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  1. Babyqtboy

    Mommy from Massachusetts

    Hi mommywigglebutt. sorry I am late to the party but welcome. I hope you make lots of friends here
  2. Babyqtboy

    Abdl newbie

    Hi, welcome to Daily Diapers. I would like to be your friend, I don’t have many “little” friends myself.
  3. Babyqtboy

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    Actually if you plan it to the finest detail it is conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, you can be charged and convicted for it and it carries a sentence of 7-15 years
  4. Babyqtboy

    Bought too small diapers

    You could always try to sell them I would buy a few just to try them. I have been meaning to check them out but keep forgetting.
  5. Babyqtboy

    Pampers 7 New Weight Rating?

    Actually, pampers baby dry size 6 is bigger then a cruisers size 7. Swaddlers size 7 is probably the biggest now. I am going to order some of the baby dry size 8 from the UK to see how they compare
  6. Babyqtboy

    I’m very curious

    I concur with this whole statement. I am an educated, intelligent, easygoing gentleman who lives a whole respectable life outside the bedroom and I have wide range of interests, Diapers are a minuscule part of my life in the grand scheme of things. I have been looking for a like minded woman for years but all I seem to attract are mommies or nannies for hire
  7. Babyqtboy

    Pearl Jam in Boston anyone?

    Did I mention it is ten club ticket, field level center stage?
  8. Babyqtboy

    Pearl Jam @ Fenway

    So I have an extra ticket for Pearl Jam in Boston @Fenway Park September 4th and thought maybe it would be cool to see if anyone from the ABDL Community wanted to go with me. Face value (120$) for the ticket or will trade for a couch to crash on the night before.
  9. Babyqtboy

    Pearl Jam in Boston anyone?

    So it turns out I have an extra ticket for Pearl Jam at Fenway Park in Boston in September 4th. I was going to try to sell it but thought maybe this would be a great opportunity to maybe meet someone else in the community. Anyone interested let me know, I am willing to let it go for face value or maybe trade it for a couch to sleep on the night before, (I was only able to get a hotel room for the first night).
  10. Babyqtboy

    Breaking the Girl: A Novel

    Yeah I was just looking at those lol. That spanking looks like it hurt too. I don’t have any cute pajamas so the few pics there are of me are all typical guy photos, just the diaper I feel like I am posting nude pics screaming “look at my junk” lol
  11. Babyqtboy

    Breaking the Girl: A Novel

    Awww I want to see that I am too afraid to post face pics lol maybe some day I might though; baby steps lol I am just now comfortable enough to post diaper pics
  12. Babyqtboy

    Breaking the Girl: A Novel

    I can do spot on voice impressions for most muppets and cartoon characters lol
  13. Babyqtboy

    here goes nothing

    Some pics of me in some of my favorite diapers. Never posted pics of myself in diapers before so please be gentle
  14. Babyqtboy

    Breaking the Girl: A Novel

    Well everyone else has beat me to the punch so I will just say Bravo. Amazing story so far and I love the way I don’t have to wonder when the next chapter will be posted. So I guess now you are stuck with me bbykimmy I am a follower for life lol
  15. Babyqtboy

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Bare Naked Ladies- Baby Seat