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  1. Ishigreensa

    Mixed up HomeStay

    Bao reached up towards Erica and took her hand trying to hold it, but her side really hurt, and she had to let go of the woman's hand to hold her side again. It was a very tedious trip to the car because the girl was in a lot of pain. However, once she got out to the car, she seemed to relax in the seat, and the pain seemed to subside enough that she could at least make less noise and look down at her lap. Robert would still be a few minutes in the store as he waited for the lines to dwindle. Back to school shopping always brought a lot of shoppers out because almost everyone needed the same things.
  2. Ishigreensa

    Rokugan: An Ancient Civilization brought to life

    Olivia sat right next to Mike, and they greeted each other. Olivia was a Mexican half black girl that had shiny wavy black hair and amber to brown eyes. She smelled like potpourri, and her voice was somewhat musical. "Guess who I met in the last couple of days," he asked her. "Who?" "Both, your best friend, Terra....," "Cool!" "...And Paigey Puddles!" "Paigey Puddles? Was she wet again?" Olivia asked excitedly. "No. But she was as nervous as ever." "I can't wait to see her." "Yeah, right?" Then art class began.... "Good morning, class," the instructor began for it was still 11:00 in the morning. "This morning, we are going to start with black and white ink art.... The best way to start with art, is to just jump right in, right? With this style of art, you just...." As she explained what she expected with this project, Adam felt his hair on his neck stand on end, but there seemed noting out of place in the classroom, at least at the moment.
  3. Ishigreensa

    Rokugan: An Ancient Civilization brought to life

    Mike turned towards paying attention as the professor went on about what they were learning, and before they knew it, class was over. Mike walked slowly along to the next class which was art, and little did he know, but he shared this class with yet another classmate from high school who was called Olivia, and with the boy that has sat somewhere in front of them, listening to them gossip about Paigey Puddles. He settled in the class, and watched as students started to file in....
  4. Ishigreensa

    Rokugan: An Ancient Civilization brought to life

    Mike shook his head. "I'm not sure we should bet on that one. I mean, she might do it again, but I really don't know about taking bets on it." He smiled. "So, are you still seeing Scott, or are you free now that you've finished high school?" he asked moving an eyebrow up and down at her, trying to make her laugh a bit. He looked up when the teacher came to the front and wrote something on the board. "Good morning, students. I am sure you want to know what we are going to be doing this semester, so I am sending around a syllabus in a minute that will explain what we are going to be learning and what you will be tested on at mid-term and for the finals. You are not children anymore, so I am NOT going to be checking all your homework. You will be responsible for your own learning, but if you do do the homework, and then as we are going over it, if you have a question, I will be able to answer it, and pinpoint any trouble you are having." He then started to pass out packets of papers down each of the rows of desks. Mike whispered to Terra. "I bet Paige will have a hard time in classes though, if she sees anyone that knows about her situation while in the same classes, right?"
  5. Ishigreensa

    Rokugan: An Ancient Civilization brought to life

    As Adam settled into his seat to prepare for the start of class, a guy sat next to a girl with light brown straight hair, who was a little taller than most of the other girls in class, and who seemed like a model with her weight and her looks. The only thing that might not have been in the model magazine about her, was her round frame glasses. The boy, a young man that had a few freckles on his white full face, whispered to Terra. "Guess who I saw yesterday getting out of her parent's car to come to school here?" he asked Terra. "It was none other than "Paigey Puddles." You know, the girl that wet herself in the last month of high school last year...?" He was snickering about it. Mike smiled expectantly at Terra wanting her to contribute to the conversation. And eventually, the math teacher came to the front of the room to start class....
  6. Rokugan was an ancient civilization (a fictional part of this story) that authorities on the subject place around the Chinese area back when the Earth was more or less, Pangea, and believe it or not, they say that it co-existed with the Terrible Lizards we call Dinosaurs. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding this mystical and mysterious place, and now, some believe that a part of its lore and influences are even affecting today's world. Professor Randall Heightensen has taken a few trips to China to look further into the ancient civilization and to see if he can figure out more about what was going on there. They say that the cradle of civilization was in Africa some time after the Dinosaurs, but what if that was just where life had began again after some catastrophe, and what if the real start of the human story actually did start further East in the world, some thousand years before the African origin story? In the coming term, Randall is determined to bring some fresh blood with him so that some new eyes can get a look at what he found. He knows the old scholars will refute the civilization despite his evidence based principally on the fact that there have been no other hints or clues about such of an existence before. He knows that science likes solid proof, and while he agrees that solid proof is important, he believes that the older codgers, despite the proof he has found, will not accept anything before they even know what there is to see. He hopes that the newer students, at least half of them having some interest and experience in science, will actually look at the proof he has before deciding for themselves, and then, if even they say that what he is seeing is not what he thinks he sees, then maybe he can accept that something is just misplaced. A few days later, the start of term is about to start, and students are checking into dorms. Then, the first day of classes are beginning.... As the first day of classes begin, we start with the main character, Adam Johnson, coming into his first day of math, but let's let Adam tell us that story, shall we...? (Robehouse):....
  7. Ishigreensa

