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Found 118 results

  1. Hello, all you lovely people! Recently, one of my ABDL sisters brought to my attention a site for ABDL hypnosis and I wanted to share it with you. The site is called "My Little Lullaby" and it is a site where you can buy lots of different trance recordings and even order custom tracks. The tracks follow the same kind of suggestive messages you find in meditation recordings and the like and are meant to encourage ABDL behaviors you would like to have more often. I have bought the two free ones, "Sleep Like a Baby" and "Forever Young" and also purchased the "Diaper Wetting" one to see if it would help me with the mental block I often have when I need to go potty during my little time. I am very pleased to report that they both worked like a charm! The "Sleep Like a Baby" one had me down for the count like magic, and I woke up feeling very little. I was so impressed that I tried the "Diaper Wetting" one right after waking up, as I had to go potty and even though I tried lying in bed it wasn't working. This is pretty common for me, as I need to be upright to actually pee. It annoys me in little space because it just doesn't feel right to me. So I listened to the diaper wetting track and after it was over, still lying down, I relaxed and was able to wet myself right in my bed! I was ecstatic! I'll be listening to this track every time I have little space with the hopes that soon I will just be able to wet myself regularly into my diapers! The one selling these tracks, Ember, has the softest sweetest voice, and each track comes with boy and girl variants so you are being directly addressed by the gender you identify with as a little in any circumstance! I cannot recommend her enough. After being burnt so much in the past on piss-poor hypnosis tracks, here's one that really works! If you're looking for good hypnosis files, please check the site out! http://mylittlelullaby.com/
  2. WARNING: While I don't have any sexual content. This story is very very graphic. I am VERY descriptive. Anyway I am back, this time with another name that starts with the letter J. Enjoy. Chapter 1 College... Never thought that I would see the day that I would be heading off to college. I thought as I lay in my bed, starring up at the ceiling fan. Tomorrow would be the first official day of summer and the first day of not having to go to high school anymore. I’m never going to miss that horrid place. I hope college will be better than high school. Knock knock “So, how does it feel Jamie?” “Being done with high school, great” “I can’t believe my baby boy is all grown up now. I’m proud of you James” my mom said as she shed a tear and hugged me. “Thanks mom” I said as I wrapped my arms around her. “I’m sure you’re tired from such a long day. I will let you get your rest” she said as got up and went to the door. “Goodnight, and sweet dreams” “Goodnight mom” I turned on my CD player and let the relaxing ambiance drift me to sleep. “James?” I cracked my eyes open and felt very cold. “Why is it so cold? … and wet?” It felt as though I had been swimming. Then it clicked. Not again... “You seemed to have had another accident?” Damnit. That makes this the third time this week. I just sighed. “Look, Jamie, I’m not upset. It’s not your fault. But, this is getting frequent” “Yeah, I know. I just don’t know why” “The doctor said it is just something you will grow out of” “I’m 18, I would have thought I’d have grown out of it by now. Also, why is it getting more frequent? It only used to happen once every one or two months” “Somethings just take time. It is probably just a phase like when you were ten. However, you are going to wreck the mattress at this rate” I know where she is going with this. “Maybe you should consider wearing some protection again. Just until this dies down” I sighed as I knew where she was going to go from here again. “Let me guess, Goodnites again” “Cheer up, you didn’t seem to mind it when you were younger” She was right. I didn’t mind wearing them at all. They were soft and comfortable. They also allowed me to not wake up in a smelly frozen lake. But, it was something that prevented me from sleepovers and made traveling more complex. “I guess you’re right. I mean it is only at night. But, I’m pretty sure I won’t fit into Goodnites” “You probably won’t. But I will take care of that. Now you go off and shower while I take care of things here” The cold damp underwear clung to my skin as I jumped up to have a nice warm shower. As the water washed away last night I began to think. Diapers... it has been eight years. Why did I have to start wetting again. However, somewhere deep down, I didn’t mind them. They made me feel young again and I wasn’t sure if I was quite ready to grow up yet. I shut off the water and got dressed. “I’m going to the store” my mom called out bringing me out of my thought. “Okay” I called back. Life is to short to get caught up thinking about these things. I will just roll with whatever comes of it. That was just how I was. I tended to just roll with whatever life gave me. Can’t really get caught up thinking about things that you have no control over. I threw on some clothes and played video games. Hours seemed to fly by as I enjoyed the first day of summer. I heard the door open. “Jamie, I am home” I heard my mom call out. I quit my game and went to help her with the bags. “Hi mom” “Thanks for the help” she smiled as she handed me some bags. “What all did you get?” I asked as I closed the door. “Some groceries, supplies, and these” She pulled out a large light purple package. Molicare Super Plus, so is that what they call big Goodnites? “So, are those my new Goodnites” I sighed. I still was not really looking forward to needing them but, as long as it was just between my mom and me, I think I could manage. “Sort of. They are a bit different to take on and off” “How so?” “Well, I might have to help you a bit with putting them on or at least show you how to do it. Also, you can’t really slip them on and off” She mumbled. “So how do I take them off and put them on?” “They are more like diapers than Goodnites, they have tapes. Which means that you can’t really take them off without needing a new one. I would prefer that we didn’t have to waste three or four diapers a night. So, once they go on, they don’t come off until morning” “What if I wake up and have to go in the middle of the night?” “Either try and hold it” “That probably will not work” “Or you can just go. They are meant for it. You wouldn’t even have to get out of your warm bed” That would be nice. I remember doing that with the Goodnites on a few chilly nights. I was just to comfortable. That also led to them leaking on a few occasions. “Wouldn’t that cause them to leak?” “No, these are better than your old Goodnites” A rumble from my stomach also reminded me of something that I rarely have to do at night, but on occasion. “What if I have to do more than pee?” “Oh, other than trying to wait until morning. In that case you can come and wake me” “Ya, wouldn’t want to lose another set of sheets like that time I had food poisoning” I replied, remembering when I nine I had food poisoning. I went to bed in my Goodnite like normal, but I was feeling rather ill. The next morning I woke up to a disgusting grime. I still remember clearly how awful it smelled and how the Goodnite leaked everywhere. “Unlike Goodnites these are able to handle such events. Not that I expect any to happen. But, your sheets are ‘protected’ either way” she giggled. “Okay” That was a terrible pun. But, at least I will never have to repeat having to fill my pants. Though she oddly said it would be alright? I guess it is comforting to know that they are better than Goodnites in some aspects. I was still a little annoyed a the fact that I would not be able to take them off. But, I could live with it. “Anyway, what’s for dinner?” I asked sort of wanting to change the subject. “Pasta” “Cool, I will take these upstairs to my room and play about on my computer” I said as I grabbed to purple package. “Alright sweety”
  3. Wyatt comes home from his high school classes with his final report card of the school year
  4. Chara was 12 he was up for adoption his ad was just realised showing him in a diaper and a onesie
  5. Wyatt hears his mom talk about wanting a new baby so he walks to his room and puts on one of his hidden abdl diapers and he crawls into her room. Wyatt sits on the floor of his moms bed room in only an abdl diaper "mommy happy mother's day to the best mommy ever" he says in a babyish voice giggling cutely. He looks up at his mommy with tears in his eyes not knowing if she will love what he did or hate it. He looks at her and waits for a reply
  6. Wyatt was a kind 16 year old boy he has bounced between foster homes because no one wanted to give him the one thing he wanted which was to be a baby again so to help out the daycare/adoption center posted an ad of him in a diaper and a onesie sucking on a pacifier
  7. So idecided to bite the bullet and try my hand at writing a story. This is an 18 plus story and intended for adults only. all involved with this story are fictional and are over the age of 18. Please let me know what you think. Thanks Diapering Daddy. - Prologue - The gavel fell on a rainy day in May of 2020, but i did not care. I don’t care about anything i’m one of the most dangerous men in the world. I can’t help it when thing do not go my way i just snap. I reflect back on the people i hurt and killed to get to this point briefly i'm snapped back to the present just in time for the Red faced white haired Judge to say he was ready to pass sentence. I was forced by two court guards to stand they are lucky i'm shackled or i would add them to the list. “ Victor Wayne!” the judge said “ I find great pleasure in the responsibility placed in me to ensure your days of hurting people are over forever. I personally don’t believe in the death penalty. So i sentence you to be floated through the Rift to the other Dimension.” I ask myself what is the Rift? And what are dimensions? “Whatever sounds better than the death penalty.” The Judge goes on to say that My partner was already floated and will probably still be at the reception center at the other side when i get there. My Heart dropped I lowered my head “Nikki” i said. My ray of sunshine never really did anything but got a rap just for being with me to many times when thing went bad. I pulled myself together just in time to feel the blood boil out of my chest and then everything turns red as i headbut my lousy appointed attorney rendering him unconscious before the Guard hits me with a taser and i pass out. . . Chapter 1 . . . I wake up staring at a light not unlike the one in an operating room. I try to turn my head to the left and the right and i can’t my body won't even flinch the only thing i can move is my eyes frantically i look around. I can't even talk i did manage a grunt. “Aww! he’s awake” a sweet high girly voiced blond says walking up and checking the IV bag that i’m hooked too. “There is still enough left to keep him locked in himself till the floating ceremony” “I love this part” a cute redhead says as she bounces up to my side wearing a pink striped nurses uniform. The top plunges deep between her Breast almost threatening to spill out of the revealing top. Picking up my hand effortlessly cleaning my fingernails clipping them short i grunt not liking her handling me with out being to stop her. “ don’t try to talk sweety you have said all that you will ever say on this side of the rift” Who knows maybe they will let you once you cross over” Not sure what she meant by that she spread my fingers and set them on a handstand and filled my finger nails. The Blond girl walks up with a clipboard in her hand saying “ this one is supposed to be painted” The redhead smile and says “k” picking up an airbrush and going to work on my nails. “You have got to read his sheet no wonder why they are giving him the full workup” setting down the clipboard and picking up a stretchy pink ribbon about a half an inch wide tieing it around the base of my penis and balls with a bow just above my penis. Noticing it feels different down there. “Oops I almost forgot” picking my head up setting it on a block forcing me to look down my now hairless body. The redhead just finishing my first hand going to work on the second one. Looking at the blond “this is so much better then killing them” the looking me in the eyes and pointing to a tinted glass window above my feet. “Behind that glass is the people you hurt that are here to see your justice served.” she says. “They want to make sure that your gone” stopping and finishing my second hand. The blond walks up to up to the other side picking up my hand should we give him a little parting gift? She says to the red head. ‘I think so” says the redhead picking up my other hand setting down her airbrush slipping it to the side of her breast. The blond does the same thing holding my hand to hers with one hand and reaches down and starts stroking my penis with the other.I notice between her fingers that they painted my fingernails the same color baby pink as the ribbon around my now erect penis. “Mmhmm! I think he likes this!” the redhead says “Aww does baby like this attention?!” said the blond and she strokes up and down the length on my shaft. “Better pay attention! You know we can’t let him cum or we both may float” replied the redhead. Just as the Judge walks in. The blond stops rubbing me, taking both of my hands and tying them together with a extremely thick velcro like strap effectively making my already more useless hands even more worthless. The Judge steps forward “ by the power vested in me on this day I order you cast into the Rift in accordance with inter-Rift agreement 1 to serve his sentence on the other dimension. Proceed” The Blond and the redhead step to my sides and removes the block from under my head and start to strap the rest of the way to the back board that i am laying on before removing the tube from the IV and giving me a small shot of something else, I feel the strength slowing coming back to my body. The Girls turn me around and start wheeling me towards what looks like an elevator door the Blond pushed the button and enters a security code on her side. The Redhead does the same on her side of the door. The door slowly starts to open revealing a bright blue and white light that almost looked like an electrical spark jumping. Avoice come crackling threw the Rift. “this is Matron Ramsey we have the reception pen prepared and are ready to receive the prisoner at your will.” “Received” the girls said in unison turning to me both giving me a kiss on the cheek at the same time before they start to proceed. The blond goes on to say “The prisoner has been edged per your request and will are sending him now. Good look with this one! He is prone to tantrums and fits!” “We have rehabilitation methods that works with any brat” says the voice coming from the rift. Smiling the redhead pushes a button on the side of the table and the head starts to rise and a slide into the rift into complete darkness.
