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  1. I've been hospitalized twice in the last 24 months, and both times brought diapers. I explained I was a sleep wetter. No nurse or doctor said a word, and I had a nurse who insisted on helping me diaper up the 1st night of my 2nd stay. That being said, if you were to be picked up after an injury, I doubt any medical professional would say a word.
  2. I use the Huggies brand for years. They are great to clean pee off when changing, or getting poop off my bottom. They work great.
  3. I’ve thought about this thread, and wanted to add my perspective: My love of diapers, along with my penchant for liking to wet and mess myself came “factory installed”. My partner, on the other hand, has none of these desires. If they were to have a finger poke through the toilet paper while wiping and they got a poopy finger, there would be serious consideration given to amputate the finger. You see, we are wired 180 degrees of each other regarding elimination. Fun and games for me, a biological process for my partner. The “middle ground” for us is diapers are 100% ok. I am open, and diaper/change in front of my partner without fear of judgement. However, my pooping is done alone. My partner understands accidents, but sitting around in a messy diaper doesn’t compute. So, if I did poop my diaper when we are together, I change quickly and without fanfare. If I’m alone, it’s bombs away and squishy diapers. Make sense?
  4. I will say one thing: if you are exposing your diaper fetish to others without their consent, it is wrong.
  5. PoopyDiaperDude

    Too cute!
  6. Some mornings I wake up and my diaper is “perfectly wet”. Front to back, it’s wet and heavy (it’s a Dry 24/7). I had wet it in my sleep and it had absorbed so that almost no part of my diaper remained dry, but yet I had not leaked. It feels magical, and I don’t want to take it off, and I wish I all my diapers absorbed and felt this way. I guess this is one of those times that reminds me why I love diapers.
  7. I’m an avid butt watcher, and I’ve seen several people sporting diapers over ther years. There’s a middle age woman that I’ve seen in my grocery store a few times that wears a huge diaper under stretchy pants when she is out and about. She has no qualms about it showing, which leads me to think it’s more than a continence issue. Also, I work with another woman that I’m pretty sure identifies as a little, but I’d never bring it up in any ABDL context. The hello kitty sticker in her car, the occasional pigtails in her hair, the clothing in general at times...and she’s 4’7” on a good day....
  8. About six months ago I used a “family” restroom at JAX to change my diaper. As I came out a woman standing there with her toddler said “that’s supposed to be a family restroom”. I looked at her and smiled and said very calmly “I needed the privacy to change MY diaper”. The look on her face was priceless!
  9. I love loading my underwear from time to time myself. Such an awesome feeling.
  10. Yep, I started out as a pants pooper (underwear). Diapers didn't become a real option until I moved out. And, back in the early 80's there were really only Depends, and maybe Attends if you could find them. Now I prefer messing my diapers.
  11. First, my diapers give me much joy. Now, that being said, my early conversations with my partner went something like this: "Yes, I know diapers aren't even remotely mainstream, and for the sake of US, I wish I was into something else more acceptable. But I'm not. And it's not going away. There's something I get out of wearing a diaper that I don't get from anything else." So, no, I don't wish it would go away now. However, there was a period of time of my life when I struggled with this, and DID feel cursed. Now I realize it harms nobody, gives me comfort, and I'd never wish it away.
  12. I keep hearing people say the cleanup is no fun. But, at least for me, a few wipes and I'm done. Worst case, a quick shower!
  13. Easy decision for me. A nice warm loaded diaper is my choice!!!