    Mixed up HomeStay

    Robert rubbed and patted Lexi's back as he bent down to take hold of Bao's hand. "Honey," he looked to Erica. "I can take the girls to the car, or I can go and pay while you take them, but I think at the very least, we should put the children in the car. They are both in difficult situations, and I don't think it's good to have them walking around the store like this, right?" He hoped he had not upset Erica by stating the obvious, nor for babying Lexi too much. Bao looked up at Erica for a minute, and she whispered. "Can we go home?" She was breathing really funny to try to control her show of pain, but it was really hard. Her body was shaking, and her knees were wobbling as she stood still bent nearly in half holding her stomach and rubbing it, or more like, her side. She had tears in her eyes that were starting to overflow and in danger of running down her cheeks.
  8. Ishigreensa

    Japanese Homestyle *Reboot* (Private with Ishigreensa)

    Oops, missed this one. I've gotten too busy lately, so I'm only going to probably be doing two. One with ShyDiapers, and one with Robehouse. I have known them the longest on the site, and I really am a little too busy to do more than two at the moment. I'm sorry. I will let you know if I find more time later.
  9. Ishigreensa

    Mixed up HomeStay

    Robert saw that Erica was busy with Bao, so just added the chips anyway. They could eat them in the car, and if Erica got upset, then she could get upset with him. Bao held her stomach and looked up at Erica not sure what to say. It just really hurt. And she thought she had to use the bathroom again. She whimpered out. "It hurts...," but she didn't know how to say where it hurt or what she thought it was. She tried to pee on purpose, thinking that might help, but no pee came out, and it was still hurting....
  10. Ishigreensa

    A Single Father(Open)

    I'm sorry, but I've gotten really busy, and will only be continuing one RP and possibly doing one with someone who has been very flexible with me since I started on this site. I really am sorry, and later, If I get free again, I'll let you know.
  11. Ishigreensa

    Taking care

    I am so sorry, but I have to cut back on a lot of RPs, and right now, there are two I am really wanting to do who have role played with me for a very long time, so I am only going to be working with them for a while. I just got really busy lately. So, I'm sorry.
  12. Ishigreensa


    Thank you. Basically, the first part of chapter two is the main problem, particularly when he gets into the library with the troublesome girls... when his supposed girlfriend is away on a short school trip.
  13. Ishigreensa


    Elfy: Thank you. Maybe I'll send you the bit I'm worried about and you can look it over, if you are okay doing that for me. Please do understand it will be very bold though, and might have too much in it, so that is why it is important that I get an okay before posting that part. You are a site administrator, right? Would that be okay if I did that, or would you be too offended if I PMed the questionable stuff to you? Jayme, thank you for your advice. Since Elfy answered just before you, a few hours ago, and their name implies they are a site admin, I'm asking them politely if I can PM them the story at least up to where I'm worried about before posting it on the site. The thing is, because it is very worrying, I will understand if they don't want to read through it... but like you said, it might be better to ask that way, to make sure it is okay rather than get banned for not meaning to break the rules, and by letting Elfy decide whether or not to look first, I think I'm trying to do this the right way. I hope.
  14. Ishigreensa


    Even if it gets a bit on the descriptive side?
  15. Ishigreensa


    You misunderstand. The characters are all over 18. There is sexual stuff, probably a bit on the heavy side. Is THAT okay? To what extent is it okay to write?