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  1. MegaChar

    Pampers 7 New Weight Rating?

    I thought it was from all the Mcdonnals food the parents keep feeding their children at such a young age that it causes consipation and potty training issues later on.
  2. MegaChar

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    You taking this guy to a seyicrist is probly gunna make him hate you forever. What the seyicrist will probly do after the sesson is call the police and they will have him tryed as a sexual predator. The court system is very blind when it comes to how people find their diaper interests. My hint to save him from actually going through that or to prevent him from going to children is to find babyfur or diaperfur photos and go from there. Some artists have actually done animations of fursonas doing their business. Fake is better then real... Dont do real or a world of hurt isa comin'!
  3. Yea when I wasnt potty trained many years ago.
  4. MegaChar

    I’ve been lied too

    Need more info but a common suation with one side is a abdl in a relationship. The other side says they are ok with it but really dosnt. They dont to upset you why they didnt tell you. The fact that they are keeping serects from you means its a bad relationship. Get out before it gets ugly.
  5. MegaChar

    What diaper is this ?

    Those are the current generation Girls Pampers EasyUps. They should have Hello Kitty on the front. The old ones would tell you the sizing but I do reconize that logo and the strap system. The old ones had a strap system that was like the Huggies PullUps but didnt have velcro in the straps and the materal was a more of a rubber base. Also the change was that Dora the Explorer was on the old easyups and current has hello kitty. I think a few factors caused Procter to change the design such as lawsuits from Huggies and the end of the contract with Nickelodeon for Dora the Explorer. So a new design was needed. This is also the first time that a japanese cartoon endded on diapers overseas making them basicly japanese pullups. I dont like the training pant design change since they are just smaller versions of the granny pants you can buy for adults at most stores. This design is 2015 and later
  6. MegaChar

    Youtube "My Strange Addiction"

    Geeze! That show is like a cockroach! You just cant kill it. Another fine example of when tv companys become desperate for money...
  7. MegaChar

    Do i have your attention?

    I would say that song is as bad as a diaper thats full of cow manure. Eehhhyuck!
  8. MegaChar

    Before & After Hydration

    Fun easy fact: Color of your pee is a sign of how hydrated you are and your #2 is also a indicator of your health. The more yellow your pee is...the less hydrated you are. Dont let yourself get too yellow or problems like kidney stones could happen or joint issues. If your pee looks like water then your good for a while and try to keep it that way because then your flushing out your system of any clogging or any junk that might be in your system. Oh and yellow pee is much more smelly then clear pee which means a hydrated person in diapers can go longer without changes. Theres a guide of what shape and color number 2 means for your current health on the web somewhere.
  9. MegaChar

    Diaper Masterbation

    Funny thing happens when you do that: -If you got a runny nose then it stops being runny and your nose opens up for a few mins. -If you got a headache then it stops until you stop doing your release stuff. All the blood is going to that stick instead of your head -Its a cheat sheet for not taking sleeping pills(if your male)...not that I do or anything,just throwing that info out there as I found. That knocks you out cold. -Your groin gets really warm(I think so much so that you stop making tadpoles for a short time) -Diapers also work as a condom...No way those tadpoles will get past the diaper core destined for creating a human. Wonder if they are cheaper then a actual condom -Used diapers are the easiest to help reach your climax. No clue why. Have fun and try not to fantasize anything illegal while doing it.
  10. MegaChar

    New Order Taken Too Far? :p

    Reminds me of a time when I could spend money like I was in a candy store. Those were the days... Don't use that pile up too fast or your wallet will cry uncle!
  11. MegaChar

    If you had a major leak....

    Ill tell you the fun little story of when I had money to splurge and bought diapers a bit often: So this event happened oh 6 years ago. A had a friend who knew I wore diapers for the hell of it and he didn't care(since we been friends for over 10 years). So I decided I wanted to stay at the guy's place and I call him asking if I could come over for the night and he said yes. So I bring my stuff over for the night(including the diapers). Back then, I was a bit more childish then I am now and it didn't help that I didn't like people that much(school taught me a bit of how humans really are to each other). So I do my night stay but I bike ride into town(since we didnt own a car). Ok ok, ill get to it! So after the night I stayed with my friend, he wanted me to go with him to explore town(because why not) but for some dumb stupid reason I forgot to take off that absorbent underwear I wore the night before and it was already soaked and what did I do...I got on my bicycle and rode along with my friend. So we explore town for a few hours and we get back to his house afterwards. Once we got back the absorbent underwear didn't feel as umm...like in the morning. So I get to the bathroom and long be hold...I had a blowout. The diaper musta exploded while I was riding my bike around town. So yea... That was the time when that city was covered in diaper core and you know what...I didn't care. Did anyone give me any funny looks as diaper core was falling out of my pant legs no and if they did, boy would I have given them the"keep your thoughts to yourself" treatment. These days Im not as much of a daredevil anymore since I have to take care of family and pay the bills nor do I have the funds for the really awsome abdl diapers and the like. Thats my two cents...
  12. Not sure if this is ok to be posted here but I find it very interesting how a solution to the clean up issue with birds as pets is for them to wear diapers and the buissness for it has been growing fast. Here's the article: https://theoutline.com/post/5608/bury-me-in-chicken-diapers?zd=1&zi=5f52oshn The birds in the photos are so adorable however.
  13. MegaChar


    But but! The current design is just like the designs you find on baby diapers today!
  14. MegaChar

    Think Before You Act!

    Isn't that what a nudist beach is for? Seen a bunch of photos and posts around the web that a work around from being completely naked at those beaches thats full of naked people is get that diaper on. But you are right: Post anything online these days and you run the risk of pissing off a loony person who thinks its fun to control people who are a bit different and they attempt to shame you until you commit sucide. Also as I said before and I will say again: "Say no to kids" That freedom to wear diapers is more important then the ability to ruin a kid life who dosn't understand their world yet and you live in a little box no bigger then your bathtub. Just dont do it. If you want to be the child then wear those diapers and use em. Wear closing like they do. Do things like they do but for god sake....Don't force them into your fanitzys.
  15. MegaChar

    Custom huggies announced

    So Huggies is doing what Rearz did a while back(or with me, Rearz made a limited edition diaper line of my charter called the "Rearz Charr Adult Diaper Limited Edition",in attachment)now. Huh? Im suprized they didn't do that a long time ago considering how big their company is. Hope it goes well so they can go full size 6