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  1. XL ABU little PAWS trade only

    Actually were good now due to circumstances my wife is now using these diapers so it's now a no go
  2. Twice this last week once in a traffic Jam on Saturday got to find a place to get off in my diaper after pooping in it then this morning while walking the doh put a big load in it got to make cummies in it too while the wifey took a shower.
  3. Glow in the dark penguin footed sleeper

    Might like this one too
  4. Hey AJ are you purging all your stuff? I might be interested but it would have to wait until my next pay day in Nov on the 10th
  5. Calgary

    There's lotsof us if you go on to fetlife.com there's events munches even annual campout
  6. Someone is at it again in Calgary AB this morning on my way home I saw a used little paws adult baby diaper on the road on Acadia Drive Se Calgary so wrong on so many levels please properly dispose of your diapers don't toss them out on the road in public for someone else to clean up its just wrong
  7. We have a package of ABU little Paws XL would like to trade for some ABU Space or Little Paws or Rearz Safari Mediums packages are in 10s would trade across same amount for same amount please email me [email protected]
  8. Southern Alberta?

    Calgary straight and married am both ab and dl
  9. Hit The Thrift Store Jackpot!

    Hey Mr messy man let me know whatcha gots might be interested and who's da friend? is it AJ?
  10. How many times in one diaper

    When I have alone time in diapers I will make sure I am alone for at least 6 hours or more and I'll wet it 7 to 10 times and mess at least twice if not three times I'll alsomake cummies in my wet n messy diaper several times too
  11. Daddy aka baby joey

    Sad to say a good friend and member of our community passed away this morning lost his battle with liver infection he battled well over 4 years but eventually lost he will be sorely missed he was one of thr founding members along with myself the first ever annual adult baby and diaper lovers campout RIP Daddy aka baby Joey
  12. two days ago I had some alone tI'm so I put a diaper on and pooped and peed and peed and peed and came and peed and came it was awesome
  13. Alberta CAMP Is proud to present 2017 camp out our 12th year! First of all what is C.A.M.P.? It stands for
  14. Yesterday I did it ooh boy at breakfast my wife asked me what I was gonna do and she giggled and said I know your gonna put a diaper on of course that is exactly what I did after holding in my morning pee and poo for at least 3 hours, after breakfast I drove her to work and then when I got back inside our place I couldn't hold it anymore and my poop proceeded to fill up my diaper ooooh it felt great after that I went to the bedroom and did my usual thing with the blanket between my legs and moved my hips back and forth till I made it all sticky wet I did it about three times giggle and pooped twice more and peed three more times before cleaning up it was a fun morning.
  15. Sort of new

    Hello and Welcome Perhaps then you might want to consider coming to the annual ab/dl campout this summer its in July from July 23 to 30th please feel free to email me at [email protected] or you can go to my fetlife profile babyalan007