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  1. repetitivediaperwetter88

    When did you realize you where a sissy

    I actually had it long more of kinda a gown type of dress. It felt well, like I was onto Something Loved it then still love it. Now I have 3 dresses a petticoat, 2 pairs of thigh high 5 inch heels and rhumba panties along with some soft silky smooth satin gloves. Glad I could help.
  2. repetitivediaperwetter88

    My World Is Falling Apart😪😭😰

    Very sorry for your loss. -Hugs-
  3. Aint nothing like coming home from a long ass day of work and going Mudding in the rain at night. 

  4. repetitivediaperwetter88

    San Luis obispo CA United states

    I'm in SLO North County.
  5. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Trump's latest attack on trans people

    Sorry, The Idiotic US Government is trying to figure out how to please a Complete Baffoon (President) on How to waist Millions of Tax Payers money on an unnecessary Wall Whilst being Rigged and run by the rich. Please Try your call again later. beeeep. Wonder how No one realizes how messed up and corrupt The US Government really is. Oh my bad. (Goes into the "Conspiracy Theorist Corner for speaking the truth.)
  6. repetitivediaperwetter88


    I may sound crazy but I actually have quite a bit of stories of the ghosts. My sister can see spirits as if they were when they died. I can see them as if they were when they were alive, but always looking at me. I was buffing a floor in a furniture store and I went to use the restroom. I finished up and heard a woman's voice coming from behind me say "You Fucker!" I turned and looked and seen a woman in a red dress standing behind me for a split second then disappeared. I hauled ass out of there. The oldest spirit was a woman I seen standing on the side of the road out on a highway. My mom was with me. I seen her and she was dressed in a dress from the 1800's holding an umbrella. I asked my mom "Did you see that?" she then responded with something that gave me goosebumps and the answer was "The woman standing on the side of the road?". Yeah......
  7. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Age demographics

    My Bad
  8. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Age demographics

    Just turned 30 a month ago. apparently I am part of the 60% of people here that are 30-39. Crazy.
  9. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    As a fellow Alcoholic, sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to realize that you have a drinking problem. Its going to take some serious tough love and ALOT of Patience. If he wants booze, he will have to Earn the money to buy it. So, first things first, tell dad, then, proceed forward from there. Maybe try and find some AA Groups in the area?
  10. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Behavioural Heath centers too much like county jail?

    Once When I was about 6 I was taken to a ward just to be asked to Close a door, I did that and the doctor simply said that I have No autism and was Not mentally unstable. Well 20 years later I get phyc tested for about 6 hours. Turns out, I have "High Functioning Autism". We need More Mental Health facilities extremely bad. The Mental Health System is a Complete Joke.
  11. pilonidal Cyst removal surgery is NOT For sissies.....

    1. spoonchicken


      I'm sorry....what exact kind of cyst ???

    2. vvp39


      Yeah, I had that done when I was 18. But God, was I ever glad to get rid of the cyst.

  12. repetitivediaperwetter88

    More surgery....

    Thank you all you fine people!
  13. repetitivediaperwetter88

    More surgery....

    So I am going in for more surgery to have a cyst removed from my back. I won't be able to do anything for 2 weeks or more. I am Hoping to God the "Or More" is Not going to apply. If it does, it does. Back in 2013 I had the same surgery, just in a different spot and recovery was 6 months. I love my family and all but privacy? Forget about it..... I think I might go nuts. Least This time I have Satellite TV, Netflix, and The wonderful world of the Internet. I also Found a Hospital Bed on CL That I picked up last week and set up in the Living room. Wish me luck for Tomorrow morning...
  14. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Why cant some parents properly dispose of diapers?

  15. Need to Change my middle nice to "Vanilla Ice", I have been solving a lot of problems. Check out the hook while My DJ Revolves it....