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  1. To start this off I was wearing my overnight diaper and plastic pants. So just recently I was reminded of some bad weather we had when I was still living in Illinois. We had freezing rain overnight and I had forgotten to take out the garbage the night before. For some reason I woke up knowing I needed to hurry and get it to the curb. I put on my usual diaper wearing clothes, those swishy nylon pants that make a lot of noise and an over sized shirt. I went out through the garage under the roof overhang and grabbed the garbage can that was on wheels. Then I totally forgot about the freezing conditions and started to pull the garbage can onto the driveway but NOT underneath the roof overhang. As soon as my foot hit the driveway I fell backwards onto it and unbelievably my head hit first. I thought for sure when I put my hand behind my head it would be full of blood but for some unknown reason all I had was a huge lump on my head. I kind of shook it off and carefully got up. Gingerly I rolled the can out to the curb and went back inside the house. To say I was relieved I didn't have to lay on the driveway waiting for an ambulance to take me to the hospital in a diaper would be a huge understatement .Any other abdl's have anything like this happen to them?
  2. "Finally! We made it!" Alex said, opening the door to a tavern. The room inside was dark, only light by torches and candles. Long wooden tables and benches were spread half haphazardly over dirty floor boards, and drunken patrons laughed loudly over mugs of beer. "Now lets get drunk!""Yes, that appears to be what we normally do at this part of our quests," Julian said. He was tall, with elfin ears and short black hair.Alex sat down heavily on a bench and spread his legs wide. He waved broadly at the bar to summon the waiter and held up three fingers."I believe they expect you to go up to the bar," Julian said."Nonsense! They'll do what we pay them to do. With what we just made on that quest we can surely make it worth their while," Alex held up gold coins between his fingers. "Besides, I'm no maid or waitress, I don't serve drinks. I'm a warrior! Manliest of trades!""Are you sure you should be saying that? Given you're... issue," Julian said.Alex glared. "DON'T. BRING. THAT. UP. It makes it worse. But yes, that was an odd thing to say.""Wait, bring what up?" Joshua, the third member of their group, asked. He was shorter then the others and dark haired, and had come in as a bard."Alex's weakness," Julian said."What weakness?""NO! Don't say it. I don't have a weakness."Julian looked at Alex. "Well you know how every member of our party has strengths and weaknesses? Like how my strategy and deduction are tempered by an inability to understand human behavior?""Yes, I thought that was just a cultural difference."He shrugged. "Either way, Alex has his own.""Don't say it! I'll fight you!" Alex said, getting angry. "I'm going to get the drinks."Joshua was surprised. "Did he just challenge you?""Yes its part of the curse. He didn't mean it."Alex returned with drinks, and they all began sipping. A moment later a tall, muscular man came to the door. "Package for Alex!" he shouted out."Here!" Alex said. "This must be the new armor I ordered. Best blacksmiths in the country. I already threw my other stuff out.""Was that a good idea before you've seen it?" Joshua asked."I believe you are about to witness his weakness."The muscular man handed Alex a large cardboard box."Huh, seems really light," Alex said. He opened up the box. "HEY! What gives!""Something wrong, sir?" the blacksmith said."Its made out of plastic!" Alex shouted. He held a large, purple shield with a teddy bear etched into it. "And why is there a teddy bear on it?""You said 'bear themed." We kind of filled in the blanks.""A collar?!""Neck guard.""Yes, like a grizzly bear! Oh Jesus," Alex took out a long foam baton with a rattle at one end, colored with purple and blue stripes. "Is this supposed to be my 'sword?' "Yes." "A collar?!""Neck guard.""What else is in here? I..." he stopped and blushed. "Oh.""What is it?" Joshua asked."I'm not taking it out.""Yes, the request filled in the box for 'infant,' then requested armour, so we assumed it was for a child. Hence the rest of it.""No, no, I thought that meant I fought on foot.""Oh, I can see the confusion," he said."WHo was dumb enough to think something sized for a 6' man was for a baby?""Anyone else find it odd we have cardboard and plastic but still use torches and steel swords?" Joshua asked, but was ignored, as it wasn't relevant to the story.The blacksmith folded his arms and glowered. "Hey now, we get all sorts here. Dwarves, elves, giants, this wasn't an odd order.""Whatever. Can I get it replaced? Same order, but real?"He shook his head. "Sure thing sir, I apologize."The blacksmith left, leaving the box of toys behind."Oh god," Alex put his head in his hand."What else is in there?" Joshua asked."A large diaper and a purple sweater with a heart on it. A hood with teddy bear ears. Booties." Julian said."What?! Really?!""Uggh why do these things always happen to me?" Alex moaned."Well it can't be that bad. A simple misunderstanding on...""No, no, he's right. These things just always happen to him," Julian said. "Its his weakness. Reverse Plot Armour.""Reverse what now?""DON"T say it. It makes it worse."Julian ignored Alex and kept going. "You know how some fictional characters have 'plot armor?" No matter how bad the scenario or ridiculous the odds, they will succeed and end up looking good, because the universe wants them too succeed?""Yes...""Alex is the reverse. The universe wants him to fail.""What?""Its like his entire life is being written by a deranged author who wants him to be humiliated. No matter how hard he trains or works, in certain situations he will always lose and be embarrassed.""Really? But... we just completed a quest together! He fought off..."Julian waved his hand for silence. "Yes, yes, it has to be under the right circumstances. Specifically, when his pride is at stake. Observe. You have seen Alex drink multiple beers, correct?""Yes...""Don't you dare!" Alex said.Julian picked up a drink and handed it to Alex. "Hey Alex, can you drink this easily, or are you too immature to not spill it?""What!? I'm not imma... Shit!" he shouted as the beer poured over him."See? Now watch what happens.""No, no you triggered it! You @$$#0!%!"The owner of the bar, a short, fat and balding man, came up to Alex. "Hey! Are you spilling those drinks!? I see you can't be trusted with a glass.""What!? That's a weird thing to say! What are you, HEY! What!?"Alex was ignored as the bartender put a baby bottle full of beer in front of him. "I'm not drinking from that!" He picked it up and threw it against a wall."That's it! You are going to have to clean that up!""I'm not! Hey, let me go!" Alex struggled as the man grabbed his wrist and pulled him up. He pulled and punched, but couldn't break the man's grasp as he dragged Alex accross his lap. "Nooo let me go!""You either stop struggling or I'm going to treat you like any other misbehaved child!" He raised his hands and began spanking Alex, who moaned and shouted."The bartender is really rough," Joshua said."Oh, no, he only does this toward Alex. See, watch," Julian picked up the two remaining beers and threw them against the wall.The bartender stopped what he was doing and smiled. "Oh, I'm sorry sir, we'll get that cleaned up and replaced for you. On the house. Have a nice day!" He then went back to spanking Alex, who was sobbing, but still struggling. The bartender pulled down his pants and continued on his bear bottom."I've seen Alex outfight monsters twice his size," Joshua said."Yes," Julian replied."And now he can't outfit an aging fat guy?"He shrugged. "Its part of the curse." They both watched as their friend was beaten into submission, then lead up and marched sobbing through the bar with his pants around his legs."Should we do something?""No, this usually will play itself out.""So... I mean, doesn't that kind of make him useless? He's supposed to be a warrior but can't fight?"Julian shook his head. "No, its only when Alex is challenged or brags about certain topics.""Soo... if the challenge makes him seem immature or incompetent, he will fail? What else?""Oh, anything that challenges his manliness. Think of it this way. If he becomes the best lock pick in the world, he will still be thwarted by anything labelled 'child safety lock,' and have his failure publicly seen. Its the same with his bragging, he doesn't even normally care unless you invoke the Reverse Plot Armor. Watch," he cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted. "Hey Alex! Isn't cleaning up stuff like that a maids job? I thought you were a big tough warrior?""Yeah! I can't do this! I'm a guy... uh oh, why would I say that..." "Disrespecting woman I see!" a feminine voice said. A woman, as short and wide as the bartender with mangled hair and wearing an apron, came out of a backroom. "We will see about that.""Please no!" Alex continued his fruitless struggling as he was brought into the back."What now?" Joshua asked.Julian shrugged. "You are likely about to see one of the oddest and most common sights in our group: Alex forcibly cross dressed.""Huh. Should we do something? How long does this last?""As long as Alex keeps on saying stupid things. Which is... never, really, once the curse starts. Usually he'll end up humiliated publicly, then it will die down and he will go back to normal. People will forget when they see him again, and it repeats."There was a loud hooting and hollering. They looked at the back of the room as Alex was lead in wearing a maid's dress and carrying a bucket of water and a tray of drinks. The men in the bar all ogled him as he walked his way through to where the beer had been spilled."And we have plenty more chores for you to do after that, girl," the older woman said."Yeah yeah yeah," Alex muttered, trying to ignore her as much as the hollering. He made it to the table with the other two and handed them their drinks. He then got down on his hands and knees, and began scrubbing."So that is it? Maturity and masculinity?" Joshua asked."Usually, but it can have other effects. We tried a few times to see what triggered it with odd results. Once we got him to brag about his being human..""Really?""The curse leads to some odd statements. Anyway, we found him wearing a leash and being treated as a princesses 'pet dog.' Another time it was that he was capable of making decisions. We found him tied up and immobile. Normally its this or something like his armor.""I see. Can I try?""Don't you dare!" Alex said."Sure why not?" Julian said.Joshua thought for a moment. "Hmmm... Hey Alex. I see you crawling like that, don't only babies do that?""Well no, I have to do it to get to..."He was cut off as the bartender lifted him straight into the air and cradled him."OH come on! That one wasn't even weird, it was true!""Hush now little one! No tantrums or you'll get a spanking! I can see that this sort of thing is too complicated for you. And what is this?" he held up a damp part of Alex's skirt. "Naughty! Not telling us when you needed to go!""No that is beer! Help!" Alex shouted at his companions, kept drinking."Huh,""Yep."They heard screams and please coming from the back room, followed by loud banging noises. "Should we help him?" "No, lets see this play out. I'm sure he's used to it at this point." Julian said. The banging sounds were soon replaced with sobbing."I'm sure he'll be fine," Julian said.Alex re-appeared, this time suckling a pacifier. His dressed bulged out at his waist, and the short skirt flared up to show thick white plastic underwear under his skirt. The bar room was filled with laughter as people jeered at him. A few began to reach out and pat or grab his padded bottom, and another pulled him into his lap. Alex whined and moaned, but was helpless to stop it.Julian shook his head. "Poor Alex, diapered again.""Again?" Joshua asked.He nodded. "This really does just always happen to him."They watched as Alex suffered through a series of humiliations, getting pinched prodded from all sides, his diaper checked over and over, and spanked whenever he fought back. One held him down and began feeding him a bottle of milk."I suppose we really should do something," Julian said."How?""There is a plan. One moment," He took out a cell phone and dialed a button."See! There it is again! We live in meadival castles but have cell phones?!""Quite. Its magic," Julian said."Riiighht.""Hello," Julian said into the phone. "Its Julian, about Alex. Yes, it happened again. In the pub at the edge of town. Yes. Skirts and diapers, so ABDL and sissy. Alright, see you soon.""Who was that?""You'll see."A read haired girl, wearing light armor and carrying a spear and a bow, came into the taveran. "Ah! You've found my baby!" she shouted, and walked toward Alex."What? Ka..." Alex began, dropping his pacifier."Shhhh now," she pushed the pacifier back into his mouth. "Who found my baby?"The bartender came our from behind the bar. "What? Is she yours?""Yes, he... she, is mine. She got lost a while ago and I've been looking. Thank you so much for finding... her.""Is that true?" he looked at Alex.Alex first glared, then clamed down and looked wide eyed from the girl to the bartender. He then nodded. "She's my..." he stopped, and they all looked at him.The girl nudged him. "Say it or we'll never get out.""She's my mommy..." he said. The bar cooed at his confession, and the girl took him out."Well, we should pay and see whats going on," Julian said. He left money on the table, Joshua grabbed the box of toy armor, and they both left.Outside the girl was scolding Alex. "What did you get into this time? Huh? BAD BABY!" She held a rolled up news paper and smacked him on the head."Hey! Kacey! Don't you...""Don't talk with your pacifier in your mouth! You know that!" she smacked him again.Julian put a hand on her shoulder. "Now now, you know its his curse making you do that."She paused. "Ohh riiighht! Sorry Alex!'"Don't mention it. Seriously, please don't mention this ever again. Now let me get out of these. You have a change of clothes?""I don't know if thats the best idea," the girl said."Yes," Julian added. "Normally after and incident like this its a good idea for you to remain diapered for at least a few days incase... you know..."Alex rolled his eyes. "FINE! But let me get out of this dress. You have any other clothes?"Joshua held up the box. "Oh you have got to be kidding me."Alex, now dressed from head to to toe in play armor, with a diaper serving as his only protection beneath and his top being a purple hooded teddy bear sweater, stomped through town back to his camp to change."Stupid weakness!" he muttered. "It could have been some stone or the color yellow or fried chicken, but noooo it has to be stupid Reverse Plot Armor. This is all so ridiculous. I could have taken any one of those guys at the bar... no, ALL of them AT ONCE, if it weren't for..." he was cut off by people laughing. "HEY! You keep quiet or I swear I'll beat you with just this foam rattle!" He shouted, pointing the toy at them. "You want to be the guys who lost a fight to a guy in a diaper?" He hit a barrel with the sword and the barrel shattered. The others became afraid and ran away. Alex went back to walking and muttering. He left the town and ended up in a forest, where he began angrily casting the toy armor into the forest."Stupid fake armor. As if THAT was their mistake. Like that's a normal thing to confuse. Wouldn't happen to anyone else, I swear..." he stopped and jolted as he ran into someone's back while pulling his sweater off. The person, slightly shorter then Alex, fell to the ground. "Hey!" Alex said. "Don't you know that little people like you need to pay attention to bigger people like me? I... wait, that was a weird thing to say... oh @#$%..." He stopped as a sudden realization came over him.The person he hit, whom he assumed to be human, turned around. He was crying, and had a wooden soother in his mouth. "Uh ohh..." Alex said.A massive shadow covered him. He turned around to see two giants behind him, both looming over him and glaring. He looked back at the person he hit. A giant's baby, crying. He then looked at himself, the same size as the giant's baby, wearing only a diaper, and who had just hurt their son. He looked up at the giants, who glared at him. "Oh for heck's sake!" Alex said as he was hoisted into the air.
  3. There was a knock on the door. Jessica stood up, and looked at her clock. She sighed angrily."You're seven minutes late," she said loudly."I'm sorry, there was traffic getting here, and..." Mary, her house keeper said."I don't care. I said wake me for 7:00, not 7:07. Every moment you're late is more time I need to rush. If I'm late for work, we could lose thousands of dollars, and you can guess what the first expense I'd scrap is.""I... yes ma'am, sorry ma'am. It won't happen again."Jessica looked at her house keeper. A foot shorter then Jessica, with long brown hair, thickly built and frumpy... Jessica almost felt sorry for her. Almost. "It better not," the taller, younger blond said."You could get an alarm clock..." the woman said.Jessica rounded on her. "Excuse me? I run portfolios for a billion dollar company. I have thousands of numbers to keep track of, a hundred rules to know, and dozens of patterns to watch each day. You think I have time to remember to set a clock? You think I worked daily for all those years so I can set alarm clocks? That's why I have you, who doesn't keep track of a thousand numbers, who didn't work hard to get to where I am, and who doesn't have to worry about a billion dollar company, to do it for me. Be thankful the positions aren't switched. Now go make breakfast, I'll be down soon." She walked away and into her bathroom. She didn't have time to hear the reply, nor did she care. She turned on the taps and showered quickly, then got dressed in her most severe black dress. Today was a day to impress.She made it down the stairs to her kitchen and ate the eggs Mary had prepared without looking at her. As she was leaving her home, her phone buzzed.She looked at it. There was a message from Kevin, a lower level employee who served as her chauffeur."There was traffic, and I was unable to get onto your street. Please meet me at the path by Morrin St."She groaned to herself. It wasn't that far of a walk, but it was another annoyance in an already annoying day.She walked across her street and onto the path on the other side. It wound through a small wood and cut into the next suburb. She was walking down the path and muttering to herself when her foot hit something."GOD DAMN IT!" she shouted. She hoped she didn't wreck her shoes. She looked down, and stopped.It was a lamp. A small, metal lamp, the kind from Aladdin movies. She didn't have time to wonder why it was there. She was angry, and it was an object she could focus her anger on. She picked it up and threw it as hard as she could into the bushes. Smiling proudly to herself, she kept walking."Ummmm excuse me, that was rude," a voice said.She turned around quickly. The path had been empty a moment ago. She looked up to see a tall, red skinned man hovering above the ground with his arms folded."Who the hell are you?" she said. "What kind of trick is this? Is this a joke?""This is no trick. I'm Yasafar, the red genie, and I will not have my profession called a joke."She rolled her eyes. "Riiiiggghht. Look, I don't have time for this." She turned to walk away.To her surprise, the man reappeared in front of her. "How about no. That's not how this works. You threw my house against a tree, you woke me up, you insulted me, you don't get to just walk away.""Uh huh," she said. She ignored him and tried to walk past him.Suddenly a light appeared in front of her. She stooped and was temporary blinded by it. The light dimmed, and she saw she was surrounded by a faint blue haze. She reached out into it, and saw it formed a solid wall. She looked around herself, and realized she was in a sealed dome. She turned to face the red man."What is this?" she demanded."Its a force field. We are now outside your time and world.""Ohh bullshit.""Hey! Don't say that about my work. You have no idea how long it takes to learn this."She rolled her eyes again. "Whatever. Just let me out, I have actual work to do.""I don't think so. You kicked my house, and I cannot return until I fulfill my duties.""Whatever. So I guess I get whatever I want, right? I want unlimited wishes.""Har har. That doesn't actually work.""Oh, you're not powerful enough? You can't give me all I want?"His eyes went wide. "Seems to me you're just too much of a spoiled brat.""Yeah whatever. I work for what I want. Unlike you, I don't spend my days sleeping, pop out once in a while for a light show, then go back. I struggled, now I have what I want, and if I want unlimited wishes, I'll get it.""Uh huh. Is that what you think?" he closed his eyes. "Lets see... Jessica," she gasped that he knew her name. "Works in her fathers company. Got the job without even getting a degree. My my... relies on a house keeper and a chauffeur, lives in a house bought with her daddies money... Seems your a privileged little brat living off her daddy who'd never make it in the real world.""Excuse me? I didn't get a degree because I didn't need one. I know how to do my job better then anyone. I made it on my own.""You made it because of your parents. Your house keeper works harder then you, is older and knows more. She just wasn't born rich. If you came from the same circumstance, she'd be doing better."Jessica was dumbfounded. The housekeeper, who couldn't even arrive on time, doing her job better? "You don't know what your talking about.""Of course I do, silly. I'm a genie, route word of genius. I know everything.""Right. Well, you don't know me. I could make it in any circumstance."His eyes twinkled like he had won a game. "Oh really? Any circumstance?"She paused. Something about his voice made her feel nervous, but she refused to admit defeat. "ANY circumstance. I could make it anywhere, on my own, with nothing but my own skills."Then lets make a bet, shall we. I'll put you in a different world where no one knows where you are. You get to start from scratch. If you succeed, I'll transport you back here and give you your unlimited wishes. No time would have passed, nothing would have changed, but you're all powerful.She considered the offer. It was tempting, but she couldn't let him know that if she wanted to bargain, and she definitly couldn't hand him a blank slate. "And if I lose? What happens then?""Oh, not much. Same thing, you come back here, no time passed, but you don't get your wishes. Oh, one more thing.""Uh huh?" here it comes, the catch, she thought."I get to make one small change to your life.""What kind of change?" She knew better then to accept that. It could be anything.He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, depends on the manner of your failure.""Riiiigght. So I'm supposed to agree to that, not knowing what you'll do? Fat chance.""Oh, so you're afraid you'll fail? What happened to being soooo talented and sooo smart that you'll make it anywhere?"She gritted her teeth. "That doesn't mean I'll fall for a trick like that."He shook his head. "No trick, just what I said." He leaned in closer to her. "Think about it. Unlimited wishes, unlimited power, all you want, and all you have to do is the one thing you said you could do anywhere- make it on your own in a new city. Didn't you say it would be easy, or are you admitting you were lying to yourself?"She glared at him. This was so stupid, she thought. But... unlimited wishes. How hard could it be, anyway? She had made it already, she just had to do it again."Fine. Do it. What are the criteria for success?""You'll be tested on everything, from your wits to your work ethic and your basic skills. Succeeding in any of them will count as a pass. Failing them all will lose you the bet.""Fine. Do it."He laughed. "You are soooo manipulable, you know that? I just love having fun with people like you in different worlds, you should have seen this one girl Crabula, she... anyway, I'm ranting. The world is ready. Have fun!"There was another bright light, and Jessica covered her eyes. Air rushed around her, and she felt herself spinning. SHe began to panic. Was this a trick? What was this? She began to scream as she felt herself falling through the air, faster and faster.Suddenly she realized it had stopped. The light coming through her finger tips was normal, and there was no air rushing around her. She had been screaming for nothing.She uncovered her eyes and looked around. There were a few people staring at her. She blushed and began to walk quickly as if nothing had happened.She was in a city. She knew that, but she didn't know which one. There were tall buildings on either side of her, and the side walks were crowded with people. It could easily have been any city she had been to, and the weather and foliage of the trees made it seem like late summer or fall. In that way, at least, this 'different world' seemed to be the same.However, she knew that couldn't be the case. It was too easy. There had to be some differences here.She began to make mental checklists.What did she have?She had her clothes. They had changed, she realized, to a more casual pair of jeans and t shirt, the kind of thing she wore on weekends. Fitting, she decided, since she technically didn't have a place to work yet. She had her wallet and credit cards... except they wouldn't work if it was a different world. She had her ID... which probably would come up as fake. She stopped. "Huh," she said. She hadn't really considered what she was getting into.She started walking again. No matter, she'd find a way. She began to make a list of tasks. Find out what the differences were in the new world, learn about it, get a job, get an apartment... She thought again. Get food, get water.... There was a lot to do very quickly.She noticed something. "Ah, a leg up," she thought.It was a pair of girls, both slightly younger then her but still adults, and wearing the same uniform. It appeared to be a waitress outfit, with a dark, tight shirt above a short skirt and long stockings. She didn't recognize the restaurant, but that didn't matter. She was a master of one of the most valuable skills a person could have finding a job- the gift of gab, or how to talk your way into anything. She followed them from a short distance. Find out a bit about them, perhaps where they are going, make friends, and use them to help get a job. Waitressing wasn't her first choice- it was far beneath her, in fact- but it was something. Pay the bills, get some clothes, get some references... in a few weeks, she could be managing at the restaurant, then using that to find work elsewhere. Their job would be her stepping stone.She followed and watched them closely, studying them. Something about them was odd. It was their skirts, they seemed to collect strangely around their hips.She stared at it. It seemed like there was something underneath it. She also noticed their walk- she had been trained to notice such things- which was odd, slightly waddled like a...She did a double take. Like a toddler, she thought, or someone wearing diapers. She looked closer. The skirts were short and flounced as they walked. There was a distinct line of white underneath them. Whats more, the girls- she couldn't think of them as anything else after noticing, despite their being only a few years younger then herself- didn't seem to mind at all, and just kept walking like it was the most normal thing in the world.Surely she must be mistaken. There is no way someone their age could... could they? It was a new world.She turned away. Frankly, she didn't want to know the answer, and if they were part of some weird group... there were things she'd do for money, that wasn't one of them.Suddenly she realized the girls had stopped. They had turned and staring at her. Had they noticed she was following them?She ran into a nearby door without checking what it was."Hello there! Would you like to try our new cold coffee?"She looked at the origin of the voice to see a short, fat and bearded man standing behind a counter. She was in a cafe. It had dark walls covered with paintings, and the smell of caffeine hung heavily in the air."Oh, no thank you, I just...""Oh come on!" he said, smiling, "surely you need something to keep you going. The mornings were made for coffee and the afternoons were made for wine, I always say. Come on, I assure you its good."She didn't want it, but he was insistent and she couldn't think of an excuse to be there. He handed her a cup, and she took a sip. It was sweet, sugary, but strong."Its good!" she said."Yep! That's our new blend. Why don't you take a seat and enjoy it?""Ummm, alright," she said, and sat down at a table. She looked around the cafe. It wasn't bad. She could work here, she thought. She looked at the coffee. She might have to, given she had no money to pay for the coffee.She began to watch the people around her. It was a good way to learn about her new environment, she figured.There was a couple at a table across from here. There was a man about her age, black haired, tall and muscular, next to a younger and smaller brunette. They were both flirting openly, whispering into each others ears and cuddling around the edges of their table.She smirked. One thing to know, the new world seemed to have a liberal view on homosexuality, and flirting in public. What else could that say about the society? Perhaps open about other things too? She made a mental note of it.While she was watching, the black haired of the two stopped moving. He seemed to sniff the air. The younger looked at him in confusion. The older pushed the other forward slightly and reached down to his belt line.Suddenly the brunette's eyes went wide. He looked at the other, then around the cafe as the other stared at him, seeming disappointed.The brunette bent down under the table. He picked up a bag and began ruffling through it. He looked panicked. He went through the bag again, then dumped the contents on the table. The black haired one rolled his eyes and sighed as the younger searched through a pile of books and pencils as if looking for something. Finally he gave up and looked pleadingly at the older.The black haired man reached down slowly, picked up his own bag, reached into it and took something out.Jessica had to stifled a gasp. She had through earlier, but it was pretty clear now. The black haired man was holding a large adult diaper, and handed it to the brunette. Defeated, the brunnette grabbed it, and waddled slowly away from the table and toward a bathroom door. He knocked on the door, and a grunt inside replied. He paused, shuffling from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable. He looked back at his boyfriend sadly. He went back to shuffling. He moaned, and looked at his boyfriend again, his eyes begging for help. His boyfriend sighed, stood up, and walked over. Once there, he grabbed hold of the younger's belt. The brunette shook his head with wide eyes, but did nothing as the older undid his belt and pulled down his pants. The brunette was now standing with a clearly visible, and clearly messy, diaper. The older turned him around, peared at the back, and waved his hand in front of his face teasingly. He then took his boyfriend by the wrist, waggled a finger under his nose, and pulled him toward a second bathroom to the side. Jessica noticed the sign on the door- it showed no gender, just had pictures of characters- one small, one medium sized, and one larger, all in diapers. The diapered boy, looking completely defeated, followed is boyfriend into it.Jessica stared in shock. What was all the more odd about seeing a twenty something year old man in a used diaper was the fact that no one in the cafe seemed to mind. In fact, they seemed prepared for it, even having a bathroom just for it.She needed air. She needed it fast. She got up, and walked toward the door."Hey, you have to pay for that!" the barista called after her, but she ignored him.She was in the open air and walking quickly. What was this world she was in? Some kind of kinkster's paradise? A world where everyone was incontinent? She looked at the people she passed. She began to noticed more and more strange things. Crinkling sounds, thick padding underneath pants and skirts, she noticed a group of girls socializing, and one casually hand a diaper to another. The padding seemed to vary in thickness, and in times when the plastic was visible around the edges of their pants and skirts, she noticed some with patterns on them, and others that were white.So diapered were a lot more common here, and for different age groups, she determined.Not everyone was diapered. Most teens or younger she passed were, with few exceptions. The majority of young adults were as well, though less so then the teens. The cut off seemed to roughly the mid twenties. There were one or two older then that who appeared to be diapered, but they were in the minority, and seemed very shy. She noticed other things as well. The window of a restaurant showed a woman in a high chair, being fed by another girl her own age. Another time she saw a man, she couldn't tell how old but he was fairly big, being bare bottom spanked, with tears running down his face. The woman seemed mortified, however, and no one else her age seemed to be in it, while man was clearly blushing, so she determined these must be exceptions to the rules. Still, there were many people with childish thing who seemed to be far to old for them- some in strollers, others with toys, or wearing onesies, one or two pacifiers... the list went on.She remembered the genie saying she'd be tested on everything, even 'basic skills.' He couldn't mean... that... could he? She shuddered at the thoughtShe steeled herself. So what? It just be one more test to pass, and an easy one at that. Its not like SHE was incontinent. Or did they have different rules here? She'd have to find out.Her stomach grumbled. She'd have to find out soon, she realized. Those eggs and coffee were not sitting well.She passed by what looked like a gigantic mall. It was three stories, and had banners and displays for stores all along the outside. She decided it was the perfect place to look for a job, and she may as well do it while trying to find out the strange laws.She entered the mall. It really was huge. She walked passed store after store, gawking at the size. Whatever world this was, they loved their shopping.Most of the stores seemed fairly in line with what she was used to. She even recognized a few logos, but none of the names.Her stomach grumbled again, and she felt a weight in her bladder. It was getting too hard to ignore. She realized she had been putting it off, dreading to find out what the laws of this bizarre land were, but she needed to find out.She found a large department store that had bathrooms. Like the coffee shop, there were three of them. One was male, one was female, and the other had three images of people in diapers, ranging in size from baby to adult.She walked to the female bathroom and tried to turn the nob, but it wouldn't budge.She tsked. Locked. She walked up to the help counter and waited in line.The pressure was building. She considered just walking to the front of the line, but she didn't want to stand out until she knew what was going on.Finally she reached the front."Hi, how can I help you?" a stocky, middle aged woman said."Hi, can I get the bathroom key?" Jessica asked."Of course," the woman said. "Just let me see your proof of toilet proficiency."Jessica stared at her. "What?"The woman laughed. "Oh, don't worry, I don't mean to embarrass you. I know most girls your age have passed their tests. However, there are a few stragglers, so we have to check. Do you have your proof?""I don't... uhhhh..." this would normally be the time where Jessica would come up with a lie, say it was at home or lost, just as she did when she used to drink underage. However, the absurdity of the question caught her off guard."You don't have it?! WHen did you complete the tests?""Tests?""When did you complete your proficiency tests?""I... didn't."The woman's eyes went wide. "OH! My mistake, sorry to embarrass you." She spoke in a soothing tone that bordered on condescending. "I must have gotten confused by how you asked. Don't worry, and sorry for what I said earlier, I know some people still have troubles at your age. Nothing to be worried about, it comes to some a bit later. Do you need a diaper change?""No! I don't need a diaper.""What?" The woman looked over the desk. "Where is your diaper?""I don't need a f--ingg diaper just give me the f--ing key!"The woman gasped. "How dare you speak to me that way! I'll bet you haven't even passed your full language tests. I'm going to give you three seconds, and I'd better see something- your id card, paperwork, a signed note, anything- that says your are qualified to use the toilet, or I better see a diaper on your butt. If I don't get it, you're going to be in a world of trouble.""I don't have stupid paperwork and I don't need diapers! I'm an adult you idiot!""Right, that's it." She hit a button under her desk.Almost instantly a large, muscular man in a uniform appeared behind Jessica."Right, what seems to be the trouble?""This GIRL has not passed her potty training tests, is not diapered, tried to lie her way into getting a bathroom key, then threw a tantrum, swore and insulted me.""YOu f--ing b--h!"The guard seized her by the wrist. "Do you have your toilet proficiency tests?" He asked."Uhhh..." she tried to think of a lie."You better not lie to me. You know I can check.""I... don't."He reached down to her belt."Hey!" she said, trying to stop him. However, he grabbed her and turned her around, then pinned both her hands to her stomach with one of his, and used his other on her belt. She squirmed, embarrassed at how easily he manhandled her. She looked around for help, but no one seemed to mind. A few watched, some laughing, some even seeming lecherous, but no one reacted as if there was anything wrong with what was going on.The guard undid her belt and pulled down her pants. There were a few chuckles from the audience. She stared. Her underwear, as it turned out, were a lacy pair of panties with a cartoon picture of the genie on them. Some kind of sick joke, she decided."Where is your diaper?" the guard asked."I don't have one," she said."NO paperwork and inappropriate underwear. Tell me, do you have your exemption from corporal discipline? Don't lie now, or it will be much worse.Her eyes went wide. "No...""Alright then," he said, and picked her up.In a flash she was turned over, and she landed on his raised knee with a squeel. "No," she said, barely having time to process what was going on before his first spank landed on her upturned backside.SMACK SMACK SMACK! He rained blows down on her as she squirmed and cried out. She couldn't believe how strong he was, or how vicious he was with the spanking. He was clearly used to doing it.She tried to hold onto her dignity as best she could, but the pain was growing. Her protests turned to pleas, and her angry shouting turned into loud cries. Soon she was bawling her eyes out, getting spanked as people watched. She could not believe it, and didn't know what was worse- the pain, or the indignity of the entire situation.Finally, he stooped, and stood her on the ground. He waggled his finger under her nose like she was a child. "Now, you are possibly the oldest I've ever had to spank, but then again, you'll likely be one of the oldest I've seen diapered too." She gulped at the though and fought back arguments. "Now, I'm going to take you to the help desk to get you diapered, and we are going to leave your pants down so your red bottom can serve as a warning to others. After that we can get you to the station to sort this out and get you where you are supposed to be, alright?She nodded through tears. She couldn't help but sniffle, and tried to ignore the snickers and giggles behind her.The guard turned her by the shoulders and spanked her still red bottom. "EEP!" she shouted, not expecting another spank, and walked forward.At the edge of the store she paused, and he spanked her again. She jumped. She realized he was planning on using spanks to direct her through the mall.He spanked her again. Worse still, the pressure in her bladder had been building. Being bent over his knee had made it critical, and each spank made it worse. She realized soon she might have to argue against being put in diapers while proving she needed them.Another spank. She turned. "STOP!" she said angrily."Are you arguing with me?" He grabbed her shoulder and delivered a burst of hard smacks to her bottom, making her squeal and dance on the spot. "I'm sorry!" She said. "P Lease! I really need to go to the bathroom.""You'll be diapered shortly.""No! Now! The bathrooms right there!" She pointed to a set of doors."No? Are you arguing again AND trying to lie your way into toilets?"He held her again and delivered more smacks. She screamed.It was too much. The pressure, the waiting, and now the smacks... she felt her bladder release."Nooo..." she whined as she wet herself.The guard backed away. "Well well," he said, "and you were trying to argue against diapers?""But... but... you made me do it! You wouldn't let me use the bathroom!" She whined as the puddle grew beneath her. She knew it wasn't the right thing to say, but an audience had gathered round to watch her shame, and she wanted to do anything she could to divert their blame.He shook his head. "I can see why you never made it through the tests. Mature women don't try to blame others for their mistakes. Also, we have told you several times now the bathroom is off limits. I suppose it isn't your fault you are a slow learner, but you could have at least been responsible enough to keep your diaper on. We may need to speak to your caretaker.""I'm not a... I don't have a...." she knew it was useless to argue.He shook his head. "Barely able to form sentences. We may need to test your language too. Come on," he grabbed her shoulder "the staff will clean up your mess, and we better get you diapered before you leave something worse for them. Really, you are the age of a woman, but really you seem more like a little girl. We will need to test you to see."She cried louder at that comment. What did it even mean, 'seem like girl?" Was that something she could be designated? What were the tests? She dreaded to find out what restrictions they could put on her. It was all so fast. It had only been a few hours, she knew, and she had gone from a wealthy, successful capitalist, feared and respected, master of her world, to a little girl, being lead sobbing through a mall with a spanked red bottom on display and wet pants dribbling, to be diapered in this strange world she didn't understand at all. Why had she taken that bet? -next part up soon. Future sections will likely include (spoiler alert) a lot of embarrassment, messy diapers, spankings, etc. and some cuter abdl moments Comments or critiques appreciated
  4. Hi, I hope you enjoy this story. In the past I have started lots of stories here and never finished them. I wrote this about a year ago, and posted it to fetlife. I meant it to just be a one off story but a few people asked for more and I kept going. I'm now on part 10. Since I have written so much I thought I should share it here too. It took him a few minutes realize his situation when he woke up, not in his own bed, cramped, wet and uncomfortable. He could see the white rails going up in front of him. "Dammit," he said out loud. He was laying in a 52 inch crib staring up at a stuffed animal mobile. The morning erection which would usually greet him every morning was stifled by the pink plastic cock cage, when it rolled his squished penis hurt. In an attempt to avoid this very thing he'd tried to pee really good before he went to bed, as his wet diaper now indicated. He relaxed and tried to let the pee flow, it wasn't easy but eventually he soaked the already wet nighttime diaper and even felt a little creep out into his sleeper. This was Saturday morning. Normally on a Saturday morning in Summer he'd meet his pal Jim and go fishing on his boat, he instinctually looked at his wrist, and remembered his wife took his watch away. There was no clock in the nursery, I wonder if I could still catch Jim he thought. He sat up in the crib, and thought about getting out, the rails were up be he could get over them if he wanted. Still the rule was that he wasn't allowed out of the crib until Mommy came to let him out. Getting out would be trivial but his wife had set the crib on 12 inch risers meaning that from the top of the rail down to the floor was 55 inches. He stood up and looked down over the rail. Of course the latch they had rigged up was locked with a small padlock. The same kind of small padlock that was keeping his cock locked in it's cage. It's probably really early, she's probably not even up yet. I could just go get some snips and cut the cage off, he thought about the wonderful orgasm he would whack out as soon as he got the cage off and he felt his little guy start to stiffen up and press against the cage again and he moaned in discomfort. This has got to end, he thought. "Bahh", he said as he threw a leg over the rails and got out of bed, he reached his foot down but couldn't quite touch the ground, his soaked diaper sliding against the top rail as he stretched. He tried to reach just a bit farther but lost his balance as his diaper snagged on the rail. He found himself falling and hit the floor with a thud. How the hell did I end up like this, he thought. A month earlier he was in a similar situation, laying on the floor of the guest room wearing a diaper and a cute onesie with bright pink trim and printed with hearts. His diaper was soaked and messy and he was listening to a hypnotic track on headphones, and he was happily suckling a big pink pacifier. He didn't even notice his wife walk into the room until she was looking down at him. She'd got off work early and came home to surprise him. The next few hours were rough, he explained his diaper fetish, and swore over and over again that it had nothing to do with children. His wife was shocked, then upset, then angry, really angry, then sad, really sad. She eventually packed a suitcase and left. She called the next day, and they talked on the phone for hours. Her anger had died down and she'd done research on adult babies, finding out that as he had said the fetish had nothing to do with pedophilia. That evening she came home and they had a long discussion, he explained he'd been doing this since he was a little kid, and that he didn't know why he liked to do it, but he loved it. At her request he showed her all of his stuff, his diapers, his onesies, his bottles and pacifiers. "I'm so sorry, I'm going to bag all this stuff up and throw it away," he said. "Well... I was thinking, I've always had this fantasy of being a tough in charge kind of woman," she said. He laughed, his wife was super sweet and nice and rarely wanted to be in charge of anything. "Seriously don't laugh, and since you know, we can't have a baby, it might be kind of fun if you were my baby." His eyes opened wide, words that he'd imagined his whole life just poured out of his wife's mouth. "Ummm, wha.." he stammered. "But there will be strict rules, you have to understand what hurts me more than anything about this is how you kept it away from me all this time, it's almost like you were cheating," she said. "I'm sorry," he said trying to fight back tears but losing. "It's just so, embarrassing," he said and began to sob. "Oh come to mommy," his wife said and wrapped herself around him and he cried into her shoulder while she gently rocked him back and forth, She supported his head and whispered into his ear, "Your mommies baby now and she loves you so much," in a few moments she felt his cock growing stiff and realized how incredibly horny he was. She pulled off her shirt and undid her bra, then guided her husband's mouth to one of her nipples. "Fussy baby, here you go," she gently said. While her husband latched on and suckled she alternated between rubbing the front of his pants and his nipple. Soon he was unable to control himself and was humping and grinding her legs. She undressed him and then herself then lead him to the bed where they had mind-blowing sex. His cock was harder and went deeper then she'd ever felt, he moaned in rhythm with her. "Yes, baby, yes baby," she began to say as she felt herself heading towards orgasm. "Yes mommy, yes mommy," he said back. They came together, both screaming in a mind shattering orgasm, then collapsed on the bed. "Would you like me to diaper you now?" she asked. "Nahh, I'm good," he replied. She wondered how closely his adult baby desires were connected to just having an orgasm. "That's something we'll have to work on," she said with a laugh. The next day they had the best day of their lives, something they'd always dreamed of doing together, they converted a guest bedroom into a nursery. They bought the biggest crib they could find, which wasn't really big enough, but would have to do. They bought a white table that they converted to an adult sized changing table, and some organizers for diapers and toys. They filled a cart at Baby's R Us, with all kinds of baby supplies and neither one could wipe the big smile off their face. Finally, they ordered several cases of different adult diapers. "That's a lot of diapers," he said. "Well you're going to need them," she replied
  5. I was planning on publishing this as my second novel on Amazon, but it doesn't feel finished, and I can't figure where to go with it. Hopefully, some of you will enjoy it. *** Do I Have To? by nautybaby "Do I really have to?" "I really think you should." "But I don't want to." "We've been over this." "But I don't need them." "Last night and the laundry I've been doing lately says otherwise." "It won't happen again. I promise." "I've heard that before." "It's not fair!" "Fair or not, I won't have you ruining my friend's bed." "No!" I shouted. "You can't make me." "David!" she said sharply without raising her voice. "That's enough. I think we both know I can make you. Now, get your butt on that bed, and keep your voice down. That is unless you want Sharon to hear you getting a spanking on top of the tantrum you've been throwing." "You wouldn't," I blanched. "Try me." I looked into her steely eyes and slowly made my way to the bed. I lay down and gave her a pleading look. She simply grabbed the waist of my pajamas and began to tug. I gave in and lifted my bottom, allowing her to pull them down. She reached into my suitcase and pulled out the object of my dread. She had shown me the diapers before we left, but no matter how many times I saw them, I never got over just how big and thick they actually were. "Lift." I did and fought the urge to cry. She made short work of securing the diaper around my waist. She put the pajama bottoms back in my suitcase and locked it. "If you behave yourself, you can have those back in the morning." "You don't mean …" "We'll see. Now, get in bed." That was the end of a conversation that had been going on all day. Conversation, humph. Argument more like. It started when we were packing for the trip. I thought we were about ready when she brought out the package of diapers. "Are those what I think they are?" "Isn't that obvious?" "What do you have those for?" "Seriously?" "You don't expect me to wear those?" "I certainly do." "No way." "Yes way." "I won't." "You will. Now, hurry up. We're already late," she said, loading a number of the diapers into the case. "I don't need them. I've only had a couple of problems." "It started out as a couple of problems. It's gotten to be almost every night." "Yeah, almost. See, it's getting better." "I'm not going to wear them." "You are going to wear them, and that's final. Now, get dressed." She said all this so matter-of-factly that it made my blood boil. I stomped over to the suitcase and started taking the diapers out. I felt a sharp sting in my right bottom cheek. I shot up straight and turned around. "You will put those back, unless you want some more." Her eyes were hard. "No," I said with more confidence than I felt. "David, put those back right now, or so help me …" I stood my ground, hoping my trembling didn't show. "Is that really the way you want to play it? Have it your way." I thought I had won the battle. That feeling lasted only a second before pain erupted from my ear. She spun me around by it and threw me face down on the bed. There was a knee in my back and slaps were raining down on my underpants. "Stop. Stop!" "Are you going to pack your diapers and stop fussing?" "No!" "Fine. If that's the way you want it." "No!" I screamed, as my underwear was yanked down. After that, my words got less and less comprehensible until I was simply blubbering. Still not dressed, my belt was in handy reach to her. She put it to good use—good from her perspective anyway. "Are you ready to do as you are told?" "Yes," I sobbed. "Good. Finish packing and get dressed. We're leaving in five minutes. Don't make me have to 'encourage' you. And you can start with the diapers. I'll be back for the case in just a minute. It had better be ready." I hastily repacked the diapers and the rest of my clothes. True to her word, she was soon back, and after checking to see that I had indeed packed the diapers, she locked the case and took it downstairs. That left me a few minutes alone to nurse my bruised pride and bottom while I finished dressing. I found her behind the wheel of the car, waiting to get on the road. I climbed in the other side and sulked. We couldn't have been on the road for more than five minutes before I started restating my position about why I shouldn't have to wear diapers. She didn't argue with me. She listened in silence. I felt encouraged that I was making my point, my reasoning becoming more shrill the longer I went on. I found I was repeating myself, and she had yet to utter a word. My tirade petered out. After a minute of silence, she quietly asked, "Are you finished?" "Um, yeah, I guess." "Good. You've had your say. Now, I'm going to have mine. Like it or not, you have a problem. I've been extremely patient about it. I've even been the one to clean up after you. It's not going away. It's getting worse. We are going to be staying with my friend. I do not want you embarrassing me or yourself by wetting her bed. You are going to wear those diapers, and you are going to stop fussing about it. If you insist on being a big baby about it, I can treat you like one. That includes pulling this car over, spanking you again, and putting you in one of those diapers for the rest of the trip. I'm already not happy with you. Would you like to try your luck?" "No." "Good." The trip was mostly silent aside from some tunes softly playing on the radio. I stared out the window, opting to table the discussion for the time being. Occasionally, she nudged me and told me to stay awake, unless I wanted to put a diaper on and take a nap. Eventually, I faced forward, so she could see I was awake, and pouted. If I had been eight or ten or even twelve, I suppose these events would be understandable. But I was not twelve, and the woman driving was not my mommy. I was thirty-two, and she was my wife. When we arrived, Kathy, my wife, and Sharon hugged and air kissed like long-lost sisters. Sure, we lived far enough apart that they didn't see each other often, but they were on the phone at least once a week. I shook my head and got the bags. "Sorry we're late," Kathy said. "Packing took a bit longer than I expected." I had the impression that comment was aimed at me, but I ignored it. "Don't worry about it. It's just so good to see you. I know how it can be. You should try it with a baby sometime. I still can't believe the amount of stuff I had to get ready for Phil to take Abby for the week." I tried to picture Sharon's ex taking care of a baby on his own. I don't know if I found the images more funny or frightening. Oh well, maybe one of his girlfriends will help him out. "Yes," Kathy mused. "Packing for a baby can be a lot of work." I was sure that was directed at me. Again, I chose to ignore it. "Come on inside. Dinner's almost ready. Dave, you can take those right upstairs, first door on the right. You know the spot." When I came downstairs, Kathy asked, "Did you wash your hands?" I didn't like the way they both giggled. "Yes, I washed my hands," I replied irritably. "Don't be grumpy. I was just asking." Dinner was a long drawn out affair. Kathy and Sharon went on and on about this one and that one. I was mostly ignored, which suited me fine. I didn't have the slightest interest in whoever and whatever they were talking about. Mainly, I just picked at my food and drank more than my share of wine. During a lull, Sharon turned to me, "So, Dave, what's new and exciting with you these days?" "Nothing much," I mumbled. "Don't mind him," Kathy interjected. "I think he's just overtired from the trip. I'm sure he didn't mean to be rude." Her accusing tone was not lost on me. "Sorry. I guess I am a little tired." "I think we better get you into bed then." "Why, Kathy!" Sharon exclaimed. "I meant to sleep, you sex fiend," she laughed. "Come on, Davey, upstairs." Whether it was the trip or the wine, I was tired. I bade Sharon goodnight and climbed the stairs ahead of Kathy. "You go potty, then meet me in the bedroom," she said. Not thinking, I did as instructed. When I got to the bedroom, I saw her laying out the diaper on the bed. That's where you came in. Kathy had me tucked in and started to leave to room. "Where are you going? Aren't you coming to bed?" "Not just yet. Sharon and I have more to talk about, and there's most of a bottle of wine it would be a shame to waste. You go to sleep, and I'll be up in a while. I lay there for a time, replaying the day in my head. If I hadn't been tired and buzzed, I might have been more upset. Every now and again, I would hear their raucous laughter. I did my best not to believe they were talking about my sleeping attire. My thoughts turned to how I got into this mess in the first place. It started about month before. I had gotten a new boss, and it wasn't going well. Nothing seemed to please him. There was always something wrong, and no matter how small the problem was, he acted like it was the end of civilization as we know it. The harder I tried to anticipate what was wanted, the farther my attempts were from what he had in mind. I tried to get clearer instructions, but that only seemed to make him madder. It was really taking a toll on me and, no doubt, on Kathy. I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't set work aside at the end of the day. All I could think of was what the next confrontation was going to be about. I was distracted and short tempered. Even my dreams were filled with anxieties about everything that had happened and visions of what might be ahead. When I was able to sleep at all, it wasn't good. After a week of mostly sleepless nights, I found myself shaken awake by Kathy. I was completely disoriented and not hearing what she was saying. I don't know how many times she repeated it before it finally sank in. "David, wake up. You wet the bed." "What?" "You wet the bed." I rolled toward her, and it dawned on me. I wet the bed. That's right. She said that. Still only half awake, all I could say was, "I'm sorry." Kathy told me to go to the bathroom and clean up, and she would take care of the bed. Still to fuzzy to think, I did as she told me. My wet pajamas cooled quickly as I went. I stripped off and sat on the toilet, trying to clear my head. By the time I was awake enough to push out the little pee I had left and get washed up. I was deeply embarrassed by what I had done. I almost wanted to stay in the bathroom just to avoid having to look at Kathy. When I did come out, she was smoothing out towels over the wet spot. I almost went back in. "Good, you're finally back. Help me get the clean sheets on. Maybe we can still get some sleep before we have to get up." I picked up the bottom sheet and shook it out. She signaled she was ready, and I fluffed it over the bed. The two of us made short work of remaking the bed, and I thought Kathy was being really good about the situation. "Did you make sure to go peepee while you were in there?" So much for that. "Yes," I said, a bit more harshly than I intended. "Don't get snippy with me. I'm not the reason we're changing sheets in the middle of the night." "Sorry," I said, and I meant it. "Me too. Let's go back to bed, and we'll forget all about it. Okay?" "Okay," I said and hugged her tight. "I love you, and I am sorry." "I love you too. Now, go to sleep. Morning's going to come awfully early." That was easier said than done. I don't know how Kathy managed it. I lay there listening to her breathing, wondering how I could have wet myself and worrying that I might do it again. I think I drifted off just before the alarm went off. Work the next day was miserable. Besides the usual grief from my boss, my eyes were burning, and my head was pounding all day. By the time I got home, I was an exhausted wreck. After pushing my dinner around the plate for a while, I told Kathy I was going to bed. "I think that's a good idea. You had a rough night, and you look awful." "Thanks a lot." "You know what I mean. Go on. I'll clean up here. Don't forget to use the potty before you go night-night." "Not funny!" "Oh, come on. You know I'm joking. You may as well laugh as cry. It was just a one-time thing. Go get some rest, and I'm sure you'll feel better in the morning." I nodded and followed her advice, even stopping to "use the potty" on the way. Totally wiped out, I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Not that it brought much rest. My dreams were the now usual of instant replays and anxious fantasies I had suffered for days. "Wake up, David," I heard, before I felt the shaking. "David, wake up." Once I realized it was Kathy, and not my mother trying to get me up for school, I sat bolt upright, panicking that I had done it again. "I'm sorry," I blurted out. "I didn't mean to. I couldn't help it." "It's alright, Dave," she said soothingly. "You didn't do anything. You didn't, did you? You were just having a bad dream. But as long as you're up, you may as well use the potty, just to be safe." I apologized and kissed her, and then decided a pee might be a good idea at that. There was a small wet spot on my pajama pants, but the bed was dry. I didn't mention it, and if Kathy noticed, she was kind enough to let it pass. Having limited my fluids all day, I don't know where it all came from. I did know I feel a lot better when I climbed back into bed. I slept better that night and felt more like my old self in the morning. That lasted for about an hour after I got to work. Then it was what had come to be business as usual. It was a particularly bad day. I was pushed and pulled in so many directions, I was beginning to doubt the sky was blue. If I had been thinking clearly, I probably would have guessed it was going to happen again. Kathy was again supportive and more patient than I felt I deserved. Again she got us cleaned up and back to sleep in short order. I had a few good days, with no nighttime problems, even though things were just as bad, if not worse at work. I was starting to feel confident when it happened a third time. I was so frustrated I wanted to scream, and I think Kathy knew it. Once back in bed, she held me and whispered reassuring things until I went to sleep. The pattern continued, and I ended up having five wet nights in two weeks. After the last of those, Kathy sat me down in the morning. "Dave, this … um … problem you've been having is not getting better. I think you should see somebody about it." The thought of telling my doctor and friend, George Simmons, that I was wetting the bed filled me with dread. "That's not really necessary. I'm sure it will stop on its own. It's not that big a deal." "Says the man who's not washing the sheets. You're right. It may be nothing serious, but then again it might be. And, frankly, I'm getting tired of being woken up in the middle of the night and having to clean up after you. Get on that phone and make an appointment, or I'll do it for you." "Alright, alright, I'll call." I was greatly relieved when George's office told me they couldn't fit me in for at least two weeks. I begged off making an appointment, telling them that I was just feeling a little under the weather, and it would probably pass before they could see me. Kathy was not happy but understood it was not my fault, and she let the matter drop. Or so I thought. That afternoon, I got a call from her telling me to meet her at Dr. MacPherson's office at 4:30. Having to tell my boss I needed to leave early while avoiding the reason was not a pleasant conversation to say the least. I was happy just to get out of there when the time came. At least, I was until I was on the way and started thinking about what was going to happen at the appointment. Margaret MacPherson had been my doctor growing up. Her general practice had served all my family, and Kathy became her patient shortly after we were married. After college, when I had some voice in the matter, I insisted that seeing a female doctor was uncomfortable, and that's when I came under George's care. I was not looking forward to going back to her. Dr. MacPherson—I never could bring myself to call her anything else—literally knew me inside and out. She had seen me through all my childhood illnesses, broken bones, acne, and everything else. To me, she would always be Dr. MacPherson. Kathy, on the other hand, having come to her later in life, always call her Margaret. They had become fast friends, and Dr. MacPherson was almost a surrogate mother to Kathy. Kathy and I were called back shortly after I arrived. We were shown into a room where Dr. MacPherson was waiting for us. "Kathy, how wonderful to see you! And Davey, just look at you, so grown up!" With her rosy cheeks, halo of white hair, and the soft Glasgow burr that never left her, it was impossible to be upset by her comment. She was everybody's favorite grandmother. "Hello, Dr. MacPherson. It's nice to see you again." "And you too, dear. How is your mother? I miss seeing her since she moved away." "She's well, thank you. I'll tell her you were asking after her." "Oh, yes, do. So, what brings you in today?" I sat there trying to think of some way to tell her why I was there. I could feel my face getting redder and redder. Still, no words would come out. Finally, Kathy just took over. "Davey," she said, using the same boyhood nickname, "has been having some problems keeping the bed dry at night." There it was, right out on the table. "Oh! Is your wee problem back, dear?" the doctor asked gently. She placed her hand on top of mine reassuringly, but couldn't avoid a small titter at her unintended pun. I'm sure Kathy had thought she was trying to be discrete about the issue, but it felt more like a mother trying to be gentle about a child's potty training setbacks. My mother had used almost those same words many years before. "Back?" Kathy asked. "Oh my, yes, dear," she said without regard for my embarrassment. "Davey was quite the little waterworks when he was a boy, weren't you, Davey. I wondered for a long time if we would ever get him out of nappies." It finally dawned on her that this was extremely uncomfortable for me. I am sure that face was bright red. I could feel heat radiating from the blush. "But that was a long time ago, wasn't it dear? What seems to be the problem?" Without hesitation, Kathy began describing my symptoms as if I weren't in the room or too small to speak for myself. "He doesn't seem to be sleeping well. He's constantly tossing and turning, and he's always still tired when he wakes up. He's been distant and irritable, and every few days, he wets the bed." "Oh, I'm so sorry. What seems to be the problem, Davey? Is something bothering you?" With some prompting and a great deal of prodding, I told the whole story about what was going on at work. Kathy knew or guessed some of it, but I did not want to let on just how bad it really was. Once they got me to open up, it all came pouring out. The exhaustion and that day's fight with the boss caught up with me, and I was sobbing by the time I finished the tale. I was calming down before I realized Kathy had pulled my head to her shoulder, and she was stroking my hair and shushing me gently. Dr. MacPherson's face was a mix of sympathy and anger. "It's just like that teacher you had all over again. Och, that woman! I'd still like to get my hands on her." She told the story of Mrs. Hannity, my fourth grade teacher. She was nearing retirement and had a grandson who was a spoiled rotten little hellion. I had the misfortune of bearing him a striking resemblance, and she took out all complaints about him on me. I resented her accusations but came to half-believe that I was as bad as she made out. I fell into depressed and listless state, and my grades suffered. My mother asked me what was wrong, and I tried to tell her about my issues with the teacher and how unfair she was. My mother, of course, took the teacher's side and told me I had to stop being lazy and work harder, which is one of the things Mrs. Hannity accused me of. It all came to a head one day when I turned in a half-completed homework assignment. I had fallen asleep over the paper and didn't have time to finish it before school. Mrs. Hannity went on a tirade the likes of which I had never seen, not only about the homework but about the messy state of my desk and anything else she could think of. When she dumped my desk over onto the floor, I was so shocked and scared, I wet my pants. That stopped her ranting but infuriated her all the more. She went silent and the color rose in her face. She grabbed my ear and dragged me to the office. She told them she would not suffer a baby like me in her class. I sobbed and sobbed while the secretary called my mother. I was still in tears, shivering in my wet pants when she arrived. The ride home was no better, as she went on and on about how ashamed she was to have a boy my age wetting his pants in school, how I was going to have to apologize to everyone involved, and how was she ever going to be able to show her face again. I ran into the house, crying my eyes out. I stripped out of my wet clothes and threw myself on my bed and bawled my eyes out. It was all so unfair. I must have cried myself to sleep, because my mother was gently trying to rouse me. She appeared considerably calmer and asked me what had happened. I told her the whole story in lurid detail. The more I told her, the angrier she got but not at me. She took me in her arms and told me how sorry she was. When we had both settled down, she told me to wash up and get dressed. We were going back to the school. I begged her not to make me go. She told me not to worry about it, I would not have be in Mrs. Hannity's class ever again, if she had anything to say about it. I followed with great reluctance as she strode into the office. "I want to see the principal. Now!" I had never seen my mother so forceful, not with adults anyway. I don't think the secretary had either, because we were shown into Mr. Mellon's office almost immediately. My mother really gave him an earful about all that had done on. I was mostly ignored except to fill in some blanks and details. Mr. Mellon promised an investigation and said I'd be put into Miss Sanderson's class for the duration. For the year, my mother insisted and got her way. I don't know the full extent of what happened. I did have to tell the story one more time to some people I didn't know. Shortly after that, Mrs. Hannity "got sick," and we heard she was taking an early retirement. I felt and did better in Miss Sanderson's class. I think I even developed a little crush on her. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. From the day of the incident until a long time after, I had nightmares about it and started wetting the bed. Today, we would call it post-traumatic stress disorder, but not back then, especially not with children. My mother was patient for a time, but it was short-lived. She took me to Dr. MacPherson, who recognized the problem and was sympathetic to both of us and assured us it would pass in time. There was little she could do, however, and her only recommendation was "night nappies," as she put it, until I got over it. Despite my protests and promises not to let it happen again, my mother agreed there was no other option. She insisted that she was as embarrassed about it as I was, but I didn't think that was possible. That was the first of many night my mother put me in a diaper. It did not come without an argument and a couple of slaps on my behind. The nightmares eventually stopped but the wetting didn't. I was in middle school before I was reliably dry and the diapers were a thing of the past. Nevertheless, my mother kept a waterproof cover on my bed through high school, "just in case." Now, here I was again, facing the same problem for much the same reasons. Dr. MacPherson was again sympathetic and reassuring, but her solution was the same. She prescribed some antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, but until I could deal with the stressors, I could expect more wet nights. The best thing was to start wearing nappies to keep the bed dry and allow us both a decent night's sleep. She recommended we get them from a medical supply store, as the ones to be found in supermarkets and pharmacies were virtually useless. She recommended a shop that could also fill my prescriptions. "Don't worry, dear," she comforted me. "I'm sure you'll get over it, and you'll be all dry in no time, just like before." Knowing how long that "before" lasted, I was not reassured. Kathy thanked Dr. MacPherson for both of us and promised to call her to have lunch soon. Dr. MacPherson bade us goodbye and made me promise to send her regards to my mother. Kathy drove us to the medical store. I begged her not to make me wear diapers. It was like reliving the argument with my mother all those years ago. Kathy would have none of it and insisted I go inside with her. There, she handed over the prescription and proceeded to ask the lady about "nighttime protection." She lady asked a lot of, to my mind, unnecessary and intrusive questions. Kathy went into lurid detail about the problems I was having and how heavily I wet. She insisted we should buy a whole case of their most absorbent product, saying she would take back any unopened packages if things cleared up in a short time, but the case lot was far more economical if the problem persisted. Kathy agreed, and I had to carry a huge box of all too conspicuously labeled "adult briefs" to the car. I took up the argument again at bedtime. It was just like been ten years old all over again, me begging and promising to wet anymore, Kathy reasoning that I couldn't make that promise, and she wanted a good night's sleep. It all got rather heated until Kathy gave me a couple of swats on the behind and told me that was enough. I was again the little boy at the mercy of his mother. I lay down and let her put the dreaded thing on. Memories flooded back as she raised the thick padding between my legs. I was weeping when she fastened the last tape and gave the front a pat. I lay awake for a time, feeling sorry for myself, but the drugs kicked in, and I soon drifted off. I'm pretty sure I had nightmares again, mixed up visions of my boss and Mrs. Hannity. I panicked when Kathy shook me awake. I quickly felt for the felt for the wet spot and blurted out that I didn't wet the bed. Kathy told it was just time to get up, and I realized there was sunlight coming in the window. I was relieved until Kathy gave my crotch a squeeze. We both knew in an instant that I had not had a dry night. Not dry at all, I realized when I stood and the diaper sagged between my legs. It was with a good deal of depression that I took it off and had my shower, and I still had work to look forward to. It was hard to think of anything else that day, and my boss was no better than usual. The only thing that got me through was the thought that I would be leaving for vacation that afternoon. I had used some accumulated sick time to take the extra half-day off for the drive to Sharon's house. I was happy to leave the office and my boss behind. Those were my thoughts as I drifted off. Soon enough, I felt Kathy climb in next to me. She curled up against my back, and I felt her hand work around to the front. She squeezed my crotch, and I thought she was up to something good. Then I heard her whisper. "You'll last till morning." Whereupon, she rolled over. I was too much asleep to fully comprehend what she meant. There must have been a part of me that did understand, as I slept fitfully after that. I have vague recollections of dreams wherein I was being scolded by my mother for wetting my pants … again. When I felt Kathy shaking me awake, I didn't feel much more rested than when I went to sleep. To top it off, my head was pounding. "Good thing we put that on you. I hope that satisfies you that I know what I'm doing, and we won't have a problem again tonight." I felt the squish when I rolled over, as well as a pounding in my skull. I couldn't bear to look at her, but I managed to mumble a dejected, "No." She reached down and undid the tapes. I tried to help, but she just swatted my hands away. "Why don't you go take a shower? I'm sure it will make you feel better. There's coffee waiting when you're done." She handed me my pajama pants, and I took her up on her advice. The shower did help. I felt almost human when I got out. If only that guy would lay off the drums. Not ready for the rigors of getting dressed, I returned to my pajamas and a robe and went downstairs. Coffee, lots of it, finished the job. By the time I had had something to eat, I was moderately ready to face the day. "Okay," Kathy said. "Get dressed. We're going shopping." I groaned, showing none of the enthusiasm she had. "Shopping? Really? Do I have to go? I'm still tired, and my head hurts." I admit it. I was whining. "Yes, you have to go. You're not going to just waste the day or get into who knows what kind of trouble. Besides, it's your own fault your head hurts. Now, upstairs; scoot." "You know," Sharon intervened. "He does still look a little green behind the gills." That made me like Sharon a little more. Kathy looked me over. "Hmm, maybe. We'll discuss it while he gets dressed. Let's go." Kathy shut the bedroom door, and I turned to her. "Don't make me go. You know I'll be useless and bored, and I really don't feel all that well." "You do look a little under the weather," she conceded. "Though I don't know why you should be rewarded for tying one on last night." "It's not a reward. Trust me, I'm being punished for last night. Please let me stay here. You two will have a lot more fun without me." "You're probably right at that. But I'm not so sure about leaving you here alone. If you're as tired as you say you are, you'll probably take a nap, and that risks Sharon's furniture. No, you'll just have to come along." "Please, honey, I'll stay awake, I promise. Besides, I never have problems during the day." "That's because you don't sleep in the day. I think it's best you come along." "Aww! Please don't make me. Nothing will happen; I promise." I gave her my best puppy dog eyes. "Well," she considered, "I suppose there might be one way." "Yes! Yes! Whatever you say. Just don't make me go with you." "You're sure now? It really means that much for you to stay here?" "Yes! Absolutely. I'll do it." "Alright, but you insisted. There's no turning back now. Go potty, and we'll get your diaper on." "What!" "That's the deal. You said you are too tired to go, and I can't trust you to stay awake or not wet in your sleep. If you stay home, I want you in a diaper. That way I can feel safe if you do take a nap." "But I said I'd stay awake. I have work I can do. That'll keep me awake." "We're on vacation. You shouldn't be working. Besides, we both know how well you stay on task without someone to watch you. No, diapers or shopping; it's your choice." I was torn. It was bad enough having to wear them at night, but at least I could ignore them then. On the other hand, department stores, fitting rooms, girl talk. "Fine. You win." And I went across to the bathroom. The diaper was already laid out when I got back. Condemned to my fate, I took off my clothes and lay down. Kathy efficiently diapered me. "Wait a second. What if I have to pee?" "That should be obvious." "But I'll be awake." "This was your idea." "It was not my idea! It was yours." "Alright, maybe the idea was, but it was your choice, and it's been made. We're not wasting that diaper, just because you didn't think it through." She appeared to be thinking of something. She reached in her purse and pulled out a marker. Before I knew what she was up to, she was marking her initials over the intersections of the tapes and the plastic. "That'll make sure you don't try taking it off as soon as I'm out the door. If you do, I'll know, and you'll get that spanking, Sharon or no Sharon." She got thoughtful again, and then she threw me for a loop. She pulled out another diaper. "What are you going to do with that?" I asked, shocked. "I'm going to double diaper you. I don't know how long we'll be out, and I can't take a chance of your leaking. The two should hold all your peepees. Up." It was obvious I was not going to win here. I let her put it on me. She used her long fingernails to poke a few holes in the inner one before taping up the outer. She repeated the trick with the marker. She gave the whole package as couple of satisfied pats. "There, all snug and safe and ready for your day. Now, since you claim you are not feeling well, I expect you to take it easy. Nap if you can. I want you feeling better, so we can do things together the rest of our stay." "Okay," I sighed. "Don't take that tone. You got what you wanted." I hadn't but didn't argue the point. "Get dressed and come say goodbye to Sharon and me." Kathy left the room, and I stood up to dress. The bulk between my legs was incredible. A bowlegged waddle was all I could manage. I tried to put on some khakis, but it wasn't happening. I resigned myself to putting my pajamas back on and threw on my robe. Stairs aren't easy when you can't put your knees together. I had to take them one at a time, and each one was accompanied by a distinct rustling I really hoped only I could hear. I stood as still as I could by the door and let the ladies come to me for a quick kiss and hug goodbye. Kathy surreptitiously patted my bottom and told me to be a good boy. I'm sure I jumped. I only hoped Sharon didn't notice, but her smile didn't make me optimistic. I watched them drive away and wondered what I was going to do with myself. It was difficult to walk normally, and the crinkling, exceptionally loud to my ears, was distracting. I did have some work I could do, but I wasn't enthused by the prospect. I got out my laptop anyway and set up at the kitchen table. After getting a cup of coffee and checking my email, all junk, I opened my work project. I stared at for fifteen minutes or so before closing it down again. I was on vacation and in no mood to work. Actually, I wasn't in the mood for much of anything. The double thick diaper kept me focused on my problems and my plight. I figured, or hoped anyway, that I was not alone. Surely there were other men this happened to. Maybe there was some advice on how to handle the situation, preferably advice that did not rely on diapers. If I could show Kathy some alternative, maybe she would relent. The internet was not coming to my rescue. Oh, there was some consolation in finding out that I was not the only adult who experienced bedwetting problems. Most of the information indicated that they were stress related and would eventually pass along with the stressors. There were other causes that were, quite frankly, kind of scary. I would have to consider seeing a doctor. Not my regular doctor. I thought I would die if I had to tell George about this problem. The shock for me, though, was not the number of people who had the problem but the number who seemed to revel in it and the number who didn't have it but wanted to. The number of stories, true, fictional, or mixed, was staggering. Most seemed to fantasies, or mostly so. That of itself was cause for thought. The number of those where the problem was dealt with by the sufferers wife, girlfriend or mother enforcing the use of diapers was frightening. Apparently, I was not alone, either in diapers or in being spanked. At least some of the stories had to contain some truth. While I was reading, my morning coffee was catching up with me. I made a vow that I would wait it out and show Kathy my wearing diapers was ridiculous, at least during the day. I was not quite so confident about nighttime. Unfortunately, the amount of coffee I drink, and the effects it has on my bladder, made me doubt my resolve pretty quickly. I held on for as long as I could, but after a couple of painful spasms and a look at how little time had gone by, I knew I couldn't take it. The flood that followed was mind-blowing. As hard as it is to admit, the relief, after fighting the urge for so long, was almost orgasmic. That is until the reality of the situation began to sink in. I was sitting there in a soaking wet diaper, a grown man wallowing in his own pee. I could feel the wetness all around me, and I was sure that I had to have leaked. I stood up and checked the chair, bone dry. I checked out the diaper as best I could. Except for a few small spots between my legs, where I remembered Kathy poking holes, it showed no sign of what I did. I felt disgusted with myself but relieved I hadn't flooded the kitchen. Under Kathy's implicit threat and my implicit promise, I knew I was stuck in this situation until they got back. I could only hope it wouldn't be too long and that Kathy would give me some warning of their return. It was going to be bad enough facing her, having wet myself. The idea that Sharon might notice was unthinkable. Having no way out of my predicament without making Kathy more mad at me, I went back to my research. I decided to concentrate on how people like me felt about the situation. "People like me," there was a strange thought. Only hours before, I would have considered identifying a community of adults in diapers crazy. As expected, I found embarrassment, depression, and a fair amount of self-loathing. I did not expect to find so many people who gave every impression that they enjoyed being in diapers. I certainly never expected to find that group that referred to themselves as Adult Babies, people who actively sought out the opportunity to relive the experience of being toddlers or even younger. I found the pictures rather disconcerting. Was that where I was headed? It was inevitable that I would have to pee again while I surfed away. The need was less pronounced, and the hour was getting later. Again, I tried to hold off. I hadn't lasted very long when the other effect coffee has started to hit me. I was not going to give into that one, but holding that back made the pressure on my bladder worse. Eventually, it came down to a choice of the lesser of two evils. I was already wet, so the decision to wet some more was not difficult. The feeling was not as intense as before, but I did feel a lot better, and the other urge seemed to abate. I was hungry now, and made myself some lunch, just a quick sandwich and some juice. More coffee seemed like a bad idea. Eating took my mind off my troubles for the moment. It also made me sleepy. I felt that a nap might not be such a bad idea after all and went upstairs to lie down. I guess I didn't realize how tired I was, as I was rather disoriented when I heard Sharon's bright announcement that they were home. I rolled over with a squish. I knew without looking that I had wet in my sleep, and the diaper was considerably fuller than when I came upstairs. I also realized my other problem was coming back with a vengeance. There was a deep rumble in my gut that would need attention and soon. I was trying to shake off the cobwebs and figure out what to do when I heard footsteps on the staircase. That made me panic, which didn't help my situation any. The door swung open, and there was Kathy, thankfully alone. "What's the matter," she asked, concerned. "I … uh … hi," I said. "You must have needed that nap," she said, walking over to the bed. "Any problems while we were gone?" "Um … no … not really. Now that your home can I take this … thing off?" "Yes, I think so. Just let me make sure you were a good boy and didn't mess with it." Before I could stop her she had the covers pulled back. I made a grab for my pajama bottoms, but she sharply slapped my hands. She wrestled the pants down while I begged her not to. "Oh my god! It's a good thing I put you in two. You're soaked." "Uh … yeah … you were gone a long time. Now please let me take this off. I have to go." "I can't imagine you have anything left in you." "Not that, the other." "Oh! Does my little boy have to go poopy?" she asked with a little too much relish. "Please, Kathy. This is hard enough." "Aww. Is it hard to hold it? Do you want to make a boom-boom in your diaper?" "Kathy, enough. Just let me up." I was getting desperate. "Don't get snippy with me, Mr. Soggybottom. Go on, if you have to go so bad." She got out of the way, and I leapt from the bed. I made for the bathroom and fell flat on my face. My pants were still around mid-thigh. The fall distracted, and I pooped a little. Please don't let it smell, I hoped. Kathy was at my side in a second, helping me to my feet. She pulled up my pants and gave my bottom a pat. I started for the door. "Not so fast. Come back here." "Kathy, I really need to …" "Here. Now," she said, pointing at the floor in front of her. I clenched my cheeks and went to the spot. "Turn around." I knew arguing about it was not going to get me anywhere. I did as I was told and hoped against hope that what I knew was coming wouldn't. It did. She pulled back the waistbands of my pajamas and diapers and looked down the back. "I don't believe it. You did. You filthy little boy." She grabbed my ear and started dragging me toward the bathroom. That painful shock and sudden unbalance caused me to drop more into the seat of my pants. I felt sick. Kathy slammed the bathroom door behind us. "Really? Really? You actually pooped your pants. Unbelievable. What have you got to say for yourself?" I tried to come up with an explanation. My mouth moved, but nothing came out. Kathy gave an exasperated sigh. "Get those pajamas off." I did and turned to put them on a hook. "Did you go more?" She felt the back of my pants. "You did, didn't you? I can't believe you. Lie down." I squatted down slowly, trying to minimize the additional mess this was going to make. "Is everything alright in there?" Sharon was at the door! In that position, it was all too much for me. Whatever was left in my bladder and bowels found its way into my pants. It was all I could do to hold back the tears. "Yes, I guess so," Kathy sighed. "Just a little emergency we need to take care of." "Nothing serious, I hope." "Nothing a bath won't fix." "A bath?" Silence. "Oh. Well, never mind. Come down when you're ready. I'll start dinner." "Alright, stinker. Let's get you cleaned up." She started the bath running. That's when tears started. Thoroughly ashamed, I lay down and let Kathy untape the diapers. "Oh, God!" she choked. "Why did you do that in your pants? Why didn't you just take it off?" "You told me I couldn't!" "I know didn't, but I didn't mean you should …" She rubbed her temples and took a deep breath. "Okay. I guess this is partly my fault. I could have thought it through better and been clearer with you, but only partly. You're having some difficulties with your bladder, and I understand the reasons for that. It's okay. I just put you in a diaper to protect you and Sharon's furniture. But you are certainly old enough to know you shouldn't poop your pants, no matter what I said. I can't believe you did that." She sighed and dumped the poop in the toilet. "Just get in the shower. I'm getting a headache and can't talk about this now." I got in and let the stink and humiliation wash off of me. Clean and smelling better, I was feeling somewhat better when I got out. Then I noticed the diapers were gone. What had Kathy done with them? I didn't know what I would have done with them, but they had to go somewhere. What if Sharon saw them? My head was spinning and my heart was pounding when I got dressed and went downstairs. Sharon didn't say anything when I entered the kitchen, but her sympathetic smile was all I needed to know the cat was out of the bag. Avoiding eye contact, I mumbled hello and took a seat at the table. I spent the remainder of the evening trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Despite knowing a diaper was in my future, I was almost looking forward to going to bed. When Kathy suggested I take my meds and make an early night of it, I had no objections. "Meds? Are you sick, Dave?" "No," Kathy explained for me. "Dave's been really stressed out at work, and the doctor just gave him something to get over the hump." "Oh, is that why he's …" She stopped short. "Well, I just hope you start feeling better real soon." "Thanks. Goodnight." I went upstairs with Kathy close behind. She closed the door behind us, and I turned on her. "How could you tell her?" I said sharply, keeping my voice low. "How could I not? I had to get rid of that diaper, and she was right there. There was no avoiding it." "But she … How can I face … I can't …" My frustration mounted as I tried to speak. Grasping for words, my emotions got the best of me, and my eyes filled with tears. "I want to go home." I sank down on the bed and cried. With my face in my hands, I sobbed, "Why? Why? Why? I can't do this anymore. I can't take it. I just want to die." Kathy grabbed my head and forced me to look at her. "Don't you ever say that! I love you. I don't want to live without you. You are not to even think like that, do you understand me? If you ever say anything like that again, I swear, I'll spank you so hard …" She sat down and took me in her arms. She was crying too. "We'll get through this, together. Just don't ever think about leaving me like that. I love you so much." We sat like that for a long time, holding each other and letting it all out. I was drained and hardly noticed when Kathy began to undress me. Filled with love for her I started to caress her. "No, honey. I think we are both too tired for that tonight. Let's get your diaper on. It's been a rough day all around." Disappointed but with no strength to object, I let her dress me. She got me a glass of water to take my meds, and she tucked me into bed. She held me until I went to sleep. I don't remember her leaving, but I sort of noticed her getting back in. I rolled over and snuggled close to her. I was wet again the next morning but felt more rested. I was alone. There was a stack of clothes on the bed with a plastic bag and a note on top. "Get dressed and come down stairs. You can put your diaper in the bag and bring that with you." I put the wet diaper in the bag, had a quick wash and got dressed. I wasn't looking forward to carrying the object of my shame downstairs, but I and it couldn't stay there forever. Sharon and Kathy were having coffee in the kitchen. I tried to dispose of the package as discretely as possible, but I think I only managed to draw more attention to myself. "Honey, sit down. We need to talk about something." Here we go, I thought. This wasn't going to be good. Sharon brought me a cup of coffee. That helped some. "Sweetheart, I know you are really uncomfortable about all this, but I think we have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. We are all aware that you are going to have to wear diapers to bed for a while. There, I said it. Diapers, diapers, diapers. Pretending that you don't is making us all uncomfortable. Sharon understands, and so do I. It's not your fault; it's just the way things are right now. Your trying to hide from the fact is just creating more stress you don't need. So, as of now, we are going to stop walking on eggshells and simply accept your diapers as a fact of life. Among ourselves, we'll speak openly about them if needed, and we won't make a big deal about disposing of them. That will save us all a lot of worry and trouble." I just stared into my coffee cup. I did not want to look at anyone, especially Sharon. I was fine pretending. Having to acknowledge the problem to someone else was not something I wanted to do. "It's okay, Dave," Sharon said. "I know the pressure you are under, and I understand how you feel." "How could you?" "I see this all the time in my work. People come in all the time feeling overwhelmed by it all. They feel the whole world wants something of them they can't give. They feel powerless to change the situation or fight back. They react in all kinds of ways. All too many of them turn to drugs or alcohol, and that only makes things worse. All things considered, a little thing like bedwetting is not so bad." "That's easy for you to say. You're not the one who has to wear …" "Diapers. You can say it. You're not weak or lazy or whatever else you are telling yourself to bring you down. It's a stress reaction, nothing more. From what Kathy tells me about your boss, I'm proud of you for not turning to something self-destructive. You just need to find a way to deal with the stress, to let it go, to feel empowered. You feel helpless, and I'm sure you think the diapers prove it. On the contrary, by wearing them, you are taking control of the situation by the best means possible. By wearing them, you're getting rest; Kathy's getting rest; the bed is staying clean and dry. The way I figure it, you've taken a big first step in getting better." "Thanks, I guess." I didn't really feel any better. "Dave," Kathy said, "I think there's something else you should consider. There's no rush, especially as we are on vacation; so take as much time as you need. I think you should really think about quitting your job." "I can't just quit." "Not so fast, hear me out. Your boss is a bully. I'm sure he'll be found out eventually, but in the meantime, your life there is going to be miserable. I don't think you can really get better, if you stay there. You might learn to live with it, but at what cost? We've been doing alright. We don't actually need both our salaries. With a little bit of trimming, we can live on what I make. If it takes you a while to find something else, we'll make do. And I bet you could always get some work on a consulting basis. I'm not saying you have to quit, but it's an option, and you'll have my support. Just think it over." "I can't just let you support me," I protested. "You'd support me, if I had to quit, wouldn't you?" "That's different." "Why? Because you're a man? Look at the calendar. It's not the 1950s anymore. We're partners. We support each other, no matter what. If you never took another job and just stayed home and took care of the house, you'd still be supporting me. That's what we do. We have each other's back." "But I'd feel so …" "For a while, maybe," Sharon interjected, "but you'll get over that. I had a patient who went through much the same thing. He felt bad about it for a while, but once he got used to it, he loved being a househusband. He felt like he was making a real contribution. He was able to do things he never had time for. He makes a little money on the side from his hobbies. He's very happy. He says some of his friends tell him in private that they envy him." "I don't know …" "Just think about it. Take all the time you need," Kathy said. "A day, a week, a month, whatever you need, but think about it seriously. I think it would be good for you, but it's your decision. Whatever you decide, I'm behind you, but please, please, do consider it." "Alright," I said, as much to end the conversation as anything. "Good, it's settled." I didn't think it was settled at all but let it go. "Now, Sharon tells me there's an exhibition downtown that's right up your alley. Finish your coffee, and let's go." The exhibition was as good as advertised. I don't know about the girls, but I had a good time. Model trains aren't everybody's cup of tea. Kathy knew my fascination, even though I hadn't had a set since I was a kid. I think she was bored after the first ten minutes, but she let me have the run of the gawk over them. She and Sharon feigned interest when I explained all about the different scales and old rail lines. They smiled and nodded, and then let me run off to the next display while they hung about to talk. The rest of week was taken up with various activities. Some I enjoyed more than others, none as much as the trains. It was all a good distraction from my troubles and had me worn out by evening. Between the activity and the meds, I was getting some much needed rest. When I woke up dry on Friday morning, I thought I was turning a corner. Kathy praised me, which actually made me feel a little worse, but I took it in the spirit it was intended and didn't say anything. That night, it was decided, we would stay in for movies and margaritas. I took it easy, because I didn't know how the alcohol would react with my meds. Kathy made up for it, drinking the rest of my share as well as her own. She was pretty toasted by the end of the evening. She knocked over her glass and cut here finger picking up broken pieces. I thought we might have to take her to the emergency room, but we got the bleeding stopped pretty quickly. "Geez, that hurts," she slurred. "Um, Sharon? I'm not sure I can take care of Davey like this. Would you mind?" "What!" Sharon and I said in unison. "This really hurts, and I'm not sure I can work the tapes." "I can do it myself." "I don't know that you can, and neither do you. You've never done it before, and it has to be harder to put one on yourself than someone else. I don't want you leaking all over the place by putting it on wrong, and I'm sure Sharon doesn't either." I looked to Sharon for support, but she had an amused grin on her face. She was actually warming to the idea. "You're right, Kathy. A diaper isn't much good if it leaks all over. Sure, I'll help out. I'm sure Davey won't mind." "But …" "It's not like she hasn't seen one before," Kathy said, anticipating my protest. "And it's just this one time. I'll be better tomorrow. You two go on upstairs. I'll clean up down here." "Just put everything in the sink. You shouldn't get that finger wet. Come on, Davey. Auntie Sharon will get you ready for night-night." "That's right," Kathy laughed. "You be a good boy for Auntie Sharon." I didn't like being treated like a little boy, but I wrote it off to their inebriation. I took Sharon's outstretched hand and followed her upstairs. She went right to work getting a diaper laid out for me. I stood there unsure I could go through with it. "Take off your pants, silly. We can't do anything with those on. Here, let Auntie help." Before I could react, she was undoing my pants and pushing them down. "Why, Davey! I'm flattered, but what would your mommy say?" I was deeply embarrassed by my tumescent state, but her reaction to only made it worse. I started to apologize, but Sharon cut me off. "Don't worry about it. Little boys are always doing that when they get their diapers changed. Now, let's get those clothes off, so we can get you all wrapped up. We wouldn't want any accidents, would we?" Sharon was obviously more drunk than I thought. I hoped she, at least, wouldn't remember this in the morning. I told myself to just get through it, and finished undressing. I lay down on the open diaper and looked away, waiting for this to be over. "Oh, it looks like baby is getting a bit of a rash, I'd better get some powder for that." She started to leave but tuned right around folded the front of the diaper up over me. "Just in case. You never know with boys." She was gone for a few minutes, which was enough for me to subside a little. She had just walked in the door when we heard a thud on the stairs. "Whoopsies," we heard between giggles. "You alright out there?" Sharon asked. "Yeah, fine. Be right up." There was another, smaller thump followed by more giggles. "Right up." Sharon shook her head, smiling, and got back to work. She drew back the diaper and sprinkled the powder, quite a lot in my opinion. That brought me back to my previous state. She started to smooth it, and I whimpered. Kathy chose that moment to walk in the door. "Davey, you naughty boy! I should spank you for that." "Don't spank him. He just a little sweet on his Auntie Sharon, aren't you, baby? Besides, you know how boys are. Remember when we used to babysit my cousins?" "Yes," Kathy laughed. "Roger especially. Did he get that from his father? Your aunt is a lucky woman." "So she says." All this talk was not helping my situation, neither was the fact that Sharon was still rubbing in the powder. Kathy sat down next to me. "Is that true, baby? Do you have a little crush on Auntie Sharon? Do you like it when she rubs you down there? Oops! I guess you do!" "Oh, dear. I guess we'll have to start over. I'll go get a washcloth." Sharon wen to the bathroom, while I wished I could have died right there. "I wearing diapers has an upside after all," Kathy giggled. I just hoped she would feel the same way when she was sober. Sharon returned with a wet washcloth and with much greater efficiency had me cleaned up, powdered and diapered in no time. I got up to put on my pajamas and take my meds. Kathy was lying back and moaning a little. "What about you, girlfriend? Are you going to be alright, or does Auntie Sharon need to put a diaper on you too? You don't look so good." "No. I'm a big girl," Kathy slurred. "Okay, but if you're wet in the morning, you'll be the one getting the spanking." That image had me stirring again. I helped Sharon undress Kathy and get her into the bed. Sharon kissed my cheek and told me not to worry. We were all friends and more than a little drunk. I knew that wasn't true of me but recognized it was her way of saying the episode was nothing more than a little harmless fun. We said goodnight, and I climbed in next to Kathy. I don't know if my dreams were more disturbing or exciting. I do know I wasn't anxious for them to end. I had visions of Kathy squirming across Sharon's lap when I realized those sounds weren't in my head. I turned to see Kathy gone and a good size wet spot in her place. I stumbled across the hall to find my dream a reality. Kathy was sprawled face down across Sharon's lap, pleading with Sharon to stop. Her obviously wet panties lay at her feet. "I told you, you should have worn a diaper last night," Sharon said as she landed a slap to Kathy's already glowing behind. "Remember those parties in college. You should know better than to drink that much." I shook my head, not believing what I was seeing. Sharon took notice of my presence. "Good morning, Davey. You see what happens to little girls who don't listen to Auntie?" "Oh no! Dave! Go away. Please." "Quiet," Sharon said with another slap. "And don't think it can't happen to little boys either. Well, young lady, have you learned your lesson yet?" "Alright, go get cleaned up, and bring those sheets down to be washed." Kathy scrambled off Sharon's lap and fairly ran from the room, avoiding eye contact with me. I could hear her sniffling in the bathroom. "You clean up too," Sharon instructed. "I'll start breakfast." That brought my attention to the diaper hanging low on my hips. I wasn't making as much progress as I had thought. I passed Kathy in the bathroom door. She still wouldn't look at me. She must have worked fast, because by the time I was clean and fresh, the bed was stripped and she was nowhere in sight. I got dressed and found her in the kitchen helping with breakfast. She gave me a sheepish "good morning." I hugged her and gave her a kiss that was far more than perfunctory. That seemed to brighten her spirits. We all sat down to breakfast as if nothing had happened. I really wanted to know more about what I saw this morning but figured that wasn't the time to ask. It would keep and was probably none of my business anyway. We tidied up the dishes slowly, none of us wishing the visit to end. It was with no small amount of sadness that Kathy and I packed our things and said our goodbyes. We all promised to not wait so long till the next time, and for a change, I meant it. Despite the diapers and the embarrassment that went with them, I had a really good time. We drove in silence for quite some time. I was lost in my thoughts. There was a lot that happened that week and a lot to think about. Mostly though, I thought about what I had witnessed that morning. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. "Kathy? Remember what you said about elephants in the room?" "Yes," she sighed. "What happened this morning?" It took her a long time to answer. She tried to get me to drop it, but I kept bringing it back up. "You're not going to let this go are you? Alright, fine." You know Sharon was my sorority sister, right? Well, she was actually my big sister, a sophomore assigned to show a pledge the ropes and generally look after her. One of the things she did for me was to introduce me around. She was really popular and got invited to a lot of parties, and because she did, I did. It was at one of those parties that I got introduced to alcohol. I never drank in high school, and I avoided it the first couple of parties I went to. But it had been a rough week, and I gave in when somebody stuck a cup in my hand. At first, I didn't realize there was alcohol in it. It just seemed like a really sweet punch with a funny aftertaste. I was well into my second one before I knew I was getting buzzed. It felt good. I wanted more. I kept drinking. About the time, I felt like I might have had too much, Sharon found me. She told me it was time to go back to the house. I don't think I would have made it without her. I'm sure I threw up at least once on the way. I don't really remember getting back to the house and her dumping me on the bed. I do remember waking up the next morning. Sharon was shaking my leg, telling me to get up. I never knew sunlight could be so painful. It tasted like something died in my mouth, and somebody was beating my head with a hammer. I begged Sharon to let me die in peace. Instead, she pulled off my blankets. I was suddenly very cold. "Oh, geez. Get up. We need to get this stuff in the wash." "Huh?" "Get up. You peed the bed." "What?" "You peed the bed. Get up." "Oh my god. No!" I started bawling. "Oh, come on. It's not that big a deal. Half the girls here did the same thing the first time they got drunk." "You?" "Me? No." "Great," I said dejectedly. "Listen, get yourself cleaned up, take some aspirin, have some coffee and toast, and then we can talk about it. Okay?" "Okay." The shower made me feel a little better. I hadn't really learned to drink coffee yet, but the toast helped some. I found Sharon back in my room. She had stripped the bed for me and turned my fan toward the mattress. I had found the rubberized fabric of the mattress strange when I first moved in. Now, I understood why the sorority used them. It was somewhat comforting to know I wasn't the only one, but I still felt ashamed. Sharon hugged me and told me not to worry about it. I was the first, and I wouldn't be the last. It happens to everyone. "It didn't happen to you." "Okay, maybe not everyone, but I've had my share of nights worshipping the porcelain god." The image of Sharon with her head in the toilet did make me chuckle and a little less embarrassed. "I swear, I'm never going to drink again." "Don't make promises you can't keep. You just have to learn to pace yourself. You have to watch those fruity drinks. They go down really easy, and before you know it, you've already had too many. You don't have to stop drinking, if you don't want to. Just be careful." "Alright." I took my wet things down to the laundry room. I couldn't avoid passing some of the other girls. Most gave me sympathetic smiles, a kind of been there done that look. I was careful at the next few parties I went to. I did drink some, but I went slow and never let it get beyond a mild buzz. That ended after midterms. I felt so relieved to have made it over that hurdle, I let myself go. Sharon took me aside and told me I should ease up. I told her I was fine and bumped into a wall. She told me to remember what happened the last time. I waved her off. It was a good thing the party was at the sorority house, or I never would have made it home. As it was, Sharon found me the next morning on the floor of the bathroom. There was vomit in my hair and around the toilet bowl, and I was lying in a puddle of pee. Sharon got me on my feet and into the shower. She didn't bother with my clothes. That first burst of water was a real shock, and I thought my head would explode, and really hope that it would. As the water warmed, I started to feel human again. I got undressed and washed the assorted fluids of me. Sharon was waiting for with a towel. "Thank you," I said, drying off. "I feel awful. Never again." "You said that before. You should feel awful. You were really pounding them last night. You deserve that hangover. But listen, drinking like that isn't good for you; in fact, it's dangerous. Even if the alcohol doesn't kill you, you can do all kinds of crazy things to get hurt or let someone hurt you. And it sure isn't any fun for me, having to clean up after you." "I know. I'm sorry." "Yeah, yeah, save it. You're sorry, because you head hurts. But if you did anything to hurt the house while you were like that, it would be my ass on the line too. I'm responsible for you." "I didn't know. I'm sorry." "Well, just think about it. And think about what would happen if you got in real trouble. What if you got called in front of the dean?" I paled. "Oh my god. My mom would have my butt. I would be able to sit down for a month." "Your mom still spanks you." "Well, she did last year, when I came home an hour after curfew. She might." "Maybe that's what you deserve." Her face was passive. I couldn't tell if she meant it. "You're kidding right?" "Get drunk like that again, and we'll see." I was really good for the rest of the semester. I didn't let myself get more than a little tipsy. I did my work. My grades were good. I felt really good about myself. I had long forgotten that conversation in the shower. The end of term was my undoing. The night after finals, everyone was celebrating, including me. We had a grand old time. I again woke up with a horrible hangout and a wet bed. I was balling up the sheets when Sharon came to check on me. "You did it again, didn't you? I told you to slow down, didn't I? But do you listen? No. 'I'm fine, Sharon.' 'Go away, Sharon.' 'Mind your own business, Sharon.' And look at you now, wet sheets and pissy pants. Remember what I said after midterms?" "What? What are you talking about?" "I told you what would happen, if you go this drunk again." I tried to remember, but the pounding in my head made it hard. "I told you deserved spanking then, and you'd get one the next time. This is the next time." "You can't be serious." "Oh, I'm very serious." Sharon grabbed my wrist, sat down on the bed and hauled me across her lap. A softball player, she was really strong, far stronger than me. I didn't stand a chance. "Sharon, no!" I screamed, as she whisked my panties down. She didn't say a word as she lit up my ass. I screamed and squirmed and begged, but she didn't let up until I was limp and bawling. She stood me up and held me while I cried myself out. I told her I was sorry, and I really meant it. "It's okay. It's all over now. Just don't let it happen again, or you'll get more of the same." She tilted my head up and looked into my eyes. "I love you, Kathy. I want you to be safe." She kissed me, not a kiss, kiss, but more than a peck. Then she left me to take care of my laundry and pack for the holidays. It was a long, thoughtful, and uncomfortable bus ride home. "Wow," was all I could think of. After digesting it for a bit, I could help asking, "Did it ever happen again?" "The idea turns you on, doesn't it? Pervert," she chuckled. "If you must know, it did, but I'm not going into gory details." "What about that kiss? Was there more than that?" Kathy blushed and remained silent. I waited. "Okay, yes, we … experimented, nothing serious. I decided I preferred men … mostly." I filed that away. "What about Sharon?" "She's more of an omnivore," Kathy said smiling. "But that's all you're getting. Have you thought about what we talked about? Your job?" "Some. I haven't made any decisions." "Okay." The rest of the trip was idle chitchat and discussion of things we should do before the weekend was out. Although I had two more wet nights, I returned to work on Monday feeling better … for about ten minutes. That's how long it took for my boss to start in on me. He actually had the gall to berate me for taking the week off, time I had earned. That was the last straw. I spent my lunch hour writing up a formal complaint and delivering it to Human Resources. I told them, if they didn't do something about him, they could have my notice, and if they didn't want that, I'd take the sick and vacation pay I had coming, and they could have their job. The rest of the afternoon was a flurry of meetings and discussions about me and my boss. Some of them got pretty heated. A review of my work showed that I was doing my job and doing it well. In the end, though, I was low man on the totem pole, and it was decided we would all be better off, if I applied my skills elsewhere. I was given a letter of recommendation and promised my back pay would be mailed at the next payroll date. For someone who, for all practical purposes, just got canned, I felt great when I cleaned out my desk. Kathy got concerned when she came home and saw the box with my possessions by the door. "What happened?" "I got fired," I said brightly. "Well, 'mutual separation' is what they wrote down in the file." I gave her a blow by blow description of what happened that day with full color commentary. I may have embellished my part a little. "Dave, I'm so proud of you. You did the right thing. I just wish that son of a bitch got what was coming to him." "Not my problem anymore. His file is flagged. He'll get his someday. In the meantime and for the foreseeable future, you have yourself a little housemaid." "Don't give me ideas. You might look good in a French maid's uniform. I'm just glad you are out of there. Let's go. I'm taking you out to dinner." "Shouldn't we be watching our pennies? I am out of a job now." "We will, but tonight, we celebrate. This is a new beginning." And we did, a great meal, some nice wine, and it didn't end there. We practically ran up to the bedroom, clothes flying as we went. It was the most passionate we had been in quite a while. Afterward, Kathy got me diapered and curled up next to me. "So what are you going to do with yourself, now that you have all this time on your hands?" "I don't know. I have really had a chance to think about it." "You should, you know. Idle hands and all that." "I'm sure I'll think of something." "I hope so. Little boys left on their own can get into all sorts of mischief." She was rubbing the front of my diaper. "I'll be fine." "I hope so. We wouldn't want Mommy to have to spank, would we?" I chuckled. "Would we?" The question wasn't rhetorical. "No." "No, what?" "No … Mommy?" "That's right," she said, rubbing me harder. "You need to be a good boy for Mommy, or Mommy will spank." I moaned, getting my second wind. "Maybe I should get a babysitter to keep you out of trouble. Maybe Auntie Sharon would be available. She could make sure you're a good boy and change you when you are wet. I know you like that. But Auntie Sharon spanks hard; so you'd better be good." That was it. The diaper came off for round two. I was barely awake when Kathy re-diapered me and kissed me goodnight. The first week as a stay at home husband was great. I cooked, which I enjoyed but nave had time for. I did some minor repairs that I had been putting off for a while. I cleaned the house and did the grocery shopping. I didn't enjoy those so much, but they had to be done and weren't as bad as I imagined. Most of all, Kathy was really happy with me and lavished me with praise. The second week was not as good. It was harder to find things to do. Kathy noticed and brought my attention to some things that needed taking care of. By the third week, I was really starting to get bored. Kathy and I were doing some gardening that weekend, when Mrs. Travers, our neighbor across the street came over, a sweet older lady. I never talked to her much, but she and Kathy were friends. She took Kathy aside, but couldn't help overhearing their conversation. "I noticed David's been home a lot lately. Is everything alright." "Oh, yes. He's taking some time off, maybe thinking of a second career." "I was just concerned, the economy being the way it is and everything." "No need to worry. We're fine." "Well, if there is anything you need …" "Same here. I'm sure Dave would be happy to help you out, if you need anything." "Well, there are a few odd jobs I need done. I'd pay him, of course." "Nonsense. What are neighbors for? Dave, come here a minute. Mrs. "Oh, that's all right." "Dave, Travers needs your help. You'll do that, won't you?" "Sure." "What is it you need, Mavis?" "Well, I have a leaky faucet, and the gutters need tending." "No trouble at all Mrs. Travers," I said. "Is tomorrow okay?" "That would be fine, dear, if it's not too much trouble." "No trouble at all. Ten o'clock?" "That sounds fine. Thank you so much." "It's settled then," Kathy said sealing the deal. "He'll be over at ten sharp. You remember to be a good boy for Mrs. Travers, Dave." Mrs. Travers thanked us again but gave us awkward look as she went back to her house. "You didn't need to say that." "I was just having some fun. Can't you take a joke?" I kissed Kathy goodbye the next morning, and she reminded me to be a good boy and be at Mrs. Travers' house at ten. I was there right on time, toolbox and ladder in hand. I decided to start with the gutters, before the day got too hot. They were worse than I imagined, and it took till past noon to get them cleared out. Mrs. Travers insisted on feeding my lunch. The leaky faucet turned out to be a nightmare. It was an old fixture in the guest bath. I don't think anyone had worked on it since before I was born. There was a slow but steady drip that, judging by the calcium deposits on the fixture, had been going on for a long time. It was a chore just turning the shutoff valve and getting the handle off the valve, but when I tried to take out the stem to change the washer, the whole thing snapped. I informed Mrs. Travers and told her I would buy her new hardware. After a bit of an argument, I accepted that she would pay, I insisted on doing the installation. We went to the hardware store together, so she could pick out what she wanted. On the ride she told me all about her children and grandchildren, including the fact that the middle one was still wetting the bed. I set to work on updating the sink. I soon wished that I hadn't offered my assistance. Every nut was frozen. Nothing was easy to reach. The room was so tiny, I couldn't even lie down comfortably to work. As is so often the case with plumbing, I was swearing at it under my breath. Then the wrench slipped. I hit my hand hard against a pipe. I sat up to grab it and bashed my head on the sink. I was loudly cursing a blue streak when Mrs. Travers came to check on me. I was seeing stars and didn't resist when she helped me up. She led me to the kitchen and fixed an icepack for my head. She tended to my wounded hand, applying a Scooby-Doo Band-Aid. "Sorry, dear, that's all I have. I keep them for the grandkids." The room was still spinning when Kathy came over to check on me. I had no idea it had gotten so late. She gasped when she saw me. "It's just a bump on the head, dear, but I think you'd better take him home. He's had a rough day. I'll just call a plumber to finish." "No. I can do it myself." "David, be quiet. Mavis, I'm sorry he was so much trouble for you." "Oh, no trouble. I've tended to more than one skinned knee and bruised ego. But such language!" "David, apologize to Mrs. Travers, right now." "Sorry." "I'm sorry, Mavis. It won't happen again. But please, don't waste your money on a plumber. David will come back tomorrow and finish the job." She turned to me. "And he will watch his language, won't you?" "Yes, ma'am." I meant that for Mrs. Travers, but I don't think either of them took it that way. "Good. I'm sorry. He is usually much better behaved. Please let him come back." "Alright," she said reluctantly. "If it means that much to him. But it's no trouble to get a plumber." "I won't hear of it. David will be back first thing in the morning to finish what he started, and he'll be on his best behavior. If he's not, please tell me. Now, I'd better get him home and put him to bed." I handed back the icepack and stood to leave. "I'm sorry Mrs. Travers, and thank you for lunch." "It's alright, dear. Get some rest, and you'll feel better in the morning." Kathy took care of the goodbyes, and Mrs. Travers walked us to the door. I hoped when wasn't watching as Kathy gave me an earful crossing the street and landed a couple of hard swats on the seat of my pants. She took me straight upstairs. She got a diaper out and set it on the bed. She got her hairbrush and put it on top. She started undressing me and gave me a real dressing down. "I'm ashamed of you, talking that way in front of a sweet old lady. What were you thinking?" "I'm sorry. I hit my head and it really hurt." "That's no excuse. You should know better. I have a good mind to wash your mouth out with soap." "You can't do that!" "Try me. If I ever hear something like that again, that's just what I'll do. As for right now, you're getting a good spanking to help you remember." "What? You can't." "You know very well I can. And unless you want me to use your belt on you, you'll get across my lap right now." I remembered the bite of the belt and chose to follow her instructions. She didn't start easy, and she accompanied her task with nonstop scolding. But that was nothing compared to when she start in with the brush. I wouldn't have been surprised if Mrs. Travers hurt my cries from across the street. When I was bawling, Kathy told me to get up and marched me to the corner. "You stay there and think about what you did." I kept my face wedged in the corner, not wanting to incur any more of her wrath. I could hear her milling about the room, muttering. Then there was silence. "David, why is your underwear wet?" "What!" "You heard me. Why is your underwear wet?" "What? I didn't." She turned me around and held them where I could see. They were clearly damp. "Did you or did you not wet your pants?" "I don't know." "Of course, you know! Look at these!" "I guess, maybe a little. I don't remember. Maybe when I hit my head?" "That's no excuse. You can't go around wetting your pants during the day. It's bad enough you do that at night." "You said you didn't mind." "You know what I mean. But daytime accidents are a different story. Do you need to be in diapers all the time? Do need to hire a babysitter? Maybe Mrs. Travers would like the job." "I'm sorry," I cried. "It won't happen again." "It had better not, or I'll have to rethink leaving you home alone. Lie down. You're going to bed right now." "I have to go to the bathroom." "Then go. At least, you remember some of your potty training." I lay in bed thinking about what Kathy said. She wouldn't make me wear diapers in the daytime. It was just that I hit my head. But she did it before. That didn't work out well. Seriously, she couldn't really get a babysitter. I didn't know what to think. Between conking myself and what followed, I was exhausted and didn't last long. I had strange and fitful dreams. I was soaked the next morning. Kathy was laying out clothes when I came back from the shower. "Put these on." She handed me something I didn't recognize. "What are these?" "Training pants." I turned the puffy object over in my hands. "I'm not wearing those." "Yes, you are, unless you'd prefer to wear a diaper. Of course, you'll have to bring a spare, incase Mrs. Travers needs to change you." "You wouldn't." "Would you like to discuss it with Mr. Hairbrush?" "No." "Then get dressed. You have work to do." The disposable underwear wasn't as thick or noisy as a diaper, but I still felt very conspicuous. I was feeling very contrite when Kathy rang Mrs. Travers' doorbell. "Good morning, Mavis. I brought David over to finish his work. He's going to be on his best behavior today and not give you any more trouble. If he does, I'd appreciate it if you told me. And if he needs it, you have my permission to spank him." "I'm sure that won't be necessary, dear," she said with a nervous laugh, no doubt hoping that was a joke. I knew it was and blushed hotly. "Be a good boy, David. I'll see you tonight. And no swearing." It took me all day and another trip to the hardware store for new shutoff valves, but I finally got the sink done. I even managed to keep from swearing out loud. I did end up quietly crying at one point from holding it in. When it was all done, I was quite proud of myself, and Mrs. Travers was pleased. I was finishing the snack she made me, when Kathy came to take me home. "How was he today, Mavis?" "Good as gold, dear. Good as gold. I don't know what you said to him, but it did the trick. And such a good job he did. The new faucets are just beautiful." "I'm so glad to hear that. David, say thank you to Mrs. Travers." "Thank you," I mumbled, my mouth filled with cookie. "David, don't talk with your mouth full." "It's alright, dear. He deserves his reward. If I could borrow him again, I might have some other jobs for him to do?" "Anytime, Mavis. Anytime. I'm happy to have him here where somebody can keep an eye on him. But now I think it's time I get him home and fed, unless he's spoiled his appetite with your cookies." "I only had two," I complained. I saw Mrs. Travers hold up three fingers. "Well, we'll see if we can get some real food in him anyway. David, finish your milk; it's time to go." I downed the half full glass and wiped my mouth with my sleeve. I thanked Mrs. Travers for the cookies, and we headed home. Kathy told me she was proud of me for being a good boy. That made me feel good. But, she warned me, she expected no more bad behavior reports. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. Then she stuck her hands down the front of my pants. "Just checking. Seems a little damp down there. Drop 'em." "I didn't. I swear." "You'd better now swear. Now, let's see those training pants." She unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to my feet. She pulled the disposable underwear—I preferred the euphemism—inside out and down where she could get a good look. "Hmm. Definitely a little damp, but maybe it's just sweat. You could do a better job wiping though." She pulled them back up and went to make dinner. I was left standing with my pants at my ankles, wondering what just happened. The evening was business as usual. At bedtime, she said her little boy deserved a reward for being so good all day. I got it too, and how. Kathy had another pair of training pants out the next day. "Why do I have to wear these? I stayed dry yesterday." "I think you know why." "No, why?" "Because Mommy says so." She wrapped her arms around me and gave my bottom a squeeze. "And little boys who do what Mommy says get rewarded." She gave me a smack. "And you know what happens to little boys who don't." I quickly put on the paper pants. "Good boy. Get dressed. Mommy has to go to work." I tidied up around the house and puttered in the garden a little. I couldn't help but think about the night before and what Kathy implied that morning. I went to the store and bought a roast, hoping a nice dinner would earn me another of her rewards. With dinner in the oven, I was at a loss for what to do. I sat down to watch some TV and was soon asleep, dreaming of "Mommy." "Oh, David!" I sat straight up. "Get up, quick." I stood up, and that's when I felt it. The training pants were leaking. "Go change. I'll take care of this." I could hear the disappointment and frustration in her voice. I came back to find her laying towel over the cushion. I told her I was sorry. "It wasn't too bad. I think I got it in time. Let's just eat. It smells wonderful." It was good, if I do say so myself. Kathy's praise for it was effusive. Then she turned serious. "David, what we going to do? I know you can't help your bedwetting, and that's alright. It really is, and we're dealing with it. But what are going to do about this wetting in the daytime? It's obvious the training pants aren't up to the job." "I'm sorry. I wasn't even planning on going to sleep." "That's my point. If you're going to drop off like that, you could end up ruining the furniture." "I'll just stay awake. That's all." "You didn't today." "But now I know I have to." "David, I don't want to deprive you of your sleep. If you need a nap, you should be able to take one." "I could put a diaper on myself," I suggested. "Yes, I do think we need to teach you to do that. But that's only going to help if you know you are going to sleep. What about days like today, when you just drop off?" "I don't know." "I think there's only solution that's really practical." I didn't like the sound of that. "You're just going to have to have a nap every day. That way, you won't just be nodding off unprotected." "But I don't need a nap every day." "I'm sorry, but I don't see any way around it. Unless you prefer I get a sitter who can make sure you stay awake of gets you diapered?" "No, I don't want that." "Then you'll just have to start taking naps. Do the dishes, and we'll see if we can teach you how to put on a diaper by yourself. And use the potty. We don't need any accidents in the middle of the lesson." That was it; the discussion was closed. I met her upstairs when the dishes were done. She had several diapers stacked up on the bed. "Why so many?" "It might take you a few tries to get it on right, and the tapes on these don't take repositioning well. If you mess up, we'll have to start from scratch. Here, let me help you get undressed." She kissed me while she unbuttoned my shirt. I thought we'd get to the instructions part later, and it showed. No such luck. "Okay. The first thing is to unfold the diaper and lay it out like this." "I could have guessed that." "Don't get smart; just listen. Now you lie down on top. You know how to do that already. Well, go on; I can't very well teach you this while you're standing up. Good. Now, lift your bottom and take the bottom two tapes. That's it. Now, move the diaper so the tapes are at the bend in your hips. No, a little higher. Let me feel. That's it. Good boy. Put your bottom down. Now, pull the front up and put the tapes on, snug as you can without stretching anything. Don't let the diaper move, or you'll have to start again. No, no, don't pull the front over so far; keep it centered. That's it. Good job. Now, tuck in all of the side flaps. That's right; we don't want those sticking out. Now, we do the top tapes, nice and snug. Very good! Stand up and let me check you. My goodness, you did so good, and on your first try! We'll just tuck these parts under to make sure nothing gets out. There, all ready for bed." I don't what the all the fuss was about. It's not like it was brain surgery. Still, she managed to make me feel proud of myself. I reached to undo the tapes. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I'm taking it off." "Why? It's on there so nice." "It's early, and I'm not sleepy." "Well, there's no sense in wasting it. If you take it off, we'll just have to throw it away. Just leave it on. Mommy will make it worthwhile," she teased. "Really?" I said hopefully. "Uh huh," she said, unbuttoning her blouse. "Okay." She knew what I liked. She didn't often let me spend much time with her titties, but that night, she let me suck and play with them to my heart's content. Meanwhile, she pleasured herself. "Oh, baby!" she cried out after her third orgasm. "You make Mommy feel so good." She brought my face to hers and kissed me deeply. I was looking forward to the main event. "We'll have to let you nurse more often. That was fantastic. Are you ready to go night-night or do you want to watch some television." "Aren't we going to … you know?" "Baby, what did I say about wasting diapers? That's not coming off until morning, unless you need a change before. So what's if going to be, bed or TV?" I would have wet myself if I could have, but the state she had me in prevented it. "TV, I guess," I said with a pout. "Aw, don't be that way. If you're a good boy, maybe Mommy will let you nurse some more before bed." That cheered me a little. We put on our nightclothes and went downstairs. Even though Kathy picked out a movie that would appeal more to me than to her, I was still a bit sullen. Kathy noticed. "What's the matter, sweetie? Do you still want Mommy's titty? Come here, baby." She had me lie down with my shoulders in her lap. She supported my head with her arm, braced by the arm of the sofa. She pushed her nightgown out of the way. "Be gentle. Mommy's still tender from before." It wasn't what I really wanted, but it was still nice. I had seen the movie several times before. I could see it in my head just from the dialogue. Kathy was idly rubbing my chest and belly. It was very relaxing. I felt a twinge in my bladder and figure, what the heck; it wasn't like she was going to let me go to the bathroom anyway. It took some effort, but I did manage to overcome my resistance and let the liquid flow. Kathy must have notice a change in me. She stuck her had inside my pajama pants and squeezed my diaper. "Good boy," she murmured, and she continued to rub down there. I was actually getting turned on. I was starting to squirm, trying to get a little more pressure on the front to the diaper. My suckling became more passionate, and I reached up to play with the other breast. I felt a slap on my padded behind. "Mommy said 'gentle.' If you can't be nice, I'm going to put you to bed." That brought about a definite pout from me. "Don't be like that; you were told. Let's get you turned around and you can have the other side for a while, but be nice." "Okay," I sighed." "What was that?" Yes … Mommy." "That's better. You just nurse nicely while we finish the movie. Then Mommy will get you tucked in." I was more on my side this time, and Kathy rubbed my back and bottom. I think I must have drifted off, because Kathy was telling me it was time for bed. I got my bearings and sat up. I didn't think I had been that wet when we switched breasts. Kathy took my hand and led me upstairs. She took off my pajama pants and said she was right; I would need a change before bed. She laid me down and untaped the used but not soggy garment. I asked to use the bathroom. "Really? I wouldn't think you had any more in you right now." "For … the other." "Oh, yes, of course. Go make poopies, and then we'll get you set for night-night." She patted my naked bottom as I went. She didn't really have to put it that way, I thought. I wasn't gone long, but she had a new diaper laid out, as well as some powder. "What's that for?" I asked, pointing at the powder. "It will make you more comfortable, and it will make you smell nice." "It'll make me smell like a baby." "Exactly, is there anything that smells better than a freshly changed baby? Beside, at the moment, you are acting like one. You may as well smell the part." "You know I can't help it. It's the stress. And those pill make me so sleepy, I don't know …" "That's not what I meant. You've been cranky and moody all night. Lie down, so Mommy can get your dipee on." I lay down, but not without telling her I didn't appreciate the baby talk. "You liked it well enough when we were playing here a while ago." She took a wet wipe and ran it up my butt crack. "And if this is the kind of job you do wiping yourself, maybe you one. Does Mommy have to help you when you make a stinky in the potty?" "Kathy!" I complained. "Okay, okay, I'm kidding … for now, but make sure you do a better job in the future. If I'm going to have to clean your poopy bottom anyway, I may as well keep you in diapers full time." I gasped. "Relax. I didn't say I was going to do it. I just haven't ruled out the possibility," she said with a grin that was either playful or threatening. I couldn't tell which. She powdered nicely, but I was disappointed that she stopped when I started to stir. She finished the rest of the process efficiently and soon had me tucked in. She got in beside me and had me face her. "Unless we run into some problems, here are the rules from now on. I want you to lie down every afternoon around one o'clock. A little bit earlier, a little bit later, doesn't matter, as long as it's not past two. Whatever you might be planning that would take longer than that can wait until after you rest. I want you in a diaper when you lie down. You showed me you can do it yourself, and I feel better knowing you are protected. If you wet while you are napping, go ahead and put your pull-ups back on. If you don't, I want you to keep the diaper on until you use it; that way it's not wasted, and I know you aren't cheating. If you don't sleep at naptime, I want you in a diaper until I get home. I can't have you falling asleep without one on. If you have to change once or twice before I get back, that's okay, but no wasting. If I find you aren't taking your naps or you are running around without a diaper when you should have one on, Mommy will spank, understand?" I nodded, wide eyed. For some reason, I was getting aroused. "Say, 'yes, Mommy.'" "Yes, Mommy." "Good boy. And remember, good boys who do what Mommy says get rewards." She kissed me. "Night-night, baby." "Night-night, Mommy," I yawned. I started to plan out my day for tomorrow, but I was off to dreamland. I had finished mowing the lawn, and working on pulling some weeds, when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I wasn't pulling weeds anymore. I was pushing trucks around a sandbox. "Mommy!" I yelled. "There's my little man," Kathy beamed. But her face turned cold. "Davey, just look at you." I looked down. My hands were filthy, and there was sad stuck to the wet front of my little shorts. I looked up surprised. "David, did you take your nap today?" "I wasn't sleepy." "Where's your diaper?" "I forgot," I said sheepishly. "You forgot? What was the last thing I said to you before I left?" "Um …" "I said I wanted you to go down for a nap at one o'clock and to make sure you put your diaper on." "I didn't know it was so late." "Is that so? Did you not know you need to go potty either? "I …" "Davey, I'm very disappointed in you. Get in the house this instant." I ran in the house and was almost through the kitchen. "Stop right there, mister. Take off those filthy clothes. You're not going track sand all through the house." I didn't want to. Getting undressed in the kitchen meant I would have to walk right past the picture window to get upstairs. "But …" "No buts," she said, striding over and pulling my shirt right over my head. She made quick work of my sandals and shorts and left me standing in a drooping pull-up. She shook her head and started pulling it down. She gasped when she saw a small, firm poop inside. She got it off me and balled it up "David, you naughty, naughty boy. Get up stairs right now. You need a bath." She turned me around and planted a stinging slap on my damp bottom. I ran up the stairs, no longer caring if I was seen. Kathy was not far behind. "Sit on the potty and try to go poopy." She started the bath and added some sweet-smelling bubbles. "Honestly, I thought you were a big boy. I thought I could trust you. Did you go?" I shook my head. I was getting teary, because she was mad at me. "Get in the tub. This discussion isn't over, but you're just too filthy to deal with at the moment." I jumped in the tub, hoping compliance would earn me a few points. She scrubbed me from head to toe. "I have no idea how one little boy can get so dirty? How did you get sand in there?" I didn't know either, and I felt bad I was making work for her. She was hardly gentle, and I was glad when she finished. She dried me just as roughly, then ordered me into the bedroom. "What have you got to say for yourself?" she demanded. "I'm sorry." "I'm sorry is not an excuse. Did you deliberately disobey me, or are you too much of a baby to leave on your own. I think I'm going to have to have Mrs. Travers come over and watch you during the day." "I don't need a babysitter," I whined. "I'm a big boy." "Then you are a naughty, disobedient boy, and I know just how to deal with that," she said, snatching up her hairbrush and hauling down across her lap. "I told you what would happen, if you didn't listen to Mommy. You have no one to blame but yourself." "Mommy, no!" My bottom was quickly ablaze. I was screaming out apologies and promising to be good. I was bawling my eyes out and shaking. No, I wasn't shaking. I was being shaken. "David, David, Wake up." I shouted something incoherent. I looked around. It was dark. I saw Kathy. I threw my arms around her. "I'm sorry, Mommy. I'm sorry! I won't wet my pants again. I'll take my nap. I'll wear my diapers. Don't spank me. I'm sorry!" I sobbed and sobbed. Mommy … Kathy held and shushed me. "There, there, baby, it's all over now. It was just a bad dream. Mommy loves you. You're Mommy's good boy; yes, you are. Let's get you changed, so we can go back to sleep." I was soaked, but Kathy took care of it like it was nothing. She made such short work of it, I didn't even become fully conscious. I just followed her instructions, lifting up when she asked, and I was soon dry and nuzzling her. "No, baby. Mommy's sore. Try to go back to sleep. Mommy will see about buying you a baba and a binky tomorrow." That thought didn't register enough to consciously think about it, but it did sink in enough that I dreamt of nursing from a giant bottle. My thumb was wrinkled when I woke up. The night must have been harder on me than I realized. I had no trouble putting on a diaper and taking a nap the next day or the day after. Kathy made me show her the used diapers when she saw I was wearing pull-ups. She praised me for being a good boy. The day after that, try as I might, I just couldn't fall asleep. I went ahead and wet the diaper, so I could show Kathy I hadn't wasted it, but then I put on a pull-up and went about the rest of my afternoon. We sat down to watch TV after dinner. I was nodding off before the first commercial. "David?" "Hmm?" I asked groggily. "David, did you have a nap today?" "Mm-mm," I acknowledged. "Is that a no?" I nodded. "Then where's your diaper?" "Used it." "I know that, but why don't you have one on now?" "Don' need one." "That's not the rule, and you know it. Get up. You're going to bed right now." "Wanna stay up with you." "Nothing doing. You get upstairs right now, unless you want to go to bed with a sore bottom." That woke me up. "But it's early," I whined. "David, I'm warning you or the last time." "Okay, I'm going," I huffed and all but stomped out of the room. "And use the potty. I'll be up in a minute to put your diaper on." I did as I was told; I did have to go. Kathy came in and laid out a diaper while I was getting undressed. Before I knew it, she had me squared away and tucked in. Seemingly out of nowhere, she stuck bottle in my mouth. "Leave that there. I bought it as a joke, but maybe it's appropriate after all. You know the rules, David. It was very naughty of you to break them. I feel like you lied to me. I'm very disappointed in you." That stirred up memories of my nightmare. "We will talk about this in the morning. In the meantime, dink your baba and go to sleep. I expect it to be empty when I come to bed. I'm very upset with you right now." I was upset too, as much with myself as being made to drink from a baby's bottle. Still, I was tired and didn't last long. I woke up briefly to find the bottle being replaced in my mouth and held there. The next this I remember was Kathy's waking me to get changed and "have a talk." I came back from the bathroom to time a diaper waiting on the bed. Kathy was sitting next to it, hairbrush in hand. I immediately protested. "I get it. I'm sorry. If I don't take a nap, I'll wear a diaper till you say so. You don't have to do this." "You'll get it alright. And I do have to do this, because it seems the only time you listen to me is when you're face down over my lap. Get over here now." I reluctantly went and climbed into position. She did waste any time in starting to warm my seat "You deliberately disobeyed my, and then you pretended like you took a nap. You thought you were real smart, didn't you? Thought you could fool me into thinking you took a nap, didn't you? What do you think would have happened if you fell asleep before I got home? I'll tell you what would have happened; you would have wet your pants and made a royal mess, that's what. You are a naughty, naughty, little boy. Lying to Mommy, Mommy is so angry with you. Are you going to make me have to hire a sitter for you? Is that what I have to do, because Mommy's little boy can't be trusted?" "No! Please, don't! I'll be good. I promise!" She stopped spanking. "Alright, fine, I'll give you one more chance. Get up, and let's get your diaper on. You are in diapers all day, and I do mean all day. I'm going to call you from time to time, and you had better be wearing your diaper, because you are going to send me a picture to prove it, and if you aren't wearing one, or it takes longer than I think it should for you to send it, you won't sit down for a week, and I will find you that sitter. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes." "Excuse me?" "Yes, Mommy. Yes." "Good. Now, get your nose in that corner." She left for a few minutes. "I set up your computer with the webcam on, and I set an alarm. Don't you dare move until the alarm goes off. I may not be able to watch you all the time, but you won't know when I do. So you'd better be on your best behavior and do exactly as Mommy says, understood?" "Yes, Mommy," I said dejectedly. "I do love you, baby, but you have to be a good boy and do what Mommy says, okay?" "Okay." "That's my good boy." She kissed and hugged me. "Okay, nose back in the corner, and don't move till the alarm goes off. Remember, Mommy's watching." She turned me around and patted my behind. I was left with my thoughts. I hoped not for too long. That hope didn't last. With no frame of reference but my own world, which was defined by the two walls I got to stare at, the seconds ticked slowly. I got to dwell on why I was standing there. Because Mommy, I mean Kathy, was mean. No she wasn't; I did this to myself. Why couldn't I have handled things better? I could have stood up to my boss. I could have gone to HR sooner. I could have quit. Why didn't I? Because I was afraid. What good would that have done? I'd have just been out of a job sooner. Why did I have to start that again? And why wasn't it stopping. I got rid of the stress. I quit. But I still couldn't keep dry. It's no wonder Kathy treated me like a baby. Why did she do that? Why won't she, when I was in diapers every night. Some Man. But it was kind of nice. It felt good to be snuggled. It felt really good to be suckled. She was actually being really nice … when she wasn't spanking me. Why did she have to do that? And why didn't I stop her? What was I supposed to do, hit her back? I couldn't do that. And it's not like I didn't bring them on myself. I didn't listen. Why should I have to listen? I'm a grown man. But I was acting like a little boy. A little boy who can't keep his pants dry. And so it went on until the alarm chimed. Less than a minute later, Kathy called. "You stayed in the corner the whole time. Good boy. I knew you could listen when you wanted to. The webcam is still on. Show me your diaper." I positioned myself and the camera so she could look. "Still dry. Good. I have to get back to work now. I'll call and check on you a little later. Be a good boy for Mommy, and get your chores done. I'll talk to you before naptime. I love you, sweetie. Bye-bye." She hung up before could get a word in. There was nothing for it but to get on with my day. I wasn't very hungry, but coffee was welcome. I puttered around, taking care of what I had to, making the bed, doing the laundry and dishes. I wet myself a little; there didn't seem any point in holding it. Kathy called around eleven. "Hi, baby. How's your day going? Are you being a good boy?" "Yes, Mommy. I'm almost done with my chores." "That's my good baby. Speaking of which. Send me a picture of your diaper." I snapped a pic and sent it to her. "Just a little wet. You'll be fine till nap time. Mommy needs to get back to work. I want you to find some more things to do around the house. You're still on punishment; so no TV or computer till Mommy says so. But make sure the webcam is facing the bed. I may want to check in on you during your nap. Be a good boy. I love you, baby. I'll talk to you later." Now facing a day of boredom, I looked for things to do. I vacuumed the carpets and washed the floors. That kept me busy until lunchtime. I had a sandwich and a soda. By that time, I was looking forward to a change. When the phone rang, I thought it was Kathy. "Hi, Mom …" "David, it's Mrs. Travers across the street. Could you come help me, please?" "I'd be happy to Mrs. Travers, but right now isn't a very good time. May later this afternoon?" It was getting close to one o'clock, and Kathy was going to want me in bed. "I'm sorry, David. It really can't wait. The toilet it backing up, and I can't stop it. Please help." She sounded desperate. I was torn over what to do. "David, are you there?" "Yes," I said stupidly, coming out of my head. "Yes, Mrs. Travers. Let me just grab some tools, and I'll be right over." "Thank you, David. You're a lifesaver." The first order of business was to call Kathy. I needed to tell her what was going on. Her cell went straight to voicemail. I didn't want to just leave a message; so I called her office. "Ms. Henderson's office. May I help you?" "Ho, Mandy. It's David." "Oh, hi, David. I hear you're taking some time off. That must be so great. I wish I could do that." "Mandy," I broke in. "I need to speak to Kathy. Could you put me through please?" "I'm sorry I can't. She's in a meeting, and she said no interruptions, unless it's life and death. It's not, is it?" "No … um … just have her call me, will you?" "Sure thing. Is everything alright?" "Um … fine. You have her call. Thanks." I put on my baggiest sweats and hoped they'd hide what was under them. I threw my snake, a plunger, some wrenches, and a couple of kinds of pliers in a duffle and headed across the street. Mrs. Travers. "David, hurry, hurry. It's getting worse!" I followed the sound of running water until I saw it. How did she let it get this far? The bathroom was flooded, and it was flowing out into the hallway. I stuck my phone in a pocket of the duffel and set the bag down in a spot near the door that was still dry. "Get me all the towels you can. Clean, dirty, doesn't matter. Quick!" She brought me a couple of kitchen towels. "No, bath towels. The bigger the better. And as many as you can carry." This time, she understood. I tossed the m around the room, and they were saturated as soon as they hit the floor. "Have you got more?" She nodded. "Get them. All of them." I squatted beside the toilet and tried to turn the shutoff valve. Nothing. I grabbed a pair of channel locks from my bag and tried to muscle the knob again. Before the valve finally budged, I was afraid the strain would make me poop my pants. I did pee them a little. Thank heaven that didn't happen. I was making some headway, when my phone rang. I had to get the water off; so I ignored it. Was it really necessary to put so many threads on these stupid valves? The phone rang again. Again, I ignored it. I could hear the flow slowing. I was getting close. Like the sink, this valve was long unused and heavily corroded. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to turn that last little bit without breaking it off. The phone was ringing again. "Mrs. Travers! Could you answer my phone for me? I kind of have my hands full." I could see her looking at it like it was a snake in her hand. "Just slide your finger up the screen. That's it. And hit the button that says 'Answer.'" "David, where the hell are you," I could hear Kathy's voice all the way across the room. "You're not in your bed, and I've been calling and calling. What is going …" "Kathy, dear." Mrs. Travers found her voice and near shouted. "It's Mavis. David can't talk right now…. No, he's fine. It's my toilet. It was flooding the house. David was godsend, coming over to fix it…. Is he what? Well, yes, he is. There was quite a lot of water on the floor…. Oh…. Oh my …" I didn't hear any more. Mrs. Travers had wandered down the hall. I still needed to get the water shut down. The valve finally did close, and I shouted for Mrs. Travers to let her know. Nothing. I threw the soggy towels into the bathtub and used the last couple of dry ones to make a relatively dry spot to work. I took the lid off the tank to see why it was running like that. The arm on the old ball float had corroded right off. Always when there's a clog, I thought to myself. I got my snake to start working on the clog. It didn't go very far. It hit an obstruction almost immediately. Whatever it was, it was hard. I pulled the snake out, and a fair amount of toilet paper came with it. I went back it and hit the object again. I tried to dislodge it with the snake, but it wouldn't move forward, and I couldn't get the spring to snag it. There was nothing for it but to do it manually. I pushed up my sleeve, knelt down, and plunged my hand into the cold water. I tried really hard not to think about where my hand was or what it might find. I pulled out more toilet paper and gagged a little. In again, I felt the object. There was more paper around it, but I able to get my fingers around it. It was wedge in pretty tight, but it broke free, and the water in the bowl quickly went down. I swished off the paper and found a toy car. "I found the problem," I shouted. No reply. Where did she go? "Mrs. Travers?" I yelled. "I'm going to have to go to the hardware store. You need a new float valve." "You got it fixed. Thank heaven." I must have jumped a foot. I wasn't expecting her to be right there. "Almost," I said, trying to get my heart back where it belonged. "I'm going to need some parts." "Dear, oh dear, look at you. You're soaked to the skin. Come with me. I have some dry things you can change into." "That's okay. I can just run home." "Nonsense. You'll catch your death. Come." She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom. I stopped short, when I got to the door. There on the bed were some my clothes, and sitting right on top was a diaper. I almost didn't hear Mrs. Travers speaking. "Kathy told me about your little problem, dear. I'm so sorry. And I'm sorry about taking you away from your nap. How about we get you in to something dry? Then you can have a snack and a little lie down before you go to the store." Before I knew it, Mrs. Travers pulled my sweats to my feet. "Mrs. Travers!" I shouted. "My, you are soaked to the skin, aren't you? Don't worry. We'll have you fixed up in a jiffy." She was guiding me toward the bed and pushing me down. "What's that you have in your hand? Oh, Matthew, that boy! You can keep that, if you want, Davey. Matthew won't be getting it back. But let's give it a wash first. We know where it's been." She gingerly took the car and set it aside. Then she reached for the tapes on my diaper. "Mrs. Travers, no! I mean, I can do this myself." "No need to fret, dear. Mr. Travers had the same problem toward the end. I'm an old hand at this." "But …" "It's the least I can do, dear. And I told Kathy I'd take good care of you this afternoon. Just lie still, and we'll have you nice and dry in no time." I tried to squirm and push her hands away. She slapped mine. "We'll have none of that nonsense. Kathy gave me permission to spank you the last time you were here. Don't make me have to do it." I looked at her wide-eyed. She gave me a look that said not to tempt her. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend I was someplace, anyplace else. That didn't work very well, since I had to lift while she got everything adjusted. She did make short work of it after that, and she was pulling my shoes, socks and sweats off my feet. I sat there dumbfounded, as she changed my shirt, put socks on my and had me step into my pants. "There," she said, satisfied, "all dry. Come on down to the kitchen. You can have some cookies and a nice glass of milk." She thanked me profusely while I ate. She made very good cookies. I reached for another. "Uh-uh," he said, as she took away the plates. "What would Kathy say, if I spoiled your appetite? Finish your milk, and we'll put you down for a nice little nap." "But I need to go to the hardware …" She cut me off, wiping my face with a damp cloth. "Plenty of time for that after your nap. I promised Kathy, and there won't be any more discussion about it. Come along." She took my hand and led me to a different bedroom, one she obviously kept for the grandkids. There was a wide assortment of toys and cartoon bedding. Whether very young, a bit old, girl or boy, whoever stayed in this room would feel comfortable and loved. Mrs. Travers pulled back the covers on the twin bed and told me to get in. I reluctantly did as she asked and immediately noticed the crackle of a waterproof cover. She tucked me in and, out of habit, pulled up a side rail. She tittered realizing what she had done. "Oh, well, better safe than sorry." She kissed my forehead. "You have a nice sleep, and when you get up, maybe Nana Mavis will let you have that cookie. Sleep tight, Davey." With that she was gone. What had I gotten myself into? I wanted to talk to Kathy, but I didn't know where my phone was, and she probably arranged this anyway. How was I going to look Mrs. Travers in the face after today? And what might she tell the other neighbors? I needed to get out of this predicament. I needed to get over this stupid wetting problem and find a new job. At least I'd be away from home more. I yawned. The morning was catching up with me. A little nap wouldn't hurt, and I was kind of stuck for now anyway. "Wakey, wakey," Mrs. Travers sang cheerily. "Time to get up." "Huh?" I tried to get my bearings. Why was I in a child's room? Oh yeah. "Did you have a nice nap?" she asked, letting down the rail. She shocked me by sticking her fingers in the waistband of my diaper. "Not too wet. You should be fine till your Mommy gets home." "I need to get to the store." I needed to get out of there. "That will have to wait. I talked to Kathy, and she should be here soon. You can finish up tomorrow. How about that cookie? It will be our little secret." It turned out not to be a secret. I was biting into a second one, when Kathy came in. For some reason, I felt guilty. "How was he for you today, Mavis? I know how he can be when there's plumbing involved." "A perfect angel, Kathy. Weren't you, Davey? He's just having a little snack as a reward for coming to my rescue." "I'm glad to hear that. I just hope he hasn't spoiled his dinner. A growing boy can't live on milk and cookies." "I expect he'll be fine. I'm sure he worked up quite an appetite." "Well, we'd best be off. I'll send him over in the morning to finish up. You don't mind watching him, do you?" "Not at all dear. He's my good little helper." "Thank you, Mavis. Come on, Dave. Let's go make some supper." "Oh, Davey, don't forget your car. It's all clean now. He can have it, can't he, Kathy?" "Of course. What do you say, David?" "Thank you Mrs. Travers." I didn't need to be reminded, for gosh sake. "You're welcome, Davey. Maybe tomorrow, we can make some cookies together?" She winked. "Yes, thank you, Mavis. We'll talk to you tomorrow." Kathy took me by the hand and led me home. "That was very nice of you, helping Mrs. Travers like that. I was so worried, when I couldn't find you." "I did call." "I know. I should have checked my messages first. That's my fault. Do you like your toy?" "What? Oh, yeah, I guess," I said, setting it down. "It was very nice of Mrs. Travers to give it to you." "I know. But can you stop talking to me like I'm a child?" "I'm just saying it was nice." "But you told me to say thank you, and you're talking about my working over there like your dropping me off at daycare." "Still a bit cranky after your nap." "I'm not cranky! And I don't need naps. I'm not a baby, damn it." "Don't take that tone with me. And no more potty mouth, unless you want it washed out. How's your diaper holding out, by the way?" "It's fine. Why did you make me wear it all day anyway? Now Mrs. Travers knows, and she'll probably tell everybody. It's not like I don't have enough problems. I don't have a job anymore, and I can't stop wetting the bed, and now everybody's gonna think I'm a big baby, just like you and Mrs. Travers do. It's not fair!" Tears were running down my face. "Why does it have to be like this?" Kathy took me in her arms, and I sobbed. It was all too much. I felt a warm wetness gather around my bottom, and I cried all the harder. "Shh. Shh. I know, baby. I know. It's all overwhelming, isn't it? It's going to be okay. I promise. I had a long talk with Mrs. Travers this afternoon. I explained the whole thing, and she understands. She just wants to help, and she won't tell a soul; I promise. I don't want you to worry about a thing. I know you're not a baby. But you've been through a lot lately, and I want to take care of you. I want you to let all the hurt go. I think that bully of a boss did more damage than you realize. And trying to put up a brave front and hide what it was doing only made it worse. I think you need to let go of everything and let me handle things for a while. Can you be a big, brave boy and trust Mommy to look after you until you're better?" I nodded. "That's my little man. You just let Mommy be in charge for a while, and she'll make it all better. You just be Mommy's little helper, and don't worry about the mean people anymore. You can help Mrs. Travers too. She needs lots of help now that he husband is gone. She doesn't mind that you are having potty problems and more than Mommy does. We know that even big boys have trouble with the potty sometimes. You just do what we ask, and we'll take care of the rest. Can you do that for me, baby? Will you do that for Mommy?" "I guess." I was emotionally drained. I couldn't fight it anymore. "Promise me, baby. Promise me you'll listen to Mommy and Mrs. Travers and let us take care of you." "I promise." "I promise, what?" "I'll listen." "Listen to who, baby?" "Mommy and Nana Mavis." I sat up at hearing that name come out of my mouth. Kathy looked shocked, but her surprise quickly turned into a smile. "That's right, baby. Mommy and Nana will take good care of you. Are you hungry?" I was caught off guard by the question, but I was, in fact. I nodded. Kathy squeezed the front of my diaper. "Then let's get you fed, but first somebody needs a change." Kathy took me upstairs, then made a detour into the bathroom. When she was down to the diaper, she asked if I had made poopies that day. I hadn't. "Sit on the potty, and try to make a boom-boom for Mommy. I'll be right back." I was getting ready to wipe when she came back … naked. She turned on the shower. She took the paper from my hand and told me to stand up. "Good job! Turn around." She bent me over and wiped me. "Okay, get in the shower. You've been playing with toilet water all day and not the good kind. Mommy needs to clean you up." It was nice showering together. It had been a long time since we did that. All that soaping and scrubbing led to other things, and we had to start over. We basked in the afterglow under the water. "I'm confused. One minute, you're wiping me like I'm three years old, the next you're …" I grinned and pulled her closer. "You may need a mommy right now, but you are still my husband, and don't you forget it. I haven't. But now it's time to get the baby dressed and fed. Get out, and Mommy will dry you." I had the best night's sleep in many weeks, wet but restful. Kathy woke me lovingly, and she was laying out my clothes when I came back from the shower. "No diaper?" "Of course not, sweetie. Your punishment is over. It's back to the regular rules. You'll wear your training pants until naptime, unless you'd rather a diaper. It's okay if you do." "No, training pants are good. But what about Mrs. Travers? What if she notices a difference? How am I going to explain why I was wearing a diaper yesterday but not today?" "Don't worry, baby? Mommy already talked to Nana, and she knows all about it. That's the other reason you can go back to wearing training pants. Nana will be there to make sure you don't fall asleep without your diaper on." "Does that mean I have to go back to wearing diapers when I get finished with her bathroom?" "I expect you'll be busy with her all day. We'll just see how it goes. Okay, sweetie?" "Okay," I agreed reluctantly. "Don't pout, honey. You're going to have lots of fun with Nana. I promise." I went to my workshop and got a tubing cutter. I was going to replace that old shutoff valve as well as the float. Kathy was waiting by the door with an overnight bag. "What's that?" I asked. "Just some extra supplies, you never know." We went out, and I started to turn toward the car. "No, baby, this way. Nana will take you to the store." Mrs. Travers was waiting for us. The door opened as we approached. "Why, hello, Davey," she said, a little too brightly. "All ready to get to work?" "Yes, ma'am." "Oh, don't be so glum. You did the hard part yesterday, didn't you? You're such a good helper. You'll have it all fixed in no tie, won't you?" "Yes, ma'am." "Now, now. No need to be so formal. We're good friends now, aren't we? What did we agree my name was?" I hadn't agreed to anything, but I knew what was expected. "Nana Mavis." "That's right!" she beamed. "And Nana's going to take very good care of you. And if you're a very good boy, Nana has a big surprise for you later. Won't that be fun?" I looked at Kathy, hoping she would intervene on my behalf. Instead she gave me a small not and a look that said go along with it. "Yes, Nana." "That's my good boy. Come in. come in. Have you had breakfast yet? Nana can't have you working on an empty stomach." "I'm sorry, Mavis. I didn't have time to feed him this morning. I really am running late." "That's alright, dear. He can eat with Nana. I'm just sorry you can't join us." "Me too, but I do have to run. Here's his bag. It should have anything you might need. David, you be a good boy for Nana today, and I'll see you after work. Thank you again, Mavis." Kathy kissed both me and Nana … Mrs. Travers on the cheek and took her leave. "Well, Davey, we've got a big day ahead of us. I think that calls for pancakes. How about you?" I nodded enthusiastically. "Then have a seat. They'll be coming right up. But first, maybe you should go potty." I blushed and mumbled, "I don't have to right now." "I think you should try anyway. For Nana?" "Alright." I headed off to the sill working guest bath. "That's a good boy. Don't forget to flush and wash your hands." I don't know what Kathy told her, but Mrs. Travers was taking to her role as Nana more enthusiastically than I was comfortable with. I suppose it wasn't hurting anyone, maybe my pride a little bit. On the other hand, she was being really nice. It's not every day I get someone to make pancakes for me, and bacon from the smell of it. I made an honest effort of it, but I didn't have to go. I flushed and washed anyway. "Just in time. I have your plate all ready for you." I half expected it to be already cut up. Instead, she had poured one large and two small circles of batter, making the shape of a famous mouse. I had to smile at that. She set the plate down in front of me, tucked a napkin into my shirt, and kissed me on the forehead. "Be careful with the syrup. Use both hands." That annoyed me a little, but I bit my tongue and used both hands. I don't know if using only one would have made any difference, but the syrup did pour faster than expected, and my pancake was fairly swimming in it. "Oh, somebody has a sweet tooth," she said, setting a large glass of milk in front of me. "Eat up, there's plenty more where that came from." "May I have some coffee, Nana?" "Coffee? Are you sure? Oh, heavens, of course. But drink your milk too. It's good for you." She made excellent pancakes, light, crispy around the edges. I had seconds and bacon and thirds. I had to soak up all that syrup after all. I was stuffed. "Such a good eater," she said, astonished. "Aren't you going to have some?" "Oh, no, dear," I had something earlier. Is your tummy full? Would you like something else?" "No, thank you. I couldn't eat another bite. It was delicious." "You're welcome, sweetheart. It's nice to cook for someone again. I suppose you'll be wanting to go to the hardware store?" "After that meal, not so much. But I do need to get some things to finish fixing the toilet." "I'll go freshen up and then we can go. Do you need to use the potty?" "No, Nana," I sighed. "I'm fine." "Okay," she said uncertainly and went about her business. I poured myself another half cup of coffee. I was wondering what was taking so long, when she came back with her hair a little spruced up and a touch of light make up. "You're sure you don't want to use the potty before we go?" "Yes, Nana," I said, rolling my eyes. "Watch your tone, young man. Alright let's go." Before long, we were back, and I set right to work. I had the old shutoff replaced and the main water turned back on. The corroded float mostly out, when I wished I had used the toilet before starting. I was close to finished; so I forged on. All parts attached and feeling tight, I opened the shutoff and promptly got sprayed in the face. I turned off the water and had another go at the loose fitting. That did it, tight as a drum. I closed the door and christened the job. I noticed that the training pants were more than a little damp. I flushed and watched all the parts work as they should. I put away my tools and wiped everything down. Proud of myself, I opened the door and shouted, "Nana! I'm done!" "Nice job, Davey! I'm so proud of you. Thank you so much. It's beautiful! Come along. I have a nice lunch and a big piece of cake with your name on it." Lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup. Again, she stuck the napkin in my shirt. She wasn't kidding about the cake. It was a two layer yellow cake with gobs of homemade chocolate buttercream and enormous. It was all I could do to finish it. I didn't object the big glass of milk she gave me, even though I would have preferred coffee, and I didn't really need to use two hands, as she insisted. I thanked her with all my heart and said I would be on my way. "Oh, no, David. I have something I want you to do after your nap. Come up stairs and lie down. Nana has a big surprise for you when you get up." "I really should be …" "Now, David, you've been so good all day. Don't start giving Nana trouble now. I told your Mommy I would put you don after lunch, and that's what we're going to do." She took my hand and led me back to the grandkids' room. I think she would have dragged me, if I had put up any resistance. She put the bag Kathy had brought on the bed and pulled out pajamas and a diaper. She did a double take and took something else out of the bag. She turned around and wagged Kathy's hairbrush at me. "Don't make me use this," she warned and put it back. "Let's get you changed, and you'll have a nice nap and be all rested for your surprise." She came over and started unbuttoning my shirt. I backed away. She asked if she needed to get the hairbrush. I let her undress me. If I wasn't nervous before, I certainly was when she had me down to the pull-up. She started to take it down and stopped half way. "Oh, David, when did that happen? I told you, you should have used the potty before we went to the store. You have to tell Nana when you have to go. Oh, well, I guess that's why we have you in trainers. At least your pants stayed dry. But let's get your diaper and jammies on, so you can go beddy-bye." I was soon tucked in and sulking. "Don't be that way, sweetheart. Nana's not mad. Accidents happen. But I want you to promise me, you'll tell Nana the next time, okay?" "Okay," I sighed. "That's Nana's good boy." She pulled the blankets up under my chin and kissed me on the forehead. "Sweet dreams, Honeybunch. You have a good rest, and then nana has something really special for you. Ni-night." She shut the door and left me to wonder what it might be. Tucked in and toasty, with a full tummy, I didn't last long. Nana jostled me awake. I knew from the shadows, I had been out for a while. "Wake up, sleepyhead. Time to get up. If you sleep any longer, your Mommy will never get you down at bedtime. Do you want to see what Nana has for you?" I nodded, curious. "Good. Let's just have a check then. Oo, I think Nana shouldn't give you so much milk before naptime. No worries, that's what it's there for." She got the bag and pulled out a diaper and a pair of training pants. She seemed to weigh her options for a moment ad put the diaper back. "We'll try these again, but you have to tell nana when you need to use the potty, understand?" "Yes, Nana," I said, blushing. "Good boy." She got me changed and was pulling me the hand again. She had the biggest grin on her face. She took me down to the basement. I wondered what she wanted to show me. I had been down there earlier to turn off the main water line and hadn't noticed anything unusual. She turned me off to the left and opened a door. Before me lay the most elaborate train set I had ever seen outside and exhibition like the one we went to at Sharon's house. It wasn't nearly as big, of course, but still. It had everything, tracks wining all over the place, tunnels, trestles, crossing gates, people and animals. I stood there with my mouth hanging open. "Do you like it?" "Do I like it? It's beautiful!" "It was Harold's. He made it for our boys, but he could never get them interested in it. They just wanted to crash the trains. When they discovered girls, even Harold didn't play with it anymore. He never had the heart to get rid of it. I guess he always kept hope. It's been sitting down here all these years." "That's terrible. Something like this should be loved." "It was. It was, but not for a long time. Would you like to play with it?" "Would I? Do you mean it? That would be awesome! Are you sure it's okay? I mean …" "Yes, sweetheart, I mean it. It would do my heart good to know it wasn't down here just gathering dust. I think it would make Harold very happy too." There was a tear in her eye. "Oh, Nana, thank you!" I hugged her so tight. I think I might have lifted her off the floor. I gave her a great big kiss on the cheek and looked back over the display. I approached the layout with reverence, lightly touching it, following the track with my eyes. I found the controls and studied them carefully. I wanted to be sure of what each one did before I went any further. I never laid my hands on anything like this. I was lost in its intricacies when I made the first tentative turn of the transformer knob. An engine came to life and slowly started to move. I felt something placed on my head, then a hug from behind and a kiss on my cheek. I could take my eyes off the train, but I'm sure I felt a little wetness there. I was lost in wonder. I carefully tried each control, only for a second at first, just to make sure it did what I thought it would. After a while, I had two trains going and track switches working. I was thrilled, and I had barely scratched the surface of what it all could do. "Davey, you're Mommy's here." I almost whined for five more minutes. I really wanted to keep playing. Instead, I called back, dejectedly, "Okay." I carefully shut everything down, reversing the order in which I started them. When I stood up, a shiver ran through me. There was wetness on the backs of my thighs. I froze. How was I going to get out of there without them seeing? "David, come on," Kathy called. "It's time to go home and leave Nana in peace." "Coming," I lied. Now she was waiting at the top of the stairs. Was there a back door to this place? "Now, David. Don't make me come down there." There was nothing else for it. I slowly climbed the steps. There may as well have been a gallows at the top. "David! What have you done? I'm ashamed of you. Apologize this instant!" "I'm sorry, Nana." I meant it too. "You and I are going to have a talk about this when I get you home. I'm so sorry, Mavis." "It's alright, dear. I shouldn't have left him alone for so long. I should have known better after this morning." "This morning? You wet your pants twice in the same day? What am I going to do with you?" "Don't be too hard on him, Kathy. It wasn't that bad. I'm sure he couldn't help it. I really should have made him sit on the potty more." "It's not your fault, Mavis. There's no excuse for his wetting himself in the day time. He should know when he needs to go potty, shouldn't you? If he doesn't, well we'll deal with it. But I think he was just being lazy and not wanting to stop playing. Get your bag and thank Nana. We're going home." "Thank you, Nana, for everything, especially for letting me play with the trains. That was so awesome." "You're welcome, sweetheart. You can play with them anytime you want, as long as your Mommy says it's alright." She took the hat off my head and handed it to Nana. "Thank you, Mavis, but I think he's lost his engineer's license for a while. We'll see if he earns it back. I'll call you later." She pushed me out the door and scolded me all the way across the street and into the house. "Go upstairs, take off your clothes, and sit on the potty. Don't move until I tell you. I'll come up when I'm calm enough to deal with you." I don't know how long I was left to sit there, long enough for my legs to fall asleep. Kathy was calmer when she came in but still visibly upset. She picked up the saturated training pants. "For heaven's sake, David, what is wrong with you? I thought by now, you'd be getting better, but your just getting worse. I so want to spank you right now, but I don't trust myself to do it. Do you have any idea how much you embarrassed me? I've tried to be patient with you, but it's wearing pretty thin. I know you need a mommy right now, and I'm trying really hard to be that for you. I even told you, you could wear diapers all the time, if that's what you wanted. You said you didn't need them. You said you wanted training pants. You wanted to be a big boy. Then you go pissing your pants, not once but twice, the second time, so much you leaked. Well, mister, you listen to me, and you listen good. You want to piss your pants like a baby? Fine. You've got the whole weekend. You're going back into diapers right now, and you can piss and shit yourself to your heart's content. On Monday, if, and I mean if, I think you've learned your lesson, and you still want them, I'll consider letting you have your training pants back. But that's only going to if Nana will help with your toilet training. You'll sit on the potty on a schedule, you'll be supervised, your pants will be checked, and if you wet yourself, your going to be spanked, put back in diapers, and we'll start all over again the next time one of us is available to try and teach you to be a big boy. And don't think I'm going to be grounded just because you are being a baby. I have shopping to do this weekend, and you'll be coming with me, diaper bag and all. Do I make myself clear?" I had long since started crying. I sobbed, "I'm sorry." "I didn't ask if you were sorry. I said, do I make myself clear." "Yes, Mommy. Crystal." "Good. Get up and go in the bedroom. I need to get a diaper on you. You can clean up this mess afterward." "I can't," I wailed. "Are you defying me? After what you've done? Why the hell not?" "My legs are a sleep." "Then I guess you'll just have to crawl like the baby you are acting like." I slid off the toilet and onto my knees. At first, I could hardly move my legs. Then the blood started to flow back into them, and that was much worse. Pins and needles only begins to describe the electric burning that flared with every movement. Kathy slapped my behind, and I screamed. Halfway to the bedroom, enough feeling had returned that I tried to stand. Kathy told me to stay where I was; she would let me know when I was allowed to walk again. I crawled up on the bed Lay back to be diapered. Kathy told me to roll over. I was sure she was going to take the belt to me, and I started bawling. Instead of fire on my bottom, I felt cold stickiness. She was slathering me with Desitin. It felt like she was using enough for three of me. I heard the rustling of diapers and saw two of them laid open next to me. She told me to roll over, and she applied a layer just as thick to the front. She covered me in a cloud of baby powder. It took her several wet wipes to get her hands reasonably clean. She taped up the double diaper and looked dissatisfied. She went away and came back with a role of clear packing tape. She told me to stand, and she wrapped the tape around me three times. "That ought to hold you. Get in bed. From what I heard, you had more than enough to eat today. If you're quiet, and I feel like it, I might bring you a bottle later. I do not want to hear a peep out of you. Understand?" "Yes, Mommy," I squeaked. She looked down at me for a long time. Finally, she sat down on the bed. She brushed the tears from my cheeks and the hair away from my forehead. "Sweetheart, I love you. I really do. I know that has all been hard on you. The thing is, this is all hard on me too. Shh. It's okay. I can deal with it, but you have to deal with it too. You have to decide what is going on and how you are going to handle it. What's happening isn't working. If anything, the situation is getting worse. I need you to think really hard about this. Do you think there is something wrong with you that you are losing control of your bodily functions, something physically wrong? If you do, I'll call Margaret on Monday. We'll get all the tests and specialists we need to make you better." I started to speak, but she put a finger over my lips and shushed me gently. "Don't answer now. I want you to think hard about that over the weekend. I don't know how your body feels inside. Margaret didn't find anything wrong with you before, and I don't think there is now. But you can tell me in a couple of days, after you think about it. As for me, I feel like you are trying to live in two worlds at the same time. A part of you wants to be a little boy and be taken care of. A part of you wants to be a big strong man. Both of those things are fine. But I think trying to both is hurting you. I think it's causing problems for me. I think you have to choose. If you can't handle the responsibility of keeping your pants dry, or just don't want it, you have to tell me. There are things we … I can do to prevent it from being a problem. It would mean some big changes for both of us, but we can deal with it, I promise. But you can't go around just wetting your pants, like you did today. That hurts us both, and it hurt Nana. It's all forgiven now, but you need to make some decisions. "You need to decide if there's something physically wrong with you and if not, which world you want to live in. Do you want to be a grown up, or do you need to be a little boy for now? I want you to take your time and really think about this. It's very important, and you should not make your decision quickly. I want you to take your time, and I won't ask for listen to your answer until Monday. I'm not going to push you in any direction, and I'll respect any decision you make. But I think, and I hope you agree, that what you did today was not the right way to handle what's happening, and that it deserves some consequences." I was sniffling, but I nodded. "Good. So, until Monday morning, you are going to be in diapers. You will use them when you need to, and you will do what I say. You can learn just what it's like to be Mommy's baby and whether that's right for you. Do not ask to be let out before we discuss your decision. I am not going to change my mind. And if you think this is easy for me, think about what changing one of your dirty diapers is like for me. Now, I want you to get some sleep. It's been a trying day for both of us." She stood up, tucked me in, and kissed me on the forehead. "I love you, my baby-husband, no matter what." She turned out the light and left the room. I tried to think about what she said, but it was just too much, and I drifted off into a less than peaceful sleep. I felt Kathy curl up against me, and I slept better after that. I was suddenly cold and flailing for the blankets. "Wake up, sleepyhead," Kathy sang merrily. I was still in a fog. "Let's check that dipee. Oh, yes, all wet. Let's get you changed." She was cutting through the tape she had wrapped around me before I could fully comprehend where I was, let alone what she was doing. I was more or less awake by the time she taped up the fresh diaper. She told me to put on some pants and come downstairs for breakfast. I was greeted by a spread of pancakes and sausage. This was not unheard of on a Saturday morning, but it was usually me cooking it. I sat down and Kathy placed a mug of steaming coffee in front of me. I looked at her curiously. "Yes, I know what I said last night about your being Mommy's baby this weekend, but I don't think we have to go overboard. You do need to wear and use your diapers, and you have to do as I tell you, but I'm not going to make you drink from bottles or talk baby talk … unless you want to, that is. Oh, and unless we go out in public, you will call me Mommy, okay? I don't have any plans to go anywhere, but you never know. And public does not include Nana's house." I figured I could live with that, and I was already tucking into my pancakes anyway; so I nodded. "Oh fay." "Don't talk with your mouth full. Then it's agreed." I'm not ashamed to admit I was stuffed when I finally put down my fork after my third helping. Okay, maybe a little ashamed, but it was really good. Kathy had long since finished and was tidying up. She brought a wet cloth when she came for my plate. "I know I said you wouldn't have to use a bottle, but maybe a bid might have been in order." I looked down and saw a number of places where syrup had dripped on my shirt. I blushed. Kathy chuckled and wiped them off. Then she wiped my face and my hands. She said I could do the dishes. I thanked her, sarcastically, for the privilege, and she gave me a warning look. I laughed. She checked my diaper, which deflated me a little, even though it was dry, and I took up the task. I don't mind washing dishes, especially when it's not many and somebody did the cooking. The rest of the day was mostly uneventful, other than the diaper checks and changes, our normal Saturday routine. The first was a little traumatic. I felt the urge to pee coming on while I was washing up from breakfast. All the coffee I drank wanted out, but I didn't want to just stand there and wet myself. Kathy noticed my little dance at the sink. She told me I may as well get it over with, because the diaper wasn't coming off until I needed a change. I did manage to hold off until I finished and got out of her sight, but by that time, I was desperate and it all came out in a rush, and I ended up with a very noticeable leak. Kathy just shook her head with an "I told you so" expression when I went to her but said nothing more about it when she changed me. After that, I didn't resist so much. Sunday was shaping up to be more of the same. Kathy reminded me over breakfast, just cereal and coffee, that I had a big decision to make the next day and asked whether I had thought about it. I told her I had—I'd thought of little else—but hadn't made any decisions. I puttered around the house and spent some time on the computer. Kathy spent a lot of time on the phone. Then we realized we hadn't anything in the fridge to make for dinner. Somebody was going to have to go to the store. Kathy told me to put on something decent; sweats and a t-shirt were not her idea of appropriate shopping attire. "Do I have to go?" "Of course, you have to go. I can't leave a baby home alone." "Can't I stay with Nana?" "No, we've been imposing on her enough. Just get dressed, and stop whining." "But I don't want to go out like this." "You are going out. No one is going to notice. The only question is whether you are going to go with a sore bottom, because I'm this far from spanking you." "Okay. Okay. I'll go." Kathy was right. Despite the fact that grabbing something for dinner turned into a major shopping trip, nobody seemed to notice my condition. All in all, there were no problems, at least until we were on the way home. That's when not pooping for the last couple of days decided to catch up with me. I was really trying to hold out until Monday, when I was sure I could get Kathy to let me use the toilet. No such luck. We were barely out of the grocery store parking lot when the first cramp hit me, hard. I passed some gas and felt better. Kathy cracked her window, and I apologized. A few blocks later, it happened again. It wasn't long before the cramps started coming in waves. I was holding my own, but now I had to pee. I was very uncomfortable and starting to sweat. The last wave passed about the time we pulled in the driveway, and I felt I was home free, if you'll pardon the expression. I got out of the car, and another cramp hit me so hard I nearly doubled over. I clamped down hard on my back door but forgot about my bladder. I started to pee. Shaken, I tried to stop that and lost control of my bowels. I was standing in the driveway, filling my pants front and back. I was mortified and scanning the neighborhood to see who might be watching. Kathy rushed me into the house. She took me straight to the bathroom and got my shoes and pants off. No damage was done. She asked me if I was finished, and I admitted I wasn't sure. She told me to stay there; she would unload the car. In the eternity that followed, it turned out to be the right thing to do; I wasn't finished. My diaper was a saggy mess by the time Kathy returned. She held me for a long time and shushed away my attempts to apologize. She had me lie on the floor, and she started a bath. She toughed her way through removing the diaper and a cursory cleaning. She told me to soak while she put the groceries away. I think I was starting to doze when she came back and began washing me. The bath was a tender time, and she acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I felt better, and Kathy showed me that dirty diapers or not, she was still interested in me as a husband. I was very content, and probably could have used another bath, by the time she was putting a new diaper on me. The evening passed quietly. Kathy asked me if I might wasn't a bottle before bedtime. I told her that depended on what was in it. She smiled and told me to stay put. She came back a few minutes later with a bottle filled with wine. A baby bottle is not the best way to drink wine. It's really too much at one time, especially when one is being encouraged to drink it all up. The nipple doesn't do anything to improve the flavor. But lying with your head in the lap of your lover while getting quickly inebriated certainly makes up for it. I slept very well that night. Morning came way too early for me. The sun was barely up, and I was having a nice dream. "Get up, honey." I moaned and pulled the covers over my head. Kathy pulled them back down. "It's decision day, and I have to be at work in a couple of hours. Let's get you changed." Kathy had me sorted quickly and let me have enough coffee to bring the world into focus before starting our discussion. "Sweetheart, it's time," she started. She seemed as hesitant as I felt. "I guess the first question, and the one that kept me up a lot over the last few days, is: do you feel like something is wrong with your body? I mean with your accident yesterday, I have been really worried." "No," I assured her. "I was just hoping I could make it till today. I didn't want to do that in the diaper. If I had been able to use the bathroom, it wouldn't have been a problem." "So you held your poopies in until you had a big accident in your diaper anyway." "I guess." "Not very mature, was it?" "I suppose not." "So, you feel like you are healthy? Nothing wrong?" "I don't think so." "Well, that's a relief. The bedwetting is one thing. There are lots of reasons that can happen, and we'll get to the bottom of it eventually. But it doesn't explain your daytime accidents. Are you sure there's nothing going on inside?" "Yes, I'm fine." "Then why have you been peeing your pants? Can you feel when you need to go?" "Yes." "Does it hurt to go? Are you having a hard time going? Can't you hold it?" "No, no, and no. I'm fine, really." "Then why are you wetting your pants?" She didn't seem concerned anymore, more irritated. "I don't know." "Are you just trying to get my attention? Do you feel like I'm neglecting you?" "No, of course not." "Then what is it? Are you just being lazy?" "I … I don't know." "David, we both know that you can't go around wetting your pants all the time." "It's not all the time." "Don't interrupt. The way I see it, you are just being irresponsible. Like I told you before, if you don't want the responsibility, or if you don't want it, there are ways I can handle it. But if you want to be a big boy, you have to get a grip on this and stop wetting and pooping your pants right now. You've had all weekend to think about this. There are two choices left. You can be a responsible grown up, or you can be a little boy. So, what's it going to be?" "What happens if I choose to be a grown up?" "I'll expect you to act like a grown up. You look for a new job. Until you find one, you'll be expected to take care of the house. And I will not tolerate wet or poopy pants. There will be consequences, if that happens. That might be spanking you the first few times, but I will not put up with it indefinitely." "You'd leave me?" I asked, visibly scared that she might. "I'm not saying that. I don't plan to; I don't want to. I just can't say it's out of the question. I guess it depends on how hard you push me." "Please, please don't. I don't want to lose you. What about the other choice? What if I was a little boy?" "Sweetheart, I don't want to lose you either. I love you, no matter what you decide. But to answer your question, little boys are different. They can't be expected to be responsible all the time. Little boys have accidents in their pants. That's why they can't wear big boy undies. Mommies understand this. But little boys who wet themselves can't really be trusted to change themselves when they need to, can they? That means that they can't be left alone. They need to be watched to make sure they get changed regularly and don't get diaper rash, which means you'll have to stay with Nana while I'm at work. We have already discussed this, and it's all decided. On the other hand, because you can't expect too much from little boys, they get to play a lot more. Sure, they'll have some chores, but not like a grown up." "You mean I'd have to wear diapers all the time? Could I maybe be a little boy and still wear regular underpants?" "Sweetie, we discussed this. I think it's this half in, half out attitude that is causing your problems. I think that, for right now, you need to be a little boy, that it would be good for you, and that it's what you really want too. But I also think you are fighting it, trying to act like a grownup sometimes and not others. I think you are being pulled between what you want and need, on the one hand, and what you think you should be doing, on the other. I think it's that tension that's causing a lot of your problems. For your own sake, if not for mine, you need to pick one or the other, because not choosing is hurting both of us." "But I don't want to wear diapers all the time." "Don't whine, honey. I've thought about this a lot. I think it would be a lot easier if you did, but if you really don't want to, we can try you in training pants during the day. Nighttime is non-negotiable for now; so is naptime. But understand, your wearing training pants comes with a lot more responsibility for everyone. For you, that would mean telling me or Nana when you have to go potty. No, you cannot just go by yourself. Nana and I will each decide whether you need to be supervised, but I want you to tell us when you have to go, so we can keep track. Nana and I would also be telling you, from time to time, that we want you to sit on the potty and try. You said you are not sick; so there should be no excuses for