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  1. Chapter Two The two ladies went in, one obvious quite a bit taller than the other. The taller lady also seemed to do things. She stepped back a bit as they started to walk, and made sure she was half a step behind the shorter, and much younger girl. She reached over the girl’s head and helped her open the door, and she seemed to gesture the girl through the very small and very logically laid out corridor to the office. The office had a long counter behind which had four desks. One desk was occupied by what appeared to be an office worker, and one other person, a man, had stood up from another desk and approached the counter to see what Midori and Bina had wanted. “We are here about signing my charge up for Japanese school,” Midori spoke in Japanese. “She doesn’t know any Japanese at all.” “I see,” the man said taking the paper. “According to this paper, you need to sign her up by this coming term?” Midori nodded. “Well, come over to the office for a minute, and I’ll get a teacher for you to talk to so you can see how things work here.” “Thank you.” The ladies waited in the quiet back office to the side of the main office, and not more than a couple of minutes later, a heavier Japanese lady who was probably in her forties or so came into the room. She didn’t show much in wrinkles, nor did she have gray hair, but the way she carried herself, and the level of maturity and professionalism in her voice let Midori know that she was definitely not a young person just starting her career. “I am Umegawa,” the teacher introduced herself. “Welcome to our school. Now, this is the girl that will be joining our classes from the next semester?” “Yes, if all works out.” “And she doesn’t know any Japanese at all?” “Well, I think she’s heard a strong yes, and an agreeing yes often enough to recognize those words as well as a few other daily things, but for the most part, no, she does not know any Japanese.” Umegawa smiled at the girl. “Watashi ha Umegawa desu,” she said very slowly pronouncing ha as wa. “Anata ha?” she asked gesturing at the girl. Bina looked to Midori for help, but Midori just pointed at Umegawa-san. “Umegawa,” the teacher now placed her hand on her chest as she spoke. “Umegawa.” Then she gestured at Bina. Bina said her full name, but it was so long with sounds that are hard for Japanese people to hear or say, so that finally, Midori said “Shiori” for her. Umegawa smiled. “Shiori?” Bina sighed and nodded. It seemed everyone insisted on calling her Shiori. They could at least try to call her Bina, couldn’t they? No, it seemed not. The teacher then showed them example textbooks and explained how things worked to Midori. “We have four class periods each that last forty-five minutes. We expect students to be on time, and will lock the door when we walk into the class to start, so it is advised that she come at least five minutes before the start of class. We will not open the door for her even if she knocks on the door unless she convinces the office that this one case was a situation completely out of her control.” Midori nodded. It seemed that the two Japanese people were speaking about Bina without telling her much at all. At best, this made her feel like she was incapable of adding anything important to the conversations. In some ways, it was almost like being in elementary school again, and the teacher was speaking to her parents about her classroom activities, and barely gave her any input at all. Was she just a child to them? Bina looked down much of the time wondering if they were ever going to include her in any of this discussion at all. As the meeting dragged on to over thirty minutes, and though the Japanese teacher did say one or two things to her directly, she just couldn’t understand her, and it seemed that Midori was not being helpful at all at the moment. Time continued to pass, and finally, Bina stretched a bit and started to stand up. Midori gave her a look. “Excuse me,” the would be talked about little girl nervously whispered to Midori who seemed like she was in a parent-teacher conference. “I need to go to the ….” “Quiet,” Midori whispered to her. “This stuff is important. I’ll let you know what is going on in a bit, but for right now, you need to wait and let me talk to the teacher.” Bina nodded and became quiet. The Japanese teacher then said something to Midori who laughed off whatever was said and smiled at Bina as she said several other things to the teacher. It was hard to tell if the teacher knew any English or not now. Bina sighed and waited. She put her hands deep into her lap as she waited and she squeezed her thighs together wondering when the meeting would end. The meeting was now going on an hour, or so it seemed to Bina, and she was starting to get a little antsy for relief. She didn’t understand anything that they were talking about, and when she had tried to excuse herself about thirty minutes ago, she was put her place like a naughty kid who had interrupted her parent who was talking to the teacher. She felt her legs starting to bounce involuntarily, and her stomach hurt a little. She squeezed her thighs a bit tighter, and she tightened her muscles around her bottom. This was getting so boring and so frustrating. How long was all this going to take? Finally, Midori started to stand up, and Bina stood up with her. The two Japanese bowed, so Bina bowed with them trying to show respect. She didn’t know what they were saying exactly, but she knew that bowing often was done as one person excused themselves from another one’s presence, and she hoped this meant they were getting ready to leave. Though she did want to go and get out of this situation, she also hoped Midori would her have two minutes first, to go visit the little lady’s lavatory. The two ladies walked out of the conference room, and through the office room and into the hall when Bina turned to her mother figure. “Excuse me. Can I go to the bathroom?” she asked her. “Well, sure,” Midori said sounding a little surprised that Bina was asking so innocently and child-like as she was. Bina could hear the surprise in her tone, but she wasn’t going to worry about what that surprise had meant. She just wanted to get to the toilet before something really bad happened to embarrass both herself and Midori in public. As they walked into the bathroom, Midori smiled at Bina and gestured her into a stall. Bina went in, and closed the door. She sighed as she was finally able to get her skirt and panties down and let the