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  1. Jax was a typical college student who enjoyed going out to party’s and hanging with his friends rather then staying at his dorm to study. What he didn’t know was that for the past few weeks he had someone watching his every move waiting for the right time to make their move. Jax was dressed up in a pair of dark blue faded skinny jeans and a grey T-shirt with a pair of sneakers. He had left the safety of his dorm and headed down the streets as he was walking to a local party just a few blocks away, the sun had just set as the street lights were all starting to light up along the side walk.
  2. From the album: evilengine's artwork

    First (official) ABDL artwork. Diapers are hard to draw... and so are hands... and hair... and eyes...
  3. I've finally uploaded all my ABDL audio fantasies (differently themed ones, for AB's and DL's seperately & most include messing in a public setting) onto OnlyFans.com/Diaperperv so you can listen to them all for one low price. They've been doing really well over the last year, since I started making them a year ago but they've only been on my clips4sale store individually. Now you can listen to them all & binge!! Super fun stuff like messing your diapers at a girls only babyshower party or mommy takes you to work & you mess your diapers in the boardroom & mommy changes you right there in front of everyone! DL fantasies includes sexy stuff like messing your diaper on the airplane while your GF rubs you til you cum in it.
  4. Hi, I hope you enjoy this story. In the past I have started lots of stories here and never finished them. I wrote this about a year ago, and posted it to fetlife. I meant it to just be a one off story but a few people asked for more and I kept going. I'm now on part 10. Since I have written so much I thought I should share it here too. It took him a few minutes realize his situation when he woke up, not in his own bed, cramped, wet and uncomfortable. He could see the white rails going up in front of him. "Dammit," he said out loud. He was laying in a 52 inch crib staring up at a stuffed animal mobile. The morning erection which would usually greet him every morning was stifled by the pink plastic cock cage, when it rolled his squished penis hurt. In an attempt to avoid this very thing he'd tried to pee really good before he went to bed, as his wet diaper now indicated. He relaxed and tried to let the pee flow, it wasn't easy but eventually he soaked the already wet nighttime diaper and even felt a little creep out into his sleeper. This was Saturday morning. Normally on a Saturday morning in Summer he'd meet his pal Jim and go fishing on his boat, he instinctually looked at his wrist, and remembered his wife took his watch away. There was no clock in the nursery, I wonder if I could still catch Jim he thought. He sat up in the crib, and thought about getting out, the rails were up be he could get over them if he wanted. Still the rule was that he wasn't allowed out of the crib until Mommy came to let him out. Getting out would be trivial but his wife had set the crib on 12 inch risers meaning that from the top of the rail down to the floor was 55 inches. He stood up and looked down over the rail. Of course the latch they had rigged up was locked with a small padlock. The same kind of small padlock that was keeping his cock locked in it's cage. It's probably really early, she's probably not even up yet. I could just go get some snips and cut the cage off, he thought about the wonderful orgasm he would whack out as soon as he got the cage off and he felt his little guy start to stiffen up and press against the cage again and he moaned in discomfort. This has got to end, he thought. "Bahh", he said as he threw a leg over the rails and got out of bed, he reached his foot down but couldn't quite touch the ground, his soaked diaper sliding against the top rail as he stretched. He tried to reach just a bit farther but lost his balance as his diaper snagged on the rail. He found himself falling and hit the floor with a thud. How the hell did I end up like this, he thought. A month earlier he was in a similar situation, laying on the floor of the guest room wearing a diaper and a cute onesie with bright pink trim and printed with hearts. His diaper was soaked and messy and he was listening to a hypnotic track on headphones, and he was happily suckling a big pink pacifier. He didn't even notice his wife walk into the room until she was looking down at him. She'd got off work early and came home to surprise him. The next few hours were rough, he explained his diaper fetish, and swore over and over again that it had nothing to do with children. His wife was shocked, then upset, then angry, really angry, then sad, really sad. She eventually packed a suitcase and left. She called the next day, and they talked on the phone for hours. Her anger had died down and she'd done research on adult babies, finding out that as he had said the fetish had nothing to do with pedophilia. That evening she came home and they had a long discussion, he explained he'd been doing this since he was a little kid, and that he didn't know why he liked to do it, but he loved it. At her request he showed her all of his stuff, his diapers, his onesies, his bottles and pacifiers. "I'm so sorry, I'm going to bag all this stuff up and throw it away," he said. "Well... I was thinking, I've always had this fantasy of being a tough in charge kind of woman," she said. He laughed, his wife was super sweet and nice and rarely wanted to be in charge of anything. "Seriously don't laugh, and since you know, we can't have a baby, it might be kind of fun if you were my baby." His eyes opened wide, words that he'd imagined his whole life just poured out of his wife's mouth. "Ummm, wha.." he stammered. "But there will be strict rules, you have to understand what hurts me more than anything about this is how you kept it away from me all this time, it's almost like you were cheating," she said. "I'm sorry," he said trying to fight back tears but losing. "It's just so, embarrassing," he said and began to sob. "Oh come to mommy," his wife said and wrapped herself around him and he cried into her shoulder while she gently rocked him back and forth, She supported his head and whispered into his ear, "Your mommies baby now and she loves you so much," in a few moments she felt his cock growing stiff and realized how incredibly horny he was. She pulled off her shirt and undid her bra, then guided her husband's mouth to one of her nipples. "Fussy baby, here you go," she gently said. While her husband latched on and suckled she alternated between rubbing the front of his pants and his nipple. Soon he was unable to control himself and was humping and grinding her legs. She undressed him and then herself then lead him to the bed where they had mind-blowing sex. His cock was harder and went deeper then she'd ever felt, he moaned in rhythm with her. "Yes, baby, yes baby," she began to say as she felt herself heading towards orgasm. "Yes mommy, yes mommy," he said back. They came together, both screaming in a mind shattering orgasm, then collapsed on the bed. "Would you like me to diaper you now?" she asked. "Nahh, I'm good," he replied. She wondered how closely his adult baby desires were connected to just having an orgasm. "That's something we'll have to work on," she said with a laugh. The next day they had the best day of their lives, something they'd always dreamed of doing together, they converted a guest bedroom into a nursery. They bought the biggest crib they could find, which wasn't really big enough, but would have to do. They bought a white table that they converted to an adult sized changing table, and some organizers for diapers and toys. They filled a cart at Baby's R Us, with all kinds of baby supplies and neither one could wipe the big smile off their face. Finally, they ordered several cases of different adult diapers. "That's a lot of diapers," he said. "Well you're going to need them," she replied
  5. The adventures of Alex Who was Alex? Well Alex was what most people thought was a young man entering in the big wide world, free from school and the restraints that they had held over him. For many years he had been told what to do, when to do it and always by others. He had grown up under the strong influence of his mother, whom he loved dearly, but he could never bring himself to tell her his deep down secrets and desires. Alex had been late developing into the young man he was growing into, he was shorter than most, well everyone for his age, his voice had never broken and a genetic disorder had meant that he never grew body hair, only his head held the natural blonde locks that matched his mother. He had been slow to be potty trained, still wetting at night after control during the daytime had been achieved. He was just told by his mother that over time it would sort itself out, but his nigh time wetting would be taken care of by her. So for many years after, night after night, Alex's mother was there to make sure he went to sleep in a nappy and plastic pants, then as time moved on a disposable nappy. Alex's mother was a hard working lady, well respected in the business community, with many friends, but still loved her son more than anything else. She was 6ft tall and literally towered over her son; she made sure that she kept fit, using the gym in the house and the pool on her days off and at weekends. Having made a success of her business at a young age, she always made time for Alex, her mother helping to look after him while he was still a baby. By the time that he was ready for school, she was the one to take him and pick him up every day. This would seem odd to a lot of people as it carried on until he left school, some would have thought him a little mummy’s boy, had it not been for the fact that they lived in the countryside outside the main town and off the bus route. He had his friends in school and got on ok with them, more so with the girls if he where honest about it, but rarely did one ever visit his home, sleepovers being out of the question as he felt too conscious about the bedwetting. When he was younger, at nursery school, he had a few parties as wetting problems happened with a few at that age, so he didn't stand out from the others. So Alex was now free from the restraint of school and just about to turn 19 years old, his mother had asked him if he wanted a party, but he never really was the party person. Instead he asked if he could have a vacation somewhere quiet away from the world, but by the sea, where he could just chill out and relax away from everything. There he would have time to think about what his future held, decide what to go on to do regarding work or further education. But also he would have some time alone to let his little side out. This was Alex's big secret that he hoped no-one had found out about, or if they had, they had not said anything to him. Deep down, Alex was still that little boy, he had never really grown up and loved all the time he spent with his mother, he missed the time when she looked after him night after night. But over time he had become used to getting himself ready for bed, it was only natural that as he grew he would take more responsibility. He wanted so much for his mother to do this, but could never build up the courage to ask. So here he was going away on his own for the first time without "mummy", but it would give him chance to wear his nappy during the day if he wanted. He would have them with for night time use, so why not try them during the day as well; maybe he would get those feelings back from when he was younger that he craved so much. His mother was not overly surprised when he refused the offer of the party, so was more than happy for him to have his holiday that he asked for instead. Unknown to Alex, his mother had begun to realise that deep down she was missing having her "little boy" around. She loved looking after him when he was younger but as time went by, she knew she had to release the aprons strings a little and let him develop. His mothers had become a success in the computer industry with her own business, so giving Alex a computer for his school use fine, but she never let on to him that she could remotely access it. So from time to time she found herself checking up on what he had been researching, then purely by accident one day she found one of the sites he had been looking at, then the links to some of the stories he had been reading. She could see that he was reading about "little ones" who still had their mummy even when they were grown up, or little ones that had found and sought out a new mummy. As much as this hurt, she knew that to push and question him straight away would be a mistake, causing her to push him further away or worse still lose him. She decided that he could go on his vacation, let him think for a while but then let him decide what would happen next. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So the day arrived for Alex to board his coach and take the trip. He was filled with both excitement and anticipation; he was unsure what the next few weeks would hold for him but hoped that he would make some decisions that would set him for the future. He knew there was a job for him with his mums company, but at the same time if something else was out there then that would be better, unless he decided to return to college or university. His mum had made the travel arrangements, booked his coach ticket, decided on the little holiday town he would be staying, even found him a nice little guest house to stay in. Unknown to Alex, it was a old friend of his mums that ran it, a best friend from school and college that moved there a few years earlier to take over a family business. She now ran it by herself and was only too pleased to keep an eye on Alex for his mum. She had been told about his little night time accidents so made a few preparations in advance. "Alex" said Leslie his mum, "I need to tell you a few things about your trip before you leave, so come and sit down with me for a moment before I drop you off at the bus station". Leslie sat at the table with her son, reaching out and taking his hand. "Now you are going to the seaside as you wished, it’s not too busy there, just lively enough to keep you occupied. I have booked you into a nice little guest house that is run by an old friend of mine called Val from college. Now don't panic but I made her aware of your night time accidents, I didn't want you getting all wound up and embarrassed". Alex didn't know what to say when his mum told him, he was mad that she told someone else but could see that it actually made sense, even if it was going to be embarrassing when he met Val. "Val told me that she would take care of everything so you don't need to worry" said Leslie, "She will meet you at the bus station in the resort and take you home. She said she will let you settle in and then give you the tour around before letting you do whatever you want to relax". "So make sure you have a good time, be good for her and hopefully I will get to come and visit you later in the week. I have packed everything for you and sent plenty of money ahead to take care of anything you might need". What Leslie didn't mention was that she had added a few extra things into his suitcase, something that she hoped he would like after reading and looking at his favourite pages on Alex's computer history. She had bought him a new dummy with a teat suitable for adults, along with a cloth nappy and some plastic pants. She knew that it was a risk but just hoped that he would accept them and not be scared. If she could have her little boy back then it would make her the happiest mum in the world. "Thanks for all of this mum" replied Alex, "I know telling Val was for the better, even if it makes me feel awkward and embarrassed when I meet her. It will be nice if you can come visit later in the week, you deserve a break just as much as me". So with his things packed, Alex jumped in the car with his mum and headed to the coach station for his trip. After a big hug, cuddle and a kiss, Alex walked onto his coach and took his seat, waving goodbye as the coach pulled away, leaving Leslie with a tear in her eye, waiting for the moment she would be with her little boy again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex relaxed as soon as the coach pulled away; he was on his way, looking forward to getting away for the summer and chilling out. He had become so wound up finishing school, learning never came natural to him like for some of his classmates, he had to really think hard about everything. He had gotten to the point where he was now feeling a bit mentally drained. He sat in his seat watching the world going by as the coach ploughed its way across the country, stopping at various cities along the way to collect other people. He hadn’t really travelled that much in his younger life, his mum always working hard but he would never blame her for this. He knew she wanted him to have the best they could. Finally it was getting close to lunchtime, that meant the coach would take a break and he could get off and take a break, stretch his legs and get a bite to eat. But more importantly get a chance to use the toilet. He had almost wished he was wearing one of his night time pull ups, the drinks his mum had given him for the journey, combined with the several mugs of tea at breakfast made him quite needy for the bathrooms. As soon as the coach stopped he was straight off and heading towards the bathroom area at the service area, the last thing he needed to see was the short queue of people in front of him. He figured that another coach must have gotten in just before they arrived; this was going to be an anxious and awkward wait. Finally he found himself at the front; he dashed into one of the stalls, unfastening his jogging pants as fast as possible, and then lowering his underwear but not before a little dribble came out. In one sense he was happier being in a stall, his mum’s choice of underwear for him was not the best. They could be described as unisex at best, no opening at the front and very plain. He had gotten used to her buying things like that for him over the years; he barely even noticed the pastel colours she would choose. He just used to make sure he wore the white ones whenever he was doing any sports in school. Finally he was sitting on the toilet, able to relieve himself from all those drinks he had consumed so far. He pulled his phone out of his bag to check if he had any messages, the only one being from his mum. It simply said “Love you baby, hope you have fun”. Seeing this from his mum made him feel all warm inside, she often called him baby, he never thought anything of it. He then checked his journey progress and found that they were just short of halfway to his destination. Bearing that in mind he wondered if they would be stopping once more or not, beginning to wonder whether he would be best in one of the pull ups in his bag. This would let him relax a bit; he had dribbled while going this time, so maybe it was for the best. He quickly removed his jogging pants, then “panties” before slipping on one of his pull ups, then pulled his panties back on, thinking they would help keep the pull up in place, before putting his jogging pants back on. Part 4 With himself finally sorted, Alex made his way out of the stall and into the main washroom, walking slightly slowly, now conscious of the pull up he had on. He knew that they were completely covered but still had that feeling that everyone could see it. He washed his hands and then made his way out, trying to tell whether of not his pants where rustling, but the noise in area due to the large numbers of people masked anything he could hear from his pants. He had a walk to the food area and bought himself a sandwich and a drink, before making his way to some of the seating area outside. It was such a nice day, the sun was shining and it was quite warm so why not eat outdoors for once. He found himself a spot on the grassed area but made sure to keep an eye on the time, the last thing he wanted was to miss his coach. But he could see it from where he was sitting so it would be ok. Alex loved to watch people, see them going about their business, but so many doing the same thing but not noticing. He quietly ate his lunch, sitting on the grass in his shorts, the air blowing around his legs. He forgot the fact he was wearing his pull up, his shorts flapping in the breeze; occasionally flapping so that the edge of it would show. He carried on assuming that no-one was any the wiser, not seeing what he was wearing. Sitting at a picnic table across from him was Wendy Johnson, a school nurse at a private girl’s boarding school. She too was on a holiday break, travelling by coach to a nice quiet resort by the sea, looking forward to some nice relaxing fun. She couldn’t help but notice the young man sitting alone on the grass across from her, he was different to the others, they where businessmen and lorry drivers. But she saw him, small for his age but quite content and happy. She wondered where he was going, what he was doing. Having spent the year with nothing but girls to look at in every direction, she was happy to look at the cute young man. Alex finished his lunch, looked down at his watch then saw it was time to go back to the coach, but as he was geeing up he noticed the lady at the picnic table, she was looking at him and smiling. Getting up he felt the pull up against him, but that only let panic set in, he was directly opposite her, had she seen something, was that why she was smiling. He didn’t know but was glad to be going back to his coach knowing he would be alone again. He got up, walked back across the grass, trying to avoid eye contact but couldn’t, she smiled again at him, he moved quicker wanting to be back at the coach. He got back to the coach and began to board when he noticed the other cases now sitting at the side of the coach. He looked towards the driver and asked what was happening, “Nothing to worry about young man” replied the driver, “we just have a few more passengers coming on board, the other feeder coach has arrived”. Alex thought nothing more of it, he climbed on board and went back to his seat, he put his hand luggage bag back onto the seat next to him, then leaned back waiting for the other passengers to get back. He was minding his own business, when a figure appeared by the seat next to his where his bag was. Looking up he saw a lady standing in the aisle, when he saw who it was he nearly wet himself. It was her, the lady from the bench; there she was, looking down at him, “Excuse me young man, is that seat taken” she asked him, still with that smile on her face. “Errrr, no” replied Alex with slight panic in his voice, “I will just move my bag for you”. Alex took his bag off of the seat and placed it by his feet, not noticing the top was slightly open, he was still surprised to see the lady. Part 5 Wendy took her seat next to Alex, the colour just starting to re-appear to his face after his shock. He sat there quietly wondering whether he should say something, but at that time he was simply lost for words, what could he say, what should he say, he didn’t know what she had seen if anything at all. Wendy sat there next to Alex, she loved the expression on his face when she turned up next to him, she was by no way a mean person, but she thought he was such a sweet little thing. Her whole year at the girl’s school had made her realise how much she had missed males, but there was something about this one that made her curious. She had seen the tell tale edge of his pull up when sitting on the grass, it was something easily recognisable to her, many of the girls in the school had need to see her as the nurse she was. “So young man, what is your name, how