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  1. Hi everyone I'm after some plastic pants however I want them to be as crinkly as possable my caregiver request any ideas I'm based in UK Debs
  2. im not fussed who changes me as long as the do a good job
  3. Hi I've been doing model railways since I was 14 year old i also collect babycham items
  4. Hey im in your area tuesday if ur free

  5. I only now of one female in the area
  6. I agree would be good to meet other abdl in the area for a drink etc etc
  7. On an other site they have i tried to a abdl munch but it never came off which was a shame .
  8. how did you start wearing nappies

  9. On 02/07/2016 at 2:12 PM, SleepsLikeABaby said: I would like to wear in public, but too nervous
  10. i will try and keep it on as long as possible unless im going out or while out i have a chance to .i have been close to having leaks out in public . debs xx
  11. i love ID nappies once you get used to the tabs .i was using cloth backed but didn't like the feel of them much prefer plastic back .also as was said the are thick and once the are wet they do make you waddle