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  1. I think only two of mine survived the crash. I just finished Silver and I think Raven is still on the board somewhere. When the crash hit it took a lot of good stories with it. Best bet is to look for the tags if you wish to update your list. Good luck to you.
  2. Not many diaper dimension stories out there and all of them have gone dark on us it seems. I had to rush to finish mine thanks to computer problems, So Silver is done. I keep hoping life will slow down enough for the writers of this and other diaper dimension stories to start working on them again. Unfortunately life gets hectic and crazy as all of us are well aware and we all know there are not enough hours in the day. you get 10 things done and there are still 1000 more to get done and not enough time to do them all it seems. To top it off there are issues with computer failures and with writers block as well. Never easy to write when you have almost no spare time. I guess we will just have to have more patience and wait for them to be able to get back to eventually working on and posting this great story again. If nothing else, what they have posted so far has been a really good story and they deserve a lot of credit for their hard work to make it to at least this point. That's my half penny's worth and we will just have to wait as patiently as we can I guess. I'm out of here to get some work done on another story myself.
  3. widowmaker


    Sorry to make everyone wait so long for this last chapter. Lost power a few times thanks to mother nature. Lightning does not do good things to substations and power poles. lol. This is the last chapter for Silver. The fetish content is a bit light but the story finally wraps everything up and draws to a close with Barney becoming president of the diaper dimension and politicians here suddenly all becoming honest. NOT! lol. Enough chatter from me. Here is the last chapter of Silver. PART EIGHT RAVEN The damned camera was hard to reach and the cable running it was old and broken so that was no help. Olivia helped me climb back down carefully since the damned annoying diaper I had on was thick enough to help make movement tough. The pain between my legs did not help either and that was another thing that made me hate this sick bastard. Granted, the minister was short for an Amazon but that did not help when he forced himself on someone who’s body was never supposed to have anyone his size violating them. Over the course of a few hours I spent time trying to find a way out of this padded prison. The music being piped in had subliminal messages embedded in it and I for one would love to have been able to rip the speakers out and force feed them to the minister. It was no surprise that after a few hours I could barely stand from the pain that I could no longer ignore. Olivia had to help me to my crib and change my diaper for me. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek as she told me the dreaded news. I was in process of a miscarriage thanks to the minister being far too large for a little like me. How the hell Olivia was able to handle him I don’t know. I lay in the crib crying as nature took it’s painful and messy course. Minister Jaro came in smiling and checked on me. He reached for me and Olivia stopped him. “Take me instead, master. She’s not in any shape to take you again so soon. She is losing her baby right now into her diaper. She will need time to heal before you can enjoy her again so I ask that you take me instead. I wont fight you and will let you do what you want if you only give her time to heal!” The sick bastard smiled. “Watch and learn little Raven because as soon as you heal you will be begging for my touch as this little baby does. She enjoys her diapers so very much and enjoys my touch even more!” The minister pulled Olivia out of her crib and the lowered the side of mine as he placed her next to me. I watched in horror as he removed her wet diaper then forced himself on her. She screamed and bucked in pleasure as he raped her. When he finally finished she was made to clean him off orally. I wanted to get sick at this point and almost did. The minister smiled through the entire process and seemed to enjoy what he did to her almost as much as he enjoyed what he did to me. I wanted to kill him. Olivia lay next to me and allowed herself to be diapered again while she caught her breath from somehow having an orgasm from his assault on her. I listened to the messages and part of them were telling us that we loved him violating us and longed for his touch. I turned to face away from him and he simply laughed. A moment late he tore my diaper off and examined it. “Looks like she was right. Baby was trying to have a baby after all!” Don’t want you thinking you can ignore your master’s needs!” I felt him stick a heavily lubricated finger in my rectum and knew what he had in mind next. It hurt like hell when he violated me that way and he just laughed as he put a fresh diaper on me then left me to sob in a ball of agonizing pain. The moment I could do so, I would kill him! If it cost me my own life as well, then so be it! The bastard was going to die! “That was most enjoyable! I’ve been dreaming of having you this way for so long! You look so cute in those nice nursery print diapers! I’ll be back again later and this time we’ll fins another way to have some fun unless of course you want to tell me what I want to know. I’ll let you think it over/ for a bit.” He picked up Olivia and put her back in her crib with a fresh bottle that she pretended to drink from until he left. A minute later she dumped out the contents into he diaper then changed into a fresh one. She was out of her crib and over to me in under a minute. “Relax and try not to think about it! I know it hurts and you can;t easily let go what he did to you! I tried to get him to take me for all of his desires instead and he figured out what I was doing so that’s why he did that to you! He wanted to make me watch as he hurt you. I hate seeing anyone in pain if I can do anything about it. I wish Jasmine was awake right now! She could heal you in a heartbeat!” I rolled over and got to my feet in time to get sick and then mess my diaper as well as wet it uncontrollably. Olivia changed me after cleaning me up carefully. Another little soon came over to my crib and she had the most lovely wings on her back that someone had surgically created. “Julia! You’re awake!” “Who is the new victim, honey?” “Raven Par!” Julia laid her hands on me and a cooling sensation spread through me as the pain faded a bit. “That is all I can do for now! Still weak and need to fly before I go insane! Door still locked?” “As always. Bastard changed it to a digital lock after I got the other one opened last month and we almost escaped!” Olivia turned to me. Like me, Julia is from another world. There she is a healer and yes, the wings are real and she can really fly! If I can figure out the damned lock I could at least get her to the big open dome and let her fly a bit! I found my voice again. “Get me to the lock and let me look at it. Olivia and Julia helped me out of the crib and supported me as I looked at the lock. When they thought I was preoccupied they kissed and it made me smile despite the situation. They both blushed when they notice I had seen them kissing. “Congratulations on finding each other now hold me still while I look at this lock.” I laughed and pulled down then pushed left on the keypad. The keypad clicked and I twisted it around in a circle five times to reveal the digital circuit underneath it along with a class three data port used for diagnostics of the lock mechanism. The data could be fed to a portable display or sent to a main computer. “Olivia, I need you to do something that is not pretty but you need to do it anyways. To the right of my data port is a small artificial flap of skin. Gently pull it open.” Julia watched in fascination and when I about collapsed twice she touched me and helped to drive back the pain. The hidden compartment was visible now with the flap opened. Push on the left side, then the right side and finally both at once to release the lock.” A moment later the compartment slid open and the contents could be seen. “Never had to use this before so go slow and careful. You are looking at the access port to repair my cranial computer. Everything is real sensitive so no jamming a screwdriver in there or using a hammer if it argues. Although it might help sometimes.” Two minutes later my transponder code changed to an emergency code and was transmitting on a scrambled frequency that made it hard as hell to detect. Olivia was good at this type of work and was super careful as well. She eventually found my hidden emergency data input line as well and carefully extended it out fully. She plugged me into the door lock and a moment later I was in the house computer that was not hooked to the central network grid. The minister had been very careful that way but had left all his computers shielded with software that I tore apart in milliseconds. All of his files were now copied and with a little work I used the antenna on the roof to transmit everything in his computers to the entire world. All of it was encrypted data that only the Hellcats and myself could easily decrypt and look at. He was not going to like me if I got onto the network. There are ways to do that but it is tricky and time consuming. For my next trick I unlocked the door before unplugging and almost collapsing. My diaper was soaked and full again as the two of them helped me get back to my crib. “You were quiet for almost two hours and we were about to pull the plug when you woke up again! “You did the right thing letting me finish. The door codes to all the door locks are still the same but a master code is now in place so it opens any lock when typed in. Type in 1234 and the lock will open. Now help me by getting me sealed up again please.” Olivia carefully got the data cable wiped off with a wipe before letting it rewind slowly back into the storage it came out of. A minute later she had the access port closed and the skin flap put back in place. I was exhausted as she and Julia helped me back tot he crib to rest. Julia rested as well but not in her crib. She laid down next to me and did her best in her weakened state to keep me healed up enough that the pain was not coming back as fast. Finally she had to quit as she all but passed out. Olivia carried her back to her crib and climbed in with her. “The hell with what that sick man thinks of this! I love her!” She laid next to julia and held her the entire they slept. The minister came in the next morning and laughed about finding Julia and Olivia in the same crib. “Never could keep them apart for long. No matter. He picked me up and carried me to the changing table and changed me into a fresh diaper. “I think it’s time we had a little talk about things, unless of course you want to get laid first!” I hit him as hard as I could in the throat and he laughed as a heavy plastic collar prevented my punch from hurting him. “I know you well enough to not trust you to give in easily! Tell me about this computer in your head! How did you manage to build it and get it to work?” I answered him by telling him that he was not to blame for having survived the abortion and that his cheap ass whore of a mother should have chosen a better doctor or better yet, should have just given his father a blow job and swallowed instead. He was very proud of his family lineage and that was a cheap shot I had taken and enjoyed. I was backhanded across the room when he lost his temper for a moment. I smiled at him. “I remember hearing about this! From your dad! He kept having to bitch slap your mom and kept yelling at her, TEETH BITCH TEETH!” He just about threw me across the room until he figured out my plan was to rattle him and make him forget things he really wanted. “I saw your family tree one time too! It goes straight up and down with no branches! Just admit it, your sister is actually your mother too!” He lost his temper and hit me as hard as he could. I tired to roll with the punch but it was too fast for me as torn up as I was. I t was enough to knock me across the room and into the wall hard! “I heard your last girlfriend left you, for your sister! She said your sister had a bigger dick than you do! I bet that made you mad since she was right!” I insulted his family a few more times and then his sexual prowess as well. He grabbed my head and plugged me nose. I opened my mouth to breathe and what he shoved in my mouth was disgusting. He used me orally with a sneer on his face until I almost passed out from a lack of oxygen. He finished and I choked then fell over puking my guts out and trying to stay awake. I failed to stay awake and blackness claimed me. I woke up again in my crib wearing a filthy diaper. My head hurt form the punch and from his rough handling of me. I was not doing so good as my body was on fire and I knew without a doubt I had a fever. Olivia crawled out of her crib and over to me. Her left arm was obviously broken and her right eye was swollen shut. “Rest and don’t try to get up! He threw you back in here a while ago and has refused to change you!” I smiled weakly. “I pissed him off and made sure he got nothing in the way of information from me! What the hell happened to you?” I got caught helping Julia escape. She’s free now and maybe she can find some help! For now, we keep each other company and take some measure of happiness in that we helped one of us escape at least!” She laid back down next to me and pulled me close to her. She did not try anything intimate and just held me as she cried silently into my back as I passed out again. I woke up as the door to the nursery was opening. The minister walked in and smiled at me and Olivia. “My dear Raven we need to have a talk” I was picked up out of the crib and he was ready for me to try something. I kicked at him and he laughed as I was held out of reach. He was not expecting my next trick though. I am more agile than any normal little and proved it when I managed to swing back around and wrap my legs around his arm. I grabbed his arm and arched my back while pulling the two parts of his arm in separate directions as hard as and fast as I could. There was a painful cracking sound as I broke his arm in two places. He screamed in pain and dropped me. I landed and promptly attacked him again. The damned thick diaper threw my attack off just enough to only give him a glancing blow to his left knee but it still had to hurt like hell. The damned diaper I was wearing threw my balance off and slowed me down so his kick caught me in the face hard enough to hurt like hell and send me flying back into the wall behind me a few feet. “Fucking bitch! He limped over to try to finish me off when the house alarm went off and the house shook from an explosion. He reached for me and came back with a broken wrist for his troubles. Another explosion shook the place and he sneered at me as he ran out of the room as best he could with a sore knee, broken arm and a broken wrist. Olivia jumped out of the crib and almost broke her ankle when she landed wrong. The door was still open so we started out the door when we heard shots and then screams. One of the minister’s bodyguards hit the floor out cold and looked like someone had just used his face for a punching bag. Julie walked in and smiled. “So who’s ready to get out of here? Grab some diapers and let’s get out of here before he figures out he’s just been suckered!” Olivia grabbed half a bag of diapers then we ran out, following Julie to the attic. She smiled as she looked out the window. “Looks like reinforcements showed up! Raven hold on tight. Olivia, I’ll be right back for you!” “Hold on tight ?” Julie grabbed me and we jumped out the open window above the second floor. She spread her wings and flew me to the ground then went back after Olivia. I thought her wings were not able to give her flight but I was wrong! The Hellcats swarmed the house and more shots were fired as Julie made me lay down so she could heal me. SILVER the last group of of assholes we attacked had been holding a group of littles from off world and were in the process of auctioning them off to the highest bidders. Each one would be diapered and adopted against their will. They all looked real nice and a few of them made me a bit wet. With careful work we rounded up everyone present that was bidding and tied them up for the police. The littles were frightened out of their minds but with a little work we managed to get the portal working again. We recorded a statement from each of the littles and then sent them all back home through the portal before destroying it. All of the people running this operation were kept separate from the bidders or the bidders would have tried to kill them. A lot of people were going to have to answer for everything they had done here. Most of them would get away with a verbal warning and a fine. The ones running the operation were going to have to be looking at some very lengthy jail sentences for violating anti-slavery laws and for running an illegal portal operation with intentions to sell off worlders into adoption. Littles trafficking was illegal and the police took a vary dim view of those who ran these types of operations. I used a few spells to help interrogate the leaders of this group. The information was useful and filled in the last few remaining blanks we had on the location of the minister. One man that had fought the hardest even knew about the emergency portal that the minister has rigged up in his basement to take him to an uncharted island where he had a boat and supplies waiting for him. From there he would vanish and start over with any one of several new identities. “I say we meet him when he comes through the portal! Can you imagine the look on his face when he arrives and we are there to meet him? He wants me so I guess it’s time to introduce myself to him and see if he still wants me after he finds out just exactly how fun I can be. My record is four hours. I’m going to try for at least eight hours with our dear minister! This is going to be fun and I am going to enjoy it!” Martha looked at me.”After all he’s done you want to have sex with the sick bastard?” “Hell no! I intend to torture him to death! Back home I tortured a guy for about four hours with magic before he finally died on me! I intend to combine magic and more mundane methods with the minister! He’ll be screaming in pain within the first minute and begging for me to kill him before I’m done! I wonder how many people would pay to see him tortured slowly and painfully until he finally dies?” Martha looked at me strangely a moment. “I keep forgetting about your past and what life is like where you came from. I think I’d like to see your world sometime. Surely it can’t be as ruthless and cruel as you make it out to be!” I laughed. There are parts of the world that are very quiet and peaceful, but those parts of the world make no money! You want to get paid them you go where the work is! Once you get a good reputation then you can pick and choose who you make runs for or you can hire on with a specific company. It’s a very dangerous line of work to be in, but the rush and the money are well worth it! I gave Martha a detailed retelling of one of my more interesting runs. “So we go in thinking we’re going to hand off the information and get paid but walk into an ambush! A rival group of runners is pissed that we set them up as a distraction and were almost killed. All hell breaks loose as we return fire and spells start flying all over the place! After almost 15 minutes their caster gets taken out by a grenade their troll dropped when his head was blown off! She screams and tries to get out of the way1 She drops her shield and my spells hit her as the grenade goes off! Their decker makes a run for it and makes it maybe three feet before someone frags him with a machine pistol at close range! Seems their little group had pissed off a few others as well. I throw two smoke grenades and stagger out under cover of the gunfight before Lonestar can show up! We get about four blocks when Aztechnology sends in a pair of yellow jackets to make sure there are no survivors or witnesses. Crunch freaks and opens fire on one of the copters with his vindicator. We had always teased him about buying explosive and armor piercing rounds for it and so he finally had done just that about a week before the run. Anyways, her opens fire on the copter and frags the drek out the copter and the pilot! The other copter was too close and when the first one gets hit the second one crashes into the first one as Lonestar pours into the area to settle things down! The two copters hit the ground and a bunch of Lonestar troops are fragged up badly so they all open fire on each other as we run like hell out of the area! Three days later we sold our information off to Aztechnology who we stole it from in the first place! We let them think we stole it from the other crew and made them think the other crew was the group that stole their data in the first place! They paid us almost a million nuyen for recovering the data and never looking at it! We copied the data and sold a copy to RenRaku as well! We made a fortune off that run!” Martha looked at me in shock. “You started a massive firefight and then ran out on it and framed another group for starting the fight and stealing what you stole in the first place and then sold a copy of the stolen data to a rival as well?” “Yeah! That was a crazy run and and I loved it! Talk about a rush! Now you see why I want to go back home! This has been a nice vacation, aside from the diapers, but it’s time to wrap up here and go home!” Martha thought about that as we drove to where our information said we could get a boat to reach the island where the minister’s gate was at. If the information was true then the minister was going to have a very bad reception waiting for him when he arrived. The minister of Science was going to regret ever crossing paths with me for the rest of his life which, if things went right, would only be a few hours long. We finally pulled into the parking lot and started making inquiries about chartering a boat to the coordinates we had been given. They were willing to take Martha but not me as I was a little and they did not want me on their boat crying the whole way and needing to be changed numerous times and even fed a bottle to quiet me down. As we talked to more individuals my mood began to darken and I wanted to hurt someone badly thanks to their attitudes. It was just barely past night fall when Martha ran back to the car to grab a spare diaper for me and left me standing by myself waiting for her. I was grabbed from behind by some fat lady at a run. I was being kidnapped! That ended real fast when I popped my claws and cut her right arm half off and then jumped clear of her as she screamed and blood went spraying from the wound. A quick spell silenced her as my mana bolt finished her off and left her with large hole in her chest. One of the men who had refused to take us because of me was now staring at me as I stood ready to fry the next idiot that came after me. Martha walked up to me calmly and waited as I wiped my spurs off on the dead lady’s shirt. I changed myself without caring who was watching and had no worries about another attempted abduction. This dock area was populated by only the seediest of characters at this time of night and none of them would call the police for the dead lady. I approached the last boat at the end of the docks. “I need a boat to take me to an island that has been omitted from the charts!” The old man looked at me and at Martha. “And just what is it worth to you for me to have to protect you and your mommy from pirates?” “We need transportation and not protection! I can protect myself if you can get us to where we want to go or are you afraid we might hurt you?” He laughed and looked at me. “You think that those contact lenses will scare me? I don;t care what you want your eyes to look like, the pirates wont care either when they take you and have their way with your mommy!” “I see. I don’t think you understand the situation here. I’m from off world. Another dimension to be specific so I do not need protection. I can handle myself easily enough.” I popped my claws and sliced the anchor chain easily. He stared in shock. “Like I said, I can take care of myself! Now get moving or I’ll shove a lightning bolt up your ass!” Shouts came from the docks and and some tough looking idiots came running towards us. I stopped them dead in their tracks with a lightning bolt to the one in front of the pack. Shots rang out as they ducked behind whatever cover they could find. Fools. I lit the entire end of the dock with a large fireball. Several barrels of illegal chemicals went up in flames and added tot he mess on the dock as everyone still on a boat started pulling away from the docks as fst as they could get. No one wanted to be near anyone who could do what I had just done. The old man got the boat going to the coordinates as fast as he could get it to go. We did not slow down until we were out into international waters where the local authorities could not stop us. “What the fuck was that back there? You threw lightning bolts and blew up the fucking dock!” I laughed at his panicked voice. “It was magic! I told you I’m from another dimension! Where I come from magic is commonly used! I don’t know why you guys don;t use it here, but it does exist or I would not be able to cast lightning bolts or throw fireballs around! It’s going to take a while to get to the place so you may as well know everything. It all started in a place called Seattle in the local year of 2075.” He listened as I told him everything and Martha told him her part in the whole big mess. He laughed when we finished telling him everything. “If I had not seen you cut the anchor chain and then use what you call magic I’d call you a liar, but you proved it! Damn! I always figured that minister Jaro was a crooked bastard, but this is way beyond what I expected! We should make it to the island about an hour before sunrise! I hope that you catch that fat bastard and make him pay! He’s part of the reason I’m living on this piece of crap boat instead of in a nice house and working at a nice job still! He forced my company to go bankrupt when he refused to allow us to renew our licenses to manufacture computer equipment. He wanted us to make some components that we were not legally allowed to make as they were used in creating gates. When we refused he got mad and forced us out of business and then had someone blow the factory sky high in the middle of the day! The insurance regulators refused to pay up on our claim since the fire was ruled as arson and they said we had done it ourselves to collect the insurance payout!” He described the tricks used by the minister and his associates to force people to do his bidding. It was damned ugly and almost as sneaky as some of the people I have worked for back home. I smiled and told him exactly what I planned to do to the minister when I caught him. He liked the idea. About 20 minutes before we docked I pulled out a large wad of cash from the bag Martha was carrying. “Take this as payment! I think it will easily cover the cost of your boat and hopefully get your life back on track again!” I handed him a almost 5,000,000 credits in cash. He hugged me and then handed me a small gun that was perfect for someone my size. “My boat was co owned by a little that was good friend of mine. He passed away a year ago thanks to cancer but he told me to give his gun to someone that could use it one day. You fit the bill perfectly. Kill that bastard and and the world will be a better place!” He got us as close as he could to the shore without getting his boat stuck. I hugged him one last time then jumped over the side with Martha. The water was deep enough that I could not touch the bottom and keep my head above water. Martha carried me to shore and then laughed when I told that now we both needed to change for sure. The waterproof bag had held and she changed me into a fresh diaper then changed herself as well. An hour of scouting carefully found all twelve of his guards. I took them out one by one without firing a single shot. I wanted to slit their throats but Martha had me put each one to sleep instead and then tied them up and gag them. Once they were all out I took a nap to refresh myself and get rid of the fatigue caused by spell drain. The portal opened and the minster came running through the portal looking like he had seen a ghost. He closed the gate the moment he came through it and stood leaning against the mechanism catching his breath and cursing the Hellcats. I decided it was time to let him know he was not alone. “That’s not a very nice thing to say about them! They’re just doing their job and shutting down chummers like you is all!” He spun and pulled out a gun. I moved faster than he was ready for and my shot caught him in the left shoulder. He staggered back in pain and then tried to shoot me again. This time Martha shot his right leg and he went down. He was going into shock when we let him see who had shot him. “You fucking bitch! My guards will kill you both for this!” “I’m afraid they’re all tied up at the moment! Literally tied up and gagged! You had me brought to this world to be your baby slash sex toy! That was a mistake!” I popped my spurs and he screamed in terror as walked over to him with a smile on my face. Martha woke up his guards so they could watch the show. The screaming never stopped and at the end he was begging me to let him die. I was exhausted from healing him and then slicing him apart again and again and again. Rip! Regenerate! Rip some more! Regenerate again and then repeat the process from the start! Two of the guards actually got sick at seeing how badly I tore him up before healing him and then tearing him again. He screamed in pain and at the end I am pretty sure his mind had snapped as all he could do was scream for me to kill him. I smiled as I looked at him one last time. “Goodbye minister Jaro! If there is a hell then we meet again, in hell!” I fried him with a lightning bolt just as a large group of Hellcats stormed the island looking for the minister. Martha finally shut off the camera that had been recording the entire torture of the minister and his then finally, his death. It surprised me when I saw some girl with real fragging wings land near me. What was left of the minister was not very pretty. She looked at him and smiled. “You did this to him?” “I did! He deserved it and I can promise it was not over quickly for him!” She looked at the body then back at me. “Good! Bastard will never rape me or my wife ever again!” The Hellcats rounded up the guards we had left alive and reviewed the video footage as evidence. Everyone of them that saw it thought it was only fitting he died that way after causing so much pain for so many others. With all the evidence we made sure to leave behind the police and the Hellcats had very little trouble finding almost everyone involved in his criminal empire and arresting them. Raven eventually did get pregnant again with help from the winged girl whose ability to heal was amazing! We became friends as over the course of another year we finished tearing the criminal empire apart. Julie healed me and Raven contacted an old friend of hers to fix my move by wire system that had been causing me to have to use diapers. Her friend was a hot guy named Baelorn and he was was literally from another world! His wife is almost as agile as me and her cooking makes me want to take her back home with me! I told her and baelorn this and they both laughed. Martha and all of the Hellcats wanted me to stay and teach magic to them but I wanted nothing more than to go home. “It’s a tempting offer, but I really just want to go home! By now Lowfyr is likely president of the UCAS and making a mess of things like a typical dragon! I also need to find out how my cyberware works and why it does not stop my magic or interfere with it! I can’t do that here! Your technology is nice but way behind mine except when it comes to nanotechnology! It has been a fun vacation here, aside from the diapers but my home is not here! I need to go where I can make some runs and earn some serious nuyen!” “It’s too bad you are not going to stick around for the wedding! After all, you and your better half helped me get this far!” I laughed and hugged Mrs White who had become a friend and had finally gotten shrunken like she wanted so she could be with the person she had fallen in love with. Even her and Raven were talking a bit now which was surprising considering what she had done to Raven and how Raven had retaliated. She was still in diapers thanks to something Raven had done but laughed about it and said she had deserved it and far worse when it happened. “Maybe someday I’ll invent a viewing portal that will let me see into other worlds without having to be there physically! I’d like to see the world you come from! It sounds like a very unusual but interesting place!” We hugged and everyone said their goodbyes to me as we stood in front of the last illegal portal that minister Jaro had built. Raven and her husband activated the portal and got it opened to my world. Martha looked ready to cry and I was not much better. I loved her but this is not my home! My home is on the other side of that portal and waiting for me to return to it. I smiled and waved a final time then turned and walked through the portal to home. Once on the other side I turned and waved a final time as it began to close forever. One the last of it faded I wiped the tears from my eyes, took a deep breath and started for my home. That was almost four years ago and I sometimes wonder how Martha is doing. I sighed and stretched as I walked out of the hospital. That last run had been a bit crazy but fun as hell and paid damned good too! My hole in the wall place was perfect for just me but I keep wishing that somehow the impossible would happen and Martha would show up. An hour later I walked into my place and almost threw a fireball inside when the alarms all went off at the same time. Whoever was inside was going to end up dead real fast unless they had one hell of a good explanation! I turned invisible and called out. “You better have one hell of a good reason for me to not kill you!” A familiar voice caught me off guard. “Would you believe me if I said I love you?” “Martha!” I ran inside and was surprised to find her to be the same height as me!” “Miss me?” I tackled her and silenced her with a kiss!” “Hell yes!” “I broke a number of laws to get here! Built an illegal portal and set it for here with a self destruct timer on it and the computer running it. I blew it all up behind me so no one else is coming after me!” After that we were too busy making a mess of the sheets to talk anymore! END That's it for this story folks! Not sure when I'll have another one for this board. I want to say thank you to all of you who waited patiently and read it through it all to the end. Thank you for the comments along the way as well. Bit of a crazy take on the diaper dimension but hopefully a few you liked it! All comments and questions are welcomed.
