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  1. I have gone through the "stage" you described several times during my life. The first was when I was about 7 and lasted until I was about 9... What you described above was a daily ritual for me then. So great to be comfy and cozy in diapers!
  2. Anyone in Conroe/The Woodlands area?

    I am looking for diaper friends in the Conroe or Woodlands area!
  3. Accidents At School

    up until 2nd grade I stayed at an after school daycare. I remember many times having accidents there and using the spare clothes my mom left for me.
  4. Coming out the crib???

    Yeah, I feel bad that I am not honest with her, I wish I could be but I don't really trust that she would understand at all. Thank You for your reply.
  5. Holding it in

    I had a little desk and worktable and I would usually go over behind it and color or play with blocks or later legos. If I hadn't finished pooping, I would do it and wet my pants while standing back there. When mom saw me there she knew right away
  6. Holding it in

    I️ did this as a kid. Definitely would not use a strange toilet. Waited to get back home where I️ was comfortable and do I️t in my pants. I️ have thought that my mom has probably changed as many diapers and poopy underwear than anyone!
  7. Bedwetting Without A Diaper

    I started wetting the bed again at age 13 without any protection. I had been a nightly bedwetter until about age 11 then I stopped. At first I would pee in my pants and try not to get the bed wet but later I started completely soaking my bed. I had wet the mattress to the point to where it was covered with big pee stained rings. My mom would take the sheets off, open the window and point a fan at the mattress to try and dry it out. I would get out of bed in the morning and be wet from my chest to my knees and mom would say strip your sheets and put those clothes in the washer.
  8. Wetting until your diaper sags

    I wake up to a heavy, saggy diaper every morning.
  9. It was just the opposite for me. My mom and grandmother just seemed to accept the bedwetting as part of life. I was a nightly wetter until 9 or 10 years old. Many times I would be changed in the middle of the night and wake up wet again in the morning. The daytime accidents really aggravated them at times. I was still pooping my pants too and would get scolded and sent to my room for that.
  10. Pooping in my diaper or underwear has always made me feel more like a baby and having I️t changed even more so. As a boy, I️ loved to mess and then wait to be asked “Do you have poo poo pants?” Getting checked and discovered and then taken to be changed was the ultimate attention. Some of the messes I️ made in my pants were epic!
  11. Every regret not messing?

    I generally don't like pooping in the potty, but that's usually where I end up going. As a kid, I enjoyed special alone time in the closet in my room or behind my toy box. When younger it was in a diaper and as I got older, I pooped in my underwear
  12. When Did You Start Doing This And Why?

    I was a bedwetter and late potty trainer. I was diapered at night until about 9 years old. Even though I "potty trained" at about 5, I still had accidents in my pants almost daily and was always being told to use the potty. I was still getting poop pants changed up to the point I stopped wetting the bed. When I was about 12, my mom and brother and I were on a shopping trip with my mom's friend who had a 2 year old and 4 year old. We were in the van and the 4 year old wet his pants. His mother changed took off his wet underwear and put him in one of his brother's diapers. The 4 year old later pooped in his diaper and the mom changed him right there. I was mesmerized and had urges from that point on. I couldn't stop thinking about it and was curious how it would feel. I started wetting the bed again and within a few months was wetting every night. I pooped in my underwear while doing my homework. A few nights later I did it again while watching TV. I continued this in private for the next 20 years or so but never wore a diaper. I tried diapers for the first time ten years ago at about age 35. The feeling was amazing and I love it!
  13. Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    I keep extra diapers and clothes in a backpack in my car. It is also stocked with wipes, diaper rash cream and baby powder. My mother carried a diaper bag for me until I was at least 9 years old!
  14. Coming out the crib???

    I have some experience with this. I grew up a bedwetter and late potty trainer and then rediscovered my baby and diaper side at about 13. I kept it hidden mostly through high school and college trying to hide it from my mom but she soon discovered I had been wetting the bed again. When I got married, I again kept this side hidden until after about 12 years of marriage I had certain urges come on strong. I got up the courage to intentionally wet the bed and it was a pleasant surprise how my wife reacted. She was caring and compassionate. Of course she was worried about it being a health related issue and I did schedule a check-up. I told her (which she had already known) that I was a bedwetter growing up and that it had happened a few times even before this. About two weeks later, I wet again. This time heavier. A few more weeks after that I moved over into the center of the bed and wet, getting her side all wet too. It was after this she recommended (strongly) that I wear a diaper to bed at night. Now I am open about my nighttime diaper wearing and love it when she sees my sagging wet diaper in the mornings. A few weeks ago I was sick and pooped in my pants. My next goal is to start having daytime accidents!
  15. East Texas

    I am in Conroe, TX