  8. This is a story of forced mental regression. It contains nudity and some sexual content of both male/female and male/male nature. So read only if you can accept that. Enjoy. ** For too long I’d put off having a normal relationship. My work and my other interests had made it so difficult. It was just too easy to put it off and say, that’s something for when I’m a bit older. But then I’d met Elly. It was a chance meeting, one that didn’t actually start in an auspicious way for a relationship. I bumped into her and spilled my hot coffee on her shirt at a Mugg & Bean. Despite that bumpy start we hit it off almost immediately and for the first time in years I had a real relationship on my hands. I’d been dating Elly for a month when she told me she’d been hiding a pretty big secret from me. Of course my first thought was, shit, I knew this was too good to be true. I mean Elly seemed like a perfect catch. She was young, successful, funny and beautiful. How was it possible that at age twenty-eight she was still completely single? Did she have an STD? Was she in witness protection or something? “I have a husband, Eric,†she told me. My face fell. Damn it! I knew it was something big, but this was worse than I thought. What did she want from me? Did she think I’d want to have a damn affair with her, leading nowhere? “Jesus!†I gasped, shaking my head. “No Eric, it isn’t that simple,†she interjected, putting a hand on my chest to keep me sitting. “Not that simple? You think I can just overlook the fact you’re married?†I demanded. “Eric you have to understand, there was an incident with my husband, he was left a different man. Well, really he was left not a man at all.†My eyes widened, picturing the poor guy castrated in some construction accident. She saw my look of horror and understood what I was thinking. She shook her head. “Oh, no, not like that. I mean he’s not a man anymore, he’s a boy.†“A boy?†She nodded. “His body is fine, it’s his mind that’s changed.†And now I understood. Her husband was brain damaged, probably lying in some nursing home little more than a vegetable, drooling on himself, staring at the ceiling. Poor bastard. “Is he in a home?†I asked. “No, I care for him now. I still love him very much, but it’s a different kind of love now. He’s my little one now. He’s such a sweet little guy you see. He’s funny and so cheerful and loving.†Hearing her talk of her husband this way felt odd. She spoke as though he were a real kid, her little boy. “How bad is it?†I felt compelled to ask. “He’s got the mentality of a three-year old. His memory of his life before is very patchy and I’m not sure how much he understands of those memories. He believes he is a three-year old boy, bigger than other his age, but three nonetheless. He knows he used to be bigger but he doesn’t understand that it would be unusual for someone to be an adult one day then get littler and be a boy.†There was a part of me, a dark and hidden corner of my mind that found this exciting. I felt a twitch in my loins and quickly forced my thoughts back on track. “And he’s happy the way he is?†“Oh yes, he’s definitely a very happy little one,†she assured me. “So why are you telling me this now?†“I like you Eric. I like you a lot. And more than that I trust you now. I want you in my life and that means being in Benny’s life too.†“I want to be in your life too Elly, but I have to say having your husband around would be very weird.†She nodded. “I understand that, but you have to see that he’s a child now Eric. He’ll see you as an adult, as a care provider. He’ll love you too. I promise he won’t resent you at all.†“Maybe, but I just feel really awkward about it.†“Please, just let me introduce him to you. We can have dinner at Spur on Friday. Just see how it goes, give him a chance. Give us a chance,†she pleaded, looking into my eyes. Despite all my misgivings I couldn’t help but give in to those beautiful eyes, nodding. “Wonderful! I promise you two will get along just fine.†** Friday evening I really did think about calling the whole thing off. The idea of meeting my girlfriend’s husband just seemed insane. The fact he was a total retard now actually made it seem even worse. What would the guy be like? Would she roll him in in a wheelchair? Would he be screeching weird noises the whole time, having tics and convulsions? That’s what I pictured brain-damaged people being like. In the end though, I focused my mind on Elly and I went. I arrived at the restaurant first, taking our seats at a table near the entry. Spur was a family restaurant and it was a bit loud with kids running helter-skelter between the play area and the seating. I only had to wait about five minutes, perusing the menu and feeling nervous, before Elly walked in. I immediately focused on the young man entering with her. He couldn’t have been any older than her. If anything he looked a bit younger, early twenties even. His had short blonde hair and was about the same height as myself, five foot nine. He was of medium build, certainly not muscular, but not overweight. What I really noticed was his mannerisms and the way he was dressed. Benny was holding Elly’s hand, but not like a loving couple would hold hands. He was letting her lead him along like a little child would. He was smiling, looking over at the kids play area with eager eyes, like he actually thought he could go join them. He wore a red t-shirt with a Spiderman motif. I was surprised such shirts could even be bought in adult sizes. He also wore navy track pants, which were normal enough, except that they ended a good inch above his ankles. They made him look like a kid who’s recently had a growth spurt but still wanted to wear his old clothes. But by far the most noticeable element of his outfit was the fact that he was barefoot. That really got my attention. He was a grown man but there he was, walking into a sit-down restaurant in bare feet. He certainly wasn’t the only barefoot person in the Spur. Many of the kids had shed their shoes and sandals under their tables to play in the kiddy-area and were often running and skipping back and forth across the restaurant in bare feet. A good number of those kids had arrived barefoot as well. But it was safe to say that Benny was the only person over the age of about ten, maybe twelve, who was barefoot here. Elly spotted me and gave a little wave, heading across the restaurant to my table. I noticed a few patrons looked up and gave Benny a quick glance, but most tried to avert their gaze quickly, not wanting to be caught staring at an obviously ‘special’ young man. I felt most awkward myself. He wasn’t handicapped looking at all. In fact he looked like a real overgrown kid, like something from the stories I liked to read when I was alone with my computer. I had to conceal my interest though. I was here for Elly, for a chance of normality, a chance of a future that didn’t involve a lifetime of loneliness. “Hi, sorry we’re late,†Elly said, arriving at the table. “No problem, I just got here a minute ago,†I assured her, standing. She led her hubby forward and said quietly, “Benny, this is my new friend Eric. Can you say hi to him?†The young man smiled at me and then loudly declared, “Hi! I Benny!†“Well hi there Benny, I’m Eric. It’s nice to meet you,†I replied, speaking to him as though he were a little kid. Benny smiled but said nothing more. Elly helped him into a seat and asked our waitress if we could have some crayons and a play mat for him. Within a couple minutes Benny was happily scribbling away at his play mat, the crayon grasped in his fist in a juvenile way. His fine motor skills were evidently all but gone and I was pretty certain he wouldn’t have been able to hold a pencil or even write his own name in crayon if I asked him to. Elly and I chatted about our weeks and Benny seemed content to be left out of our adult talk. When he finished with a maze he flipped the mat over and just drew crude scribbles on the back. Elly was telling me about a recent issue she’d had with her boss when Benny suddenly interrupted her mid-sentence, oblivious to social etiquette. “Look!†he shouted, holding up his play mat and pointing to one of his scribbles. Elly feigned a pleased smile and put on the high-pitched sing-song voice one uses with the smallest of children. “Oh my, that is a good one sweetie. What is it?†“A choo-choo twain,†he proudly told her. “Oh, is it Thomas?†she asked. “Noooo,†he giggled. “Thomas bwue mummy!†he reminded her. I immediately registered his use of the name ‘mummy’ for his wife. I wondered if he really thought she was his mum, or if it was just simpler for him to think of his wife that way. “That’s right, of course,†Elly chided herself for his benefit. “Siwwy mummy,†Benny agreed. “So what colour is that sweetie?†she asked, again feigning ignorance. Benny looked at it hard for a moment, then smiled broadly and declared, “Dat’s Wed.†“Of course! What a bright boy you are Benny! You know all your colours now, don’t you?†Benny nodded proudly. “Yes, he’s… um… very smart,†I chimed in, nodding too. “So which train is it Benny?†“Is James,†he informed us. “He a naughty twain.†“Yes, James can be very cheeky, can’t he darling,†Elly said. Benny nodded. The waitress arrived to take our orders. Elly and I each put ours in, then Elly proceeded to order for Benny, from the kids’ menu to boot. Benny didn’t seem to mind though. He was looking over at the play area again. He turned back to Elly. “Mummy, c’n I pway?†he asked. “Okay honey, but you have to be careful of the other children. Remember, they’re much littler than you. So no rough stuff,†she reminded him sternly. Benny nodded dutifully. “Okay, go ahead then. But you come right back when I call you.†Benny beamed as he stood and scurried over to the play area, climbing right into the ball-pit. “You don’t think that will cause any trouble?†I asked, a bit worried that other parents would complain or the restaurant would get angry. Elly shook her head. “No, we’ve come here before. He’ll be fine.†I nodded. “He’s really, um, cute.†“I know, he’s just precious now isn’t he?†“Does he always dress like that?†She shrugged. “He really loves Spiderman.†“No I mean, is it normal for him to go places barefoot?†“Does it bother you?†she asked, looking surprised. I quickly shook my head, not wanting to upset her. “No, I was just surprised by it, that’s all. You don’t see many adults go out to restaurants in bare feet like that.†“No, you don’t, but Benny isn’t an adult. You see Eric, that’s what I need you to understand. Benny is a little boy in a big body. He sees lots of other little boys going barefoot pretty much everywhere, so he sees no reason why he shouldn’t be able to do the same if he wants.†I nodded, trying to seem understanding. “So, he likes going barefoot now.†“Oh yes, he just loves the feeling of it. On the rare occasions when he needs to wear shoes he always pouts at having to put them on.†“And you’re fine with that?†“Why shouldn’t I be?†she asked, sounding defensive. “He’s a little boy and it’s natural for them to go barefoot. In fact I think it’s the best thing for them. His feet have gotten nice tough soles since he started running around that way, so he has no problem with glass or hot surfaces. He’s just fine the way he is.†“I can see what you mean,†I agreed, letting the whole thing drop. “I’m glad Eric. I really want you to be a part of our lives, but that means accepting Benny for what he is. When you look at him you need to see a big toddler and nothing more.†“I can do that. I mean, I’ll try the best I can.†** Dinner went smoothly after that little hiccup. Benny returned and sat quietly with his legs drawn up to his chest, playing with his toes while Elly cut up his chicken finger strips for him. Then he used his fingers to eat his food, ignoring the utensils. It wasn’t the cleanest eating job I’d seen and at the end Lisa needed to wet a napkin and clean his face up. He then returned to the play area while we enjoyed tea. Eventually it was time for us all to go home. Elly seemed satisfied that I’d been tolerant of Benny and was clearly still interested in her. I was glad to see that Benny wasn’t a complete slobbering mess and physically looked quite normal still. One final test came as we left. Benny took Elly’s hand and then reached his free one out to me expectantly. I hesitated a moment, but then swallowed my pride and took his hand into mine, letting his pad along between the two of us like he was our child. We headed out to Elly’s car and I finally got my hand back as Lisa loaded him into the back seat. “Puppy!†the young man squealed. I was confused, but Elly just reached down to the far side of the back seat floor and picked up a stuffed dog, setting it in Benny’s lap. The young man cuddled the stuffed animal close and rubbed his cheek against the soft material, smiling and closing his eyes in contentment. “Why don’t you come over tomorrow afternoon,†Elly suggested. “We can have tea and you can see my place finally.†“That sounds great. I’ll be over about three.†We parted ways and I felt pretty good about how that went. Yeah there was some weird stuff to deal with but at least I was getting closer to Lisa now. She was going to let me into her life.
  9. As mom got in the car she said, "be a good boy for your Aunt Sharon!" I was sad and had been crying at the thought of my mommy being away for a whole week. "We will have so much fun!", my aunt consoled. It was certainly not easy for a 5 year old boy to be in a strange place for a whole week. I continued to pout as mommy drove away. "Let's go in and get a snack," Sharon said as she carried my suitcase and put my mom's quilted, baby blue bag over her shoulder. I agreed and took her hand. I enjoyed the graham crackers and apple juice she gave me and I was getting more comfortable. After finishing, she turned on the TV and I sat in a beanbag chair and watched my favorite cartoons, bugs and daffy made me almost forget mommy had left. As I sat and watched I started needing to pee. I didn't know where the potty was and I didn't always make it on time even at home. Aunt Sharon asked me if I needed to potty right after my snack but I didn't need to go then. I kept watching TV. Roadrunner was on and he was my favorite. I waited to long and soon felt a warmness on my crotch and bottom. I kept watching TV. Aunt Sharon came to check on me. She soon noticed my pants were wet. "Uh oh, Dougie, looks like you tee-teed in your pants. Let's get you cleaned up." She led me by the hand around the corner into a bedroom. My suitcase and quilted bag were on the dresser. She went to a closet and took out a plastic mat. It crinkled as she spread it on the bed. She lifted me up and laid me on the mat on my back. She took a round plastic canister of wipes out of the bag along with a light blue pair of my cloth trainers. She pulled of my shorts and I looked down to see that the pair of thick white trainers I was wearing were soaked and not near as warm as before. "You are a wet little boy!" she said pleasantly as she pulled off my trainers. I flinched as she wiped my genitals and bottom with the cold wipe. She looked at me and smiled. "Sometimes we have accidents, it's ok!" "Tell Aunt Sharon when you need to tee-tee next time. She finished wiping me down then slipped on the blue trainers and a pair of green shorts from my suitcase. "Now, then, all clean!" she said as she helped me off the bed. She rolled up the mat with my wet clothes inside and led me off to the living room. She took the mat to the washroom. I watched TV and soon forgot about my accident. She came back in the room and asked me. "Do you need to go potty?" "We have some errands to run". I shook my head no. She said, "Let's go try". and she led me to the bathroom then sat me on the potty. I tried and I pooted a couple of times but I couldn't go. She left and went across the hall into the bedroom. She returned with a pair of plastic pants. "Let's put these on just in case", she said as she took off my shorts. She pulled the plastic pants over my training undies and pulled my shorts back up. "Tell me if you need to potty," she reminded me. We loaded into her station wagon and she strapped me in the back seat opposite of her. She gave me a few books to read while we drove. We first pulled through the bank and I was given a sucker. It was orange, not my favorite but I happily sucked on it anyway. We went in the grocery store and she asked me if I wanted to ride in the basket seat. I nodded Ok and she asked me again if I needed to potty. I said I didn't. We left the grocery and went into McDonalds. I had a hamburger and some fries. She said,"You can play on the playground awhile if you want". I happily agreed and she read a magazine she picked up in the market. I climbed to the top of the slide and slid down over and over again. I was the only one in the store but I didn't mind. I crawled through the tunnel and swung on the swing. I felt that the inside of my pants had gotten a little wet. I didn't tell auntie though because I wanted to keep playing. By then a mom with two kids had come to the playground. She had a small baby and a toddler. We played and had a good time. I crawled back in the tunnel. It was nice and dark and I stood on my knees very quietly. My tummy growled and I pooted again. I stayed motionless. I pooted again and pushed. I could feel poopy filling up the seat of my pants. I pushed again and more poots produced more poo on top of the warm sticky ball already in the seat of my pants. I stood up and waddled to the side of the tunnel, still out of sight of my auntie and the mother. The mother called to her toddler, "Shawn, come see mommy". I peeked around the side of the tunnel as she asked, "do you have poo poo?" and checked his diaper. "I sure thought I smelled poo" and she checked the baby. "Hmmm you're clean, too". Aunt Sharon looked up from her magazine. "Dougie, come here please". She shook her head as I waddled towards her. She said to the mother "I think this is our culprit". I looked down and stuck my fingers in my mouth, something I did when I was nervous or shy about something. She stood up as I approached and leaned over my shoulder and pulled back the waistband of my shorts and pants. "Yep, he has dirty britches" She confirmed. The mom looked a little shocked that a boy my age would still be pooping in his pants. "Time to go now" she said as she grabbed her purse and led me toward the door. We approached the station wagon and she opened the back tailgate. She move a few things out of the way as I stood next to the back fender with the open gate shielding us. She grabbed my bag from the back seat. she opened the wipes and put them on the ground and placed the bag in the back area. She took my shorts off with out removing my shoes. I stood there in only a tee shirt, plastic pants and trainers she pulled some wipes from the canister. She carefully pulled down the plastic layer. "You're wet too" she said to herself. "I thought we were going to tell auntie when we needed to potty!", she scolded. "And I just asked you a few minutes ago" I looked down and continued to suck my fingers. My pants were at my ankles and I could see that poop filled the entire bottom of my pants. She reached over me and wiped my bottom, dropping the dirty wipe into the seat of the dirty underwear. She wiped two more times and then pulled the dirty pants off, removing the unders from the shorts. Bare-bottomed, she led me around the tailgate into open view and lifted me into the back of the station wagon. She took another pair of underwear from the bag and pulled my green shorts back on. "We need to make another stop",she said sternly. "You are out of plastic pants, Do you think you can keep from wetting your pants for a few minutes?" I didn't say anything as we rode. I kept sucking my fingers. "you shouldn't put your fingers in your mouth!" auntie warned. "I shouldn't be surprised though", she said under her breath. We stopped at an Eckerd drug store and we went in. We found our way to the baby aisle. "here's what we need" She said as she found the largest size Pampers. She continued shopping, selecting some Desitin ointment and a bottle of baby powder. We carried them to the counter and headed home. As soon as we arrived home she took me inside, without even unloading her shopping bounty. She again took me into the bedroom. "Little boys that wet and mess their britches need diapers", she said as she again took off my pants and underwear. She also pulled off my tee shirt as I laid on the bed naked. She lifted my legs and slipped the diaper under me. She pulled up the front and taped it on. "Now we won't need to worry" she said matter of factly. "Naptime" she said as she laid me on the bed. I fell asleep right away and woke up to a soaked diaper. I walked into the kitchen where Aunt Sharon was making dinner. "That is one wet diaper!" she said as she looked at me. She didn't bother taking me to the bedroom. I saw that the Pampers were now in the corner of the living room. She changed me quickly right in the floor. A week went by and I didn't use the potty once. When mommy returned, Aunt Sharon told her that she had put me in diapers. "I have been thinking about doing it anyway", she told Sharon. Dougie obviously isn't ready to be a big boy!
