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  1. ppdude

    From disposables to cloth

    Sorry I didn't acknowledge your post earlier, but stuffing your diaper with baby diapers is an excellent idea. Baby diapers are cheap; adult cloth diapers are almost cost prohibitive unless you have a really good source and you're not telling.
  2. ppdude

    Why cant some parents properly dispose of diapers?

    Not to mention it's organic and recyclable!
  3. ppdude

    From disposables to cloth

    Yeah, my pee stinks too. Thanks for the good info.
  4. ppdude

    sleeping in diapers or wetting the bed

    There you go! After reading your post, I began to wonder if it is externally mounted or extremely mounted (which is me) .
  5. ppdude

    what do you wear to bed over your diaper

    A onesie!!! I wear one everyday -- all day! It was colder than usual last night, so I slept in it and was nice and coy all night. It's the only thing that keeps my diaper and pants from falling down! It an essential part of my wardrobe.
  6. ppdude

    masterbating in a diaper or maxi pad

    Editing and deleting reply.
  7. What do you use to keep your diaper from falling down? And don't go there: "Rubber pants... duh!" You can do better than that can't you? What is your favorite way of fastening it and have you developed any special techniques? Ouch... Pins and needles make me nervous. How bout you?
  8. ppdude

    What do you Prefer?

    Believe me, you get rashes with disposables too. It is hard to pin (ha ha) it down as both are a function of time in the diaper, how much is in it, and the chemical makeup of your pee. Mine's very acidic and chews up the skin. I take a daily pill to make it more neutral but still lands on the acidic side. Diet makes no difference.
  9. ppdude

    What do you Prefer?

    A nice big thick wad of a cloth diaper between your legs and fastened with yellow ducky safety pins and a pair of heavy weight rubber pants does it for me. The crinkle, tapes, and the plastic wad between your legs does it for me. Oh Oh... What do I do know?
  10. ppdude

    Oh no... It can't be real!

    I The backing is made from kind of soft paper and simulates cloth, but are nevertheless. I've tried these and the backing can tear pretty easily. So they're gone too. What you gonna do?
  11. ppdude

    Getting use to diapers

    You speak true!!! Everyone is hung-up in the moment with whatever they're engaged in. If they notice, there's a really good chance they won't say anything. If they ask, own it. It will earn you respect. At first, I thought everyone was looking at me because they could hear the telltale crinkle. My mother insisted I wear rubber pants all the time to reduce the crinkle and to prevent any likely leakage. As each day went, I became more confident as people just didn't notice or care. I am open and honest should the subject come up. Sometime they want to know more; most of the time that's the end of it. There is nothing to fear.
  12. ppdude

    what do you wear to bed over your diaper

    First a diaper (cloth or disposable) and second, rubber pants. ALWAYS a pair of rubber pants. That's it until the temp drops below zero and it gets really cold, then then I add footed jammies.
  13. ppdude

    I want to become a bedwetter. Need advice

    Just to underscore the point, last night I drank much more than normal. Man, was I wet. I thought the disposable diaper held, but it didn't although the bedding was still dry. The rubber pants were wet on the inside, but no leaks! Had to hold it from the bottom. Made a stinky, wet mess that got all over the sink and floor. After getting everything off, I had to hold my hand under my weewee as still continued to drip as I waited for the shower to get warm. I'll have to go back and clean up the bathroom. Yes, lots of liquid will do the trick!
  14. I totally understand both of you ! Losing control made it inconvenient as myself, wife and kids were quite young. It also interfered with our sex life. Saying that, it was thrilling to go back into diapers and I felt like a happy-go-lucky toddler. Even if I were to regain control, I'd still wear and wet my diapers. After all the years, it is still a thrill. Be happy with your regression and don't look back!
  15. Why would you ask? Isn't getting unpotty trained the goal?