gusher explode its thunderous waterfall into the proper place. She was relieved that this dam had not broken in the other room because it seemed that Midori was not about to let her go in the middle of the Japanese women talking. When she came out feeling relieved, Midori smiled at her and gestured her to the sink to wash her hands. Then they were out the door and in the car before Midori started to break the silence. “We are coming back in a couple of days for a trial lesson,” Midori told Bina in English. “Of course, you will have to dress appropriately again, and you will attend a full course which will last an hour and thirty minutes or so. I will only be allowed to drop you off, so you will be on your own in the classroom. Understand?” Bina nodded. “Of course, you will need to understand something about the expectations of the class. First of all, you will have homework daily, and you will do your homework when you get home first thing. I already know what that homework is going to look like, so it is going to be impossible to tell me you have no homework, and showing me only one sheet of homework is not going to fly.” This was silly. First of all, Bina was quite capable of being responsible for her own homework. She didn’t need Midori to check up on her like that, and secondly, she wasn’t going to lie about having homework either way. Only a child who was afraid of missing some fun with friends would do that. Did Midori really think of her as a child? “You will also need to be at your class at least ten minutes before it starts. You will not have to worry about me getting you here on time, but that does also mean you take care of yourself before it is time to start classes. There will be no excuses for you to leave the classroom during class time.” Bina nodded with a heavy sigh. “There will be short break halfway through the day. During that break, you are expected to take care of any needs. You will be able to buy a drink down stairs, and you can talk to your classmates to get to know them. But when it is time for class again, make sure you are in the room before the teacher is. If you get locked out of any part of the lesson, it will be your fault, and the teachers will tell me if you mess up.” The more Midori talked to her about the classes, the more Bina was reminded of being in junior high school or something like that, whatever the Napali equivalent was. In some ways, it felt even more strict and more tedious, but there was no way to back out of this whole thing now. Midori and Kenji had gone through quite a lot to get her permission to stay in Japan long enough to learn Japanese, and perhaps even work for a while so she can have some money when she returned to her country, so she really didn’t feel that she had much say in what was going on. “Now, I don’t want you to worry about anything besides your classes while you are learning. Kenji and myself will be taking care of your physical needs while you are at school. We will also be making sure you are taken care of in whatever ways is necessary to make you successful. If you have any problems at school or with the school work, you can talk to myself or Kenji.” Bina nodded. They talked a bit more about the procedures of the class, and they eventually stopped off, not at home, but at a bookstore to get Bina some books for the class. “You will need a book to follow the trial lesson in a few days, so we might as well get you the study requirements while we are out. You will need the main text book and a Kanji study book.” They had stopped at one of the largest malls in the area, and Midori waited until Bina was right at her side before she started walking with her. Everywhere they went, it seemed like Bina had a protective wing over her, guiding her everywhere. It was as if the more comfortable the other lady was with what was going on, the more protective and annoyingly hovering she was becoming. Still, Bina just stayed quiet not really knowing how to address this problem with her benevolent moderator. Did Midori really not notice how childish she was treating her? They walked into the huge mall, the older lady’s hand gently near the younger girl’s back as though to guide her along, and ever hovering, they made their way up to the bookstore. The bookstore was huge, and Midori took her through the maze of literature getting lost among the numerous shelves of books. Eventually, they found a shop keeper that took them to the right area to find the two books that they needed. On top of that, Midori got her a few special notebooks for practicing Japanese writing, and she got her some regular notebooks for doing her homework and taking notes in class. After they were through with the bookstore, they had a late lunch, and then started their way home. “I hope you do well in that class, and you quickly learn to speak Japanese,” Midori told Bina on the way home. “The sooner you can understand and speak in Japanese the less isolated from everyone you will feel, and easier it will be for you to do things for yourself.” Bina nodded. “You might be wondering why I was being over protective with you today,” she finally broached the subject and gave in to telling Bina that she knew exactly what she was doing. “Well, you don’t speak Japanese at all. What would you have done if you got lost and couldn’t find me?” Bina shrugged. “You would have been scared to death, wouldn’t you?” Bina couldn’t argue that logic. She wasn’t sure if she would have panicked the way that it seemed that Midori thought she would, but it certainly would have been an uncomfortable feeling. “Well, I don’t want you getting in trouble either. If a police officer tried to talk to you, and asked you to show your proof of residence in Japan, and if we were separated, you would have been in big trouble and probably even taken to jail until they could figure out that they needed to contact me.” Bina’s eyes grew two sizes. “Yes, they will arrest you in Japan if you are caught without your papers to prove you have a right to be here. That is why certain identification is important for you to have, and why I am holding on to it for you. You will have a school card for the school, so the school can vouch for you and call me if there is any police trouble. Because of that, you need to be careful of where you go when you are not with me, and make sure you have certain papers that I’m holding on to for you so they don’t get lost.” Bina nodded. Soon, they were home, and Bina went to her room to relax and unwind. The whole day had been quite stressful for her.