  10. I need a mom a dad and a brother and sister Name Age Role Name Wyatt Age 16 Role youngest son
  11. Witch’s Brew by Cute Kitten Joshua poked at the chocolate cereal puffs and marshmallow bats floating in the milk puddle on his highchair tray. His cheeks and chin were wet with milk; a couple of mushy bats stuck to his face. His plastic bib was as messy as his tray. He wore most of his food instead of eating it, despite his efforts to the contrary. He poked at another cereal puff, trying to pinch it between his fingers. The soggy cereal smooshed under his uncooperative fingers. He puffed his cheeks out in frustration, staring down at his hands and the delicate, silvery webbing of scars on his porcelain skin. His skin was so pale the scars were barely visible. He turned his wrist and the spidery, thin lines shimmered with a pearly sheen. Normal scars were varying shades of pink, red, and white. Not pearl and silver and covering nearly his entire body. The odd scars were souvenirs from a necromantic witch who had slowly burned and destroyed his nerves. He’d been very close to death. Aunt Gertrude saved him just in time. She even brewed him a potion distilled from the Font of Youth, to regrow and restore his injured body. Recovery was not magically instantaneous; his body was like that of a baby, and he had to relearn all over again. Hence his infantile lack of fine motor skills and barely controlled gross motor skills. And Auntie Gertrude raising him like he was an oversized baby. Physically, he was a baby. He couldn’t even manage to feed himself yet. Josh puffed his cheeks out and smacked one hand into the milk puddle on his tray. His fingers accidentally hit the rim of the bowl; milk and cereal arched through the air and splattered onto the floor. He froze, eyes going wide as he realized just how big his mess was. He was in so much trouble; Aunt Gertrude would be furious. He wasn’t supposed to feed himself; he wasn’t ready for that yet. Aunt Gertrude had told his big half-sister Tabitha to feed him, but Tabi had snuck down into Aunt Gertrude’s liquor cellar. So Josh had taken the opportunity to prove he was a big boy who could feed himself. He’d failed. Claws clicked on the tiled floor then a snuffling noise near the high chair legs. Josh looked down to see a monstrous, fluffy black dog-like creature lapping up the milk and cereal. Pandora, Aunt Gertrude’s familiar. Even at peace, Dora was terrifying. She was slightly larger than a Great Dane, bulky, and fluffier than a Tibetan Mastiff. Her cat-like claws and teeth were made for ripping into the flesh of her prey. She was a barghest, a hellhound; a beast who could only be controlled by a powerful witch. Her massive pink tongue swept out, licking up the last of the spilled breakfast. Dora raised her massive head and started licking the highchair tray. Josh giggled in relief, patting the thick black fur with his clean hand. Orange ribbon was tied in a bow by each ear, making her look pretty for Halloween. Plastic bowl and rubber coated baby spoon clattered to the floor as Dora pushed them out of her way. Finished with the tray, she moved on to Josh’s milk-sticky hand then his face. Joshua giggled some more, squirming helplessly as her rough tongue tickled his baby soft, delicate skin. He kicked his feet, his soggy diaper crinkling audibly. A wave of warmth engulfed his crotch as he wet himself but he barely paid any attention. He was too busy being tickle-attacked by Dora’s monstrous tongue. “Pipe down. You’re gonna attract the old bat with all that racket.” Tabitha crept silently out of the basement. She scowled at her little half-brother. They had the same father but different witch mothers. Just looking at him annoyed her. He was so damn pretty; a soft, lovely, delicate baby doll she often just wanted to smash. She felt like an ungainly sow in comparison. “S-sowwy.” Josh gasped out in a toddler lisp. His lungs ached from laughing. Pandora sat on her haunches, licking the milk and marshmallows off her muzzle. “Doggy tickles.” Shaggy, pale blonde bangs fell into his big green eyes as he ducked his head, looking down at his tray that smelled of doggy slobber. He poked at the mess on his bib. He hated making his big sister mad; it reminded him too much of all the times his mother had been upset with him. “Whatever. Just don’t start blubbering.” Tabitha snorted, tossing her frizzy dark brown ringlets over her shoulder. She didn’t even glance at his tray or bowl on the floor; she turned and went straight to the kitchen cabinet above the sink to fetch a glass. She held up the pilfered bottle to the autumn morning sun streaming through the window. The light caught the pale amber liquid, making it sparkle and shimmer. The bottle should have been brown; instead it was clear to show off the liquor. A homemade label decorated with drawings of pumpkins covered in spider webs. She read the squiggly handwriting. “Spider Cider.” She snorted. “Cute. How appropriate for Auntie’s Halloween party.” She sat the bottle down and turned to Joshua, who still sat quietly in his highchair. “You know, I’m 21. I’m finally old enough to go to the Samhain Feast. Become a full-fledged coven member. Instead, my Halloween is stuck here changing your diapers and handing out candy to filthy brats.” “Sowwy.” Josh whispered softly, not daring to look up at her. Instead he looked around for his binky. He didn’t see it, so he slipped his thumb in his mouth instead and started to suck. Pandora’s wet nose bumped into his bare calf and he smiled a little at the ticklish sensation.
  12. First story I've literally ever done. Diapers have not came into it yet but it is on the next chapter. If you guys think this stories any good I'll post it☺️ Chapter 1. Mollys POV When I was 22 years old, I still remember the day my life changed forever. I was walking home from college and it was in the middle of winter so it got dark really early. It was only about 4pm and it was pitch black. I was walking and wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings because I was trying to find my keys in my handbag, when suddenly I felt a cold damp cloth go over my face and a hand behind my head. I squealed for a second before I looked up and saw a shadow of a man. I slowly felt myself go limp as he slowly eased me to the ground while still holding my head carefully. I tried to take one last look at the man, before I fell into a deep sleep.. I don't know how long I've been out for, but when I wake up I have a splitting headache. Before I even open my eyes I hear really loud screeching of crying. I open my eyes and I quickly close them again. There's a massive bright shiny light all over the room which causes me to sneeze. I open my eyes again and my curiosity turns into pure fear. I look around and I see I'm in a large, clear, plastic looking box with blankets all over me. I look around and the crying are people! People who are in the same plastic bed I am in! The room is filled with us. There are at least 30-40 of us in here. Everything looks much larger than normal. The more I look at these plastic boxes.. they look more like the plastic cots you put a new born baby in! Weird. Where are we? I look up some again and straight in front of me is a large glass window with people on the the other side of it. I blink twice and I think my mouth pops open. The people on the other side look incredibly tall! It's not just the height though, but the way they are built. They are like giants! My fear grows as I see all the giants smiling widely and staring at each of us, some are even pointing. As I keep looking up at them in disbelief, I catch the eye of one of the giants. A man. He is one of the tallest there. He has dark hair and very handsome. He kinda looks like Tom Welling. He is smiling down at me so much that his cheeks must hurt. He has tears in his eyes and a few run down. When I keep looking at him he clutches his chest at wipes his tear with a tissue and is smiling wider. An excited man comes behind him and pats him on the back a few times and shakes him. He looks like he's saying 'congratulations' and both at them just watch me. I put my heavy head back down. Who are they? Where am I?.. Jonathan's POV I walk up to the adoption building with a heavy heart and let out a big sigh. "This is it" I say under my breath. "Hey, You okay?" Michael puts an confronting arm over me. Michael is my older brother, and he is here to give me moral support. "Yeah I'm fine. It's just.. it's finally here. This moment" Michael laughs puts his arm round my shoulder and gives it a little shake. "Your right, it's here... your baby's here. And he or she waiting on you" he says joyfully. My smiles widens. I've never been this happy. At the age of 35 I'm finally going to be a parent. After my wife died I've never been interested in finding a new lover. However I've always dreamed of being a father. It took me 3 years after my wife's passing to finally register with the adoption agency. And after that it's took me 2 and a half years till now to be standing here. Waiting to pick up my child. I walk up to the building with Michael and head to the register desk. We are detected to room EH32. Where we are in a waiting room with a few other family's. Michael and I sit down and they room is deathly quit for some reason. Any body who spoke to the person next to them would be like they were speaking to the whole room. I sat there fidgeting with my fingers. I just wanted to get up and see baby. I keen forward and rest my face in my hands. A woman across from us smiled at me and I politely smiled back. "First child?" She said sweetly. "Yes. First one" I say. She smiles and puts her hand in her husbands hand "this one is our 3rd. We are getting a little boy. Do do know what your having?" Everybody in the room is pretending not to be listening, but it's hard not to hear the conversation. "No, I wanted it to be a surprise. All I know is the baby's earth age is early 20s" I say kinda quietly. "That's so sweet! And such a good earth age. Ours is nearly 40 bless him" she squeezes her husbands hand and he kisses her on the lips. Both clearly really excited to be picking up there new baby. "We both wish you both a life time of happiness with your new born" she smiles. Me and Michael instantly look at each other and back at the woman. "No no no!.. we're not together! He's my brother!" Michael says practically jumping off his seat. The whole rooms starts to laugh and the woman now embarrassed, covers her mouth with her hands. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" I smile but roll my eyes. "Don't worry, to be honest I can see why you'd think that" I do at nervous laugh at the end. "So, I've he's your brother, where's your wife?" The woman is starting to annoy me now. "She died".. I say matter of factly. The room stops looking at us and tries to look somewhere other than me. The woman looks down but still keeps talking. "I'm sorry. So who else will be looking after the baby?" I'm about to say something rude when a nurse walks in and calls out my name. "Mr Jonathan Jones? Would you like to meet your little girl?" All my blood falls from my face and I can feel my heart thudding in my chest. A girl? I have a baby girl.. The nurse just stands there patently and smiles. Michael pats my back again "congratulations daddy" he says joyfully. The nurse steps aside and keeps the door open for me as she lets me walk out the room. As I do I look down at the nosy woman "and since you are so keen to know, I'm going to be a single parent." The woman looks down and her husband is giving her a disapproval look. "I'll stay here bro, you go meet her" Michael says. I walk out and follow the nurse down the hall, it feel like a mile long. She suddenly slows down and I'm shown to a large window. On the other side are all these babies in there cribs. All of them are crying or sleeping. "Which one is she?" I ask the nurse. I points with her finger the direction I should be looking in. "Second row, 4th one along" .. I see her. She's still asleep. I see my daughter. I start crying. Probably harder than the babies. But there tears of joy. I'm so happy. I can't stop staring at her. She's so tiny. My baby girl. As I stand I see her stirring in her little crib. I stand to attention and just watch her. She opens her eyes and sneezes. It's the cutest thing I ever seen. I even hear some of the other new parents around me say "awe" or "aw that baby just sneezed, so cute" my girls not crying, if anything she very curious. She looking around her. She looks scared. I'd do anything to go in there right now and hold her. She then looks up and sees all the people in the glass window. She is definitely a curious little girl. She then sees me. My heart clenches and I feel tears in my eye. Hello my angle, I think. She's beautiful. She's perfect. I then feel a strong hand on my neck and a pat on my back. "You okay daddy!?" Michael laughs. I laugh too. "Yeah I'm fine, great" I smile. "So which one is she?" I point to her " second row, third one along, the only one that's not crying" I say proudly "wow! Great start I say!" He laughs with me. "Yup! And now it's just time to get her home
  13. Ch. 1 Lindsay was frustrated. She had scoured the internet searching for a birthday present for her friend Allan, yet nothing she found was the right gift. He simply wasn’t interested in the latest technologies and trends. They were opposites in that regard, but despite Allan’s old (some might say hipster-esque) sensibilities the two of them always ended up at the same bar with their group of friends on the weekend. With time running out and technology failing her, Lindsay finally decided to check out someplace befitting Allan’s style: an antique store. The business itself seemed to be antique. It was just a half block down the street from her apartment, but barely had a sign advertising its purpose. Lindsay had only just noticed it when she first moved in, its nondescript appearance never catching her attention as she walked past it every day. She had googled it trying to find out when they were open, but couldn’t find so much as a yelp review. So it was with plenty of other, better advertised stores saved on her phone when she set out from her building. Still, with the cold weather deterring any unnecessary travel, she decided to see if the place close by was actually still in business. Much to her delight, the black door and faded windows of the store greeted her with an “open” sign, placed quietly in a low corner. With cold wind rushing in behind her, a small bell clanged as she stepped off the street. The store was actually a bit bigger than she would have guessed. Rows of shelving held all manner of old knick knacks, china plates, and books. The dim lighting was enough to reveal there were no other customers in house, and from the initial look of things, no employees either. “Hello?” she called out uncertainly. Suddenly a small old man appeared from behind a shelf. He wore a faded green sweater, his frail and thin looking body looking like it needed every bit of help to keep him warm. He held a steaming cup of tea, the tag from the bag still hanging from the mug. He began stirring his brew as he looked towards the front, a little clanking of the spoon announcing his presence. “Come in out of the cold!” he cheerfully called to Lindsay. His small blue eyes met her own with a friendly and warm shine. White stubble lined his face, which had formed a pleasant smile. “Hi there,” Lindsay announced as she began to take off her wool gloves. “I’m glad you are open today.” “We’re open most every day! At least to those who bother to look,” he said with a chuckle. “Just browsing, or can I help you find anything today?” Lindsay took a second before explaining her situation. The old man seemed to get a kick out of her description of Allan as an “old soul”. “Tell you what, I’ve got a box of old Vinyl albums in the back room. There might be something in there he would like.” Lindsay almost laughed as she remembered Allan proudly showing off his new purchase of a record player to their group in his apartment. As the old man walked to the back room, Lindsay started to browse. She didn’t see how anyone could be interested in these old things. There was some fine china, she acknowledged, but most of it wasn’t for her at all. She liked new and useful, not old and nostalgic. Walking through the rows she sent a snap of an antique porcelain cat with the caption “Crazy cat lady starter pack” before moving towards the register counter to wait on the old owner. She leaned against the counter and started browsing on her phone when out of the corner of her eye she noticed a row of dolls on the shelf behind the counter. She like every little girl had played with dolls growing up, but those had all eventually found their way into the attic. Now that she had something in front of her to compare them to, she couldn’t even recall what hers had looked like. She put down her phone and purse and looked at the shelf. They were strangely intriguing, despite their being not much special about them. To be honest, they looked a little out of place considering they were in good condition, even looking kind of new. She looked toward the back, wondering where the old man had gone. It seemed those records were hidden pretty far in the back. Lindsay walked around the counter to get a closer look at these dolls. They were all girl dolls, with their features resembling children and babies. One had black hair and a Victorian style dress, its brown eyes staring out in front. The next one wore a diaper and a pink shirt, its blonde hair put into pig tails. The blue eyes were half closed behind realistic eyelashes. Lindsay thought that she would certainly have chosen this one, given that it would have looked the most like herself as a child. She felt a strong desire suddenly to touch it, to feel its realistic rubber skin. She drew a painted nail towards it, inching closer to feel its cheek. SLAM! Lindsay spun around with a shock. The old man had dumped a box of records onto the counter behind her. She hadn’t even heard him come up from the back. “Oh I’m sorry to frighten you!” The old man say with remorse. “No it’s no problem!” Lindsay said with a laugh. “I was just looking at the…” she started to point behind her but then gave a little shake to her head. “So these are the records?” The old man had a curious little smile on his face as he looked at her. “Ah, admiring my dolls are you?” With a slight blush Lindsay nodded in the affirmative. The old man walked around the counter to join her. “Yes, my customers always seem to find something…special when they come in here. There’s always something or another that intrigues them.” “No I don’t even know why I was looking at them, I don’t have any nieces…certainly no kids. So are there any 70s rock albums in here, by chance?” The little old man didn’t look toward the record box, however. He kept his eyes fixed on Lindsay, seeming to study her a bit more. Her long, dirty blond hair pushed out from under her hat, and even under her jacket and clothes her attractive frame was obvious. She was taller than him, not hard to do, but still she was taller than the average girl. She gave a nervous chuckle then broke his eye contact, looking at the floor. The old man shifted towards the shelf. “I’ll bet,” he said as he reached toward the shelf, “that you were most interested in this one.” Looking back up Lindsay was surprised to see he had picked up the little blonde baby doll. He held it out in front of her, open so that she could see it again. She stared at it, seemingly captivated by its eyes. With a low voice just above a whisper she said, “Yes.” The old man smiled before he offered it to her. “Go on, you can hold it.” Lindsay had no idea why she was so interested in the doll, but she wasn’t thinking about that. She just wanted to feel its skin. To touch the soft quality made diaper. She slowly gripped the doll, taking it for her own. It felt strangely familiar, triggering deep memories almost, but no one in particular came to mind. Simply put, it was just a comfort. She held it close to her chest, not like one would hold a baby, but like a girl would hold her favorite doll. “Oh yes,” the owner stated softly. “I think that doll suits you well.” Lindsay barely heard him as she allowed a few moments to pass. Then she relaxed her grip before looking back up at him. “The…the um…” Lindsay struggled to remember why she was here. “Records?” the man asked gently. “Yes,” Lindsay said coming to her senses. “Do you have any ro-“ “I think I’ve got a couple of the bands your friend is sure to like.” With that, he pulled a few dusty originals out of the box. As it turned out, the old man had a few of Allan’s favorites, and the prices on them were surprisingly very cheap! Lindsay officially had no idea how this shop was still in business, but she knew she was getting Allan a great deal. After purchasing them Lindsay put on her gloves and began marching to the door with the records in hand. She was halfway there before she stopped and remembered the doll pressed against her body by the crook of her arm. She turned around, taking the doll and offering it back towards the counter. “I’m so sorry, how mu-“ The old man simply put up his hands to her. “That one is yours. It’s been sitting on that shelf looking for an owner for far too long as it is. I hope it brings you plenty of joy.” Lindsay was a bit embarrassed, but she also couldn’t deny her fascination with the doll. With a bit of a blush and an awkward smile she turned around, the little bell clanging as she exited the shop.