far are you travelling” said Wendy, deciding it was time to start talking with her companion. “Eeerrrr, my name is Alex” he stuttered out, “I am on the coach until it reaches the coast; I am going for a break there through the summer. Wendy was delighted to hear this; she too was travelling to the coat and knew they were headed for the same destination. “Well I am very pleased to meet you Alex, my name is Wendy Johnson” came the response, “I too am travelling down to the coast for a holiday. The girl’s school where I work as a nurse has broken up for the summer, so I decided I needed a holiday”. Alex was relaxing a bit now, but the thought of having her next to him for the rest of the journey was not that thrilling. He was taken back a bit when she told him what she did for a job; it just wasn’t expected at that point. The thought of having a nurse next to him made him think once more about the pull ups, he knew that a trained nurse would only have needed the slightest glance to recognise them. “It looks like we will be spending the journey together Alex” said Wendy, once more looking at him with that smile once more. “Now why don’t you give me that bag of yours, I can put it up on the luggage rack with mine, and then you will have far more room for the journey”. Alex was left with little choice and couldn’t reason his way around it, it would give him more room for his legs. So he reached down to grab his bag, but as it was lifted the zip sprung open and there in plain sight was his other spare pull up. He tried to quickly close his bag so it was out of sight, but he could see that Wendy had already spotted it. Wendy calmly took the bag from him, zipped it up and proceeded to place it in the luggage rack. Alex had sat back down in his seat, not knowing what to do or say at that point, it no longer mattered if she had seen it before, now she would know. “It’s ok Alex, there is no need to be ashamed” said Wendy softly as she sat back down, “lots of people have to wear pull ups and nappies, for lots of different reasons. I am a nurse so it is nothing new to me”. Alex was left stunned, he knew now that she had seen him for definite now, his pull up must have been showing while sitting on the grass area. Alex was brought back to his senses by the coach starting up and leaving the service area, a few more passengers had joined but not enough to fill the coach, yet she decided to next to me he thought. Part 6 Alex sat thinking for a moment, now taking the occasional glance at Wendy, studying her more closely. She appeared about a similar age to his mum, but noticeably taller than he was and very good looking at the same time. He thought only pretty school nurses appeared in naughty boy’s dreams. He decided that he should try and explain his situation more clearly, he didn’t want her thinking he wore the pull ups all of the time. “I don’t usually wear pull ups, it’s just that I am on a long journey and my mum gave me a lot to drink” said Alex quietly, hoping that no one could overhear him. “I occasionally need them at night, but with the traffic being as it is these days, I didn’t want to take a chance after the service stop”. Wendy turned and listened to him while he was speaking, thinking how sweet it was of him to try and explain everything. She knew quite well that he could have a genuine reason for using them, but it was just the fact that he looked so cute in them when she saw him. “There is no need to worry about it little one” replied Wendy, grinning and chuckling at Alex, “I knew there was some genuine reason for you wearing them, you just looked so cute and innocent sitting on the grass with the frilly edge of the pull up showing”. “I am only teasing Alex, I am sorry if I offended you, I hope you forgive me, I just want some nice company for the rest of the journey”. Alex was a bit taken back, but decided that Wendy seemed a nice person deep down, even if she was enjoying teasing him. Was it worth not getting along for the rest of the coach journey, it would only be a matter of hours and they wouldn’t see any more of each other. “It’s ok Wendy, I didn’t take offence” replied Alex, “But I never realised they had little frilly edges on them” he laughed, “I really hope my mum never bought me the girls ones”. Wendy began to laugh with Alex, her hand patting him on the leg, she so wanted to lift the edge of the shorts and touch his pull up, but she feared he would be scared off and that was the last thing she wanted. Deep down she had missed not being a mother to anyone herself, she went to university then trained as a nurse then got the job in the school, things such as relationships and settling down had passed her by. So over time she had begun to wonder whether she could find someone that she could give her special attention to, a man, a young man, but someone like Alex would be just perfect. Alex was feeling a bit better now they were laughing about it; he was relaxing, actually starting to like Wendy a bit. A nervous thrill went through his body when she touched his leg, it was something he had never had from a woman before, he had never come close to having a girlfriend. Still laughing and joking, Alex lifted the edge of his shorts to reveal the edge of the pull up, “there you go” he said, “see they are not frilly at all”. But when he looked he could see that they were a bit puffier than his regular ones. He wondered how this escaped his notice before, but he was in such a state and rush in the toilets so he didn’t get caught, it made sense he did notice. “Thanks mum” he thought to himself, “what other surprises have you got for me”. Wendy caught sight of it once more, thinking that it looked so much like some of the ones worn at the school where she worked. It was natural for her, but to see it on a boy was something different, offset against his soft white hairless flesh it looked so nice. “Ok, well maybe no frilly, but slightly girlish you must agree” said Wendy, now gently rubbing his leg. “You have such soft skin for a male Alex, I know lots who would adore to have legs like yours, it’s such a shame to keep them covered up”. Alex was now getting quite aroused at the touch from Wendy; never could he have imagined that events would unfold like this. He could feel the front of his pull up starting to tent, but to cover it with his hands would have given it away immediately, he could do nothing, and he was stuck. He had no way out but now he didn’t want one, her touch was driving him wild, his lack of girl experience was showing; he was far too excited to think straight now. Wendy could see the effect she was having on him, it was becoming more and more obvious, she wondered how far she could push him, was he really so shy with girls, he really was the perfect little creature. She leaned closer to him, then whispered in his ear, “You really love this don’t you, you need this, you are wearing your pull up because it excites you as well”, “I can see the effect it is having on you, relax and let nurse Wendy take care of you”. Alex was unable to resist, he needed so much to be able to release, to release at someone else’s touch and not his own, for it to be at the hands of a woman, at this moment for it to be Wendy. Part 7 Alex was having feeling that he had never experienced before, but they where ones that he was enjoying, he could feel himself growing within his shorts. Just the simple touch of Wendy’s hand on his leg was doing this to him, he knew that she had him under her control but he was quite helpless to do anything about it. He could feel the pressure building up within him, he would not be able to last must longer, but what was he to do, he wasn’t sure but shortly he would pass the point of no return and find out what she planned. Wendy was feeling so good with herself at this point, she had him all worked up at just the touch of her hand, she moved it higher until it found the edge of the pull up. She too was getting excited at the thought of what was to come, could she really do this, could she make him loose himself within the confines of his pull up. She gently stroked his pull up, her hand inside his shorts, but always making sure that no one around them would become suspicious of their actions. She continued to rub her hand on little Alex, slowly and softly, feeling the tension growing within him, she knew it would happen, and then with a sudden shudder it did! Alex tried to hold on but it was no use, his body shuddered softly and then he felt himself release in his pull up. He could feel the little creamies leaking from him, pooling around his pee pee and little parts, it felt warm but the sensation was so good. It was obviously not his first orgasm, but it was in this way, making him feel embarrassed and humiliated, but at the same time so aroused. “Oh you sweet little thing” whispered Wendy softly in his ear, “I never thought my touch would make that happen, but I am overjoyed that it did”. “I will give you a moment to compose yourself, and then I think we had best have a go at cleaning you up and changing you without anyone knowing”. She let Alex calm himself down, holding his hand softly, feeling the last little trembles running through him. Then she released him, stood up just to grab her bag from the luggage rack, before sitting down again. Her back pack was one from the school, she had a few supplies with her as a couple of the young ladies from her school had travelled to the coach station with her, and she always looked out for them. They then went their separate ways, the ladies back home and she on her travels, where she boarded her coach that eventually brought her to Alex. She opened the bag and retrieved a box of wipes, a largish towel and a fresh pull up. Alex was a bit surprised to see these items come from her bag, but when he saw the pull up he was unsure whether to be scared or excited. It was a pull up just like normal, but it was the colour and design that startled him, pale pink in colour with little butterfly patterns. “Well I did say that I would take care of everything” said Wendy looking down at Alex, “don’t worry about the colour; they do just the same job as yours do”, “I am sure they will look so cute on you, your girlish soft legs deserve some girlish pull ups”. Alex looked at her but knew he couldn’t say anything, people would suspect something if he caused a scene, so decided that to cooperate would be the best course. He lifted up slightly in his seat allowing Wendy to lower his shorts, before then sitting down and removing them completely. He was now left in a pull up, one that was full of his own creamy mess. Wendy tore the sides, finally lowering the front revealing the young man’s little cock. She was feeling all giddy seeing this, it was so small, and how could someone his age be so undeveloped, there was practically no hair around it. Alex felt so embarrassed at this point, he had been made to have an orgasm in his pull up, now sitting on a coach seat in it with the sides torn apart, his little parts exposed to her. His bigger problem was that he loved the embarrassment and more so the attention, he was experiencing feelings he couldn’t explain. She gently wiped him clean with the baby wipes, making sure she checked everywhere, then dried him off with the towel. She wanted to apply baby powder but that would have been too risky in this situation. Wendy removed the old pull up from under him, folding it up and tucking it away in her bag, then she opened the new one for him, placing the new pink girls pull up at his feet, guiding them through the leg holes. The final touch was to bring it up his legs and secure it over his bottom, before once more hiding it away in his shorts. PART 8 (apologies for getting a name mixed up, Alex’s mum is called Leslie, hope you are all enjoying) Alex was now entering completely new territory, nothing like this had ever happened before, he wasn’t really sure how he should be feeling. All that he was sure about was that the experience he had just had was quite amazing, something he wanted to happen again and again but not on the coach. He was disturbed from his thoughts by the sound of his phone ringing, he wondered who it was while fumbling through his shorts pockets. He opened it up to find that it was his mum, she was checking up to see how he was getting along. He was pleased to hear her voice as he spoke quietly to her, he was missing her but excited by his new adventures. They chatted only briefly, she would speak longer once he was alone in his guest house with Val. As he closed the phone and said “Goodbye mum, love you”, Wendy looked across and saw the picture of his mum still showing on the screen. Wendy was left stunned, surely it could not be, but she was sure it was. It was Leslie from college, “Oh my god” she thought, Alex is her son, I have just done that with one of my best friends little boy. Wendy recognised the picture as they were both still friends and on Facebook, she decided to speak to Alex about it, better now that having him find out later. “Alex” she said tentatively, “I take it that you where taking to your mum on the phone, do you mind if I see the picture again, I couldn’t help notice it before”. “Yes it was mum” he replied, “I guess you can see the picture, why, what is wrong” he said opening it up to the contact page again, then showing her the picture. “Nothing is wrong sweetie” said Wendy, looking once more to be certain. “Oh my, I was right, it is her” said Wendy, “tell me is your mothers name Leslie, she went to St. Mary’s Girls College after she finished school”. “Yes her name is Leslie” replied Alex, “I think that is where she went to college, why do you ask, what is wrong”. “Nothing is wrong I promise” said Wendy trying to calm down Alex, placing her hand on his leg again. “I have to tell you that your mum and I are old friends from college, we are still in contact via facebook today, we still keep up with each others careers”. Alex looked shocked when he found out, he had just been made to orgasm in his pull up by one of his mums friends, what would she do and say if she found out, he didn’t know what to say. “There were three of us that used to be best friends in college” said Wendy, “your mum, me and a girl called Val. I think she moved to the coast somewhere”. When Alex heard this it all kind of made sense, he was pretty certain that the person he was going to stay with was the same Val that Wendy was now talking about. His mum told him that she was a friend and trusted her to look after Alex, he thought that it might be good to phone her and tell her who he was sitting next to. “Bare with me a moment please Wendy” said Alex as he pressed the button to call his mum “Hi mum” said Alex when his mum answered, “nothing to worry about, I am safe and ok, I just have someone sitting next to me that you might want to chat to”, Alex then gave the phone to Wendy. “Leslie, Leslie Jones, is that really you” said Wendy, “It’s me, Wendy, from facebook, it’s such a surprise to find myself sitting on a coach next to your son, he is such a cute little thing”. Alex sat and starred out of the window for a while, letting Wendy have a chat to his mum, only picking up on the odd thing, “yes he is fine”, “oh don’t worry about that”, “no little accidents”. The last little snippet made his eyes turn back toward Wendy, looking at her having a good idea what they are talking about. “Well it has been great talking and hopefully we can meet up soon” said Wendy to Alex’s mum, “I will take good care of him until we get to Val’s, bye for now”. Alex said a quick goodbye to his mum, her final words telling him that Wendy would look after him until he got to Val’s, she trusted her totally. Part 9 “Well young Alex” said Wendy, “it looks like we will be seeing a lot more of each other than we both thought”, “Your mum is going to speak with Val to see if she has availability for me as well, then we can have lots of fun over the summer”. Alex wasn’t quite sure whether this was going to be a good thing or a bad thing. Yes he liked Wendy and enjoyed what had happened between them, but he was hoping to get some time to himself to be able to rest, relax and chill out a bit. Before he had chance to say anything to Wendy, his phone was ringing with the picture of his mum showing on the front of it. “Hi mum” he said when answering, “what’s up, what do you want, I have only just finished talking to you”. “Nothing to worry about sweetie” replied his mum, “just pass on a message to Wendy for me” “Tell her that I have spoken to Val and everything is sorted, there is a room waiting for her and I will be joining you later once I get finished up here”. “Okay mum, no problem, take care and don’t overdo things” replied Alex, “I will let Wendy know”, “Bye for now, love you mum”. “Love you too sweetie, take care and be good for Wendy and Val” replied Leslie, thinking how sweet her little boy was; she wanted him back, her little baby boy. “That was my mum on the phone again” said Alex looking at Wendy, “she says that everything is sorted with Val, there is a room waiting for you to stay in and she will join us later”. Alex decided not to mention the part about being good for her and Val; he thought that it would give Wendy the illusion that Alex had to be with her all the time. He wanted his own time when he could get it, to be able to do what he wanted, when he wanted, in his regular underwear and not in pull ups, or worse still the pink pull ups given to him by Wendy. Wendy thought to herself that things could not be more perfect, should would be staying with an old friend; have Alex staying in the same house, then hopefully the three best friends being reunited where they could concentrate on Alex. Little did Alex know but it was no coincidence that Wendy had found him, Leslie had told her where his coach would be stopping. Leslie had arranged for Alex to be staying with Val, as she knew Val would be only too happy to help her with her need to get her little boy back. She had told Val about his bed wetting and told her of the little surprise she had put in his suitcase, just to make sure that Alex did not try and dispose of it. By the time she was joining them, she hoped that Alex would be in pull ups and nappies full time, not really knowing what was happening to him. Alex leaned back in his seat, watching the world going by; completely unaware of what was in store for him, looking forward to his well earned break. Without even realising it, his hand had slipped to his lap where he was slowly rubbing across his shorts, his fingers then moving the material so that he was able to touch his pull up; the soft pink pull up that Wendy had put him in. Wendy was watching him all this time, seeing him play with the edge of the pull up was getting her aroused, she saw him slipping further and further into the sweet little one that Leslie wanted him to become, but he was totally unaware of it. She put her hand on top of his, just as he was playing with the pull up; she hoped he wouldn’t be startled too much. He looked down, only then realising what he had been doing; he was now blushing; the redness filling his cheeks in embarrassment. Wendy slowly moved his hand and placed it on her leg, and then slowly moving it up and down, she wanted to push him further, make him want to be with her. She finally moved his hand to rest between her legs, wondering what sort of reaction this would bring, had he ever been with a woman before. She was rewarded with a noticeable bulge showing in his shorts, she began to wonder if she could get him to orgasm once more, but this time in his girls pull up. Part 10 Alex was now growing bright red with embarrassment, he was unable to control the reaction in his shorts, he wasn’t even touching them and neither was Wendy, but the feeling he had just touching Wendy was like electric flowing through him. He was unable to control his emotions and this was obvious for Wendy to see, she knew she was being unfair playing with the emotions of Alex, but needed to get some release for herself. With her hand still firmly on top of Alex’s, still resting between her legs, she needed to know something, she needed to question him. “Alex my little sweet” whispered Wendy into his ear, “Have you ever been with a woman before, have you ever touched one, it’s ok, you can be honest with me”. Alex was not surprised to hear this, considering the delicate situation he was in, but what could he say, how could he admit to her that even though he was 18, soon to be 19, he had never had a girlfriend, let alone been with a girl before. He had been kissed by girls, but only because he was such a sweet and caring boy when around them. He looked up towards Wendy, their eyes meeting, he wanted to say something but just couldn’t, and he just gently shook his head from side to side. Wendy had a feeling what his answer would be before even asking, but she just needed to know from him. She wanted him to have his moment at some point, but now would not be that time; instead she just removed both their hands from her legs. Holding him closely, she looked into his eyes, “Don’t worry about that little one, we will make sure that at some point you get to enjoy the experience”. “But for now, do you need to use your pull up, did little Alex have fun last time, but I am sure you would love to have some fun in your little pink pull up”. While Alex was thing whether or not he could go through with it again, the coach driver made an announcement. “We will be arriving in the next hour at the final stop, this will be the place for all passengers to leave the coach, I hope you have had a good journey with us today”. Wendy saw this as an opportunity to help Alex once again, “There you go sweetie” she said to him, “soon we will be arriving, then we will be off to Val’s guest house for our lovely holiday. So if you want to have a little fun we can get you cleaned up at Val’s”. He hadn’t thought about Val for some time, he had never met her, but he had wondered if Wendy knew her as well. His mum told him that she was a friend of hers and she would look after him once he arrived, but that was before Wendy entered the equation. He knew his mum had made arrangements for her to stay as well. All he could think was that his holiday was certainly going to be different. Alex had come so far in just a few hours, he loved being made to cum in his pull up, but now he was in a girls pink pull up, this would feel so different, but he thought he needed to try, the feeling felt so good to him last time. He looked at Wendy, and then simply said “yes please”. Wendy felt so pleased, he loves the emotions set off within him, maybe this will be easier and more fun than Leslie thinks, and her little boy would be putty in her hands once finished. “Okay sweetie, let me help you achieve what you need, just lift up slightly, I think you will enjoy it better”. Alex didn’t even think about it, he lifted his body allowing Wendy to lower his shorts, leaving him sitting there in just a pink pull up. She put her arm around him, drawing him close to her, then placed her other hand on top of his pull up. She then slowly started to rub the front of it for him, feeling him growing within. Without realising Alex’s hand was now playing with the edge of the pink material, rubbing it and flicking it between his fingers, all the time enjoying the touch of Wendy on his front. He was moaning softly, shivers running through him, unable to control his feelings, unable to stop himself from getting closer and closer to erupting once again. “Come on my sweet little Alex” whispered Wendy, “let yourself go, let your emotions out, empty yourself into that cute girly princess pull-up, let those feelings come out”. Alex could not hold out, he had no choice, but surprising himself he erupted into the pull up at the moment Wendy mentioned the words “cute girly princess pull-up”, it acted like a trigger, fluid flowing from him, the front of the pull-up