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  1. Kate decided to trust her son. "I'll let you go to the game, but know this, If I hear you fail again on your next test. We're going to have to talk about your priorities."
  2. Jason nodded back. "Did you noticed that in the middle of the day Tony tend to dip in energy." Jason mentioned as Tony was out going to the bathroom.
  3. Cody whined he didn't like doctors. "Do havta?" He whined. He felt the rash and it was only just a mild itch at this point.
  4. Tony a drink and started to feel a little better. He had about three cups before he felt anything. Tony at this time had been trying to get through the days without naps. It had not been working. He would end up with either his mom, Lila, or even his father ten minutes after lunch. Tony, now feeling more like himself, went with his father to work on their trades. This would be an event that would keep coffee as a non-option. While with his father Tony was off the walls. He was overly hyper and couldn't handle it well.
  5. "I won't hear it" Kate replied. She showed him we he wasn't able to play anyways due to his grade. "Look here Dan. You don't even get to play thanks to your grades"
  6. Tony yawned as he sat there. "Lets get him some coffee. I don't think he'll make it without it" Jason replied.
  7. Cody nodded back with a happy smile.
  8. Kate sighed trying to keep herself calm. "Sports mean nothing overall. Your grades mean everything. How are you going to get into a good college with these grades. Your not going anywhere. You need to study. You're going to get your books and go to my study and read up for your next test. I can watch your from there"
  9. Tony just tried to keep his eyes open. "I don't know if I can make it" He complained. "I told them not to let Tony sleep with them" Jason sighed.
  10. "I no like it" Cody whined as he hid his face behind his teddy.
  11. Kate looked at the report card and back to her son. "Danny explain this right now" Kate demanded.
  12. Tony's eyes open. He didn't feel all that strong in the moment. Jason sighed. "How long did we have Tony sleep alone? I swear it had to be a year" It was much less. It was more like a month. Tony slipped into bed with his brother or sister during that year.
  13. Cody took his mommy's hand. He let his paci fall and began to suckle his fingers.
  14. Tony was already asleep. He was halfway in his mom's lap as he slept. Jason came in. "He's still asleep?" Tony began to slightly awake from hearing his father.
  15. "No" Tony said as he rested his head on his mom's side. He was looking like he wanted to fall asleep, but he forced himself to stay awake.