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  1. Actually, not quite accurate. As of 2018, the amount federal taxes levy against lottery winnings (above a certain threshold) is 24%. That has been verified as accurate by two people I know who deal with the IRS a lot more often than most of us. Then it depends on states as to a percentage the state takes (Texas takes 0%, Virginia takes 4%, etc.). For me, I would work with a financial planner to put money away and invest, I would likely buy a nice condo somewhere with cash, buy a nice (think top of the line) VW for a car, and focus on writing and doing projects I want. And try to enjoy myself.
  2. I am going to be working on more chapters, just have been delayed due to certain aspects of life.
  3. Yay! A trip to London! Now I want the fox kigurumi like I have in the story!
  4. Interesting. It does make me wonder if there is going to be a Bond between Mira and Kimberly...since they haven't met yet.
  5. To be fair, the fact that she is talking on the phone with someone she has never dealt with before made the conversation between Townsend and Erika seem maybe a bit stilted. But it should be more flowing in the future. Thank you both. I have been enjoying writing it. Will need to wait for tomorrow for more, as I've been super busy with work stuff and cleaning out my desk.
  6. It will be interesting to see. And as Erika says, if you love it, why give it up? And there is another benefit for Niamh in the fact that her Keeper is a film student... Yeah, I think that is going to be difficult at first for Niamh, if you will remember her thoughts from Chapter 1. But as was said, they can't convince actresses to play the part of Pets unless the actresses actually are Pets.
  7. Chapter 5 “...Please give my office a call, preferably before 6 o’clock tonight or first thing in the morning so that we can reschedule. I know you were excited for this project, and I think you’d be a good fit for Adrienne.” As the voicemail finished, Erika saved it and glanced at her watch. Hmmm, it’s 5:45 so he should still be there if I call now. She ended the voicemail call, not bothering to listen to the other messages as she looked at Niamh sitting on the floor at her feet. “Well sweetie, should I call him back?” Niamh sat there contemplating the question for a couple of minutes, looking up at her Keeper and chewing on her lip in concentration. “Come on sweet girl, we don’t have a lot of time if you want me to call him tonight.” Her Keeper’s words only made her tremble more, while she considered if she felt capable of trying to continue acting with the changes she was feeling. “I...I don’t know Mistress. All I was ever good at was acting, but I am scared now. I don’t know how people will react to me, and I am nervous that I won’t be as good of an actress now as I used to be.” Erika reached out to run her fingers through her Pet’s flaming tresses and spoke comfortingly, “If you loved it enough to push yourself to only do that sweetie, then why give it up? Maybe he won’t want you to act anymore for him. Maybe you won’t be able to do the same roles, but if you truly love acting, there is no real reason for you to quit.” Niamh sighed softly as she nuzzled into her Keeper’s touch, feeling instantly safe and loved as she savored the physical contact with Erika. “But what if he is like my agent? I mean, now I don’t even have representation Mistress, so it is going to be hard to try and act.” Erika shook her head and gave her Pet an indulgent smile, much like a mother to an errant child. “Sweetie, I am your representation now. I am your owner, you belong to me, so I will handle anything like that. You don’t need to worry about anything financially or anything but doing what you are told and being a good girl. And I don’t want to see you give up a dream, if there is a possibility not to.” As Niamh tried to say something else, Erika held her finger to her Pet’s lips and silenced her before leaning down to kiss the soft pink lips of her Pet. “Shh, let me take care of things. I am here to take care of you and protect you my precious Niamh.” With that, Erika promptly slid one of Niamh’s new pacifiers into her mouth and held it there until her Pet started to suckle, watching her eyes go glassy at the feelings as her oral fixation was dealt with. With that, Erika pulled up the number for Robert Townsend and let the phone dial as she kept stroking her Pet’s hair. After the third ring, the man on the other end picked up and spoke in a strong baritone voice, “Yes? Robert Townsend speaking.” Erika schooled herself and spoke in as clear and businesslike a voice as she could manage, “Yes, Mr. Townsend, I am calling on behalf of Niamh Connolly. I wanted to apologize for getting back to you so late in the day.” The voice on the other end was solicitous. “Indeed, I hope nothing happened to Ms. Connolly, Miss?” “Oh sorry, Mason. Erika Mason.” “Ms. Mason. And why isn’t Ms. Connolly speaking to me right now Ms. Mason?” Erika took a deep breath. Well, here we go. “That is why she missed the meeting with you today Mr. Townsend. You see, Niamh and I bonded this afternoon at a store in Hollywood.” There