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    You have to remember that Silver is from a very violent society and she has had to fight most her life just to survive. Where she comes from it is common for someone like her to leave bodies behind when doing a run or defending themselves. The world of Shadowrun is very violent and only those who are strong, rich, or a bit ruthless live long. As for Miss White, she will appear in the last chapter of the story and her involvement in things will make some difference. I hope to have the chapter finished in a week at the most. Another stupid inspection so have to make the apartment almost spotless in order to pass inspection. For thise who are curious what Silver has for cyberware here is a list. Both arms with level four strength augmentation, both legs with level four strength augmentation. Smart link in each arm as well a pair of spurs with Dikote on them. Both eyes are cyber and include low light and infrared vision. Her spine is replaced with a move by wire system giving her a +4 quickness, +8 reaction, +4D6 initiative, +4 dice for athletics and stealth checks. Where Silver comes from those enhancements help keep her alive and on very short list of those most desired to contact when you want something done and do not want to get your hands dirty. We will see Mrs. White again in the last chapter and everything will be resolved.
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    Sorry it took so long to get this posted but I blame the stupid deer on the dirt trails here. wiped out thanks to hitting one on my mountain bike. It jumped out in front of me at the last damned moment and I hit it. Injured my pride and pulled the left shoulder out of socket. shoulder still hurts. Bike got a few new scratches is all but the pain made writing tough for a bit. Shoulder also is swollen a bit and moving it much stings. lol. Stupid deer! lol. At any rate, here is the next chapter for you good folks to read. PART SEVEN SILVER Martha and I talked about my life and she found it interesting that I was almost completely self taught when it came to magic. It’s not all that difficult once you have the basics down. You have to take it in small steps when you are learning and not be in a hurry.” It took me the better part of three hours to get her seeing into the astral plane. She looked at me as she was gazing astrally and was surprised to see all the cyberware in my body and that for some reason it showed up just as brightly as my normal flesh and bones body parts did. “I thought you said that cyberware shows up as darkened and dead areas.” “It does, except in my case. I do not have the slightest clue what they made the stuff from or how they managed to get it to not destroy essence or interfere with my magic. I was taken from their labs before I could figure it out and ended up here wearing and using diapers. When I get back home I need to have my move by wire system looked at and see if that is what the issue is. Martha hugged me and I could plainly hear the crinkle of her diaper as she hugged me. “At least you can stay dry for as long as you like. I can barely feel it when I have to go and by that time I’m already using my diaper.” Martha smiled, relaxed and sighed as she soaked the diaper she had on. “Guess now we both need to be changed.” I laughed and on impulse kissed her on the cheek before getting up to get some fresh diapers for both of us. I came back and smiled at Martha. “I see someone needs their behind changed! Looks like we have a wet little baby girl that wants a fresh diaper on! Martha laughed as I pushed her down gently and then began doing my best to change her wet diaper. Halfway through the diaper change I could no longer hold myself back and dived in between her legs with my fingers and tongue making her gasp and soon enough she began to lose herself to the feelings. She hit her peak at least three times before I finished diapering her again. I smiled as she came back down to earth. She said nothing to me but tore my wet diaper off and returned the favor to my great delight. “Thank you for that, silver! What made you do that though?” “I’ve been attracted to you since we met and only the situation and the size difference prevented me from saying or doing anything until now. I’ll be honest, if you and I were both the same size you’d be mine and I’d be yours!” Martha looked at me and just smiled as she hugged me. “You did a good job of changing my diaper and you sure as hell know how to drive me crazy. So what are you going to do when we get this whole mess finally cleared up? Are you going to go back to your world and continue running the shadows as you called it?” I laughed. “Hell yes! No better rush other than sex! I miss my hole in the wall place and all my friends! I have a reputation back there and people respect me as well as know not to cross me. The last one who crossed me took hours to die and was screaming in pain the entire time and finally begging for me to kill him to end the pain. I posted the entire four hour trideo on a number of boards as a warning about crossing me.” Martha laughed and then leaned down and kissed me squarely on the lips. “I have an idea about the size difference but it will have to wait until we get this all taken care of. I think I’d like to see this world of yours. This one has been getting to me the last five years since Brenda died. I rescue littles and get them to safety but most of them end up in a nursery anyways since it is next to impossible to avoid anymore. Most are not wanting it to happen but it does and once they are in a nursery it is very tough to rescue them. Some littles give up on trying to stay free and actually look for a good person to adopt them and take care of them. Brenda’s sister has a little she adopted about a year before we got married. He spent a lot of time checking into everyone and finally decided on her. They are still together and terribly happy last time I checked. He loves the whole thing. He was an adult baby and the only thing he does not care for are the strained foods that are as bland as real baby food. It’s good though, because she hates trying to feed anyone that stuff and claims it is torture to force any little to eat the stuff.” That’s the type of little Brenda and I wanted to adopt. We never wanted to grab one off the streets and force them onto it. I guess we’re weird that way but the happiness of the little was worth the wait to find the perfect willing little. We had diapers and everything all picked out for as soon as we could adopt but on the day we got the news that there were a pair of littles that might be interested she died.” Martha did her best not to cry but a few tears rolled down her face as she fought to not cry. I let her talk at length about Brenda and her and their time together. It seemed to help her to finally talk about it all and it was my guess she had not talked to anyone since the accident. “Did they ever catch the asshole that killed her?” “They did, but he can’t be touched. He was a powerful politician back then and even more powerful now. He is the minister of science now. Minister Jaro.” I had heard that name before and it all clicked suddenly. I explained everything to Martha and she got a cold and slightly spooky look for a minute before smiling. “He’s the one who paid for the gate to be created illegally. He runs a littles smuggling operation and controls a good 80% of all the organized crime in the world! His biggest profit comes from his trafficking of littles and some inbetweeners as sex slaves and babies. I’ve hear horror stories from two escaped littles that he raped repeatedly before they escaped. I think it’s time to take him down for the count and I think I know how to start.” MINISTER JARO I hung up the phone and smiled. I finally had that uptight little bitch, Raven, right where I wanted her. By this time tomorrow she would be enjoying my company in a most intimate manner. I had the new diapers all ready for her along with the special formula and a crib with a locking top on it to prevent her from easily escaping. I had acquired a new inbetweener earlier today and she was still begging to be let out of her diapers and claiming to be an inbetweener but she is so very pretty that I intend to keep her. I push a button on the intercom. “Joe, bring me the new inbetweener and a fresh diaper for her as well.” I smiled as I waited for her to show up. Just thinking about the things I was going to do with Raven had me excited so I needed some relief. The girl came waddling in with a super thick diaper on and nothing else. I smiled as she was restrained to the special table. I smiled at her as she cried and wet the diaper she had on. “Looks like you need diapers after all! There is no way you are an inbetweener. You’re just a really tall little who keeps fibbing and wetting herself. I know these diapers are thick but you can’t expect me to change you every five minutes.” I touched her and she flinched away so I whispered the command words in her ear to make her mess herself. The moment she came in I started her programming and had her in the special diapers. Already she would wet herself on command and half the time she would mess herself if given the right command. Her eyes went wide as she pushed a large mess out into the seat of her diaper. She had no real control left anymore and it made me happy to see how fast the new diapers in combination with the programing worked. She cried as she continued to fill the seat of her diaper for a good 30 seconds. I reached down and pushed the mess all over her bottom. “Oh dear! Looks like you need a fresh diaper. So what are you willing to give for a fresh diaper? Perhaps names and addresses of your friends? Maybe something a bit more personal since you made such a big stinky mess.” Through her gag she tried to say something but it was unintelligible. “You want to give me that in exchange for a diaper change and a bottle you say? Since you are being such a good baby girl I will certainly agree to that request. Let’s get started shall we?” The diaper had four tapes and I only undid the top two at first and left the bottom two still attached. I left her like that a minute then came back with wipes and a lidded diaper pail. I undid the bottom tapes and cleaned her up nicely. The ruined diaper went into the pail where it would not bother me with the smell. I slid a disposable absorbent bed protector under her then smiled as I undid my pants and stepped out of them. She screamed and struggled to escape but the bonds held her tightly as they had last night and this morning. I got between her parted legs and began to enjoy myself with her as she bucked and struggled and cried. As attractive as she is I might try to breed her and see of the looks hold true. There was something about the look of pure terror on their faces and the feeling of absolute control that I enjoyed as I had my pleasure with her. She lay sobbing as I finally finished with her and put her into a fresh diaper. I mixed a bottle of the special formula and forced her to drink it all before sending Joe to take her back to her crib where she would eventually fall asleep curled in a ball and crying as she slowly wet herself more over the course of the night. I had Joe bring Kiley in next. She had the nerve to tell me to go to hell last night so it was time for her punishment. Kiley came in wearing only a very wet diaper and was spitting out the remainder of what one my men had been given permission to do to her. She had such a lovely mouth and was so good at using it once the command words were spoken to her. She was strapped to the table and cried silently as I walked over to her. “Last night you tried to refuse my touch when I know you craved it and then yo said naughty things to me. It’s time to show you just how forgiving I am though. I’m going to change your diaper and give you another one to wear. I removed her soaked diaper and set it aside. I then reached in and retrieved the diaper from the diaper pail and let her see it. “No! Please! Not that! It’s disgusting!” I ignored her pleas and lifted her up then slid it underneath her bottom as she tried to get away from it. I smiled and lowered her bottom onto the mess then held her down firmly. She finally broke down and sobbed as I pulled the front of the diaper into place and taped it shut. I leaned over and whispered the command words into her right ear. She grunted and added more to the mess already in the diaper. The bottom bulged it was so full. “Sleep well little baby girl. You be good to the men tonight and let them have some relief and maybe I’ll put you in a clean diaper tomorrow morning instead of tomorrow after work. Of course if you wish to allow them full services tonight then I’ll have you changed in an hour or three. This will give you time to reflect on your behavior.” I mashed the mess all around in her diaper and made sure it went everywhere before sending her back to her crib. I waited five minutes then pushed the button on the intercom. “Joe, change her in two hours then all of you can take turns tonight. You did good training the new baby so you can have full use of Darlene if you wish. I know Darlene heard and I smiled when I thought of how Joe would take his time and not be done with her for several hours. She would be waddling sore for a few days but an extra thick diaper would ease her discomfort. I planned on selling her next week so maybe I’ll offer her to Joe at a discount rate of only 10,000 credits since he has worked so hard and never once questioned an order I have given him. Men like him are hard to find and when I get them out of prison I keep them happy. The next morning things went bad as I untangled myself from the bedding and the two littles I had bedded last night. I had them cleaned up, changed, and sent to the nursery. On my desk was a notice from a contact that six big shipments of Bliss had been sunken by pirates and a distribution point had been hit and destroyed by a rival. That loss amounted to almost one billion credits! It couldn’t be Raven as she was on her way to my nursery right now and would arrive an hour before I got done with work. I got to my work and my computer had been hacked again. Someone had posted every one of my private videos to the computer. I spent three hours wiping the drive so completely it could not have any data recovered. Throughout the day I kept having things go wrong. Several littles had been rescued and set free. Six of my agents vanished. Two turned up floating in the river with broken necks. Someone was going out of their way to piss me off and they had better hope I never find them or I’ll make them regret it. Thankfully Raven was due in by the time I got home. I looked forward to breaking her. MISTER X I had work to do so after shipping Raven off I began to make arrangements for the next group of tourists coming through a gate that we controlled and was not known to the rest of the world. They thought they were coming to visit a new world but they would soon find themselves stripped diapered and sold to the highest bidder. The fools deserved to be adopted since they were not looking into the reason the costs were so cheap for them. I always loved to watch the littles as they realized too late that they were just babies after all. The looks on their faces when they were diapered and then sold into nurseries was worth every second of effort put into getting them here. The fight they put up when they were strapped down and diapered was amusing. The looks on their faces when they were forced to use their diapers for the first time was priceless! The shot would be given and within five minutes the first of them would began to squirm and try to hold back the inevitable. A few minutes later their control would be gone and they would fill their diapers uncontrollably. Some would cry, some would blush and some would just snap and their minds would be gone for good. The ones that snapped were usually female and we always made sure to use them for our pleasure before getting rid of them. I knew plenty of black market buyers that would take a little that had snapped and was no longer responsive to anything and make use of them for experiments. We always needed someone who could test the effects of the latest drugs and nanites. The latest diapers laced with special chemicals and nanites had to be tested on someone so these females and occasional male worked perfectly for that type of testing. I made more inquiries and found that several of my agents were not returning my calls. After nearly four hours of trying to contact my agents I finally reached one helping to lead littles from another world to here for adoption posing as a tour guide. He had tried to contact several other agents as well and was about to call me when I called him. He was just as confused as I was and had followed every rule I had given him to the letter. I was the last number to call and then only if all the others failed to answer. To his credit he tried every number three times before getting ready to contact me. About five minutes into our conversation I heard shouting and the sounds of gunfire before the line went dead. Without waiting for him to call me back I blocked his number and then rerouted this number back into the database of phone numbers available for assignment to new customers. I Disposed of this phone by dropping it battery and all into a shredder then erased everything on the computer I had been using before dropping it into the shredder as well. Someone had compromised the organization big time and it was my job to warn the boss. I left the building with all the littles still inside it and left the doors unlocked. Within hours, all the littles inside would be adopted and resting snugly in clean diapers and drinking from bottles in their new nurseries. It took me about ten minutes of walking to find an amazon lady and let her overhear that I had heard a bunch of little voices coming from that windowless building a few blocks away. I let the lady think I that I had someone who was not going to allow me to adopt another little and then walked off. I glanced back and the lady was all but running for the building. Too bad I had to let the cargo go for free but better than getting caught and going to prison. It took me three tries from a an emergency secure phone to get in touch with Minister Jaro and deliver the codeword to him. He finally answered and I recognized his voice the moment he picked up. Two things to say sir. Birdie on the way. Second, and most important is that it’s vacation time. It’s getting warm enough to go enjoy the beaches finally.” I hung up and pushed four buttons in a certain order and the phone began to heat up as I dropped it to the ground in an alley and walked off. The minister had just been informed that Raven was coming to him and the rest of the organization was compromised so everything else was shutting down after he received Raven. What the hell was causing so many things to go wrong was beyond me at the moment but once things cooled down we could start again with increased security and more caution taken to prevent whatever shut us down from happening again. I went by my first safe house and found police and other agencies scouring it for evidence. They would find nothing as I never leave anything behind. The next three were the same and this confirmed to me that someone in the group had been caught and forced to talk. Once they caught enough of us they could begin to piece together everything. No one knew what I looked like or who I was since I always used a voice distorter and they never saw my real face as I kept it covered all the time. They had no idea of my skin color as I never even let them see an inch of bare skin. Everyone was always payed in cash and all business deals were handled in cash through various others to insulate myself from the minister and everyone else. On the fifth day I walked into my last safe house and was glad to find it clear undisturbed. I turned on the lights in the basement only to find a big screen video display setting on a stand along with a remote control. I turned to run and the door to the basement slammed shut. The display turned on automatically. “Good evening Mister Drake. Yes, I know who you really are. You are known to almost everyone as Mister X. You work Minister Jaro even though almost no one knows this and even fewer still have proof. I have had plenty of time to think and figure things out from inside my jail cell. You wanted to have me shrunken, put into special diapers, sent to etiquette school and then adopted out to the minister as his personal sex toy. In the last seven years I have been locked in here I have found out a number of things about your organization and in exchange for informing the ministers of justice and helping a judge tribunal get evidence on you they are not going to send me to school or adopt me out. I will be shrunken and will be in diapers still but I have a person on the outside waiting for me to be free so we can marry and start over. I fell in love with a little and he in turn with me. Crazy, huh? With help from the Hellcats we have taken your organization apart piece by piece. Of course I also had some help from a former employee of mine. She helps smuggle littles out of bad situations and gets them to where they can start over safely. I do hope you enjoy your stay in your safe house. The toilet does not work and as you stand there listening to me nanites have been slowly invading your body to make certain changes. There is no toilet you can reach and I would advise you to make use of the diapers left behind for you as you will need them soon. The tribunal will be along to fetch you in about a week but don;t worry, we left two cases of diapers for you to wear and plenty of wipes as well. I hope you enjoy the flavored formula we left you. You will no longer be able to eat solid foods and from now on you will be drinking your meals from a bottle like a good baby should. When you get to jail I have arranged for you to have a real nice man as your cell mate. He introduced me to my future husband and I promised he could have you as his personal toy. You enjoy yourself now and be a good little baby. There are plenty of educational videos for you to watch on the screen so you wont get bored. You crib is in the back room and the formula is in the room next to it above the sink. Have a nice life now.” SILVER Martha and I grabbed some sleep after a night of planning. I woke up at first light and found some food to eat after making sure it was free of any nasty toxins. Once Martha was up I let her change me into a clean diaper and then I offered to change her as a joke. She actually smiled and let me put her into a fresh diaper which surprised me a little. “Now that we are both changed let’s grab the car and get going. I’ll get us both something on the road. It’s time to star taking down some of the minister’s network and then find him and take him down as well! No one gets to wreck what took me years to set up and then walk off untouched by me! That bastard is going to pay for this!” I slapped her on the ass and laughed as we got into the giant minivan. Martha put me in a child seat and showed me how to work the buckles to get loose without having to slice the straps in half. We were about to go when she remembered something and ran back inside for a minute. She came back out a minute later with two bags of diapers. One almost full bag was for me and the other was for her. I smiled as she set them in the back and then finally fired up the engine. “Now we’re ready so let’s go make this bastard regret ever having crossed us!” I agreed and we pulled out of the garage on our way to begin tearing apart a criminal network that had no clue what they were about to have happen to them. RAVEN My head ached as I began to wake up to a monster sized headache. Everything seemed slightly off as I reached to undo the data cable from my visor and my suit sensors. Then it all came rushing back to me. The failed rescue and then the room trap and failed escape attempt. Looking around revealed padded bars and a padded cover overhead. I moved and heard a crinkle from what could only be a diaper. I had been diapered and stuck in a crib with a top over it to prevent escape. The damned thing was fairly thick and forced my legs apart enough to make me waddle ig I tried to walk. It was still dry but my bladder was screaming for release. Someone was going to die for this! Looking around the room revealed two other cribs with sleeping littles in them. Both the the littles were heavily diapered and seemed to be asleep. I did not know where the locking mechanism for the top was at and my bladder made concentrating tough so I gave in and soaked the diaper they had put me in. After about a minute the flow finally stopped but the diaper between my legs was swollen up far enough to make even standing difficult. My bladder had stopped screaming at me once emptied and I could concentrate without the interruption of my bladder screaming to be emptied. They had managed to trick me and trap me, for now. I would escape and when I did they would pay for this! I tore off the diaper and stuffed it through the bars of the crib and figured I would worry about my clothing later. My most important task was to escape and then find clothing, shelter, safe water, safe food, and then make contact with the Hellcats. With that in mind I started looking for a way out of this padded cage. The door to this jail disguised as a nursery opened and a familiar face came into view. Minister Jaro ignored me while he checked on the other two littles and changed the blond haired one into a clean diaper. He picked up the one I had been forced to use and threw it away before getting another clean one from a supply of them on the shelves near the door. “I see you need a change again. Let me get you out of there and take care of that then. You’ll feel so much better in a clean diaper. He opened the top and I sprung like a tightly coiled spring. He was ready for my attack but my agility and strength still surprised him and I barely missed a killing punch to his throat twice before he finally got me pinned tot he changing table. He strapped my hands and legs down and proceeded to slide a bed pad under me. “I’ve been looking forward to this for some time now and I intend to enjoy this immensely.” I screamed as he sexually assaulted me. The pain was terrible and he just smiled the whole time until he finished his foul deed and left me sore and bleeding. “Damn! You were so worth the wait! Soon enough you will come to enjoy my touch and to even long for it. You will learn to enjoy wearing and using your diapers as well as the others have. These are special diapers that will help you adapt enough to my needs as well as removing your control of your bladder and bowels. With a little bit more time you will not be able to hold it in and will use your diapers like a good little baby should.” He lifted my bottom up just enough to slide a super thick diaper under me then he kissed me before pulling it up between my legs and taping it shut. “You fucking sick bastard! I’ll kill you for this!” He laughed and squeezed my breasts before picking me up again. I struggled but I hurt too much to do much. I was put back into the crib and the top was locked again. “I’ll be back later to talk with you about things. We have so much to discuss!” He walked out and I curled up into a ball of misery. My body hurt like never before and I could only pray that I did not lose my baby. I heard movement and the top was unlocked by another little. She climbed down into the crib and pulled me into a hug. “The first time is always the worst. Just relax and the pain will fade in a few hours. If you want to cry, feel free. I wont think any less of you for it.” I broke down and she held me as I sobbed in pain. I woke up later as the wet diaper I had on was being changed by the other little. “You were wet and I didn’t want you getting a diaper rash. I know you don;t normally need diapers but as badly as he hurt you down there your muscles are too weak from the assault to work right for a while. I had no control either after the first time he used me. It took time for my muscles to heal and get used to the constant abuse. I still have problems with my bladder and forget about bowel control.” “I’m going to kill that bastard when I get out of here! If I lose my baby I’ll make him hurt so bad he will beg for death just to end the pain!” She finished taping the new diaper on me and hugged me gently again. “These diapers are new and supposedly make you lose control of your bodily functions although I have no idea how they do that. Likely laced with nanites or something. Still more comfortable than those thin ones he used to put me in. I’m Olivia Brown, what’s your name?” “I’m Raven Par. How long have I been here before he took me and raped me?” “Almost three days. They brought you in and changed your diaper then put you down in this crib. You have been asleep until just before he took you for his pleasure. It’s like that for all of us. Think you can stand and move a little bit? It will help ease the pain if you begin moving a little.” I hurt like hell at first and the thick diaper made it hard to close my legs. I noticed her exotic features and wondered where she had come from. Then it hit me that she was from another dimension. “You came through a gate didn’t you?” She was surprised but answered truthfully. “Yes, and I’m not going back there either! I’ll kill to stay here!” “Why would you want to stay here where they all want to diaper and baby you?” “Where I came from I’m a fugitive from the law for not wanting to be a part of the hive mind. It’s horrible to be just another drone and to be under the control of the hive overlord. The overlord destroys all sense of self and uses your knowledge, skills, and anything else it wants for whatever it wants. I escaped and was running for my life when this big distortion in the air appears in front of me. I tried to dodge it until an explosion behind me knocked me through it. When I came to I was in a hospital bed and knocked part of the hive mind. I found myself in a diaper and was forced to drink from a bottle. I was so tired and hungry and thirsty that I did not argue the stuff and drank it as fast as I could. I’m sure it was laced with something but it had no effect on me and I found myself being poked and prodded for the next few days until they sedated me and brought me here. I woke up a few hours before that bastard took me and had his sick fun with me. That was close to two years ago and I have been here since then. He chooses one of us at random for his pleasures and for our knowledge then forces us to give him what he wants. He has learned everything I know and no doubt marketed or sold the information to someone else.” She let out a fart and a moment later the seat of her diaper began to expand as her body expelled a mess into it. She climbed out of the crib and came back a few minutes later with a fresh diaper on. “Sorry about that. I am ot staying all night in the same messy diaper! The wet ones are not so bad as these hold a lot and keep you feeling fairly dry. I suppose you figured out that I can get these locks open easily enough. I can open any mechanical lock by touching it. Not sure how I I can do it, but I’m not arguing it.” “Why are you still here if you can do that? The door has an electronic lock and I have no way to open it. If it was a mechanical lock I’d be long gone by now. Earlier you said you were hoping you did not lose your baby. Did he take your child from you?” “I’m pregnant. Just barely over two months along. My husband and I have been trying for a year to get pregnant but our schedules make it tough to get together very much. So tell me, is there any way you can make me a data cable with a type one end on it?” “There’s a data cable hooked to the camera but I do not know how that will help.” “If I can get to that cable for a few minutes without breaking my neck I can maybe get us out of here. I am an expert with computers and nothing he does can change what I can do with a computer.” “That’s all well and good but the only computer is likely in his office and we’re in here.” I pulled my hair out of the way and let her see the data jack port in my head. “I brought my own computer.” SILVER Our first stop after leaving was for more diapers for me and some food. The cashier had a blank look on her face as she handed us everything out of the cash drawer and then went to erase the security recordings. She came out a minute later and I used another spell to put her to sleep. We stocked up on everything we could and then filled up the fuel tank all the way before leaving. Martha was laughing after I ran back in and made the lady put on a diaper and take off everything else. “That was mean! She shouldn’t have tried to adopt me! She’s going to have a hell of time explaining why she now wants to wear and use diapers all the time! When I walked out she was already messing herself! The next guy that comes in is going to find a very willing baby! Hope she enjoys it!” Martha shook her head and called me an evil bitch. I laughed and agreed with her. “Now that we have fuel, food, diapers, and more money where do we go next?” Martha thought for a minute then smiled. The minister used to have a very loyal co worker about an hour from here. I say we take out his safe houses and force him into trap but to do that we are going to have to go visit someone in prison. She’s a giant and is due to be shrunken soon and adopted for her crimes. I have some influence in certain areas s if she is really changed I have an idea that will get her cooperation and help.” It took us four hours and another diaper change before we reached the next town. Martha took off the diaper she was wearing and put panties back on. I think she looked better in a diaper, but that’s just me. After that it was a short ten minute drive to the prison where she used some money we had obtained to bribe a couple of guards to let us see Mrs. White without an appointment. It surprised us to find Mrs. White letting a little change her into a cute diaper with nursery prints on it. From the look on her face and on his they had just finished having sex. She held him and then kissed him before setting him down and noticing us waiting to talk to her. The little was her boyfriend that she had fallen in love with despite his being a little. “So let me get this straight. If I help you with some information you’ll keep me from being shrunken and adopted and just get me released instead?” “That’s right.” She looked at the little sitting in her lap then looked back at us. “I’d like to undergo the shrinking first, please! I want to get married and have children! If you let them shrink me we can be together and start over on one of the islands!” This surprised us a bit but why argue with a good thing. We told her what we wanted to do to the man that was helping Minister Jaro and she laughed like hell. “Oh this is perfect! Get a recorder in here! I want to make sure you guys don’t miss a bit of this information! That bastard tried to have me shrunken and adopted off to the minister about ten years before I met Raven! I’d do this for free just to see the look on his face when he sees who set him up for the fall!” We talked to the warden and a number of other people then got a signed agreement that she signed and smiled about. After that we set up cameras and recorded a message for the man to have played back to him after he triggered the trap and could not escape. When she recorded the message we all laughed about it big time. She gave us a mountain of information and asked that we set up a camera to record the look on his face when he got caught and saw the video she recorded for him. Over the next three days we took down all but one of his safe houses and collected a mountain of evidence against the bastard. The local police smiled and then laughed when we told them what we had in mind. Some of them actually helped by setting up sting operations at his safe houses. Right on schedule we sprung the first part of the trap by rounding up and jailing so many of his helpers. When he went to the last safe house he had we arrested his last helper and freed a number of littles. Twice his helpers had to resisted arrest and both times I intervened and persuaded them to surrender. A lightning bolt hitting the ground a foot away from you is a great way to get a person’s attention. Using my magic, they confessed everything they knew to the local police. This information led to the further dismantling of a huge criminal empire that had been controlled by Minister Jaro. Setting up the last house and stocking it was fun. I chose the most babyish designs I could for his diapers and made sure the formula was laced with nanites to rob him of his control over his bladder and his bowels. Even the air he would breathe in would be full of nanites designed to make him diaper dependent as well more willing to talk to the police and tell them everything he knew. He showed up after five days of running and hiding. We watched from the shadows as he walked into the trap and sprung it closed on himself. Now the last person to take down was Minister Jaro himself and I wanted to scare the drek out of the man before finishing him off. He was not going to know what was going on until it was far too late to stop it or do anything about it. Martha and I watched as he tore the basement apart trying to get out and laughed as he soon ended up soiling himself and ended up putting a diaper on since he was quickly losing control. I kissed Martha and then we went on to the next part of our plan. END PART SEVEN That's it for this chapter folks. Thanks for your patience in this. One last chapter to go and then this story will be finished. All comments and questions welcomed, and as always, thank you for reading this.
