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  1. Pierry Louys

    Ryan goes to college

    So cute !! It’s one of the bests stories i have read ! The relationship between baby and Daddy is so wonderful! I hope you continue , because this story deserves a happy ending ! please continue !!!!!
  2. Pierry Louys

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    I just found a little Easter egg in this wonderful story , the footy pajamas that little davie is wearing it’s the same of jack jack of the incredibles 2 , i think that someone it’s already see the incredibles 2 hehehehehe
  3. Pierry Louys

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    Cool now a see the,diapers hehehe but I think that little davie still fits in a pampers size 6 baby dry hehe waiting for the next chapter
  4. Pierry Louys

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    O my little davey can never get a break hehehe , now we finally found his new “underwear “ precious diapers (see the picture below) hahah I think his mommy gonna thank his niece for give her the packages of diapers for him , and since he “forgot “ the Sippy Cups and bottles in his home , he’s gonna use them from now on , wonderful chapter as always , and really want to se how his mommy gonna react when she see him in a playpen wearing a baby sleepper with a diaper (probably wet) and drinking from a baby bottle heheheh !! Hehehe please continue this story ! on side note how many chapters are you planing for this story , because it’s so well writen, and have so much to tell (example the curse and if have a way to break, how his father handle this e etc ) please continue this wonderful story !!! And ansious for the next part
  5. Pierry Louys

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    I hope this continue soon I really want to see little davie wearing water wings and a little swimmer, and after that his nanny are going to dress him in pampers baby dry to go home heheh
  6. Pierry Louys

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    Hehehehehe i really can already see him wearing little swimmers with dory in the front kkk and after this wearing a pampers baby dry for bed !!! And I think his mommy should use a car seat for him heheh About the stroller more more I can see that his future it is be riding a stroller to go around the block hheheh
  7. Pierry Louys

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    Heheheheeh ! The babying of our little Davie it’s beginning rsrs I can already see in the near future him in his highchair waiting his lovely nanny preparing his baby bottle of formula and his meal , and changing his pampers baby dry (since he is a heavy wetter heheh) I hope to see this soon ! And if i can make a suggestion , you can make some way that Darlene find a stroller(leftover of his cousin or old relic of his babyhood) in davie house and use for a short walk , would be hillarious especially if he dressed in a little shirt an shorts kk please don’t take much time to post next chapters ! And if you want any help just send a message !
  8. Pierry Louys

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    I think he gonna be discovering new use for his cousins things heheheheh
  9. Pierry Louys

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    Oh my what a cliffhanger!! I really want to see the next chapter ! I think that very soon little Davie gonna be wearing proper pampers and using his highchair heheheh
  10. So cute !!! Really hope to se more this , maybe seeing the two babies walking in the church for the marriage of his mommy and daddy hehehe
  11. Pierry Louys

    Tales of Camp

    What a good story I really liked how you make him discover that he don’t have really a choice heheh keep the good work
  12. Pierry Louys

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    I hope this story continues !! Because I can’t wait to see little davie in a stroller heheheh
  13. You said that if kami don’t make more pictures , you gonna write two more chapters to fully Finnish the story , so my question is when you gonna do this ? Because like I said earlier it’s a really good story !!
  14. Pierry Louys

    Return to childhood

    I really like nanny mathilde because she is very caring and in the same time strictly for the children ! I really hope to see more of this story
  15. Ah ok , but it’s a shame !!! Because it’s a good story