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  1. My Potty Training

    It was the summer of 1974 and I was just past my 4th birthday. Mommy had a new baby in her tummy and was trying very hard to potty train me. "Good morning sweetie!" She said as she walked into my room. I groggily rolled over and focused as she pulled back the covers. "Boy, you are soaking wet!", she commented after pulling off my pajama bottoms and untaping the soggy pampers that sagged between my legs. She pulled three wipes from the box. "We are gonna try to use the potty today Dougie" She finished wiping and held up a pair of light blue cotton training pants with snaps on the sides. "You need to tell Mommy when you need to potty!" She said as she pulled them up to my waist. The training pants felt much different than the crinkly plastic diapers I was used to wearing. They were soft against my skin and I liked them. i ate my cereal and watched Roadrunner. I sipped apple juice from a straw inserted through a lid on my cup. "More juice please", I asked mommy. She filled my cup and went about her morning duties. I kept watching. After seeing Bugs and Daffy and even Sylvester and Tweety. Mom walked in. "Do you need to go potty?" She asked. I shook my head no but I was concentrating on the antics of that goofy cat. I laughed out loud."Ok, but remember to have to tell Mommy. Don't tee tee in your pants" i walked to my room and dumped my big box of building blocks in the floor. I wanted to build a big castle! I carefully stacked the blocks. Focusing on my project, I forgot Mommy's instruction. My trickle started and I felt the wetness work its way betweem my legs and to my bottom. My light brown shorts turned darker on the insides of my thighs. I kept building. Would mommy be upset? I knocked my blocks over and stood at my work desk and poured out my crayons. The warmness on my crotch turned cooler. I kept coloring. I heard Nommys footsteps coming down the hall and moved behind my desk. "Let's go try to potty'" she insisted. I stood silent coloring. "Dougie??" I looked up. "Come out from back there" she instructed. I slowly scooted out of the tight space. Mommy quickly noticed. "Yup, you are wet" she said to herself as she nudged me and led me down the hall by my arm. I was a quiet and small child. I whimpered "I'm sorry mommy". She said "it's ok sweetie as she pulled down my shorts and the now darker blue trainers, I stepped out of them and stood there with my skinny little body. She lifted me up in the potty, "Try to get all your tee tee out" I didn't go anymore. She once again wiped me down and held open a fresh pair of trainers. She tossed my wet clothes in the pail. i went back to playing. Later mommy sat me on the potty again and I went. "You are such a big boy!" She happily commented. She made a big deal out of it. it was nice outside so we went out to play after lunch. I played in my sandbox with my shovel and bucket and yellow Tonka truck. I got up and went to the swings and went down the slide and went around to go again. I stood at the ladder which was view blocked from the porch by the slide. I stood there a minute and pooted. I pushed and grunted a bit. I felt the warm sticky mess ball up and sag the seat of my pants. I walked from behind the slide. Mommy was reading a magazine and not looking my way. I went back to the sandbox. I squatted at the knees and pushed my truck. I pooted again and finished. I kept playing there in the stinky air. Mommy called to me, "come here Dougie and let's go potty". I stood up a started her way slowly. She stood up from her chair and placed her hands on her hips as I waddled to her. "Do you have poopy pants?" I looked down as I approached. She walked toward me and pulled me towards her baby belly. She reached over my shoulder and pulled back the waistband of my shorts and trainers. "Whewwww! You sure did!" She dusted the sand of my clothes and arms and legs and led me in the back door into the playroom to the changing table. i stood there waiting for the almost daily routine. I wasn't pooping in the potty very often yet so mommy was not surprised. The difference was that I usually pooped in a diaper. mommy pulled my t-shirt off and picked me up and laid me on my back on the table. She took out a basket from the shelf under the tabletop and pulled off my shorts. I lifted my head and shoulders off the table to see what mommy was doing. She unsnapped the sides and pulled down the front of the trainer. My little pee pee was standing straight up. "You are a mess" she said as wiped it and around my toddler scrotum. She discarded the wipe and raised my legs in the air pulling away the dirty training britches. Mommy scolded as she cleaned my bottom, "you are four years old! You are too old to be pooping in your pants" the same lecture I heard the day before at Grandmas. "You are going to be a big brother so you have to start acting like a big boy!" She finished and took me to the tub and washed me off. I was getting bigger but I still wanted to be her baby! in the weeks to follow there were countless more accidents,Many more than successful potty trips. I was still wearing a diaper at night but trainers during the day. After about a week, mom was changing yet another pair of poopy pants and slid a diaper under me. It was my comfort and I was happy. a few months later, my baby sister was born and she had two kids in diapers. i finally potty trained enough just after turning five to wear regular undies. I still had accidents though. I continued having pee accidents until I was almost 9 and sometimes still pooped in my pants too. I wet the bed until I was 11. My baby sister ended up potty training before me!
  2. How Do You Describe The Feeling?

