beckoned me. I screamed along the connection at the speed of light and found the information I had been looking for. I was still being looked for it seems as someone had put out a rough sketch of me and posted a reward for the safe return of me to the nursery I had been kidnapped from. The sketch did not look very much like me but they had my name right so they had not given up yet. The lab had indeed been breached but they only got what I wanted them to have. A review of the security back up files showed that they had stormed the island with at least a full company of mercenaries. Bodies were left laying where they fell as the defenses killed them. It was a mess with at least 70 dead. Good luck covering that up. They had lost almost 15 more trying to retrieve their dead as they missed a few automated defenses and been caught by them. Had I been on the island they would never have gotten in to the lab without heavier losses as I would have activated every defense and set them all to lethal. All five data cubes were taken but the mainframe security had worked correctly. All the research data had been instantly moved to a secured and heard as hell to find data storage system hidden 100 meters underground and accessible only by a long ladder climb down a narrow access pipe big enough for a little and maybe a small inbetweener. No Amazon would ever fit. The access was well hidden and only my parents and myself knew about it. The route and the room the machine sat in were not on the building floor plans. I watched as a person dressed in casual clothes hacked into the mainframe and stole the false information. A message flashed up in front of me as my intrusion detection programs alerted me to an attempted trace and report attack. They were getting sneaky but not sneaky enough. I hijacked the program and then gave it false coordinates to relay to it’s watcher. I do so hope they enjoy trying to adopt Hellcats. A message was left in the inbox for me to read. “Raven, turn yourself in to me and you will not be adopted. I will even set your parents free without diapers or baby clothing. Help me resolve this peacefully and we can put this behind us all. You can have your life with your parents or any life you chose without interference from me. Your parents will no longer be adopted by me and will be free from my control. If you want a nice mommy I can be that for you too if you truly desire that. Just contact me and we can work this out. I knew better and was not going to fall for her tricks. I erased the message and left her the image of a hand giving her the middle finger. To be a bitch I erased the time date data attached to my log in and all activity on the net. I had not thought that the lady would try to use lethal force but I was wrong. I went to jack out by pulling the plug out when an emergency warning flashed and then the power surge hit me. I almost screamed in pain as the electrical power barely overwhelmed my buffers and hit my brain. I saw an Amazon librarian come running as blackness threatened to claim me. End Part One That's it for chapter one folks. I hope you folks liked it. Please feel free to comment. I welcome all comments as well as the winning lottery numbers in advance! lol. As always, thank you for reading this!
  10. I know all too well about a story taking off on it's own and going where you had not planned for it to go at first. I just finished a 140 page were tiger story and it took off on it's own a few times and went into some interesting directions. Sometimes this makes the story better and all you have to do is a bit of rewriting but sometimes it goes way off in a direction you had not planned and you have to stop and think about where you want it to go and how the heck to get it there. It's a process of stop. Delete. Rewrite while keeping ideas. Sometimes you delete eight or nine pages but keep some of the ideas to work in to the story as you rewrite the section again and again sometimes. I'm doing that now with three fetish stories and a non fetish story. Anyone who says writing is easy is right and wrong. It's easy to write but hard to get it to read good and not be something no one would like. My thinking is for you to take as much time as you need to get it to where you like it. I can guarantee that you as the writer are your own worst enemy and toughest critic at times. I for one look forward to seeing what you come up with next and will patiently await your return. Thank you for all the hard work you have done on this story.
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    My spelling is horrible as well when I'm trying to write so don't feel too bad about it. I use libre office since I'm running linux and it has a built in spell checker. For those of you using windows you can download open office and use it's writing program which also has a built in spell checker. the software is free and I have it on my windows system, (if I can ever get it to work that is). check it out and you might like it as you can save in numerous formats and even read documents in numerous formats as well. I hope this helps you and please don't stop writing. You get better by continuing to write and ignoring anyone who tells you to stop because of a few spelling errors. So please write some more and I hope the open office works for you.
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  13. I want three updates a day and I demand them now! NOT! Love the story and I know how trying to get other projects done can be a royal pain. Every time you think you are going to have some time to get something done on a story life hits you with a mountain of work or some other trick. Before I got too busted up to work it was like that for me too. sucks big time but such is the way life goes. I'll just have to patiently wait for your life to slow down enough to let you write again. Thank you for the hard work you have put into this story so far and I patiently await your next chapter as your hectic life allows. Take care.
  14. I love this story so far and eagerly await more. And for those waiting for me to write more, it will be a while. working on five stories at one time right now and reading most the stories on this board too. Again, great story so far and I eagerly await your next chapter.
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    I like it so far. Please continue when you can. Who knows, maybe one day I'll return with another story for this board myself if I can find more than five minutes of time in a day.