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  1. Why do I feel ashamed about wearing diapers

    This is actally a easy answer. Your ashamed to wear diapers stems to what you were taught about diapers during potty training. Most if not all are taught that diapers are bad at a time when your self awareness starts to kicks in so that teaching becomes a imprint that sticks with you for the rest of your days. So when you're wearing diapers again. Just remember that you were taught to feel like that about diapers. Perfectly normal feeling! No worries!!
  2. I do think baby diapers are intentionally designed to sag so there would be room for the toddler to take a dump because well....They releave themselfs ALOT just because their bodys havent developed the ability to store waste yet. If you do ever see a diaper leak at the top. It means that the diaper was probly on too tight and didnt sag. Also high absorbancy diapers dont really sag much because they are designed to absorb urine instead of well...droppings but they do sag once the diaper has been used. It looks awsome but the challenge will be getting it made and hope noone sues you. PS: sag is natural looking for a diaper. You do want that sag.
  3. So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    My thoughts are that diaper companys often duke it out in the court room and now we have a few abdl diaper companys that have grown quite a size. Typical company resource duels... ABU hasnt been happy how Tykeables runs their buissness and with that company having issues left and right. I just see it as a one-two punch to shutdown tykeables
  4. All i need to say is by 2070 is when our planet oil supply will be running on E. At that point,im not sure what will happen next but it would end up being 2 choices humanity would be forced to chose. The star trek life or The Fallout series life One of those will happen in real life. I cant tell you which one humans chose because its a grey area. Good luck.
  5. http://pottytrainingapp.com/ "Transform your Diaper Lover Into a Potty Trained Ninja" I dont think the app developers understand that there kinda is "diaper lovers"....This is a app meant to help with potty training a child. Just looking around on the web. Woops!
  6. Awsome! I have been starting to go to northshore more often due to their better price point compared to other diaper providers. Yeayy! A abdl diaper we all can afford! Got a question Northshore: Do you have plans to make your own abdl diaper or would it be too much of a shock to your customer base? If you do, perhaps would the printing be like how baby diapers are? You know, the all around prints with a charter cartoon on the front of diaper. Sorry for asking!
  7. Busted by parents - please help

    Oh wow. Your got the rare parent(I hope). If saying yes then it could mean in their eyes that you are needing diapers but also could mean that they are very accepting of you. Hope you actually have the rare parents like mine
  8. 2018 is a landmark occasion for Daily Diapers

    Be interesting to see how many of them become abdls and what diapers they prefer and what their storys are
  9. Busted by parents - please help

    Leave it at that and dont say anymore about it.
  10. Would be cool if they made abdl diapers themselfs that look quite like baby diapers today... Ya know, the cloth like with velcro and all around prints with a single charter cartoon on the front of the diaper*wink wink* They are awsome. Ordered a case from them recently and they even sent me a sample of their diapers and some wipes. Very nice people indeed.
  11. What do you mean by that? I just fall asleep!
  12. ABU ending free shipping

    Sucks to be them! I havent bought their products in 2 years due to increasing prices. Let 'em keep hiking it if they are desperate. My income ain't growing as fast as their prices lol.
  13. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    So now our diaper companys have grown so much that they are willing to sue people for just saying stuff and jack up prices out of control. No wonder why I dont buy from them and other abdl diaper companys anymore.
  14. If your looking for the country life or the idea of living on a mountain(like me) then northern CA is for you. If you like deaserts and massive citys then southern ca is for you
  15. Getting. The fear out of wearing. Diapers

    Your fears are coming from a pretty ingrained stigma your parents or who ever potty trained you taught you to beleave that diapers are this horrable thing. Some fought it like me but many just went along with it and beleaved that diapers are the "root of all evil". Now in order to lesson that stigma isnt going to be easy...your doing somthing that your mind was told not to do for many years so its going to feel yucky to be wearing diapers again. Start by putting one on. Think of it as just thick or crinkly underwear because thats all they are anyways! When this "underwear" is being worn. Try to think happy things( its what I did) or heck if your like some of the adult babys here. Get some toys or just go about your buissness. If you want to feel the absorbency power of this absorbent "underwear" then your gunna have to releave yourself like how you would on the toliet. Its ok if you dont, some dont do that but it does feel awsome knowing that you dont have to be intrupted from whatever you were doing. Remember that when you think of that your wearing a "diaper" then your going to have bad thoughts because you were trained to think that. Instead think that you are wearing absorbent "underwear" Good luck!