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  1. Once a wife twice a baby.

    Max decided on an anime movie Anakin yawned ready for a nap. Tony wasn't looking much better.
  2. Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Jamie buried himself into Lara trying calm down. His emotional control was so low he was drooling and suckling his fingers at a rapid rate.
  3. "Nah I'm okay" Tyler replied. Jimmy's tummy began to rumble again.
  4. Once a wife twice a baby.

    "Mommy what movie should we watch?" Max asked. Tony smiled and kissed Lila.
  5. Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Jamie took a deep breath, but was feeling worried and a bit panicked. He wet himself shortly after.
  6. Jimmy smiled and kissed his mama. Tyler came back and said "I finished my homework mommy"
  7. Once a wife twice a baby.

    "Me and Ani have been working on focusing his energy and emotions" Tony told his wife. "He's quite good at it" Anakin clinged to his mommy for a moment. He really did miss her.
  8. Protective Heroine and her Ward

    "Why am I only in a diaper?" He asked worriedly.
  9. Jimmy giggled as he enjoyed his mama's cuddles. "Love you mama" He cooed softly.
  10. Once a wife twice a baby.

    Tony and Anakin came out of their focused states and greeted their family. "So how is your day going you too?" Anakin was quick to hug his mommy.
  11. Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Jamie started to return back to normal after a while. "Uh" He said as he looked around and tried to understand what was going on.
  12. Jimmy found her and sat by her feet. He didn't want to bother her, just be close to her.
  13. Once a wife twice a baby.

    Upon returning home, Lila and Max would find Ani and Tony meditating in the living room. Tony was trying to help Anakin control his feelings and emotions.
  14. Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Jamie cuddled into Lara and relaxed. He suckled lightly on his fingers.
  15. Jimmy didn't like the idea of being alone and went looking for his brother/cousin or his mama.