having accidents in your training pants. If you do, Nana and I will each decide whether it deserves a spanking. I've already given her permission to spank you for this or any other disobedience. You do not want to find out what will happen if you give her any trouble about it. If you have two accidents in one day, you'll go back to diapers until I decide you are ready to try again. If you can live with those rules and promise to try really hard, we'll try you in training pants for the time being. Nana and I will also decide whether you should be in diapers, if we have to take you somewhere, and there won't be any arguments, understand?" "Yes." She look at me expectantly. "Mommy." "Alright. That's one way to go. Your other choice would be to just wear diapers all the time. You wouldn't have to worry about when you had to go potty. We'll check you and change you when you need it. If you want to make poopies in the potty, you can tell us. Let's face it; changing your dirty diapers is not fun. You don't have to, but you can. But we'll decide whether it's convenient to put you on the potty; so no whining. We may still tell you to try making peepee in the potty, but you are not to ask. If this is the way you want to go, I want you to relax and not be concerned about keeping your pants dry. Let us worry about them. No one will make a fuss over a wet or dirty diaper; that's what they are there for. You can play or do your chores and not worry about wetting your pants. "So you have a couple of choices to make, and I need you to make them now. There are no wrong answers here. I love you and will support you whatever you decide. I want you to do what you think is best for you. First, do you want to try being a grownup, or do you want to be a little boy?" I tumbled the alternatives in my brain. I had been completing it all weekend, but didn't have this new information to work with. Kathy waited patiently, but I caught her checking her watch. "Little boy," I finally gave in. "I really think that's for the best. So, diapers or training pants?" "Can we do training pants, please?" I whined. "Are you sure? You know the consequences, if you start having accidents." I hesitated, asking myself whether I was making the right decision. "Uh huh." "Alright then. You had fair warning; so you had better not abuse the privilege. Now, I need to get to work. Let's check your diaper." She came around and put her hand on the front. "Still dry. That's fine. Just tell Nana when you need the potty, and she'll put you in your training pants. Now, go get dressed, or I'm going to be late." "I don't get them now?" "I told you before, I'm not wasting perfectly good diapers. Now, go get dressed, or would you prefer to discuss it over my lap." "I'm going." I sighed. By the time I was back downstairs, Kathy was waiting by the door with, what I could only assume, was my diaper bag. She took me by the hand and led me across the street. Nana opened the door as we approached. "There he is," she sang. "That was a very grown up decision you made. But the last one for a while, hmm? We're going to have lots of fun together while you get all better, okay?" I found myself shyly nodding my head and trying to slip behind Kathy. Kathy defended me, saying, "I guess he's feeling a little shy this morning. Here's his diaper bag. He can help you bring more supplies over after he gets settled in, but that should hold you for now. He still has his diaper on from this morning, but we're going to try him in training pants for a while. We've discussed the rules. He can have his pull-ups after goes potty. I guess that's it for now. I think we discussed everything over the weekend, but if you run into any difficulties, you have my cell." She kissed my cheek. "Be good for Nana. I don't want any bad reports. I love you, sweetie. Have fun today." She took my hand from hers and gave it to Nana. Then she was off. Nana raised my hand and waved it for me. When Kathy's car was headed down the road, Nana took me inside. She asked me if I wanted something to eat. I told her I ate already. She filled a sippy cup with apple juice anyway. "Why don't you just take that and go play with your trains. We can talk when you're a little more awake, okay?" I was relieved to be off the hook for a while, and welcomed the chance to be alone with my thoughts. I nodded and headed for the basement. Nana called after me. "Don't forget to come find me when you have to go potty." That caused me to stop and cringe for a second. I guess that was enough acknowledgment for Nana, because she said no more. I blushed and continued on my way. I had planned on brooding over my new life, but once I got started with the trains, all other thoughts left my head. Sometime later, a voice invaded my play. "Davey," it sang. "Davey?" "David! Stop that train." Nana was standing at my shoulder. I cut the power and the train slowed to stop. "You answer when Nana calls you, young man. You've been down here quite a while. I think you had better take a break and sit on the potty, don't you?" Now that she mentioned it, I did, more than I realized. "Uh huh." "Come on then. I'll get you some more juice too." I practically ran up the stairs to the bathroom. She shouted after me to slow down. I was in the bathroom trying to get my pants down when she caught up with me. It was difficult to do while dancing. "Let's get that diaper off." She pushed my hands away and undid the tapes herself. She pulled it from between my legs and pushed me back to sit. A stream hit the water almost immediately. "Just in time, I see. Well, almost in time." There was a small, but not inconsequential wet spot on the diaper. I was mortified. "That's alright. I shouldn't have let you stay done there so long. We won't mention this, okay." I nodded gratefully. "Stay there, and I'll be right back with some dry pants." She wasn't gone long but long enough for me to berate myself for not paying more attention to my bladder. I told her I could dress myself, but she insisted on helping. She suggested we take care of a few chores before lunch. These included going to my house to bring over more supplies. I said I didn't think we needed so many pairs of training pants, and I begged her not to bring the diapers. "Better safe than sorry. Besides, you'll need them for your naps." I didn't plan on taking any naps, but it seemed pointless to argue with her. So I trudged back across the street with a big cardboard box of what would be my underwear for the foreseeable future. It was lunchtime, and Nana fixed us sandwiches. I was pleased she didn't try to make me wear a bib, but she did insist I use the sippy cup. Afterward, she had more chores for us. True to her word, she frequently asked me if I needed to use the potty, several times insisting that I try. I couldn't tell whether she was smiling or smirking when I produced. Late in the afternoon she suggested I watch TV until my mommy got home. I was happy to oblige. I must have nodded off, because Nana was pulling down my pants. "Shh. Calm down, sweetheart. You're very tired, and I think we should get a diaper on you, just in case." "I'll stay awake, I promise." "Don't worry, honey. It's okay you don't want to take a nap. Nana will feel much better though, if we put your diaper on. Do you want to use the potty first?" I shook my head. There was no arguing with her. "Alright; if you're sure. We'll just put this on, and you can rest." Safely wrapped up, she let me return to my movie. I didn't see the end. The sun was much lower when I heard Kathy's voice. "I hope he wasn't any trouble today." "Nothing serious dear. I left him to play too long this morning. He mostly made it in the potty. That was my fault, and you shouldn't say anything about it. Otherwise, he was a very good boy, hardly any fuss. He might be a little wet now. He didn't want to use the potty before I put him down for his nap." I stretched, making it known that I was awake and giving me an opportunity to check my pants. I was disappointed to find Nana was right. I was a little wet. "Hi, baby," Kathy beamed, sitting down next to me. "Did you have fun with Nana today?" Other than the trains, I wouldn't have called it fun, but it wasn't bad. "Uh huh." "And were you a good boy for Nana?" I looked up at Mrs. Travers; she was smiling back at me. "Yes, Mommy. I was good." "He sure was. He helped me a lot," Nana praised. I nodded in agreement. "That's my good boy." Kathy hugged me. "But now it's time to get you home and fed. Thank Nana." "Thank you, Nana," I said automatically. I pushed back the blanket she must have covered me with and stood up. Kathy felt my crotch and appeared to come to some decision. She picked up the diaper bag and kissed Nana on the cheek. "Yes, thank you, Mavis. I don't know what I'd do without you. Say bye-bye, Davey." "Bye-bye, Nana. See you tomorrow." "Think nothing of it, Kathy. It's my pleasure. Bye-bye, sweetheart. Maybe we'll make cookies tomorrow. How does that sound?" My face lit up. "Don't get him thinking about cookies. I need to get dinner in him. Thanks again. I'll see you in the morning." Kathy took me home and immediately started to take things out for dinner. I tried to help, but she insisted I sit down and tell her about my day. I did and watched her cook while feeling bad that she had worked all day and was now working again. I told her I was going to wash up and use the potty. I couldn't stop calling it that. "It's alright, honey. Just use your diaper. It's already damp, and I'm going to have to change you for bedtime anyway." I sulked back to the bathroom. I wet myself while washing my hands. Dinner was up to Kathy's usual standards. I would have made a pig of myself, if she'd have let me. She left the washing up to me, which alleviated my guilt. Kathy came back as I was drying the last dish. "Okay, baby, bath time." "Already? I don't want to go to bed yet." "I didn't say you had to go to bed, but if you're getting cranky, maybe you should." "No. Sorry." "That's better. Come on then." Bath time was fun. Kathy had picked up some bath toys. It took some encouragement on her part for me to try them out. After pushing a boat around tentatively, she left me alone. Without an audience, it was easier for me to try playing. I was really getting into it when she came back. I didn't want to stop, but she said I was already pruning up, and she needed to get me clean. Her ministrations were fun too. Dried and back in the bedroom, I saw a large cloth diaper on the bed. "Where did that come from?" "I picked those up today," she said, as if she were talking about a new pair of socks. "The lady at the store said they were much more effective for nighttime, especially for side sleepers. She told me they are very comfortable too." I wasn't at all sure about this. Arguing with Kathy is rarely productive, but maybe I could distract her. "But it's still early. I'm not ready to go to bed yet." "It's not that early. You'll be going to bed soon. You may as well get ready now." "But what if I need to pee?" "Well, we'll just have to take it off. Anyway, you just went, and it's not like it wouldn't be the first wet diaper you slept in, would it?" "I guess." "Then lay your butt down, so I can get your diaper on, and we can watch TV for a while. Or would you prefer I give you a spanking and put you to bed right now?" I made the only sensible decision. Instead of closing the diaper up right away, Kathy started smearing sticky, white paste on my bottom. "The clerk said it's important to protect against diaper rash when using cloth." Lots of powder followed. Kathy's rubbing everything in overcame any displeasure I had with the experience. All too son, Kathy brought the front of the diaper up and pinned it in place. She threaded plastic pants over my feet and had me stand up. The cloth diaper—or diapers I should say; there were obviously several—felt entirely different, the plastic pants even more so. The diaper was pleasantly soft, although it inhibited my movements, much like the double disposables had. The plastic pants were scratchy around the openings. They came up well onto my abdomen and ballooned out. They were somewhat stiff and made a soft, almost crackly sound when I moved. I caught sight of myself in Kathy's chevalier mirror. Let's be clear; there is nothing mature looking about a man in an adult diaper, except perhaps the knowledge that old people wear them. However, there is something vaguely clinical about them, and under the right clothes, they are relative discrete. On the other hand, a thick cloth diaper covered by billowing plastic pants is nothing short of infantile. It would take a lot to overcome the impression that the wearer is a big baby who can't control himself. I stared at my reflection for a long time, pondering what I was becoming. "I think you look adorable," Kathy said, hugging me from behind. "Here, let's put your jammies on, and then we can go watch some TV, okay?" I tore my eyes away from the mirror and let Kathy dress me. I was still stunned and had no will to resist. As I walked down the stairs, I felt I was moving as I looked, like a baby. The swaying of my hips and the rustling of the plastic pants confirmed with each step the road I was on. "What's the matter, baby?" Kathy asked when she saw my tears. "That," I said, pointing at the mirror. "That's what's the matter. I'm turning into a baby. What's wrong with me?" "Oh, honey, there's nothing wrong with you. You're still my big strong man. It's just that you're my adorable little baby too. And I love you so much!" "How can you love me like … this?" "Sweetie, sweetie, I love you like this, or any other way. This is what you need right now. There's nothing wrong with it. You're having a bit of rough patch right now, and we are dealing with it the best way we know how. You're just feeling vulnerable, and that's okay. In fact, it's more than okay; it's attractive." "You find this attractive?" "Yes, I do. You may not realize it, but you have been far more open than you have been in a really long time. I feel I am able to get closer to you than I can remember. You are letting me in on your feelings, where you have been hiding them for years. It feels good to be needed. If what you are wearing helps with all that, I'm more than okay with it. Truth be told, I find the fact that I'm 'in charge' of some things very sexy." As if to prove the point, she snuggled closer and rubbed the front of my pants. She placed my hand on her own crotch, which was noticeably hot and damp. "I love you, baby, and I always will. Now, how about a smile for Mommy? Can you do that? Would you like Mommy's titty? Would that make you feel better?" Let's just say I was feeling much better by the time we went to sleep. Over the next several weeks, after some trial and error, we settled into a routine. Kathy would drop me off at Nana's house. I would have breakfast and some time to wake up with the paper or internet. There's be some chores to do before lunch. Afterward, I would be put down for a nap. At first, I fought this, but after getting spankings from both Nana and Kathy, I stopped resisting. After my nap, I'd help nana with whatever she wanted to do. Sometimes, it was chores; other times, it was baking or shopping. Then, I had playtime; that usually meant the trains. The reason I disliked the naps, and why I fought them the way I did, was that Nana and Kathy insisted that I be diapered, just in case. That wouldn't have been so bad, but they also insisted that throwing away a dry diaper was just wasteful. I did not get my training pants back until I was wet. I think that contributed to my increasingly frequent naptime wettings. I mostly enjoyed my time with Nana. She was sweet, always made me feel special, and often gave me treats. I was starting to put on weight. The downside was her approach to "toilet training" me. She made me try to use the potty far more frequently than necessary. I wouldn't have minded so much, but it always seemed to be at an inopportune moment, and she insisted on taking me and helping me with my pants. I told her I could just go myself, but she would have none of it. She said she had to make sure I hadn't had an accident and that I did something in the toilet. If I didn't produce, the look of disappointment on her face was deeply disheartening. If several attempts did not result in anything, she would make be sit there until something happened. She would get very cross and tell me she was not going to let me wet my pants just because I was too lazy or obstinate to use the potty like a big boy. My protests that she was just making me try too often, and that I always made when I asked to use the potty, fell on deaf ears. This poor timing came to a head one day when I was laying with the trains. I had been very wet after my nap, and nana made me use the potty a couple of times while doing my chores. I didn't need to go when she took me up a while into my playtime. About fifteen minutes after she let me go downstairs, I started to feel the urge. I was sure she would be back to get me soon, as that had become the pattern. She didn't, and I continued play as my bladder became more insistent. I was getting toward the point of desperation when I went to find Nana and tell I needed the potty. I found her on the phone. I stood and watched her until she took notice of me. She excused herself and covered the mouthpiece. She asked me what I wanted, and I told her of my need. "I just took you a few minutes ago." "I didn't need to go then." "If that's true, you shouldn't need to go that badly now. I'll be with you when I'm off the phone. Go play." "Sorry, about that," she said into the receiver. "I'm watching the neighbor's boy, and he wanted my attention. ... He says he needs to go potty, but I just took him five minutes ago. … No, no, I'm sure he can hold it for a couple of minutes. He needs to learn that he can't just go the moment he feels like it. … You, boys are always more difficult to train. … Ha, ha, ha, yes, men too. Davey, go play. I'll be with you as soon as I'm off the phone." I ducked back downstairs, muttering to myself that it had been a lot more than five minutes, and she should have just let me go by myself. I tried to play some more, but my need was growing stronger. A few minutes later, I was back upstairs and making gestures to indicate that time was of the essence. She wasn't paying attention. "Nana," I whispered. Nothing. "Nana," I said a little louder. "Nana," I whined, louder still and fearful I would be heard over the phone. "Davey, don't interrupt. I told you I would be right with you. If you can't behave yourself, you can go stand in the corner. Go on, march." Her look left no doubt that she was serious. I stomped my foot and went to the corner the indicated. "I'm sorry. You were saying?" Her conversation went on and on. It wasn't long before I was clutching myself and shifting from foot to foot. "What? Yours too? I guess you had better be going. Goodbye, Debbie. Give my love to Tony." She must have been talking to her daughter-in-law. She hung up the phone and walked up behind me. She gave a hard swat to my behind. That was more than I could take, and a large squirt erupted into my training pants. "David, I'm very disappointed in you. Don't you know it's rude to interrupt when someone is on the phone? I bet you don't interrupt your Mommy when she's on the phone, do you?" "No," I conceded. "But …" "But nothing. Whatever it was could have waited. I told you I wasn't going to be long." "But I had to go potty," I whined. "You're a big boy, you can hold it for a couple of minutes, can't you?" "Yeah," I said tentatively. "Let's get you to the potty then," she sighed. Once in the bathroom, I started to undo my pants. I was really hoping she would go away. Instead, she brushed my hands away and took over. "David! How could you? You said you could hold it. I thought you were a big boy." "I am. I can. But … you spanked me." "That little slap on the tushy? That's your excuse? Well, we'll just see about that. I'll show you what a real spanking is, after you finish on the potty. If there's anything left, that is." She pushed me down firmly onto the seat and, much to my embarrassment, pushed my pee down between my legs for me. She would usually leave me alone to do my business, but not this time. She hovered, glaring at me and tapping her foot. I forced myself to overcome my bladder shyness and peed a still considerable amount. I felt the rumblings of a bowel movement coming on, but with Nana standing there, it wasn't going to happen. When she decided it was done, grabbed my wrist, pulled me up, flushed the toilet, and dragged me to her room with my pants still around my ankles. She grabbed a hairbrush off her dresser and sat down on her bed. I was over her knees in a trice. She put the hairbrush to work right away and had me blubbering out excuses, apologies, and promises before I could think. She kept up a steady barrage of scolding. "I just can't believe it, a big boy like you, interrupting me on the phone, peeing his pants, blaming it on one little slap, can't wait a couple of minutes to use the potty. I've known toddlers better behaved. Just wait till your Mommy hears about this. I'm sure she won't be happy. I can tell you this. You' won't be wetting your pants again in my house, not today. You're going right back into diapers where you belong." I'm not sure those were her exact words, but they were the gist of it. I'm not even sure she heard my protests that I tried, and she was a lot longer than a couple of minutes on the phone. I hadn't realized she stopped when she made me stand up and dragged me to the room I napped in. She pushed me down on the bed and got a diaper out. My blazing behind was wrapped up before I knew, and she was telling me I would be staying in bed the rest of the afternoon. "And if I hear one peep out of you, you'll think that spanking was playing pat-a-cake." She left me sobbing, while she muttered about the earful my mommy was going to get later. I willed myself to sleep, anything to avoid thoughts of what Mommy was going to say when she got there. I felt a gentle shaking of my shoulder, drawing me back to the land of the living. I was grateful to escape my troubled dreams, but when I saw Mommy sitting beside me, my eyes began to fill with tears again. I opened my mouth to beg her forgiveness, but she placed a finger over my lips. "Not now, sweetie. We'll talk about it when we get home." She helped me to sit up and put on some pants. "Let's get you home and fed, and we'll have a nice long talk, okay?" She didn't seem mad. That worried me. It wasn't like Kathy to restrain her feelings, and when she did, it usually resulted in a real blowout. She took my hand and led me downstairs. I followed with trepidation. Nana was waiting. She appeared considerably calmer too. I didn't understand, but I was not unhappy when she gave me a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek, with promises to see me tomorrow. Kathy was crossing the street leisurely, but my stress level went up with every step closer to our house. I was sure she would lower the boom as soon as we were behind closed doors. Instead, she pulled me into an embrace and rocked me. Without letting go, she made a quick diaper check and announced I would be fine until after supper. She took me into the kitchen and had me sit, while she prepared our meal. I asked if I could help, but she wouldn't hear of it. It was a simple supper, which I would have enjoyed more if I hadn't been waiting for the other shoe to drop. "Sweetie, about what happened at Nana's today," she began. Here it comes, I thought. "Nana wanted me to apologize for her getting so upset with you. After she put you down and had time to think, she realized that she really was talking for a long time, and she should have listened to you and taken you to the potty sooner." "If she'd just let me go by myself …" "Shh. It's okay. We know you are having trouble making it to the potty in time, and we shouldn't keep you waiting." "But I can," I protested. "Honey, are your pants wet now?" Without thinking, I put my hands to my crotch, and blushed when I felt the squish. "Come here, baby." I stood and walked around to her. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down. She squeezed the front of my diaper and looked at me. "Sweetie, you are more wet than when I got you up from your nap. Did you know that?" I didn't, and I felt another cry coming on. "There, there, sweetheart. Don't worry. Mommy's not mad. I know you can't help it. I think you're worrying about keeping your pants dry is getting to be too much for you. You're just not ready yet." "I am," I whined. "No, honey, I don't think so. That's why Mommy got you some new diapers today. They're cloth and have Velcro. You'll be able to feel if you wet them, and Nana will be able to get them off in a hurry if she has to. I don't want you to worry about making it to the potty in time. Nana will take you when she thinks you should try, but if you wet your diaper, nobody is going to be mad. No more spankings for wet pants, doesn't that sound good?" Something in her logic felt wrong, but I found myself nodding in agreement. "We can try potty training again after a while, but for right now, I want you to relax and not think about it, okay? You just play and help Nana and Mommy when we ask. Will you do that for Mommy?" Kathy was being so nice about the whole thing, I just sniffled and nodded my ascent. She stood up and drew me into a hug that I could have stayed in forever. "Let's get you a nice tubby and then you can go night-night, okay?"
  6. Hi all. I'm a abdl in Southampton and I would really like to get to know if there are anyone else like me around my area. I would love to get to know more people that loves to ware and use there nappys as well. But I would also really love a daddy or a big brother someone who could look after baby a little and have fun with I'm very open minded and like to get to know people and making friends. Hope to hear from you soon BabySparkster
  7. Pt 1 Frankie stood in front of the mirror, looking at her shorts. Not short shorts but not long either, they cut a fine figure around her body, a slight unnoticeable bugle around her bottom, but one you would strain to notice. She ran her hands down her t-shirt and pants in a brushing fashion, more of an instinct than anything else. Watching her mother do it for years kinda glued it in her brain. She grabbed a hair clip with an attached dark blue bow and brushed back her fringe clipping it in place off to one side. She grabbed her keys and backpack and slid on her jacket as she left the front door, clicking the door firmly behind her. She walked out to the garage and stood in front of her bike, zipped up her leather jacket, donned the backpack, and threw her leg over the bike. A turn of the key and a push of the electric start and it gently purred to life. She took a left out of the driveway and headed towards town. She loved the feeling of the cool crisp air cutting through her jacket and the clear cloudless sky above her head. Time on her bike was time away from life, nothing but the sound of the engine, no distractions, no music, no conversation, just thoughts and fresh air. After 15 minutes she pulled into a car park out the front of a dilapidated looking building, it’s awning hanging in a couple of places in an unstructured way. She turned the key and her bike goes to sleep, awaiting for the next outing to show its mechanical prowess. She took off her helmet while walking around the side of the building, sliding open a large glass door. Frankie! The only occupant inside exclaims. “long time no ocean. I was wondering if you were ever coming back.” he says warmly. “Hey James, sorry, life has been…busy. Its a bad excuse I know. How are you?” “Not bad at all, very busy as well, but life has been treating me well” “Good to hear” Frankie said with a shy smile. A moment of awkward silence before James chips in “ready to get started then?” “Sure just let me go to the bathroom while you prep and I will be right back” She opened the door, shutting it behind her as she walked in. Leaning up against the wall she takes a deep breath, a wave of nervousness whips over her. She looks down at her pants, again patting them down and slightly adjusting the waist band. Turning and doing the same for the back, looking at herself in the tiny disintegrating mirror attached to the wall. “It’s fine” she tells herself, “you can’t see a thing”. She takes one last deep breath, pulls her shirt down covering her waist band and opens the door and walks back out. James has a table with a white plastic cover prepped, a table to his side with a a few items. Frankie hope straight up on the table and lays down on her stomach. “Okay, ready to finish this tattoo off?” James asks. “You look a little nervous today. A bit unlike you, everything okay?” “Yeah I’m fine” Frankie says, lying. Well, a lie is not really true, the tattoo was nothing to be afraid of, it was but one of many. The decision she made a week ago was what made her nervous, the slight but mostly unnoticeable bulge on her bottom made her nervous, along with the faint smell of baby powder. As she was laying there lost in thought, a slight stinging pain brings her mind sharply back into focus. This was her 3rd session on this tattoo. Located on her calf, 3 sittings was pretty unusual, but finding time with James was always hard. He continued as Frankie started to drift off. It wasn't quite sleep, but she wasn't quite awake. There was something about the strange sensation of getting a tattoo that always put her in a trance, and today that trance was welcome. Anything taking her mind off things was very much welcomed. After about 2 hours with a quick break in the middle, her tattoo was finally finished. “Well you're done, want to have a look?” Asked James. “Yeah of course I do!” Frankie said sounding excited, Jumping off the bed. Her padding shifting to remind her what she was wearing, Frankie turned bright red as she remembered what she was hiding under her pants. “James, it looks fantastic! I love it, the colours are just perfect” she walked up to him and gave him a huge hug. “thank you so much, its been worth the wait” she said genuinely. “All part of the job, plus it was a fantastic idea, and it was something I genuinely wanted to work on. No biggie at all” James said with a smile. “Hey, what are you doing later tonight? Are you free to grab a drink?” he asked politely. Frankie immediately tensed up, and James noticed. “It’s okay if you don..” James started before Frankie cut in. “Thanks James, its a lovely offer, but its just not the right time. Maybe sometime soon” she said with a genuine smile. She gave James a tender kiss on the cheek, held his hand briefly then grabbed her bag. “hold on two seconds” James said as he walked over to a bench. He grabbed a clear piece of plastic and some tape, covering her fresh work. “You know the deal” he said sheepishly. “The money will be in your account tomorrow” she said as she smiled and shut the door behind her. Frankie walked to her bike, lent up against it and let out a huge sigh. It’s not that she didn't like James, it just wasn't the right time. Same old story, but its true. Life hadn't been very kind to Frankie and the thought of starting something new, at this time was overwhelming. She threw on her jacket, zipped it up, put her backpack over her shoulders and jumped on the bike. The added thickness between her and the bike seat was something she was still getting used to. It felt awkward, but comfortable, a strange feeling she was only used to in small small doses. The ride home was uneventful, aside from a stop at the shops to grab a few staples, bread milk, some fruit and veg, and more baby wipes. She stuffed these into her backpack and continued home. Frankie parked the bike in the garage and headed inside. She opened the door and dropped her bag, jacket and helmet on the floor and puts her keys on the side board. She headed into the kitchen to turn on some lights and then headed straight to her bedroom down the back of the house. Frankie’s house wasn't big, in fact it was quite small, an old workers cottage. The previous owners had spent a lot of money renovating it back to its former glory. Its beautiful high ceilings and polished wood floors made it feel very homely. During winter, the lounge room with an open fire was the place to be. And as winter is Frankie’s favourite time of the year, having a fireplace was a added luxury. She walked down the hall way and past the bathroom, the toilet door open almost taunting her. It had been an interesting decision to make, going 24/7, but it was one she was excited and nervous about all at the same time. On one hand she loved diapers and the comfort and safety they bring, but going 24/7 made her downright terrified. Having only really ever worn inside the house and the odd late night trip to the corner store, so many situations in her life have never been experienced with the added bulk between her legs. “What if I leak? What if my but looks big? What if I get found out? What happens if i need to go……number 2?” All thoughts that had been running through her head over the last couple of weeks. All of this anguish and worry had culminated today. The first day. Picked as an arbitrary date in the calendar almost a month ago, it was unfortunate that it landed on the only day that James was available for a session. “A trial by fire” she thought to herself. So far so good. She walked into the bedroom and unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her milky white skin. She expertly kicked them up into the washing basket near her cupboard. She stood in the mirror and looked at herself. The white nappy hugging her figure, a crisp v of white plastic heading between her legs. She pulled up the front of her nappy, tensioning it across her skin and between her legs as she poked down. She needed to pee but couldn’t. It had always been easy in the past, but her brain was putting up a last stand, knowing it was going to be reversing all it has done for the past 25 years. She stood for sometime, trying to relax her muscles to no avail. The bright white nappy, remained so. She took off her top, and unclipped her bra in the front between her breasts, letting it fall to the floor. She grabbed a t-shirt of the shelf and threw it on, its hem ending mid bottom. She walked out of her room and back to the bathroom, and headed for the toilet. She sat down, nappy and all and waited. After a few moments she loosened up and she felt the material between her legs warm as she flowed into her nappy. After a few seconds of solid stream, she could feel the slight dampness against her bottom. She got up and flushed the toilet out of habit, realising her mistake as soon as she had flushed. She ran her hand over the front of her nappy feeling her wetness and then strained to turn around and see the back, again running her hand over the white plastic. The nappies were not great, not horrible. Some of her last supplies of a store brand she found. They had a white plastic backing, and 2 blue tapes. They held 2-3 good wettings and were reasonably comfortable. They were a great find but had recently switched to cloth backing. Frankie loved the feeling of cloth, but hated the stretch factor, they just never stayed tight around her waist. Tight was a big thing, maybe it was the security maybe it was just the fit, but Frankie had never been a loose fit clothing person. Jeans were always tight, Skirts are always neat and form fitting. The closest Frankie got to free flowing, was pyjamas. That was slowly starting to change, mostly out of necessity. Being down to the last pack or so of store brand nappies, she had ordered some more late last week. Some good quality medical style nappies, some boutique ABDL style nappies, some pull-ups, goodnights and also some reusables. The thought of the amount of waste disposables would create, Frankie thought it only fair to try out some more environmentally friendly options. Some new reusable goodnights tru fits were ordered, along with some cloth nappies and plastic pants, 20 pairs of cloth in all. It wasn't a small investment, the reusables costing more than a few hundred dollars alone. But for this to work, Frankie knew she had to invest in it, the money spent would be a good justification to keep going. The reusables hopefully saving money as she continued. She ran her finger round the leg band of her nappy, and decided it will do for a while. She turned the light off and headed to the lounge room. Her padded bottom plonking on the couch as she flicked on the tv. After watching tv for a while, the door bell softly chimed. Frankie got up and walked over to the door. “ Who is it?” she asked while looking through the oneway glass. “delivery” came the reply. A young man in his mid 20’s was at the door with a trolley and some large boxes. Frankie could see he was looking at his digital device, finding her delivery as he scanned the sides of the boxes. “okay give me a minute” she said as she skipped to the back of the house. She went into her bedroom and found a pair of jogging shorts to throw over her nappy. The slight crinkle made her nervous, but its just a delivery guy she thought. She walked to the front of the house and opened the door. “Hi, sign here” the delivery guy said. Frankie singed the digital screen. “where do you want these?” he asked. “Just somewhere over there thank you” Frankie replied with a smile. He wheeled in the plain boxes and left them in her lounge room. “thank you” the delivery guy said as he walked out. She walked over to notice one of the boxes wasn't plain like she asked, the bold letters of Tena Maxi written down the side. “Shit! I specifically requested plain boxes” she said to herself. She lifted the boxes from on top of each other onto the floor. She grabbed a pair of scissors off the coffee table and opened the boxes up. She pulled out the contents of each box and sat them on the floor. She wasn't so interested in the tena’s, the goodnites or the attends, she was more curious about the cloth nappies, the reusable goodnites and the plastic pants. “Ooh that pattern is cute” she said as she held up a pair of dependeco all in ones. She had purchased 5 pairs of these, all made from soft flannel. Next were the terry cloth nappy squares, 10 in total, and lastly 5 dependeco pull ups. An assortment of gary and suprima plastic pants, a few in clear and the rest in colours. Most of which are all high waisted. She thought she may need to wear plastic panties sometimes with disposables, so there was a few pairs that sat lower in waist as well. Inside the cloth nappy box was a list of instructions. “before use, please wash and air dry 2 times”. Frankie read the washing instructions as she grabbed them all to throw them in the wash. She walked to the bathroom and opened a sliding door which hid her washing machine, and threw in the terry cloth nappies, leaving the others in a basket on the floor. She started the machine and walked back to the lounge room. It was starting to get dark, and it was starting to get colder. The air crisp at night, and the skies bright blue and cloudless during the day. She grabbed one box of nappies and took them to her bedroom put them on the bed and went back and started to bring in the rest in. She had removed all of her undies from her top drawer and also moved some other clothes from the 3 draws below. She grabbed the nappies and started to put them into the draws, ABDL ones in the top, medical style ones in the next, pull ups in the third and space in the forth for cloth and plastic pants. Frankie was a little OCD, and everything was always aligned. All the nappies were stacked on their ends, so it was easy to count how man were left, everything in neat rows. After unpacking everything, Frankie took off her jogging shorts and checked her Nappy. It was still wet from before, but the absorbent material had started to bulk and get lumpy. “Almost time for a change, better make the most of it” she thought to herself. She stood there and attempted to pee before getting changed. No point in wasting this one she thought. As she stood she relaxed, closed her eyes, started to slow her breathing, relaxing her muscles. She stood for what felt like like minutes, but after about 40 seconds, she felt herself let go, a warm jet flowing into her nappy. A distinctive hiss sound followed. After a few seconds she finished, her hand instinctively reaching for the front of the nappy. This was the first time she had been able to pee reasonably freely since she decided to wear 24/7. She sighed in relief. “Was that so hard?” She asked herself. “I need to get a pet”, she immediately said after realising she was talking to herself again. She grabbed a change mat and laid it out on the bed. She was hoping to tryout a cloth nappy, but since they needed to be washed, she grabbed a rearz from the top drawer. She grabbed wipes and powder and sat down on the bed. Her still wet nappy immediately leaking. “shiit!” she exclaimed in frustration. It mustn't have absorbed everything yet. Instantly grateful and glad she was on the change mat, even though it was still annoying. She slid her bum up the mat and laid back, her head falling on a fluffy pillow. She pulled the tapes on the nappy and then flipped the front down, her milky white skin meeting her fiery red hair. She grabbed a wipe and cleaned herself up, lifted her bum and pulled out the nappy while sliding a new one under. She applied a modest amount of powder and then tapped the fresh nappy up. She sat up, checking the fit before grabbing a pair of flannel pyjama pants to throw on with her t-shirt. She headed back to the kitchen to start dinner flicking the TV on as she went. As she listened to the news of the day she cooked. Soup was on the menu tonight, it gave her a chance to use the stock she made a few days prior. Frankie loved cooking and home cooked hearty style dishes were always her favourite. About 20 minutes later, she grabbed a big bowl and sat down on the couch, two pieces of crispy bread sat on a plate beside her. She dipped the bread and watched TV for a couple of hours before dragging herself up to do the dishes. She cleaned and put everything away, portioning her soup into tupperwear for the following days, and throwing some in the freezer for later. Frankie looked at the clock and realised it was getting late, she turned off the TV and preceded to head to bed. She turned the lights off and made sue the front door was locked as she went. In her room, she grabbed her handbag, opening a conveniently large pouch on one side. Already inside was a small container of powder, a travel pack of wipes. She added 2 goodnites and a medium thickness tena from her new order. She button up the pouch and put it on the floor. She grabbed her backpack and opened it up, grabbing some items from the cupboard and drawers before throwing them into the bag. She brushed her teeth in the bathroom, while looking at herself in the mirror. She flossed and then washed her face before heading to bed. She climbed in, turned the lights off and flicked on her sleeping music and she was out in seconds. Pt 2 “What is that sound?” she thought in her head, in the middle of a dream. “why is it so…. screechy? Make it stop!” the voice said. She instantly woke to the sound of her alarm before hitting the snooze on her phone. “ I bloody hate that alarm” she thought to herself, missing the irony in her thought. She climbed out of bed and stood up, stretching. Her nappy was bone dry as usual, but she was desperate to pee. She closed her eyes, and relaxed and after about 40 seconds her bladder released its grip. Her nappy soaking up her warm pee, the material absorbing and spreading warmness all over. Frankie was always a heavy wetter, and nothing was more appropriate for that then the rearz she had taped between her legs. After a good while she finished, she stripped out of her PJ’s and headed to the cupboard. She grabbed a pair of leggings, pulling them up her legs and over her nappy. It was bulky, and damp but no where near capacity. She grabbed a flowing dress and threw it on replacing her T-shirt. Frankie was quite small in the chest, or so she thought, her friends always said she had a great body but she wasn't convinced. She grabbed a hair clip and pinned her hair up, throwing on a pair of flats, grabbed her bags and the headed off. She picked up her keys, and a banana and walked out the front door locking it behind her. The sun was only starting to peak above the horizon, throwing shades of beautiful pink and red colour all over the sky. She walked quickly, to keep warm, but also because she was nervous about being out in a nappy. The tights squeezed the nappy close to her body and minimised the gentle rustle of the plastic. But none of this mattered to Frankie, for all she felt, she may as well be walking down the street with nothing else on. After about 10 minutes a enjoying the beautiful colours as the sun was coming up, she arrived. She walked in the door and scanned her card to unlock the turnstile.. She walked through the building and found the change rooms. She found a stall down the back of the room, and checked to see if anyone was around. With only one stall occupied at the other end she closed the door and locked it behind her. She pulled her dress over her head, leaving her chest bare with just her tights with a nappy underneath. She looked in the small mirror, turning around to see her bum, instinctively running her hands over her nappy area. “It’s not toooo bad” she said to herself. One thing she found hard to admit, even to herself, the nappy did add some much needed volume to her slim backside. After a moment lost in thought, the tights came down, and the nappy untaped. She pulled it from between her legs and rolled it tightly before refastening the tapes. “Shit” she thought, “what do I do with it now? I’ll have to grab some plastic bags to put wet nappies in if i can’t throw them out right away”. She placed it in her bag for the time being and opened the side pocket and grabbed the baby powder, she then opened the top and gave it a squeeze sending a puff of powder in the air. She grabbed something latex like from her bag and began to give it a quick coat. Putting it aside she reach further back in the bag and grabbed an item of clothing. She stepped into it, pulling it half way up and then put her arms through pulling it up over her shoulders. She ran her fingers around the leg openings and tucked in a couple of stray copper red hairs. “God another thing I need to do, I’ll try and get to the beautician and get a wax on friday” She made a mental note. She grabbed the latex cap and her bags and left the stall. She put her bags in a locker after grabbing something else out, and then turned the lock. she entered in a 4 digit pin to lock it and then walked out. It was humid and steamy, completely the opposite of outside where the cool air gave her goosebumps as she walked. Frankie twisted up her hair into a tight bun and wrapped a hair tie around it, she grabbed the latex cap and pulled it over her hair, again tucking in a couple of loose hairs. She walked up to the pool and jumped in. The warm water immersing her senses as it rushed past her body. Her eyes closed, she rose to the surface after about 15m and proceeded to swim to the other end. Once there she lent against the wall and rested while she pulled on a pair of goggles. Her swimmers were cute, racer style, but with big polka dots in multiple colours, her cap matching. Her mirror finish goggles looking decidedly meaner than her swimsuit, hiding her blue eyes behind a sleek exterior finish. Frankie was an accomplished swimmer and made the trip to the pool before work as much as possible, the warm water was relaxing and being underwater transported her to another world, away from the noise and distractions of regular life. But mostly, it was thinking time, time without disruption. Her whole life was mapped out in the pool, days planned, chores noted and thoughts pondered. Today she was lucky, there was almost 2 hours before she had to be at work so she could get in a decent number of laps before getting out. Turn after turn, following the black line, Frankie counted the number of laps. Every few laps she would glance at the large clock before tumble turning and continuing on. Frankie hadn't considered swimming and her quest to go 24/7, and it only dawned on her now. It was the first time she hadn’t been wearing a nappy in a few days. “Do they make adult swim nappies?” she though, “I wonder what they look like…I wonder if I could swim laps in them?” a million thoughts about nappies flooded her mind as it took off on a million tangents. “I’ll look into swim nappies when I get home” she decided. She also thought whether not wearing a nappy while swimming was against her self proclaimed rule about wearing 24/7. More things to ponder. 2km later, it was almost time to get out, she could feel her muscles starting to sting with lactic acid as she slowly swam to the end of the lane. She pulled herself out and sat on the edge of the pool, removing her polka dot cap and pulling out her hair tie. Her bright orange hair released from its shackles, promptly exploded in tight frizzy curls from the humidity. She got up and walked over to the locker rooms and found her locker, she punched in the details and retrieved her bags then looked for a cubicle. Each one had a shower, a bench to put things on and a few hooks to hang clothes on. She hung her handbag and put her backpack on the bench. As she turned on the shower, a warm cloud of steam rose, coating everything in a light mist. She peeled off her swimsuit and washed it before wringing it out and leaving it to one side. She washed herself thoroughly before shutting of the shower. Frankie grabbed her towel and quickly dried herself before the chill set in. Bending over forwards, she collected her hair in the towel and then flicked it back with a turn on the way and left it to dry. In her backpack was her work skirt and shirt, a bra, some tights, toiletries and deodorant and lastly her protection. She hadn't worn to work yet, after a couple of rostered days off late last week, and the weekend, today was the day she had to face one of her biggest fears. The whole weekend had been leading up to this point. Wearing anywhere else would be easier than work, she knew these people, and they knew her, very well too I might add. Not only that, but she spent 8 hours with them a day, so there was always a chance she could slip up and be discovered. Two pull-ups and a Tena, a Tena would probably last the day but was bulkier. The pulls ups didn't really hold much, and she would have to change. It wasn't an easy choice either way. After a bit of consideration, she grabbed a pull up. Putting one leg in then the next, she pulled them up, easing them along the way. By no means was she too big for them, she sometimes had troubles with tearing the sides by being too hasty pulling them up, and with only one other pull-up with her, she didn't want to chance having to wear the nappy. She wiggled it over her hips and straightened it out, running a finger through the lag bands to make sure everything was in place. It sat snugly against her body, only adding a little more bulk than her usual undies. She grabbed her bra and put it on and then gave a quick re adjust before grabbing her tights. She stepped into one side pulling it halfway up her leg before doing the same to the other. She gently pulled them up to her belly button, cinching them up afterwards till they were comfortable. They covered her pull-up and pressed everything close to her skin. Frankie could clearly see the pull-up underneath, but in reality they faded into invisibility. She quite liked her work uniform, her company had actually got all the employees uniforms custom made and tailored, so it was comfortable to wear and fit neatly. Her skirt was high wasted and was long down to her knees, dark grey in colour and made from a cotton blend. It had some elasticity in it so it hugged her when it was on. Her work shirt was a simple blouse with the company logo embodied on the breast. She pulled up her skirt, doing the zipper on the side and then put on her blouse tucking it in. She threw on her flats again and grabbed her things and left, she would do the rest once at work. Within a few minutes she was out the door and onto a tram heading into town. Frankie loved the tram, it was a piece of nostalgia that her city had never forgotten. They were everywhere she needed to go, fast, efficient and cheap. After a few stops she was at her work stop. She jumped off after the tram had slowly come to a stop, and skipped across the road dodging the slow moving traffic. She felt confident all things considered, she knew her pull-up was there, the extra padding on her bottom and between her legs were a constant reminder, but she didn't feel like it was obvious. She scanned her ID as she entered and headed up to the office. Frankie worked in logistics, specifically medical logistics. A fairly niche field but incredibly diverse and always changing. She got her start as a volunteer working in south east Asia. Frankie a young woman at this stage was only a couple of years out of school and working in a disaster stricken country. She was in the country as a tourist on a visa for 6 mths when an earthquake hit, destroying the town she was staying in, along with scores of others. She couldn't get home, and she couldn't enjoy her holiday, so she volunteered at a red cross camp. She was assigned to help a medical logistics unit, who were in desperate need of hands for general duties. She was basically there to take notes, answer phones, make photocopies and be a general dogs body. She hated it at first, but after a few days she started to bond with the team, and became more and more interested in it. She also took it upon herself to make sure the team ate when they could and get whatever sleep they could afford. After spending 3 months in country, when she was only initially meant to stay for maybe one, it was in her blood. When she flew home, she kept her contacts and enrolled in university. There isn't a “medical logistics” degree as such, she already had a degree in health sciences, and then used that to fly overseas to do a masters in medical logistics. She worked in general logistics roles for a couple of years before a job opened up with the team she worked with in South East Asia. She applied and was offered the position with open arms. It was fantastic to be back with the crew, but also learning the ropes of day to day business. She settled into her desk and got stuck into the endless stream of emails and had a morning tea as always. Today most of the office was at a conference, Frankie had drawn the short straw to stay back. It didn't really bother her too much. It’s not like the conference was somewhere exotic, it was just on the other side of town. At about lunch time she felt the urge to pee, so she got up, grabbed her handbag and walked to the bathroom. She opened a stall, walked in and shut the door. She thought about sliding down her tights incase she leaked, but she didn't really feel like she had a full bladder. “Hell, i'm going to have to get used to this, may as well start now” she said to herself. She relaxed and after a few seconds she felt the warmness in her pull-up. After she finished she rubbed the pull-up, it was only a little wet and she thought she will keep it on for the time being. She straightened her skirt and left the bathroom. The day flew by without her really noticing, the quietness allowed her to keep her nose down and plough through a bunch of things she had been meaning to do for ages. It was almost 5.30 when she grabbed her bags, logged of her computer and left. She made her way down stairs and walked to the tram, one showing up about 4 minutes later. After a short ride, she jumped off the tram and walked the short distance home. She was very much looking forward to getting home and getting changed, both out of her work clothes but also out of her wet pull-up. Frankie put her key and the door and turned the lock, the door popping open. The smell of garlic and onions hit her straight away, the sweet roasted aroma filling the house and her nostrils. “Hello?” she said wearily. “Hey Frankie down here” the voice called. Frankie walked through the house, past the kitchen and towards the back of the house. as she got to the bathroom and laundry, a figure caught her eye. “Leah!” Frankie said with surprise and excitement, “what are you doing here?” She said as she walked over to give her a big hug. “Hey bub, I haven't seen you in a while, and I thought I would come round and cook you dinner. I just wanted to spend some time with you” she said with a warm smile. “What about the kids and Matt? “oh they will be fine, Matt’s a big boy, I'm sure he can manage the kids for a night” she said with a cheeky smile. It was at that point Frankie noticed that leah was doing a load of washing, and she hadn't removed her dry cloth nappies from the machine after their wash dry cycle. She could feel the blood drain from her face and she felt her stomach drop. “ Ummmm, i’ll be back in two secs” Frankie mumbled as she left the room hoping she removed them. She walked into her bedroom to find the cloth nappies and the pull-ups folded on the bed. Leah walking in behind her. “Sooo, want to fill me in?” She asked in the mostly friendly and innocent tone she could muster. Leah sat on the bed and patted it motioning for Frankie to sit down. “I know you have had a tough time lately Frankie, hence why i’d thought id pop round. But I wasn't really expecting this. And it's not a bad thing, I just don't know what to make of it. I guess I just want to understand” she said understandingly. Frankie sat motionless for a few moments “ Umm it’s complicated but it helps I guess” she said. The life drained from Frankie’s voice. “Hun, that's okay, you don’t need my permission to do anything, and I love you regardless. Do you want to talk about it?” leah said reassuringly. “Maybe later if that's okay?” Frankie replied sheepishly. “Sure, we don’t even have to talk tonight, just when you feel like it you just let me know okay? As long as you're happy, i’m happy okay?” “okay” Frankie replied. “Okay, no moping, I’m going to let you freshen up and get out of your work clothes, i’ll be in the kitchen, come out when you're ready, okay? “sure” Frankie said while mustering a strained smile. Leah left and shut the door behind her leaving Frankie sitting on the bed. She didn't really know what to think. It was bad that she found out, but she was relieved that leah was so understanding. Frankie stood up and unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt. She pulled down her tights and slipped them off. She looked at herself in the mirror in her pull-up and bra. She felt a little embarrassed, but she felt comfortable in who she was, this was her, it had been with her since her birth. She knew it was what she wanted, she just had to make it work for her long term. She opened the wardrobe, grabbed some wipes and some powder and a abena M4. She tore the sides of her pull-up and placed it in the bin next to her wardrobe. pulling out a wipe. she cleaned herself up while standing. After a couple of wipes she bent over and unfolded the nappy on the bed and sprinkled some powder on it. She sat down on the nappy and laid back. She lifted her hips and adjusted the nappy pulling it up between her legs and re adjusting to get it just right. She found having her legs flat on the bed gave her a better fit. She pulled the side and tucked it in while taping up the bottom left tape. She did the same to the right before taping the top two. She hopped up and pulled the band of the nappy, it pulling snugly between her legs. She walked over to the cupboard and grabbed a pair of pyjama bottoms and pulled them on, then grabbing a loose fitting shirt, she pulled it on over her bra. She checked her bottom in the mirror before patting her bum and leaving. “Find something on netflix, i’ll bring dinner over” leah said, her head buried in a draw looking for some bowls. Frankie was pretty much in shock. She never thought she would be found out like this, it was such a rookie error. She was very quiet as she made her way to the couch, instantly regretting her choice of nappy as it crinkled gently with every step. Leah dished up some minestrone soup and some crusty bread and brought 2 bowls over and sat down. Frankie was on the couch and leah sat next to her, threw a pillow on her lap and handed her a plate with the bread and bowl of soup. Leah sat down and grabbed a pillow and got comfy next to Frankie. clicking through channels, Frankie finally found a movie and hit select. The two got comfy as the movie started. “Is it comfortable?” Leah asked suddenly. “what?” Frankie replied. “The nappy” leah replied somewhat sarcastically. “I don’t want to talk about it” Frankie replied sharply. “Oh come on, I’m interested, you can't leave me hanging” she replied with a slight smile. “Not open for discussion” Frankie replied tersely. “Fiiiine” Leah replied as she grabbed her spoon and stirred her soup. The movie opening scenes playing out before them. “It is” Frankie replied out of nowhere. “Well it kinda is, it's hard to explain. I like it, I know it's not for everyone obviously.” “I like the pull-ups but they're not the best size, and adult pull-ups are really baggy, they just make you feel like an old person.” “What about the nappies?” leah asked curiously. “I think they’re the most comfortable, they mould to your body better I guess, and you don’t have to worry about leaking as much” “soooo you wet them?” Asked leah. “Well…yeah” Frankie admitted, her pale white skin going a rich red. “So what about…well you know, number 2’s” Leah asked, Profusely blushing herself. “well yeah guess so, I don’t know I haven't done it yet” “Are you going to?” Leah asked. “Well I haven't had to yet, but it's kinda a challenge I have set myself, so I guess I will find out sooner or later” “What do you mean challenge?” Asked leah, getting more and more interested. “It’s kind of hard to explain, I don’t want to explain it” “Okay, well what about the cloth nappies” “I don’t know I haven’t tried them yet, i’m hoping they are soft and a bit more comfortable for sleeping” Frankie admitted frankly. “can…..can I see you in a nappy?” Leah asked sheepishly “LEAH! of course you can't! Why would you want to do that?!” Frankie exclaimed “I don’t know I’m just curious I guess. Pleaaaaase” leah pleaded. “No!” Frankie replied “Fiiiine” Leah replied shortly. The two sat on the couch in silence eating their dinner. It had been building for a while, but the urge to pee had started to become more apparent. Frankie tried not to focus on it hopping she could hold on until leah got up to get something. After a while, the pressure was almost unbearable. She knew she had to release her bladder without causing too much suspicion. She relaxed and slowed her breathing, after a few seconds her bladder let go, and a jet of pee shot into her nappy. Frankie heard it clear as day but hoped that it wasn't loud enough for leah to notice. After about 20 seconds she felt the flow slow, feeling a final trickle of pee run down between her bottom. Her nappy swollen and wet between her legs. Luckily Leah was none the wiser. Time disappeared and before either of them knew it dinner was finished and so was the movie. “Another? Said leah and after a long pause “I’m sorry” she mustered. “It's okay I guess, it's just embarrassing…I didn’t want anyone to know, I wanted to keep it private.” “Well yeah!” leah said sarcastically with a giggle. “Of course you want to keep it secret!” leah said as she burst out laughing. “look, I am genuinely sorry, i’m just curious, i’m kinda intrigued. Would I be able to just have a quick peek? a tiny tiny little peek? I promise I won't say anything. Pleeeeease!” Leah begged. Frankie mulled it over in her head. She didn’t really have anything to lose by showing her, after all she already knew. The only thing in the way was her pride. Besides they had seen each other naked more times than they could count, so it's not like that mattered. “Well I have to get changed, you can see it quickly for 2 seconds okay!?” Frankie said quite annoyed. She wasn't sure why she was annoyed, probably because she was angry at herself for forgetting to put the nappies away in the first place. “Okay” said Leah enthusiastically. Frankie hopped up from the couch and Leah followed. They walked to the back of the house to the bedroom. “sit there” said Frankie as she pointed to the end of the bed. Leah sat down with her hands on her lap, quiet as a mouse. Frankie nervously pulled down her PJ pants and stood there with her head down ashamed.The pants fell down to her ankles leaving the poor embarrassed Frankie standing there, the bottom half of her nappy exposed to the world, her pale white legs naked for the world to see. Leah sat with a half smile on her face, a million things running through her head. The only thing she could get out was “wow!” “Okay that's enough” Frankie said as she pulled up her pants awkwardly to cover her exposed bottom half. Her head still dipped in shame. “Oh sweetie, it’s not bad! it’s kinda cute, it surprisingly does wonders for your butt, it looks great!” leah half joked. “Its different not bad, and if it’s what you want then that's all that matters” Leah said reassuringly. “I noticed you’re a bit wet…would you like a hand? I’ve got plenty of experience” Leah said with a kind smile. I think that made everything worse, as soon as those words left leah’s mouth, Frankie burst into tears. “sweetie” leah said as she leant forward and grabbed Frankie’s hand. She pulled her towards the bed, and sat her down. “It’s okay, I’m sorry I asked, I shouldn't have. You just do what you need to do and i’ll be on the couch. Remember I love you no matter what” Frankie sat as leah started to get up, Frankie reached over and gave her a huge hug around the waist. Leah hugged her back then patted her on the back, she gently let Frankie go and left the room, leaving the door open as she left. Frankie sat for about 5 minutes before getting up. She checked her nappy, it was hardly wet. She thought about changing but she would probably have to change again before bed so she decided to leave it. “If i’m going to do this then I need to get used to it she said to herself. She took off her pants, leaving just her shirt and her slender legs and cute bottom. She walked out to the lounge room where leah had cued up the next movie, and sat down on the couch, bringing her legs up and resting her head on leah’s lap. It caught leah by surprise to see Frankie in just her nappy sitting on the couch next to her. She said nothing, and hit play on the movie. Frankie woke up suddenly with the intense urge to pee, it took her a couple of seconds to realise she was still on the couch and the movie was long over. She slowly stood up, grabbed Leahs hand and pulled her up. Leah was super drowsy and was still fast asleep. She hobbled with Leah down the hall turning lights off as she went. She let leah fall onto the bed and crawled in next to her. She turned the lights of from the switch next to her bed and started to pee.
