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  1. Ditto. Never had a problem and no one has violated my privacy.
  2. Yup. Backpack. I've gotten to the point where I take it utt just the way it is and get someone to help me throw it in the trash. I think being visually impaired gives you a pass. In any case, you have to overcome the embarrassment factor.
  3. There are two ways I've dealt with this in the past. The first is to just put in a plastic grocery bag and throw that in the trash. That's worked for me i n public or shared hotel room situations. The other is to get a bucket (size is your choice), put a trash bag in it and when you've gathered some, then trow them out. Don't wait too long to take it out, it will start to stink.
  4. ppdude

    Dry 24/7

    Attends? I did them for a short time and thought they were white too!. My visual impairment had made me color blind too, so I could be completely wrong about colors. I thought the Attends Classics in the early 2000's were, what I thought, white too. None of my kids or wife commented on the color so I assumed they were white. There's that ASS U ME again!
  5. ppdude

    Dry 24/7

    They fit me very well too! Once upon a time, a time long, long ago, I had gotten some Depends bries in small and they were blue. I didn't like them as its filler "balled" up as it got wet and becamae very uncomfortable as it gelled. There would be lumps and bare spots in bad places. If I could, I'd get these in a different color, but like Henry Ford said: You can have any color you want as long as it's [the diaper] is white. Every diaper since then has been white.
  6. The ad is awesome dude!!! Don't give the ACME company short shrift! Wiley E Coyote apparently didn't follow directions very well. The poor guy couldn't win. I'm surprised he didn't starve to death. Road Runner was lucky and fast.
  7. I thought I asked about the badge not showing. I did both the "Verified 18+" and "Baby Banker 2018" almost a year ago. The "verified" badge is shown, but "Baby Banker" doesn't appear. Is there someting I have to do to make it appear?
  8. Great advice! I say the same thing: embrace it, enjoy it and take it all the way!
  9. Yup. My wife used to get me to the bathroom, but then I was on my own. Fortunately, most people are understanding and willing to help me find the trash can and sink. My wife passed away at the end of July 2018 from cancer. All my relatives are gone or dead. My wife's relatives treat me like anathema except when they can take advantage to make things worse. And they;re really good at hat.
  10. Wow. Another good idea! My ignorance told me that it had to go through all the layers. When my children were babies, we'd buy metal diaper clips that clicked closed (using the metal spring action of the clip itself) from Babies-R-Us and held fast. So pins are not new to me, but since they're now for me, it's a different story. Thanks.
  11. There are many of us that are diapered full time and don't own any other underwear. Changing your diaper in a public bathroom can be tough. Since I'm basically blind, not only do I have to do the noisy disposable diaper change, I often have to ask for help to throw it way and to be pointed to the sink to wash my hands. That's what I call total humiliation and embarrassment. But I'm stuck with it and no longer worry about it. It is what it is and I no longer care what others may think. But it took a lot of time. In the end it's been a liberating experience. Can you relate?
  12. Yes, you have to adapt. If I'll be away for any length of time, I take a "diaper bag" (backpack) with 3-4 diapers, wipes, and rash creme. Since I cannot see well, I tell people I'm with that it might be a while. Most if not all know I'm diapered and bathroom time may be extended.
  13. You'll have to fill me in on the details. Are they prefolds? Birdseye weave? Size? Condition? Quantity you want to sell, price, and estimated shipping cost. The more info the better. Why do you want to sell them? Thanks!
  14. ppdude

    Dry 24/7

    I'm a fan! It is my daily go-to diaper. It holds A LOT! Besides soaking up daily weewee leakings, and night time pees, but also pee in it as I wake up and eventually get up. That means it takes 7-8 wettings through the night and morning. There's not much left of it when it comes off and is usually very messy as it's really sodden. Plastic panties help keep everything dry in the morning, although the legs and inside of the panties are pretty wet. Overall, I am thrilled with them and feel like I'm wearing a "real", honest-to-goodness diaper. Got nothing bad to say about them. Love the bulk. G