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  1. MegaChar


    But but! The current design is just like the designs you find on baby diapers today!
  2. MegaChar

    Think Before You Act!

    Isn't that what a nudist beach is for? Seen a bunch of photos and posts around the web that a work around from being completely naked at those beaches thats full of naked people is get that diaper on. But you are right: Post anything online these days and you run the risk of pissing off a loony person who thinks its fun to control people who are a bit different and they attempt to shame you until you commit sucide. Also as I said before and I will say again: "Say no to kids" That freedom to wear diapers is more important then the ability to ruin a kid life who dosn't understand their world yet and you live in a little box no bigger then your bathtub. Just dont do it. If you want to be the child then wear those diapers and use em. Wear closing like they do. Do things like they do but for god sake....Don't force them into your fanitzys.
  3. MegaChar

    Custom huggies announced

    So Huggies is doing what Rearz did a while back(or with me, Rearz made a limited edition diaper line of my charter called the "Rearz Charr Adult Diaper Limited Edition",in attachment)now. Huh? Im suprized they didn't do that a long time ago considering how big their company is. Hope it goes well so they can go full size 6
  4. MegaChar

    How heavy do my diapers really need to be?

    Think of it this way. Babys dont need as much absorbency because well...they are smaller so dont produce as much. Adults are about 8x production and size of a 3 year old so you want a diaper that equals what a child would need but adult sized if that helps. So 3000ml is about what the basic line of huggies snug and dry would be for adults
  5. MegaChar

    Older Children in Diapers

    Like drugs the old saying is true here: "Just say no to kids" All they are is trouble and many laws out there that can be weaponized on you once you walk the fine line of the law.
  6. Oh gosh those...The only thing good about those is they have the most absorbent core that you can find at the store but everything else sucks on them. It just seems like they wanted to turn these into true adult pullups but not get sued by playing around with the design. They don't fit for the size and you can never get them to stay on right.
  7. MegaChar

    Weight Loss Club

    Ooohh Sounds useful...My weight has been a bit high lately and not as motivated to do stuff which I think is from the extra weight. Hmmmmmm......
  8. MegaChar

    Geico knows too much about me

    Now thats creapy!
  9. MegaChar

    Accidental exposure to family due to technology?

    What I found is very funny is someone dosn't like you that much and they know something about you thats private...Well they go tell everyone this secret on the phone and internet but the funny thing is everyone already know about it and they cool with it! Had that situation come up once in relation to technology and a so called "friend". Boy did I ruin their party plans lol!
  10. MegaChar

    Anybody collect Trading Cards?

    I still have my Zombie world Yu-gi-oh! deck from middle school and a few dragon decks.
  11. MegaChar

    Do diapers expire?

    Answer: Yes they do have a shelf life but their are two answers to this "Usable Shelf Life":This is how long the diaper will be good for use before something bad happens if you did use them after those dates. for baby diapers is rated for 3-5 years. For adult diapers thats number is slightly less then its 2-4 years. Those numbers are higher by a year or so if you store them at constant room temperature. (72 F) Shelf Life: This is how long the diaper will still look like a diaper and not turn to dust when you hold it. Baby diapers: about 15-35 years Adult diapers: About 20-55 years After use shelf life: This is how long it will take for the diaper after it has been thrown away for it to turn into dust after arriving at normal garbage dump conditions(I know people who helped me out in the past who worked at the dump with a experiment of diapers). Baby diapers: About 7-10 years(Not 1,000 years that some parents claim) Adult diapers: About 12-20 years Disposable diapers plastics are made with "plastic code 4" which is polyethylene plastic. These plastics are common found as grocery bags and of course! Diapers http://www.designlife-cycle.com/disposable-diapers/
  12. MegaChar

    I Think Diapers Have Reached Their Limit In Capacity Now.

    The current record for the most absorbent diaper to be sold in the world to my knolage is the Rearz Safari. They are the only company still(I think) to have made a diaper that breaks the 1 gallon mark for absorbency. Very expensive indeed but expect a full 12-24 hour use...You can think of them as what the "Overnight baby diapers" would be for adults. If we scaled up baby diapers to fit adults and our absorbancy needs then we currently have no adult diapers available that is a true"overnight adult diaper". There is a "introductory overnight adult diaper" which Rearz Safari holds that title. Scaling baby diapers to our size means that: Adverage absorbency of overnight baby diaper 900ml X8(we produce about 8 times as much waste as a 2 year old) = 7200mls. Average baby diaper 300 ml x 8= 2100 ml(if you want that Huggies absorbency level experience At current technology for making diapers and the like are we not able to truly make a scaled up version of a baby diaper to match our size and absorbancy needs. So yes...I see that we have hit the limit for absorbency in a diaper currently. Making the diaper core smaller or thinner results in lower absorbency levels but faster absorbing times. Thicker means the diaper could absorb more(if the SAP to woodpulp ratio is right)but would result in a heavier diaper that the machine might not be able to make well or the diaper just explodes after wearing for some time.
  13. MegaChar

    Walgreen Brand

    If you are just being introduced to the abdl thing then the Walgreens Certainty will do fine but performance is very poor compared to most diapers you can buy online. You can think of them as "diapers on a budget"if your really craving to wear that absorbent underwear and your broke,cant buy abdl diapers like me then these are the best around. Walmart used to have slightly better adult diapers until they switched to a diaper/pullup hybrid absorbent underwear. The walgreen adult pullups have a diaper core that swells like baby diapers do but their diapers is just woodpulp so they dont swell or absorb that much. You can "probably"get one bladder out of each one until they have to be changed.
  14. That awesome moment when the people of Iceland decide its a good idea to adopt the mascot of a dragon during the football games.
  15. May I enter, please? Thank you!