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  1. Me and my girlfriend often just wear a disposable around the house and a tee shirt or onesie we sometimes wear clear euroflex panties just for the crinkle
  2. I know what your going through I lost all my teeth years ago and they pulled them using only a local anesthetic and no pain pills the best thing to do is lay down and go to sleep and take it easy and no matter how strong the urge gets don't drink alcohol until your gums have healed it will burn your gums like fire
  3. Rearz inspire + are super soft I switched to rearz a couple months ago and every time I lay down to go to bed I feel a glowing warmth on my bottom that is so great so realaxing my girlfriend also agrees that rearz are the best
  4. At night I like chocolate milk in my bottle In the day apple juice Just before nap time I like white milk in my bottle
  5. My girlfriend got a set of the female ones in size medium she thought they looked so cute well she didn't like wearing them so one day she put them on me well they fit tight on me as to be expected I am a size 40 I love that middle strap it allows them to be pulled tight in the crotch and with an ABU simple ultra on under them at first I can move just fine but after that Abu simple ultra gets wet it swells a lot since it can't swell down it swells sideways spreading my legs just like spreader pants only there a helluva lot more comfortable I always wear them when I'm supposed to be a baby I would not advise going a size to small with a thick diaper if you want to be able to walk not waddle go with the larger size because the diaper will make the difference
  6. I can't answer for not having a care giver because my girlfriend is fully involved in babying me But I can say what keeps me feeling little 1 making messes/getting dirty not the brown things like eating and getting food all over my face and clothes and her wiping me down like a little baby getting water paint all over my face and body you know like a toddler 2 cuddling 3 a bottle 4 breast feeding it makes me so regressed I fall asleep on my girlfriend chest 5 being spoon fed 6 bath time 7 messing my diaper 8 wetting my diaper 9 diaper changes 10 a soft realaxing warm enema bag given slowly
  7. Currently our whole closet is full of diapers we keep a stock on hand for shortages and do not use them so here's just the emergency supplies not counting the 1 months worth of diapers for both of us that we use 24 rearz inspire+ 12 rearz safaris 12 rearz princess 12 rearz violet seduction 36 rearz black seduction 30 Abu simple ultras 10 Abu PeekABU 10 Abu little pawz 20 bambino classico 20 bambino bianco ultra 20 bambino bellissimo