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  1. The adventures of Alex Who was Alex? Well Alex was what most people thought was a young man entering in the big wide world, free from school and the restraints that they had held over him. For many years he had been told what to do, when to do it and always by others. He had grown up under the strong influence of his mother, whom he loved dearly, but he could never bring himself to tell her his deep down secrets and desires. Alex had been late developing into the young man he was growing into, he was shorter than most, well everyone for his age, his voice had never broken and a genetic disorder had meant that he never grew body hair, only his head held the natural blonde locks that matched his mother. He had been slow to be potty trained, still wetting at night after control during the daytime had been achieved. He was just told by his mother that over time it would sort itself out, but his nigh time wetting would be taken care of by her. So for many years after, night after night, Alex's mother was there to make sure he went to sleep in a nappy and plastic pants, then as time moved on a disposable nappy. Alex's mother was a hard working lady, well respected in the business community, with many friends, but still loved her son more than anything else. She was 6ft tall and literally towered over her son; she made sure that she kept fit, using the gym in the house and the pool on her days off and at weekends. Having made a success of her business at a young age, she always made time for Alex, her mother helping to look after him while he was still a baby. By the time that he was ready for school, she was the one to take him and pick him up every day. This would seem odd to a lot of people as it carried on until he left school, some would have thought him a little mummy’s boy, had it not been for the fact that they lived in the countryside outside the main town and off the bus route. He had his friends in school and got on ok with them, more so with the girls if he where honest about it, but rarely did one ever visit his home, sleepovers being out of the question as he felt too conscious about the bedwetting. When he was younger, at nursery school, he had a few parties as wetting problems happened with a few at that age, so he didn't stand out from the others. So Alex was now free from the restraint of school and just about to turn 19 years old, his mother had asked him if he wanted a party, but he never really was the party person. Instead he asked if he could have a vacation somewhere quiet away from the world, but by the sea, where he could just chill out and relax away from everything. There he would have time to think about what his future held, decide what to go on to do regarding work or further education. But also he would have some time alone to let his little side out. This was Alex's big secret that he hoped no-one had found out about, or if they had, they had not said anything to him. Deep down, Alex was still that little boy, he had never really grown up and loved all the time he spent with his mother, he missed the time when she looked after him night after night. But over time he had become used to getting himself ready for bed, it was only natural that as he grew he would take more responsibility. He wanted so much for his mother to do this, but could never build up the courage to ask. So here he was going away on his own for the first time without "mummy", but it would give him chance to wear his nappy during the day if he wanted. He would have them with for night time use, so why not try them during the day as well; maybe he would get those feelings back from when he was younger that he craved so much. His mother was not overly surprised when he refused the offer of the party, so was more than happy for him to have his holiday that he asked for instead. Unknown to Alex, his mother had begun to realise that deep down she was missing having her "little boy" around. She loved looking after him when he was younger but as time went by, she knew she had to release the aprons strings a little and let him develop. His mothers had become a success in the computer industry with her own business, so giving Alex a computer for his school use fine, but she never let on to him that she could remotely access it. So from time to time she found herself checking up on what he had been researching, then purely by accident one day she found one of the sites he had been looking at, then the links to some of the stories he had been reading. She could see that he was reading about "little ones" who still had their mummy even when they were grown up, or little ones that had found and sought out a new mummy. As much as this hurt, she knew that to push and question him straight away would be a mistake, causing her to push him further away or worse still lose him. She decided that he could go on his vacation, let him think for a while but then let him decide what would happen next. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So the day arrived for Alex to board his coach and take the trip. He was filled with both excitement and anticipation; he was unsure what the next few weeks would hold for him but hoped that he would make some decisions that would set him for the future. He knew there was a job for him with his mums company, but at the same time if something else was out there then that would be better, unless he decided to return to college or university. His mum had made the travel arrangements, booked his coach ticket, decided on the little holiday town he would be staying, even found him a nice little guest house to stay in. Unknown to Alex, it was a old friend of his mums that ran it, a best friend from school and college that moved there a few years earlier to take over a family business. She now ran it by herself and was only too pleased to keep an eye on Alex for his mum. She had been told about his little night time accidents so made a few preparations in advance. "Alex" said Leslie his mum, "I need to tell you a few things about your trip before you leave, so come and sit down with me for a moment before I drop you off at the bus station". Leslie sat at the table with her son, reaching out and taking his hand. "Now you are going to the seaside as you wished, it’s not too busy there, just lively enough to keep you occupied. I have booked you into a nice little guest house that is run by an old friend of mine called Val from college. Now don't panic but I made her aware of your night time accidents, I didn't want you getting all wound up and embarrassed". Alex didn't know what to say when his mum told him, he was mad that she told someone else but could see that it actually made sense, even if it was going to be embarrassing when he met Val. "Val told me that she would take care of everything so you don't need to worry" said Leslie, "She will meet you at the bus station in the resort and take you home. She said she will let you settle in and then give you the tour around before letting you do whatever you want to relax". "So make sure you have a good time, be good for her and hopefully I will get to come and visit you later in the week. I have packed everything for you and sent plenty of money ahead to take care of anything you might need". What Leslie didn't mention was that she had added a few extra things into his suitcase, something that she hoped he would like after reading and looking at his favourite pages on Alex's computer history. She had bought him a new dummy with a teat suitable for adults, along with a cloth nappy and some plastic pants. She knew that it was a risk but just hoped that he would accept them and not be scared. If she could have her little boy back then it would make her the happiest mum in the world. "Thanks for all of this mum" replied Alex, "I know telling Val was for the better, even if it makes me feel awkward and embarrassed when I meet her. It will be nice if you can come visit later in the week, you deserve a break just as much as me". So with his things packed, Alex jumped in the car with his mum and headed to the coach station for his trip. After a big hug, cuddle and a kiss, Alex walked onto his coach and took his seat, waving goodbye as the coach pulled away, leaving Leslie with a tear in her eye, waiting for the moment she would be with her little boy again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex relaxed as soon as the coach pulled away; he was on his way, looking forward to getting away for the summer and chilling out. He had become so wound up finishing school, learning never came natural to him like for some of his classmates, he had to really think hard about everything. He had gotten to the point where he was now feeling a bit mentally drained. He sat in his seat watching the world going by as the coach ploughed its way across the country, stopping at various cities along the way to collect other people. He hadn’t really travelled that much in his younger life, his mum always working hard but he would never blame her for this. He knew she wanted him to have the best they could. Finally it was getting close to lunchtime, that meant the coach would take a break and he could get off and take a break, stretch his legs and get a bite to eat. But more importantly get a chance to use the toilet. He had almost wished he was wearing one of his night time pull ups, the drinks his mum had given him for the journey, combined with the several mugs of tea at breakfast made him quite needy for the bathrooms. As soon as the coach stopped he was straight off and heading towards the bathroom area at the service area, the last thing he needed to see was the short queue of people in front of him. He figured that another coach must have gotten in just before they arrived; this was going to be an anxious and awkward wait. Finally he found himself at the front; he dashed into one of the stalls, unfastening his jogging pants as fast as possible, and then lowering his underwear but not before a little dribble came out. In one sense he was happier being in a stall, his mum’s choice of underwear for him was not the best. They could be described as unisex at best, no opening at the front and very plain. He had gotten used to her buying things like that for him over the years; he barely even noticed the pastel colours she would choose. He just used to make sure he wore the white ones whenever he was doing any sports in school. Finally he was sitting on the toilet, able to relieve himself from all those drinks he had consumed so far. He pulled his phone out of his bag to check if he had any messages, the only one being from his mum. It simply said “Love you baby, hope you have fun”. Seeing this from his mum made him feel all warm inside, she often called him baby, he never thought anything of it. He then checked his journey progress and found that they were just short of halfway to his destination. Bearing that in mind he wondered if they would be stopping once more or not, beginning to wonder whether he would be best in one of the pull ups in his bag. This would let him relax a bit; he had dribbled while going this time, so maybe it was for the best. He quickly removed his jogging pants, then “panties” before slipping on one of his pull ups, then pulled his panties back on, thinking they would help keep the pull up in place, before putting his jogging pants back on. Part 4 With himself finally sorted, Alex made his way out of the stall and into the main washroom, walking slightly slowly, now conscious of the pull up he had on. He knew that they were completely covered but still had that feeling that everyone could see it. He washed his hands and then made his way out, trying to tell whether of not his pants where rustling, but the noise in area due to the large numbers of people masked anything he could hear from his pants. He had a walk to the food area and bought himself a sandwich and a drink, before making his way to some of the seating area outside. It was such a nice day, the sun was shining and it was quite warm so why not eat outdoors for once. He found himself a spot on the grassed area but made sure to keep an eye on the time, the last thing he wanted was to miss his coach. But he could see it from where he was sitting so it would be ok. Alex loved to watch people, see them going about their business, but so many doing the same thing but not noticing. He quietly ate his lunch, sitting on the grass in his shorts, the air blowing around his legs. He forgot the fact he was wearing his pull up, his shorts flapping in the breeze; occasionally flapping so that the edge of it would show. He carried on assuming that no-one was any the wiser, not seeing what he was wearing. Sitting at a picnic table across from him was Wendy Johnson, a school nurse at a private girl’s boarding school. She too was on a holiday break, travelling by coach to a nice quiet resort by the sea, looking forward to some nice relaxing fun. She couldn’t help but notice the young man sitting alone on the grass across from her, he was different to the others, they where businessmen and lorry drivers. But she saw him, small for his age but quite content and happy. She wondered where he was going, what he was doing. Having spent the year with nothing but girls to look at in every direction, she was happy to look at the cute young man. Alex finished his lunch, looked down at his watch then saw it was time to go back to the coach, but as he was geeing up he noticed the lady at the picnic table, she was looking at him and smiling. Getting up he felt the pull up against him, but that only let panic set in, he was directly opposite her, had she seen something, was that why she was smiling. He didn’t know but was glad to be going back to his coach knowing he would be alone again. He got up, walked back across the grass, trying to avoid eye contact but couldn’t, she smiled again at him, he moved quicker wanting to be back at the coach. He got back to the coach and began to board when he noticed the other cases now sitting at the side of the coach. He looked towards the driver and asked what was happening, “Nothing to worry about young man” replied the driver, “we just have a few more passengers coming on board, the other feeder coach has arrived”. Alex thought nothing more of it, he climbed on board and went back to his seat, he put his hand luggage bag back onto the seat next to him, then leaned back waiting for the other passengers to get back. He was minding his own business, when a figure appeared by the seat next to his where his bag was. Looking up he saw a lady standing in the aisle, when he saw who it was he nearly wet himself. It was her, the lady from the bench; there she was, looking down at him, “Excuse me young man, is that seat taken” she asked him, still with that smile on her face. “Errrr, no” replied Alex with slight panic in his voice, “I will just move my bag for you”. Alex took his bag off of the seat and placed it by his feet, not noticing the top was slightly open, he was still surprised to see the lady. Part 5 Wendy took her seat next to Alex, the colour just starting to re-appear to his face after his shock. He sat there quietly wondering whether he should say something, but at that time he was simply lost for words, what could he say, what should he say, he didn’t know what she had seen if anything at all. Wendy sat there next to Alex, she loved the expression on his face when she turned up next to him, she was by no way a mean person, but she thought he was such a sweet little thing. Her whole year at the girl’s school had made her realise how much she had missed males, but there was something about this one that made her curious. She had seen the tell tale edge of his pull up when sitting on the grass, it was something easily recognisable to her, many of the girls in the school had need to see her as the nurse she was. “So young man, what is your name, how far are you travelling” said Wendy, deciding it was time to start talking with her companion. “Eeerrrr, my name is Alex” he stuttered out, “I am on the coach until it reaches the coast; I am going for a break there through the summer. Wendy was delighted to hear this; she too was travelling to the coat and knew they were headed for the same destination. “Well I am very pleased to meet you Alex, my name is Wendy Johnson” came the response, “I too am travelling down to the coast for a holiday. The girl’s school where I work as a nurse has broken up for the summer, so I decided I needed a holiday”. Alex was relaxing a bit now, but the thought of having her next to him for the rest of the journey was not that thrilling. He was taken back a bit when she told him what she did for a job; it just wasn’t expected at that point. The thought of having a nurse next to him made him think once more about the pull ups, he knew that a trained nurse would only have needed the slightest glance to recognise them. “It looks like we will be spending the journey together Alex” said Wendy, once more looking at him with that smile once more. “Now why don’t you give me that bag of yours, I can put it up on the luggage rack with mine, and then you will have far more room for the journey”. Alex was left with little choice and couldn’t reason his way around it, it would give him more room for his legs. So he reached down to grab his bag, but as it was lifted the zip sprung open and there in plain sight was his other spare pull up. He tried to quickly close his bag so it was out of sight, but he could see that Wendy had already spotted it. Wendy calmly took the bag from him, zipped it up and proceeded to place it in the luggage rack. Alex had sat back down in his seat, not knowing what to do or say at that point, it no longer mattered if she had seen it before, now she would know. “It’s ok Alex, there is no need to be ashamed” said Wendy softly as she sat back down, “lots of people have to wear pull ups and nappies, for lots of different reasons. I am a nurse so it is nothing new to me”. Alex was left stunned, he knew now that she had seen him for definite now, his pull up must have been showing while sitting on the grass area. Alex was brought back to his senses by the coach starting up and leaving the service area, a few more passengers had joined but not enough to fill the coach, yet she decided to next to me he thought. Part 6 Alex sat thinking for a moment, now taking the occasional glance at Wendy, studying her more closely. She appeared about a similar age to his mum, but noticeably taller than he was and very good looking at the same time. He thought only pretty school nurses appeared in naughty boy’s dreams. He decided that he should try and explain his situation more clearly, he didn’t want her thinking he wore the pull ups all of the time. “I don’t usually wear pull ups, it’s just that I am on a long journey and my mum gave me a lot to drink” said Alex quietly, hoping that no one could overhear him. “I occasionally need them at night, but with the traffic being as it is these days, I didn’t want to take a chance after the service stop”. Wendy turned and listened to him while he was speaking, thinking how sweet it was of him to try and explain everything. She knew quite well that he could have a genuine reason for using them, but it was just the fact that he looked so cute in them when she saw him. “There is no need to worry about it little one” replied Wendy, grinning and chuckling at Alex, “I knew there was some genuine reason for you wearing them, you just looked so cute and innocent sitting on the grass with the frilly edge of the pull up showing”. “I am only teasing Alex, I am sorry if I offended you, I hope you forgive me, I just want some nice company for the rest of the journey”. Alex was a bit taken back, but decided that Wendy seemed a nice person deep down, even if she was enjoying teasing him. Was it worth not getting along for the rest of the coach journey, it would only be a matter of hours and they wouldn’t see any more of each other. “It’s ok Wendy, I didn’t take offence” replied Alex, “But I never realised they had little frilly edges on them” he laughed, “I really hope my mum never bought me the girls ones”. Wendy began to laugh with Alex, her hand patting him on the leg, she so wanted to lift the edge of the shorts and touch his pull up, but she feared he would be scared off and that was the last thing she wanted. Deep down she had missed not being a mother to anyone herself, she went to university then trained as a nurse then got the job in the school, things such as relationships and settling down had passed her by. So over time she had begun to wonder whether she could find someone that she could give her special attention to, a man, a young man, but someone like Alex would be just perfect. Alex was feeling a bit better now they were laughing about it; he was relaxing, actually starting to like Wendy a bit. A nervous thrill went through his body when she touched his leg, it was something he had never had from a woman before, he had never come close to having a girlfriend. Still laughing and joking, Alex lifted the edge of his shorts to reveal the edge of the pull up, “there you go” he said, “see they are not frilly at all”. But when he looked he could see that they were a bit puffier than his regular ones. He wondered how this escaped his notice before, but he was in such a state and rush in the toilets so he didn’t get caught, it made sense he did notice. “Thanks mum” he thought to himself, “what other surprises have you got for me”. Wendy caught sight of it once more, thinking that it looked so much like some of the ones worn at the school where she worked. It was natural for her, but to see it on a boy was something different, offset against his soft white hairless flesh it looked so nice. “Ok, well maybe no frilly, but slightly girlish you must agree” said Wendy, now gently rubbing his leg. “You have such soft skin for a male Alex, I know lots who would adore to have legs like yours, it’s such a shame to keep them covered up”. Alex was now getting quite aroused at the touch from Wendy; never could he have imagined that events would unfold like this. He could feel the front of his pull up starting to tent, but to cover it with his hands would have given it away immediately, he could do nothing, and he was stuck. He had no way out but now he didn’t want one, her touch was driving him wild, his lack of girl experience was showing; he was far too excited to think straight now. Wendy could see the effect she was having on him, it was becoming more and more obvious, she wondered how far she could push him, was he really so shy with girls, he really was the perfect little creature. She leaned closer to him, then whispered in his ear, “You really love this don’t you, you need this, you are wearing your pull up because it excites you as well”, “I can see the effect it is having on you, relax and let nurse Wendy take care of you”. Alex was unable to resist, he needed so much to be able to release, to release at someone else’s touch and not his own, for it to be at the hands of a woman, at this moment for it to be Wendy. Part 7 Alex was having feeling that he had never experienced before, but they where ones that he was enjoying, he could feel himself growing within his shorts. Just the simple touch of Wendy’s hand on his leg was doing this to him, he knew that she had him under her control but he was quite helpless to do anything about it. He could feel the pressure building up within him, he would not be able to last must longer, but what was he to do, he wasn’t sure but shortly he would pass the point of no return and find out what she planned. Wendy was feeling so good with herself at this point, she had him all worked up at just the touch of her hand, she moved it higher until it found the edge of the pull up. She too was getting excited at the thought of what was to come, could she really do this, could she make him loose himself within the confines of his pull up. She gently stroked his pull up, her hand inside his shorts, but always making sure that no one around them would become suspicious of their actions. She continued to rub her hand on little Alex, slowly and softly, feeling the tension growing within him, she knew it would happen, and then with a sudden shudder it did! Alex tried to hold on but it was no use, his body shuddered softly and then he felt himself release in his pull up. He could feel the little creamies leaking from him, pooling around his pee pee and little parts, it felt warm but the sensation was so good. It was obviously not his first orgasm, but it was in this way, making him feel embarrassed and humiliated, but at the same time so aroused. “Oh you sweet little thing” whispered Wendy softly in his ear, “I never thought my touch would make that happen, but I am overjoyed that it did”. “I will give you a moment to compose yourself, and then I think we had best have a go at cleaning you up and changing you without anyone knowing”. She let Alex calm himself down, holding his hand softly, feeling the last little trembles running through him. Then she released him, stood up just to grab her bag from the luggage rack, before sitting down again. Her back pack was one from the school, she had a few supplies with her as a couple of the young ladies from her school had travelled to the coach station with her, and she always looked out for them. They then went their separate ways, the ladies back home and she on her travels, where she boarded her coach that eventually brought her to Alex. She opened the bag and retrieved a box of wipes, a largish towel and a fresh pull up. Alex was a bit surprised to see these items come from her bag, but when he saw the pull up he was unsure whether to be scared or excited. It was a pull up just like normal, but it was the colour and design that startled him, pale pink in colour with little butterfly patterns. “Well I did say that I would take care of everything” said Wendy looking down at Alex, “don’t worry about the colour; they do just the same job as yours do”, “I am sure they will look so cute on you, your girlish soft legs deserve some girlish pull ups”. Alex looked at her but knew he couldn’t say anything, people would suspect something if he caused a scene, so decided that to cooperate would be the best course. He lifted up slightly in his seat allowing Wendy to lower his shorts, before then sitting down and removing them completely. He was now left in a pull up, one that was full of his own creamy mess. Wendy tore the sides, finally lowering the front revealing the young man’s little cock. She was feeling all giddy seeing this, it was so small, and how could someone his age be so undeveloped, there was practically no hair around it. Alex felt so embarrassed at this point, he had been made to have an orgasm in his pull up, now sitting on a coach seat in it with the sides torn apart, his little parts exposed to her. His bigger problem was that he loved the embarrassment and more so the attention, he was experiencing feelings he couldn’t explain. She gently wiped him clean with the baby wipes, making sure she checked everywhere, then dried him off with the towel. She wanted to apply baby powder but that would have been too risky in this situation. Wendy removed the old pull up from under him, folding it up and tucking it away in her bag, then she opened the new one for him, placing the new pink girls pull up at his feet, guiding them through the leg holes. The final touch was to bring it up his legs and secure it over his bottom, before once more hiding it away in his shorts. PART 8 (apologies for getting a name mixed up, Alex’s mum is called Leslie, hope you are all enjoying) Alex was now entering completely new territory, nothing like this had ever happened before, he wasn’t really sure how he should be feeling. All that he was sure about was that the experience he had just had was quite amazing, something he wanted to happen again and again but not on the coach. He was disturbed from his thoughts by the sound of his phone ringing, he wondered who it was while fumbling through his shorts pockets. He opened it up to find that it was his mum, she was checking up to see how he was getting along. He was pleased to hear her voice as he spoke quietly to her, he was missing her but excited by his new adventures. They chatted only briefly, she would speak longer once he was alone in his guest house with Val. As he closed the phone and said “Goodbye mum, love you”, Wendy looked across and saw the picture of his mum still showing on the screen. Wendy was left stunned, surely it could not be, but she was sure it was. It was Leslie from college, “Oh my god” she thought, Alex is her son, I have just done that with one of my best friends little boy. Wendy recognised the picture as they were both still friends and on Facebook, she decided to speak to Alex about it, better now that having him find out later. “Alex” she said tentatively, “I take it that you where taking to your mum on the phone, do you mind if I see the picture again, I couldn’t help notice it before”. “Yes it was mum” he replied, “I guess you can see the picture, why, what is wrong” he said opening it up to the contact page again, then showing her the picture. “Nothing is wrong sweetie” said Wendy, looking once more to be certain. “Oh my, I was right, it is her” said Wendy, “tell me is your mothers name Leslie, she went to St. Mary’s Girls College after she finished school”. “Yes her name is Leslie” replied Alex, “I think that is where she went to college, why do you ask, what is wrong”. “Nothing is wrong I promise” said Wendy trying to calm down Alex, placing her hand on his leg again. “I have to tell you that your mum and I are old friends from college, we are still in contact via facebook today, we still keep up with each others careers”. Alex looked shocked when he found out, he had just been made to orgasm in his pull up by one of his mums friends, what would she do and say if she found out, he didn’t know what to say. “There were three of us that used to be best friends in college” said Wendy, “your mum, me and a girl called Val. I think she moved to the coast somewhere”. When Alex heard this it all kind of made sense, he was pretty certain that the person he was going to stay with was the same Val that Wendy was now talking about. His mum told him that she was a friend and trusted her to look after Alex, he thought that it might be good to phone her and tell her who he was sitting next to. “Bare with me a moment please Wendy” said Alex as he pressed the button to call his mum “Hi mum” said Alex when his mum answered, “nothing to worry about, I am safe and ok, I just have someone sitting next to me that you might want to chat to”, Alex then gave the phone to Wendy. “Leslie, Leslie Jones, is that really you” said Wendy, “It’s me, Wendy, from facebook, it’s such a surprise to find myself sitting on a coach next to your son, he is such a cute little thing”. Alex sat and starred out of the window for a while, letting Wendy have a chat to his mum, only picking up on the odd thing, “yes he is fine”, “oh don’t worry about that”, “no little accidents”. The last little snippet made his eyes turn back toward Wendy, looking at her having a good idea what they are talking about. “Well it has been great talking and hopefully we can meet up soon” said Wendy to Alex’s mum, “I will take good care of him until we get to Val’s, bye for now”. Alex said a quick goodbye to his mum, her final words telling him that Wendy would look after him until he got to Val’s, she trusted her totally. Part 9 “Well young Alex” said Wendy, “it looks like we will be seeing a lot more of each other than we both thought”, “Your mum is going to speak with Val to see if she has availability for me as well, then we can have lots of fun over the summer”. Alex wasn’t quite sure whether this was going to be a good thing or a bad thing. Yes he liked Wendy and enjoyed what had happened between them, but he was hoping to get some time to himself to be able to rest, relax and chill out a bit. Before he had chance to say anything to Wendy, his phone was ringing with the picture of his mum showing on the front of it. “Hi mum” he said when answering, “what’s up, what do you want, I have only just finished talking to you”. “Nothing to worry about sweetie” replied his mum, “just pass on a message to Wendy for me” “Tell her that I have spoken to Val and everything is sorted, there is a room waiting for her and I will be joining you later once I get finished up here”. “Okay mum, no problem, take care and don’t overdo things” replied Alex, “I will let Wendy know”, “Bye for now, love you mum”. “Love you too sweetie, take care and be good for Wendy and Val” replied Leslie, thinking how sweet her little boy was; she wanted him back, her little baby boy. “That was my mum on the phone again” said Alex looking at Wendy, “she says that everything is sorted with Val, there is a room waiting for you to stay in and she will join us later”. Alex decided not to mention the part about being good for her and Val; he thought that it would give Wendy the illusion that Alex had to be with her all the time. He wanted his own time when he could get it, to be able to do what he wanted, when he wanted, in his regular underwear and not in pull ups, or worse still the pink pull ups given to him by Wendy. Wendy thought to herself that things could not be more perfect, should would be staying with an old friend; have Alex staying in the same house, then hopefully the three best friends being reunited where they could concentrate on Alex. Little did Alex know but it was no coincidence that Wendy had found him, Leslie had told her where his coach would be stopping. Leslie had arranged for Alex to be staying with Val, as she knew Val would be only too happy to help her with her need to get her little boy back. She had told Val about his bed wetting and told her of the little surprise she had put in his suitcase, just to make sure that Alex did not try and dispose of it. By the time she was joining them, she hoped that Alex would be in pull ups and nappies full time, not really knowing what was happening to him. Alex leaned back in his seat, watching the world going by; completely unaware of what was in store for him, looking forward to his well earned break. Without even realising it, his hand had slipped to his lap where he was slowly rubbing across his shorts, his fingers then moving the material so that he was able to touch his pull up; the soft pink pull up that Wendy had put him in. Wendy was watching him all this time, seeing him play with the edge of the pull up was getting her aroused, she saw him slipping further and further into the sweet little one that Leslie wanted him to become, but he was totally unaware of it. She put her hand on top of his, just as he was playing with the pull up; she hoped he wouldn’t be startled too much. He looked down, only then realising what he had been doing; he was now blushing; the redness filling his cheeks in embarrassment. Wendy slowly moved his hand and placed it on her leg, and then slowly moving it up and down, she wanted to push him further, make him want to be with her. She finally moved his hand to rest between her legs, wondering what sort of reaction this would bring, had he ever been with a woman before. She was rewarded with a noticeable bulge showing in his shorts, she began to wonder if she could get him to orgasm once more, but this time in his girls pull up. Part 10 Alex was now growing bright red with embarrassment, he was unable to control the reaction in his shorts, he wasn’t even touching them and neither was Wendy, but the feeling he had just touching Wendy was like electric flowing through him. He was unable to control his emotions and this was obvious for Wendy to see, she knew she was being unfair playing with the emotions of Alex, but needed to get some release for herself. With her hand still firmly on top of Alex’s, still resting between her legs, she needed to know something, she needed to question him. “Alex my little sweet” whispered Wendy into his ear, “Have you ever been with a woman before, have you ever touched one, it’s ok, you can be honest with me”. Alex was not surprised to hear this, considering the delicate situation he was in, but what could he say, how could he admit to her that even though he was 18, soon to be 19, he had never had a girlfriend, let alone been with a girl before. He had been kissed by girls, but only because he was such a sweet and caring boy when around them. He looked up towards Wendy, their eyes meeting, he wanted to say something but just couldn’t, and he just gently shook his head from side to side. Wendy had a feeling what his answer would be before even asking, but she just needed to know from him. She wanted him to have his moment at some point, but now would not be that time; instead she just removed both their hands from her legs. Holding him closely, she looked into his eyes, “Don’t worry about that little one, we will make sure that at some point you get to enjoy the experience”. “But for now, do you need to use your pull up, did little Alex have fun last time, but I am sure you would love to have some fun in your little pink pull up”. While Alex was thing whether or not he could go through with it again, the coach driver made an announcement. “We will be arriving in the next hour at the final stop, this will be the place for all passengers to leave the coach, I hope you have had a good journey with us today”. Wendy saw this as an opportunity to help Alex once again, “There you go sweetie” she said to him, “soon we will be arriving, then we will be off to Val’s guest house for our lovely holiday. So if you want to have a little fun we can get you cleaned up at Val’s”. He hadn’t thought about Val for some time, he had never met her, but he had wondered if Wendy knew her as well. His mum told him that she was a friend of hers and she would look after him once he arrived, but that was before Wendy entered the equation. He knew his mum had made arrangements for her to stay as well. All he could think was that his holiday was certainly going to be different. Alex had come so far in just a few hours, he loved being made to cum in his pull up, but now he was in a girls pink pull up, this would feel so different, but he thought he needed to try, the feeling felt so good to him last time. He looked at Wendy, and then simply said “yes please”. Wendy felt so pleased, he loves the emotions set off within him, maybe this will be easier and more fun than Leslie thinks, and her little boy would be putty in her hands once finished. “Okay sweetie, let me help you achieve what you need, just lift up slightly, I think you will enjoy it better”. Alex didn’t even think about it, he lifted his body allowing Wendy to lower his shorts, leaving him sitting there in just a pink pull up. She put her arm around him, drawing him close to her, then placed her other hand on top of his pull up. She then slowly started to rub the front of it for him, feeling him growing within. Without realising Alex’s hand was now playing with the edge of the pink material, rubbing it and flicking it between his fingers, all the time enjoying the touch of Wendy on his front. He was moaning softly, shivers running through him, unable to control his feelings, unable to stop himself from getting closer and closer to erupting once again. “Come on my sweet little Alex” whispered Wendy, “let yourself go, let your emotions out, empty yourself into that cute girly princess pull-up, let those feelings come out”. Alex could not hold out, he had no choice, but surprising himself he erupted into the pull up at the moment