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  1. ppdude

    Barrier Paste Help

    Walmart is really bad for this. I had a manager tell me once that if it didn't sell out quickly, it would be dropped. He wasn't kidding.
  2. ppdude

    A Trip With My Girlfriend To Columbus Ohio

    You did it again! if I have not already stated it, you are a very good writer. There are few edits but are so minor it's a non-issue . Looking forward to the next installment. Hope you get her into a plastic backed disposable so that we can hear it crinkle! That's a turn-on if you ask me, even if you don't. Keep up the good work!
  3. I've been here long enough now, and Since my eyesight is greatly limited, I'm hoping one of you generous people might help me find a good icon or graphic for my profile page. I've thought about a rubber panty, but it needs to be obvious. I also though about peepee running out of diaper but am wide open to suggestions. Thank you to all of you for your help!
  4. ppdude

    Have you tried cloth diapers?

    That's a great story! By 1964 I'd been out of diapers for abut 7 years! I think I was potty trained way too early and that's why I need/want them today! Oh yeah you NOT wearing 4 cloth diapers and 4 inserts. We do luv our rubbers don't we? Better than sliced bread. Better than....
  5. ppdude

    Barrier Paste Help

    Walmart did that with their "udderly Smooth" cream too. Now it's just waxy crap that doesn't work worth a damn. That stuff you're getting sounds like A & D. Walmart's Butt Paste is like Desitin (don't quote me on that).. The paste smells like putty to me. I actually found something better from our medical supply order store. The store is McLaren Home Health Care. The brand is REMEDY. The products are named Kalazime and Phytopex. The first hs a strong but nice orange smell and the second has a mild coconut smell. They're both mad for severe diaper rash. Our local hospital uses it for bed sores and diaper rash (baby and adult). Stops burn and itch fast. Both are thick and leave a film. Why is it they change it or do away with it after you find something that works?
  6. ppdude

    I'm Beginning to Wonder...

    hey now... watch it or I'll hit you with my pipe you little whipper snapper you.... I'm old enough to be your baby daddy still wearing diapers!!!
  7. ppdude

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    Sorry for being so late to the party, but just found it! Here are some things to ponder: This is an attempt to give you concise but short information on your conclusions. Please note that volumes of print exists on these subjects. If you have further questions, or want to know more, we need to find better alternative to writing relly long posts. 1. God knows you from the foundation of the world. He knows you better than you know you, and given choices and knows the path you will take. God can place obstacles in your path and can mete out punishment in order to discipline and correct. He is the Father, after all. God set up a system of salvation at the beginning know that Adam and Eve would sin. That is how death entered into the world. It was our choice and God allowed it because that's what we wished. Sin messes up and breaks everything. 2. God controls nature as God cannot be separated from nature. The Father's job is creation and sustaining of that creation. We see this everyday in every facet of life. Thousands of species disappear and new ones take their place. This means plants, animals, and everything else that's not human. He creates new human life by infusing the soul into the body. That is a matter of faith and cannot be scientifically proven, but Scripture tells us so. Though we all share common body aspects and traits, no two people are the same, physically or of the soul. The soul is what makes you, well, you. 3. I can't make that jump. Nurture is in do doubt "built into" us and is a part of our set of characteristics. I cannot give you a complete synopsis here as it could fill volumes. To summarize, it is audiophera (Greek NT term meaning matters not pertaining to salvation). What color shirt you chose, whether you decide to wear a diaper with a print or not, and using your diaper all fall into this category. Nurture is part of nature but has no bearing on salvation. 4. God never intends to control us. He just knows things we don't. He will, however, work all things for good which is contrary to your sinful nature. There may be means of discipline or punishment as necessary to keep you on the right path. He also richly richly rewards and blesses you daily often without asking or knowledge; often completely oblivious to us. Ephesians 1:3–14 is misused and abused by Christians and non-Christians alike. Careful study of this particular passage with others in its original language (Greek) in its context (and with other, similar passages in Scripture) makes it clear that predestination is God's will for all mankind to be saved; those who believe that the death of Jesus accomplished the removal of all sin from you and me are welcomed into heaven at our death and on the last will be raised from the dead (resurrected as was Jesus) and reunited with the perfect body God intended for us from the beginning to inhabit a new heaven and earth of which we all have communion (or community) with Him. Hope this sheds some light on the subject and sorry for the book.
  8. ppdude

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    I here you brother, you're preaching to the choir. My wish too, but what which happens sooner: A wish or a diaper?
  9. ppdude

    Wetting Yourself Awake?

    During the wakening period, no matter night or morning, I find myself peeing full force (whatever that is). It doesn't jolt me awake but is a gradual waking-up thing. I'll wet 3-4 times before getting up in the morning. As to wash or not to wash, I do as Soggy does. Better to err on the safe side of caution and not give yourself an infection or irritation if you can avoid it.
  10. Disposable or cloth 24/7 no matter where or when, always complete with rubber (plastic) pants. Sometimes I wish I could skip the diaper and just do the rubber. Luv it. I'm sitting here in a soggy pee filled diaper. No poop, too messy and too hard to clean up. Bad enough when I'm blowing mud.
  11. ppdude

    I'm Beginning to Wonder...

    And rocking chair is a rocking chair. Nuf said.
  12. ppdude

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    Great insight! Are you sure you're not a philosopher? Wrapped in your post is a thing called commitment.
  13. ppdude

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    That is great! Faith and values should be ahead of everything!
  14. I don't know the diameter of the rod nor the length which can probably vary. Don't know if they are stiff or bendable. Even so, any gauge has potential of harm. I personally know doctors who have told me about the tihngs people stick up their who-whos and butt holes. It's crazy wild! And they all end up with some kind of irreversible damage. I'm with you... Better safe than sorry in this arena. I'm curious about the attraction though and would like to know what they get out of it.
  15. ppdude

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    You're so lucky and I'm so jealous! My wife who has end-stage cancer is now wearing Depends and my Baby Pants Classic white as they are thin, soft, and strong. They are also cooler in the summertime. She no longer jabs or is critical critical of my diaper love. In fact, I think she kind of likes it. When people come to the house, she lays on the couch with a disposable pad with her Depends and rubber panties for all the world to see. She has lost all inhibition and like me, no longer cares! Just goes to show how we come into the world with diapers and go out the same way.