was a noticeable pause at that for a few moments, though Erika decided to wait it out. “And I assume that since you are calling me and not her, she is now a Pet, is that correct Ms. Mason?” Erika was nodding even as she answered. “Yes, that’s correct sir. She’s my Pet. And I am sorry we just now got back to you, but there was a lot to take care of so that we could make things work smoothly for both of us this afternoon. But,” Erika smiled down at Niamh as she continued, “but when I heard your message, I decided to reach out to you. Both to explain and because I think that she can still act and do a fantastic job.” “Damn!” Robert Townsend’s voice was clearly unhappy at having his concerns confirmed. “Well, that takes her out of the running for the role of Adrienne. I can’t have a Pet playing that role, it would be suicide to the production. I’m sorry.” A sad whimper came from behind Niamh’s pacifier as Erika stroked her hair and gave her more love as they both heard the response from the most powerful producer in Hollywood. “Well, I’m sorry to hear that Mr. Townsend. I understand but I had hoped…” It was a couple of seconds later, before Erika could even think of hanging up where the voice on the other end gave her pause. “Well, I can’t use her in this picture, but maybe...maybe there is a project I could use her for. If you are interested?” Instantly, Niamh’s eyes lit up at the idea she would still get an opportunity to act. Erika cautiously answered, “Of course I might be interested, for my Pet’s sake. If it is a good project?” “I think it is, it is more stable than a film shoot certainly. I am assuming you are young Ms. Mason, and I apologize if I am wrong on this, but what do you do?” If she was taken aback by the question, Erika certainly didn’t show it. “Oh no Mr. Townsend, I admit I am young. I’m a Film and Television Production undergrad at Southern Cal. Currently a sophomore.” “I understand, that certainly makes it a little easier as you have some knowledge of how the industry works then. As I said, I think this might be a better project to see if Ms., I mean, Niamh is still capable of acting.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “I have been approached by a network to produce a new show following a team of Keepers and their Pets who solve crimes and hunt down bad guys in LA. This is actually going to be a primetime show rather than daytime programming like a lot of Pet-centric programming is today.” Erika mulled it over as she listened. “It sounds impressive Mr. Townsend, though I sense one issue so far. I’m not an actress and have never demonstrated any skill in that way.” She could actually hear the man’s smile in his voice as he continued. “Oh, that shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve got actresses who can play Keepers, it’s just that we can’t find actresses who would be willing to play Pets, except for actual Pets themselves. And I am sure that we can work out something so that you could be on set with your Pet to help take care of her, like an internship. I am positive SC and your professors will work with us on that.” “I see Mr. Townsend. Well, that definitely does sound intriguing. And I can tell you that my Pet would be good at whatever role she has.” Erika paused to think for a moment, looking at the clock on her wall. “Can we have some time to discuss it? Maybe call you back tomorrow morning before I have classes?” “Of course Ms. Mason. There isn’t a huge rush on this, as the production isn’t ramping up just yet. But if you call me back tomorrow and express interest, I will set up a meeting between yourself and your Pet with my people to see if Niamh would fit one of the roles.” Erika smiled, winking at Niamh as her Pet kept sucking on her pacifier and nuzzling into her legs. “That would be fine sir. I will speak with you tomorrow morning then. I wish you a good night.” As the pleasantries ended and Robert Townsend hung up, Erika smiled in excitement. “Can you believe it my girl? You might be in a primetime show! As a Pet, but still it is still acting!” Erika picked Niamh up off the floor and cuddled her in her arms, gently rocking her Pet there on the couch, thinking about how her life was changing thanks to being a Keeper now and having her wonderful Pet. For Niamh, she was both excited and very nervous about the possibility. It was a big deal to be seen as a Pet by millions of people, even though most of the fame and following went to those who were Keepers or Unbound, rather than the Pets. “Do...do you think I can do it Mistress?” Erika gazed into her Pet’s eyes before she answered. “Of course I think you can sweetie. In fact, I know you can. I know you will knock their socks off at the audition, because you are mine. And my Pet is the best Pet there is.” She hugged her girl tight, marveling at the heat radiating off her Pet’s body, knowing that more changes were still coming. “Now then,” Erika continued seriously, “we are going to have to discuss some other things. We’re going to need to take care of selling your car since you can’t drive it anymore, and we’re going to need to decide what to do with your home and possessions. As you