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  1. Responsibility is a big word

    Rachael nodded patting her back. “Well, baby steps are what is needed, baby. But if this was only at night, then I don’t understand why you’d be diapered in the day, honey.” she got her in a clean diaper and got her clothes on her. Then she took her down to Brenda. “We’re going in a minute, so get ready girls.”
  2. Our House

    Molly just shrugged. She waited for her mom to decide for the might as she had had quite a day and just wanted to be close to her mom. David continued working on his homework.
  3. Responsibility is a big word

    Rachael sighed and squatted down as she put on her diaper. "Honey, you are a big girl. You do know what to do if you have to pee, don't you?" She hugged her once the diaper was on. "If you really don't know what to do, then yeah, come and get me, and I'll help you go. But you are supposed to be old enough to do on your own, honey."
  4. Our House

    David didn't bother his mom. He figured she had her reasons, and didn't really want to think that he had to help her, too. He already felt like he had a lot helping his sisters with their problems. Sure, he cared about mom, but what could he really do for her? He continued his homework. Molly nodded and went to the kitchen to wait.
  5. Changes Come With Two More (open)

    "Um... I don't think Casey is suppose to have a lot of sugar, but I don't know why," Vanessa said. "She sometimes gets a cheeseburger and milk. I am okay for the same thing." She looked down. "But I always wanted to try a chocolate shake, and I think Casey wanted a shake, too." She looked at her sister, but wasn't sure if she understood what they were doing. Brianna smiled. "Can I have a double cheese burger, fries, and a medium orange soda?"
  6. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    (She told him that he stood up for her once, but she didn't tell him that that's why she was not hanging around her, and she didn't tell him before that happened, did she?)
  7. Responsibility is a big word

    Thirty minutes later, Rachael came back into the bathroom with a clean diaper. "Now, what do you do if you have to pee?" Rachael asked her. She started to dress her.
  8. Our House

    David heard the car pull up a little late. He was a bit worreid, but he was glad she was home. He continued his homework. Molly came down when she heard the car pull up, and she stood by the stairs waiting for her mom to come in. She wanted to give her a big hug.
  9. Michaela and her Mother

    Sonja looked over at the clock. "We have about a couple of hours. Are you hungry, honey?" She went to the little eating area to look for some cereal and milk that they had there. The milk was in a tiny ice box near the table.
  10. College Roommates RP

    Jim shrugged. He starte to look at the packages and then he smiled. He now understood that some were for light leakers and some were for heavy wetting. Some were for designs, some looked a little bit like underpants, but those ones didn't hold as much, and some were made for other reasons that he couldn't quite figure out. "It looks like this problem of yours is a little more common than we might have guess, and it seems to be in varying degrees. Since you wet all over in your sleep, I'm going to get you some diapers that can hold two heavy wettings." He saw her looking at a package and then read the side of it. It said it would hold three heavy wettings, so he smiled and shrugged. "We can get these ones if you want."
  11. Hogwarts school of babies?

    Hermoine smiled. "Well, if your panties are just like diapers, then I see no reason for you to hurt yourself, Ginny. Just wet your pants if you can't help it. I don't like to see you...." And then she saw her holding still and going red in the face. She patted her friend's shoulder and waited for her to finish wetting her pants. "Are you okay?" she asked her when she looked relieved. "Next time, don't wait like that. It can really hurt you. If it can't be helped, then just wet your pants, okay? If it was me, I would have found a place to hide and go, or if that wasn't possible, then I would have peed my pants a lot sooner. Not because I'd want to, but because I don't want to hurt my body. My parents told me when I was younger that you can really hurt yourself trying to wait until it hurts."
  12. Changes Come With Two More (open)

    He looked over at Amy. "Well, I don't know.... Fast food does seem like a good idea for now, doesn't it? It means less waiting, and without really being able to understand Casey very well, and not knowing how she might react in a nice sit down restaurant, I think fast food might be a good answer this time." He raised an eye at Amy wondering what Amy was thinking. Vanessa really didn't care what they ate. She just wanted to eat, and she wanted to be near her sister because she was constantly worried about her. Brianna also kind of wanted McDonalds, but she didn't want to add to her mother's frustration with LIzzy already bugging them about it and about Casey being so unpredictable, and then there was Vanessa who she really had no read on at all. So far, it seemed Vanessa's only care was what her sister was feeling or did.
  13. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    Mike sighed. Why didn't she ever communicate what was really going on until she was in trouble or something? If she would just learn to open up more and tell them that there would be a problem with being with Sayuri all day, or if she would just tell them what is going on with her more often, then these misunderstandings could be avoided. He let her storm off knowing that it was not going to work if he tried to reason with her at the moment. He did think he had to talk to Sarah about all this though. There was a reason for the family meeting, but Macey even escaped that approach to try to get her to tell them about her problems. She was not making this easy for either of her parents, and so Mike knew that Sarah had a point about Macey not being reasonable at times. He shook his head.
  14. Responsibility is a big word

    Rachael pulled down the girl's diaper and saw it was already soaked in pee. "You wet your pants?" she asked her retorically. "Honey, I hate to do this, but I promised Steve that I would punish you if you peed your pants. First of all, I want you to sit on the toilet until I come back to get you. He told me to put you in the corner, but I think having you sit on the toilet during the time you should be in the corner is better for teaching you to use the bathroom. She pulled her diaper completely off of her and then had her sit on the toilet and left the room. To make sure she didn't come out of the bathroom, she took her skirt and underpants with her as well.
  15. Our House

    By the time the police was satisfied that she was not the one they were looking for, it was too late for her to find a bathroom. David had now started to do his homework, but it was hard to concentrate on it because he was worried about both his sisters. They were both peeing their pants almost constantly, and Chris in particular was pooping her pants a lot. This was the first time she had left her uniform at school which surprised him, and he knew that she couldn't have been wearing this diaper he had just changed her out of when she pooped because it just was not messy enough and yet, she was not clean enough for a nurse to have helped her clean up. Something strange was definitely going on at her school, but she didn't seem to want to tell him anything about it. He sighed as he tried to concentrate on his math rather than his worries.