getting slightly darker with the wet spot forming before him. Part 11 Wendy was feeling so happy and pleased with herself, she knew that the main goal was to help Leslie achieve her wishes, but she was going to make sure she had her fun along the way. Leslie had told her she could play with her little boy as she would have to wait until she joined them, but Leslie thought that it would be easier getting Alex to do whatever they wanted if he was getting some fulfilment himself. With her hand now resting on his pull up, Wendy looked at him, “Aww, Alex sweetheart, you are such a good boy, I bet that feels all nice doesn’t it”, “But we need to get your shorts back on, we will be arriving shortly and Val will be there to meet us”. Alex was so much out of it with his own personal enjoyment; this brought him back to his senses. He quickly pulled up his shorts, wanting to be covered up ready for when they stopped in the bus station, he knew people would be moving around so didn’t want to arouse suspicion. Wendy could see him trying to make sure he was all covered up again, she thought it so sweet and innocent, but by the time they had finished with him there would be none of it. He would not care who saw him and where he was, he would be that little boy for his mum and her friends. Within minutes the coach was pulling into the bus station, people were up and about, rushing around the coach trying to get their things together. Wendy made sure that Alex stayed still in his seat, letting everyone else start to leave until she was ready to leave. Eventually they got up out of their seats, Wendy passed down Alex his back pack from the luggage rack, then brought hers down, and then after checking they had everything, they walked down the front of the coach and then got off. Alex was now for the first time for as long as he could remember wearing a pull up in public, but not only that, he was wearing a girls pink pull up, one that was all damp inside because of his own excitement. He followed Wendy away from the coach, heading towards an area where some people had gathered to greet friends that had travelled. Alex did not know Val by sight, it had been quite some years since Wendy had seen her friend, but when things had settled, there was only one lady left standing there. Wendy went over towards her, “Val is that you, it has been such a long time but you’re still so tall and elegant”. “Hi Wendy” replied Val, “it has been so long but Leslie sent me a few pics from your Facebook so I would recognise you”. They had a warm embrace before Val turned her attention to Alex, looking him up and down, “Well hello sweetie, you must be my little guest for the next few weeks, it’s so good to finally meet you, and your mum has told me so much about you”. Alex went to shake her hand, but Val just put her arms around him, pulled him close and hugged him tightly. He could feel her arms around him and her hands then giving his bottom a little squeeze, if only to confirm her knowledge of him. When they stepped apart, Wendy and Val started loading the luggage in her 4x4, giving Alex chance to clearly look her over. She was taller than both Wendy and his mum, maybe a bit older as well, long flowing dark hair, slim body with large breasts that pressed against her tight clothing. If it had been in any other situation he could even have found himself attracted to Val, she was older yes, but so pretty. This was going to be a lot harder for him now, Wendy had him wanting her, Val was just as pretty and she would be looking after his special requirements for night time. “Right then Alex” called out Val, “no day dreaming, get in the car, then I can get you and Wendy settled in, I am quite sure that you could do with a bath or shower”. Alex went over to the car where Val had the back door opened for him, Wendy already seated in the front. He was a bit surprised to see a 5 point harness attached to the seat, but with a few boxes on the other seat had no choice but to get in. “Oh I am sorry about this Alex” said Val, “I had my niece staying last week; her mum insisted that I had the harness fitted”, “It should fit you; she is quite big for her age whereas you are small for yours”. Before he could say anything, she was securing him in, including fastening the crotch strap up between his legs. Part 12 Alex was left speechless as he was fastened into the back of the car, a position that unknown to him he would become accustomed to in the not so distant future. He thought about protesting but knew that if he caused any trouble, his mum would find out. While everything was going on, there was still one thing in the back of his mind, his mum had made the arrangements and he could never bring himself to upset her in any way. He sat quietly in the back of the car listening to some music playing, whilst up front Wendy sat chatting with Val, he couldn’t make out what they were talking about, but occasionally thought he heard his name being mentioned. It was only a short ride before they pulled up outside a large house at the end of a road, just off the main seafront, but looking out over a beach that appeared quite secluded. Val and Wendy climbed out of the car, before Val came around to his door and opened it, he had tried himself but found the child lock in place on the door. He had to wait for Val to release his harness; it fastened in a way that made it impossible for him to reach the locking point. She went to release him but not before looking down at his shorts, unknown to him they had ridden up enough so that the edge of his pull up was now showing. “Come on sweetie” said Val releasing him from the seat, “let’s get you inside and settled down, I am sure that you could do with a bath and a change out of those”. The last part was said as she had her hand on his pull up, rubbing the edge of it. He went to the back of the car to collect his case, but not knowing what little surprises his mum had packed in there for him. His usual underwear had been replaced with much thicker terry cotton pants, ones that would be better described as a pair of training panties for toddlers. Then there was the usual pull up which he wore for sleeping in at night, but the special surprise was the cloth nappy and plastic pants she put in there, one just like those he had been viewing on-line. They made their way into the house, Alex was impressed with what he saw, very large hallway, very well furnished but all looking slightly feminine, but at the same time very homely. From his position in the large waiting area, he could see out over the sea, the beach looked very private but that was perfectly ok with him. Wendy had already gone up her room by the time Val had collected Alex’s room key, “Come along Alex, let’s go find your room, I am sure you will, it is right next to mine, so I can keep an eye on you like I promised your mum”. They made their way up the first flight of stairs, then along a corridor after going through a door marked private, “It’s ok Alex” said Val, “I just wanted to make sure that you get some nice peace and quiet, sometimes the guests can be a bit noisy”. Finally they reached a door marked with a little sign saying “ALEX”, which was a bit of a shock to him, he hadn’t realised how much trouble Val had gone through. The door was unlocked by Val and Alex was greeted by daylight once again. Before him stood a vast room, with a large double bed against one wall, directly opposite was a large TV mounted to the wall, then a dresser with plenty of drawers for his clothes. There was also a large dressing table with its own chair, but to his surprise in the corner a desk with a laptop computer on it. “That was a present from your mum for doing so well at school” said Val as she saw him looking at it, “through that door over there is your own private bathroom, the other door leads to my room but it is locked so don’t worry about that”, “The last door over there is the walk in wardrobe, but I think the dresser will be ok for your things”. “So let’s get you unpacked then you can have that nice warm bath that we both know you need”. Unaware of its contents, Alex lifted up his case onto the bed, but as it landed he thought he heard something rustling, Val came over to him, putting her arm around him, “That noise is only the protective mattress cover I put on the bed for you, your mum did tell you that she told me about your little problem and the last thing we want is for your bed to get wet. We can deal with a wet sheet or two but not a wet mattress”. He did remember what his mum had told him, so in all fairness it was to be expected, but it was just the shock of it, he just looked at Val and smiled. He started to open the case, then once open he undid the luggage straps inside it, removing the towel off the top. Directly underneath where his pull ups, all laying next to each other, which Val picked up and then walked over to the dresser with before laying them in one of the drawers, next to more pink ones which she already had prepared. He removed his t-shirts himself only to find the new underwear selection his mum had packed for him. At first he was unsure what they where, but having given the shirts to Val he quickly picked a pair up, only now understanding what they were. He had seen them on some of the sites he looked at but never imagined he would have some himself, especially not so many. Val came back over to him, looking at what he was holding, “Oh my, aren’t they the cutest little panties ever, so thick and sensible for a sweet boy like you, we will have to take care washing these, we don’t want them losing all that puffiness do we”. With that, Val took them from him and then places them in the dresser, the next drawer down from his pull ups. Alex then removed the next layer which contained some jeans and some more shorts, only to finally reveal the final surprise from his mother. There in plain view was the thickest terry cotton nappy he had seen, resting next to a pair of pale pink plastic panties that where covered in see through organza, with fine lace edging. For Alex he could see straight away what they where, it was something he had looked at so many times before, something he always wanted to try but never had. He was stuck in a trance until Val rested her hand on his, before looking at him, waiting to see if he would say anything. A few moments later with Alex still quiet, Val picked up the nappy and pants, removed it from the case and placed it on his bed next to the pillow. She closed the case, put it under the bed then looked at him, “Now you get undressed, I will go and run the bath. We can discuss the nappy later; there must be a good reason that your mum put it in there”. Part 13 Alex was speechless, he couldn’t believe that his mum had done this, he was trying to work out in his mind what would have made her do it, was there any way possible that she had found out his secret. In his mind he had been so careful, he never left his computer switched on, it was locked with a completely unique password. But while he was still thinking and trying to work things out, he had completely forgotten to get himself undressed, Val returned and caught him day dreaming. “Now come on Alex sweetie, I was hoping you would all ready and undressed ready for your bath” said Val in a sweet and motherly voice, “I can see that I am going to have to keep a firm eye on you in the future”. Before he had chance to start, Val was helping him remove his clothing, the bath was already full ready for him. Off came his t-shirt and shorts, leaving him standing there in just his sock and the cute pink pull up that Wendy put him in. Next off came his socks, just leaving him standing there in that pink pull up. Next thing he knew there was a flash of a camera; he turned to see Wendy standing the doorway taking a few snaps of him. “Forgive me Alex but I just had to have a few pics” said Wendy, “after all, it was me that put that on you”. But before Alex could reply, Wendy was off and gone. She needed to send those pics to his mum. Val took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom, then slowly tore each side of the pull up, before slowly pulling it away from his body. All the sticky cum was now stretching from him to that soft pink material, but the little strings broke away and he was now completely naked. Val looked at him and thought he looked so sweet, she could see now why Leslie wanted to get her little boy back again. Apart from his head, she noted that his body was practically hairless; he really was so young looking for his age. She would make sure that when the time was right, she would have all those stray hairs removed, he would be as smooth as a baby. “Come on sweetie, stop dawdling” said Val, “let's get you in the water before it starts getting cold, I will be back shortly to check on you”. With that Val helped Alex into the water and then gave him a large sponge to wash himself with, before leaving him alone to enjoy the nice hot water. He sat there for a while trying to take in what had happened over the last few hours since those services on the motorway. He knew things had changed, some of the things he wanted where starting to happen, but not quite in the way he expected. His peace was soon disturbed by a returning Val, but now she had a long length PVC apron on, her hair tied back out of the way. She came into the bathroom with a large fluffy white bath towel and put it down on the vanity unit. “Just as I thought” she said, “I leave you here to wash yourself and once more I find you day-dreaming, I think that I had best take care of things”. Without another word, she grabbed the sponge off Alex, added some all over baby wash, and then proceeded to wash Alex from head to toe, not even blinking when she got to private parts. She simply grabbed hold of his pee pee, and then washed it all over, top to bottom. Once she was done she had him stand up in the water, then she proceeded to wash between his legs, running her soapy fingers all over his bottom and between his cheeks. Alex was enjoying the touch once more, he wanted to say something, he was a young man and old enough to wash himself, but his natural instinct was to let her take over. All too soon for him it was over and she was taking his hand to help him out of the bath, then wrapping his soft skinned little body in the large fluffy towel. She dried him off in a motherly way, taking care to ensure he was totally dry, before leading him back into the bedroom. “Now I think it is still quite early, so let’s get you some clean underwear out, then get you dressed and I think we can go and get some dinner”. Val thought about using the nappy but decided that bedtime would be a far more appropriate time for its introduction to Alex. Instead she picked a pair of his thicker underwear from the dresser, ones she knew where actually training panties. She added a bit of powder to his private area, and then helped him into the panties, pulling them up making sure they were nice and snug. Next she gave him a t-shirt and shorts to wear, both plain white, followed by some small socks and then his white trainers. He loved the touch of Val while being dressed, she was stern like a mother would be, but at the same time so soft and gentle with him. He was once more getting aroused in his panties, something that didn’t go unnoticed to Val, but this would have to wait until later. “Come on sweetie, let’s go and get you some dinner, then you can have a look around the place, you might like what you see”. Apologies to all who have been reading, I got a bit snowed under with work so this had to take a seat on the backburner. Hopefully I will have more time to write once more. Chapter 14 Val took him by the hand and led him from his bedroom, back down the corridor they had come along. It was only just dawning on him that he was not going to be eating dinner in private; he would be going to the main dining room where all the other guests where eating. He worked out that the guest house was not huge, but it was full so there would be quite a few people there, probably all wondering who the young man all dressed in white was. Val had a few guests that were staying for the summer as well as Alex and Wendy, she was sure that they would want to meet little Alex at some point. When they reached the dining room, Wendy was already there sitting at a table, he could see the other place setting so knew that he must be joining her. As he made his way across the room he only really found his eyes meeting with two other ladies sitting together, both looking about the age of Val, wearing sleeveless tops and trousers, one dark hair and the other a blonde. He thought they were quite attractive even though they were older, but looked fit and trim at the same time. They smiled as he walked passed them before taking his seat with Wendy, the only two in the room that made eye contact with him. Val could see they noticed little Alex, “I see that Hannah and Angela have noticed you sweetie” said Val, “they are staying all summer just like you, they come every year for the summer season, selling their clothing at a stall in the summer market. When they are off they love to keep fit, I am sure you will love to meet them at some point”. Alex was ok with the keeping fit side of things, that is why he was always so slender, but he did wonder what they sold, assuming it to be ladies clothing, but he would find out another time. “Now don’t you look a handsome little boy” said Wendy, drawing Alex’s attention back to her and Val, “you look so sweet all dressed in white, we must make sure you have a nice big napkin to keep you clean”. That was when Val reached around him, putting the dark pink napkin in his lap, before tucking another in his shirt collar, draping down his front. Val then left Wendy and Alex to bring out the first course for everyone. They both enjoyed some tomato soup, and then chicken with potatoes before dessert was served. Everyone except Alex had cheesecake, but he was given ice cream with little sugar sprinkles on the top. He wondered why at the time but loved ice cream so didn’t bother to ask. With dinner over, Wendy retired to her room to do some work she had brought from the school, leaving Alex once more in the care of Val. “Now then sweetie” she said to him, removing his napkins and wiping his mouth and face, just like a mother would to a little child, “Why don’t we go for a little walk and I can show you the beach and the seafront”. “Do you need to use the bathroom first” she asked him, just loud enough for Hannah and Angela to overhear, causing a little smile and giggle from them. “I guess I better had” replied Alex, the last thing he wanted was to be caught short. So standing up Val once again led him back through the dining room, before taking him to his bathroom. But what shocked Alex was that she went in with him and without a word, lowered his shorts and training pants before pushing him down onto the toilet seat. “It's ok Alex; I have had a son of my own, so I have seen it all. Now you go pee pee for Aunty Val, I did promise your mummy I would take care of you”. Alex was lost for words, he didn’t know what to say, what to do, so he just sat down and did his best to let his pee flow out. He stood up and was about to pull his pants back up when he got a look from Val that said just one thing, hands off! So instead he just stood still and let her take care of things. She then wiped his little cock softly, before sprinkling some baby powder over it, then sliding his training panties back up. Now she was smoothing them out, rubbing him gently to get a reaction from him. It worked, she was now feeling a little bulge growing in his pants, and Alex was wriggling slowly at her touch, so she carried on. She then had him step out of his shorts, leaving him standing there in just the training pants, socks and trainers. While still rubbing him she reached into a cupboard and pulled out a pair of clear plastic pants, wanting to put him into them as soon as possible. “Now come on sweetie, be a good boy for Aunty Val, lets slip these onto you then we won’t have anything leaking through that we need to worry about”. He was like putty in her hands, the feeling flowing through him once more that he had experienced with Wendy. He put one leg then the other into the pants, before Val slowly lifted them up his smooth legs, pulling them into place. She now need to reward him she thought, let him see how good he was for letting her do this to him. Val now had her hand rubbing and caressing the front of him, her other hand now inside the back of his panties, holding his soft pink botty cheeks. A stray finger slowly edging towards his soft little hole, she knew she would have that one day soon. “Come on sweetie, show Aunty Val what a good boy you are, let it all out, you know you want to cream you soft terry panties, especially now you are safe in your plastic pants”. Alex was now beyond the point of no return, he wanted to release so much, Val had done the same to him that Wendy had before. Then suddenly he tensed up and just as Val’s finger touched his little hole, he squirted into the training pants. “Oh you perfect little darling” said Val to him softly, “I bet that felt so nice didn’t it, I bet you are glad we put your plastic pants on, such a lot of wet sticky cream would have soaked through your new training pants”. Chapter 15 Alex was left standing there with emotions running through his body like nothing he had never felt before. Val had made him feel so special, he wanted to thank her but felt too embarrassed to say anything, he had enjoyed it but it should have felt so bad. He looked at her but just could not bring himself to say anything. Instinct told Val that she had him all mixed up inside, he had been dressed as pure and innocent as possible but still in adult clothes, well on the outside anyway. Then without any fuss she had taken him into the bathroom to use the toilet, before getting him all worked up and making him cum in his little training panties. “Come on sweetie” Val told him, “I think you need a little bit of fresh air to cool you down and let you get a breather”. Val took him by the hand and led him back out into the corridor before heading outside, but not before collecting a small bag. It held a jumper for both of them in case the air got a bit cool, but they where, unknown to Alex both in pale baby pink. She also had two rain capes in there as it had forecast the chance of a shower later in the evening. On the way out through the door Alex passed both Angela and Hannah, both of them giving his bottom a little pat on the way through the door before giggling. It was as though the sound of his plastic pants was echoing to them; he began to wonder if they knew already, or if not, how long it would be before they found out. Leaving the guesthouse entrance, Alex once again found himself hand in hand with Val, well more so Val taking his hand. With every little step he took he could feel the damp patch in the front of his pants pressing against his skin, he knew that if it weren’t for the plastic pants there would be a large wet spot showing. He knew that Val had left him this way for her own enjoyment, but maybe for his own humiliation. But after a while he had gotten used to the feeling and carried on as though nothing mattered. Val carried on walking trying not to look down on her sweet little charge, but she kept having the odd little glance at him, seeing the conflict in his face, looking at the picture of innocence, still dressed all in white. They approached one of the shelters along the sea front so Val decided it was time to sit down and add a layer of clothing now that the sun was setting. Val sat down and lifted Alex onto her knee, the size difference between them making the job quite easy. “I think it’s time for a sweater for both of us sweetie” said Val, “we don’t want to catch cold, your mummy would never forgive me”. “Here we go” said Val