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  1. Pamperdk


    So, I've been lurking on this forum for many years and finally decieded to come out of the shadows. Hi! My name is PamperDk, I'm 22 years old and a VERY active Adult Baby and Diaper Lover. I came to this forum, to read stories and maybe even write a few of my own While also looking for people, to discuss this very stange fetish that we call "ABDL" with Glad to be here
  2. Pamperdk

    New Baby In The House!

    LOL yeah.....Well lets see. I have been lurking about this site for a long time and finally got a profile I'm 19 and from Denmark, I'm a AB....And this point i live by myself, so my AB side fills a lot at this point. Would say i wear diapers maybe 18 hours a day, almost all the time when I'm home and sometime public. Well, that's kinda a short introduction to me