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  1. What's your fursona?

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/megachar/ if that helps
  2. Have you tryed to reverse engineer the malware that was on the site. If restarting certain posts restarts the malware. Why not do it so you can catch it and figure out where it came from? Just a idea I had. Not sure how much of my posts have been altered but again...maybe in this day in age thats not a bad thing that the posts have been altered.
  3. Diapers and emotions

    Ill give some info and you can go from there. ABDLs make up about 1 in a 1000 to a population on adverage(I have proven this 3 times) and that is for any form of abdlism that a person might have no matter the age. For the 1 in a 1000 there is three spikes when people reported that when it started for them age 3-5, 9-12, and 18-22. The 3-5 could be from not liking the potty training experience or just too much stress on someone so young. 9-12 is most likely bed wetting that survived enough into puperity that diapers might have stuck as something the person likes, as least what I noticed. And 18-22 is just a adult wanting to spice up their life and turns out that diapers were pretty cool way of doing that. Diaper fetishism can be introduced or forced or exposed or it could happen as part of your brain's fail safe to prevent you from completely losing it and destroy everything(pretty much turn feral). It happens just like how any other fetish happens. Infantism as its correctly called for adult babys. Is not a disease or a virus but more or less-just a stress release fail safe so the brain don't overload. Pretty simple stuff really. In the OP's case. It looks like your brain overloaded on stress and it made a fail safe to prevent it from overloading again. Our brains are pretty awsome things as they allow us to be aware of things and do things rather marvelously that other animals cant do but even with all of this ability: There is a limit and sometimes it gets reached. Have you got so stressed out that you just walked away or lashed out in anger. Thats what im talking about-brain overload. The brain will do many things if it feels its in danger and in your case. It felt that you were in danger and it was consently happening so it made somthing for you to like from a time when you didnt have to worry about anything. Things were easy and fun. Just like computers, our brains can go back in time to protect it self just like how computers can. Pretty easy stuff to figure out really. Good luck!
  4. Diaper Guy at Grand Canyon Univ. event

    poor choice for diapers. Should have gone with ABU
  5. Kinda Personal...

    If everything is going normal in your body,you will be having a bowel movement about 2 hours after eating. After 3 years old, the bowel movement will be more solid FWI Dont ask how I got this info. Discovered it by accident *wink* Oh and messy diapers are ok to me as long as showers happen like right after the movement. Rather not feel dirty for too long
  6. I'm forced to "grow up"...

    Probly a bit much on them. I may be no relationship expert but maybe show the research thats your not some creapy guy that the portrays on TV show. Shes probly like"ive taken care of a child and I dont want to take care of another one!" You gunna have to pull something or somthing will give in the relationship. It might get ugly once it does. Its eather "work with me on sorting this out" or "take a hike wife, the highways over there"
  7. Bulkiest and thickest?

    Rearz safari is currently the most absorbent and thickest standalone on the market. From its .4 inch diaper core thickness to its almost 1 gallon absorption. Its about as close as you can get to what your looking for without boosters. Hope that helps
  8. North California Dls

    There is actually 5 I think live out there or in eureka and other communitys. I should know, im friends with a diaperfur that lives out there
  9. Well if it gets bad enough then we will be seeing quite a few of them on the forums in a few years
  10. New DL here

    Tell me about it but old habits are hard to break after all. Even more so when its taboo to wear after potty training.
  11. Will You Ever Quit Wearing Diapers?

    Hehe. Ill get back to you on that answer in about one thousand years time. No worry, I have a very looooong life ahead!
  12. Read First... No Excuses!

    Ok,I kinda get it but also dont. So I would have to provide analysis of someones story to be able to post mine here for critic? I understand fully about the safe space from seeing alot of rather bland story's that end the same way for the most part(at least how I see it). My writing style is a bit unusual also. Its written in "script hybrid" format which is scripts that you can act out on tv and its takes features of regular storys written in paragraphs for the reason is that just...I don't write paragraphs well at all but I can tell a story through a script.
  13. Bambino Pull-Ups!

    Kinda. The design for what we see as pullups is own by kimberly clark sadly and that means no machines are currently able to produce true adult pullups thats exactly like what toddlers wear these days but that will soon change when the copyrights expires
  14. Why Do You Wear Diapers

    I wear because I wanted to. Umm, when I was first born. I first wore the old Huggies Supreme size 1. Thats my first. I would say after age 13 I got into wearing again for just because.
  15. Diaper size

    if it helps in a funny way. size 9 is adult small 135-180lbs size 10 is adult medium 185-200lbs size 11 is adult large 200-330lbs