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    working on the next chapter currently but hard to get much done with the bad storms we been having here lately. I hate tornado season. Had three unconfirmed tornadoes spotted today, baseball sized hail a few miles north of here and golf ball sized hail about half a mile south of here as well as lots and lots of lightning. I take my laptop and go ride to a nice park a few miles away and sit in an outdoor picnic shelter and write. I like getting fresh air and getting out of the apartment on my new mtn bike. no sooner got set down and started than a bolt lightning hit about half a block away. when I could see and hear again I packed up and made a run for the apartment that is three miles away. This weather make writing tough on me. Apartment has no air conditioning and no shade so it gets too hot to write in the apartment. Apartment hits almost 90 degrees most days and does not cool off until about midnight. Hope to have the next chapter done in a few days as weather and other circumstances permit. had a minor setback and had to start over on the chapter as the computer glitched and scrambled the story. Had to pull up a back up copy and start the chapter over again. Not sure if I'll write much on Silver tomorrow as I have some ideas for one of my other stories and may work on Amber Silvermane instead. either way, I hope to have the next chapter before next weekend. Only a little further left to go in the story and then it all comes to a very interesting conclusion. Barney the dinosaur gets elected as president and eat all the littles so no more diaper dimension! lol. Thank you for reading the story so far and having the patience to stick with me on it.
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    managed to find some time to write today so here is the next part of the story for you good folks. PART SIX SILVER Martha was not doing as bad as at first but she was not used to the forest and kept tripping over roots. I had to have us stop twice so my damned diaper could be changed. At first I was only wetting a little now I could not tell when I had to wet and it just flowed out into the diaper I was wearing. This last change was the worst so far as I messed myself badly. I felt it but could not do more than slow it down as it oozed into the seat of the diaper I had on. The cleanup took a while and when it was done Martha lifted my legs up like an infant and slid a fresh diaper under me then lowered me and pulled the front of it up into place and taped it shut again. I hated the damned diapers but for now there was no choice in the matter. We had to keep going until whoever was trying to find us was so far behind that they had no chance of grabbing us. If I ever get my hands on whoever is sending people after me and I will personally cut them to pieces slowly so I can hear them screaming in pain and begging for death. As it is we spent the majority of the night walking to the next neighboring city. Twice we had to dodge law enforcement patrols that Martha was going to flag down for help. “You do that again I will hurt you! Use your head, Martha! Someone with a lot of money and influence is looking for us! We do not know who it is or who we can trust so for now we do not trust anyone! For all we know they could have told the police that we are terrorists! Where I come from you never trust security or any kind of law enforcement unless you want to end up dead real fast!” It was almost daybreak by the time we stopped at one more safe house. “I’ve never used this one before. It was a friend’s house until she got killed in a car accident and left it to me in her will. I had though that someday I would sell it but never could bring myself to sell it. I lost all my pictures of her and I together and this place was special for us both. I still miss her.” Martha’s voice was full of pain for her lost friend and when I looked around and saw so many pictures of them it made me realize why. The last one was the one she treasured the most. Both of them at a church smiling in front of a priest “We were married for just barely a month when the accident happened. Some damned fool idiot in a fancy luxury car hit her and forced her car off the bridge. The bastard never even called in the accident and just drove off as if nothing had happened. She was pronounced dead at the scene when the police found her six hours later. We had planned on adopting a willing little and had even filled out paperwork to find a willing little but now it all seems so unimportant without her. I never sold the house. I never used it for hiding littles escaping bad situations. Until now, I never knew why I kept this place. She always told me that of something happened to keep the dream alive. I have a little here but not anywhere near how we had intended. I’m going to go fix us some food. I still have a few things left from two weeks ago when I was last here.” She left the room and I felt sorry for her loss. She seems like a good person with just a rotten run of luck. I went through the rest of the house making sure to keep track of the various ways in and out of the house. The nursery was set up nicely with various empty bottles and pacifiers in cabinets. She had three different designs of diapers for someone my size and even unopened cans of formula for littles. I checked the bathroom and was shocked to find a bag of giant diapers big enough to fit someone Martha’s size. “Hey Martha, what’s up with the diapers in the bathroom?” She sighed and closed her eyes a moment before responding. “They were hers. She had to wear diapers because of a back injury in middle school. She accepted them as a part of life and it sometimes led to some very interesting diaper changes. I even wore them on occasion when things got to her and she hated having to wear a diaper all the time. I suppose I should just throw them out. I don’t need them and with no one else needing support they are just a reminder of what is forever gone. Still, sometimes I almost want to put one on just for old times sake but then I remember her and I never do. She seemed so sad as I looked at her. “I don;t know how you get used to these damned things either. I’d like nothing better than to tear this one off and throw it away then go back into normal panties. Martha looked at me and smiled as she hugged me. She ushered me out of the bathroom so she could have some privacy then came out a few minutes later with a diaper on. She was determined to help me and maybe her helping me would help ease the pain of her wife’s passing. It’s too bad she was so damned much bigger than me. She looked cute in that diaper with it’s nursery prints on it. RAVEN After shaking my tail I got in touch with some more contacts to double check all my information. It was not looking good. Minister Jaro had his own private nursery and was using some of the littles for his own personal pleasure. From what I could tell he had recently even managed to grab a group of tourists from one of the gate tours and adopted them out to the highest bidders. My last contact was Minister Haro himself and he had been working tirelessly on blocking minister Jaro from having his way but money talked and he was fighting a losing battle. Minister Jaro had recently bought some property on the edge of town and had it well guarded with dogs and a state of the art security system as well. The huge mansion had numerous rooms and he spent almost all of his off work time there. Two contacts had reported that they had seen a little with chrome legs and arms being carried inside by the minister himself three days ago but she had not come out again. A check of his finances showed the property had been extensively renovated and the security system was designed to keep people out and littles in. He paid to have numerous bags of diapers in different sizes sent to the house constantly along with special formula that would cause a little to soil themselves uncontrollably. The worst was the shipment of a banned drug compound that made littles more vulnerable to hypnotic suggestions. This would make it easier for him to program them. Last month he had a party at his old mansion for a number of very rich people. All had donated large sums of money to him and it was my bet that they were paying to take little and out them into diapers and then nurseries. Bastard! I had to free the elf girl, Silver, before he made her into a pleasure slave for his sick and twisted desires. She was brought here against her will and then forced into a diaper. She escapes the island with help from an old friend of mine and they try to kill them both twice. Somehow the minister got his hands on Martha and is keeping her captive in a crib and in diapers. He also has Silver locked in diapers and being used for his sick pleasure. When I catch him I intend to cut his penis off and force feed it to him for his crimes! After that I intend to kill him slowly and painfully. As I smile at his screams of pain. He was planning a party tomorrow night at his new estate so my rescue had to be done tonight. I hate rushing things like this! Normally I would watch and plan for a few weeks then strike but time was not on my side tonight. A revised blueprint showed the new layout of the place and a camera in the nursery showed several little and two inbetweeners laying in cribs wearing diapers. Another security camera showed Martha chained into a giant crib in a very messy diaper and a blank expression on her face as headphones piped something into her brain over and over again. She had helped so many littles to escape to a better life even after the death of her wife and now she ends up like this! She’s getting rescued tonight as well even if I have to drag her out and then change her diaper for her! She deserves better than to be used as the minister’s play toy. I was about to sever the connection when the minister walked in and smiled. She tried to scream through the gag as he began to lower his slacks. I sat helplessly watching as he teased her in her dirty diaper then finally forced himself on her for some time before he was finally finished and then changed her into a fresh diaper. He walked out of the room smiling and zipping up his slacks as I tried my very best not to get sick. Forget shooting the bastard! I’m going to find some desperate giant that likes men then I am going to tie the minister up and let the gay giant have his pleasure with the minister for at least three days. I will keep the minister in diapers the whole time and a certain shot will make sure he uses those diapers for their intended purpose. To take my mind off of what the minister was doing I browsed through the private files of the minister and several more times I about got ill as I watched him force himself on several littles. Three of them died and he just shrugged it off and threw their dead bodies into a large trash bin as if it meant nothing to him that he had just killed them. They had died screaming in pain and terror and all he did was continue his sexual assault on them until he was done and they had died. He even smiled about it. I shut down the feed for a minute and promptly got sick into a wastebasket next to my chair. I took and copied everyone of the videos he had made and then went after his finances. Every single transaction listed was carefully scrutinized by me and double checked. He took out a lot of cash from his account but what he did with it was not listed on the ledgers. Paying off people was my guess. He had a lot of shady transactions and a number of blatantly illegal ones as well. His security was tough but with the way my cranial computer works, bypassing it is easy. After getting everything copied down and a full detailed explanation of where he has everything hidden is done I finally get ready to make his life a living hell. I do not dare trust the drop servers on the mainland as he likely owns or has people inside those companies. I send everything to my personal server at home where mom and dad will make damned sure no one touches it without permission. I called home and mom answered. “Hi, mom. I’m sending a large data file and I need it guarded with maximum security protocols! I’m going after a very powerful and sick giant tonight and that information is critical to destroying his operation and freeing who knows how many littles from his clutches. Trust me, mom, he makes Mrs White look like a saint. Watch any of the videos and you can see why I want to take him down so bad. It’s also a rescue mission.” Mom got dad on the line as well and they both watched one of the videos and then told me to make the bastard beg for death. Guys, he has Martha! Read the notes I sent you and make sure that general Marshal gets all of the information if something happens. And now that I have that taken care of I have to have you guys help me set up a nursery when I get back. Not for another injured little, mom. It’s for me this time. I’m pregnant! Luke is going to have his wish! I’m two months along now! I want a boy but I think Luke wants a girl! So now I have even more reason to not get hurt or caught! I have to go and get ready to visit a friend tonight so wish me luck!” MINISTER JARO Someone had just hacked into my secure files and made my security look like nothing as they stole what they wanted from me. I’m pretty sure it was Raven. I hope she enjoyed the two fake videos as well. Took me weeks to get them made just right! I wanted to stay but I have very little time if I want to see Mrs. White before they put her into the medical ward in readiness for the shrinking of her. Even in prison she is still damned good looking. I will be glad to get her into my nursery in a few days. I will undo some of the shrinking until I have her at the right height for me to enjoy. I got to watch a video of her getting her diaper changed last month and that made it all the more clear that she has to be in my nursery where I can enjoy her presence better than any so called mommy or daddy could. I have the perfect diapers picked out for her to wear and I even have the perfect formula, bottles, and pacifiers for her as well! I can hardly wait to have her, Raven, and that elf girl in my collection. I have so many plans for them. I spent almost two hours driving to the prison where Mrs. White was at. I had paid every guard and prison official in the place quite well for my little visit with her. Another 45 minute delay in getting through security left me impatient. As I walked into the room where she was strapped to a changing table in a very wet diaper. “Hello Mrs. White. I am minister Jaro and I want to ask you some questions about Raven Par. Depending on the answers and your cooperation this could help you avoid being turned into a little, reprogrammed and adopted out.” I talked with her at length about how everything had happened to land her in here. The interview was driving me crazy with anticipation. I finally finished with all of my questions and let the guards double check her restraints. They were secure and she could not escape or interfere with her diaper change. I believe I shall enjoy having you in my nursery after you have been made perfect by being shrunken. I even have the perfect diapers for you to wear. They are being mass marketed to giants everywhere for littles. The longer a little is wearing them the more control they will lose no matter how hard they try to hold it. Within a week they begin to have frequent urges to void themselves. By the time a month is gone they have a great deal of difficulty keeping themselves clean. Within six weeks they will simply not be able to hold back at all and will wet and mess themselves without any warning at all. We have another type of diaper that does all that and makes it so that the only they can keep down is water, formula, strained littles food, and of course, breast milk. I have had them tested on several littles that have come though as tourists and ended up being adopted. The diapers work great and are a big seller for those looking to get their littles used to wearing diapers again.” I changed her diaper for her and made sure she noticed when I did not put her in the normal jail diaper. “They even work on people as big as us!” I pulled the front of the diaper into place and taped it shut. Some of the special ones I have even make a person more easily trained and accepting of their fate. Tomorrow they shrink you and put you in a better diaper brand. I’ll get to find out how well they work on a person shrunken down to the size of a little. You are going to love being in my nursery! I have plenty of diapers for you to wear so you need not worry about running out. I have high quality bottles and formula for you and have a large selection of jars of strained food for you to eat as well! You will love it there and will come to love our special time together. No more adult worries. No more worries about making it to the toilet on time. No more worries about getting pregnant. RAVEN The sun was just starting to set when the house came into view with two large giants standing guard at the gate. I walked past them but did not slow down or look directly at them. Each one carried an assault rifle and had an ear piece and glasses with a H.U.D. on them that received information from a wireless relay and displayed it on the lenses so the wearer could see what was going on anywhere at any time. The guard would be easy to take care of, but the dogs wandering the inside perimeter would be a bit more difficult. Bypassing the cameras would be simple as well and once that was done the next trick was getting in without being seen too soon. Once out of sight of the guards I turned into an alley and got up on a rooftop. With a bit of work I spliced into a data line and then turned off the alarm system on the mansion. The guards I knocked out with super high frequency sound pulse through their earpieces. So far so good. I slipped into my combat armor and waited until traffic died down in the area. The dogs wandered around randomly with no set pattern and were alert to anything that was wrong. I counted six dogs inside the perimeter. One bark and all of them would be on me and anyone watching the camera loop would know that something was wrong immediately. I made short work of climbing a tree near the back and getting to he top of the 25 foot wall. Dropping to the ground from this height would not be smart and I would rather not get caught with two broken legs. It took a minute to rig a line and then drop the end slowly and quietly down to the ground. I had judged the distance correctly and the line ended at about a foot from the ground. A quick scan showed no dogs nearby. I climbed down and drew my tranquilizer gun. The first dog went down with only a small yelp as the dart hit him in the hind end. The next one went down with the dart stuck in his side as he stopped to leave a deposit behind as it were. Halfway through doing that my dart hit him in the side and he fell over a second later. I got the next four dogs one by one with darts into their sides and tail ends. It was a relief to have the dogs out for the next five hours. Getting attacked by six large dogs is not my idea of fun. The house was three floors high with a large basement area under it. Cutting the outside phone lines was easy and made sure no alarm would summon the police. A block on the data lines stopped data from coming or going from law enforcement so no alarm notification that way either. A signal scrambler blocked wireless transmissions and would continue to do so for the next 16 hours until it self destructed and left only burned circuits and melted plastic behind with no identification on it. The back door and side door were both locked and required a card key to open. No time to hack them. The front door was locked as well and even if it was not, there was way too much light there. I finally found an open window on the second floor and made use of it. Once inside I reviewed the floor plans on my visor then got going again. From up in the nursery on the third floor I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a little being used for intercourse by one of the guards. The little was gaged but her muffled screams of fear could still be heard down on the second floor. The enhanced optics of the armor allowed me to see perfectly well in the darkness as I found one of the inside guards and made short work of him. I caught him with his pants down and a little pinned under him crying as he forced himself on her. I did not hesitate. I shot him in the head with my silenced pistol. The little was curled up into a ball of misery. She was wetting herself so I put her back into a diaper and then gave her a mild sedative before moving on to the next part of the house. I might get in trouble for executing that guard but he deserved it. My body camera would record everything I did to free the elf girl and any others caught in this nightmare place. Another guard came out of the toilet and I caught him by surprise when I knocked his legs out from under him and clubbed his head on the way down to silence him. The guy weighted a ton it seemed as I drug him to a utility room and then gave him a powerful sedative that should keep him asleep a good 12 hours. The blueprints I had for the place were all wrong and it took me a good amount of time to find the stairs to the third floor. This place was huge and a maze of rooms. I freed two more littles and sent them scurrying to the room where the first little was freed. Another little was beyond help as she had died sometime during the act of copulation. I hated that I was not able to get here fast enough to save her. She had been violated by an amazon and because she was so small she bled to death from the attack on her tiny frame. I wish I could have stormed this place with a full company of Hellcats but it was just me for now. This is the type of missions I train for and keep others trained for as well. Commando missions are never easy and each one is different so I try to stay a step or three ahead of my opposition. I finally cleared all of second floor and a total of six more littles were freed. One little was having a hard time moving with a large belly out in front of her and it reminded me that I myself would look like that soon enough. For now I counted each freed little as another life saved. The stairs up were made from marble and that made it hard to remain silent as I climbed them and heard the sounds of Minister Jaro talking to the elf girl as he raped her. I could hear her crying through her gag and the sounds of his lectures about what he was going to do to her and how he was promising her that he was going to enjoy it. “Soon you will come to long for my touch and will learn to enjoy it! Just think, after tomorrow there will be no more struggles to break free and you will long for my touch! You will find the greatest joys on using your diaper and having me inside of you!” I wanted to storm into that room and shoot the bastard but I did not know which room he was in. The hallways echoed his voice from somewhere as I quietly checked each room. Five more littles were locked in a cage and wearing just their diapers. One of them had a vacant expression on her face. Her body was on automatic as her mind had snapped at some point. I quietly gave the other littles instructions on where to go to wait for me and then continued on. The minister was no longer talking but was now grunting and breathing heavy as he forced the elf girl to pleasure him. The hell with slow torture! I was going to shoot the bastard instead. He deserved to be executed for what he had done and was continuing to do. I checked the door and found it unlocked. I smiled and readied my assault rifle. I kicked open the door and rolled inside to come up with my weapon facing an empty room with only a pair of stereo speakers and a camera pointing at the door. The door slammed shut behind me and the speaker gave out a laugh. “The information I have n you does not do you credit! You got this far undetected and not once was I certain you were even going to come! They said you were the best and they were sure as hell right! I’m going to enjoy our time together! Go ahead and try to escape! The room is air tight! No data ports either! You are going to look so cute in my nursery, wearing a diaper and drinking from a bottle! I have to say, you are very damned hard to catch! I’ve been after you for three years now and have had some of my best men killed or permanently disabled by you! By now you will have noticed that it is getting hard to breathe! The air in the room is being pumped out slowly and there is nothing you have that can prevent that! I look forward to seeing you in a diaper. The new ones I have made are wonderful and within a short time you will be needing them and enjoying my touch as well. I have such wonderful plans for you!” I turned and smashed the camera then changed clips out real fast. I switched to my emergency air supply and that would give me time to escape I hope. A full magazine of high explosive rounds was loaded into my weapon. I concentrated fire on the wall next to the door as the door was likely to be armored heavily. My ammo and air supply ran out before I could punch a hole in the wall. Out of desperation I rolled a grenade to the wall and it did no good as I blacked out. It had finally happened. I had been caught by a giant. MISTER X It took almost 25 minutes for the little to pass out and she had almost escaped! The wall was reinforced but had minute holes and cracks in it from her blasting it. If she’d had been able to use one more grenade she would have escaped. No wonder the price on her head is so damned high! After pressure in the room was equalized I went in and gave her a shot to keep her asleep. She is way too dangerous to be allowed to wake up just yet. Removing her combat armor was tricky and it took me almost an hour to do so. Her visor had a data cable attached to it so unhooked it and then removed her helmet and visor. Following the cable to it’s end surprised the hell out of me. She had a data port in the side of her head! The rumors were true! She really did have a cranial computer system in her head! This technology was years away from anyone figuring out how to make it work and yet here she is with one that works! This little is full of surprises. I finally got the last of her armor off then stripped her naked. If she had been an inbetweener she would have been lovely! I noticed a tattoo on her left shoulder and yet another rumor was confirmed. She actually is a Hellcat! My next task was a pleasant one. I turned on my body camera and filmed her getting diapered by me. I lifted her up by her ankles and slid the diaper under her. A moment later I lowered her back down and then pulled the front of the diaper into place and securely taped it shut. The nanites and chemicals in the diaper would begin to work on her and remove the nerves that control her bowel and bladder muscles. She would mess and wet herself like any little in a diaper should. I took several pictures of her for my personal collection and then finally gagged her and put her hands in mittens and restrained them behind her back. This one single little had almost singlehandedly brought the entire operation crashing down around all of us! No wonder she is so so highly desired by so many giants! IF the boss would have let me, I would have mounted Raven right then and there, but he had not given me permission to do so. The other littles were retrieved and as a reward for good work I let my men take their pick of which ones they wanted to have for their pleasure for a few hours. The only one left off limits besides Raven was the pregnant one. The rest were free for the taking for the next three hours as a bonus from the boss. The sounds of my men grunting and the littles crying as they were used once more was music to my ears. I called the boss and gave him the good news. In the background I could hear the sound of muffled crying. I looked at my watch and figured he was bus with the new blond inbetweener we had caught for a client that wanted her in a diaper and minus her virginity. The man had paid real well and catching her had been a great deal of fun. I sampled her little sister three times before diapering her and sending her to the auction where she fetched a new record of almost half a million credits. “Sir, I have just finished diapering Raven! Would you like me to send you the video?” I sent him the video and he watched it while grunting and breathing heavy until at last he let out his breath and sighed with relief as the little in the background screamed as he finished his deed with her. “The men are currently enjoying a little bonus time with all but the pregnant one and Raven. The body has been sent to the incinerator already, sir. We will have to fix the capture room of course but that is all. Everything else is intact. I will personally deliver Raven to you in two hours. My contacts still have no lead on the elf girl yet sir, but she will show up again and when she does we will get her for you, sir. Which location shall we use for exchanging gifts? A perfect place, sir. I look forward to the exchange, sir.” I hung up the phone and left instructions for the men to take their time and have fun but to have the place cleaned by daybreak and the little back in fresh diapers and back into the nursery by 7:00 am. “Should any of you wish to purchase one of the littles then let me know before 8:00 am or it will be too late as they go to auction at 8:30 am. Purchasing price is 20,000 credits per little and we will throw in three cases of the new diapers as well.” END PART SIX That's it for this chapter folks. I will start working on the next chapter in a day or two as time permits. Trying to fix a major glitch in my werewolf story. accidentally turned her into a dragon and she flew away. Now I can't get her to sit still long enough to tell me what happened so I can write it all down. lol. taking a break from writing for a day tomorrow and going to go try to ride a little bit on some trails with mtn bike. Riding always helps me past writers block. Hope to have the next chapter up in a few days. As always, thank you for reading this story so far. all comments and questions welcomed.