Wendy mentioned the words “cute girly princess pull-up”, it acted like a trigger, fluid flowing from him, the front of the pull-up getting slightly darker with the wet spot forming before him. Part 11 Wendy was feeling so happy and pleased with herself, she knew that the main goal was to help Leslie achieve her wishes, but she was going to make sure she had her fun along the way. Leslie had told her she could play with her little boy as she would have to wait until she joined them, but Leslie thought that it would be easier getting Alex to do whatever they wanted if he was getting some fulfilment himself. With her hand now resting on his pull up, Wendy looked at him, “Aww, Alex sweetheart, you are such a good boy, I bet that feels all nice doesn’t it”, “But we need to get your shorts back on, we will be arriving shortly and Val will be there to meet us”. Alex was so much out of it with his own personal enjoyment; this brought him back to his senses. He quickly pulled up his shorts, wanting to be covered up ready for when they stopped in the bus station, he knew people would be moving around so didn’t want to arouse suspicion. Wendy could see him trying to make sure he was all covered up again, she thought it so sweet and innocent, but by the time they had finished with him there would be none of it. He would not care who saw him and where he was, he would be that little boy for his mum and her friends. Within minutes the coach was pulling into the bus station, people were up and about, rushing around the coach trying to get their things together. Wendy made sure that Alex stayed still in his seat, letting everyone else start to leave until she was ready to leave. Eventually they got up out of their seats, Wendy passed down Alex his back pack from the luggage rack, then brought hers down, and then after checking they had everything, they walked down the front of the coach and then got off. Alex was now for the first time for as long as he could remember wearing a pull up in public, but not only that, he was wearing a girls pink pull up, one that was all damp inside because of his own excitement. He followed Wendy away from the coach, heading towards an area where some people had gathered to greet friends that had travelled. Alex did not know Val by sight, it had been quite some years since Wendy had seen her friend, but when things had settled, there was only one lady left standing there. Wendy went over towards her, “Val is that you, it has been such a long time but you’re still so tall and elegant”. “Hi Wendy” replied Val, “it has been so long but Leslie sent me a few pics from your Facebook so I would recognise you”. They had a warm embrace before Val turned her attention to Alex, looking him up and down, “Well hello sweetie, you must be my little guest for the next few weeks, it’s so good to finally meet you, and your mum has told me so much about you”. Alex went to shake her hand, but Val just put her arms around him, pulled him close and hugged him tightly. He could feel her arms around him and her hands then giving his bottom a little squeeze, if only to confirm her knowledge of him. When they stepped apart, Wendy and Val started loading the luggage in her 4x4, giving Alex chance to clearly look her over. She was taller than both Wendy and his mum, maybe a bit older as well, long flowing dark hair, slim body with large breasts that pressed against her tight clothing. If it had been in any other situation he could even have found himself attracted to Val, she was older yes, but so pretty. This was going to be a lot harder for him now, Wendy had him wanting her, Val was just as pretty and she would be looking after his special requirements for night time. “Right then Alex” called out Val, “no day dreaming, get in the car, then I can get you and Wendy settled in, I am quite sure that you could do with a bath or shower”. Alex went over to the car where Val had the back door opened for him, Wendy already seated in the front. He was a bit surprised to see a 5 point harness attached to the seat, but with a few boxes on the other seat had no choice but to get in. “Oh I am sorry about this Alex” said Val, “I had my niece staying last week; her mum insisted that I had the harness fitted”, “It should fit you; she is quite big for her age whereas you are small for yours”. Before he could say anything, she was securing him in, including fastening the crotch strap up between his legs. Part 12 Alex was left speechless as he was fastened into the back of the car, a position that unknown to him he would become accustomed to in the not so distant future. He thought about protesting but knew that if he caused any trouble, his mum would find out. While everything was going on, there was still one thing in the back of his mind, his mum had made the arrangements and he could never bring himself to upset her in any way. He sat quietly in the back of the car listening to some music playing, whilst up front Wendy sat chatting with Val, he couldn’t make out what they were talking about, but occasionally thought he heard his name being mentioned. It was only a short ride before they pulled up outside a large house at the end of a road, just off the main seafront, but looking out over a beach that appeared quite secluded. Val and Wendy climbed out of the car, before Val came around to his door and opened it, he had tried himself but found the child lock in place on the door. He had to wait for Val to release his harness; it fastened in a way that made it impossible for him to reach the locking point. She went to release him but not before looking down at his shorts, unknown to him they had ridden up enough so that the edge of his pull up was now showing. “Come on sweetie” said Val releasing him from the seat, “let’s get you inside and settled down, I am sure that you could do with a bath and a change out of those”. The last part was said as she had her hand on his pull up, rubbing the edge of it. He went to the back of the car to collect his case, but not knowing what little surprises his mum had packed in there for him. His usual underwear had been replaced with much thicker terry cotton pants, ones that would be better described as a pair of training panties for toddlers. Then there was the usual pull up which he wore for sleeping in at night, but the special surprise was the cloth nappy and plastic pants she put in there, one just like those he had been viewing on-line. They made their way into the house, Alex was impressed with what he saw, very large hallway, very well furnished but all looking slightly feminine, but at the same time very homely. From his position in the large waiting area, he could see out over the sea, the beach looked very private but that was perfectly ok with him. Wendy had already gone up her room by the time Val had collected Alex’s room key, “Come along Alex, let’s go find your room, I am sure you will, it is right next to mine, so I can keep an eye on you like I promised your mum”. They made their way up the first flight of stairs, then along a corridor after going through a door marked private, “It’s ok Alex” said Val, “I just wanted to make sure that you get some nice peace and quiet, sometimes the guests can be a bit noisy”. Finally they reached a door marked with a little sign saying “ALEX”, which was a bit of a shock to him, he hadn’t realised how much trouble Val had gone through. The door was unlocked by Val and Alex was greeted by daylight once again. Before him stood a vast room, with a large double bed against one wall, directly opposite was a large TV mounted to the wall, then a dresser with plenty of drawers for his clothes. There was also a large dressing table with its own chair, but to his surprise in the corner a desk with a laptop computer on it. “That was a present from your mum for doing so well at school” said Val as she saw him looking at it, “through that door over there is your own private bathroom, the other door leads to my room but it is locked so don’t worry about that”, “The last door over there is the walk in wardrobe, but I think the dresser will be ok for your things”. “So let’s get you unpacked then you can have that nice warm bath that we both know you need”. Unaware of its contents, Alex lifted up his case onto the bed, but as it landed he thought he heard something rustling, Val came over to him, putting her arm around him, “That noise is only the protective mattress cover I put on the bed for you, your mum did tell you that she told me about your little problem and the last thing we want is for your bed to get wet. We can deal with a wet sheet or two but not a wet mattress”. He did remember what his mum had told him, so in all fairness it was to be expected, but it was just the shock of it, he just looked at Val and smiled. He started to open the case, then once open he undid the luggage straps inside it, removing the towel off the top. Directly underneath where his pull ups, all laying next to each other, which Val picked up and then walked over to the dresser with before laying them in one of the drawers, next to more pink ones which she already had prepared. He removed his t-shirts himself only to find the new underwear selection his mum had packed for him. At first he was unsure what they where, but having given the shirts to Val he quickly picked a pair up, only now understanding what they were. He had seen them on some of the sites he looked at but never imagined he would have some himself, especially not so many. Val came back over to him, looking at what he was holding, “Oh my, aren’t they the cutest little panties ever, so thick and sensible for a sweet boy like you, we will have to take care washing these, we don’t want them losing all that puffiness do we”. With that, Val took them from him and then places them in the dresser, the next drawer down from his pull ups. Alex then removed the next layer which contained some jeans and some more shorts, only to finally reveal the final surprise from his mother. There in plain view was the thickest terry cotton nappy he had seen, resting next to a pair of pale pink plastic panties that where covered in see through organza, with fine lace edging. For Alex he could see straight away what they where, it was something he had looked at so many times before, something he always wanted to try but never had. He was stuck in a trance until Val rested her hand on his, before looking at him, waiting to see if he would say anything. A few moments later with Alex still quiet, Val picked up the nappy and pants, removed it from the case and placed it on his bed next to the pillow. She closed the case, put it under the bed then looked at him, “Now you get undressed, I will go and run the bath. We can discuss the nappy later; there must be a good reason that your mum put it in there”. Part 13 Alex was speechless, he couldn’t believe that his mum had done this, he was trying to work out in his mind what would have made her do it, was there any way possible that she had found out his secret. In his mind he had been so careful, he never left his computer switched on, it was locked with a completely unique password. But while he was still thinking and trying to work things out, he had completely forgotten to get himself undressed, Val returned and caught him day dreaming. “Now come on Alex sweetie, I was hoping you would all ready and undressed ready for your bath” said Val in a sweet and motherly voice, “I can see that I am going to have to keep a firm eye on you in the future”. Before he had chance to start, Val was helping him remove his clothing, the bath was already full ready for him. Off came his t-shirt and shorts, leaving him standing there in just his sock and the cute pink pull up that Wendy put him in. Next off came his socks, just leaving him standing there in that pink pull up. Next thing he knew there was a flash of a camera; he turned to see Wendy standing the doorway taking a few snaps of him. “Forgive me Alex but I just had to have a few pics” said Wendy, “after all, it was me that put that on you”. But before Alex could reply, Wendy was off and gone. She needed to send those pics to his mum. Val took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom, then slowly tore each side of the pull up, before slowly pulling it away from his body. All the sticky cum was now stretching from him to that soft pink material, but the little strings broke away and he was now completely naked. Val looked at him and thought he looked so sweet, she could see now why Leslie wanted to get her little boy back again. Apart from his head, she noted that his body was practically hairless; he really was so young looking for his age. She would make sure that when the time was right, she would have all those stray hairs removed, he would be as smooth as a baby. “Come on sweetie, stop dawdling” said Val, “let's get you in the water before it starts getting cold, I will be back shortly to check on you”. With that Val helped Alex into the water and then gave him a large sponge to wash himself with, before leaving him alone to enjoy the nice hot water. He sat there for a while trying to take in what had happened over the last few hours since those services on the motorway. He knew things had changed, some of the things he wanted where starting to happen, but not quite in the way he expected. His peace was soon disturbed by a returning Val, but now she had a long length PVC apron on, her hair tied back out of the way. She came into the bathroom with a large fluffy white bath towel and put it down on the vanity unit. “Just as I thought” she said, “I leave you here to wash yourself and once more I find you day-dreaming, I think that I had best take care of things”. Without another word, she grabbed the sponge off Alex, added some all over baby wash, and then proceeded to wash Alex from head to toe, not even blinking when she got to private parts. She simply grabbed hold of his pee pee, and then washed it all over, top to bottom. Once she was done she had him stand up in the water, then she proceeded to wash between his legs, running her soapy fingers all over his bottom and between his cheeks. Alex was enjoying the touch once more, he wanted to say something, he was a young man and old enough to wash himself, but his natural instinct was to let her take over. All too soon for him it was over and she was taking his hand to help him out of the bath, then wrapping his soft skinned little body in the large fluffy towel. She dried him off in a motherly way, taking care to ensure he was totally dry, before leading him back into the bedroom. “Now I think it is still quite early, so let’s get you some clean underwear out, then get you dressed and I think we can go and get some dinner”. Val thought about using the nappy but decided that bedtime would be a far more appropriate time for its introduction to Alex. Instead she picked a pair of his thicker underwear from the dresser, ones she knew where actually training panties. She added a bit of powder to his private area, and then helped him into the panties, pulling them up making sure they were nice and snug. Next she gave him a t-shirt and shorts to wear, both plain white, followed by some small socks and then his white trainers. He loved the touch of Val while being dressed, she was stern like a mother would be, but at the same time so soft and gentle with him. He was once more getting aroused in his panties, something that didn’t go unnoticed to Val, but this would have to wait until later. “Come on sweetie, let’s go and get you some dinner, then you can have a look around the place, you might like what you see”. Apologies to all who have been reading, I got a bit snowed under with work so this had to take a seat on the backburner. Hopefully I will have more time to write once more. Chapter 14 Val took him by the hand and led him from his bedroom, back down the corridor they had come along. It was only just dawning on him that he was not going to be eating dinner in private; he would be going to the main dining room where all the other guests where eating. He worked out that the guest house was not huge, but it was full so there would be quite a few people there, probably all wondering who the young man all dressed in white was. Val had a few guests that were staying for the summer as well as Alex and Wendy, she was sure that they would want to meet little Alex at some point. When they reached the dining room, Wendy was already there sitting at a table, he could see the other place setting so knew that he must be joining her. As he made his way across the room he only really found his eyes meeting with two other ladies sitting together, both looking about the age of Val, wearing sleeveless tops and trousers, one dark hair and the other a blonde. He thought they were quite attractive even though they were older, but looked fit and trim at the same time. They smiled as he walked passed them before taking his seat with Wendy, the only two in the room that made eye contact with him. Val could see they noticed little Alex, “I see that Hannah and Angela have noticed you sweetie” said Val, “they are staying all summer just like you, they come every year for the summer season, selling their clothing at a stall in the summer market. When they are off they love to keep fit, I am sure you will love to meet them at some point”. Alex was ok with the keeping fit side of things, that is why he was always so slender, but he did wonder what they sold, assuming it to be ladies clothing, but he would find out another time. “Now don’t you look a handsome little boy” said Wendy, drawing Alex’s attention back to her and Val, “you look so sweet all dressed in white, we must make sure you have a nice big napkin to keep you clean”. That was when Val reached around him, putting the dark pink napkin in his lap, before tucking another in his shirt collar, draping down his front. Val then left Wendy and Alex to bring out the first course for everyone. They both enjoyed some tomato soup, and then chicken with potatoes before dessert was served. Everyone except Alex had cheesecake, but he was given ice cream with little sugar sprinkles on the top. He wondered why at the time but loved ice cream so didn’t bother to ask. With dinner over, Wendy retired to her room to do some work she had brought from the school, leaving Alex once more in the care of Val. “Now then sweetie” she said to him, removing his napkins and wiping his mouth and face, just like a mother would to a little child, “Why don’t we go for a little walk and I can show you the beach and the seafront”. “Do you need to use the bathroom first” she asked him, just loud enough for Hannah and Angela to overhear, causing a little smile and giggle from them. “I guess I better had” replied Alex, the last thing he wanted was to be caught short. So standing up Val once again led him back through the dining room, before taking him to his bathroom. But what shocked Alex was that she went in with him and without a word, lowered his shorts and training pants before pushing him down onto the toilet seat. “It's ok Alex; I have had a son of my own, so I have seen it all. Now you go pee pee for Aunty Val, I did promise your mummy I would take care of you”. Alex was lost for words, he didn’t know what to say, what to do, so he just sat down and did his best to let his pee flow out. He stood up and was about to pull his pants back up when he got a look from Val that said just one thing, hands off! So instead he just stood still and let her take care of things. She then wiped his little cock softly, before sprinkling some baby powder over it, then sliding his training panties back up. Now she was smoothing them out, rubbing him gently to get a reaction from him. It worked, she was now feeling a little bulge growing in his pants, and Alex was wriggling slowly at her touch, so she carried on. She then had him step out of his shorts, leaving him standing there in just the training pants, socks and trainers. While still rubbing him she reached into a cupboard and pulled out a pair of clear plastic pants, wanting to put him into them as soon as possible. “Now come on sweetie, be a good boy for Aunty Val, lets slip these onto you then we won’t have anything leaking through that we need to worry about”. He was like putty in her hands, the feeling flowing through him once more that he had experienced with Wendy. He put one leg then the other into the pants, before Val slowly lifted them up his smooth legs, pulling them into place. She now need to reward him she thought, let him see how good he was for letting her do this to him. Val now had her hand rubbing and caressing the front of him, her other hand now inside the back of his panties, holding his soft pink botty cheeks. A stray finger slowly edging towards his soft little hole, she knew she would have that one day soon. “Come on sweetie, show Aunty Val what a good boy you are, let it all out, you know you want to cream you soft terry panties, especially now you are safe in your plastic pants”. Alex was now beyond the point of no return, he wanted to release so much, Val had done the same to him that Wendy had before. Then suddenly he tensed up and just as Val’s finger touched his little hole, he squirted into the training pants. “Oh you perfect little darling” said Val to him softly, “I bet that felt so nice didn’t it, I bet you are glad we put your plastic pants on, such a lot of wet sticky cream would have soaked through your new training pants”. Chapter 15 Alex was left standing there with emotions running through his body like nothing he had never felt before. Val had made him feel so special, he wanted to thank her but felt too embarrassed to say anything, he had enjoyed it but it should have felt so bad. He looked at her but just could not bring himself to say anything. Instinct told Val that she had him all mixed up inside, he had been dressed as pure and innocent as possible but still in adult clothes, well on the outside anyway. Then without any fuss she had taken him into the bathroom to use the toilet, before getting him all worked up and making him cum in his little training panties. “Come on sweetie” Val told him, “I think you need a little bit of fresh air to cool you down and let you get a breather”. Val took him by the hand and led him back out into the corridor before heading outside, but not before collecting a small bag. It held a jumper for both of them in case the air got a bit cool, but they where, unknown to Alex both in pale baby pink. She also had two rain capes in there as it had forecast the chance of a shower later in the evening. On the way out through the door Alex passed both Angela and Hannah, both of them giving his bottom a little pat on the way through the door before giggling. It was as though the sound of his plastic pants was echoing to them; he began to wonder if they knew already, or if not, how long it would be before they found out. Leaving the guesthouse entrance, Alex once again found himself hand in hand with Val, well more so Val taking his hand. With every little step he took he could feel the damp patch in the front of his pants pressing against his skin, he knew that if it weren’t for the plastic pants there would be a large wet spot showing. He knew that Val had left him this way for her own enjoyment, but maybe for his own humiliation. But after a while he had gotten used to the feeling and carried on as though nothing mattered. Val carried on walking trying not to look down on her sweet little charge, but she kept having the odd little glance at him, seeing the conflict in his face, looking at the picture of innocence, still dressed all in white. They approached one of the shelters along the sea front so Val decided it was time to sit down and add a layer of clothing now that the sun was setting. Val sat down and lifted Alex onto her knee, the size difference between them making the job quite easy. “I think it’s time for a sweater for both of us sweetie” said Val, “we don’t want to catch cold, your mummy would never forgive me”. “Here we go” said Val reaching into her bag and pulling out two sweaters, “I hope you don’t mind that I got matching ones for us, they where the first ones I grabbed out of the cupboard”. Val tried to make it sound like a coincidence she had picked two pale pink sweaters, but that had been her plan all along. “I guess it doesn’t matter” replied Alex, “it’s not as though mine is a girls or ladies one”, not really knowing one way or the other just making a logical assumption. “It does feel really soft though” said Alex, “it will keep me nice and warm”. Val proceeded to dress Alex in his new sweater knowing full well that it was a girls, it was also a mix of lamb’s wool and angora, designed to be super soft on smooth skin. She knew only too well that it would tingle the soft blonde hairs on his arms; what few of them there were. She then proceeded to put her own on, before giving Alex a small carton of juice with a little straw in it. When they set off again, Alex once again hand in hand with Val, they looked like mother and child, from a distance they could have been mistaken for mother and daughter with Alex dressed in pink and white. Val now understood more and more why his mom wanted him back as her little one, he was so unassuming and innocent with regards to the big wide world, he needed the close love and attention, and so far that is what he had been getting. Alex finished his drink while walking along, Val pointing out small things along the way; the best part of the beach; where he could swim and where to get the best ice cream. Alex tried to pay attention but was having a bigger problem, the need for the bathroom. The little mess he had made in his trainer pants earlier, combined with the carton of juice now meant he needed to visit the bathroom. “Erm Aunty Val” said Alex, wondering what to say, “is there anywhere with a bathroom nearby, I need to use one”. Val thought for a moment, wondering whether it was too soon to have Alex wet himself, she so wanted to but decided that outdoors would be unfair to him. “Come on sweetie, there are some toilets further along” she said, “can you be a good boy and hold on for me, it’s not far”. Alex had little choice but to carry on hoping that he wouldn’t leak anything, he was now quite relieved to be wearing the plastic pants. They soon reached the bathroom but there was a sign on the door of the mens room saying it was out of order, saying the next was about 15 mins away. He knew he could not hold for that long so rather than take a boy into the ladies; Val opened the door to the baby change room, knowing it would be empty this time in the evening, then pulling Alex in behind her. To avoid adults using this room as a toilet, there was only a potty chair in the corner suitable for a child, so Val told Alex he would have to use it. To stop him getting his white shorts dirty by touching the floor, Val insisted that he take them off first. So he soon found himself sitting on a child’s potty, wearing only his trainers and socks with his white polo and pink jumper. With Alex looking down, Val took the opportunity to take a quick picture of him, before sending it to his mum. “Are you all done sweetie” said Val bringing him back to his senses, “stand up so I can wipe you dry”. Val took hold of his little cock and gently dabbed it dry with some paper, still seeing the remains of the shiny cum glistening on his skin. “I think that we will have to give someone a shower when they get home, you really did fill your panties for Aunty Val didn’t you, you where such a good boy”. Those words from Val only had one effect on young Alex, I made him excited once again, but all Val did this time was to clean him further with his cloth training pants. When she finished, she held them out and looked at Alex, “You can’t wear these back home, they are far to damp for your delicate skin” “I am afraid that you will just have to wear your plastic pants under your shorts, but I am sure that you will be ok” “Come on; let me put them back on you”. Val slid the plastic pants back up his legs, fitting them over his bottom and pulling them up at the front, but his now semi stiff cock pointing upright beneath the soft PVC. She then helped him back into his shorts, fastening them up, and then patting the front of them. “Come on sweetie” said Val gathering their things, “time to head back I think”. The first few steps Alex took where the strangest ever to him, the soft PVC now caressing him with every step he took, making him harder and harder. But Val just gently smiled at him, wondering how long he could hold on for. Chapter 16 The light was beginning to fade as the sun started to set out over the sea, the temperature still relatively warm but the need for the soft jumper Alex was wearing justified with the sea breeze. It was the first time he had really noticed the small resort he would be spending his summer in, somewhere he could feel safe, already finding himself being very intimately cared for by Val and Wendy. As they carried on along the sea front back towards Val’s guesthouse, Alex found himself getting more and more excited within the confines of his plastic pants, the soft smooth PVC encasing his little private parts, rubbing him slowly with each step he took. Val knew full well the effect it was having on little Alex but was not letting up and carried on walking, her hand gripping tightly to that of Alex, making sure the pace was kept up. As they approached the shelter they stopped at on the way down, the sky clouded over very quickly from the land, a few droplets of rain starting to fall. They just made it in time before the rain got heavier; joined at the same time by two ladies that had come from the opposite direction. It was only when they all met at the same side of the shelter that Alex could see it was the two ladies from the guest house that had spoken to him earlier; Hannah and Angela. “Hello there sweetie” said Hannah, surprised to see Alex standing there, “don’t you look all nice and warm in that soft pink sweater” “I might have to ask Val where she got that, I would love one like that myself, it looks so soft and girlish, maybe Val will take us shopping for one”. Val looked down at her little companion, she loved how embarrassed he would get but still not say anything. “I think I can find time to show you where they came from” said Val, “it would be a good idea to get another for Alex for these cooler summer evenings, maybe one in lemon or white, what do you think Alex”? Alex was caught with nowhere to go, he had to be good and didn’t want to anger Val, even though the colours she mentioned where just as childish and girlish as the pink one he was wearing. “Maybe it would be a good idea” replied Alex, “it does feel nice and warm”. He answered as best he could hope that in time they would forget about the idea. “It looks like this rain is set for the evening” said Angela, “I do hope you have a coat to keep your soft wool nice and dry Alex”. But before he could answer Val had her hand in the bag she was carrying, “I thought I would bring these just in case” replied Val pulling out a folded up PVC raincoat, “you never can tell with this sea air”. Hannah took the coat from Val and opened it up, letting out a pleasant smile and little giggle when she saw that it was pale pink, but still see-through. “Come along Alex” she said, “let me help you on with this then you can be on your way, back home to nice warm bath before bedtime”. Hannah held the coat out while Alex slipped his arms in without any arguments; it was soft and smooth, and quite figure hugging to him. Hannah smiled to him as she closed the front and did up the buttons. Her hands smoothed it out around his body, only then did she hear the rustling of his panties, those plastic ones that had caressed him all the way to his present location. Val could see that Alex was getting embarrassed again, his shorts slightly tenting at the front again, she wondered if he would react to Hannah touching him the same as when she did. “Please excuse me for a moment” said Val, “I need to make a phone call, and I just remembered I had forgotten to order something for tomorrow”. “Now Alex, you stay here with Hannah, I will be just around the corner”. All of the phone call talk had been an excuse made up by Val, but none of them knew that apart from her. Once Val was around the corner, Hannah sat down on the bench and lifted Alex onto her lap, holding him close with one arm, her other hand now resting on top of the bulge in his pants. “Do you like your plastic pants sweetie” she whispered to him, “I bet they are so soft and smooth rubbing on your little pee pee, have you already been naughty in them”? Alex just looked at her and nodded, he knew that without anyone stopping her, he would soon have another mess in them. Hannah now had her hand inside the shorts and was playing with him, rubbing him slowly, telling him quietly and softly that he was such a sweet boy. “You are going to make the perfect little one for your mummy” said Hannah to him, something which he secretly wanted but had still never let out. “Now be a good little boy and fill your panties for Aunty Hannah, let all that boyish little cream out”. This was getting too much for him, his body tensed up more and more with each touch from Hannah, until she whispered one last comment, “You will be doing this lots and lots when with me, I guarantee” That sent Alex over the edge; he began to spurt more of his creamies into the panties. Chapter 17 Hannah held Alex close while he did his best to regain his composure, there was a grin on her face from side to side, enjoying so much what she had just put the poor boy through, but now looking forward even more to the next time she play with him. Alex was coming back to his senses when he felt Angela run her fingers through his hair, “Awww, such a sweet little boy” she told him, “I can’t wait to go swimming with you tomorrow”! Alex new nothing about this but felt strangely comfortable with all the ladies he was now acquainted with, no matter what they seemed to be doing to him. He had been through so many emotions so far but all of them so pleasurable. Val had finished her so called phone call and re-appeared from the other side, but she had been watching Alex without him knowing, loving every moment of it. But now was the time to take him home and get him settled for the night, he had had quite a day so far and must have been exhausted. “Come along little one” said Val, “I think it is about time we were going, I am sure that you will have plenty of time to play with Hannah and Angela”. Alex just blushed at the thought, wondering what Val meant, but his mind was brought back to the present moment as soon as he stood up. All that fluid was now gathering once more in the bottom of his plastic panties. His little balls now coated in the emissions that both Val and Hannah had coaxed from him. So finally with his pink PVC raincoat fastened up, his hood pulled up, Val took him by the hand and they set off back towards the guesthouse. The walk back was quiet, neither saying much, both getting covered in the rain that was still falling, but Alex quite happy to be dry in his coat, even if it was pink. Once safely back indoors, Val helped him off with his coat. “Well I think it is time for you to go have a bath” said Val, “I am sure that your pants must be quite full by now, I can’t leave you in them, now can I”. Val led him upstairs back towards his bathroom, to be greeted by Wendy coming out of her room, “Well hello sweetheart” said Wendy, “I hope you have had a nice walk”. “Are we going for a nice warm bath”? “Yes” replied Val before Alex could speak, “his little underwear didn’t last too long”, “But it is ok, his plastic pants managed to hold all his little messes, so I think it time to get him cleaned up before bed”. “Well I can’t let you do all the work” said Wendy, “you go and check that all is ok with the staff and guests, I will get Alex started with the bath”. Wendy took Alex to his bathroom, and then started the water running in the bath while she slowly proceeded to remove his clothes. Alex felt a little nervous as this was the first time Wendy had actually seen him totally naked. While she turned off the water, Alex was left to stand in just his plastic panties, the see-through PVC doing nothing to hide all the cumsie sloshing around inside. Wendy turned around to look at him, knowing full well what had happened, Val actually messaged her earlier to let her know what fun they had been having. “My oh my” she exclaimed trying to be surprised, “you really have been enjoying yourself haven’t you”. She spread a towel on the floor, then slowly lowered the panties from Alex, strings of white cum hanging from his skin, leaving his little cock and balls all shiny. Once he had stepped out of them she wondered for a moment, thinking would he taste it, but then thought that could wait for another time. “Right then, into the bath with you” said Wendy, “I will just wash these out in the sink then we can make sure that you are all clean”. Alex lowered himself into the water, sinking slowly under all the soft bubbles that now surrounded him, trying his best to wash as quickly as possible. He looked around for a sponge but there was none to be found, a washcloth neither, he now knew he would not be washing himself. “Right then little one” said Wendy, turning her attention back to him, now holding a large sponge in her hands, “let’s get you all washed and clean, then Val will be back to get you dressed for bed”. “But...but..but” stammered Alex, “I can wash myself if you give me the sponge, I am sure I can manage”. “Nonsense” replied Wendy, kneeling down at the side of the bath, “we all promised your mummy that we would take good care of you, and so that is what we will do”! With that she put her fingers in the bubbles and then brought some up and dabbed them onto Alex’s nose, causing Alex to giggle as he accepted his fate, he could never go against his mums wishes no matter how strange they seemed. Wendy then plunged the sponge in to the water, then brought it up to Alex’s chest and began to wash him, making sure that no place was left untouched. With the top of his body done, Wendy had Alex get on his hands and knees in the bath, where she proceeded to wash his bottom before turning her attention to between his legs. Alex was giggling like a little girl while this was happening; she had now found his ticklish week spot. She slowly washed every part of his little body; his balls, and then finally his little pee pee. He could not help it when it started to grow under her soft touch, but this time he would not be getting any relief from it, the ladies had decided that he had gone through enough today. Just as Wendy finished washing him, Val returned to the bathroom with a very large white fluffy towel in her arms. She could help but laugh when she saw little Alex on his hands and knees in the water, still with a big pile of bubbles sitting on his bottom. “Come on sweetie, it’s time to get you out before you get addicted to those bubbles” said Val, still chuckling to herself. She waited for Wendy to pour some water over Alex’s bottom, before helping him to stand up, then wrapping the big warm fluffy towel around him. “Now don’t you look all snug and warm in there” said Wendy, “I think I can leave you safe in Val’s arms for the rest of the night”. With that she kissed Alex on his head, and then left Val to dry Alex off and get him ready for bed. Leaving the bathroom and going back into Alex’s bedroom, the first thing Alex noticed layed out on his bed was the big white fluffy towelling nappy and the plastic pants that his mum had packed and sent with him.
