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  1. diaper lovers in Edmonton and area

    Im in Calgary probably moving to Edmonton at the end of August I also am on the annual adult baby and diaper lovers campout committee we have an annual campout every single year this will be its 14th year.
  2. One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

    Fun Satisfying
  3. One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

  4. Glow in the dark penguin footed sleeper

    Nope I got this one this time it's a nice one too fuzzy warm and keeps my diaper in place quite nicely
  5. Anyone From Alberta?

    We have an annual campout every year near the end of July details can be found on fetlife.com baby teddy bear is in charge this year as I won't be able to make it out I don't think but it's a good place to be yourself in diapers for a good week or so without any judgment from anyone
  6. New and Shy

    Welcome to DD nice to see more Canadian ab dl here especially Lil girl ones
  7. If you good diaper pooping videos there's lots on heavy-r.com one in particular is of one masturbating in her poop openly in her diaper it's pretty nasty but awesome at the same time she comes at least three times as she smears it all over her pussy Messing.rocks also has lots of good.messing videos
  8. Did a repeat three times three days in a row over Christmas holidays it was nice
  9. Yesterday morning while my wife slept I filled my diaper with 4 medium sized poops and totally soaked it too then rubbed my pee pee to cum in it twice while watching a diaper poop video on heavy-r.com where she poops in her diaper the sits down and untapes it then masturbates in it and the she spreads it with her fingers all over her puss she cus at least three times in that shot video
  10. Just an hour ago got up and messed in my diaper I wore last night and my wife says the repair man is coming nice so I have my onesie that looks like a t shirt on and you can't really smell much its nice I did a little rubbie in it before I was disturbed by the repair man
  11.  Had you ever thought of having a diaper campout down here, in the states?

  12. Southern Alberta?

    Yup one in the same the camp is now promoted on Fetlife.com and has its own new site
  13. Times You Actually Pooped In Public

    About two weeks ago I was in traffic and had my diaper on and made a mess in it big time I had an errand to run so I walked into the Shoppers Drug Mart here and procceded to the check out to buy transit tickets for my wife after a quick transaction I left the store but before I went home I found a secluded place to do a rubbie in my diaper while watching a diaper pooping video from heavy-r.com where she poops in the diaper and then opens it and mastubates in her mess covering her puss in her mess she cums at least three times while doing so one of the best videos there I have ever seen
  14. 1st Messy Accident, Had to Share

    Very nice story if you like I could offer a little advice on how to make it even more pleasurable for you even as a little toddler girl. Message me if you like or email me at [email protected]
  15. XL ABU little PAWS trade only

    Actually were good now due to circumstances my wife is now using these diapers so it's now a no go