can see, I don’t have a lot of room here for your stuff. So most of it will have to be sold too.” Niamh nodded at that, not thrilled by the prospect of losing all of her belongings, but knowing it was probably for the best. And she knew as well that the sale of her things would enable her Keeper to take better care of her and give her treats to have. “I-I know Mistress. I don’t want to lose some of my stuff...but I know it is important.” “Good girl. I don’t want you to lose everything, but I have no option with our living situation for the school year. I’m locked into the lease for here, so I need to do what is best for us.” She gave Niamh a quick kiss on the lips and then set her back down on the floor. “Now then, I need to get some food for myself, so I am going to go down to the dining hall to get my dinner.” Niamh sighed and gave a slight nod at that, “yes Mistress.” She really wanted something nice to eat, but she already knew that she would probably have to go into her cage until her Keeper got back. “Can you bring me back anything Mistress?” “Sadly my Pet,” Erika truly did look saddened at giving her Pet this news, “I can’t do that. For one, the dining hall would frown on it as you aren’t in the system yet. For another, I don’t want to upset your tummy too much, especially today of all days with all the stress you’ve been under.” Erika quietly led Niamh to her cage, running her hand along her Pet’s supple body. “So I will let you have some Pet food, and we will see. I promise that if you are a good girl, I will see about some special treats, okay? And in the future, I should be able to get you some things from the food court, if they are healthy for you.” As Niamh crawled into her cage, she tried to hide her disappointment with the excitement of knowing her Keeper wouldn’t lie to her. “I understand. I will be a good girl for you, I promise.” Erika gave her Pet a lingering kiss and another boop to the nose as she closed and locked the cage. “I know you will be a good girl for me sweetie. You are my good girl always. And I love you.” With that, Erika grabbed her purse and strode out the door, a spring in her step for the future. To Be Continued...
  8. Well, we shall have to see, won't we? I am not going to speculate...
  9. I can't say right now, because this RA will be part of the storyline...but let's just say she has some beliefs that consider Keepers and Pets to be unnatural, regardless of anything else. But you will see later on the whole thing.
  10. Chapter 4 As she drove back up I-110 towards the USC campus, Erika kept stealing looks in her rearview mirror to see her Pet wiggling in her carrier, watching the scenery go by. There wasn’t much that needed to be said, but she couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky she was to have such a beautiful Pet. Remembering the phone call with that horrid agent, Erika couldn’t help but recall the sense of anger at the man for his yelling at her Pet and how protective she felt for Niamh. She loved seeing the happiness in her Pet’s eyes as she held and cuddled her little fox toy. Thankfully, traffic was lighter than usual on the interstate, so she made pretty good time heading home, as she began to think about what she needed to still do for her Pet. Stealing one more glance at her Pet, she marveled at how beautiful and delicate Niamh seemed, and she knew it would only become more pronounced as the Bond did its work and changes continued throughout Niamh’s body. But she felt proud to be the Keeper of the most adorable Pet in the world. Okay, well I will get her settled into the apartment tonight then tomorrow I will need to sit down and go over the list of possessions she had to decide what to do with them… For Niamh, she alternated between watching the passing buildings in the distance and curling up to cuddle with her stuffie. Every so often, she felt her Keeper’s eyes on her and she would look up and get lost all over again in Erika’s gaze. Though she also hoped it wouldn’t be too long before they got to wherever her Keeper lived as she felt her soggy diaper, hoping she wouldn’t leak before she could get changed as that would mortify her. Speaking of mortifying, she was still a little fragile from the phone call her Keeper had answered at the store. She had never imagined that her agent could act like that. She recalled how she was his first up and comer that had signed with him and how happy he always was, how much he encouraged her to take certain roles to build her popularity and prestige. And the way he talked on the phone to Erika, she was a little worried about what he might do now that she was a Pet. As the car exited the highway and turned onto Jefferson Boulevard, Erika looked back at her Pet in her carrier and smiled. “Almost home sweet girl,” before she saw that her Pet’s diaper was drooping dangerously low on her hips, “and then I think we need to get you changed before we go in, don’t we?” Niamh couldn’t help but blush as she looked down at her very soggy diaper, not sure how much more it could realistically hold and not wanting to leak all over the place already. “Yes..Er-Erika.” Erika just shook her head and looked