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  1. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Last Post Wins....

    I win You lose
  2. repetitivediaperwetter88

    So, I bought a Trailer, Only one problem...

    oops Did fix the Tow Chains. Though. Only pulled it up the driveway to the house.
  3. repetitivediaperwetter88

    So, I bought a Trailer, Only one problem...

    Okie dokie here. 1. I now have proper Straps 2, All the lights work, I even got it registered with a new License Plate, I was pulled over while towing it and told by the Police I needed a License Plate light, So, I added one. 3. it now has a Tail gate. 4. Yes, it is registered to my dad and I Permanently. No Registration renew, Ever! 5. Yes, I did buy New tires for the Trailer as well as my Truck. Its got a quad core rad and Trans cooler added.
  4. repetitivediaperwetter88

    So, I bought a Trailer, Only one problem...

    I have never owned, Towed, a trailer before in my life until a few days ago. Any tips on Towing? I know a couple of tips like "try to keep the load on the trailer wheels, not too far back, not too far forward" and "When backing a Trailer hold the steering wheel at the bottom and to go right, turn it right, left, left."
  5. repetitivediaperwetter88

    I Give Up

    what Life has taught me. 1. There is no instruction manual for Life Unless you are a religious person then there is the Bible. 2. Nobody else can help you improve your life but YOU! YOU, must WANT to improve your life yourself. 3. Life is what you make it! You can choose to live happy, you could choose to live miserable, or, work at a DMV office. 4. I myself had felt like I had no purpose in life and had no Idea what I was going to do with my life, but surprise surprise, I like helping people is what I like doing. You are good at something, you just have NOT found it just yet . 5. If you told me 5 years ago that I was gonna sober up and get not 1 but hold down 2 jobs I would have looked you in the eyes and told you that you were nuts! 6. When an unexpected change happens and it seems bad, it happened for a reason. 7. Expect the Unexpected. If you still feel like ending it, please take in consideration that if you do, it will have a HUGE Impact on the people who love you. (Us here, and your family) There is so much to life, its a big learning experience.
  6. repetitivediaperwetter88

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    well, I did take Audio Engineering and Radio Broadcasting in college. Have a couple of FM transmitters sitting around. I might be the only person left of my age group to still own a VCR and a Cassette player. I haven't even tested the cassette playing in my 98 tahoe to see if it works. hmmm...
  7. repetitivediaperwetter88

    One thing I can Mark "Not to do" on my bucket list...

    this showed up on my recommended videos. Don't think I will be using a waterbed to be tied down on.
  8. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Screw that

    I live on a 10 Acre ranch with 2 houses that share a Water Well and a Septic Tank. Was doing laundry and as the washer was draining I went into the down stairs bathroom to find that the water draining from the washing machine was backing up into the bathtub. We lived 4 days with no shower, Toilets. decided F**K it! I am wearing diapers if I need to pee. Found out that the Idiot plumber used a T Fitting instead of a Y fitting to connect both houses to the septic tank. Took a 25 Dollar sprayer from the local hardware store on the end of a garden hose and ran 60 PSI of water from the house with the clog and walah! We had Excellent drainage after that. It would have cost around $4,560.00 To pull up the sewer and have it redone.
  9. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Well that was weird xD

    ROFL! Must have been Sku'd wrong.
  10. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Today I realized I am the bad driver

    I got into a fender bender with some guy in a beat up motorhome in my Truck. I got out and asked if he was all right, He stated the Following.... 1. No Drivers license 2. No Insurence 3. RV wasn't even registered tags expired 6 years ago WTF ARE YOU DOING DRIVING!!!?
  11. Geese, who would have thought that  dying would be so expensive...

  12. Why the hell is there so much Hate in my Family? 

  13. I'm tough! How Tough am I? I drove to work today............ With No Power Steering.  B) 

  14. so, Fixed my car and took it for a maiden voyage, Then, The oil light came on........ along with a trail of oil leading up to my car on the road......... Great. Gotta just Lol at the shitty luck I have, fix one thing, another thing breaks 10 fold.... least I didn't damage a $3,500.00 engine....

  15. repetitivediaperwetter88

    Getting messy and drooling