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  1. Stroller

    First diapered weekend

    In my experience the smell of urine is really only a problem once it's been hanging around a while, ie 3 days or more. Keep it in your nappies, wash or get rid of them every day, and you shouldn't have a problem. Avoid asparagus! Others have said that coffee makes your wee smell more, but I've no idea about that as I don't drink it. Keep your wee off the furniture and off your bedding, unless you've got a waterproof undersheet. Wash your bedding at the end of the weekend if you're worried about it. And put your clothes in the washing machine at the end of the weekend just in case. Enjoy it!
  2. Stroller

    “Green” diaper disposal?

    Norway has got a lot more together than most countries in this area - I wish the UK would do the same. The government doesn't pay for things though. The Norwegian government doesn't operate as a commercial company, any more than other governments, as far as I know. It just has a tax system that redistributes taxes in a way to encourage people to behave constructively and give them support when they need it. The people pay, and they elect governments that they hope will run an effective tax system. It's the people's money, not the government's.
  3. Stroller

    Getting older sucks

    I started with that at 18. Had it on & off until I retired - taking early retirement partly because the acid reflux got too bad & I ran out of treatment options. That was 10 years ago, & I've had virtually no problem since. No job, so virtually no stress. Another bonus of getting older.
  4. Stroller

    Getting older sucks

    Well there are things that aren't so good about getting old, but for an AB there's a lot of good things too. I'm retired, so I don't have to worry about people at work finding out I'm in nappies. I can blur the lines between wearing nappies because I want to, and wearing them because I'm starting to need to. I don't have to look sharp, and baggy clothes are normal for older people. Nobody's going to look at my backside these days anyway. And I can be a bit eccentric without it seeming as abnormal - older people can get away with a lot more.
  5. Stroller

    Camping as A bedwetter

    It's not too difficult once you get used to it. I take it you're talking about camping with a car on a fully equipped campsite? I carry a small backpack most of the time when I'm camping, & change in the campsite toilet facilities. Take wipes. And put used nappies in a bag then in the campsite rubbish skip. Showering's usually easy enough too. All my showering and changing stuff in a backpack, hanging on a hook while I shower. I doubt there's such a thing as a special bedwetting sleeping bag. You need to sort out how to get through the night without much risk of leaking before you head off camping. A spare sleeping bag would be a good idea, and make sure they're washable, ie synthetic not down. Always use a sleeping bag liner too. Backpacking's a different story...
  6. Stroller

    “Green” diaper disposal?

    The cheapest way is just to throw them over the nearest hedge. Cheapest for the individual that is, not cheapest for society or the future of the planet. And that's true for burning & landfill too.
  7. Stroller

    “Green” diaper disposal?

    Disposables don't decompose & contain a lot of plastic. Effective incineration could deal with them, but is expensive & not available in most countries - Norway could be an exception, I wouldn't know. I disagree with Dubious about there being no proof that disposables are worse for the environment than cloth: there appears to be plenty of evidence. This is the main reason I've switched to wearing cloth.
  8. Stroller

    Too lazy to diaper?

    She doesn't feel comfortable with cuddling up to a nappy at night. I can quite understand that, and I've no intention of pushing her too far.
  9. Stroller

    Too lazy to diaper?

    Not had this yet. I've been in nappies all day for six months now, and haven't wanted to be out of nappies for a moment. Every morning when I wake up I just want to get a nappy on asap. This morning I rolled out of bed, grabbed a nappy & a pair of plastic pants from under the bed & headed for the bathroom. I had a wee in the toilet - it seems silly to put a nappy on & wet it straight away. And then it was nappy on & I was set for the day. I use the toilet when I need a poo, but other than that I'm always in a nappy and I'm always happy that way. At bedtime I get sent upstairs, get out of my nappy, have a shower, then it's straight into bed. I'll be so much happier once Mummy says I can wear at night too.
  10. Stroller

    Snuggleblanks/Blankencare (UK)

    Yes, that's true. They turn up in the end though, & for me are worth the wait.
  11. Stroller

    Diaper rash or something else?

    Good luck. And I'm not going to be the first to ask what you're going to do with the Easter Eggs 😁.
  12. Stroller

    Brenda’s beaver needs a barber

  13. Stroller

    Diaper rash or something else?

    Thrush is also a fungal infection, and is common in the groin area, when it's moist, i.e. mainly women & nappy wearers. Canesten cream is available over the counter in the UK, & is intended for those areas. Clotrimazole is the active ingredient, in case it isn't sold as Canesten in other parts of the world. I'd definitely advise trying this before anything that's intended for treating feet.
  14. Stroller

    Diaper rash or something else?

    Sounds like thrush to me. That's exactly the same symptoms I had in the autumn & Canesten cream cleared it up in no time. Use it on anything down there that feels or looks sore or red.
  15. Stroller


    Well you don't sound weird to me 🙂 It's just what I went through when I was younger, & I'm sure loads of others here will be thinking the same. Welcome to the forum!