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  1. Stroller

    Tuck In Extra Or Let Hang?

    I'm not too bothered what it looks like, as long as it does its job, so I don't tuck disposables. Cloth nappies I tuck in though, as it helps stop leaks.
  2. Stroller

    I'm Beginning to Wonder...

    Put bubbles in the pipe & the right baby cushions on the rocker & I'd say you were about there. Mind you, if you've got a beard or moustache that would need to go too
  3. Stroller

    Changing Times Diaper Company

    The link ChangingTimesDiaperCompany.com just goes to a message saying the URL is up for sale.
  4. Stroller

    Pull ups

    As Angela says, the Tena pullups are really pretty good. They only hold about half of a high capacity nappy - no problem with half a litre though. And they don't fall down with that much in - as long as you take the normal precaution of wearing a onesie. (That's the Tena Maxi, which is the most absorbent). I suspect they'd still be OK without the onesie, but I haven't tried that. They're cloth style of course, but I don't see why that cloth couldn't be printed instead of white. Not sure about the machine not existing, but maybe Per Tod is talking about something a bit different.
  5. Stroller

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Leakmaster contour cloth nappy, for the very first time. They arrived on Friday (3 pairs from the US), & after running them through the wash this is the first chance I've had to wear them. Fastened with pins - a Snappi won't work with these for me, as the side pieces aren't long enough to get sufficently close to each other round my waist. Fine with a couple of pins though. They're still dry at the moment, but I don't suppose they will be for long...
  6. Stroller

    My Story

    Absolutely. Me too.
  7. Stroller

    Baby Banker 2018 logo...

    For me, it was just a way of giving a donation to help keep the website going. I think you get more storage space somewhere or other as well, but that's not anything I'm going to need. You can just "buy" it at the website shop.
  8. Stroller

    Baby Banker 2018 logo...

    I'm happy with whatever I get!
  9. Stroller

    Facing Forward

    Chafing can be an issue when running or hiking. There are a few posts on here giving tips on how to deal with it, so I won't try to repeat them.
  10. Stroller

    Onesie Comparison Site/List

    Sorry to hear they don't fit, Dubious. Of course I've never tried the XLs from Racketys. I've got more Ls on order, so I hope they're much the same size as the ones I've already got.
  11. ...has gone. Can we have it back some time please? Not that this is exactly urgent - just in case nobody else had noticed it had gone.
  12. Stroller

    Question about 24/7 wear

    Yes, my Rubber Duckies delaminated eventually, but then I suppose I was expecting it. I always kept mine out of daylight as much as I could, as my understanding was (& still is) that UV is the prime cause of this delamination. I could be wrong there though. All my lightweight tents are kept in the dark when not in use - one's still waterproof after over 20 years, & the fly is much the same material as RDs, although the groundsheet has started to delaminate now.
  13. Stroller

    New to these parts

    Welcome! 25/7 is really impressive! That'll be a time machine then
  14. Stroller

    Hi from UK

    Hi littleboiaj. There's plenty of us around with more years behind us than you. Welcome aboard!
  15. Stroller

    Have you tried cloth diapers?

    I'm switching from disposables to using cloth whenever practical, mainly because I'm feeling guilty about the amount of rubbish I've been sending to landfill. I'm happy in either, although I was in terry nappies as a real baby of course. I'm waiting for delivery of more cloth nappies at the moment, & when they arrive I'm intending to use them whenever I can (I've only got 2 at the moment). The main practical pros & cons apart from landfill so far: 1. I find changing a cloth nappy is harder, if it's not an all-in-one. You've got a wet lump that has to be put into something else before it's safe to put down, & you have to rinse out your pants too. 2. Washing & drying, which have to be done discreetly if I have others in the house, e.g. kids. Takes time, too. 3. Clean cloth nappies take a lot of space up, so storage is going to be an issue. 4. Out and about is much harder, & I've not tackled this at all yet. Changing a cloth nappy in a public lavatory at a service station? And what do I do with the used nappies if I'm away for more than a few hours? On holiday would be OK if we had our own washing machine & drier, but I go camping as well. I think I'll have to stay in disposables for camping trips. 5. Bulk. So far, it looks like I'd need 3 cloth nappies a day, plus one for overnight, whereas I can usually get through the day with only 2 disposables. That's because the cloth nappies are bulkier, so I'm more limited as to how much soaker I can fit discreetly under my street clothes. Still, it's early days for me on this one. 6. More chance of nappy rash in cloth. That's only theoretical for me so far though, luckily!