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  1. The Little Mermaid (Updated 19/08/2017)

    Actually I was trying to be funny. However I was totally unaware that you had created a fictional version of Earth, but it makes sense. Where is Albion?
  2. The Little Mermaid (Updated 19/08/2017)

    Have an axe to grind with Ireland eh? Or is it just coincidence, lol.
  3. These paragraphs stood out the most for me: "It's... it's not my fault," as I said those words, the tears started falling in earnest and all the pain of everything that happened, the shocks, the milk addiction, the beatings at Opal's hands, the fear over being modified against my will, the hopelessness.. and the unrequited love. Everything came pouring out at once and I was a babbling incoherent mess. April pulled me from the carseat and held me in her lap and just rocked me gently. Through my tears I could see a vein bulge on Gwen's forehead. I don't even know how much of it they understood, half of it was spoken into April's breasts. She didn't shush me, she didn't tell me it was okay, she didn't try to cheer me up.. she just let me feel. When the tears finally stopped, I felt hollow. Like I had cried out everything that was inside me and there was nothing left... until I looked over to Gwen, who had tears streaming down her face as well. Her left hand rested on the window and her fist was clenched so tightly, her knuckles were bone white. Suddenly I wasn't hollow.. I was full. These two women loved me. Deeply. I barely knew Gwen but she gave up so much for me, she traveled to another country and searched for me and brought me home to the woman I loved. And even now, my pain was so hard for her to handle, she was so twisted up, so sad, so angry on my behalf. How could I have ever wanted to keep April for myself from this wonderful woman?" and, "Dinner was wonderful, everything felt so natural. The five of us together was fantastic, the conversation flowed like we hadn't been apart for a moment.. like Gwen had always been there. Like we had been friends forever. I felt myself longing for Sunshine when April and Gwen held hands. It was hard, but I was falling in love with April in a new way - she would never be mine romantically. She was Gwen's and they were perfect together. It didn't hurt like I expected it to.. maybe because Gwen loved me too. A lot, actually - an indescribably large amount. Her love for me was as boundless as April's, but it was different. Both of these wonderful women had saved my life at this point and I loved each of them with all my heart.. and they loved me. I never knew that this much love could exist in one place, but it did." I just want to say that this is a beautiful story, and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Thank-you very much for creating this oasis of Caring, and love in the generally stark Amazon world, I appreciate it immensely. Thank-you.
  4. Just want to pipe up here and say that this is a fantastic read. I love how it gives a greater depth of meaning to the relationship that sprouts between Amazon and Little. You have crafted a wonderful world here, and beautiful characters to inhabit it. Thank-you for this wonderful story, I am eagerly awaiting your next installment.
  5. Exchanged - Chapter 20 - 7/22/2017

    I am curious, does Amanda have cancer? Or is the "dark dot" just a descriptor, and not an allusion/foreshadow?
  6. Diapers and me: A love story (Pt. 7 added 15/04/17)

    I am trying to take it slowly, I want it to feel kind of like a tentative first step on a frozen lake. Plus I am trying to keep the triteness level at a minimum. I am going for class, not flash, as it were.
  7. Never Have I Ever - C5 – To the Store

    I vote extend. This is a great premise, and deserves to be more fully fleshed out.
  8. The Fifth Column - Updated w/ Chapter 7 (7/10)

  9. Exchanged - Chapter 20 - 7/22/2017

    I am for sure on board with this story. It is fantastic. Thank-you, please continue.
