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  1. so, Today was a very awesome and interesting day. Learned that I have a big Career ahead of me. 

    1. Wannatripbaby


      Oh really? Good for you! Care to tell us what this big career move is?

  2. Need some time

    Sorry for your loss. -hugs-
  3. Chat Room and Security Issue

    All Clean yay!
  4. 2018 User Badge + Gift Announcement

    Done. Paid
  5. Fire Department :D

    I also had a 1988 Chevy Silverado C3500. with a 454. I ran that out of gas so much I have no Idea How many Times. I ended up "Giving" it To my old Next Door Neighbor, as it was having an Issue with the Transmission "Absolutely No Reverse", He drove it down my Drive way and the transmission went out completely. He did Scream at me but I did Tell him "Its having Transmission Trouble".
  6. Fire Department :D

    I had an 89 Silverado with the same body style with over 280,000 miles. Still going. This thing fires up and runs sweet.
  7. Fire Department :D

    I bought a 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe. Its an Ex So Cal Fire Chief Truck. With 208,000 miles on the odomitor. A/C works, Transmission was rebuilt not that long ago. Think I will have a lot of fun with this. It even has all the wiring intact from when it once had sirens and lights.
  8. That moment when you buy an ex Fire Chief Truck and already someone wants to use it as a prop in their movie...

  9. happy-baby2.jpg

    aaawww!!! Cute
  10. From a Medical view its a lot easier to clean a Circumcised Penis than a non Circumcised one less likely for an infection ect.
  11. any inventors here?

    Depending on what they are, you can build Prototypes out of pretty much anything. Just gotta use your imagination.
  12. cupcake apron 1

    aw! Nice
  13. Ever gotten to a point in life where you say "F**k it!" to certain things? Yeah Im about there...

  14. You know you're old...

    When you call the "Hash Tag" The "Number Sign"
  15. Ever get to the point in your life where you just now say "Fuck it" to everything? Yeah there right about now.

    1. Dr_J


      Mine is more or less towards my current job. -_-