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  1. I have a stock of fabines that are absolutely wonderful but I only wear them on special occasions that my girlfriend puts me in them because their so damn hard to get in the US but they are awesome
  2. A rearz safari 0-8 months but with my adult brain no sense in being a baby if I'm not gonna know I'm a baby and in the care of my current girlfriend my real parents were horrible but my girlfriend is perfect she is everything I've wanted in life the only reason I'd wanna go back would be to make it possible for my girlfriend to pick me up and hold and carry me like a baby that would feel so great but as it is I am a 6 ft tall 210 pound guy and there is no way on earth my girlfriend could possibly pick me up like a baby and hold and carry me in her arms I'm just to big and too heavy it comes with growing up unfortunately
  3. The fit to me feels like a rearz safari with tykables tapes and plastic cut
  4. In my experience if I get injured and go to the hospital I am going to stay long enough to let them do what absolutely 100% positively has to be done in the hospital then I am going to leave whether the doctors and nurses think I'm well enough to or not last year I fell off a ladder while helping the neighbors fix their roof I hit my head hard so hard that it left me unconscious I woke up just as the ambulance arrived I wouldn't of even called an ambulance had I been conscious any ways I got to the ER the doctor said I had a mild concussion and wanted me to stay in the hospital for a few days I looked him dead in the eyes and said "Dr is there any immediately life threatening injury" he said "no but I'd strongly suggest you stay for a few days just to make sure" to which I replied "thank you for your advice doctor I'm sure its in my best interest to stay if something were to happen but I am willing to take my chances and leave because I feel completely fine now and would rather not tie up a bed and waste the medical staffs time I'll take it easy for a few days and keep you updated on any new problems thank you very much and have a nice day" I signed a few papers and left I am fine I gambled and won which brings me to the point of if I'm hurt and can't dispose of my diaper before I get to the hospial and have to stay long enough for them to find out I am wearing a diaper I am very seriously injured to the point I can't take care of myself nor can my girlfriend which means i have probably been in a very bad wreck fell from a very high distance or other serious traumatic injury and will have allot bigger things to worry about than medical staff who are generally very professional seeing my diaper besides they've already seen it all before this is vegas people are dumb crazy stuff happens I am NOT suggesting that you go against a medical professionals advice they do in fact know more than me or you and you should listen to them in case you wondering I wasn't wearing diaper when I fell