  10. Diapers and me: A love story (Pt. 7 added 15/04/17)

    Part VII My alarm goes off at my new wake up time of 0420, or as I like to call it ‘Fuck…. o’clock’. Monday morning, time for a new routine. I have been going to the gym, but I need to step up my game. Hence the ungodly hour of my rousing. It is time for a run. I get up, change my diaper for a thinner pull-up type that I borrowed from Emily, and take off. I get about 10 solid minuets in before I need to take a breather. I gotta quit smoking. Wait, no that was a moment of weakness. Silly Aisling. Smoking make you strong! I push forward, making it to the preordained goal of my run, back to my building. It was a pretty short run, I mean it has been a while but still 5km’s used to be nothing for me. Now I am ready to die. It must be age, or something. Getting back into my apartment I make a beeline for the loo. I need a shower, so I do. Getting back to my room, towel between my legs I realize that I have forgotten to set out my new diaper. Shit. I grab one out of the drawer, and lay it out one headedly. It is awkward. One hand for the diaper, the other hand for the towel acting as a diaper. Getting it ready, I get on top of it. Finally, safe. I cream-up, powder up, and tape up. I get up, I am a zombie right now, my initial burst of positive post exercise energy has run down. I need coffee. Making a pot, I get my breakfast all squared away. Just a bowl of cereal. Nothing fancy, I mean it is Monday. Finishing that I do the washing. Giving my self a check, I am a-ok. I get dressed, grab my bags and head out to school. Arriving at my office, I open the door. I take a deep breath, and smile. I am where I am supposed to be. I drop my bags off, and head to the administration office. Getting there I see my appointment schedule in the tray. I grab it, and walk back to my office. It is still early, so I meander the hallways. There are many routes back to my office, and I like knowing each of them. This is a large school, and it is nice to know your way around. Like a new city, but in microcosm. The school day begins, and I await my first scheduled appointment. It is a new girl, in that I have not had an appointment with her before. She announces her arrival with a gentle knock on the door. “Come in” She does. She looks at me. “Are you the nurse?” “Yes I am. Ms. O’Byrne at your service. Ms. Agathokolis.” “How did you know my name?” “You gave it when you booked your appointment. Now what may I help you with.” “I am just here to drop off my medication for the month Ma’am” “Excellent, that it good. I was going to hound you until you did that, you are a week late young miss.” “Sorry” “That’s okay, I was only teasing. Have a good rest of your day.” I say that final bit with a smile in my voice, just so she knows that I am just having some fun. I now have access to the medical files of all the students for St. Kilda’s. Even though my predecessor shredded his physical copies. The files lived on in the virtual world. I think I may have killed a tree or two making new folders for the students, but now I at least have a point of reference. My day progresses, a steady stream of students dropping things off, or picking up medication. Lunch is almost here, and I am waiting for my regularly scheduled appointment with Laura. Last week I convinced her to book a standing appointment with me, just so she will always have a time slot. She arrives, looking pretty happy. I think she took my little bit of advice to heart. “Morning Laura, how are you today?” “Pretty good actually, I had a good weekend, and I think I aced my math test” She says that as she is walking into the exam room at the back of my office. I walk over to the shelves and get a fresh diaper for her out of the supplies that she dropped of last week. She is running low. “Laura?” “Yes?” She is now sitting on the exam table “You are running low on briefs here, care to replenish your stock before weeks end?” “Sure thing.” “Is it a big job this morning?” “No, I am just wet so far. I think it will be worse for the afternoon though, I have been feeling kind of bloated.” “Thanks for the heads up.” She lays back on the table and lifts her skirt. Her diaper is pretty wet, but not too bad. I get her new diaper all ready to go and get her to lift up so I can slide it under her old one. I then un-tape her used diaper and pull down the front. I start wiping the urine soaked powder and lotion off of her. As I do so she starts to pee. I quickly pull the old diaper up over her to catch the accident. Some of it gets on my shirt. I don’t say a thing. This poor girl was having a hard-enough time with diapers last week, mentioning that she peed on me really isn’t going to do much for her self esteem. I lower the diaper again and re-wipe her. “Lift up.” She does and I slid the old diaper out. She stays lifted while I adjust the position of her new diaper. “Okay, you can lower” She does and I start re-applying Vaseline, and powder to her. I finish up and get her all taped up. “All done here, hop off.” She hops off. As she adjusts her skirt she sees that I have a wet mark on my shirt. “Aisling? Where did that come from?” “Hazards of the job Laura, don’t worry about it I have another shirt in my desk.” “Did I do that? Is that why you