  2. Bad grades over and over again. Len's mother (Y/C) sighed in despair as there just didn't seem to come a stop to her son's poor performance at school. Ever since Len got his gaming computer, he didn't bother studying anymore. Even though the boy only was 16, it already seemed like he was heading down the path of a failed life. Thus his mother decided to take a drastic turn. ~ On an early Monday morning, 30 minutes before school starts ~ Len is still laying in bed, looking at his phone while seeing the time tick down. He doesn't care about being too late as school just doesn't get to him anymore. Then all of a sudden his mother walks into the room. She heads over to Len and stares down, rather annoyed. "Young man, I've got some news for you. Today you won't be going to school. Nor after that. Last week was your last time there. After seeing all your bad grades I decided you're no use for this society, so you'll have to go back to being a little baby again." The past few weeks, Len''s mother had been making a special nursery for his son where she'd make him a baby again, though then a big teenage baby. There's a crib, a changing table, a chest with toys and drawers and closets full of diapers, binkies, rompers, onesies and all else a baby needs. Now it's time to execute her plans and get her sweet baby boy back. "So come with mommy, now." *Len looks up in confusion and just shrugs it off. He didn't hear a word of what his mother says and couldn't care honestly. That's when (Y/C)... Alright. So, you are Y/C, a.k.a Len's mother. Basically you decide to treat Len like a baby again after he failed at school over and over again. I'd like for you to be descriptive and capable of using good grammar for maximal immersion. I really wanna be pampered by a sweet mommy~ <3 (Image is you (blue hair) and me (in pink. Looks like a girl but I love feminine clothes and such so.))
  3. version reviewed by HiperShark Part One Chapter 1: The Arrival Poor Jonathan didn’t know what awaited him when he arrived in front of Judge Scott. He had committed a robbery and it wasn’t the first time he stole some food from a shop. Life was very difficult on the street. It wasn’t the first time he was caught, but he knew that the penalty wouldn’t be too serious, the fact that he was underage would work to his favor. “In the worst case I’ll spend some night’s in the cell where I will have a clean bed and some hot meal.” he thought. He was an optimist. “Jonathan Reyes, accused of robbery in a food store. How do you plead?” asked the Judge. “Guilty.” Jonathan answered. The Judge made eye contact with a very severe look “In your file it’s written that your are eighteen.” “Yes sir!” Jonathan said humbly. “Though there are four condemnations for robbery against you. What do you say in your defence?” In that moment the boy’s optimism dissolved like salt in a glass of water. “Ehm…!” Jonathan spouted as he began to sweat conspicuously. “Perhaps you thought there wouldn’t be consequences to your actions” roared the Judge. “Well you got it wrong young man! I condemn you to three regression cycles from three to five years. Enjoy your holiday to Camp Nursery!” The sentence left the boy without words. Two days later he found himself on a bus travelling to Camp Nursery with other eleven teenagers. In the seat next to him there was a girl. “Hello what is your name? And why are you here?” asked the girl. “My name is Jonathan.” Answered the boy “I’m here for robbery, you?” “My name is Patricia.” Answered the girl. “I’m here for falsification of documents. Did Judge Scott send you here?” “Yes! How do you know?” Asked the boy. “He sent here me too” answered the girl “It seems that he sends everyone underage who comes into his courtroom.” After arriving at their destination they were let off the bus and welcomed by a woman who appeared be about thirty years old. She was tall and handsome and had long blonde hair that was bound in a french braid that descended along her right shoulder. She wore an elegant dress, and behind her there were fifteen other women dressed up like nannies. “Welcome to Camp Nursery my little ones. My name is Stephanie but you can call me Aunty Steph. I am the fifth director of this re-education center and I have administered it for four years. But getting to the point, I’d like to tell you the history of this place. Follow me please!” “Who knows how long the speech has been prepared for” Patricia said to Jonathan in a low voice. “Camp Nursery was open in 1920 by Marcus Sloan, Nobel prize for medicine. He discovered a way to make rejuvenate human body between what is called ‘The Sloan Method’. The method consists of the utilization of a serum, whose formula is secret, that it’s injected in the subject who is beamed with infrared ray. This leads to rejuvenation of the subject subjected to treatment. Adjusting the intensity of radiation it’s possible adjust the speed of regression. This procedure doesn’t have negative effects in humans and in theory it can be replayed endlessly without any risk” she said smiling “The purpose of this place is re-educate difficult teenagers, starting from the period in which they are more easy to manage, that is the first childhood.” While they appreciated a huge building, Aunty Steph guided the group through the entrance door, beyond which there was a big room. “Good my little ones! Beyond this door there are Sloan’s regressors,” she said with a big smile. “Now I will explain you the rules of this place, which are few and very simple: N. 1: You will obey any adult’s order N. 2: Don’t talk back to an adult N. 3: No brawls or violence for any reason N. 4 An adults decision is always final without discussion If you break any rules you will be punished. The rest will be explained later. Is everything clear or are there any questions?” A girl raised her hand. “Tell me honey!” said Aunty Steph. “You said that the formula of serum is secret” said the girl “But what happens if someone has an allergic reaction?” “A more than legitimate question!” said Aunty Steph. “But don’t worry! The serum is produced so so that an allergic is almost impossible. Any other questions?” Nobody asked anything. “Very good” she said satisfied. “We have some some paper coat’s, you have to undress and wear only that” she said while two young ladies rolled out a big cloth to act as a screen. Jonathan did what he was told after one of the girls gave him a paper coat. After that the screen was removed and the group was asked to get in line. Then they received an injection in the arm with an automatic syringe. “Now we go to the regressor room” Aunty Steph said while she opened a door. As they entered the room, the group saw strange machinery that look like a tanning bed. “Now when I call your name, step forward and lay down on the bed.” Aunty Steph said. “The first is Adams Richard, four cycles from two to five years. Come on!” A thin boy with red and ruffled hair shyly approached the bed. “Courage champion!” Aunty Steph urged him with a smile. “Will it hurt?” Asked the boy. “Usually the process isn’t painful” answered Aunty Steph. “Rather, it’s said that it’s like a strange tingling” Aunty Steph answered in a reassuring tone. Richard laid down on the bed that was closed and one of the girls began to type something on a computer, and when she pressed a button the machinery started. A red gleam radiated from inside of machinery for five or six minutes until it turned off, and one of the girls dressed as a nurse opened the bed and took an arm of a child who could not have been more than two years old. She brought him on a changing table next the machine, where she removed the paper coat and put him a diaper. Jonathan was shocked by the scene. “Very good!” Aunty Steph said. “Let’s continue with the next one. Alcott Patricia three cycles from three to five years.” The girl was petrified, Aunty Steph took her by the hand and lead her up to the machinery and kindly made her lie down on it. Then she closed the machinery and gave the order to start it, and when this turned off there was the same scene that repeated until it was Jonathan's turn. Jonathan was very scared at the idea of returning to a little child. He hadn’t had a beautiful childhood and the idea to relieve that was very scary for him. “So young man!” said Aunty Steph a little impatient. It didn’t take long for the nurse to take the boy by weight and put him in the machinery despite his protests, even because he weren’t robust. The machinery was started and the boy felt a strange tingling followed by a strong nausea. When the bed was opened, and the woman dressed as a nurse went to take him he threw up. “Oh blimey!” exclaimed the woman “Don’t worry sometimes it happens” she reassured him with a smile. “Breathe slowly and you will feel better!” When the boy began to feel better, the nurse brought him to the table to put him a diaper. When the last of the group was regressed Aunty Steph started speaking again.“Good my little ones!” Now she could say it for sure “Now I explained to you how our program works. You will now be divided into four groups of three and taken into the custody of a nanny. She will take care of you completely, from feeding to change diapers. You will wear diapers 24 hours a day and you aren’t allowed to remove them for any reason. Only an adult can do it and at their discretion. If you try to remove it you will be punished. Now we will give you a bracelet” she said while two nurses passed in front of them. One of them had a tray upon which there were toddler sized blue and pink bracelets. “It contains two microchips, one is a GPS that will allow us to know where you are only moment, don’t try to remove that. If you do an alarm will sound and you will be punished; the other chip serves to collect data related to your health condition, your evaluation and any disciplinary measures that have had to be taken. Are there any questions?” One of the toddlers raised their hand. “Two questions, how are the groups decided? And can I go to bathroom? I have to pee.” Aunty Steph answered “The groups are decided by chance. Your name will be put in an envelope and drawn by lot. Regarding the second question the potty is not allowed for you. Use the diaper!” the little boy blushed after Aunty Steph answered. “Good! Now let’s proceed.” Group 1: Nanny Alexandra Children: Lisa Clark Jim Lee Ronald Wood She went on like this until the last group: Nanny Matilde Children: Jonathan Reyes Patricia Austin Samuel Castillo The three children approached a woman with long black hair cut into a bob. She had tanned skin, grey eyes and a very sweet smile. “Very good my little ones, today is your first day, I am going to leave you to get to know your nannies better, your activities begin tomorrow. Bye bye” said Aunty Steph taking leave.
  4. Sarah a normal typical 12 year old with medium length brunette hair a short frame that didn't yet show signs of being close to teenage hood. Was on her way home from a bike ride from the nearby creek when she saw a small shiny box on the side of the street. She looked around and didn't see any near by people or anything that the box would have came from. When she picked it up it felt warm to the touch. Sarah put it in her backpack and brought it home before her mom and 6 year old sister came back home from shopping to investigate it in her room upstairs. (This story will circle around Sarah ss she learns about the wish genie in the shiny silver box. Each wish she makes has a consequence. I'm looking for a rp partner that replies with at least a few sentences each time and with detail that makes sense.)
  5. Hi I'm looking for a caregiver type to partner with in the following roleplay scenerio: I'll be playing Kate. A young journalist writing for a lifestyle column. Taking a risk she decides to to write about alternative lifestyles to boost interest in her column. After coming across abdl and books herself in for a day adaycare for adult babies. What Kate doesn't bargin on is that the people she meets there take age play very seriously. During the course of the day she finds she's treated just like a real toddler by the attendants. By the end of the day when she's the only one left after the other 'babies' have all been picked up, the staff worry no one has come for Kate. Of course she inisits that she booked herself in but the staff won't release her by herself. Is it gets close to closing time one of the daycare manager decides to take Kate home with them. Kate she's going to have more than enough material for her report as she's forced to regress and spend multiple days with her new caregiver and at the daycare. Message me if you would like to discuss.
  6. Here we will follow Jessica an 8 year old girl in 4th grade. She's smart has a bunch of friends, she's on the short side looks closer to 6 or so. Jessica has a secret she sucks her thumb still even though she always claims what a big girl she is being 8 an a half! No body knows about her secret except for her 4 year old sister Gwen. Jessica lives with her mother Helen and her aforementioned little sister Gwen who is 4 and just became fully potty trained a few months back. Everything is happy and easy going in the house, there is a good balance of no real secrets except for the big secret of Jessica still sucking her thumb but Gwen has promised she'd never tell mommy. But now a New babysitter is coming for the week as mommy needs to go away for a work conference. This new babysitter has plans for little ones who think they are big girls but still do babyish things. I think Jessica is in for an interesting week! I'm open to anyone joining me on this roleplay as long as you bring detail and long replies to each post on this rp. Please shoot me a message or reply on here before starting
  7. Chapter 1 I hate women. They always complain about their big boobs like it's a curse, and fat hips as though they are somehow an aberration. They complain because of those damn super models that are eight feet tall, who've been starving themselves since adolescence so they can fit a size zero dress. Women think that's the standard, then look down at me with jealous eyes because I can do the same. I can do it because I'm a skinny four-foot-nine at thirty years old. I'm not going to get any bigger even though there's twelve year olds taller than me. And that have bigger boobs. I don't have breasts, I have the underdeveloped, underexercised chest of a ten year old boy. I don't need to wear bras which is a good thing since few designers make adult bras in 30/AAA. And it's a good day for me if I can find panties in adult small that fit me since my hips stopped growing after the age of eight. But grown women stare longingly at me wishing that they could have my figure, if not my height. They can have it. They can have the rejection at bars and night-clubs because they think my ID is fake. Or the long-term crushes that never pan out because "You're just like my little sister." And especially the creeps that are attracted to me because of my "youthful" appearance. I'm sorry to rant, but I've been dealing with this all my life. I've always had to make up for my height. I was a tomboy as a kid, which led to me also being, "just like the guys," There were other girls like me, but they eventually all sprouted. When they did, the guys all took notice and left me in the dust. My life as a little sister or one of the guys. So if I couldn't get by that way, I was determined to get by on my own. I worked my butt off at university. I got hired out of college, and I'm now a mid-level exec at a multi-national. I thought life would get easier at some point, but it hasn't; the work just changed. I could be higher up the food chain, but at a certain point they want you to sell your soul. Not literally, but they want you to put profit before all else. I understand that, but I also can't stop seeing people in the names on the rosters I oversee. So I have to work that much harder and watch more cutthroat people pass above me. I think the stress was starting to get to me which is why my friend Laura made a suggestion. I met Laura at a pilates class at my gym. She was older than me, a mother of three, had a lovely husband. All the things a good girl wants. She had started out in psychology, and I mean that she became a doctor. Almost had her own practice, but then she got pregnant. Her husband was making enough to take care of them both, so she stopped to take care of her kids. I admired that. She worked her butt off, but knew how to prioritize and go after her goals. After so many times of hearing my usual rants about work or my body or men, or all the myriad things that I complained about I think she decided that I was to be her next project. So she made her suggestion. "Regression Therapy." She told me. "I studied it extensively in university; even wrote my thesis on it. I never got to practice it clinically, but a number of years ago I suggested it to a friend of mine who was very stressed out, and she found it really helpful." "I don't know if I really need therapy." Was my go to answer to this kind of conversation. "Most folks under stress don't like to admit that they are. Often they are so used to it that they don't realize that it isn't normal. It has become their normal, but they don't understand that it could be better. You haven't been happy for some time despite your success. I would like to help you figure out why." We'd had similar conversations about help and stress before, but I think for the first time I was really listening to her. It had been a particularly bad day, so maybe I was just more receptive to the idea of support. I asked her about this therapy she'd mentioned. "What the subject does is spend a period of time acting like a child. She gives up a lot of grown-up responsibilities, but also endures a lot of the arbitrary rules that kids have to deal with." "What, like I get to run around screaming and painting walls?" "Not necessarily. Part of the process is taking the subject back to an age where they felt comfortable. Some go to their teens, some go all the way back to babyhood. Or somewhere in between." "I don't see the point of it." "Well it works in two main ways. First, the subject gets to leave behind all of the stresses that they are dealing with currently. It's all on hold, and for the therapy she doesn't have to worry at all about her responsibilities. The other part is that the subject realizes what all that responsibility earns them. You get to remember what you yearned for when you were a child. It helps you to remember why it's all worthwhile." "Seems a little hokey to me." "To some it is. Some forms of therapy just aren't for some people. But I've met a number of people who felt it completely reset their life expectations. There are other, more complex benefits depending on the issues that some people have. Often the experience brings up old forgotten memories that have been bothering them but they weren't really aware of it. They can bring up the memories, and often re-live the experience but can make better choices because despite being placed into a childlike state, they are still adults that can make better informed decisions." "This worked for your friend?" "Oh yes. She got married a year or so ago out east. I think it brought us closer together as well since I stood in as her mother." "You took care of her even though you aren't really practicing?" She blushed a bit at the question. "It was kind of a freebie, since she didn't really have the money for it. But while it wasn't exactly ethical to do it without a license, I'm still a trained psychologist, and I feel that my home environment provides a better surrogate than a facility. Much of it is about immersion." We discussed it further, but I wasn't really sure I wanted to do it. At that moment I'd already worked off quite a bit of stress just ranting at her. I was grateful that she was so patient with me. I still wasn't sure that I needed any real professional help. But then I had the bad week. Two weeks earlier I'd given Brenda, one of the secretaries a project. It was a whole pile of information, along with instructions to put it together in a proposal I'd be making to my boss's boss Dan Carmichael. She had two weeks to put it together, and when she gave it to me two days before the presentation, it was shit. She hadn't paid any attention to my instructions, nor did she include a lot of the information that I'd sent her throughout the two weeks she was supposed to be working on it. I was so angry that I berated her in front of the staff. In hindsight that was not a good idea, but I was just so angry. The next day Chet from HR called me. I fucking hate Chet. Brenda had complained, and Chet wanted us to meet to "work out or differences." My response to that was, "Sorry Chet, but I'm too busy starting from scratch the job that is due tomorrow that Brenda had two weeks to work on!" I slammed the phone in case he was confused as to my mood. The worst part came the next day after I'd worked, and slept in my office trying to get the proposal ready. So the big meeting came and there were four proposals that Dan was looking at. Only three of us showed up to present. The others were okay, but by comparison I rocked mine. I'd been living in the information for months now, especially the last two days, but Dan didn't even ask any questions. This was because halfway through my presentation the fourth presenter showed up, that prick Taylor. He interrupted me to ask Dan if they were still on for golf this weekend. Then he made the worst presentation of the bunch. But as soon as he was done, Dan congratulated him and told us he was going with Taylor's idea. He'd chosen before the meeting, probably while golfing. This whole horrible week had been unnecessary. I returned to my office and slammed the door. Chet called again, but I told him that now was not the time. I called Laura. Chapter 2 I finished my third coffee waiting for Laura to arrive. It was the first day of my vacation but I always need the caffein to get started in the morning even on weekends. It was several weeks since "The Bad Week" so I'd calmed down since then. My thoughts were drifting towards maybe this therapy thing isn't all really necessary. I could still enjoy a week off and not pretend to be a kid the whole time. Laura had explained that she would come pick me up on the morning of the beginning of my vacation and bring me a change of clothes. I'd kind of glossed over all the details up to now since I was being so half-hearted about it. But I was supposed to leave here with whatever clothes she brought me, and a single key to my apartment that I would give to her. When my time is up she'll bring me back to re-introduce me to my life. I was getting nervous because now that I though about it, the whole experience was starting to feel scary. So when the knock came at the door I decided to call the whole thing off and apologize to her for bringing her out of her way. "You don't get to make that decision." She replied to my apology. Standing in the hall she pushed her way past me carrying a paper bag. "You are an adult, dear, and you made a decision. You've made arrangements toward that decision, and so have others. You can't go back on it now." The door led to the living room where she set down the bag. "But it's fine Laura, I'll still enjoy my vacation." "But you won't feel better, and you will have made things worse. Now come over here." She said in a tone reserved for her children. I went, but I hadn't changed my mind. I tried to explain but she put a finger to my lips. "Arms up." she ordered, taking hold of the bottom of my cami. I pulled away, but she held firm. "I've seen plenty of naked girls in my time, dear. We have to get you changed." Once again in her stern mothers voice. Her tone then softened, "At least see how you look in what I brought." Sighing, I indulged her. Putting up my arms she whipped the cotton cami over my head. I felt a sudden shyness as I realized my nudity. She just smirked "There's no need to be shy, dear." She then grasped my sweatpants and pulled them down. I realized that she'd got my panties in with the pants, and modesty overcame my indulgence. She ignored my attempts to cover my self, fending off my hands, "C'mon, Honey step out of the pants." I calmed myself and did as I was told. "I told you to shave yourself before today." She looked at me sternly. "Oh…Right." I'd forgotten, "Look, see I just don't want-" "No, young lady you march right into the bathroom and you do as you're told!" She pointed me at the guest bath and marched me right in with a soft swat to the butt. "Go on!" She added as she turned to the linen closet to find a towel. She followed me into the bathroom and saw that I wasn't moving toward the shower, she crossed her arms and tapped her foot. I began to realize just how much she towered over me. "Do you need me to do it for you?" Having three kids seems to have given her lots of practice with that withering glare. "No, I'll take care of it." I muttered as I turned the shower on. She still didn't leave until I was under the hot spray. It's been a while since I'd done any "yardwork" down there. Not since I stopped dating to focus on school ten years ago. So it took me a while to finish. Partly because I'd had to ask Laura to get me my shaving supplies. Quite honestly this was the first time I'd showered in the guest bath. It felt like I was in someone else's house. Once finished I turned off the water and quickly dried myself. I found myself slowing the process trying to avoid going back to the living room. I tied the towel around my chest. Thankfully she supplied a second towel for my hair which I neatly wrapped. I stood in the mirror trying not to see myself as an adolescent, but as always, when just wearing towels I look like a kid at her mother's vanity. There was a knock at the door. I turned to tell her I'd be out in a minute, but I jumped when she just opened the door and walked right in. "Ah good, you're all ready. Come here." She took my hand guiding me back to the living room. Once situated next to the couch, she pulled out what looked like a fresh package of children's panties. I grimaced seeing Disney Princesses all over the pair that she held out for me. I tried to take them, but Laura avoided my grasp. "No, no, step into them, please." I tried to give her a withering look like I would one of my staff, but she just watched me patiently. Finally I stepped into the underwear which she pulled up my legs. She pulled off the towel and finished adjusting the underwear to her liking. I just waited arms crossed over my embarrassing chest while she pulled something else out from the bag. I didn't look at it, I was just glowering at the idea that children's panties still fit me. "Arms up," she said again, bright pink cloth, bunched up in her hands hovered over my head. I really didn't like the way this was going. She pulled the child's dress around the towel, and down over my head. She smoothed the skirt down my legs until it came to my knees. Just looking at the Print of the Sleeping Beauty on my chest made my face go flush. "I'm not wearing this." I told her flatly. "But I'm not even done yet." She said dismissively. "Here put these on." She handed me a pair of pink tights. I took them like I would a dead frog but she didn't notice my reaction as she got up to grab something. I waited a moment while I heard her rummaging, but decided to finish the childish ensemble and pull on the tights. Laura returned with a brush and set me on the floor before the couch. She pulled off the towel and started playing with my hair. Ignoring the clothes for a moment things started to feel much better. It had been a while since I last got my hair done. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of my hair being pampered. With a pat on my shoulders Laura announced that she was finished. "Now go look at yourself in the mirror," She encouraged me. I walked over to the full length mirror in the guest bath. But before I saw myself I had a brief moment of vertigo. There was a strange girl in my bathroom. Except that she was in the mirror. In one sense I knew that the girl was me, but my brain took a while to make the connection. My first reaction was to scream. Or to pout. But also to throw something. Or rip the clothes off. Possibly break the mirror. Emotions were a jumble. I settled on crying. I made a very pretty ten year old girl. The pink princess dress was flattering to a little girl, and the pig-tails bound with purple ribbon in my light brown hair enhanced my juvenile features. How could I really be an adult if I look like some damn kid? How could anyone take me seriously? No wonder they promote people over me. No wonder my bosses don't listen, and my staff don't pay attention. How can I get any respect? Arms engulfed me, "Oh sweetheart, it's okay." I just started bawling I turned from the mirror and buried my face in her blouse. I heaved sobs into her for a while until the emotions abated. When I'd calmed down she asked me what was wrong. "I look horrible." I said pulling away from her. She cleared the hair from my damp face, "Oh, you look beautiful." She looked me right in the eyes. "I understand, but this is the whole point of your vacation. I didn't say that it would be easy. And now that you've faced it, don't you feel better?" I wanted to protest, but now that my eyes had cleared I did feel better. And maybe this whole kid thing wouldn't be so bad. It was nice to have a shoulder to cry on. I nodded. "Good." She kissed my forehead. "We don't like to say this, but for therapy to work, it has to hurt sometimes." "Now there's just your shoes in the bag. Once you have those on we'll go." I hugged Laura once more then returned to the couch. The shoes were pink mary janes that matched the outfit. They didn't seem so objectionable as the rest of the outfit had, but then my attitude had changed. I pulled them on and grabbed my purse. "No dear, did you forget what I told you?" I looked about me trying to figure out what I'd forgotten. "Your purse?" "Oh right." I put my purse back on the table. I pulled out my keys pulling the one for the front door off the ring. It felt strange handing it to her. I looked back at my purse as Laura shuffled me toward the door. It's funny to think that there is so much of our lives that we carry in our pockets. I felt naked leaving my house without any of it. From now on I would be, could only be what people perceived me to be. Before she opened the door, she turned to me, "Remember also, in case you forgot. From now on you call me Mommy. To you that is who I am until we get back here." This I did remember, but I hadn't thought she would be serious. Then again this whole morning had been a lesson in how serious she was. "Yes Mommy." I replied. That felt weird too. The door opened, and I preceded her into the hall of the apartment building. Laura pulled the door closed behind her before locking it. The bolt flicked shut with a heavy clunk, and the key disappeared into her purse. Apprehension filled me once more as I realized that I was now locked out of my whole life. Chapter 3 I followed Laura out to her car. I didn't recognize it at first since I usually see her driving the sedan. But today she was driving the family car, a giant, black SUV. She said that it was great to haul all the kids to where they need to go, plus supplies and groceries despite the poor gas-mileage. I heard the doors unlock, and I made my way to the passenger-side door, "Uh sweetie?" I heard her behind me. Turning around I saw that she had the backseat door open a crack. "Little girls have to sit in the back." I made an exaggerated sigh, "But Laura-" "No buts young lady. It's safer, and it's the rules." She tapped her foot. "Fine." I replied sullenly. She opened the door wide, and I hopped up- well, tried to hop up. Did I mention that I'm short? Laura boosted me up into the vehicle, and right in front of me was a child's safety seat. I tried to move around the bulky thing to get to the other side. "No, dear you sit in the seat." "Laura-" "That's twice you've forgotten the rules." "Wha- Oh, sorry, M-Mommy." "Good girl, now get in the seat." She repeated lifting the harness so I could fit my head under it. I felt objections bubbling up in me, but her simple insistence that the world was her way had so far had been unshaken by my objections. So I sat down trying to be uncomfortable, and oversized for the seat. My worldview simply insisted that the seat was built for a child and therefore I couldn't fit inside it. But as I sank into its cushioned embrace, she brought the harness down to buckle in my crotch. I had to face the stunning reality that maybe I'm even more childish than I really thought. She closed the door, time seemed to stretch as she walked to the drivers side. Once situated herself, and buckled in, she turned back to look at me, "All comfy back there?" Her hand caressed my knee. I just glowered at her. Maybe I had to accept that I could fit in a child seat, but didn't have to like it. As she drove we chatted for a bit, but with her focus on the road, and my position in back it made the conversation feel forced. So I sat back in silence and watched the scenery go by. We hit a bump. Not uncommon since there was a lot of road construction on this part of town. Another bump- That was weird. Knowing this stretch of road, I realized a double bump was coming. Bubump! Oh my god! I didn't know whether to feel outraged or humiliated. Every time the car hit a bump the crotch of the seat hit me in the, well crotch. And it felt- Well it hurt, but it also didn't. I mean to say that, well, it… Okay it felt good. But more in the way that I realized that I hadn't had any external stimulation in years. Well nothing that wasn't- uh, by my own hand. Slam! "Stupid lady! Get off the damn cell phone!" Laura had hit the brakes as another car veered into our lane. Whew! I had to get a hold of myself. Oh shit, I just realized that they were repaving this section of road. The car started to buck and leap. I tried to focus on other things, but then I realized that you know what? I'm in my own little world back here. She's got that terrible song turned up on the radio, who will notice? So I relaxed myself into the hump that held the buckle between my legs. The vibrations of the car transmitted movement through the chair into my body and against the seat. I closed my eyes focusing just on the sensations. It was like I imagine what it felt like on those old latenight softcore shows where they would hump each other but not actually have sex. Except that I was balanced on the edge of a dull pinnacle, each vibration from the ground transmitted right to my- Kathunk! The unpaved section had ended. Okay, yes, I was disappointed. Still, I could get used to riding like this. First we stopped at the gas station, where before she got out Laura gave me an odd look before filling up the car. Then she picked up her dry cleaning. When she stopped off at the post office, I was really getting bored of the car ride. I also noticed the growing need to use the bathroom, the curse of the coffee addict. Being a small person means that everything is smaller. Once I notice things down there getting urgent, I can't hold it for much longer after that. That's another thing that full-sized women can have, they want this body so damn much! "So are we going- uh, home now?" I asked when Laura pulled her door open. "Just a few more errands to run, then yes we'll be going home." More errands? That wouldn't