back at her Pet through her rearview mirror. “No sweetie, you need to be good. Can you be a good girl? Can you call me Mistress?” Her chocolate brown eyes locked onto Niamh’s emerald green eyes and held her gaze until the Pet whimpered and looked down. “Sorry M-Mi-Mistress. I will...remember, I promise.” “Good girl!” Niamh looked up, shivering at what those words made her feel to see the large smile lighting up her Keeper’s face and felt the happiness within her own self grow at making her Keeper happy. Within a few moments, Erika pulled her Honda Civic into a parking deck and made her way up to the second level where she found a parking spot within an area that also had a Pet run and leashing station, where Keepers were supposed to park their cars. Turning off her car, she got out and went to the trunk to get some supplies out. “Okay sweet girl, just a moment. We need to get your collar and a leash on you, and I need to change you. It’s okay, you want to be a good girl and let me do this.” The soft and calming voice coming from her Keeper was enough to make Niamh feel like she was floating, even as she lay in her carrier. Listening to her Keeper was like listening to the soothing waves crashing upon the shore at the beach, it made her feel calm and happy, though she squeaked as she felt a wetness on her thighs and puddling underneath her, crying out in frustration as she felt herself wetting again and starting to leak. Erika could only shake her head and clucked her tongue as she watched her Pet, “Well, that is what we get for not changing you before coming home I guess. It’s okay sweetie, just let me get your beautiful collar on and we’ll fix you up.” She quickly found the collar in the bags in her trunk, as well as the matching leash and the changing pad she’d picked out. Moving along to the rear door, she opened it and then leaned in to open the carrier, reaching down to stroke her Pet’s hair and calm her with her soothing words. “It’s okay sweetie, I still love you. You are a good girl, you are my wonderful Pet. We’ll get you cleaned up...after we get this beautiful collar around your beautiful neck. You want this collar, don’t you?” Niamh sniffed and blushed yet again, wondering if her skin would always seem to remain rosy red due to her blushes and nodded, “Yes Mistress.” Her eyes wide as she watched the collar get closer, her breath catching as she felt the first touch of the soft lining around her neck. She gasped as her heartbeat sped up, trembling and panting as she felt her Keeper’s hands wrap the collar around her throat and buckle it shut. She didn’t even move when Erika told her to hold still for another moment as she pulled out a strong but tiny padlock, though Niamh nearly jumped when she heard the loud click echo in the open, empty space of the parking deck, signalling that she was truly in her place. That click also caused Erika to shiver slightly, recognizing that it constituted the reality of her owning her precious Niamh, her Pet. Looking down into her Pet’s eyes, she wasn’t surprised to see the glassy look, knowing Niamh was probably far away at the moment as she relished the feelings lashing them both through the Bond. Using that advantage, Erika quickly attached the leash to Niamh’s collar and then lovingly pulled her out of the carrier, not minding that she was getting a little wet from her Pet’s leaking diaper. She carefully carried her Pet and the changing pad over to the area near the tether bar, and laying the pad down, quickly laid Niamh down on it and started to untape her diaper. As she did so, she leaned down to whisper into her Pet’s ear, “You are such a good girl for Mommy, aren’t you my precious Pet. You love to make little messes so that Mommy has to clean you, don’t you little one? You are my sweet girl, my precious Pet, my little one forever, aren’t you sweetie?” Tying Niamh’s leash to the tether bar, she quickly got up to go get the other supplies and one of Niamh’s new princess diapers to change her into. She is so beautiful...and so helpless...just laying there like that. I wish we had time where I could just take advantage of her. Returning to her Pet, she giggled as she saw Niamh absently squirming as she laid on her changing pad and Erika quickly set about cleaning her Pet with wipes, humming softly as she did so. After she finished with that, she quickly and efficiently powdered Niamh and settled her rump on the new diaper, grinning as she pulled it up between the girl’s legs and taped it tightly shut. “There now, all dry and clean for now. Feels better, doesn’t it sweet girl?” She gave her Pet a quick pat on her diaper and then a boop to the nose before standing back up. “Okay sweet girl, I need to go take our shopping into my apartment and set up the cage. I need you to be a good girl and stay right here. You will stay right here, won’t you?” With a slight nod, Erika ruffled the girl’s red hair and went back to the trunk to get the rest of the shopping out and start carrying it into the lobby of her apartment building. Walking into the lobby of McIntosh Hall carrying the folded up cage, Erika quickly crossed over to the Customer Service Center that