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  1. I recently switched to wearing a MegaMax as opposed to a Dry 24/7, as the 24/7 tended to feel wet, like really wet, even though they rarely leaked. The downside is the MegaMax doesn’t handle a (my) rapid wetting(s), and the lack of wicking leads to overflows, especially standing while peeing. Do I go back to the 24/7? At times even those would sometimes wick out the front onto my sheets if I slept on my tummy. im a lifelong bedwetter, and I just want to stay as dry as possible without leaking. I’m wearing a large that’s plenty snug.
  2. I recently decided to go from the Dry 24/7 to the Mega Max. The MM seems to not wick and hold as much or as quickly. Last night I woke up to get a drink and started wetting into my somewhat wet diaper while standing at the fridge, and a few seconds later had pee running down my leg. This has happened before. I may have to try the 24/7 again for comparison, I used to wear the Secure Personal Care diapers, and sure miss those.
  3. There’s something that’s just so cathartic about having a soaking wet and a loaded diaper on. I simply love it.
  4. My wife knows, kids know, both sisters know. I have a friend that knows because I stayed at his fishing camp, and forgot and left two used diapers in the trash can in the bedroom I was in. I had to call him on my way home and ask him to toss them for me. I simply told him I wore them at night, and that was that.
  5. Man, if you can figure out “why”, let us aaaalllllll know! I absolutely adore filling my underwear or diapers. It’s factory installed.
  6. Just regular things, but while wearing a dirty diaper. Oh, I do love diapering up, and going for a long drive, and pooping myself at some point....and continuing my adventures. Driving messy is fun.
  7. Wherever I know I can mess and stay messy for a loonnngg time. I do have a thing for messing while driving...
  8. Yep, all four bags for $15.96.
  9. I just picked up four packages of Tranquilty ATN diapers for $15.96 at the local thrift store. Woot!
  10. Just woke up in a wet MegaMax, and I’m sitting at the kitchen table pooping myself a little at a time. I love a messy bottom for sure.
  11. Partners are always a challenge. Mine sees peeing and pooping as purely biological, and can’t imagine anyone wanting to “sit in a diaper filled with urine or feces”, while us ABDLs enjoy our “wet and/or messy diapers”. I got to a point years ago where I simply no longer cared what my partner thought about my choice for underwear. Night time was a must for me, always has been. But if my wife was going to leave me over my diapers and recreational wearing at other times, then she needed to hit the road. I hope you work things out soon. This “thing” we all have came factory installed, trying to shame it away doesn’t work.
  12. The feeling of pooping in my underwear is very different from loading a diaper. Underwear pooping takes me back to my childhood, and all the poop is just right there in my underpants. I can reach back and feel it, maybe reform the bulge, etc. Diapers add another layer to the mix. Sometimes I put an incontinence pad down on the couch, then poop my underwear, then sit around watching TV or surfing the web while enjoying the sensation in just my undies.
  13. I’m not a big fan of diarrhea in my diaper....it’s usually pretty tough on my skin. Other than that, I love poop in my underwear or diaper.