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  1. It's interesting isn't it? I'm pretty sure it affects a lot of people, maybe everyone, but why? I'd imagine there's been some scientific study to look into it, as it clearly doesn't just affect us on this forum, but I've never seen any reference to such studies. When I go to brush my teeth, I wet. When I fill the kettle, I wet. Before I was wearing nappies, if I was in a public toilet and feeling too nervous to go, I used to think about running water, and that often did the trick.
  2. I take it you actually mean 'switch to washables at home and night'. Firstly, I'd suggest you make the change gradually, so you can make sure you're buying the right nappies and plastic pants that work for you. Secondly, there's quite a bit of stuff on wearing cloth nappies here on the forum, so if you haven't already done so, find it and read it. Thirdly, you'll need to be able to wash your nappies and, crucially, get them dry as well. Without a tumbledryer that could be tricky, and you'll probably want to air them after drying to make sure they're properly dry. Wash as for babies nappies: there's plenty about that on the web. I wash at 60 degrees, with enzyme-free powder. Don't leave wet nappies unwashed for more than 2 days. Get 2 plastic buckets with lids, for holding you wet nappies in - there's no need to soak them. The lids keep the odour under control pretty well. Two full buckets makes a washing machine load, and for me, that's about every 2 days. I've tried some Bambinex all-in-ones, but I've not been impressed with the comfort and they tended to leak. There may be others that are better, of course, that I haven't tried. And the Bambinex ones may be OK for you. I've tried Leak Master contour cloth nappies that I got sent from the US, but the shipping was expensive and they don't hold much. I've included a link to a useful US site, but I don't think they send to Europe. I sometimes wear a flat terry nappy (4 ft /120cm square - I've got a 34 inch/86 cm waist)), and can recommend the Chinese fold for flat nappies. Good for overnight, but a bit bulky for daytime, and they don't always stay in place (for me anyway). You might want to try these though, as they don't cost too much. Get some Snappi toddler fasteners (on Amazon), & some pins as well. My usual nappies are from Snuggleblanks, but they aren't easy to buy from. I've been waiting 3 months for my latest order, which is typical, and they rarely respond to emails or texts. The nappies are good though. The Velcro ones are good, the pocket style ones are also good. Get plenty of boosters to give yourself flexibility. The pocket style nappies have got a PUL lining, but don't rely on it - you really need to wear plastic pants over them. There are other pocket nappies around, and I haven't tried them all. And, last but not least, I got a Velcro-style nappy from Dotty Diapers the other day, and I'm very impressed with it, apart from the colour running badly in the wash (it was blue). I've ordered more, but white this time. So I'd recommend you start with one of the white Dotty Diaper nappies, & maybe a terry square as well, and see how you get on with them. Maybe try one of the pocket nappies too, for example the ones here. I haven't tried these though. As for plastic pants, comfort is the most important thing once you've made sure they're big enough to hold all your nappy. I find polyurethane pants a lot more comfortable than pvc, and I can recommend the ones from Arizona Care, which I wear all the time. I hope this is useful to you - good luck with it!
  3. I've been waiting 3 months for some new nappies from Snuggleblanks, so I thought it would be a good idea to try something different, that I might be able to get hold of a bit quicker. I don't like having only one supplier for something so important. When I first started looking at what was available easily in the UK, the Snuggleblanks nappies were easily the best I could find, but getting hold of them isn't easy. Kat and Tom at Dotty Diapers are now selling Velcro cloth nappies though, so I thought I'd try them. So I went online, only to find they were completely out of stock - mediums anyway, which was all I looked at. Not holding out too much hope I sent them an email, and got a response straight back saying they should be back in stock soon, and then another to say they were about to arrive. I kept an eye on the website, and a couple of days later they were available to order. There is a range of colours, and I ordered a blue one (medium). I ordered a coloured one, as I wanted to know how colourfast the colours were, as well as how well the nappy performed. The nappy arrived yesterday, 4 days after I ordered, and I put it straight in a 60 degree wash, with a white nappy that needed washing. I wash all my nappies at 60 degrees, which is the recommended minimum temperature for getting them safely clean, or appears to be if I search the web. And so now i have two blue nappies, both a bit less blue than the unwashed new one was. So, these nappies aren't colourfast at 60 degrees. I won't be buying any more coloured ones, as I want to be able to mix my nappies in the wash without having to worry about them all ending up grey. Or blue. On the other hand, I wore the new nappy today and was very impressed with it. Very comfortable and good capacity, and suitable for daytime wear. It even dried faster than my Snuggleblanks ones. I've just put an order in for 4 more, but these ones will be white! If you're based in Europe and looking for cloth nappies, I'd definitely recommend giving these a try. Just beware of the coloured ones!