served as an information and concierge desk in the apartment building. With a smile, she greeted the RA on duty and stood waiting. “Yeah? Whaddaya want?” Not letting the smile fade, Erika calmly answered, “Hi, I’m Erika Mason in unit 606-A. I’m not sure if you heard from the clinic already, but I bonded to a Pet earlier today and so I was just needing to-” “Oh jeez, not another one. You people…” Taken aback, Erika stuttered, “W-what? I didn’t do anything wrong, I just wanted to let you know I had a Pet now, so that maintenance would know if I am out. I’m just trying to be courteous.” The scowl on the RA’s face was plain to see as she looked Erika up and down. “Look, I don’t like the disgusting things you people do. It isn’t natural and it isn’t right. Fine...you’ve told us you have a freak that’s now going to be living with you. Anything else Miss? Or can you leave me alone?” Erika fumed, her nostrils flaring as she had to mentally stop herself from attacking the RA. “No ma’am, that’s all. Thanks for your help.” Turning and storming off towards the elevator, it took several minutes for Erika to relax and she wished that she wouldn’t have to bring Niamh through the lobby to go to her apartment. She didn’t want to subject her precious girl to the vileness of the RA but it couldn’t be helped as the elevator dinged and she walked in, punching the button for the 6th floor rather harshly. Exiting onto her floor, she quickly made her way down the hall and swiped her door open. She decided to move quickly to get the cage set up, making sure it was in a location that would allow her Pet to watch television or even just look outside towards downtown Los Angeles if she wanted to. Once that was done, she hurried back to her car to get the next load. It took two more trips to get everything, and on the second, she led Niamh on her leash through the lobby as quickly as possible, thankful that the RA seemed to be off in the back room as they waited for the elevator. When they made it to the apartment, Erika gave Niamh a little smile and opened the door, letting her Pet in to explore a little as she put the rest of the supplies down and took the Pet bed into her bedroom to have next to her own bed. Once she had let Niamh explore the apartment a bit, she called her Pet back over to her as she sat on the couch, pointing at her feet. “Well sweet girl, this is home. We’ll take care of a few more things tomorrow, though I have some classes in the morning that I can’t miss so you’ll have to be in your cage. But before that, we should see who else called for you earlier, okay?” For her part, Niamh was still in overload from her collaring and change and also being led around on her leash and getting to explore the apartment, so it took some time for her to focus on her Keeper. At hearing Erika’s words, she pouted and whimpered, nodding, “Y-yes Mistress.” “Good girl,” Erika praised Niamh while she stroked her Pet’s red tresses. “Now then, let’s see who called you.” She thumbed through Niamh’s phone to the voicemail app and played the first voicemail. “Ms. Connolly, this is Robert Townsend. It’s 2:10 and I was wondering where you were. Please let me know as I would like to have you read for this part and not lose it…” Erika looked at her Pet while Niamh’s eyes went wide. “Well, this is interesting my sweet girl…” To Be Continued...
  11. Well, I understand where you are coming from. But for me, these stories not only let us explore petplay dynamics and diapers in public, but to me...they incorporate love. Sure, it isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea I know. But I do hope you'll stick with them because I think several of them, not just mine, are beautiful stories of love in a different world to our own. One where overall you don't have to be afraid or ashamed of who and what you are or what you might need. And admittedly, I am a person who loves the BDSM lifestyle and being submissive. And wishes we could be so open in society these days.
  12. One of the things in kimmy's initial story was the fact that a pet's body is no longer truly human, and one thing is they have a higher body heat, so clothes are very uncomfortable. Hence why Pets will wear lighter clothes. And it would be especially bad in hot areas I would imagine.
  13. Oh wow! This is an amazing story! I loved it, and enjoyed the part at the end of course. I like how you included a couple of things I've seen elsewhere like the whole discussion of Pets R Us...would love to see more in the future!
  14. Well, the things with her agent will have ramifications down the line. As will some of the missed phone calls before Erika answered the one of her agent calling. I am not going to say too much more on that just yet. Thank you first off, though again I blame you. But yeah, there's going to be a great unveiling at some point. I have already started working on what will happen when Erika decides what to do with Niamh's property, since she can't afford the upkeep really on a house in the Hills and the BMW is not exactly useful for a Keeper to have with a Pet.
  15. Between you and kimmy...and I am awaiting her reaction with bated breath...yeah you are!