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  1. MegaChar

    Why do you wear diapers?

    I want to(i dont need them at all but still make the choice), comforting and calms my firey nerves. Its basicly absorbent underwear with sometimes designs on them.
  2. MegaChar

    rearz.ca website suspended!?

    DDOS attack on Rearz?
  3. MegaChar

    Forging My Place

    If you forge, then heres a project that would shock people and give you bragging rights. A "glass sword" but the glass materal is metal instead of sand. So its a metalic glass sword your making.
  4. MegaChar

    Female Country Duo takes to wearing diapers

    Hard to tell what diapers are those but woahhh.. woah man. Wowwe!
  5. MegaChar

    Almost car jacked

    That's California for ya. The whole system is rigged to benefit the criminals the most. Up here, the policys are made to the point that a person arrested only stays in jail for 3-5 hours and then sent their way. Even killing someone only results in a year to 5 years in the state jail. The many people in CA are HELLA dumb as F***. No common sense, gets butthurt over stupid crap and know nothing thinking they know everything. The government is a bogus joke, our police and sheriffs cant do their jobs because"Oh noes they gunna shoot up the black population". Oh noes we gotta ban straws because of a video of someone putting a straw in a turtle nose. You did the right thing...Your alive now because of your quick thinking and judgement. I think from the sound of it, the guy you hit was with the person in the white truck so when you returned to the location, the guy in the white truck took the hit-man to the hospital. Hence why no one was there when you returned. Where im at, the funding for police is so cut that they take 3 hours to respond to just cant respond at all. Pretty much we all have guns and the people enforce the law because the police and sheriffs cant enforce dispite the mumbling the state gives us for the people enforcing the law instead of some city or county agency.
  6. First thing is well...pretty simple. Look at the numbers to make sure im not wrong and check it 4 times. Next I would do some research for lawyers and accountants and financial advisors as quickly as possible knowing that if I don't act, I could be assassinated the next morning for wining the jackpot. They would probly help figure out how I can avoid paying all the taxes by doing a LLC or somthing of the like because I would plan to start my own diaper buissness making and selling baby/ diapers both affordable and "to the max" performance styles. After all the cloud clears the next morning, we would make a plan how I would prove that I have the ticket without again...becoming assassinated. Probly will have a armed escort drive me down to claim the prize. Then all my financials would be up to the team I highered to make sure I don't go broke like how some jackpot winners do(I rather die the epic or the super old way, not get shot walking outside)and probly will move to a faraway place. Then it would be just living life really while running the diaper manufacturing company. Buy the cheapest stuff possible like a manufactured mobile home that costs around $40k, cheapest car you can buy,bills payed, full fridge and 3 meals a day. Just live life like I never even won the lottery.
  7. MegaChar

    Stock market falling

    Im praying that this is a self correction because the stock prices have been HEAVILY overinflated. If we go into a minor recession then people might start losing their jobs or wages might be reduced. Few benefits are the cost of living drops a tiny bit I think someone bumped their interest too high and its causing coprations/people a harder time to pay on their debts. At least the value of the dollar is stronger(Not as strong as the 1930s or 1960s era when a gallon of gas was 16-30 cents)which means your wages earning are stronger and so the cost of living again goes down. Im very sure the interest rate hikes are causing the dollar to be very strong(I don't mind a strong dollar). Downside is consumers buy overseas more from overseas prices being cheaper to us(in our case ABU and Rearz would be cheaper to us then a company like Crinklz or Bambino) The US president has stated that he is thinking on imposing a tariff on almost Chinese goods this time. If that happens then the price of some adult diapers that ABDLs buy will skyrocket. You could very well see $300-400 a case of ABU diapers or another company who gets theirs manufacturing from China. The tariffs along with hiking interest rates is causing the China market to cool off and slow down(China has alot of debt owe to us but we do as well to them)so that might be a sign for the president to not quite impose a complete goods tariff on China.
  8. MegaChar

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    The pricing is what im looking at. Very fair for the price. The Safaris were originally that price before going x2 on everything price wise.
  9. MegaChar

    This is Your Brain on Diapers

    One of the sucky things of diaper fetishism. You can put it off but not forever. Its like we have a need for diapers but its our minds wanting them instead of our bodys. Putting it off for too long only drives the person insane.
  10. MegaChar

    How Does Pooping Feel To You

    How I always remember it from childhood: Smelly,hard to clean up,messy. Take a shower right away sort of thing
  11. Well it depends on how you were raised. Most people were taught during potty training that wearing and using diapers is the most evil thing you can do. So giving that diaper a the wet of its short life might bring up some bad memorys or you might feel quite terrable about doing something your mind has been told not to do. After a few times, it will get better. Or you might be the unusual one like me that's like "FIIINALLY After all these years!!" Enjoy!
  12. MegaChar

    What diapers do you wear?

    Recently been wearing the Crinklz for me but tight budgets means I can only buy 1 pack at a time. Back when I was going to college I could buy 2-4 cases at a time...Those were the days!! Now that I have many bills to pay and people to take care of. Buying the disposables is becoming more and more of a pass. Some of those brands I never got to try because of my tight budget like the peakabu and the recent Bambino diapers. Lucky I got backups of incase my perfered absorbent underwear gets low on supply. The AIO cloth diapers: They cant hold anything but do the trick when money because a rare thing. Sooo many brands I want to try
  13. MegaChar

    Aw so cute crib and a crazy idea

    No no not at all. You have a wonderful idea but need to commit to it. You can try some fursuit makers that make "inflatiable fursuits" for starters on the crib idea(ideally one that wont slap your face for being a diaperfur) and having the crib drawn out like a reference sheet would help alot.
  14. MegaChar

    The end of Disposables?

    Well there is that one moon wayyy out there in the solar system that has a sea of petroleum.
  15. MegaChar

    How many of us are out there?

    1 in 10 is way wrong. Ive seen the 1 in a 1000 for a population. Again, finding it out its as simple as just looking in all corners and not "leaving a stone unturned" In my case, the vast number of them seem to be found in furry groups like the one I was in. In this furry group I found 43 abdls, after 3 years of being in the fur group someone blew the whistle that a vast number of the members were abdls. That was when I found out how much furrys dislike abdls. After much arguments and trying to destroy one another, the furry group was no more. It just allways ends up to 1 in a 1000 in my case. Might not be in your case but it seems like it was on 3 occasions. When your looking up something, that is called "researching"