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    Okay folks. here is chapter five for you. Have not gotten a lot of comments on this story but with so many other really great stories on this board it is not surprising. lol. Kimmy is stealing the show right now with her great story she is working on so if you have not read it yet then you should as soon as you finish reading this one that is. And now, on with the show! PART FIVE RAVEN I left the motel bright and early in the morning at 6:00 while most others were just starting to wake up. I wore a casual suit and a nice pair of black shoes that made me look like the business person that I have to pretend to be when not on the base or in a combat mission. What I needed right now Internet access to chase down and confirm a few rumors that had been trickling in about the elf little that had been illegally brought to this dimension then escaped after proving she was far more than the idiots were ready for. Several giants eyed me as I walked towards a small cafe that sold good food at a reasonable price. They served amazons, inbetweeners, and littles as well with portions created for each. I had eaten here a few times before and loved their food. The briefcase at my side held only a bunch of paperwork from the business that I needed to read through carefully and decide what to do as I ate. Two amazons slowed way down and stared at me as I walked past them. Finally as I reached the cafe one of them came up to me. “Are you by any chance Raven Par?” “Yes, I am, ma’am. What can I do for you?” She smiled brightly. I just wanted a picture with you to prove to my friends I actually met you! They’ll never believe me otherwise! I let another amazon take a picture of the two of us side by side with her kneeling next to me and as a joke, offering her a diaper. A few other amazons saw it and laughed as well. After taking a few pictures I went in and waited to be seated. The server looked at me a moment then shrugged her shoulders and led me to a table just the right size for a little. She set a menu on the table then pulled the back of my slacks out and gasped at not finding a diaper. “Where is your diaper at you naughty little..” She never finished the statement as she found herself suddenly slammed head first into the table after I knocked her feet out from under her then guided her head into the table as hard as I could manage. Her head slammed into the table and stunned her. She fell to the floor and it took her a moment to realize I was standing in front of her with a very pissed off look on my face. “Try that again bitch and you will be needing a surgeon to put you back together again! I am not some little you can just bully into a diaper and then into your nursery! I came in here to get a meal while looking over some business paperwork! I am not going to let you or any other damned fool try to put me in a nursery because your limited mind can’t understand the fact that I am smarter than you and do not need taking care of! You can tell your boss he just lost a sale and I will make sure everyone in my unit knows about this place and makes sure to not stop in when on leave!” I turned and walked out of the place as several other amazons stared in disbelief that a little could actually manage to hurt one of them so easily and so quickly. The head server came walking out and picked up the woman off the floor. “You are an idiot you know that! That little is Raven Par! She is an officer in the Hellcats special forces unit and if she had wanted to, she could easily have killed you! Go to the hospital and get looked for a concussion then turn in your uniform tomorrow!” The next place was a step up and the server smiled as I walked in. She recognized me immediately. “Miss Par! What can we get for you today, ma’am?” I was treated with respect and when she saw my briefcase she asked if needed a larger table so I could work on the paperwork. I had an enjoyable meal and got through all the paperwork in about two hours. I left the lady a good sized tip for her politeness and smart thinking. My next stop was at a branch of the public library where an amazon stopped me. “Where is your mommy at dear?” I sighed then spoke up. “My parents are currently still in their lab working on a new computer design as well as a cure for the sterility among most of you. Look lady, I am not going to repeat myself so listen closely the first time. I need an Internet connection and some privacy to complete some business for a bit. Before you get stupid and try to adopt me let me show you some identification.” The lady gasped when she read the ID card and her scanner confirmed them as real. After that she led me to a quiet corner of the library where an Internet connection was available. She watched as I plugged in the buffer then plugged in the fiber optic cable to the buffer. When I moved my hair out of the way and plugged the other end in she stared in shock. I smiled at her. “Cranial computer system.” The lady was watching me as I closed my eyes and surfed through the Internet at super high speed. An hour later I had tracked down all the rumors and dismissed most of them. Two bore looking into as someone had done a poor job of trying to remove the posts from place where they were posted. That caught my attention as did a fuzzy picture of a little in a diaper being carried off by a giant that had a familiar build. I would have to go see the place for myself after grabbing some special gear just in case it was a trap. I have no desire to end up in a thick diaper, drinking from a bottle and sleeping in a crib for the rest of my life. I have a husband I love very deeply and want to be able to get back to. My stomach churned a little again as it had been doing the past month. I was about to schedule a doctor’s appointment when an overload warning from the buffer alerted me to an incoming over voltage attack. The buffer shielded me from the attack but this only made me even more determined to find the place and look for the missing elf girl in person. MR. X I smiled as the attack was sent at Raven. She had followed the rumors and dismissed most of them as I knew she would. The fuzzy picture I had used a cheap cellphone to take had drawn her in and that couple with a rigged halfhearted deletion attempt made it even more real to her. The over voltage attack laced with numerous lines of code designed to fry computers would lead her to the next part of the trap and one more step closer to wearing diapers for life. I smiled and contacted three of my best men. “Any luck on the elf girl yet? I see. No, go ahead and send that little in the van to to school then adopt her out like normal. What? Feel free to enjoy her first if you like! You traced the car to where? Nicely done! Get a team in there quietly and make sure not to use lethal force on the little. You guys can do what you wish with her new mommy. In fact, I have an idea! Put her in a diaper and inject her then send her to the special school. Also, feel free to have fun with her as well if you want. Just make sure she ends up in a diaper and on her way to school with a couple of shots of the new serum in her. I have another team on Raven but thank you for asking. The photos you came up with the idea for worked perfectly! My boss will be pleased and if things continue to go right there will be a bonus in this for everyone. For now just get a top notch team ready to go after the elf girl!” I outlined the plan for taking the elf girl carefully and he made doubly sure to point out holes in my plans for me. I pay him damned good money because he can see what others miss. He was skeptical at first about her magic until I let him see several video clips of her in action. He took it serious after that and made sure to cover all the bases he and I could think of together to ensure that this little ended up where she belonged. In diapers and in a private nursery of someone who could appreciate her beauty and make efficient use of it. The elf little was damed cute and it was too bad she was not an inbetweener. I would have enjoyed using her if she had just been an inbetweener. No matter. Soon she would be in a nice thick diaper and in the private nursery of my boss where she would be programmed to enjoy his touch. SILVER Martha is a nice woman but nowhere near as paranoid as I am. Within two hours I had everything checked out and found six hidden cameras and five listening bugs. Whatever was causing my incontinence was pissing me off but not enough to make me not be paranoid. When you run the shadows you stay alive by trusting no one, shooting straight, conserving ammo, and never ever cutting deals with dragons. My last run had made me very much more aware of the lengths some will go to in order to get what they want. Martha was shocked when I laid everything out on the coffee table. Not wanting to risk being overheard I made her join me in the back yard and face away from the house. No sense letting someone get a video of us talking in case they could read lips. “We need to leave. They know we are here and every second we stay here increases the chances of us getting caught. We can’t take the car as they likely have it bugged as well. They have gotten into your operation and likely have every safe house under observation right now. Do not call or try to contact anyone else either until we can get you a safe phone that is not tapped. They likely are recording everything we say and do inside and every call you make.” Martha smiled. “I had my suspicions for a while now so let me set something in motion to keep them busy while we vanish. I smiled when she told me what she had in mind. I like her way of thinking at times. Too bad she’s so big compared to me or I might be tempted to go for more than friendship. Martha made one more call and left a voice message on an answering machine. “Hi Agnes, this is your aunt Martha. Just wanted to let you know that everything is a go for the barbecue. Make sure you cook everything thoroughly this time. See you there.” “What was that about, Martha?” She laughed. “It’s an emergency code telling everyone to raise hell and burn all evidence and to scatter to the four winds right away. That message will go out to 1000 different random numbers and 25 numbers that are part of the operation. Good luck tracing that many numbers anytime soon.” Martha took her purse and emptied it out. The contents were safe but she was suspicious of the purse so we left it behind. With her help we kicked a hole in the bathroom wall and retrieved a hidden duffel bag with money and two changes of clothes in it along with three fake identifications cards. I helped her complete the next step by cutting the gas line to the fireplace while she set the timer on a small spark device for three hours. On the way out she grabbed a bag of diapers in my size just to be safe. Once I had us both invisible we left the house and walked silently past six different groups of people watching the house. The van they were using to record everything out of was such a tempting target. One lightning bolt and all their attempts at listening in and recording everything would be fore nothing with the van full of electronics fried. In the end I settled for walking silently away and letting them wonder where we had gone to and how we had done so without being seen. We stayed at a run down motel that night and heard on the news the next day that gas leak had been the cause of an explosion at nice house not far from here. The house was completely destroyed by the blast and nothing could be salvaged. Police were in the process of trying to locate the owner. I smiled and Martha sighed. “I liked that house. A shame to see it gone, but safer. No evidence left to use to track us. Tomorrow we change identities again and muddy the trail a bit more.” “Who exactly is trying so hard to find us? Surely using this much manpower must be expensive. Who has the money to build an entire facility and make a gate to another world? It has to cost a fortune to not only do the research and hire people to do it and to run the place, but it had to cost another fortune to keep it all quiet. You follow the money and you find who is behind all of this. Once you find them we can hit them hard and make the message clear to them to leave us alone or die.” Martha looked at me in surprise. “I had not thought about that. I usually operate on a much smaller scale and only have to deal with a single person when helping a little escape and relocate. Somewhere safe. I’ve never had to worry about someone having this much of a network of spies and this kind of money or power. It’s spooky.” Silver smiled. “Welcome to my playground! where I come from this is nothing. Wait until you deal with huge companies willing to invest billions of nuyen into keeping things a secret and a willingness to hire armies to enforce their privacy. They kill and maim on a daily basis to keep secrets and to sabotage other companies. They hire people like me to do their dirty work and pay us real well to do the dirty work that can get you killed in an instant.” Over the next few hours I gave her a detailed rundown on some of my more dangerous runs and watched as she went from shocked to horrified and even sickened at times. “I don’t understand your world. How can they be so cruel and evil all the time?” That’s the way it is and I do quite well in that world. This place is not that dangerous to me, but it is fragging weird. Back home we don’t force others into diapers and nurseries just because of their size. Try that with a troll or an orc and you could end up in a body bag real fast. Speaking of diapers, I need another one. Something in this damned world is messing with my control and I’ll be glad when I can get back home and get my control back.” RAVEN The lady stood watching me as I carefully unplugged from the data port. I was putting everything away when my stomach rebelled and it was a good thing a wastebasket was next to me as I emptied the contents of my stomach into it and continued to have the dry heaves for a few minutes. The librarian returned a minute later with a large cup of water and a rag. “Wipe your face, then rinse and spit.” I thanked her and did as she asked because it made sense. “It’s none of my business, but have you considered seeing a doctor? There are some nasty bugs going around it would not surprise me if you caught one of them. I caught one of them a month ago and was out of work for two weeks.” I was not surprised when she tried to put a diaper on me. I ended that idea real fast by pointing a loaded gun at her head. She had been reaching for my slacks with one hand and a diaper in the other. “Nice try. I don’t need one though.” After that I walked out of the library calmly and straight to the nearest clinic for a quick checkup. I had to wear a stupid diaper the entire time or they would not see me. I surprised the doctor with my reflexes and strength as well and intelligence. “You surprise me ma’am. Never seen a little looking quite as fit as you do. What do you do for a living?” “I work as a one third owner in a very profitable company and when I’m not doing that I am in the military.” He smiled and chuckled. “Did your mommy put you up to this? There are no little in the military except for the Hellcats.” “I know. Lieutenant Raven Par, designation of Hellion.” He looked at my ID card then had his secretary run a scan of it to see if I was trying to pull a prank on him. After he finished the last blood test he had the results. “You are not sick. You are two months pregnant from the look of the blood tests. Congratulations to both you and your husband.” I removed the diaper, got dressed, and went to somewhere that I could make a phone call and not be interrupted. At a park not far off I called to headquarters and spoke to my replacement. “So what’s the betting pool up to now for my sickness being pregnancy?” Doctor said I’m about two months along according to his blood tests! Tell Luke for me when he comes in from the assignment! So who won the pool?” I laughed as it was Luke who had the bet that I was pregnant and had just placed a five credit bet as a joke to tease me. “I’ll be back in a few weeks if everything goes right. I’m tracking down an elf little right now before it’s too late and she vanishes like so many have before. If I’m right then I have just finally gotten a line on the group that paid for that illegal gate operation we took apart on that island. I’m sending you everything I have so far in case it all goes south on me. Is my transponder still working right?” Good! These guys are dangerous and I suspect I know who is behind the entire operation. Tell Luke everything and if my signal goes off line DO NOT attempt a rescue as it will likely be a trap and we will lose even more people! You got everything? Good! I’ll see you guys soon if all goes right. Just remember to follow normal protocol and not break rule 329. See you in a few weeks.” I hung up the phone and spotted my tail almost immediately. He had been using a special device to listen into my entire phone call I had given my coded warning stating I was being followed and in trouble. If my signal went off line all hell would break lose and three entire companies of Hellcats would storm my last known location and treaty laws be damned! Anyone taking me and blocking my transponder was not going to like the results of having that many combat soldiers storming through the city looking for me and shooting anyone in the way. MINISTER JARO The inbetweener screamed and struggled as the restraints held her in place while I put her in a diaper. She was so cute and even though she was an inbetweener she looked good in a diaper. She was small for an inbetweener and looked almost to be a tall little so the largest diaper for littles fit her perfectly as tears rolled down her face while she struggled to escape. I would enjoy breaking her myself and making her long for my touch or the touch of anyone as long as they knew the right things to say to her. I had just acquired this one last night when I spotted her walking home alone and had to have her. She had on shoes that made her look taller than she was really but once out of them and into just a diaper she looked like a very cute baby girl. She fought the restraints last night after I had my pleasure with her and diapered her for the first time. So far, the programing was going good. With just a few words I could make her orgasm or void herself into her diaper. “You are such a cute little girl and that diaper looks so nice on you!” She struggled some more and screamed something at me. “What’s that? You say you don’t need diapers? But you do need them little one. Baby go poopy!” Her eyes went wide with terror as she grunted and pushed out a load into the seat of the diaper she was wearing. “See? You already messed your diaper and you couldn’t even stop it! You need diapers or you’ll make a mess! Baby go pee pee!” she broke down crying some more as she wet herself uncontrollably while I smiled and enjoyed the sight of it. “See? You need diapers and the sooner you admit you are a baby longing for a daddy to touch you the sooner you will be happy! Baby wants it!” She began grinding in her messy and wet diaper in order to find some release from the intense feelings of arousal that were now coursing through her body and making her want to have intercourse to relieve the pressure. Of course I had to solve this issue. I untapped her diaper. Cleaned her up. Then smiled and unzipped my pants and entered her as she begged for me to take her again. Who am I to refuse a request from such a lovely baby. Three hours later I put a clean diaper on her and let her senses return to normal with the memory of what she had just begged me for still fresh in her mind. “Now that wasn’t so bad was it? You enjoyed using your diaper and having daddy pleasure you! Just think, soon you will long for my every command and gladly do what I ask of you. Daddy needs to get some work done now now. You can go sleep in your new crib with the other babies. Baby go poopy!” She screamed as she pushed out what she could into her diaper again before being led off to the nursery. Once I tired of her I would sell her off and find a new toy. For now it was time to see how my favorite new toys were doing. Soon they would both be in my nursery begging for me to pleasure them and to change their diapers for them. It was only a matter of a few more days, maybe a week. Once both of them were caught in my trap they would begin their new lives as baby pleasure givers for me. Once the laws were changed and I was in charge then I would import more littles from all over to be adopted into nurseries. The elf babies would of course bring the most credits into my accounts as everyone would want to adopt such a cute little baby. Raven was walking straight into the trap and seemed to be completely unaware that she was a few steps from being mine. I could not wait to get her into the nursery. I have the perfect diapers picked out for her to wear. I have the perfect program ready for her as well and have finally found a way to get around her unique resistance to toxins. Once she is given the shot she will be vulnerable to reprogramming and then she will spend her remaining days pissing and shitting her diapers and pleasuring me. The first thing to do after catching her was to deal with that annoying transponder signal chip in her body. I would have the chip removed and then sent on a long trip cross country so that anyone looking for her would not find her unless they were joining her in diapers or buying her from me. The elf was a trickier matter. She had those annoying artificial limbs and could use magic. She was the real danger as she was far more willing to use lethal force than any professional soldier was. I had the house trap for raven set perfectly and once she entered it she was going to leave it in a diaper. After that her next stop was to be prepped for surgery to remove the chip and then a fast heal later and she would be in my nursery giving me pleasure for life and enjoying her diapered status as well. She will beg for my touch! She will wet and mess on command and even find pleasure with being wet and messy. I will break her completely! Who knows, I may even breed her. A knick in my door got my attention. “Enter.” My new secretary walked in and I loved the crinkling sound her diaper made as she walked. “Report on new subject, master!” Her blouse looked nice but she had not bothered to cover up her diaper at all. “Thank you. Baby go Poopy!” She squatted down right in front of me and messed her diaper. “Good baby! Baby go pee pee!” She sighed and wet her diaper heavily as I watched. This never got old for me. “I’ll change you later. For now go sit and work and enjoy your diaper!” She left and I watched knowing that in another hour or two I would be having her giving me pleasure before putting a clean diaper on her and sending her back to the nursery. Nancy was one of my first baby pleasure givers I acquired and I loved how long it took to break her. She had been working for the government investigating me when I brought her into my nursery. That was five years ago and she now does exactly what I tell her to do without hesitation. I returned to the report she brought in and read it over. I was stunned at first then smiled. This would net me even more credits! According to this doctor’s report, Raven is barely over two months pregnant! Once she gave birth that little one would be sold to the highest bidder. Any offspring of hers would fetch a fortune when auctioned to the right buyers! Things were looking better and better all the time. Nancy walked out of his office and grabbed a fresh diaper on her way to the restroom. She had never been broken and the only thing keeping her from killing the slob was the going to be the look of absolute terror on his face when they shrunk him, diapered him and sent to etiquette school for reprogramming before adopting him out. She could not stop herself from wetting and messing yet and part of her still enjoyed sex with him, but that was a very small part. The drugs had never taken a very strong hold on her so she had fought them at first until Minister Haro approached her and offered her a chance at legal revenge. Minister Haro had a son who had been born a little and she had gotten to know him as they met almost daily. Just another month and she would be smiling as Minister Jaro was arrested along with his entire network of spies and other sleazy contacts. After that the only one to change her diapers would be Minister Haro’s son. After all she smiled to herself, he helped put the baby in her a month ago. Minister Haro was happy as could be for his son and agreed to let the two of them get married once the operation was done. Minister Jaro had no clue how his empire was about to come toppling down on him like a bad construction project. She looked forward to seeing him in a diaper and not having a choice about it. Every one of his littles he kept in his private nursery would be deprogrammed and slowly integrated back into society. It almost made her laugh as she removed her diaper and began to clean up. The mess was not bad as she had not been forced to mash it around and pleasure herself this time. Still, it was going to take a good amount of wipes. SILVER I was still not sure why I was trusting Martha, but so far she had not steered me wrong or attempted to do more than help me stay one step ahead of those looking for me. We got ready to leave again since this place was a trap when the front door was kicked open. Martha screamed and dived for the floor as the man sprayed the room with a machine pistol. Martha really was not much help in a firefight it seems. I blasted the man with a lightning bolt and heard Martha scream as another man came at us from the back of the house. I spun in time to see Martha put three rounds into his chest where his heart was. The man was dead before his body hit the floor. Another man came in with a shotgun so I took the liberty of dispatching him when he was stupid enough to ignore me. My spurs sliced his left leg off at just below the knee as Martha rolled and shot the last one trying to get a shot lined up on me. His head exploded into a red mist and just that fast it was over. Martha was shaking badly and it took me a minute to get her calmed down. Each one of them had the same tattoo on their left shoulder. “They work for a major drug lord. He must have sent them after us for taking his shipment before his men could pick it up! They don’t want to adopt you, they want to kill me and then you as well! We need to get out of here before they send someone to see why their men have not reported the job done! I grabbed all the money they had on them and added it to what I had. “Grab their guns and bring them with us. Even if we don’t need them we can resell them for some quick cash later!” Martha grabbed my diapers and changing supplies then their guns as we left the house. I turned around and tossed a fireball into the house to cover our tracks and make it harder for them to find us. Using my sword I slashed the tires on each of their giant cars to insure they could not have anyone hidden come after us. Martha was rattled and it slowed us down a bit as we struck out across the fields towards the forested area that was perhaps three miles away. Martha picked me up and ran towards the woods with me when she saw a car pulling up to the smoking house. We made it to the woods as the sun sank below the horizon. “Set me down and watch my body a few minutes!” She let me down and as soon as I set down I went astral. The car had five people in it and it looked like they all had guns. I watched as they got out and investigated the other cars then briefly glanced inside before spreading out to try to find our trail. One of them must have spotted something as the others came to investigate. I was back in my body in an instant with Martha looking worried at my lack of movement. “They found our trail or something of interest to them. Five of them with guns. Which way to the nearest neighbor? We can steal a car and put some distance between us and them! Once in another city we can ditch the car and get a different one! MISTER X My contact was sounding just as shocked as me when he delivered his report to me. “The house is a total loss, sir. Both the lady and the little were not found among the bodies. I have no idea what the hell happened for sure sir, but as we were about to move in for possible capture some idiots with no brains and guns charged the place and opened fire. That little is damned scary sir! She hit one guy with some kind of electrical blast somehow and the second one she got was worse. She set him on fire and then cut the leg off the last one with a set of blades she had in her artificial arm! Her partner took out one with a pistol, possibly two. Hard to say with the chaos and my angle that I was watching from. They set the house on fire before leaving then ran off into the forest as someone else came to investigate with more help. I left at that point sir to avoid possible detection. It looked like the Borland drug cartel but no way to know for sure. They lost a rather large shipment of pure and uncut drugs about a week ago and that elf little was involved in that somehow. I suspect this was an attempt at payback for the loss. Regardless, we have lost her for now sir.” I was not happy but the man did the right thing. “I’m frustrated but you are not at fault for this. Have everyone keep their eyes open for that pair. Is everything set up and waiting for Raven still?” “Yes sir. We have the house rigged to trap her and knock her out in such a way as she will only suffer a headache at the worst. Fake nursery and sound effects set up for when she gets inside the house. Everything is set up to lure her to the nursery where the door will shut behind her and trap her. The window is six inches thick impact resistant glass. The whole room is airtight when the door shuts. After it shuts then all the air is pumped out until there is not enough left to breathe and she passes out. Once she passes out we let the air back in and retrieve her. So far she is following all the clues perfectly with no deviation form the planned course. We also caught that little that escaped from his nursery last week and have returned him for the reward as you instructed. You should see the diapers she put him in this time! He has to crawl they are so thick! She gave him a double dose of the incontinence serum as well while we got to watch! He wet and messed himself seconds later! Also as a way of saying thanks she has a line on a possible buyer who has taken an interest in Mrs. White after she is shrunken. She wants to break her herself and is willing to pay heavily to do that! The last shipment of littles from the tourist group that came through the gate are being adopted out right now to the highest bidders. One lady bought the boy and his girlfriend then diapered them both on the spot before taking them. All the paperwork was filed to look like they had all run a way and had been caught trying to sneak through a gate as tourists. The little that was guiding them is enjoying his bonus as well and is currently lining up another group from another gate for us. He says he should have them all sorted out and the best looking ones coming through in about two months.” I was happy to hear that at least the rest of the operations were going smoothly and bringing in the money we needed to eventually get minister Jaro into the leadership position and then hopefully we could keep everything together and raid the islands in another five or six years. We will of course take the best ones for ourselves and should make enough money to retire for life form the sales. It is long overdue and if the government idiots had not been so cowardly we could have had them all in diapers and nurseries by now. All littles should be in diapers and nurseries and only let out to breed more littles to adopt. I and my boss were working hard towards that goal. Once we have Raven we can get all the information out of her about the Hellcats and weaken them as well in preparation for putting all of those babies into diapers and nurseries of those willing to pay for them. I had other plans in the works in case Raven escaped and with those set to go she would have nowhere to go but straight into diapers and then into the nursery that was set up and awaiting her. My next problem was explaining to the minister that his prize had escaped the trap again. This time it was not the fault of my men. Damned drug dealers should all be rounded up and summarily shot then their bodies fed to the sharks! All those using that garbage should be turned into littles and adopted out into nurseries and thick diapers for life as they obviously can’t take care of themselves. This was not a call I was looking forward to making. He was not going to be happy. I sighed as I picked up the secure phone and started dialing his number. END PART FIVE That''s all I have written for the moment. The big questions are who is going to find silver next? The drug dealers or the sinister mister x? What is going to happen to Raven? Will she fall for the trap and end up in diapers and a nursery a sex toy slash baby? Will the minister get sloppy and get caught? Will the little spy in his employ help turn the tables on him? Guess we'll have to wait for the next chapter to get some more questions answered. All comments and questions are welcomed and if you want to, you can also send me the correct lottery numbers in advance. lol. I will start working on the next chapter either tonight or tomorrow. Have a heart acting up on me so no energy. having a bad heart sucks! Have a few other stories to work on as well that are not related to this site but are finally coming along nicely. Kilandra. a fantasy story about an avian healer. Amber Silvermane, A story a about a college girl who is a dire werewolf. Jolt. A story about a runaway girl who can create massive bolts of lightning and is being hunted down by the govt. so as you can see, lots to do. lol. Again, thank you for reading this and I look forward to any feedback you have.
