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  1. babyalan

    Would you

    Very much so yes warm wet n messy then sticky wet too
  2. babyalan

    Looking for friends or partners near me

    Fetlife might be a better place to seek someone who shares our fetish lifestyle
  3. babyalan

    The Original AB/DL Campout

    Yes we are this time it might even be closer to Edmonton than Our Mountain Retreat spot
  4. babyalan

    Finding plastic backed diapers in British Columbia

    If you ever get to the Calgary area the Co -op home healthcare store on McLeod Trail carries abena M4s a very good diaper
  5. I wore a diaper on my delivery job this evening when my second 4 hour shift ended I had cramping and I knew I wouldn't make it home or to a bathroom on time so I I let go with a little push and did it come out it was diarrhea I hate that mostly but it did feel good for some reason. So I made my way home and let go a few more times and at home too and did a huge pee in it now I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep in this diaper so I got out of it and showed up. I prefer solid messy diapers this one was a first where it was also all over my pee pee area and it didn't bother me that much.
  6. babyalan

    Whos Your Favorite Worship Band/Artist?

    Matt Maher Matthew Redmond Chris Tomlin
  7. just after I got home from a long day at work while my wife is out of town at work I diapered myself and proceeded to wet it about an hour later I pushed a small load into my diaper before drifting off to sleep I messed again and peed again twice and pushed harder again for more poopies and the rubbed my diaper to a nice cummies now I can sleep again I am one again getting used to sleeping in a messy diaper very fun!
  8. babyalan

    Strange question from wife

    Maybe my wife now allows me to diaper her from time to time she's also a squirter when I masturbate her sometimes
  9. Last night before bed I filled my diaper up with a big load and soaked it well I got off in it and fell asleep in my warm wet n messy diaper woke up stinky and did it all over again
  10. babyalan

    Who Likes To Sit In A Wet Diaper?!

    The wetter the better I love peeing in my diapers I love the feel and how many wettings the newest line of adult diapers can hold I also love to see the color change as I pee in them the worm wet feeling is also very very stimulating and I usually always run myself to a very satisfying cum in my diapers many times over especially when I gave also pooped in them for some reason everything about a wet and messy diaper feels and smells awesome to me.
  11. babyalan

    Sometimes I just want to wet my pants

    I love diapers mostly but sometimes I just wanna pee my pants but my wife isnt into that part of it so I dont however since she has been away for some time I decided that at a moments notice two nights ago I wanted to pee my pants I put a towel down on the floor and proceeded to wet myself it felt awesome
  12. babyalan

    How old were you?

    I was 8 years old and my sister was born that's when I tried diapers and was hooked ever since
  13. I did it last night and then put a cloth diaper over my disposable diaper and plastic pants and proceeded to wet it at least 8 to 9 times and I went to sleep in on for a few hours however I woke up and it was a bit more messy and uncomfortable so I changed I into a clean disposable diaper and went back to bed of course I peed in it before going to bed
  14. babyalan


    I suggest using google translate
  15. babyalan

    Diaper lover or adult baby