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  1. i wear polyurethane pants from Arizona Care here in the UK (the original 'high waist' ones - see website). Very comfortable, and they last a long time. My waist is about 34 inches, and the Large size works fine for me with a 4ft terry square and a soaker. The leg holes measure 38 cm circumference unstretched, & the waist 62 cm. That's my measurements of a pair that have been washed a fair few times, not the website measurements. I wear these all the time, and rarely leak unless I've really wet my nappy until it's saturated. I hope this is of some help. It takes time to find what
  2. My watch now lives on my chest of drawers. I never look at it except on those rare occasions when I need an alarm clock, and then I set the alarm and put it on my bedside table.
  3. It depends on the nappy. I'm usually in cloth nappies, and the velcro and popper ones are both easy to put on standing up, so I can change into them anywhere. The terry squares are a different matter - I've never even tried to put one on standing up. I always lay them out, usually on the bed, then lie down to fasten them. Disposables I can change either way, but I prefer to lie down as I find it easier to get the tension on the tabs right. That's probably just down to lack of practice with putting them on standing - I don't wear them often.
  4. I passed another milestone last night. I woke gradually as usual this morning, with a few cuddles, then eventually realised I was lying in a wet patch of bed. Oops. I told Mummy, who told me to get up, which of course I did. The wet patch was about 18 inches across. This was the first time I'd wet the bed in months, and the first time it has happened while we've been in bed together - I've been wearing at night for the past 6 months. I was a bit worried about what Mummy's reaction might be, but I needn't have been. She was fine about it. Anyway, I washed and put on a dry nappy in the ba
  5. I just bided my time until the kids went off to college, just wearing occasionally. My wife knew I was an AB (she'd seen my nursery and my cot, now long gone of course), but I chose to keep that side of me under wraps while we raised the kids. That way my wife had full confidence in me as a responsible father, and I felt it was the right thing to minimise the risk of the kids finding out. Once the younger one left for college I had to start the journey to wearing full-time straight away, as too much had been bottled up for so long. It was a bit rocky initially, but here I am two years late
  6. I've been vegetarian for many years, and yes, it helps.
  7. Was that really push back? Maybe @jeremy12312is right, and she's on the inside rather than the outside. My wife would have done the same, but I wouldn't have seen it as a negative thing.
  8. Assuming you'll be travelling by car, she should sit you in the back seat with an appropriate baby blanket and toys. And there should be plenty of opportunities for changes in the back of the car in reasonably quiet spots - without you having any say in the matter. That'd work for me anyway!
  9. I feel for you, oznl. We may have our own troubles here, but my wife has accepted I'll be in nappies for good and doesn't seem to be troubled about it now she's had a chance to get used to it. As fas as the washing's concerned, I do it all anyway. On the odd occasion she wants to put something in the wash herself she'll check with me that the machine's free, but there's no resentment there.
  10. All over the place. The ones I'm keeping for later times (including virtually all my disposables) are in a car roof box and a suitcase in the garage (both locked). The clean and dry ones I'm currently using are mostly in a couple of grips under the bed. I've often got some airing in the spare bedroom on an airer. There's a couple of emergency pullups in small rucksacks under the bed for taking on day trips. There's 2 or 3 disposables in the secret cupboard under the bath. There's a couple of nappies in the car just in case, under the boot lining. There's often a terry square folded &
  11. I wish I did. My favourite bedtime story is Owl Babies.
  12. Same here. No sliding down though, as I'm in cloth nappies. During the day they're usually fastened with velcro, so there's no problem putting a dry or dryish nappy back on.
  13. No idea. I don't drip and dribble, but these days I don't flood either. Just a periodic wetting. My bladder only fills if my urethra is squashed & I don't notice (eg sitting in an upright chair for a long time, or an overnight nappy squashing it in bed).
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