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  1. Warmwetandcozy

    Word Association

  2. Warmwetandcozy

    Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ⬆thinks yoo hoos are computers
  3. Warmwetandcozy

    Post a rediculous answer to the question

    The moon Why don't we have galaxy bars
  4. Warmwetandcozy


    Granted but you can only drive once a year I wish I was smarter
  5. Warmwetandcozy

    Word Association

    Steak and shake
  6. Warmwetandcozy

    How Prudish is Canada?

    Well I work as a cab driver in las vegas NV which gets a ton of tourism and all of the Canadians I've met have been very polite as far as prudishness I haven't talked about those kinda things its unprofessional but judging from how Canadian couples aren't hesitant about kissing and being affectionate towards each other in the backseat of the cab I would think their not too different than most other 1st world country's I'd venture to say that the US might very well be the most prudish of 1st world country's
  7. Warmwetandcozy

    Word Association

  8. Warmwetandcozy

    Word Association

  9. Warmwetandcozy

    being nurtured

    I think most ABs like being nurtured and cared for by a woman its only natural
  10. Warmwetandcozy

    Word Association

  11. Warmwetandcozy


    Granted there's no french men stirring up trouble for everyone else I wish I could cook
  12. Warmwetandcozy

    Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ⬆ has never used a color tv
  13. Warmwetandcozy

    Word Association