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  1. I had a dream one time that I was out shopping with one of my employees. (She’s 15 years younger than me, and a really awesome person.). Anyway, in the dream she was in a very wet diaper and needed to be changed. I got her into a restroom and onto a changing table, got her out of a very wet diaper, cleaned her up, and into a dry diaper. The dream ended around then. I woke up feeling these strong nurturing feelings about the dream. There was nothing sexual about it, as I was totally caring for her in the dream. That one still stands out. And no....I’ve / we’ve never been anything
  2. Now that I am mostly working from home, and the heat and dryness has come on strong here on the Texas Gulf coast, I’ve got a new routine. I wake up around dawn (it’s just what happens when you get older), and I pull on a pair of shorts over my night diaper, which is usually super wet and super swollen. I add a t-shirt, grab a cup of coffee, and head outside. I grab the hose, and hand water the areas the sprinklers don't hit so well. At some point my poops come, and I’ll nicely load my diaper. I spend 20 - 30 minutes out there doing my thing while I’m wet and messy. The occasion
  3. I had a side thing with a woman who claimed she pooped her diaper in her sleep. She would email me early some mornings, and I’d know she was wet, messy, and horny. I’d stop by her place on the way to work, and we’d have some snuggle time, some awesome sex, then I’d clean her up and put her in a fresh diaper before leaving. She always insisted it happened while she was asleep...whether that was part of her mind’s role play I don’t know. Sadly, we drifted apart.
  4. https://www.patreon.com/posts/38846883?fbclid=IwAR1IEuWc89GDHsGg8Takk4kpzIBqHuzsL8P0nC0nB5SzsrSNkBPCjM2fL-g I'm not sure of the author's credentials, but I'm now more likely than ever to load my underwear/diaper than hitting a public restroom.
  5. Oh come on, it’s an anonymous forum for Pete’s sake.....
  6. Just now while pouring my 1st cup of coffee. Delightful.
  7. My wife and I were alone in the car for several hours yesterday. As I’ve shared before, I openly wear, have quite the diaper collection, and have a passively accepting wife. But, there is zero participation from her when it comes to diapering, changing, or heaven forbid “diaper play”. My messing habits are even more secretive. I tease her that her mom must have been a brutal potty trainer, because peeing and pooping are purely biological functions for her, and if she gets a hand wet or messy, serious consideration is given to amputation. With the world burning down around all
  8. Ya 'know, it's so very satisfying to mess my diaper. At almost 58 years of age, there is no other thing I "do" that I love as much as messing myself. Off to wank and change.
  9. I often wondered if her persona was created for the advertisers on her site....
  10. Corwin, I’m now working from home as well. And like you, I’m enjoying daytime diapers. I have found myself sitting at my desk in just a diaper, and loving being able to “pet and massage” my wet crotch. My wife is accepting like yours, but participates exactly 0.00%. I have worn to bed for over 25 years, and wear 24/7 on the weekends.
  11. Christmas Day, 1985. The biggest most awesomely consistent poop in my underwear while high on some of the best Indica ever grown. The resulting wank session has never been equaled. Mind blowing is an understatement. If I could relive that session....just wow.
  12. I switched to the BetterDry diaper, and I am very happy. It wicks like a champ, and can handle a full night of sleep wettings and awake wettings. I bought two cases of these, so I’m good for a while.
  13. This morning I had an enormous poop in my diaper. Every once in a while my body is like “ok, clean out time”. It was semi-firm, and I was exceedingly happy about the size of it. I was cleaning up and wondered why I enjoy this so much. I wish someone could plug a USB cable into my brain, download the info, and say “ok, right there. You were 2 and a half, and you had this event happen where......”. I mean, as grown adults, we all still like pottying in our pants for some reason, and I think it would be fascinating to unlock the mystery. AND we could explain it to our partners, like
  14. Wake up in a soaking wet diaper, grab a cup of coffee, and sit at the kitchen table to surf sites. At some point the urge comes, and I will load my diaper. I sit there a while, then eventually have to go get ready for work. On my way to get ready, I usually lay on the bed and masturbate. Then I go in the bathroom, take my diaper off, use wipes to get clean, and jump in the shower. That is my routine.
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