reaching into her bag and pulling out two sweaters, “I hope you don’t mind that I got matching ones for us, they where the first ones I grabbed out of the cupboard”. Val tried to make it sound like a coincidence she had picked two pale pink sweaters, but that had been her plan all along. “I guess it doesn’t matter” replied Alex, “it’s not as though mine is a girls or ladies one”, not really knowing one way or the other just making a logical assumption. “It does feel really soft though” said Alex, “it will keep me nice and warm”. Val proceeded to dress Alex in his new sweater knowing full well that it was a girls, it was also a mix of lamb’s wool and angora, designed to be super soft on smooth skin. She knew only too well that it would tingle the soft blonde hairs on his arms; what few of them there were. She then proceeded to put her own on, before giving Alex a small carton of juice with a little straw in it. When they set off again, Alex once again hand in hand with Val, they looked like mother and child, from a distance they could have been mistaken for mother and daughter with Alex dressed in pink and white. Val now understood more and more why his mom wanted him back as her little one, he was so unassuming and innocent with regards to the big wide world, he needed the close love and attention, and so far that is what he had been getting. Alex finished his drink while walking along, Val pointing out small things along the way; the best part of the beach; where he could swim and where to get the best ice cream. Alex tried to pay attention but was having a bigger problem, the need for the bathroom. The little mess he had made in his trainer pants earlier, combined with the carton of juice now meant he needed to visit the bathroom. “Erm Aunty Val” said Alex, wondering what to say, “is there anywhere with a bathroom nearby, I need to use one”. Val thought for a moment, wondering whether it was too soon to have Alex wet himself, she so wanted to but decided that outdoors would be unfair to him. “Come on sweetie, there are some toilets further along” she said, “can you be a good boy and hold on for me, it’s not far”. Alex had little choice but to carry on hoping that he wouldn’t leak anything, he was now quite relieved to be wearing the plastic pants. They soon reached the bathroom but there was a sign on the door of the mens room saying it was out of order, saying the next was about 15 mins away. He knew he could not hold for that long so rather than take a boy into the ladies; Val opened the door to the baby change room, knowing it would be empty this time in the evening, then pulling Alex in behind her. To avoid adults using this room as a toilet, there was only a potty chair in the corner suitable for a child, so Val told Alex he would have to use it. To stop him getting his white shorts dirty by touching the floor, Val insisted that he take them off first. So he soon found himself sitting on a child’s potty, wearing only his trainers and socks with his white polo and pink jumper. With Alex looking down, Val took the opportunity to take a quick picture of him, before sending it to his mum. “Are you all done sweetie” said Val bringing him back to his senses, “stand up so I can wipe you dry”. Val took hold of his little cock and gently dabbed it dry with some paper, still seeing the remains of the shiny cum glistening on his skin. “I think that we will have to give someone a shower when they get home, you really did fill your panties for Aunty Val didn’t you, you where such a good boy”. Those words from Val only had one effect on young Alex, I made him excited once again, but all Val did this time was to clean him further with his cloth training pants. When she finished, she held them out and looked at Alex, “You can’t wear these back home, they are far to damp for your delicate skin” “I am afraid that you will just have to wear your plastic pants under your shorts, but I am sure that you will be ok” “Come on; let me put them back on you”. Val slid the plastic pants back up his legs, fitting them over his bottom and pulling them up at the front, but his now semi stiff cock pointing upright beneath the soft PVC. She then helped him back into his shorts, fastening them up, and then patting the front of them. “Come on sweetie” said Val gathering their things, “time to head back I think”. The first few steps Alex took where the strangest ever to him, the soft PVC now caressing him with every step he took, making him harder and harder. But Val just gently smiled at him, wondering how long he could hold on for. Chapter 16 The light was beginning to fade as the sun started to set out over the sea, the temperature still relatively warm but the need for the soft jumper Alex was wearing justified with the sea breeze. It was the first time he had really noticed the small resort he would be spending his summer in, somewhere he could feel safe, already finding himself being very intimately cared for by Val and Wendy. As they carried on along the sea front back towards Val’s guesthouse, Alex found himself getting more and more excited within the confines of his plastic pants, the soft smooth PVC encasing his little private parts, rubbing him slowly with each step he took. Val knew full well the effect it was having on little Alex but was not letting up and carried on walking, her hand gripping tightly to that of Alex, making sure the pace was kept up. As they approached the shelter they stopped at on the way down, the sky clouded over very quickly from the land, a few droplets of rain starting to fall. They just made it in time before the rain got heavier; joined at the same time by two ladies that had come from the opposite direction. It was only when they all met at the same side of the shelter that Alex could see it was the two ladies from the guest house that had spoken to him earlier; Hannah and Angela. “Hello there sweetie” said Hannah, surprised to see Alex standing there, “don’t you look all nice and warm in that soft pink sweater” “I might have to ask Val where she got that, I would love one like that myself, it looks so soft and girlish, maybe Val will take us shopping for one”. Val looked down at her little companion, she loved how embarrassed he would get but still not say anything. “I think I can find time to show you where they came from” said Val, “it would be a good idea to get another for Alex for these cooler summer evenings, maybe one in lemon or white, what do you think Alex”? Alex was caught with nowhere to go, he had to be good and didn’t want to anger Val, even though the colours she mentioned where just as childish and girlish as the pink one he was wearing. “Maybe it would be a good idea” replied Alex, “it does feel nice and warm”. He answered as best he could hope that in time they would forget about the idea. “It looks like this rain is set for the evening” said Angela, “I do hope you have a coat to keep your soft wool nice and dry Alex”. But before he could answer Val had her hand in the bag she was carrying, “I thought I would bring these just in case” replied Val pulling out a folded up PVC raincoat, “you never can tell with this sea air”. Hannah took the coat from Val and opened it up, letting out a pleasant smile and little giggle when she saw that it was pale pink, but still see-through. “Come along Alex” she said, “let me help you on with this then you can be on your way, back home to nice warm bath before bedtime”. Hannah held the coat out while Alex slipped his arms in without any arguments; it was soft and smooth, and quite figure hugging to him. Hannah smiled to him as she closed the front and did up the buttons. Her hands smoothed it out around his body, only then did she hear the rustling of his panties, those plastic ones that had caressed him all the way to his present location. Val could see that Alex was getting embarrassed again, his shorts slightly tenting at the front again, she wondered if he would react to Hannah touching him the same as when she did. “Please excuse me for a moment” said Val, “I need to make a phone call, and I just remembered I had forgotten to order something for tomorrow”. “Now Alex, you stay here with Hannah, I will be just around the corner”. All of the phone call talk had been an excuse made up by Val, but none of them knew that apart from her. Once Val was around the corner, Hannah sat down on the bench and lifted Alex onto her lap, holding him close with one arm, her other hand now resting on top of the bulge in his pants. “Do you like your plastic pants sweetie” she whispered to him, “I bet they are so soft and smooth rubbing on your little pee pee, have you already been naughty in them”? Alex just looked at her and nodded, he knew that without anyone stopping her, he would soon have another mess in them. Hannah now had her hand inside the shorts and was playing with him, rubbing him slowly, telling him quietly and softly that he was such a sweet boy. “You are going to make the perfect little one for your mummy” said Hannah to him, something which he secretly wanted but had still never let out. “Now be a good little boy and fill your panties for Aunty Hannah, let all that boyish little cream out”. This was getting too much for him, his body tensed up more and more with each touch from Hannah, until she whispered one last comment, “You will be doing this lots and lots when with me, I guarantee” That sent Alex over the edge; he began to spurt more of his creamies into the panties. Chapter 17 Hannah held Alex close while he did his best to regain his composure, there was a grin on her face from side to side, enjoying so much what she had just put the poor boy through, but now looking forward even more to the next time she play with him. Alex was coming back to his senses when he felt Angela run her fingers through his hair, “Awww, such a sweet little boy” she told him, “I can’t wait to go swimming with you tomorrow”! Alex new nothing about this but felt strangely comfortable with all the ladies he was now acquainted with, no matter what they seemed to be doing to him. He had been through so many emotions so far but all of them so pleasurable. Val had finished her so called phone call and re-appeared from the other side, but she had been watching Alex without him knowing, loving every moment of it. But now was the time to take him home and get him settled for the night, he had had quite a day so far and must have been exhausted. “Come along little one” said Val, “I think it is about time we were going, I am sure that you will have plenty of time to play with Hannah and Angela”. Alex just blushed at the thought, wondering what Val meant, but his mind was brought back to the present moment as soon as he stood up. All that fluid was now gathering once more in the bottom of his plastic panties. His little balls now coated in the emissions that both Val and Hannah had coaxed from him. So finally with his pink PVC raincoat fastened up, his hood pulled up, Val took him by the hand and they set off back towards the guesthouse. The walk back was quiet, neither saying much, both getting covered in the rain that was still falling, but Alex quite happy to be dry in his coat, even if it was pink. Once safely back indoors, Val helped him off with his coat. “Well I think it is time for you to go have a bath” said Val, “I am sure that your pants must be quite full by now, I can’t leave you in them, now can I”. Val led him upstairs back towards his bathroom, to be greeted by Wendy coming out of her room, “Well hello sweetheart” said Wendy, “I hope you have had a nice walk”. “Are we going for a nice warm bath”? “Yes” replied Val before Alex could speak, “his little underwear didn’t last too long”, “But it is ok, his plastic pants managed to hold all his little messes, so I think it time to get him cleaned up before bed”. “Well I can’t let you do all the work” said Wendy, “you go and check that all is ok with the staff and guests, I will get Alex started with the bath”. Wendy took Alex to his bathroom, and then started the water running in the bath while she slowly proceeded to remove his clothes. Alex felt a little nervous as this was the first time Wendy had actually seen him totally naked. While she turned off the water, Alex was left to stand in just his plastic panties, the see-through PVC doing nothing to hide all the cumsie sloshing around inside. Wendy turned around to look at him, knowing full well what had happened, Val actually messaged her earlier to let her know what fun they had been having. “My oh my” she exclaimed trying to be surprised, “you really have been enjoying yourself haven’t you”. She spread a towel on the floor, then slowly lowered the panties from Alex, strings of white cum hanging from his skin, leaving his little cock and balls all shiny. Once he had stepped out of them she wondered for a moment, thinking would he taste it, but then thought that could wait for another time. “Right then, into the bath with you” said Wendy, “I will just wash these out in the sink then we can make sure that you are all clean”. Alex lowered himself into the water, sinking slowly under all the soft bubbles that now surrounded him, trying his best to wash as quickly as possible. He looked around for a sponge but there was none to be found, a washcloth neither, he now knew he would not be washing himself. “Right then little one” said Wendy, turning her attention back to him, now holding a large sponge in her hands, “let’s get you all washed and clean, then Val will be back to get you dressed for bed”. “But...but..but” stammered Alex, “I can wash myself if you give me the sponge, I am sure I can manage”. “Nonsense” replied Wendy, kneeling down at the side of the bath, “we all promised your mummy that we would take good care of you, and so that is what we will do”! With that she put her fingers in the bubbles and then brought some up and dabbed them onto Alex’s nose, causing Alex to giggle as he accepted his fate, he could never go against his mums wishes no matter how strange they seemed. Wendy then plunged the sponge in to the water, then brought it up to Alex’s chest and began to wash him, making sure that no place was left untouched. With the top of his body done, Wendy had Alex get on his hands and knees in the bath, where she proceeded to wash his bottom before turning her attention to between his legs. Alex was giggling like a little girl while this was happening; she had now found his ticklish week spot. She slowly washed every part of his little body; his balls, and then finally his little pee pee. He could not help it when it started to grow under her soft touch, but this time he would not be getting any relief from it, the ladies had decided that he had gone through enough today. Just as Wendy finished washing him, Val returned to the bathroom with a very large white fluffy towel in her arms. She could help but laugh when she saw little Alex on his hands and knees in the water, still with a big pile of bubbles sitting on his bottom. “Come on sweetie, it’s time to get you out before you get addicted to those bubbles” said Val, still chuckling to herself. She waited for Wendy to pour some water over Alex’s bottom, before helping him to stand up, then wrapping the big warm fluffy towel around him. “Now don’t you look all snug and warm in there” said Wendy, “I think I can leave you safe in Val’s arms for the rest of the night”. With that she kissed Alex on his head, and then left Val to dry Alex off and get him ready for bed. Leaving the bathroom and going back into Alex’s bedroom, the first thing Alex noticed layed out on his bed was the big white fluffy towelling nappy and the plastic pants that his mum had packed and sent with him.
  6. To start this off I was wearing my overnight diaper and plastic pants. So just recently I was reminded of some bad weather we had when I was still living in Illinois. We had freezing rain overnight and I had forgotten to take out the garbage the night before. For some reason I woke up knowing I needed to hurry and get it to the curb. I put on my usual diaper wearing clothes, those swishy nylon pants that make a lot of noise and an over sized shirt. I went out through the garage under the roof overhang and grabbed the garbage can that was on wheels. Then I totally forgot about the freezing conditions and started to pull the garbage can onto the driveway but NOT underneath the roof overhang. As soon as my foot hit the driveway I fell backwards onto it and unbelievably my head hit first. I thought for sure when I put my hand behind my head it would be full of blood but for some unknown reason all I had was a huge lump on my head. I kind of shook it off and carefully got up. Gingerly I rolled the can out to the curb and went back inside the house. To say I was relieved I didn't have to lay on the driveway waiting for an ambulance to take me to the hospital in a diaper would be a huge understatement .Any other abdl's have anything like this happen to them?
  7. Am a baby girl.... originated as submissive. Have dabbled in the abdl a bit. Intrigued me.... like to combine the 2 Any strict twisted mommy's daddy's or both who'd like to take complete control of me? I must do to myself as ordered . As if ur hands are guiding mine to use me. Punish me. Humiliate degrade me.  Forcing me to be in diapers. Crawling. Eating living as an infant 
  8. There was a knock on the door. Jessica stood up, and looked at her clock. She sighed angrily."You're seven minutes late," she said loudly."I'm sorry, there was traffic getting here, and..." Mary, her house keeper said."I don't care. I said wake me for 7:00, not 7:07. Every moment you're late is more time I need to rush. If I'm late for work, we could lose thousands of dollars, and you can guess what the first expense I'd scrap is.""I... yes ma'am, sorry ma'am. It won't happen again."Jessica looked at her house keeper. A foot shorter then Jessica, with long brown hair, thickly built and frumpy... Jessica almost felt sorry for her. Almost. "It better not," the taller, younger blond said."You could get an alarm clock..." the woman said.Jessica rounded on her. "Excuse me? I run portfolios for a billion dollar company. I have thousands of numbers to keep track of, a hundred rules to know, and dozens of patterns to watch each day. You think I have time to remember to set a clock? You think I worked daily for all those years so I can set alarm clocks? That's why I have you, who doesn't keep track of a thousand numbers, who didn't work hard to get to where I am, and who doesn't have to worry about a billion dollar company, to do it for me. Be thankful the positions aren't switched. Now go make breakfast, I'll be down soon." She walked away and into her bathroom. She didn't have time to hear the reply, nor did she care. She turned on the taps and showered quickly, then got dressed in her most severe black dress. Today was a day to impress.She made it down the stairs to her kitchen and ate the eggs Mary had prepared without looking at her. As she was leaving her home, her phone buzzed.She looked at it. There was a message from Kevin, a lower level employee who served as her chauffeur."There was traffic, and I was unable to get onto your street. Please meet me at the path by Morrin St."She groaned to herself. It wasn't that far of a walk, but it was another annoyance in an already annoying day.She walked across her street and onto the path on the other side. It wound through a small wood and cut into the next suburb. She was walking down the path and muttering to herself when her foot hit something."GOD DAMN IT!" she shouted. She hoped she didn't wreck her shoes. She looked down, and stopped.It was a lamp. A small, metal lamp, the kind from Aladdin movies. She didn't have time to wonder why it was there. She was angry, and it was an object she could focus her anger on. She picked it up and threw it as hard as she could into the bushes. Smiling proudly to herself, she kept walking."Ummmm excuse me, that was rude," a voice said.She turned around quickly. The path had been empty a moment ago. She looked up to see a tall, red skinned man hovering above the ground with his arms folded."Who the hell are you?" she said. "What kind of trick is this? Is this a joke?""This is no trick. I'm Yasafar, the red genie, and I will not have my profession called a joke."She rolled her eyes. "Riiiiggghht. Look, I don't have time for this." She turned to walk away.To her surprise, the man reappeared in front of her. "How about no. That's not how this works. You threw my house against a tree, you woke me up, you insulted me, you don't get to just walk away.""Uh huh," she said. She ignored him and tried to walk past him.Suddenly a light appeared in front of her. She stooped and was temporary blinded by it. The light dimmed, and she saw she was surrounded by a faint blue haze. She reached out into it, and saw it formed a solid wall. She looked around herself, and realized she was in a sealed dome. She turned to face the red man."What is this?" she demanded."Its a force field. We are now outside your time and world.""Ohh bullshit.""Hey! Don't say that about my work. You have no idea how long it takes to learn this."She rolled her eyes again. "Whatever. Just let me out, I have actual work to do.""I don't think so. You kicked my house, and I cannot return until I fulfill my duties.""Whatever. So I guess I get whatever I want, right? I want unlimited wishes.""Har har. That doesn't actually work.""Oh, you're not powerful enough? You can't give me all I want?"His eyes went wide. "Seems to me you're just too much of a spoiled brat.""Yeah whatever. I work for what I want. Unlike you, I don't spend my days sleeping, pop out once in a while for a light show, then go back. I struggled, now I have what I want, and if I want unlimited wishes, I'll get it.""Uh huh. Is that what you think?" he closed his eyes. "Lets see... Jessica," she gasped that he knew her name. "Works in her fathers company. Got the job without even getting a degree. My my... relies on a house keeper and a chauffeur, lives in a house bought with her daddies money... Seems your a privileged little brat living off her daddy who'd never make it in the real world.""Excuse me? I didn't get a degree because I didn't need one. I know how to do my job better then anyone. I made it on my own.""You made it because of your parents. Your house keeper works harder then you, is older and knows more. She just wasn't born rich. If you came from the same circumstance, she'd be doing better."Jessica was dumbfounded. The housekeeper, who couldn't even arrive on time, doing her job better? "You don't know what your talking about.""Of course I do, silly. I'm a genie, route word of genius. I know everything.""Right. Well, you don't know me. I could make it in any circumstance."His eyes twinkled like he had won a game. "Oh really? Any circumstance?"She paused. Something about his voice made her feel nervous, but she refused to admit defeat. "ANY circumstance. I could make it anywhere, on my own, with nothing but my own skills."Then lets make a bet, shall we. I'll put you in a different world where no one knows where you are. You get to start from scratch. If you succeed, I'll transport you back here and give you your unlimited wishes. No time would have passed, nothing would have changed, but you're all powerful.She considered the offer. It was tempting, but she couldn't let him know that if she wanted to bargain, and she definitly couldn't hand him a blank slate. "And if I lose? What happens then?""Oh, not much. Same thing, you come back here, no time passed, but you don't get your wishes. Oh, one more thing.""Uh huh?" here it comes, the catch, she thought."I get to make one small change to your life.""What kind of change?" She knew better then to accept that. It could be anything.He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, depends on the manner of your failure.""Riiiigght. So I'm supposed to agree to that, not knowing