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    Should I be worried about my friend?

    You might want to try talking to him before going off and telling the entire planet because that could litteraly ruin said persons life everything from dating to getting a job to normal every day tasks its better to risk letting guilty person go than an innocent person hang I would strongly suggest finding out the full reasons and trying every possible solution before contacting police or psychiatry services because both are extremely likely to immediately jump to conclusions that he is a pedophile without conducting any real serious unbiased investigation in which case you may ruin the life of someone who isn't a threat and are you sure it was real toddlers and not adults dressed as baby's and he just forgot to mention the adult part if he is watching actual children I would observe his actions and routine covertly i.e. stalk w/o him knowing and see if spends a notice able amount of time around kids or pays significantly more attention to kids and minors than average adults or if he makes it a habit of being around schools day cares or toy shops or kids sections of department stores without reason dropping his kids off at school should not be taken as unusual behavior how ever if goes pulls into school parking lots and doesn't have a legit reason for being there than that would be cause for concern or gos out of his way to be around minors its one thing to give kid a piece of candy when he's talking to the parents or something and just happens to have it in his pocket its another thing to carry a bag of candy around for the specific purpose of giving it out to every kid he meets or go to the car to get piece and bring it back if you do still believe he's a pedophile after conducting your own investigation then definitely go to the police but if not then don't overreact and ruin someone's life because you were suspicious suspicion is cause for an investigation not a punishment if after investigation suspicion is confirmed then that is cause for a punishment but get the facts before you act because once you act you can't go back even if he's proven innocent in a court of law it could financially ruin him with attorney cost and destroy his reputation I am in no way trying to justify what happened all I'm saying is be sure you know he did the crime before ya make em do the time also I would advise talking to a lawyer and documenting everything
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    Can you pee your diaper and walk as the same time?

    No but I sure wish I could
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    Long Story

    Well from reading this it sounds like you were doing everything you could to make him happy and he was trying to manipulate you until you were to worn out to fight back and he could treat you like a piece of property without fear of retaliation and be in total control of you he did not expect you to try to kill yourself but he wouldn't be extremely upset if you had succeed in killing yourself and would go on to do the same thing again to some other lady. MY ADVICE TO YOU IS instead of killing yourself or sitting around crying over someone whom most likely didn't really value you in the first place go out meet some new friends or take up a good hobby you enjoy and as soon as you feel ready start dating again the happier and better off you are the more it will hurt your ex even pretending to be happy will hurt him if he believes you actually are happier without him so instead of killing yourself giving in to his tricks go and get on with your life and don't give him the satisfaction of watching you suffer
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