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  1. Looks like they finally called it quits on a print I never tried(or could efford). When I first saw them, they seems like a swim diaper but was a regular diaper. No clue why it wasn't a swim diaper. Eather way I'm pretty sad I will never be able to try these on. Maybe as a collectors item perhaps?
  2. how long have people loved wearing diapers

    Yea and no. Underwear existed a little further back in time but it deffonally wasn't like it is today. It was around 2000 years ago people relized you could use cloth to absorb a baby messes and such. It wasn't until the 1800s when the actual modern diaper started to take shape and patents would be taken on the styles as well Sadly what I know cuts off there. I wish I had more info to give
  3. how long have people loved wearing diapers

    If it helps...diapers were invented around 3000-2000 years ago with potty training invented in the late 1800s
  4. Pamper's Diapers

    The machines to make adult pullups just don't exist yet. Also a size Small adult diaper is size 9 anyways with Abena covering size 7-8 with their youth diapers called the "abri form junior" if you need a size chart Size Preme: Up to 7 lbs Newborn: Up to 10lbs Size 1: 8-14lbs Size 2: 12-18lbs Size 3 16-28lbs Size 4: 22-37lbs(Size 2T-3T is the same size) Size 5: Over 27lbs(Size 3T-4T is the same size) Size 6 35-50lbs(Size 4T-5T is the same size) Size 7 42-65lbs(Youth diaper) Size 8 75-125lbs(Youth diaper) Size 9 125-165lbs(known as Size Small Adult Diaper) Size 10 140-190lbs( known as Size Medium Adult Diaper) Size 11 180-250lbs(known as Size Large Adult Diaper) Size 12 240-300lbs(known as Size Extra Large Adult Diaper) Size 13 300lbs-450lbs(known as Size XXL Adult Diaper or a Bariatric Diaper) Size 14 450lbs-700lbs(known as Size XXXL Adult Diaper or a Bariatric Diaper) Hope this helps a lot!
  5. Term for hatred of ABDLs

  6. Potty training

    I was 5 when I was fully potty training during the day and age 10 when I was night time trained. I fought tooth and nail to stay in diapers during my diapered years when mom tried to potty train me. Mom got me trained enough that I could attend preschool at 4 then at 5 I guess I just gave up. I think if I remember right that I thought of the assumption that I was diapered at night so I could train during the day and still wear them at night. It went something like that.
  7. ....They both mean the same thing....
  8. $600 Easter Basket!!! It's Normal Right?

    Uhhh...what? I do have a inner child as well and I act pretty childish out in public but. Ok then....
  9. My car died!

    Tell me about it! Three months ago my 2012 Smart Fortwo Pure stopped working. Like it would turn over but not start so I ran some mini tests on it and sure enough I guess what had happened was the fuel pump went bad because it ran for 2-3 seconds then it died under the starter fluid. Took me two months to save up for the fuel pump($300) for it. Then two months later,last month:I got the fuel pump then I took it into the shop. They ran the car through the computer and sure enough! The fuel pump went faulty. There was actually a bad design on the fuel pump and made a revised version a few years later! Car runs like a dream like new again. Try checking the fuel system to see if its getting enough fuel or spark and also check to see if its charging the battery: Could be a faulty fuel pump,O2 sensor,Alternator or timing belt
  10. Why I will be forever alone

    I know that I'm replying to a old thread but still. Not everyone is ment to have a partner or even a job if I want to go there. 7 billion people live in this world,odds are some of those will never find that partner(not to put you down. I'm in the same boat too you know) Ive grown up to realize that no one can handle me hence why I cant even get into my first relationship. Yea I'm young and all but you have friends(hopefully)and that is the best gift of all for lonely people. I get companions to prevent me from going insane and close friends too for example so I'm not lonely so much. I most likely will never be in a relationship but again...I'm ok with that,no biggie. Relationships are complicated and difficult to work on and I just don't know how those that are in one do it. Don't worry about it. Just live life how you want to live and make the most of it.
  11. Good Baby Diapers

