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  1. Pierry Louys

    Babies of Madison High

    Really loved you way that you show the life of little jakie and his first puppy love heheh i can only imagine they visiting um museum whit they mommies and walking hand by hand even when being changed heeh
  2. Pierry Louys

    Hard Reset V2 - Chapter 7 - Updated 13/02/2019

    Poor Alex !! Hehe someone is gonna get a poopy diaper changed in front of everyone! I hope that she can be taken to playground with others babies hehe
  3. Pierry Louys

    Babies of Madison High

    Soo he weights aboutt 35-45 kg ? I he a little short ?
  4. Pierry Louys

    Babies of Madison High

    I have a question , how old is Jakie and what his size since I see his mother and father can carry him !
  5. I can’t wait to see what will happen ! I hope that this mad cientist gets punished
  6. So awesome !! It’s real cruel by your part to leave us in this cliffhanger! But I hope you post soon enough
  7. Pierry Louys

    Babies of Madison High

    So cute ! We got diabetes reading this !! Heheh please continue !
  8. Pierry Louys

    Alfie’s Life 1-4

    Really great addition ! I really hope that things turn better for little Alfie ! He needs some love and affection! Since when you are raising a child you need rules and to be strict but you also need love and caring !
  9. Pierry Louys

    Babies of Madison High

    Really liked the way that you are incorporated other characters from your previous stories like tykie e Janie e the fact you said that the tree musketeers have already graduated!! Really want to see a play date in the park we’re the mommies pushing his babies in their strollers and have a nice diaper change contest hehehehh
  10. Pierry Louys

    Alfie’s Life 1-4

    Owww now I am intrigued and confused because the way are you portraying the story you never now if his aunt is evil or she want to help him ! It’s like aunt petunia from Harry Potter ! I really hope that you prove me wrong and show his aunt to be more a mother and maybe babying him so he could heal his heart !! Please keep this wonderful story
  11. Pierry Louys

    Babies of Madison High

    Very interesting! This story remembers me of one of three friends (one guy e two girls that are under lavatory restrictive and become friendship)
  12. Pierry Louys

    Baby of the Class, Chapter 6 added 2019-01-19

    Clothing it would be nice if he gets a new romper to play hehhe, and he could be taken to the park to play and be changed right in the open after a big poopy hehehehe
  13. Pierry Louys

    Disney Adventure

    Poor little guy ! Now he gonna wear pampers to keep him clean and dry hehe
  14. Pierry Louys

    Ranamon's New Baby

    So cute ! Takuyamon heheheh I think someone is gonna make a big present for his mommy very soon heheheh
  15. Pierry Louys

    Chris the Clever Boarder 1 - 18 Finished!

    Hahahahahah I think someone is gonna bee with a happy full tummy of auntie milk and with a poopy butt kkkk