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  1. Mine's with me all the time. In my pocket or in my mouth. Or sometimes lost in bed somewhere.
  2. I use BodyGlide on any areas that might rub - it doesn't come off on your clothes.
  3. I get them from Dorset Nursing here in the UK. They may chafe for you of course - but they work for me.
  4. https://hartmann.info/en-corp
  5. I drift in and out through the day, when I'm on my own. I don't really have a clear line between little and adult. Sometimes I'm cooking with my dummy in my mouth. Sometimes I'm wandering along the river with my doggie, and sometimes I'm walking the dog, and sometimes it's both at the same time. I'm more constrained when Mummy's here, because she generally treats me as an adult during the day. As bedtime comes on I usually turn into a little until I'm sent to bed. I don't really pretend about it at all.
  6. I think Alex is right here. Also, if you're overweight, you're more likely to get chafing. I'm not, so my thighs don't rub together. By the way I always wear PU pants and a onesie over my pullups (or whatever other nappy I'm wearing).
  7. Tena Pants work for me, without any chafing. I've walked 45 miles in them without a problem with chafing. I wear the thickest ones (Maxi), & often wear two pairs, for easy changing. No idea how they compare with others, as they're the only pullups I've worn for years.
  8. The need to know how to get my cloth nappies clean came up on me earlier than I was expecting. Yesterday I was walking Binkie when I felt the need to poo. Nearing home the urge got greater so I just gave in to it. For the next five minutes my nappy gradually filled, with no effort on my part to make it happen (or to stop it). I got home without having to stop to chat to anyone (which was a relief). I then made a mug of tea, posted to "post when messy" as it seemed a shame not to, wet again, then went upstairs to clean up in the bathroom. I got what I could into the toilet, rinsed out in the bath, had a shower, then got the nappy into the wash, with others that were waiting. I gave them my normal 60 degree wash, but with a prewash to be on the cautious side. They came out as clean as could be. That's another hurdle crossed and one more thing I don't have to worry about in the future. Thanks to all for the advice!
  9. Just got back from walking Binkie. About halfway round our walk I started feeling a bit of movement down there. Fifteen minutes before we got home my nappy started to fill. None of this was planned. As we walked home my nappy filled more and more. At least I didn't meet any neighbours. Now I'm back home, and I might have a cup of tea before I change, clean up, and put my nappy in the wash. I love it when my nappy fills unexpectedly like that, and I hate it when I have to hold back.
  10. I've got 3 nights now with Mummy away, so I'm sleeping in nappies. The problem I have is not being able to wee when I'm in bed lying down, even when my bladder's full. So I'm working on that first, trying to get to where I wake up to wet, but then can just go, without any problems. At the moment, I wake, but then usually I don't get any urge to wet, and can't wet unless I sit up or get up, however full my bladder is. This happened last night, so I tried something that worked to some extent in the past, which was to lie on my back with an extra pillow, so my head was looking a bit forward, if that explains it properly. Then, the urge to wet came OK, and I wet a small amount repeatedly over the next couple of hours, slumbering in between. Anyway I'll try this again tonight, on my back with the extra pillow all night this time, and see how it goes. If I can sort this out, I can then start thinking about whether I could wet in my sleep, but I'll have to persuade Mummy to have me in nappies every night before I can go there. Unless I wet accidentally before that of course, in which case she wouldn't be very happy! I'd be interested to know how this fits in with the vasopressin mechanism though. As far as I can see, vasopressin just reduces how much wee you have in your bladder, and doesn't affect whether you get the urge or have the ability to wet. Presumably that's another mechanism.
  11. Well I'm not sure it needed to yesterday, although it probably could have done. I've got trips to the pub for lunch pretty well sorted now. I just miss out my mid-morning mug of tea, & go to the pub thirsty. And change just before setting out of course. As always I carried an emergency pullup in my daysack, but I've never needed to use it. I was out for about 2 1/2 hours, and actually had 2 1/2 pints. I was wet when I got home of course, but not critically so. Actually I was a bit wet by the time I got to the pub. And for the benefit of our transatlantic friends, these were full size Imperial pints, not the tiny ones you get in places like Texas...😎
  12. I can see this coming for me too, down the road somewhere. I'll worry about it when we get there though.
  13. We've had lovely weather the last couple of days. For the first time this year, yesterday I walked Binkie (my doggie) in just my onesie and cargo shorts and a straw hat. I remember the first time I dared to do this, only a year ago, and feeling pretty nervous about it. Before that I'd always had a jacket of some sort over the top, feeling pretty self-conscious about being in a nappy. This year, everything's so different. Even though I'm now in cloth nappies, I'm not worried about anyone noticing anything. They just don't. And even if someone did suspect, I'm not really bothered. It's amazing what finding the right clothes can do for your confidence: to all the world I look like I'm in a T-shirt and shorts. Actually by the time I got home again yesterday I was pretty wet and needed a change. Anyway it's another great day today, and I think maybe we'll walk to the pub for a sandwich and a couple of pints.
  14. If you mean pants that aren't baggy, they really won't work well with any cloth nappies, which is why they're not around much. You need to have elastic (or something similar) round your thighs and waist that will stay there, and not leave gaps as you move around. Baggy plastic pants make that work. If they're too tight, your nappy will show at the edges sometimes and you'll get wicking or leaks. Baggy doesn't mean bulky though. Try polyurethane pants: thin and comfortable.