put my diaper back up?” She sounds really ashamed. I mean she is a teenager, blending in is the only way to get by, and peeing on the nurse is not a good way to blend in. I just answer “Yes, it was you. I don’t mind though. It is not the worst thing I have been covered in.” “Okay…” Her voice sounds small and sad. This is not good, I know first hand how hard it is to deal with diapers as a teenager. I had a stellar school nurse who helped me. Time to pay it forward. “Laura, come have a seat at my desk. It is time for another talk.” She sits down and I start. “You have nothing to be ashamed of, so you peed during a diaper change, it happens. I am not at all bothered by it and you shouldn’t be either. I mean, it is not the worst thing I have been covered in, by a long mile. Also pee happens. So, it happened during a change, so what? I have a spare shirt, and that is that. No harm, no foul okay? This is all part of my job, if I wasn’t ready to deal with wet clothes, I wouldn’t have been a nurse. As it stands I am a nurse and a professional. It doesn’t matter. Things happen. What matters is that you are once again protected from accidents. That is why you are wearing diapers in the first place. Don’t worry. I smile at her and stand up. She stands too. “Thanks Aisling, it means a lot to me to hear you be so cool about it all. It is hard wearing diapers, and having a nurse that gets that and is not bothered by it is pretty awesome. Thanks.” She gives me a hug, I am not a huggy person, but I reciprocate nonetheless. I think she needs this. She leaves my office and I take lunch. My diaper is soaked, I walk to the loo and change. As I am just getting my new diaper on, my phone goes nuts. I look at it. The message reads that there is a severe case of anaphylaxis going on and that I am needed immediately. Well fuck, I hastily rediaper and re-snap my panties. I wash my hands, and run out of the loo. I am running like a woman possessed. Yelling: “Get out of my way, medical emergency, move!” I get to the office, grab my kit and run to the quad. It is lovely day, but I have no time to enjoy the late winter sunshine, I have a job to do. I run to the knot of people. I see Bob, the emergency first aider giving CPR to a purple faced teenager. Shit, this is going to be tight. “Bob, I am here.” He gets off the student, and I roll them over to give the epi-shot. I do, and there is no reaction. I start CPR. During the compressions, I am told that the student was stung by a bee. What hell is a bee dong out in early March? I keep up CPR, I hear that there is an ambulance on the way, but they are caught in traffic, it may be as long as 15 minuets before they arrive. Fuck. This kid is not going to die on me. Not on my watch. I tell Bob to take over again. He does. “Bob, stop. I got to check.” I do. There is still no pulse. I get the needle and the adrenalin ready. I fill the syringe, and tell Bob to hold the student down. I ready the needle, and find my spot. I take the plunge. I feel the needle penetrate the breastbone, and enter the heart. I push down the plunger. The adrenalin does it job, the heart is going again. After 15 minuets, have elapsed I am told that the ambulance was struck head-on crossing an intersection. The next one is 20 minuets out. Mother-fucker! This kid is going to live! We keep up the venting, she is not yet breathing, but at least her heart is pumping. The paramedics arrive with their gurney. Bob explains the situation to them. The student is loaded up, and I walk alongside keeping up the breaths. Getting to the hospital I am relieved when a nurse comes to take my place. I am exhausted. That is the longest I have had to perform CPR ever. I mean even with OD’s I have never had to do it for as long as I did this time. I am done with the day. But the day is not done with me. I catch a cab back to the school. Gill is waiting in my office for me when I arrive. “What in the sweet holy fuck was that Aisling!?” She doesn’t yell, it is a school, it is more of a stage whisper tone. “I mean what in the hell happened?” So, I tell her what I know so far. At the end of the telling I feel like a need a nap. Gill having been a good audience just says one thing. “Good job Aisling, you saved that girls life today. I need you to fill out an incident report, and log it with the admin staff. Then, go home. Tomorrow is another day.” I do as I am asked. Getting home I need a drink. I get one, swallow it back and pour another. I phone Emily. I tell her about my day. She is a sympathetic ear, and I am grateful for it. I have a good cry and feel better, she was a good listener. I needed that too, maybe even more so than the drink. Hanging up the phone I get my changing supplies ready. I change and go to bed. Tuesday arrives far too quickly; my alarm goes off and I sit up. I feel a slippery mess throughout my diaper. Great. I guess I messed in the night. Well I didn’t mess at all yesterday with all of the stress and excitement, and it sure beat doing it at school, so I guess I am skipping my jog in favour of a shower. I must have messed early on into the night because it has literally covered the entire area of my diaper. There almost nowhere that it has not made its way into. Yuck. I get my new diaper ready, and I lay on the mat and