what you'll do? Fat chance.""Oh, so you're afraid you'll fail? What happened to being soooo talented and sooo smart that you'll make it anywhere?"She gritted her teeth. "That doesn't mean I'll fall for a trick like that."He shook his head. "No trick, just what I said." He leaned in closer to her. "Think about it. Unlimited wishes, unlimited power, all you want, and all you have to do is the one thing you said you could do anywhere- make it on your own in a new city. Didn't you say it would be easy, or are you admitting you were lying to yourself?"She glared at him. This was so stupid, she thought. But... unlimited wishes. How hard could it be, anyway? She had made it already, she just had to do it again."Fine. Do it. What are the criteria for success?""You'll be tested on everything, from your wits to your work ethic and your basic skills. Succeeding in any of them will count as a pass. Failing them all will lose you the bet.""Fine. Do it."He laughed. "You are soooo manipulable, you know that? I just love having fun with people like you in different worlds, you should have seen this one girl Crabula, she... anyway, I'm ranting. The world is ready. Have fun!"There was another bright light, and Jessica covered her eyes. Air rushed around her, and she felt herself spinning. SHe began to panic. Was this a trick? What was this? She began to scream as she felt herself falling through the air, faster and faster.Suddenly she realized it had stopped. The light coming through her finger tips was normal, and there was no air rushing around her. She had been screaming for nothing.She uncovered her eyes and looked around. There were a few people staring at her. She blushed and began to walk quickly as if nothing had happened.She was in a city. She knew that, but she didn't know which one. There were tall buildings on either side of her, and the side walks were crowded with people. It could easily have been any city she had been to, and the weather and foliage of the trees made it seem like late summer or fall. In that way, at least, this 'different world' seemed to be the same.However, she knew that couldn't be the case. It was too easy. There had to be some differences here.She began to make mental checklists.What did she have?She had her clothes. They had changed, she realized, to a more casual pair of jeans and t shirt, the kind of thing she wore on weekends. Fitting, she decided, since she technically didn't have a place to work yet. She had her wallet and credit cards... except they wouldn't work if it was a different world. She had her ID... which probably would come up as fake. She stopped. "Huh," she said. She hadn't really considered what she was getting into.She started walking again. No matter, she'd find a way. She began to make a list of tasks. Find out what the differences were in the new world, learn about it, get a job, get an apartment... She thought again. Get food, get water.... There was a lot to do very quickly.She noticed something. "Ah, a leg up," she thought.It was a pair of girls, both slightly younger then her but still adults, and wearing the same uniform. It appeared to be a waitress outfit, with a dark, tight shirt above a short skirt and long stockings. She didn't recognize the restaurant, but that didn't matter. She was a master of one of the most valuable skills a person could have finding a job- the gift of gab, or how to talk your way into anything. She followed them from a short distance. Find out a bit about them, perhaps where they are going, make friends, and use them to help get a job. Waitressing wasn't her first choice- it was far beneath her, in fact- but it was something. Pay the bills, get some clothes, get some references... in a few weeks, she could be managing at the restaurant, then using that to find work elsewhere. Their job would be her stepping stone.She followed and watched them closely, studying them. Something about them was odd. It was their skirts, they seemed to collect strangely around their hips.She stared at it. It seemed like there was something underneath it. She also noticed their walk- she had been trained to notice such things- which was odd, slightly waddled like a...She did a double take. Like a toddler, she thought, or someone wearing diapers. She looked closer. The skirts were short and flounced as they walked. There was a distinct line of white underneath them. Whats more, the girls- she couldn't think of them as anything else after noticing, despite their being only a few years younger then herself- didn't seem to mind at all, and just kept walking like it was the most normal thing in the world.Surely she must be mistaken. There is no way someone their age could... could they? It was a new world.She turned away. Frankly, she didn't want to know the answer, and if they were part of some weird group... there were things she'd do for money, that wasn't one of them.Suddenly she realized the girls had stopped. They had turned and staring at her. Had they noticed she was following them?She ran into a nearby door without checking what it was."Hello there! Would you like to try our new cold coffee?"She looked at the origin of the voice to see a short, fat and bearded man standing behind a counter. She was in a cafe. It had dark walls covered with paintings, and the smell of caffeine hung heavily in the air."Oh, no thank you, I just...""Oh come on!" he said, smiling, "surely you need something to keep you going. The mornings were made for coffee and the afternoons were made for wine, I always say. Come on, I assure you its good."She didn't want it, but he was insistent and she couldn't think of an excuse to be there. He handed her a cup, and she took a sip. It was sweet, sugary, but strong."Its good!" she said."Yep! That's our new blend. Why don't you take a seat and enjoy it?""Ummm, alright," she said, and sat down at a table. She looked around the cafe. It wasn't bad. She could work here, she thought. She looked at the coffee. She might have to, given she had no money to pay for the coffee.She began to watch the people around her. It was a good way to learn about her new environment, she figured.There was a couple at a table across from here. There was a man about her age, black haired, tall and muscular, next to a younger and smaller brunette. They were both flirting openly, whispering into each others ears and cuddling around the edges of their table.She smirked. One thing to know, the new world seemed to have a liberal view on homosexuality, and flirting in public. What else could that say about the society? Perhaps open about other things too? She made a mental note of it.While she was watching, the black haired of the two stopped moving. He seemed to sniff the air. The younger looked at him in confusion. The older pushed the other forward slightly and reached down to his belt line.Suddenly the brunette's eyes went wide. He looked at the other, then around the cafe as the other stared at him, seeming disappointed.The brunette bent down under the table. He picked up a bag and began ruffling through it. He looked panicked. He went through the bag again, then dumped the contents on the table. The black haired one rolled his eyes and sighed as the younger searched through a pile of books and pencils as if looking for something. Finally he gave up and looked pleadingly at the older.The black haired man reached down slowly, picked up his own bag, reached into it and took something out.Jessica had to stifled a gasp. She had through earlier, but it was pretty clear now. The black haired man was holding a large adult diaper, and handed it to the brunette. Defeated, the brunnette grabbed it, and waddled slowly away from the table and toward a bathroom door. He knocked on the door, and a grunt inside replied. He paused, shuffling from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable. He looked back at his boyfriend sadly. He went back to shuffling. He moaned, and looked at his boyfriend again, his eyes begging for help. His boyfriend sighed, stood up, and walked over. Once there, he grabbed hold of the younger's belt. The brunette shook his head with wide eyes, but did nothing as the older undid his belt and pulled down his pants. The brunette was now standing with a clearly visible, and clearly messy, diaper. The older turned him around, peared at the back, and waved his hand in front of his face teasingly. He then took his boyfriend by the wrist, waggled a finger under his nose, and pulled him toward a second bathroom to the side. Jessica noticed the sign on the door- it showed no gender, just had pictures of characters- one small, one medium sized, and one larger, all in diapers. The diapered boy, looking completely defeated, followed is boyfriend into it.Jessica stared in shock. What was all the more odd about seeing a twenty something year old man in a used diaper was the fact that no one in the cafe seemed to mind. In fact, they seemed prepared for it, even having a bathroom just for it.She needed air. She needed it fast. She got up, and walked toward the door."Hey, you have to pay for that!" the barista called after her, but she ignored him.She was in the open air and walking quickly. What was this world she was in? Some kind of kinkster's paradise? A world where everyone was incontinent? She looked at the people she passed. She began to noticed more and more strange things. Crinkling sounds, thick padding underneath pants and skirts, she noticed a group of girls socializing, and one casually hand a diaper to another. The padding seemed to vary in thickness, and in times when the plastic was visible around the edges of their pants and skirts, she noticed some with patterns on them, and others that were white.So diapered were a lot more common here, and for different age groups, she determined.Not everyone was diapered. Most teens or younger she passed were, with few exceptions. The majority of young adults were as well, though less so then the teens. The cut off seemed to roughly the mid twenties. There were one or two older then that who appeared to be diapered, but they were in the minority, and seemed very shy. She noticed other things as well. The window of a restaurant showed a woman in a high chair, being fed by another girl her own age. Another time she saw a man, she couldn't tell how old but he was fairly big, being bare bottom spanked, with tears running down his face. The woman seemed mortified, however, and no one else her age seemed to be in it, while man was clearly blushing, so she determined these must be exceptions to the rules. Still, there were many people with childish thing who seemed to be far to old for them- some in strollers, others with toys, or wearing onesies, one or two pacifiers... the list went on.She remembered the genie saying she'd be tested on everything, even 'basic skills.' He couldn't mean... that... could he? She shuddered at the thoughtShe steeled herself. So what? It just be one more test to pass, and an easy one at that. Its not like SHE was incontinent. Or did they have different rules here? She'd have to find out.Her stomach grumbled. She'd have to find out soon, she realized. Those eggs and coffee were not sitting well.She passed by what looked like a gigantic mall. It was three stories, and had banners and displays for stores all along the outside. She decided it was the perfect place to look for a job, and she may as well do it while trying to find out the strange laws.She entered the mall. It really was huge. She walked passed store after store, gawking at the size. Whatever world this was, they loved their shopping.Most of the stores seemed fairly in line with what she was used to. She even recognized a few logos, but none of the names.Her stomach grumbled again, and she felt a weight in her bladder. It was getting too hard to ignore. She realized she had been putting it off, dreading to find out what the laws of this bizarre land were, but she needed to find out.She found a large department store that had bathrooms. Like the coffee shop, there were three of them. One was male, one was female, and the other had three images of people in diapers, ranging in size from baby to adult.She walked to the female bathroom and tried to turn the nob, but it wouldn't budge.She tsked. Locked. She walked up to the help counter and waited in line.The pressure was building. She considered just walking to the front of the line, but she didn't want to stand out until she knew what was going on.Finally she reached the front."Hi, how can I help you?" a stocky, middle aged woman said."Hi, can I get the bathroom key?" Jessica asked."Of course," the woman said. "Just let me see your proof of toilet proficiency."Jessica stared at her. "What?"The woman laughed. "Oh, don't worry, I don't mean to embarrass you. I know most girls your age have passed their tests. However, there are a few stragglers, so we have to check. Do you have your proof?""I don't... uhhhh..." this would normally be the time where Jessica would come up with a lie, say it was at home or lost, just as she did when she used to drink underage. However, the absurdity of the question caught her off guard."You don't have it?! WHen did you complete the tests?""Tests?""When did you complete your proficiency tests?""I... didn't."The woman's eyes went wide. "OH! My mistake, sorry to embarrass you." She spoke in a soothing tone that bordered on condescending. "I must have gotten confused by how you asked. Don't worry, and sorry for what I said earlier, I know some people still have troubles at your age. Nothing to be worried about, it comes to some a bit later. Do you need a diaper change?""No! I don't need a diaper.""What?" The woman looked over the desk. "Where is your diaper?""I don't need a f--ingg diaper just give me the f--ing key!"The woman gasped. "How dare you speak to me that way! I'll bet you haven't even passed your full language tests. I'm going to give you three seconds, and I'd better see something- your id card, paperwork, a signed note, anything- that says your are qualified to use the toilet, or I better see a diaper on your butt. If I don't get it, you're going to be in a world of trouble.""I don't have stupid paperwork and I don't need diapers! I'm an adult you idiot!""Right, that's it." She hit a button under her desk.Almost instantly a large, muscular man in a uniform appeared behind Jessica."Right, what seems to be the trouble?""This GIRL has not passed her potty training tests, is not diapered, tried to lie her way into getting a bathroom key, then threw a tantrum, swore and insulted me.""YOu f--ing b--h!"The guard seized her by the wrist. "Do you have your toilet proficiency tests?" He asked."Uhhh..." she tried to think of a lie."You better not lie to me. You know I can check.""I... don't."He reached down to her belt."Hey!" she said, trying to stop him. However, he grabbed her and turned her around, then pinned both her hands to her stomach with one of his, and used his other on her belt. She squirmed, embarrassed at how easily he manhandled her. She looked around for help, but no one seemed to mind. A few watched, some laughing, some even seeming lecherous, but no one reacted as if there was anything wrong with what was going on.The guard undid her belt and pulled down her pants. There were a few chuckles from the audience. She stared. Her underwear, as it turned out, were a lacy pair of panties with a cartoon picture of the genie on them. Some kind of sick joke, she decided."Where is your diaper?" the guard asked."I don't have one," she said."NO paperwork and inappropriate underwear. Tell me, do you have your exemption from corporal discipline? Don't lie now, or it will be much worse.Her eyes went wide. "No...""Alright then," he said, and picked her up.In a flash she was turned over, and she landed on his raised knee with a squeel. "No," she said, barely having time to process what was going on before his first spank landed on her upturned backside.SMACK SMACK SMACK! He rained blows down on her as she squirmed and cried out. She couldn't believe how strong he was, or how vicious he was with the spanking. He was clearly used to doing it.She tried to hold onto her dignity as best she could, but the pain was growing. Her protests turned to pleas, and her angry shouting turned into loud cries. Soon she was bawling her eyes out, getting spanked as people watched. She could not believe it, and didn't know what was worse- the pain, or the indignity of the entire situation.Finally, he stooped, and stood her on the ground. He waggled his finger under her nose like she was a child. "Now, you are possibly the oldest I've ever had to spank, but then again, you'll likely be one of the oldest I've seen diapered too." She gulped at the though and fought back arguments. "Now, I'm going to take you to the help desk to get you diapered, and we are going to leave your pants down so your red bottom can serve as a warning to others. After that we can get you to the station to sort this out and get you where you are supposed to be, alright?She nodded through tears. She couldn't help but sniffle, and tried to ignore the snickers and giggles behind her.The guard turned her by the shoulders and spanked her still red bottom. "EEP!" she shouted, not expecting another spank, and walked forward.At the edge of the store she paused, and he spanked her again. She jumped. She realized he was planning on using spanks to direct her through the mall.He spanked her again. Worse still, the pressure in her bladder had been building. Being bent over his knee had made it critical, and each spank made it worse. She realized soon she might have to argue against being put in diapers while proving she needed them.Another spank. She turned. "STOP!" she said angrily."Are you arguing with me?" He grabbed her shoulder and delivered a burst of hard smacks to her bottom, making her squeal and dance on the spot. "I'm sorry!" She said. "P Lease! I really need to go to the bathroom.""You'll be diapered shortly.""No! Now! The bathrooms right there!" She pointed to a set of doors."No? Are you arguing again AND trying to lie your way into toilets?"He held her again and delivered more smacks. She screamed.It was too much. The pressure, the waiting, and now the smacks... she felt her bladder release."Nooo..." she whined as she wet herself.The guard backed away. "Well well," he said, "and you were trying to argue against diapers?""But... but... you made me do it! You wouldn't let me use the bathroom!" She whined as the puddle grew beneath her. She knew it wasn't the right thing to say, but an audience had gathered round to watch her shame, and she wanted to do anything she could to divert their blame.He shook his head. "I can see why you never made it through the tests. Mature women don't try to blame others for their mistakes. Also, we have told you several times now the bathroom is off limits. I suppose it isn't your fault you are a slow learner, but you could have at least been responsible enough to keep your diaper on. We may need to speak to your caretaker.""I'm not a... I don't have a...." she knew it was useless to argue.He shook his head. "Barely able to form sentences. We may need to test your language too. Come on," he grabbed her shoulder "the staff will clean up your mess, and we better get you diapered before you leave something worse for them. Really, you are the age of a woman, but really you seem more like a little girl. We will need to test you to see."She cried louder at that comment. What did it even mean, 'seem like girl?" Was that something she could be designated? What were the tests? She dreaded to find out what restrictions they could put on her. It was all so fast. It had only been a few hours, she knew, and she had gone from a wealthy, successful capitalist, feared and respected, master of her world, to a little girl, being lead sobbing through a mall with a spanked red bottom on display and wet pants dribbling, to be diapered in this strange world she didn't understand at all. Why had she taken that bet? -next part up soon. Future sections will likely include (spoiler alert) a lot of embarrassment, messy diapers, spankings, etc. and some cuter abdl moments Comments or critiques appreciated
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  10. hello my name is tasha i am 25 years old and i am looking for people to roleplay with long term. i have a lot of different ideas that involve celebrities as the caregiver. I also prefer to play as the baby but open to playing as the caregiver sometimes . if interested send me a pm and we can talk more about it . thank you hope you all have a great day
