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  1. Fictional character you'd want to baby you?

    Buffy the vampire slayer katniss from hunger games lilly from how I met your mother Jessica Rabbit
  2. Luvs size 7?

    I am tall and skinny so pampers baby dry, swaddlers, and Luvs size 6 all fit me so I have never had to cut slits into them and use them for boosters. As I said earlier, cruisers size 7 are actually smaller than baby dry size 6 but if swaddlers size 7 are bigger than swaddlers size 6 they might be the perfect baby diapers for me, I am just afraid to spend that much on a box and have them not be any bigger
  3. Luvs size 7?

    I am going to try the pampers swaddlers size 7 and the parents choice size 7 diapers sometime this month and let you know if there’s any benefit or actual size difference
  4. Luvs size 7?

    Parents choice size 7 sell really well, I work at a Walmart and we average 2 or 3 cases a day on our truck. I am hesitant to buy any of the new size 7’s like pampers swaddlers or parents choice because the cruisers are actually smaller than the baby dry size 6 and size 6 swaddlers are the same size as size 5. I almost feel like size 7 at this point is just to gas light parents who have late potty training kids
  5. Any Recommendations?

    Not sure who makes them but you can buy them on the ABDLshop.com
  6. Christmas Day

    Same thing I wear every Christmas, a nice suit and what ever tie my kids get me for Christmas. A few years ago they got me the Ducky tie from How I Met Your Mother
  7. Any Recommendations?

    Carousel diapers are pretty thick and snuggly
  8. Luvs size 7?

    Have you tried the parents choice size 7? I keep thinking about trying them but the size 6 diapers are smaller then any other size 6 so I am worried the 7 will be the same
  9. Black Friday discount on selected ConvertUps now

    I am over all satisfied with mine, the front panel could be a little softer but otherwise no complaints
  10. Between sizes

    I would love to hear a solution for this too lol. It would be awesome if someone made an ABDL diaper that was more hour glass shaped with a slightly narrower crotch.
  11. ooops, a little embarassing

    I am a DL and I love the baby print diapers lol.
  12. Between sizes

    I fold it outside down in the front just like the old pampers when I was a toddler lol
  13. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Lemon to a knife fight by the Wombats
  14. New gal of OC

    I always considered the cloth like diapers to be current and the plastic ones vintage. The design on the diapers don’t matter, I just like how soft the Luvs and Pampers are, where as the Huggies feel more like paper. Though I will say the blues clues Luvs felt softer then the new monkey ones, if that answers your question.
  15. Thank You Veterans

    U.S. Army 1995-1998 field artillery in Bosnia, 2006-2012 tour in Iraq and 1 tour in Afghanistan, reserves from 2012-2016 and with the National Guard now.