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  1. You really need a carer, oznl. You're not safe let out on your own. 😁
  2. Hi britboy - welcome to DD. Just keep practicing!
  3. A lot happier. A lot more relaxed. I used to get into all sorts of displacement activities (If that's the right term). Extreme rock-climbing and running, for instance. I'm pretty sure I went that way because I was an AB and had to throw myself into other things to distract myself. That was actually very good for me when I was younger. I was very fit and learned to address my fears and how to survive in difficult situations. But I'm getting a bit old for that now, as my body is starting to need more looking after. And now I'm able to be an AB a lot more, and wear nappies every day, I don't feel the need to push myself to the limits any more. I still get plenty of exercise, but that drive to push myself to the absolute edge seems to have gone now. I loved it, but I don't miss it. It's amazing what a nice thick nappy and a big dummy can do - who needs meditation? 😁
  4. I suppose I handwash mine about once or twice a week - I never put them in the washing machine. I check them for whether they're starting to get smelly, but they don't often. I always wash them after I've had a leak or a near leak, as the elastic gets wet then. Usually the wash is just a hot water rinse in the sink, but occasionally I'll use soap, to get the elastic properly clean. I dry them straight away with a towel, getting as much water as I can out of the elastic. Sometimes I put them straight back on, but usually they get a chance to dry completely before I wear them again. I've usually got 2 or 3 pairs in rotation. By the way, polyurethane pants are a lot easier to wash and dry than vinyl/PVC, in my experience. And I usually avoid pants with the elastic fully enclosed, as it's very difficult/impossible to get the elastic properly clean when anything gets in there - and it will.
  5. I haven't tried these, but they look worth trying to me, if you're looking for cloth nappies. From what I can see on the website they look similar to the Snuggleblanks nappies I wear (UK-made). They are mainly cotton, so should absorb well, and the design is pretty good at avoiding leaks, providing you don't buy too large. The velcro looks too narrow to me, so you may need to add some more - the Snuggleblanks nappies have a much wider section of velcro, and are bombproof. I'd buy some cotton or bamboo soakers as well, particularly if you're planning to wear them overnight. No idea why they've given them an inner layer of man-made fibre with chemicals in it though. Cotton's fine on its own. If they're as thick as the Snuggleblanks nappies they'll take quite a lot of drying, by the way.
  6. Hi Mindylou. I was just wondering if you're getting too excited at the beginning of your AB adventures and trying to do everything at once. Just a thought. You've got plenty of time to ease yourself and your other half into all this. A lot of people seem to go too fast to start with, then back out just as fast, with feelings of disillusionment or shame or whatever. A lot of them come back to it again, and a lot of people keep that binge/purge cycle up for many years without resolving things. It's a lot easier if you take things slowly, and stay comfortable with things rather than excited. Well, that's what's worked for me anyway.
  7. It's so much easier to get away with things once you're older isn't it? Incontinence, wearing 'inappropriate' clothes. I don't think society is quite ready for me to walk along the street with my dummy in my mouth yet though. And I'm right with you when you say being an AB keeps you young. I'm always taken for being a lot younger than I really am.
  8. I got over the guilt etc before I even met my wife. And we've been together for 25 years now. I came to terms with being an AB in my 30s I suppose, and meeting other ABs helped a lot too. There's no doubt that having an accepting partner makes a huge difference to my life now though.
  9. I don't really feel any shame or guilt - I haven't done for many years. I'm more concerned to keep my family and friends happy and not worried about it. Not knowing works best for them I think, apart from my wife/Mummy, who just has to know. So my main concerns are to keep her as happy as I can, bearing in mind what's driving me towards wearing nappies on a permanent basis. She's much more worried about other people finding out than I am. If everyone knew I was in nappies because I was incontinent I'd be happy enough with that. I still don't know whether I've lost any control or not, but I'm not really bothered much. As for depression, well for me it doesn't seem to affect my AB side much. I get depressed sometimes, but only a bit, and it's completely manageable because it's pretty mild. It's been far easier to manage since I stopped work and no longer have to make up other illnesses to explain why I was off work. And I'm just as much an AB depressed as any other time.
  10. I thought my laptop had a virus or something this morning. It wouldn't respond to anything. I rebooted four times before I worked out what it was - the left-hand button of my mouse had stopped working. New mouse plugged in and all systems are go. Phew!
  11. Cloth nappy with velcro fastening, PU pants, grey onesie (it looked like being a grey day weather-wise), navy cargo shorts (dummy in the pocket) & a cotton smock top.
  12. Well I think they're finished. I'm pleased with them anyway, and my plan is to wear them to a Littles meet in a few days' time. Here are some pictures - sorry I've got no head!
  13. Maybe see you there. I'll be the one in bright red dungarees who's twice the age of everyone else! They're good events, friendly, for those of us who want to be littles for a few hours. Not scary.