  11. I'm going to finish this book series, I swore to myself I would. If anyone stuck with me on the first two, here's the beginning of the third. So, let me explain... I, Rayne Griff I kept dragging on for the cute ABDL scenes although the plot was done, but to be quite honest, I hadn't fully decided if it was the complete end or not. After my hiatus, I decided to put one beast of a story to bed and begin writing the last one(Will it be the last? Who really knows, haha! Let's be honest here: are my story lines ever really over?). Anywho, any new people to the trilogy, catch up with the story down below! If you're looking for a futuristic, sci-fy story about diapers, a DD/LG love story, supernatural powers, robots etc. you came to the right place. I can promise it's more than what just meets the eye... ____ For those of you who are new to this story and looking for a good ABDL binge read, I encourage you to read I, Bot 404 {Book 1}. This is a sci-fy story with an ABDL twist. Bot 404 awakes in the Sequoia Airspace, the heart of intergalactic slave trade, and things seem off. Bot 404 learns slowly from other bots mistakes how to escape from being terminated. This bot finds that she isn't a bot, and something much more than that, a human. Through a train of memories, Bot 404, otherwise known as Rayne Griff, learns her past, and, eventually, learns how serious the present is. What the future must hold? Only she can decide that. Then, check out the second book: I, Rayne Griff {Book 2}. So you heard the story, huh? Think you know it all? Well, guess again. Rayne and Zane test their love through time in this second edition of I, Bot 404 where Rayne learn where her trust truly lies. More action? Yep. More diapers? Of course. More spankings? Unfortunately so for Rayne. Can she stay out of trouble this time around? You'll have to find out. ____ I, Grelda Orion Book 3 Chapter 1: Supposedly, Royally Pissed Off Equals PTSD “How do you feel today, Miss Griff?” Dr. Silvia looked up from behind her square glasses, her eyes constricting as they looked at me. We were on a first name basis, and, supposedly, this was a mental and emotional exam to decide if I was cleared or not to stay with the UGNF before being discharged. Winona said she’d grant me a psychological clearance before I officially left the Intergalactic Space Station. “Great.” I said, with a convincing smile. Dr. Silvia was mainly a human; however, her eyes gave away that she was part Amphibian which gave her special powers to be an empath and hear thoughts. She was one of the nicest Amphibians I had ever met but I was forced to do one full session with her before her diagnosis or lack thereof. I was fine, really, just a bit mad at Zane and trying my hardest to stay on the Intergalactic Space Station. I wasn't going to accept being discharged until all of my resources were exhausted. She scrolled through my chart on her dark glass tablet, “What issues or symptoms have you had since the event?” I blinked, “Uh, what event?” Dr. Silvia took a long look at me, her dark brown eyes fully dilating and she looked down, writing with her stylus quickly over here iGlass that had a privacy screen darkener inlayed on the tablet. “When Sid killed Zane and you revived Zane with your gift.” She said, setting down her stylus and clasping her hands on her light beige colored pants. I gulped, “I mean, no symptoms that I know of.” I shrugged, I didn’t feel much different. I wanted to keep going, to keep fighting a war that wasn’t over until all bots were freed and Nefareons weren’t in tanks underground. Dr. Silvia gave a warm smile with her small lips, “You can be open with me, Rayne. Anything you say stays between me and you. You don’t have to lie, because, as you know, I can tell.” Her eyes watched me carefully as I nodded. “I just don’t know why Zane would say I’m not emotionally stable. It’s an unfair statement because the Galactic Forces is my passion and without it, I’m nothing.” I said in a matter-of-fact way. Dr. Silvia cleared her throat, “Well, from what I’ve gathered, you haven’t been eating, sleeping, showering or taking care of yourself. Although, I know your relationship with Zane is a bit skewed from the norm, that disregards the fact that you haven’t been behaving as usual.” She spoke, with a platter of things that hurt to hear. I blinked, “I’ve been sleeping and eating, I just haven’t had an appetite is all.” I said, in defense. “Have you had any bouts of incontinence?” I gulped, looking down as I felt tears gathering, “You already know the answer. What’s the point of this?” She took a tissue box and angled it towards me. I shook my head at it and looked to her bookcase, trying not to think. Dr. Silvia spoke, “You requested a psychological clearance. Have you had any memory lapses?” She asked genuinely. I squinted my eyes, confused at such a silly question, “No, why?” “Some people dealing with trauma can have memory issues.” “I didn’t deal with trauma; if anything, Zane did.” I said, becoming agitated that she was acting like I was emotionally disturbed. I wasn’t, really. “And that’s why he’s deciding to take a voluntary leave from the UGNF for some time with you.” Dr. Silvia said with an encouraging smile, as if I should be happy about it. I shook my head, “This is ridiculous. What’s the point of trying anymore?” I said, crossing my arms and realizing I was getting nowhere with convincing her I was fine. “Rayne, what do you want from life?” To free all of the bots and Nefareons. “For yourself, not for anyone else?” I squinted, shaking my head, “That doesn’t matter.” “And that’s the reason why I can’t clear you. Even if you lied to me, I can’t because I feel that you’re not taking care of yourself and have destructive behaviors.” She stood, taking out her stylus again on her tablet, “I’m going to set you up with a trusted therapist on Hanna and we will meet again when your mentally stable and ready to come back, okay?” I rolled my eyes, “This is so fucking stupid. I don’t even care anymore.” I said, sullenly as Dr. Silvia opened the door and Zane was outside, sitting on the waiting chair. Zane stood and spoke with the doctor outside the room. I sunk down in the chair, not wanting to move. I was pissed. Pissed at Dr. Silvia. Pissed at Winona. Most of all, I was pissed at Zane. I could hear Zane in a low voice apologizing for my behavior. I rolled my eyes; he always acted as if I were the problem yet he was the reason why I was in this therapist's office in the first place. “Oh no, it’s fine. Agitation is a normal symptom of PTSD. She’s going to be going through a wide range of emotions and that’s completely okay. It’s interesting, your relationship dynamic, because it has been clinically proven to improve depression, anxiety and symptoms of PTSD even so I would encourage it when you two go back.” I squinted my eyes at her talking to Zane about our CGL dynamic and encouraging him. Ugh, I didn’t need that right now, not one bit. Zane peaked behind the door, “Come on Rayne, how about we get going, hm?” His dominating and coaxing tone hinting the sentence. I almost rolled my eyes. I gave him a long stare with a blank expression before standing and quietly trailing behind him out of the hospital floor. I was packed to leave, but I didn’t want to. Gemma hugged me when we got back and Zane told Gemma it was official that we were leaving, “Awe! I’m going to miss you so much!” She gave me a warm, long hug and I didn’t even hug back, I was still fuming. “I’ll visit, okay? You, Zane, Daryx and Eli are all leaving so I may just have to visit Hanna to see you all.” Eli and Daryx were going back to? I bet they were discharged for the same damn reason: Zane Vandore. Chapter 2: Safety is an Imaginary Blanket As we waited at the Intergalactic Space ships loading dock later that night, I had my hood over my head as I crossed my arms, foot tapping on the ground. Was I mad about the situation? Yes. Was I upset with Zane? Correct. Did I look like a child throwing a tantrum? Absolutely. Zane’s eyes kept floating over to me as he conversed with Daryx and Eli about some intergalactic anti-gravity ball game that was premiering over the weekend. I completely drowned them out, reflecting on all of my time at the Intergalactic Space Station, the place I envisioned myself at since a young girl. It was where I felt most at home, yet that was being taken from me. Walking amongst the best of the best in the UGNF on one of the highest floors of the massive Intergalactic Space Station was a dream come true, one I wish my mom could have seen. At least my dad, Red, saw it, although the whole calling him 'dad' thing may never stick... yeah, I think I'll just keep calling him Red. As I was, admittedly, grumpily looking across the food court down below where we waited, someone familiar caught my eyes. A pair of awkward green eyes behind glasses were looking at me, as if awaiting my eyes to find his. I looked at the hologram clock on the wall. Our spacecraft would be boarding in a few minutes… what did I care if I didn’t make it? It wasn't my choice to leave anyways. I got up, hesitating for a moment as I looked over to Zane engrossed in his conversation and shook my head, knowing this may be my last chance to see Calvin. As I began walking towards the escalators, I heard one of the flight attendants announcing my spacecraft boarding. “Group A, for Flight 828 United Intergalactic, please board in a single file line. Thank you.” Of course we were Group A and riding first class, which was stupid because the UGNF was just trying to kiss my diapered ass at this point for sending me home. “Rayne? C’mon, this is us.” Zane said as he stood, gathering our bags and suit cases as his eyes followed me walking away. “I have to do something, I’ll be there in a sec.” I grumbled, not even turning to see his face under my hoodie. “Rayne.” Zane said behind me in a calm tone… which only I knew meant I’d be in trouble if I didn’t listen to him. He already placed me in a diaper for the day from after my failed psychological evaluation for having an ‘attitude’. What else could he do? Spank me? Wow, so scary. I ignored him as I weaved through people towards the escalators to the food court below. I began walking quickly down the long escalator, squeezing past people to hurry. I met Calvin’s eyes as I met him near the stairway by the escalators. He took my wrist, pulling me underneath the bridge of the stairway near a self-service recycled water fountain. I blinked, realizing there was something going through his mind that was of a serious nature. I had never seen him hold such a serious gaze before. “Do you have your phone on you? Watch?” Calvin said, eyes searching mine. I frowned, Zane confiscated them so… “No.” I shook my head, confused at his odd questions. “They are watching you, Rayne. I know we don’t have much time and me just telling you this puts my life on the line but I felt the moral obligation to tell you: You and Zane need to get to somewhere safe when you go back, okay?” He said quickly, urgently. They? Did I hear that right? I shook my head, almost smiling, “Who is ‘they’ Calvin? And the UGNF is completely safe now, we caught most, if not all, of the Valorion Supremacy members in the UGN and sent them to intergalactic prison. And we’re going to one of their safe houses so we’ll be fine.” I said, shaking my head and brushing off the silly thought that we were still in danger. Maybe he hadn’t heard the news? A lot had changed since, after all. “The safe house is not safe. Nor is the UGN or the UGNF. Don’t go there, say you two are going on vacation. Leave, immediately, don’t tell anyone where you’re going. You provided them with something they’ve been waiting and searching for and now many people are in danger.” Calvin said, slowly, as if thinking carefully what to say and when to say it. I shook my head, “But who is ‘they’? I don’t get it.” “The S.S. Rayne, the fucking S.S.” He stared at me as I blinked back, confused. He said in a urgent hush, “The ancient Sequoian Society.” I frowned, blinking rapidly as if he were pulling my leg. I had heard of the Sequoian Society, one that had been alive hundreds of years ago in Valorion history books. The S.S. had paved the current laws and regulations of Valorion. They were what gave Valorion strict rules and regulations and were the greatest source of merciless reign, vindication and uncivilized power over hundreds and thousands of years. After the intergalactic slave trade got to all-time highs and began emanating to far places such as Earth and Orion’s Belt, the United Galactic Forces united to regain power over the galaxies. Many intergalactic wars later, the S.S. disappeared completely, and what was left was a new government in Valorion that had to change many statutes to still keep their intergalactic trades from embargo. However, as far as I knew and had heard from Zane, the Valorion Supremacy was the only black market, underground secret in the shadows of Valorion. I had never even heard of the ancient S.S. besides textbooks. The S.S. was something that was taught in every history class around the galaxies because of the enslavery of Zanthor and Saiph, ending in total annihilation of one ancient planet: Zanthor. The annihilation led to planets realizing it was time to set differences aside and create a force greater the the S.S. to deplete Valorion’s power and cease it’s immoral and cruel acts. Humanitarianism had no place with the S.S. and that meant they had to be overthrown. So after Valorion’s defeat, the United Galactic Nations swore to step in whenever necessary to protect the galaxies, hence creating the United Galactic Nations Forces. This was the sole reason why I admired the UGN so fondly because the Forces were the true protectors of the galaxies. Without the UGN, the galaxies would be in complete chaos. These thoughts ran through my brain and so many questions surfaced as I could hear the final boarding group being called above. I gritted my teeth, wanting to know so much more, yet I didn't have enough time. For the first time, Calvin hugged me, whispering quickly in my ear, “Your coordinates are real, don’t search them anymore. Anywhere. Meet me at the stroke of midnight at the training base, August 8th. I can take you there, trust me.” He pulled away, walking briskly past me and not looking back. I blinked, in a daze as I processed what he said… the coordinates were real? And, August 8th… that was next week! How were we supposed to hide for that long knowing what I know?! Was this a joke? Or real? It must be, but nothing made quite enough sense. The only thing that did make sense: my mom didn’t write nonsense on a piece of paper. She wanted me to find her and Calvin was going to be the one to help me. I would go to the ends of the galaxies to find her, no matter what dangers may lie ahead.
  12. New Game! WOULD YOU RATHER!!! Very, Very Simple game. Player 1 ask Would you Rather (Blank) or (Blank). Player 2 picks answer and repeats for next player.
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  14. It was tiresome, and Max didn't know if he could handle it anymore; eventually, he just sighed and threw up his hands. "Ugh, fine. Listen, I need to tell you something about my brother. You know, the one we're going to be staying with?" He shuffled his feet and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, he isn't exactly adult-material. You'll see when he comes to pick us up-" That was when the car pulled into his friend's driveway, and Max slapped his forehead the instant he saw the tired-looking teen slouched in the front seat. Not only was he wearing a coffee-stained shirt-again, for the millionth time, even after he specifically asked him to wear something clean-he wasn't even wearing it properly. The damn thing was on backwards, and his long, black hair was a total mess. He hadn't even shaved the stubble off his face, so now he looked like a hobo, and he was even drinking the coffee while driving! He'd told him not to do that. Perfect first impression, Max thought to himself, scowling as he walked over and slipped into the seat alongside his friend after helping him with his bags. "Bill, you have got to be kidding me." The eighteen-year-old rolled his eyes at him and drummed his fingertips against the steering wheel as he started to drive, "What is it this time, mom?" Max rolled his eyes and shot back, "Your shirt's on backwards again, you obviously didn't brush your hair, you haven't shaved, and I bet you drank that coffee on the way here and spilled it on yourself again, didn't you?" The boy just slouched and muttered something unintelligible under his breath. Max waited for him to speak up, before finally commanding him, "Speak up so I can hear you, Bill." Bill simply pouted at him from the front seat before raising his voice so he could hear, "Yeah, I might've spilled it a little, but I diddit yesterday an' you were fine wit' it. Not like it matters, anyway." He mumbled childishly, swinging his feet as he drove them to his and Max's abode. Max didn't have the energy to keep arguing; he just glared at him from the corner of his eye. He sighed, looking back at his friend when the car stopped as if to say "do you see what I have to deal with" before sitting back in his seat.
  15. Hey all! I’m trying to raise awareness of an abdl open house coming up in Fort Wayne! It’s free! Details in the link! https://thediaperladies.com/special-event
  16. Layla was a average 5’6 and 140 pound female with wavy long black hair that went down to her shoulders. On this particular day though she had pulled it up and pinned it neatly into a makeshift bun which was easier to keep out of her face while she was busily tending to the garden. She had lived in the small village of Direhallow after having left her parents only a year ago, now she was nineteen and making the best of her time. It was A sunny and bright day when Layla had stepped out of her small hut and peered around at the busy little village. She noticed a small wrapped gift on her doorstep and picked it up, reading the card idly ‘a sweet treat from a unknown admirer’ She looked around confused as she had no idea who it was from nor what it would do to her future. she had opened the gift to find some freshly made cookies. Quietly going inside to set them down expect for one which she was eating and savoring the taste. Little did she know that the cookies were cursed and that she would soon feel the effects. She had left her hut to start working on he garden and after a few hours she was feeling different before long she went to stand but the fence seemed way taller then she recalled, when she looked down her clothing had become very large as she was shrinking down to the size of a toddler!
  17. Welp, I'm back. After some time, I've decided that it's time to begin posting again. I must warn you all: I'll be posting once a week as of now. That may change dependent on my schedule but, once finals week is over since I'm in college, there may be more than one post a week... I'll see how this goes with the post schedule but I'm going to try my very best to stay consistent. For those of you who are new to this story, I encourage you to read I, Bot 404 {Book 1}. This is a sci-fy story with an ABDL twist. Bot 404 awakes in the Sequoia Airspace, the heart of intergalactic slave trade, and things seem off. Bot 404 learns slowly from other bots mistakes how to escape from being terminated. This bot finds that she isn't a bot, and something much more than that, a human. Through a train of memories, Bot 404, otherwise known as Rayne Griff, learns her past, and, eventually, learns how serious the present is. What the future must hold? Only she can decide that. Anywho, the plot thickens and I've read your feedback of excitement for more chapters and... Without further ado, I present you all with two chapters to start your conspiracy theories, hehe. Please, write feedback, theories, or questions you may have!:) I, Rayne Griff | I, Bot 404 Book 2 Chapter 1: Welcome to My New, Boring, Life in Kirkland, Hanna I tapped my fingers on my desk, sighing as I watched the clock. I glanced at my watch and rolled my eyes that I still had two hours to go. “So. Fucking. Stupid.” To say I was bored with my new job was an understatement. It had been a few months since I was reassigned to Hanna as an officer at the Kirkland Galactic Forces Headquarters. My job was useless. I looked through files all day, trying to find inconsistencies in galactic identification cards from other galaxies. Super easy. Also, super lame. A bunch of stamping, a bunch of stapling, a bunch of scanning. Then, I go home. Every day the same as the last. I almost wished I could be a bot again, at least that was more interesting. All day long I go through about fifty or so files and I find about two or three fraudulent cards. It was actually harder to spot that one would think. Burton Cheeseburger was a real name. When I first saw his file, I had honestly flagged it because I thought the name was a joke from Earth. Apparently, there was a whole lineage of Cheeseburgers. Crazy, right? Of course I got written up for flagging the account. Being written up has probably been the most exciting thing that has happened to me these past four months. As I do my 9 to 5 job I can only imagine all the interesting things Eli, Gemma or Zane were doing right now. Gemma was doing an undercover spy assignment on Zenon. Eli was still on the Intergalactic Space Station with Zane doing who knows what. Zane still visited a few times a month with some type of Intergalactic Space Station ice-cream or some babyish souvenir. I was so jealous of all of them. Here I was, back in Hanna, exactly where I didn't want to be. Lucky me, right? My eyes were becoming weary as I stared at a long case and rested my cheek on my hand. I felt my eyes, slowly closing at the rhythm of my clock on the wall ticked, almost undetectable to the human ear. I jumped up quickly as I heard a knock on my door. My devil of a manager peaked her head in, “How many cases did you complete so far?” Jaimie’s light blue eyes narrowed down to me. The best part about my new assignment: Jaimie was my supervisor. Great, right? She knew things I wish she didn’t and she hadn’t changed much since school. Still narrow-minded and gets under my skin. Sure, we had come to an understanding by the ending of the academy, but that didn’t mean we’d be friends…Ever. “I can guarantee more than Gantree.” Gantree was about to be reassigned for his poor speed with going through our identification queue. Jaimie gave a fake smile, “Funny.” She paused, hesitating before speaking, “You can go home early. I have to send someone home since the UGN is cutting funding for our correction officers from the new contracts for assignments.” Wow, Jaimie sending me home early? That was nice of her, considering she usually sends Gantree home first. Maybe she’s getting the hint that I stopped giving a shit about my job. Even with my lack of care, I still did a better job than Gantree. I crossed my arms, leaning back in my chair, “New alterations? What did your dad change?” I saw a glare flash over Jaimie’s face, “It doesn’t concern you.” I flashed a smile, not even slightly intimidated, “Come on, I just want to know a sliver of what’s going on up there. After all, I haven’t given you crap for the 4 months I’ve been down here.” Zane hardly told me anything. He’d give me cover stories, even though I knew he was lying, just trying to make me feel like I was in the loop. Jamie shook her head, looking crossed as she stood at my door. She stepped in, closing the door behind her. She sat down on my desk, sighing, “Supposedly, the people they sent out to Sequoia went missing.” Weird, she was being nice today. Maybe she found a boyfriend and was finally getting laid. Glory be. “Missing? Don’t they all have trackers?” I asked. I knew that they were sending officers to Sequoia as bots and had been successful for a few months thus far. I honestly had not heard an update about the first batch of officer turned bots until now. Jaimie rolled her eyes, “They’re not all as lucky as you, Rayne.” I shook my head, shredding the file I had. Jaimie grabbed my wrist, “Promise me that you won’t go rogue if I tell you something.” She had a serious tone as her eyes met mine. I had never seen her so serious before. She hardly even looked at me since I began working under her. This sudden change in attitude was odd, off-putting. Was there something serious that had happened? I rolled my eyes, “It’s me, Jaimie. I’m always rogue. Out of all people you should know that.” I pulled my wrist away and rubbed it from her surprisingly cold grip. Her eyes looked sad. Weird, did Jaimie's eyes hold a trace of...sympathy? “As much as I dislike you I feel like you deserve to know what’s going on up there…” She looked down hesitantly, then meeting my eyes, “Eli is missing too.” Chapter 2: Kept Deep In the Dark I shook my head, “Wh-“ My mind began racing with thoughts. Not Eli, that can’t be right? “What?! How?” I stood up, feeling energy pulsing in my body. Anger really drove it up a notch. She shrugged, “I don’t know the details. All I know is he went on a mission and never came back about a week ago or so.” “A week?! Are you kidding me?” I placed my hands behind my head. Was that why Zane didn’t visit last weekend like he was supposed to? Not even Zane could tell me that. Why was I so much in the dark? Did Gemma even know? Jaimie said as she walked to my door to leave, “You can’t freak out, Rayne. I didn’t tell you anything, it’s top secret information, okay?” She shook her head, “God, I probably shouldn’t have told you that much.” She was like her dad in that way. She couldn’t keep secrets just like Red. However, she was also a bitch and I still couldn’t believe Red and Jaimie were related. I drove home, feeling my fingers twitch. I couldn’t and didn’t want to imagine where Eli was. If he were still alive. If he were being tortured. A dark shiver went through me and I tried to let it go, even though it felt like I had already lost a loved one. I wasn’t scared, but fear ran through me for him. He looked mighty, tall and tough, but I knew he was soft to the core. Only me and Gemma knew him after all. As I pulled into my driveway, another car was parked. Zane’s. Of course, perfect timing per usual. I turned off my ignition and rested my forehead on my steering wheel, attempting to gather myself before yelling nonsense at Zane. I felt betrayed by him. He had to know, yet I heard it from Jaimie. Maybe he came here to tell me. There must have been more to the story and he wanted to tell me in person, right? I walked inside the house and Zane was on the couch, watching the intergalactic news. He got up, walking towards me as I threw my bag on the floor, “Hey, babygirl.” His strong arms gently hugged me as my back went rigid. I needed to calm down, bigtime. I was about to go off and, if it weren’t apparent in my last tale, Zane wasn’t the best person to go off on. “Hey.” I said, standing there awkwardly. “What’s wrong?” Zane pulled back, immediately noticing my lack of embrace as his blue eyes looked me over carefully. I blinked up to him, searching his eyes for honesty. His eyes were concerned, as if I just got a boo boo from falling on