end well, I thought as she pulled the car into traffic. "Laura-" "Ahem." She glared at me through the rearview mirror. "What? Laura-" "Ahem!" "Look this isn't the time for silly rules, Laura, I have-" She jerked the wheel around, and pulled the car to the side of the road. "I have all the time in the world, young lady. You do have to follow my rules. If you don't want to follow them you can get a spanking. Understand that I have no problem with you breaking rules, the person that will have problems is you. Is that clear?" I had no words to give back to her. Given how much control she suddenly had of my life, I whole-heartedly believed her. "Well?" She demanded. "Yes." I replied sullenly. "Yes what?" "Yes, M-mommy." She gave me a pat on the knee and a smile. "Good girl." She turned back forward and got the car moving again. Totally cowed I huddled in my carseat. I pouted for a bit, but the urgent need to pee overcame me. Still, there was a rebellious part of me that didn't want to acknowledge her superiority. Which is why I still sat in the car while she did something at the bank. But after that urgency won out. "M-mommy?" She smiled at me through the rear-view mirror, "Yes, dear?" "I need to go to the bathroom." Oh god that sounded so childish. "We'll be home in just a bit, dear. Also, you will call it potty from now on." She's goading me. She had to be. I had to stop myself from saying, "The hell I will!" She pulled into the hallmark store. I tried to unlock the catch on my carseat, but I couldn't find the damn thing. I was really getting desperate. I'd hoped I could get out and back without her noticing, but I was reduced to clawing and pulling at the buckle trying to release it. Laura finally came back and got us moving again. "Mommy I really need to go!" I said through gritted teeth. "Go where, dear?" I glared at her through the mirror hoping she could feel the daggers of thought I threw at her. "The potty, dammit the potty!" I finally yelled. "Not with that language you won't." My jaw dropped, if she was this much of a bitch to her own children- "Please! I can't hold it." I begged. But she still waited for the proper words. "Please let me go to the potty." "Okay dear, we're at the drugstore now, you can come in with me." She got out, her walk around the car seemed to take forever. "See how easy things can be if you just ask nicely." She said after opening my door. I didn't see how she released the catch, but I was too focused on getting to the bathroom. Once the harness was over my head I tried to push past her, but her hand kept me stuck in the seat until she pulled me up by the armpits. She pulled me out of the car before setting me with a rough jolt on the pavement. A jolt was the last thing I needed at that moment. I felt wetness filling my panties. And once it started I couldn't hold it back. Pee ran down my leg creating a dark stain on the concrete below me that quickly spread. "Oh my god!" She cried before grabbing my hand and roughly jerking me into the store. I was so embarrassed. I'd pissed myself like some kid, and now the whole store would see me. I tried to hide my face, but her firm grip held one of my hands. "Where is your bathroom?" Laura demanded from a clerk. He looked at her, then down at me. "In the back to the right." He pointed. "Did you hear that?" She jerked me back to facing her. "You go back there to the potty and you wait there, you understand?" Her furious expression cowed me into just nodding before she pushed me toward the back as she hurried off in a different direction. I hurried to the bathroom my shoes squeeking wetly on the linoleum, avoiding other people's faces, praying that they only saw a little girl, and not an adult pretending. Somehow them knowing I'm an adult would make this worse. The fact that I am did make it worse. I entered the bathroom, and locked the door. I pulled off the tights and panties, and tried to wash them in the sink. I put the shoes back on since this bathroom didn't look all that clean. Looking in the mirror I realized that the dress was ruined too. That's when I started crying. Twice in one day. Not only did I look like a kid, but now I was acting like one. No, not acting. I was trying to act like an adult, but this childish body kept screwing me up at every turn. The handle jiggled, then a knock came at the door. I let Laura in. She had some bags in her hand which she set on the toilet after lowering the seat. "Let's get that dress off you, lift your arms." With a deft pull she had me naked in a public bathroom. Which I realized she hadn't locked. She damped some towels and started scrubbing my legs roughly. "You're going to have a bath when we get home." She muttered. When she was done, she went to her bags pulling out a cheap undershirt. "Arms up." She ordered as she bunched the fabric in her hands. Once again she pulled clothing over my head, I put my hands down feeling a little bit better. But I was soon dismayed when she returned from her bags again this time with what looked like a diaper. She paused, considering the diaper for a second she looked down at me with her mouth a tight thin line. "I hope, for your sake you're not just doing this to act out some fantasy." She looked at me sternly. "Excuse me?" Her accusation stunned me. "I know all about infantilism, and all that stuff, and this better not be some scheme you're trying to pull to get your jollies at my expense. I will make your time with me very difficult if that's the case." "Where do you get off-" "In private, missy! I saw you in the carseat humping it like some slut. And then you wet yourself so as to get put back in diapers? That's two strikes against you. But I'm willing to forgive it if this is actually happenstance. I do consider that I could be wrong. But with both happening so soon, I'm not so sure. That's why I'm warning you right now you won't be taking advantage of me for any of that." She pulled open the pull-up for me to step into, Cinderella staring out from the front of it. I really didn't know what to do at that point. I tried to review my options, but I just wanted to be back in my apartment. "Look, Laura why don't we just call this off. It's obviously a mistake. Just take-" I suddenly found myself over her knees as she sat on the toilet, the bags shoved to the floor. The loud crack of her hand smacking my butt echoed through the bathroom. I cried out for the pain. She spanked me again, harder. I tried to cover myself, but her hands pulled my arms away somehow locking them both in her grip. Another slap echoed through the room. "How many was that?" She demanded. I sniffled and sobbed in response. Smack! "How many?" "Three!" I cried, "It was three!" "Wrong! Start over, count each one." Smack! "One!" Smack! "Two!" Smack! "Three!" Smack! "Four!" Smack! "Five!" Smack! "Six!" "So how many?" "Six!" I replied through my sobs. "For each time you broke the rules." Smack! I cried in surprise. "And that was for using a bad word." She pulled me back up and set me on my feet. "Now are you going to be a bad girl?" "No." I replied through the tears. "No what?" "No, Mommy." She lifted me off her lap, and set me down. I just stood there wiping my eyes as she held the diaper out for me to step into. I did so carefully so as not to get the soiled shoes on the diaper. It was a pull-up style which she promptly lifted up my thighs until they were snug over my hips. "There you go. Now grab those dirty clothes from the sink and put them in this bag." I quickly did as I was told, ignoring the snot nosed brat staring back at me from the mirror. Once the bag was tied she handed it to me along with the bag that held the Goodnights package. She then opened the bathroom door. Exposing me to the store in just an undershirt and a diaper. "L- uh, Mommy, I can't go out there like this..." "Sweetie,” She said loudly from outside the bathroom, “I don't have anything else for you to wear. You soiled your clothes, so you're going to have to wait until we get home to get changed." She held her hand out, beckoning for me to grab it. I did so, and she pulled me close to her. I felt like a three year old. I stuck right by her side, trying to hide my face any time someone passed close by. But we didn't leave. She pulled me to a stop at the end of the line for the prescriptions. We stood in the middle of the store where anyone could see me. "M-Mommy?" I pleaded in a whisper. "Can I please just wait in the car?" "No. Right now I don't think I can trust you to be alone in the car. So you just wait right here until we're finished. If you'd behave like a big girl then you wouldn't be here." So we waited, and the line, as they always seem to didn't move. I stood with my head down hoping that somehow I'd turned invisible. I surreptitiously looked to see if anyone was looking at me. And to my surprise people did. That wasn't the surprise. I was expecting people to be staring at me trying to guess if I was an adult or an overgrown child. But it seemed that they'd already labeled me as a child. What they would do is look at me, then at Laura, or as they saw her, my mother. Some would glare, others would nod in sympathy. I even started to hear snippets of conversation about bad parenting. I realized in that moment that I hadn't just taken the role of child, but she'd also taken the role of parent. In doing so I became her daughter, and my actions reflect on her as a parent. I may look ridiculous right now, but that's the nature of children. It's the parents who are blamed for how the child looks. It's the parents who are blamed for the child's behavior. Like it or not, Laura took on a heavy burden when she decided to help me this way. We finally made it to the front of the line, and even though they had the prescription right there, they took their sweet time fetching it and have her pay for it. But finally we got to leave. Once back to the car I let her boost me to the car seat without complaint. I sat down and let her buckle me in quietly. When she got the car running I decided to apologize. "Mommy?" She turned to me, "Yes, dear?" "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused." She smiled. "I understand, Honey. This takes a bit of getting used to. It's much of what the first day is all about." She gave my knee a squeeze. "Let's get you home, and cleaned up." Chapter 4 She got the car moving, and once again I was trying not to pay attention to the bumps in the road. This time, though the diaper cushioned the seat so that the ride didn't hurt at all. That didn't stop the interesting sensations. Thankfully it was a short ride, but it did seem long. Finally home Laura pulled into the garage. She turned to me once she'd parked, "Remember, Paul knows what's going on, but the kids don't so as far as they're concerned, you're just a little girl that will be staying with us." "Right." I replied. Laura pulled me out, and I followed her into the kitchen. I became self-conscious of my lack of clothes when I saw that her daughter Kathy was already there finishing off a soda can. "Hey, Mom." the leggy eighteen year old said when she saw us. "Dad's been trying to get a hold of you." "I didn't get anything on my phone." She replied as she rummaged through her purse. "Oh, it's turned off, What did he want?" "You're supposed to meet him for the firm's client meet and greet." "That's next weekend- or wait. Oh shoot!" She glanced down at me still holding the bag of supplies that we'd picked up at the drugstore. "This is my friends daughter that I told you about. I have to go get ready, do you mind giving her a bath, she had an accident." "I'm actually about to go out. Get Mandy to do it, she's still grounded anyway." Laura made a dubious glance up at the ceiling before leaving the kitchen. I heard her call up the stairs. Alone with Kathy for the moment I just clutched the package not knowing what else to do. The silence was becoming oppressive. "Mandy, I need you for a minute!" Laura called again much louder. There was a sudden stomping from above us that trailed to the stairs before very deliberately stomping down them. I could hear Laura speaking to her, their voices getting louder as they came to the door. "-So I need you to babysit while I'm with your father." Laura said coming into the kitchen. "You don't have to do anythings special, just give her a bath, and some lunch. There's a chance we'll be late, so you might have to make her some dinner too." Both women looked at me as they entered. "Oh Honey, you can just put those on the chair." She said motioning to the pack of diapers. I put it where she indicated, feeling everyone's eyes as I did so. "If you do well I might even end your grounding early. Deal?" Laura continued. Mandy glared at me, the sixteen-year-old looking sour. She was dressed all emo/punky with platinum blond hair with bright purple at the ends. "Alright Mom, I'll take care of her." "Oh thank you! Now I've got to hurry the thing only starts in a little bit." Laura hurried off. I realized that I'm now a kid to these people, but how was I supposed to act? Mandy seemed to soften a bit as she held out her hand to me. "Cmon kiddo, Mom says you had an accident." I nodded before taking her hand. "Oh let's get those shoes off, Mom hates shoes on her carpet." Deliberately I sat on the floor to pull the shoes off. I was doing so in a very exaggerated juvenile manner, bending over, roughly pulling them off before tossing them aside. I didn't want these girls to think I wasn't really a little girl. I mean how weird would it make me look to be found pretending. After that I followed Mandy up to the bath on the second floor. As Mandy started the bath running Laura poked her head through the door. "Mandy, I've put her clothes in the Sarah's old bedroom, just grab what you need from there." She nodded to her mother who darted back to what she as doing. "You- arms up." She ordered. I did as I was told and the undershirt lifted back over my head. She pulled down the diaper and had me step out of it. Once again I stood naked for the third time today in front of someone else. I couldn't really get over the embarrassment. Mandy smirked at my modesty. "You wait here so I can get your clothes and a towel." She promptly left the bath leaving the door wide open. I closed it behind her and waited watching the bath fill. I reflected on my new predicament, being a little girl babysat by someone half my age. Being too scared to assert myself in case someone finds out the truth. I was suddenly hoping my underdeveloped body was youthful enough to fool them. Getting annoyed that it was. I pulled the ribbons from my hair and set them firmly on the counter. What a difference a day makes. "There you go." Mandy re-entered the bath- still without closing the door. Watching the tub fill for a minute, she stopped it when she was ready and guided me into the warm water. "Have a seat, kid." I kept waiting for her to leave, but she stayed and started soaping a washcloth. "Oh, I can do it." I told her holding my hand out for the cloth and soap. Where do these women get that glare? Mandy seemed to put curiosity, absurdity, and derision all in one glance as I withered in front of her. Laura looked in again, this time in a beautiful bright red gown that really showed off her assets. Really showed them off. I looked down at my own chest in embarrassment. "Your sister's gone, and I'm going to take off now too. I'll have my phone if you need anything. What's that?" she was looking at the pile of clothes Mandy'd brought in. "I left underwear in the bedroom." Mandy looked down, at the pile, and I too saw what they were both looking at. She'd brought up one of the diapers. Mandy nervously glanced at me, then back to her mother. "Oh, she told me she needed them." Mandy thumbed back at me. I wanted to protest, but a furious glare lit Laura's face, her lips a thin painted line. I tried to shake my head or say no, but when you're small, naked and wet, it's hard to come up with coherent arguments. "Yes. Well that's only for at night. Isn't that right, dear?" She glared at me demanding a confirmation. I could only nod in response. "Okay, then I'll grab some panties when we're done." Mandy replied. "Here, let me walk you out." She got up and followed Laura down the stairs chatting as they went. That little bitch lied! She'd lied, and now her mother'd confirmed the lie. Well, she hadn't known that her daughter was lying about it. But why would I say such a thing? It's not like I want to wear diapers. This was all her idea. I've been trying to escape this childish body my whole life. Frustrated I punched the water. It made a big splash so I did it again. It felt good to let out the aggression in small gouts of water. "So you're a pissy pants bedwetter are you?" Mandy giggled from the bathroom door. What could I say? Her mothers response pigeonholed me as a bedwetter. "Only sometimes." I muttered sullenly. My cheeks went red with the admission. "That's not what it looked like to me. It looks to me like you can't hold it at all. But Mom seems to think you can handle big girl panties. We'll just have to see." With a cruel sneer she slapped the soaped cloth over my face and started scrubbing. "Hey! I can do it! Stop!" I yelled into the washcloth, but she just kept at it, batting my arms away. "Hold still, Runt!" She pulled the cloth away just in time for me to get a face full of water. She cleared the soap from my face and started scrubbing all over me. To be honest it wasn't all that bad. She certainly was thorough, going over my back and chest, then all down my arms. I stood when she bid me so she could scrub my legs. I tried not to blush when she did my thighs. But finally when she finished she had me dunk myself fully into the tub to rinse. "I suppose a girl as young as you would prefer a bubble bath, but I'm afraid we don't have any of that." "I'm not that young." I replied. "Oh? How old are you then?" I almost said thirty. Laura had never set an age, I was supposed to fall into an age where I felt comfortable. So far nothing felt comfortable about being young. “Fourteen?” I tried. "Oh come on! Maybe you're tall enough, but I've never seen a kid take so much time to think about how old they are." "Really!" "Come on, you aren't fooling me, Runt!" "Okay, I'm twelve, but I'll be thirteen soon." I tried again. "Better, but I don't believe you." she sat up arms crossed under her breasts like they gave her authority. "Ugh, fine, I'm ten!” I yelled. This whole thing was getting more and more ridiculous. "Good girl!" she patted me on the head. "You are tall, but you sure don't act like a big girl.” You have no idea, I thought at her. She poured out some shampoo into my hair and started scrubbing. Pretty soon she was dunking my head again until the shampoo was all out. She stood me up and wrapped me in a towel as I stepped out of the tub. I dried my hair in front of the mirror while Mandy went to grab some underwear. Once she returned she had me step into the Princess Belle printed panties just like her mother'd done. I wondered just at what age any of these girls had started dressing themselves that they felt an eight year old needed help. When she was done she'd dressed me in purple leggings, a jean skirt and a pink shirt with a rainbow unicorn done up in sequins on the front. I tried not to be so disappointed at the outfit in case Mandy got suspicious. She sat down on the toilet, and pulled me onto her lap to start doing my hair. I closed my eyes once again to ignore the circumstances and just enjoy the pampering. Unfortunately I kept getting hung up on being treated like a little kid by someone half my age who also happened to be bigger than me in every respect. Once done I didn't need to look in the mirror to know that I had the two pigtails tied with ribbon again, but Mandy seemed to be seeking approval of the job. So I conspicuously primped and smiled at my reflection. "C'mon, lets get you some lunch and then we'll figure out what we'll do the rest of the day." She said, her attitude seeming to have much improved from her earlier nastiness. Back in the kitchen she poured out a tall glass of apple juice for me while she looked over the lunch options. "There's Mac-n'-Cheese, course that's more of a dinner thing. Hmmm, frozen pizza, peanut butter sandwiches or Ham-n'-Cheese -oops, no ham." "I know! How'd you like some grilled cheese?" She looked up at me from the fridge door. That actually did sound like a great idea. "Mmm, yummy!" I replied. It had been forever since I'd had that bit of comfort food. I think that grilled cheese is probably most kids first attempt at cooking, which is why so many of us look back so fondly on it. Quite suddenly I found myself actually enjoying my childish role. "Okay!" She gathered the ingredients. "You finish that glass while I get everything ready." I really was kind of thirsty at that point so by the time she'd prepared lunch I'd done as I was told, and she poured me another glass. We had lunch in the living room with the tv which surprised me a bit, since she turned it to some cartoons for my sake. "Oh hey, My Little Pony like your shirt!" I gave Mandy a big smile since I was supposed to like this sort of thing and slowly savored my toasty warm grilled cheese. I do have to give her credit, she made it just right. The cheese was all gooey and the toast was all buttery. Things got really dull quickly though because Mandy, while eating her lunch and sitting on her computer would flip to MTV every commercial to watch the latest and greatest in crappy pop music. While cartoons weren't really my thing, they were far superior to her taste in music. But she retained the controller, and I endured the torture long after I finished my lunch. While the cartoons were on, though I really did feel myself getting a little comfortable in my assumed role. Quietly reflecting on the cartoons and my babysitter I could immerse myself in it. Even the lack of control of the tv gave Mandy a distinctly "big sister" air. I settled comfortably into the couch and stayed that way until Mandy's foot found its way into my side. I nearly jumped out of my seat. "Oh, I'm sorry," She said looking up from her computer. "I didn't realize you were ticklish." Oh shit. I needed to head that off right away, I was not getting the tickle torture. "I'm not ticklish, you just startled me." An evil glint filled her eyes, "You're not?" She set the computer aside. Oh no. "Nope!" I looked back trying to be casual about it. She set the computer aside, "I dunno, that looked ticklish to me." The only way to deal with this, in my experience is to bluff; be so confident, and stay relaxed during the test. 'Cause at this point I knew there would be a test. "Well it wasn't." "Not even here?" She attacked my side where she'd nudged me with her foot. I flinched a bit, but I was able to relax through the attack. The second time would be both sides, and then somewhere else. If no good jump occurred by the third time, there might be a fourth, but it would end. I just couldn't flinch at all until Mandy finished. I could feel myself tensing, despite myself "Or here?" She attacked both sides of my waist like I thought. "Nop-" As I relaxed after the second attack she hit my underarms. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I jumped and wriggled under her assault. "Shit! Stop! Hahahaha! Please, stop!" I shouted. "Oooh a liar and a potty mouth!" She grinned. "You do deserve a punishment for swearing, so punitive tickling!" "No plea- Hahahahah! Please! Heeheehee!" The bitch was ruthless, and now that she found my weakness she kept at it all over. It went on for a while with short breaks when I became breathless only to start right back up. My sides were hurting while I writhed on the floor screaming and giggling under the torture. She paused for a second, pulling back, and leaving me wriggling twitching on the floor. "Now for the finale, then your punishment is over." She said with a satisfied grin. Her fist grabbed my shirt and yanked it forcefully up as her head dove for my belly. "Noooohohohoho!" I cried as she began blowing raspberries on my belly, then her hands found my sides and armpits. She waged total war on my body, and it capitulated in hilarious agony. I didn't even feel it at first, my mind taken up with so many other sensations, but pretty soon I was shoving her violently off me as I felt the wetness filling my underwear. Suddenly standing I lost control of everything. "Oh shit!" Mandy yelled before yanking me into the kitchen before I leaked all over the carpet. Standing for a second time in my own puddle I broke down crying. "I told you to stop!" "Well dammit you're eight years old! You should be able to handle this sort of thing by now!" She started roughly taking the clothes off me. "As far as I'm concerned you're wearing those diapers until Mom says differently." Oh god, Laura was having some weird thing bout these damn diapers what would she think now? I felt a slap on my butt. "Step out." I did as I was told and stepped out of the leggings I'd just stepped into. Now run upstairs and start another bath. I'll get this cleaned up. Then I'll come help you, understood?" I nodded. I ran upstairs crying. What the hell is wrong with me? I started the shower running, trying to clear my eyes while waiting for the water to warm up. The door opened behind me, "Bath, not shower, I said." She barked before moving further down the hall. I slammed the door, but she returned quickly with a towel and clothes. "I said bath!" she shouted pushing me out of the way to the bath knob. "What difference does it make?" I sobbed, "I just need to rinse off." The spray switched to the spigot before Mandy rounded on me. "Showers are for big girls, and you're obviously barely above a baby!" She growled at me. "Now you wait there while I go clean up your piss!" That fucking bitch! I slammed the door behind her once again. But not knowing what else to do I just stood there and sobbed. I wouldn't be so upset about it, but the bitch was right; she was just rude about saying so. I mean if the goal was to convince her I was a little kid, mission fucking accomplished. I heaved one last sob before clearing my eyes. I still had the stupid unicorn shirt on, add that to the red, watery eyes, and all I saw in the mirror was a snot nosed kid waiting for a punishment. How had things gotten so bad so quickly? The door burst open again - why didn't I lock the damn thing? Mandy practically ripped the shirt off me before depositing me in the bath with a splash. She yanked the tap closed and started once again with the washcloth. Now that I'd had time to think, I realized that she had pretty good reason to be upset, what with having to clean up after me. So I just took her rough treatment silently feeling much like a pet that hasn't figured out house training yet. I smiled at the image in my head. "What are you laughing at, Runt?" "I was thinking that you're lucky." "Oh?" she sat back. I think she was expecting some kind of defiant insult for her painful ministrations. "Yeah, I haven't shit on the furniture yet." Her look made me laugh. For a brief moment she thought that I was threatening to do just that. But she started laughing with me when she realized I was making fun of myself. "You foul mouthed runt!" She giggled as she finished her scrubbing much lighter now. Once out of the bath and dried she had me step into a diaper that she pulled up to my hips. That drained the humor out of me; it got me wondering of what Laura would think when she got home. The diaper was followed by a pink, ruffled, Little Mermaid nightshirt that came down to my knees. "There you go, now we can finish watching cartoons, okay?" She held her hand out to me. "Okay." I replied taking her hand and letting her guide me back to the couch. Chapter 5 I thought that the humor would soften Mandy's disposition, but she took to calling me Pissy the rest of the day. On one hand, I did kind of understand. She was grounded, and now stuck looking after a brat that seems to have a problem holding it. But on the other, she's supposed to be the responsible one here, and resorting to bullying and name-calling wasn't helping. The cartoons stopped right away. Instead we watched spoiled bitches have massively overdone sixteenth birthdays, followed by girls the same age (and I'm sure there's overlap between programs) getting pregnant, and being generally spoiled bitches about that too. Then there were the dating shows which are generally based on insipid concepts in the first place, but MTV seems to have run with the ideas that other channels thought were too dumb to air. It was not a fun afternoon. Laura called to say that she would be late, and that we should get dinner, and made sure that Mandy put me to bed on time. Though it annoyed me when I didn't overhear what that time was. I didn't feel like asking. She did set it back on the kids shows while she cooked up the mac and cheese. Not cartoons this time, but still smarter and more entertaining than what she liked to watch. Dinner went fast, and it was quickly followed by cookies and milk which ended abruptly since I yelled at Mandy to stop calling me Pissy, which she refused. "C'mon Pissy it's your bedtime anyway. Once you're put away you won't have to listen to me. Even when you piss the bed, Mom can take care of that crap when she gets home!" I finished my milk, and slammed it on the table. "Fine, I'm going then! I'd rather be alone than spend one more minute with you, or watch your crappy tv!" I stomped out of the kitchen really wanting to break something, but all I could do was stomp up the stairs, much like she'd done coming down this morning. "Goodnight Pissypants!" she called up behind me. Oh I had some choice words for that bitch! And it was a struggle to not turn around and shout them down the stairs at her. But I didn't, no matter how satisfying I knew it would be. At the top of the stairs I was confronted with a conundrum: Which room was Sarah's old room? I went to the end of the hall where an open door revealed the master bedroom. Next to it was a closed door that turned out to be the linen closet. The door across was closed, and with quick inspection I found what I concluded was Mandy's room filled with the detritus of a sixteen year old's life flung about. I closed the door, and found what looked like an unused bedroom that had some of the leftover accoutrements of Laura's eldest daughter. Also on the bed was a pile of kids clothes meant for me. I put them away, holding particularly onto the pack of disney panties, wanting to change into them, but fearing to disturb the illusion. I finally just put them away. There were several books on the shelf from which I picked out a cheap romance novel to read until Laura came home and we could talk this all out. - We were in the car again. Laura driving, and me bumping along in the child seat. The same embarrassing but enjoyable sensations transmitting from the seat. Laura stopped the car and turned to me, "Are you wet?" Her hand reached out feeling my diapered crotch, feeding that same sensation. "Good girl!" she said as she pulled me from the seat. Mandy was next to her outside the car. "Are you wet yet Pissy?" She sneered as she felt around my backside again transmitting those enjoyable feelings. "Hmph! Not yet." They then pulled me into the drugstore. It was full of people. Every one of them was watching me, whispering to each other, wondering if I'd just wet myself. Laura was talking to the clerk, and they were both nodding to each other. He turned to me, asking Laura, "Is she wet?" Before he too reached down below the hem of my night shirt, feeling me, rubbing me. I didn't want him to, but I was afraid that people would find me out if I resisted. Other people started checking as we made our way to the pharmacy. Reaching down, pressing their hands to my crotch, unaware of the affect, simply, innocently checking my diaper. I clung to Laura but let these strangers continue their probing. Part of me didn't want them to stop. We made it to the line for the pharmacy. Laura checked me again, and Mandy reached behind at the same time. I moaned. "Are you okay?" they asked. Their concern filled the people in line. Pretty soon everyone was checking my diaper as though somehow it's dryness or wetness would somehow indicate some kind of ailment. And all the time the sensations became more and more intense, more and more sexual. My desire overcame my shyness. I now waited with my hands holding the hem of my nightshirt up to my chin as people rubbed me through the diaper. We passed by everyone in line slowly coming to the front where the nurse looked down at me. "Is she wet?" She somehow reached across the counter to rub me. Her examination of the diaper lasted longer than the others. Slowly the desire built inside me as she checked what I knew was now a wet diaper, but now I was afraid that they'd spot it. That she would recognize that kind of wetness. But still she examined, and I stifled moans and tried to resist the mounting pleasure that filled me. Her hand pulled away. "Doctor, could you take a look at this?" A tall dark skinned European man in a lab coat looked down at me. "Of course I can." he replied in a heavy accent that made me melt. His dark hair flowed in waves behind his ears. His eyes penetrated me as he looked down at me. I pulled at the skirt not wanting him to see the diaper. But he reached underneath. I knew then that I wanted him to examine me. Two hands felt around making sure of every nook and cranny. But I wanted him to know of my wetness. I wanted him to feel it, and keep going. To release the desire that was building in the confines of the plastic about my hips. I moaned, not caring who heard it now. And I felt his hand on my shoulder now. I wanted it to go down to my breasts, but it stayed their and shook. And it shook me, his voice calling my name- - Laura shook me awake. For a second I thought she was coming to check my diaper, and I was really keen for her to do so. But reality hit, and I shied away from her. It was dark in the room, and the clock on the nightstand told me it was a little after midnight. "We need to talk." Was all she said. I sat up noticing the sticky wetness in my diaper. I could feel my cheeks getting warm, and hoped Laura couldn't see it in the gloom. I gathered the blankets around me. "Mandy tells me you wet again. I really don't understand what's going on. I want you to be honest with me, and tell me what you're really doing here." I stiffened at her daughter's name. "What is really going on here? I have no idea what's going on here. I haven't had any idea since you locked my door. I haven't done anything, everything has been happening to me. Starting with you not letting me go to the bathroom, even though I tried to tell you several times. I had three cups of coffee this morning, but you only thought about making sure I called you Mommy, and said potty, cause you are really pushing hard this whole little girl thing. So you're surprised that after too long in the car I couldn't hold it? And then your response isn't to take care of me, but to humiliate me in front of the whole store after calling me a slut to my face!" "Then your precious snit of a daughter babysits me-" "You told her you wanted to wear the diapers, she told me." "She lied to you! When you spotted the diaper in the bathroom, I never told her a thing, she just grabbed it, probably to embarrass me. And then you confirmed her lie when you said it was just for bedwetting! Which, by the way, she gave me all kinds of shit for while you were gone." "You know her nickname for me is Pissy? She started calling me that right after you left. Oh she played nice for a while for lunch. But then she felt it would be funny to tickle me until I pissed myself again. And that's what happened while you were gone. She bullied me because she knew I had a weakness, and I couldn't do anything about it without giving this whole "therapy" thing away." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Has this been a weakness for you?" "What, wetting? Not until today!" I realized I wasn't being very quiet, so I lowered my voice to really answer her question. "I mean I've always known I've had a weak bladder, but I figured it was because I'm so small. But I've always been able to control it, I just have to know where bathrooms are more than others.. There was an old rocking chair behind her that relaxed into, while taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I've really screwed up trying to make this a comfortable place for you. I really just wanted to help." "I know." "And now we're kind of stuck with it for now." I frowned at this, why couldn't she just take me home? I didn't ask since she's been so opposed to the idea from the start. "Look, we'll talk more in the morning, but right now I've got to think about what I'm going to do about Mandy." I didn't like that line of thought. Mandy was her priority, not her thirty year old friend dressed as an eight year old trapped in her house. "She really isn't all that bad." She sighed before leaving me once again in darkness. Chapter 6 I was playing with myself in the pharmacy this time. All the people were watching me, talking about me, about how I needed a diaper change. That I was so obviously wet that they didn't need to check even though their hands still reached out to feel my diaper. Laura just stood in line waiting oblivious to it all. I could feel their hands checking all over me, not stopping at the diaper, but feeling up my back and along my breasts. There were giggles at how young I looked, about my tiny breasts and shaved pussy. But somehow that just fed my desire, fed the wetness in the diaper. They joked that I couldn't really be an adult at all. The nightshirt was pulled up and held under my chin as my hand was plunged into the diaper, soaked with my damp desire. I could feel myself gushing with each giggle and joke at my expense. I could feel the warm wetness covering my hand, the liquid leaving my body, in very much the same manner as when I- - My eyes snapped open to the bright morning sun. My right hand sat immersed in a bowl of water, and my butt sat immersed in a wet diaper. A giggling Mandy was just closing the door to my bedroom. I threw off the covers shrieking. I couldn't believe what that horrible bitch had done. I had leaked all over the bed, and the diaper was sodden. I ran to the door, ripped it open only to be stopped by Laura looking bewildered. "What are you screaming about?" I could feel my cheeks flush. I had no desire to admit that I wet myself, but caught out now there was no real way to avoid it. "Mandy put my hand in warm water just now while I was sleeping! She was trying to play a joke on me!" "Shh, there's no need to yell." Laura put a restraining hand on my shoulder. "But she-" "I said shush!" She cut me off sternly. "Mandy?" she called to her daughters bedroom. Mandy'd managed to very quickly return to her sanctum, but took a good while to respond to her mother's call. The door cracked, and a bleary eyed Mandy leaned out. "Yeah Mom?" "Did you go into her room just now?" Laura asked nodding to me. "No, I just woke up." She groaned. Thankfully Laura wasn't buying it, "Look young lady, she might have a little girl issue, but it is very rude of you to tease her for it. There will be no pranks, do you understand me? I won't have it on a guest in my house." All pretense of having just woken up left her. "Oh what you just believe her? How do you know she's not lying? Maybe she was being a brat all yesterday! Maybe she wants to get me in trouble because she knows I'm already grounded!" "That's enough Amanda Anne!" Laura shouted. "If you never want to see your friends again until you graduate that's fine with me. I notice that you still haven't done the chores you said you would do to shorten your grounding." Laura continued like that for a while before Mandy shouted her response. The argument continued for some time before Mandy's door finally slammed, and we were left with the ominous silence of a teenager pouting in her room. Laura led me to the bathroom where she silently drew a bath for me. I didn't object to her pulling my clothes off, or thoroughly scrubbing me clean. When it was done she apologized for her daughter, to which I told her it wasn't her fault. And I really couldn't blame Laura for her daughter since Kathy turned out to be the polar opposite of her younger sister. I mean, she could have spent her Sunday with friends or locked in her room, but while Laura cleaned the bed, she looked after me for breakfast. After that she chose to keep me entertained for the whole day. She was much better company than her sister. Overall the day spent with Kathy was quite pleasant. But then I was just relieved to be wearing regular underwear, even if it did have disney princesses on it. The diaper was bulky and noisy, both facts that Mandy liked to point out to me every chance she got. Kathy played cards and board games with me. She also put the cartoon channel on in the background so that I wouldn't be bored when she had to go do something for her mother. It was interesting to watch those two interact so I wasn't annoyed at the interruptions to our games. Though it was these times that Mandy liked to poke her head out of whatever hole she'd been hiding in to poke fun of me. "Oh hey, I don't hear your diaper." or "You sure you can stop from pissing all over that game? Or maybe the game is to see if you can hold it for that long!" The bitch was deft enough to not get noticed by her mother or sister. Though she did get caught by her dad once, but she has him wrapped up around her finger. She put on the pout and the tears and he just let her go back up to her room. I didn't see much of him for the day though as he spent it outside doing man-things. A little after lunch though Mandy wasn't able to escape because something she said made me snap. I don't really even remember what it was, but Laura and Kathy heard the noise and returned to the living room seeing Mandy and me tugging on each others hair while wrestling on top of the Monopoly set. They pulled us apart, and we were both sent to our respective rooms. I heard the stern talking-to that Mandy got through two walls so I was surprised at how calm Laura was when she came to talk with me. "To be honest I'm rather disappointed in you." She started. "I know you're supposed to be the child here, but your displays of temper I don't think are an act." I didn't know what to say about that. I mean she's right. I have a short fuse, that's always been a problem for me. But at the same time, given my line of work, people with bad tempers seem to be the ones that get what they want. At least the famous ones. Looking back not really so much me. "I'm sorry." She said. This surprised me, especially the tongue-lashing that she gave her daughter. "This was supposed to be therapeutic for you, but I see that I have failed to provide the right environment for you." "I'm sorry too. You're right, I should be able to keep my temper better." I replied. She smiled at me. "I'm also sorry for my daughter. She carries so much anger in her. Either way, I've talked to some people, and if you want to try a different approach we can." "Different approach?" "Yes. In Newton there's a facility that specializes in regression therapy. They have several different programs there. One of them is exactly what we're trying here, but that would be more of a clinical environment. I wouldn't be able to oversee it because of my lack of license, but I know the people there, and can call in a few favors to get you in if you want to go." "I'm not sure." Was all I could reply. To be honest I wasn't really enjoying this therapy. But then Laura had said that for it to work it had to be unpleasant at times. Not to say that it was all bad. Kathy was lots of fun, and seeing Laura in her mother mode actually was an education in itself. Her family was complex and interesting to see from the inside. But there was also Mandy. The rotten bitch managed to ruin every good moment. If I stayed here this "therapy" would be colored by my interactions with her. And frankly I wasn't looking forward to a whole week with Laura's horrible daughter. There was just no way to avoid her. Chapter 7 The drive to Newton was long. It's normally an hour drive, but stuck in rush hour traffic as we were, it doubled the time I was stuck in that car seat. Laura insisted that since I'm going on with the therapy I should stay in character. As we drove I realized that I really ought to have just quit the whole thing. Laura had provided me with the opportunity. But I also didn't want to disappoint her. She'd tried so hard to help me that it couldn't hurt to try one more thing. If it doesn't work I'll just give her a call and she'll take me home. Though which home is still debatable. Though I doubt Laura would try to keep me at her place again. Mandy had tried the warm bowl trick again. Yes, it had worked again, but this time I tried to be more mature about it for Laura's sake. I still want to kick that little bitch in the face, though. I also couldn't help thinking about sex. It's been on my mind this whole time. Especially because of the damn car seat; that stupid hump kept hitting me there. That and the weird dreams I've been having. I can only suppose that the fact that I've lived a largely sexless life, and that I finally have few distractions, my body is reminding me that I am human, with human needs and desires. Even if I don't really have time to fulfill them. Not that there's anyone that wants to help a dwarf like me. The place looked like the typical movie nuthouse. At least the front did. There were more modern additions behind it. Laura explained that they had taken it over after the old asylum closed. It had a lot of the facilities that they wanted already in place with not a lot of modernization to make. The new buildings were simply expansion since the place has really been doing a good business. "This is the place I could have been partner in if I'd wanted." Laura told me a she pulled me out of the car. "I know most of the administrators, and even could still have a place here if I just get my license." I followed her into the building where she was quickly directed down a hall from the front reception area. The white clinical halls led us to another reception room. This one had warmer light, and comfy chairs. Laura directed me to a seat before she went to talk to the nurse. I started to feel a little better about this. Here they were trying hard to make you feel comfortable, and there would be actual trained doctors, and accountability. If I don't like something, there's somebody to yell at. "Yes, we know all about your situation," One of the nurses said to Laura, "We have your file right here. Or.. Do you have that file?" "Yes, um… here it is." Another nurse replied with an oddly familiar voice. "Here just fill these out, and sign on these lines and we'll process everything and you'll be all set." Laura came back with a bunch of papers that she had me fill out. She filled out a couple outlining treatment and such. I kept getting distracted though because that one nurse would say something, and my mind kept trying to latch on to someone. I know that voice. I couldn't really look though because the seat I took was facing away from the reception desk. Laura gathered up the pages once we were done and brought them back to the front. I wanted to go with her to see the nurse, but Laura told me to wait. I tried to protest but she gave me that withering glance again. I tried to look from the chair, but the desk itself was set high, and that familiar voice was coming from the side of the window. Laura sat beside me once again, I was tense, and while I wanted to chat, I don't think either of us were sure what to say. I was saved from the awkwardness when the door next to reception opened, and my name was called. Laura gave me a hug and reassured me that she would pick me up after my week here is done. I turned to the nurse and followed her through the door. I looked back at Laura gathering her purse as the nurse shut the heavy door with a no-nonsense clunk. "Don't worry about a thing, Sweetie," she said to me, "We'll take good care of you. Brenda here will show you to your room." Brenda. That was why that voice was familiar. Sure enough that tall, matronly, idiot stood before me in nurse scrubs with that vapid, 'I'm being helpful' smile on her face. My first thought was, "Please don't let her recognize me" Especially when I'm still wearing a stupid Disney princess blouse, and bows in my hair. But of course she might not recognize me. We're both so out of our elements, and I'm dressed so ridiculously different, it would be a stretch for someone of her intellect to recognize me. "C'mon, Dear, I won't bite." She smiled again, holding out her hand to me. Yeah, maybe she doesn't recognize me. Be cool. I slowly walked forward. "That's right, we'll take good care of you." She grabbed my hand when I reached out to hers. She quickly had me following her through corridors and halls twists and turns. When she finally paused we seemed to be at an intersection of two non-descript halls. I started to wonder if she hadn't gotten lost herself. I looked at her, but her nose was buried in the file. "Now let's see, you're supposed to be… wait, this isn't right… Oh damn." She looked down at me. "Someone mixed up the files." She said as though it was somehow my fault. "I'll be right back as soon as I get this set right. You wait here." She set me down on a bench in the hall then stalked off in a huff. The idiot had screwed up again, I decided. It took a while before Brenda returned. I was bored pretty quickly of the people watching, especially since there were so few people. When she finally did return she had a flustered, and harried look to her. But that smile returned as soon as she saw me. Probably forgot where I was. Without preamble she grabbed my wrist and led me through a number of corridors, through a heavy metal gate and nurse station, down another few corridors to a bank of cells made to look like rooms. In a different setting I'd think these were offices, but the clinical nature, another nurses station, and the bars on the windows at the front of the room disabused me of that. "Here." She said, "Room 27." She opened the door. "Demerits?" I asked reading the white board below the room number. "Don't worry about that, I need to examine you." The room looked strange, less like a hospital room, or asylum cell, and more like a kids room, or nursery. She helped me up to the bed. "Now I need you to remove your clothes." "I'd rather not." I replied. Alarm bells were going off in my head. This isn't what Laura had described to me. "It will be real quick. If you want I can get a smock for you from the nurses station. Before I had a chance to reply she was out the door. Grumbling, I did as I was asked. I stripped off my jeans and shirt. I debated with myself if I should go all the way. Which is worse, Brenda seeing me nude or in Disney Princess panties (Ariel today). I decided to bare it all. Brenda returned, but without a smock. Idiot. "Now I need you to lie down, Sweetie." I did as I was told. The exam started with the same old physical we all get, blood pressure and cold stethescope. I didn't realize what she was doing until too late. She'd gotten the cuffs on my ankles before I realized what they were. "What are you doing?" I demanded stupidly. That gave her enough time to grab a wrist. She'd gotten it cuffed and anchored before I really started fighting back. With only one limb free it was easy for her at this point. I screamed and flailed, but she secured me easily. She then shut me up with what looked like an oversized pacifier that she secured behind my head. With my wrists bound to the bed there was nothing I could do release myself. Brenda just looked down at me triumphantly. "You cost me the best job I ever had." She brushed a wisp of hair out of her face. "I thought it was funny that I had a late arrival joining us with the same name as my bitch boss. It was even funnier when I saw you, really you sitting in my reception area looking like a little girl. I didn't believe it." "You know all of us always made fun of you. The bitchy little perfectionist trying to make up for your -heh- shortcomings. We all wondered if it was cause you couldn't get a date that you'd spend all weekend in the office. Chet hated you. He figured half his job was dealing people that you'd pissed off." I stared coldly at her, growling through the gag. "Oh, what's going to happen? You are in our 'Youth Behavioral Advancement Therapy' wing. We get kids who have severe social issues, and we regress them and until they start behaving they stay where they're at. You see I think you have some behavior issues. So I'm going to regress you. The more you misbehave, the younger you are treated, the nicer you are the older you get to be. It's very simple." "Since you're such a bitch, I think we're going to start you at level 1, as a baby." I started screaming into the pacifier and pulling at the straps. "Oh no you don't sweetie. If you want to grow up, you have to behave yourself." She placed a thick white diaper next to me on the table. "At level 1 you don't get any privileges. You don't even get to use the bathroom. You are going to have to use your diaper until you grow up a little." She then grabbed my wrist and started forcing some kind of glove over my hand. "And like a baby, you could grab at things that might hurt you, so you need to wear mittens until you're old enough to not be such a bitch." She had the glove over my hand, but it forced me to ball my fist. the heavy rubber I realized would make it impossible for me to use my fingers. She quickly did the same to my other hand, rendering both useless. "Babies also only get to go around in their strollers or crawl. If any of the nurses see you standing or trying to walk they might punish you. We believe in corporal punishment around here. There are other rules that I should be telling you about, but I think it'll be more interesting for you to find those out yourself." She added with a sadistic grin. "Lift up." She said as she unfolded the diaper. I shook my head. She had my nipple between her thumb and fingernail twisting hard. "You can do things the hard way, but they will only be hard for you." I did as I was told, and she soon had a diaper wrapped around me. This one was much thicker than the Goodnights I'd had before. "Good girl." She patted me on my head. I tried to brush her hand away but my struggles only made her laugh. She moved to the end of the bed where she lifted a slat into place with a snap. She did the same to the other three sides of the bed until I was looking at her through white metal bars. "You get to nap here in your crib for a while until the nurse decides to wake you. I'll be visiting when I can. I may decide to transfer into this wing just so I can make sure you're progressing properly. Sleep tight Babygirl." Laughing, Brenda exited the room. Alone once again, I struggled against the restraints. This can't be happening. In a panic I tried to scream through the gag, I cried, I begged incoherently to the empty room. This can't be happening! I knew it was futile but I didn't want to believe that I had just handed my life over to Brenda, one of the people that had been making my life an absolute hell. And now she'd do it again. I screamed in frustration. I shook the bed, tried to rip the restraints from the frame. I tried to bite through the gag, but all of it was made for my tantrum. It was all made to withstand my rage. The restraints held, and the rubber gave, but wouldn't be cut by my teeth. All my noise didn't even draw a check in by the nurse on watch. Helpless, I settled myself down. All I could do was wait. I was reminded once again of my little body, and all its little things. Little waist, and hips. Little feet and legs. Little breasts and arms and all the bits that other women all wish they could have. I remembered my little bladder, and how it had been hours since breakfast. Chapter 8 It was hours of waiting before the nurse came to look in on me. She lowered one side of the crib and started undoing some of the straps. She didn't touch the gag. When I was freed she pulled me up so that I was sitting on the edge with my short legs dangling. "C'mon. The doctor needs to speak to you for your entry interview so you know what is going on here." She said sternly. The woman was stout, and looked ready for any kind of rebellion. She pulled me down and sat me in what looked like an oversized stroller. "Am I going to have to strap you in or will you go nicely?" I shook my head, but she gave me a long look before she started pulling out wide nylon belts. "You gave Brenda such trouble I don't think I can trust you yet." I sighed but did nothing to prevent her from doing her job. She wheeled me through the halls and I saw the gated area that I passed through in the wide open room which now had a number of young people of varying ages playing in it. One or two were in strollers like me and were being pushed around by the other kids. I was the only one wearing just a diaper, but with my arms strapped I couldn't cover myself. I just sat red faced hoping no one saw me. I got several stares, especially from the boys, but the nurse moved quickly. I was pushed down another long hall to a large door at the end. Behind that door was a reception area with a spectacle wearing nurse sitting at a small desk in front. The nurse at the desk knocked then pushed the door open. "Doctor, the latecomer is here." "Ah, good, just before lunch. Thank you I'll call you when we're done." I was wheeled right in front of the doctors large desk. Behind the desk sat an older gentleman with greying hair and kind brown eyes. He was thin and stretched, with angular features. He got up and I saw that he was tall. He came close and undid my gag. "You must have put up quite a fight for Brenda. No one usually starts here as a baby. Though it often doesn't take long for them to get there, before they learn the system." I moved my jaw trying to get it comfortable again. "I didn't fight anyone! Brenda is…" An idiot, I thought but I couldn't say it. "Is what?" "She is mistaken. I was brought here to be part of a regression therapy for a week. She seems to have gotten things mixed up though. I'm not supposed to be here." The doctor, Doctor Massey according to the nameplate, frowned at my response. "Is that so? Is that what your parents told you, or…" He picked up a file off his desk, "Your mother told you?" My mother? Oh right Laura did the paperwork. But she wouldn't have actually listed me as her daughter would she? I'm supposed to be an adult coming for regression, that doesn't make sense. But if that was part of the therapy… I nodded to the doctor. He nodded with me. "Well according to this your mother left you here because you have been fighting at school, doing drugs, and having sex with a highschooler. At ten years old. You barely escaped juvenile detention because of repeated theft and vandalism charges. According to her you are here as part of a court order and are supposed to stay until we decide you are ready." My jaw dropped. "What? No, that's not possible. I didn't- I never- I'm a virgin goddammit!" The doctor looked at me sternly, "We don't like that kind of language here, young lady. Unless you can come up with a better lie than that let me tell you how thing work here." "But it's not a lie, your file is wrong my name is-" "I know your name, it's right here." He showed me the file. "So why don't you tell me all about how this is all fake, and that you're really a nice person who is just in the wrong room, and that your mother will be right back to fetch you." The chart did indeed have my name on it. "You think you're the first to come here? That I haven't heard every lie you could come up with a thousand times before? Here, look it over, make sure your mother got everything right." The file had everything that Laura had filled out and then some. The age was wrong. but everything else was her writing. But there was more, much more there was a photocopy of a court order; I tried to find how it was false, but he turned the page to a police report with my name on it, also a photocopy. There were several more pages of infamy and felonious behavior, "Wait! 'I of sound body and mind…' I never signed this!" It was a document of voluntary self-commitment. He looked confused for a moment. "Well it looks like you did, right here where it says signature." He pointed. "Yes, but if I'm under eighteen it wouldn't be a binding document anyway you wouldn't have had me sign it. And if I'm so violent and don't want to be here, why would I have?" "Look it's all part of the facility documentation, it doesn't matter if you had signed it or not, but now that you did, you can't just go back on it. Face it, you're suck here. Now it can go easy for you, or it can go hard." "No, you don't understand, it's Brenda, she did this to me, she hates me, I was-" "Brenda can't hate you, she doesn't even know you." "You don't understand, she does, she knows me from-" The doctor stood up "Look, you are lashing out because you don't want to face the fact that you've had a pretty easy ride so far. You're scared because that ride is over." He sat down behind the big desk. "You have to learn that the reason you are here is because of the choices you have made. Until then things are going to be very tough for you." "Please, just listen!" "No, you are going to listen." "Look just let me-" "Are you going to listen?" "I'm trying to tell you-" "I don't care what you have to say." "But, please it's just that-" He pressed a button, "Nurse. Come get this girl, we can finish when she's willing to listen." "But… okay, I'll listen." "Too late." He replied smugly. "What?" "It's too late, Young Lady. I tried to talk, but you wouldn't listen." "But, I'll listen!" He sighed "The first thing you need to learn about this place is that there are real consequences for your actions. The other thing is that this place is unfair. It's unfair because you are a child and you won't get your way through tantrums." The door behind me opened, and the stroller began to move pulling me out of the office, the smug doctor looking satisfied with himself. "Have someone feed her lunch, we can find out in the afternoon if she's going to cooperate." "Yes, Doctor." the nurse replied as we left the room. I was turned around, and there again was a satisfied Brenda. The door closed with a heavy thud. "Well hi there young lady." Brenda grinned at me. "It's slow at my reception area, so I decided to put in my transfer." She added though she said it to the reception nurse. "I know you just handed me the slip." The reception nurse gave her a confused look. "Do you mind taking her back to her room?" "Sure, she can't give me much trouble this time." They both laughed. I lost it. I mean completely lost it. Blind rage turned my vision red. I screamed at them, I fought against the restraints. I kicked, I tore, I howled like a rabid animal. Unfortunately hospital restraints aren't known for being flimsy. Epilogue I left Dan Carmichael's office positively glowing. It had been so long since I'd been recognized for my efforts. To be so thoroughly complimented by the boss man himself. I returned to my office with a skip in my step and a smile on my lips. That hasn't happened at work in a very long time. "So how did it go?" Brenda asked as I closed the door to my office. "It was fantastic." I replied as she came around from behind my desk. "It was pretty obvious that Taylor had gotten to him again, but I pushed hard. I convinced them actually look at the proposal and when he figured out what I was saying Dan looked at Taylor all disappointed." "And what else?" Brenda asked as she lifted my skirt. When she did I froze in place as I’d been taught. She felt around my diaper checking me for dryness. "I know the meeting ended a while ago so I was wondering what kept you." She dropped my skirt. "A little wet but you don't need changing yet." I nodded with a sigh of relief; she still keeps a sharp eye for reasons to punish me. "He took me into his office and complimented me on the presentation. But he also said that he liked the new look, and he said he liked even more my new attitude. He told me that he'd come very close to letting me go. Especially when you called them from the facility about my break down. He said that he's glad he didn't even though he lost me for six months. He said since I came back I've been less hostile and more problem-solving." "Good girl!" Brenda patted me on the head. I felt a warm glow fill me; praise from her was rare. "Of course they like your look, it suits you so much better than the stuffy suits you wore. And what's all this?" She asked at the pile of stuff I brought from Carmichael's office. "The new client, Nook, or nuck, spelled N-U-K." Her eyes lit up, "Really? Oh my they must know something about you then." She laughed and started going through the pile, "Oh they sent samples!" She came up holding a big pacifier. "Open up." She popped it right into my surprised mouth. There was a little ribbon dangling off the end of it which she clipped to the peter pan collar on my baby blue dress. "They do baby accessories and they're well known for their pacis." I could feel my cheeks reddening at the thought of Brenda treating me like this at work. I took out the pacifier and lowered my voice to a whisper, "Please, Mommy this is just client stuff, if it goes too far, Dan might not like it very much." I felt a hand return to my crotch in a much more probing manner. "Or maybe this is making you wetter, huh? Remember that little secret I discovered when you were at the facility?" How could I forget? "You like having that thing clipped to you, huh? You want people to see it. You want people to check your diaper for you don't you?" "No." She started pressing her hand hard against my diaper. "You do, which is why you're going to wear it, and keep it in your mouth at all times. You can take it out to talk to people but if they ask, you can tell them it's just research. But we'll both know how it embarrasses you, how that makes you feel. And you know that if you don't do as I say, they will find out, won't they?" "Don't make me do this Brenda. Please don't." "Oh, and forgetting yourself too, aren't you?" "No, Mommy! I'm sorry, Mommy! Please, I'm sorry!" The noise of the diaper became loud as she stroked it agains me. "I'll have to come up with a suitable punishment, don't you think?" I sighed. "Yes, Mommy." Her hand came away from the diaper, and she popped the paci back into my mouth. Brenda smiled. "You know, it took quite a bit of work, and punishment, and arguments. But I really think you've finally grown up to be a good little girl.
  8. This is my first time doing a role play so please bare with me. Only join this role play if you intend to do more than one word responses, whole sentences replies only. I hate to see one basic sentence or one work replies, they drive me nuts. This will be a story of Gabby, a freshly turned 11 year old who is excited to start 6th grade in a week and be in middle school. Shes excited to go training bra shopping, and for her Mom to start treating her more like an adult but life has other plans for little Gabby. I'll play Gabby I need someone to play her Mom.
  9. This is a little story I've had running around in my head. It won't be too long, and I'll fit it in while I'm finishing Chris the Clever Boarder. Adjustment Chapter 1 Pat looked around the small, clinical room, then at Dr Saunders. 'So, how are things, Pat?' asked the doctor. 'OK,' Pat replied quietly. 'Adjustment isn't easy,' said the doctor. 'For you or for Sal.' 'I know,' said Pat.'Its just...' 'Just what, honey?' asked Dr Saunders. 'Just, just everything,' Pat said, looking helplessly at the woma in the neat white coat sitting confidently opposite him. 'It's a big change, Pat,' the doctor said. 'You're not the only one going through it. The changes in business and politics, the new female workforce. The female breadwinners. You've handled it very well, Pat. Sal and I are proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself.' 'I know,' said Pat. 'But some things...' 'Pat,' said the doctor kindly. 'I know you've had difficulty accepting some of the changes. All men have. For you, Sal's in charge now. That won't change. But your relationship will change and grow.' 'I know,' said Pat. Dr Saunders sounded like one of the endless lifestyle ads aimed at women and their partners - 'Change and grow.' 'At night...' said Pat. 'Honey, we've talked about that,' said the doctor. 'I've talked to Sal too. Lots of couples deal with it. Sal said you'd got used to them.' 'I have,' said Pat. 'It's not that, it's, well...' 'You can tell me,' Dr Saunders said encouragingly. 'Well, it was my birthday, and I wanted to feel, you know, a bit like how it was, how it used to be, and I took off my, erm, diaper when Sal was asleep,' said Pat. 'I was going to go to the bathrroom, but I fell asleep and then, you know, I wet the bed. I just wanted to feel, you know, like Sal, a bit...' ''You mean grown up, honey,' said the doctor gently. Pat swallowed hard. Dr Saunders had mentioned the 'grown up' word. Pat nodded, glancing at the doctor then looking back at the floor. Sal had been diapering him at night for months now, but it still hurt to tell an adult he'd wet the bed. 'And Sal was cross,' said the doctor. 'I've spoken to her about that.' 'Yes, but she, she spanked me,' said Pat, his eyes watering as he stared at the floor. The doctor looked steadily at Pat. 'Well, do you think you deserved it?' asked the doctor. 'It was very naughty of you to take off your diaper'. Pat looked up, shocked. She'd spanked him. Pat didn't expect Dr Saunders to be on Sal's side. 'Pat,' she said. 'This is all about adjustment.' To be continued.
  10. Alexa was just like any normal 9 year old girl, she was in 4th grade in which she loved to read and is very good at long division. She likes school and seeing her friends but likes the weekends at home too where she doesn't usually have homework. Her favorite color is pastel blue and thinks pink is for little baby girls. She loves watching Netflix and has a secret love for watching "Sofia the first" and "super why" even if they are "baby shows". Shes currently working on reading an old book her mommy gave her called "harry potter" but still gets caught up on some big words. Alexa also has a bit of an entitlement issue with being seen as a big girl since shes only about as big as the first and second graders and only just stopped sucking her thumb at night a few weeks ago. Our RP starts as Alexa is doing her homework in the living room with frozen playing on the TV, the door bell rings her mommy answers the door to see the babysitter shes had called for the night. This babysitter was different though and has promised to get her little girl to relax and enjoy being a "little" kid more....
