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  1. Portland Mommie Looking to organize Playdates

    @Jal0uor There are as many as 25 who show up!
  2. Portland Mommie Looking to organize Playdates

    There is a munch that is taking place in the Portland area the 2nd Sunday of every month. It is held out at Round Table Pizza on Foster Rd at 6 PM If you call ahead of time, you can get a discount on their pizza. Afterwards some of us go out to on of the member's houses for further games we play and enjoy the cribs the home has. So the next one will be January 8th, 2017 at 6 pm.
  3. New Prints in our bigger cloth diaper

    Why isn't the website working?
  4. More mixed diapers and boosters for sale

    I'll take them off your hands and am willing to travel to Portland to obtain them. I left a message for you on fetlife.
  5. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    So I'm way late to the story, but am really excited by the direction it is going. I'm spellbound by it and look forward to it's continuing.
  6. Hi, are you still living in Portland, Oregon?  Sure wish I could could meet up with you 2.

    1. diaperwearntigger


      Hi Inky,

      Yes, we still leave near Portland.... we have talked about doing munches, but just never seem to do it.  We should do it sometime. 

    2. Inky_Wonky


      There is a munch in Portland this coming Sunday, January 10th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM  Lloyd Center Food Court 2201 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232  They are hoping to do this every month the same time.  I'm making plans to attend.

  7. DWT_pic_2.jpg

    Ohhhh Tigger!
  8. paw_patrol_sheets.jpg

  9. There's an ABDL Website that sells Cushies, but instead call them "Diappiz" and has imprinted on them France ABDL http://www.france-abdl.fr/changes-complets/68-diappizz.html
  10. http://www.france-abdl.fr/14-couchesnow sales Cushies.
  11. adult pacifier and adult baby bottle

    pacifiersrus.com will ship International.

    Say we are trying to conduct monthly munches in the Salem area, if anyone is interested. Give me a a message sometime. Thanks.
  13. Portland Area/Monmouth Salem area

    I'm located over in Salem, and we're trying to conduct munches on a monthly basis. Let us know if you may be interested.
  14. Onesies from Awwsocute

    I've been looking at the onesies that are being offered by Awwsocute. I notice at first glance they do look cute, but then noticed the crotch area doesn't seem to be be very adequate - very narrow, snaps are close together, doesn't cover the whole area of the diaper. Was wondering if anyone else notices similar concerns, or if anyone has purchased from them and what their thoughts are on the onesies?