  4. It could be that the real issue here is that our digestive systems generally shut down at night. I've worn a hollow plug overnight many times, but have never messed in the night. That happens the next morning, once I'm awake and active again.
  5. We were all new once, and don't forget that (I'll never forget first time I came out as an AB). We all felt like that when we first came on here. Welcome to DD! Enjoy yourself.
  6. I used to worry about nappy deliveries arriving and what was in my dustbin. Then I switched to cloth nappies, and those problems largely went away. And also, these days I use compostable bags for my wet nappies when I'm on the move, rather than normal plastic, so I hope I'm not contributing as much to filling the environment with plastic waste. They cost a bit more, but I feel better about it.
  7. I suffered from this for over 30 years. The cure for me was retiring, & I have had very little trouble since. Stress was the main thing that exacerbated it. Coffee was the other, and it was a lot easier to control once I gave coffee up. It will have been the caffeine in the coffee - I've never drunk cola. And it didn't help that when proton pump inhibitors arrived on the scene, it turned out I was intolerant to them - I always got nasty skin conditions that get worse until I stopped taking them. And I had a hiatus hernia too, although that occurred long after the reflux started. So, give up grownup drinks, stop working and find a Mummy to look after you so you don't get stressed. Milk's good for stomach trouble too...
  8. I'm lucky, in that my skin doesn't react much. I don't put anything on my skin normally, apart from a bit of Sudocrem up my crack - which used to get sore even before I wore nappies regularly, so I was already doing that. Incidentally this doesn't seem to harm my cotton nappies - the outside disintegrates before anything on the inside. And after my shower I use a bit of BodyGlide on areas that might chafe otherwise, but that's not about rashes. I always clean myself with a damp flannel at every change. I've had a rash a couple of times, but nothing serious. The last time it was definitely thrush, and it cleared up quickly with Canesten.
  9. I don't think so. Occasionally the edge of the padding of my cloth nappies can feel a bit uncomfortable on a hard chair or car seat, but a bit of adjustment sorts it out. Chafing, yes, but that gets better, not worse, as your skin gets used to it & you learn where to treat & with what (I recommend BodyGlide). That's what worked for me, anyway. You'll feel a lot better once you've got over that. If you get leaks, sort out why & fix it. If you don't, time to stop worrying! I haven't had a leak for months. (Now I've said that, I'm really in trouble aren't I?)
  10. I'm sure we're not the only ones who've had this crossing our minds - I bet most nappy wearers on here have thought about it from time to time. I used to think I'd take the latter option, given the opportunity, but these days I'm pretty sure I'd just keep the nappy on and face any issues as they come up. I wrote my car off in the summer, but wasn't hurt. If I had been hurt, I'd not have worried much about the fact that I was in a wet cloth nappy. I'll feel a bit more comfortable about all this once my family doctor knows I'm in nappies & it goes into my medical records though. I suppose I'd have to go into disposables if I were admitted to hospital. Probably not the Astronauts or Safaris though...
  11. I tried to get Mummy to get me one a while back, but she thought they were too expensive. They aren't cheap, but they look good. On the website that is, I've no idea how good they are really. Maybe one day.
  12. I'm sure the only reason that's not happened to me is that I've always got a nappy on during the day. Starting to wet without having thought about it beforehand is happening a lot more often these days.
  13. Congratulations! That's great - hope it leads to lots of good things for you!
  14. Wriggling about a bit, raising one buttock off the seat - both sometimes work for me. Or you can just pull over!
  15. I'm in cloth nappies all day every day, and I'm happy enough to have them wet, as long as they're not saturated & in danger of leaking. Mine are close-fitting and have plenty of padding, and in the winter months I often get through the day with just 1 change, so 7 or 8 hours per nappy (I can get away with an extra soaker with my winter clothes on). They feel good when they're dry and they feel good when they're wet!