    The feeling is amazing. I have been doing it ever since I can remember. When I was younger, I would sit in the corner of my room behind my bed or go in my closet. I knew what I was doing was naughty but it always felt so good. I would sit and play and wait to be discovered..."Do you have poopy pants?" or having the waistband pulled back and "Whew! You have dirty pants!".... like I didn't already know. and being led to the bathroom or to a mat on the floor to be changed. I pooped in my pants much much longer than most kids because the way it feels and I still do it as an adult for the same reason.
  3. Accidents At School

    I had accidents almost daily in kindergarten and first grade. I could not make it through the day with dry pants. A teachers aide came by like three times a day to take me to the bathroom or change my pants if I needed it. I had a special locker in her office where my extra clothes and supplies were kept. I remember all the way up to fourth grade getting sent down to her because I peed and pooped my pants at recess.
  4. Kid-Like Undies

    As a child of the late 70's / early 80's, I wore underoos! I had Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Hulk and probably even more. Of course the fact that they were cool and special didn't stop me from going potty in them. I remember as I got older I loved wearing them even though they didn't fit too well anymore and I wish I could wear them again!
  5. Wetting In he Middle Of A Diaper Change

    This hasn't happened in a very long time but used to happen when I was younger. I remember once being maybe 7 or 8 and I had pooped in my diaper. Mom unfastened the tapes and turned to get the wipes and I peed. Also many times even when older getting my diaper changed at night mom and grandma have said that I started wetting when the diaper came off.
  6. sleeping in a wet bed

    I grew up wetting the bed without diapers. I slept in wet underwear and pajamas until mom came in to check on me or I woke up. My bed and matress always smelled like pee so I guess I became conditioned to it an actually like it. As a young adult, at I first wet my bed with no protection. I enjoyed the humiliation of my mom or later grandma finding my soaking wet underwear hanging in the bathroom or seeing a massive wet spot on my sheets. As I got older and discovered diapers, it seems to suit me but at times I do miss a wet bed!
  7. How does your partner feel about your bedwetting?

    My wife of 20 years is completely understanding and supportive. I grew up a bedwetter and wet nightly until about age 13. Although I didn't wet every night, I still continued to have accidents after that. I did not tell my wife before we were married and tried everything I could to stop wetting the bed. Of course it eventually happened and I soaked the bed. I ended up telling her about my problem and she was 100% supportive. As my wetting became more frequent she suggested that I wear protection to bed which I have for years now. I currently wet 4-5 nights a week and am happy sleeping in a diaper!
  8. I think this is more common than one might think because there are many parents who might not admit to having older kids who aren't potty trained. I was a child in the seventies who was a late potty trainer and my mom and grandma went to great lengths to keep that fact hidden. I began starting to use the potty at age 4 but had frequent day wetting accidents until age 11. I pooped in my pants almost daily until age 9 and I continued to wet the bed until almost age 13, so even though I was able to use the potty and "potty trained" right after I was 4, the fact is that I was not
  9. How Clearly do You Remember Your Childhood?

