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  1. Sephy

    Once a wife twice a baby.

    Max giggled as he hugged his sister. "Love you sissy" Tony saw Skye with Max. "Skye honey can you get Maxie in his highchair. I want him to eat before naptime" He went to his wife and saw her feeding Ani. "So how did this happen? By the way I have lunch"
  2. Sephy


    Amy smiled to her mommy before going back to her meal. Mike chuckled saying, "You're adorable baby girl"
  3. Sephy

    Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Jamie snored softly in his sleep.
  4. Tyler giggled as he enjoyed his fun time. Jimmy joined his brother and mama in the play area. Joey saw his sister in law. "Hey Soph, how Little Jim?" Joey worried about his nephew like his own.
  5. Sephy

    Once a wife twice a baby.

    Ani's eyes closed as he continued feeding. Max did his best but was starting to feel sleepy. Tony had arrived home, having brought lunch with him.
  6. Sephy


    Amy looked to her mommy with a curious look on her face. "Here comes the plane" Mike cooed to Chrissy as he fed her.
  7. Sephy

    Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Tyler whining slowed as he gave into sleep.
  8. Joey nodded as he watched Jess and Tyler went off to play. Jimmy hugged his mommy's as thanks. He saw the play area too, and pointed to it excitedly.
  9. Sephy

    Once a wife twice a baby.

    Ani latched on and suckled lightly. Max did his best to help his sister.
  10. Sephy


    Amy started eat her meal. She ignored her silverware and used her bare hands.
  11. Sephy

    Teen to Toddler (private with sephy)

    "Both" He cooed back. Ruby shrugged her shoulders. She took him out of the crib and than got Danny out. "Keep him busy while mommy gets him cleaned up.
  12. Sephy

    Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Jamie yawned again, but was trying to stay awake.
  13. Jimmy looked to his mommy with a loving smile. Tyler pulled at his mommy's arm. "Play with me mommy"
  14. Sephy

    Once a wife twice a baby.

    Ani nodded back softly. Max happily started playing with his sister.
  15. Sephy


    Mike put a bib on Chrissy and cut up her meal. He soon started feeding her. "Lets see who gets messier" he told Hailey. "Num num" Amy cooed excitedly.