  8. So I bought a few ABU Diapers, the first two I got scented with the scent strip and I did not like it at all, from far away it smells good but up close it is really overbearing. So, I got two $5 coupons from ABU and used it to order 2 more Diapers, and pay the remainder with my card, but I made sure to get them unscented. When I open the package both the package and the Diapers have a amazingly wonderful smell. This may make me a little wierd, but as soon as I take the Diapers out I hold them to my nose and smell them, then I keep the bag for a little bit so that I can stick my nose inside and sniff it, because the scent from the Diapers also scent the bag after being sealed and mailed. Now what I wanna know is what that wonderful smell is that you get even without the baby fresh scent strips and where it comes from. Is it the plastic they use? Is it the landing zone Diaper Tape? Is it the ink used for the prints? What do they do to these Diapers to make them smell so good without the scent strips?! Baby Diapers have this too, because I smell it when walking down the toy/Diaper aisle at King Soopers. However, Depend and other incontinence brands do not have this scent, obviously ABU is trying to make their Diapers as close to Baby Diapers as possible, which explains the scent when you take them out of the package. But what is the scent?! Is it just something that happens with the production of Baby and ABU Diapers? Or do they do something special to them to get that wonderful scent? Remember I'm not talking about the scent strips that you pay extra for, I'm talking about the scent that comes from the Diaper itself when you take it out of the package. Is it like a new car smell, where they just smell really good because they are fresh and the scent wears off after a while? Or do they actually add something to it during production that makes it smell so good until wet/messed? Please help provide some insight as to what this scent is, where it comes from, and how it's achieved, because I'm not having much luck finding out what the normal scent of a Baby/ABU Diaper is (not the scent strips), I would really appreciate it, thanks and stay Diapered! Reply Report Remove formatting BoldItalicUnderline Text colorFont size Insert linkInsert imageSmiliesInsert Gallery embed AlignmentListInsert table UndoRedo Toggle BB code Write your reply... Post reply Preview Attach files Share: TwitterRedditPinterestTumblrWhatsAppEmailLink Diaper Talk Default style Terms and rules Privacy policy Help RSS Forum software by XenForo™ © 2010-2019 XenForo Ltd. | Add-ons by ThemeHouse Discord Integration © Jason Axelrod of 8WAYRUN Reply
  9. It was tiresome, and Max didn't know if he could handle it anymore; eventually, he just sighed and threw up his hands. "Ugh, fine. Listen, I need to tell you something about my brother. You know, the one we're going to be staying with?" He shuffled his feet and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, he isn't exactly adult-material. You'll see when he comes to pick us up-" That was when the car pulled into his friend's driveway, and Max slapped his forehead the instant he saw the tired-looking teen slouched in the front seat. Not only was he wearing a coffee-stained shirt-again, for the millionth time, even after he specifically asked him to wear something clean-he wasn't even wearing it properly. The damn thing was on backwards, and his long, black hair was a total mess. He hadn't even shaved the stubble off his face, so now he looked like a hobo, and he was even drinking the coffee while driving! He'd told him not to do that. Perfect first impression, Max thought to himself, scowling as he walked over and slipped into the seat alongside his friend after helping him with his bags. "Bill, you have got to be kidding me." The eighteen-year-old rolled his eyes at him and drummed his fingertips against the steering wheel as he started to drive, "What is it this time, mom?" Max rolled his eyes and shot back, "Your shirt's on backwards again, you obviously didn't brush your hair, you haven't shaved, and I bet you drank that coffee on the way here and spilled it on yourself again, didn't you?" The boy just slouched and muttered something unintelligible under his breath. Max waited for him to speak up, before finally commanding him, "Speak up so I can hear you, Bill." Bill simply pouted at him from the front seat before raising his voice so he could hear, "Yeah, I might've spilled it a little, but I diddit yesterday an' you were fine wit' it. Not like it matters, anyway." He mumbled childishly, swinging his feet as he drove them to his and Max's abode. Max didn't have the energy to keep arguing; he just glared at him from the corner of his eye. He sighed, looking back at his friend when the car stopped as if to say "do you see what I have to deal with" before sitting back in his seat.
  10. I write and sell spanking stories on Amazon under a pen name, several of which feature ABDL content. If you're interested, the link to my Amazon author page is below. If not, no biggie. Have a good day either way! S. V. Kerres Author Page
  11. Does anyone else wear their Adult Baby Diapers to School/Work (Bambino, ABU, Rearz etc.) just because you want to? Or are you afraid that you will be discovered and go with more discreet pull-ups, and save the AB printed Diapers for home? Because I do it as often as I can and I've never been noticed, my jeans hide the crinkle so you can't hear it, and no one notices me wearing in the bathroom. (or if they do they don't care/say anything) Just curious?
  12. The adventures of Alex Who was Alex? Well Alex was what most people thought was a young man entering in the big wide world, free from school and the restraints that they had held over him. For many years he had been told what to do, when to do it and always by others. He had grown up under the strong influence of his mother, whom he loved dearly, but he could never bring himself to tell her his deep down secrets and desires. Alex had been late developing into the young man he was growing into, he was shorter than most, well everyone for his age, his voice had never broken and a genetic disorder had meant that he never grew body hair, only his head held the natural blonde locks that matched his mother. He had been slow to be potty trained, still wetting at night after control during the daytime had been achieved. He was just told by his mother that over time it would sort itself out, but his nigh time wetting would be taken care of by her. So for many years after, night after night, Alex's mother was there to make sure he went to sleep in a nappy and plastic pants, then as time moved on a disposable nappy. Alex's mother was a hard working lady, well respected in the business community, with many friends, but still loved her son more than anything else. She was 6ft tall and literally towered over her son; she made sure that she kept fit, using the gym in the house and the pool on her days off and at weekends. Having made a success of her business at a young age, she always made time for Alex, her mother helping to look after him while he was still a baby. By the time that he was ready for school, she was the one to take him and pick him up every day. This would seem odd to a lot of people as it carried on until he left school, some would have thought him a little mummy’s boy, had it not been for the fact that they lived in the countryside outside the main town and off the bus route. He had his friends in school and got on ok with them, more so with the girls if he where honest about it, but rarely did one ever visit his home, sleepovers being out of the question as he felt too conscious about the bedwetting. When he was younger, at nursery school, he had a few parties as wetting problems happened with a few at that age, so he didn't stand out from the others. So Alex was now free from the restraint of school and just about to turn 19 years old, his mother had asked him if he wanted a party, but he never really was the party person. Instead he asked if he could have a vacation somewhere quiet away from the world, but by the sea, where he could just chill out and relax away from everything. There he would have time to think about what his future held, decide what to go on to do regarding work or further education. But also he would have some time alone to let his little side out. This was Alex's big secret that he hoped no-one had found out about, or if they had, they had not said anything to him. Deep down, Alex was still that little boy, he had never really grown up and loved all the time he spent with his mother, he missed the time when she looked after him night after night. But over time he had become used to getting himself ready for bed, it was only natural that as he grew he would take more responsibility. He wanted so much for his mother to do this, but could never build up the courage to ask. So here he was going away on his own for the first time without "mummy", but it would give him chance to wear his nappy during the day if he wanted. He would have them with for night time use, so why not try them during the day as well; maybe he would get those feelings back from when he was younger that he craved so much. His mother was not overly surprised when he refused the offer of the party, so was more than happy for him to have his holiday that he asked for instead. Unknown to Alex, his mother had begun to realise that deep down she was missing having her "little boy" around. She loved looking after him when he was younger but as time went by, she knew she had to release the aprons strings a little and let him develop. His mothers had become a success in the computer industry with her own business, so giving Alex a computer for his school use fine, but she never let on to him that she could remotely access it. So from time to time she found herself checking up on what he had been researching, then purely by accident one day she found one of the sites he had been looking at, then the links to some of the stories he had been reading. She could see that he was reading about "little ones" who still had their mummy even when they were grown up, or little ones that had found and sought out a new mummy. As much as this hurt, she knew that to push and question him straight away would be a mistake, causing her to push him further away or worse still lose him. She decided that he could go on his vacation, let him think for a while but then let him decide what would happen next. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So the day arrived for Alex to board his coach and take the trip. He was filled with both excitement and anticipation; he was unsure what the next few weeks would hold for him but hoped that he would make some decisions that would set him for the future. He knew there was a job for him with his mums company, but at the same time if something else was out there then that would be better, unless he decided to return to college or university. His mum had made the travel arrangements, booked his coach ticket, decided on the little holiday town he would be staying, even found him a nice little guest house to stay in. Unknown to Alex, it was a old friend of his mums that ran it, a best friend from school and college that moved there a few years earlier to take over a family business. She now ran it by herself and was only too pleased to keep an eye on Alex for his mum. She had been told about his little night time accidents so made a few preparations in advance. "Alex" said Leslie his mum, "I need to tell you a few things about your trip before you leave, so come and sit down with me for a moment before I drop you off at the bus station". Leslie sat at the table with her son, reaching out and taking his hand. "Now you are going to the seaside as you wished, it’s not too busy there, just lively enough to keep you occupied. I have booked you into a nice little guest house that is run by an old friend of mine called Val from college. Now don't panic but I made her aware of your night time accidents, I didn't want you getting all wound up and embarrassed". Alex didn't know what to say when his mum told him, he was mad that she told someone else but could see that it actually made sense, even if it was going to be embarrassing when he met Val. "Val told me that she would take care of everything so you don't need to worry" said Leslie, "She will meet you at the bus station in the resort and take you home. She said she will let you settle in and then give you the tour around before letting you do whatever you want to relax". "So make sure you have a good time, be good for her and hopefully I will get to come and visit you later in the week. I have packed everything for you and sent plenty of money ahead to take care of anything you might need". What Leslie didn't mention was that she had added a few extra things into his suitcase, something that she hoped he would like after reading and looking at his favourite pages on Alex's computer history. She had bought him a new dummy with a teat suitable for adults, along with a cloth nappy and some plastic pants. She knew that it was a risk but just hoped that he would accept them and not be scared. If she could have her little boy back then it would make her the happiest mum in the world. "Thanks for all of this mum" replied Alex, "I know telling Val was for the better, even if it makes me feel awkward and embarrassed when I meet her. It will be nice if you can come visit later in the week, you deserve a break just as much as me". So with his things packed, Alex jumped in the car with his mum and headed to the coach station for his trip. After a big hug, cuddle and a kiss, Alex walked onto his coach and took his seat, waving goodbye as the coach pulled away, leaving Leslie with a tear in her eye, waiting for the moment she would be with her little boy again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex relaxed as soon as the coach pulled away; he was on his way, looking forward to getting away for the summer and chilling out. He had become so wound up finishing school, learning never came natural to him like for some of his classmates, he had to really think hard about everything. He had gotten to the point where he was now feeling a bit mentally drained. He sat in his seat watching the world going by as the coach ploughed its way across the country, stopping at various cities along the way to collect other people. He hadn’t really travelled that much in his younger life, his mum always working hard but he would never blame her for this. He knew she wanted him to have the best they could. Finally it was getting close to lunchtime, that meant the coach would take a break and he could get off and take a break, stretch his legs and get a bite to eat. But more importantly get a chance to use the toilet. He had almost wished he was wearing one of his night time pull ups, the drinks his mum had given him for the journey, combined with the several mugs of tea at breakfast made him quite needy for the bathrooms. As soon as the coach stopped he was straight off and heading towards the bathroom area at the service area, the last thing he needed to see was the short queue of people in front of him. He figured that another coach must have gotten in just before they arrived; this was going to be an anxious and awkward wait. Finally he found himself at the front; he dashed into one of the stalls, unfastening his jogging pants as fast as possible, and then lowering his underwear but not before a little dribble came out. In one sense he was happier being in a stall, his mum’s choice of underwear for him was not the best. They could be described as unisex at best, no opening at the front and very plain. He had gotten used to her buying things like that for him over the years; he barely even noticed the pastel colours she would choose. He just used to make sure he wore the white ones whenever he was doing any sports in school. Finally he was sitting on the toilet, able to relieve himself from all those drinks he had consumed so far. He pulled his phone out of his bag to check if he had any messages, the only one being from his mum. It simply said “Love you baby, hope you have fun”. Seeing this from his mum made him feel all warm inside, she often called him baby, he never thought anything of it. He then checked his journey progress and found that they were just short of halfway to his destination. Bearing that in mind he wondered if they would be stopping once more or not, beginning to wonder whether he would be best in one of the pull ups in his bag. This would let him relax a bit; he had dribbled while going this time, so maybe it was for the best. He quickly removed his jogging pants, then “panties” before slipping on one of his pull ups, then pulled his panties back on, thinking they would help keep the pull up in place, before putting his jogging pants back on. Part 4 With himself finally sorted, Alex made his way out of the stall and into the main washroom, walking slightly slowly, now conscious of the pull up he had on. He knew that they were completely covered but still had that feeling that everyone could see it. He washed his hands and then made his way out, trying to tell whether of not his pants where rustling, but the noise in area due to the large numbers of people masked anything he could hear from his pants. He had a walk to the food area and bought himself a sandwich and a drink, before making his way to some of the seating area outside. It was such a nice day, the sun was shining and it was quite warm so why not eat outdoors for once. He found himself a spot on the grassed area but made sure to keep an eye on the time, the last thing he wanted was to miss his coach. But he could see it from where he was sitting so it would be ok. Alex loved to watch people, see them going about their business, but so many doing the same thing but not noticing. He quietly ate his lunch, sitting on the grass in his shorts, the air blowing around his legs. He forgot the fact he was wearing his pull up, his shorts flapping in the breeze; occasionally flapping so that the edge of it would show. He carried on assuming that no-one was any the wiser, not seeing what he was wearing. Sitting at a picnic table across from him was Wendy Johnson, a school nurse at a private girl’s boarding school. She too was on a holiday break, travelling by coach to a nice quiet resort by the sea, looking forward to some nice relaxing fun. She couldn’t help but notice the young man sitting alone on the grass across from her, he was different to the others, they where businessmen and lorry drivers. But she saw him, small for his age but quite content and happy. She wondered where he was going, what he was doing. Having spent the year with nothing but girls to look at in every direction, she was happy to look at the cute young man. Alex finished his lunch, looked down at his watch then saw it was time to go back to the coach, but as he was geeing up he noticed the lady at the picnic table, she was looking at him and smiling. Getting up he felt the pull up against him, but that only let panic set in, he was directly opposite her, had she seen something, was that why she was smiling. He didn’t know but was glad to be going back to his coach knowing he would be alone again. He got up, walked back across the grass, trying to avoid eye contact but couldn’t, she smiled again at him, he moved quicker wanting to be back at the coach. He got back to the coach and began to board when he noticed the other cases now sitting at the side of the coach. He looked towards the driver and asked what was happening, “Nothing to worry about young man” replied the driver, “we just have a few more passengers coming on board, the other feeder coach has arrived”. Alex thought nothing more of it, he climbed on board and went back to his seat, he put his hand luggage bag back onto the seat next to him, then leaned back waiting for the other passengers to get back. He was minding his own business, when a figure appeared by the seat next to his where his bag was. Looking up he saw a lady standing in the aisle, when he saw who it was he nearly wet himself. It was her, the lady from the bench; there she was, looking down at him, “Excuse me young man, is that seat taken” she asked him, still with that smile on her face. “Errrr, no” replied Alex with slight panic in his voice, “I will just move my bag for you”. Alex took his bag off of the seat and placed it by his feet, not noticing the top was slightly open, he was still surprised to see the lady. Part 5 Wendy took her seat next to Alex, the colour just starting to re-appear to his face after his shock. He sat there quietly wondering whether he should say something, but at that time he was simply lost for words, what could he say, what should he say, he didn’t know what she had seen if anything at all. Wendy sat there next to Alex, she loved the expression on his face when she turned up next to him, she was by no way a mean person, but she thought he was such a sweet little thing. Her whole year at the girl’s school had made her realise how much she had missed males, but there was something about this one that made her curious. She had seen the tell tale edge of his pull up when sitting on the grass, it was something easily recognisable to her, many of the girls in the school had need to see her as the nurse she was. “So young man, what is your name, how far are you travelling” said Wendy, deciding it was time to start talking with her companion. “Eeerrrr, my name is Alex” he stuttered out, “I am on the coach until it reaches the coast; I am going for a break there through the summer. Wendy was delighted to hear this; she too was travelling to the coat and knew they were headed for the same destination. “Well I am very pleased to meet you Alex, my name is Wendy Johnson” came the response, “I too am travelling down to the coast for a holiday. The girl’s school where I work as a nurse has broken up for the summer, so I decided I needed a holiday”. Alex was relaxing a bit now, but the thought of having her next to him for the rest of the journey was not that thrilling. He was taken back a bit when she told him what she did for a job; it just wasn’t expected at that point. The thought of having a nurse next to him made him think once more about the pull ups, he knew that a trained nurse would only have needed the slightest glance to recognise them. “It looks like we will be spending the journey together Alex” said Wendy, once more looking at him with that smile once more. “Now why don’t you give me that bag of yours, I can put it up on the luggage rack with mine, and then you will have far more room for the journey”. Alex was left with little choice and couldn’t reason his way around it, it would give him more room for his legs. So he reached down to grab his bag, but as it was lifted the zip sprung open and there in plain sight was his other spare pull up. He tried to quickly close his bag so it was out of sight, but he could see that Wendy had already spotted it. Wendy calmly took the bag from him, zipped it up and proceeded to place it in the luggage rack. Alex had sat back down in his seat, not knowing what to do or say at that point, it no longer mattered if she had seen it before, now she would know. “It’s ok Alex, there is no need to be ashamed” said Wendy softly as she sat back down, “lots of people have to wear pull ups and nappies, for lots of different reasons. I am a nurse so it is nothing new to me”. Alex was left stunned, he knew now that she had seen him for definite now, his pull up must have been showing while sitting on the grass area. Alex was brought back to his senses by the coach starting up and leaving the service area, a few more passengers had joined but not enough to fill the coach, yet she decided to next to me he thought. Part 6 Alex sat thinking for a moment, now taking the occasional glance at Wendy, studying her more closely. She appeared about a similar age to his mum, but noticeably taller than he was and very good looking at the same time. He thought only pretty school nurses appeared in naughty boy’s dreams. He decided that he should try and explain his situation more clearly, he didn’t want her thinking he wore the pull ups all of the time. “I don’t usually wear pull ups, it’s just that I am on a long journey and my mum gave me a lot to drink” said Alex quietly, hoping that no one could overhear him. “I occasionally need them at night, but with the traffic being as it is these days, I didn’t want to take a chance after the service stop”. Wendy turned and listened to him while he was speaking, thinking how sweet it was of him to try and explain everything. She knew quite well that he could have a genuine reason for using them, but it was just the fact that he looked so cute in them when she saw him. “There is no need to worry about it little one” replied Wendy, grinning and chuckling at Alex, “I knew there was some genuine reason for you wearing them, you just looked so cute and innocent sitting on the grass with the frilly edge of the pull up showing”. “I am only teasing Alex, I am sorry if I offended you, I hope you forgive me, I just want some nice company for the rest of the journey”. Alex was a bit taken back, but decided that Wendy seemed a nice person deep down, even if she was enjoying teasing him. Was it worth not getting along for the rest of the coach journey, it would only be a matter of hours and they wouldn’t see any more of each other. “It’s ok Wendy, I didn’t take offence” replied Alex, “But I never realised they had little frilly edges on them” he laughed, “I really hope my mum never bought me the girls ones”. Wendy began to laugh with Alex, her hand patting him on the leg, she so wanted to lift the edge of the shorts and touch his pull up, but she feared he would be scared off and that was the last thing she wanted. Deep down she had missed not being a mother to anyone herself, she went to university then trained as a nurse then got the job in the school, things such as relationships and settling down had passed her by. So over time she had begun to wonder whether she could find someone that she could give her special attention to, a man, a young man, but someone like Alex would be just perfect. Alex was feeling a bit better now they were laughing about it; he was relaxing, actually starting to like Wendy a bit. A nervous thrill went through his body when she touched his leg, it was something he had never had from a woman before, he had never come close to having a girlfriend. Still laughing and joking, Alex lifted the edge of his shorts to reveal the edge of the pull up, “there you go” he said, “see they are not frilly at all”. But when he looked he could see that they were a bit puffier than his regular ones. He wondered how this escaped his notice before, but he was in such a state and rush in the toilets so he didn’t get caught, it made sense he did notice. “Thanks mum” he thought to himself, “what other surprises have you got for me”. Wendy caught sight of it once more, thinking that it looked so much like some of the ones worn at the school where she worked. It was natural for her, but to see it on a boy was something different, offset against his soft white hairless flesh it looked so nice. “Ok, well maybe no frilly, but slightly girlish you must agree” said Wendy, now gently rubbing his leg. “You have such soft skin for a male Alex, I know lots who would adore to have legs like yours, it’s such a shame to keep them covered up”. Alex was now getting quite aroused at the touch from Wendy; never could he have imagined that events would unfold like this. He could feel the front of his pull up starting to tent, but to cover it with his hands would have given it away immediately, he could do nothing, and he was stuck. He had no way out but now he didn’t want one, her touch was driving him wild, his lack of girl experience was showing; he was far too excited to think straight now. Wendy could see the effect she was having on him, it was becoming more and more obvious, she wondered how far she could push him, was he really so shy with girls, he really was the perfect little creature. She leaned closer to him, then whispered in his ear, “You really love this don’t you, you need this, you are wearing your pull up because it excites you as well”, “I can see the effect it is having on you, relax and let nurse Wendy take care of you”. Alex was unable to resist, he needed so much to be able to release, to release at someone else’s touch and not his own, for it to be at the hands of a woman, at this moment for it to be Wendy. Part 7 Alex was having feeling that he had never experienced before, but they where ones that he was enjoying, he could feel himself growing within his shorts. Just the simple touch of Wendy’s hand on his leg was doing this to him, he knew that she had him under her control but he was quite helpless to do anything about it. He could feel the pressure building up within him, he would not be able to last must longer, but what was he to do, he wasn’t sure but shortly he would pass the point of no return and find out what she planned. Wendy was feeling so good with herself at this point, she had him all worked up at just the touch of her hand, she moved it higher until it found the edge of the pull up. She too was getting excited at the thought of what was to come, could she really do this, could she make him loose himself within the confines of his pull up. She gently stroked his pull up, her hand inside his shorts, but always making sure that no one around them would become suspicious of their actions. She continued to rub her hand on little Alex, slowly and softly, feeling the tension growing within him, she knew it would happen, and then with a sudden shudder it did! Alex tried to hold on but it was no use, his body shuddered softly and then he felt himself release in his pull up. He could feel the little creamies leaking from him, pooling around his pee pee and little parts, it felt warm but the sensation was so good. It was obviously not his first orgasm, but it was in this way, making him feel embarrassed and humiliated, but at the same time so aroused. “Oh you sweet little thing” whispered Wendy softly in his ear, “I never thought my touch would make that happen, but I am overjoyed that it did”. “I will give you a moment to compose yourself, and then I think we had best have a go at cleaning you up and changing you without anyone knowing”. She let Alex calm himself down, holding his hand softly, feeling the last little trembles running through him. Then she released him, stood up just to grab her bag from the luggage rack, before sitting down again. Her back pack was one from the school, she had a few supplies with her as a couple of the young ladies from her school had travelled to the coach station with her, and she always looked out for them. They then went their separate ways, the ladies back home and she on her travels, where she boarded her coach that eventually brought her to Alex. She opened the bag and retrieved a box of wipes, a largish towel and a fresh pull up. Alex was a bit surprised to see these items come from her bag, but when he saw the pull up he was unsure whether to be scared or excited. It was a pull up just like normal, but it was the colour and design that startled him, pale pink in colour with little butterfly patterns. “Well I did say that I would take care of everything” said Wendy looking down at Alex, “don’t worry about the colour; they do just the same job as yours do”, “I am sure they will look so cute on you, your girlish soft legs deserve some girlish pull ups”. Alex looked at her but knew he couldn’t say anything, people would suspect something if he caused a scene, so decided that to cooperate would be the best course. He lifted up slightly in his seat allowing Wendy to lower his shorts, before then sitting down and removing them completely. He was now left in a pull up, one that was full of his own creamy mess. Wendy tore the sides, finally lowering the front revealing the young man’s little cock. She was feeling all giddy seeing this, it was so small, and how could someone his age be so undeveloped, there was practically no hair around it. Alex felt so embarrassed at this point, he had been made to have an orgasm in his pull up, now sitting on a coach seat in it with the sides torn apart, his little parts exposed to her. His bigger problem was that he loved the embarrassment and more so the attention, he was experiencing feelings he couldn’t explain. She gently wiped him clean with the baby wipes, making sure she checked everywhere, then dried him off with the towel. She wanted to apply baby powder but that would have been too risky in this situation. Wendy removed the old pull up from under him, folding it up and tucking it away in her bag, then she opened the new one for him, placing the new pink girls pull up at his feet, guiding them through the leg holes. The final touch was to bring it up his legs and secure it over his bottom, before once more hiding it away in his shorts. PART 8 (apologies for getting a name mixed up, Alex’s mum is called Leslie, hope you are all enjoying) Alex was now entering completely new territory, nothing like this had ever happened before, he wasn’t really sure how he should be feeling. All that he was sure about was that the experience he had just had was quite amazing, something he wanted to happen again and again but not on the coach. He was disturbed from his thoughts by the sound of his phone ringing, he wondered who it was while fumbling through his shorts pockets. He opened it up to find that it was his mum, she was checking up to see how he was getting along. He was pleased to hear her voice as he spoke quietly to her, he was missing her but excited by his new adventures. They chatted only briefly, she would speak longer once he was alone in his guest house with Val. As he closed the phone and said “Goodbye mum, love you”, Wendy looked across and saw the picture of his mum still showing on the screen. Wendy was left stunned, surely it could not be, but she was sure it was. It was Leslie from college, “Oh my god” she thought, Alex is her son, I have just done that with one of my best friends little boy. Wendy recognised the picture as they were both still friends and on Facebook, she decided to speak to Alex about it, better now that having him find out later. “Alex” she said tentatively, “I take it that you where taking to your mum on the phone, do you mind if I see the picture again, I couldn’t help notice it before”. “Yes it was mum” he replied, “I guess you can see the picture, why, what is wrong” he said opening it up to the contact page again, then showing her the picture. “Nothing is wrong sweetie” said Wendy, looking once more to be certain. “Oh my, I was right, it is her” said Wendy, “tell me is your mothers name Leslie, she went to St. Mary’s Girls College after she finished school”. “Yes her name is Leslie” replied Alex, “I think that is where she went to college, why do you ask, what is wrong”. “Nothing is wrong I promise” said Wendy trying to calm down Alex, placing her hand on his leg again. “I have to tell you that your mum and I are old friends from college, we are still in contact via facebook today, we still keep up with each others careers”. Alex looked shocked when he found out, he had just been made to orgasm in his pull up by one of his mums friends, what would she do and say if she found out, he didn’t know what to say. “There were three of us that used to be best friends in college” said Wendy, “your mum, me and a girl called Val. I think she moved to the coast somewhere”. When Alex heard this it all kind of made sense, he was pretty certain that the person he was going to stay with was the same Val that Wendy was now talking about. His mum told him that she was a friend and trusted her to look after Alex, he thought that it might be good to phone her and tell her who he was sitting next to. “Bare with me a moment please Wendy” said Alex as he pressed the button to call his mum “Hi mum” said Alex when his mum answered, “nothing to worry about, I am safe and ok, I just have someone sitting next to me that you might want to chat to”, Alex then gave the phone to Wendy. “Leslie, Leslie Jones, is that really you” said Wendy, “It’s me, Wendy, from facebook, it’s such a surprise to find myself sitting on a coach next to your son, he is such a cute little thing”. Alex sat and starred out of the window for a while, letting Wendy have a chat to his mum, only picking up on the odd thing, “yes he is fine”, “oh don’t worry about that”, “no little accidents”. The last little snippet made his eyes turn back toward Wendy, looking at her having a good idea what they are talking about. “Well it has been great talking and hopefully we can meet up soon” said Wendy to Alex’s mum, “I will take good care of him until we get to Val’s, bye for now”. Alex said a quick goodbye to his mum, her final words telling him that Wendy would look after him until he got to Val’s, she trusted her totally. Part 9 “Well young Alex” said Wendy, “it looks like we will be seeing a lot more of each other than we both thought”, “Your mum is going to speak with Val to see if she has availability for me as well, then we can have lots of fun over the summer”. Alex wasn’t quite sure whether this was going to be a good thing or a bad thing. Yes he liked Wendy and enjoyed what had happened between them, but he was hoping to get some time to himself to be able to rest, relax and chill out a bit. Before he had chance to say anything to Wendy, his phone was ringing with the picture of his mum showing on the front of it. “Hi mum” he said when answering, “what’s up, what do you want, I have only just finished talking to you”. “Nothing to worry about sweetie” replied his mum, “just pass on a message to Wendy for me” “Tell her that I have spoken to Val and everything is sorted, there is a room waiting for her and I will be joining you later once I get finished up here”. “Okay mum, no problem, take care and don’t overdo things” replied Alex, “I will let Wendy know”, “Bye for now, love you mum”. “Love you too sweetie, take care and be good for Wendy and Val” replied Leslie, thinking how sweet her little boy was; she wanted him back, her little baby boy. “That was my mum on the phone again” said Alex looking at Wendy, “she says that everything is sorted with Val, there is a room waiting for you to stay in and she will join us later”. Alex decided not to mention the part about being good for her and Val; he thought that it would give Wendy the illusion that Alex had to be with her all the time. He wanted his own time when he could get it, to be able to do what he wanted, when he wanted, in his regular underwear and not in pull ups, or worse still the pink pull ups given to him by Wendy. Wendy thought to herself that things could not be more perfect, should would be staying with an old friend; have Alex staying in the same house, then hopefully the three best friends being reunited where they could concentrate on Alex. Little did Alex know but it was no coincidence that Wendy had found him, Leslie had told her where his coach would be stopping. Leslie had arranged for Alex to be staying with Val, as she knew Val would be only too happy to help her with her need to get her little boy back. She had told Val about his bed wetting and told her of the little surprise she had put in his suitcase, just to make sure that Alex did not try and dispose of it. By the time she was joining them, she hoped that Alex would be in pull ups and nappies full time, not really knowing what was happening to him. Alex leaned back in his seat, watching the world going by; completely unaware of what was in store for him, looking forward to his well earned break. Without even realising it, his hand had slipped to his lap where he was slowly rubbing across his shorts, his fingers then moving the material so that he was able to touch his pull up; the soft pink pull up that Wendy had put him in. Wendy was watching him all this time, seeing him play with the edge of the pull up was getting her aroused, she saw him slipping further and further into the sweet little one that Leslie wanted him to become, but he was totally unaware of it. She put her hand on top of his, just as he was playing with the pull up; she hoped he wouldn’t be startled too much. He looked down, only then realising what he had been doing; he was now blushing; the redness filling his cheeks in embarrassment. Wendy slowly moved his hand and placed it on her leg, and then slowly moving it up and down, she wanted to push him further, make him want to be with her. She finally moved his hand to rest between her legs, wondering what sort of reaction this would bring, had he ever been with a woman before. She was rewarded with a noticeable bulge showing in his shorts, she began to wonder if she could get him to orgasm once more, but this time in his girls pull up. Part 10 Alex was now growing bright red with embarrassment, he was unable to control the reaction in his shorts, he wasn’t even touching them and neither was Wendy, but the feeling he had just touching Wendy was like electric flowing through him. He was unable to control his emotions and this was obvious for Wendy to see, she knew she was being unfair playing with the emotions of Alex, but needed to get some release for herself. With her hand still firmly on top of Alex’s, still resting between her legs, she needed to know something, she needed to question him. “Alex my little sweet” whispered Wendy into his ear, “Have you ever been with a woman before, have you ever touched one, it’s ok, you can be honest with me”. Alex was not surprised to hear this, considering the delicate situation he was in, but what could he say, how could he admit to her that even though he was 18, soon to be 19, he had never had a girlfriend, let alone been with a girl before. He had been kissed by girls, but only because he was such a sweet and caring boy when around them. He looked up towards Wendy, their eyes meeting, he wanted to say something but just couldn’t, and he just gently shook his head from side to side. Wendy had a feeling what his answer would be before even asking, but she just needed to know from him. She wanted him to have his moment at some point, but now would not be that time; instead she just removed both their hands from her legs. Holding him closely, she looked into his eyes, “Don’t worry about that little one, we will make sure that at some point you get to enjoy the experience”. “But for now, do you need to use your pull up, did little Alex have fun last time, but I am sure you would love to have some fun in your little pink pull up”. While Alex was thing whether or not he could go through with it again, the coach driver made an announcement. “We will be arriving in the next hour at the final stop, this will be the place for all passengers to leave the coach, I hope you have had a good journey with us today”. Wendy saw this as an opportunity to help Alex once again, “There you go sweetie” she said to him, “soon we will be arriving, then we will be off to Val’s guest house for our lovely holiday. So if you want to have a little fun we can get you cleaned up at Val’s”. He hadn’t thought about Val for some time, he had never met her, but he had wondered if Wendy knew her as well. His mum told him that she was a friend of hers and she would look after him once he arrived, but that was before Wendy entered the equation. He knew his mum had made arrangements for her to stay as well. All he could think was that his holiday was certainly going to be different. Alex had come so far in just a few hours, he loved being made to cum in his pull up, but now he was in a girls pink pull up, this would feel so different, but he thought he needed to try, the feeling felt so good to him last time. He looked at Wendy, and then simply said “yes please”. Wendy felt so pleased, he loves the emotions set off within him, maybe this will be easier and more fun than Leslie thinks, and her little boy would be putty in her hands once finished. “Okay sweetie, let me help you achieve what you need, just lift up slightly, I think you will enjoy it better”. Alex didn’t even think about it, he lifted his body allowing Wendy to lower his shorts, leaving him sitting there in just a pink pull up. She put her arm around him, drawing him close to her, then placed her other hand on top of his pull up. She then slowly started to rub the front of it for him, feeling him growing within. Without realising Alex’s hand was now playing with the edge of the pink material, rubbing it and flicking it between his fingers, all the time enjoying the touch of Wendy on his front. He was moaning softly, shivers running through him, unable to control his feelings, unable to stop himself from getting closer and closer to erupting once again. “Come on my sweet little Alex” whispered Wendy, “let yourself go, let your emotions out, empty yourself into that cute girly princess pull-up, let those feelings come out”. Alex could not hold out, he had no choice, but surprising himself he erupted into the pull up at the moment Wendy mentioned the words “cute girly princess pull-up”, it acted like a trigger, fluid flowing from him, the front of the pull-up getting slightly darker with the wet spot forming before him. Part 11 Wendy was feeling so happy and pleased with herself, she knew that the main goal was to help Leslie achieve her wishes, but she was going to make sure she had her fun along the way. Leslie had told her she could play with her little boy as she would have to wait until she joined them, but Leslie thought that it would be easier getting Alex to do whatever they wanted if he was getting some fulfilment himself. With her hand now resting on his pull up, Wendy looked at him, “Aww, Alex sweetheart, you are such a good boy, I bet that feels all nice doesn’t it”, “But we need to get your shorts back on, we will be arriving shortly and Val will be there to meet us”. Alex was so much out of it with his own personal enjoyment; this brought him back to his senses. He quickly pulled up his shorts, wanting to be covered up ready for when they stopped in the bus station, he knew people would be moving around so didn’t want to arouse suspicion. Wendy could see him trying to make sure he was all covered up again, she thought it so sweet and innocent, but by the time they had finished with him there would be none of it. He would not care who saw him and where he was, he would be that little boy for his mum and her friends. Within minutes the coach was pulling into the bus station, people were up and about, rushing around the coach trying to get their things together. Wendy made sure that Alex stayed still in his seat, letting everyone else start to leave until she was ready to leave. Eventually they got up out of their seats, Wendy passed down Alex his back pack from the luggage rack, then brought hers down, and then after checking they had everything, they walked down the front of the coach and then got off. Alex was now for the first time for as long as he could remember wearing a pull up in public, but not only that, he was wearing a girls pink pull up, one that was all damp inside because of his own excitement. He followed Wendy away from the coach, heading towards an area where some people had gathered to greet friends that had travelled. Alex did not know Val by sight, it had been quite some years since Wendy had seen her friend, but when things had settled, there was only one lady left standing there. Wendy went over towards her, “Val is that you, it has been such a long time but you’re still so tall and elegant”. “Hi Wendy” replied Val, “it has been so long but Leslie sent me a few pics from your Facebook so I would recognise you”. They had a warm embrace before Val turned her attention to Alex, looking him up and down, “Well hello sweetie, you must be my little guest for the next few weeks, it’s so good to finally meet you, and your mum has told me so much about you”. Alex went to shake her hand, but Val just put her arms around him, pulled him close and hugged him tightly. He could feel her arms around him and her hands then giving his bottom a little squeeze, if only to confirm her knowledge of him. When they stepped apart, Wendy and Val started loading the luggage in her 4x4, giving Alex chance to clearly look her over. She was taller than both Wendy and his mum, maybe a bit older as well, long flowing dark hair, slim body with large breasts that pressed against her tight clothing. If it had been in any other situation he could even have found himself attracted to Val, she was older yes, but so pretty. This was going to be a lot harder for him now, Wendy had him wanting her, Val was just as pretty and she would be looking after his special requirements for night time. “Right then Alex” called out Val, “no day dreaming, get in the car, then I can get you and Wendy settled in, I am quite sure that you could do with a bath or shower”. Alex went over to the car where Val had the back door opened for him, Wendy already seated in the front. He was a bit surprised to see a 5 point harness attached to the seat, but with a few boxes on the other seat had no choice but to get in. “Oh I am sorry about this Alex” said Val, “I had my niece staying last week; her mum insisted that I had the harness fitted”, “It should fit you; she is quite big for her age whereas you are small for yours”. Before he could say anything, she was securing him in, including fastening the crotch strap up between his legs. Part 12 Alex was left speechless as he was fastened into the back of the car, a position that unknown to him he would become accustomed to in the not so distant future. He thought about protesting but knew that if he caused any trouble, his mum would find out. While everything was going on, there was still one thing in the back of his mind, his mum had made the arrangements and he could never bring himself to upset her in any way. He sat quietly in the back of the car listening to some music playing, whilst up front Wendy sat chatting with Val, he couldn’t make out what they were talking about, but occasionally thought he heard his name being mentioned. It was only a short ride before they pulled up outside a large house at the end of a road, just off the main seafront, but looking out over a beach that appeared quite secluded. Val and Wendy climbed out of the car, before Val came around to his door and opened it, he had tried himself but found the child lock in place on the door. He had to wait for Val to release his harness; it fastened in a way that made it impossible for him to reach the locking point. She went to release him but not before looking down at his shorts, unknown to him they had ridden up enough so that the edge of his pull up was now showing. “Come on sweetie” said Val releasing him from the seat, “let’s get you inside and settled down, I am sure that you could do with a bath and a change out of those”. The last part was said as she had her hand on his pull up, rubbing the edge of it. He went to the back of the car to collect his case, but not knowing what little surprises his mum had packed in there for him. His usual underwear had been replaced with much thicker terry cotton pants, ones that would be better described as a pair of training panties for toddlers. Then there was the usual pull up which he wore for sleeping in at night, but the special surprise was the cloth nappy and plastic pants she put in there, one just like those he had been viewing on-line. They made their way into the house, Alex was impressed with what he saw, very large hallway, very well furnished but all looking slightly feminine, but at the same time very homely. From his position in the large waiting area, he could see out over the sea, the beach looked very private but that was perfectly ok with him. Wendy had already gone up her room by the time Val had collected Alex’s room key, “Come along Alex, let’s go find your room, I am sure you will, it is right next to mine, so I can keep an eye on you like I promised your mum”. They made their way up the first flight of stairs, then along a corridor after going through a door marked private, “It’s ok Alex” said Val, “I just wanted to make sure that you get some nice peace and quiet, sometimes the guests can be a bit noisy”. Finally they reached a door marked with a little sign saying “ALEX”, which was a bit of a shock to him, he hadn’t realised how much trouble Val had gone through. The door was unlocked by Val and Alex was greeted by daylight once again. Before him stood a vast room, with a large double bed against one wall, directly opposite was a large TV mounted to the wall, then a dresser with plenty of drawers for his clothes. There was also a large dressing table with its own chair, but to his surprise in the corner a desk with a laptop computer on it. “That was a present from your mum for doing so well at school” said Val as she saw him looking at it, “through that door over there is your own private bathroom, the other door leads to my room but it is locked so don’t worry about that”, “The last door over there is the walk in wardrobe, but I think the dresser will be ok for your things”. “So let’s get you unpacked then you can have that nice warm bath that we both know you need”. Unaware of its contents, Alex lifted up his case onto the bed, but as it landed he thought he heard something rustling, Val came over to him, putting her arm around him, “That noise is only the protective mattress cover I put on the bed for you, your mum did tell you that she told me about your little problem and the last thing we want is for your bed to get wet. We can deal with a wet sheet or two but not a wet mattress”. He did remember what his mum had told him, so in all fairness it was to be expected, but it was just the shock of it, he just looked at Val and smiled. He started to open the case, then once open he undid the luggage straps inside it, removing the towel off the top. Directly underneath where his pull ups, all laying next to each other, which Val picked up and then walked over to the dresser with before laying