  9. I demand more chapters! I want five chapters per day and I want them now! lol. Seriously though, great story! I predict diapers and for a certain little and it will be interesting to see her try to escape the hole she dug for herself. Going to be hard to run when your diaper is so thick you have to waddle or even crawl! Even if she makes it home I see her new mommy using every trick in the book to keep her in diapers and in a nice new nursery. Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Thank you for a very interesting story!
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    Sorry for the delay in posting this. Been busy fighting my bad luck the last few days. Lost my full suspension mountain bike when the frame broke in such a way that it is too expensive to repair. $2000.00 to replace the swing arm. bike is only worth 1900.00 so It's dead. Screwed up my back and shoulders helping my niece move then my other laptop crashed and had to be fixed. To make things more fun, my cell phone quit working and had to be replaced as well. The fun never ends it seems. lol. Oh well, new bike on the way and phone replaced already. Almost done with chapter five . About two more pages to go. At any rate folks, thank you for waiting so patiently. As a reward, here is the next chapter. PART FOUR SILVER I waited until I was nearly a full mile away from the hospital before turning visible again in some alley where I would not be seen. A lot of these giants seemed to have infants with them and not a single one of them looked like they had ever had to go hungry or work hard for their food a single day in their lives. This place was cleaner than my old neighborhood on even the best days. Not a single orc, troll, elf, or dwarf were anywhere to be seen. No sirens and no heavy air pollution. No sounds of gunfire or wailing sirens of docwagons screaming off to rescue someone. My stomach growled to remind me that my last meal had been somewhere else and a long time ago as well. Watching discretely from a distance I saw a few folks stop and buy food from street vendors. I smiled as a plan came to mind on how to get some of that food for myself without having to pay for it either. These people were like sheep just waiting to be fleeced. One thing that bothered me was that there were very few individuals my height unless you counted those being carried or in strollers. I stepped out of the alley and walked straight towards the street vendor, casting as I walked. The man was caught by my spell and would only do what I told him to do. Give me one dog and all the money you have ,then go tell that girl you keep staring at that you think she’s pretty.” The man smiled as he gave me one giant hot dog and all the money he had before walking off to talk to some girl he had been string at since I’d been watching him. The hot dog was not bad and a quick spell to purge it of any unwanted toxins made it safe to eat. A number of giant women watched me as I walked away from the hot dog vendor. Most of them only stared but a few had a sort of crazed look in their faces as they watched me. It made me nervous so with that in mind I quickly made my way out of the area only to be stopped short as a giant lady came up and grabbed me. “Where’s your mommy at?” It surprised me to hear her speaking English instead of broken elvish so it took a moment to reply. “My parents are both dead, and by my own hand at that!” “Is that so? So where do you live at now, honey?” “Wherever I damned well please! Now remove your hand or I remove it for you!” “I’m just trying to help you is all. You don’t want to end up getting lost or hurt do you?” “Lady, I know more about pain than you ever will so remove you fragging hand from my arm or lose it!” “How rude! You need a spanking and then a nap!” I grabbed her hand and crushed it in my grip. She dropped to her knees in pain while staring at me in shock and horror. Her hand would recover in a few hours as I only put enough pressure on it to drop her to her knees. “I am not needing a nap or a spanking! The next time you try that you will lose your hand!” To make my point perfectly clear to her I popped the spurs in my left hand and let her see them up close. “As you can see, I do not require your assistance but you will need a Docwagon if you pursue me without my consent. Goodbye, chummer.” The lady took a few minutes to get back to her feet while staring at me as I quietly walked down the street. A fair number of giants watched me but not a single one of them attempted to grab me. Whatever place this was, people were very much bigger than me and all insane! Twice I saw some giant grab someone a little shorter than me and carry them off. Four times I saw a person my size get grabbed , stripped and diapered while others just stood and watched. What the hell was wrong with these people?” Perhaps an hour later I finally stopped at a park to take a break and to try to find someplace to get a drink of water from. One giant lady came marching straight towards me with a diaper in hand and a stupid look on her face that I had come to realize by now meant trouble for me. I kept walking and pulled my sword and made ready to cut the lady off at the knees if need be. It surprised me when she did not try to grab me and merely slowed down to walk next to me. “The restrooms are in that small building over to your right. You’re leaking and several others have been watching you so I figured I better come to your side before you had to hurt the fools. Here you go.” She handed me a diaper without even trying to touch me. “I did not see anyplace you might have a spare with you. If any of the others see you leaking without a spare it’s a one way trip to a nursery and a lifetime of being a baby. I’m going to guess you’re from another dimension from the way you look and act.” “Yes, and if you try to do anything to me I will remove your head from your shoulders without hesitation.” “I do not doubt that for a moment, so if you come with me to the restrooms I can guard the entrance while you change.” “I do not need a diaper! I need to find a place to get some normal panties and get rid of this damned diaper!” “You say you do not need a diaper yet here you are wearing a wet diaper that is soaked to the point of leaking.” I took the diaper and walked off into the restroom with her following me. Another giant lady was inside and started to reach for me as she saw me coming in with a diaper in hand. “Touch me and you lose your hand!” The lady gave me an exasperated look. “You need to be changed honey! You have a fresh diaper so just let me change you real quick and then we can be on our way.” She reached down for me and my sword flashed up to stop with the point just barely in front of her outstretched hand. “I would not test her if I were you! She’s from off world and where she comes from it is perfectly normal for her to kill anyone touching her without her permission! She had a long hike to find a restroom to change and no one else in any of the stores would let her use a restroom unassisted so she was forced to wet until she leaked and finally made it here to change! I’m here as a bodyguard to make sure you and others do not get yourselves hurt or killed for trying to take her.” The lady tried to grab me one more time as she passed by me and found herself on the floor screaming in pain with her left hand separated from her arm at the wrist. I cast a healing spell on her to stop the bleeding then used a second spell to knock her out. The lady that had tried to warn her merely looked at the lady and frowned at her. “Go get changed then we can get you somewhere safe before someone finds this idiot and raises an alarm!” I dropped my jeans and tore the wet diaper off easily then had to have help to get the new diaper on the right way. It was loose and crooked so the lady stepped in and adjusted it fairly quickly and then threw the used diaper away in the trash before washing her hands and waiting for me to get my jeans back up and fastened. With a little reluctance I thanked the lady for her help. “Thank you for helping me. Before getting pulled to here I’ve not worn a diaper since I was two years old.” “I’m happy to help now let’s get you out of here before anymore idiots come calling. Forget about panties too. They don’t sell any in your size on this town. I’ve been looking for you since you escaped the island! There are those here that want you for sexual purposes as well as to be a sort of baby for them! I’m working for a little known as Hellion and our interests are the same when it comes to you. We want to get you somewhere safe and then back home again if we can!” MINISTER JARO Minister Jaro sighed in relief as the inbetweener girl he finished having his entertainment with was diapered again and led back to his private nursery where he had five other very attractive inbetweeners and seven littles in diapers and cribs ready for when the mood hit him for some pleasure with one of them. The robotic nursery was well concealed and shielded from all scans and not on any diagrams or blueprints anywhere. He picked up his secure phone and called his newest contact. “Any news?” “She’s here in the city, sir. She has struck a couple of times and was in the hospital as you know. Found more of her work in a park restroom. She cut off some lady’s hand, healed the wound and left her laying on the floor out cold before leaving with another giant lady who had just changed her diaper for her according to witnesses. No clue who the lady she left with was just yet but I am tracing her down as we speak. No hits on facial recognition but I have other sources and they too are looking. They’ve only been told that she kidnapped a little from an adoption agency. They need not know the truth and it works better for us this way, sir.” Minister Jaro sighed with relief. “I also sent word out to the Hellcats through a contact that the little was spotted. Hellion is coming to the mainland in person and walking right into a trap. If all goes well we should have Hellion in your nursery within three days, sir.” “If you get her within that time I will let you have that cute inbetweener you like so well, as a bonus! She’s very compliant now and does not even cry during intercourse anymore! She does what she’s told and only cries when she needs a fresh diaper! You did an excellent job of training her!” “Thank you sir! I’ll let you know by next contact how everything is progressing!” The minister hung up and smiled. To the little in the room watching it seemed like the temperature had just dropped a good 30 degrees. RAVEN Raven was just finishing her unit reports the net day when her contacts alerted her that the little she wanted had been found and needed assistance discretely. Raven scanned all the details of the report her contact sent her and frowned. She hated things that went this bad so soon but the little needed help and Luke would not forgive her if she did not help. She thought of Luke and wished she had time to go see him but he was on active duty for another three weeks yet with his unit and when they last talked he admitted that a few of them showed real promise of being more than just normal infantry. “Sergeant, who comes on duty next after I head out tomorrow on leave?” “Captain Reynolds. He takes over the company for the next six months while you go off and pretend to be a polite civilian running a company, ma’am. Raven smiled. “I’m always nice! Just ask Mrs. White! She can testify to that! I have to attend the shrinking and adoption of Mrs. White, then I have a private matter to see to concerning another little brought here and adopted against her will. I should be back before my husband returns. I left a packet of information in my locker for him in case he gets back before I do.” Raven went to her quarters and packed what she felt she would need just to get her to the island where her parents had their lab facility. After that she would stay the night there and bring her parents up to date on things before taking off to rescue a little who had been illegally brought to this dimension and then adopted by force. The minister of science was allegedly still searching for the little but Raven suspected he already knew where she was and was in the process of arranging a kidnapping of the little for himself. MR X The man working for the minister smiled and took great care in dealing with his own contacts. In the last six weeks he had found four littles who had run away and had taken bribes from them to not turn them in and in one case even let the little tell him about a few other littles also in hiding to avoid being sent back to a nursery. The last little was barely a little and was cute. He turned in all the others for a large reward on each one then had his way with the last little before diapering her himself and sending her back to the nursery she had escaped from a year ago. The littles in hiding he had rounded up and examined with two sent off to the private nursery of the minister of science. The rest were sold off to the highest bidder after being diapered and gagged. They were all good looking and fetched a nice bit of money for him. It made no difference to him that the littles were not babies and did not need help to do anything. To him it was just business, a very profitable business. Mr. X, as he called himself was only two inches shy of seven feet tall but was still considered an inbetweener. He knew all about the life a little in a nursery as he had been stuck in one years ago when he had gotten poisoned by a little desperate to stay free. He was diapered and treated like a baby for almost a month before breaking free and murdering his captor. He found the little that poisoned him and had her adopted and signed up to a breeding program. His revenge was complete when he heard she was pregnant. The business of kidnapping and selling littles off was very profitable and Raven Par was desired by many very wealthy and very shady individuals. So far, the minister was paying the most to have her in his private nursery. The business gave him great pleasure as he had hated littles since he had been poisoned by one all those years ago. Very wealthy people hired him to find very specific types of littles for them and he had never failed to deliver. The two littles he was now hunting were very dangerous and getting them was going to be tricky. The new one, if reports were right, was actually an elf and the other one was the word famous Raven Par who owned an equal share of On Par Industries and had not only created the current computer operating system but had personally destroyed Whitestone Industries. He was told that top credit would be paid for her retrieval and then breaking and diaper training. The amount was staggering and he would never have to work again if he succeeded where so many others had failed. To lure the soldier little in was going be tough as she was paranoid and trusted very few others. She had risen through the ranks of the Hellcats by constant thinking outside the normal patterns of thinking. She was trained to be a ghost that could vanish with no warning and to surface later and strike again wherever one was vulnerable. She had proven this when she took down Whitestone Industries five years ago and then bought out most of their facilities and rehired most everyone. Raven was very popular with everyone working for On Par Industries and very few ever tried to kidnap her, but when they did it almost always ended with bloodshed and at least one heavily wounded person. Last year three women had tried to grab and restrain her while a fourth tried to inject her with a serum to make her incontinent so they could adopt her. Two of the women died in the ensuing scuffle, one lost a hand while the fourth ended up with the serum injected into her. The lady wet and messed herself and it took almost two months to get a cure for the injection and return the lady to normal. His research into Raven surprised him. She was genetically engineered to be superior to everyone else in all aspects. Her parents were geniuses in that aspect and there were rumors of her supposedly having a hyper advanced computer installed in her head as well but that was likely a wild fantasy. There was no way anything that advanced could exist. For now he had several people to get information to so that it could be leaked back to Raven and thus lead her into his trap and then into a thick diaper and a nursery. The elf was going to present very difficult challenges as she too trusted no one. She had spent her life so far as a criminal. He read over her file and frowned. The girl was very cute and would look great in a diaper was true, but so far she had killed anyone trying to take her by force. Both arms, both legs, both eyes, and her spine had been lost in an explosion and were replaced with artificial limbs. Unlike the ones a person could get here, hers were far more advanced by at least 75 years. To top it off, she had the ability to manipulate energy of some type to make it do what she wanted. A video showed her creating blasts of fire, sending bolts of electrical energy at others, hypnotizing them and using it to bend visible light around herself so as to look like she had vanished completely. Of the two, the elf was the hardest to go after as she had disappeared out of a public park with some other lady and not been seen since. No more bodies had shown up and his last contact had reported that the lady was part of some underground movement to end adopting littles against their will. He shook his head. “Another crazy lunatic” he thought to himself as he began sending out information to specific individuals in order to spring the trap for Raven. RAVEN Raven reached the mainland in the very early morning hours and smiled as she stepped off the ferry in her dress uniform of a Hellcat. After the video of her being interviewed after the last set of combat exercises had gone viral, most everyone recognized her on sight and stayed out of her way. They had seen her in action alongside her husband and there was no room left for doubt that she was every inch a lethal fighting machine more than capable of taking care of herself. In the last two years the Hellcats had been filmed in action as part of a public relations and Raven had been caught on video three times during an all out assault on another terrorist group that the giants were unable to kill off. Raven had forgotten about the cameras when she and Luke stormed an enemy position and cleared it out by themselves then proceeded to clear a path for the rest of the small platoon she was leading to overrun the enemy base and within three hours, destroy it completely. She’d been shot up badly and a camera crew caught her actual face on video as medics worked to save her life. Since then she had become the public spokesperson for the Hellcats. Raven yawned as she finally stopped at motel where she had a reservation for the week. The desk clerk looked up as she walked in yawning. “Raven! Good to see you again!” Raven hugged the giant and allowed him to escort her to a room. “Did you see the new sign I put up?” “I missed it I’m sorry to say. Been a long deployment.” He smiled. “I saw that on the news feed! Nasty operation you got sent on! New sign says diapers NOT required! I’ve lost a few customers thanks to that sign but if they don’t like it then too bad!” Raven laughed as he opened a door for her. “About damned time you replaced the old sign with a better one!” “I thought so too. But of you still want to wear one I wont stop you!” Sitting on a table was a diaper big enough to fit a giant. Raven laughed about it and asked John if perhaps he wanted her and Luke to adopt him instead of him adopting them.” After they quit laughing they hugged once more and he left Raven so she could sleep a while. SILVER The lady was named Martha and was a part of an underground movement to help free trapped littles and get them to safety. Why I trusted her when normally I trust no one until I know them I don’t know. She never tried to do anything stupid and twice more once we left the park she prevented me from having to hurt other giant idiots who wanted me as a baby despite the fact that I was not an infant. Martha had a place not far from the park that she invited me to. The place was huge but perfectly suited for her or anyone her size. There was no nursery but she did have a couple of bags of diapers in my size and a few other sizes as well. This was the closest she came to having a nursery or anything to make a smaller person feel like a baby. From what I found out, she is one of the few who do not feel all littles need to be in diapers and nurseries for life. “You hungry? I have some steak and some soup if you are. No beer left, sorry. Finished the last of it yesterday.” “I could use something to eat and something to drink as long as it’s safe.” She warmed up some steak and then brought me this world’s equivalent of soda. I cast a quick spell on the food and the soda to ensure there were no toxins that could hurt me. Martha was highly intrigued to see me casting spells. “What was that you just did?” “I used a couple of spells to neutralize any and all toxins in the food. I’ve had a few people try to get back at me by poison and even one fixer tried that trick once to kill me.” I never trust food until after I use magic on it. It is safe for me to eat without worry. Anything intentionally or unintentionally put into the food is gone now.” I yawned as I ate the food. It was good and left me feeling tired, but it had been a long day so far. Martha laughed as my diaper needed changing again. She changed me without teasing me or attempting to treat me like an infant. “The water and most of the food here is unsafe for littles to eat or drink. Never ever accept breast milk from a giant as it will ruin your bladder and bowel control. You drink enough and you will have to wear a diaper as it will ruin your control and then you will have to work hard to get it back. So what happened to you that they had to go to such extreme lengths to put you back together again?” My bike was rigged with a bomb as a form of revenge. I was getting ready to cross into the elven nation when it went off and almost killed me.” She listened as I told her my story about my life. She was easy to talk to and was very careful about answering calls or the door without checking first. Twice her house phone rang and she frowned when she checked the caller ID. “Not sure who it is calling since they have their number blocked from being seen. They can can unblock themselves if they want to talk to me that badly.” Martha grabbed a duffel bag that would be just the right size for me and stuck wipes and half a bag of diapers in it than handed it to me. “That bag has enough diapers to last a few days and wipes as well. I have a bad feeling something is going on and I never dismiss my bad feelings quickly. She grabbed a large backpack and put a number of what looked to be ration packs into it then followed it up with a couple of bottles of water. Martha was well prepared for a quick getaway and within ten minutes we were gone from the apartment. She drove a giant van that looked like it had seen better days with a number of rust spots and a slightly noisy muffler. There was almost no one on the road when we left but despite being in a hurry she drove at the speed limit and obeyed all the rules of the road. “I do not need to draw attention by getting pulled over so I give them no reason to do so. No doubt they have figured out that we left in this van by now and are going to start looking for it but that is where the car wash comes in handy for about 15 minutes. I used to read spy novels and watch old spy movies so I have a few little tricks they wont expect that will make finding us very tough for them.” She smiled as we pulled into a car wash with the van and then parked in one of the wash bays. “Stay in the van and out of sight just in case someone looks. If they do not see a little then in this neighborhood they don’t care.” She used a pressure hose to wash off the van and the paint color changed from dirty white to bright blue. After that she changed the license plates and then flipped a switch on the dashboard that closed the exhaust bypass that made the van seem like it had a hole in the muffler. After that she put on some magnetic decals on the side of the van declaring it to be a van from a company specializing in auto body work. I looked at the sides of the van after we left and smiled. “Nice tricks. That would not work where I come from though. They’d never call ahead and give themselves away. Whoever is after you are not being very smart about it.” “I know and that’s what bothers me. We will be dumping this van in a bit and getting different vehicle that will not likely have a tracker device on it. We will trade with a friend who will take this van for a fun afternoon of sightseeing all over the city while we head for another safe house.” “How long do we have until we trade off?” “About five minutes. After that when we get into the next car you can get some sleep. I know you are not saying anything but I can see you fighting sleep.” “Magic use and being on the run do that to me. I’ll be alright once I can get some sleep and maybe some more food in me.” We met her friend and traded vehicles a few minutes later. The van vanished a few blocks later as it turned a corner. We were now driving a giant sports car and once more, Martha broke no traffic laws. Five times we were passed by the police but they never even looked twice at us as we drove out of the city. Somewhere along the way the stimulants I had been on and the lack of sleep coupled with spell drain caught up to me big time and I passed out. I woke up later as we were pulling into a garage of a large house. Martha looked over at me and smiled. “We’re here! My favorite safe house! I have only used this place once before so only you and I know about it! Let’s go in and get some down time.” She parked and then I noticed that the diaper I was wearing was wet again. What the frag was causing that? Damn I hate this world! Martha noticed the large bulge around my waist from the diaper and merely smiled as we walked inside. MR. X My contacts had flushed the lady from her apartment and sure enough, the elf little was with her. The tail followed her to the car wash and watched as she did some sneaky tricks with the van. Smart woman but not that smart. Switching vehicles was a good idea though. The driver of the van led someone else on a nice drive through the city until the van stopped at a parking garage where it was reported as being on fire 10 minutes later. Never caught the driver but that was not a problem for me. Someone else would catch her later and then I could interrogate her before getting rid of her or recruiting her. Most of the rest of the day was business as usual for me. I made sure a van load of littles were taken to the auction and collected my cut of the profits for their adoption. Another 200,000 credits into my hidden bank account. All 20 had been taken from one of the islands and would now vanish into nurseries of high paying clients who did not care what the law was about forcefully adopting a little. They’re all just babies anyways sp why fight it? Another report came in and Raven was on course and each passing moment brought her closer to a fresh diaper and a bottle then a nursery for life. She was the easy one to grab compared to the elf little. That one was very dangerous and had to be handled very carefully. Minister Jaro did not want her hurt and wanted to personally oversee breaking her and then making her his newest baby slash sex toy in his well stocked nursery. If the pervert was not paying me so much I would be tempted to turn him in anonymously. I read the file on both littles one more time just to be safe and compared it with what my informants had seen and found out. So far, both files were 100% correct for once. I will be glad when this run is finished and I can collect my pay and the bonus of that cute inbetweener I have had my eye on for a while now. I knew her from my old high school days when she was often mistaken for a little and forced into a diaper. She still looked good in diapers. MINISTER JARO My primary agent called in on the secure satellite phone line to hopefully give me good news. The news was most welcomed. The trap for that little playing soldier was set and she was walking right into it, completely unaware she was on her way to wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle. Once she was in his nursery then the elf little would be joining her soon as well. Once both of them were in his grasp then it would be time to take Mr and Mrs Par next and put them back in a nursery as well. With all three of the Par family in his nursery he would force them to sign over everything to him and he would finally have this complete family of littles under his control. Their money would be transferred to numerous banks around the globe and the trail so muddied that no one would know where their money went. The inventions would be useful to him as well. With their genetic engineering knowledge he could create littles tailored to a client’s desires. The elf would be especially popular with his clients. Things were going perfectly for him. He had transferred money into numerous accounts and was getting laws changed to make it more difficult for littles to remain free. Littles had to submit to pants checks to make sure they were taking care of themselves correctly. Any stains were grounds to adopt the little on the spot as they obviously could not take care of such a simple function so needed to be taken care of. He had already made it illegal to sell undergarments other than diapers to littles. No store in the city sold underwear of any kind for littles. They sold numerous diaper designs for littles instead. Toilets in public buildings had the stalls for littles only had their toilet paper rolls changed once per week and no more. Often the stall doors to these toilets would not open and thus the little would end up soiling themselves and soon after would be in a nice thick diaper and on their way to a nursery. Even the number of jobs for littles was becoming more limited as a new law had made it so that giants had priority for jobs over littles and even inbetweeners. Any inbetweener not at least seven feet tall could be inspected and diapered as well but they had a chance to redeem themselves by undergoing a few easy toileting tests whereas littles were immediately diapered and ushered to a nursery for almost anything. Any little found to be unemployed for longer than a week could be adopted as well since they needed someone to care for them. One store hired littles as models for their products. This store sold every design of diaper out on the market for littles. They sold only products aimed at making littles into toddlers ready for adoption. The littles working there received a bonus for working at the store. They had their choice of diapers for free. Each week a little working there was given a free bag of diapers to wear. All littles working at the store were required to wear diapers and to use them. Customers could see how well a specific brand of diapers worked and could even change a messy or wet little and if they had the correct phrase words they could arrange for that little to end up being adopted by them for a certain price. The turnover of littles was high but no giant ever paid attention to a specific little unless it was one they wanted to adopt. The next new law he was preparing to get passed would make it illegal for any little to not wear a diaper while on the mainland and to ban the sale of any undergarments that were not diapers or pull ups for littles. Failure to comply with any law could see a little taken and adopted as they obviously did not know right from wrong and needed to be cared for. By the time the year ended forces would be moving to go and take over all the islands and remove all littles from them and put them all into nurseries. Some would join his private collection of littles but most would simply be adopted within days. Inbetweeners would soon lose all voting rights as well and would be forced into jobs where they were diapered as well and helping to take care of littles. The better looking inbetweeners would work as pleasure workers and it would be illegal for them to deny a giant any request for intimate time as that was their sole purpose in that job. Things were looking up and soon all the other ministers would be under his control as well. Soon he would have a perfect world where littles and inbetweeners were put into their correct places. The islands would be used as giant nurseries and breeding stations for littles. Minister Jaro smiled as he finished changing the diaper on an inbetweener that was just an inch short of being seven feet tall. She was anew acquisition and still cried when forced to serve his needs, but soon she would grow to welcome his touch as they all did after being reprogrammed. Just a few more weeks and everything would fall into place nicely for him. END PART FOUR That's all for chapter four folks. All comments and questions are welcomed. I do not condone human trafficking or sexual assault! The minister in this story and those working for him are the type of people who have no care for anyone but themselves. They are intentionally written this way but this in now way shape or form changes how I feel about the subjects. The next chapter should be done in a day or two baring complications and then I will proof read it and post it. gotta check for spilliing errirs you kno! lol. thank you for reading this story so far.
