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  1. Do you guys have your own diaper box?

    I have an army tough box with 3 locks for my stash lol
  2. Henlo

    Welcome and have fun
  3. brand new here

    I think this is the main reason most of us are here I love to talk to almost anyone about anything so if you ever want to chat just hit me up, and also, welcome to DD, I think you’re gonna like it here
  4. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    Better in which way? For me the cuddlz fit better then the ABU single tape diapers and are softer. I find all of the Bambinos to be way too big. I guess I just have an awkward body. I have tried the ABU smalls but they are just a bit too small. I feel like tall skinny people really get screwed over when it comes to adult diapers. Oh well, I will just order some ABU’s when they restock I guess
  5. Custom Adult Diaper Sample

    I sent you my zip code and you never got back to me with a shipping cost
  6. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    If by choice you mean I choose to work 2 jobs and serve in the Army Reserves so I can survive then yes, by choice lol. I make good money at my primary job but with 5 kids, a mortgage, 2 car payments, and my wife’s student loans, combined with the outrageous cost of living in NY, I almost have to work 2 Jobs

    I have Skype and I use it once a year so my mother can spend Christmas with us virtually lol. I have to say, I am not impressed with KiK
  8. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    So I contacted her and she said she doesn’t carry cuddlz
  9. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    No website though? Albany is a bit of a drive considering I work 70 hours a week 6 Days a week lol
  10. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    What is this?
  11. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    I am just saying I wouldn’t complain if ABU or bambino or even northshore wanted to start carrying cuddlz or some of the other European exclusive diapers
  12. Too bad we can't give diaper advice

    I give advice all the time about baby diapers but I am also a father of 5 lol
  13. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    When did it go up so much though? I expected 25-30 but when the shipping is more than what you are buying there is something wrong
  14. So one of the first ABDL diapers I ever tried was cuddlz all over prints with 1 tape per side. I remember the bag of 10 costing something like 28 dollars with shipping. Just went to order some because I haven’t had any in years because of shipping costs and was dumbfounded, 59.80 worth of diapers was going to cost 78 dollars to ship to the U.S. anyone know a cheaper way to get them?

    I don’t either but good ole google helped me out. I now have a kik if anyone is interested it is IGOTId77