  11. This is my first ABDL story and I hope I can stick with it. I also hope you guys enjoy it and any feed back would be welcome. Chapter 1 The music filled bar turned into a blur of colors as Levi threw back his head to empty the shot of rum down his waiting throat. The liquid burned all he way down and Levi coughed a little and shook his head reactively. “Looks like someone can’t handled his alcohol.” The voice came from his left and Levi glanced over to see a red-headed woman chuckling at him. “I can handled my alcohol just fine,” Levi answered back with tears in his eyes. “I just don’t like to make the shots look bad so I let them think they got the better of me.” He tried to laugh but it turned into a cough shortly after. In truth Levi never could handled his alcohol very well but that never stopped his urge to drink. The woman covered her mouth and giggled. “That’s a good idea. If the alcohol got wind of your strong tolerance it might stop working. It would be a shame if you sobered up on me.” Levi was finally able to stop his coughing and he was able to really take a good look at the woman. She was sitting on the barstool with her legs crossed and swilling her martini with an olive stick. Her auburn hair hung free framing her very pretty freckled face. She was still smiling as she watched Levi with interest in her stunning green eyes. Levi’s eyes couldn’t help but wander down to the shapely legs sticking out from under her tight black dress. From what he could tell she would easily be taller than himself; at a lowly five foot four, he was shorter than most adults. “And why would that be such a shame,” Levi answered back. He wouldn’t call himself a ladies man by any means. Usually women were put off by his height, but this woman seemed obviously interested in him. “Planning on taking advantage of me?” She giggled again. “You caught me. In fact I was actually planning on taking one of your kidneys.” Levi laughed. “If that’s all you wanted you could have just asked. I luckily have two and would gladly give one up to a pretty girl like you.” “Be careful now,” She said slyly. “Keep saying things like that and I may start to believe you’re flirting with me, and that may not be very responsible.” “Shit, you’re right,” Levi said, unable to hide his huge grin. This beautiful girl was hard core flirting with him and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t already infatuated. “But then again I didn’t bring a babysitter so I think I can afford to be a little irresponsible.” “Now that just won’t do. An innocent boy out without his babysitter?” She leaned in closer to Levi and took his hand. “I’ll tell you what little one. Because you obviously need looking after, I will be your designated babysitter.” Levi blushed when she called him “little one”. He had always been self conscious about his size but he tried to push it away, knowing she didn’t mean it as an insult. “Hmmm I don’t know,” Levi said, enjoying the game they were playing. “I’m feeling naughty tonight and I’d rather not be reigned in for my lechery.” He pulled her hand up and kissed it. She giggled again and pulled her hand away. “See that’s exactly why you need a babysitter. I will keep you in check and,” she leaned in and whispered the the next part in his ear, “punish you if you misbehave.” Levi felt a shiver go down his spine and he was instantly, and very noticeably, aroused. She leaned back and smiled as she looked down at the front of his pants. “That settles it. I, Becky Roberts, will be your official babysitter tonight. Now, little boy,” she said, overemphasizing the last words, “tell your babysitter your name sweetie.” He was now putty in her hands, and she knew it. “I have the pleasure of being Levi, and I guess I can trust you to be my babysitter, but I can’t promise I will behave.” Levi caught the eyes of the bartender and she came over. “Please make me, and the beautiful redhead here a trash can.” It might have been from all the alcohol he had consumed that night, but Levi was already in love. After about two hours of hard drinking and continuous flirting, they left the bar to get some fresh air and also do a bit of adventuring. The moment they stood up from their stools, Levi saw that she had a good five inches on him, which made him blush and look down at his feet. However, Becky was having none of that and she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the bar with a giggle. “What do you do for a living,” Becky asked as they walked down the dark street, hand in hand. “I’m a phleb... a phlebobiss.” When Levi drank, his speech was usually the first thing to go and phlebotomist was not an easy word to say at the moment. “I stick needles in peoples arms. “Oh so your a nurse.” She chuckled. “Little nurse Levi. I would love to see you in one of those sexy nurse outfits.” “I wish I was a nurse. Thay make so much more money than me, and I would rock the hell out of that outfit.” Levi felt a quick swat on his backside; it wasn’t a hard swat but it caught him off guard. “Language little one, or I’ll take you over my knee.” She winked and Levi shivered with excitement. He seemed to be doing a lot of that tonight. The girl seemed to know exactly what to say or do to push his buttons. Levi kept worrying he was going to wake up soon and realize she was just a dream, but thankfully that haven’t happened as of yet. “So you take peoples blood then?” “Technically yes, but we are actually collecting the plasma from their blood.” “I hate needles,” she said cringing, “I don’t know how you can do that but it sounds cool.” “Funnily enough I hate needles too, but it’s actually pretty easy.” Levi was starting to feel the urge to pee and thought it best to speak up. “Hey could we maybe walk back toward a bar or something? I gotta use the bathroom.” They were currently walking past houses and to their left was an old elementary school. “Aww does my little man have to go potty,” she said, adopting a childish voice and making Levi blush. “Well have no fear babysitter Becky in on the case, and I’ve got a much better idea!” She stopped abruptly and pointed to the school. “How good are you and climbing?” Levi was taken aback. “You want to break into a school?” “That’s exactly what I want to do and I’m in charge so,” she stuck out her tongue, and pulled Levi toward the chain link fence. Levi had no choice to follow, and after much huffing and puffing, and a hole ripped in his shirt, they were over the fence, and shortly after that, through the window of the school. Thankfuly the window had been unlocked. “Now little man, lets find you a potty.” Once again she took his hand a led him through the school. “The school looked pretty old, though Levi knew it was still in use. However, it was currently the middle of summer so it had been empty for about a month now. Levi had never been to this particular school, but from how familiar Becky seemed to be with it, she must have went here as a kid. “Here we are,” she said, pushing open a door with the name “Miss Fitts” on it. “This in the nurses office and she’s got a much better bathroom than the kid’s bathrooms.” They pushed though the office which was filled with cabinets, cupboards, and a exam table in the center. To the very back was another door which was labeled “bathroom”. Becky pulled him back to the door and grabbed the handle, opening it. “Now can I trust you to go alone, or do want me to help?” Levi laughed and shook his head. “I think I’ll manage. I don’t think the toilet will swallow me up here.” “It had better not,” she said sternly. “I will be very upset if it does. Now hurry along little one, we don’t want you have an accident.” Levi laughed again and pushed into the bathroom. The room looked overall ordinary aside from the toilet, which was obviously made for a child so it was much shorter than he was used to. In his drunken state, he thought he had better sit down to pee rather than risk making a mess of the bathroom. Levi quickly finished up his business, then pulled his pants up, washed his hands, and exited the bathroom. When he came back into the nurses office he spotted Becky smiling at him with both of her hand hiding something behind her back. A drawer was slightly open behind her but Levi was unable to make out any of the contents. “What have you got there,” he asked. “Well,” she said, her smile growing bigger. “Considering the fact that I am your babysitter, I thought it would be fun if we both got more into our roles and as such,” she reveled the object from behind her back and Levi felt his face burn beet red. “No, there is no way I’m wearing that!” “Oh come on don’t be such a baby.” The irony of her goading wasn’t lost on him as he looked at the blue and white Pull-Up in her hands. The thing looked obviously big enough to fit Levi’s smaller frame, and the Blue’s Clues paw prints seemed to be staring at him mockingly. “The fact of the matter is I am not a baby and I don’t need diapers.” Levi folded his arms and looked over at the wall so he didn’t have to look at the thing. “It is not a diaper it’s training pants,” she walked up to him, threw her arms around him, and grabbed his chin. The next thing he knew, her lips were on his and he was lost in euphoria. It was in that moment he knew he didn’t want to be with anybody else for the rest of his life. It just felt right and that magic, everyone was always talking about when they fell in love, Levi felt a thousand times over in that moment. Her lips were warm and moist, and almost as if by impulse, Levi wrapped his arms around her and pushed his fingers into her sweet smelling hair. It was only a few seconds but it felt infinitely longer than those short seconds. When they pulled apart and he looked into her stunning green eyes, they both knew she had won. “Fine I’ll wear the damn thing.” She put her hand threateningly on his backside and warned, “Language.”
  12. A door slamming in the distance jolted Jacob from his sleep, and while he waited for the pounding in his chest to pass, he heard distant yelling that confirmed his suspicions. Must be my neighbors fighting again. Dammit. The young man stretched on his bed and pulled his cellphone out from under the pillow. Closing the tab of the paused video on his phone, Jacob remembered how he had spent the entire morning smoking weed and viewing pornography trying to masturbate away his emotional pain. He quickly cleared the unread notifications not even bothering to check through them and tossed the device onto the other side of the bed. He was just about to fall back asleep when an alarm went off on his phone. Snapping his eyes open, he briefly considered throwing the phone wrapped in his sheets into the wall, but instead decided to slide his hands around to find it. When he finally grabbed the device and went to silence the alarm, he realized it was actually a reminder he had set to alert him of when he needed to leave his apartment for his therapy appointment. He rolled out of his bed groaning the whole time. Even though he slept almost 12 hours each day for the past week, Jacob was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted, and the young man knew there was no relief coming any time soon. Tomorrow, the day after that and every day next week, he'd wake up and continue the cycle of drowning in his depression. That was unless he decided to do something about it. Jacob couldn't escape the compulsion to fantasize about how much simpler it would be if he could peacefully die in his sleep. He was sure it would be a blessing, but for some inconceivable reason, he just kept waking up. Letting out a heavy sigh, the young man walked out to the living room of his small apartment and lit his last joint. Looking around, he could see that his place was a total mess. Clothes, bottles, cans and to-go boxes littered the floor, and his stained sheets appeared to desperately need a wash. That morning his eyes even watered in response to the terrible smell of the residual smoke mixing with his funk, but Jacob didn't have the desire to clean anything. He simply rubbed the tears from his eyes and pulled on a pair of jeans that he left lying on the couch in the living room before shuffling back into his bedroom to look for a shirt. Jacob spent some time staring at himself in the mirror that hung above his dresser. He looked at the pimples decorating his caramel brown skin and his jet-black Afro that had grown out to be about three inches higher than the two inches he normally kept it at. He saw how desperately his beard needed to be trimmed as the hairs were uneven and sticking out in random directions. Sighing and shaking his head, he fished out the last clean shirt from his dresser. He pulled it on and walked out of his apartment headed for the bus stop. **** Sitting in the lobby of his therapist's private practice office, he thought about how pointless his existence was. He was twenty-two years old, and he had absolutely nothing going for him. With no family, no job and no dreams, Jacob wondered what the point in continuing to live could be when he had absolutely nothing to look forward to. He was sure that it was wiser for him to prematurely end his misery. His therapist, Simon, was a short West Indian man from Trinidad in his late thirties who had expertly assisted him in navigating his grief after he tragically lost his family a few years ago. During the last session on Tuesday of last week, they were working through creating some new life goals, and by the end of the last session, Simon had been pleased with how well Jacob was progressing. When Simon went to the waiting area to usher Jacob in for his session that Friday, he could smell the strong scent of weed emanating from the young man, and he was already disappointed. From his uncoordinated walk to the therapy room as well as his bloodshot eyes, Simon knew Jacob was already so high that the session wasn't going to be very worthwhile. He decided he would at least try to get to the bottom of what happened before he sent him home. After Jacob finally made it to the sofa having been guided a bit by Simon so that he didn't accidentally damage anything, he rested his head on the back of the sofa and closed his eyes. Simon sat in his chair directly across the room from Jacob, and when the young man didn't try to start conversation, he called out to him. "Jacob?" His client opened his eyes, sat up a little and slurred, "Oh heyyy! Wassup bossman? I forgot you were there for a second." Seeing that he now had Jacob's attention, Simon leaned forward in his chair. "What happened Jacob? Why are you high?" "I'm stoned because I wanna be, Simon," he adamantly declared. Simon sighed. He knew that it wasn't going to be easy to get direct answers from Jacob when he was like this. "Jacob, you decided to stop using cannabis a year ago. Last session, you seemed to be very happy and hopeful. What changed between then and now?" Annoyed that he was reminded of how quickly his happiness was ripped right out from under him, Jacob looked through the window above his therapist's head. "I stopped being an idiot, Simon. Now, I see the world clearly. That's all." "Yes, Jacob I know. Now the world is terrible, and everything is bad. But what in particular about your life changed that caused you to begin to feel this way?" The young man rolled his eyes, sat back in the sofa and crossed his arms over his chest. Beginning to feel angry, he chose to stay silent. Simon ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He knew that Jacob normally had classes on Fridays a few hours before the session, but he presumed there was no way he attended them like this. "Did you go to your classes today?" The aggravated young man shook his head. "No, fuck that school. Fuck class." "Fuck class? If I remember correctly, Jacob, during the last session you talked about how you were planning to take your class attendance much more seriously. So, I'll ask you again, what happened?" Jacob took a moment to dejectedly look at the floor. "I got kicked out of school. I'm a fucking loser with nothing left," he whispered with a tinge of sadness evident in his voice. Simon kept a neutral expression on his face, but he was inwardly pleased to have finally gotten a helpful answer from the young man. However, he still wanted a few more details. "When did you find this out?" "I got a phone call and email the day after our last session informing me that I was kicked out." Simon sat up a little straighter in his chair and crossed his leg. He kept his focus trying to keep the conversation moving quickly, knowing from past experience that Jacob's cooperation was only going to last so long. "Since then, what have you been doing?" "Oh, I've just been chilling, smoking and making plans." Jacob enthusiastically responded while resting his head against the back of the sofa. The seasoned therapist was aware that Jacob had gone back to masking his emotions. He watched the young man sit back with a smile on his face. It was almost as if he was suddenly giddy. He knew that this was something Jacob only did when he was feeling especially emotionally volatile. Nonetheless, he figured he would bite the bait. "What kind of plans?" Jacob smiled and stretched. "Final plans." Simon knew where this was going. After the loss of his family, Jacob had attempted suicide a few times. Before his most recent attempt, Simon had him involuntarily committed to a local psychiatric hospital. To Simon's shock and dismay, Jacob was able to weasel his way out of the hospital within a few hours. The young man had attempted suicide again that night. "Jacob, have you made plans to end your life?" Simon asked directly, hoping to stage an intervention. Jacob rolled his eyes. "Listen Simon. We don't have to do the whole shebang again." He paused for a moment before he continued, "You're good. I'm good. Everything is good." "Have you given up on therapy? Jacob, this is just another rough patch in your life. You can move past it," Simon tried to encourage him. The young man sat forward in the sofa and crossed his leg. "I actually came here to tell you that I won't be coming back, but I did want to let you know that I appreciated having you as a therapist. You're really good, better than most." "Jacob, after your last suicide attempt, you agreed that you would see me for a closing session to discuss the work we accomplished together, rather than just leaving the same day you choose to quit." He shrugged. "I mean if you really want to waste your time like that. I'll come." "Good, today is Friday. I can see you on Monday at 6:30 pm. Does that work for you?" "Yeah, I'll be there," Jacob confirmed and stood up to leave. As he was about to walk through the door, he heard Simon call out to him, "Jacob, please at least try to be sober for the next session." "Sure, Simon. Sure," he responded, staggering through the main office door to the bus stop. On his bus ride back to his apartment, Jacob solidified his suicide plans. He figured the fact that he had no real family or friends left made the whole process so much easier. He didn't even have to write a suicide note. A few years ago, he had watched a TV show where the main character chose to die by heroin overdose on a beach, and he wanted to go with that same route for this attempt. The young man already had a dealer in mind, and he intended to sell his electronics to come up with the cash. Before he opened the door to his apartment, Jacob noticed an eviction notice on the door meant to inform him that he had until next week Wednesday to clear the premises. At least they'll get started on the cleanup early. After unlocking the door to his apartment, he stumbled through his living room and piled his electronics into a plastic bag to take to the pawn shop nearby. **** It was late evening when Simon had finished seeing his last client of the day. He sat down in his office and thought about his session with Jacob. He didn't actually plan to see any clients next week. In fact, the private practice that he shared with his wife was closed for an entire month. It was almost the 15th anniversary of their marriage, and they intended to leave for their second home near the waterfront in the mountains on Wednesday after spending a few days packing and cleaning. Simon couldn't help but feel guilty that he couldn't seem to figure out how to help Jacob. He saw so much of his young adult self in the younger man. He remembered being in a similar dark place when he was around Jacob's age after immigrating to the United States leaving friends, relatives and loved ones behind. That was why he didn't hesitate to try to see Jacob for one last session. Now, he just had to explain the decision to his wife when he got home. **** Angelique had always supported Simon after Jacob's suicide attempts. She knew from her own experience as a seasoned therapist how difficult it was to process the guilt that surfaces after a client's suicide attempt. When Simon came home and explained to her why he intended to see Jacob before they left for their vacation, she was understanding. Simon and Angelique spent some time talking about contingency plans should Jacob still choose to try to end his life. Simon was less than hopeful that his next session with Jacob would be an effective intervention. With their laptops, the couple looked into psychiatric hospitals in Washington that specialized in rehabilitating patients who experience persistent suicide ideation. From their research, they learned about Saint Ives psychiatric hospital and the hospital's intensive care unit for chronically suicidal patients. The project was led by Dr. Kelly, the chief psychiatrist of the hospital. The unit was pioneering a new and robust treatment method that involved drug-assisted physical age-regression. In her work, Dr. Kelly asserted that often the only true cure for chronic suicidal ideation in patients is a chance to re-experience childhood in a family free of any form of dysfunction. Initially, the couple was doubtful about the efficacy of the program, but the more that Simon and Angelique read into the intensive care unit at the psychiatric hospital, the more confident they were that Jacob would be a prime candidate for this program. That night, Simon sent an email asking for a consultation with Dr. Kelly on Monday morning. He made sure to include a few relevant details regarding Jacob's case. Read the rest on wattpad.com https://www.wattpad.com/story/162751907-jacob%27s-regression Follow me there as @CalebTheReaderWriter
  13. (This is the description of my character my name is Grace I’m 22 years old and I’m a little! I am 5’6. I have short brown hair. I have brown color eyes with long eye lashes, high cheek bones, and full lips. I am a 32B and I have a petite body with the weight of 110 lbs. this is my role play!) You and I have been together for quite sometime now. We met by complete chance and instantly hit it off. We were so obsessed with each other and was always together. Our friends were jealous and slightly annoyed with how in love we were but knew we were made for each other. I have a rather shy personality. It’s hard for me to stick up for myself and feel comfortable. I’m always tense and don’t like to raise conflict. You would always help me with that but I still have really bad anxiety. Sadly for a little bit we have been going through a rough patch. We were off schedule with each other due to work and we were both frustrated. We never fought but we did want to say things to each other. We realized that our relationship was on the brink of ending and neither of us wanted that. In conclusion we decided to go on a trip to a lake house. For 2 weeks we will be with each other and away from work. The site is about 8 hours away. The only problem? I ironically have a small bladder. I usually have to wake up every hour at night to go pee. During the day it’s slightly better but I’m always rushing to the bathroom. You knew this was a problem and confronted me about it. You strongly suggested I would wear a diaper for the car ride. It took a lot of convincing for me to agree. I had cried when you had suggested but finally you broke me down. It’s finally the day we leave for the trip. You had to coax me while putting on the thick diaper. It was bulky and had eeyore on the front and back of it. I felt childish but you told me no one else would know. I’m sitting in the passenger seat on my phone. I am wearing pink dress with black sandals. My hair is curled and I’m wearing light makeup. My legs are forced to be apart and my dress doesn’t cover up my diaper. I’m still very nervous about this but I don’t put up a fight as I wait for you to finish loading up the car and to get in the drivers seat. (Okay! Please leave name, age, description, and continue! The point is to make me into your baby girl and strip my independence away! PLEASE BE DESCRIPTIVE AND LEAVE IT IN ONE MESSAGE! I would like the following to be added in the rp: praising(telling me I’m a good girl etc),pacifiers, double diapers, onesies, bottles or sippy cups, mittens, and humiliation. If any of these bother you then don’t add them! I don’t require them for a role play!
  14. Hello everyone, I used to read many of the stories on daily diapers, and I've always loved forced age-regression stories. After seeing that there weren't many stories, especially one featuring guys as the ones being regressed, I wanted to write my own. Because I spend a lot of time outlining, writing and editing it, I did want to make sure that I posted it somewhere that I could get copyright protection. For that reason, my story is currently only available on wattpad, but the site is completely free. Right now, I'm on my 3rd chapter. It's young adult fiction so my chapters are usually around 2,000 to 3,000 words, and I'm adding a new chapter every Monday and Thursday. The story is doing really well. In less than one week, I had over 750 reads and was highly ranking in many categories. Summary: Actively suicidal, depressed and hopeless Jacob, a 22 year old from the US Virgin Islands is kidnapped by his therapist, Simon and his therapist's wife, Angelique. Jacob is given a drug that turns him into a toddler as a means of saving his life and giving him the chance to have the childhood he needed to become a functional adult. As Jacob adjusts to having his adult freedoms stripped away, the three of them weather the firsts together. Set in Washington, "Jacob's Regression" is a wholesome and sweet story of an unconventional family surviving the unique circumstances that brought them together. The story will span for about a month, and by the end of the month, Jacob will have slowly emotionally and mentally regressed back into a toddler state. I think I will likely try to run for about 50 chapters (25 at the absolute least). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will try to check this forum pretty frequently. Here's the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/162751907-jacob's-regression
  15. (New college freshman moving into his dorm, his roommate, after staying with him a few weeks, realizes that my character.. isn't quite ready to be on his own yet) After parking the car into the designated parking spot for students, Aren, 18. Looked up at the dorm he would be staying in and sighed. *home sweet home* he said to himself as he unbuckled his seatbelt and got his things out, carrying his stuff, Aren found his dorm after 20 minutes of walking and searching his room number. Putting his stuff into his corner that he picked, Aren made his bed and decided after being done he will just relax and play some games on his Laptop.
  16. Gram Williams was a 22 yr old male, tall with black hair and dark-brownish eyes. He lived in a medium sized house 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms something nice if their was a family of four living there. But unfortunately it was only him which made the house so big and empty for him. He was a nice enough man, always talking to co-workers and helping them out whenever they needed his help and just all around trying to create a more friendly-like environment. He was a computer technician which meant whenever someone needed a computer part replaced or maybe help with upgrading their computer he was the one of the ones that got sent out to resolve the issues and or just advise on what would be best for that particular persons needs. He also had a degree in IT-Solutions with an emphasis on network engineering. He had graduated from university with a pretty solid GPA and no student loans to pay back either. Recently he had been talking to one of his fellow co-workers as they had brought their daughter in for "take your daughter to work day" and he had asked his fellow co-worker "Man, how much fun as well as responsibility is it to raise a child of your own? I mean i can imagine it must get pretty stressful sometimes with all the things children do" to which the co-worker replied "Its fun but also very hard work, but if you can find the child that you love and are willing to commit you will have a perfect relationship and fun memories with them" he said. This conversation had stuck with him ever since that day and he had started to research how to properly take care of a child so that he didnt get the child taken away by protective services. After all he didnt wanna make the goverment think he was incapable of taking care of a child because he could. Once all the researching had been done he began to start child-proofing the house so that when the child in question was gonna explore the house they didnt get into anything that might hurt them badly. Once all the preparation was done he then began the lengthy process of filling out and applying to be a foster parent. In the application he made sure to state that he didnt want a teenager as he had heard from some of his co-workers teens were a lot more difficult to deal with then children as they required more independence, plus he would rather raise a young innocent child then have to raise a stubborn, thinks he/she knows-it-all teenager. After months of waiting he received a call from a social worker and after chatting with her he agreed to meet the social worker at a local foster home so that they could go through the final steps of the process faster.
  17. MOMMY.EXE INRODUCTION I Patti was, truly, the vitruvian female. Perfectly proportioned; an hourglass figure. She was busty, and blonde. With piercing green eyes. She was the head cheerleader, and Jeff was the quarter back. They were from a small farm town. Let’s be honest. They were destined to be together. And they were. They had a son together, shortly after graduation. Chris. Jeff joined the service, to care for his new family. First as, a mechanic. Eventually an engineer. And, finally, a hero. Patti was 25, Chris was 8. When Jeff passed. She invested wisely, afterwards. Herself, and Chris never wanted for anything. She devoted her life in him. Defined herself, by being his mother. Her coping mechanism, was to coddle the boy. It’s no wonder the boy ended up with a diaper fetish… II Chris was old enough, when his father passed, to take an interest in his work. Patti, never let that dream die. She carted him around the country, to science fairs. He could code by the time he was 12. And with his mother’s help, he started his first “software firm” at 14. Before graduating high school, Chris revived honors at both the Intel International Science and engineering Fair, and Google science fair. When Chris headed off, to University, to nobody’s surprise, it was on a full ride. Even for MIT, he was above the grade. During his freshmen year, he was take graduate courses. He had access to some of the most cutting edge technology on the planet, and all he could think to do with it all was make a device that forced women to treat him like a baby. Over the years, his plan manifested. In guise, and essence - it was a virtual reality game. Programmed with top of the line A.I. Capable of improvising, and adapting to evolving situations. When executed, it induced a hypnotic state. The victim was helpless, but to play out the plotted scenario. Seemingly, of their own free will. Even after removing the hardware. Until the program was terminated. He also developed a program for himself. As a means to delve deeper into his role. It didn’t erase his memory. It did, however, impair his motor functions, and left him fully incontinent. Chris spent so much time on it, that he neglected much of his actual curriculum. Mid semester, his junior year, he flunked out of college. At that point, however, he had squandered enough of mommy’s money. Not to mention exhausting the universities resources. Servers, hardware, programs and codes. Patti tried to be tough on Chris, after he moved back home. He kept reciting all the cliché excuses… “I wasn’t challenged enough.” “The Professors had it out for me.” ”They were threatened by my intellect.” And, she ate it up. Like Thanksgiving diner. With little more persuasion Patti agreed to fund Chris’s new “business venture”. In what seemed like no time, he had his own lab. Servers, computers, and 3-D printers. All of it, of course, was another front. Another step towards actualizing his most perverse fantasies. One of which was being treated like a baby, and diapered, by his own mother… CHAPTER ONE Chris worked tirelessly on his new scenario. One were Patti would regress him to an infantile state. the more he, himself, acted the part. He didn’t have to wait long for a chance to use it. Memorial Day was right around the corner, and Patti was getting a long weekend. Chris decided to seize the opportunity. He woke up early the first day of his mother’s vacation, and had everything set up by the time she woke up. “Morning Mom.”, he greeted Patti. When she finally came out of her bedroom. “I just finished my game. Do you want to try it out?” “Sure Hun”, Patti said through a yawn. “Let me get some coffee first, though. Ill be right back”. A few minutes later she was settling into the couch next to her son. “I’m so excited. I cant wait”, she said. “How do we play?” “Just hold still”, Chris said as he stood up, and fit the headset to his mother. “I just have to load the game up now, It will only take a moment”, He added as he fastened his own headset. “OH! I see it”! Patti shouted when the loading screen appeared. Chris could hear his mother clapping, as she bounced in her seat. She counted down the last few percent, “97, 98, 99”… “LOAD COMPLETE”, chimed a voice from inside the headset. There was a series of bright flashes. Green, and Red. Then white. “REMOVE HEADSETS”, chimed the voice, again. “How was it”? Chris asked, as he removed his mothers headset. “It was great baby, I loved it!” Patti said, with a wide smile. “I’m going to go water the plants, and then I’ll make lunch. You can keep playing”. When Patti left the room Chris jumped off the couch, and prodded his crotch through pants. “I wonder how long before I wet myself?”, he thought. A question that wasn’t left unanswered for long. Chris heard Patti in the kitchen, and decided to join her. Patti was almost done making lunch when it happened. Patti tuned around to find her son peeing his pants in the middle of the kitchen. Chris looked down as the warm dark spot grew, and moved down his tight blue jeans. Dripping, and pooling on the floor under him. There was a pause, and a look of Shock on Patties face. Chris’s heart stopped. ”Was this all a coincidence, is the program not running?” So many questions raced through his mind. All silenced the second his mother finally spoke. ”Oh honey, It’s okay. You just still aren’t ready for big boy underwear yet. Go, get cleaned up. and then come down for lunch.” she said. Reaching for a plastic bag, and handing it to Chris. “Just put those wet clothes in here. Mommy will come get them, and leave some dry ones out, for you”. Patti made her way upstairs, to where Chris was taking a shower. ”I’m Going to get these wet clothes, in the wash. I left your dry ones on the counter. Mommy wants you to put them on without a fuss, mister”. Adding, “ We can try again in a few days”. Before heading back downstairs to clean up the mess in the kitchen. When Chris got out of the shower, he found what Patti left for him. Only a pastel blue t-shirt, a diaper, and some baby powder. The diaper was extra thick, and crinkly. With little rattles, bottles, and pacifiers printed on the front. He grabbed it all, beaming with excitement, and ran to his room. Chris spread the diaper out on his bed, and laid down. He proceeded to powder himself…poorly. He got it everywhere. Then, he wrapped the diaper around his waist. He, purposefully, made sure it fit very loosely when taping himself in. He pulled the shirt over his head, and waddled off to find Patti. His diaper was so loose he had to hold it up, as he made his way downstairs. In the kitchen, after getting Patti’s attention, he let his poorly fastened diaper drop to his feet. Exclaiming, “I can’t get it to stay up”. Patti blushed at the sight of her naked son. “Oh dear!”, she exclaimed. “Don’t worry, mommy will help you”. Patti led him by the hand to the living room. There was already a large baby blanket spread out on the floor. Chris sat down on the blanket, As she retrieved a large diaper bag. Chris had ordered all of these things days ago. The baby stuff, and the diapers. He had hid them in his lab, until this morning. “Alright, lay down sweetie”, she said. Pulling a diaper out from the bag. She poked fun at what a bad job Chris had done putting his on, as she unfolded a new one. “Buns up”. She instructed - sliding the diaper underneath Chris. Snugly finishing the job she patted his crotch, and cooed, “See, that isn’t so hard. Let’s go eat Lunch”. Chris fell asleep on the living room floor, after lunch. Patti had turned Cartoons on for him. She sat on the couch fiddling with her I-Pad. He woke up a few hours later. Patti had a firm grasp on his diapered crotch. Prodding, and exclaiming, “Did someone have another accident? That’s alright, nap times over baby. If you sleep any longer, you’ll never go to bed tonight.” Chris groggily squirmed, and stretched. Relishing in every moment he felt her hand pressed against his, soaking wet, diaper. A soaking wet diaper, he didn’t have to purposely soil. The incontinence program Chris had ran on himself was obviously working flawlessly. After changing his diaper again, they played all afternoon. Hide and seek, tickle monster, and peek a boo. Soon enough it was dinner time. After dinner Patti sat on the couch and motioned for Chris to come lay next to her. She pulled him close, and rested his head in her bosom. Telling him, “It’s almost bedtime, baby”. “But it’s only eight o’clock”… Chris whimply protested. ”Okay, Baby, you can come with mommy when she gets ready for bed” Patti said, “but, after that it’s bed time. No if’s, and’s or butt’s.” Chris was led by his mother to her bedroom, and then to the master bathroom. Patti sat him down, on the floor, and insisted that, “He was to be a good boy, while mommy gets ready for bed”. To Chris’s surprise, his mother began to run a shower, and strip, naked. Right in front of him. This was weird, even for him. And, his program. For that matter… These, however, were the furthest thoughts from his mind. With little interaction with the fairer sex, Chris was mesmerized by the beautiful naked women in front of him. Although he wasn’t engaged sexually with his mother in the fantasy, the situation was extremely erotic to him. Although she was programmed not to notice it, Chris was ashamed of the erection growing inside his diaper. The shower was over soon enough. Chris barely had time to process it all. He was just relieved to see Patti’s arm reach out, from behind the curtain. Pulling her towel in, before stepping out. As mesmerizing as she was, Chris wasn’t ready to see his mother naked. Again. “All ready!” She exclaimed. Wrapped in a towel, they headed back into her bedroom. Chris turned around when he was sure she had changed. Patti’s nighttime attire was limited to a certain style. Short. Why she had to choose the black, and pink nightgown, that fit like a corset, though, was beyond him. That confusing erection he had just gotten rid of, started growing again. He followed his mother, crawling on all fours. His eyes, inescapably, and shamefully fixated on her butt. From his angle, little was left to the imagination. He watched it bounce back and forth the whole way to his bedroom. Patti tucked him in, and kissed him goodnight. “Sleep tight, tomorrow is a big day. Mommy has a surprise for you”, she said as she closed the door behind her. Chris experienced ecstasy like never before that night. Pleasuring himself through his diaper as he drifted off to sleep.
