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  1. We are not alone and there are so many more.food products now like ABU bambinos Rearz and for cloth diaper lovers the is Babykins and Rearz sells cloth too. For me like right now I am in a ABU little paws I have been diapered since 6 pm yesterday and peed about 13 times but the best part for me is rubbing myself in my diaper till I make it sticky wet too and I don't even have to touch myself just a blankie between my legs and move my hips back and forth it takes.very little time to reach that wonderful feeling of release too.
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    Welcome Melissawets remember wetter is better
  3. This last Monday my wife was out at a friend's house I put the diaper on early morning to pee in and held my poo till the afternoon then it took some doing but after a nice long 10 min push the diaper was filled with wonderful poopie mess and lots of pee I of course couldnt resist I had to pub my pee pee against the inside of my diaper a few times for cummies too.
  4. Kendalls Lille Supremes the maxis not supers the ones that are grey and white in color are really good and can take lots of wettings moat surgical supply stored carry them
  5. You need Ionic Silver you put a little bit in some water and drink it but also apply it to the affected area it over a one week time period should clear it up you can buy it at any health food store
  6. Last Tuesday my wife went to a friend's house to help do some baking so I spent the last half of the morning and better part of the day in a very wet and messy diaper with several cummies in it too I love putting my blanket between my legs and moving my hips back and forth against the diaper it makes me cum very fast
  7. An Everyone AJ is not a he she is a she with boyish tendancies and a good gal eh I agree with her this person is doing wrong and making us all look bad
  8. Well remember this is a private camp totally secluded you can wear openly as if your in public but you have to register and be paid by no later than June 2017 if you are a new camper and have never been to camp.
  9. You should come out this summer to our annual ab/dl campout its being held in the Rockies from Aug 12-20th https://fetlife.com/groups/141515/group_posts/9733198 FL link campout link http://cadageplaymeetplay.ddns.net/ Jus saying
  10. Last night my wife went out with a friend of her's to a concert I was at home after I dropped her off I went straight back home and put an SDK diaper on. As soon as it was on I wet it heavily as I had been holding my pee for a few hours then I proceeded to look at videos on messing.rocks which rocks by the way. And I was rubbing the front of my diaper when I felt the need to push it out ohhhh man that felt nice I stayed that way for at least 4 hours then masturbated in my wet and messy diaper at least 3 more times and peed 7 more times as I drank water and pepsi Can't wait to do it again.
  11. How do you even have sex while in a diaper?
  12. Alberta CAMP Is proud to present 2017 camp out our 12th year! First of all what is C.A.M.P.? It stands for “Canadian Ageplayers’s Meet ‘n’ Play”. We continue to be a social camping event for any and all age players over the age of 18 from all over the world that want to come out. Here are the basic details, with more information further down: Camp Dates: Noon on Saturday August 13th to Noon on Sunday August 20th Camp Fees are: (Early Bird) Camp fees are September 12th to December 31st 2016: $125.00 a person. Early Bird Draw to win 2 bags of ABU Diapers: Campers that resister before December 31st will be entered into a draw for a chance to win 1 Bag of the NEW ABU Preschool Diapers & 1 bag of Little Paws Diapers! The winners Fetlife name will be posted January 1st 2017 Good luck to everyone! January 1st to July 29th 2017 camp fees are:$150.00 a person. Location and directions will be sent via e-mail August 1st 2017 to all Alberta CAMP campers. Alberta CAMP resignation closes July 29th 2017 and camp resignations are non-transferable and non-refundable. Okay, let’s start talking about what’s new! ________________________________________ Location: Alberta CAMP has found a great new location for our event to call home! It is located about 5 hours from Calgary, and 3.5 hours from Edmonton. Our new location also provides beautiful scenery and is nestled in the mountains with loads of trees, a river beside the property, and complete and total privacy you can run around in a Tank top / T-Shirt and diaper if you like. There is a cook house and wood fire pit on the property. Load of tenting . R.V. parking. We are very happy that this new location not only has everything that we need and more, but also provides this event with lots of room to grow. Food: You the Camper will be in charge of making your own meals for the week and Please note property has NO drinking water bring drinking water. Alberta CAMP will be doing a group meal on Saturday August 19th 2017 Camping supplies: You the Camper will be responsible for bring all your camping gear / supplies to Alberta CAMP I.E. Tent, Sleeping bag anything else to make your stay at Alberta CAMP awesome. Note there is no power & no cell service at Alberta CAMP. You''ll also be responsible for taking your used Diapers and deposing them your self off the property. Please note we are in the mountains the weather changes so bring clothing for all weather conditions + at night bring extra stuff as it gets cold if your tenting. Alberta CAMP will have a Changing Tent sent up for those that want to use it. Again remember you are responsible for used Diaper disposable off the property! Sponsors: If you like to be a Sponsor at Alberta CAMP please message me BabyTeddyBear or e-mail AlbertaCAMPout@gmail.com ________________________________________ Vendor at Alberta CAMP: If you'll like to be a vendor at Alberta CAMP please message or e-mail at AlbertaCAMPout@gmail.com.
  13. Welcome to DD hope its all you wants its to bee
  14. I love to lay on my side after I have wet and messed my diaper and put a blankie between my legs and in the partial fetal position move my hips back and forth while sucking on my paci and say this rhyme gee gee pee pee goo goo poo poo gaa gaa caa caa wet wet mess mess I'm a big baby goo goo pee pee poo poo gee gee gaa gaa poo poo caa caa goo goo pee pee caa caa gee gee gaa gaa wet wet mess mess I'm a big baby cum cum iny diaper the words are interchangeable and it's fun puts my head in the little same and makes me do cummies in my diaper too so all three wet mess and cum it's a wonderful feeling.
  15. Like spokane girl I do the same thing in my diaper after I have peed and pooped in them I masturbate in my wet and messy diaper I put my paci in my mouth and then I put my pooh bear blankie between my legs laying on my right side and I move my hips and bum back and forth in a rocking motion until my pee pee makes it all sticky and wet in my diaper too and while I am doing that I say this little rhyme gee gee pee pee goo goo poo poo gaa gaa can can wet wet mess mess cum cum cum cum in my diaper cuz I'm a big baby goo goo pee pee poo poo gee gee caa caa poo poo gaa gaa poo poo pee pee caa caa gee gee gaa gaa those words are interchangeable it's fun to do it that way.