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  1. College Classmates

    "Of course," Robert said. "That's what we got them for, honey. We don't want you wetting all over the bed and then have no dry place to sleep." He went and got her a diaper. "It's kind of hard to put on yourself, as we have discussed before, so just to make sure... Is it okay that I help you?"
  2. She was going to learn she is just a diaper baby (private)

    Brenda put the changing bag in the front seat next to her since her niece took the best place in the back seat for a girl of nine years old, and she got in. She smiled back at her niece. "Already?" Then she started the car and they were off. It took about tweny minutes to get to the Museum, but this was not just any museum. It was designed for kids, and had a lot of stations where kids can explore the science rather than just look or read about it. They even had a digging hole where she could play archaeologist. As the Aunt watched her niece play, she took some pictures of her with her cellphone after making sure it was allowed. It was in certain places such as the 'archaeologist's pit.
  3. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    -Well, if you are that good at everything, maybe you can help me- Jack responded. -We can ask him if we can hang out. It can't hurt.- Sayuri gathered her dishes and walked into the kitchen to help. "Here is the dish I eat of," she said. "I can help something?" Mike sighed after a few minutes and walked up to his daughter's room. Even if Sarah was going to be a little upset, he had to find out why the young lady was being a little out of sorts rather than just tell her to stop it. He knocked at her door. "Honey? I'm coming in," he said. "I think we should talk." He waited for her to answer the door, though and didn't push himself in this time.
  4. Babied at Twelve Years old: Private

    Brenda sighed. "Oh, honey don't cry," she said. "I didn't mean you were bad or anything. I just need you to tell me if you wet your pants if I can't tell right away or you might get a rash, sweetie. Rashes are no fun, trust me." She stripped her diaper off of her and shook her head. "Did you finish peeing?"
  5. College Classmates

    Robert smiled. "Well, at least you have a friend here to help." He let her eat as much as he could get her to, then he let her go to her room to sleep.
  6. Babied at Twelve Years old: Private

    "Mary, how many times did you leak in your diaper?" Brenda tried to be patient. "I don't care if you just dribble, it is still wetting, honey." Brenda sighed. "You really are not twelve years old to me at all, honey. A girl about to go into junior high, would not accept even accept a little wetness in her diaper or panties as being okay, honey." Brenda picked her up to take her back up to change her diaper. "From now on, you tell me even if you just dribble. I'll check to make sure it's not too wet if you say you just dribbled, honey."
  7. Becoming Little May

    Well, at lunch, he would just help her. They are already expecting a little bit of wetting, so it wouldn't be that big, would it? If she leaks heavily after lunch soaking her diaper, but only her diaper so that Carl finds out when they get home, then she could need cuddles and for him to help her clean up
  8. Babied at Twelve Years old: Private

    "Well, even if it's repetative and boring, you still have to do it, honey." She smiled at her. "Well, let me check anyway, honey." Brenda reached into the leg hole with a finger and felt the diaper. "Yes, you are wet, honey." She shook her head at her. "You are old enough to know when you pee. I will treat you as a little girl, but be honest when you pee your pants, honey. It's hard to take care of you when you don't tell me you are wet."
  9. Becoming Little May

    Okay. Since this is a smaller situation, let's just have Carl find out about it after work. Maybe he is checking her diaper at home to make sure she is comfortable.
  10. Babied at Twelve Years old: Private

    Brenda cut her off as she got snarky. "Honey, come here," she said with a no-non-sense tone. "Come on." She pulled her into her lap. "Now, you may not want to do the homework, but if that is the only homework you are avoiding, then you are doing so for reason, honey." She cuddled her. "I know what it's like to feel dumb because you don't get something, but believe me, you don't have to feel dumb around me. I don't see you having trouble in one subject as something making you dumb. We all have things that we have trouble with, honey." That's when she felt the diaper was kind of cool in her lap. "Did you pee, baby?"
  11. Becoming Little May

    (Yeah, I think we should wait on it. I do kind of want it to happen, but it is too early. She is just getting used to diapers and stuff, and getting that upset might make her scared to wear diapers to work since she might think the diapers caused her to pee her pants since she hasn't really done it before. Let's just let her leak in her diaper on Friday because of something else, but it's not a big mess yet.)
  12. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    (Oh,okay. Maybe he sees her arm when he tucks her in later. I just don't want him to add to her feeling that she is to be treated as though her feelings don't matter, and yelling at her would do that, so he would want to give her some space instead). -Well, maybe that would be a good thing, then. Maybe if your parents like me, they will let us spend some time together later. How is your homework? If you need any help, I'd love to help you in math and/or Writing.- (If she had trouble with one subject at school that he could help her with, that would also please her mom, right? And maybe he has trouble in something like history or science, that she actually gets, and she helps him with that?) Sayuri sighed. "All of this is because I peed my pants," she whispered. "I wish it doesn't happened."
  13. Human trafficking escapee private with Ishigreensa

    I smile and nod. I really think I'm right about treating you like you are nine, now, even though I suspect you are thirteen years old. I have no idea at all that you ar sixteen, oherwise, I would be really worried about how childish you are acting. This is certainly not normal for a sixteen year old at all. I pick you up after you get your three favorites, and I put you back into cart. As I do, I feel that your bottom is wet. We've been there about three hours by now as it is, looking at and trying on clothes, getting you toys, and looking at stuff to protect your bedding because I think you will wet the bed a lot for a while. I sigh. "Baby? Did you wet your pants again?" I ask. "It's okay, sweetie. We can't change you though until we pay though, okay?" I get you into the cart, moving the clothes out of your way so you don't get the new clothes wet. I don't know when or where you peed, but it doesn't matter to me. I just want to get you out of those wet pants as soon as I can, so I take you to the front of the store to pay.
  14. Becoming Little May

    (Maybe it is too early... I guess. I wasn't thinking that she would be so panicked since her boss knows she has special problems that he would definitely make others think twice before thinking they could be mean to her. But I was thinking maybe because she was panicking about getting something done that she forgot about, and didn't want the boss to be upset with her because he needed a report by say lunch time, and she had not even started on it but when she got to work, she realized she had to get it done, and knew she had to pee, but kept putting it off telling herself just a little more to get the report done, but as she kept putting it off, and leaking more and more into he diaper, eventually, her diaper can't hold it all, and it wets all over the seat of her pants or skirt, but maybe no where else, it is noticeable, so she can hide what she did by just sitting there and not moving until the boss notices she isn't going to lunch?)
  15. Babied at Twelve Years old: Private

    "Well, math is actually very impotant, Mary. Maybe you can show me what you are having trouble with later and I'll help you out. The more you understand it, the better it will be. It may never be fun for you, but at least it shouldn't feel like you are getting your teeth pulled just to try to finish some homework in it." Brenda smiled. She took her turn, but when she got a ten, she apologized and respun the wheel. "I didn't spin it right. It didn't even go all the way around," she lied not wanting to land on that ladder that would put her ahead of Mary. She got a seven and went up a shorter ladder instead.