them in one of the drawers, next to more pink ones which she already had prepared. He removed his t-shirts himself only to find the new underwear selection his mum had packed for him. At first he was unsure what they where, but having given the shirts to Val he quickly picked a pair up, only now understanding what they were. He had seen them on some of the sites he looked at but never imagined he would have some himself, especially not so many. Val came back over to him, looking at what he was holding, “Oh my, aren’t they the cutest little panties ever, so thick and sensible for a sweet boy like you, we will have to take care washing these, we don’t want them losing all that puffiness do we”. With that, Val took them from him and then places them in the dresser, the next drawer down from his pull ups. Alex then removed the next layer which contained some jeans and some more shorts, only to finally reveal the final surprise from his mother. There in plain view was the thickest terry cotton nappy he had seen, resting next to a pair of pale pink plastic panties that where covered in see through organza, with fine lace edging. For Alex he could see straight away what they where, it was something he had looked at so many times before, something he always wanted to try but never had. He was stuck in a trance until Val rested her hand on his, before looking at him, waiting to see if he would say anything. A few moments later with Alex still quiet, Val picked up the nappy and pants, removed it from the case and placed it on his bed next to the pillow. She closed the case, put it under the bed then looked at him, “Now you get undressed, I will go and run the bath. We can discuss the nappy later; there must be a good reason that your mum put it in there”. Part 13 Alex was speechless, he couldn’t believe that his mum had done this, he was trying to work out in his mind what would have made her do it, was there any way possible that she had found out his secret. In his mind he had been so careful, he never left his computer switched on, it was locked with a completely unique password. But while he was still thinking and trying to work things out, he had completely forgotten to get himself undressed, Val returned and caught him day dreaming. “Now come on Alex sweetie, I was hoping you would all ready and undressed ready for your bath” said Val in a sweet and motherly voice, “I can see that I am going to have to keep a firm eye on you in the future”. Before he had chance to start, Val was helping him remove his clothing, the bath was already full ready for him. Off came his t-shirt and shorts, leaving him standing there in just his sock and the cute pink pull up that Wendy put him in. Next off came his socks, just leaving him standing there in that pink pull up. Next thing he knew there was a flash of a camera; he turned to see Wendy standing the doorway taking a few snaps of him. “Forgive me Alex but I just had to have a few pics” said Wendy, “after all, it was me that put that on you”. But before Alex could reply, Wendy was off and gone. She needed to send those pics to his mum. Val took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom, then slowly tore each side of the pull up, before slowly pulling it away from his body. All the sticky cum was now stretching from him to that soft pink material, but the little strings broke away and he was now completely naked. Val looked at him and thought he looked so sweet, she could see now why Leslie wanted to get her little boy back again. Apart from his head, she noted that his body was practically hairless; he really was so young looking for his age. She would make sure that when the time was right, she would have all those stray hairs removed, he would be as smooth as a baby. “Come on sweetie, stop dawdling” said Val, “let's get you in the water before it starts getting cold, I will be back shortly to check on you”. With that Val helped Alex into the water and then gave him a large sponge to wash himself with, before leaving him alone to enjoy the nice hot water. He sat there for a while trying to take in what had happened over the last few hours since those services on the motorway. He knew things had changed, some of the things he wanted where starting to happen, but not quite in the way he expected. His peace was soon disturbed by a returning Val, but now she had a long length PVC apron on, her hair tied back out of the way. She came into the bathroom with a large fluffy white bath towel and put it down on the vanity unit. “Just as I thought” she said, “I leave you here to wash yourself and once more I find you day-dreaming, I think that I had best take care of things”. Without another word, she grabbed the sponge off Alex, added some all over baby wash, and then proceeded to wash Alex from head to toe, not even blinking when she got to private parts. She simply grabbed hold of his pee pee, and then washed it all over, top to bottom. Once she was done she had him stand up in the water, then she proceeded to wash between his legs, running her soapy fingers all over his bottom and between his cheeks. Alex was enjoying the touch once more, he wanted to say something, he was a young man and old enough to wash himself, but his natural instinct was to let her take over. All too soon for him it was over and she was taking his hand to help him out of the bath, then wrapping his soft skinned little body in the large fluffy towel. She dried him off in a motherly way, taking care to ensure he was totally dry, before leading him back into the bedroom. “Now I think it is still quite early, so let’s get you some clean underwear out, then get you dressed and I think we can go and get some dinner”. Val thought about using the nappy but decided that bedtime would be a far more appropriate time for its introduction to Alex. Instead she picked a pair of his thicker underwear from the dresser, ones she knew where actually training panties. She added a bit of powder to his private area, and then helped him into the panties, pulling them up making sure they were nice and snug. Next she gave him a t-shirt and shorts to wear, both plain white, followed by some small socks and then his white trainers. He loved the touch of Val while being dressed, she was stern like a mother would be, but at the same time so soft and gentle with him. He was once more getting aroused in his panties, something that didn’t go unnoticed to Val, but this would have to wait until later. “Come on sweetie, let’s go and get you some dinner, then you can have a look around the place, you might like what you see”. Apologies to all who have been reading, I got a bit snowed under with work so this had to take a seat on the backburner. Hopefully I will have more time to write once more. Chapter 14 Val took him by the hand and led him from his bedroom, back down the corridor they had come along. It was only just dawning on him that he was not going to be eating dinner in private; he would be going to the main dining room where all the other guests where eating. He worked out that the guest house was not huge, but it was full so there would be quite a few people there, probably all wondering who the young man all dressed in white was. Val had a few guests that were staying for the summer as well as Alex and Wendy, she was sure that they would want to meet little Alex at some point. When they reached the dining room, Wendy was already there sitting at a table, he could see the other place setting so knew that he must be joining her. As he made his way across the room he only really found his eyes meeting with two other ladies sitting together, both looking about the age of Val, wearing sleeveless tops and trousers, one dark hair and the other a blonde. He thought they were quite attractive even though they were older, but looked fit and trim at the same time. They smiled as he walked passed them before taking his seat with Wendy, the only two in the room that made eye contact with him. Val could see they noticed little Alex, “I see that Hannah and Angela have noticed you sweetie” said Val, “they are staying all summer just like you, they come every year for the summer season, selling their clothing at a stall in the summer market. When they are off they love to keep fit, I am sure you will love to meet them at some point”. Alex was ok with the keeping fit side of things, that is why he was always so slender, but he did wonder what they sold, assuming it to be ladies clothing, but he would find out another time. “Now don’t you look a handsome little boy” said Wendy, drawing Alex’s attention back to her and Val, “you look so sweet all dressed in white, we must make sure you have a nice big napkin to keep you clean”. That was when Val reached around him, putting the dark pink napkin in his lap, before tucking another in his shirt collar, draping down his front. Val then left Wendy and Alex to bring out the first course for everyone. They both enjoyed some tomato soup, and then chicken with potatoes before dessert was served. Everyone except Alex had cheesecake, but he was given ice cream with little sugar sprinkles on the top. He wondered why at the time but loved ice cream so didn’t bother to ask. With dinner over, Wendy retired to her room to do some work she had brought from the school, leaving Alex once more in the care of Val. “Now then sweetie” she said to him, removing his napkins and wiping his mouth and face, just like a mother would to a little child, “Why don’t we go for a little walk and I can show you the beach and the seafront”. “Do you need to use the bathroom first” she asked him, just loud enough for Hannah and Angela to overhear, causing a little smile and giggle from them. “I guess I better had” replied Alex, the last thing he wanted was to be caught short. So standing up Val once again led him back through the dining room, before taking him to his bathroom. But what shocked Alex was that she went in with him and without a word, lowered his shorts and training pants before pushing him down onto the toilet seat. “It's ok Alex; I have had a son of my own, so I have seen it all. Now you go pee pee for Aunty Val, I did promise your mummy I would take care of you”. Alex was lost for words, he didn’t know what to say, what to do, so he just sat down and did his best to let his pee flow out. He stood up and was about to pull his pants back up when he got a look from Val that said just one thing, hands off! So instead he just stood still and let her take care of things. She then wiped his little cock softly, before sprinkling some baby powder over it, then sliding his training panties back up. Now she was smoothing them out, rubbing him gently to get a reaction from him. It worked, she was now feeling a little bulge growing in his pants, and Alex was wriggling slowly at her touch, so she carried on. She then had him step out of his shorts, leaving him standing there in just the training pants, socks and trainers. While still rubbing him she reached into a cupboard and pulled out a pair of clear plastic pants, wanting to put him into them as soon as possible. “Now come on sweetie, be a good boy for Aunty Val, lets slip these onto you then we won’t have anything leaking through that we need to worry about”. He was like putty in her hands, the feeling flowing through him once more that he had experienced with Wendy. He put one leg then the other into the pants, before Val slowly lifted them up his smooth legs, pulling them into place. She now need to reward him she thought, let him see how good he was for letting her do this to him. Val now had her hand rubbing and caressing the front of him, her other hand now inside the back of his panties, holding his soft pink botty cheeks. A stray finger slowly edging towards his soft little hole, she knew she would have that one day soon. “Come on sweetie, show Aunty Val what a good boy you are, let it all out, you know you want to cream you soft terry panties, especially now you are safe in your plastic pants”. Alex was now beyond the point of no return, he wanted to release so much, Val had done the same to him that Wendy had before. Then suddenly he tensed up and just as Val’s finger touched his little hole, he squirted into the training pants. “Oh you perfect little darling” said Val to him softly, “I bet that felt so nice didn’t it, I bet you are glad we put your plastic pants on, such a lot of wet sticky cream would have soaked through your new training pants”. Chapter 15 Alex was left standing there with emotions running through his body like nothing he had never felt before. Val had made him feel so special, he wanted to thank her but felt too embarrassed to say anything, he had enjoyed it but it should have felt so bad. He looked at her but just could not bring himself to say anything. Instinct told Val that she had him all mixed up inside, he had been dressed as pure and innocent as possible but still in adult clothes, well on the outside anyway. Then without any fuss she had taken him into the bathroom to use the toilet, before getting him all worked up and making him cum in his little training panties. “Come on sweetie” Val told him, “I think you need a little bit of fresh air to cool you down and let you get a breather”. Val took him by the hand and led him back out into the corridor before heading outside, but not before collecting a small bag. It held a jumper for both of them in case the air got a bit cool, but they where, unknown to Alex both in pale baby pink. She also had two rain capes in there as it had forecast the chance of a shower later in the evening. On the way out through the door Alex passed both Angela and Hannah, both of them giving his bottom a little pat on the way through the door before giggling. It was as though the sound of his plastic pants was echoing to them; he began to wonder if they knew already, or if not, how long it would be before they found out. Leaving the guesthouse entrance, Alex once again found himself hand in hand with Val, well more so Val taking his hand. With every little step he took he could feel the damp patch in the front of his pants pressing against his skin, he knew that if it weren’t for the plastic pants there would be a large wet spot showing. He knew that Val had left him this way for her own enjoyment, but maybe for his own humiliation. But after a while he had gotten used to the feeling and carried on as though nothing mattered. Val carried on walking trying not to look down on her sweet little charge, but she kept having the odd little glance at him, seeing the conflict in his face, looking at the picture of innocence, still dressed all in white. They approached one of the shelters along the sea front so Val decided it was time to sit down and add a layer of clothing now that the sun was setting. Val sat down and lifted Alex onto her knee, the size difference between them making the job quite easy. “I think it’s time for a sweater for both of us sweetie” said Val, “we don’t want to catch cold, your mummy would never forgive me”. “Here we go” said Val reaching into her bag and pulling out two sweaters, “I hope you don’t mind that I got matching ones for us, they where the first ones I grabbed out of the cupboard”. Val tried to make it sound like a coincidence she had picked two pale pink sweaters, but that had been her plan all along. “I guess it doesn’t matter” replied Alex, “it’s not as though mine is a girls or ladies one”, not really knowing one way or the other just making a logical assumption. “It does feel really soft though” said Alex, “it will keep me nice and warm”. Val proceeded to dress Alex in his new sweater knowing full well that it was a girls, it was also a mix of lamb’s wool and angora, designed to be super soft on smooth skin. She knew only too well that it would tingle the soft blonde hairs on his arms; what few of them there were. She then proceeded to put her own on, before giving Alex a small carton of juice with a little straw in it. When they set off again, Alex once again hand in hand with Val, they looked like mother and child, from a distance they could have been mistaken for mother and daughter with Alex dressed in pink and white. Val now understood more and more why his mom wanted him back as her little one, he was so unassuming and innocent with regards to the big wide world, he needed the close love and attention, and so far that is what he had been getting. Alex finished his drink while walking along, Val pointing out small things along the way; the best part of the beach; where he could swim and where to get the best ice cream. Alex tried to pay attention but was having a bigger problem, the need for the bathroom. The little mess he had made in his trainer pants earlier, combined with the carton of juice now meant he needed to visit the bathroom. “Erm Aunty Val” said Alex, wondering what to say, “is there anywhere with a bathroom nearby, I need to use one”. Val thought for a moment, wondering whether it was too soon to have Alex wet himself, she so wanted to but decided that outdoors would be unfair to him. “Come on sweetie, there are some toilets further along” she said, “can you be a good boy and hold on for me, it’s not far”. Alex had little choice but to carry on hoping that he wouldn’t leak anything, he was now quite relieved to be wearing the plastic pants. They soon reached the bathroom but there was a sign on the door of the mens room saying it was out of order, saying the next was about 15 mins away. He knew he could not hold for that long so rather than take a boy into the ladies; Val opened the door to the baby change room, knowing it would be empty this time in the evening, then pulling Alex in behind her. To avoid adults using this room as a toilet, there was only a potty chair in the corner suitable for a child, so Val told Alex he would have to use it. To stop him getting his white shorts dirty by touching the floor, Val insisted that he take them off first. So he soon found himself sitting on a child’s potty, wearing only his trainers and socks with his white polo and pink jumper. With Alex looking down, Val took the opportunity to take a quick picture of him, before sending it to his mum. “Are you all done sweetie” said Val bringing him back to his senses, “stand up so I can wipe you dry”. Val took hold of his little cock and gently dabbed it dry with some paper, still seeing the remains of the shiny cum glistening on his skin. “I think that we will have to give someone a shower when they get home, you really did fill your panties for Aunty Val didn’t you, you where such a good boy”. Those words from Val only had one effect on young Alex, I made him excited once again, but all Val did this time was to clean him further with his cloth training pants. When she finished, she held them out and looked at Alex, “You can’t wear these back home, they are far to damp for your delicate skin” “I am afraid that you will just have to wear your plastic pants under your shorts, but I am sure that you will be ok” “Come on; let me put them back on you”. Val slid the plastic pants back up his legs, fitting them over his bottom and pulling them up at the front, but his now semi stiff cock pointing upright beneath the soft PVC. She then helped him back into his shorts, fastening them up, and then patting the front of them. “Come on sweetie” said Val gathering their things, “time to head back I think”. The first few steps Alex took where the strangest ever to him, the soft PVC now caressing him with every step he took, making him harder and harder. But Val just gently smiled at him, wondering how long he could hold on for. Chapter 16 The light was beginning to fade as the sun started to set out over the sea, the temperature still relatively warm but the need for the soft jumper Alex was wearing justified with the sea breeze. It was the first time he had really noticed the small resort he would be spending his summer in, somewhere he could feel safe, already finding himself being very intimately cared for by Val and Wendy. As they carried on along the sea front back towards Val’s guesthouse, Alex found himself getting more and more excited within the confines of his plastic pants, the soft smooth PVC encasing his little private parts, rubbing him slowly with each step he took. Val knew full well the effect it was having on little Alex but was not letting up and carried on walking, her hand gripping tightly to that of Alex, making sure the pace was kept up. As they approached the shelter they stopped at on the way down, the sky clouded over very quickly from the land, a few droplets of rain starting to fall. They just made it in time before the rain got heavier; joined at the same time by two ladies that had come from the opposite direction. It was only when they all met at the same side of the shelter that Alex could see it was the two ladies from the guest house that had spoken to him earlier; Hannah and Angela. “Hello there sweetie” said Hannah, surprised to see Alex standing there, “don’t you look all nice and warm in that soft pink sweater” “I might have to ask Val where she got that, I would love one like that myself, it looks so soft and girlish, maybe Val will take us shopping for one”. Val looked down at her little companion, she loved how embarrassed he would get but still not say anything. “I think I can find time to show you where they came from” said Val, “it would be a good idea to get another for Alex for these cooler summer evenings, maybe one in lemon or white, what do you think Alex”? Alex was caught with nowhere to go, he had to be good and didn’t want to anger Val, even though the colours she mentioned where just as childish and girlish as the pink one he was wearing. “Maybe it would be a good idea” replied Alex, “it does feel nice and warm”. He answered as best he could hope that in time they would forget about the idea. “It looks like this rain is set for the evening” said Angela, “I do hope you have a coat to keep your soft wool nice and dry Alex”. But before he could answer Val had her hand in the bag she was carrying, “I thought I would bring these just in case” replied Val pulling out a folded up PVC raincoat, “you never can tell with this sea air”. Hannah took the coat from Val and opened it up, letting out a pleasant smile and little giggle when she saw that it was pale pink, but still see-through. “Come along Alex” she said, “let me help you on with this then you can be on your way, back home to nice warm bath before bedtime”. Hannah held the coat out while Alex slipped his arms in without any arguments; it was soft and smooth, and quite figure hugging to him. Hannah smiled to him as she closed the front and did up the buttons. Her hands smoothed it out around his body, only then did she hear the rustling of his panties, those plastic ones that had caressed him all the way to his present location. Val could see that Alex was getting embarrassed again, his shorts slightly tenting at the front again, she wondered if he would react to Hannah touching him the same as when she did. “Please excuse me for a moment” said Val, “I need to make a phone call, and I just remembered I had forgotten to order something for tomorrow”. “Now Alex, you stay here with Hannah, I will be just around the corner”. All of the phone call talk had been an excuse made up by Val, but none of them knew that apart from her. Once Val was around the corner, Hannah sat down on the bench and lifted Alex onto her lap, holding him close with one arm, her other hand now resting on top of the bulge in his pants. “Do you like your plastic pants sweetie” she whispered to him, “I bet they are so soft and smooth rubbing on your little pee pee, have you already been naughty in them”? Alex just looked at her and nodded, he knew that without anyone stopping her, he would soon have another mess in them. Hannah now had her hand inside the shorts and was playing with him, rubbing him slowly, telling him quietly and softly that he was such a sweet boy. “You are going to make the perfect little one for your mummy” said Hannah to him, something which he secretly wanted but had still never let out. “Now be a good little boy and fill your panties for Aunty Hannah, let all that boyish little cream out”. This was getting too much for him, his body tensed up more and more with each touch from Hannah, until she whispered one last comment, “You will be doing this lots and lots when with me, I guarantee” That sent Alex over the edge; he began to spurt more of his creamies into the panties. Chapter 17 Hannah held Alex close while he did his best to regain his composure, there was a grin on her face from side to side, enjoying so much what she had just put the poor boy through, but now looking forward even more to the next time she play with him. Alex was coming back to his senses when he felt Angela run her fingers through his hair, “Awww, such a sweet little boy” she told him, “I can’t wait to go swimming with you tomorrow”! Alex new nothing about this but felt strangely comfortable with all the ladies he was now acquainted with, no matter what they seemed to be doing to him. He had been through so many emotions so far but all of them so pleasurable. Val had finished her so called phone call and re-appeared from the other side, but she had been watching Alex without him knowing, loving every moment of it. But now was the time to take him home and get him settled for the night, he had had quite a day so far and must have been exhausted. “Come along little one” said Val, “I think it is about time we were going, I am sure that you will have plenty of time to play with Hannah and Angela”. Alex just blushed at the thought, wondering what Val meant, but his mind was brought back to the present moment as soon as he stood up. All that fluid was now gathering once more in the bottom of his plastic panties. His little balls now coated in the emissions that both Val and Hannah had coaxed from him. So finally with his pink PVC raincoat fastened up, his hood pulled up, Val took him by the hand and they set off back towards the guesthouse. The walk back was quiet, neither saying much, both getting covered in the rain that was still falling, but Alex quite happy to be dry in his coat, even if it was pink. Once safely back indoors, Val helped him off with his coat. “Well I think it is time for you to go have a bath” said Val, “I am sure that your pants must be quite full by now, I can’t leave you in them, now can I”. Val led him upstairs back towards his bathroom, to be greeted by Wendy coming out of her room, “Well hello sweetheart” said Wendy, “I hope you have had a nice walk”. “Are we going for a nice warm bath”? “Yes” replied Val before Alex could speak, “his little underwear didn’t last too long”, “But it is ok, his plastic pants managed to hold all his little messes, so I think it time to get him cleaned up before bed”. “Well I can’t let you do all the work” said Wendy, “you go and check that all is ok with the staff and guests, I will get Alex started with the bath”. Wendy took Alex to his bathroom, and then started the water running in the bath while she slowly proceeded to remove his clothes. Alex felt a little nervous as this was the first time Wendy had actually seen him totally naked. While she turned off the water, Alex was left to stand in just his plastic panties, the see-through PVC doing nothing to hide all the cumsie sloshing around inside. Wendy turned around to look at him, knowing full well what had happened, Val actually messaged her earlier to let her know what fun they had been having. “My oh my” she exclaimed trying to be surprised, “you really have been enjoying yourself haven’t you”. She spread a towel on the floor, then slowly lowered the panties from Alex, strings of white cum hanging from his skin, leaving his little cock and balls all shiny. Once he had stepped out of them she wondered for a moment, thinking would he taste it, but then thought that could wait for another time. “Right then, into the bath with you” said Wendy, “I will just wash these out in the sink then we can make sure that you are all clean”. Alex lowered himself into the water, sinking slowly under all the soft bubbles that now surrounded him, trying his best to wash as quickly as possible. He looked around for a sponge but there was none to be found, a washcloth neither, he now knew he would not be washing himself. “Right then little one” said Wendy, turning her attention back to him, now holding a large sponge in her hands, “let’s get you all washed and clean, then Val will be back to get you dressed for bed”. “But...but..but” stammered Alex, “I can wash myself if you give me the sponge, I am sure I can manage”. “Nonsense” replied Wendy, kneeling down at the side of the bath, “we all promised your mummy that we would take good care of you, and so that is what we will do”! With that she put her fingers in the bubbles and then brought some up and dabbed them onto Alex’s nose, causing Alex to giggle as he accepted his fate, he could never go against his mums wishes no matter how strange they seemed. Wendy then plunged the sponge in to the water, then brought it up to Alex’s chest and began to wash him, making sure that no place was left untouched. With the top of his body done, Wendy had Alex get on his hands and knees in the bath, where she proceeded to wash his bottom before turning her attention to between his legs. Alex was giggling like a little girl while this was happening; she had now found his ticklish week spot. She slowly washed every part of his little body; his balls, and then finally his little pee pee. He could not help it when it started to grow under her soft touch, but this time he would not be getting any relief from it, the ladies had decided that he had gone through enough today. Just as Wendy finished washing him, Val returned to the bathroom with a very large white fluffy towel in her arms. She could help but laugh when she saw little Alex on his hands and knees in the water, still with a big pile of bubbles sitting on his bottom. “Come on sweetie, it’s time to get you out before you get addicted to those bubbles” said Val, still chuckling to herself. She waited for Wendy to pour some water over Alex’s bottom, before helping him to stand up, then wrapping the big warm fluffy towel around him. “Now don’t you look all snug and warm in there” said Wendy, “I think I can leave you safe in Val’s arms for the rest of the night”. With that she kissed Alex on his head, and then left Val to dry Alex off and get him ready for bed. Leaving the bathroom and going back into Alex’s bedroom, the first thing Alex noticed layed out on his bed was the big white fluffy towelling nappy and the plastic pants that his mum had packed and sent with him.
  13. Welp, I'm back. After some time, I've decided that it's time to begin posting again. I must warn you all: I'll be posting once a week as of now. That may change dependent on my schedule but, once finals week is over since I'm in college, there may be more than one post a week... I'll see how this goes with the post schedule but I'm going to try my very best to stay consistent. For those of you who are new to this story, I encourage you to read I, Bot 404 {Book 1}. This is a sci-fy story with an ABDL twist. Bot 404 awakes in the Sequoia Airspace, the heart of intergalactic slave trade, and things seem off. Bot 404 learns slowly from other bots mistakes how to escape from being terminated. This bot finds that she isn't a bot, and something much more than that, a human. Through a train of memories, Bot 404, otherwise known as Rayne Griff, learns her past, and, eventually, learns how serious the present is. What the future must hold? Only she can decide that. Anywho, the plot thickens and I've read your feedback of excitement for more chapters and... Without further ado, I present you all with two chapters to start your conspiracy theories, hehe. Please, write feedback, theories, or questions you may have!:) I, Rayne Griff | I, Bot 404 Book 2 Chapter 1: Welcome to My New, Boring, Life in Kirkland, Hanna I tapped my fingers on my desk, sighing as I watched the clock. I glanced at my watch and rolled my eyes that I still had two hours to go. “So. Fucking. Stupid.” To say I was bored with my new job was an understatement. It had been a few months since I was reassigned to Hanna as an officer at the Kirkland Galactic Forces Headquarters. My job was useless. I looked through files all day, trying to find inconsistencies in galactic identification cards from other galaxies. Super easy. Also, super lame. A bunch of stamping, a bunch of stapling, a bunch of scanning. Then, I go home. Every day the same as the last. I almost wished I could be a bot again, at least that was more interesting. All day long I go through about fifty or so files and I find about two or three fraudulent cards. It was actually harder to spot that one would think. Burton Cheeseburger was a real name. When I first saw his file, I had honestly flagged it because I thought the name was a joke from Earth. Apparently, there was a whole lineage of Cheeseburgers. Crazy, right? Of course I got written up for flagging the account. Being written up has probably been the most exciting thing that has happened to me these past four months. As I do my 9 to 5 job I can only imagine all the interesting things Eli, Gemma or Zane were doing right now. Gemma was doing an undercover spy assignment on Zenon. Eli was still on the Intergalactic Space Station with Zane doing who knows what. Zane still visited a few times a month with some type of Intergalactic Space Station ice-cream or some babyish souvenir. I was so jealous of all of them. Here I was, back in Hanna, exactly where I didn't want to be. Lucky me, right? My eyes were becoming weary as I stared at a long case and rested my cheek on my hand. I felt my eyes, slowly closing at the rhythm of my clock on the wall ticked, almost undetectable to the human ear. I jumped up quickly as I heard a knock on my door. My devil of a manager peaked her head in, “How many cases did you complete so far?” Jaimie’s light blue eyes narrowed down to me. The best part about my new assignment: Jaimie was my supervisor. Great, right? She knew things I wish she didn’t and she hadn’t changed much since school. Still narrow-minded and gets under my skin. Sure, we had come to an understanding by the ending of the academy, but that didn’t mean we’d be friends…Ever. “I can guarantee more than Gantree.” Gantree was about to be reassigned for his poor speed with going through our identification queue. Jaimie gave a fake smile, “Funny.” She paused, hesitating before speaking, “You can go home early. I have to send someone home since the UGN is cutting funding for our correction officers from the new contracts for assignments.” Wow, Jaimie sending me home early? That was nice of her, considering she usually sends Gantree home first. Maybe she’s getting the hint that I stopped giving a shit about my job. Even with my lack of care, I still did a better job than Gantree. I crossed my arms, leaning back in my chair, “New alterations? What did your dad change?” I saw a glare flash over Jaimie’s face, “It doesn’t concern you.” I flashed a smile, not even slightly intimidated, “Come on, I just want to know a sliver of what’s going on up there. After all, I haven’t given you crap for the 4 months I’ve been down here.” Zane hardly told me anything. He’d give me cover stories, even though I knew he was lying, just trying to make me feel like I was in the loop. Jamie shook her head, looking crossed as she stood at my door. She stepped in, closing the door behind her. She sat down on my desk, sighing, “Supposedly, the people they sent out to Sequoia went missing.” Weird, she was being nice today. Maybe she found a boyfriend and was finally getting laid. Glory be. “Missing? Don’t they all have trackers?” I asked. I knew that they were sending officers to Sequoia as bots and had been successful for a few months thus far. I honestly had not heard an update about the first batch of officer turned bots until now. Jaimie rolled her eyes, “They’re not all as lucky as you, Rayne.” I shook my head, shredding the file I had. Jaimie grabbed my wrist, “Promise me that you won’t go rogue if I tell you something.” She had a serious tone as her eyes met mine. I had never seen her so serious before. She hardly even looked at me since I began working under her. This sudden change in attitude was odd, off-putting. Was there something serious that had happened? I rolled my eyes, “It’s me, Jaimie. I’m always rogue. Out of all people you should know that.” I pulled my wrist away and rubbed it from her surprisingly cold grip. Her eyes looked sad. Weird, did Jaimie's eyes hold a trace of...sympathy? “As much as I dislike you I feel like you deserve to know what’s going on up there…” She looked down hesitantly, then meeting my eyes, “Eli is missing too.” Chapter 2: Kept Deep In the Dark I shook my head, “Wh-“ My mind began racing with thoughts. Not Eli, that can’t be right? “What?! How?” I stood up, feeling energy pulsing in my body. Anger really drove it up a notch. She shrugged, “I don’t know the details. All I know is he went on a mission and never came back about a week ago or so.” “A week?! Are you kidding me?” I placed my hands behind my head. Was that why Zane didn’t visit last weekend like he was supposed to? Not even Zane could tell me that. Why was I so much in the dark? Did Gemma even know? Jaimie said as she walked to my door to leave, “You can’t freak out, Rayne. I didn’t tell you anything, it’s top secret information, okay?” She shook her head, “God, I probably shouldn’t have told you that much.” She was like her dad in that way. She couldn’t keep secrets just like Red. However, she was also a bitch and I still couldn’t believe Red and Jaimie were related. I drove home, feeling my fingers twitch. I couldn’t and didn’t want to imagine where Eli was. If he were still alive. If he were being tortured. A dark shiver went through me and I tried to let it go, even though it felt like I had already lost a loved one. I wasn’t scared, but fear ran through me for him. He looked mighty, tall and tough, but I knew he was soft to the core. Only me and Gemma knew him after all. As I pulled into my driveway, another car was parked. Zane’s. Of course, perfect timing per usual. I turned off my ignition and rested my forehead on my steering wheel, attempting to gather myself before yelling nonsense at Zane. I felt betrayed by him. He had to know, yet I heard it from Jaimie. Maybe he came here to tell me. There must have been more to the story and he wanted to tell me in person, right? I walked inside the house and Zane was on the couch, watching the intergalactic news. He got up, walking towards me as I threw my bag on the floor, “Hey, babygirl.” His strong arms gently hugged me as my back went rigid. I needed to calm down, bigtime. I was about to go off and, if it weren’t apparent in my last tale, Zane wasn’t the best person to go off on. “Hey.” I said, standing there awkwardly. “What’s wrong?” Zane pulled back, immediately noticing my lack of embrace as his blue eyes looked me over carefully. I blinked up to him, searching his eyes for honesty. His eyes were concerned, as if I just got a boo boo from falling on the ground. Great, I already could tell how this day was going to go. As much as I loved Zane, there was something lacking in the past four months. He was warm, loving and affectionate, but there was a noticeable distance to him. It was almost as if he babied me to escape ‘adult talk’ as I call it. I wanted that adult talk. Sure, I liked being babied, but I also was his girlfriend and the babying was only a part of the relationship. Our communication had been lacking a lot since I regained my memory. The only things he’s told me is that his brother awoke and was going through rehabilitation from his coma and little bits and pieces about how he’s been training new elite officials on the Intergalactic Space Station. I shook my head, taking off my jacket and throwing it on the couch with a sigh, “Jaimie’s just a bitch.” I said as I sat back on the couch, crossing my arms. I was lying, but I wanted to see if Zane would tell me what happened. Part of me wanted to see that Zane was a good boyfriend. Part of me wanted to test my theory that Zane had been lying to me for some time now. “Mm? What happened now?” Zane still stood near me, looking down. “She wrote me up on Monday.” I said, sighing. “I’m surprised you didn’t tell me on our call Monday night.” Zane was questioning me now too, “What did you do?” He said as if I were in trouble with him now too. Well, fuck, I didn’t want this to turn into me getting a spanking. I looked up to him innocently, “I accidentally flagged an intergalactic file that was real.” I quickly explained, “But I’ve heard of other coworkers who have done that multiple times and never gotten written up yet, only warnings.” I shook my head and shrugged, “That was my FIRST time and she wrote me up.” “Was calling her the b word necessary?” He cocked his head at me as he looked down. He was intimidating as he stood there. I blushed as I looked up. I frowned, “No, probably not.” Zane chuckled, switching the subject, “I’m going to make spaghetti for dinner. You should take a shower and wait in your room for me.” He said as he walked to the kitchen, not waiting for a response from me. I shook my head, my jaw tightening. He was acting like everything was normal, as if my best friend weren’t in danger or dead. Maybe Jaimie was just pulling on my leg? Maybe Eli was okay? Or maybe I was dating a pathological liar? Well, fuck. I don’t think Jaimie would joke with me like that. She’d cruel, but not that cruel. She wouldn’t lie about something to that extent either. I didn’t move, calming myself with slow breaths as my fingers tapped. “That wasn’t a suggestion, Rayne, it was a command.” Zane said across the living room in a stern voice. He looked over to me, “Did you want me to give you a bath?” I rolled my eyes, getting up and walking briskly past him. I couldn’t look at him, I was pissed. If not for Jaimie, how long would I have been in the dark for? I could barely look at Zane right now. He grabbed my wrist as I passed him, “Rayne.” His voice was like a growl, ”What’s with the sudden attitude?” I clenched my fist, feeling sudden energy in my palms. “Let go of me, Zane.” My voice cut the air like a razor as I met his light blue eyes with a glare. “How about I give you a good spanking and a bath?” Zane cocked his head at me, his eyes unwavering. I blinked, calming myself down as I tried to take a step back and he pulled me towards the dining chair. He let go of my hand and I looked at my wrist after his iron grip held it. Before I knew it, my bottom was on fire. My jaw was clenched for a few minutes as I was too pissed off to even cry. A few more minutes passed and I broke as I began crying. I was crying because Eli was gone. Not to mention, I didn’t know the person I was dating. What was Zane doing now? Was he really a trainer again? I didn’t believe any of it anymore. I just couldn’t. I sat in the tub as Zane poured water over my soapy hair. I met his eyes with my puffy ones from the recent spanking, “How was your weekend?” I wanted to poke, to see if he would show any evidence to prove that Jaimie was lying to me. I wanted to believe Zane wasn’t hiding something that important from me. He couldn’t. We patched up our lying issues months ago, we agreed upon having a more open relationship with communication. There was no way we could retract, right? He took the sponge in the water and went over my back in concentration, “They needed me to train the new elite squad before they were sent on a long mission.” His blue eyes met mine with a smile placed on his face as he said, “Stand.” I stood as he took the bath sponge up my legs and my breathing hitched. He didn’t linger as he quickly cleaned between my thighs and went back down. Ugh. He was such a tease, never giving me what I wanted. I switched my thoughts to his face after he spoke. I watched his face, blank. Fuck Zane. I want to believe that you’re true to your word, so badly. Don’t lie to me, please. “Oh, so that’s why you couldn’t come home.” I said, sullenly, acting as if I didn’t catch him in a lie. “Well, Daddy’s going to be here for a few extra days so he can make up for being gone.” He said, as he looked up to me with bouncing eyes, yet there was something behind them. They were careful, hesitant, yet lying. He turned away from me, going to grab a towel as I gulped, holding back my anger that reignited towards Zane. He patted me down with a fluffy grey towel and wrapped it around me, picking me up in a scoop. Zane brought me to my nursery and laid me down on the giant changing table. The mat underneath me squished softly as he set me down. He pulled out a thick white fluffy diaper and I blushed. He never pulled out thatdiaper unless he really wanted me to feel little. I raised my hips and legs up as he slid the soft diaper underneath me. Powder was sprinkled on my princess parts generously and patted around. The diaper enveloped around my bottom and was taped snugly. I suppressed a smile, although the feeling of a fresh diaper made me tranquil, beyond the level of content. I still wanted to be grumpy, but being treated like a baby always had a way of nudging me into a state of happiness. Like nothing else mattered and I could be myself, knowing Zane would take care of me. It was a feeling I couldn’t put into words. The love I felt just by looking into his eyes. The bond we had. It was unexplainable, but, although I was mad with him, I still wanted to have our time together, to be babied and loved. I missed it, as much as I hated to admit it. Zane pulled a light purple onesie over me, snapping it at the crotch and helped me into frilly white socks as I sat on the changing table with my feet dangling. “There, there, someone must be feeling better now, hm?” His eyes traced mine as he looked to my lips and then spoke, “Oh! How could I forgot your paci, babygirl?” He turned and went to my dresser. I don’t think there was anything more that Zane loved then choosing my outfit and accessories. I didn’t even care what I wore. If it were up to me, I’d just be wearing his shirt and a diaper but he alwayshad to take it to another level to make sure I felt like a baby. He came back over to me with a purple pacifier with a little monster face cartoon on it. I blushed as he clipped it to the pocket of my pencil pocket of my onesie and plopped it into my mouth. He picked me up from my armpits and placed me on his hip as he walked over to the kitchen, setting my down on the counter. I wanted to curl up in blankets and hide under a pillow I felt so little. My feet dangled as Zane cooked, singing to himself as I watched him shaking noodles into boiling water. I turned my head and opened the cabinet, wondering what was inside. Admittedly, I hardly cooked. I liked to just pop in portable meals into the vaporizer we had in the house. I pulled my legs up to my chest, pivoting to face the cabinet as I curiously looked at all of the spices and powders. Oregano, paprika, cinnamon, protein powder, and NutriSqueezes. I closed my eyes, Eli popping into my head. The last time I had a NutriSqueeze was when he gave me one. I was trying not to think about it, but it hit me, hard. I couldn’t grit my teeth with a pacifier, so I suckled it angrily as I rested my forehead on the shelf. “What are you doing looking into the cabinets, little one? You’re going to fall like that.” Zane said as his hand was on my back. He turned me around as I tried to look away from him. “What’s wrong baby?” He looked concerned. Was my face that easy to read? God damnit. I pushed him away from me as I jumped off the counter, spitting out my pacifier and ripping the clip from my shirt. I threw it on the ground next to his feet, “Why didn’t you tell me about Eli?” He gave me a confused look as he crossed his arms. “That’s not nice to throw your paci on the ground, Rayne.” He was scolding me, instead of addressing the issue. I stared at him as I crossed my arms to match him, waiting for an explanation. He turned around, stirring the meat sauce, and then turning back to me, “How do you know about that?” My jaw tightened as my voice chopped the air, “That doesn’t fucking matter. What does matter is the fact that you withheld information from me that’s important.” Zane’s face went blank, unreadable as he looked me over. I felt my face go red as I realized I looked like a bratty toddler and was just cursing. “Drop the attitude and I’ll tell you why.” He cocked his head as I saw a slight smile on his face he was trying to suppress as his eyes lowered to my midsection where my diaper was. I blushed further. I rolled my eyes and huffed, “Maybe if you didn’t lie to me then I wouldn’t have one.” I spit fire back to him. His eyebrows rose, “Maybe someone needs another punishment.” He said, slowly, as he met my eyes. What other punishment could he give me? Another spanking? Oh, soscary. “Or maybe you should just leave.” His eyes blinked, changing from challenging to pained. “Rayne, stop.” He said, loudly. I blinked, feeling his dominant side coming out to end this argument completely. I felt myself suddenly feel little and a bit scared of this side of Zane. He was instantly cold as he picked up my pacifier from the ground. A few moments of silence followed as he ran my pacifier through water and I sat at the kitchen table, looking at the wood pattern in the table. I was suddenly intimidated by Zane as I sat there, waiting for him to warm up, but I think I accidentally pressed a button on him that I shouldn’t have. He came near me and kneeled by me, clipping the pacifier on my onesie again and letting the pacifier dangle on my shirt. I was surprised he didn’t place it in my mouth again. I frowned. He went back to the food, quietly fuming. Zane placed spaghetti in front of me with chocolate milk in a sippy cup. I blushed, well I guess I was still getting the baby treatment. He sat down in front of me and I still wasn’t done, I pushed my food away from me, “I’m not hungry anymore.” I said, sourly. “Eat, Rayne, we’ll have adult talk after, if you’re good.” He said with an even tone as he read on his phone, not looking up. Oh, he was mad. I huffed, deciding to go with it and ate my spaghetti. I was hungry; I just was mad and didn’t want to appease Zane by eating. After I ate and Zane went to clean the dishes, I drank the chocolate milk. I didn’t want to drink it in front of Zane so once he walked away it was the perfect timing. I loved chocolate milk with spaghetti. Zane knew me well enough. Even though I was mad at him I couldn’t pass drinking my favorite liquid with spaghetti. Zane spoke as he dried the dishes with a towel, “I didn’t want you to find out about Eli. I know how you are, and you like to act on things irrationally, and I didn’t want any chance of you doing that.” He looked over to me, catching me in the act of drinking my milk, after placing the dishes away. He stifled a smile as he sat at the table with the towel in his hand, “I want to protect you as long as I can from terrible things like that. I don’t want you to ever go through what I went through when my brother was gone and, unfortunately, I still failed.” He said, with pain in his eyes. My eyes narrowed to him, “You have this pattern of trying to protect me from things that are inevitable, Zane, and I don’t know how much longer I can go on with dating someone who I can’t trust.” I said coldly. Zane’s eyes flashed in hurt, that one must have stung, “There’s some things I can’t tell you because of the business were in, Rayne, you know that better than anyone.” He said, as his fingers trailed his chin. He was right. I was the thing that most people outside of Hanna and the Intergalactic Space Station didn’t know about, after all. I frowned, “I just wish you were honest with me on the things that involve me.” Zane nodded, “You’re right.” He paused, and I rolled my eyes when he continued, “But I’m going to need you to not have temper tantrums every time we have a serious conversation.” He always needed the last word. Always. Later that night I was in Zane’s lap as we watched a movie together in our room. I nursed my pacifier as I cuddled into him and met his content eyes. He winked at me and I looked away. I hugged Rhorf to my stomach as I looked down at my clothes. Zane brought my blanket over us as I nuzzled my head into him chest. Fifteen minutes into the movie Zane was asleep. I looked over his face, eyes closed as his mouth softly breathed in and out rhythmically. I wanted to think the highest of Zane. He did care about me and maybe he hadn’t told me in fear of my reaction. Or maybe Zane had a bad week and didn’t want to tell me the news about Eli. I knew Zane had lied to me in the past, but I thought we were past that. I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. My stomach growled as I laid there. I sighed, quietly crawling away from Zane as he slept and off of the bed. I silently walked out of the room, closing the door behind me. I waddled to the kitchen, opening the fridge door. As the door opened a jar of pickles fell out of the side door. I internally cringed and froze as I watched the jar in slow motion fall, shattering into several pieces as it touched the tiles. Green pickle juice flowed everywhere over the floor, including my sock. “Fuck.” I whispered to myself, taking off one sock. I stood there for a second, waiting for Zane to wake, waiting for my impending doom. A few more seconds passed and I didn’t hear anything from the other room. I sighed in relief as I turned on the faucet and wet a towel to clean off the glass on the floor. A moment later, everything seemed off. I stared at the water coming from the faucet, as it froze in time right before my very eyes. I squinted in confusion at the water. My finger touched the water, as if it were a sculpture that shouldn't be touched. My finger became wet and a droplet came off of the still stream. I cocked my head, completely confused. The air felt still, silence followed the room. “It’s time, Rayne.” I jumped, turning around quickly, “The FUCK?” I met glowing yellow eyes through the darkness of the kitchen.