  11. widowmaker


    There was a plasma bomb set to detonate with a power equal to a one megaton nuclear device. And now folks, here is part three for you to read. PART THREE SILVER The trip to the mainland took me all day and half the night. I was tired and needed sleep in the worst fragging way but until I found some place to safely hide there was going to be no sleep. I popped another stim’ pill and knew that eventually all the stimulants in the world would not help keep me going and that the first spell I cast would knock me out. I had to find shelter and then find food and water. Worst of all, I had to avoid everyone until I knew what the score was with this place. I looked at the small boat and made my decision. I started it up again and sent it back out to sea in a random direction. That should throw off anyone trying to sniff out my trail. It would not go too far, but by the time they figured out where I had come ashore at it would keep them off my trail long enough for me to vanish. I checked my gun and frowned when I found only 90 rounds left for it. That was another thing I would need. Thankfully they had not taken my katana. At least it did not need ammo and would not get dull. Wandering along the beach for almost the remainder of the night found nothing to use for cover until barely before daybreak I found a bridge leading off the mainland to somewhere else out in the ocean. They had done a good job of fencing it off nicely to prevent anyone from getting under it and hiding from aircraft looking for them. I popped my spurs out and with a one quick swipe the fence parted where the fasteners holding it to a pole were cut in half. How I wished for my gear I left behind at home. A pencil sized cutting and welding torch would come in handy right now. With a little work I climbed over the fence that was falling down then refastened it to look like it was still intact and upright without tampering. There was nothing down here that was unexpected. A few rats fled when used my katana to kill about half a dozen of them. The rest got the message real fast after seeing their kin cut in half. I found a nice little spot about two meters up off the ground with enough room to lay quietly and get some sleep while not having to worry about the tides soaking me and perhaps drowning me. I holstered my gun and made sure my katana was not going to fall into the sand below before going to sleep. Anyone trying to get me out of here was going to play hell doing it and that was why this was a perfect emergency hiding place. MINISTER JARO Drones flew over the boat as it drifted on the ocean currents with no occupants. Minister Jarl frowned. “Any signs of where that little went to after leaving the island?” His secretary looked up from the her computer terminal. “She had to have come to the mainland then sent the boat back out in a random direction to throw us off. It had enough fuel to reach the mainland and a little extra with the currents the way they were yesterday. I’ll have some men make some discreet sweeps of the beaches to see if they can find any sign of her.” Minister Jaro sighed as she placed a few careful phone calls then walked over and got down on her knees in front of him “You are far too stressed, sir.” She undid the belt and buttons then zipper on his slacks. Within moments she had him in her mouth and was working her best magic on him. She was barely over the minimum height requirement to be an inbetweener but he still kept her in diapers in case anyone checked and decided she was a little after all. He only hired her at first because she was good with her mouth and knew how to keep secrets. After two years she had proven she was very valuable with her contacts and willingness to do what he wanted in and out of bed. “Why the hell couldn’t those stupid fools have waited another week to open the gate? I told them to wait until I had everything in place to keep anyone from snooping around. I almost had that damned snitch but they got impatient and now they have ruined everything!” Jaro grabbed the secretary and threw her to the floor, tore her diaper off and pulled her up on all fours before entering her and forcing himself on her as he had many times before. RAVEN Hellion frowned as her contacts reported having spotted the boat leaving the beach of the mainland. “I have some other interesting information as well about our dear minister Jaro. He has a secretary that is barely big enough to be an inbetweener. My sources tell me he keeps her diapered except when he uses her for his own desires. She’s been arrested twice for solicitation and once for theft before the minister took a personal interest in her and made her his secretary.” “Damned sick old man! He has damned weird tastes in sexual partners! Anything we can prove yet?” “Other than his wanting you for the same thing he has his current sex toy for? No. It took some time to find this out. He’s very damned careful except where it concerns you and a few others. If he gets his slimy claws on that elf girl he’ll diaper her and keep her hidden from the world as he uses her for his personal sex toy while trying to figure out how her cybernetic body parts work.” “Thank you, Helen. Now if we could just prove he is the one running the illegal gates and importing so many outsiders and enslaving them as littles after he uses them for his own sick tastes. Keep digging on all of them and see what you can find out. They will have all their crimes buried deep and well hidden from the public. I don’t have the time to do this myself or I would gladly drag out every one of their dirty little secrets and show them to the whole world to get them to change their damned stupid laws about us.” Helen smiled and hugged Raven. “I think you need to relax some more Lieutenant. Sure I can’t get you to join me and my partner for some fun?” Raven laughed. “You never give up do you? I’m happily married and I love Luke. I’m also straight and prefer Luke to anyone else. Now go get your diaper changed before I let corporal Breaker have you for a few hours.” “I will be glad when I no longer have to wear these cheap diapers as part of my cover. These damned things leak after a few uses.” “Just hang tough another month or two and we should be able to pull you out of there and get you back to your partner and back into the thicker diapers you love for some insane reason.” Helen sighed. “Spinal injury. No choice but to wear a diaper since they wont let littles get any kind of surgery that renders us able to control when we wet or mess. They want us all as babies and breeders to make more babies for them. If we can get enough dirty secrets and proof then we can force law changes and I can get my spine fixed!” The lady walked out of the tent after leaving a folder of pictures and several more pages of information as well as the links to the information. The only minister of science in favor of changing the laws had secretly been funding several underground groups that helped to rescue and free littles illegally adopted against their will. Minister Haron had helped to make sure Mrs White was sentenced to a shrinking and then, schooling and eventual adoption. SILVER I woke up to the sounds of someone pulling the fence loose. “This is Charles. I’m at the bridge to the island park. Someone has tampered with fence. I would like to have an additional unit brought down to help look through this, otherwise it will take all day with so many hiding places to look into.” I frowned and was tempted to shoot him in frustration but that would only bring more attention down on me. With no desire to be caught I quietly slid out of my hiding place and into the shadows as the giant man shined a light into the other shadowy areas from outside the fence. It was too risky to put him to sleep or to try slipping past him invisibly until the man had a partner on the inside of the fence with him. Once inside the fence I could put them both to sleep and vanish with no one being any the wiser. Within about 15 minutes two more people joined the man. Both were giants but women instead of men. “Hey Charles. What’s up?” Someone got through the fence and then rigged it back up to look like it had not been tampered with. Think we have someone trying to use this as a drop off for drugs again. It’s overdue with the last one being about six months ago. I bet we find a good sized stash waiting for someone to come pick it up.” The ladies sighed and seemed to agree with him. One of the ladies noticed one of my prints in the soft sand that had been missed by the rising and falling of the tide. “Take a look at the print! We have a runaway little I bet! Probably carrying a good sized pack to make a print this deep in the sand. Don’t call LPS just yet. We have to confirm it is a little first. I was hoping it would be a slow shift today too. I wanted to see the shrinking and diapering of that lady from White industries! Never fails. Oh well, let’s get started shall we?” I watched as they undid my handiwork and inspected it. “Whoever did this just sliced right through these clips with something super sharp. Never seen even a cutter make a cut that clean. Can’t use the drones though. Stupid new rules about maybe frightening a runaway little. We each take a section and check every spot to make sure nothing is here after all. I’m betting they dropped off the drugs and someone already made a pickup. That’s the way it was the last four bridges I investigated.” The three of them carefully pulled the fence down far enough to step over it then turned on their lights and began to carefully check out all the places where a person my size or smaller could have hidden. They had not reached my position as I carefully lowered myself down to the ground while still still in the shadows. The man was almost to my location while carefully checking every spot he could for anything out of place. He rounded the corner and I took full advantage of his surprise at seeing anyone. I hit him with a sleep spell and watched as he pitched forward into the sand out cold. The spell drain was not bad and the few hours of sleep had helped me big time. The other two continued to look around as I quietly took the huge flashlight and turned it off. One down and two to go. If there had not been a fence I would have simply turned invisible and slipped away unnoticed. Unfortunately moving the fence would draw their attention to me and that was not what I wanted. They were hampered in the dark and had to use lights but my cyber eyes had no such limitations as I kept them on thermographic in order to be able to see everything more clearly and not have to use a portable light source that would give me away. The two of them searched every place they could find until one of them called out. “Found a stash! Good sized one too!” The blond haired one was still keeping her light focused on the drugs she had found as the red haired one walked over to join her. “Charles, We found a stash! Call it in will you?” Drek! I hate it when this happens. I was about to fire off another set of sleep spells when two more giants came walking into sight with guns drawn. I saw one of them prepare to throw something that was likely a grenade and reacted instantly. I blasted the pair of idiots with a nasty fireball that filled the area they were in and roasted both of them. The grenade went off and shrapnel bounced off everything as both the women dived behind some cover just barely in time. My lined jacket took a good hit and more of it bounced off everything else leaving me with only a couple of minor shrapnel hits to my head. I used a quick spell to heal myself before it got to be a problem. The ladies shined their lights all over and spotted their friend out cold on the ground. I slipped away in the shadows past the two smoldering idiots and was about to climb the fence when a heavy thud to my back almost knocked me down. “No witnesses boys! Boss’s orders!” Another group of men with guns came in from the other side of the bridge and one of them had shot me in the back with a silenced pistol. My jacket had saved me again. I loved this jacket even more now. It must have been a hell of a surprise when I rolled to my feet spun and shot two of them in the head before they even realized what was happening. “It’s just a fucking baby! Get it!” I let loose with another spell and was rewarded when the idiots were standing too close to a metal beam were fried when my lightning bolt spell hit the metal they were braced against. They dropped to the ground dead and I ran for it. I had just reached the fence and was about to pop my spurs to cut the fence when the ladies managed a lucky shot to the neck with some type of sleepy dart. Fast acting stuff that knocked me out before I could cast a spell to neutralize the stuff. I sank to the ground and and blackness claimed me. Between the sleepy dart and the spell drain I was out like a switched off light. Marry! I can’t get Charles to wake up! Check the little and make sure she’s not hurt!” “Helen! We have a problem here!” “The dealers are dead! I’m calling the police and LPS. Call an ambulance as well!” Mary Rolled Charles onto his back and went to see what else had spooked Helen. She got to the little and was surprised to see the ears were not normal ears. Her entire face was a bit too angular for it to be normal. “Who the hell did this to her? She’s pretty, but why go to such extremes as to surgically alter her so much? See if she’s chipped? She likely ran away from someone and I can’t blame her for it after seeing what they did to her.” “Umm, Mary, she’s not even wearing a diaper but that’s not all! Look!” “What the hell is that stuff on her legs?” “It’s on her arms as well!” “Leave it for now! Let the doctors deal with it! I don’t want to risk hurting her! Poor little! The work on her was top notch but can you imagine the pain she had to endure as she healed? Oh good, here comes the police and LPS as well!” The dead bodies were sent to the morgue for autopsy as was normal. The police seized the drugs and credited the three of them with the discovery of the stash which would have netted a seller close to a billion credits on the street and kept a large chunk of the city supplied for months. Charles was taken to the hospital as they were unable to wake him up. The little was inspected carefully by paramedics under the supervision of LPS. LPS noted the work on the face of the little and agreed with the two ladies about how bad it had to have hurt when she was healing. They all wanted to hurt someone for doing this to the little. The ambulance crew put a diaper on the little under the supervision of the LPS officer so there could be no claims later that anyone had mishandled the little. The ambulance crew was worried about Charles as they could not wake him up from the artificially imposed deep sleep he was in. RAVEN The hellcats were pulling out and the gate system had been throughly destroyed so there was no chance of it being used again. The buildings were left intact in case some group wished to buy them and make use of them for some legal purpose. Raven knew of at least four companies that would be interested in the place due to it’s location. Warm waters and lovely beaches would make it a great resort location. The remoteness of the island would be perfect for safe disposal of certain hazardous compounds. The disposal company that had inquired about it wanted to know if a plasma incinerator could be installed safely so they could use it to destroy old nerve gas agents and biological weapons safely. All the data that was in the computers had been recovered and cleaned up as Raven kept everything efficiently moving along. Her contacts on the mainland and on other islands had not reported anything yet and the minister had kept bugging her every few hours for an update. “Sergeant Baines, is everyone loaded up and ready to leave?” “Yes lieutenant! Sensors are in place and working fully as well! Everyone is accounted for and right where they should be! All the other sergeants report ready to go!” “Good work. Let’s go home then. Our work here is done and this time no one needs medical so that’s a bonus in my book!” Minister Jaro sat in his office after having called all of his contacts and found no trace of the missing little. It was frustrating, but he had other work to attend to. He had 26 more littles he’d had kidnapped for their looks to get sent to reprogramming and then sold to the highest bidder. He had another ten he was sending to the breeding facility he had set up. They would spend the rest of their days as slaves to breed more littles he could sell off to the highest bidder. The little he had seen pulled through the portal also had some amazingly advanced cybernetic limbs, eyes, a spinal implant, and a sword coated with something that made it almost unbreakable plus, a gun that used caseless ammunition. That little was worth a fortune to him. Alive she would be his best pleasure slave yet. Dead, her cybernetic implants could be studied and reverse engineered to make him a fortune. All he had to do was find her and retrieve her before anyone else got their hands on her first. So where was she? The hospital received a call to be prepared to receive two patients. The first was an inspector that could not be revived and the second was a little that had been darted but was otherwise unharmed. The ambulance pulled in and the people sprang into action. The little surprised them as she had a gun in one hand a sword of some type in the other hand. The jacket she wore was lined with some type of ballistic armor which surprised them a bit. The doctor Sent Charles to an observation room and concentrated all his attention on the little. “We could not get a blood pressure or oxygen reading! She has some sort of chrome metal wrapped around all four limbs and her eyes appear to be artificial as well! She is breathing regularly and without labor and LPS confirms no rough handling by those at scene. She’s very heavy for a little though and it’s something more than just the lined jacket she has on!” The other paramedic chipped in as well. “We tried to relieve her of the gun and the small sword but could net get her to release her grip on them no matter how hard we tried. This little had us all confused from the start so we recorded every second of our interaction with her for your review in hopes it would help.” “Very good work and good thinking as well! LPS will have nothing to complain about this time! Send the footage to the usual place and we’ll certify nothing was done wrong!” The little was wheeled into a room where they tried numerous times to get her hands to unlock, with no success. “We can not get her to release her grip, doctor.” “Does X-ray show anything?” “Waiting for the pictures still, sir. We have confirmed that both eyes are indeed artificial and way more advanced than anything I’ve ever seen! Also, they don’t register on the metal detectors either!” “At least they managed to get a diaper on her so she does not make a mess. I know those three inspectors and they are very through and have helped rescue a good number of littles from bad situations. They don’t make amateur mistakes or take shortcuts! We need to get this jacket off her. Can we cut it off?” The other doctor frowned and shook his head. We tried. The jacket is some type of advanced ballistic armor. I called On Par industries for a consult on the limbs and notified the Hellcats in case she is one of their undercover operatives. X-ray said they would have pictures ready in about another five minutes. They only have one machine working and one of their technicians is out on maternity so they are also shorthanded as well. We tried everything and that material will not cut! Even tried a bolt cutter and it dulled the blade on the bolt cutter but did nothing to her sword! It might be something the Hellcats use as advanced as it is.” A nurse walked in as they were carefully wrapping several layers of cloth over the sword to avoid it cutting anyone if bumped into. The gun was pointed at the floor as well for safety reasons. “X-rays sir.” She handed the pictures to the doctors and looked at the little on the bed. “So pretty! Sorry. The inspector is doing okay but has not come to yet, but is otherwise unharmed.” The doctors looked at the X-rays and said nothing for several seconds. “Those limbs are cybernetic! Look how complicated they are! Notify the ministry and change the classification on this little to outsider status! Look at the pictures of her bone structure! She was born this way and not surgically altered like we thought! Someone must have used an illegal gate opening to bring her here or she’s another one like that Baelorn person! Look at the back x-rays! Her spine has been replaced with some type of advanced cybernetic device as well! This is way beyond out technology levels! Where the hell did she come from?” “Inspectors found her this morning under one of the bridges to the island of Reia. They did not have much time to get into details thanks to some drug dealers and a massive electrical discharge of some kind. We found several containers of ammunition in the pockets of the jacket. Odd looking stuff and explosive tipped as well!” I woke up as someone was shining a light into my eyes. Get that fragging light out of my face chummer!” I knocked the giant hand out of my face and smiled when the giant idiot backed up after I pointed my gun at him. I saw the cloth they had wrapped around my katana and shook my katana couple of times to get the cloth off of it. I sheathed my katana and holstered my gun when I recognized that I was in a hospital. I sat up and felt the thickness between my legs. What the Fragging hell? The idiots had put a diaper on me! I ignored it for the moment and grabbed the nearest of the doctors that was staring at me. I yanked him down to my level and the popped my spurs on my right hand. “Where the Frag am I?” The others jumped back and started chattering excitedly. “She’s awake! Watch out! What the hell are those coming out of her hand?” I switched to elvish and they seemed to barely be able to understand me. “Where the frag am I?” “You are in the hospital recovering from a sleepy dart. I’m doctor North. Who are you and where are you from?” “My street name is silver and I’m from the UCAS! Where the hell are my pants?” “You came in wearing a diaper! They likely had to change you at the scene so you are just not used to the hospital diapers is all. Did you run away from your mommy or daddy?” “My parents were both piles of drek and I’m glad I shot them so there!” Give me some pants to wear before I slice you in half! You guys are not Docwagon and you will not try to lie and dissect me! Return my ammo to me as well or so help me I’ll blow this place to hell along with everyone in it!” We had to send the ammunition off for safe disposal! Are you a member of the Hellcats by chance?” “I never heard of that gang. I don’t run with any gangs and likely never will. Bunch brainless brutes with no feel for business in the shadows! Return my ammo now or else!” When they made no move to retrieve my ammo I sent a low level mana bolt into the wall next to the one I had been holding. They all about wet themselves at seeing that. “That is nothing compared to what will happen if you do not return my ammo to me!” They got on the phone real fast and a few minutes later my ammunition was returned to me. “Those blades in your arms that you extend and contract, do they hurt when they pierce the skin?” I laughed. “What skin? I have no synthetic skin coverings on my limbs and there is no pain when I pop the spurs out! Now where are some pants I can take?” The doctor was nervous. “We have nothing in your size. All we have in your size are size 5 littles diapers! All littles in this hospital have to wear diapers! We can’t let you make a mess of the bedding and floors!” “Just fragging great! Is there anyplace nearby that will accept nuyen so I can but some pants at least?” They looked at me with some confusion. “We have no idea what this nuyen is. Is it some type of currency on one of the islands?” I could already tell it was going to be a long day. Forget it. I’m leaving before somebody decides to try to dissect me again! Where the fragging hell is the exit?” I pulled my jeans up and over the thin diaper they had put on me and vowed to get some panties as soon as possible so I could ditch this stupid diaper. “Who said they were going to dissect you? We would never do anything so barbaric!” That’s what the last lady said to me before I cut off her head for lying to me! You fools are so far behind the times it’s almost funny! Wait a minute! What year is it?” “By our calendars it is 2073.” I shook my head. Is Lowfyr still running for president?” “Who is that?” “You have to be fragging joking! He’s the dragon running against the other big dragon, Dunklezhan for president of the UCAS!” They still looked at me with confusion. “Never mind! This whole place is like a bad sim chip dream! I walked out of the room and the first person that tried to stop me found out the hard way that I may be smaller than them but I am able to look after myself quite well. Not even the trolls near where I live mess with me anymore. Not since I beat the last one almost to death with my bare hands. Their idea of a security guard was laying on the floor in pain while I continued to walk out of the back area and eventually out of the hospital. Once outside I cast an invisibility spell as another security guard came running towards me. I simply walked off and resisted the urge to laugh as the guard stood staring in disbelief when I vanished. If all the giant people of this place are like that then I should be able to make a killing here by suckering the damned fools out of every last nuyen or whatever they use for money here. For now, this world awaited my arrival and they were in for a rude awakening! They had no cyberware here, no magic users, their weapons were at least 50 years behind mine, they had no clue what the hell Dikote was either. Let the fun begin. RAVEN The hellcats got to shore and back to their base easily enough after having dodged a batch of reporters. “Looks like someone must have spotted us when we had to fight back for a few minutes. I’m so glad we got the naval yard open again. Makes it ever so easy to avoid the reporters with their stupid questions.” “Sergeant, I agree 100 percent with you on that one! Damned nosy civilians! Get everyone unloaded and tell them to shit, shower, shave and ht the racks for some well earned down time. Tell them all they did good. I’m off to deal with two million pages of paperwork now. Sometimes I hate being an officer.” The sergeant laughed. “That’s why I politely declined the bars twice, ma’am. Been told I have to take them next month though or muster out. Guess I better enjoy being a sergeant as long as possible before they bury me in paperwork.” They both laughed and agreed to meet up at the base bar later for drinks. MINISTER JARO Minister Jaro was furious that his little had been found and had then been allowed to escape and vanish. Inside of his mind he cursed the incompetent fools. All they had to do was sedate her, diaper her, and bring her to him to break in. Instead, his contacts let her get away and now she had vanished again like those damned Hellcats like to do! The Hellcats pissed him off even more. Every time he thought he had them, they vanished on him and then showed up again in time to wreck one of his operations and cost him more credits. How the hell did a group of babies manage to get that damned dangerous and sneaky? No little should ever scare a giant like they scared him. They were a nightmare! They had to be! Hellion was the biggest pain of them all! Her real name was Raven Par and she was a 1/3 owner of On Par Industries. She was worth billions of credits all by herself just for her work in the company but to make it worse, she was a member of the Hellcats. An entire special forces unit of littles. She trained with them and led them now on various assignments around the globe. That little was another one he wanted badly to have in his arms and on her knees in a diaper using her mouth where he felt it should best be used. The only consolation was that he had managed to pull strings and once Miss White was shrunken and diapered he would get her instead of her being adopted out after etiquette school. Why they never took the islands over and turned all those littles into babies was beyond him. All the stupid politicians were to blame for most of this mess. They should storm the islands and take every little on them. He would make a fortune off the black market if they did and no one would miss a few hundred littles that were sent to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. He wanted Raven for himself, and the rest of the Hellcats, he wanted them adopted out to those who could pay enough for them. They should all be in diapers and in nurseries crying for a bottle and their mommies or a diaper change but instead they proved to be more dangerous than the conventional forces and had a high success rate of 98% with a casualty rating of only 0.3% over the course of 15 years! The minister sat in his office trying to think of how he could find his treasured little and get her before someone else did. A knock on his door interrupted his thoughts. “Enter.” A man in a suit walked in quietly and stood waiting for permission to speak. As soon as the door shut tight the minister turned to face him. “Speak.” “The idiots bungled the job big time, sir. We were able to retrieve all the data and paperwork on the little sir. I have copies of everything in this envelope sir and as per your orders, I have not unsealed it or tried to see what is inside the envelope. There was some unusual computer activity though. I think someone may have gotten a copy of the information from the computers but the source could not be confirmed as whoever it was avoided every trap set. My guess is the Hellcats know now as well, sir.” Minister Jaro sat in his chair silently a moment. “I’m not surprised. They have a reach as long and efficient as mine. Keep your ears open on this one and if you see a chance to get Raven or the new little, go for it.” END PART THREE Have part four done and am currently working on part five. I hope to have part five done in a few more days. I'll post part four either tomorrow or the next day. All comments and questions are welcomed.