the ground. Great, I already could tell how this day was going to go. As much as I loved Zane, there was something lacking in the past four months. He was warm, loving and affectionate, but there was a noticeable distance to him. It was almost as if he babied me to escape ‘adult talk’ as I call it. I wanted that adult talk. Sure, I liked being babied, but I also was his girlfriend and the babying was only a part of the relationship. Our communication had been lacking a lot since I regained my memory. The only things he’s told me is that his brother awoke and was going through rehabilitation from his coma and little bits and pieces about how he’s been training new elite officials on the Intergalactic Space Station. I shook my head, taking off my jacket and throwing it on the couch with a sigh, “Jaimie’s just a bitch.” I said as I sat back on the couch, crossing my arms. I was lying, but I wanted to see if Zane would tell me what happened. Part of me wanted to see that Zane was a good boyfriend. Part of me wanted to test my theory that Zane had been lying to me for some time now. “Mm? What happened now?” Zane still stood near me, looking down. “She wrote me up on Monday.” I said, sighing. “I’m surprised you didn’t tell me on our call Monday night.” Zane was questioning me now too, “What did you do?” He said as if I were in trouble with him now too. Well, fuck, I didn’t want this to turn into me getting a spanking. I looked up to him innocently, “I accidentally flagged an intergalactic file that was real.” I quickly explained, “But I’ve heard of other coworkers who have done that multiple times and never gotten written up yet, only warnings.” I shook my head and shrugged, “That was my FIRST time and she wrote me up.” “Was calling her the b word necessary?” He cocked his head at me as he looked down. He was intimidating as he stood there. I blushed as I looked up. I frowned, “No, probably not.” Zane chuckled, switching the subject, “I’m going to make spaghetti for dinner. You should take a shower and wait in your room for me.” He said as he walked to the kitchen, not waiting for a response from me. I shook my head, my jaw tightening. He was acting like everything was normal, as if my best friend weren’t in danger or dead. Maybe Jaimie was just pulling on my leg? Maybe Eli was okay? Or maybe I was dating a pathological liar? Well, fuck. I don’t think Jaimie would joke with me like that. She’d cruel, but not that cruel. She wouldn’t lie about something to that extent either. I didn’t move, calming myself with slow breaths as my fingers tapped. “That wasn’t a suggestion, Rayne, it was a command.” Zane said across the living room in a stern voice. He looked over to me, “Did you want me to give you a bath?” I rolled my eyes, getting up and walking briskly past him. I couldn’t look at him, I was pissed. If not for Jaimie, how long would I have been in the dark for? I could barely look at Zane right now. He grabbed my wrist as I passed him, “Rayne.” His voice was like a growl, ”What’s with the sudden attitude?” I clenched my fist, feeling sudden energy in my palms. “Let go of me, Zane.” My voice cut the air like a razor as I met his light blue eyes with a glare. “How about I give you a good spanking and a bath?” Zane cocked his head at me, his eyes unwavering. I blinked, calming myself down as I tried to take a step back and he pulled me towards the dining chair. He let go of my hand and I looked at my wrist after his iron grip held it. Before I knew it, my bottom was on fire. My jaw was clenched for a few minutes as I was too pissed off to even cry. A few more minutes passed and I broke as I began crying. I was crying because Eli was gone. Not to mention, I didn’t know the person I was dating. What was Zane doing now? Was he really a trainer again? I didn’t believe any of it anymore. I just couldn’t. I sat in the tub as Zane poured water over my soapy hair. I met his eyes with my puffy ones from the recent spanking, “How was your weekend?” I wanted to poke, to see if he would show any evidence to prove that Jaimie was lying to me. I wanted to believe Zane wasn’t hiding something that important from me. He couldn’t. We patched up our lying issues months ago, we agreed upon having a more open relationship with communication. There was no way we could retract, right? He took the sponge in the water and went over my back in concentration, “They needed me to train the new elite squad before they were sent on a long mission.” His blue eyes met mine with a smile placed on his face as he said, “Stand.” I stood as he took the bath sponge up my legs and my breathing hitched. He didn’t linger as he quickly cleaned between my thighs and went back down. Ugh. He was such a tease, never giving me what I wanted. I switched my thoughts to his face after he spoke. I watched his face, blank. Fuck Zane. I want to believe that you’re true to your word, so badly. Don’t lie to me, please. “Oh, so that’s why you couldn’t come home.” I said, sullenly, acting as if I didn’t catch him in a lie. “Well, Daddy’s going to be here for a few extra days so he can make up for being gone.” He said, as he looked up to me with bouncing eyes, yet there was something behind them. They were careful, hesitant, yet lying. He turned away from me, going to grab a towel as I gulped, holding back my anger that reignited towards Zane. He patted me down with a fluffy grey towel and wrapped it around me, picking me up in a scoop. Zane brought me to my nursery and laid me down on the giant changing table. The mat underneath me squished softly as he set me down. He pulled out a thick white fluffy diaper and I blushed. He never pulled out thatdiaper unless he really wanted me to feel little. I raised my hips and legs up as he slid the soft diaper underneath me. Powder was sprinkled on my princess parts generously and patted around. The diaper enveloped around my bottom and was taped snugly. I suppressed a smile, although the feeling of a fresh diaper made me tranquil, beyond the level of content. I still wanted to be grumpy, but being treated like a baby always had a way of nudging me into a state of happiness. Like nothing else mattered and I could be myself, knowing Zane would take care of me. It was a feeling I couldn’t put into words. The love I felt just by looking into his eyes. The bond we had. It was unexplainable, but, although I was mad with him, I still wanted to have our time together, to be babied and loved. I missed it, as much as I hated to admit it. Zane pulled a light purple onesie over me, snapping it at the crotch and helped me into frilly white socks as I sat on the changing table with my feet dangling. “There, there, someone must be feeling better now, hm?” His eyes traced mine as he looked to my lips and then spoke, “Oh! How could I forgot your paci, babygirl?” He turned and went to my dresser. I don’t think there was anything more that Zane loved then choosing my outfit and accessories. I didn’t even care what I wore. If it were up to me, I’d just be wearing his shirt and a diaper but he alwayshad to take it to another level to make sure I felt like a baby. He came back over to me with a purple pacifier with a little monster face cartoon on it. I blushed as he clipped it to the pocket of my pencil pocket of my onesie and plopped it into my mouth. He picked me up from my armpits and placed me on his hip as he walked over to the kitchen, setting my down on the counter. I wanted to curl up in blankets and hide under a pillow I felt so little. My feet dangled as Zane cooked, singing to himself as I watched him shaking noodles into boiling water. I turned my head and opened the cabinet, wondering what was inside. Admittedly, I hardly cooked. I liked to just pop in portable meals into the vaporizer we had in the house. I pulled my legs up to my chest, pivoting to face the cabinet as I curiously looked at all of the spices and powders. Oregano, paprika, cinnamon, protein powder, and NutriSqueezes. I closed my eyes, Eli popping into my head. The last time I had a NutriSqueeze was when he gave me one. I was trying not to think about it, but it hit me, hard. I couldn’t grit my teeth with a pacifier, so I suckled it angrily as I rested my forehead on the shelf. “What are you doing looking into the cabinets, little one? You’re going to fall like that.” Zane said as his hand was on my back. He turned me around as I tried to look away from him. “What’s wrong baby?” He looked concerned. Was my face that easy to read? God damnit. I pushed him away from me as I jumped off the counter, spitting out my pacifier and ripping the clip from my shirt. I threw it on the ground next to his feet, “Why didn’t you tell me about Eli?” He gave me a confused look as he crossed his arms. “That’s not nice to throw your paci on the ground, Rayne.” He was scolding me, instead of addressing the issue. I stared at him as I crossed my arms to match him, waiting for an explanation. He turned around, stirring the meat sauce, and then turning back to me, “How do you know about that?” My jaw tightened as my voice chopped the air, “That doesn’t fucking matter. What does matter is the fact that you withheld information from me that’s important.” Zane’s face went blank, unreadable as he looked me over. I felt my face go red as I realized I looked like a bratty toddler and was just cursing. “Drop the attitude and I’ll tell you why.” He cocked his head as I saw a slight smile on his face he was trying to suppress as his eyes lowered to my midsection where my diaper was. I blushed further. I rolled my eyes and huffed, “Maybe if you didn’t lie to me then I wouldn’t have one.” I spit fire back to him. His eyebrows rose, “Maybe someone needs another punishment.” He said, slowly, as he met my eyes. What other punishment could he give me? Another spanking? Oh, soscary. “Or maybe you should just leave.” His eyes blinked, changing from challenging to pained. “Rayne, stop.” He said, loudly. I blinked, feeling his dominant side coming out to end this argument completely. I felt myself suddenly feel little and a bit scared of this side of Zane. He was instantly cold as he picked up my pacifier from the ground. A few moments of silence followed as he ran my pacifier through water and I sat at the kitchen table, looking at the wood pattern in the table. I was suddenly intimidated by Zane as I sat there, waiting for him to warm up, but I think I accidentally pressed a button on him that I shouldn’t have. He came near me and kneeled by me, clipping the pacifier on my onesie again and letting the pacifier dangle on my shirt. I was surprised he didn’t place it in my mouth again. I frowned. He went back to the food, quietly fuming. Zane placed spaghetti in front of me with chocolate milk in a sippy cup. I blushed, well I guess I was still getting the baby treatment. He sat down in front of me and I still wasn’t done, I pushed my food away from me, “I’m not hungry anymore.” I said, sourly. “Eat, Rayne, we’ll have adult talk after, if you’re good.” He said with an even tone as he read on his phone, not looking up. Oh, he was mad. I huffed, deciding to go with it and ate my spaghetti. I was hungry; I just was mad and didn’t want to appease Zane by eating. After I ate and Zane went to clean the dishes, I drank the chocolate milk. I didn’t want to drink it in front of Zane so once he walked away it was the perfect timing. I loved chocolate milk with spaghetti. Zane knew me well enough. Even though I was mad at him I couldn’t pass drinking my favorite liquid with spaghetti. Zane spoke as he dried the dishes with a towel, “I didn’t want you to find out about Eli. I know how you are, and you like to act on things irrationally, and I didn’t want any chance of you doing that.” He looked over to me, catching me in the act of drinking my milk, after placing the dishes away. He stifled a smile as he sat at the table with the towel in his hand, “I want to protect you as long as I can from terrible things like that. I don’t want you to ever go through what I went through when my brother was gone and, unfortunately, I still failed.” He said, with pain in his eyes. My eyes narrowed to him, “You have this pattern of trying to protect me from things that are inevitable, Zane, and I don’t know how much longer I can go on with dating someone who I can’t trust.” I said coldly. Zane’s eyes flashed in hurt, that one must have stung, “There’s some things I can’t tell you because of the business were in, Rayne, you know that better than anyone.” He said, as his fingers trailed his chin. He was right. I was the thing that most people outside of Hanna and the Intergalactic Space Station didn’t know about, after all. I frowned, “I just wish you were honest with me on the things that involve me.” Zane nodded, “You’re right.” He paused, and I rolled my eyes when he continued, “But I’m going to need you to not have temper tantrums every time we have a serious conversation.” He always needed the last word. Always. Later that night I was in Zane’s lap as we watched a movie together in our room. I nursed my pacifier as I cuddled into him and met his content eyes. He winked at me and I looked away. I hugged Rhorf to my stomach as I looked down at my clothes. Zane brought my blanket over us as I nuzzled my head into him chest. Fifteen minutes into the movie Zane was asleep. I looked over his face, eyes closed as his mouth softly breathed in and out rhythmically. I wanted to think the highest of Zane. He did care about me and maybe he hadn’t told me in fear of my reaction. Or maybe Zane had a bad week and didn’t want to tell me the news about Eli. I knew Zane had lied to me in the past, but I thought we were past that. I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. My stomach growled as I laid there. I sighed, quietly crawling away from Zane as he slept and off of the bed. I silently walked out of the room, closing the door behind me. I waddled to the kitchen, opening the fridge door. As the door opened a jar of pickles fell out of the side door. I internally cringed and froze as I watched the jar in slow motion fall, shattering into several pieces as it touched the tiles. Green pickle juice flowed everywhere over the floor, including my sock. “Fuck.” I whispered to myself, taking off one sock. I stood there for a second, waiting for Zane to wake, waiting for my impending doom. A few more seconds passed and I didn’t hear anything from the other room. I sighed in relief as I turned on the faucet and wet a towel to clean off the glass on the floor. A moment later, everything seemed off. I stared at the water coming from the faucet, as it froze in time right before my very eyes. I squinted in confusion at the water. My finger touched the water, as if it were a sculpture that shouldn't be touched. My finger became wet and a droplet came off of the still stream. I cocked my head, completely confused. The air felt still, silence followed the room. “It’s time, Rayne.” I jumped, turning around quickly, “The FUCK?” I met glowing yellow eyes through the darkness of the kitchen.
  18. This is a story I wrote a while ago, inspired by the kind of things I like to get up to with my own Mummy (who I adore and luff SO MUCH!) I generally write trans characters who are lesbians, and rarely deviate from that. Still, I hope you enjoy! * * * * Once it was normal to sleep in the big bed. Now it’s a reward, doled out by Mommy when you’re an especially good girl. You wake and it’s dark. The numbers on the clock are dim in the faint hue of the nightlight, but you can tell it’s early. Plastic crinkles as you turn, and you’re aware of the wet, sagging garment between your legs. No surprise, since you went before you passed out. Already you’re hard. It’s not one thing, but a number of things. The gentle sucking of your paci is automatic now so you do it in your sleep, feeding your lips to its original purpose. Then there’s the brush of your stuffed animal’s fur against the tender length of your arms. (Her name is Cottontail, and she’s your favourite bunny.) And of course there’s the cold humiliation soaked into your diaper. You hardly realize it at first. Your legs clasp around a pillow and your hips start to grind. Soon the charge of your inflated clit runs up to the well of arousal in your belly. Your breath quickens, and you suck your paci more intensely. Cottontail bulges the more you squeeze her stuffing. A moan escapes from behind your paci, and Mommy stirs. She hums. “Baby?” Flushing red with shame you turn away, but you’re too far gone to stop. You press deeper into the wet padding and slide your length back and forth. But even in the dark Mommy sees you for what you are. “Someone’s feeling playful,” she sings. Her body contorts around the thick plastic and pulls close. The sensation of her nipples brushing your back through your nightie sends a shiver of goosebumps running down your arms. Having Mommy against you calls out the aching need to be touched, to be filled, to be hers. Kisses lap against the back of your neck, prompting a groan wide enough for your paci to fall out. Mommy laughs. “Silly girl.” She reaches down and pops it back in. Meanwhile, her hips match your rhythm, encouraging your shameful little game. “I love when my baby girl gets turned on,” she says. A grin shines in her tone. “It’s so funny when you try to hide it from me!” Few have ever seen you so vulnerable, and nobody more than Mommy. From the moment she teased out your hidden fantasies you belonged to her. Her hand snakes between your legs to clasp you through your diaper. A wave of fresh humiliation burns your face. She giggles. “Do you want to play a secret game with Mommy?” Your breath catches in your throat. A forbidden thrill leaps in your chest. “But you can’t tell anybody,” she says. “It’s a game that’s only for very special girls and their mommies, okay?” You nod with compliance. Mommy wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, and her hand feels so good. “Good girl,” she hums, drawing the words like honey. A gentle hand guides you to your back and lifts the hem of your nightie. You clutch tighter to Cottontail as a string of kisses move along your thigh. She hushes you and reassures you, and you listen, because Mommy knows best. Even now she’s smiling, and you smile too knowing that she’s happy. Her kisses migrate upward, and jump to your belly. They follow the band of your diaper and to the tapes on the side. She runs her fingers along your crotch again to inspect its contents. “A horny baby and a wet baby,” she teases. “Mommy knows a trick or two for that.” The bedside lamp flicks on. Silence breaks as she slowly rips the tabs. Not even Cottontail’s fur pressed into your face can protect you from exposure. You freeze as the bulk unfurls from between your legs and the air kisses the length of your arousal. A whimper escapes your lips, but Mommy shushes you and strokes your cheek. From the side table removes the wet wipes, takes one, and runs it down with finger touch. The way she teases is unbearable. You can’t keep still as she moves around your most intimate corners. It glides underneath you, into the corners of your thighs, around the cleft of your behind and beyond. The cool, soothing wipe makes your nerves jump. “Do you like that, baby girl?” she teases. You nod, though it’s ever so slight. After disposing of your diaper in a designated pail she turns her attention back to you. Her breath tickles your tender flesh, and prompts a giggle. You cling to Cottontail and struggle not to fidget as she plants a kiss at your base. How can touch feel so good? Mommy is magical, and she knows it. She reaches into a drawer and removes a clear tube. Even in the dark you read her grin. You pull your legs to your chest, into Cottontail, in anticipation. “This is going to feel a little cold,” she says. True to her word the viscous liquid chills your flesh. She soothes you as you whimper, keeping you still as it trickles between your cheeks and to your entrance. It warms quickly, and runs smooth when her fingers trace circles. She presses into your resistance, which tenses in spite of you. “Don’t you want Mommy inside of you?” she pouts. You nod into the rabbit. She leans closer. “Do you want Mommy to fuck you with her fingers?” You moan. This time she reaches up with her free hand and removes the paci from your lips. You hold to it, but Mommy gets what she wants. “Use your big girl words,” she says. Her finger presses and you gasp. “Fuck me, Mommy.” She flashes her teeth. Mommy is hungry. “What do you say?” she sings. “P-please… please fuck me, Mommy…” A single digit presses through your puckered hole and curls inside. You whimper, nearly jump, and struggle to be comfortable. It doesn’t feel bad; in fact it feels really good, but it also feels strange. Mommy’s secret game comes with a lot of strange sensations, and you love every single one. “That’s my baby girl. Good girl. You’re a good girl letting Mommy finger fuck you!” Good girl. The words wash over you in a warm cascade. You’re a good girl. Being a good girl makes Mommy happy. When you’re a good girl and Mommy is happy she will make you happy too. Her finger presses into the wall of your insides. Your eyes roll into the back of your head, and you are very happy. With only a single finger she makes you beg. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” You whine as she draws it from you, but are sated a moment later. It returns with a second digit to stretch you wider. One moment it burns, and the next sighs with relief with a fresh drop of the cool, viscous liquid. You ease around Mommy, and she is a part of you. Her touch probes your tender insides, discovering places which you were hardly aware. The tips of her fingers pass over a hard lump. It screams with sensation, and the dam of your arousal fills to the brim. Each stroke whips your thoughts into a haze. You cling to Cottontail. Her fur is your only anchor to the real world while Mommy sends you higher. You thrust against her fingers, driving her further, wanting it harder. Mommy hums in wicked satisfaction. “You are a thirsty little slut, aren’t you, baby girl?” Her giggle is a cruel tease as she leans close and presses a kiss into your swollen flesh. Lips lap at you as if to savor the taste, and move higher toward your tip. Her fingers and mouth working in tandem are too much to bear. She moans into your flesh. Her voice is hot and resonates beneath. “Cum for me, babygirl,” she says, both an order and an invitation. “Show Mommy what a good girl you are.” You can’t hold back. The heat of her breath and the fingers against your button burst the dam wells, sending you into convulsions. You’ve never been this hard. You’ve never been this filled. Your thoughts are lost and spurts of salty clear liquid leap into a pool on your belly. Those few seconds seem an eternity, and even when they pass you’re left in a rippling pool of joy. Cottontail’s fluff is soft against your cheek. You nuzzle her, closing your arms tight. It feels so good to be a good girl. “I’m so proud of you,” Mommy says. Pride sends goosebumps down your skin. “Let Mommy clean you up.” You flinch under each kiss and giggle. Your eyes flutter in some halfway dream while Mommy licks the cum from your belly. She loves you so much, and you love her back. This, you know, is exactly where you belong. When she’s done she rolls to your side, guides Cottontail from your face, and smiles from the shadows. “Did you like that, baby girl?” You nod, and slide into the nook between her arm and her breast. She’s so warm. “Mommy loves our secret games,” she whispers. “Oh, I love you so much, baby girl! Thank you for sharing this with me.” “Fank you for makin’ me feel good, Mommy,” you say in your littlest voice. She giggles and tickles your nose. Then, reaching for the fallen pacifier she teases it back into your lips and gives you a kiss through the hard plastic. Mommy arches her neck and kisses your third eye. You love being her good girl.