  18. My name is molly I'm 15 years old and i was just taken in by John and Kathleen Carlin.
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    Megan (open)

    The role play is about a child named Megan and she is the only child of
  20. Hello everyone, I haven’t had a chance to work on my major stories for a while, because my computer has been in the shop. So I decided to write this as a kind of bedtime story for all the babies here who might want one. My goal was to write something that sounded like an old fable, with some diaper content for good measure. I hope you enjoy! As always, questions and comments are wonderful. The Fairies’ Gifts - by Selpharia Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a little village that sat on the edge of a forest. All of the people who lived in the village were very kind and good. The adults helped one another when they needed it, and the children all played happily together. And they all remembered to put out gifts for the fairies that lived in the forest, who made sure that the sun kept shining and the bushes were full of sweet red berries, and made the villagers clothes and shoes to keep warm in the cold, cold winter. And everyone was very happy. Everyone, that is, except Annabelle. Annabelle lived in the big stone house at the top of the hill. Her mama and papa had given her all she ever wanted, and everyone did whatever she said. She had toys that whistled and whirred, a pretty riding pony, and beautiful dresses made of silk and satin. But all that didn’t matter, Annabelle still wasn’t happy. She looked around her big stone house, at her toys that whistled and whirred, her pretty riding pony, and her beautiful dresses of silk and satin, and said, “This is not enough! I want more!” And so Annabelle tossed aside her toys and rode on her pony down to the village. When she got to the village, though, she saw all the gifts that the villagers had laid out for the fairies. For Sparkle, who made sure that the sun kept shining bright, the villagers had found a beautiful red stone that sparkled and shined. For Lychee, who kept the bushes full of sweet red berries, they wove a thimble-sized basket of golden straw to carry things in. For clever Cobble, who made them clothes and shoes to keep them warm in the cold, cold winter, they made a soft feathery cushion to rest on when she was tired from all that work. Annabelle looked at all these gifts and said to the villagers. “Why are you giving all these things to the fairies? I want them, and I am much more important than any fairy.” The villagers pleaded with Annabelle. “Miss, we can give you something else later, please don’t take the gifts for the fairies! Otherwise they’ll get angry, and who knows what they’ll do?” But Annabelle didn’t care. She grabbed up the beautiful red stone that sparkled and shined, the thimble-sized basket of golden straw to carry things in, and the feathery cushion to rest your head on, and brought them back to her big stone house on the hill. The villagers didn’t say anything. They were very upset, but they didn’t dare fight with Annabelle’s parents Later that night, the fairies came out of their forest, and saw the villagers beside themselves with sadness. “What’s the matter?” asked Sparkle, straightening her tiny red hat. “Is something wrong?” asked Lychee, smoothing her tiny green dress “It looks like something’s missing,” said Cobble, twirling her tiny brown coat “Oh fairies,” the villagers cried, “we’re so sorry! We had three lovely gifts for you, but Miss Annabelle took them away to her big stone house on the hill.” “Well then, that’s no problem.” said Sparkle. “Since she’s a big girl, we’ll just ask her nicely to return them.” said Lychee. “And then everything will be fine.” said Cobble. The fairies fluttered their wings and flew up to the big stone house on the hill. They squeezed their way under the door, and saw Annabelle sleeping right next to all the villagers’ lovely gifts. When the fairies came in, Annabelle woke up, and saw them standing there. But she wasn’t afraid, they barely came up to her ankle. “What are you doing here?” she asked angrily. “You stole our gifts!” said Sparkle “Please give them back!” said Lychee. “Or we’ll take something from you!” said Cobble. But Annabelle wouldn’t. “All these things are mine now” she said defiantly, “And there’s nothing you can do about it!” “We’ll see about that.” all three fairies said together. But before Annabelle could wonder what they meant, her eyes got heavy and she fell fast asleep in her big, soft bed. Annabelle woke up the next morning, and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She looked around her big stone house and let out a gasp of surprise. The fairies’ gifts, the beautiful red stone that sparkled and shined, the thimble-sized basket of golden straw to carry things in, and the feathery pillow to rest your head on, every single one of them was twice the size they were the night before. But that wasn’t all. All her things that she loved so much had changed too. Her toys that whistled and whirred were replaced by wooden blocks, with letters of the alphabet painted on in bright, happy colors. And next to them was a rocking horse of cherry wood, whose blocky mane and tail looked just like the ones her pretty riding pony had. And last of all, her beautiful clothes of silk and satin were no more. Instead, a cornflower-blue cotton dress, with frilly lace and puffy sleeves, hung in her open dresser. Annabelle scowled a deep, deep scowl, and kicked her her suddenly teeny tiny feet in a terrible tantrum. “How could those stupid little fairies do this to me?” she shrieked. “I’ll teach them not to take my precious things!” She put on her frilly new clothes with a pout, and kicked the rest of her toys out of her way in a huff. Then, she stormed out of her big stone house and started to make her way down the hill to the village. But she was so small now that it was hard going. By the time she made it halfway down the hill, she was all tuckered out. In fact, the only reason she made it to the village at all, was that One of her maids, a sweet girl named Cecily, saw Annabelle toddling along and offered her a hand. “Little Miss Annabelle!”’ she exclaimed. “It’s dangerous for little girls like you to go into the village alone. I’ll go with you, and make sure you stay safe.” “How dare you?” Annabelle replied, glowering the kind of glower that only a little girl subject to the worst of tyrannies, like bathtimes or bedtimes, or no-dessert times, could muster. “I am not a little girl! I am very big, and can walk as far as I want, all by myself!” She stomped off again pridefully, while Cecily let out a little sigh and followed, looking knowingly at her little mistress. Soon enough, Annabelle was so tired that she had no choice but to command Cecily to carry her the rest of the way. “I’m tired. I can walk myself, but I want you to carry me now,” she demanded. Cecily certainly couldn’t refuse without getting in trouble, so she picked up the mistress in her arms, and they entered the village with a sleepy Annabelle cuddled against her maid’s white smock. When they entered the village, though, Annabelle was woken right up by the sound of music. The villagers were playing bright and happy songs to thank the fairies for all that they did. For Sparkle, who made sure that the sun kept shining bright, they played a big brass horn that went “bomp ba da bomp” For Lychee, who kept the bushes full of sweet red berries, they played a tight little drum that went “pat pata pat” And for clever Cobble, who made them clothes and shoes to keep them warm in the cold, cold winter, they played lovely wooden pipes that went “toot doodle oot.” Annabelle listened to all this music and said to the villagers, “Why are you playing all this music for the fairies?” I want you to play for me, and I’m far more important than any fairy.” The villagers pleaded with Annabelle, “Little Miss, we can play something else for you later, but don’t make us stop playing for the fairies. Otherwise, they’ll get angry, and who knows what they’ll do.” But Annabelle didn’t care. She yelled and stomped, until the villagers playing the big brass horn that went “bomp bada bomp,” the tight little drum that went “pat pata pat,” and the lovely wooden pipes that went “toot doodle oot,” agreed to play for her. They played for hours and hours, until they were so tired they couldn’t play anymore. Finally, Annabelle was satisfied, and commanded Cecily to bring her back to her big stone house on the hill. The villagers didn’t say anything. They were very upset, but they didn’t dare fight with Annabelle’s parents. Later that night, the fairies came out of the forest, and saw the villagers beside themselves with sadness. “What’s the matter?” asked Sparkle, straightening her tiny red hat. “Is something wrong?” asked Lychee, smoothing her tiny green dress. “Sounds like something’s missing,” said Cobble, twirling her tiny brown coat. “Oh fairies,” the villagers cried “We’re so sorry! We had three wonderful instruments to play beautiful music for you. But Little Miss Annabelle made us play for hours and hours, until we were so tired we couldn’t play anymore. Then she went back to her big stone house on the hill.” “Well then, that’s no problem,” said Sparkle. “Since she’s a little girl, we’ll just ask her to play with us instead,” said Lychee. “And then everything will be fine,” said Cobble. The fairies fluttered their wings and flew up to the big stone house on the hill. They squeezed their way under the door, and saw Annabelle sleeping right next to a pile of the villagers’ lovely gifts, murmuring snatches of the beautiful music that the villagers had meant for them. When the fairies came in, Annabelle woke up, and saw them standing there. But she wasn’t afraid, they barely came up to her waist. “What are you doing here?” she asked angrily. “You stole our music!” said Sparkle. “Please play with us instead!” said Lychee. “Or we’ll take something from you!” said Cobble. But Annabelle wouldn’t. “All that music is mine now,” she said defiantly. “And there’s nothing you can do about it!” “We’ll see about that,” all three fairies said together. But before Annabelle could wonder what they meant, her eyes got heavy and she fell fast asleep in her big, soft bed. Annabelle woke up the next morning and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She looked around her big stone house and let out a wail of distress. The fairies’ gifts, the beautiful red stone that sparkled and shined, the thimble-sized basket of golden straw to carry things in, and the feathery pillow to rest your head on, every single one of them was twice as big as they were the night before. But that wasn’t all. All her things that she loved so much had changed too. Her toys that whistled and whirred had changed again. Instead of wooden blocks with letters of the alphabet painted on in bright, happy letters, there was a white pacifier, its front shaped like a cheerful butterfly. Beside it was a rattly rattle with rings on the end. And next to them sat a plush horse with a squishy body whose mane and tail looked like the mane and tail her pretty riding pony had. Her beautiful clothes of silk and satin were still the cornflower blue cotton dress with frilly lace and puffy sleeves. But now a matching bonnet had joined the pile, along with the unmistakable cloud-white cloth of a diaper. What’s more, her big soft bed had become a crib, with bars so big she could barely peek over. Annabelle scowled a deep deep scowl, and kicked her suddenly teenier, tinier feet in a terrible tantrum. “Dumb fairies! This is no fair! No fair!” She screamed and cried until Cecily came rushing in. Her maid was so much taller than she’d been yesterday. She towered over Annabelle, and plucked her from her crib with ease. Cecily held Annabelle as effortlessly as she held a stack of dishes. “Baby Annabelle, what’s wrong?” Cecily cooed. “Not a baby!” Annabelle whined in protest. Her whine became an indignant shriek as Cecily stuck two cold fingers down the back of her diaper. “I knew it, somebody’s cranky because she’s a wet little miss, isn’t she?” the maid said in a singsong voice. Only after Cecily mentioned it did Annabelle realize how soggy and saggy her diaper was. But how could a big girl like she was possibly not have noticed? Surely this was the fairies’ fault too. But there was no way such tiny fairies could have such powerful magic, was there? This thought distracted her so much that she forgot to fuss as Cecily brought her to a changing table, (which Annabelle was sure had been a desk recently) removed her wet diaper and wiped her clean. Annabelle only noticed what had happened after her maid had finished pinning on her fresh new diaper. It really did feel much better, and immediately, she knew what she had to do. “I wanna go to the village!” she announced. She tried to wriggle free of Cecily’s grasp, but she couldn’t. “All right, baby girl,” Cecily said. “Let’s get you in your pram, and we’ll go for a walk.” “No!” Annabelle yelled, her face turning cherry red. “I wanna walk myself!” “Maybe when you’re older, cutie pie.”’ Cecily paid no heed to Annabelle’s defiant cries, and ignored her as she flailed her little feet. Soon, Annabelle found herself riding in the stroller down the hill to the village. It trundled along, rattling just a little at every bump in the road. Annabelle was still very angry, especially at those awful fairies, but the gentle motion of her pram quickly lulled her back to sleep. When they got to the village though, Annabelle was woken right up by the smell of baking. The villagers had made fresh, delicious pies to thank the fairies for all that they did. For Sparkle, who made sure that the sun kept shining bright, they baked an apple pie with the crispest apples they had ever grown. For Lychee, who kept the bushes full of sweet red berries, they baked a lemon pie with cream that was the fluffiest they had ever whipped. For Cobble who made them clothes and shoes to keep them warm in the cold, cold winter, they baked a pecan pie, with molasses that was the ooeyest, gooeyest molasses they had ever made. But Annabelle smelled all these delicious pies and said to the villagers, “ Don’t give any yummy pies to the fairies. Mine!” The villagers pleaded with Annabelle. “Baby girl, we can make something else yummy for you later. But don’t eat the pies we baked for the fairies. Otherwise, they’ll get angry, and who knows what they’ll do?” But Annabelle didn’t care. She leapt out of the pram, and used her bare hands to take a big scoop right out of all three pies. She took from the apple pie, with the apples that were the freshest they’d ever grown, from the lemon pie with the cream that was the fluffiest they’d ever whipped, and the pecan pie with the ooeyest, gooeyest molassses they’d ever made. She stuffed heaping helpings of each into her mouth, so big that she couldn’t fit them all at once. By the time she was done, her mouth was covered in sticky crumbs. When Annabelle was finally satisfied, she ordered Cecily to take her back to her big house on the hill. The villagers didn’t say anything. They were very upset, but they didn’t dare fight with Annabelle’s parents. Later that night, the fairies came out of the forest, and saw the villagers beside themselves with sadness. “What’s the matter?” asked Sparkle, straightening her tiny red hat. “Is something wrong?” asked Lychee, smoothing her tiny green dress. “Smells like something’s missing,” said Cobble, twirling her tiny brown coat. “Oh fairies,” the villagers cried, “we’re so sorry! We had three delicious pies for you to eat. But Baby Annabelle came and gobbled them all up. Then she went back to her big stone house on the hill.” “Well, that’s no problem,” said Sparkle. “Since she’s just a baby, we’ll ask her to say sorry,” said Lychee. “And then everything will be fine,” said Cobble. The fairies fluttered their wings and flew up to the big stone house on the hill. They squeezed their way under the door, and found Annabelle asleep next to a pile of the villagers’ lovely gifts, pacifier in her mouth, and her tummy full of the pies the villagers had meant for them. When the fairies came in, Annabelle woke up and saw them standing there. This time, she was a little afraid. They were all now as tall as she was. “Go away!” Annnabelle said angrily, spitting out her binky. “You stole our pies!” said Sparkle. “Please say you’re sorry!” said Lychee. “Or we’ll take something from you!” said Cobble. But Annabelle wouldn’t. “All my pies. Nyah-Nyah!” she said defiantly, sticking out her tongue. “We’ll see about that,” all three fairies said together. But before Annabelle could wonder what they meant, her eyes got heavy and she fell asleep in her big, soft crib. The next morning, Annabelle woke up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She was no longer in her big stone house on the hill. Instead, she found herself on a bed of soft ferns, in the middle of a mushroom circle deep in the forest. Annabelle was about to cry, but before she could, Sparkle put a binky that sparkled and shined in her mouth. The fairy was as tall as Cecily had been yesterday. “There there, baby, don’t cry,” said Sparkle. “We’ll take good care of you,” said Lychee. She popped one of her sweet red berries in Annabelle’s hands. “And we’ll do a better job than those silly humans did. No more being such a spoiled brat” finished Cobble, with a playful swat at Annabelle’s padded behind. She pulled a dress made of gossamer and dew over Annabelle’s puffy diaper, and sprinkled a bit of magic dust on her forehead. The fairies set about their work, making sure the sun kept shining bright, keeping the bushes full of sweet red berries, and making clothes and shoes to keep the villagers warm in the cold, cold winter. As they did, Annabelle floated along happily behind them, giggling. And as the years went by, Annabelle stayed under the fairies’ firm but loving care. She never got quite as big as the fairies, and they still treated her like their little baby. But once she got big enough, the fairies let her help them with their work. Shine let Annabelle hold her beautiful red stone that sparkled and shined, so she could tell exactly where to put the sun in the morning by how the light bounced off it. Lychee let Annabelle hold her thimble-sized basket of golden straw where she kept the sweet red berries for the bushes. And with Annabelle’s help, Cobble made better clothes and shoes than ever before. To the fairies’ surprise, Annabelle was glad to do all these things. They made her feel important, and she liked seeing her mommies happy. When they all went out of the forest to receive gifts, none of the villagers recognized that the baby fairy was Annabelle. They called her Crinkle after the sound she made as she zipped through the air with her three fairy mommies, and were always delighted to see her. And so, finally, everyone in the small village and the forest was happy. Especially Annabelle. The End
  21. Greetings, friends. I know there are a few folks on DD who enjoy my Ebooks so I like to post from time to time when I release something new. Here's a taste of Chapter One of my new novella available on Amazon Kindle. CLICK HERE for more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CQMHDLN CHAPTER I: NEW HOUSE, NEW RULES Cody sat silently in the passenger seat of the car, staring out distantly at the road in front of them, illuminated by the car headlights. The slender 19 year old felt wrestless, awkward, and even a little nervous. While he tried to tell himself that he was an adult and perfectly capable of taking care of himself, he certainly didn’t feel that way in his current predicament. He cringed as his mother began speaking, breaking the silence between them. “So just remember that Miss Karla is in charge while I’m away. I want you to be on your best behavior for her, okay?” said the middle aged woman in the driver’s seat. He didn’t dignify his mother’s comment with a response. “You know Cody, I wouldn’t be going on this trip if it wasn’t really important for my career. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.” she said. “I just don’t understand why I can’t stay at home this summer.” he whined. “Cody, we’ve been over this. It would be one thing if I was going to be out of town for the weekend but I’m going to be out of the country for over two months. I’m sorry but I’m just not comfortable leaving you alone for that long.” Cody groaned, rolling his eyes. He stared resentfully at her for a few seconds… her long blonde hair tied in a bun, the crow’s feet and mascara around her bright blue eyes. While Cody knew she didn’t care much about abandoning himat some random lady’s house for a few months, he had to admit he was going to miss her. That fact alone made him feel like even more of a child. In truth, he should have been used this by now. For most of Cody’s life, his mom hadn’t been around. Ever since she had divorced his dad when he was little; he’d gotten used to being dropped off at daycare centers, babysitters, and relatives’ houses. Naturally, his mom loved him but she probably loved her career even more. He accepted that. Honestly, it didn’t matter any more now that he was old enough to move out and be on his own. That was one thing that Cody couldn’t blame his mom for. He still lived with her and had yet to find a place of his own. Jacob, a friend of his from high school, said they would get a place over the summer but that entire plan had fallen through when Jacob got fired from Marco’s Pizzeria. That meant Cody was stranded living under his mother’s roof until he could find another potential roommate to move in with. “Mom, look, I’m adult. I don’t need you or anyone else taking care of me. It’s not like you’re ever around anyway.” Cody said. “Well, I’m certainly glad I was around last month when I got home from work early.” Cody groaned, squirming a little in his seat. The entire conversation was making him uncomfortable and on top of that, he now felt the urge to pee. A few tiny drops dribbled into the fabric of his cotton boxer-briefs as he squeezed his legs together. “You told me you didn’t smoke pot and then I came back to my homeand guess what I found? My son and his friend sitting on my couch, smoking a giant bong.” “That was just the one time.” Cody said. “Well regardless, you lied to me and you went behind my back. If you want me to treat you like an adult, you need to start acting like one. I can’t leave you at home alone if I think you’ll be having wild parties every night and getting stoned every day. You’re 19 years old and you need to start thinking about your future. Maybe living with Miss Karla will give you a little direction in life.” Cody sighed. He was essentially done with this conversation. Considering they weren’t more than a few minutes away from their destination, it wasn’t like he was going to have any chance of persuading his mom to see things his way. “I know you’re not crazy about the idea of staying at her house all summer but she really thinks you’re a sweet kid. Its not like she’s a stranger. She’s known you since you were a toddler.” his mom said. “Whatever.” he muttered. “And if you need help um… getting ready for bed, it’ll probably be good to have someone there to give you a hand.” she added. “You mean she knows about my…” “Yes Cody, she knows that you wet the bed sometimes and you wear diap, um, protection at night. I’ve known this woman for 16 years. Did you really think your nighttime problem hadn’t come up in conversation?” “I guess I should have figured.” Cody said, cringing. At least his mother had remembered to use the more diplomatic word “protection”. Cody had wet the bed for years but recently, it had started to decline to only about three nights a week. He was hoping that it would soon stop altogether. Doctors had told him and his mom that he would outgrow it… but it seemed like just one of the many ghosts of childhood that followed him along wherever he went. He didn’t want to have to live with his mom but there he was. He didn’t want to have to wear adult diapers for bedwetting but he did. (At his mother’s insistence.) He didn’t want to be dropped off at his mom’s friend’s house for the next two months yet there he was. His mother pulled the parking break as their car came to a stop. “Cody, I really am going to miss you. I just want you to be a successful adult. You know I love you… right?” Looking at his mom, Cody saw her honesty. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her son… she was just obsessed with her career as a television newscaster. Ultimately, Cody couldn’t be mad at her for leaving. He was 19 years old and what full grown adult would resent his mother for taking a business trip to advance her career? It wasn’t as if he neededher to stay. “I love you too.” Cody mumbled. “Let’s go inside. Miss Karla said she has a surprise for you.” his mom smiled. Cody resented that his mother still referred to this woman as ‘Miss Karla’. It was absurd considering that Karla was her first name. When Cody was two years old, Karla worked at the daycare center where his mom dropped him off every day. At 5 years old, Cody started going to another daycare closer to his house but his mom kept in touch with Karla. While Cody did have some obscure memories of the woman from early childhood, mostly she was just in the background of Cody’s life occasionally: a guest at a Christmas party, a woman that his mom went shopping with, and even someone who occasionally sent him a birthday card. In truth though, Cody didn’t know much about her and he had never cared to learn. Now he was going to be spending the summer at her house, the whole situation just struck him as strange. If nothing else though, the home that they found themselves walking up towards was fairly large and affluent considering Karla and her daughter were the only ones who now resided there. Cody had gone to high school with Karla’s daughter and seen her in the halls but they had likely never said a word to each other. He had wanted to introduce himself but was always too shy. In a school of 3,000 kids, it was easy for them to remain strangers, especially considering how shy Cody was. Walking towards the house, he knew he would have to find a bathroom very soon but he could certainly hold it for 5 more minutes if need be. Cody rolled his suitcase up the broad driveway while his mother carried a large paper bag and a gym bag beside him. He knew what was inside both of those bags: what his mother referred to as his ‘nighttime supplies’. When they rang the doorbell, the large front door swung open in just a few seconds. “Susan! Come in, come in. How are you? Excited for your trip?” Karla said with a broad smile, pulling Cody’s mother in for a hug. There she was. Standing about 4 inches taller than Cody, Karla had the same familiar haircut he remembered: a short, brown pixie cut parted to one side. In Cody’s eyes, such a haircut seemed fitting for a woman in her mid-40s in contrast to his mother’s long, flowing blonde locks. Karla’s silver nose ring shined under the light of the main foyer. “Thank you again for agreeing to let Cody stay with you over the summer.” “Yeah, absolutely. We’re happy to have him.” Karla said. “Cody? Say hi to Miss Karla.” his mom prompted him. “Hi.” he said timidly. “Hello, Cody. Wow, you look so grown up.” Karla said, pulling him in for a warm hug. Cody didn’t feel very grown up considering he was essentially getting dropped off at a babysitter’s house. His current outfit wasn’t very adult either: a baggy Pink Floyd t shirt with a hole in the sleeve and a pair of jeans. Returning Karla’s hug, he got a whiff of her perfume. Somehow, her smell gave him goose bumps and almost rendered him speechless. It caused another tiny, involuntary spurt of pee to release into his underwear. Cody couldn’t remember the last time Karla had hugged him but smelling her now almost seemed to bring back memories of his early childhood. It was a clean scent like the smell of soap mixed with the aroma of some mature, feminine perfume and while he couldn’t place it, the scent was indeed familiar and it somehow made him feel… safe. “Here’s a pack of his um, protection.” Cody’s mother said, handing Karla the bulging paper bag, inside of which was a full package of Cody’s disposable adult diapers. “Okay, great.” “And here are his nighttime supplies: babay powder, diaper rash cream, lotion, and some baby wipes. Its all in there.” his mother said. Cody bit his lip. In his mom’s hurried efforts to casually list what the gym bag contained, she had levied several blows to her son’s self esteem. Yet Karla didn’t act as though Cody’s mother had said anything out of the ordinary. “I went online with the medical supply company where I usually order his diapers and I changed the delivery address. So about every other week, you should receive a new package.” Cody sighed as she used the ‘D’ word. He knew that his mother hadn’t done it on purpose to embarrass him but occasionally, when she was in a hurry, she let it slip. It was as though, in his mother’s mind, she knew that he wore diapers and calling them anything else was just a patronizing attempt to protect his dignity. “Well Susan, I’d invite you to come in for a cup of coffee but I think if you stay any longer, you might miss your flight.” Karla said. Cody’s mother glanced at her watch. He wished she would just leave already. Cody wanted to say goodbye to her… but he wanted to use the bathroom even more at that moment. “You’re right. Well, you have my email and you have my cell phone number. Call or text me any time, day or night. Don’t worry about the time change. If you need to get a hold of me, just call.” “I’m sure we’ll be just fine.” Karla smiled. “Okay Cody, I’ll call you as soon as I can. Be good for Miss Karla. I love you.” she said, pulling him in for a hug. “I love you too.” Cody said. With that, his mom left. “Well Cody, do you want to come with me and we’ll take your stuff to your room?” Karla asked. “Actually, could I uh, use the bathroom?” he asked. “Of course, sweetie. Down the hall, first door on the left.” Leaving his suitcase, he wasted no time moving at a brisk pace. Shutting the door behind him, Cody frantically unbuttoned his jeans to slip his penis out. With a heavy sigh of relief, he peed in the toilet. A few seconds later, he found himself frowning as he felt the dampness of his boxer-briefs but felt reassured when he ran his hand over the front of his jeans. They were totally dry. Exiting the bathroom, he wandered into the kitchen where Karla was standing with the two bags in either hand. She was wearing a green, button down blouse with the sleeves rolled up. On her arm, she had a tattoo of some Japanese characters. Funny, he never imagined Karla was cool enough to have a tattoo. He could only hope it showed she was a lenient, easy-going person who wouldn’t be a pain in the ass to live with. A pair of tight, black slacks hugging her full hips completed her outfit. Glancing down at her black socks, he could see that she wasn’t wearing any heels. Sadly, their height difference was very much real… and it made Cody feel even more like a small child who had been turned over to his babysitter, just as he had been many times in his earlier life. He glanced at the kitchen counter and noticed two pizza boxes. “I ordered Canadian bacon and pineapple. Your favorite.” Karla smiled. “Really? How did you know?” “Your mom told me. I figured it would be a nice way to help you feel welcome.” Karla said. “Thanks.” Cody said, smiling slightly. “I know this is all a bit of an adjustment but I care about you and your mom a lot and well, you may not remember it but I used to take care of you all the time when you were a toddler. You’re practically family.” Cody blushed a little but said nothing. He was trying to embrace adulthood or at the very least, to escape from his childhood past. That wouldn’t be easy while living in the home of his former daycare provider. Even so, Karla was acting as kind and friendly as could be expected and he couldn’t exactly reject her affection. “Come on, let’s take your stuff to your room.” Karla said. “Okay, sure.” Following Karla up the long, carpeted stairs; she offered him a small tour. “My bedroom is at the far end of the hall there. This is Lexy’s room. This is the hall bathroom and here’s your bedroom.” Cody furrowed his brow as he saw the room, his heart slowly sinking into his stomach. “Before you say anything, I know this is probably isn’t exactly your style but my nephew from Boston visits us a few times a year and we usually keep this room for him. He’s 8 years old. Don’t worry though, I washed all of the bedding and this will be your roomthis summer.” Karla said. Cody frowned but tried not to be too critical. After all, the room was mostly normal, though a few childish features still stood out. There were colorful Star Wars sheets on the bed and light blue pillow cases on all the pillows. A large plastic bin in the corner of the room was filled with various action figures. The largest ones seemed to be Transformers. The door to the closet was open and while it appeared to be mostly empty, there was a Teddy Bear sitting on the top shelf. “You’ve got a laundry hamper by the door here and a trash can in the corner there.” Cody noticed that the metal, cylindrical trashcan in the corner had a lid operated by a foot pedal, much like the one he had in his own room. Before he could say anything, Karla pulled a blue package of adult diapers out from the paper bag, placing them on top of the dresser and setting the gym bag down next to it. “All of the drawers in the dresser are empty so organize your stuff however you like it. I’ll leave you to get settled but don’t forget, we’ve got pizza downstairs.” Karla said. As she walked past him, he got another whiff of her scent and once again, Cody couldn’t decipher the reaction that it seemed to provoke inside of him. Watching as she walked down the hall, Cody noted that she had a few curves but was ultimately in pretty good shape. She just seemed to dress modestly. She was older but looked pretty good for her age. Was he attracted to Karla? No, that was ridiculous. She was one of his mom’s friends and the woman who took care of him when he was a baby! She was far from being his type. Cody never had much luck with girls in high school but the girls he did find himself interested in were his own age. He’d had a huge crush on one girl in his senior class. She was short, thin, with long black hair flowing down her shoulders. Cody had asked her out and she had rejected him in the bitchiest way possible. So essentially, that girl was the polar opposite of Karla, both mentally and physically, in age and in temperament. No, he wasn’t sexually attracted to Karla at all. After all, the woman was about the same age as his mom! But if he was going to be living with Karla for the summer, he had to admit that he liked the way she smelled and… that she was undeniably a nice, caring person. There was nothing wrong with that. Anyway, Cody chalked up these strange feelings to the fact that he was tired and stressed out. It would be better if he could just put these thoughts out of his mind and eat some