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  1. It seems there's a lot of expert pee walkers roaming around, but can do this? Rubbing the top of your head, while chewing gum; rubbing your tummy and peeing in you diaper all at the same time? I dare you. Be careful though, I don't want anyone getting hurt!
  2. ppdude

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    Incontinence "just happened" to me. One day dry, the next soaking the underwear. Very self-conscious at first, but dulled with time. Now, I thing to myself, "Wow, you're wearing a diaper and it's wet!" Then I say to myself, "Cool." There is not a time, place, or event in which I'm not diapered. Most people, I've found, are too tuned into themselves and don't notice the tell tale signs of diaper use. You get to a point where you lose all your "shame" and don't care anymore.
  3. While walking through the Walmart on the way out, a surprising urgency to pee happened. Standing still, it started gushing out. But when my shopping assistant pulled the cart forward and as I started walking behind it, the pee stopped. Felt like everything just kind of tensed up and the flow went to a slight trickle. Just the natural action of walking seemed to stop it, although I may have unconsciously tensed up, or the sphincter had help pinching the flow. I've noticed in the past that if I start peeing while walking it will start to spurt and quit.
  4. I have! It doesn't work very well. I got some stuff from the local medical supply that's for extreme diaper rash. It never quite heals, but gets close.
  5. ppdude

    Hello, fellow diaper enthusiasts

    Just my humble opinion: Pick the diaper lover's forum. For other stuff, Scoop the Poop. I think this board could lose a bunch of the categories and I'm not sure if anybody would notice. Don't worry about though, just post it. It will show up on the "Forums" tab and people will find it.
  6. ppdude

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    Agreed. I don't know if the videos could be considered porn or used in a case against him. Perhaps someone more qualified could answer that.
  7. ppdude

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    Only you know the answer to that question. If it bothers you, discuss it with him and act as you think you should or should not.
  8. ppdude

    Hello, fellow diaper enthusiasts

    We are enthusiasts too! Welcome, jump in, and have fun!
  9. My butt crack has crack in it. Never really goes completely away. I think pee pools and runs up your butt crack while sleeping or prone. Perhaps it's due to weight loss. Don't really know. Watching Putting extra strong and thick diaper rash cream. You can tell it's working as it causes an itch which is a sign of healing... Quit using baby powder as it turned into a soggy paste that wasn't good for the neither either.
  10. ppdude

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    That's A LOT!!! You must've been retaining a lot of water as it couldn't all be pee could it?
  11. ppdude

    I’ve been lied too

    Why did she seemingly become honest all of a sudden? Is she dumping you and on the way out? You didn't say much about her motives.
  12. If you don't already know, vinyl panties r me! Put on two and skip the diaper!
  13. ppdude

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    Yeah. Seems like that's a lot more than you could possibly hold. My wife sometimes did a 1/2 gallon in a day, and that seemed like a lot. That was her limit.
  14. ppdude

    Wetting Yourself Awake?

    Excellent observation! Very well put. Wish I could express it as well as you! And you're right about bladdr health. Don't hold it guys, let if flow!