  19. Author’s Note * While this is a true story obviously for entertainment purposes some events “over the top-ness” are just that for “over the top” purposes otherwise this is pretty much how it happened and continues to unfold. Also there might be some spelling errors scattered about should gett better as the story moves on (first time posting)* Prologue pt. 1 Like many I too never “grew out of” diaper’s oh sure my parents potty trained me but the second I became a “big brother” to my siblings that’s the moment when I found “diaper’s” again. With only a two year age gap between myself and brother’s fitting into their baby diaper’s was a snap, in fact it was an early memory of me begging our babysitter at the time to put me in a diaper and not tell my parents. She caved and within a few seconds I found myself looking at myself in a mirror pulling my pants up & down and shouting….. “Paul’s got a diaper”…”Paul’s got a diaper”….”Paul’s got a diaper” In short at four years old I had sort of found “paradise” sort of, anyways time past and while the diaper’s left my desire for them & all things “little” never really went away from daydreaming on boring bus rides about being “Mommy’s baby boy again” to watching all those references on popular kids shows of the 90’s. Whenever I saw a “main character” regressed I wanted that to be me……. Fast forward through the advent of the net, the ABDL community and the ABDL market place and in my late teens/early twenty’s I got small tastes here & there of finding “paradise” once again but nothing to concrete. Mainly due to the fact that as a “millennial” I had found myself back in my parents’ home after college. That radio degree sort of fell through after 2008. But I persevered, took a hellhole job at Wal-Mart for two years as a truck unload’er with a college degree, finally began making a living doing public speaking gigs shortly after, voice over work but still couldn’t leave my old room. Sure I pay rent but it doesn’t feel the same. While my brothers are raising the bar, with one in accounting & the other enlisted in armed services left home and never looked back sort of making me feel like the “baby” of the family. My parents often traveled giving me time to indulge in my ABDL side with diapers, onises, bottles ect. Even had the nerve of getting into the dating side of the ABDL world and its tuff and rough but I finally found a woman who I loved and who loved me and my ABDL side……Lilly. The first time we “liked” each other’s profile and sent each other pic’s and I must say while I was shocked she loved some of my “baby fat”. I was stunned by her, immediately her hazel brown hair and icy blue eyes popped out of the screen and she was at least in my opinion the picture of perfection again in my opinion a knock out pure and simple. Heck she was only three years older than me at that time in 2014 (29) and for the first time in my limited but intimate dating experience’s she was taller than me, I stand 5’5 while she’s just six feet even along with a "toned" body type nothing like a body builder or anything like that but her past of playing high school b-ball certainly is evident. We had so much in common besides the whole ABDL thing. From fave movies that should have won the Oscar in 94 the “Shawshank Redemption”, fave vacation which turned out we are both a couple of luxury cruiser’s, best pizza toppings well that’s wasn’t an exact match but hey nobody’s THAT perfect lol. We also found that we both loved acting and perusing our passions by any means necessary, well especially for Lilly that would ring more true for her than me. We “met” back in 2013, had all the Skype dates we could stand and heck after the tenth or so we both agreed to meet for a weekend in Toronto. I lived in Ancaster, Ontario while she lived in Kingston, Ontario respectively so Toronto would be the half-way point from both of our homes in the summer of 2014 for a weekend. I was excited, nervous and thrilled to be meeting a woman who’s image was the first thing I saw in the morning and last thing I thought about before bed. However we wanted this weekend to be like our dates just about us. Sure we had talked about the whole ABDL stuff, I sent her pics of me in my diaper’s, she always played the mommy so she loved anything I sent or colored for her but that’s as far as we went so far in that department and I wasn’t thinking anything would come up that weekend at all. So I arrived in Toronto first and I remember pacing around this grand train station like it was a small closet I was just so envious and afraid I mean what if she couldn’t make it? What if she just stood me up? All dumb stupid fears that were put to rest the moment I heard her shout “PAULY” Yes I know “PAULY” I hated that nick name in school but when she said it over Skype I sort of gave in. I walked towards her platform, helped her off the train took her bag and BAM we embraced and kissed right there on the spot and it didn’t matter that we were in anybody’s way at that moment we were both where we needed to be in each other’s arms’ for the first time. It was so wonderful to actually hug & kiss this beautiful woman right there in the train station but what I didn’t expect was her actually having the strength to lift me just a few inches off the ground on our initial embrace, she was in much better shape than myself in fact even her grip was strong as she insisted on holding my hand the entire way to the hotel I sort of blushed but thought nothing of it especially since I was the one who booked the hotel room and yes if you’re wondering my mother didn’t raise no fool but a gentlemen and since this was our “first” date face to face I booked a room with two queen bed’s instead of just one king. It’s the right thing to do period. That said the moment that was over she again took my hand as we went upstairs and headed up to the room, now it wasn’t a stunning view of downtown Toronto although if I’m being honest here I already had the perfect view in Lilly. However I wasn’t really paying much attention because by the time I turned around checking the coffee machine for a decent pod of “Deep Roast” blend and then I asked “So which bed do you want? Near the door or window?” She didn’t say anything, instead I could feel her glare not a mean stare but a stare none the less as I looked over to her. Lying on top of her bed, her suitcase opened and a white object resting perfectly in the center of it, the object that brought us together, a diaper. I’ve never had what is called a “poker face” so I’m sure while I felt my fingers go ice cold my face must have looked like a deer in the headlights. I mean I’ve come to accept and really enjoy the diaper/abdl parts of my life but I almost felt a tad bit betrayed I mean we both agreed not to really bring up this part of our relationship. This was supposed to be a diaper free weekend, a weekend about Lilly & I just us. I’m sure by now my unusual silence was killing the mood as Lilly instantly spoke up with a look of remorse and pity written across her face as she looked at mine. “Ohh sweetheart, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to upset you with this.” I was still off in my own thoughts as Lilly in one fluid motion almost maternal like she wrapped her arms around me pulling me close to her chest as she softly stroked the back of my head. I can’t lie here, it was amazing to be held this close & this lovingly by this woman of my dreams but I had no intension of staying in this “little” space for much longer as I slowly pushed away and stared into Lilly’s soft blue eyes……. “No, no Lilly it’s I’m the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have overreacted in that way, I mean after all it’s only a diaper.” Lilly’s eyes lit up imminently any worry she might have had quickly disappeared from her face causing me to also brighten up and flash a smile as this beautiful woman kept me wrapped around her arms. “I’m so glad Paul. I really didn’t mean to upset you with this more of a surprise actually.” “Well I was certainly surprised but now maybe I can surprise you by picking the place we go out to eat at.” “Now I’m the one who can’t wait on BOTH those surprises” What does she mean both? I thought as she turned and picked up the diaper and motioned for me to “lie down” on the bed beside me. “Ummm Lilly I said I was okay with you bringing the diaper but I don’t think I want to wear one today especially since this was supposed to be a weekend about us.” “Paul” She said with such an authoritative tone I had not heard in a long while, the last time she was that “mad” at me was during an early Skype season. I was standing there showing off my diaper at the time and I the urge to go to the bathroom but Lilly demanded that I “Stand and Deliver” on sight to make a “pee pee” in my “pampers” in front of her. I wasn’t expecting that at the time, I’m sure I babbled some lame excuse but she was firm. Telling me to “Make Potties” in my “pampers”….I did….and her smile lit up my screen. I was brought back to reality as her once soft blue eyes now turned into icy blue daggers aimed directly at me and her once gentle grip became significantly stronger around my hand. “I certainly remember what this weekend was supposed to be about; getting to know each other, getting comfortable with each other and most of all seeing if it would work between the both of us. And Paul if this is going to work between us, then I’m going to need YOU to wear THIS between your legs because we both know that THIS is a big part of who you are but most importantly Paul it’s a big part of why I think I’ve been falling for you.” It was the most shocking, brutally and perhaps the most ingratiating statement ever made about who I really am when it comes to my ABDL side. My shock was quickly placed aside as Lilly again leaned forward and the two of us locked lips once again. As we both came up for air I don’t know why and maybe I’ll never know but I reached down and took the diaper from Lilly’s hand. “Alright but I’m going to put this ONE on myself and after dinner I’m taking it off.” I thought my firm tone would set things straight and while I could see a small sight of disappointment in her eyes, her slight grin on her face told a different story. “Whatever makes YOU most comfortable.” She said with anther quick peck on my cheek as I turned around and headed towards the bathroom making sure the door was shut & locked. I turned and tossed the diaper onto the sink and took a deep breath as I splashed some cold water on my face. Looking up into the mirror I could see my face still looked as red as a tomato even without Lilly demanding to diaper me. I also felt like a fool for not taking the opportunity of a lifetime, for not making a dream of mine coming true. To have a woman change me into a diaper not just any woman but the woman of my dreams but that’s NOT why I came here this weekend. It was just supposed to be about us and not this…… The Diaper It was the first time I looked at it and despite my objections earlier I couldn’t help but smile a tad after looking at it. It was a Bambino Teddy, one of my absolute fave’s diapers up to this point. In fact I’ve always been a fan of the Bambino brand and the fact that Lilly remembered which diapee was my favorite just melted my heart just a tad and also got me excited at the same time. “What’s taking so long in there?” I heard Lilly’s muffled voice shout from behind the door. “If you needed to be helped I’d be more than welcome to offer it or do I need to walk in there and march you out onto this bed and diaper you up all by myself?” I was both aroused & embarrassed at the same time and again while it was a tempting offer for “help” I wasn’t ready for that step yet. “I’ll be out in just a second.” I meekly replied, in reality I was still back in the moment and while everything in my head told me NOT to unfold the diaper my hands were already un-wrapping this slice of heaven open. I quickly pulled off my shorts & boxers, this was it the moment of truth will I or won’t I? Like it was even a question at this point. After years of diapering myself whether I was standing, sitting or lying down this took no time at all and within moments the diaper was tightly wrapped around me and I was once again back to my “happy” place. Taking a few moments to look at myself in the mirror I could only imagine what my six year old self would have to say now. Once again in a babyish diaper, standing in front of a mirror and with another woman waiting for her “baby”. I have to admit though I thought this diaper was much more bulkier than I had previous remembered. I mean my butt certainly did puff out more than usual but it’s a diaper that’s what diaper’s do. Now was the real moment of truth Lilly. I mean I had sent her pics of me in diapers but she had never seen me in one in person and I’m betting on the fact that since it was her diaper that I was wearing she would probably want her money’s worth. My heart raced, my fingers turned ice cold as I reached for the door knob and began turning it slowly it was now or never laughter or love, shame or success a future or a bitter past. I closed my eyes as finally the door opened to a resounding high pitch squeal……. “Awwwwww…….LOOK AT HOW CUTE YOU ARE” I slowly opened my eyes as Lilly stood in front of me sporting one of the most wonderful smiles I have ever seen, the picture of happiness and joy was standing in front of me. Why? For simply standing there in diapers I’m sure I even sported a smile at that point. For all the years of doubt, shame and disgust that comes with this lifestyle in that one moment I felt like it was all worth it, I felt overjoyed that my fears were never realized and that the dream of wearing diapers around people I loved seemingly came true. Lilly was quick to once again embrace me but unlike before her hands quickly reached my padded rear and she squeezed and squealed……. “Oooohhhhhh what a cute diapered butt, who has a cute diapered butt? You do….yes you do…..I have such a cute diapered baby…yes I do" She kept patting my diapered bottom and listening to it crinkle all the while she was smiling at me whispering into my ear, “You know your loving it; I can see your diaper starting to poke out in the front” Lilly was right, I was loving it! But like all good things this too had to come to an end as Lilly kissed me on the cheek and told me to get dressed so we could go out, the first part of this journey was over but the adventure into the unknown was just beginning and I was about to walk or in this case waddle into it pampers and all…… More 2 Come
  20. so i love ABDL and i love video games and what i love more than both is whilst playing i like to RP in my head that i am in a ABDL version of said game. so i thought "why not share this experience with other people with one of my favourite multiplayer games star wars the old republic" and so i want to ask people on here if you want to help me found an ABDL themed star wars old republic MMO guild and we can pretend we are an alliance of both republic and empire forces (jedi and sith included) joining together to end the war and force the galaxy back into diapers.
  21. Hello. My name is Ryan. I'm 32 from Ontario Canada. The greater Toronto area is where I am most. I'm looking for a little (female) that is In search of a daddy for a ddlg relationship. Lots to discuss. I'm handsome and stable. Dont be afraid and say hello. Sc rsb001 Kïk rubicon001
  22. Anyone like WWE and wanna roleplay? It will have adult baby themes as I kinda had an idea where a wrestler gets a concussion and wakes up with a baby's mind, leaving their tag team partner of someone else to care for them.
  23. Hay all little's of every type I just want to talk about BigTot, it's a shop from that sells all kind of ABDL Clothes. Each Clothing is made very well and so nice to wear, with such cute prints on them. And each item you get comes with a little handwritten note from the maker. So with that all said here is a link to BigTot https://www.etsy.com/shop/BigTot?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=702827911
  24. Hey everyone!!! I'll be at the West Coast Jungle Gym San Diego Sept 5-8th & taking sessions there but I will not have my own room to do them in. so if you're going & staying at the host hotel, book your special mommy time now!! www.myvegasnursery.com
  25. Hello my name is Tasha I am 25 years old and i love to roleplay in my free time to help take my mind off things going on in my life.Im looking for people who are caregivers or switches who are willing to play the caregiver most of the time as i am a little and very rarely i will play as the mommy. Males are more than welcome to message me and rp with me they would just have to be willing to play as Female since all of my scene ideas consist of me being breastfed.Also this not sexual for me at all; sometimes i don't mind for it to be sexual as long as it doesnt take over the whole rp. If you are interested here are some of my ideas for rping and im always open to trying new things. 1) Forced Baby/Little Girl So my idea for this role play was our characters are ether friends... or close Co workers.... Yourself character has always wanted a baby/little girl of her own and has fallen in love or taken a fancy toy character... So she takes my character forces her.. and grooms her into being her baby/little girl.. and when she doesn't do as mommy wants she punishes her... etc.. calling her mommy, taking a dummy, obeying orders,breastfeeding and etc. . Yes this would include age play. Please message me to discuss this role play further 2)Dominant Woman kinky dominant woman with a strong and powerful imagination to do a forced regression role-play where you would regress me all the way to complete adult babyhood against my will . I thought we could start with normal characters such as teacher student with me as a student . Then at some point You kind of drug and kidnap me And force regress me to complete adult babyhood against m'y Will . All m'y adult abilities Being taken away Step by Step as i cant do anything about it . Would You like something that kind? 3)Doctor Patient I come in as a new patient for a physical exam and you are secretly a mommy dom looking for a little girl the minute you see me you know that you want me as your little girl no matter what 4)Sugar Mommy/Sugar Baby You have always wanted a child but cant have any kids because of a medical condition so you decide to make a post online saying that you a looking for a new sugar baby that you just want to love on and spoil like crazy but also treat like a small child in return i do what ever you want me to do. 5 Boss/Assitant You recently found out you can't have kids.You've always wanted kids. And i am your assitant/ close friend and one day you decide to call me into your office and give me a offer i cant refuse. 6) Concerned Sister/ Best Friend/ Boss/ Coworker This can go a few ways, A concerned sibling, best friend, or coworker, etc. Any who you being to notice how stressed out I am, and decided that I needed to relax. I refuse your help at first, telling you i am okay but that wont cut it. You learn about ageplay and decided thats what i need based on my stress levels and childhood. you invite me and that's where you gently but with a firm hand try to get me to attempt this lifestyle. I let you do as please and you tell me to give it a week and its really so bad we could let it go and move on like nothing happened. Slowly but surely i start to enjoy it. 7) Babysitter where the babysitter is female celebrity and forces me to be a babygirl sand forces me to breastfeed from them while she watches me over the summer. The celebrity has to be under 35 i will make some exceptions depending on the celebrity The rp must include : FORCED BREASTFEEDING FORCED AGEPLAY You playing a female celebrity. 😎 Best Friend where we could be best friends and im going to spend the whole summer at your house since both are parents are going to be away. So the first night you put a muscle relaxant in my drink to make me wet the bed. You do it two more times and you decide enough is enough so you force me into diapers and to be you babygirl and breastfeed. If interested please message me on kik at lovetorp365 with the following Name: Age Gender Time Zone Little/Caregiver/Switch: Little Age: Sexual or Non Sexual :Celebrity Choice Scene Choice: Username on here