  14. Author’s Note * While this is a true story obviously for entertainment purposes some events “over the top-ness” are just that for “over the top” purposes otherwise this is pretty much how it happened and continues to unfold. Also there might be some spelling errors scattered about should gett better as the story moves on (first time posting)* Prologue pt. 1 Like many I too never “grew out of” diaper’s oh sure my parents potty trained me but the second I became a “big brother” to my siblings that’s the moment when I found “diaper’s” again. With only a two year age gap between myself and brother’s fitting into their baby diaper’s was a snap, in fact it was an early memory of me begging our babysitter at the time to put me in a diaper and not tell my parents. She caved and within a few seconds I found myself looking at myself in a mirror pulling my pants up & down and shouting….. “Paul’s got a diaper”…”Paul’s got a diaper”….”Paul’s got a diaper” In short at four years old I had sort of found “paradise” sort of, anyways time past and while the diaper’s left my desire for them & all things “little” never really went away from daydreaming on boring bus rides about being “Mommy’s baby boy again” to watching all those references on popular kids shows of the 90’s. Whenever I saw a “main character” regressed I wanted that to be me……. Fast forward through the advent of the net, the ABDL community and the ABDL market place and in my late teens/early twenty’s I got small tastes here & there of finding “paradise” once again but nothing to concrete. Mainly due to the fact that as a “millennial” I had found myself back in my parents’ home after college. That radio degree sort of fell through after 2008. But I persevered, took a hellhole job at Wal-Mart for two years as a truck unload’er with a college degree, finally began making a living doing public speaking gigs shortly after, voice over work but still couldn’t leave my old room. Sure I pay rent but it doesn’t feel the same. While my brothers are raising the bar, with one in accounting & the other enlisted in armed services left home and never looked back sort of making me feel like the “baby” of the family. My parents often traveled giving me time to indulge in my ABDL side with diapers, onises, bottles ect. Even had the nerve of getting into the dating side of the ABDL world and its tuff and rough but I finally found a woman who I loved and who loved me and my ABDL side……Lilly. The first time we “liked” each other’s profile and sent each other pic’s and I must say while I was shocked she loved some of my “baby fat”. I was stunned by her, immediately her hazel brown hair and icy blue eyes popped out of the screen and she was at least in my opinion the picture of perfection again in my opinion a knock out pure and simple. Heck she was only three years older than me at that time in 2014 (29) and for the first time in my limited but intimate dating experience’s she was taller than me, I stand 5’5 while she’s just six feet even along with a "toned" body type nothing like a body builder or anything like that but her past of playing high school b-ball certainly is evident. We had so much in common besides the whole ABDL thing. From fave movies that should have won the Oscar in 94 the “Shawshank Redemption”, fave vacation which turned out we are both a couple of luxury cruiser’s, best pizza toppings well that’s wasn’t an exact match but hey nobody’s THAT perfect lol. We also found that we both loved acting and perusing our passions by any means necessary, well especially for Lilly that would ring more true for her than me. We “met” back in 2013, had all the Skype dates we could stand and heck after the tenth or so we both agreed to meet for a weekend in Toronto. I lived in Ancaster, Ontario while she lived in Kingston, Ontario respectively so Toronto would be the half-way point from both of our homes in the summer of 2014 for a weekend. I was excited, nervous and thrilled to be meeting a woman who’s image was the first thing I saw in the morning and last thing I thought about before bed. However we wanted this weekend to be like our dates just about us. Sure we had talked about the whole ABDL stuff, I sent her pics of me in my diaper’s, she always played the mommy so she loved anything I sent or colored for her but that’s as far as we went so far in that department and I wasn’t thinking anything would come up that weekend at all. So I arrived in Toronto first and I remember pacing around this grand train station like it was a small closet I was just so envious and afraid I mean what if she couldn’t make it? What if she just stood me up? All dumb stupid fears that were put to rest the moment I heard her shout “PAULY” Yes I know “PAULY” I hated that nick name in school but when she said it over Skype I sort of gave in. I walked towards her platform, helped her off the train took her bag and BAM we embraced and kissed right there on the spot and it didn’t matter that we were in anybody’s way at that moment we were both where we needed to be in each other’s arms’ for the first time. It was so wonderful to actually hug & kiss this beautiful woman right there in the train station but what I didn’t expect was her actually having the strength to lift me just a few inches off the ground on our initial embrace, she was in much better shape than myself in fact even her grip was strong as she insisted on holding my hand the entire way to the hotel I sort of blushed but thought nothing of it especially since I was the one who booked the hotel room and yes if you’re wondering my mother didn’t raise no fool but a gentlemen and since this was our “first” date face to face I booked a room with two queen bed’s instead of just one king. It’s the right thing to do period. That said the moment that was over she again took my hand as we went upstairs and headed up to the room, now it wasn’t a stunning view of downtown Toronto although if I’m being honest here I already had the perfect view in Lilly. However I wasn’t really paying much attention because by the time I turned around checking the coffee machine for a decent pod of “Deep Roast” blend and then I asked “So which bed do you want? Near the door or window?” She didn’t say anything, instead I could feel her glare not a mean stare but a stare none the less as I looked over to her. Lying on top of her bed, her suitcase opened and a white object resting perfectly in the center of it, the object that brought us together, a diaper. I’ve never had what is called a “poker face” so I’m sure while I felt my fingers go ice cold my face must have looked like a deer in the headlights. I mean I’ve come to accept and really enjoy the diaper/abdl parts of my life but I almost felt a tad bit betrayed I mean we both agreed not to really bring up this part of our relationship. This was supposed to be a diaper free weekend, a weekend about Lilly & I just us. I’m sure by now my unusual silence was killing the mood as Lilly instantly spoke up with a look of remorse and pity written across her face as she looked at mine. “Ohh sweetheart, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to upset you with this.” I was still off in my own thoughts as Lilly in one fluid motion almost maternal like she wrapped her arms around me pulling me close to her chest as she softly stroked the back of my head. I can’t lie here, it was amazing to be held this close & this lovingly by this woman of my dreams but I had no intension of staying in this “little” space for much longer as I slowly pushed away and stared into Lilly’s soft blue eyes……. “No, no Lilly it’s I’m the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have overreacted in that way, I mean after all it’s only a diaper.” Lilly’s eyes lit up imminently any worry she might have had quickly disappeared from her face causing me to also brighten up and flash a smile as this beautiful woman kept me wrapped around her arms. “I’m so glad Paul. I really didn’t mean to upset you with this more of a surprise actually.” “Well I was certainly surprised but now maybe I can surprise you by picking the place we go out to eat at.” “Now I’m the one who can’t wait on BOTH those surprises” What does she mean both? I thought as she turned and picked up the diaper and motioned for me to “lie down” on the bed beside me. “Ummm Lilly I said I was okay with you bringing the diaper but I don’t think I want to wear one today especially since this was supposed to be a weekend about us.” “Paul” She said with such an authoritative tone I had not heard in a long while, the last time she was that “mad” at me was during an early Skype season. I was standing there showing off my diaper at the time and I the urge to go to the bathroom but Lilly demanded that I “Stand and Deliver” on sight to make a “pee pee” in my “pampers” in front of her. I wasn’t expecting that at the time, I’m sure I babbled some lame excuse but she was firm. Telling me to “Make Potties” in my “pampers”….I did….and her smile lit up my screen. I was brought back to reality as her once soft blue eyes now turned into icy blue daggers aimed directly at me and her once gentle grip became significantly stronger around my hand. “I certainly remember what this weekend was supposed to be about; getting to know each other, getting comfortable with each other and most of all seeing if it would work between the both of us. And Paul if this is going to work between us, then I’m going to need YOU to wear THIS between your legs because we both know that THIS is a big part of who you are but most importantly Paul it’s a big part of why I think I’ve been falling for you.” It was the most shocking, brutally and perhaps the most ingratiating statement ever made about who I really am when it comes to my ABDL side. My shock was quickly placed aside as Lilly again leaned forward and the two of us locked lips once again. As we both came up for air I don’t know why and maybe I’ll never know but I reached down and took the diaper from Lilly’s hand. “Alright but I’m going to put this ONE on myself and after dinner I’m taking it off.” I thought my firm tone would set things straight and while I could see a small sight of disappointment in her eyes, her slight grin on her face told a different story. “Whatever makes YOU most comfortable.” She said with anther quick peck on my cheek as I turned around and headed towards the bathroom making sure the door was shut & locked. I turned and tossed the diaper onto the sink and took a deep breath as I splashed some cold water on my face. Looking up into the mirror I could see my face still looked as red as a tomato even without Lilly demanding to diaper me. I also felt like a fool for not taking the opportunity of a lifetime, for not making a dream of mine coming true. To have a woman change me into a diaper not just any woman but the woman of my dreams but that’s NOT why I came here this weekend. It was just supposed to be about us and not this…… The Diaper It was the first time I looked at it and despite my objections earlier I couldn’t help but smile a tad after looking at it. It was a Bambino Teddy, one of my absolute fave’s diapers up to this point. In fact I’ve always been a fan of the Bambino brand and the fact that Lilly remembered which diapee was my favorite just melted my heart just a tad and also got me excited at the same time. “What’s taking so long in there?” I heard Lilly’s muffled voice shout from behind the door. “If you needed to be helped I’d be more than welcome to offer it or do I need to walk in there and march you out onto this bed and diaper you up all by myself?” I was both aroused & embarrassed at the same time and again while it was a tempting offer for “help” I wasn’t ready for that step yet. “I’ll be out in just a second.” I meekly replied, in reality I was still back in the moment and while everything in my head told me NOT to unfold the diaper my hands were already un-wrapping this slice of heaven open. I quickly pulled off my shorts & boxers, this was it the moment of truth will I or won’t I? Like it was even a question at this point. After years of diapering myself whether I was standing, sitting or lying down this took no time at all and within moments the diaper was tightly wrapped around me and I was once again back to my “happy” place. Taking a few moments to look at myself in the mirror I could only imagine what my six year old self would have to say now. Once again in a babyish diaper, standing in front of a mirror and with another woman waiting for her “baby”. I have to admit though I thought this diaper was much more bulkier than I had previous remembered. I mean my butt certainly did puff out more than usual but it’s a diaper that’s what diaper’s do. Now was the real moment of truth Lilly. I mean I had sent her pics of me in diapers but she had never seen me in one in person and I’m betting on the fact that since it was her diaper that I was wearing she would probably want her money’s worth. My heart raced, my fingers turned ice cold as I reached for the door knob and began turning it slowly it was now or never laughter or love, shame or success a future or a bitter past. I closed my eyes as finally the door opened to a resounding high pitch squeal……. “Awwwwww…….LOOK AT HOW CUTE YOU ARE” I slowly opened my eyes as Lilly stood in front of me sporting one of the most wonderful smiles I have ever seen, the picture of happiness and joy was standing in front of me. Why? For simply standing there in diapers I’m sure I even sported a smile at that point. For all the years of doubt, shame and disgust that comes with this lifestyle in that one moment I felt like it was all worth it, I felt overjoyed that my fears were never realized and that the dream of wearing diapers around people I loved seemingly came true. Lilly was quick to once again embrace me but unlike before her hands quickly reached my padded rear and she squeezed and squealed……. “Oooohhhhhh what a cute diapered butt, who has a cute diapered butt? You do….yes you do…..I have such a cute diapered baby…yes I do" She kept patting my diapered bottom and listening to it crinkle all the while she was smiling at me whispering into my ear, “You know your loving it; I can see your diaper starting to poke out in the front” Lilly was right, I was loving it! But like all good things this too had to come to an end as Lilly kissed me on the cheek and told me to get dressed so we could go out, the first part of this journey was over but the adventure into the unknown was just beginning and I was about to walk or in this case waddle into it pampers and all…… More 2 Come
  15. Just letting everyone here know that I do offer in person babysitting/mommy sessions in Las Vegas. I started doing it over a year ago when we decided that we weren't having kids so this is a way for me to persue my nurturing and disciplinary side. www.MyVegasNursery.com
  16. New Game! WOULD YOU RATHER!!! Very, Very Simple game. Player 1 ask Would you Rather (Blank) or (Blank). Player 2 picks answer and repeats for next player.
  17. Hello to all! I'm new to this forum but not new to the ABDL writing/story scene. I'm Lionsheart - know as Lionheart(old writers name of Snowbunny) on ABDLstoryforum. I've been a writer on ABDLstoryforum for 5+ years and have decided to branch out to start posting my stories on this forum as well. I've been reading stories on this site for a long while and decided it was time to start sharing my own stories. I like to write stories with twisting plots and ABDL elements intertwined within. I tend not to write your typical ABDL stories so if you're into that, then this is your story to read. Warning: This story does have sexual scenes, not worse than your average teen romance novel, but it's in there so be prepared. This is a sci-fi thriller story with an ABDL twist. The story begins at the present, and gets taken back to the past to learn more about the main characters. Perspectives will change from the main character. I have many easter eggs sprinkled throughout this story that foreshadow or connect things that may not make sense at the moment. I'm currently still writing for this story so there is a lot of information that won't make sense until I post future chapters. Without further ado, I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I do writing it. Chapter 1: Bot Survival Guide Faces are blurry. Speech is slurred. Light passes me like I’m going through the Interspace Frontier at light speed. Life goes by without memories of my past. Who am I? What am I? Where am I? I can’t think properly. I think I’m brainwashed. I’ve been brainwashed for a while. Another day exactly the same as the last. Pink. Surrounding me, completely. Light pink hues of light on the ceiling. Enchanting music that fills my ears. Same tunes each morning, afternoon, and night. Twil twil ting. Twil twil ting. Twil twil ting. It’s a soft noise that is barely heard by the human ears, yet I can hear it. It’s the greatest music of the entire galaxy, the only music I’ve ever known, so it must be the paramount of all music, right? The floors are fuzzy and a frosty blue that make us bots happy. Every day is the exact same that I can’t distinguish between today and yesterday. I am sounded awake, blinking the water from my eyes. All bots are guided to the prepping rooms in a chronological line. The smallest number bot goes first and the second smallest number bot goes after and so on. I am Bot 40486261110. I stand in the fourth place for morning prep. I am quite happy to be one of the first to prep as when I first began I was in the hundredth numbers when I was first created. I remember being the eight hundredth and fourth place which made me in awe. The prepping lines go quickly but on my first day I did not know. My memory is weak as every day feels the same but I try to stay conscious of days by the number I am in line. It has been forty-four days and many bots before me have left. I am not sure where all of my previous bots have went but I have heard and seen them be bought at events by wealthy beings. Others that have not been bought disappear when the Bot is 46 days of age. However, as bots we are not allowed to count days or know this information. I keep record but I do not tell any of the directors. One bot was speaking of his age and the next moment he was carried out in an immediate fashion. That was day 3 and I am lucky to know the rules even though the directors do not tell us much. I do not know where the man disappeared too, but he is gone now. Rule 1: Do not speak of days. After prepping we go to training. The training is different for each bot. We are not allowed to speak to each other about our training but I overheard one intersex bot talking about how to perform acts of sexual nature. I was confused because I had never had that during my training and would feel highly uncomfortable. This intersex bot was taken away and never seen again. Rule No. 2: Do not speak of training. My training is quite unusual and feels weird to me. Each day of training I am given an age I must act like and am shown videos of how a baby, toddler or young child acts then I must mimic the video in some way during my playtime. On most days I am changed into a diaper with a baby-like outfit and am told to act cute. A director places a pacifier in my mouth and will have me color on a paper or play with kids toys because my assigned age is usually under the age of 2. I do not understand when I get a spanking for walking but I found out the hard way that I cannot stand up and walk during training. I am not allowed to talk unless spoken too. If I try to leave to use the restroom outside of training I am scolded. This training lasts four hours and then we are sent to our only meal of the day. This is the point of the day that is my most favorite. I get to converse with my fellow bots. At the end of the meal we receive our medicine rounds to prevent us from getting sick as the directors tell us we are all allergic to oxygen. I was about to question this on my first day, but, once again, I was lucky because another first day bot asked before me and then disappeared. I am one lucky bot. Rule 3: Do not question anything suspicious to the directors. After the medicine is injected we are sent to our sleeping chambers and the chamber is closed on us. We receive a steam of vapor to put us to sleep as if we are put to sleep by an anesthesia like propofol. Huh? A few words and numbers pop into my head. Propofol Anestesia S/I-40A. How do I know these words and numbers? Strange. Must not dwell on it too long. This gas they use is not propofol but some other type of anesthesia that I cannot put my finger on. I do not know how I know this but I do. This is the end of each day and the next day we are initiated awake and the day is the same as the last. I wake up on Day 45 to our morning wake up sound and realize that I am coming close to my 46th day which frightens me enough to make my heart race. Red lights illuminate under the skin of my wrist with a shape of a half an inch sized heart and a heart rate number I can barely read with my blurry vision. I think it says 110 BPM and is slowly going down. A director comes in the sleeping area and looks at me. “Bot 40486261110 is there anything you would like to report?” Oh no. This is not good. I took deep breaths to keep my heart rate normal. “No, I just woke up feeling odd.” The director, who had bright red hair, red framed glasses and a lot of makeup on that I commonly saw with my trainings, said, “Please follow me, Bot 40486261110.” I wish I knew this directors name but we are not allowed to know any of their names. I nodded, my palms becoming sweaty as I rubbed them on my evergreen sweat pants. I walked quickly behind the director into the meal area. We walked towards a solid wall and a sliding black glass door appeared as if it were cut into the wall. I only saw this door a few times and that is when bots disappeared. The door opened and another woman director was holding it open. She had no expression on her face and her eyes looked irritated. The familiar director touched my back and motioned for me to walk forward. I walked straight into a long hallway that was brightly lit with white walls and floors. Both directors lead me to a door at the end of the hallway to the left. I followed timidly. I had no idea what was next and my heart rate was giving my panic away. I walked into a room where all of the directors sat, but they were sipping coffee, eating breakfast and looked to be conversing with one another. “Oh yeah, Brett must be having a good time training Bot 7 o’clock. That bot is a hot bot thot.” I was confused, who’s 7 o’clock? Maybe just a nickname? I knew a few bots that began with a 7. The directors laughed loudly as I walked in with the other directors. The laughing silenced immediately as what felt like hundreds of sets of eyes fell on me. I looked at my wrist shyly, a solid 125 BPM. Wonderful. “Counsel time, ladies?” A few directors stood up and nodded for us to follow them to a room at the end of the break area. We walked into a warmly lit room with light green walls and oak colored flooring. I was motioned to have a seat at the end of this medium-sized glass conference table. I sat down and clasped my hands, squeezing my fingers very hard. I was going to disappear. Where? I did not know. I tasted iron on my lip. Oops, I bit it too hard. I licked the blood off quickly as the familiar director with red hair’s eyes watched me closely and looked down to her tablet in her hand. I looked quickly around the room and realized I had all of these directors in at least one training session or more. The girl with the red hair was the most familiar but the others I remembered their faces. One male director with bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, who I saw once in my trainings, sat straight across from me and seemed to be the head of the directors in this group. He looked at me carefully and asked, “So, this meeting is quite simple. I will ask one question and I want you to answer this honestly. We will know if you lie.” He looked toward the director with red hair as she looked down to her tablet as if it were a lie detector test, “Why did your heart rate spike up this morning?” I remember this male director because once he gave me a very painful spanking on my second day in training because I stood. To say the least, I have not forgotten his face. My eyes blurred even more than normal and I felt like I was going to cry as I was put on spot. “I-“ A tear rolled down my face as I knew I was going to disappear if I told them the truth but I could not lie because my body monitor would give it away. I said quietly, “I am close to my 46th day and do not want to disappear. I would like to be sold properly at an event but tonight is the last event before my 46th day and I feel as if I’m doomed to disappear.” The room was dead silent. There was no response for a minute or two as I looked at the glass table as tears fell on it in small puddles. I looked up at the group of directors and locked eyes with the head director. His blue eyes had a humorous glimmer of something funny as he studied me with a smirk on his face. It was almost intimidating. As if I were going to get another spanking. His eyes changed to concerned. His hand covered his mouth as he broke his glance from me and he looked as if he was making a big decision and was torn. “You know what the protocol is, Zane.” One other male director said, sharply. So the man’s name with blue eyes is Zane? That is interesting. Zane scratched the scruff of his beard as he looked at me again, “I tried staying away from this one for this very reason.” He said solemnly with a sigh. I was confused at what he meant. I listened intently as he seemed conflicted. “We have to put her through termination. Bot 404 is quite intelligent and I even said we should have terminated her day one. We’ve had to use the maximum doses because she’s been too clear. Here we are, now we have to follow protocol, no emotions involved. It’s tough for us all, but she could become dangerous.” One of the dark haired women spoke up with a stern tone as if she was Zane’s mother. Bot 404? Is that my nickname? Zane looked as if he was irritated by the woman speaking and telling him what to do as if she was his mom. I looked innocently at Zane as he crossed his arms, “Bella you just successfully lost your position. Give me your access badge and leave the Airspace immediately.” She looked dumbfounded as she looked at everyone’s faces. I was shocked myself. Bella slowly got up, embarrassed, and placed a tag in front of Zane. He said coldly, “Thank you, now let’s get back to business.” Bella hesitated as she walked out, as if she was going to say something, but then left without a word. “Like Bot 404 said, we have an event tonight. This event has a lot of buyers who want her specialty. We are not hitting our revenue as it is and the baby bots are going to make us meet our profit margin.” Baby bots? So that’s what they call us. I’ve found out more in this one meeting than in my past 45 days. “Okay, just so were clear: we are not terminating?” The director with the red hair asked as she looked at her tablet, typing quickly. Zane blinked, “No.” Then his eyes met mine, “But, she’s still receiving a punishment during her training.” A smirk appeared on his face once again and humor twinkled in his eyes. Warmth traveled up to my face as I was fearful of what punishment this would be. I hope it was not another spanking. Zane got up, “This meeting is over. I want her prepped for the event to have curly hair, a pacifier and in a short baby doll dress that shows her diaper for the event tonight.” He looked at me and winked. I was relieved, but very anxious. If I was not sold tonight, I would be terminated tomorrow. Chapter 2: The Last Event Our morning call sounded for our prepping lines and I was the first in line. I did not usually feel much emotion but today I felt sad, depressed even. It was sad to think about the ones that disappeared or, what I found out, terminated. I wanted those bots to have another chance like the one I received today. I felt as if I did not deserve this. Morning prep was always very intrusive but today was far more intrusive than usual. Every event day usually guaranteed a more detailed cleaning and hair removal but this one tops all. One director is assigned to me for cleaning but today I had three people. They took me to my own room and put hair removal cream of my legs, armpits and private areas. I felt the burn of the cream as hair follicles were removed. Then I stepped into the sanitation shower and my body was drizzled with soap, as if I was in a planet Earth spaceship wash, scrubbed and rinsed off. The hair removal cream went away and I felt fresh once again. After this the three directors split up into different tasks. One blow dried and curled my hair, the second used a laser to remove any other possible hair from my arm pits down to my legs, and the last moisturized my whole body with lotion that tingled as it was massaged in. The lotion had some type of microbeads that soothed my skin. After I touched my arm, it felt baby soft. The directors put new light pink sweats on me and the same color t-shirt. I wonder how I looked. There were no mirrors anywhere. I have seen a reflection of myself on desks before but it has never been clear. Ever since I was initiated nothing has been clear. Everything goes by in a blur. I wondered what I was. Am I an animatronic? Or am I considered a human? Some type of amphibian? I did not know. I wish I could know, but I was not allowed to ask these questions. I was directed to the training area and walked to my assigned room. I entered through the familiar red curtains and into the room. My feet touched the velvet lined floors and I sat on the black leather couch as instructed. I looked at the projected video on the glass coffee table in front of me as a video appeared in three dimensions. It was a human toddler crawling around and on it’s dads lap bouncing around. Dad. Every time I saw a parent or person related to these babies and toddlers in the videos I got sad. I wanted a parent. I wanted this unconditional love I watched so often on the videos. The video stopped and I sat there patiently, as I did every morning, waiting for the director of the training. Usually each training began with being diapered or put into a pull-up. I am never given any undergarments underneath my sweats during morning prep so I was technically going commando each morning. I smiled to myself, that was a funny thought. Commando. Sometimes I made myself laugh but I had to hide it quickly because bots should not show emotion. I should not show this. I looked up as I heard someone clear their throat as they walked in. I suppressed my smile, but his eyes caught it. Zane walked in, his eyes flashing with some type of rage. I did not understand this. Maybe it was because I was smiling? Or could it be from earlier? My mind blanked, confused why I became frightened again. Then I vaguely remembered Zane’s comment earlier, ‘But, she’s still receiving a punishment during her training.’ He set a diaper bag on the table and began rolling up his sleeves as his eyes studied me, for the second time in one day. My heart began fluttering again and my wrist monitor buzzed for palpitations and increased BPM. Warmth went up to my face. Zane broke my glance as he looked at the wall, “No, I am going to give her an increased dose after this. Patience. She’ll be fine.” A little blue light flashed underneath the skin of the helix of his ear as he looked like he was listening to someone. I had never seen anything like that until now. Or maybe I never noticed before. Huh. That’s odd. After a pause, he sat in the chair across the room and motioned for me to come over to him. My heart was still racing. I was about to get up and walk, but then I became frozen as I saw his eyes flicker with irritation. I quickly went onto my knees and hands and began crawling. My face becoming warm again as I crawled in embarrassment. Embarassment. That’s an odd feeling I hardly remembered ever having. My emotions have been too much today. Never had I ever had this much emotions in one day. Nor have I felt so clear. I did not understand why I felt this all today. I could pick up small sounds, such as the music and I could focus on small details such as Zane’s veins in his arms protruding and his blue eyes with a fleck of grey in his right eye. It was almost crystal clear. I stretched my arms to Zane and he picked me up, bringing me over his lap. He pulled down my sweat pants down to my ankles. I fidgeted in his lap, anxious. Anxious? I wondered what that word meant for so long, but now I know how it feels. A few seconds passed with me fidgeting and moving to get comfortable. I realized soon after that this exercise was not to make me feel comfortable but just the opposite. A second passed and a sharp sting radiated on my bottom as I heard a loud noise startle me. It took me a moment to connect the pain to the noise. As seconds passed, the stinging on my bottom grew and I fidgeted more. Zane’s grip adjusted to hold me in place with a pause in the spanking. Then the spanking continued until the pain became unbearable and I began wailing. This was not fun. I wanted Zane to stop but I did not want to tell him and upset him more. Tears were streaming down my face, snot was falling from my nose and my bottom was going numb. I fixated my gaze on the velvet flooring that was a few inches from my face. My fingertips brushed the soft flooring in attempt to ignore the pain. My heart rate monitor stopped going off and said I was at normal speed. Impossible. How did I go back to normal with such pain? A minute later Zane stopped the spanking, noticing my calmness. My eyes still watered naturally and snot dripped down my face, but my composure was calm, collected. I was angry for some reason. Angry about my lack of living. My lack of happiness. Where was I? Who was I? What happened to me to get me here? Confusion, pain, anger, anxiety. Emotions became me. I did not understand anything and I was curious. Zane allowed me to stand in front of him. I could not meet his eyes. I did not want him to have an inkling to what my thoughts were going to. I heard a scan of the barcode on my neck that I only heard for medicine injections. He took out a syringe with medicine and took my arm, I instinctively pulled back but his grip became steel-like. His eyes flashed with confusion and then irritation. He injected the medicine into my mainline vein quickly. I was angry about this. I did not want this medicine. I was sick of feeling blurry, confused. I did not want to forget everything and have short-term memory loss. Why was I so clear this morning? I did not know what happened but I wanted it to happen again. A few minutes later, my brain became very fuzzy. I could not concentrate fully and could not remember why I was so confused or angry earlier. I looked at Zane with glassy eyes as he laid me down on the couch and slid a fresh diaper under me. He powdered my bottom and taped the diaper on. Then, like the video projection, I bounced on his lap and acted like a baby. I sucked on my thumb and tried speaking to Zane but only slurred speech and babble came out. I saw a blue light flash underneath the skin of his ear and he spoke, “Give me a chart on who injected Bot 404 this past week. I want to see them in my office after.” He paused, “Thank you.” In a blur, the training passed by with tickles, coloring and bouncing around on Zane’s lap. The training ended and I was escorted over to prepping for the event. My hair was fluffed and teased. I felt some sticky substance spread on my face and the substance dried instantly. I was dressed in a light pink velvet baby doll dress with satin bows on the short sleeves. The top portion of the dress was cotton and said Daddy’s girl on it. I pulled down the bottom of the dress but it would not hide my diaper. When I pulled it down, one of the directors slapped my hands, “Bad girl.” I blinked. After prepping we were all grouped in certain lines for different rooms. My stomach growled as it was meal time and I hadn’t ate since the day before. The directors said we would receive a meal during the event so I waited patiently. Events always went the same way. The directors would play videos of us, give the buyers our statistics, and each buyer would receive a look book of pictures of every bot at the event. We, bots, are not allowed to look at these look books, even when we are with buyers. We are not allowed to talk unless spoken too. We are let into the showroom after the presentations of each bot. I have been to 17 events yet I have not been bought. I wonder what is wrong with me in which no one wanted to buy but maybe it is my age or my appearance. I did not know. I have not fully seen myself. Maybe I am too tall. Or maybe I am obese. I look down at myself and see that I am small and not fat. Okay, maybe not fat but I could just be ugly. Buyers do not like ugly bots or abnormal bots. Maybe I was abnormal? Who knows. “Do you think you will be bought tonight?” Bot 58800919002 asks me. I like Bot 58800919002. She is quite nice and always makes it seem like she cares about me. I shrug, “I do not know. I hope so.” I say blankly. The dose Zane gave me is strong. I cannot think or feel emotionally. I feel numb. Blank. One director starts letting bots into the showroom, “Begin smiling. Smiling makes buyers want you. Good, chin up.” The director is giving guidance as we all pass through the entryway. Over the sound system of the room there is a director calling off bot numbers as we walk in, “Bot 900000019292, Bot 58800919002, Bot 999626278827, Bot 88901918187727, Bot 92262626717,” As I walk in I hear my number, “Bot 40486261110…” And the director continues but I cannot focus on noise anymore. It is loud and there are thousands of buyers chatting in one room. There are hundreds of bots entering the room. We are directed to walked over to our assigned seats for food. My group of bots is dressed like me. Pastel colored clothing, toddler-like appearance, rosy cheeks, some wearing diapers, others pull-ups, ones without but are dressed as small children would be. My assigned seat is in front of some of the wealthiest buyers. This is quite common for my seating at each event. Maybe the price of myself is high because I am always put in the front areas. Some of my fellow bots in my group are assigned seats in the back areas where the less common and cheaper buyers sit. Some just come to watch. Some come to interact and look. As I sit down I catch a few buyers eyes looking at me and talking. The faces are a blur from far away but I know they are wealthy. The front row seats are the most expensive at the event so these must be the best buyers. I forget to smile at them as I turn around. Oops. Maybe this is why I never am purchased. I sit down and patiently await the meal commencement. It is always a few minutes before we can eat. Sometimes the buyers will come up to us and feed us or help us eat. Sometimes they will talk with us and play with us. Sometimes they will spectate. I usually am the one who has a lot of buyers near me. I still get confused why I am never bought because I have more interaction at events than the bots next to me. “She is adorable. I have been saving for one like her for a while. Doesn’t she remind you of Greg’s baby?” I looked behind me and locked eyes with a buyer who was speaking. She waved at me as if I was a small child. I guess I was technically. I waved back shyly. Over the sound system you can hear a robot woman speaking, “Amenities can be purchased on the screen in front of you. Bots can be purchased instantly if not on auction mode. Auction bots end at 7 PM. Interaction time frames can be purchased. Private rooms are available for special bots but are limited. Thank you for coming to Seqouia Airspace. Become a member for a discounted price today.” An amphibian-part-human buyer walked over to me and smiled with bright yellow eyes bouncing. He kneeled in front of my table, “Hello, I’m Sid.” His hand stuck out to me and I looked at his scales as they changed colors from green to turquoise. My hand felt slimy as I shook his hand. I didn’t know what to do besides wipe it on my napkin. The napkin was shimmering afterwards. Strange. “I thought I’d introduce myself, Tsss.” His tongue instinctively hissed, “We’ll have a room in an hour and we can get to know each other a little bit more. I’d buy you instantly, if there wasn’t a bid. Maybe you might be going home with me tonight? Tsss.” Amphibian buyers always gave me an uneasy feeling. They seemed to like me a lot but I never can understand why this is. I’ve never had a buyer say that I was for auction. This was new. I nodded, “Why thank you.” It is important to be polite on event nights, even if the buyer makes you uncomfortable. The bell sounded for the meal to commence. Sid was still staring at me and I felt quite awkward. Sid smelled good with some cologne that seemed to entrance me to want to like him. I guess that is one good trait of him already just in case I may be his tonight. Sid stood up, looking down at me still, “You are quite shy, I like that, Tssss.” That gave me chills. Oh, I hope he doesn’t buy me. As he walked away, I began eating my meal. The meal bar was bland in taste as usual but I ate it quickly; I was very hungry. I drank some water out of a sippy cup as I heard by the robot woman’s voice announcement, “Bot 40486261110 max bid reached.“ I spit out my water over my table and one drop hit a buyers pants that was in front of me. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.” The tall buyer said as he looked down on his pant leg, “We’ll deal with this issue later, won’t we?” He looked to be human as I met his light grey eyes. He was tall, about 7 feet, quite muscular, with a beard and long wavy hair. He smiled at me, which confused me. I thought I was in trouble but he seemed nice, inviting. What did he mean later? Did he max the bid out. Was that him? Oh, I hope it was not Sid. Chapter 3: The Bipolar Telepathic Amphibian The large man kneeled down and took a napkin. He dabbed my face with water on it and wiped the table in front of me with a sigh. Then he looked at me with a smirk and a wink. I was confused. Why would he wink? I stared back blankly. He leaned over the table and kissed my head, “There, there, all better, hmm?” He was intimidating, yet polite. I didn’t know if I should be happy or scared. I said, “Thank you, sir.” His fingertips tickled the underneath of my chin, “Very polite of you, good girl.” He was treating me like a human, not a bot, which made me tingle with happiness. I was a ‘good girl’. I liked that saying. I looked at him blankly and something flashed behind his eyes that I did not understand. He was searching my eyes for something, but it was not there, whatever he was searching for. He cleared his throat and walked back to his table. The bot, directly to my right, elbowed me, “Do you think that’s your buyer?” I shrugged, “I can only hope it is.” Please, please, not Sid. A short time passed and I was taken to the private room with Sid. We sat on the couch and he had me cuddle with him on his lap. I sucked on my pacifier and played with my stuffed bunny I was given. I stared at the button on its nose because I felt, once again, uneasy with Sid. I looked up quickly to Sid’s eyes and he was watching me. His eyes did not leave me. I could not tell his emotions; he was hard to read. I was hoping he would seem sad that he did not buy me but he did not say or refer to anything emotional. “You know, I heard that there is a tickle monster somewhere in this room…Tsss..” My bladder was full and I had a feeling I knew where this was going, “Oh, wait, I think he’s right here!” Sid said quickly as his hands attacked my arm pits. I began laughing uncontrollably. His electric tipped fingers traveled down to my sides and feet. I felt the slimey feeling on my feet which grossed me out but I couldn’t say anything. I looked down and only saw sparkles of turquoise glitter where he tickled to me. Hm, its seems as if his excretions on his scales instantly vaporized? Quite different than anything I’ve ever seen before. He kept relentlessly tickling me and I felt my bladder release into my diaper. Warmth went up to my face. I was embarrassed. Again. “Awe, Tsss what’s wrong, tiny one?” His yellow eyes looked concerned, but it seemed like he already knew what happened. He was trying to make me embarrassed. I didn’t know how I knew that. I just knew. I sucked on my pacifier and stared blankly at him. I wasn’t supposed to tell the buyer if I wet my diaper. They had to check it. Once upon a time, a bot wet theirs and throughout the night they were never changed. I had a lot of buyers who took care of me at each event so I never experienced this issue; however, I never wanted to experience this firsthand. Sid snaked his hand down to my bottom, “Oh, no. Tsssss. It looks like someone wet herself.” More warmth spreading to the cheeks of my face. This was humiliating. I was used to being babied, but it seemed as if Sid had dark intentions as he belittled me. He placed me on my back on the couch and I laid there, staring at the ceiling. It was unfair to me that I had no choice other than to be treated this way. The thought popped in my mind and I felt a twinge of frustration. The thought went away in a blink of an eye as I looked at Sid. For some reason, he turned with a knowing look in his eyes as this thought went through my brain, “Is there something wrong, tiny one?” It’s as if he could read my mind. His eyes shined malevolently as he studied me, carefully. I was confused why he was giving me this look. I shook my head, “Nuh, sir.” I said through my pacifier. He smiled, wickedly, “Maybe the baby doesn’t need a diaper change just yet, Tssss.” Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Wait, how do I know such foul words? Sid blinked for the first time since I’ve met him and his eyes constricted. Chills ran down my spine. What was wrong with this guy? “Have you ever had a proper spanking, tiny one?” I blinked, confused why he would spank me. What was his reasoning? Could he read my mind? I blinked, “I had one this morning, sir.” Trying my best to be polite. “I know what you are, Tssssss. There’s no hiding that from me. Your kind is always very deceiving to people who can’t see into others like myself.” What does that mean? My kind? Bots? I sat up, confused. He wasn’t making any sense. I don’t know what to say. He just threatened me with a spanking and was making it seem like I was doing something illegal. Immoral. He seemed disgusted as he spoke. His eyes flicked back and forth as he studied me, “You can’t act that naïve, Ra-“ He stopped, abruptly. I opened my mouth and my pacifier dropped. I wanted him to end the sentence. What was he going to say? What was he going to call me? Sid looked concerned, “You don’t know, do you?” His eyes dilated and constricted in confusion, studying me. He answered his own question, “You don’t know anything of what happened.” He said in a grim statement. My mind swirled in questions, completely perplexed with what Sid was saying. He acted like I knew something. Yet, I knew nothing at all. All I knew was being a bot. Prepping, training, meal bars, injections, and dreamless sleep. For the first time since meeting him, Sid looked to have an ounce of human empathy. He was sad for a reason I could not begin to understand. My mind was still so fuzzy from the medication this morning. Sid’s eyes grew astonished by his findings, “I believe I have said too much.” I said quickly, “No, you have not told me anything at all, sir.” I wanted him to keep talking. I wanted to hold onto Sid’s words to think about them, but I could feel it slipping out of my grasp, quickly. There were so many mysteries since my initiation as a bot. My soul was hungry for answers to questions I’ve been wondering for what felt like years. Sid ignored me, smiling widely, scales on his face changing colors from turquoise to dark green, “Let’s get you changed, tiny one.” I cocked my head, perplexed. He just said he wasn’t going to change me and now he’s going to? What made him change his mind? So many questions, yet no answers. In a blink of the eye, my pacifier was plopped in my mouth by Sid. He pushed me on my back and began undoing the tapes of my diaper. He wiped my bottom and front areas and lifted my legs up to throw away the old diaper. He then slid a fresh diaper under me, sprinkling powder on me, and then taped the new diaper on me. Sid’s eyes flicked up to my face, studying me again. No more questions, tiny one. If you want to stay safe, be quiet. They are watching you, very closely. Answers will present themselves to you in time, but that time is not now. Words echoed in my brain. Sid’s words. I didn’t get why he said that. But, wait, he didn’t say it. No words or sounds came from his mouth. He placed thoughts in my brain that weren’t mine. I knew it was from him. And I knew I was not going crazy. My body because stiff as a chill ran down my spine. They are watching you. Who were they? The directors? I already knew that. That was a given. Unless there were others? The directors are the least of your worries, Bot 404. Chapter 4: Darkness Becomes Me I sat down at my table after multiple private sessions following Sid’s. Once they were over, I felt elated. I was tired of playing the role of a baby. I was already bought after all. What was the point of pleasing these other buyers? Maybe it was making Sequoia Airspace profit but what did that have to do with me? I did not have any benefits besides being sold away. Was that really a benefit? I had no freedom. I was not considered a person. Anger pulsed through me. I looked down at my heart rate monitor as my pulse increased. I took deep breaths to calm myself. I would not have another episode like this morning. This was not the time. I needed to make it out of Sequoia Airspace. I did not know why I needed to leave, but it felt the closest to freedom I could get.“Sequoia Airspace auctions closing in 5 minutes. Please make your final purchases. Thank you for visiting Sequoia Airspace. Ever last infinity with Sequoia.” Ever last infinity. The most overused phrase at every single event. I never understood it. Quite redundant if you ask me.My palms were sweaty. Was I going to like where I was going? What if it was worse than Sequoia Airspace? What if it was better? I’d never know, unless I left. It was time to leave, finally. I was ready. I had been ready to leave since day one of initiation. Yet, here I was, nervous to leave what I had known as comfortable. Was it really comfortable? Or was I brainwashed? I could not understand fully if I had it really good or really bad. Every day I was watched by a director. I was cleaned by strangers. I was told what not to do and what to do. I could not have one emotion expressed or else more injections and less feelings. I had no life, no fun, no words outside of normal bot small talk. Was this how life is supposed to be?The directors began reading off bot numbers bought to be sent away, “Bot 40486261110, Bot 89019190200, Bot 678849493331…” I stood up, surprised that my number was called first. I scanned the directors faces, appreciating them for the last time. I saw the director with the red hair and red rimmed glasses and remembered the countless training sessions. I gave a small smile. I was looking for someone else, though. His blue eyes, where were they? I scanned quickly, not finding them. He was not here. Zane was not part of this. I thought for sure he would be here for my last event. However, thinking back, I had not seen him at any event. Why would this one be any different? I do not know why, but I wanted to see his face one last time. He was gone though, nowhere to be seen.“Bot 404, you must go to the right back area of the auditorium where those black curtains are.” A director’s hand touched my back. I looked up, hoping to see him near me. I was left disappointed as an unrecognizable director looked down to me. I blinked and began walking towards the door. I shook off my disappointment. Why did it matter if I saw Zane again? I only saw him twice and both times were on bad terms. I did not know why I felt drawn to him but it did not matter. He had no significance in my time here.As I entered the black curtains I felt a sting on my arm, and then I saw nothing but blackness and fell into a deep sleep. Chapter 5: Clear as Hanna Skies I woke up, from dreams that I never had before. Dreams. I had dreamt of weird things. Blue eyes with the look of pain. Raw emotion. Bursts of passion. I felt a warmth in my heart as I thought of these eyes. Why? Confusion. Pain. Strings pulled at my heart and tears fell down my face as I opened my eyes. Why did I feel so strongly? I have never had emotions like this.I awoke in a queen sized bed with a green plaid cover on it. I was wrapped in a fluffy wool blanket that smelled like cologne underneath the plaid cover. Light scattered on my bed through dark blue curtains. I sat up, feeling nauseous. My stomach turning. My head felt like it was about to explode. I felt sick. I felt like a zombie. How long was I asleep? Where was I?I got up, quickly, my bare feet hitting the cool oak floors. I walked around the bed, stopping to hold onto the bed covers as dizziness hit me like a brick. I must have been asleep for a while. This was not normal. I needed to leave this room to find a restroom or else my insides would meet the outside.I went over to the door and opened it to a hallway the led to a brightly lit living room and dining area. The tall mysterious man I saw at my last event was sitting at a glass table, typing and speaking to someone. I looked around for another person in the room but there was no one else. He must have been on a call over his Helix. Helix. A hands free wireless device installed into the helix of your ear. How did I know that? Why did I not know that with Zane on my last day?Zane. That name. That person. A familiar sensation hit me. It felt like something was on the tip of my tongue. A memory. Something about Zane. I squinted, perplexed. Why did he matter? It felt like something was important about him. What was so important? Maybe because of the dream I had of his eyes? I didn’t know.“Well, essentially, it depends on how-“He stopped typing and looked up to me, “Good afternoon, Rayne.” His grey eyes surprised, concerned.Rayne? I was Bot 404. Who the fuck is Rayne? Rayne like rain, bitch. Words popped into my head. The corners of my mouth raised at the thought. It felt like something I once said. I didn’t understand it though. I didn’t get the joke, yet it was hilarious to me. Bubbles of a laugh rose in my throat. And also, oh god, vomit.I couldn’t even walk to the kitchen near the dining area before bile came from my mouth onto the hard wood floors. The shine, covered with orangey-brown vomit. Yep, there are the meal bars. I pray to the gods that I never have to eat another one of those again in my life.“Jesus Christ, Rayne, just sit down for a second, okay?” The man said, as if he really knew me. I looked up, bewildered. My head was in pain that the lights of the room even hurt. Drool fell down my chin, onto my white lace nightgown, but I didn’t care. My head was in so much pain that nothing mattered. I still didn’t know who this tall man was with grey eyes was but he was not treating me like a small child anymore, that was for sure.He took a wet towel and wiped my mouth and chin. He handed me a reusable water bottle, “Drink up. It’s going to be a little before you’re not hibernation hungover.” Out of many things I was feeling in the moment, I had not even felt my sandpaper tongue yet. I chugged the whole bottle of water in a minute.The man walked away, opening cupboards and cracking a packet filled with some edible dark-brown gel. I cocked my head, “Who are you?” Bots weren’t supposed to ask questions. At this point, however, I gave no fucks. My name was supposedly Rayne and not Bot 404 so I’m beginning to think that a lot of things are bullshit at this point.His eyes flashed with irritation, “I’m Eli.” Eli looked annoyed, but also had traces of pain in his expression. I didn’t mean to piss him off, geez.He massaged the packet of dark brown gel and tore off one end, “Eat this. It will make you feel better. After we’ll get you cleaned up.” He frowned, looking at the floor and me. I looked at the packet, reading the label curiously. NutriSqueeze, huh. I squeezed a few drops into my mouth. Sourness filled my taste buds.I scrunched my face and shook my head, “That tastes god awful.”He looked at me with his eyebrows raised, “Did I say at all that it would taste good?” He had an attitude about him that I caught quickly. I liked it in an entertaining way.“No, but you could have attempted to make it seem at least a little better.” I gave him sass back.Humor flashed across his face and he smiled, “That’s the Rayne I used to know.” I was always Bot 404. Who was this Rayne he kept referring to? Something wasn’t connecting.“Is that the name you gave me?” I asked as I sucked the packet, deciding that a few drops at a time was going to take forever. The more I ate, the better I felt. If I sucked it, the faster I could eat it.Eli sighed, his teeth gritted, “No, that’s the name you were given, by your parents.”I shook my head, “Impossible. I can’t have parents. I’m a bot; we’re artificially made.” I gave him a skeptical look. A twinge of hope filling my heart. A twinge of sadness if this is true. Why aren’t my parents here if I did have real ones? So many things didn’t make sense.“You were taken by people who brainwashed you. You’re part human, part who knows whatever-the-fuck else you are. You are anything but a bot. I can tell you that right now. You make too many mistake to be a fucking bot. My god, Rayne.” Eli’s hands rubbed his face in annoyance, “We can talk about this later. I honestly should not be telling you all of this at this point.” Red marks appeared on his face from his hands pressing on his face. I squeezed the last parts of the NutriSqueeze into my mouth. I scrunched my face for the last time.Eli took the packet from my hand and threw it out, “Follow me, I’ll show you to the bathroom.” I got up, walking behind Eli who took off down the hallway. We got to the end and he opened the door.“You can clean yourself on your own, right?” I scratched my head. I think I could. I nodded as I met his grey eyes.He scratched his beard with a huff, “I’ll be in the dining area cleaning if you decide you need help. Just holler if you need me.” He said as he closed the door.I noticed my headache was slowly going away and my stomach stopped turning. I wiped the back of my hand on my gown with the remnants of vomit. I looked around the bathroom. It had high ceilings, like the hallways. The floor had large white granite tiles, light grey walls and a double sink with a white granite countertop.I turned to the mirror, gasping. A girl looked back at me. Raven black hair that fell on her shoulders. Bright green eyes. Long, dark lashes. Pink, puffy lips. Heart shaped face. A pale face that looked in need of sunlight. Who was she? She was me. I was her.I am Rayne. I blinked, my hand touching my face. It was real. I was real. I did not look like a bot, but a human. Was I really human? Or was I from a different planet? Humans, otherwise known as Earthlings, we’re not the most liked between the galaxies. Many people were against the human race. I don’t know how I knew that, but, like many things, I knew it.I took off the vomit-ruined white lace nightgown seeing a wet diaper underneath. I looked at myself in it. Cute. Did I just call myself cute? I was disgusted with myself that it was wet, but it didn’t look weird on my body. It looked normal. I wasn’t a baby. I was, what looked to be, a 20-year-old full grown girl. I don’t know how, but it didn’t seem weird to me even though it was taboo. I took off the tapes and threw it in the trash. I looked in the mirror, turning around to look at my back.White markings went up my back. They looked like small scars near my spine. I took my hair up to look at my neck. There were white tiny lines of a barcode at the base of my neck. Disgust filled my body that caused me to tremble. I don’t know why, but the sight of this made me mad. Was I allowed to feel this way? I had no idea why, but it made me angry. Pissed off, even.My eyesight was so clear. I could see everything. Even things I did not notice for so long. My left arm had scars the size of threads on my elbow traveling to my wrist. I looked at my left arm, no thread-like scars. Strange. I looked over my body, looking for more scars. On my left side from my hip down to my ankle the small scars wrapped around my leg. I didn’t understand what this was from. What happened to me? Did I want to know?I heard a knock, “How’s it going in there?” Eli’s voice sounded concerned.I said in a snap, “Fine.” My jaw clicked as I responded.“Okay, just know I’m right down the hall still if you are having any issues.” I heard Eli walking away.I inched closer to the mirror. Looking at the right side of my neck and shoulder, brushing my black hair to the left side. The threads of tiny scars traveled from my jaw line, down my neck, to my right shoulder. Another centimeter in length scar was over my collar bone. They were very faint scars, hardly noticeable to the human eye, but I had this slight inclination I was not fully human. My eyesight was razor sharp, the medicine blurred it for so long. Zane knew. The other directors knew. And that absolutely disgusted me.I looked away, I didn’t want to keep staring at myself. I need to wash myself, feel clean and figure things out.I opened the glass shower door and stared at the shower’s touch screen panel. I touched an icon that looked like the shower function. The water began to trickle out and the panel turned to a temperature icon. It read 105 degrees Fahrenheit. I felt the water and it felt incredible. I had never had hot water like this before. During prepping, it was always lukewarm. I greedily pressed the + button until it reached 113 degrees Fahrenheit and was content with the hot water droplets hitting my back. So this is how it felt to feel again. I smiled to myself, enjoying the water massaging my back.Minutes passed by and I realized I needed to wash my hair and body. I opened my eyes and looked around for soap or hair shampoo. My eyes fell directly in front of me to motion dispensers. I put my hand under the first one and shaving cream came out. I frowned, I did not want that nor need it. My lower body had no hair and I don’t think I would ever have hair again from what the directors did.I washed my hand with the water and put it under the second dispenser and shampoo squirted out. The shampoo smelled like coconuts and it made me smile, images of a beach played in my mind. I tried all the three dispensers and looked for soap. I turned to the wall panel and pressed a button that looked like a bar. Underneath the panel, a green stone appeared. I cocked my head in confusion. I picked it up, smelling it. It smelled like eucalyptus and soap with small beads intertwined between the stone. I massaged the stone on my skin and bubbles appeared. My skin tingled as the stone scrubbed but after my skin felt alive, rejuvenated. I washed out the shampoo from my hair and pressed the OFF icon on the panel.I looked around for a towel as I stepped out. I opened the dark wood cabinets and drawers underneath the granite countertop. Towels were nowhere to be found.I peeked my head outside the door of the bathroom, “Hey, Eli!” Cold air invading the bathroom and making my skin prickle. I didn’t hear any response. I had no other clothes in the bathroom. What was I supposed to do? I tried again, “Hello, Eli?” I said a bit louder.I heard footsteps from the end of the hallway, “I thought you died in there or something. What’s wrong?” Eli’s arm pushes on the door. I back up covering my breasts with one arm and my hand over my lower regions.His eyebrows shot up, “Oh, you’re, uh…” He trailed off, eyes scanning me from top to bottom. I blushed.“No, there’s no towels or clothes, dude.” I said, shivering with the cold air from the hallway entering the bathroom.“I should have given you a spanking when I had the chance.” Eli said rolling his eyes as he passed me, entering the room.He pressed on the wall panel in the shower that I didn’t see until now. The touch-screen panel turned into a black window that rolled down and behind it sat a white fluffy towel, a hair brush, and a fuzzy, light sea blue robe.Eli began walking out of the room and then stopped, humor pulling at the corner of his lips, “Now if you want a diaper change, I’ll do it but at a slight fee.” He winked at me as he was leaving. I squinted my eyes at him in a glare.“No, I’m fine. Please leave.” He closed the door with a chuckle. Ugh. That was embarrassing.I dried off my hair and body and put the robe on. I brushed my hair and left the room.“What were you doing in there? That took a whole hour.” Now he was nagging me. I rolled my eyes.I stepped out into the dining area and into the living room, Eli trailing behind me. I looked at the windows and saw stretches of green. I walked near the curtains, gazing in the distance. This couldn’t be real.“Are these virtual reality windows?” I asked as I watched a bee buzz around the bush in front of the house.“Nope, we are on planet Hanna. Beautiful isn’t it? Kind of reminds me of how Earth once looked before humans destroyed it. No offense to you, Rayne.” I cast my gaze over the trees and the driveway leading to a road that was basically gravel. The gravel stretched far away from the house.