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  1. babyalan

    Canadian baby boy here!

    Sure send me a PM and I'll get to where you can find out about it
  2. babyalan

    Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

    Not in GP just the opposite in Calgary originally from Edmonton but nice to meet you. We have an AB Dl Littles Camp every summer this year it's close to Calgary you might want to consider it. Wetly yours Babyalan
  3. babyalan

    Canadian baby boy here!

    Hello from Alberta as well perhaps you might be interested in going to our annual campout it AB Dl themed
  4. babyalan

    Good Day from Canada aeh

    Welcome fellow canuckistanian
  5. babyalan

    Newbie from the great white north

    What part of Cunuckiatan are ya all from?
  6. babyalan

    Married diaper lovers

    You are a very lucky man indeed my wife when I told her at first she said she wouldn't ever participate now qe have diapers for us both. Give her time show her how she can have fun with it once she's in them.
  7. babyalan

    Looking For Ab Dl In Alberta Or Sask

    Calgary as well
  8. I don't get to mess my diapers too often now as my wife doesn't like messiest but I have in the past pooped my diaper when walking our dog it was very satisfying and arousing too.
  9. babyalan

    Looking For Ab Dl In Alberta Or Sask

    Calgary here
  10. babyalan

    Good Day from Canada aeh

    Welcome to DD eh hope your diaper dreams come true eh
  11. babyalan

    Hello to everyone

    Welcome to DD live freely in your diapered state
  12. babyalan

    Female Country Duo takes to wearing diapers

    They however can't sing worth a shit on key if thier lives depend upon it cute and all but it's a gimmick
  13. babyalan

    Diaper Masterbation

    I do the same I cum very quickly too
  14. babyalan

    suggest a daily wear diaper

    You should try Kendall's lille supremes maxis they are pretty ok can take maybe 3 to 4 wettings and a at least two messings
  15. babyalan

    Would you

    Very much so yes warm wet n messy then sticky wet too