un-tape my diaper. The smell is overpowering. I mean normally it doesn’t really bother me all that much, but this morning it is really bad. Stress shits. Much like coffee and beer shits they smell worse than the normal. I decide that this is too much for wipes. I gather my used diaper back up between my legs and do the cowboy walk to the loo. Stepping into the shower I place the diaper next to the tub to await disposal. The shower goes on and I crank the heat. My God that feels nice. I ignore my diaper area for now. I need to do my hair. Finishing that, I can focus on the next most important part of me; my diaper area. I soap and scrub like a woman possessed. It mess has literally smeared its way into my skin. Or at least it feels like it has. Finishing that I turn the shower off and start drying myself. I bundle the towel between my legs and make my most dangerous walk of the day, the unprotected trek to the new diaper. Getting there I lay down on my new toilet. I grab the rash cream, after being dirty for so long it is a wise precaution. I powder up and tape up. Secure in my new underwear. Giving my diaper an appreciative pat I proceed with my morning. The day and the rest of the week chug along with beautiful banal regularity, I get up, jog, eat, shower, etc. I see Laura, I see others, I fill out forms, I order supplies. Nice and regular. Monday was enough excitement for the week I guess. Friday comes, and I am getting ready for my road trip with Emily. It is a long weekend and I am happy to be getting out of the city for a while. I get home from work, change, and start packing. Nothing fancy, just diapers, trousers, shirts, booze, and the like. For a three-day excursion, I take an excessive amount of diapers. It never hurts to be the prepared one. My phone chimes that I have a test. I look at it. “Be there in 10. Meet you outside.” I reply with “10 4”. I get my bags down to the lobby and I wait. She arrives, she is not driving a small economical hybrid like I envisioned. Rather it is the roughest looking truck I have ever seen. It looks and sounds like a monster truck. It dawns on me that we don’t really know all that much about each other. Other than diapers, and small personal details we are in effect strangers who are attracted to each other. I think that this trip is going to change that. She shuts the truck down, and hops out of the drivers’ seat. I mean it she has to literally lower herself to the ground. She walks around and helps me heft my bags into the bed. She is stronger than she looks. I like that. We mount up and hit the road. Traffic seems to literally part for this diesel monstrosity. Nobody wants us behind them it’s a really cool feeling. King’s (or rather Queen’s) of the road. We hit the Trans-Canada and blast northwards. Stopping only for gas, and the occasional diaper change we make really good time. Emily is wearing her overnight protection, and I like always, am diapered to nth degree. Eventually we make the shores of Lake Nipigon. It was a really long haul. We drove all night. I mean I can’t believe the size of the country, let alone this province. 1200 kms and we are still in Ontario. Wow! We shut down the beast for a couple of hours, change our diapers, and get some shut eye in our seats. Upon awakening, there is a really funky smell in the truck. I mean bad. Apparently dirty diaper smell contained within a steel box is not conducive to freshness, who would have guessed. I need to change, stat. Emily stirs. I see her take a deep morning yawn. All of a sudden she sits bolt upright, and her eyes pop open. “Oh my God! That is awful, what is that?” I don’t think she is quite awake yet or she would have figured out that it is me. “It’s me. I must have messed in the night.” “Ugh. I don’t envy your clean-up right now.” “Thanks, it is going to be a real peach of a job.” I get my shoes on and go around to the back of the truck. Opening the canopy, I climb onto the platform that she has built that can act as a sleeping space, whenever we are all unpacked. Right now, it is my changing station. I change, no shower so I do the best I can with wipes. Feeling fresher I pop back out of the canopy to see Emily standing there conversing with two police officers. I pick my trousers up off the gate, and I slide them up my legs covering my fresh diaper. This motion has attracted the attention of the police, and they start walking over towards me. Emily walks with them. “Hey Ais, these guys were driving past and I flagged them down. I told them we were looking for a good camping spot nearby. One of them is Irish too, I figured you would want to you know talk with one of your fellow countrymen.” He walks over and introduces himself. We talk a bit, I ask if there are any nice camping spots around here. He give us directions, and we are off. We get to the specified turnoff. It looks like nobody has been down here in years. It is all dark and overgrown. ‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by’ “Em, are you sure this is a good idea?” “Oh yeah. I built this baby for just this occasion. Hop out and lock the tabs on the hubs okay?” “What are tabs?” “They are little switches in the hubs of the vehicle, that let it transfer power from rear-wheel drive to four-wheel drive.” I hop out and