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  1. Sephy

    Origins of a dimension

    Ch. 2 One small step for Amazons/One huge step back for Littles Daisy and Will were eating some pizza while they looked into searching the net for helpful items. A small set of steps, would help Will get in and out of bed without a possible broken leg. As well as helping him get to the toilet in time. They hit a snag as they thought about the shower. The handles were made to be moved by Amazons, so Littles often times had hard times moving them or turning them off. Plus getting out of a tub was a scary idea to at least Daisy. While they weren’t looking their TV was quietly informing them of a newly discovered side effect. “Amazon women have been recently reporting lactation issue.” The reporter stated. “In other news, Little car seats are getting more festive looks. In a new fad that’s hit the country, designers have been creating cuter and more…….” “I don’t want you taking a shower without me in the house.” Daisy said with newly strong sense of dominance. William sighed heavily. “I can take care of myself.” “Your bathroom track record would speak at that trial” Daisy said with a slight chuckle. “I’m not seeing an alternative to a car seat, but it looks like they’re some cool ones coming out. I’ll let you pick” “You said we would find something else” William accidently whined. This was a critical point for an Amazon and Little relationship. Some Littles out of frustration, would leave their partners to return to their previous lives or to a more Little accepting center of the world. Thankful Daisy defused the situation. “Honey, I’m not giving up on that it’s just that we don’t want to get tickets” Daisy stated before sharing a kiss. Will calmed down. “I guess you’re right, but I’m just feeling a little out of place here” Daisy thought about her experience before they got there. “I know what you mean, I’ll do my best to make you feel comfortable. It’s going to be our home so you should be comfortable too” Will smiled as he talked with his loving partner. They ordered the steps and a car seat that Will picked out. It was a three-point harness and striped cover. It was getting late, while late at least for Will. Daisy was liking some of the odd changes that came with Enhance. Daisy watched quietly as Will drifted off on her. She gently picked him up and carried him to their bed. Once he was situated, Daisy saw another scary possibility. The bed’s height was at dangerous level for Daisy’s peace of mind. A thought that would start the beginning of the end for any level of equality for Littles. “Maybe a type of railing While baby items would work just fine for most Littles, Daisy wanted something more secure for Littles to stay in. Reasoning that most Littles would just unlock them Daisy started looking into a more “Little proof design” She stayed up till the late night looking, until she decided to contact her employers about the possible idea. She started realizing how much baby designs could help aid Amazons with their Little partners. She sent her bosses the following message. To My Employers, I’ve seen an hole in the market. That I believe we could feel. I propose a new Little centric division, that with redesigned baby items IE Cribs, potty chairs and safety railings. We could own the market on Little safety. New locks (for their safety) would need to be designed as well as possible food mixtures to fill up a Little and for longer periods. Consider my proposal and get back to me if at all possible. Daisy went to bed and found Will inching closer to the edge than Daisy was happy with. She fixed his position closer to her while protecting him with pillows on his opposite side. She smiled as she saw her Little sleeping. She felt a sudden need to protect him. If she was honest with herself it was there for awhile since her Enhance treatment. She fell asleep with thoughts of her hopeful proposal being picked up. Behind the scenes the next day, Daisy’s idea was being given the onceover. Meeting would being held and the idea discussed. “While I love the idea of having Littles put in their place. I’m not sure how well normal Amazons will take it.” Came the reply from the head of the table, the CEO. “These ideas could help Amazons with their Littles. They’re such a hassle.” Said the VP. “Agreed but what do we do about Amazon acceptance.” The head of market stated. “Our scientists have been working on a hypnosis project that we could simply put into our ads to effect Amazons to accept this as a normal” The VP followed up. “No not only is it illegal, but I don’t believe it will even effect Amazons” The CEO spoke out. “How about on Littles, they’re mostly consider property anyways” “How would it would that way?” One quick brave associate stated. “I’m thinking if we make it a sexual thing or we could warp their mind to a baby state” The CEO replied. “Keep Miss Daisy in the dark. Let her head the department. It’ll keep her busy and happy. Plus we could use her Little as a test subject. Just make sure to label it as a great offer. Make sure to upgrade our diaper division. Those Littles do need a new level of protection.” The CEO stated as the others were excused.
  2. Sephy

    Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Jamie smiled as his energy started to return to him. "Sorry honey, I was still feeling tired"
  3. Sephy

    Teen to Toddler (private with sephy)

    "Oh okay, you making me a present?" Lisa asked in baby talk to Danny.
  4. Joey took his son to the bathroom, comforting him along the way. Jimmy started to wake as his mommy moved into the bed
  5. Sephy

    Once a wife twice a baby.

    Zack was with his sister nuzzling into her side. Chris had just woken up, and was eating in Tony's usual seat (By his mom's request) "Milky?" Max said with his eyes half closed.
  6. Sephy

    Protective Heroine and her Ward

    "I just wanna take you out" Jamie said softly.
  7. Sephy

    Teen to Toddler (private with sephy)

    Lisa chuckled and asked "What you doing back there babe?"
  8. Tyler whined as he reached for his mommy. Jimmy slept while hugging his mommy's pillow.
  9. Sephy

    Once a wife twice a baby.

    Jason called everyone out for dinner. Max relaxed and started yawning in his mommy's embrace.
  10. Sephy

    Protective Heroine and her Ward

    "Can we go out Lara?" Jamie said softly.
  11. Jimmy was out cold and didn't wake up during the change. "Mommy too?" Tyler cooed.
  12. Sephy

    Once a wife twice a baby.

    Max took a deep breath and buried himself into his mommy. Ani went to take a shower in his papa and mema's shower.
  13. Sephy

    Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Jamie sighed as he nuzzled into Lara. "Love you my angel" he said softly.
  14. Sephy

    Teen to Toddler (private with sephy)

    Lisa patted Dan's bottom and found him dry and clean. "You seem okay. I'm just asking because most babies need changes by now"
  15. Jimmy fell asleep on the way home. Tyler was happily playing with his mommy. Joey smiled saying "They seem really happy here. Plus I haven't see them blush or worry once since we got here"