    Babys are very different when it comes to using diapers but at the early stages can produce some epic BMs(BMs so crazy you'll wonder how in the world did that happen) so something that's low absorbency would be best since they usually are more roomy in the back and can take a beating better then a high absorbency diaper. Start off with big name brands(usually your baby will be first put in pampers or huggies at the hospital,I was put in huggies at the hospital when I was born) to see how your baby reacts to them. Then if it gets bad then swich over to a generic brand like a store based diaper. Becareful with the store brands as they can be a hit or a miss when it comes to performance. If you want something in between absorbancy and price then something like what Belair/safeway or Walmart(parents choice) but if your out to save money then you will need high absorbency diapers so you don't burn through those diapers quickly like what Winco has since they are cheap and about as absorbent as you can get on the market. Bambo Nature currently sells the most absorbent baby diapers on the market but they tend to not be roomy in the back http://bambonatureusa.com/products/baby-diapers?variant=1597357953 In reality,its up to your baby to what diaper fits them best. If all else fails, you can use two or three brands and kinda go from there just like how we buy diaper samples to see if the adult diaper is right for us.
  12. what causes ABDL desires

    So This is the exact question ive been trying to answer and find out for the last 10 years or so but I got some hints and to how it happens: Since we all were born in diapers and raised also I think determines what diapers we like if we became ABDLs. Also I'm looking into if forced potty training/shaming potty training/bedwetting causes diaper fetishes to happen...Maybe those who are difficult to potty train just wanted to be in diapers a little longer or take a liking to the absorbent underwear? From research, abdls often report having a wanting to regress or memorys of diapers from around potty training years or also those who found a liking to diapers around the time when they bedwetting(maybe it happened into puberty and that locks in that "like" in a sexual way. But why isn't everyone having a diaper fetish? Maybe those people was more then happy to leave diapers when a better option was presented because of feeling "dirty" or "wet" was not a good feeling for those or that they were ready to leave diapers when potty training started to happen Also its extimated that 1 in a 1000 are abdls in some form or another so that's something I found. Now if a child was given the option to stay in diapers for their life without shame or being forced to...Would they take the option? And if they did, what would they be like growing up? Would diaper fetishism surely happen? So many questions I still have I hope to solve for why abdl happens.
  13. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    a somewhat wet large Rearz Safari diaper
  14. Calgary road side diaper disposing

    Could they be perhaps taking them from trash bins and dumsters of abdls that the guy knows(or found out on his own)and perhaps trying to bring shame to the abdl community?
  15. Finding Dirty diapers on street, Trash, or Dumpster

    I can relate on a lot of this because I also have been though this(and moved beyond it) Searching through dumpsers for diapers: Done it. This all started when I was 13 years old and mom and I just moved in to where we live at now. After a few days of moving in, I saw some Huggies size 6 diapers on the side of the road and for some unknown reason. I wanted to wear them, so I did. This would go on for years until I was 17 when my mom found out about what I was doing. We had the talk about it and it had to change to me buying them. Mom didn't want me dead from the viruses or diseases they have after they have been used and I didn't want to be put to death by the police if I was caught looking for diapers in trash bins( I thought I was a horrible monster for doing so). So after the talk, mom gave me some money so I could buy diapers and that's what I did. The first diaper I bought after that was the Bambino Teddy after seeing a lot of good reviews on it. Wore them and started my quest to find the most absorbent diaper in the world that fit me(Rearz Safari). I knew for all those years in shame what I was doing was so wrong but I just didn't know you could buy diapers at the store(I swear I didn't know).And I made a vow never to do it again but also during those years I was also kinda....erm...May have found kids in diapers adorable. I put a end to that when I found out you could pay a artist to draw something for you so that's how I get some things out since I cant draw at all. Thought kids in diapers is adorable: Done it What I'm trying to get at is that you tell yourself that your doing nothing wrong but thing is that...Humans might be dumb as any other animal but they can put 2 and 2 together and when that happens in your case,Your royally fucked and labled as a pedophile even though you only go after the kid's diapers. People like to judge and associate with things that's related but not it like when someone thinks "diaper" a normal person would think "baby" because they were taught during potty training that diapers are for only babies. So you see where I'm getting at? If you get searched and people find some of those pics you have then being labeled as a pedophile and arrested for it. Its a good thing your saying this to get it off your chest but find a way to channel it into something that's more safer like getting your fantasies drawn out in my case(with charters that don't exist) or change it to another fetish(be careful when you change a fetish because when you do change it,Your core personality changes as well). Also if it helps and you can afford it, buy some adult diapers and just mess the heck out of them. You would be putting yourself in those kids "shoes" for doing it and its more safer. I promise you this from experience.