quickly find what she is talking about. I “lock” the front and rear tabs and climb back in to the rig. “And away we go! Keep your window down a bit, just in case you need to stick your head out and watch the track okay?” I do as asked, I have never done this kind of driving before. The road is more like a trail, full of ruts and holes (I learn later that these are called washouts). We jerk, and rock, all over the place. I can see why she uses both hands on the wheel. It is shaking and jerking all over the place, it is a miracle that we are even going in a straight line at all! After all is said and done we catch a glimpse of the lake. It is gorgeous! The water is still and calm, this is just beautiful. We cruise along the now reasonably smooth track and find a decent place to park. We are quite literally steps from the lake. We get out of the truck, and appreciate the spot. Having done that it is down to business, setting up camp. Emily opens the canopy of the truck and starts hauling plastic bins (all nicely labelled I notice) out, placing them around the site. We start unpacking the boxes, tarps are the first order of the day. We set them up, I am really not super useful here, I have never camped like this. In a caravan sure, but not like this. I do as I am told. She gets another tarp and hands it to me, explaining. “Here, this is for your groundcover, find a flat patch and set up your tent.” “Okay, thanks. I wouldn’t have thought of that.” “No problem.” I start setting up my new tent, it is small. I mean really, how much room does one person really need. It is a simple two pole design, easy to set up, and hard to take down. I learned that lesson while I was practicing in my living room. Eventually I got it down, so it goes into its original case. Finishing that we start getting everything else set up. I volunteer to dig the fire pit, and gather wood. After several trips I return to camp, with my last load of dead-fall. “There, that looks like enough for tonight. Right Em?” She takes a quick look at the pile. “Old rule for firewood here Ais. Always gather three-times that amount you think your are going to need. Go on and get some more.” I accept her explanation, she would know better than me. After several more trips I am told that I have gathered enough wood for the night. Good thing too, my diaper is soaked. Like I have said before I am not normally aware of wetting my diaper, unless it is totally fresh. But I have been wet for so long I am unable to escape the wetness in my diaper. Gratefully I retire to my tent to change. I do so, and before long I am dry once again. Exiting the tent I don’t see Emily anywhere. I hear a shuffling sound coming from the truck, and I see her head poke out from the canopy. “Ais, give us a hand with these cases here, they are precious.” I walk over to the truck, and grab two large oblong plastic cases from her. “Thanks” “No worries Em, what are these?” “They are fun incarnate.” That is a puzzling answer, but okay. We place the cases in the cab of the truck. I am getting hungry, I say so. “Yeah, me too. Let’s make us a fire going and have some breakfast.” I did a little bit of online studying before coming out here, so I am reasonably confident that I can light the fire. “I got it Em, take a break.” “Okay, I don’t need to be told twice, I will get the food ready.” I get some tinder material, and matches. Carefully arranging the sticks so they form a chimney like structure. Striking a match, I set it to paper, and watch as my first fire get life. Or at least that was what I was hoping for. In truth it smokes a bit, and goes out. I try another match, and another. Nothing works. I hear a giggle from across the site. Glaring at here I make a by-your-leave gesture. She walks over to the truck. Takes out a red plastic jug, and pours some liquid (water?) on the assembles sticks. “Stand back Ais.” I do, with a look of confusion to her. She just smiles, strikes a match and throws it at the sticks. With a loud ‘WOOF’ the fire violently lights up. I look at her, with incomprehension. “What did you do? You pour water on the sticks and throw one match, and it goes?” She giggles, “Not water, gas. It makes fire really easy” I am shocked, “That’s cheating!” “No, its not, its called being effective. I am sure you would have got it eventually, but I am hungry too, why not speed up the process.?” “I concede to your superior logic.” We get a pan, and start frying sausages, holy Mary mother of God, does that smell so good. It must be a genetic memory of ancestors long past, but wood smoke and frying meat smell better than just one or the other. Combined they are intoxicating. We eat the sausages, straight from the pan. We washup and let the fire burn down. “Down, but not out Ais. Makes re-lighting it for dinner so much easier.” “Makes sense.” Em walks over to the truck and grabs one of the cases we unloaded earlier, the ones she referred to as ‘fun incarnate’. I am curious so I ask. “What are those?” “This is my rifle, the other is my shotgun, we are going to have a little fun with them.” I have not ever experienced anything positive regarding guns. When I was growing up in Belfast I remember seeing signs posted by the ‘RA that read ‘Sniper at work’ like they were an official city crew engaged