pizza. Walking downstairs and into the kitchen, he licked his lips when he saw a slice of pizza already sitting on a plate at the table. Yet as he prepared to take a seat, Karla placed her hands on her hips, looking at him sternly. “Cody sweetie, we need to talk about your bathroom habits.” Karla said bluntly. “My… what?” Cody asked, nervous that she might be referencing his bedwetting. “Your bathroom habits. When you used the downstairs bathroom in the hall earlier, you… didn’t lift up the seat.” “Oh, oh, I’m sorry.” “And it doesn’t look like you cleaned up the toilet seat after you were finished either.” Cody blushed again, feeling embarrassed by his oversight. This sort of thing happened at home but it was quite different to realize that he had done it in a stranger’s house. “Sorry.” he said quietly. “I cleaned it up this time but in the future, you need to pay closer attention to that, okay?” Karla said, raising her eyebrows sternly at him. “Okay.” Cody said, pulling out his chair. “Did you wash your hands?” Karla asked. “Huh? Just now?” “When you used the bathroom earlier?” “Oh um…” “Why don’t you go and wash your hands? You should be doing that every time you use the bathroom too.” she chided. As he walked back to the bathroom, Cody felt uneasy. Karla’s rebuke of him had been gentle but firm and he made a mental note to be more careful in the future. While his own mother had complained about his ‘bathroom habits’ once or twice in the past, she had never done so with quite the same attitude that Karla had just used. Even so, it was a minor hiccup in a night that otherwise seemed to be progressing just fine. A minute later, he returned to the table, taking a few bites of pizza. Karla pulled out a chair, taking a seat across from him. “How is it?” Karla asked. “Great.” he said, wiping his chin on his shirt sleeve. “Thanks again.” “Of course. Now Cody, like I said we’re happy to have you here over the summer but your mom left me in charge so I think there are a few simple house rules we should go over.” “Okay?” “These are the same rules I expect Lexy to follow too. They’re pretty basic. If I’m talking to you, I expect you to listen. I expect us all to be honest with each other. If you are going out with friends, I expect you to let me know beforehand… because I’m responsible for you now. I expect you to be polite and have good manners. Having good manners means cleaning up after yourself, like putting your plate in the dishwasher when you’re done eating. Or, in your case, it means lifting up the toilet seat when you use the bathroom and washing your hands afterwards.” “Um… okay.” Cody said. It wasn’t like Karla was saying anything unreasonable but her strict attitude just made Cody feel intimidated. His own mother was never around much when he was growing up and when she came home from work, she was usually too tired to order him around… let alone punish him for anything. “One more thing. You and Lexy are both under 21, so I do not allow drugs or alcohol in this house under any circumstances. Do you understand?” Karla said, raising her eyebrows. “Yeah, of course.” he mumbled. Then they heard the front door open. A young blonde girl walked into the kitchen, hair tied in a cute ponytail, donning a pair of tight, high waisted jeans and an orange t shirt that showed off her midriff. It was Lexy. Cody briefly made eye contact with her before averting his gaze back down at the table. “Hey, sorry I’m late for dinner. Lori and I were studying.” the girl said, dropping her backpack beside the kitchen counter and grabbing a slice of pizza. “Studying? Or hanging out at the coffee shop?” Karla said, raising her eyebrows. “Well, we study therea lot too.” “We’re still waiting to hear back from a few schools that you applied to. This is your senior year. I want you to finish strong.” Karla said. “Mom, I’ve got like a 3.5 GPA. Relax.” Lexy said with an eyeroll. “Well anyway, do you remember Cody?” Lexy looked at him curiously as if trying to remember him. “I don’t know? I think we had Geometry together, right?” Lexy said. “Geology.” “Yeah, cool… what’s up?” “Not much.” he mumbled. “Are you a junior?” she asked. “No, uh, I graduated.” While Lexy probably hadn’t intended to insult him, her question stung. Cody thought he looked like an average 19 year old but his skinny physique and stubborn inability to grow much facial hair probably made him look a little younger than 19. Like all attractive girls, Cody somehow felt less sure of himself with Lexy in the room. The fact that he was one year older than her and had been out of high school for a year should have given him some confidence. It didn’t. He felt just as awkward as he had in Geology class when he couldn’t find the guts to introduce himself… even though their mothers were best friends. Lexy was undeniably sexy and with her mother in the room, it just made things more awkward. Not only that but he wondered just how much Karla had told her 18 year old daughter about his nighttime problem. “Okay well, I gotta go study. I’ve got finals next week.” Lexy said, grabbing her backpack. “Just make sure you’re not spending too much time talking to your friends online and taking selfies while you’re ‘studying’, missy!” Karla shouted as her daughter ascended the stairs. Cody was grateful he wasn’t in school anymore. If he had been, he could easily imagine Karla chiding him to go to his room and do his homework. Finishing his last bite of pizza, Cody figured he would attempt to make conversation. “So uh… do you still work at a daycare or whatever?” Karla laughed quietly to herself. “No sweetie, I got my Masters in early childhood education 10 years ago after I got divorced. I miss working with little ones but now I do administrative work for a private school. Its great because I usually get to work from home.” “Oh, nice.” Cody mumbled. “I do have a meeting to go to tomorrow though so if you sleep late, just remember that there’s cereal in the pantry there and fruit salad in the fridge if you get hungry, okay?” “Okay, thanks.” Glancing at the silver watch around her wrist, Karla pursed her lips. “It looks like its almost 9:00 so why don’t you go upstairs and I’ll be up in a few minutes to help you get ready for bed.” Karla said matter of factly. “Um… what?” Cody asked, feeling nervous. “Your mom said she wants you to get ready for bed around 9:00 on weeknights.” “Well, yeah but I can do that on my own.” Cody said defensively. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, sweetie. Look, I know this is a little embarrassing for you but your mom told me that two weeks ago, you had a little trouble taping yourself up and when you woke up, your bed was soaked. Cody blushed but said nothing… he was now realizing just how much his mother had shared with this woman about his embarrassing problem. “So your mom told me that ever since then, she’s been checking the tapes on your diaper.” Karla continued. “Well, y-yeah. She checks them sometimes but… I can put them on by myself. I don’t even have accidents that often anymore.” “Well, you have accidents at least a few times a week. That’s why you need to wear diapers.” Karla said. “They’re called p-p-protection.” Cody said, nervously trying to correct her. “Yes, you wear diapers for protection. Specifically, you wear them to protect your bed sheets and your mattress and I’d like to keep the bed in my guest bedroom clean and dry.” Clearly, Karla hadn’t gotten the message that his diapers were supposed to be called ‘protection’. Either that or she was being deliberately difficult to put him in his place. “So I don’t want to take any chances. Besides, I think you’ll be a lot more comfortable if you know for sure that you’ll be waking up in a dry bed. So why don’t you go and brush your teeth and I’ll be up to help you get ready in a minute.” “But why can’t I just -” “Cody… I’ve tried to make you feel welcome here. But remember what I said: when I’m talking, I expect you to listen. You’re not listening to me. You’re arguing with me. For the next two and a half months, I’m going to be in charge. Do you understand?” Karla said sternly. Frowning and staring at the table, Cody nodded his head. “Okay, so why don’t you go upstairs and brush your teeth. I’ll be right there.” As Karla took his plate, he slowly left the kitchen walked upstairs, retrieving his toothbrush from his suitcase and doing as he was told. The hall bathroom was quite clean but was also fairly cluttered: a curling iron, tweezers, and countless makeup supplies covered the counter… all of them, no doubt, belonged to Lexy. Nervous as he was, Cody was proud that he had remembered to pee one last time before returning to his room. He resented his mother’s 9:00 p.m. rule about his ‘protection’ for many reasons but most of all because once he was taped into a disposable diaper, it was pretty difficult to get himself untaped and get it back on properly. Ironically, his diaper had leaked in bed on that one occasion precisely because he had to take it off to go to the bathroom earlier in the evening! It was unfair to say the least. Noticing a few drops of pee on the toilet seat, Cody was quick to tear of a piece of toilet paper to wipe it off before going to the sink to wash his hands. Returning to his room, Cody begrudgingly looked at the large, blue plastic package labeled “INCONTINENCE BRIEFS”. It seemed to be staring back at him in defiance. Reluctantly, he tore open the package and slid out a shiny, white folded rectangle. Before he did anything else, he pushed the door closed. He could just barely hear the muffled sound of Lexy talking on the phone in her room and he couldn’t afford to take any chances. If she was unaware of his nighttime problem, then he wanted to keep it that way. Slowly he unfolded the thick, crinkling garment in his hands. If he could just get the fit right, Karla would only need to take a quick glance at the tapes before she left him alone. Cody groaned though as he heard footsteps on the stairs. His door, which hadn’t been fully closed to begin with, swung open. “Oh, you’re getting everything ready. Excellent.” she said, bending over to unzip the gym bag on the floor. One by one, Karla unloaded his infantile supplies onto the dresser, including the light blue, plastic tub of baby wipes. Walking up to him with her sleeves rolled up and a bottle of baby powder in hand, she took the opened diaper from him. “Okay, why don’t you take off your pants for me and get situated on the bed here.” Karla said. “W-w-what?” Cody said, confused and uneasy. “Take off your pants.” she said, pulling out a towel from the closet and laying it out on the edge of the bed. “I thought I was gonna… you know, put this on and then you were going to just check the tapes?” “Cody, this really doesn’t have to be that difficult. I’m here because I need to make sure this is done properly. Now, you know you need to wear your diaper tonight. Its 9:15. No more stalling. I know you’re embarrassed but the sooner we start, the sooner we can get this over with. Now take off your pants.” Cody was now worried that perhaps Lexy might be able to hear their conversation so he slowly slid down his pants in front of the assertive, middle aged woman in front of him. “Underpants too. Come on.” Karla said, failing to understand his hesitation. He tried to cover himself with his shirt as he slid his damp, navy blue boxer-briefs down to the floor. “You know Cody, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve diapered you.” Karla said, looking somewhat amused. Cody thought her comment was ridiculous. Still, it was technically true. This woman had probably diapered him dozens of times as a toddler… and according to his own mother, he wore diapers until he was four years old, so she had plenty of experience. Even so, he was an adult now. He didn’t need anyone to diaper him… so why was he agreeing to this? “Okay, lay down. Grab your knees and pull em’ to your chest for me.” Karla said. Cody reached out for the diaper in her hand. “But can I just do this myself? ” “Cody… on the bed. Now.” Karla said, raising her eyebrows and pulling the diaper just out of his reach. The stern look and the sound of her voice struck fear into Cody’s heart. Half naked, he lay down on the bed and grabbed his knees without another word. Had Karla ever used that tone with him before? Naturally, Cody had only the most vague memories of meeting her in daycare… but Karla probably remembered everything clearly. It was bizarre to think that she might be using the very same tactics to deal with him now as she had when he was a toddler… and worse yet, that they might be working! He couldn’t believe his bare butt was now on display for his woman. It was beyond awkward. If nothing else, the fact that he was holding his knees against his chest meant that she couldn’t get a good look at his manhood. Before another thought could enter his mind, he felt a tickling sensation on his bare butt followed by a familiar aroma that he hadn’t smelled in years: baby powder. While his mother had purchased baby powder for him plenty of times, he had never used it. Apart from his mom recently double checking the tapes and the fit of his diaper, she hadn’t done much else. Now Cody became crestfallen as he realized he was being diapered like a baby and was powerless to stop it. The infantile aroma of the powder mixed with the mature scent of Karla’s perfume. Overwhelmed, he almost felt light headed. “Okay, you can put your butt down now.” Karla said casually. As Cody’s rear end came to rest on the padding of the diaper, he instantly became mortified that Karla could see his genitals but with a quick sprinkling of power, she swiftly pulled the front panel into place. Slowly and carefully, she taped the garment up nice and snug, smoothing out each tape. “There ya go. All done. Now was that so horrible?” she asked. Sitting up with a crinkle, Cody was speechless. He didn’t even feel embarrassed anymore, just numb. Karla said something to him but he didn’t hear the words. The whole scenario had just been too surreal for him to accept it. “Hello? Earth to Cody.” she said, waving her hand in front of his face. “Huh?” he said, looking up at her. “I said stand up for me. I just want to make sure that we got a good fit.” Cody obediently rose to his feet. Karla slid her two fingers into the elastic leg band of the diaper, just a few centimeters away from his genitals. He flinched as he felt her long, feminine nails grazing his bare thigh inside his diaper before she withdrew her fingers. “Okay, looks good. Does it feel okay?” Cody just nodded. “Great well, don’t forget to throw your diaper away in the garbage can there tomorrow and I’ll see you when I get home from work.” she smiled. Cody nodded again. Before leaving the room, Karla glanced down at his boxer-briefs on the floor, grabbing them and walking towards the hamper. It was then that she looked curiously at the underwear, feeling them in the palms of her hands. “Cody sweetie, did you have an accident earlier tonight?” “No.” he mumbled. “Then why are these so damp?” she asked. “Well, I guess I wet like, just a little. It was a long car ride over… My pants are completely dry.” he said defensively. “I guess your mom did mention you have accidents during the day on rare occasions.” Karla said, underwear still in hand. “I uh, don’t anymore. I haven’t done it during the day since like, last summer when I had an accident.” Cody said. “And tonight?” Karla said. “Well, that wasn’t really an accident. I made it to the bathroom. My pants are totally dry. See?” Cody now picked up his jeans, trying to show Karla the evidence. “Mhmm.” Karla said, unconvinced. “Well, I’m going to take these to the laundry room. During the day while you’re awake, just know that there is a bathroom right next door to your room and one just down the hall from the kitchen as well.” “Okay.” Cody so badly wanted to defend himself and interrupt Karla’s patronizing lecture but he knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on in this discussion. He was standing in front of her wearing only a t shirt and a disposable diaper while he held a pair of his damp underwear in her hands. How could he possibly hope to declare his adulthood? “So if you feel like you have to go, you need to go to one of those two bathrooms as soon as you feel the urge, okay?” Karla said. Cody nodded. “Okay well, I’ll be awake for another hour if you need anything. Sweet dreams, okay?” Karla said with a polite smile, closing the door behind her. Frowning to himself, Cody tried to ignore all of the strange emotions pushing their way into his mind. At first he tried to sit back down on the bed but as he looked down, the sight of his padded crotch was just too much. Standing up, he unzipped his suitcase to retrieve a pair of sweatpants. Even in the privacy of his own room, there was no reason he needed to waddle around with his diaper on display. In his current outfit, the sight of his own reflection in the mirror was enough to damage his self esteem. Pulling on some pants made him feel a lot better, as if he got someof his dignity back. Slipping his laptop out of his suitcase, he figured a computer game might help to take his mind off things. Then he flinched at the sound of a knock on the door. Slowly, he cracked it open. It was Lexy. “Hey, so since we’re going to have to share a bathroom, do you think it’s too much to ask for you to flush the toilet after you pee?” Lexy said, looking mildly annoyed. “Oh, I uh, I’m sorry.” With that, she walked away. Cody spent the rest of the night in his room playing a game on his computer, which honestly suited him just fine. Inevitably though, some time after 1:00 in the morning, he got tired and climbed into bed, pulling the covers over his head, his diaper crinkling as he rolled over and tried to get comfortable. He had to admit, it was a pretty decent bed… perhaps even cozier than the futon in his room at home. It was nearly noon when he awoke the following day. As he climbed out of bed, it was rather obvious that his heavy, saturated diaper was sagging underneath his pants. Cody was, of course, disappointed that he’d wet his diaper but he figured it wasn’t all that surprising. Stress always increased his nighttime accidents and the previous night had been stressful for so many reasons. Did Karla really plan to diaper him like a baby every single night? It all seemed so surreal, not to mention unfair. He was starting to feel more and more ambivalent about staying at her house all summer. Untaping his diaper, he pressed his foot on the pedal of the trash can, the lid opened, and he dropped it in with a thud. With his skin still feeling a little damp, he slid some boxer-briefs on, reclaiming his adulthood. Pulling out his phone, he texted his friend Jacob: “Wanna hang out tonight?” It was Friday night. Cody figured that all he needed was to get out of Karla’s house for a few hours to clear his head. Just because he had to sleep under her roof all summer didn’t mean he needed to be cooped up in her house 24/7. Walking into the kitchen, the house seemed eerily silent. Karla had mentioned that she had a meeting and Lexy was likely still at school. Making himself a bowl of cereal, Cody felt much better just getting some time alone. A minute later and his phone buzzed, showing a text from Jacob: “Party at Brad’s house later. Wanna go?” Perfect. While Cody didn’t own a car, he knew he could always rely on Jacob for a ride. An escape from Karla’s house, even for a few hours, would make him feel like more of an adult. Lounging around on the couch, Cody turned on Karla’s beautiful, huge flat screen TV. Before long, Lexy walked in the front door. “Hey.” Cody said. “Hi.” Lexy responded. Cody couldn’t discern her expression. Was she annoyed by his presence in her living room? Or just indifferent? “What are you up to?” Lexy asked. “Just watching TV. I’ll probably go to a party later tonight.” Lexy was obviously popular and Cody’s response was almost meant to show her that he too had a social life, no matter how shy he sometimes appeared. Lexy raised an eyebrow at him, making a strange face. “Did you ask my mom?” Lexy said. “Ask her what?” “Did you ask her if you could go out tonight?” “Well… no, not exactly but… I’m 19 years old. I can go out with friends if I want to.” Cody said, trying to sound self-assured. “You obviously don’t know my mom very well. She’s like… a really great person and everything but she is ridiculously strict. It doesn’t matter that you’re 19. She’s still going to treat you like you’re a little kid. I’m 18 and I still have an 11:30 curfew on weekends.” Cody fell silent. He was beginning to feel increasingly anxious about living with this woman for the rest of the summer. Lexy’s words seemed particularly haunting in light of the fact that Karla had diapered him like a toddler the previous night. The atmosphere of her house was a stark contrast to that of his own. Ironically, in his younger years, there had been some part of Cody that had always wished his mother would be more strict and more attentive. Now that he was in such a household as an adult, it felt confining. “I just need to get into one out of state university and then I’m gone. That’s what my older brother Kevin did when he turned 18. Seriously, I love my mom but she’s hard to deal with sometimes.” Lexy said, leaving the room. Cody spent the next few minutes trying to think of something diplomatic to say to Karla in order to persuade her to let him go out for the night. When she finally walked in the front door, Karla looked fashionable as ever in a long maxi skirt and a red blouse, her short gelled hair parted to one side and wearing a pair of gold earrings. This mature older woman had diapered him like a baby the previous night. Any illusions of them being equals had already disappeared. She was in control. CLICK HERE to continue reading: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CQMHDLN
  22. A Changed Man Chapter 1 Sue stood in the laundry, looked closely at the pair of Joe's briefs in her hand. She sighed, and put them aside to soak. She stared out of the window for a moment, looking over the unkempt back lawn. She felt hopeless. Since Joe had been reassigned to contract work, not only had his work become erratic, and his income reduced, but he had been even less responsible around the house than before, despite being at home for days at a time. The garden was deteriorating, and Sue felt that she was the only one who ever picked anything up around the house. Often, she felt like shouting at Joe. But he was the man of the house. That was a hurdle Sue found hard to overcome. The stained underwear was too much. Sue rang her friend Gil. ------- 'Maybe he's not lazy, Gil,' said Sue. 'Maybe he's depressed, with work and all. That could be behind everything.' Gil looked at her friend. Gil was a few years older than Sue. Sue had worked under Gil as a nurse, and Gil had a soft spot for the younger woman. Gil had moved into psychiatric nursing, and now supervised a facility for people with various problems. 'Maybe,' replied Gil, 'But I don't think so. I think the problem may be kind of inherent in your personalities.' 'What?' said Sue, alarmed. 'What do you mean? Do you think I...' Gil laughed. 'It's nothing out of the ordinary,' she said. 'Our society is set up for men to lead marriages. That suits a lot of couples, but not all. I'm not sure it suits you two, from what I've seen.' 'Lead?' said Sue. 'We're sort of together. I know you know us quite well, so what have you seen? You've never mentioned this.' 'You've never complained,' said Gil, 'And it's not my place to interfere if you're getting on ok. But I can see you're unhappy, and Joe doesn't sound to content either, so if you want, I can give you an idea if an alternative. I can show you another way.' Sue stared at Gil. 'You have my attention,' she said with a grin. 'What other way? I'm intrigued.' Gil smiled. 'OK,' she said. 'Let's go for a walk.' They left the coffee shop they were in and walked into the main concourse of the mall they were in. 'Let's just look at people,' she said. 'They're mostly women and children here, but they'll do for an illustration.' 'What do you mean?' asked Sue. 'It's about who takes the lead,' Gil said. 'Put simply, who's in charge.' Sue thought about what she'd just said about she and Joe being sort of together, equal in their marriage.she wondered what Gil had in mind. 'OK,' said Gil. 'Let's play a game. Well look at a couple or group, and you tell me who's in charge, who is taking the lead. Well start over there, mum in red top.' Sue looked at the young mum ordering her little daughter to hurry up. The daughter immediately did as she was told. 'That's easy,' she said. 'The mother.' 'Yep,' said Gil. 'Now this lot,' she said, pointing to a noisy group of teenaged girls. Sue watched them for a minute. 'No one's in charge there,' she laughed. 'In fact they're all arguing about what to do next. 'Precisely,' said Gil. 'They don't mind, but from an efficiency point of view, it's hopeless, and if they were all married to each other, they'd be in trouble.' The next group Gil pointed out was a mother with a female friend and three children. They had finished shopping and the children, two girls and a boy, were straggling. The mother called to one of the girls who responded quickly and rejoined the group. She called several times with no effect to the boy who was wandering off, then resorted to catching up with him and delivering a sharp swat to his backside, which together with an order to hurry up, got him moving. 'See how it works?' Gil said. Sue laughed. 'Yes,' she said, 'But I'm not a mum and I could hardly spank him! Joe's not a child.' 'Not chronologically, perhaps,' said Gil seriously. 'This is about the dynamics of the marriage. The best distribution of power. Have you heard of a female led marriage?' 'No,' said Sue. The subject sounded serious, but interesting. Something attracted Sue to the idea of power in her marriage. 'Come to the clinic,' said Gil.'I'll show you some things. Tomorrow at 10am? ' 'OK,' said Sue. The clinic where Gil worked was just out of town. Sue often passed its high wall and imposing facade. 'See you there,' replied Gil as the two women parted. Sue felt a pleasant buzz of expectation as she walked to her car. To be continued
  23. Phoebe was a 28 year old who had recently finished her PhD in Economics. After doing that she bought herself a condo in a decent sized suburban city and really wanted to focus more on her personal life after so much time in school. She taught a handful of classes online to support herself. One thing Phoebe had always been into was the ab/dl scene... though she'd never really done much in person, she had always imagined what it would be like to have a girl or boy of her own in diapers. It got her excited anytime she thought about it. She would love to take care of someone like that, but also found a thrill in the idea of taking an otherwise normal adult and trying to turn them into her baby. Phoebe decided she would try to enact her fantasy on her soon to be roommate, 19 year old Erin. She had met Erin once, when Erin came by to see the place. Erin seemed to her like a bit of a keep to herself type...she was a bit below average height and pretty thin. Phoebe could tell Erin wasn't much of a girly girl but something about her made Phoebe think she might just be the right 'type'. Though Phoebe literally knew almost nothing about her. Phoebe had decided to start with a few bold moves on day one to really get an idea of if Erin could be her little girl. It was 5pm and Phoebe knew Erin would be arriving soon. Phoebe told Erin the room would be fully furnished so she figured Erin wouldn't have much to move in. Phoebe was taller, about average build but decently busty...she was in light wash jeans and a casual loose fitting top that exposed a shoulder. Her hair was dark brown and medium length back in a ponytail.
  24. So....this story is basically a rewrite on a story that got lost in the shuffle a while back on this page. I haven't been on here as much. This story has some parts based on true events, but it's 90% fiction, so it is fiction. I have posted the first chapter on wattpad, so now I'm about to post the first chapter here as well! Enjoy. Also the first two chapters are short. But I've got the third chapter written out and started the fourth. Just trying to catch up typing wise! Chapter 1: The Introduction Everyone thinks I’m the most talented, hard-working person you’d ever meet. But I suppose that’s what people think, not really what I think of myself. Working full-time has it perks, especially with health benefits and 401 k. I have my own place-a one bedroom apartment where I reside, with a two year old rescue spaniel, Mike. To me, it is the perfect dwelling for me and my dog. I, often, am too busy to be in relationships, nor do I worry about them. Let’s just say it’s not my need, right now. I am from a life that is considered “standard” for most. I was born in a small town in Red Lake, South Dakota. I ended up moving for school at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Compared to South Dakota’s charm, the city was massive. I, at first earned a job in an office position as a junior business manager, the bottom of the totem. Most graduates would often get that position, sometimes lower. My four year degree in business helped me in that sense. I once had little faith in my abilities, however, once I got used to doing things the “Chicago” way, I began to earn respect. I could write, lead, promote and work like my life depended on it. And all at a tender age of twenty-four. Then, something happened, I earned a promotion to “upper” management. A lot of the older workers were envious of me, but if I could do the job better or just as well, I could do it, right? My current pay before moving up was about 32K a year. Which paid the bills and not much else, but to upper management would just over triple my salary to 100 K a year. I’d become practically rich because with the place I was living at, I didn’t need much more than that. Sure, I could’ve got a house or something, but reality was, it was not necessary. It was after all, just me. But I have a secret. I don’t know how it started exactly or when, but as a kid, I always seemed to remember the cartoon episodes where the characters were in diapers or dressed as a baby. Those episodes would be my favorite. I didn’t think much of it, but when I would stay with my grandparents I would sneak a couple of diapers. They were a little small on me, so I’d pretend my panties were my “diaper cover.” I didn’t actually use the diapers, but I’d hide them and toss them once done playing baby. Years passed and for a while, I did not do anything. I decided that maybe this was a thing. A fetish. It didn’t feel sexual for me; I just wanted that feeling again. One Saturday evening, while on the computer at home, I decided to look up “having a diaper fetish.” And it was something! There was even a whole website of like-minded people. I wasn’t a freak. I wasn’t alone! I mean there are people with all sorts of fetishes, right? There were many stories, role-play stories, chat rooms and forums, and I created my account with my personal email. “DLbusinesspal.” It was obscure. And a DL is a diaper lover. But it can be sexual, but they typically go mainly for the diapers. That’s how I started. I, then decided to order some diapers. I discovered an advertisement for some adult baby diapers. Absorbent, adorable and eighty bucks a case. Contained 50 diapers. I could not wait to put a “real” diaper on me. I ordered two-day shipping. The only diapers I could get at stores (which I had) were the pull up type diapers that would leak after one wetting and I’d have to change it. As expected, they showed up. They were in big, plain, brown box and no one would know what they were unless they opened the box. Of course, at work, I would not wear them. It was the weekend and it was the first day of my “baby girl” life. I had also ordered a pair of white plastic panties that would protect me from leaking. I soon learned that I wanted to be more of a baby-with the bottles, pacifiers, and little baby outfits while at home. I ended up ordering a pink, satin baby doll nightie. It was very comfortable and quite baggy in the bust area, which made me look less endowed. I had a decent sized chest, but you wouldn’t know it when I tried on the outfit to make sure it fit. I needed this, because I wanted to be less of a mature adult. I do that at work. I wanted to be “me.” And so it began! First, I laid out the outfit, the dress, the bonnet, and a pair of socks to keep me warm at night. And the plastic panties. I made a note to buy some booties and maybe a pair of frilly rhumba panties on Friday. I decided I would enjoy each moment of it. It was time for my regression. Even though I was an adult in normal life. First, I got undressed, and I showered. I had bought baby shampoo and wash and lotion. After I showered, I decided during “baby time” I’d only use baby shampoo. I hadn’t thought much of it and I dried myself off, blow dried my hair and headed to my room to dress. I opened up the printed white thick diaper. It smelled so much like a baby diaper and I smelled it. Smelled like the plastic of a baby diaper. I then put the cream on and powder-then I opened the diaper and set it up. I sat down on the diaper and it felt like a cushiony pillow on my butt. I pulled up and taped it on. Then, came the plastic panties. They were snug in the leg area, but I guess it’d they’d prevent leaks. For me. That was my name. Next came the socks and the dress. I clipped the binky on my dress (for now) and tied the bonnet on my chin. I was done. I was now a baby girl. An eighteen month old baby girl. The only thing I was missing was a caretaker and maybe I’d find that eventually. Maybe. For now I’d have to make my own baby meals, bottles and so on. I just realized-would I use my diaper for both? I decided just for one until later on. I made myself a baba and put on a Disney movie to watch. While I drank the baba, I watched the movie. And the end of the baba, I was falling asleep. I heard a voice in my head say, “Sweet baby girl…” Several hours later, at four a.m., I awoke. The TV was still on and I had to use to pee and I was thirsty again. I made a new baba and fell back asleep. It was my day off and I could enjoy it. The next morning, I woke up with a soaked pamper. I removed the plastic panties and wiped myself down and changed myself. And this would just be the beginning…..
  25. After completing the Book “There’s a Baby in My Bed” I started thinking about me personally, And my relationship with my wife and wondered if anyone had seen or stumbled across a tool / survey ... something to help shape the “Profile” process the book suggests. In my my head I picture it as a survey that allows us, the regressor, infant, toddler, diapered one, to work through and seperats out what is actually there, and what might just be on our mind at that moment. Then from the same questions, our significant other/caretakers can answer and dialogue as well to create a well rounded profile of who we are and what our actual desires are, who our person(s) is, our identity.