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  1. Stroller

    “ Baby Bottles “

    I'm happy enough with normal baby bottles with a big Nuk teat. Pooh Bear at the moment, as I'm sure you were keen to know. A normal baby bottle holds as much as a normal tea/coffee mug. That's 10 fluid ounces: half a pint over here, but a little over half a pint in the US. About the right size for a drink for me.
  2. Stroller

    pull ups why not?

    Although you can take a pullup off without taking your trousers etc off first, you can't put a fresh one on. That's a pain when you're in a dirty public toilet, or in the middle of a muddy wood. Hasn't stopped me so far though, although I only wear disposable pullups on long hikes these days. My cloth pullups have side poppers too, so there's no problem with them.
  3. Stroller

    It's real dark outside

    Mummy's started telling me when to go to bed. And she often brings me up a bedtime bottle, takes my dummy out, feeds me my bottle, puts my dummy back in, then kisses me and turns the light out. I'm not frightened by the dark because the landing light is always on. And if you'd told me a year ago that this was going to happen I would really not have believed you.
  4. Stroller


    Hi Happysaur - welcome to DD. I'm interested to know how you get on with the Dotty Diaper washable, as I'd been thinking I might try one myself. Please post what you think of it once you've had a chance to try it out. By the way I can recommend the cloth nappies from snuggleblanks.co.uk. Three different types, and they're all thick and well-made, with the option of extra soakers, which I use too. They're handmade in the UK, and there's currently about a 3-month lead-time for orders. And no, I've no connection with them, I'm just a satisfied customer!
  5. Stroller

    Strange days indeed

    I've been busier than when I was working, but without most of the stress. I've had to cut down on my voluntary "work" in the past year or two though, as I took on too much. No time for boredom though. I've got my fingers in too many pies. Yes, of course it's much easier to live your life in nappies once you've retired. I wouldn't have dared to do what I'm doing now when I was working.
  6. Stroller

    Diaper Masterbation

    Well, I'm in nappies all day every day now, so I've got to act adult a lot of the time. But the nappy reminds me I'm a little really, so I don't feel the need to do anything inappropriate. Anyway, Mummy should look after that side of me, and she does. And it's a lot easier as you get older anyway.
  7. Stroller

    Santa Claus

    I always knew. I was that sort of kid.
  8. Stroller

    Strange days indeed

    I've been blogging periodically (here on DD), if anyone wants to check any of it out. It's been an interesting journey so far, for me that is!
  9. Stroller

    Strange days indeed

    Good luck with it - I hope she comes round to a better acceptance of who and what you are and what you need. I've just being going through something similar, and so far it's working out well for me. I suppose the main difference is that I painted the lines myself, restricting my AB and nappy side to when I was alone, while we raised the kids. What kept me going was knowing it wouldn't be forever, but I didn't know whether my wife could come to terms with me in nappies around her. Now the kids are away at college, I'm wearing full-time during the day, & one of my cloth nappies is on the sewing pile waiting repair - she's the one who knows how to use a sewing machine, not me. She seems to be getting on fine with me like this, although so far I've backed off nappies at night for her sake. Too much change at once is hard to deal with. It'll come though, one way or another, and I think she'll stick with me. She's always known I was an AB, but really would rather I wasn't. Still not sure whether she understands how much I need all this.
  10. Stroller

    Doing Laundry

    I wash my nappies every two days. I've got two plastic buckets with lids. When there's just Mummy & me here I keep one in the bathroom, & when it's full I switch it for the other, & put the full one in the outhouse where the washing machine is. Two days generally fills both buckets, & I usually put them in a wash overnight (cheaper electricity then). They don't go smelly in 2 days, but any longer and they would - I don't poo in nappies generally. And two days of nappies just about fills the washer. I don't soak them. When the kids are here I have to hide them in my secret cupboard under the bath until I can sneak them out to the wash.
  11. Stroller

    Ten months

    Time to wake up then ⏰
  12. Stroller

    Escape substitutes when out of diapers

    What I used to do was to get acid reflux & have to take time off work when things got too bad. Since I retired the stress reduced a huge amount. And now I'm in nappies all day every day things are even better!
  13. Stroller

    Oh no... It can't be real!

    Everybody would have to wear cloth nappies. Have plastic pants vanished as well? If so, it'll have to be rubber. Not so good for me though, as I get a mild allergic reaction to the rubber, so I can't wear them for long. I'm intending to give them another trial though, to see whether I can get used to them. All in the interest of reducing my dependence on plastic products.
  14. Stroller

    What's in your diaper stock?

    Yes, it is a lot easier if you can afford to buy what you need. I'm in that fortunate position too, and it's only too easy to forget that not everyone can do that.
  15. Stroller

    Best diaper for discreet purposes

    That's the way I've gone too. You have to if you're wearing washables - they take some space up. The big decision for me was taken about a year ago when I decided to change my wardrobe. Up a size in trousers (winter) and shorts (summer). Thick dark fabrics, which are good for hiding bulges. For me that was heavy cotton cargo shorts & heavy corduroy trousers - like farmers used to wear over here. T-shirts out, onesies in. Onesies make sure nobody's going to see to top of your nappy poking out, whatever you do. I can wear nappies thick enough that I can't cross my legs, but nobody's going to notice. Of course, the older you get the easier it is. I've retired, so I don't need to worry about risking things at work. Nobody's likely to look to hard at my backside anyway. And I don't worry too much about how I look - it's all about comfort, which is the only thing to do as you get older imho.