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  1. Ishigreensa

    Stepdaughter (open)

    "I think you'll be starting school on Monday," Shelley ignored her begging for the phone. "Okay, let's see what kind of furniture you want in your room. Of course, you need a nicer dresser, a student desk, and then you said you wanted a nice big chair. Anything else?"
  2. Ishigreensa

    Japanese Homestyle *Reboot* (Private with Ishigreensa)

    Ms. Moss smiled as the young girl started to work. She thought she was doing really well, and wondered if she really belonged in the fourth grade or not.
  3. Ishigreensa

    How it all Changed

    Soon enough, they parked the car a few feet in front of where the bus stops, and then Mike asked April to get out of the car and go wait for the other little kids. "Can i go with her?" Mike smiled at Brianna. "Of course you can. I was hoping you'd want to, but I'm April's older brother, so I can tell her to do stuff within reason, but somethings that I tell her to do, might not be polite to tell you directly to do it without a good reason." Brianna nodded and got out of the car to go walk over where they would sit to wait. The bus wouldn't be there for about another ten minutes.
  4. Ishigreensa

    Don't Hide Stuff from your Stepdaddy!

    He stood her in front of the toilet that he sat on as a seat, and then he started to pull down her pajamas and to undo her diaper. "You were a good girl and came to me again when you peed your pants. Good girl, honey." He got her diaper off of her, and rolled it up in front of her and set it aside. "Why did you wear a diaper to bed?" he asked her wanting her to admit that she wets herself.
  5. Ishigreensa

    Criminal Minds: KRP: A Kid Jail program Story

    After another ten minutes had passed, Jessica's pants were just soaked and there was a puddle all around her seat. The teacher continued teaching and then he started to pass out worksheets to the students when he noticed Jessica. "Jessica, stand up and come here," he called to her. "Now!"
  6. Ishigreensa

    New Therapist for Kit (private with Ishigreensa)

    Brenda smiled and welcomed Kit into the room. Today, she had some play doh set up at her table and some wooden picture frames, but the hard plastic part was taken out of the frame. "Can you guess what we are going to do today?" she asked Kit.
  7. Ishigreensa

    How it all Changed

    Brianna shrugged. "I've heard of some bolder people doing it like that, just to show that they wouldn't put up with something, but I really can't do that. I'd rather have an accident than show my body to everyone or do something outrageous." She frowned. She squeezed her legs together a little tighter. Mike came back to the car to get in and start it up. "It's about time to go get the little kids, so we are going to the bus stop to get them before we head home," he told the girls. Brianna got really quiet.
  8. Ishigreensa

    Sonya and Michaela Starting Over

    Sonja hugged her daughter tight and rocked her. "It's okay, baby. It's okay. I know you didn't mean to say anything dangerous...." She picked her daughter up and started to carry her. "Honey, it's alright. I don't think you said enough to cause a big deal, if this is the only time you say it. You just need to be careful about talking about not eating enough at home, okay? I will do try harder to make sure you get enough to eat. I promise."
  9. Ishigreensa

    Don't Hide Stuff from your Stepdaddy!

    MIke sighed. "You did?" He walked over and took her by the hand. "Let's go get you cleaned up for school then, honey. It's okay if you wet the bed. That means there might be something actually wrong with you and you aren't just holding it on purpose until you have an accident. And if you have to go so badly in the morning you can't make it until you find me, that might mean the same thing, honey. I just don't want you holding it on purpose until you pee your pants, understand? There is a difference of holding it because you have to do something and just holding it until you wet. If you hold it because something has to be done first, that shouldn't make you pee your pants unless there is something wrong with your body."
  10. Ishigreensa

    Single Father with girls from two different moms

    Imelda and Robert looked at each other and then Imelda got off of her chair and went around so she was between her new big sister and her daddy. She put her arms around Lexi. "I didn't mean to make you feel like you were in trouble. I just didn't want you to be hungry, and I almost never finish my food at restaurants because they always give me too much. It's better than wasting it, to give it to you if you are hungry, sis." "Honey, you're not in trouble. You don't have to be sorry," Robert said. "I was just afraid you didn't like your food and if you were still hungry, I can't leave you like that. I don't know how well you were fed before, so I want to make sure you got full on your first meal with me, and then I will make sure you get a reasonable amount of food from now on. If I don't put enough on your plate the first time, then I want you to let me know if you are still hungry, honey. If I can do something about it, you will get more. If not, then I will figure something out if it is at all possible at that time. Most of the time, it will be possible to make sure you eat enough. Okay?"
  11. Ishigreensa

    Criminal Minds: KRP: A Kid Jail program Story

    Ten more minutes passed in Science for Jessica when it started to leak again.... Imelda had trouble sitting still for those twenty minutes while the teacher explained other rules and safety precautions, and finally, they were up and the teacher was getting them organized to play volleyball. As there were but twelve people in class, and there were six on a team, everytime the ball changed sides of the court for who served, when they rotated, One person from each team rotated to the other team. Imelda now, had to manage to not pee herself and to participate in PE at the same time....
  12. Ishigreensa

    How it all Changed

    Brianna blushed. "There's a difference of doing it accidentally and doing it on purpose though, right? I... I would try to find an alternative if I could."
  13. Ishigreensa

    Japanese Homestyle *Reboot* (Private with Ishigreensa)

    "Very good," Ms. Moss said. "I think she wants you to continue on to the next page, honey. Here, let's read what it says to do together, okay?" She then read it in Japanese for her, and then explained what two or three of the words meant in English to see if she could draw the conclusion for herself on what she should do. The main verb in Japanese actually translates to all the helping verbs around it, for example, if the main verb says mimasu: It would mean see or is seeing but it may also more likley be written as miteimasu to mean is seeing or is watching or miteimashita for was watching or was looking. So in that way, some words might have meant more than one word in English so that just three key words could easily tell Gabby what she should do in the next part of the assignment since she had already done this work before.
  14. Ishigreensa

    Don't Hide Stuff from your Stepdaddy!

    Mike turned off the stove and then he bent down to her and pulled her into a hug. As he did so, he wrapped his arms around her so his hands were on her bottom, and then he felt her soggy diaper, and he coudl feel her peeing more in it. He sighed. "You're wetting your pants?" he asked her just as she finished. "You poor baby. You need daddy to take you to the bathroom and clean you up, don't you? Why didn't you come and get me before you started to pee your pants, baby?"
  15. Ishigreensa

    Sonya and Michaela Starting Over

    The man smiled and walked back out with his little boy to get Sonja. A few minutes later, Sonja came in, and he bent down to her little one. "What's wrong, honey? Are you okay?" She started to help her up off of the floor.