    My memories are very clear. I was late to potty train and even after I did I continued to wet the bed and pee and poop in my pants. My last change from mom was probably age 9. I kept wetting the bed until maybe 13 then after I stopped I started again soon after
  10. I'm lying on my back in my floor and I pooped. Mommy will change me soon
  11. Poop position in diaper

    I always pooped because I didn't want to stop and go potty and I liked the feeling of pooping in my pants and the attention I got after
  12. Post when messy.

    I have poop in my pull-up. I was watching TV sitting in my beanbag chair. I knew I needed to go potty but I went in my pants
  13. Messing Without Diapers

    I was an underwear pooper (and wetter) many years before I started wearing diapers again
  14. At what age were you fully potty trained?

    I was potty trained at 4 but kept having accidents until I was 9 and wet the bed until I was 14
  15. Staying with my Aunt Sharon

    As mom got in the car she said, "be a good boy for your Aunt Sharon!" I was sad and had been crying at the thought of my mommy being away for a whole week. "We will have so much fun!", my aunt consoled. It was certainly not easy for a 5 year old boy to be in a strange place for a whole week. I continued to pout as mommy drove away. "Let's go in and get a snack," Sharon said as she carried my suitcase and put my mom's quilted, baby blue bag over her shoulder. I agreed and took her hand. I enjoyed the graham crackers and apple juice she gave me and I was getting more comfortable. After finishing, she turned on the TV and I sat in a beanbag chair and watched my favorite cartoons, bugs and daffy made me almost forget mommy had left. As I sat and watched I started needing to pee. I didn't know where the potty was and I didn't always make it on time even at home. Aunt Sharon asked me if I needed to potty right after my snack but I didn't need to go then. I kept watching TV. Roadrunner was on and he was my favorite. I waited to long and soon felt a warmness on my crotch and bottom. I kept watching TV. Aunt Sharon came to check on me. She soon noticed my pants were wet. "Uh oh, Dougie, looks like you tee-teed in your pants. Let's get you cleaned up." She led me by the hand around the corner into a bedroom. My suitcase and quilted bag were on the dresser. She went to a closet and took out a plastic mat. It crinkled as she spread it on the bed. She lifted me up and laid me on the mat on my back. She took a round plastic canister of wipes out of the bag along with a light blue pair of my cloth trainers. She pulled of my shorts and I looked down to see that the pair of thick white trainers I was wearing were soaked and not near as warm as before. "You are a wet little boy!" she said pleasantly as she pulled off my trainers. I flinched as she wiped my genitals and bottom with the cold wipe. She looked at me and smiled. "Sometimes we have accidents, it's ok!" "Tell Aunt Sharon when you need to tee-tee next time. She finished wiping me down then slipped on the blue trainers and a pair of green shorts from my suitcase. "Now, then, all clean!" she said as she helped me off the bed. She rolled up the mat with my wet clothes inside and led me off to the living room. She took the mat to the washroom. I watched TV and soon forgot about my accident. She came back in the room and asked me. "Do you need to go potty?" "We have some errands to run". I shook my head no. She said, "Let's go try". and she led me to the bathroom then sat me on the potty. I tried and I pooted a couple of times but I couldn't go. She left and went across the hall into the bedroom. She returned with a pair of plastic pants. "Let's put these on just in case", she said as she took off my shorts. She pulled the plastic pants over my training undies and pulled my shorts back up. "Tell me if you need to potty," she reminded me. We loaded into her station wagon and she strapped me in the back seat opposite of her. She gave me a few books to read while we drove. We first pulled through the bank and I was given a sucker. It was orange, not my favorite but I happily sucked on it anyway. We went in the grocery store and she asked me if I wanted to ride in the basket seat. I nodded Ok and she asked me again if I needed to potty. I said I didn't. We left the grocery and went into McDonalds. I had a hamburger and some fries. She said,"You can play on the playground awhile if you want". I happily agreed and she read a magazine she picked up in the market. I climbed to