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  1. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Screw that

    I live on a 10 Acre ranch with 2 houses that share a Water Well and a Septic Tank. Was doing laundry and as the washer was draining I went into the down stairs bathroom to find that the water draining from the washing machine was backing up into the bathtub. We lived 4 days with no shower, Toilets. decided F**K it! I am wearing diapers if I need to pee. Found out that the Idiot plumber used a T Fitting instead of a Y fitting to connect both houses to the septic tank. Took a 25 Dollar sprayer from the local hardware store on the end of a garden hose and ran 60 PSI of water from the house with the clog and walah! We had Excellent drainage after that. It would have cost around $4,560.00 To pull up the sewer and have it redone.
  2. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Well that was weird xD

    ROFL! Must have been Sku'd wrong.
  3. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Today I realized I am the bad driver

    I got into a fender bender with some guy in a beat up motorhome in my Truck. I got out and asked if he was all right, He stated the Following.... 1. No Drivers license 2. No Insurence 3. RV wasn't even registered tags expired 6 years ago WTF ARE YOU DOING DRIVING!!!?
  4. Geese, who would have thought that  dying would be so expensive...

  5. Why the hell is there so much Hate in my Family? 

  6. I'm tough! How Tough am I? I drove to work today............ With No Power Steering.  B) 

  7. so, Fixed my car and took it for a maiden voyage, Then, The oil light came on........ along with a trail of oil leading up to my car on the road......... Great. Gotta just Lol at the shitty luck I have, fix one thing, another thing breaks 10 fold.... least I didn't damage a $3,500.00 engine....

  8. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Getting messy and drooling

  9. repetitivediaperwetter88

    I feel like an a**hole...

    ok. so I made a post that i bought an Ex Fire service vehicle a while back and well, It is technically not mine..... yet.... per DMV standpoint. It is registered but in the previous owners name ( A lawyer) . So, here it is April, the reg is due next month on the 28th. I am trying relentlessly to get ahold of this guy to put on a part needed for it to pass Emissions. I get ahold of him and find out the following, His wife's Tumor in her head has gotten worse and she is on Hospice............. My Anger turned into guilt.......... I know the guy is not obviously out to scam me I mean like Report the truck stolen and say I stole it. "Yeah officer, I stole it, Put new tires on it, replaced the starter, changed the oil, and flushed the radiator." lol! anyway, Hate is what drives us apart, Love is what brings us together. I actually know first hand what it is like to have someone in ICU and about to die. (My Dad) Which he is still alive and well today, but Hearing that brought back those feelings. you know? I did actually go to his house and meet his wife both my parents and I. So I know where he lives. All I hope for is things to be alright.
  10. I tried Drinking Smart Water to see if I got any smarter than I am.... Nope, damnit I want my money back!

  11. repetitivediaperwetter88

    masterbating in a diaper or maxi pad

    Hell to the Fucking "YEAH!" Then pass out and sleep in it.
  12. Ok, I keep seeing people posting onto here that they want to go diaper dependent soooooo bad that they would do what ever it takes. Here is my take on going 24/7 from experience. At first it is great, no needing to stand in line at the bathrooms frantically having to "Hold it", you are wearing the potty, use it! Please Note, I never did #2 out in public nor do I plan on it. Need to Pee while stuck in traffic? well then just "Go", I even had gotten accustomed to peeing while walking, Something I thought I would never had thought of accomplishing. I even got comfortable going while in line at the grocery store. Now that all the pros are out of the way lets talk about the "Cons". The "Special Feeling" I got while wearing went away after a couple months, it went from "Awesome" to a Chore, It did not feel like I wanted to wear all the time, There were times when I had to actually let my "Down Stairs" Air out. Lets face it, it gets Hot inside a diaper in the summer. If you forget to Hydrate believe me when I say, it starts to really stink of urine after a short while. It gets pricy, Depending on what diapers to your liking are your most comfortable. I had to make sure and note for funds to buy diapers into my Budget. The ones I wore were the Confi Dry 24/7's which I felt Comfortable with. Another Con, Having to find a place to get rid of the used diaper after changing in a public Restroom. I am not one to just leave my trash on the floor, I like to pick up after myself. Some Restrooms had no Trash cans (Kinda weird) so sometimes I would say F**K it and leave it on the floor. Conclusion, It Really depends (hahaha I made a punny) on your personal preference. Try it out for a week, then decide, (yes, Buy a case of the desired diapers and try it out 24/7, No toilet except for #2 wear where ever you go, school, work, ect) If a week goes buy and you like it then keep it up, Go for as long as you like, but remember, the choice is up to YOU! For me, I had to stop due to it not being as fun and special it used to be, it actually got annoying. And Thank god the Seats in my car are Leather, I have sprung a leak and not noticed until I got out of the car. I hope this is helpful for anyone out there wanting to learn about this as life is one big learning Experience. And it a Mod likes this Go Ahead and "Pin It" if you want. Questions? then ask.
  13. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Unwanted All-Nighter

    well, Once it wears off you will be sleeping like a
  14. repetitivediaperwetter88

    How can People do this?

    A Friend of mine is basically the second coolest person in the world to me. The first my Mom. She is like another mom, kind, caring. Her kids.... I don't know what to say....Her Daughter Blew up not 1 but 2 cars that were my friends. The second one is savable, the timing belt snapped but thank goodness it was not an engine that would require a rebuild after that. I got it running and test drove it and found another problem. since about 99.9% of the time her daughter drove it the clutch is Fried. Her son offered to buy her a car and instead her daughter took it. (Thank god, another world of problems with that car lol!). How the hell can one not at least offer to help me repair the car that she broke? Or pay me? Let alone at least own up to Frying the clutch? Her son, is stuck in a Trailer, and weighs over 600lbs. Wants absolutely No help. I have exhausted every aspect of helping him. He Hardly talks to his mother who is a friend of mine. The saying goes "You can't Help those that do not want the Help" I get that. I am literally at the point where I am of needing reminding to take care of myself. My Boss told me that I looked like hell. How do people Live like this? Her son Hardly talks to her let alone her daughter didn't even talk to her for weeks on end. Would YOU do this to your own mother? Me? HELL NO! If I treated my own mother like that I would more then likely end up with an ass whooping from her. sorry, just needed to vent.
  15. For all of you that want to go 24/7 In Diapers let me explain it in a nutshell. It becomes more of a "Chore" than enjoying it. There, done.