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  1. Ever gotten to a point in life where you say "F**k it!" to certain things? Yeah Im about there...

    1. diaperwearntigger


      Yep!  Sometimes the best decision, too!

  2. When you call the "Hash Tag" The "Number Sign"
  3. Ever get to the point in your life where you just now say "Fuck it" to everything? Yeah there right about now.

    1. Dr_J


      Mine is more or less towards my current job. -_- It's very hard to hang in there instead of just walk away from it.

  4. 222,222 miles and counting.
  5. Its like Stephen Hawking says “Greed and Stupidity Will End Humanity Earlier Than Expected” Can’t fix stupid, unless its with a hammer, if that doesn’t work, get a bigger hammer.
  6. my Hobbies include, working on cars, currently working on pulling the head off this beast.. making youtube videos (been doing it for 10 years now, woo! ) collecting Horns, or just about anything that makes noise, I'm a noise junkie, Work on motorhomes, and a little bit of computer stuff, mostly an "Audio/Video" type of person. also like doing electrical work too.
  7. I got a jar of dirt, and guess whats inside it? 

  8. you will need to have something exhaust the air out of the room you tend to stay in, only way to move the smell out. otherwise, be quick to get that stinky diaper OUT of the place.
  9. California is a great diaper state right now, Lots of Flooding. :baby_smiley3:

  10. Never jump into a raging river while it is raining. Lesson learned the hard way. 

  11. well you might have gotten a couple from me
  12. realizing I can do sponge bobs voice and sing smashing pumpkin songs and sounding exactly like the singer. pretty cool day! B) 

  13. Awesome!
  14. I officially ran out of new years resolutions and have to think up more of them. I payed off all payday loans, got a job. hmm...