the top of the slide and slid down over and over again. I was the only one in the store but I didn't mind. I crawled through the tunnel and swung on the swing. I felt that the inside of my pants had gotten a little wet. I didn't tell auntie though because I wanted to keep playing. By then a mom with two kids had come to the playground. She had a small baby and a toddler. We played and had a good time. I crawled back in the tunnel. It was nice and dark and I stood on my knees very quietly. My tummy growled and I pooted again. I stayed motionless. I pooted again and pushed. I could feel poopy filling up the seat of my pants. I pushed again and more poots produced more poo on top of the warm sticky ball already in the seat of my pants. I stood up and waddled to the side of the tunnel, still out of sight of my auntie and the mother. The mother called to her toddler, "Shawn, come see mommy". I peeked around the side of the tunnel as she asked, "do you have poo poo?" and checked his diaper. "I sure thought I smelled poo" and she checked the baby. "Hmmm you're clean, too". Aunt Sharon looked up from her magazine. "Dougie, come here please". She shook her head as I waddled towards her. She said to the mother "I think this is our culprit". I looked down and stuck my fingers in my mouth, something I did when I was nervous or shy about something. She stood up as I approached and leaned over my shoulder and pulled back the waistband of my shorts and pants. "Yep, he has dirty britches" She confirmed. The mom looked a little shocked that a boy my age would still be pooping in his pants. "Time to go now" she said as she grabbed her purse and led me toward the door. We approached the station wagon and she opened the back tailgate. She move a few things out of the way as I stood next to the back fender with the open gate shielding us. She grabbed my bag from the back seat. she opened the wipes and put them on the ground and placed the bag in the back area. She took my shorts off with out removing my shoes. I stood there in only a tee shirt, plastic pants and trainers she pulled some wipes from the canister. She carefully pulled down the plastic layer. "You're wet too" she said to herself. "I thought we were going to tell auntie when we needed to potty!", she scolded. "And I just asked you a few minutes ago" I looked down and continued to suck my fingers. My pants were at my ankles and I could see that poop filled the entire bottom of my pants. She reached over me and wiped my bottom, dropping the dirty wipe into the seat of the dirty underwear. She wiped two more times and then pulled the dirty pants off, removing the unders from the shorts. Bare-bottomed, she led me around the tailgate into open view and lifted me into the back of the station wagon. She took another pair of underwear from the bag and pulled my green shorts back on. "We need to make another stop",she said sternly. "You are out of plastic pants, Do you think you can keep from wetting your pants for a few minutes?" I didn't say anything as we rode. I kept sucking my fingers. "you shouldn't put your fingers in your mouth!" auntie warned. "I shouldn't be surprised though", she said under her breath. We stopped at an Eckerd drug store and we went in. We found our way to the baby aisle. "here's what we need" She said as she found the largest size Pampers. She continued shopping, selecting some Desitin ointment and a bottle of baby powder. We carried them to the counter and headed home. As soon as we arrived home she took me inside, without even unloading her shopping bounty. She again took me into the bedroom. "Little boys that wet and mess their britches need diapers", she said as she again took off my pants and underwear. She also pulled off my tee shirt as I laid on the bed naked. She lifted my legs and slipped the diaper under me. She pulled up the front and taped it on. "Now we won't need to worry" she said matter of factly. "Naptime" she said as she laid me on the bed. I fell asleep right away and woke up to a soaked diaper. I walked into the kitchen where Aunt Sharon was making dinner. "That is one wet diaper!" she said as she looked at me. She didn't bother taking me to the bedroom. I saw that the Pampers were now in the corner of the living room. She changed me quickly right in the floor. A week went by and I didn't use the potty once. When mommy returned, Aunt Sharon told her that she had put me in diapers. "I have been thinking about doing it anyway", she told Sharon. Dougie obviously isn't ready to be a big boy!