“I really don’t take offense to that. It is what it is. My ancestors fucked up bigtime -if I am really human that is.” I paused, blinking, realizing I just cursed which was a huge no-no during training. I looked at Eli and he didn’t seem to care.I looked around the living room, touching the curtain and feeling the satin texture under my fingertips, “By the way, how long was I asleep for?”Eli sat on the dark brown leather couch and put his feet on the mahogany coffee table, “Approximately eight days give or take. We did a lot of traveling to get here without anyone tracing us. Also, you had a surgery to remove a few artifacts.” My mouth dropped, eight days? And I had surgery?“Why the surgery? Is that why I have all of these scars? And who the hell is trying to ‘trace us’? What does that even mean?” I asked, bewildered.Eli sighed, blatantly irritated with all of my questions, “Well, first of all, there’s a lot of things I can’t really tell you, yet. You’re not ready for it, Rayne. Those scars are not from us, that’s from something much different than your surgeries. You had a few trackers imbedded into your body when the Valorion took you. Do you remember your wrist monitor? That’s out now, it had tracking material so the Valorion can find you anywhere in the galaxy. Any planet. Any city. It had to go.” So he’s saying… I had a surgery on my wrist? Isn’t there usually a cast? Why am I already healed? This isn’t adding up.“Wait, how is my wrist perfectly fine already?” I wiggled my wrist in the air, staring at it. It was healthy, no scars besides the threadlike ones. There was no pain and it functioned perfectly.Eli’s mouth went into a frown, “I can’t tell you that information. That’s not important, Rayne.”Now I was the one irritated, “Look, I just want fucking answers. I was asleep for eight days, I had surgery on who knows what, and I woke up on a planet that I’m unfamiliar with. I just want answers, okay?” I said with an attitude. I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted to understand why things seemed off.Eli stood up, “One answer I can give you is that we were best friends before you were taken. I loved you, in a friendly way. I thought you were dead. We all did.” We. Such as my parents? His eyes looked pained as he continued, “You are an important piece to saving millions of lives but you need to understand that some questions aren’t meant to be answered right now.”“Unfortunately, that place you just came from, we have to go somewhere that’s a lot like it again; if you’re willing that is. You will learn a lot, but certain things I can’t tell you because you won’t be trained enough to keep that information away from others who are gifted. Lives are at stake here, Rayne. What you don’t know, will help us.” I glared at him, confused. I didn’t understand what the fuck he was talking about. I didn’t understand it at all. What did us mean? And gifted? Like Sid?“I have one question I want answered before I am willing to help: Is selling and buying bots legal?” My mind was warped as it is, but I needed to know if I was joining a battle that was worth it.Eli hesitated, “By the codes of the UGN, especially in your case, it is illegal. The UGN has been trying to overturn planet Valorion’s laws for many years now.” Eli closed his eyes, trying to figure out how to carefully phrase his sentences, “Valorion has done many foul, disgusting things.” Eli’s voice getting hoarse as he spoke, “Some things I don’t think you should ever know, even though you were part of a few of them.” His jaw was clenched for a moment, his body stiff, “The Sequoia Airspace is like the black market of the galaxy. It’s not *technically* illegal. The UG has had a long history with Sequoia Capitol, which is the government of Valorion.”“Wait, wait… What’s UGN? Remember, you have to dumb it down here.”Eli rolled his eyes, “I’ve had to dumb it down for many years for you, trust me on that one.” He said with humor playing on his face, I smiled in response. I wonder who I was before. I wanted so badly to know.“UGN is the United Galactic Nations or what people also call United Galaxies, the UG. It’s the mediator between planets and galaxies alike. That’s who we-“ He stopped midsentence, clearing his throat, “I mean, I work for.” I cocked my head. Did I used to work for them? He said it almost as if it were past tense.I wanted to clear something up, “So are there others like me? Who were taken and made to be something or someone else?”Eli studied me for a moment, “Yes, many others.” Vile. Sickening. Everything about my last two months made me repulsed. Every face I could remember made me see red. They were all apart of it. Even the person I thought saved me from that place was only using me for profit. Everything I know, was changed in a blink of an eye. These people I once looked up too are now my worst nightmare. I felt uncomfortable for so long, but this made me think back to memories of the past two months and feel absolute disgust. My perception changed in an instant.My mouth fell into a line, anger blurring my vision, “The only thing I care about is that people who have anything to do with this, like those directors, and Zane, are stopped.” Poison came out of my mouth as his name rolled off my tongue. Eli's eyes flashed with something that went away too fast for me to comprehend fully as I said his name. Zane was nice in person, but malicious in theory, “That bots aren’t enslaved. That everyone, even animatronics, are given the same opportunity of freedom. I can guarantee, I will do whatever I can to help you. Even if that means that I don’t know certain things. I won’t stop, until they are completely stopped and pay for what they have done.”Eli smiled as he looked at me in awe, “That’s the girl I remembered. I knew you were in there somewhere, Rayne.” Chapter 6: Leading on Zenons and My Old Playlist I watched in awe as the Interspace Frontier S209 landed in the city of Forestor, planet Hanna. The spacecraft was mammoth in size as I gawked at it.“It’s beautiful.” I said, quietly to myself.The landing wheels rolled out as gravity pulled the spacecraft down to the ground. Dirt and debris scattered as the craft touched the ground, silently. You could feel the tremor in the waiting area of the United Interspace Launch terminals as the craft landed. The space craft rolled to the gates and extended the walk way to connect with the terminal gate. Quickly, people walked out of the spacecraft, down the terminal gate.I curiously cast my gaze; my eyes wandered from the dark blue space craft to the people walking down the glass-paneled walkway. I never saw so many various skin textures, colors, creatures and clothes in my life. Antennas. Scales. Blubber. Two headed people. Tiny headed people. A few people caught my eyes as they walked out of the gate. Purple skinned girls in a group walked that had prominences on both shoulders as if they were wearing blazers. They were dressed in neon pink and green clothes that had holes cut out at their prominent shoulders. They were reading pamphlets about planet Hanna and circling a map of tourist locations to visit on the planet.“Those are Zenons. It’s in your best interest to look away, Rayne.” I looked at Eli, perplexed, “On their planet it’s in their culture to be lesbian and-” He looked around quickly to make sure no one way listening, “Zenons always seem to have an affinity for you.” He winked at me, chuckling to himself as if it were an inside joke. That was unheard of to me. Earthlings and Hannans were heterosexual. Homosexuality for an entire planet was an unusual concept for me.I shook my head and glared, “You are messing with me.”Eli sat back, crossing his arms, “I wish I was. I’d totally have a Zenon babe any day, but I’m not Rayne Griff so I will never have the opportunity.” He sighed in a sullen tone as he stared at the spacecraft in front of us.I looked back to the girls, still curious. One caught my glance, her eyes a dark purple color that twinkled as they met mine. The girl nudged her friend and lowered her voice as she looked at me. The other three girls with her turned their heads in my direction. I blushed, looking at Eli. He was messing with me, right?Eli looked behind his shoulder at the girls, “Every. Single. Time. What the fuck, Rayne. Please, give her my number when she asks for yours. I will so catfish her for butt pics.” Eli said as I turned my head back to the girls. The girl that caught my glance, with the dark purple eyes, was walking towards me with a smile. She was quite beautiful. Dark blue short wavy hair fluttered as she walked. Her complexion, glowing. She had large, dark-blue eyebrows that framed her face nicely. She wore a lot of makeup with a yellow-pink bronzer on her cheekbones.She sat next to me and Eli, “Hai, I noticed you looking.” She flashed her long eyelashes at me as she made a quite blatant statement. Was she flirting? I don’t think I’ve ever experienced someone so upfront.I didn’t know what to say back, “Uh, yea-“ I looked at Eli for help, he was ignoring me and still staring at the spacecraft letting out the last of the passengers. I was by myself on this one. Ugh. My face flushed, “I, uh, just saw how beautiful you all were, is all.” Oh god, what am I saying? Now it seems like I’m flirting back. I could see in the corner of my eye Eli shaking his head in amusement.She giggled, flirtatiously with a blush, “You have a way with words. What's your name?” She asked, as her eyes traveled from my eyes to my lips. What was happening? I didn’t think I liked girls. However, I didn’t know. Maybe I was lesbian before.“Uh, Rayne Griff.” I said as I sat awkwardly.She smiled as if I were a puppy she wanted to take home, “Well, Rayne Griff, it looks like you are leaving soon.” Eli stood up, taking our luggage, “Maybe I could give you my number and I can catch up with you later sometime?” I scratched my head, I didn’t have a number. Heck, I didn’t even have any type of cellular device.Eli spoke up, “She doesn’t have a phone. Sorry to burst your bubble.” I stood up, grabbing my tote bag that Eli packed for me, and hearing our boarding group being called. The girl blinked, looking as if she was rejected. It was as if Eli said I didn’t have a phone to tell her I wasn’t interested.I shook my head at him as I looked at her. Her eyes were sad and I felt bad, “I really don’t, don’t take it personally. If I do get one, I’ll try to talk to you, okay?” I said, trying to make up for Eli being as asshole and hurting the poor girl’s feelings.She perked up from her rejected state, “My name is Izzie. I am a traveling beauty guru. You can find me on the galactic interweb at IzBeauty. Here’s my card, if you change your mind.” She handed me a glittery business card, her fingertips gliding over mine as she pulled away.Izzie began walking away, “I hope this is not our last conversation, Rayne Griff.” She winked and turned around.I was in a daze as we walked from the walkway onto the spacecraft. Eli was laughing as he handed out our tickets to the aircraft attendant. Eli handed the man my intergalactic passport before we boarded. The man handed it to me and I looked at it before Eli took it back and put it in his wallet. I had a quick glimpse of the picture on my intergalactic passport and saw a girl who looked like me, but felt like someone else. Her eyes, stared back at mine, with knowledge of things I did not know. Memories that were long gone.“Hey can I see that again?” I asked Eli as I trailed behind him. I wanted to know more about this girl. The girl I once was.“Nope, knowing you, you’d give it to those Zenons.” He snapped in response as he walked briskly down the spacecraft terminal.I rolled my eyes, “Okay, okay. I get it, I just didn’t want to hurt her feelings. And you were no help.” I said as we entered the sliding doors of the spacecraft.“Welcome to Interspace Frontier. Galactic travel in under hours with elite service. Please contact a flight attendant if you have more than 3 suit cases.” Words spoke over the intercom system of the spacecraft.Eli lead me past the first class areas to an area with many rows of seven seats on each side of the space craft. In the middle of the craft, far back from where we were. There was a set of stairs that went down for more seats. We sat down in the white leather chairs to the right.We were the first in the row and Eli looked at our tickets, “Wing 3: Seat 304A and 304B. Yep, you’re getting 304A, I hate the fucking window seat.” Eli said as he crammed our luggage in the hanging storage areas that were directly above our seats. He pressed the storage units in above us with a click. He had to duck his head from hitting the low ceiling. Fortunately, I did not have to duck at all from my petite stature.“So what planet are you from that makes you so tall?” I asked as I looked at him.Eli’s light grey eyes flashed with humor, “Well, my dad is from Ganakk, my mom is from Hanna. Ganakkans inherently have long extremities. If you know what I mean.” He winked at me.I glared at him. I’ve noticed in these past few weeks he always had to slide dirty jokes in at any chance he got, “Ew, gross. Shut up. I’m throwing you off the spacecraft when we hit light speed.” I said and he laughed. I was not sexually attracted to him in any way, shape or form. He was attractive, yes, but not to me. I’ve noticed he did get many stares from women on Hanna- and even an occasional man- but I did not like him to that sense. I could see why we were best friends once, because we did not, and intimately could not, cross the line into something else. It made me shiver at the thought.I clicked in my seat belt and looked outside the window. I took in the site of Hanna. How beautiful. The air, so fresh. The many trees swayed in the breeze. Mountains far in the distance near a picturesque lake. Wildlife was so bountiful as you could find deer pouncing around the land. Trees stretched for miles on end. Hanna had the finest trails for hiking and many people visited for the nature walks and the beauty of the land. From the Mount Joridas to the Ghados Falls, there were so many sights to behold. Many weddings took place here because of the woodsy lands.I could tell this was Eli’s favorite place to be. He had been in vacation mode for the past few weeks as I adapted to my new surroundings. I knew he did not want to leave this planet but he had to for his job.It took about twenty minutes to board the whole spacecraft. I looked around, hardly any rows were filled for this flight. We were headed to the Intergalactic Space Station. I guess not many people went there. I picked up the pamphlet in front of me that gave information about the flight in multiple languages. I flipped the pages, reading the information about Frontier S209. “Frontier 209 max capacity 2,646 people.” 2,646 people?! I blinked, there had to be only about a few hundred people I saw board this spacecraft. I was in awe at how many people could fit on this thing. Then again, there was three other wings besides ours.One Reorf man sat next to Eli. The man had a business suit on with his enormous blubber green body sitting between two seats. The man’s whiskers moved every time he breathed. The air smelled greasy, as if he had Earthling McDonalds fast food with him. I felt bad for Eli that he was closer to him; however, Eli was supposed to have my seat and that was technically karma slapping Eli in the face.An attendant came over to our row, “Um, sir, sorry to bother you but if I could see your ticket?” The Reorf man grunted, reached into his pant and pulled out his ticket.The woman looked at it, “You’re actually row 308C and 308D. If you could move two rows back, please.”Eli sighed in relief, a bead rolled down his face. He wiped it away as he cleared his throat as the Reorf man got up and moving his items back.I looked at him, “Are you okay, Eli?”Eli rolled up his black sleeves of his shirt, “Yeah, I’m just a little claustrophobic is all.” He smiled faintly at me. He didn’t seem to be comfortable ever since we got on the spacecraft.“Hello, this is Captain Beard speaking. We will be preparing for takeoff in a few minutes. Drinks and snacks will be served once the Frontier has hit light speed. Thank you for choosing to fly with United Interspace.”You could feel the space craft pulling in its terminal walkway and rolling away to the launch strips. I watched outside the window. The window slicked over with a dark color as you could hear the spacecraft charging its power to launch. The wheels of the spacecraft began rolling, quickly, and then a boom sounded. I was in awe as the spaceship was flying directly up, into space in a ten minute time frame. I felt my stomach tickle with the loss of gravity. My belt held me in place as we left the planets atmospheric layers. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Another boom sounded. The floating feeling left me and I felt steady, as if we were on ground again. Weird. I looked out and lights flashed by as if we were a shooting star. This must be light speed. Duh. I looked to my side and saw Eli’s eyes closed. His veins popped from his arms as he gripped the arms of the seats tightly.“So, uh, whatcha doing Eli?” I asked, poking him. Now, it was my turn to mess with him.He opened his eyes and glared at me, “I swear to god, I can’t wait for the chance to spank you. You better watch yourself.” He said as his arms relaxed and he clasped his hands. I wasn’t intimidated by the slightest. He always threated that.I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I watched as a few attendants began coming down the rows with drinks and peanut packets.Eli gave me my ear pods to listen to his music for the rest of the flight. I listened to many alternative songs across the galaxy. Some of them were old Earth songs. From FRENSHIP to Paramore I smiled to myself. I liked the beats of the music. Most of the music had an underlying melancholy feel but it was enchanting in an odd way.“This used to be one of your favorites.” Eli said quietly.“What’s it called?” I could hear a honey voice over the music and a man who rapped. In the end, it’s him and I. The girl sang over and over. Chills ran down my spine. I liked it.“Him & I by G-Easy and Halsey. You had a really fucking weird and old music taste. I don’t know how you listen to this shit.” I scrunched my face at him in a glare. Asshole. I swear.“This is your playlist I thought?” I said, confused and trying to make a point that he had as bad of music taste as me.“No, this is your old one. I thought I’d play it for you but I’m getting sick of it to be honest.” My old playlist. That said something about me. I wanted to keep listening.The music stopped and I ripped out my ear pods, “What the fuck, Eli?”Eli’s eyes flashed, irritated, “Look, Rayne, we listened to that for 20 minutes and the spacecraft is going to be in the Intergalactic Space Station orbit in ten minutes.”I gave him puppy dog eyes, “Please?”He squinted at me, “That may work on someone else, but not me.” He sighed and shook his head, “Fine. You can have it for five more minutes.”I smiled and took his phone, looking through the music tracks. War of Hearts, Ruelle. A sad beat played. Did that mean something? 1000 Nights by FRENSHIP? A lonely song. Jungle by Tash Sultana? Another sad song. I Don’t Know Why by Imagine Dragons? Mysterious. Then the weirder songs came on. Makeba by Jain? A song that brought a smile to my lips, I did not know why. The words and beat made me smile. Breakfast by Jaden Smith? Okay this one just seems completely different than all of the others. I quickly previewed the songs as I did not have much time. My soul, hungry to know who I once was. These songs, so sad, some happy, some mysterious. Did they have anything to do with me? Or were they just songs I liked the beats of? I didn’t understand what they meant. Most of them spoke about love. About passion. They made me feel sad. They made me feel like there was a second piece to my story. Where was it? More importantly: who was it? Chapter 7: What the Fuck Did I Get Myself Into? Lights illuminated space as the Interspace Frontier came into the Intergalactic Space Station orbit. My hand pressed on the glass as my eyes gazed at the beautiful sight. It was vast. It was the size of its own continent as we approached the Interspace Frontier S209 spacecraft was only an ant in comparison. The space station was a gigantic circle, like a doughnut, and had many windows that reminded me of apartments.The spacecraft entered the force field of the landing area in the Intergalactic Space Station. The spacecraft landed silently and extended it’s terminal walkway. Eli got up and grabbed our luggage and my tote. I pulled the tote over my shoulder, trailing behind him.“Thank you for choosing United Frontier. Please travel with us again.” We heard as we walking out of the spacecraft into the walkway to the terminal gate.As we exited the terminal gates, I looked at the glass windows that showed space crafts entering and exiting the space station. It was a pretty damn cool sight to be seen. I looked at the people waiting to board and they read their glass news tablets and books as if this were any every day experience. It was, but this was all new to me.I ran behind Eli, he walked at a fast pace at all times, “Hey, wait up!” I said, trailing behind.“I just want to get our meeting over with and relax, okay? I’m not going to wait for your ass as you gawk at everything you pass.” I glared at him and shook my head.“Whatever.” I said as I walked quickly next to him.We left through the aircraft terminal doors and went down escalators into a blue lit lobby area the size of a football field, “Woah.” I looked around in awe.The ceiling was painted with clouds and yellowy-white light illuminated the whole room. A food court was on one side of the lobby and on the opposite side was a few shops selling snacks and toiletries. I said as Eli walked quickly off of the escalator and brushed passed people, walking towards the elevators located directly in the center. The elevators were completely glass and shot beyond the high ceiling of the lobby.Eli pulled me into an elevator before it closed on me, “Jesus Christ, Rayne. Keep up, would you?” He shook his head. The elevator closed faster than expected in a whoosh. A few other people stood with us. One amphibian and two people who looked to be human. Eli pressed the number 34 on the elevator and had to scan a badge in his wallet.The elevator shot up in a silent whoosh and my stomach dropped. The granite ground underneath us went away underneath the glass floor of the elevator. The lobby disappeared and then the next few floors was what looked to be a mall area. Glowing neon blue, orange, green and red lights flickered in between floors and shops. The elevator came to a halt, the amphibian walked out. The glowing lights disappeared as the elevator climbed up. The elevator halted at a warm colored floor with wood flooring and dark blue walls. I read a sign that said Escalade Hotel. Hotels in space? The humans with us walked out. We went many more floors up and it was our destination.“Iris recognition required.” The elevator said as it came to a halt and the elevator became engulfed in darkness where there was no light besides the one illuminating the elevator. I looked down, the once transparent ground turned black. I looked around the circular elevator; there looked to be no floor here. I was confused.Eli stood next to the elevator panel where red lasers appeared and he put his eye in front of it. There was a zing nose. The lasers still were scanning. Eli motioned for me to come over. I cocked my head in confusion. I put my eye in front of it and it zinged again. A click sounded and the door opened to a floor with titanium walls and grey linoleum floors. Small lights lined the floors as a group of teens walked past us. These people were dressed much alike in color scheme. Grey hoodies, dark heather-grey shirts, solid grey sweat pants. One person in the group of teens was wearing a blue shirt. There were two other, older looking people, who walked past with vests on, dress shirts and dress pants in grey and white colors. I felt as if I became color blind entering this floor. It was odd, to a sense.I followed Eli as he walked around the elevators and towards an area that the linoleum floors change into grey wood floors. The walls are painted with a warm grey color. As we pass I read the numbers on the walls: 619, 621, 623… We walk for a few minutes and I stop counting the numbers. Eli halts and get out his badge from his wallet again and puts it up to the door lock. The door opens with a click. As we walk in the room illuminates and I see two queen size beds. There’s a bathroom near the entrance and a virtual reality wall that displays a moving sea directly in front of the beds.Eli takes my hand and pulls me outside of the room. He says, “Come on, we’re running a bit behind. The meeting starts at 3 and it’s 2:58.”I walk quickly behind him in almost a jog as I try to match his long strides. We continue down the long hallway of rooms and the floor inclines as if it were a hill and then levels out. We pass a small window and I take a glance. It’s a huge area inside with people running around a track together. We keep walking, Eli picking up his pace as we pass more people in grey outfits on. The flooring declines and I almost trip down it. We pass another window and inside is a gigantic pool that ends at a glass wall that looks out to space. Some people are swimming, others practicing diving. My eyes flash in wonder. It was beautiful.I run after Eli as he is still walking quickly and he turns a corner. I follow him as we enter a circular hallway that splits into two other circular hallways. He goes the one to the right and at the end is a hallway is a door. He puts his badge to the lock and it clicks.“I thought you guys had a spacecraft delay. At least you made it only a minute late.” A muscular man with fiery orange hair pulled back in a ponytail said.Eli looked across the room, “My apologies, but Rayne had to stare at everything that we passed, I swear to god.” He threw me under the bus.“Welcome back, Rayne.” The man with the fiery orange hair said. I took the open seat near where Eli sat at the black table. The chair was black leather and I felt super small in it. I adjusted myself, so I looked a bit taller.“Uh, thanks, I guess.” I said in response as the room became quiet and the other people at the table looked at me. I looked around the room. Eight others sat. Everyone dressed in business casual suits. One amphibian woman sat at the table, her scales were transparent and showed her skin underneath. A few people looked like they were from Hanna or Earth. One other besides Eli looked to be from Ganakk. One very tan man looked to be from Ekkberen from his scuffed look and piercings. Another person I could not guess where the hell they were from.“She doesn’t remember names, Red.” Eli said as awkwardness ensued.“The less names she knows the better.” The Amphibian woman spoke as she looked at me, her light blue eyes dilating and constricting. I felt like my thoughts were being invaded. However, that’s the same way I felt with Sid; I just didn’t know it at the time. This woman seemed a lot more human than Sid. The scales on her body were not as prominent and I could see human looking skin as her scales were transparently covering her skin. The only thing showing her scales was the reflection of light on them and her scales would look almost silver.“I second that.” The man from Ekkberen said.“Well, I guess we should get this meeting over with.” Red said as he pressed a button on the remote in his hand. The rooms light dimmed and a light blue three dimensional projection showed in front of on the table above a black circular looking stone. A planet appeared in front of us, rotating on its axis. Tiny words said next to the planet. Valorion.Red said, “You two are going to be sent to Sequoia, the capital of Valorion.” He pressed another button. The capital showed as a dot and zoomed in. A projection of a city with many lights was shown. There were many skyscraper buildings that was in front of a beach area. It reminded me of Las Vegas, Nevada on planet Earth.“Of course, we will need you two to be in your roles.” I blinked, what was my role? Oh god, don’t tell me…“That means Eli will take the place of your master and you will have to act as Bot 404 again. The same way you acted during trainings.” Well, fuck me, right? Chapter 8: They Are Watching You I heard his low voice in my ear, “Testing, testing.”I responded, “Unfortunately, I hear you.”“Good girl.” I squinted my eyes and a chill ran down my back. I wanted this day to be over already. Eli was already having too much fun with this.The plan was simple: Act like a small child. Get to know the Valorions while I’m at Eli’s side. We would mingle and collect information to take back to the UGN. We had mics on us and microscopic cameras on our clothes. We weren’t the only ones from the United Galactic Nations Force to be at this event. There were many more like us who were disguised, hidden. It was scary, but thrilling to be able to go there. Eli told me that some people have been caught by the Valorions because of the recent unity of the Amphibian and Valorion people. I asked what would happen if caught. He would not answer me.Amphibians had gifts of telepathy. Some had the rare ability to see the past of others, like Sid and feel for intentions. Eli had been trained to hide these things from Amphibians. I, on the other hand, had not. This was what the amphibian woman explained to me days prior.Eli sprayed cologne on himself and tucked in his dress shirt. I sat on the queen bed, flicking through channels on the wall to watch. He looked at me on the bed.“What?” I said as I looked at him.He cut his beard down to just stubble on his face. His grey eyes flickered with anger, “Well, the Christmas Event starts in two hours and we haven’t even left yet. You haven’t even showered today, and you’re still laying around. Do you want me to start treating you like a baby now?” I glared at him and got up. I quickly took a shower and dried myself. I put on new underwear, sweatpants and a grey shirt. He said that I’d have my dress clothes ready when we were on the spacecraft to Sequoia.Twenty minutes later, on a privately owned spacecraft, I pulled on a satin red dress with white fuzz lining the bottom flare of the dress and white fur on the shoulder pads. It had long sleeves that flared out and white fuzzy cuffs. I picked up the diaper, frowning at it. Well, here goes a shot at putting it on I guess.I sat down on the ground over the unfolded diaper. I placed the tapes on. Simple. Not rocket science. I came out of the bathroom and a girl named Francesca was waiting to fix my hair and apply some blush to my cheeks and mascara to my eyes. She made my hair wavy and put a red satin bow in it to hold my longer front hair back.I looked at Eli, he was adjusting his red tie in the mirror and met my eyes. Something flashed in his eyes. It looked like he was checking me out. He looked away, trying to play it off. He pulled on his black suit jacket.“Now we have to put your stockings on and socks. Did you want to do it? Or do you need help?” Francesca asked.Eli walked towards us, “Here, I’ll do it for her. I have to make sure her diaper’s on right anyways.”He raised my dress and sighed, meeting my eyes, “I had a feeling that you didn’t know how to change yourself.”Francesca smiled as she looked at me, “You put it on backwards? Oh my god, that’s adorable.” She and Eli laughed. I blushed.Eli led me back into the bathroom, removing my diaper, “You didn’t even use powder?”My face was warm, “I really don’t want to talk about this anymore. Just get it over with.”He had me lay on the ground, powdering my diaper and front area and taping the diaper on snugly. He helped me into nude stockings that looked to be embedded with hundreds of diamonds.“Here’s the shoes and socks.” Francesca pointed to them on the ground as she was looking on her phone and messgaging someone.I pulled on both frilly socks and then slipped my feet into Velcro velvet red shoes. I sat on the couch, crossing my arms. Eli came over with a red Hello Kitty pacifier that had a clip. He clipped the pacifier on a string that hung down from the v-neck, white fuzz lined dress near my chest.“There, now you’re properly dressed for once in your life.” He said with humor flashing on his face.“If anything happens tonight and I never see you again, just know that I hate you.” I said as I glared at him. Eli flashed a smile in response and walked away.The intercom over the spacecraft announced, “We’ll be arriving in approximately five minutes.” I walked over to a window seat, gazing out to the planet. We were approaching quickly. I saw a brightly lit area of Valorion and as we approached, I found that that brightly lit area was Sequoia. It was a vast city with twinkling lights near the beach. Waves crashed into the shoreline and a breeze moved the trees. There were signs for casinos and strip clubs on one side of the city. The other side had an elegant look with a dome shaped building at the center and then skyscraper buildings surrounding it.Eli placed the pacifier in my mouth as our spacecraft landed silently near the beach at Sequoia’s landing pad. Many other space crafts were landing from other planets. I kneeled in my chair as I looked out the window at the different designs. One spacecraft was red, shaped like a car, and had fans horizontally spinning as it landed. Another was gigantic with a triangular shape and a bright orange color.I felt a sting on the soft tissue of my buttock. I whimpered and looked back angrily.“That’s to calm you. Sorry, baby girl. I can’t have you freaking out or doing anything to ruin tonight, or blowing our cover.” I cocked my head, why would I do anything to ruin things for us? I’m not that stupid. I didn’t understand it. My brain waves slowed and, he was right, I began to feel very relaxed and euphoric.“Show’s on.” He said as he got up and the doors of the private spacecraft opened and a walkway locked onto the ground.He took my hand and lead us to a limousine that was waiting on the road near the landing pad. We got in and a man with two heads looked back, “Welcome to Sequoia. Is it your first time?”Eli shook his head, “No, I’ve been here once or twice before this. This is my baby’s first time though.”The limousine took off down the road near the beach. One of his heads turned to look at me “She’s a cute one, how old?” I didn’t like his stare but I didn’t care either. Whatever Eli gave me was making me very lax.“A month.” Eli said as his arm wrapped behind my back.“Still a newborn I see. I’ve been thinking of getting one ourselves.” The head on the right said. I was disgusted. I now understand why Eli gave me meds.“Yea, they are quite a handful.” Eli responded nonchalantly. He was good at this. Thank god I didn’t have to talk.The limousine can to a halt at a grand hall. I looked over at the tall building in front of us and it had cream colored satin curtains that were at each side of the building. Eli got out of the car and I slid over to get out. Eli grabbed underneath my arm pits and pulled me out of the car, placing me on the ground softly. He pulled out a few dollars and handed it to the two-headed man.“Thanks, buddy.” Eli said as he closed the door.We walked in and Eli acknowledged a lot of people that we passed. Some people would ask about me and have small talk.“Oh, she is just the darndest thing, Eli!”“Aww, I’d love to just take her home and call her my own.”“Look! See I told you we should have got one like her.”My mind didn’t care. I just stood there, awkwardly. All of the people thought I was shy, quiet. I would cast my gaze around, looking for familiar faces like the directors I once knew. I didn’t see anyone. Eli directed me towards a table with his name on it. He had me sit down as he mingled with others.I watched people as they chatted. I saw many people with expensive dresses on and suits. A enormous chandelier hung above everyone. The rich. The powerful. All in one room. How did these wealthy people make their money? The buying and selling of bots? Of people? Sickening. Upsetting. I stopped looking at people.“I’m going to go to the restroom real quick, do you think you’ll be okay on your own for a second?” Eli looked down at me. I looked up and nodded, pacifier still in my mouth.Five minutes passed and people kept coming up to me, asking where my daddy, master or babysitter was. I just told them the bathroom through my pacifier.Ten minutes passed, I looked around the large dining hall. No Eli. Where was Eli? Did something happen? I got up, walking towards the back of the dining hall. Two sets of stairways wrapped up to where a large hallway was that led to the restrooms. I walked up the stairs and stood near the men’s bathroom, pacing.“Ra-“ A pause, “Bot 404.” I turned my head and met awaiting blue eyes. They flashed, lovingly, as they saw my outfit. Lovingly. Zane. His eyes scanning my outfit from top to bottom as he fixed the cufflinks of his jacket. Was he about to say my real name?Here was the man who I thought was a terrible person from what he did to me was standing before my very eyes. The things I wanted to say to him. I saw red. Anger boiling in my veins. My pacifier dropped out of my mouth. My face red, my teeth clenched.His eyes flashed. With pain, hurt. Why? It was bewildering, the look he had. I didn’t understand it.“Baby girl, what are you doing without your paci?” Eli left the bathroom, kneeling and placing the pacifier in my mouth.Eli stood and his gaze went to Zane’s. Zane blinked away the look he had as he looked at Eli, “Hey, Eli. Long time, no see, old friend.” Zane came over and shook Eli’s hand. Old friend. Eli needed to explain some things. I didn’t understand any of this. We’re we really on an assignment?Zane’s eyes fell back on mine. I tore my glance away from him and began walking away, back to where I was sitting. I did not want to be near this man.I felt someone pull me to a halt, “Where do you think you’re going?” Eli said as I looked up at him.I didn’t respond. I just looked at the ground, “I apologize, she’s in a mood tonight.”Zane responded, “No, you’re fine. I understand completely how that is.” I met his eyes, confused. It’s as if they were speaking in a different language. I realized I was glaring at Zane. I tore away my gaze.Zane cocked his head as he caught my look, “Eli, can I talk to you in private?” He said in a hoarse voice.Eli nodded, “Go back to your table, baby girl.” Zane blinking as Eli called me baby girl. I began walking down the stairs as the two walked into the closet room near the bathrooms. I stopped and turned back around. I pressed my ear against the door.“When are they removing the block?” I could hear Zane’s muffled voice in concern.“The council is adamant about not removing it until a year from now.” Eli responded quickly, quietly.“I’m tired of playing this waiting game. I want to pull the trigger on this plan. Did you see the look she gave me? What the fuck was that dude? You couldn’t have at least told her something?” Zane said with a passion I didn’t understand.“You need to calm down, look,” I began hearing a white noise over my mic and earpiece. I was confused.“Rayne, can you please let us know what’s going on there?” I heard a woman’s voice over my ear piece. I was confused. What was Eli doing? Blocking the mic?I realized Eli was trying to hide something important. I said, “Sorry my mic dropped into water. Give me a second.”I heard in a hushed voice, barely visible to the human ear, “There are snakes in the counsel of the UGN. We need numbers. This plan is going to fail in a month’s time. My helix has been tapped for the past few months and I’m not the only one, check yours.” He paused, “Aries is up their asses, literally and figuratively and that’s the main reason Rayne still has the block. I think Rayne saw something she shouldn’t have before what happened to her happened.” Who was Aries? What did this all mean? Is that why Eli hasn’t been telling me many things? So many questions but it was not the time for answers. They were watching us. Whoever they were.Eli’s voice became loud again and the white noise left the mic, “Look, be patient. Once the block is removed she’ll be back to normal and she will probably still be a brat to you. It’s Rayne, that’s just her.” You could hear the sarcasm in his voice. Why were they talking about me? What was this block? I didn’t understand any of it.The only thing I did understand is: I could not fully trust anyone. Not the United Galactic Nations. Not the Valorions. Nowhere was considered safe. People were watching us. I didn’t know why, but I was going to find out. Chapter 9: Apparently I Was Dead The door opened and I fell on my back. Ouch.“What are you doing here?” Eli said as he looked down in surprise. Did he not hear me over the mic saving his ass?Zane held out his hand and I took it, standing up. He straightened out my dress for me with a smile but his eyes were sad. I met his eyes, he looked away, irritated. I didn’t understand why he was suddenly angry. Was it what Eli said?“It was nice seeing you two, but I must go.” Zane said with a nod of his head to Eli and I. His eyes met Eli’s but he didn’t look at me. Zane was hot and cold. I didn’t get what the emotional change was all about.The rest of the night went by in a blur. I didn’t understand the words that were exchanged between Eli and Zane. A block. What was this block? Is that why I couldn’t remember my past? Was it a memory block? ‘… that’s the main reason Rayne still has the block. I think Rayne saw something she shouldn’t have before what happened to her happened.’ If I had a memory block, then who put in? The Valorions? The United Galactic Nations? The directors? And, hypothetically, if I had a block, what did I see before my memory was lost? What was so important that someone didn’t want me to know?Something was dire. There were lives on the line. Whatever I had saw, must have been important. If it were so important, why am I not dead? Why I am still alive? So many things didn’t add up.On the spacecraft home, my eyes got drowsy as I sucked on my pacifier.“You know you can take that out now, right? We’re done roleplaying unless you needed me to baby you a little longer?” Eli said as he took off his tie. I spit out the pacifier, glaring at him.We were back at the Intergalactic Space Station in our room, “Thank god that’s over.” Eli said as he threw his jacket on the dresser. I was about to sit down, until I heard a knock on the door.Eli gave a confused look as he approached the door, “Hello?”A muffled voice responded as Eli looked through the peephole, “Eli. You’re being called to the conference room to talk with the UGN counsel.” Eli’s eyes flashed with apprehension. I never saw him this shaken since we launched from Forestor on planet Hanna in the Interspace Frontier.He looked at me, words playing at his lips but he didn’t speak. He silently left the room without question.I went to my bed and took off the stupid frilly socks. Panic seeping into my pores. Where did Eli go? Would he be coming back? Why was he gone?I took off the stockings and tried to preoccupy myself with television shows.An hour passed by, still no Eli. I paced the room, crossing my arms. Should I leave the room? I can’t sit here forever. I tried drifting my thoughts to something else but it kept going back to Eli. He was the only person I trusted. The only person who has been consistently honest. Tonight he said things that weren’t made for my ears but it made sense. He wasn’t lying to me and that’s what mattered the most.Twenty more minutes passed. What was taking so long? If it were really only a ‘talk’ then it shouldn’t take this long.I can’t sit any longer. Fuck this. I don’t care if I get into trouble. I need to know what’s going on.I slid on sweats and took off my dress and slid a dark-grey hoodie on that had a UGNF logo on it. I walked out of the room, closing the door quietly. I walked briskly down the hallway, towards the gym track and pool where Eli took me a few days ago. It was late at night and no one was in the pool. I passed the pool and turned the corner. The hallway was quiet. I walked up to the door and heard nothing. I opened the door and looked inside. Nothing. No one. I walked to the main circular hallway again, confused. Where was anyone? I paced back and forth, scratching my head.“Rayne?” I turned around and a Zenon girl was looking at me as if she knew me. My eyes flashed, thinking of Izzie. However, this was not Izzie.“Hi, uh, who are you?” The girl was tall, probably about 5 foot 9. She had long dark purple hair with light purple highlights and a septum piercing, nose piercing, and eyebrow piercing all filled with diamonds twinkling on her face. She looked like a model, with a perfect complexion and sharp contours on her face. She had a sleeveless black shirt on and grey shorts. Her eyes were dark purple with flickers of magenta.She frowned, “I’m Gemini, but you can call me Gem, Gemmy or Gemma.” She blinked, coming closer, “So it’s really true…All the rumors I heard and I haven’t seen you in so long.” She was staring at me as if I was a ghost, “They really did take you, didn’t they?” I shrugged, “I guess someone did take me. I just can’t figure out who and why.”She shook her head in awe, as if I were not real, “I missed you, Rayne. Like, a lot. I thought you were gone. We had a freaking wake for you and talked about you like you were dead.” She said as she touched my arm, her eyes getting watery.I looked down at my arm, confused of her sudden proximity. Zenons always seem to have an affinity for you. Eli’s words repeated in my head. Was this girl, from my past, the reason he said that? I didn’t get it. And a wake? Did I die? What happened that everyone thought I was dead? Chapter 10: The Wall’s Midlife Crisis “Do you know where a conference would take place besides here?” I asked Gemini.She blinked away her watery eyes, her long lashes fluttering, “Yeah, why?”I responded, “Well, my friend, Eli, supposedly had a conference with the UGN and I’ve been trying to find him.”She rose her eyebrows, “Eli’s here?! No way. I haven’t seen him, Jay or Zane in what feels like a year.” Gemini said happily as if she were close friends with them. Him, Jay or Zane. Who was Jay? I knew 4 out of 5 but this all confused me.“But, you said with the UGN? At this time?” She looked to not believe me. I nodded, she began walking, “Well, any conference with them would be at the restricted floor that we don’t have access too unless were called up there.” She crossed her arms.“So, basically, I just have to wait.” I said as I sighed and began walking back to my room. I had no badge so I was locked out but I could at least stand there.“Hey, where are you going?” She asked as she walked behind me.I shrugged, “I’m probably just going to walk around since I’m locked out of my room anyways.”“I mean, I’ll walk with you.” She came near my side as we walked up the incline of the hallway, “I have so many questions, Rayne. Like, what happened?”I shook my head, “I have no idea. No one will tell me. I don’t remember my past. Nothing up until I was initiated as a bot.” I shrugged.“WOAH WOAH WOAH. What?!” Gemini stopped, pissed, “Don’t even tell me that. There’s no way. So that’s where you went. You literally were-“ She stopped speaking as her ear lit up, blue. On her ear was a Helix. Oh fuck. All of them had Helix’s. Did I? I wanted her to tell me what happened, but she halted midsentence.She spoke as she looked straight, “She deserves to know what happened.” She paused, “That’s bullshit.” She gritted her teeth, her eyes looking at me as she shook her head.I began walking straight, I wanted to punch a wall. I was pissed. All of these lies. All of these secrets. I kicked the wall in frustration. My hand stretched out and I felt a force of energy travel from my hand to the wall. The wall concaved and the steel behind it made a popping noise. My mouth gaped as I looked at my hands. What just happened? Was that me or the wall going through a midlife crisis?Gemini was standing behind me, her face shocked, “Please, tell me I’m not going crazy. Did you really not touch that and that happened?” I scratched my head.“I honestly don’t know. I’ve never done that before, I swear.” I said, disoriented. What was that? Was I gifted? What did this all mean?“I’m just going to ignore that that just happened.” Gemini said as she began walking, “Fuck. They want to have a conference with me now too.” She rolled her eyes.I walked with her towards the elevators. We walked in silence. She seemed absurdly quiet from how talkative she just was. Gemini was fuming, pissed. I was perplexed on what I did to the wall, confused.As we went down the hallway, we went down the incline and turned into the long hallway of rooms. I blinked, Eli was standing near someone who had their back turned. Eli looked perfectly fine. The man next to him looked familiar from behind. Dirty blonde hair, sweat pants, and a hoodie on. He turned to me, smiling warmly.“ZANEY!” Gemini yelled down the hall, “Oh my god, its like old times! Zaney and Rayney back together at last!!” Zaney and Rayney? What did that mean?“Shhhh. Shut up, Gemma. There’s people sleeping.” Eli said in a hiss. Gemma? Maybe that’s what she preferred being called.Gemma rolled her eyes, “Ugh, I was hoping time would change you’re assholic self, but, it looks like you aren’t that lucky.” She burned him, and I laughed.Eli squinted at her, “Assholic isn’t even a word.” Gemini ignored him as her Helix lit up again.“Well, I’d love to hang like old times with you all, but I’m being summoned to hell. BRB, guys.” She said as she stormed off toward the elevators. I liked her, she was very funny and nice.Zane opened his door with his badge, “Well, I’ll see you guys in the morning.” He had a badge? As far as I knew, last month he was the enemy who worked for Sequoia Airspace. What happened? This was the first time I had seen Zane without a pacifier in my mouth and acting like a baby. I had questions I wanted answered.“Wait, can I talk with you?” I asked as he held his door open. His tired eyes looked up curiously.Eli answered, “Rayne, I think we all need some sleep. It’s been a long day and tomorrow we all have to wake up early for a conference.”“No, Eli, you’ve pissed me off enough. I want to talk to Rayne, without you.” Zane said as he motioned for me to come in.Eli rolled his eyes, “Whatever, Rayne the room number is 809. Just knock and I’ll let you in.”Then me and Zane were alone in his room. He sat on his bed, clasping his hands and looking at me. Humor playing on his face as his eyes danced.“Why are you here?” I asked, flatly.He cocked his head, confused with my sudden attitude, “I’m here because of you.”I shook my head, squinting at him. I was puzzled, “Why though? I just don’t understand.” Zane looked blankly at me.Zane stretched and yawned, “You’ll find out everything soon. Just go to sleep, Rayne.” I stared at him.My jaw shifted, Zane’s eyes traced it with his eyes, “Fine.” I left the room to Eli’s.I tossed and turned until I finally fell asleep.Everything would change the next day. Everything. Chapter 11: Awakened I saw the door open to the conference room on the restricted floor 29 as Zane and Eli walked in.At the front of the room, many officials of the United Galactic Nations sat. Red and the amphibian woman with transparent scales looked to be the heads of it. They were having their monthly conference about issues relating to the galaxy. Multiple officials from across the planets sat at the table. Officials from Reorf, Tereet, Hanna, Earth, Aquari, Zenon, Manta, the Moon Station, Orion’s Belt Airspace, and the list went on. The only officials not present were from Valorion.I sat outside with Gemma waiting patiently as an hour passed.I was supposed to wait outside in case I was needed as a witness.Eli left the room, “Well, Zane just dropped a bunch of articles of proof in there and Vix and few others are being arrested as we speak.”Gemma responded, “Whaaaaaaat?”I was confused, “Who is Vix?”“She’s that amphibian bitch who wrote me up last night for telling you ‘too much information’. Thank. God. She’s. Gone.” Gemma said as she stood up.“Why is she being arrested?” I asked.“Well, I guess she was sending information from the Helix database to the Valorion. Also, she’s suspected of attempted murder along with a few other officials.” Eli said grimly as he glanced at me.Officials left the room as we all sat there, waiting for Zane.Someone was calling my name, “Rayne Griff, please follow me.” I looked over and saw Red motioning for me to follow him and a few others. I looked at Eli and Gemmy and they nodded to follow him.I followed him into the elevators and it shot up. There were higher floors? I thought this was the last one.Ten minutes later I was laying on a bed, being prepped for a brain surgery to remove the memory block in my brain. They told me it was a fairly quick surgery and that I’d be awake in 30 minutes. As the anesthesiologist was injecting the sleeping medication, Zane walks in. His eyes, anxious. I was confused as the sleep medicine reached my brain. I felt someone kiss the top of my head, and squeezed my hand before my mind blacked out.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I heard voices."Are you sure you want to be in here? She may start yelling." "Well, it's Rayne, so that's a given." I heard a familiar voice say. One I've known. One who I could listen to for hours on end and never get tired of. I missed his closeness. His lips traveling up my neck. His fingertips traveling down my back. His eyes flashing with humor. I wanted him. His warmth. His love. My eyes opened, bright light assaulting my vision. The things I saw, the horrible, traumatizing things, rushed to my brain. Things I wish I never saw. Things I regret getting myself into. Images playing in my mind. I tried to shut it off. I couldn't. I could never forget what I saw that day. I thought being a bot was bad, but nothing, no nothing, compared to what I saw two months ago. "Rayne-" Zane's eyes met mine, dancing happily that I was awake. Those eyes. How I missed them."I need something to throw up in." I closed my eyes, feeling sick from what I knew, what I saw.
  18. I've been using certainty fitted briefs max protection for over 2 years and today I went to buy a new pack and I was surprised to see they had a new look, it got me wondering how different this new design looks and how well they perform. On the left is the new design the right it's the older design. I LOVE these new briefs!! They really improved the way it fits, it's more flexible and with a better leakguard. It feels more like a baby diaper than a hospital diaper. The older design had a smaller guard, it had too much excess material. If u can see the new ones really hug all arround the legs. The old ones made it feel like u needed to readjust Everytime I moved positions, with the new briefs I can spend all day without having to readjust the tapes. I love these diapers thank you wallgreens! Thank you Certainty for listening to your customers and for this great product. I will be buying more!!
  19. Any one know any decent abdl stories in the Kindle store there are lots of stories on there but non of then are rated or they are rated 1-2 stars. Look for something new and fun to read. Never read abdl stories on Kindle
  20. I'm a student at UW Madison. Are any of my fellow students online and diapered up? I'm curious to know. It's pretty lonely here.
  21. Hi Guys and Gals, I am a very long time lurker here. I have finally had the confidence to reach out and create this post. I believe that I am a daddy who will enjoy looking after people. Just wondering if there is anyone in my local area with this interest. Please feel free to message me if you are. Thanks guys. Dessi
  22. Hey friends I’m looking for diaper lovers in southern nh or sea cost that would like to meet up. I’m a diaper lover and would like to go on a wet and messy adventure or just meet others in the are
  23. Looking to do an rp where Vincent(purple guy) is diapered by Scott(Phone guy) after Vince has an accident on nigh shift. I'll play Vincent as the little! Vincent stood next to the door of the office, glancing out every so often to be sure they were safe. He was stuck on night guard duty, which he would normally dislike extremely, had he not been with Scott. See, he and Scott had... a troubled past, to say the least. They weren't enemies, so much as Scott didn't like how Vincent's ego blew up his head like a balloon. Vincent, on the other hand, had had a crush on Scott for a long time. He would always boast around him and flirt with the taller male, even though Scott showed little to no interest. Vincent hummed, not paying attention as he gazed over Scott. Vincent had dark skin, which complimented his yellow eyes nicely. His hair was a soft purple, and was pulled back into a messy ponytail, giving him a very lazy European look. He wore a button up dark blue shirt and black pants, as was the uniform at Freddy's, as well as a small gold badge on his torso. See, had Vincent not been distracted, he would have probably noticed the animatronic fox running straight for him. He turned around and yelped, shutting the door before the animatronic could get in, but the damage had been done. Vincent already had a weak bladder, and the frightening scream and banging of the fox had startled him into wetting himself. He whined as the hot liquid ran down his thighs, trying to stop it, but it was already too late. He just hoped that because of his dark pants and the dim lighting, Scott wouldn't notice his little... accident.
  24. Hey, so wrote this story....hahaha. Commas are not best, so sorry about that. Anyway, thanks for reading :) Stacey sat at her desk, reading over a study that was done on diabetic rats, and the response to their insulin levels for a new medication that was being developed. Stacey groaned as she ran her fingers through her long brown hair; taking her glasses off to rub her tired eyes. She really did love her job at the hospital, but, being a resident just sucked sometimes. The hours were something she could deal with, but the late nights on her days off were awful. Most of them were spent like this, reading up on new studies and techniques so that she could be a better doctor. Thankfully, this was the last month of her residency. Her desk was littered with scientific journals, study papers, and notes, like always. Luckily it was just contained to this space, normally it took over the entire living room. She leaned back into her chair, stretching her arms out. “Ugh, rats are just so, so…boring.” “Rats? Gross.” Not expecting anyone, Stacey jumped and caused one of her books to fall over, taking with it several papers. “Jesus! You scared me Alex.” Stacey said as she started to pick up the papers. Alex smirked as she leaned against the doorway, but only for a moment. “Sorry. Here let me help.” Alex said as she walked over towards the mass of papers on the floor, kneeling down to pick them up. “Why are you reading about rats anyway?” “It’s ok.” Stacey said with a laugh. “Umm, well it’s about a new medication for diabetics. Well…one that they want to use for diabetics.” As she grabbed more papers, Stacey finally got a chance to look at the clock. “Its 2 AM? Alex, why are you awake? I thought you went to bed at like 10? Don’t you have to be at work at like 7?” Stacey said a bit frantically as she stood up clutching her papers. Alex handed Stacey the rest of the papers and shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. “Well, yeah. I did go to bed then, but, I couldn’t sleep. So…so… I just started watching TV and…and I really got into the show planet earth…and…I noticed that it was kinda late, so I came out here to see what you were doing….and umm…yeah.” Alex shifted her gaze to the rabbit on her pajama shirt and began to play with the hem. Stacey stacked her papers and laid them back down on her desk sighing. “See, I told you having a TV in the room was a terrible idea. Hun, you should really go lie down and try to go back to sleep. You’re going to be a crab at work tomorrow. I promise I’ll be in there soon. I just have to finish this last pa…” “No!” Alex stomped her foot and folded her arms across her chest. “Excuse me?” Stacey took a step back leaning on her desk and took in the image of her nervous girlfriend in front of her. Alex’s pink tank top just barely covered her light blue underwear. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled up into a messy bun. But Stacey stopped when she got to her face, she noticed her eyes, those adorable green eyes had terrible dark circles. Alex looked as if she hadn’t sleep in weeks. She knew she hadn’t been sleeping well, but she hadn’t known it had been this bad. Alex normally just played it off as being exhausted from work, whenever she would confront her about her constant yawning. On top of it, Alex had developed quite the attitude this past week. Unfortunately, Stacey had been so busy with work, she hadn’t really had the time to sit and talk about what’s been bothering her. She got up and walked towards Alex, placing a hand on her cheek. Alex leaned into it and began to yawn. “I…I want to stay with you. Please?” Stacey could hear the exhaustion in her voice. ‘I really should make her lie down, she’s been a turd all week….’ “I promise I won’t bother you, I….I just miss you.” Alex said as she grabbed onto Stacey’s hand. “Well, ok. But go sit down on the couch and wait for me there. I’ll be right back.” Alex gave a slight nod and tried to hide a yawn. Stacey smirked as she walked into their bedroom. ‘Sometimes that girl can be so stubborn. I really need to find out what’s going on with her.’ She grabbed some things for Alex along with a large throw blanket that was on the bed. Stacey returned to living room, setting the items off to side of the couch next to her paper. She peered over at the figure curled up at the other end of the couch and smiled. Alex seemed so small curled up like that, though, it probably didn’t help that she was only 5’ 3” and Stacey being 5’ 8”. “Sweetheart, you look so tired, like you haven’t slept in weeks. What’s been going on?” Stacey asked as she took a seat on the couch. “It’s just work. Don’t worry yawn about it.” Stacey chuckled “I know you’re lying. What’s the matter?” Alex sat up and just stared at her hands in silence. “Sweetie, its ok. Just tell me…just tell Mommy. Please?” Stacey reached over and placed her hand on top of Alex’s, giving them a reassuring squeeze. Using her other hand, she reached up, and brushed some of the loose hairs out of Alex’s face. Alex looked up at her with tears in her eyes. “The nightmares, I keep having them…and…and…” Tears began flooding down her face. “Oh my sweet Lexi-bear. Come here, come sit in Mommy’s lap.” Stacey grabbed onto her baby and pulled her onto lap. “Why didn’t you tell me about them? I would have helped?” She pulled the small girl into her chest, hugging her as she rocked her. “I just…I knew you were just so busy with work. And…and… I didn’t want to stress you out, or worry you any more than you already were. I thought…I thought maybe I could just fix it myself.” That statement cut through Stacey. She knew for the past month work had really been hard on her, and she was worried that she had been placing Alex on the back burner. More so this week, because of the presentation she needed to give. She looked down at her sweet Lexi-bear and grabbed a hold of her chin; forcing her to look up at her. “Princess, you need to tell Mommy whenever you are having problems, no matter what is going. Ok? Mommy is so, so sorry that she’s busy and not making time for you. I want you to know that you always come before work. It is Mommy’s job to make everything better, not yours. Do you understand, Princess?” Alex looked up at her with still some tears in her eyes and nodded “Yes, Mommy.” “There’s my good girl.” Stacey said as she kissed Alex on the forehead, and used her thumb to wipe away her tears. “Can you forgive Mommy” Alex nodded and hugged her with all of her might. Stacey smiled and kissed her on top of her head. “Thank you, sweetie. Now, my sweet baby, I think it’s time for some little girl to go to bed.” Alex wrapped her arms around Stacey’s neck and held on tight. “Stay wif Momma.” “Shhhh. Its ok sweet girl. You can stay with Mommy. But look. Mommy brought you some things to help you!” Stacey reached over the side of the couch and pulled up a well-loved pink rabbit “Look! Berry!” Alex peeked up from the crook of Stacey’s neck and reached for the rabbit “Bewwy! Mine Momma.” Stacey laughed as she handed it to her. “I know princess, here. Mommy also brought blankie and your paci, see?” Stacey handed her the small, beloved, purple blanket and placed the pink pacifier in her mouth; causing Alex to blush and hide her face in her neck again. Stacey chuckled and kissed the side of Alex’s head. “My sweet baby. Now, do you wanna listen to Mommy read about the rats again?” “No Momma, icky.” Hmmm, are you sure babydoll? I know you love rats.” Stacey said as she tickled her sides. “Momma, stooopp” hahahahha “nooo rats!” hahaha “Mommy that tickles!” “Ok, ok. I’ll stop. How about, instead of rats, we read about this kitten and puppy” Stacey said as she lifted up a colorful book. “I know it’s your favorite.” Alex smiled brightly behind her paci and snuggled up into her mommy. She only made it through two pages before she was passed out. Stacey sat there and rubbed her baby’s back placing gentle kisses on top of her head every few minutes. She looked down at her sweet girl and just wondered how she was so lucky to find her
  25. Hi my name is Lea and i'm looking for a caregiver close to me. i'm a sweet baby girl and I always down to have fun.