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  1. Bulkiest and thickest?

    Rearz safari is currently the most absorbent and thickest standalone on the market. From its .4 inch diaper core thickness to its almost 1 gallon absorption. Its about as close as you can get to what your looking for without boosters. Hope that helps
  2. North California Dls

    There is actually 5 I think live out there or in eureka and other communitys. I should know, im friends with a diaperfur that lives out there
  3. Well if it gets bad enough then we will be seeing quite a few of them on the forums in a few years
  4. New DL here

    Tell me about it but old habits are hard to break after all. Even more so when its taboo to wear after potty training.
  5. Will You Ever Quit Wearing Diapers?

    Hehe. Ill get back to you on that answer in about one thousand years time. No worry, I have a very looooong life ahead!
  6. Read First... No Excuses!

    Ok,I kinda get it but also dont. So I would have to provide analysis of someones story to be able to post mine here for critic? I understand fully about the safe space from seeing alot of rather bland story's that end the same way for the most part(at least how I see it). My writing style is a bit unusual also. Its written in "script hybrid" format which is scripts that you can act out on tv and its takes features of regular storys written in paragraphs for the reason is that just...I don't write paragraphs well at all but I can tell a story through a script.
  7. Bambino Pull-Ups!

    Kinda. The design for what we see as pullups is own by kimberly clark sadly and that means no machines are currently able to produce true adult pullups thats exactly like what toddlers wear these days but that will soon change when the copyrights expires
  8. Why Do You Wear Diapers

    I wear because I wanted to. Umm, when I was first born. I first wore the old Huggies Supreme size 1. Thats my first. I would say after age 13 I got into wearing again for just because.
  9. Diaper size

    if it helps in a funny way. size 9 is adult small 135-180lbs size 10 is adult medium 185-200lbs size 11 is adult large 200-330lbs
  10. Read First... No Excuses!

    Does that apply to the whole forum where we can make a very well written analysis or just the story section. I would like to receive some analysis on some story's I have written so I can write better ones.
  11. Bambino Pull-Ups!

    Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Its a first step but,im sorry but they look very much like granny pants. I know there are liciencing issues in reguards to getting the design like what the toddlers wear but again. Its a first step
  12. North California Dls

    Maybe this thread should be...everything califorina that is north of sacmento?
  13. Diapers for Houston infants, elderly, others

    You know I'm actually very suprized more abdls don't donate to diaper banks considering all those absorbent underwear we buy. Hell I donate to diaper banks from my diap collection sometimes.
  14. Cloth or disposable?

    Both actually. Both are equally good in their own ways but also really show the disadvanages. Cloth- Prefit for the low income abdls and can be used many times but they tend to have a higher cost and will have very poor performance(about as much absorbency as baby diapers). Plus you might not have been bought up under cloth so it might feel strange to you and you might not like them. Disposable-Great for the modern abdl who was raised up in the 90s to the 00s. These do very well and can take a beating. some of the best adult disposables hold well over 3000ml mark). They tend to be expensive because they are one time use so you have to buy them all the time. Also they tend to decompose in about 35-50 years(baby diapers decompose in 7-15 years)if you are deciding on enviroment factors. The best idea to deciding is just...Buy based on what you wore growing up and go from there. Your best exteriences of being a abdl comes from reliving what you did growing up
  15. Looking for a diaper with the biggest capacity

    Currently in the disposable department of diapers is the Rearz Safari at #1 on the adult diaper market. It has a .4-.5 inch thick diaper core(thickest in the world) with a capacity of pretty close to one gallon or just shy of that amount. Be warned that the diaper will weigh about 7-8 lbs compared to about 1 lbs and the thickness it becomes will show it. Also these diapers are verrry expensive with a pack of 10 will run about $40-45 and a case of 36 should run you about $140 If you decide to go cloth is a good option for new abdls who cant efford much(like where I was)but bewarned also that they tend to be as absorbent as the high end baby diapers like Bambo nature and some store diaper brands