in civic improvement. “Em, I am uncomfortable around guns, growing up in Belfast I saw a lot of things happen. Many of which related to guns, as it is I think the sound of a shot, might throw me into a panic attack.” “What do you mean Ais? Like you are afraid of guns or something?” I figure this trip is a good excuse as any to tell her a little bit more about myself, so I do. I tell her about growing up in Belfast during and after the troubles. I tell her about walking around town and seeing ‘sniper at work’ signs. I tell her about the bombing. I show her my scars. “Jeeeesuss! And here I thought that the story of how you into diapers again was extreme. That takes the cake, no wonder you came out here, if only to escape to a more peaceful location. I get why guns might make you leery, but may I posit a suggestion?” “Yes…” “Have you ever used one?” “No. I have not.” “Would you if given the opportunity in a controlled environment, under the supervision of someone familiar with firearms?” “I don’t know, let me think on it.” “Okay.” That was the end of that discussion, we went about the art of camping. So, pretty much just chilling out in the woods. I am interested in learning more about Emily, I mean if we are going to make a go at being a couple I really should get to know more about her. “So, Em, you know a lot about me, but I know very little about you. What was it like for you growing up? I mean, I know you are from British Columbia, and I know that you are a financial advisor, but not much else. Care to enlighten me?” “I suppose I could, well my childhood was not as eventful as your own, I just lived life as it came. We lived in the country, we had horses, cows, you name it. Farm animal wise we were covered. Diapers didn’t even enter into my thoughts, I mean only babies and old folk wore them. I went to school, did well, played sports, and was a normal teenager.” “Okay, pretty standard so far…” “I know, right? Just a normal everyday teenager in a normal everyday life. Things only got interesting after my grad. It was a spectacular party, from what I remember. We were through, finished with highschool. After twelve long years, we were free. So, we did as any other teenagers would have done. We drank, way, way too much. My friend Janet thought it would be a good idea to go out for a drive, I thought it would be a good idea to go with her.” “Oh no…Em.” “Yeah, what you think happened, happened. We were in a crash, I was lucky to escape with my life. Janet was not so fortunate, she died en-route to the hospital. I was a physical wreck, coma for three weeks, broken bones, intercranial swelling, you name it I had it. I was so lucky though, the only lingering effect was urinary incontinence, and not all that severe at that. I am one of the most fortunate people that I know. I mean yeah, diapers aren’t great, but compared to the alternative they are the cats meow. Anyhow now you know a little bit more about me. I try to live my life both for myself and for Janet…She never got the chance.” I can tell that this has been an emotional roller-coaster for her, she is barely holding it together, despite my inclination I get up and give her a hug. She reciprocates with a tight squeeze. “Thanks Ais.” “You’re welcome Em.” We separate and sit in silence for a while, not an awkward silence, but the kind where nothing needs be said. Eventually I get up and go to the truck. I want a drink. So, I get one. Emily looks over at me. “Want to get me one too?” “Sure, do need mix?” “Not as of yet, telling that story was rough, and I need something to dull the edge.” “One emotional pile-driver coming right up! In this case, the stronger the better Em. I am speaking from experience here.” “I bet you are.” I pour out two heavy handed measures of Jamison’s and I hand the drink to Emily. She takes it, and takes a hearty swallow. I can see her grimace a bit. But she takes it like a champ. No chase for her. “That was rough.” “Yeah…” I am not sure if she is talking about the drink or the story, so I just let it hang. Emily stands up and goes for a stretch, she turns around and I notice that she has leaked onto her shorts. I tell her so. “Hey Em, you leaked.” “What! Damn. Thanks for telling me, I’ll be right back.” She walks away to her tent. Taking advantage of this I check my diaper. I am very wet as well. I might as well change too. Setting my drink down I meander to my tent, and climb in. Changing a diaper in a confined space is a really novel experience, I mean it adds a whole new level of complexity to the process. I remove my trousers, and ready my new diaper. Placing it under me I untape the old one and give myself a thorough wiping down. Rashes suck, and although I am used to getting them every now and again, getting a diaper rash while camping seems like a really bad idea. So, I am extra thorough. I apply a new layer of Vaseline to my diaper area, and I slide the used diaper out from under me. Lowing myself down I feel the new dry diaper under my bum. A gentle dusting of powder later and I am all taped up and ready to go. Pulling my trouser up, I exit my tent. I see Emily with a new set of shorts on sitting in her chair nursing her drink. I join her, and we relax in companionable silence. The day winds down, we cook and eat