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  1. pilonidal Cyst removal surgery is NOT For sissies.....

    1. spoonchicken


      I'm sorry....what exact kind of cyst ???

    2. vvp39


      Yeah, I had that done when I was 18. But God, was I ever glad to get rid of the cyst.

  2. repetitivediaperwetter88

    More surgery....

    Thank you all you fine people!
  3. repetitivediaperwetter88

    More surgery....

    So I am going in for more surgery to have a cyst removed from my back. I won't be able to do anything for 2 weeks or more. I am Hoping to God the "Or More" is Not going to apply. If it does, it does. Back in 2013 I had the same surgery, just in a different spot and recovery was 6 months. I love my family and all but privacy? Forget about it..... I think I might go nuts. Least This time I have Satellite TV, Netflix, and The wonderful world of the Internet. I also Found a Hospital Bed on CL That I picked up last week and set up in the Living room. Wish me luck for Tomorrow morning...
  4. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Why cant some parents properly dispose of diapers?

  5. Need to Change my middle nice to "Vanilla Ice", I have been solving a lot of problems. Check out the hook while My DJ Revolves it....

  6. -hides my "Date Of Birth" info-  B)

    1. Glennie


      happy birthday you old fart..lol:girl_happy:


    2. repetitivediaperwetter88
  7. repetitivediaperwetter88

    How was Halloween?

    Well, I decided to drive around to all the Haunted houses and scare the crap out of people via the Air horn on my car. The result was..... a cracked windshield. I wonder why people get angry when you scare them on Halloween? Too much Treat and No Tricks I take it? Did not really Dress up or anything.
  8. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Car accident

    What kind of Car are you driving? I don't think I want a car that doe's that when I would be involved in said accident.
  9. Remember kids. If you are ever a victim of a Car jacking in CA, you Let them take your car while they stab you to death. 

    1. Little Christine

      Little Christine

      Why the Caddie remark?

    2. repetitivediaperwetter88


      Frustrated at the local Law enforcement after almost being car jacked and possible murdered. I ran one of the guys feet over who were trying to car jack me. Sheriff told me it was a big No no. 

  10. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Almost car jacked

    I'm seriously Moving with my Sister to TN.
  11. repetitivediaperwetter88


    I went around with an Airhorn on my car and scared the crap out of people. Also had a rock thrown at my car which hit the windshield and cracked it. xD Ah well. I deserved it.
  12. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Night Shift

    Coffee, Make Friends with it. What kind of work? Security? Janitorial?
  13. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Why cant some parents properly dispose of diapers?

    Well, while working in Customer service for over a year I have answer to your question. People are Fucking Idiots. Plan and simple.
  14. repetitivediaperwetter88

    What would you do if you hit one of the multi-million dollar lotteries?

    Or CLS Swap it. convert the 4 speed auto to 6 speed acura manual transmission. It has the J series V6 already so it would make sense.
  15. repetitivediaperwetter88

    What would you do if you hit one of the multi-million dollar lotteries?

    Hmmmm.... Buy the 12 acre ranch with 2 houses on it for my parents. Buy my dad and mom cars. Buy myself property and a motorhome along the lines of this . Just to mess with people. Drive around and see the country, then, canada, Alaska, and then park it and live in it on my property with a view. Then, LS swap my honda, why? God sent me to this world to mess with people and that is what I do best . Invest in some stocks and bonds and or start an auto repair shop. Pay for my brother to have bariatric surgery. Hmmm.