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  1. Nat

    Abena m4 changed?

    They seem thinner.
  2. It took me years to do it but once my poo got soft, it made it a lot easier to do it. Then I think once my body gets used to it, it won't be hard anymore because it knows it goes in my diaper. I can do it stand now without squatting and I have done it sitting a few times but that doesn't come natural most of the time.
  3. Nat

    Northshore Supreme Lite diapers in colors now!

    I find it weird there are 122 reviews left for these from 3 years ago. :/
  4. https://adultbabyland.net/ I just discovered this new website but it lacks shipping info, where they are located and their website seems to be a little broken. Has anyone ever bought anything from them?
  5. I enjoyed the story and it took place near where I used to live. Though I felt there were a couple inaccuracies like there is no Olive Garden in Kalispell or near there or a Wal-Mart in downtown. I actually looked on Google Maps because I had not lived there in over ten years so I know a lot has changed since then and I have been up there in maybe a couple of years. I know they have built a lot of new stuff. I was disappointed in the ending because I didn't know if diapers eventually enter their marriage or not but maybe that is up for us readers to guess. I am glad I finally read a ABDL story without it being all erotic and you involved normal things than making it all fap material. That is why I stopped bothering with ABDL ebooks anymore because that is all what they are. lack of character description and lack of background and it's all just fap but yours didn't none of that.
  6. Nat

    rearz and the breast cancer society

    They could have have a sale and used some of the money to donate to breast cancer charity like other businesses do. Or do a donation thing when you check out asking if you would like to donate a dollar for breast cancer. Or they could have used pink ribbons on their diapers. I would think the owner is slow but she doesn't give a shit and doesn't take criticism well. She takes it as an attack and started blocking people who criticized her and then apparently started to unblock people. I also hear from people who have worked with her that she is not a nice person. Funny I have always assumed the owner of the company was a man.
  7. Nat

    rearz and the breast cancer society

    https://twitter.com/RearzInc/status/1080222249855143936 https://twitter.com/RearzInc/status/1080286681108905985
  8. Nat

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    What? Where do you put them then? And who even looks in the trash when emptying it?
  9. No. I like my diapers too much.
  10. Nat

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    My diapers go in the garbage with the other trash. I never toss my trash around the room like some people do. That is so gross. Since hotel trash cans are usually small, we usually have other bags with us from buying things so we put the used diapers in there with other trash and we leave it by the trash can. My unused diapers stay with with my stuff. I don't throw them around the room and I have them tucked in the corner or against the wall with my other stuff.
  11. I haven't showed in a while after a messy diaper. I just use a bunch of wipes and clean up until it's all gone. If it gets on my hand or wrist, I just wipe it off. Then I use a air freshener thing to make my room smell nice. It's one of those heated things you turn on and the wax melts making it smell nice. They leak but that is why I have it on a saucer. To me this is just a normal routine of cleaning up after a messy diaper.
  12. Nat

    Inexpensive diapers

    I probably should start buying them again for in case I ever run out of diapers.
  13. Nat


    Tena Slip Active Plus
  14. How anyone can support this bigot still is beyond me.