dinner. Build up the fire, have some more drinks. Emily brings out her Ipod and we listen to some of her music. Eventually it is time to hit the sack. We bid each other good-night and retire. I fall asleep almost instantly. Morning comes quick in the woods, I feel like I have only just fallen asleep when the chirping of birds intrudes on my sleep. Groaning I roll over and try to get some more rest. No such luck, when I am awake I tend to stay that way. I make the decision to get up. My night diaper is heavy between my legs, but no leaks so that is good. I decide to hold off on changing until I at least get a cup of coffee in me. One thing I really did practice at in prep for this little trip was making coffee over a fire. I used my stove, but the fundamentals are the same. I ready the peculator and get the fire going. Em was right, it is a lot easier to get it going again from coals than it is from scratch. I settle the pot and start doing some minor stretching to limber up for the morning. Before I know it, the coffee is ready. I get a cup, and I settle down in my chair to watch the world awaken. It is stunning. Finishing the pot, I stand, as I do I mess. Awesome! Really I am not being sarcastic, messing my night diaper is great, that means I don’t really have to worry about for another couple of hours. I waltz back to my tent in a good mood for the day. I change my diaper, and put on a pair of shorts. Just because it is a camping weekend doesn’t mean I get to slack off on the exercise. I do twenty push-ups, and switch to crunches. After five reps of that I am done. I am dong my best to be quiet, but exercise makes noise. I hear a rustling from Emily’s tent. “Ais? That you!?” “Yes…Just…Finishing up… some exercise.” I am a sweaty mess. I see Emily exit her tent, and make a bee-line for the coffee pot. “Bless you, for making the coffee. I slept like shit, I need this so bad.” “De Nada.” I strip off my clothes, and leave myself standing there in just my diaper. Emily shoots me a confused look, but says nothing. I start walking towards the Lake, as I do I grab a bar of soap from the truck, this is going to be cold. As my feet touch the frigid water I shout back to Emily. “Can you build up the fire so I can dry off?” “Sure thing. If you are doing what I think you are doing you are braver than me chica. That water is really cold this time of year, you got some balls.” Holy sweet mother of fuck! The water is more than cold, it is downright glacial. I wade in up to mid-thigh and remove my diaper. I toss it back towards shore. I keep walking out. As soon as the water reaches my diaper area, I know I am committed. I dunk. I stay under for a couple of seconds and I shoot back up. Brrr… Just brrr. I mean, wow, cold. I take the soap and I start giving myself the most thorough quick washing I have had in some time. I move out of the cloud of soapy water and start rinsing myself. I feel about a thousand times cleaner. I was at the point where I really didn’t realise how gross I was. Wading back out of the water I start shivering, it is cold. I walk towards the now built up fire and start turning myself around its glorious, glorious heat. Em hands me a towel and I start doing my hair. As I am doing that I feel a warm splash at my feet. Both Emily and I look down in time for us both to see myself let go a little stream of pee. I look at her, she looks at me. We both giggle. “Well, Ais I guess that serves you right going around with no diaper on.” She says that in a jokingly light hearted manner. So I reply. “Say’s you, who leaked yesterday, not I.” “Touché.” Feeling warmer I make for my tent, towel in its usual position, clamped firmly between my legs. I climb in and lay down on my new diaper. Some cream and powder later I am taped up and ready to go again. Not like we are going to be up to much today. The whole point of this trip is to relax and get to know each other better, so far it has been a success. I pull on my trousers and leave the tent. Emily is just sitting there looking totally relaxed. I join her. “So, are your going to take a bath too?” “I suppose I should, but it is so cold.” “Yeah, but it is worth it, I feel so much better.” “I might do it later.” We lapse once again into silence. After a fashion, I break it. “So, Emily… This is trip, it is a date, right?” She looks a little startled, looking over at me she answers “Yes, I was hoping you were going to see it that way. Like I said I am attracted to you, and I was hoping that this weekend would be the catalyst pushing us into a proper relationship. I am glad that you see this trip the same way I do.” Well okay then. At least now we are all officially on the same page. I guess it is time to make this trip less of a friend outing and more of a prospective partner outing. I take a deep breath. I am going to do it. “Is your offer to show me how to use a gun still open?” This is really outside of my comfort zone, but if she drove all night to show me this place and go camping with me I need to acquiesce to her desire to a small degree. “Are you sure? You don’t have to if you don’t want to Ais.” “I am sure, I want to give it a go.” Actually I am not, I am nervous as shit right now. “Okay.” She gets up and walks to the truck. Taking one of the cases out she places it