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  1. Thank you to all the fallen soldiers who sacrificed so much for what we now enjoy
  2. wow didn't see that one coming
  3. i use that med for high blood pressure too. My doc said to take it in morning or i'd be up all night peeing. He didn't know i wet the bed anyway. But i do take in the morning and it does increase how often i pee.
  4. Well, you've done it again. Great chapter and we were left longing for more.
  5. welcome to daily diapers!
  6. I saw that episode too. Pretty good I thought. Thanks for reminding me
  7. I also grew up in late 50's also. It was cloth diapers for me with plastic or rubber pants (not sure). Although I prefer disposables now, I still love that puffy look that cloth diapers give you under clothes or with just a t shirt. Classic!
  8. Welcome to DD. Hope you meet lots of friends and have fun here.
  9. Rusty, so sorry to hear about your dad. God bless him and you.
  10. I have to agree with Glennie on this. It's not something you want to risk your family finding out about.
  11. HI, Even though I always wore a diaper to bed, the first memory I have of being put into a diaper happened when I was between 5-8 years old. This would have been in the early 60's. Aside, from wetting my bed I also frequently soiled my pants. It was never on purpose, in fact I often didn't realize it had happened. Anyway, this one day my bum was sore and I came in to complain to my mom. "She said let me see." She pulled down my shorts and my underpants and then she saw the mess I had made. It wasn't like it was a big load but enough to make my undies sticky and soiled. She had had enough! After a couple of swift swats to my already sore behind she had me lay on her bed. "You stay there until I get back" she said. From her tone I knew I was in trouble. First thing I saw was a wet wash cloth with ivory soap (i can still smell the soap lol) and she cleaned me up. Next thing I saw was one of my night diapers (cloth) and pair of plastic pants. I clearly remember crying and pleading with her not to make me wear diapers but she would have not part of that. I also remember the tone in her voice as she demanded I lift my bottom so she could slip the diaper under me. Still today, it is like I can feel that soft think cloth being pulled up between my legs and the plastic pants being slipped over my feet and pulled up. She put my shorts back on (it was summer time) and told me to go out to play again. I pleaded with her that my friends would see my diapers and she just dismissed it saying "They won't be able to tell." As I was walking with her down the hall, I suddenly had the urge to poop as we walked past the bathroom and asked her to take the diaper off so I could use the toilet. She refused saying something like I needed to know how it felt to be a baby and maybe that would make me stop pooping my pants. I went outside and hid under the porch so no one would see me. Try as I might, I couldn't hold back nature and filled that diaper with a big hard poop. I vaguely remember walking back into the house at some point and feeling the mess in my pants as I walked but I don't remember getting changed or what happened after that.
  12. I am definitely DL but have little boy tendencies. I'd love to be treated like a 10 -13 year old who has accidents but don't think it will ever happen.