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  1. Shotgun Diplomat

    Would you sign yourself over to an Amazon?

    By all means. If you are going to be doing the writing as a collaboration with KWOceans, it will be an awesome idea!
  2. Shotgun Diplomat

    Would you sign yourself over to an Amazon?

    Seconded. Someone who is open to signing a binding contract giving me certain inviolable rights, and I would be on board. However, my contract would be pretty skewed heavily in my favour so I am not sure if anyone would bite on it... Fun thought though.
  3. Shotgun Diplomat

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    If that were the case, and I doubt it very much, the world would have hopefully turned out less dickered than it already is. If we were programmed by God from our inception through to our death it stands to reason that we would live more in direct accordance with the bible, and the rules set down therein. However, I do not believe this. For if this were a known truth we would not have "free will" as you stated, and all the pain and suffering that has been brought down upon us by ourselves through the ages was planned ahead of time. This does not jive with the God I believe in. The God I believe in is an observer of us and our actions, and upon death we are judged by what we have or haven't down and are given the gift of heaven. God is not cruel enough to say we have free will, and then surreptitiously steal it away from us. I like to think that he watches us and does not interfere with our daily lives. Also, if all was preordained what was the point of his son Jesus being born as a man to die for our sins and grant us everlasting salvation through the acceptance of his word? If it was preordained then God would already have a list of people who were gong to heaven (precious few without Jesus) and who was gong to hell. If it was preordained sending Jesus to die for all the sins of man was a moot point, and this I cannot accept. God is everywhere he sees everything, but he does not stop us because we have free will. Free will to do good or ill by ourselves or others.
  4. Shotgun Diplomat

    Exchanged - Chapter 36 - 8-3-2018

    You really know how to keep the suspense going. I mean you are a master. Thank-you for the update, I am dialed in for more.
  5. Shotgun Diplomat

    Bad Moon Rising (COMPLETE)

    Thank-you for the story, it was a treat to read. I will admit that all I think about when I see this title is "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR, I mean that I play it in my head every time I see the title.
  6. Shotgun Diplomat

    Any one else have a bug out bag????

    I do, contains all essentials for escape/ survival. Water purification tablets, life straw, F/A stuff, couple of knives, manual chainsaw, flares, flint and steel, compass, recent map of my island, 3x pairs of socks, 3x pairs of underwear, bug repellent, a hat, sleeping bags, air mattress, gortex bivvy bag, wash basin, tarp, some ammunition, survival clothes, food, radio, gps transponder, gloves, flashlight x2, batteries, tape, rope, KFS, and other stuff that I can't remember.
  7. Shotgun Diplomat

    What is your faith?

    I'm an Anglican. Specifically Anglican Church of Canada.
  8. Shotgun Diplomat

    What Happened to Ella Marsh? (7-08-18)

    This is going to be very good. Poor wee lass, cancer, parental suicide, and non verbal. I think that this is going to be one heck of a roller coaster ride through the emotional spectrum. Thank-you.
  9. Shotgun Diplomat


    Granted, however, you now work so much that you no longer have time for social commitments. Ergo, you suffer immeasurably more. I wish that every day was Civvies clothes day.
  10. Shotgun Diplomat

    The Asylum at the end of Reality

    I like to think that an iteration of King exists on all levels, most certainly here on the keystone but also on others.
  11. Shotgun Diplomat

    Birch House - Chapters 17

    Erikson? Son of Erik the Red? Or maybe as in to turn over a new one?
  12. Shotgun Diplomat


    I like where this is heading, thank-you for posting this. What happened to her to make her such a nervous wreck? Or will all be revealed in due course?
  13. Shotgun Diplomat


    Granted, you are now on welfare, but the low pay soon forces you into an endless downward spiral of poverty, resulting in depression and crippling debts. I wish that I was the inventor of the thneed. (Everybody needs a thneed)
  14. Shotgun Diplomat

    Vancouver Island?

    I'm still here, Esquimalt.
  15. Shotgun Diplomat

    The Asylum at the end of Reality

    The Dark Tower is my favorite series of all time. Mine too.