on the ground. Opening it, she removes a gun. “Okay Ais. This is a Remington 870 shotgun. Two inviolate rules to start: 1) Loaded or not, you don’t ever point the weapon at me or anybody else, and 2) Your finger should not even think about touching the trigger unless you are prepared to fire. Do you understand?” “I do.” I am shaking. I mean I am scared shitless. “Okay I am going to go thorough the motions of loading and firing just so you will know what to do.” “Okay.” She explains step by step how to load, chamber a shell, and fire safely. “Now it is your turn, show me how.” Remembering the acronym she spelled out for me I P.R.O.V.E. it safe and begin pretending to load shells into the weapon. I rack the slide and I am pretend ready to fire. It really wasn’t as bad I thought it was going to be. It feels okay. We proceed with the training, she loads actual shells and fires them at some targets. I jump, but I am not thrown into a panic, that is good. My turn comes and I load some shells and fire at the targets. I miss most of them, but the one I do hit I hit it perfectly. “Great job Ais! Nice shot.” After a few more turns we are done, I am more comfortable than I ever thought I would be with a firearm. This has been a good day. I give the gun back to Emily, she puts it back in the case, and back in the truck. I fix a couple of drinks for us, and I sit down in my chair. Doing so reveals unto me a fact, I am messy. The smell of gun smoke has obscured that from me until now. Not that I mind too much. I am kind of glad it happened. I hate being constipated, and needing to give myself some ‘stimulation’ to get things going again, so it is nice to know that all is good down there. I shuffle around a bit in my seat getting comfy. Em sits down and grabs her drink, looking at me shuffling my bum in the chair. “Itchy are you?” “No, messy, I just don’t feel like changing right away. I might as well get comfy in it.” “Ahh… I see.” “How is your diaper?” “Wet. But, not too, too bad yet.” “Okay.” “Hey Ais?” “Yeah?” “Would you maybe mind giving me a hand changing when I am ready? I will return the favour.” That is an interesting proposition. I have never changed a diaper on anybody but myself, so I don’t know how this is going to go. But this is a date. Logically two incontinent women trying to start a relationship would more than likely go there, so why the fuck not. “I think I can be of service to you in that regard my dear.” I lay the accent on really thick for that statement. “Thanks.” “Pleasure is all mine. Actually, I think I am getting the better half of the deal here, I mean I am messy, and you offered to help me clean up, so HA on you.” An hour or two passes, and Emily looks over at me, I figure she is ready for her change. I oblige her. I put her in one of my diapers with a booster pad for the night. “Wow! This is thick Ais.” “Not really, that is my usual night-time arrangement. Okay, I am ready for you to return the favour. One thing though.” She looks at me. “You need to get my new diaper ready and under me before you open the dirty one. I can’t not be protected.” “Okay” She get my new diaper and doubler out, places them under my bum and starts by opening the tapes on my very well used diaper. Lowering the front of it, she is assaulted by the smell of my very well spread mess. “Oh Jesus! What did you eat?” “The same as you, the difference is I have to live in it. You don’t” “Fair point.” Grabbing the wipes, she the starts cleansing my most intimate places of filth. Sensing she is done with the front, I grab my legs behind my knees and pull them towards my stomach, exposing my messy bum to her. Awaiting the cleansing touch. She goes to work, wiping the smeared mess off of my backside and inner thighs. “All done here, life up for me.” I do, and she pulls the old diaper out from under me. “You can lower now.” I feel the dry padding of my new toilet. It is not often I get someone else to change my diaper, and every time that it happens it sort of feels like the first time I got diapered all over again. I like the direction, the guiding. The imagined feeling of helplessness. I feel her hand on me again, spreading Vaseline all over my diaper area. She knows what she is doing here. With that done I feel her pull the front of my diaper up and over to just above my belly button. Holding it tight, she uses her free hand to attach the tapes snugly, securely sealing me in my own private toilet for the night. I feel her hand once again on my inner thighs, adjusting the leg gathers. “All done here Ais, how’d I do?” I sit up with a crinkle and examine her handiwork. Snug, but to overly so. Feels pretty good to me. “You did a fine job Em” “Thanks, it is really quite different putting a diaper on someone other than yourself.” “Tell me about it, I don’t know if you felt the same as I did when I diapered you, but it felt very intimate and to be honest quite lovely. In the future, I think we may just have to repeat this maneuver.” “Is that an invitation Ais? I don’t want you to feel like I am pressuring you here, this is your first relationship in Canada, and if I am correct your first with another woman. I want you to take things at your own pace. You are worth waiting for.
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