  12. I like this story so far! Can't wait t see what happens next! thank you for a great read so far!
  13. widowmaker


    Before reading this story I will warn you that it gets very dark in places and deals with littles trafficking in places. There is mention of sexual abuse but I DO NOT go into details and only mention it with no details of the event. Some of the phrases used in here are not normally seen here but should be easy enough to figure out. The premise of this story is what happens when an elf from the shadowrun roleplaying game ends up in the diaper dimension. With that being said, read on at your own risk. SILVER My name is Ikaro Ijutsu. I go by the street name of Silver. I am currently 6 foot one inch tall with silver hair, light gray eyes, and I’m also a mage with bunch of cyberware that somehow does not interfere with my spell casting. I have no fragging clue how the geniuses that put the chrome parts on me did that but they did. Thanks to an explosion I lost both legs, both arms, both eyes, and had my spine torn up pretty badly as well. I suppose it would be a good idea to back up and tell you the story from the beginning, from before I arrived wherever I am at the moment. Hang on tight then chummers because it’s going to be a rough run. I was just turning 13 when the change hit me and made me what I am now, an elf. I was living in Japan with my parents, may they fall prey to a corporate cleansing, when I fell into a coma for close to six weeks. The best doctors could not revive me and I started to change. I grew from barely 5 foot 3 inches to 6 foot 1 inch. My complexion paled and my whole body grew very curvy, in all the right places. I had to endure the stares of everyone when I was allowed out in public. To the people of the company I was a shameful thing and they acted as if I was a filthy diseased thing better off dead. My parents treated me like an unwanted thing instead of their daughter. My parents were transferred to a small branch office in Seattle because of me. My dad was ashamed of me and when he received notice a week after our arrival that he was being transferred from his supervisory position to a basement cubicle to work as just another nameless face doing company work. He lost everything because I turned into an elf and he treated me as if it were my fault. I had no control over it and had not asked for it. Until then I was proud of my parents and wanted to follow in their footprints to make the company proud of them and me. My father beat me badly one night when I told him I liked how I looked and that I had met a boy from outside the arcology who was also an elf. My father did not hesitate to hit me after that and beat me within an inch of my life. The things he called me as he beat me almost to death were enough to shatter my illusions about him and corporate life. He had the boy killed for talking to me and made me watch the video of them torturing him to death. The company healed me up to the bare minimum then released me back to my parents to finish healing. I ran away five weeks later and never went back. My father had broken almost every rib, my collarbone, my jaw, my right eye socket, my left arm in three places. my right arm in four places, my left leg in two places, my right leg in three places and had broken both my hips as well. I suffered from ruptured organs and almost bled to death in the hallway outside my parents small living quarters. A company doctor making a house call found me and got me to the infirmary immediately where they had to use magic to save me. My father was reprimanded lightly for this since I was an elf and not seen as truly a citizen of the company. The company despised metahumans and now that I had turned into one they despised me. When I was finally healed up enough I asked to speak with someone in charge. That was denied instantly. They sent me home to heal and my father ignored me the whole time. Mother sided with father and spit on me calling me a filthy, abomination, trash, and then a number of racial slurs. I finished healing and found a way out. Some very nasty looking street people with guns and loads of cyberware broke into the arcology and made off with some valuabloe information. I lied and told the security guards they had run down a different corridor when they were in truth hidden in our living quarters. When they thanked me I asked them to get me the hell out of the place as payment. They got me out and left me on the streets. That was fine with me. I had thrown only some spare clothes and a credstick in my small pack then left with them. I almost starved and lived out of trash dumpsters. I stole what I could to get by and that was how I managed to live for two years before things changed even more for me. In those two years I had seen a lot of death and a lot of destruction. So fragging what though. The streets were better than going back to an unwanted life. Posters had been put up all over with a reward for a human with numerous names. He was wanted by someone for for an unspecified crime. I found him a week later and found out he had a thing for pretty elf girls like myself. He raped me twice before I got free. A few days later when he was going after another elf girl I slipped quietly up behind him and slit his throat with sharp piece of broken glass. His eyes went wide as he reached for his gun. I grabbed it before he could and shot him with it. The other girl ran off screaming in terror. In the barrens no one cares to investigate screams or gunshots closely. I used the credstick the garbage had to call the number on the poster and claim my reward. I kept his gun and the ammo as well as a book on magic that he had with him. I had hidden him where he would not be found until I wanted him found. Everything I could sell, and did not want, I sold for whatever I could get. The troll laughed when he saw me and then smiled when I told him truthfully I had slit the man’s throat with a large chunk of glass while he was getting ready to rape another elf girl. The big troll looked at he cut in my palm and smiled even more. “You got guts kid! Keep the gun, you will need it sometime.” He gave me my reward of 1000 nuyen and vanished after calling me silver. “Silver suits you better. Get a cheap room and learn what you can to stay alive. Good luck.” I got a room and when the owner of the place tried to use me that night he died with a bullet in his head. I stole everything he had that I could fence and vanished once again after that. I started hunting down and shooting others with low amount rewards on their heads and at the age of 15 I was asked to join a group doing a minor data steal on the old arcology I had escaped from. My intimate knowledge of the layout of the place got us in and out safely and without having to shoot anyone right away. We escaped through a series of corridors security did not bother to look in. My father stepped out of the living quarters to see what the noise was about and stopped when he saw me. I smiled and put six rounds into him and two more into my mother before we took off running. “Why shoot them?” The big troll with us asked me. “They were my parents and deserved to die! Tell you all about it when we get out of here and somewhere safe. I also found out that day that I had magical talent. A corporate wizard tried to fry me and I managed to resist the spell enough to only get a little singed by his fireball. My gun barked four times and he dropped with one of the rounds hitting him in the head. I was damned good with a gun and the group liked that as well. We made it to the rendezvous point and received our money from our contact. I made a million nuyen on that run alone. “Girl good shot and magic. You hit with fireball and not hurt. Get teacher and you can get more nuyen for being a good mage. The troll was named Goliath and was our muscle and heavy gunner. The decker was another elf named will o wisp. They introduced me to a man that swore he was a mage but he lied. He only wanted to bed me. I had learned to spot certain things a long time ago and when I could see the tent in his pants I knew what he wanted. I shot him in the groin and left him laying there to bleed out without a second thought. The guys only asked why I shot the man who could have been a teacher. “He was faking it. He was turned on by the thought of bedding me and no mage has a mountain of cyberware as it interferes with their magic. His left arm was cyberware and his eyes were as well. We sold him to a very disreputable street doc for salvage and made another 200 nuyen each. I found a teacher a week later when I bumped into him while digging through his trash for some food. I had spent my money on a room and some ammo and even a used lined jacket. I was starving and he laughed when I pointed the gun at him. He barely got past my resistance with a minor spell. “You need food and a teacher. I am tired of being alone so I’ll make a deal with you. You learn for for food and board. No sex unless you want it. I’ve never seen such a strong talent before and your aura is super bright!” I made a deal with him and he got me some food and let me take a hot shower without trying anything. It was a good arrangement for me. I noticed a poster with my face on it six weeks later. The company was offering a a reward of 10,000 nuyen for my capture alive and a 1000 nuyen dead. Both my parents had died when I shot them and no one could save them. Bullets to the head are very fatal most the time. The man had a street name of Zapper and had a reputation of being a tough as nails teacher and mage. He taught me and treated me like a daughter he confessed he had always wanted. The two I had run with a few times died on a run a few weeks later when they were double crossed by their contact. I got to the contact a month later and ended him with a bolt of lightning. He died instantly and it was another killing I had no remorse for as he had done this to a few others as well. Everyone considered it a public service and a few had thanked me for it. The man who taught me everything I could learn about magic died in his sleep a year later. He left me everything in his will. To pay the bills I went back to the shadows and started making runs again. I started to earn a reputation as a no nonsense person to work with. I never used my real name and only went by my street name of Silver. The reward poster was acted on twice and both of the bounty hunters died from my spells. I finally got a good line on a high paying run on Saito corporation. A week later two more individuals joined me for the run. Our decker was another elf named Ghost, and our troll heavy gunner was a mercenary with a liking for big guns and grenades. We spied on the company for a week before finally spotting their weakness in their security system. They had no outside matrix access except at one point. They had a terminal in the warehouse they had not used in a few years and had forgotten about. Our way in was as garbage collectors. They used a specialty vehicle that was equipped with industrial grade shredders to shred everything before it was incinerated. With a little magical help we stole a garbage truck and modified the hell out of it. This thing was armored to be able to withstand a panther cannon and even a few medium anti tank rockets. Everyone was used to garbage trucks weighing a lot so they would never bat an eye at the weight of this one. We painted it and made it look well worn and used before we were ready to make our run. Saito makes cutting edge cyberware for those who can afford it. To me that meant they had secrets to try to hide and those secrets meant money to us. Two days later we took out the regular garbage truck and it’s crew of three. We pulled up to the gate looking bored and tired and filthy. “Where’s the regular guys?” I answered for us. “No fragging clue. Boss told us to go here and get your trash. If you don’t want us here though that’s fine by me. I could use a break for a couple hours. Either way is fine with me.” He looked at me and I handed him some paperwork we had forged. It was smudged and dirty so it looked good enough to him. “What’s in the back?” “Garbage. Had two other stops before here but feel free to climb in the top through the shredders and look at if you like.” He laughed about that and waved us through. We emptied the trash like normal but the shredder was not actually a shredder. It was a feeder system with illusions to on it to look like a shredder. We parked and pushed dumpster after dumpster into place under the gaze of the security cameras. After 20 minutes the guards got bored and ignored us. We went inside the warehouse and began rolling out dumpsters like the normal crew did. The third one had a body of an elf with some odd cyberware so I froze his body out of sight of the one camera they had here. We dumped him and everything else into the truck while Ghost jacked in and stole everything he could grab. He was reaching for his data cord with one hand and handing me a data chip with the other hand when his head exploded I retaliated instantly with a grenade and then grabbed the troll with the messed up street name of Brutus. He was huge and his favorite guns were a vindicator and a panther assault cannon. We ran the halls and got to the truck with me using spells along the way to hinder pursuit. Brutus was not moving so well when we got to the truck. He grabbed the vindicator and threw me into the truck. “Take the chip and run! Don’t stop and don’t come back for me! Go!” I don’t listen to instructions very well and my anger fueled my magic. There was a group of guards running our way but they never made it more than maybe 15 more feet before they were burned to a crisp by my fireball spells. More guards died as I fought the drain of the magic on my body and fired off more spells at them. Brutus went down when a heavy machine cut him almost in half. He looked at me one last time and smiled before he died with a grenade in his hand. They were going to pay for this! I got the truck moving as two more heavy machine guns fired on it and me as I rammed it through the fence and almost lost control when two mines went off under it between the two fences they had. My lined coat had taken several hits but had saved me from being killed. Three of them came after me on some very fast bikes out of what can only be suicidal stupidity. I outweighed them big time in this truck. I shot the first one in the head as he got close enough to aim a machine pistol at me. The second one ducked behind the truck and did not see me when I dropped the grenade after waiting two seconds with the pin pulled. It went off right in front of him with predictable results. I slammed into a compact car that cut in front of me intentionally. The truck took no real damage but the small car was crushed like a tin can and shoved out of the way. I kept it floored and took several odd routes that made no sense to anyone trying to follow me until I was certain no one was following me back to the warehouse. Two of the people I had started this easy run with today were dead when they should not have been. Someone had sold us out and I only knew of two others besides the three of us who knew we were going after the data today. One was my contact and the other was a fixer who hooked us up with our gear. My money was on the orc fixer. He hated elves would think nothing of getting two of us killed and collecting a reward on top of it all. I froze the elf body again and calmed down before calling my contact and telling him if he wanted everything we had gotten to meet me at the warehouse. It was a risk but if he was the one who sold us out he would die real fast and I don’t care how much chrome and steel was hooked to his body to make him faster and meaner. A lightning bolt would still fry him nicely if he crossed me. Three hours later my contact met me. “Sorry for the delay, Silver. Had a tail to remove first. Heard about your friends. Your fixer was told you died as well and he was just as happy as could be. Here is his home address.” I was handed a piece of paper with an address on it and simply pocketed it for now. “We got the data and all their trash as well. Also, in their trash was an elf with some unusual cyberware. I froze him so your bosses could dissect him later. All the paperwork they wanted shredded and burned is in the back of the truck along with the body. Now let’s talk money.” The paperwork was glanced over and the body looked at quickly as my contact smiled. He whistled when he saw the data chip and what it contained. “Damn! My boss owes you a bonus for this! I’ll even throw in the cleanup costs!” “I want the double crossing orc myself!” He pulled out a secure satellite phone and talked for a few minutes then inserted a plug to the phone and a portable credstick writer on the other end. Ten minutes later I got on my old beat up scorpion bike and was out of there with 1,000,000 nuyen. I found the orc named Charlie three days later when he came home from a bar. He walked in and I waited until he dropped his gun off on the couch before hitting the lights and frightening the hell out of him. “Hello Charlie! I’m happy to say that the reports of my death were greatly exaggerated! You sold us out you fragging piece of shit! Word on the street is you don’t like elves! Just because of that you sold us out! Not smart!” He started reaching for his gun on the table so I simply put a round into the table next to his hand. “You are not fast enough to grab it and shoot me. I have a predator pointed right at you and could blow your head off before you reach the gun. I’m not going to kill you right away Charlie. I’m in a playful mood so lets have some fun first. I promise you live through it all until I’m damned good and ready to kill you for double crossing me and getting two of my friends killed. Let’s get started shall we!” It took Charlie nearly four hours to die and he was screaming in pain the entire time. What was left of him was left to lay in his place as a warning about crossing me. I also had a recording of the entire session and before leaving I used his sin to upload the video to the matrix at his expense. I took everything of value that he had before leaving the run down trailer he called a home. After that my reputation went up quite a bit and Saito industries was offering a huge reward for my head on a platter. I had cost them a lot of men and had set their research back a long ways. They were pissed and wanted me alive to teach me some manners. I was on my bike and almost to the elven border when I felt something odd hit me, like a spell of some kind, then my bike went up in a ball of fire with me on it. The explosion was deafening and painful. I felt the heat and shrapnel turning my body into a pile of nothing more than chum for the local animals to feast on. My fast advancing career in the shadows was now over but at least I had gone out with a bang. I had a lousy sense of humor. A moment later my body hit the ground and that was it for me as blackness took over. My head was pounding like a five day hangover from cheap troll beer. I hurt everywhere and something was keeping me alive as helicopter blades and the sound of gunshots rang out around me. Blackness claimed me again. How they managed to keep me alive is beyond me. With as bad as the explosion was I should have been dead. I always wore a lined coat but there was no way it could stop that much. When I woke up again my head was pounding still. It was a shock to be able to see as the explosion had taken out both of my eyes. Standing next to my bed was a person looking over some of the machines monitoring my body. “How, how am I still alive?” The man spun and looked at me in surprise. “We put you back together again is how. New eyes, new arms, new legs, and a move by wire system to replace your crushed and shredded spine. “Go back to sleep and heal some more then we’ll talk again.” He did something and a moment later sleep claimed me. Sometime later I woke up again but without a headache this time. My arms worked but felt a bit heavy and odd. My magic casting days were done now and it would have been better to let me die. This much cyberware meant a massive essence drain. Loss of essence meant a loss of magic ability. What was odd about the arms was the fact that they were chrome colored instead of covered with fake flesh. I was unable to move the legs and assumed they had them turned off to keep me from running away. I let my gaze shift and examined the room from the astral plane. It was no surprise to find it shielded against astral intrusion. Had they not shielded it then anyone who could go astral would be able to summon help that way. These people were going to pay for this somehow. Someday when they let their guard down I’ll slip past it and kill them. The man leaned over me and smiled at me. “Welcome back from the dead. I am Doctor Imitiu Saito and you are Ikaru Ijutsu. You go by the street name of Silver and have been steadily gaining quite a reputation these past few years. You never go after things that are beyond your skills and you are very careful with your planning so as to avoid being caught. To date you have killed 37 people with your gun and another 131 with your magic.” The dark haired man continued to tell me my life story which made me only want to kill him even more. “We have had some trouble with our cyberware in the not so distant past but we have recently made some interesting breakthroughs. Normally a mage or a shaman can not use cyberware because of some kind of issue with it draining their body of something they need to use magic. I think you’ll find this new cyberware is different than what everyone else is offering. We used a different material we found in south America ten years ago and finally managed to recreate. With the help of some magic we kept your essence, as you call it, from being damaged in the explosion. You really should be more careful who you let tune up your bike. I arranged that after you made my security here look pretty useless. You are a natural with the way you move and react instinctively! Most people running the shadows never get skills half as good as yours with even a lifetime of work, but you took to running the shadows like few others ever have! You impressed me with your brains and your skills as well as your quick thinking in a crisis. I saw what you did to the man that sold you out to us. Nasty work! Can’t say I blame you though. This new cyberware is essence friendly and does not stop you from casting spells. Right now your eyes are working normally but your legs have been kept turned off and your arms have been turned down to low to keep you from hurting yourself while you heal. They tell me that in another week you will be ready to begin training and adapting to your new parts. When we are finished you will be our newest and greatest breakthrough in cybernetics. A combat mage that uses cyberware and has no nasty drawbacks preventing spell use. For now, sleep and heal. Goodnight dear.” The bastard had something in the way of a remote that turned off the cyberware and knocked me out. How long they kept me asleep is a mystery to me to this very day. I woke up as I was being transported to somewhere else. I was still in a hospital bed but they did not know I was awake again. Most people would do something stupid but I stayed silent and listened. The device they were using was a dampening device for cybernetic devices. The idiot was bragging about it to some nurse in an effort to to impress her enough to get into her panties. “I even designed this cyberware she is testing for us! She has no clue about the spurs yet either and it should be interesting when she discovers them! I can’t wait to see how well she uses this katana we fixed for her. Coated it with Dikote!” The idiot continued to brag about everything but in the end he bombed out when she shot him down by saying she was already engaged and not interested in him. “How long are you going to keep her asleep?” “Until we reach the training area. Once there I’ll turn off this and let her wake up. Until then she’s harmless as a baby.” I almost smiled when he leaned over and grabbed my right breast. My left arm shot up as fast as I could make it go and the spurs he told me about popped out and sliced through his neck. His eyes went wide and he dropped the device he’d been holding. It hit the floor and stopped working. The nurse jumped back as the guard went for his gun. His gun never even cleared the holster before his head was separated from his body by way of my katana that the idiots had left within my reach. The second nurse was trying to use the intercom system by the door we had come through. I used the gun the guard was trying to use on me and shot her twice in the head. The first nurse screamed in fear until I cut her head off. This place was well built but they had a lot to learn about security. Frisking the idiot guard found a full box of ammo for his gun. The nurse had nothing of value on her so it was on to the idiot doctor that had decided to feel me up. I smashed his remote control then stole his security card. There were no security cameras and the card opened every door I found except doors leading to outside the building. Rooms and hallways and security guards that were a joke. This place could not possibly be this big! The doors opened too easily and the security was a joke. Everything screamed at me that this was all somehow, fake. A trap. I was starting to feel like a mouse in an endless maze. I was casting spells and feeling no drain from them. I stopped after spotting a squad of security guards. One thing I had not tried since escaping was to go astral. I closed my eyes and relaxed. The security guards did not move any closer and that was wrong in so many ways. I stepped out in front of the security force without opening my eyes. Nothing happened until I opened my eyes. They fired on me and nothing happened the way it should. I felt something but it was more like a jab in my neck than a bunch of bullets ripping through me. There was blood dripping from me but no pain. This was all wrong and it was time to escape this prison of lies they had me trapped in. The spell I cast on the guards was one no one had seen me use before. The guards should have been calcified. Turned to a solid mass of silicon but instead they stood there looking at me. Shifting my gaze to the astral showed odd black spots and cracks in the blackness. Someone was blocking my astral vision somehow. This was all a lie of some kind. I was not free, but I soon would be, and they were going to hurt like hell once I was. No one traps me and lives to tell about it! I relaxed and ignored my senses then began to pull in all the mana I could. I cast a healing spell and a moment later woke up for real. In all the time I had been running the shadows they had never seem me use a healing spell so they had no idea what to expect. What I saw was a shock even to me. They had me hooked up to a helmet type device that blocked my vision as well as my astral sight. They had my hands hooked into some type of gloves with a bunch of wires hooked to it from the feel of it. I could hear mumbling voices if I strained my hearing. My arms and legs were both restrained but then again this could all have been another lie on their part. Tapping my arms and legs as best I could confirmed that I indeed did have a lot of cyberware. The place smelled odd. Like an old familiar scent that I had not smelled in years. I took a deep breath and then yanked hard with both arms at the same time. The restraints broke and a moment later I had the helmet device removed from my head. End part one That's it for part one. Diapers come along in chapter two. It also starts getting darker as well. Part Two I know she’s not a little! We don’t know what she is! The ears alone are all wrong! Her eyes are artificial and super advanced! No, I’m not lying! Both arms and legs are all chromed and just as artificial and as advanced as the eyes! She has a pair of retractable blades that retract into the forearms and can be moved forward to protrude out between two sets of knuckles on her hands. Those things are super sharp and coated with something I’m not familiar with! The spookiest part of her implants is some kind of move by wire system where her spine should be! We’ve had to keep her sedated heavily since she fell through the portal and feed her false sensory images to keep her from waking up! She was pulled through the unstable portal somehow! We have no clue who she is or even what species she is! The gate portal opened to a dimension that is restricted! You know who gave us the coordinates the dimension! The computers controlled everything and they were running on the program that you know who gave us! She killed six people with her small sword before we managed to stop her! She looks to be a very small inbetweener or a large little! We contacted you know who and have sealed off the portal room! All power to that room is turned off and the computers that controlled the gate system are off as well! I know this down time is costing us money, ma’am, but we have to figure out how the hell to get control of the gate and how the hell to keep it a secret! If we get caught or ratted out it wont be forces from the mainland coming here! The islands will send the Hellcats and then we’re all in trouble! Yes I looked at her sword! I’ve had her sword x-rayed a couple of times and even did an ultrasound on it! We’re keeping her in diapers as well since she is sedated! If we can find more like her that do not have all the implants then we can likely make a fortune off of them, but only if they are not nearly as deadly as she is! For all that someone did to her, she’s gorgeous! Wait until you see her! We have to keep her sedated, ma’am! She has some kind of weird ability to channel an unknown type of energy with very dangerous effects! If not for the heavy electrical shielding in the portal room a surge of electrical power caused by her creating an artificial bolt of lightning would have blown the controls sky high and we’d all be dead then! What the..OH SHIT! I’ll call you back! She’s awake somehow and loose!” A giant lady bigger than any troll I had ever seen came running