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  1. you will need to have something exhaust the air out of the room you tend to stay in, only way to move the smell out. otherwise, be quick to get that stinky diaper OUT of the place.
  2. California is a great diaper state right now, Lots of Flooding. :baby_smiley3:

  3. Never jump into a raging river while it is raining. Lesson learned the hard way. 

  4. well you might have gotten a couple from me
  5. realizing I can do sponge bobs voice and sing smashing pumpkin songs and sounding exactly like the singer. pretty cool day! B) 

  6. Awesome!
  7. I officially ran out of new years resolutions and have to think up more of them. I payed off all payday loans, got a job. hmm... 

  8. cant sleep..... sucks...........

    1. Craisler


      Try drinking some milk and eating a Nature Valley (not a nut or trail mix) bar or something with sugar and carbohydrates.  That's what I do while I sit up for half an hour browsing the internet on my iPad.  (Don't turn on the house lights.)  By then, I'm cold and ready to go back to sleep.

    2. repetitivediaperwetter88
  9. Bye Abi *hugs*
  10. Why does the auto part stores assume Their "part" is not the problem, its me? I finally fixed an under charging alternator in my car by simply going to the local junkyard. They did not have a car like mine so I took one off a van of the same vintage as my car, and it works like a champ. 5th alternator I have installed in my car. gee...

  11. From the album views

  12. From the album views

  13. From the album views

  14. Just be happy you are not having to replace the tensioner on a 98-2002 Accord, V6, Painis in the anus!