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  1. Babyqtboy

    My Diaper/Pull-Ups/Goodnites History

    My advice is use a smaller font but seriously if you really don’t want to be this way then don’t. The urges will probably never go away (and by probably I mean never), but you can choose to ignore it and though it may make you depressed or unhappy at times you will achieve what you want. I hate to compare it to addiction or compulsion but that is basically what it is. You might as well try not being straight, or Gay if that is your preference. You can do it but total happiness or contentment will elude you for the rest of your life. Sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for.
  2. Babyqtboy

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    Okay so mine arrived today, I can discern no scent, other than that they are typical rearz, slightly disappointing
  3. I am 135 pounds and they fit fine, but I am 5’10 so I guess being really skinny helps lol
  4. Babyqtboy

    Crinklzs on sale at Northhore

    Must just be a matter of preference, I love the ABU Kiddos but can never get the mediums, they seem to always be out of stock. I stopped ordering ABU because of the unreliable stock issues
  5. Babyqtboy

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    No offense but I have several different brands and scents of baby powder and none of them smell like pampers or Luvs. I don’t doubt that the fragrance derives from baby powder but Proctor and Gamble do something to make Pampers and Luvs smell unique
  6. Babyqtboy

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    The mommies scents aren’t bad but they don’t smell like the old pampers or Luvs. The powder scent was the only one I liked. I use it as an air freshener in my car lol. There is not much of a difference between new Pampers and old Pampers to be honest, at least not the Pampers from the 90’s.
  7. Babyqtboy

    Wearing Clouds

    Aww so cute diapers suck anyway lol
  8. Babyqtboy

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    I just ordered some, I will let you know when they arrive. They look and sound like they will definitely be a unique diaper lol
  9. Babyqtboy

    Luvs size 7?

    Lol maybe next time you will think before you say something about skinny people. But seriously, it’s all good.
  10. Babyqtboy

    Luvs size 7?

    I will have you know I am very sensitive about my weight lol and “ thinnest” would be the proper term. I am 70 inches tall with a 27 inch waist so yes, I am tall and skinny and yes I can squeeze into a size 7 and most size six baby diapers. I also have a convert up which helps make it less of a squeeze if needed. I don’t usually wear baby diapers though because of absorbency and comfort but I absolutely love the smell of Luvs and Pampers and will usually store a few baby diapers in with my adult diapers to transfer the scent
  11. Babyqtboy

    What interest ?

    My Father loved to read and build book cases, cabinets, tables and anything else with wood, just as a hobby of course. Together we built the first 2 book cases in my house and since his passing, I have built 3 more and they are all filled with his as well as my favorite books.
  12. Babyqtboy

    Ummm, hey guys...

    Welcome to the club. Lots of great friendly people here. Don’t be shy or afraid to ask questions. That’s all I have lol have fun and make friends (if that’s what you want).
  13. Babyqtboy

    No-No in trouble

    I am sure based on the comments that this was a good story but I could not read past the first 2 sentences. I would suggest spell check but none of the words were actually misspelled, just the wrong spelling for the intended words, at least I hope lol.
  14. Babyqtboy

    Is my friend into diapers?

    So is there an update for this yet? Lol
  15. Babyqtboy

    Abdl friends

    I have a friend who knows about my ABDL and is someone I can talk to about it but she is not ABDL herself. Does that count?