  14. Miu Nakayama, (played by Robehouse), is a typical eightteen year old fashion sense smart Japanese student who has not yet decided on a career, which is becoming more and more common in Japan recently, though such students are still way outnumbered by others who already have dreams of what they want to do. Though she had no actual idea for a career in mind, she did have big plans about going abroad sometime and studying in Indoneasia, America, Europe, and so on, so believing English to be the language of the world, and loving to study it so much even from junior high school, which is also kind of rare among Japanese students, she had applied to get into an all English University where they teach everything in English and they prepare her to make a career choice that will use her English skills. As much as she loved the idea and aced getting into the school, she was going to graduate in about three months, and the closer to the entry date to her university, the more she worried about understanding her teachers and what was going on there. She talked about her concerns with her dad who then set her up to take English classes from a native American. The native America didn't live far from their house, and for the trial lesson, her dad would just drop her off, and let her attend the class on her own, and then pick her up. After the class, they would discuss whether that class was the right one for her. So it was that Miu Nakayama, had just hung out with her friends all day for it was the middle of the Japanese winter holidays, and she had done some extra studying at home as well, and then it came about time to get ready. "You want to impress the teacher," her father told her. "Wear something nice like you are going to a piano recital or something," he told her. "Don't look too adult-like, or he might misunderstand your English ability and make your class too hard for you. Just try to be yourself, but think about dressing in the way that will let him know he is still working with a child in high school, okay?" She had not been to the bathroom in the last six hours, nor did she feel like she had to go just now.... Mr. Ralph Taylor was an English teacher who had lived in Japan for quite a while. He understood Japanese culture as well as any foreigner could understand it, though his Japanese speaking ability was still limited due to the fact he used English most of the time. His students came to him to learn English, and aside from his teaching, he really didn't have much of a life. He loved teaching, though sometimes, he found himself wanting his own little girl to take care of. He would do almost anything to get a little girl, and unfortunately for Miu, this was strongly on his mind as he prepared for her class. He had not even met her or knew anything about her, but she was eighteen, and that meant, that whatever happened, she was not really a child, and if he could get her to do something of her own free will, it was probable that she wouldn't tell her parents if something got embarrassing for her, and at the sametime, if she did try to say something that could get him introuble, she would also risk getting her own embarrassment found out. He wasn't thinking along the lines of actually hurting her though. He had no intentions of touching in any way you wouldn't touch a child. But, he was thinking of making her more as a child than an adult through conditioning if he could. The first step, though, was to gain her trust, and to make his class exciting for her to learn from. He would make it as childish of a class as she could while simutaneously, making it seem each part had a point, and therefore, she would hopefully not realize how childish the class really was. He would give her sound reasons for each of the activities they did, and if her dad was there, then he would tailor the activities so that the dad wouldn't necessarily see them in action, but would understand the purpose behind them so he would also encourage her to do whatever the teacher said. So, it was, that he waited watching out his second story window for a car that didn't usually come to the parking lot below, for his student who was due to come at 6:30.
  15. Ann and Joe Chapter 1 Same old plot, different names, slightly different story – I’ll think of something new eventually! I know that some people like this scenario. I do too, so I hope those who like it enjoy it. Joe’s recovery was trying for both him and his wife Ann. Ann was trying to juggle her job as an executive with an international company with caring for Joe, and there was still their large home and grounds to look after. They had a gardener, who now took on Joe’s chores in the garden as well, but Ann had always liked to do her own housework, and continued to do so. It was six months after the accident, and Joe was still struggling. He was whole physically, but he still had motor problems. His coordination was not improving as well as had been hoped. The months in hospital had robbed him of much of his strength, and he still had a lot of trouble with simple tasks. He emotional state continued to be fragile, and his short term memory was not up to complex tasks. He needed reminding often for ordinary things, and would surprise Ann by odd behaviours such as forgetting to put his pants on after his shower bath unless Ann helped him dress, or he would ask silly questions or misinterpret straightforward things. In short, he could be a trial, even for Ann who loved him. Ann had found that she had to institute some rules around the house. She couldn’t trust Joe in the kitchen, for example, so he was banned from there without Ann being present. He no longer drove, of course, and couldn’t use the keypad on the phone, or a keyboard. Ann had been working from home as much as she could, but that practice had been taking a toil on her work, and much as she tried not to, she had begun to resent having to supervise Joe most of the day. Joe was OK settled in front of the screen, watching the material he liked. He wasn’t interested in talking heads, and couldn’t follow complex storylines. He wasn’t interested in current affairs any more, and although Ann had tried to follow the doctors’ directions and push him towards more challenging material just as Joe’s physical therapy was intended to ask increasingly more of him, she felt less guilt as time went on about taking the easy option and letting Joe watch the cartoons and childrens’ programs he preferred. She even lied slightly to the doctors about that, justifying her decisions by reminding herself how irresponsible Joe had been in lying to her about what he was doing at the time of the accident. He had been drunk, and had been on his way to visit his secretary, ostensibly as far as Ann could make out to deliver some work material to the girl. Ann suspected it was more than that, but she hadn’t been able to get the story from Joe and the girl herself had returned to New Zealand and was well out of reach. There wasn’t much point pursuing it, anyway. Things were what they were, and Joe was certainly loving in his way, and Ann found a new kind of fondness for him in caring for him. It wasn’t as though Joe was out of reach in any way, either. There were times when he was his old self, just with some physical problems. But most of the time, he was ‘compromised’ as one of the doctors had said, and quite dependent on Ann. They’d had no children, and sometimes Ann found that his affectionate dependence made her feel maternal in a way. Ann did feel guilty about that. After all, he was 28, and while not an imposing physical specimen, he was not a child, even if he did behave like one at times. Ann looked now at Joe, who was sleeping on the sofa. He often got tired in mid afternoon, and Ann was happy to let him sleep. An afternoon nap reduced the chance of him becoming frustrated and fractious which he did when he was tired. Ann understood how hard it must be for him, and did her best to keep him happy. She smiled at her sleeping husband. He had a favourite pillow, which he tended to clutch close when he slept. He even took it to bed with him now. Ann didn’t mind. They didn’t have sex any more – Joe was effectively impotent now, but he liked cuddling. Apart from his occasional grumpy turns, the only time he was a real handful was when he wet the bed. He hated that happening, and now that it was happening a couple of times a month, Ann had suggested that he slept in the spare bedroom. He was still welcome in her bed for a cuddle in the evening and in the morning when he would wander in and climb into the big bed they had once shared, but for the bulk of the night Ann preferred him in his own bed with the plastic sheet he resented so much beneath him. It saved a lot of washing. Ann had suggested night time protective pants for him, but he had got so cross she dropped the subject. He’d wet twice in the last week, and even with the plastic sheet it still meant washing the bottom sheet and the pyjamas he now wore, as well as his favoured pillow, which had had managed to soak as well on the last occasion. A few days later, Ann was asked to attend to some work that had to be done in the office. Ann had minimized it as much as she could, but she still had to be away from home for two whole days. She was ashamed to admit it, but she was looking forward to the break. She had organized with Joe’s physical therapist someone to come to the house, just to keep an eye on things and make sure Joe was OK. She wondered how Joe would take the news. He could be very insistent that he could cope alone, but the few times Ann had left him alone he had had a few issues. There was the pan boiled dry that had initiated the kitchen ban, and another time he had spilled the lunch she had left for him all over the leather armchair he was sitting in. They weren’t big things, but Ann felt that it was still risky to leave him home all day. ‘I don’t need anyone!’ Joe had said predictably when Ann had broached the subject. Ann had used the phrase ‘sit with you’, innocently enough, but it had got Joe upset. ‘You said a sitter,’ he complained. ‘I don’t need a sitter. I’m a grown man.’ ‘Yes, honey,’ said Ann, ‘But you forget things. You drop things. It’s not your fault, but it’s too risky to leave you here all by yourself for two whole days.’ ‘No!’ said Joe, and set his mouth in a pout. 'All by myself! I'm not a child. You don't have to talk to me like that!' Ann couldn’t help laughing, but she stopped laughing when she saw Joe's lips quivering and his eyes moistening. She realised that such a mundane thing as having someone around to ensure his safety was a big thing to Joe in nis newly dependent state. She hugged Joe, and tried to explain again, to more resistance from him, but she had to put her foot down. ‘Joe, it’s done, honey,’ she said. ‘I’ve arranged for her to come tomorrow and the next day. She has a lot of experience looking after people, and I’m sure you’ll like her. She works with people with problems all the time, and you can just do what you normally do. She’ll be there to help you if you need, just like I am.’ So it was settled, despite Joe sulkily stomping off to the couch and turning on the TV. Peg worked as a nurse at a respite centre for injured adults and children, and she had impressed Ann at an interview at the centre where the therapist had directed Ann. Ann liked the centre too. It seemed a very caring environment, where the patients were accepted with their various issues. Ann decided to keep the place in mind. She hadn’t told Joe, but she was under consideration for a job on the other side of the country for a few weeks. On the strength of what she’d seen at the centre, she had decided to make herself definitely available. She was hoping that if Joe had a good rapport with Peg, it might be possible for him to stay at the centre for a while. Ann decided to have a chat with Peg about it too. Peg was a no-nonsense woman, well built and deliberate in her actions, but clearly patient and with a kind heart. She had asked Ann a lot of questions about Joe’s behavior and his needs, and Ann felt confident that Joe would be in good hands. To be continued.
  16. This is my first ever story on the forum, but criticism is welcome if you have any advice. I haven't really proof read it either but I'm hoping it will be alright. Let me know if you want to see more. Chapter 1 Emily plunged her head onto her desk. She was sick of it. At 17 years old she was approaching her final exams before she finished school for the summer, a stressful time for anyone - but even more so for Emily. From a young age Emily had always had such high expectations for herself in school, never settling for anything less than the top score achievable. Even when she was in her first year in her very first school she would beat herself up if she got anything under 100%. Unlike most children, Emily's parents never once had to force Emily to revise for a test or do her homework; in fact they often found themselves forcing her to take a break and to stop stressing. Her parents were understanding parents that were often concerned about the pressure she put on herself to perform well, but they could also be very strict, not liking Emily going out and drinking underage, or talking back to them. Despite her parents concerns about her working herself too hard, Emily still felt that if she were to ever do badly in school that they would be silently disappointed in her, and she knew that although they were often told her to relax about it, they too did expect the best from her. Although school work was extremely important to Emily she still allowed time to go out with her friends and have fun. As a matter of fact she was actually quite popular at school, mainly because of her good looks and friendly nature. But during exam season she would rarely meet up with anyone, sometimes going out with her friends but pretty much restraining herself to just her home. Her friends loved her and understood how seriously she took her grades but always wished that she would chill out about it a little, knowing she was smart enough to get A's without pushing herself so hard. Hearing a knock at her door, Emily’s head shot up from the desk and she quickly turned to answer. “Come in!” Emily shouted. Her mother appeared through the door, worried to see her daughter still up. “Emily, it’s almost midnight! You’re not still working are you?” “I’m just doing some maths Mum, I just can’t understand the last unit and it’s really getting to me.” Seeing her mother’s concerned expression Emily knew what was coming. “Emily! I know it’s study leave and you don’t have school now but your first exam isn’t for another few weeks! Get to bed and give yourself some rest darling.” “Ok Mum I will, just if I can’t grasp this last unit then I’m screwed.” Emily sighed. Seeing her daughter’s frustrated state Emily’s mother decided to leave her be to get some rest. “We’ve spoken about this Emily. You must stop being so harsh on yourself! You’ll get it eventually just stop worrying. Goodnight love.” “Goodnight Mum” Emily appreciated her Mum trying to help. Her dad had been away on business for his company for the past few weeks and he wouldn’t be back until her exams were over, so her mum was the only one there to support her; and also to make sure she didn’t work herself to death. After another 20 minutes of trying and failing to crack her maths unit, Emily clambered into the bathroom feeling defeated. She brushed her teeth and headed back to her bedroom. On her way there she began to feel a strong headache pounding in the back of her head. She often suffered from headaches from the stress she caused herself during studying, and it always got worse during exam season. Realising that she had been revising for so long that she’d had little to drink, she headed downstairs to grab a glass of water and a painkiller for her headache. Back in her room, Emily thirstily downed her glass of water and swallowed the headache tablet along with it. Yawning, she undressed down to her underwear, taking off her bra and leaving her just in her panties. She then put on a baggy t-shirt which went right down to almost her knees. Laying in bed staring at the ceiling, Emily felt exhausted. These next exams were the biggest of her life so far, and that was really starting to dawning on her. Feeling more stressed than ever and with a banging headache, Emily was eventually able to drift off to sleep. Chapter 2 Emily groggily opened her eyes. She may push herself to work hard but she was still a teenager, and certainly struggled with getting up in the morning. After glancing to her bedside clock and seeing how late she had woken up she decided to attempt to get up. Rolling onto her back, as soon as she moved to sit up and reach for her phone, her lower half felt cold. Emily would often sweat in her sleep but this felt different. Confused, she placed her hand onto her stomach - it was wet. Quickly she pulled off her duvet and to her horror the sheets that she was sat on were soaking wet. She couldn’t believe it. Her panties were drenched and the damage had even reached the front of her t-shirt right up to her bellybutton. Sat in her own accident, Emily froze with thoughts buzzing around her head. ‘Why has this happened to me? I can’t have wet the bed, I can’t even remember the last time I wet the bed! There’s no way Mum can know about this!’ She sat in utter disbelief for a good few minutes before she finally decided she was going to have to do something about the mess. The smell of her accident was beginning to become unpleasant. First of all she just wanted to get herself clean. She stripped herself of her wet clothes and hid them underneath her bed, then put on her nightgown. Emily stared at the yellow stained sheets for a second and began to feel embarrassed. She covered her sheets with the duvet then, grabbing some fresh clothes, Emily began to make her way to the shower. In the shower, thoughts raced around Emily’s mind. Was it because of the glass of water she had before bed? Surely not… she quite often would have a drink before bed but this has never happened before. Emily had never been a bedwetter, and was actually keeping the bed dry from a young age. She’d always been mature for her age, and her parents had been very vigilant when it came to toilet training; which is why it shocked her even more so that this had happened. The stress of having to deal with this freak occurrence along with her studying was really starting to build up. Fighting back the tears, Emily washed herself down, got out of the shower and got herself dressed. After getting herself clean Emily was feeling much better, she was sure that the accident was a one off and wouldn’t occur again. It was probably something to do with the headache she’d had and staying up late, she thought. Having reassured herself about the situation and calmed down, she knew it was still inevitable that she was going to have to put her wet sheets and clothes in the wash at some point. Her duvet was a little damp too but taking that would be too much of a handful, and her mum would probably notice it missing from the bed if she did. Emily cursed herself for not doing her own laundry - if her mum didn’t still do it for her then it’d be far easier to wash them without her asking questions. Emily decided the sooner she gets it out of the way, the better. Stripping the sheet off her mattress, she took a deep breath and then grabbed her clothes from underneath the bed. Having her mum find out about her little mishap would be incredibly embarrassing to Emily, especially since it was just a one off occurrence. With the damp sheet under her arm and her clothes in her other hand, Emily dashed down the stairs and into the laundry room. She hastily got down onto her knees and opened the washing machine. She was just about to bundle them in then suddenly - “Morning Emily, you’re up later than usual today? It’s almost 1pm.” Emily froze. “Yeah” She paused for a second. “I overslept.” She kept her back to her mum, hoping cover up what she was doing. Her mother then looked directly at the sheet Emily was just about to shove into the machine. “Why are you washing your bedsheet? I changed your sheets a couple days ago.” Emily’s mother asked quizzically. “Oh… I uhh…” Emily struggled for words. “I just spilt some juice on it last night. I’m sorry.” Emily replied, instantly realising what a poor attempt of an excuse that was. She had always been a bad liar and her mother could see right through her. She glanced to the wet clothes in Emily’s other hand. “Emily… don’t lie to me,” Emily could see her mother put on her serious face. “Why are your clothes wet?” Emily quickly saw that all hope was lost, her mum wasn’t stupid, and there was now no escape. “I...I don’t know what happened.” Emily whimpered and quickly broke into tears. Her mother quickly understood what had happened. “Oh Emily come here” Her mother knelt down next to Emily and comforted her, pulling her into a hug. “Is this the first time this has happened dear? Please be honest with me Emily.” “Yes! This is the first time I swear” Emily sniffled, “I… I don’t know why it happened…” Emily’s Mum continued to gently comfort her, rubbing her back. She was confused as to why her 17 year old daughter who has never had any troubles with bedwetting would suddenly start again. “Oh Emily... I’m sure it was a one time thing. There’s exams coming up and you’re stressed out. There’s no need to worry about it. Don’t be so hard on yourself darling.” “I know mum... “ Emily wiped the tears from her cheeks, “It won’t happen again I’m sure of it” “Ok sweetheart I believe you. Let me handle the sheets, you should go grab something for breakfast, you haven’t eaten yet.” “Ok Mum, thank you” Emily whispered, grateful for her mother’s support. Chapter 3 Sitting at the table, Emily attempted to eat her cereal. She was ashamed that her mother had caught her in the act of trying to clean her sheets, but in a strange way kind of glad that she didn’t have to try and hide it from her. ‘She caught me stuffing my wet sheets into the laundry… just like an 8 year old would’ Emily thought. ‘Oh well, I’ve got to get studying and just forget about it’. For the rest of the day Emily did a bit of light studying over English and Science, perhaps her two best subjects, but found it hard to focus with what was on her mind - the accident. She was pretty tired out over today’s events and after struggling to focus decided it was best to not study too hard and mainly just relax. Spending the day chilling out was a nice break and Emily felt far better after a well deserved break. The day passed pretty quickly and it soon got to dinner time. Emily’s mum had cooked up mac n’ cheese, Emily’s favourite, to try and cheer her up. Dinner was as usual and after Emily had finished helping clear away, she turned to head up the stairs. “Emily!” Her mother called her just before she could run off, “Just... make sure to go to the toilet before bed tonight, ok?” Emily was shocked that her mum had just reminded her to go to the toilet before bed, just like she would’ve done when she was a child. Did her Mum not trust her after one stupid mishap? “What the fuck Mum? I thought we both agreed this was a one off thing, you don’t need to remind me to use the toilet like a little kid?” Emily spat back in an aggressive tone. “Listen here young lady, don’t you dare speak to me like that. I’m only reminding you to make sure you don’t have to go before bed because your mattress is damaged after last night. I just don’t want to have to spend hundreds of pounds on a new mattress alright?” Emily noticed her Mum’s strict expression and knew she had crossed the line. “Ok jeez I’m sorry… it’s just embarrassing ok.” She meekly replied. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be condescending to you, I just want to make sure the mattress doesn’t get damaged beyond repair. But don’t you dare curse at me again. Goodnight.” Emily’s mother sternly replied. Emily blushed red, embarrassed. She didn’t respond but just ran upstairs to her room. She had a caring mother but one that could certainly fall into the strict parent category. When Emily was younger her mother had always been very strict on the rules of the house, especially talking back. Emily remembered being punished many times for such stupid reasons. Luckily she wanted to work hard and do well in school, and rarely messed around or did anything rebellious, so it’d been awhile since her mum had had to tell her off like that. Her mother did not tolerate swearing and certainly not in an aggressive tone like Emily had just performed. After laying on her phone for the best part of an hour, Emily finally decided it was time to get some rest. She got into her pajama bottoms as it was a bit colder than last night, and put on a t-shirt. Whilst brushing her teeth she thought again about what her mum had said to her. Did she really need to remind Emily to use the toilet before bed like a little girl? The last time she did that was when she was barely out of nappies. ‘I guess it’s fair enough that she doesn’t want me to damage the mattress but that was ridiculous’ Emily thought. There was no way she needed to be reminded. She stared at the toilet from across the bathroom. She didn’t feel like she needed to go… so why would she? The way her mother had reminded her had patronised her so much that it actually made her want to not use the toilet, just to show her mum that she didn’t need to empty her bladder before bed to keep dry at night. Pausing for a second Emily then turned off the light and walked back to her bedroom, filled with the confidence that she didn’t need to be reminded like a child to use the toilet before going to sleep. ‘I mean even if I had of needed the toilet, I don’t have to go before bed to stay dry.’ She convinced herself as she climbed into bed and turned off her light. Chapter 4 In the middle of the night, Emily stirred. In her half asleep state the last thing she remembered was dreaming deeply about something. Suddenly, something didn’t feel quite right. There was a growing warmth between her legs... immediately she understood what was happening. To her absolute dismay she realised that as she woke up she was already wetting the bed - and she couldn’t stop herself. She lay there, unable to stop her bladder from emptying the last drops it had left. She was distraught; and completely drenched. All of a sudden, Emily didn’t know what came over her but she started to cry. She felt so helpless, so immature and pathetic. What’s worse is the fact she woke up whilst doing it; she had to lay there and wait for herself to finish wetting the bed. Her bottom and legs felt warm and wet, which was horribly uncomfortable. She pictured herself, laying there crying helplessly in a puddle of her own accident - this only made her cry more. Looking across to the clock it was 1am, and still dark. Emily knew she couldn’t go back to sleep like this as it was far too uncomfortable and would soon get cold, but at the same time was afraid of getting up and wakening her mum to find her like this; she certainly wouldn’t be happy about the mattress. Standing up, she tried to be as quiet as possible and stripped off her wet pajamas and top. She had wet far more this time and her bed was completely drowned. Turning on her bedside light she could even see the sheets stained slightly yellow, which made her cringe. Emily stood naked in the middle of her room, she had taken off her wet clothes but her skin was still damp from her accident and she felt disgusting - she had to get clean, but having a shower at this hour would surely wake up her mother, was it worth the risk? Unsure of what to do, Emily wiped the tears from her eyes. Eventually she decided she would wipe herself down in the bathroom instead of showering. She wouldn’t be completely clean, but at least her mother wouldn’t get woken up to find out she’d had another accident. Emily’s lower region and legs were still damp from her accident, and so instead of putting on any clean clothes and ruining them too, she simply walked to the bathroom in the nude. Once in the bathroom, Emily began to wipe around her butt and the inside of her legs. She felt so infantile, sat on the cold tiled floor, naked and wiping her own pee off her body. But really at this point she was too tired to care. Looking over to the toilet she cursed herself for trying to defy what her mother had said rather than just using the toilet like the big girl she should’ve been. Standing up, she put the soggy toilet paper in the toilet and flushed. Walking over to the cupboard, she grabbed a spare towel which she would put over her wet spot on the bed for the rest of the night, as she was too exhausted to deal with her sheets right now. ‘Hopefully Mum will go out tomorrow and I can put them in the wash then’ she thought. Walking back to her room,she was suddenly taken aback when her mother’s bedroom door opened. “Emily… what are you doing walking around like that?” Her mother questioned, hastily shielding her eyes from seeing her daughter’s exposed body. “Oh my God, Mum, what are you doing up?” Emily quickly covered herself with the towel, holding it in front of her. Her mother saw the towel and put the pieces together. “It hasn’t happened again has it Emily? Please don’t tell me it has…” Her mother said with a tense look on her face. “I’m...I’m sorry Mum... I didn’t mean to I really didn’t!” Emily cried. “It’s ok, it’s ok. Don’t panic about it. You stay here and I’ll bring you a change of clothes and sort out your sheets.” Her mother replied in a caring manner. “Mum, you don’t have to, I’ll deal with it pleas-” “No, you’ve had enough stress, just wait here and everything will be fine.” Emily’s mum replied in an authoritative tone. A few minutes later Emily’s mother had returned with some clean clothes and informed her she had sorted out the sheets. Emily put on the clothes right there, not caring if her mum saw her bare body, the wet bed was embarrassing enough that she couldn’t care less about her naked state. “Emily, be honest with me, did you use the toilet before bed?” “Yes obviously…” Emily replied in an unconvincing tone . “Hmmm ok.” Her mother could see Emily was lying, but also knew that she was probably already upset enough right now so chose not to argue with her. “Well I want you to try again now so we don’t have repeat of this in the morning.” “Mum I don’t need to go to the toi-” “Emily. Don’t argue with me. I want you to go back in there and try again, or the mattress really will be ruined.” At this point Emily was pissed off. She was pissed off at herself for repeatedly embarrassing herself, and she was even more pissed off at her mother for treating her like such a child. “Mum I’m fucking 17 years old, I would know if I needed to use the fucking toilet and I don’t! Stop treating me like a baby!” Emily snapped. Instantly the look on her mother’s face let Emily know that she’d messed up. “How DARE you talk to me like that. How DARE you!” Emily’s mother swiftly moved behind her and slapped her across the bottom and sternly pointed to the bathroom. ”You are going into that bathroom and sitting on the toilet whether you like it or not! So I don’t have to clean up another mess tomorrow morning!” Her mother finished. Emily instantly began weeping. She couldn’t believe the fact her mother had smacked her bottom like she used to when she was naughty. Yes she had snapped, and yes she had disrespected her, but she couldn’t believe she had just been spanked like a little child. It was all too much. She ran into the bathroom crying and sat herself on the toilet. To her surprise, having thought she didn’t need to go, she began peeing. This made her even more upset. ‘What’s happening to me?’ She whimpered. Upon leaving the toilet, her mother had gone back to bed, and so Emily dragged herself back to her room in shame. She placed the towel underneath her butt and tried to get back to sleep. Chapter 5 Light beamed upon a sleepy Emily’s eyelids; her eyes flickered for a second until she was awoken by the sun’s dazzling rays. She opened her eyes slowly to see her Mum had opened her curtains to wake her up. “Morning Emily, how are you feeling?” Her mother asked gently. “I’m ok...tired I guess.” Emily asked, still struggling to wake up. Emily’s mother paused for a second before sitting on the bed beside her. “Emily...are you wet?” Emily promptly blushed. She discreetly shuffled her legs a little to make sure she was dry. “No, I’m dry.” She replied shyly. “Oh that’s good!” Her mother replied in the way a parent might speak to a 5 year old struggling with bedwetting. Emily was embarrassed at the way her mum had spoken to her, but secretly she was glad too that she hadn’t wet twice in one night. “I was thinking maybe we should take you to see a doctor Emily? I know it’s embarrassing to talk about, but they might be able to help you - or at least tell you why this is happening? It’s only happened twice I know, but I’m concerned. It’s not normal for a girl your age to start wetting the bed again and I think it’d be very mature of you to go and see somebody about this.” Emily’s mother looked at her anxiously, waiting for her daughter’s reaction. “You’re probably right Mum.” Emily replied bravely. “Oh well done darling. I know this must be hard on you especially with your exams coming up, but it’s the grown up thing to do. Good girl.” Her mother smiled at her. Emily knew her mum was right, but still felt nervous about it. “It’ll be so embarrassing though!” “I know sweetheart but if you don’t get help then this might just continue, and I’m sure that’d be more embarrassing! I’ll get on the phone to the doctor later.” With that, Emily’s mother gave her a hug and then left. Emily appreciated her mother trying to help and was glad she was being supportive of her. She knew seeing a doctor would be the best thing to do. At the same time, Emily couldn’t help but feel like her mother was treating her more like a child since her accidents. After having her bottom smacked last night, which she still couldn’t believe, and the way her mother had spoken to her this morning saying how ‘grown up’ she was being, she felt very little. Emily figured at least praising her for being a ‘good girl’ was better than getting her butt spanked whilst being told off. However she decided if her mother was to speak to her like a child again she wouldn’t stand for it. She was 17, a young adult, capable, mature. Her mother may have punished her in the past but she was too old for that now and she wasn’t going to stand for it anymore. Chapter 6 Emily got up and had a shower, as she still wasn’t properly clean from last night’s events. She spent most of the day revising downstairs, still avoiding the maths unit she was unable to master. The day went by fairly quickly and she tried her hardest to avoid thinking about going to bed that night. She began to worry that maybe her accidents weren’t a random occurrence - it’d happened twice now so it wasn’t just a one time thing. Eventually Emily was able to convince herself that if she went to the toilet before bed like her mum had told her, she should be fine and the whole thing would be forgotten about. At the dinner table later, things were as normal between Emily and her mother. Emily spoke about the work she’d been doing today and how she was feeling confident for her first exam. Soon though Emily knew what was going to come into conversation. “So I spoke to the doctor today,” Emily’s mum instantly changed her tone to a more gentle manner. “Unfortunately he has a very busy schedule and we’re going to have to wait a few days until he’s free to see you; but he did give me some advice to help you.” Emily instantly felt uncomfortable to be talking about her issue again. She was certain it was going to go away as long as she went to the bathroom before bed. “What did he say?” Emily questioned. “Well he said that until he can see you it’s best that we do something to prevent any further damage to your bedding.” Her mother said trying to sound optimistic. “What do you mean?” Emily asked worryingly. “Well I went to the shops today and picked up a few things which should help.” Her mother explained tentatively. “He suggested that we get something to protect the bed, so I’ve bought you a plastic sheet for the mattress. I know it’s embarrassing Emily, but it’s to protect the mattress from being completely ruined. I hope you can be mature about this and agree with me it’s the right thing to do?” She looked hopefully at her daughter. Again Emily felt ashamed to even be having this conversation but she knew the main reason her mother had been angry at her was for soaking the mattress. “Yeah… I guess it’s the right thing to do…” Emily shrugged. “but I honestly think this is all just going to pass in a couple days Mum, there’s nothing to be worried about.” “Well done Emily,” Her mother praised her. “I know it might pass in a couple days, but until it does we have to do something about it.” Emily didn’t like the thought of having a plastic sheet on her bed just like a bedwetting little girl, but she knew it’d be better than ruining the mattress. She stood up from the table and began to clear away her plate, not wanting to stay in this awkward situation for any longer. “Emily,” Her mother beckoned her back before she could leave the table. “Please sit down I’m not done talking yet.” Emily sat, not happy to be held there any longer than she had to be. Her mother continued. “The doctor also suggested that you try wearing some” Her mum paused, searching for the right word. “...overnight protection.” Emily’s heart sank. “I know it’s horrible to have to do but surely you’d prefer to wake up feeling dry rather than soaked? It’s not going to be forever Emily, just until we can sort this out. It’d be the really grown up thing for you to do.” She awaited anxiously for a response. Emily didn’t know how to respond. Stunned at her mother’s proposition she took a minute to check this wasn’t just some horrible nightmare. She knew there was no way that she was going to wear nappies again at 17 years old. She was way past that stage and she definitely wasn’t going back. “Mum there is absolutely no way in hell that I’m wearing a nappy. I’ve only had two accidents and you’re already trying have me wear a… a nappy? This is ridiculous, I’ve agreed to the plastic sheet but I’m not agreeing to this.” Emily responded, on the verge of tears. “Emily, please listen to me. I know you’re upset but you have to understand this is the sensible thing to do. And anyway, they aren’t nappies, they’re pull up pants like underwear. They’re far more discreet and are more like your knickers than a nappy. I know you might not want to but you haven’t been the one who’s had to clean your wet, smelly pajamas the past two nights! I’m afraid you don’t have a choice; I want to see you wearing one tonight so I don’t have to do anymore cleaning up.” Her mother shot her an unrelenting look that said ‘don’t you dare argue back at me’. From the look her mother had shot at her, Emily knew she had lost. She didn’t say a word just ran up to her bedroom and shoved her face into her pillow. Sniffling, she didn’t have many more tears left to cry over the past few days events, but when she then heard the crinkle of the plastic sheet on her bed, she couldn’t hold back. The thought of having to wear a nappy, or whatever her mum wanted to call it, to bed was the ultimate embarrassment for her. Chapter 7 A few hours had passed and Emily had eventually calmed down and accepted her fate. She knew it wouldn’t be long before her mum knocked on the door to see that she put on her pull up before bed. Finally came what she was dreading to hear, the knock at the door. “What?” She shouted at the door, clearly still in a strop about her current predicament. Her mother stepped into the room, holding a large pink package in her hands. ‘That must be them’ Emily thought, her stomach now feeling uneasy. “Emily, I want you to go and put one of these on now please. It’s getting late and I’m sure you’re tired after the last couple days, you should get some rest.” Her mother’s tone had certainly become a lot more sympathetic; she knew that this must be really hard for Emily, but she had to enforce the new rule to make sure Emily complied. She placed the pink package on the end of Emily’s bed. “Look Mum, I’ll wear the stupid things if you really want me to, but can you at least trust me to put it on without you having to ask me? I’m 17, I don’t need you to make sure I put it on.” Emily’s tone was fairly bitter but she daren’t get another smack across her bottom so she made sure to watch her language. “Ok darling, I’m sorry. Good girl for going along with this, I’m proud of you.” Emily started to question whether her mum even realised how patronising she sounded when she called her a ‘good girl’, but chose to ignore it instead of creating yet another scene. She went to her draw to grab a pair of pajama bottoms, then realised they were in the wash from last night. Emily really didn’t want to have her pull up on show to everyone but didn’t have much of a choice. Instead she pulled out the baggiest t-shirt she could find, then went to the bathroom with the pack of pull ups under her arm. She couldn’t believe this was happening. After brushing her teeth, Emily sat on the toilet to make 100% sure she didn’t have any pee left in her. She was fairly certain she didn’t need to go but thought best to take her mother’s advice this time around. Having sat there for a good minute, she was confident she didn’t need to go. She went to pull her panties back up, and then realised she might as well leave them off for what was about to come. Emily stared at the pack in her hands. It had a picture of a girl who looked far younger than her age on it, and the designs on the front of the pull up looked incredibly babyish, featuring pink flowers, love hearts and butterflies. She read the front of the pack. ‘Drynites pajama pants. For Girls 8-15. Protection where girls need it most.’ Why were the designs so childish? She shivered with embarrassment after reading the pack; questioning had her mum gotten her size 8-15. Although she hadn’t felt like it the past few days, she was 17 - surely these would be too small for her? On closer inspection after reading the smallprint of the pack, Emily realised they should actually fit her fine. This only made her more embarrassed. Emily had always been a small girl for her age, at 17 she was only 5”2 and was certain she had stopped growing. Realising that stalling time by reading the pack wasn’t going to stop her from eventually having to put one on, she tore open the pack. Swallowing her pride, Emily grabbed a pull up from the pack and began to unfold it. It was a lot thicker than she had expected. ‘More like my knickers than a nappy? Yeah right…’ She thought to herself, thinking about what her mum had said to her. Finally she had unfolded the pull up, and now only had to step into it. Emily stripped off her tanktop she had been wearing and accepted that this was happening. Now naked, she lifted her leg and put it through leg hole of the Drynite, followed by next leg. She slid it up slowly until it reached her crotch, then had to wiggle her bottom slightly to bring it right up to around her waist. The whole time she couldn’t help but imagine what her friends would think if they saw her like this right now. A popular, straight A student, back to wearing a pull up. She rubbed her hand against the front of the Drynite, which bulged out quite a bit. It was big and puffy, but also very tight around her waist, and inner thighs. ‘I guess that’s so it doesn’t leak’ Emily wondered. As she moved her legs, she noticed how restricted her thighs were from now touching each other. It felt bulky between her legs, forcing her to stand with her feet slightly wider apart. As she went to pick up her t-shirt, she caught herself in the mirror. Emily immediately felt incredibly babyish. There she saw a young woman looking back at her with reasonably sized breasts and a grown up expression, but also wearing a Drynite pull up. Half woman, half baby, she thought. Emily finally picked up her t-shirt and put it on. Thankfully it just about covered her Drynite from the front, but when she looked over her shoulder and into the mirror, she noticed you could just about see the bottom of her pull up poking out from the back. If she bent over, she would bear all. At this point, she was just grateful that only her mother would be able to see this - no one else. Exhausted, defeated and ready for a night’s sleep, Emily returned to her bedroom. To her shock her mother was there waiting for her. “Mum why aren’t you in bed?” Emily asked now embarrassed, knowing that underneath her t-shirt she was now wearing her bedtime pull up. “I’m sorry Emily... I just wanted to have a final check to see if they fit ok. I wouldn’t want them to be too big and leak, or be too small and not fit alright.” Emily stood there in disbelief. Did her mother not hear what she had said before about trusting her to deal with this on her own? She was old enough to see if it fitted properly and felt insulted at her mother’s constant refusal to trust her with the issue. “Mum for goodness sake, I’ve told you I can deal with it! Please just let me handle this on my own.” Having her mother check her pull up seemed so condescending to Emily, it would be the ultimate slap in the face to her. This was all Emily could muster, she couldn’t be bothered to argue, she just wanted to go to sleep. “Emily. Please don’t do this now. If you’re not going to be a big girl and let me check your pull up fits then I’m just going to have to do it without your permission.” Emily’s mother had had enough of her constant defiance today and wanted to go to bed. She understood that Emily wanted the trust and responsibility of dealing with this on her own; but realistically Emily had been so upset by all this she didn’t trust Emily to cope with this by herself. To her understanding, she was just trying to help her daughter - but Emily didn’t see it this way. She was tired and fed up with arguing with Emily and so took matters into her own hands. Fed up with Emily’s constant refusal to everything she proposed, she knelt down next to Emily and went to lift her shirt. “Mum seriously fuck off now” Emily said, shaking with mixed emotions of anger and embarrassment. Emily’s mother instantly reacted, lifting the back of Emily’s shirt and smacking her padded behind. Emily whimpered in shock, utterly ashamed of the situation she found herself in. “If you want to act like a 3 year old then you’ll get treated like one! Now don’t you dare talk back to me again or it won’t just be one smack to your bottom next time young lady! I know you’re having a hard time but you can’t disrespect me like that and not expect consequences!” Emily’s mother roared at her. Emily was frozen on the spot, there was nothing she could do. Her mother quickly raced her fingers around the leg holes of the Drynite, poking and prodding at certain areas to make sure they were the right fit. “These seem to fit ok. I was worried they might be too big. Now if you need the toilet in the night you can just pull them down, but make sure they’re back on properly when you pull them back up.” Emily’s mother patted the seat of her pull up, then stood up. “Also, if you do have an accident in the night, don’t be afraid to come and see me if you need help with anything. I’m very disappointed in your behaviour recently Emily, I thought I had raised you better than this. Goodnight.” Her mother left the room, leaving Emily feeling more infantile than she had done since she can remember. Emily didn’t even know what to think anymore. How on earth could her mother suddenly start treating her like she was a toddler again? ‘She threatened me with a fucking spanking… I’m 17 years old for fucks sake’. Now at rock bottom, Emily got into bed. She found it hard to get to sleep trying to process all that had happened today, and also trying to get used to the padding between her legs. After a lot of tossing and turning, she slept. Chapter 8 Emily woke up. Straight away she put her hands down to her sides to feel her bedding. It was dry! It felt like a stupid thing for a 17 year old to be celebrating, but Emily was instantaneously happy. She sat up, thinking about going and telling her mum that she’d told her all along this would be over soon. As she positioned herself upwards, as quickly as she had felt happy, she felt despair. Her Drynite didn’t feel like it had the night before. She reached down to grab the front of her pull up. Puffy and cold. To her dismay, her bed may have been dry but she was definitely not. Emily sighed. This wasn’t just a one time thing, this wasn’t just a two time thing, this was a thing. It was the start of the day and Emily had already given up. She stood up from her bed and felt her Drynite squidge and slosh between her legs as she tried to walk. It felt nasty to know that she was now in a garment that was encasing her accident against her. At the same time, she appreciated how much better it felt than waking up in a wet bed. Although this wasn’t the most pleasant feeling, it was certainly a lot cleaner than a soaking, smelly bed. Emily inspected her bed, running her hand over the rustling of the plastic sheet. It was bone dry. She then inspected her t-shirt, which in the previous nights had ended up wet too. It was bone dry. Emily smiled slightly, it was such a stupid thing to be wearing, but she was glad she had listened to her mum. She was right, it was far better than a wet bed. Emily wasn’t happy that she had now confirmed herself as a bedwetter, but she was at least happy with the result of the pull up. It sounded stupid, but it made her feel more confident about the whole situation. It had served her well, but now felt clammy and cold. She wanted to take it off but didn’t know where she’d put it if she did. After the first good night's sleep she’d had in awhile, she felt happier this morning and kept thinking about what had happened with her mother last night. She felt her mother had acted unreasonably by threatening her with a spanking like a 3 year old, and was still upset about this; but she realised that really the whole time her mum had just wanted to save her from leaking onto the bed, which wouldn’t have been good for anyone. She regretted her behaviour and decided that from now on she should just do as her mum says, as it usually seems to be right, even if it was embarrassing. Emily determined that she would apologise to her today, and also ask her what to do with this now soggy pull up she found herself in. Emily walked through to see her mother eating breakfast at the table. Her mother looked up at her, confused to see Emily still dressed in last night’s attire. She was surprised to see that Emily appeared less ashamed about what she was wearing. “Morning Mum, I just wanted to apologise for how I acted last night and also the night before that too. I know that you just want the best for me and from now on I’ll try not to act like such a little brat.” Emily felt much better after letting this out. “Wow, I can’t believe what I’m hearing.” Emily’s mother smiled, “I’m very proud of you for saying that Emily. I’m glad you’ve realised the way you were acting was inappropriate.” Emily smiled and sat down at the table, forgetting about her wet Drynite. As she sat down, her pull up expanded. It was being pushed to its absolute limits. A tiny dribble of pee escaped from her bottom and onto the chair. Emily felt this on this inside of her thigh and immediately panicked. Was it going to blow? She quickly stood up from the chair and assessed the damage. A tiny puddle of a pee sat on top of the wooden chair and a few drips were racing down Emily’s legs. Right away Emily felt her confidence begin to deteriorate. “Emily! Why haven’t you taken that thing off yet?” Her mother questioned her. She made her way over to Emily and examined the Drynite. Emily felt ashamed but knew that if she tried to argue with her mother it would only end badly again. After being threatened with a spanking, whether her mum was serious about it or not, she knew where her place was. If it was anything like she remembered her mother’s spankings to be, then it would not be fun. “Oh Emily, you’ve really put these to the test haven’t you.” She said whilst checking her 17 year old daughter’s Drynite. “I don’t think these are going to be absorbent enough. You might fit into a 8-15 year old pull up, but you’re bladder is certainly a 17 year old’s.” Her mother said whilst standing up. ‘Great’ Emily thought, ‘So I might have the body of an 8-15 year old but my accidents are bigger.’ “Why hadn’t you taken that off before you came down here Emily?” Her mother asked. “I’m sorry Mum I was going to ask you where I should put it, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I’m sorry.” Emily felt herself feeling more and more immature than she already did. She couldn’t even handle her own wet pull up without making a mess; maybe her mum was right, she did need her help. “It’s ok sweetheart come here, I’m just proud of you for wearing your pull ups last night.” Emily’s mother pulled her into a tight embrace. Emily was unhappy that her mother had given up calling them ‘overnight protection’ but what was the point. She felt completely helpless and needed her mummy right now. Mummy? What was she thinking. Mum she forcibly corrected herself. “How about when you have a wet pull up, just give it to me and I’ll deal with it. I don’t want you feeling like you have to stress over anything more than you should right now. You have exams coming up and you should be focusing on them. Let me worry about your Drynites ok?” At that moment Emily felt so relieved to have her mother helping her. She may have been angry at her the past couple days, but now she had never felt more grateful to have someone helping her with her problem. “Ok… thanks Mum.” Emily said shyly into her mother’s shoulder. “Do you need any help cleaning yourself up?” Emily thought for a second, she appreciated the support but wasn’t quite sure about her mum helping her clean up in that way. “Thanks Mum but I think I’ll be ok.” Emily sniffed. “Ok darling, just give me your pull up when you’re done. I’m going to go shopping today and try and find you something more suitable for your accidents. I’m sorry for not getting you something absorbent enough. This is my fault.” Emily’s mother really saw the helplessness in her eyes. Emily really just needed a mum right now. In a way, she found it kind of nice that her daughter needed her like this. Emily had always been so independent and self motivated that she rarely needed to be the mother figure; she enjoyed being able to be a mum again. Chapter 9 Emily found herself in the shower, wiping herself down for the third day in a row. She was torn between being upset about her sudden phase of wetting the bed again, but somehow also strangely comforted. The feeling of comfort was from her mother. Emily hadn’t really felt loved by her mother for a long time until now; she was always doing so well in everything that her mum never needed to help her with much. But this was different - now that she had a problem, her mother was able to help her and, for once, look after Emily. Emily realised that at first she had been upset with her mum really for just trying to help; and because Emily rarely needed help, she felt insulted - like it was undermining her independence. After having worn her Drynite last night and having woken up far more confident and feeling good, Emily decided to just let her mother do what she thought was best. No more defying her. Plus she was secretly really enjoying the attention she was getting, something that was rare from her mum. Emily got out of the shower feeling better than she had in a long time, even before her accidents occurred. She got dressed into some black leggings and a blue tanktop, then went to give her not-so-dry nite to her mother. She giggled, finding it funny how it was called a Drynite, when really it just ends up wet. Her mother disposed of the pull up and shortly after left to go do the shopping for the week; and also for Emily. It was nice to have a mother who worked from, home and Emily enjoyed having her around in times like this; it was just a shame her dad was the exact opposite. Feeling like she could take on the world, Emily decided to give the dreaded maths unit another try. She worked for a good couple hours at her desk trying to get through it all, but thought it was best to not try and do too much at once. Instead, she spent the next half of the day waiting for her mum to come home. She was surprisingly curious to see what her mother would bring home for her. The pull ups had made her feel confident but the mishap that she’d had this morning wasn’t fun, so she hoped what her mum would bring her this time would be more suitable. After what felt like hours, Emily’s mum returned home. She cooked dinner for the two of them and they enjoyed a really nice conversation over their meals. It seemed that any previous spite between them had vanished. Emily went up to bed, strikingly nervous for her mum to come and bring her whatever new ‘overnight protection’ she had to wear. She felt embarrassed to be needing extra protection, the Drynites hadn’t lasted very long. She just hoped she could feel as confident as she did this morning - until the leak that is. Around 30 minutes later, Emily’s mother appeared. “Hey sweetheart, how are you feeling?” “Good thanks Mum, I got loads done of that tricky maths unit today!” Emily beamed. “Well done! I’m proud of you for not giving up on it.” Her mother beamed back. Emily could see the pack her mother carried in her hand, it looked a lot bigger than the package of Drynites before. She also seemed to be holding some other things, bottles of something similar? “Well Emily I got you something I’m pretty certain should do the job,” Her mum explained, “There should definitely not be any leakage this time around. I’m sorry for causing you that embarrassment.” “It’s fine Mum, I’m sure the same won’t happen again. What are they?” Emily asked, finally feeling more comfortable to talk about the subject, feeling only slightly awkward about it now. “Well, I’m afraid they’re not exactly like pull ups,” Emily had expected this, “They’re more like an adult nappy. They have tapes on the sides and they’re a bit bigger, but they should definitely fit snugly and prevent any leaks. They can absorb much more.” Emily knew that the next step up from her pull ups was going to be nappies, this was inevitable after her pull ups had failed her. Although it was arguably more embarrassing, Emily actually felt more secure about this. If they wouldn’t leak then she had nothing to worry about. “Ok Mum, thanks, I’ll go try one on and you can check the fit.” Emily said, standing up, eager to get it over and done with. “Well Emily, that’s what I’m worried about” Her mother went on, “You’ve never put on a nappy before have you? Not on anyone else, and certainly not on yourself. I think I need to show you how to put it on, then you’ll know how to do it yourself in the future.” Emily thought for a minute. She knew that her mum was probably right, she had been about everything else so far, but this was a little too weird. She knew she would feel far too comfortable. “Yeahhhh, I don’t know about that Mum. I think I’d rather try mysel-” “Emily,” Her mother interrupted. “Would you rather that you do it and then we get another leak in the morning? I’m not letting you try this yourself and we have another mess to clear up. I want to help you sweetheart, you’ve been under so much stress recently. Let me deal with it..” Emily’s mother knew Emily would have no idea how to put the nappy on herself, and it would only end in tears in the morning. She suddenly found herself forgetting that her daughter was 17 years of age, it certainly hadn’t seemed like it recently. For a brief moment Emily considered contesting, but really it was a choice between spanking or having herself nappied by her mother. She thought for a second, and realised she really had no idea how to put a nappy on herself. Again her mother was right, but again, it meant suffering further embarrassment. Before Emily could even respond, she found herself being gently laid back on her bed. She realised her mother wasn’t giving her a choice. She couldn’t believe what was about to happen but knew she had to get on with it. What would her friends think if they saw her like this? Emily’s mother smoothly slid off her daughter’s leggings, then reached for her panties. She didn’t feel completely comfortable doing this to her 17 year old daughter, but she had to enforce the rules. She pulled off the panties with ease and Emily lay with her legs flat, in complete silence. Emily’s mother asked Emily to raise her butt off the bed, then placed the outstretched nappy underneath Emily’s bottom. Emily felt this underneath her and almost felt relieved - she didn’t want to be nude in front of her mother for any longer than she had to. Next her mother grabbed the bottle that Emily had seen her carrying, on closer inspection she could see it was baby powder. With surprising strength, Emily’s mother grabbed both of her ankles in one hand, and with the other began sprinkling baby powder over Emily’s cute, round bottom. “This is another thing that I forgot,” Her mother spoke calmly, “Lucky I remembered otherwise you might have gotten a little rash down there.” Emily was too embarrassed to respond to this, keeping quiet and waiting for it all to be over. Next her mother asked her to spread her legs so she could finish the powdering and finish up the job. “So do you want me to teach you how to do this?” Emily’s mother asked to make sure Emily was paying attention. Emily knew that she needed to learn to do this herself to save her the embarrassment of this happening again, but she just simply couldn’t bring herself to look down at what her mother was doing. She preferred to just try and ignore it. “Hmm? Ok I’ll have to show you another time, you’re probably too tired now anyway. It’s quite late.” Emily instantly regretted not just manning up and looking down to her crotch to see what to do, but it was far too embarrassing and she almost felt paralysed. She felt the front of the nappy being pulled up against her front, then the sides tightened around her waist. “Well done Emily, I’m so glad you’re willing to try what’s best for you.” Emily’s mother sat her up and gave her a big hug. She had felt her motherly instincts kick in for the first time in awhile and it felt great. Emily still remained silent. It had been horribly awkward, but she felt loved. She felt really loved. “If you need to go in the night, you can’t just pull these down like pull ups, so come and see me if you need help. Or if you just need a change. Goodnight love.” Emily sat on her bed feeling closer with her mother than she had in a long time, and it felt great. She hadn’t even fully realised the extreme thickness of the nappy she now found herself in. Getting up to go fetch some pajama trousers from her draw, she found herself waddling rather than walking. Compared to her new nappy, her old Drynites really did seem like knickers to her now. As she pulled her clean pajama bottoms over the bulk of her nappy, she quickly noticed how obvious it was that she had a padded rear hidden underneath. The waistband of her nappy rode just over her belly button; meaning that you could see the waistband even above her pajamas. They were huge. The huge bubble at the back of her pajamas clearly added to her already obvious nappied state. She felt like such a baby. The new nappies were so thick around her, she felt encased by them. At first Emily had been so embarrassed by her bedwetting, she now felt more secure than ever; she trusted that her nappy would keep her dry tonight and that made her feel confident when getting into bed. Although Emily felt like such a baby, she didn’t seem to mind.