into the room along with three others. There was no time for a spell and without at least my katana I was going to get up close and personal in order to escape. Time to see just how well the new body parts worked in combat. The first of three giant women made a grab for me thinking to capture me and restrain me again. My fist hit her left knee full force and she let out a scream as she fell to the floor with a sickening cracking sound as her knee was destroyed. Another one grabbed my right hand from behind so I popped the spurs out and twisted my wrist. The lady screamed as four fingers hit the floor and blood started to spurt from the stubs that had been her fingers. The last one grabbed a syringe from a cabinet on the wall and tried to close in on me carefully so as to not get hit or stabbed. I retracted the spurs and smiled at her. She went down still jerking and soiling herself as my lightning bolt spell fried her. The other two women were down for the count with one having passed out from blood loss and the other one unable to stand thanks to ruined knee. The ladies were huge but they were slow and clumsy compared to me. Any runner would easily take them out even without a gun. I reached down and tore off the diaper they had taped around my waist and then calmly walked over to the one laying on the floor holding her knee. “Where are my clothes and weapons? Tell me now or I slice your throat open wide and watch you bleed out.” The lady did not seem to understand me so I tried Spanish then Japanese. I cursed in Elven and she looked at me in surprise and understanding. “You speak elven? My gear was taken along with my clothes. Tell me where everything is.” The lady was obviously afraid of me, and with good reason since I had cut the fingers off one and left her bleeding to death, then fried the other one with a lightning bolt. “If I heal your knee will you take me to my things?” “Heal Amy first before she bleeds to death then me if you really can!” I walked over to the giant laying on the floor barely alive still and cast two healing spells to save her life. I had a hell of a time not passing out from the drain of the spells for a few seconds. The lady watched in shock as the bleeding on her friend stopped and the wounds healed. “Give me a minute and I’ll heal you. Low on energy right now and need to rest.” A minute later she had crawled over to her friend on the floor then to my surprise she kissed her as tears rolled down her face. “She’ll live. Any good street doc can replace her fingers for a couple hundred nuyen. Now where are my clothes and weapons at?” She was surprised to be able to stand on her knee again without difficulty after I healed it. “Can you heal her too?” “Only if she is not dead. Getting that much electrical power hitting you makes a real mess out of the body if you live. Show me my things then I’ll see if she has any hope of living.” I looked at the astral aura of the lady I used a spell on and she was barely alive. She had soiled herself uncontrollably but had resisted the spell enough to not immediately die. The giant lady led me to another room and then handed me my clothes and weapons. “The building in on lock down so there is no way to escape. Heal Doctor Marsten, please. I have kept my word to you even though you are just a little.” What the hell was a little? Once dressed I took a stim’ pill and waited for it to kick in. The pill kicked in and I cast the healing spell on the woman that had been hit by a lightning bolt. I barely resisted the spell drain of the first one and the next one caught up to me with blackness claiming me. Damned spell drain had hit me at the worst damned time and thanks to whatever they had pumped into me it had drained my energy fairly low. I woke up wearing another damned diaper again and on a hospital bed. There was a mask over my mouth and nose but it was only giving me oxygen and nothing more. My katana was sitting on a table within reach along with my clothing and on top of my clothing was a fresh diaper they, for some messed up reason, seemed to think I needed to wear. The restraints were present but left off of me this time since they had already found out I could easily break them. Setting next to my clothes was my gun and the ammunition for it as well. These people were fraging fools! I’d never have let someone like me near a weapon or allowed them to wake up without having heavy enough restraints to prevent them from escaping. The lady that had begged me to save her lover was sitting in a chair a short distance away from me reading something on a tablet. A couple of machines were hooked up to me but they seemed to be harmless enough as they were only keeping a eye on me in case something happened to me. Whoever these fools were it was clear to me they had never ever dealt with someone like me before. I popped the spurs out on each hand then retracted them. The lady jumped slightly at the noise and looked over at me. “Thank you for saving them! The one you cut badly is my wife and the other one is my boss as well as a close friend. My name Lucile. What is yours?” “Silver. That’s my street name and the only one you get chummer! I want to know why the hell you put another diaper on me! I do not need or desire them!” She looked at me funny a moment then replied back to me. “It’s normal for all littles and some inbetweeners to be diapered after they pass out or get hurt seriously. I am having a hard time with your language so can you please speak a little slower for me?” “Fine. Where am I at? Certainly not Aztlan or the UCAS.” “I don’t recognize any of those names. you’re on the mainland in the private gateway research facility.” I had no clue where the hell I was and what she said made no sense at all. “That makes no sense to me. Am I being held prisoner or am I free to go?” “You’ve made it quite clear you are not easily stopped. We can not afford to lose anymore people so we have been ordered to let you go if you wish. You killed six people when you first arrived here with some kind of energy manipulation ability that burned them to death in an instant. You passed out after that and we restrained you and changed you into a fresh diaper as well. I have a mountain of questions for you to answer and I’m sure you have a mountain of questions as well. I’ll ask one then you ask one until we are both satisfied if you don’t mind. For starters, what happened to your real body parts or were you born without them?” We exchanged questions back and forth for some time and the answers she got seemed to surprise her. “You are a thief?” “I’m a runner of the shadows is what I am. My skills are for hire to those with enough nuyen. I’m a fairly good street combat mage and a good shot with a pistol. I am good with my katana and an expert at unarmed combat as well.” “When I inquired about my panties she seemed to think it odd that I would wear those instead of a diaper. “You call yourself a street combat mage but that makes no sense to me. Your limbs and your eyes are artificial and way more advanced than anything I have ever seen before. Even your bladed weapon is unusual to me. We tried to get a small sample of it and we could not get a single flake of metal off of it.” “Of course not! It has dikote on it to keep it strong and sharp! That sword is almost 1200 years old now. Rumor has it that it once belonged to Lowfyr himself!” I ended up telling her everything about my life and had to stop to explain a number of things to her. She was intrigued by the idea of dikote. “It’s great to put on metal and ceramics that can take the heat and not be destroyed. All you do is basically take diamond dust and spray it on with a plasma torch in a nice smooth coat then let it cool and harden. Simple really when you say it like that, but I know that it is fairly technical process. My artificial limbs are commonly called cyberware. They are cybernetic devices made to look and function like my original limbs. The same thing with my eyes and the special system in my back. This stuff is made out of some weird shit though since it does not affect my essence enough to be noticeable. Metal detectors do not even register it as being there but with the way it looks it is obvious they are cyber limbs. Not sure what they made it all from or how they implanted it without costing me essence loss. I can even cast spells without a feedback headache from the stuff!” That got us into a big discussion on magic. Seems nobody here can do any real magic at all. To them magic is all illusion and sleight of hand tricks. My gun fires caseless bullets and that intrigued her too so I had to tell her I had never bothered to look into how caseless ammo worked. “As long as it works that’s all I care about.” As the hours went on I explained everything about where I had come from and waited patiently as twice she replaced the full recording disc in her recorder. She answered some of my questions and was unable to tell me exactly how I had gotten wherever I am now. All I know is that I am not on Earth anymore and possibly not even in my own universe. Here they had never walked on the moon or sent probes further than the moon. They had three types of people on this world. Littles, inbetweeners, and Amazons. The littles were generally considered glorified babies and the inbetweeners were not considered to be much better. The Amazons ruled most of everything here in this world and generally treated all those shorter than them as second class people and infants. The only reason they did not try to do this to me again is due to the fact that I would kill them if they tried. They treated me well enough but they were trying to pump as much information out of me as possible about my weaknesses and how they could possibly stop me. “If you really want to keep me from hurting you anymore then send me back to my world. If you are unable to do that then let me leave and find myself a new place in this world of yours. I’ve let you examine me and now I wish to go home again or at least take my leave of this place.” The door opened up and a man in an expensive suit walked in with a frown on his face. “I told you to have that thing ready for dissection, not sit and have a friendly talk with the damned thing!” He took two steps forward and hit the ground as a bolt of lightning hit him dead center in the chest. My katana was in my hand in an instant and the lady who had been talking with me was now falling towards the floor with her head severed from the rest of her body. They had only intended to keep me talking and try to find a way to kill me so they could dissect me like a lab rat. I yanked my boots on and then kicked open the door to my room they had locked when I fried their oh so friendly boss. The power these new legs pumped out was pretty amazing and I could see why so many non mages used so much cyberware. Needless to say, all hell broke loose when I kicked the door open and walked out with my katana unsheathed and ready for more use. No one was going to dissect me just because I could do what they could not. They finally cornered me in an operating room and were in the process of bringing in more personnel to try to stop me. As tempting as it was to shoot all these idiots, I could not afford to waste ammo since no one here sold any that would fit my gun. My katana worked just fine here and they had no defense at all against my magic. I waited until they had grouped up and were ducked behind their riot control shields before stepping out into the hallway and immediately letting loose with a spell. They screamed for a second or two as they were burned to death and it only made me smile. The drain on me had been rough that time but so worth it. They would think twice about that trick again. The camera in the operating followed my every move and it surely let them know what I was doing to some extent. For the moment they had me cornered but they could not get at me without taking heavy losses. I could not break out of this dead end without getting shot to pieces. Looking at the camera I smiled. “Nice try with the wall of security. Let me go and I wont have to kill another all of you. Try to hold me and I’ll kill as many of you as I have to in order to be free. You have no defense against my magic and I do not have to worry about running out of ammo with it. Let me leave and no one else gets hurt.” I waved at the camera and then shot it out. Now they could not see me and it would make them get desperate and sloppy. If I had grenades they would be mourning a much higher number of people and replacing a lot of equipment. I used my invisibility spell and vanished from visible sight. After walking out of the room and down the hall I found two groups of guards peering carefully around the corner and looking towards the operating room I had just left. I went forward and around the next corner. They were going to be in for a real surprise when they finally stormed that room and found me already gone somehow. After another 20 minutes of walking invisibly I found a mop closet to hide in. I dropped my spell and and leaned against the wall. I took a few minutes to rest and then it was time to look around some more. I set down and projected outward onto the astral plane to look for the exit. The nearest exit was some distance away and they had lied to me about this place being on the mainland. This world was weird. To these idiots I was no bigger than a toddler and they seemed to think that as such I should be wearing a diaper and acting like an infant toddler. This world was not ready for someone like me. They were in for a rude awakening and it was going to be my pleasure to give it to them. If they could not send me home then so be it. I would carve out a life here and make anyone who tried anything stupid with me sorry they ever crossed me. With the mop closet door blocked shut I took a nap to recover from the spell drain. By now they had found out that somehow their lab rat had escaped them undetected. I would love to have seen the looks on their faces when they entered the operating room and found me long gone without a trace. There was no way they could hope to find me without some serious magic or a room by room and hallway by hallway sweep. Even then it would be likely they’d miss me. “How the hell can one little escape so easily! There were 15 security guards in full body armor blocking that hall! How the hell can one little manage to kill all of them?” The man was screaming at the staff that was supposed to be in charge of security but had somehow lost one little girl with pointy ears and silver hair. He refused to listen to the truth and continued to scream at them a few more minutes. No one dared to interrupt him unless they wanted to be the main target of his anger. The lady in charge of the facility lost her temper and yelled back at him. “Watch the damned security tape and you tell us what we could have done! You’re so damned smart and and refuse to listen so you watch and you tell us how we stop her and defend against what she did!” The lady pushed play on the tape machine and the man watched as the cute little stepped out into the hallway made a complicated and quick gesture. He watched as the very air around the security force suddenly ignited and exploded. His jaw fell open and he rewound the tap then watched it frame by frame for some kind of explanation. “How in the nine hells did she do that? Was it a micro missile or a grenade of some type?” “I tried to tell you that we should not try to tap into that world! Now you see why her world is off limits to us! We can’t even get her to voluntarily wear a diaper like a proper little! She is so damned fast and so strong we can’t keep her restrained! Even the neural helmet failed to work on her for more than 15 minutes! She is able to manipulate energies that we can’t even trace or identify! She calls it magic and she has just shown that she is quite capable of using that energy to inflict some very high losses and she also has no hesitation about doing so if cornered!” I say we get the second gate ready and then just let her go home before she kills all of us! We can not tame her! If she’s an example of her species then I say we send her home and never again open a gate to her world! Her species is too powerful and way too dangerous to be used the way we want to use them!” Another lady in an expensive suit sat silently then finally spoke. “We have invested a considerable sum into this project and we can not let one little setback stop us! If the rest of her kind are as cute then we should get the gate working again and go after another one!” The complex shook as a explosion triggered the evacuation alarm. “You hear that? That’s the evacuation alarm! Only two things can trigger that! A reactor meltdown or gate overload! We have to get out before the safety protocols destroy this entire place! With the gate collapsing and becoming unstable the entire facility is designed to self destruct to prevent something coming in from one of the banned dimensions! In case you didn’t know, that means a plasma explosion the equivalent of a one megaton nuclear weapon! You want her so bad, you go get her! I’m leaving before it’s too late!” There was a click from the door as it locked them in. The lady in the suit tried the door and found it locked. “Cute. Unlock the door now or I’ll have you retrained.” “You arrogant bitch! You’ve killed us all! There is no way to unlock that door now! Containment and cleanup procedure! First the doors all lock and then the countdown begins for those outside the buildings. They have 15 minutes to reach a safe distance before the final cleanup is initiated. That means the plasma bomb detonates and vaporizes this island, us and everything else within five miles! We’re all dead you damned arrogant fools!” I woke up to the sound of an alarm going off and what sounded like a countdown of some type. The door was locked but that was no problem. A good swift kick and it flew open. The halls were empty of personnel and to my mind that spelled danger on a very big scale. Something was very wrong and when an explosion almost knocked me off my feet I made for the nearest exit at a dead run. Every damned door along the way was locked and had to be forced open. Twice I took wrong turns and had to backtrack. I reached a door and did not bother to check for locks. I kicked it open and was outside in a heartbeat. This place is weird. First they try to treat me like a baby then next they want to dissect me. Now a group of very short children in some type of advanced body armor were swarming the island and running towards the buildings with weapons in their hands! I did not stop to see who they were and used a spell to turn invisible. They all ran past me without stopping so I simply kept going towards the shoreline in hopes of finding a boat I could use to get away from this island and back to the mainland. With a little luck I could find someplace to get some panties so I could get rid of this damned diaper I had on. It took a few more minutes to safely to find a place to stop and turn visible again and relax a few minutes before the spell drain overcame me. I watched as the rest of the small soldiers cleared out of the area then made my way towards one of the boats only to find it guarded by thee more of the small soldiers who were quite alert for any potential problems. After a few more minutes I had to let the spell go before the drain knocked me out. I dropped the spell and took a moment to make sure no one had spotted me. After making sure it was safe to come out of hiding I quietly moved along some heavy brush along the edge of the beach looking for a landing craft or some other boat that would allow me to escape this place without being caught. Moving silently and carefully took time but my efforts were rewarded when I spotted a small boat and one of those giant women standing guard.. The huge lady was trying to stay partially hidden but had not counted on my eyesight allowing me to see her easily in the darkness. She had an extremely large assault rifle in her hands and was quite alert for danger. There was no cover near her to use so it was going to have to be left to brute force or I could try to bluff her. I stood up and stepped into the light only to be rewarded by a burst of rounds from her weapon. My pistol barked out four times and the giant dropped to the ground with half of her head gone. The shots had not gone unnoticed and the sound of more people gave me incentive to get the hell off this crazy island as fast as I could. The people here were all crazy and none of it made any fragging sense. If I had not known better I would swear someone had slipped something into my food or drink and I was having a bad drug trip. By the time the group of those small soldiers got to where the boat had been it was too late to stop me. I was well on the way to the mainland and freedom. Someone was going to pay for the humiliation they had heaped on me. They drag me to some messed up place and then stick me in diapers and try to treat me like a baby. When that doesn’t work they try to restrain me and try to figure out my new body parts. When I am too much for them to handle they lie and try to have me dissected like a lab rat. I will not be caged and will kill to stay free. RAVEN The Hellcats swarmed over the island and prevented the self destruct systems from destroying the island and all of the evidence. One of the littles extracted a cable from a data port and then unplugged the other end from a similar port in her head. “I don’t care how many times I see you do that Lieutenant, it is still eerie! At any rate, island is secure and the few survivors are being interrogated right now. They opened a gate to one of the restricted worlds and managed to retrieve one of the natives from there. It seems as if the native was able to escape despite their heavy security.” “Interesting. Anyone get a look at the person they brought across?” “We have some interesting video footage of the individual escaping. The restricted dimension they opened up to is is a class one dimension due to it’s dangerous nature and the types of natives that inhabit it.” “Class one?! Are they insane? Class one is the most dangerous classification there is! I better see this footage. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day.” Hellion watched the video clips they had been able to salvage before the computers began to overload and scramble all the information stored on them. “What the hell were they thinking? That’s why that dimension is restricted! The natives are far more advanced than we are in a lot of ways and far more dangerous as well! This is going to be a real pain to find her and try to get her back home!” “Lieutenant, How did she manage to get a cloaking device that small and efficient that she could hide from them so easily?” “It’s not a cloaking device. Where she comes from they have the ability to use magic and that’s what we saw her doing. With her mastery of magic and her advanced cybernetic limbs she is going to be real hard to stop. See if you can get in touch with Baelorn. He might have some ideas on how to find her and stop her if we have to. They’re back for that big climbing contest on the mainland for mount Hujaro. His wife is defending her record for the fastest climbing time.” “Do you want me to inform the ministry about this illegal gate breach or do you want to do it yourself?” Hellion sighed then spoke up again. I’ll contact them myself after we have the rest of the place secured. They are not going to be happy about this and will try all sorts of tricks to get to any of us they can. Too bad we can’t shrink them down and adopt them out. I bet a few of them would look cute in diapers drinking from a bottle.” The sergeant laughed. “I’d pay to see that! It would be worth a month’s pay to see someone do that to them! Shrink them and then drop them off in the middle of a group of amazon women with no children! The video would be an instant hit on the islands! I’ll even volunteer to help tell them what is going to happen to them just so we can record the looks of horror and terror as we shrink them and drop them off!” “If I could legally get away with making a shrink ray I would be tempted, but they have international laws against that. At any rate, get the rest of the survivors rounded up and brought to me for interrogation. Maybe we can let a few of them meet my friend Mrs. White and share a cell with her for a while. I’m sure that after seeing her having to have her diapers changed a few times they’ll talk real fast to avoid her fate. They finally sentenced on her a week ago. They are shrinking her and then sending her to etiquette school before adopting her out. Let a few of the more reluctant ones here be with her for a weekend and then offer them a way out to avoid the same fate. I have an idea that will get them talking. Lie to them and tell them that the ministry has sentenced them to the same fate as Mrs. White for their part in this illegal gate opening into a restricted dimension. That should loosen their tongues nicely. Play them the video of Mrs White being shrunken and then diapered before being sent off to etiquette school. It should frighten them big time and give us the information we need.” Hellion spent the next two hours sending orders to other sergeants and coordinating the final mopping up and securing of the island installation. Finally she removed her helmet and walked into the tent she was using as he command post. Sergeant, any luck tracking the missing escapee?” “She left the island after killing an amazon woman that was guarding an escape boat for her coworkers. I have notified the contacts on the other islands and on the mainland to look for her but to not to try to stop her. Everyone has been told she was illegally kidnapped from a restricted class one dimension and is loose and very paranoid. Her looks are going to make a lot of the baby crazy amazons want to try to adopt her on sight. Her ears will make her hard to miss, that and her unique limbs as well. Not many little or even inbetweeners with artificial limbs and none with any that advanced except for maybe Baelorn.” The sergeant laughed. “I don’t suppose his wife would share him would she? He’s damned good looking!” Hellion laughed. He’s faithful to his wife and refuses to cheat. I tried once about 12 years ago to seduce him and he shot me down instantly, damn the luck. That was before I met Luke though. At any rate, time to contact the ministry and let them know the good news. You know they so love hearing from me these days.” Hellion made the connections on the video communications system and waited for the ministry to answer. Some blond amazon with a very nice figure picked up and smiled at Hellion. “Did your mommy give you permission to mess with that honey?” “Shut the hell up you dumb bimbo and connect me to minister Jaro! This is Lieutenant Hellion of the Hellcats third expeditionary strike force so connect me to him or I’ll have you shrunken and adopted out inside of a month!” Hellion pushed a button and her identification number triggered an alert on the screen the lady was looking at. A moment later minister Jaro was on the line and the lady disconnected herself from the call. “Sorry about that, Hellion. She is great looking, but not very damned smart. What is the status of your operation?” “We have just about finished mopping up here and it looks like your informant was right. They had opened an illegal gate as you suspected. To make matters worse, they abducted someone form the other side.” The minister sat back and rubbed his forehead. “Why do I not like where this is going? How bad?” “They opened it to a class one restricted dimension and then the abducted person escaped after killing half the scientists and a good portion of their security forces in the escape. She is heavily cybered and very dangerous. She should be considered to be more dangerous than we are. She is an elf and has the ability to use magic. I’ve already sent out a call to Baelorn for help. Maybe he can figure out a way to stop her.” “Good thinking on that one, Hellion. Your parents said to tell you hello, They caught that man trying to hack the gate company and we have him in custody now thanks to their help. Also, Matt’s wife says thank you for helping them. Their first born is due in five months. Obviously your serum worked perfectly. For that alone you have my eternal gratitude. So how tough is the person that escaped going to be to capture?” “I’ll send you what we have and you can see for yourself. Her gun fires caseless ammo and her katana, as she called it, is coated with something called Dikote. Diamond dust sprayed and coated on the blade with a plasma torch or something, but it makes the blade nearly unbreakable so it will be tough to stop if she swings it at someone. It will cut through flesh like paper and I seriously doubt any of our normal low end metals would do more than slow it down. Take a look at the data and decide for yourself the danger level. I’ve already had my contacts on the other islands notified along with a few on the mainland. They are to watch and report but not interfere. You’ll see why once you go through the data files.” “Damned fools! What the hell were they thinking? Okay, Hellion, good work, as always. My wife’s sister still wants you to know her adoption offer is still open if you ever change your mind. She never does listen when I tell her it will never happen. Keep me informed on this and I’ll try to keep things quiet on this end. So far, the press has no clue about your presence there and if things go right, they should never know.” Hellion ended the call and leaned back in her chair a moment. “That was too easy. Ten to one he knew and was covering his ass again. Sergeant, order everyone to stay on full alert status until the operation is finished and we are back safely at base!” END PART TWO That's it for this chapter. All comments and questions welcomed. The next chapter will also be a bit dark and mention but NOT go into details about sexual abuse! I DO NOT CONDONE SEXUAL ASSAULT OF ANY KIND! It is mentioned to illustrate only how dark and twisted the minister and a few others working for him are.
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