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  1. MegaChar

    Does anyone use wipes?

    The cucumber ones are very nice. A bit too soft for us adults though
  2. MegaChar

    Does anyone use wipes?

    Well yea! A quick hack on "How not to smell and look like sh**" and you will be clean too. Also works as a "dry shower", thats taking a shower without the water. Also wipes can work on disinfecting surfaces and cleaning out things like the inside of your car. Preferably, you want the adult wipes because...those wipes can handle a adult. The wipes ment for toddlers will fall apart if used by adults.
  3. MegaChar

    Site Update for 02/05/2019

    I dont like to point things out but um... "79 New Forum members - Now 43,31 friends" Your missing a number...
  4. MegaChar

    Health Center pushing AB/DL?

    To the normal person, that place is just a store that sells medical supplies. They dont really care about what is there other then to buy supplies.
  5. MegaChar

    Computer Nerds - What are you running?

    I think your the only one thats got better specs then my laptop does. Though i could upgrads the CPU into a Intel I-9 or a Intel Xeon E3 using the same watage as the current CPU. Not ready to shell out 700-900 bucks yet. Everything else is maxed out other then the harddrive.
  6. Call him out on it. Eather lazyness to not throw them away or quite forgetful like me. Tell him that he needs to clean up his act. Abdls dont exactly lay their diapers around.
  7. MegaChar

    Is pooping your nappy in public acceptable

    Yea if your like 3 years old or your incontinence. If your not eather of those then forget it.
  8. About $1000 to be on the safe side. $700 is risking it
  9. MegaChar


    No its not the skin Ph level. I too have experienced the ink rubbing off. Its just friction from rubbing on objects after wearing for over 6 hours that causes the ink to come off
  10. Whats making them better is they actually put in SAP in their diaper compared to just the core was wood pulp. The diaper core still clumps up and falls apart after 6 hours but thats expected for store brand diapers. The bar is set realllll low but these are the current best you can buy at the store.
  11. MegaChar

    Are video chats safe?

    About as safe as your private information on the world wide web. And they said china was the spying capital of the world too.
  12. MegaChar

    Computer Nerds - What are you running?

    Alienware 15 R2 laptop Screen: 15 inch at 4K (3840 X 2160 resolution) Processor: Intel i7 6820HK 2.7GHz Overclocked and unlocked to 4.1Ghz RAM: 32GB of DDR4 2133Mhz Graphics card: 8GB of GDDR5 memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M(I think this card also suports up to 48bits of color as well but I might be wrong) Hard Drive: 256 GB of Solid State Drive with option of second slot for more storage 1TB 7200RPM Hybrid Drive Other neat features: Has lots of different lighting option for designs. 3 USB SuperSpeed 3.0 slots 1 Thunderbolt port 1000Gbit Eithernet port a Dual band wireless card for better wifi data travel.
  13. MegaChar

    Your favorite printed diapers

    A very tough decision... My favorite all around is the Rearz Safari but the designs could be better. Bambino,ABU,Crinklz and the new Bear Hugs I plan to try out are all awsome in their designs
  14. MegaChar

    Hoarding diapers, but why?

    I have a collection of vintage diapers if that means anything
  15. MegaChar

    Interesting article

    Like I said before Diaper Wars: A New Change