  17. Amy and the strange nursery Amy watch as the Doctor run around the tardis console pushing buttons or just slamming things, her husband Rory was throwing darts. She was bored! Amy went up to the doctor as he was tiring wires together. 'Doctor where are we going?' The Doctor gave her a smile 'don't know, been playing with the randomiser, we could be anywhere in time and space isn't that fun?' Amy groaned, she decided to play darts when the tardis landed. 'Ok where are we now?' Said Rory walking up The doctor notices some strange readings but Amy just walked out the door, 'Amy wait!' Screamed the doctor but the door slammed behind Amy and the tardis started teleporting. Amy tried to get back in but it disappeared. 'Oh great' said Amy as she started getting cold, 'why do I have to wear a skirt today?' She walked around when she notice a building, she quickly walk towards it and open the door. 'Oh it's so warm' she said as she shut the door, she found a switch which she pressed to light up the room. She found herself in some sort of giant nursery, there were cribs, toys, change tables even adult nappies. Amy saw some pictures on the walls of pictures drawn by babies. Amy chuckled, 'what sort of place is this?' She then went to the change table, it looked big enough to lay on it, probably have my nappy changed..... Amy stop, what was she thinking, she's too old for nappies and she can go to the bathroom just fine. She decided to wait here until the Doctor could get her. She sat on the table waving her legs, she notice a button next to her, Amy know not to press it but she was too curious, beside it won't hurt anyone. Amy pressed the button and the table started to rubble. Amy tried to hop off but two metal arms grab her and pin her down on the table, Amy screamed as more arms started to pull her skirt. "Change time for the baby" it said as Amy saw it took off her skirt. The metal fingers went to the sides as it took her panties off, 'stop it' said Amy but it grab baby powder and powdered her privates, Amy watch as it pulled out a adult diaper, Amy gulp in fear but strangly she was looking forward to this. The arms lift her legs as it slid the nappy under her. As soon as it was taped and fitted snugly around her the arms went away and Amy sat up to look at her nappy. Amy couldn't help but giggle as she poked the plastic. She got off the table and stand wobbly as the nappy were spreading her legs apart. 'Great, I'm diapered and bored' she said, but she notice the toys, it wouldn't hurt to play at least for an hour right? She waddle to the toys, sat on her diaper ass and started playing. She made noises as she played with the stuff toys, she took her jacket off, leaving her in her pink shirt as she crawled towards the blocks, Amy build a tower, getting it as high as she could, when a robot walked in the room. Amy yelped as the robot pick her up, "time for num nuns" it said as it carried Amy towards a adult high chair. It put Amy in, tied a bib around her neck as the robot started feeding her baby food. Amy ate as the food mush around her mouth, 'oh this is soooo good' she moan as the robot continued to feed her. Amy ate and made a mess on her bib and shirt as she greedily gulp the food down. Once he robot was done it took the bib and Amy's shirt off, it then took her bra off, leaving Amy sitting topless on the high chair. The robot took Amy off and place it cold hand down Amy's nappy. "Time for a nappy change" it said as it carried Amy to the table. Amy couldn't help but smiled, she can't denies that she's been looking forward to this. As the robot took her nappy off, it powdered Amy and try to put a clean one on but Amy just waved her legs, laughing as the robot tried to put the nappy on her. The metal arms came back as it held her legs down and the robot taped up the nappy. 'Awww you got me' said Amy, the robot thenulled out a pacifier and put it in her mouth. Amy suckled as the paci is making her tired. The robot carried her to the crib and place her in. Amy slept as the robot left. Amy suck her thumb as her diaper began to expand, a horrible smell arose as Amy mess her nappy. Once Amy woke up, she feels the back of her nappy as the poop mush against her ass. 'Strange I didn't need to go! She said as she got on her knees, her head above the rails. 'Hello! I need a nappy change!' Arms from the table started to extend as it pick Amy up, it laid Amy on the table and started changing her messy diaper. Amy started blowing spit bubbles out of boredom as the machine wiped her ass. Amy watch as the arms put her messy nappy in the bin and powdered her privates. It then taped a new clean nappy around her waist as it put Amy on the floor. Amy looked around the nursery, sure she like being pampered this way but she needs to find Rory and the Doctor, she got up and waddle towards to door, she tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. 'Childlock?' Said Amy 'ok it's been fun but I really need to leave' she shook the door, she bang on the door until the robot came back. It lifted Amy up by the armpits and held her, "warning, baby should not bang on the door" it said 'Buzz off tin can, I am not a baby!' Amy tried to get off but the robot won't let go, Amy started hitting it but hurt her hand. "Baby is being nitty, baby must be punished" it said as it went to a chair, it sat down as it laid Amy on its lap. Amy felt scared as she felt her nappy ripped off, leaving her naked as the day she was born. Amy struggled until the robot started smacking her ass. 'Owwwww!' Moan Amy as the metal spankings continued, 'please stop! I'm not a baby! I'm a grown women!' The robot continued, Amy started to cry like a baby as she thrashed around, shaking her arms and legs as the robot continued to smack her sore ass. When the spanking stop the robot lift Amy up, Amy still crying like a baby, started to suck her thumb as the robot carried her to the table as it placed a new nappy on her. Amy sobbed as the robot bridal carry her and started rocking her. Then the robot pulled out a bottle of milk, Amy tried to fight but the bottle was force into her mouth. Amy started drinking the milk. Amy drank until the bottle was empty, the robot put her over its shoulder and pat her back, making Amy let out a big burp, milk dribble down her mouth. Thrombotic wiped her mouth and place her on the ground, then it went through a door and disappeared. Amy started pulling at the nappy, but she can't take it off. 'Where are you doctor?' She said as she gave up and sit cross leg on the ground. Amy got up and walk to the robot door, she try to find a switch or something but it won't open. Amy then got an idea. She pulled out her messy nappy out of the bin and gagged as she went to the door. 'Did I really made this much of a mess?' Said Amy as she threw the nappy away, causing the robot to come out to clean it, leaving Amy to quickly go through the door. She ran but she fell, so instead she started drawing as fast as she could. She crawl into a room where she saw cameras of her in the nursery, 'Woah this is creepy' she said but the robot found her. Amy tried to run but the robot grab her, "baby will be punished now" 'No please' screamed Amy as she struggled until the robot deactivated. Amy started as the doctor and Rory came running in. 'Amy thank goodness, I see you found the vexones nursery, shouldn't go in there by the way' said the doctor as she notice Amy's nudity and cover his eyes. 'Amy are you all right?' Asked Rory 'Do I look all right?' Said Amy pointing at the nappy 'I've been treated like a baby for hours!' 'Yeah the vexones is the galaxy's nursery pros, they make a nursery for anyone' said the doctor, when Rory gave Amy his jacket to cover her breast the doctor removed his hand 'ok long story, the tar dis was forcefully being taken with us in it. We escaped, defeat the vexones and save you, now let's go before this planet blows up' the doctor started running with the ponds behind him to the tardis. As they escape and the planet exploded the doctor decide to take them to Vegas, Amy went to her room to change. As she put her bra and shirt on and about to remove the nappy, she remembers how good it feels around her waist, she pulled her pants over the nappy, deciding that she could wear for a few more hours. The end
  18. Looking for anyone interested in an rp with a baby girl and Daddy, with either a theme of mental regression or forced babying. Also, I prefer roleplyers who are willing to add detail and type more then three lines at the most. pm or message me if interested, or just reply to this thread.
  19. roleplay

    So... First off HI! I'm Asriel... although my friends call me Azzy, I'm a newborn to DD, and I like to RP, so I thought it might be fun to RP something like this. Anyone can join There are two roles to be played A baby, toddler, little girl, sissy, little boy, etc. or you could be one of the "Staff" which are the nurse, mommy, daddy, nanny, etc. If you start as a baby, etc. you are part of an "Adoption Centre" for ABs If you start as a "Staff" member you are going to the "Adoption Centre" To adopt one of the ABs Now babies, If you get adopted, you choose to go with the "staff" to their homes or stay in the adoption centre one last thing, if you play staff and have a partner/friend from another RP (If he/she is willing to participate) you can force them to become a baby by letting them in the Adoption centre, where a nurse will "take care of them" which means, they will be retrained to being and acting like a baby So anyway, you're free to join if you want, and as I said, I'm still a newborn in this site and don't know if this has been done before.
