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  1. I like to poop in my underwear. It gives me that naughty boy feeling. I did it a long time before I got back in to diapers. I pooped in my pants often growing up until I was 9 or 10 years old. I would be playing outside or in my room and poop in them and then usually wait for mom or grandma or sitter to notice. Sometimes I would tell them after. I loved the anticipation of them taking my underwear down and getting to see the mess i made lol. I started again with bedwetting at 13 and soon was pooping mypants again but hid it at that time which i still do
  2. diaperpoop,pee,rp

    i will be the mommy! sorry didnt see there was a mommy already
  3. I was a bedwetter until my early teens. Beginning in my late teens, drinking certainly triggered bedwetting and it continues now. I will most certainly be wet anytime I consume alcohol. Coffee and tea or any caffiene will tend to produce the same result
  4. I stayed little longer than most. My younger brother was born when i was 4 and i guess I wanted to be babied too. I remember getting diapered and being changed. I wasn't potty trained until I was 5 and even after that I had a lot of accidents. Mom constantly reminded me to go to the bathroom and I wet the bed until almost 14. As a 7 year old, I started wanting to be a baby again. I talked like a baby, wanted mom to help with my bath and dressing and even intentially did bad on school work to get attention. Now as an adult baby I look back and think thats how i have always been. Just one time I'd like to be changed and rocked and even nursed. I dont see anything changing as I get older!
  5. I agree! As a boy I would usually have my morning poop in my night diaper when i woke up then sit in it a while until mom noticed or I told her. That happened until i was 9 or 10. Then at about 14 I got curious and intentionally pooped in my pants. It was forced at first but the longer i did it the more natural it became. Now like you its just natural. I wear a diaper overnight and use it for pooping often. I still go in my underwear sometimes too though
  6. This is how I feel as well
  7. Ive just been wearing diapers again for about 4 years. Before that I always wet my underwear and pants. As a boy, countless nights i woke up with soaking wet underwear in a wet bed. I stopped wetting the bed at about 11 but started again at about 13. My mattress was heavily stained before my mom finally put a cover on it. Now i wear a diaper to bed but enjoy the feeling of a wet bed and pants very much!
  8. I don't remember being changed as an infant or toddler but have vague memories of being in preschool and having accidents and getting changed. I was a bedwetter until age 11 though and I do remember being woken up in the middle of the night and mom slipping off my wet clothes and slipping in to dry ones. A vivid memory stays with me about a car trip with my cousin who was probably 3 which would have made me 5. I remember watching mom change his diaper and maybe being jealous or at least wanting the same attention. A little while later during a stop for food I remember sitting in a booth on my knees and filling my pants and telling mom "I doo dooed in my pants" lol thats what we called it. She went to the car and got a new pair of underwear out of my suitcase and took my cousins diaper bag in to the restroom and cleaned me up. As I got older, I kept having "accidents" usually whlie playing outside or watching TV. Since I was a bedwetter, it was routine for my mom to check for a wet bed and wet pants as soon as i woke up. Even as i approached 10 I would wake up to the feel and smell of a wet bed and lie there and mess my pants then get up and come waddling out of my room to tell my mom or grandma that i had "doo doo". It was embarassing and exciting at the same time...I remember being told to go in the bathroom and mom having me stand next to the toilet as she lowered my pants. I remember looking down and seeing the mess i made...All such fond memories.
  9. When i was 7 or 8 I had a really cute girl that babysat me. I fell asleep on the sofa one night and wet. She woke me up and said "Let's go put on some dry clothes" The next time she sat for me I was watching TV before bed and stood next to the sofa and pooped my pants. When she smelled it she asked if i needed to go potty. I shook my head no and looked down. She checked my pants and said "Its ok, lets go get cleaned up" I will always remember that
  10. I usually get on my knees in my closet and i have a mirror on the door so i can watch it fill up too. I like having it ball up in there and as i walk around in it it spreads through my diaper
  11. I understand exactly how you feel. I started having these urges when I was very young so i didnt have the inhibitions. At that time, maybe 7 or 8 years old I kept remembering being 4 and messing my pants and wondering how it would feel again. I would go in the closet or in the corner of the room behind my bed and go. Id stay hiding until my mom or grandma noticed. I remember looking down there when they would pull my pants down in the bathroom. I remember the feeling of them cleaning me and how it made me feel to get the attention from them. As I got older, I put myself in the same frame of mind and just go. The feeling is much the same! Only thing missing is someone to change me and boy do I miss that! Good luck
  12. I like to watch tv, especially sesame street DVDs and I like to color. Back when it was Sesame Street, Mister Rodgers and scooby-doo and speed racer. I sat watching those many many times and pooped in my diaper or when i was a bit older, in my underwear.
  13. I pooped in my pull-up about 5 minutes ago
  14. I buy Huggies natural care baby wipes. I love the smell and they are gentle on my skin. My diaper changing area is stocked with diapers and pull-ups, wipes, baby powder, rash ointment and bags to dispose of the diapers.
  15. My username is Dougie.1970. I'm looking to chat with new friends!