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  1. Protective Heroine and her Ward

    TK latched on and suckled gently on his mommy. Jamie balled up next to Lara as they slept.
  2. Step-toddlers

    Ashley took Chrissy to a rocking chair and grabbed a bottle of formula. "Open up baby girl"
  3. Tyler thought about it for a moment. He shook his head no.
  4. Once a wife twice a baby.

    Ani smiled at his mommy. His pants suddenly felt wet. This only made him feel bad and worried. Max smiled back happily.
  5. Protective Heroine and her Ward

    TK was fussy and wore out by this point. His paci fell out during his change and he was wailing. Jamie was out cold.
  6. Step-toddlers

    Ashley smiled. "You seem fine my little one. How about a quick baba? Hmmm?"
  7. Jimmy was content and happy with his cookie and his mommy. Tyler nodded back with a sigh.
  8. Once a wife twice a baby.

    Ani sighed as he felt his mommy's touch. "Papa was teaching me to make a steak. I could try that if you could help me" Max replied.
  9. Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Leon finished up with TK and handed him to Kris. "Your turn my love" One of the maids showed Lara to an open room.
  10. Jimmy smiled and cooed happily between bites. Tyler grunted again as he finished.
  11. Once a wife twice a baby.

    Ani blushed and didn't know what to do. Max's smile returned as he nuzzled his mema. "Mema can I help you cook tonight?"
  12. Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Leon washed TK and kissed his wife. Jamie fell asleep nuzzled into Lara.
  13. Once a wife twice a baby.

    "I'm not a bab......Burp" Ani started saying before blushing a heavy crimson. Max nodded as he nuzzled into his mema.
  14. Jimmy sighed softly. Tyler clinged to his mommy as he pushed a load into his diaper.
  15. Step-toddlers

    Ashley took hold of Chrissy and held her. "Hey there's my daringly girl" Ashley kissed Chrissy's cheek and asked "Do we need a change yet sweetie?"