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  1. Thanks Mick. It's actually technical fabric onesies I'm looking for, for hiking. I can get good cotton ones from Racketys, but I can't find any artificial fibre onesies other than the bodysuit.com ones. Cotton's great for everyday use, but not much good for hiking as it retains so much moisture from sweat & rain. The link you've posted only seems to show cotton onesies.
  2. Teddy Bears

    My childhood bear went AWOL from the family home after I'd left at 17. I'd had him in my bed until I left home for a fairly itinerant life for a year before I went off to college. He got thrown out in a house move while I was at college. Nearly half a century later, buying my new Teddy was a big step for me. He symbolised a sort of coming out for me. The decision that I was finally going to be in nappies whenever I could, & be as much of a baby as I wanted, as long as it didn't upset anyone else too much. That trip to the Teddy shop was so important to me. He's upstairs in our bed now, & if I'm away from home overnight he comes along, whether my other half is going or not. I never had a collection of bears, & never wanted one. One Teddy's all I need. ... & perhaps a Moomin or two now I think about it...
  3. OK thanks very much willnotwill. I'll proceed with caution.
  4. Well I've had another search for something like this in Europe without success. willnotwill: What is the sizing like for these bodysuit.com tops? Their sizing info on the website only gives chest sizes, but no clue about how long they are. I'm 38in chest, 5ft9in & about 165lbs. I prefer my T-shirts baggy rather than skin-tight. And 32 inches vertically from shoulder to bottom of crotch measured on my onesies is about right (when they are laid out flat with the poppers done up). I'd guess Medium would be right, but how long are they? I've no idea what size you are of course! If I were buying from Europe I'd just get one & see. But, I'd need to buy a few to make it worthwhile to pay the shipping & that'd be a big risk knowing nothing about the sizing.
  5. Now they look really good. Expensive to get them to Europe though.
  6. Thanks very much for posting this Mark - you've gathered a lot of important stuff together in one place. I'm relieved that there's nothing there I hadn't already thought through. That doesn't mean I've got all the answers (for me), but perhaps it means I've already got a good idea of the main issues. Perhaps your post should be retitled & pinned?
  7. Quite agree. Recently I've started wearing a onesie even when I'm not in nappies. I find them a lot more comfortable than underpants. It's not beyond possibility that they may become the fashion at some point. Let's hope so! We could all stock up then. As for "dress shirts", I'm not sure whether you mean office-type shirts, or what we call dress shirts in the UK, which are for formal wear with evening dress. If you mean daily wear-to-the-office shirts with poppers at the crotch, one of the AB suppliers did sell them at one time. I can't remember who, but they were probably US-based, & last time I looked they were all out of stock. Somebody else will probably remember. I've no idea whether they were any good, as I didn't buy any. I'm retired now anyway, so I don't have to wear them any more.
  8. Springtime

    Well spring definitely here now, & we've got a few days of warm weather forecast for this week. 13 deg C here today, & it may get as high as 20 this week. That's pretty good for here, we don't do hot. The marsh marigolds are out now, & the bluebells will be another day or two I think. So today was my big wardrobe change day. Out of trousers, into shorts. Out of shoes & socks & into sandals. No more Superman socks until the leaves start falling again. That's it until the autumn - no turning back. Onesies, shorts & sandals, until & unless Mummy says I've got to wear something else. And nappies when she's not around. No more big boys' undies either, if I can get away with it.
  9. Hard Message to Write

    Awful thing to have happened Kinsy. Good luck, hope we see you here again at some later date.
  10. Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    Well, it is possible to hike 20 miles in a nappy without chafing because I've done it. That doesn't mean it would work for you of course. I hike a lot. I've stopped running - I couldn't run long distance in a nappy. But hiking, yes. Multi-day trips in the wilds aren't practical of course, as you say, as there'd be too much to carry & the clean-ups would be hard without campsite showers. But day trips work for me. I wear Tena pullups, & change them before they get too full. Soft thin polyurethane pants & a onesie over the top. Plenty of BodyGlide on the potential chafing areas. And stop to adjust if anything seems to feel wrong. I'd love to be wearing 24/7. I already wear whenever I can. It's my wife's tolerance & multi-day backpacking trips that are currently stopping me being 24/7 full-time. The former is "under review", waiting for our daughter to go off to college. As for the latter, I'll probably try a 2 or 3-day trip this year & see how it goes. At my age I'll probably not be doing many longer backpacking trips unsupported anyway.

    They're actually very useful when your (real) youngster has just started to walk. Too young at that age for being self-conscious about it of course. It means you can stop them falling & hurting themselves, & stops them running into traffic. We used one briefly when each of ours started walking. Using them for restraint or punishment when they're older is just abuse, in my view. Just the job for adult babies though!

    I've worn one a couple of times at fetish parties way back - I loved it. I'd love to have my own, but when would I be able to wear it? The whole point is to be walking along outside, or shopping, or somewhere else public, under someone's else's control. And somehow I don't think that's going to happen, so I'll have to just dream about a harness instead. Like my AB island daydream, where I'd be in one every day!
  13. I walk past a mobile coffee shop every now & then, & the whole thing (apart from the windows) is covered in imitation grass. When I walked past it in Thursday it reminded me of this thread. Not being a furry myself, I'd still like to know one when I see one, & it seems to me that what furries need is nappies with fake fur on the outside . Not green though. Somehow I don't think they'd be cheap...
  14. Onesie - Snap Crotch or Snap Front

    I prefer the snaps at the crotch, but that's more a style thing - they both work for me. I'm relatively slim. The length of the onesie matters - too short & your top looks like it's being pulled down all the time. Too long & it doesn't support your bulge. So many of what's out there seem to be made from thin stretchy material though - I prefer my T-shirts baggy, & that goes for onesies too. Skintight doesn't go well with being in your 60s. The best I've found so far for me are from Racketys here in the UK, although until now their colours have been pretty boring. The material is reasonably thick cotton with only a bit of stretch in it, & they're well-made. In fact I'm wearing one now. Websites are good at showing patterns & not bad for colours, but they're pretty hopeless for showing you what the fabric's like.
  15. Going while sitting

    It surely can't be completely mental. When I'm sitting on an upright hard chair my urethra is squashed flat, or that's certainly what it feels like. So I can't pee. If my bladder tries to empty it can't. But, if I just raise one buttock up, no problem. Soft chairs are fine, & in the car it usually only flows when the pressure has got past a certain point, & forces the tube open. OK I haven't got proof of this, but that's what seems to happen. I don't worry about any of this, I'm just a fascinated observer of what happens to my body when I just let it do its own thing.