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  1. The day the step-dad moved in

    Katherine came out to the bottom of the stairs, and she smiled up at Isla. "What's wrong, honey?" she asked her as she started to walk up the steps. "Did you need something?" Katherine had met Mike one day while she was at a friend's house for a drinking party to relieve stress. She didn't even know why or how she started to talk to Mike when she had not even really fully told Samantha about her daughter and everything, but it just seemed that Mike was easy to talk to, and before she knew it, they were meeting all the time, and she found she could tell him everything. That had been a lot of help over the last two months. Then before they knew it, they were engaged, and now, they had planned to get married that Saturday. It was now on a Thursday. Mike, a bruely man with a rock-chiseled face made from an oblong block with green eyes and red hair walked through the front door carrying a box that he put down near the steps. He looked up at Katherine who was walking up the stairs towards her daughter. "Honey," Katherine said to her daughter. "This is Mike. We are preparing for a big change in our lives, and that also means a change to your life."
  2. Responsibility is a big word

    Brenda lowered the elevator for her, and then she climbed down to meet her. "Maybe she wants us to get ready to go," Brenda said excitedly. "We are going skating later, right?" She started to walk towards the house. .... When they got into the house, Rachel called Mary over to her. "Honey, will you please come upstairs? I need to talk to you for a minute, and I'm pretty sure Brenda doesn't want to know what we are going to talk about...." She gave Brenda a look that made her feel uncomfortable, so she didn't fight her mother about whether she wanted to know or not.
  3. Our House

    David sighed. "I don't know, Molly. It seems like your problem will never go away if you just wet your pants because you are wearing a diaper, but at the same time, I'd rather you didn't have to stress about it if you wet your pants, which is why I want to put you in a diaper...." He looked down. "Well, just wet for now, and later we can talk to mom about what to do about it, okay?"
  4. Responsibility is a big word

    Brenda let her look at the comic for a minute, when Rachel called out to the club house. "Girls, please come in for a minute!" Brenda sighed. "I guess mom wants us for some reason. Do you want to use the elevator again?"
  5. Our House

    David smiled and took her to her and Chris's room to get her in a diaper and some clothes. He went through her things until he found a diaper, and then he asked her to lay on the bed. "I know you probably hate this, sis, but you haven't made it to the bathroom for at least a week, so I think you should start wearing diapers all the time until you can get to the bathroom again, okay?" He slipped a diaper on her, and then he put her in a tshirt and a skirt. "The skirt will make it easier for me to check your diaper when I think you might need to be changed, okay?"
  6. Hogwarts school of babies?

    Hermoine sighed when Ginny said she wasn't sure she could hold it. "Does it hurt?" she asked. "If it hurts, then just pee. Your family keeps saying it's natural to treat the youngest one like a baby, and now I understand everything and see that you are in a position where there isn't a toilet easy to find, I will understand and not judge you, Ginny." She pulled her closer to her. "Your underwear will let you wet a little bit without being noticed, right?"
  7. Changes Come With Two More (open)

    Jim sighed. "I was thinking about stopping at a restaurant on the way home anyway for lunch. What do you think, Amy?" Vanessa clapped and squealed. "Really?" Brianna rolled her eyes at both the little kids. It wasn't really that long, but she was a little bit hungry.
  8. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    Mike sighed. "You know that that was an misunderstanding because you disobeyed your mother about school. Don't try pinning the whole thing on a not listening thing! If you had done what you were supposed to at school, and kept an eye on your new guest, you would have eaten lunch, and you didn't tell your mother you didn't eat at school until you were already sent to your room! That was partly your fault for when you decided to communicate," he told her.
  9. Michaela and her Mother

    Sonja sighed. "I'm afraid I don't know," she said. "I don't want to bother those other people because I didn't know you were going to wet the bed, sweetie, and it wouldn't be very nice to wake them up in the middle of the night to ask. Maybe we can just cuddle and get back to sleep for now, and then change in the morning?" she offered her not really thinking that putting on clean clothes while sleeping in a wet bed would do much good. As it was, they were semi-comfortable because the body heat from each other kept them warm, and where they were lying down, at the moment, the bed still felt warm under her, at least. If they moved to change, then the bed would get cold and very uncomfortable. "Just try to go back to sleep," she cooed. "I'll get you changed in the morning, okay?"
  10. The Camping Trip (With Ishigreensa)

    "But I'm supposed to be thirteen years old. I'm not supposed to have accidents," she whimpered. "I can't believe this! I peed my pants like an elementary school kid." She was still sniffling.
  11. College Roommates RP

    He smiled and led her out to the front of clinic to wait to check what they might have to pay, but luckily, the student insurance covered the visit, so soon enough, they were on their way to the store to get her some things that the doctor wanted for her. He had to get her some medicine and the diapers. When they got to the store, Jim looked over at Ashley and smiled. "Well, here we are. Are you ready to get what you need?"
  12. Responsibility is a big word

    "Yeah, but you have to be careful. The main character that Doraemon always helps, often uses the door to check in on a girl he likes, and often ends up walking in on her in a bath," Brenda giggled. "Imagine that!" She thought something was a little off about her friend, as though her bottom looked a little bigger or something, but decided to try to put it out of her mind. How would she exactly ask her about that? 'How did your bottom get so big suddenly?' That was just weird. Of course, that was because the diaper eventually swelled up from soaking up the pee from Mary wetting her pants a bit ago.
  13. Our House

    David started to wash his little sister up. When he had her clean, he lifted her out of the tub and patted her back. "Feel better, Molly?" He then got her a towel and started to dry her off.
  14. College Roommates RP

    Jim sighed. "Well, at least it was just the doctor," he said. "At least no one else will know now, because you will have this on, and then your leggings and your dress, so no one else can see when we are shopping, okay?" He tried to help her get dressed as fast as he could. "I know it's kind of cold, honey."
  15. The Camping Trip (With Ishigreensa)

    "Well, we can see if they will," he said. Chris started to cry when her mom noticed she smelled like she had soaked herself. "I'm so sorry!"