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  1. Ishigreensa

    Mixed up HomeStay

    Bao Ya'an smiled sheepishly when the nice lady told her to get dressed for breakfast, and that she didn't seem upset at all about her wetting the bed. She even seemed to believe her, and blamed it on her getting used to her new environment, and Bao, not having any reason to think otherwise, just nodded and agreed with her. Bao stayed upstairs putting on a clean pink shirt and some shorts over some white panties. Then she checked herself in the bathroom mirror to make sure she looked the way she wanted because she had elected not to wear one of her training bras, and it seemed okay. Then then brushed out her hair and brushed her teeth before finally coming down later. Robert smiled at his little one. "Do you want chocolate chips? Do you?" he teased her going to the fridge and opening and then closing it to further tease her, trying to tempt her into coming to get them herself. He looked over at Erica a she poked her head in at them. "Lexi is making waffles for breakfast," he told his wife with a smile.
  2. Ishigreensa

    The NIght and Day Difference

    Jason came and got her. "I thought with your husband home, he'd take you," he said when she got into his car.
  3. Ishigreensa

    How it all Changed

    They played a few more minutes when April realized she had to pee, too. Mike was starting to look up at the sky and thinking it was probably time to go inside....
  4. Ishigreensa

    Roleplay Partner Wanted - Cultural Exchange

    Erodryn didn't understand anything she said because she was too excited, spoke too quickly for even the interpreter to fully understand, not that her Human common was that good anyway, and they just let her fuss in her native language. Without really knowing what the little one was saying, Erodryn just smiled and cooed at her while she got her dressed. She had been careful to make sure the onsie was well sealed by magic, and then she slipped the blouse and skirt on her, expertly, for she did have a little more strength than this child did. And once the outfit was on her, the blouse and skirt fused together into a dress making it impossible for her to get it off because the skirt was too tight to go up over her head, and the magic that sealed the openings of the blouse were too tight to now get the top part down over her hips or even her arms out of the arm holes very easily. "There you are," the woman smiled at the girl speaking Sylvan. "You're all ready to come and have a little something to fill your belly. You are no doubt hungry." Erodryn helped her down to her feet on the floor, reached for her hand again, and made to walk her out of the bathroom.
  5. Ishigreensa

    The NIght and Day Difference

    "Yeah, is it the bus stop just down from your house?" He paused a minute. "I got permission to go get you. I was already at work, so I had to asked. I'll be right here, probably about ten minutes or so...."
  6. Ishigreensa

    How it all Changed

    Brianna tagged her sister and ran off. As she was tagged, Imelda felt a little damp around her privates, and it hit her that she was about to pee her pants....
  7. Ishigreensa

    The NIght and Day Difference

    Jason answered the phone. "Hello?" He smiled when he heard her voice. "Oh, it's you, April," he sounded delighted.
  8. Ishigreensa

    How it all Changed

    Mike smiled and watched the scene. Brianna was hiding behind a bush in the yard.... The game of tag went on for another couple of hours, when Brianna was it again, and as she closed in on Imelda to tag her, Imelda really had to use the bathroom because she had been having fun and had been holding it a few minutes already....
  9. Ishigreensa

    The NIght and Day Difference

    Because she was running late, she just missed the bus, and had to wait over thirty minutes for the next one. She was going to be late for sure, though she did have Jason's number if she wanted to risk riding with him, then she wouldn't be as late, probably, as she would be waiting for the next bus....
  10. Ishigreensa

    How it all Changed

    Mike laughed. "You!" He got up, putting his book down as he did so, and started to chase Samantha around. "You didn't even give me any warning!" he complained, though laughing ruined the effect, and showed he wasn't mad at all about it. As Mike chased her around, not seriously running because he wanted to be fair to his little sister, he took opportunistic swings at the others as he approached them, but stayed right on Samantha until she slowed down out of breath, but then, instead of tagging her, he jumped over her and tagged Imelda unexpectedly and ran off. it had been probably months since he last played tag with his little sisters.
  11. Ishigreensa

    The NIght and Day Difference

    Mike: Mike had his daughter in the car within no time, and was taking her to school. He didn't even check on April after that. Though he might be mad at her for wetting her pants lately, and making their daughter wait for breakfast or whatnot, he had never been like this with April before. He was not really talking to her this morning. April While she was getting ready, time was slowly trickling by, and he had not come in to say he was taking her to work or anything. It was too quiet. Maybe he had left taking Samantha to school already? But that meant... he expected her to get to work on her own, and with her car in the shop, that meant taking the bus and probably being late that morning to work.
  12. Ishigreensa

    Skipped for a Promotion: Not so bad....

    Mike noticed her wiggling around a little bit when it became impossible for her to hide it, but he just let her continue not bothering to ask. Even if she did have to pee, what would she be able to do about it at the moment? He was sure that there were still staff in the building, even if it was just janitors. Eventually, she might have to face those janitors, but hopefully, not for a few days. If things worked out well for them, they could slip her out before anyone saw her going to her car later that evening whether she peed more or not. He just continued to watch her a little more, while pretending to work on a report he was already finished with, willing her to just sit there and pee her pants without saying anything. Hoping, she was too embarrassed to leave the office in her state, to prevent having an accident. Then he could come to her aid sort of, and talk to her the way he really wanted to talk to her. He looked down at the document again for a moment and pretended to make a mental note on a writing pad next to his computer. In truth, he had already flagged the document in many areas that he thought she would have trouble with jargon so that she could follow it during another meeting she would have in a few days with her boss. "Just pee your pants," he kept thinking over and over to himself, wanting her to do it in front of him....
  13. Ishigreensa

    How it all Changed

    Brianna came over and smiled. "How about we all play, then there will be five. Maybe we can get Mike to join us if we ask?" Mike, however, as April would well know, was more likely to join if she just tagged him and said "You're it!" running off.
  14. Ishigreensa

    How it all Changed

    Brianna smiled up at her and nodded. "I know that. I didn't mean it like I couldn't trust you. It's just... I have to think about Imelda, and while I know she loves you and Mike, I'm still the closest thing she has to a mom at the moment." She looked up at April. "Samantha still has her daddy, even if he is being weird at the moment. Eventually, she'll have her daddy back, but Imelda will never had a mommy or daddy back. She will only have Uncle Frank, and her cousins, who she knows love her." If Brianna was telling the truth, these were feelings she had even for herself, but she had to be strong, so she used Imelda as a scapegoat for telling how she really felt.
  15. Ishigreensa

    The NIght and Day Difference

    When she was ready to go, Mike took Samantha out to his truck to take her to school. Jason went into work earlier, now under the impression that Mike would be taking April to work.