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  1. PoopyDiaperDude

    Why do I feel at peace with this

    Happy times!
  2. PoopyDiaperDude

    When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    Yep! Welcome to the addiction!
  3. PoopyDiaperDude

    wearing around my wife

    Life is too short to keep the diaper genie in the bottle. Many years ago I just had an open conversation with my wife, and was very matter of fact: I was going to wear diapers whenever I wanted. Approval was not something I needed from her. I bristle at the notion of needing “permission” from a spouse/partner for anything. Now, I do “respect limits”, and don’t try to get frisky when padded, or poop myself and sit sound stinking up the kitchen like I might if she was traveling. It’s MY underwear, not hers. And she’s equally free to be herself around me, and asserts her identity in her ways as well. Stand up people, you’ll probably find you’ll be respected for being you, as opposed to being second guessed and questioned for your hiding and sneakiness.
  4. PoopyDiaperDude

    Every regret not messing?

    This morning. Wifey was up with me, and she doesn’t get the whole poopy diaper thing, so I had to use the potty. I slid my diaper off, sat on the potty, and was really bummed when I could tell how awesome it would have felt in my diaper.
  5. PoopyDiaperDude

    Post when messy.

    Once again, as usual, I'm sitting in a wet and messy morning diaper.
  6. PoopyDiaperDude

    Post when messy.

    I'm messy right now too.
  7. PoopyDiaperDude

    Wearing Bras

    Can anyone recommend how to measure myself so I buy the right size?
  8. PoopyDiaperDude

    Who likes pooping in their underwear?

    I got a bad sinus infection recently, and the doc put me on some mega antibiotics.
  9. PoopyDiaperDude

    Tranquility atn opinions

    Check out the Tranquility Smart Core.
  10. PoopyDiaperDude

    In underwear?

    Yep, I like doing it too.
  11. PoopyDiaperDude

    When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    About ten minutes ago.
  12. PoopyDiaperDude

    When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    On March 16, 2016 at 4:40 AM, Happilynappied said: I pooped this morning before changing out of my night time nappy,i''v been doing this a couple of times a week ever since i started wearing nappies nightly and really enjoy the feeling. I'd like to do this daily,but it's
  13. PoopyDiaperDude

    Seeing a professional mommy?

    Years ago I would occasionally call one of those "phone a mommy" places.