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  1. She's known about it since shortly after we met, over 20 years ago, when our relationship started to become serious. I had my own nursery with a cot in it at that time. She hasn't really had to face up to living with it though, as the family had to come first.
  2. Stroller

    Diapers for haunted houses...

    I think he was joking, mostly at the expense of himself & the rest of the guys on here 😉
  3. Yes you may, and yes I do. Generally just for wetting, apart from occasional accidents and for special occasions.
  4. Just keep walking, don't stop, relax, & it should just happen. When I'm out walking Binkie, we stop so I can throw sticks for him. That's usually when I'll find I wet. But, if I keep walking, I'll start wetting anyway eventually. It's certainly more likely to happen when you're standing still. I just get into thinking of wetting as something that happens to me, rather than it being a conscious decision, even though I've actually got full control if I want it. Maybe it's a Zen thing!
  5. Thanks RP, but I have thought this through. I can live without 24/7, but long term I can't take resenting not being able to wear when my wife's around, and always wanting her out of the way so I can change into nappies. If we can't find a compromise we can both live happily with, the relationship's doomed anyway, even though we love each other.
  6. Well, no. It's going to take a bit longer than that, being realistic. As Mr Sea Otter correctly said! We're getting things more out into the open though. At least she now knows I want to be in nappies all the time. She's not keen on being in bed with me in a nappy, not surprisingly. And now she's away for a few days, so I'm a little diapered one, but on my own just now. At least she's in no doubt I'm in a nappy while she's away though. And I'll be in one when she gets back too. It's whether she can adapt to be being in nappies during the day when she's around that's the first thing we've got to get sorted out. If she decides she can't, then things aren't looking good.
  7. Yes - no problem. It took a while to get the hang of it, but it's really just a question of relaxing - both your sphincter and your head!
  8. Stroller


    I've never hurt anyone else intentionally with anything from my AB side. Unintentionally, of course, & I regret it at the time, but there's no way I'd dwell on it. Don't look back, don't worry about what might have been, is the way I live my life generally. Cue Edith Piaf...
  9. My wife & I have spent 20 years raising kids, and today's the day the younger one has gone off to college for the first time. So once my wife gets back from taking her to her college accommodation, which will be this evening, it'll be just the two of us living here (and Binkie the dog of course). So I'm going to do what I can to take the place of the kids. I'll still be the responsible spouse of course, but I'll also be a 2-year-old in nappies as much as I can be. My wife is already my Mummy in some ways, but I've really no idea how much she's going to be comfortable with. She knows I'm in nappies a lot of the time, but only when she's not been around. That was her condition, for as long as the kids were still at home, and we discussed this 3 or 4 months ago I guess. What I don't know is whether she can make herself comfortable with me being in nappies while she's around. Anyway, she knows this is coming, it's just that neither of us knows how it's going to work out. I'll be in a nappy when she gets home later (unless she phones beforehand to tell me not to, which is possible I suppose). Will I be in a nappy overnight tonight? No idea, but that's what I want. Can I be in nappies permanently from now on? I hope so, but quite likely it won't be as simple as that. Will we be in separate bedrooms tonight? I hope not, but it's possible. Will she bring me a bottle of milk before she goes off to work on Monday morning? I doubt it, but even that's possible. Wish us luck!
  10. Stroller

    Songs that get you into your baby mode

    There was a radio show here in the UK when I was a kid in the 50s called Children's Favourites. All that stuff works for me, & I've got a couple of double CD compilation of the music they use to play. That's what works for me. The Runaway Train. How Much Is That Doggie In The Window. Bimbo. Me And My Teddy Bear.The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Etc etc etc!
  11. Stroller

    Getting Rid of Your Undies

    I threw half of mine away the other month, as I've not worn them for ages. I find onesies more comfortable, even when I'm not in a nappy. The rest will go as & when Mummy tells me they can go. Could be next week, could be never. I've never found them comfortable anyway.
  12. Stroller

    How do you put a diaper on?

    Lying down if there's the space. On the bed or on the bathroom floor with a towel spread out so the cold lino doesn't get me. Standing up when I have to, which is OK for disposables or velcro washables. I have't yet worked out how to change into a contour cloth nappy with a soaker in standing up - I haven't got enough arms. And as for a kite-fold - no idea even whether it's possible with just 2 hands, although I'm sure someone on here will be doing it every day! I do a better job of it lying down.
  13. Stroller

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    I always use barrier cream (Sudocrem) on my "butt crack" - that seems to do the job. Without it I get problems, even when I'm not wearing nappies. Quotation marks used as I lapsed into American there...😀
  14. Stroller

    how frequent change

    If you don't drink anything, then you can wear it for the rest of your life ...seriously though, it depends. If you say what you're comparing it with, maybe someone can answer more sensibly than me.
  15. Stroller

    D/L says...Hello

    Hi WLB, welcome to Daily Diapers! Sounds like you've got a lot in common with quite a few of us.