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  1. wanna know how to really accidentally Wet yourself? by accidentally driving through a giant puddle. whoops. xD

  2. Getting ready for the mall

    I sooooo needed the laughs! xD Thank you so much!
  3. My Month has been like the following " If it is not one thing, It is also another!" but in a bad way. 

  4. Peekaboo I c a Diaper.jpg

  5. Health and ABDL

    Aspergers, ADHD, and some Manic Depression.
  6. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    #1 Tune I reccon....
  7. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

  8. Valentine's Diaper

    Wellp, here goes my paycheck, thanks
  9. Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

  10. Car advise

    If that video doesnt get you to Buy a Toyota, I don't Know what will...
  11. Do You Drive?

    Yes! had it since I was 19. ( Better Late than Never) Got tired of having to wait on other people to go somewhere.
  12. so, Today was a very awesome and interesting day. Learned that I have a big Career ahead of me. 

    1. Wannatripbaby


      Oh really? Good for you! Care to tell us what this big career move is?

    2. repetitivediaperwetter88


      The Career is being a House Manager in a Sober living Home. 

    3. Wannatripbaby
  13. Need some time

    Sorry for your loss. -hugs-
  14. Chat Room and Security Issue

    All Clean yay!
  15. 2018 User Badge + Gift Announcement

    Done. Paid