  20. I've been away for a while. Here's another story, in my usual vein. I'll try very hard to finish this one. I hope anyone who reads it likes it. Uma and Robin Chapter 1 Robin sat quietly in the car as Uma drove them homewards through the rain. He was thinking about reality. How it changed. Why it changed. Tears began to form in Robin’s brown eyes, and he glanced across at Uma before trying to wipe his eyes without her noticing. Uma looked steadily ahead, piloting her bulky SUV along the dark, wet road. Robin turned away and stared out of the window at the passing houses. He thought how neat and tidy and prosperous they looked. He thought how happy the husbands and wives in them probably were. The husbands providing for their wives, and… the tears began to rise again, and Robin wiped his shirt sleeve across his brow. ‘Are you OK, Robin?’ asked Uma, looking quickly at him before returning her gaze to the rainswept road. ‘Yep,’ replied Robin, not looking at her. ‘Really?’ asked Uma. ‘I know it’s a big change, but it’s the best option.’ ‘I know. Can we have some music?’ Robin said. ‘You don’t have to talk about it, but you can if you want,’ said Uma kindly. ‘If you feel like it. I want to help you as much as I can.’ ‘I know,’ said Robin. He felt his voice quavering, and felt that he was on the verge of crying. He stared out the window even more earnestly. The tears were welling up now, and he didn’t want to face Uma. His wife put her hand on Robin’s thigh. ‘I’m here,’ she said softly. ‘I’m here, baby.’ Robin thought of the last few days, of the doctors and the rest of them, and all the papers Uma had signed. He hadn’t signed anything. He'd listened while the doctors explained what was happening and why, but it wasn't until Uma told him, sitting in the park opposite the last doctor's rooms they visited, that he really understood. He trusted Uma. They stopped at the last traffic lights before home. Robin watched a shiny BMW pull into the driveway of a neat, prosperous-looking house, and saw a man in a suit get out to be greeted by his wife at the door. The man had a briefcase like Uma’s. The wife had a child in her arms, and put him down before kissing the man before they all went into the house. Robin swallowed and wiped his arm across his face again. Everyone’s trying to help you, Robin,’ said Uma as the lights turned green and she drove off again. Robin thought the sound of the tyres on the road sounded sad. This was reality now, thought Robin as Uma pulled into their drive. He got out of the car and waited while Uma went ahead and unlocked the front door. She put her briefcase on the chair by the door and turned to Robin. ‘It’s been a big day, honey,’ she said. ‘Why don’t you go and have a warm shower and get changed. I’ll make a hot drink and we can sit and watch a movie, OK? I don’t have to work tonight. I’m all yours, Robin. OK?’ ‘OK,’ Robin replied. His mind was buzzing, but he didn’t feel like talking. He returned Uma’s kiss and turned to go to the bedroom. He hoped she didn’t taste the tears that he knew had been running down his cheeks. Standing in the shower, Robin was thinking. There wasn’t much point in going over things yet again, he knew. There wasn’t much he could change now. He wondered what would change from now on, without him even doing anything. He began to breathe hard, as he did when things ‘got to him’. At least the tablets would help. He felt guilty about looking forward to them, but it was better than this, he thought. The bathroom door opened and Uma walked in with Robin’s tracksuit over her arm. She smiled at her naked husband in the glass shower enclosure and put the tracksuit and a pair of underpants on the chair near the handbasin then took a thick towel off the heated towel rail. ‘I’ve made hot chocolate,’ she said, handing Robin the towel as he emerged from the shower. Robin was pleased to see her. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all, he thought as he dried himself and pulled on his white underpants. Uma handed him his tracksuit pants and he slid those on too. Later, snuggled against Uma on the sofa, Robin smiled as Uma stroked his hair. Robin had washed down his tablets with the delicious hot chocolate, and lay quietly against his wife’s body for a few minutes. He loved the feeling of well-being, and knew it wasn’t all due to the tablets. ‘It’s going to be OK, isn’t it, Uma?’ he asked, looking up into her steady blue eyes. Uma’s response was to lean down and kiss him on the forehead. Robin smiled and closed his eyes. The movie they were watching had a pleasant soundtrack, and Robin wasn’t really paying much attention to the action, and soon dropped off to sleep. Uma gently extracted herself and left Robin sleeping while she took the empty cups to the kitchen. She picked up her briefcase and took it to the study, where she opened it and carefully filed the various papers inside. She looked at the last one, the important on, and felt oddly excited about the future. Robin’s overwhelming anxiety had been building for a while, and the events of the last few months had been climactic for them both. At least now his problems had been diagnosed, proper medication provided and a secure arrangement for the future reached. It was all do-able, she thought. More than do-able in fact. It was necessary, and best for both of them. Order under the Guardianship Act, Uma read. How strange, she thought as she remembered what the lawyer and the psychiatrists had explained to her. She was now legally, as well as practically, Robin’s ‘provider’. The lawyer had summed up the six pages of clauses very succinctly. ‘He’s legally a minor, now,’ she had said, ‘and your responsibility,’ handing Uma the guardianship papers and the required two psychiatric reports. And that was that. Robin’s near mental collapse was not all that rare, and nor was the solution. Robin was very gainfully employed, and her income over the least 12 months had been almost three times Robin’s earnings. If she went full time, she thought, the loss of Robin’s income would make no difference. Not that she could go full time, of course. Working from home as a consultant, and as Robin’s carer, effectively, they would get by very well. They had plenty of money in the bank – or she did, she reminded herself, thinking of the provisions of the guardianship arrangements – and selling Robin’s freehold car had injected a useful lump of cash into that balance. The medical insurance took care of those bills, and the future looked sound, she decided, especially with Robin so much more stable now. Once Uma had gone through the process of winding up Robin’s employment, she had spent a day in the study, putting all of Robin’s business papers into filing boxes that were now in the loft in the garage. Everything that needed to be done had been done. Robin was now free of the various entanglements of ‘adulthood’, Uma thought before mentally rephrasing her thought. ‘Minor’ was a legal term, not a physical description, thought the lawyer’s words stuck in her head. The woman from the Guardianship Board had talked about ‘dignity’ and the possibility of review in the future. ‘But we’ll cross that bridge when you come to it,’ she had said. Uma sat at her desk for a while, thinking about reality and changes just as Robin had in the car. At the thought of reality, Uma thought of Robin. She stood up and ran her hand over her breasts for a moment. She thought of Robin’s caress. He was no Lothario in bed, so not a lot would change there. He had other qualities, of kindness, and they had shared interests in so many things. Physical sex just didn’t happen to be high on that list. Robin loved cuddling, but prowess as a stud wasn’t his strongest point. Uma usually initiated proceedings, and robin didn’t exactly have a lot of stamina. He would come quickly, his small penis deflating rapidly but he was an expert cuddler and would snuggle for hours after one of their irregular intimacies. Uma didn’t really mind. She was something of an expert in her own way, and often experienced her orgasm well after Robin, usually while he was suckling her breasts. She wondered if that were normal, but didn’t really care. She knew he masturbated occasionally, and wondered what he thought about. Uma was fond of pleasuring her self too, and even had a full sized – she corrected herself again, out of consideration for Robin – a bought item, a vibrator, that she kept in the back of her underwear drawer. She didn’t like keeping secrets from Robin, but he didn’t have any idea about it. Uma let her fingers wander to the tight crotch of her slacks, then took a breath and stood up to see how Robin was doing. Uma found him sleeping peacefully on the sofa. She sat on the edge of the cushion and watched him for a while. He wasn’t a large man, and actually weighed less than Uma. She was two inches taller too. Most of the women on her Scandinavian side were tall, and she suspected that she was stronger, too. Certainly when he had been to her gym with her, he had looked as though he were straining when he tried out one of the weight machines set the way she liked it. Uma kissed her sleeping husband and helped him up. He half woke, and was dozy and biddable as Uma led him to the bedroom. She felt for him, with what had happened over the last few days, and she knew the tablets made him sleepy anyway. She had put him to bed before, and now she helped him undress for bed. His underpants and the crotch of his track pants were damp, but that wasn’t unusual. Robin was a heavy sleeper, and with the medication, he often had that problem. Uma put the damp clothes aside for the wash, and kissed Robin again. ‘Toilet before bed, honey,’ she said as she pulled off his top. Robin shook his head sleepily, his eyes on the soft bed where Uma had pulled back the sheets. ‘No, bed,’ he mumbled, flailing his arms weakly towards the bed as Uma gently but firmly pulled him towards the ensuite bathroom. Uma felt Robin relax and let her take him where she wanted him to go. The bathroom was bright when she turned on the light as they entered, and she sat the naked Robin on the toilet and waited. ‘Bed,’ said Robin, and closed his eyes. ‘No, honey, wee please,’ said Uma firmly, placing her hand on Robin’s pale, rounded tummy and pressing gently. Robin exhaled and after a moment, Uma was rewarded as Robin peed a goodly amount into the bowl. ‘Well done!’ said Uma, and stood Robin up as he closed his eyes and his head lolled forward. Uma smiled. He probably would have slept on the toilet if she had left him there. She pulled a length of toilet paper from the roll on the wall and wiped Robin’s delicate, dripping penis. She scrunched the soft paper up and patted his sparse pubic hair, then led him back ot the bedroom where she helped him into the bed. Robin slept in the nude, and on his side of the bed under the sheet was a large absorbent pad, just in case. They had been using that for several years. Robin hadn’t been very happy about it at first, but since his problems had surfaced his occasional accidents were now several times a month, up from a couple of times a year, so he they were both glad to have it there. Uma had never made an issue of it, any more than she might have had Robin needed glasses. Robin was accepting of it too. He didn’t know Uma’s other marital secret – that Robin’s older sister had told Uma about Robin’s bedwetting which was almost nightly until Robin was twelve, and which continued sporadically into his teens whenever he was very tired or under pressure. He hadn’t been reliably dry during the day until he was five, and was still having occasional daytime accidents for some years after that. He’d even wet himself a couple of times since their marriage, although he had been able to blame a long drive on the freeway or some other credible cause each time. The love between them overcame any issue Uma had with his occasional problems. With Robin asleep in bed, Uma spent an hour or so in the study, then joined him. As he so often did, he sleepily snuggled up to her, and she fell asleep with her arm around him. Her final thought before dozing off was that a promise to herself to take the best care of him she could. To be continued.
  21. Hello my name is Daniel I've been around here every now and then but just now decided to make an account. I'm currently looking for someone to play a babysitter in this roleplay scenario that i had thought of. The babysitter is a girl (whether or not your real gender is female or not doesn't matter as long as you're okay with playing a female.) Also I'd prefer someone who is willing to post more than a single line/word reply. (those one word/one sentence roleplays get on my nerves.) Anyway here's the starter to the roleplay. "Hello miss you must be the babysitter" my mother said I don't know why I needed a babysitter since I was 19 and I've stayed home alone before, but at this point it was too late to object. the babysitter was very pretty with a pretty decent bust size as well. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. I watch as my mother leaves with my father for their night out. the babysitter then begins to walk towards me. 'what's in that bag she's carrying?' I thought to myself looking at the bag that the babysitter had brought with her. I apologize for the bad starter (I'm never good with those ) but i hope it's enough to work with. obviously the babysitter is going to force regress me in this roleplay. anyway i await your replies.
  22. Hi all, I've had another go at a story to see if this one can catch some wind, any constructive feedback would be great. Once again I'm still finding my writing hand so please be patient. Hopefully more to come PROBLEM CHILD Meet Jay, one of the cool kids at Wimmel High School, he's popular, he has a reputation, but he is also lazy, get average grade and is obnoxious. Jay is 19 and lives with his Mum, Tina, his dad, Greg, and his little sister (5), Molly. Jay's reputation and obnoxious behaviour often got him in trouble at school and at home. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM YOU LITTLE BRAT!” Jay yelled at Molly ran from his bedroom doorframe, having lost all hopes that her big brother would play with her, “Mummy, Jay's yelling at me and being a meanie!!” This was just another day for Jay, he didn't care about others, just two days ago at school he had stolen a girl’s schoolbag and wouldn't give it back until she did all of HIS homework for him. Word of this had gotten around to his parents, and this incident was the final straw. His mother marched upstairs and walked into his room. “Jay, you have cause enough havoc to this family, and enough pain to other people. Sit on your bed and wait to be called.” With this she yanked the plug out of his computer and took the cord with her, as well as his phone. “Oi Mum, give it back…” Jay started to reply when without warning his mum turned around and spanked him. In shock Jay stopped in his tracks and sat down as his mum continued back downstairs. Meanwhile downstairs, his mother was working on her plan, a plan to make Jay regret every nasty thing he had ever done, she called Jay's father, the school principal and a number of suppliers of various items, she was determined to fix this problem child. Jay's mum walked to her bedroom and retrieved a package of Girls Huggies Junior Nappies, as well as a towel, baby powder, a razor and a dummy. As his mum was returning to the living room, his dad had just returned home, “Where is he?” his dad asked seriously. “Upstairs, waiting as he should be. Would you go and get him dear?” his mother replied. As his mum finished setting up the lounge room, his father walked up the stairs and entered Jay's room. “Living room, now” is all he said, Jay new he was in trouble, but he had no idea how much. As Jay cautiously made his way down to the living room, he could see his mum sitting in the lounge room on the floor, beside a white towel that had been laid out on the floor, he could also see some items behind his mum, but couldn’t make them out. “Lay on the towel Jay.” His dad growled in his ear. Unsure about what to do, Jay slowly lowered himself onto the towel, before feeling his shoulders being forced down to the ground. His dad had the top half of him pinned, before he could even start to struggle Jay felt a sharp slap to the thigh. “Jay stop and listen.” Said his mother revealing that it was her hand behind the slap. “Jay, you have embarrassed this family for the last time and you have humiliated the last person from your school, after many calls from your principal and other families, we have decided that we need to fix your behaviour from the very roots.” Jay looked at his mother confused, his mother continued. “From now on you are no longer the 19-year-old boy, you are a one-year-old infant, with no privileges or rights of any kind. You will be treated like an infant and Molly will be your big sister, any disrespect to us or your sister will be severely punished.” With that his mother unbuttoned his jeans and started to pull them down. Recovered from the shock of the slap and the feeling of his jeans being unbuttoned, he started to struggle and regain control of the situation. “Let go of me you creeps, I’m 19, not a fucking baby. You can’t do this.” Jay spat. His father retaliated by flipping him over on his belly, while his mother proceeded to give him 20 good spanks. By the tenth spank Jay was in tears, and by the twentieth he was apologising between the blubbing moans. He was flipped back over by his father, and his mother resumed undressing her now still son. Jay, still in a state of shock froze with terror and embarrassment as he was stripped naked by his mother. He saw his mother pull something from behind her back. “CLICK…. BZZZZZZZZZ” and electric razor. He felt his bush of manhood being slowly shaven away, this was followed by a hand razor and his mum commenting, “There… just like the day his was born.” His mum then proceeded to pick up a nappy and opened it up, in full view of Jay. Seeing this and not wanting a repeat of his spankings he succumbed to his ankles being raised and the nappy being placed underneath his bottom. Being quite a skinny kid, his mum knew he would still fit into a junior nappy. Quickly powdering her son and then closing the nappy, Jay was secured in his first nappy since actually being a baby. The problem child was trapped and defeated.
  23. Part 1 Jill grimaced as she sorted out the weeks wash. Five pairs of John's jockey shorts had brown streaks in the back and they all needed soaking in Napisan. Six months into their marriage and she felt she was falling into the role of Mother, rather than wife. Grimly, she inverted each pair of underpants so the unpleasant soiling was on full display. "John?" She called. "Can you come down here, we need to talk." She heard footsteps on the landing above. "What is it, I'm busy!" The irritation in his voice goaded an angry reply. "I need to talk to you right now," Jill snapped back. Since he had lost his job, he had let himself go completely, blaming depression. Her sharp tone worked and moments later her husband entered the kitchen, still in his pyjamas. He paled as she pointed at his dirty underwear, "This stops now!" She snapped. "You are 29 years old behaving like a 4 year old toddler!" John was frozen, mortified by shame as her tirade continued. "Your toiletting habits are revolting. You never clean the bowl from poo that you leave spread over the sides, you piss over the seat and floor, you leave poo and pee stains in your knickers." John hung his head, the shame filling his eyes with tears. Exasperated, Jill threw her arms in the air. "Again! Now the tears start!" She relented and embraced him, hugging him to her bosom. "John?" She lifted his tear stained face to hers. "We will work through this together, and get you back on normal track, OK?" He nodded. She cupped his unshaven face in her hands. "I want my husband back," she said in a soft condescending tone. "I need you to give me a baby. At the moment, you are the baby of his household and we have to make you grown up again, don't we?" She continued to hold his face in her hands and John managed to nod with his eyes. She could smell his body odour now, evidence that he had not showered for at least two days. "I will be your mommy and you will be my little boy, OK?" John nodded. "And you will do what Mommy tells you, OK?" John nodded. "Say 'yes mommy,'" Jill prompted. "Yes Mommy," John whispered. Jill unbuttoned his pyjama top, removing the garment completely. She pulled down his bottoms and was shocked as she touched a wet sticky patch. Jill silently fumed to herself, realising her husband had been upstairs masturbating to material on the internet. Silently she pulled the soiled garment away as John stepped out of it. His underpants were yanked down and Jill almost gagged at the revolting sight resting in the seat. She held the offending article up to his eyes. "Now you know why Mommy has got to take control, don't you?" "Yes Mommy," he replied meekly. She was surprised at how compliant he had become now she was asserting herself. Here is was, completely naked and looking like a lost little boy. Jill pointed at a corner in the kitchen. "Go and stand there and wait while Mommy soaks your pooey underpants," she ordered. John shuffled over at watched her fill a bucket. Jill twirled a finger. "Now turn round and face the wall and John?" she deliberately paused until he looked up at her. "Put your thumb in your mouth please.." Startled, John looked awkward. "Please Jill.." "Mommy to you," She snapped. "And do what your told. Deflated, John slowly moved his right digit to his mouth and turned to face the wall.
  24. I'm looking for anyone who is interested in doing an X-Men rp with me, whether it be from animated series (my favorite is X-Men: Evolution) or the films. If you are interested and are willing to give detailed replies, please message me!
  25. Would anyone be interested in trying this situation out with me? This takes place in an alternate future where much like changing your name, a person can get their legal age and gender switched. I play your teenage brother, but I am not very responsible. I get detention in school most days, I have been suspended for fighting, and it seems like I might just drop out all together. To try to stop my from dragging myself further, you get my age and gender changed to a 3 year old girl. Some things I like are having to ask to use potty and not being allowed to wipe myself after, limiting my speech, and acting like a kid in public. If anyone is interested, here is a starter post. Jacob reaches over and shuts his alarm clock off yawning. Today would be the first day that he could go back to high school after getting suspended again. This time it was because he said very rude things to a teacher and walked out of the school. He figured today would be just like any other day of school, suffer through eight hours, maybe take a couple naps to help the time pass, probably get detention for doing so. He gets dressed in jeans and t-shirt heading downstairs to get some breakfast before the bus arrived.