  2. Sayuri nodded and she smiled at Sarah. "Thank you for kindness all of a time." Then she went upstairs to get some clean clothes and went to the bathroom to try to clean up and to wash out her undies to hide what she had done. Mike walked into Macy's room, and he stood looking at her for a few minutes. "Honey, I think I'd like to talk to you about your feelings," he said. "Something is off, and since I know we checked your sugar levels and kept up on that, I think something besides that is bothering you, honey." He didn't reach for her or try to force himself at her. He knew she was a teenager, and she need space if he was going to get her to open up, but at the same time, she needed him to initiate the conversation because he didn't think would.
  3. CDfm, I wasn't think about it from Midori's point of view, but depending on where you are, an hour is actually really close for a Japanese school. I know because we searched for one recently here. If you live in the middle of Tokyo, I'm sure that there are lots of them conveniently located all over, but if you live in some other places.... Well, honestly, where I live, it would take at least an hour and a half to get to Tokyo by train unless you use the more expensive express train, and we found a small Japanese school that is actually about 35 minutes from my house, but with traffic, it takes closer to 50 minutes one way, which is why I said one hour was close, by car. I figured Midori might be hanging around and shopping around that area instead of going home all the time after dropping the girl off because if she tried to go home, she would spend an hour going back home, have an hour to relax, and then have to turn around and come back in order to get her in time. It seemed to tight to me. Anyway, yeah, I guess close or far depends on your perspective. Remember, too, that the speed limit in Japan is very slow compared to America. Where it takes an hour to get somewhere in Japan, if the same distance were covered in America, it would likely be reached in about 35 minutes or so. For example, most of the roads have a max speed of 30 MPH unless you are on the pay road. The official speed limit on that road is 50 MPH max, though I know from personal experience that most people go about 60 MPH or 70 MPH on that road at the risk of a ticket. I used to commute from where I live 2 hours away to work, so less than an hour really seemed close to me. Anyway, just explaining why to me, it was close. Thank you so much for your constructive criticism. I know the writing was not my best, but I'll work on fixing the names a bit in the following Chapters. One thing I did want to focus though, in calling out the names all the time, was that the people that are taking care of Bina are calling her Shiori so people don't get confused about it being the same person. Diaper 24/7: Thank you. I am trying to build it up as slowly but comfortably as I can. I don't like rushed babying myself as I think that it kills a story and is anti-climatic once the baby is resigned to the treatment of such.
  4. "It looks good to me," Carl said. "But since you are supposed to be a kid...," he went to the dresser to look through the sock drawer looking for something that he didn't think she had worn in quite a while, and then he found it. They were white tights with red hearts all up and down the stockings. He handed them to her. "...Would you be interested in wearing this?" he asked her. He wasn't sure the last time she had worn them, or even when or where she had gotten them. He did remember seeing them on her some time ago, and he thought that they made her look cute, but then she had stopped wearing them for a while. Maybe someone had said something particularly nasty that made her hide them out of sight. The fact she kept them though, mean that she had probably wanted to be treated like a little girl for quite some time, or so John now thought.
  5. Sayuri looked up Sarah. As Sarah was now closer to her, since she had hugged her a moment before, a strange smell was noticeable. It was a mix of bodysweat and perfume with a light touch of order that Sarah might have been familiar with considering her own daughter used to wet her bed before they got her diabetes under control. Sayuri had leaked heavily into her underwear before she got into the bathroom at the mall, but she shrugged it off and pretended nothing was wrong. She didn't want Macy to think she was a baby, and it had been embarrassing when Sarah had retrieved her from the plane the other day. There was no way she wanted everyone to think she does this all the time. John knocked on Macy's door. "Honey, may I please come in? I'd like to talk to you, sweetie." He wasn't happy with her attitude, but he tried to look past it because he wanted to get to the bottom of her problems, and he couldn't do that if she thought he was there to chew her out. In truth, it would solve nothing if started out by blaming her and telling her how rude she was being to their guest and to everyone in general at the table.
  6. "Honey, eleven year olds can go to the bathroom on their own, but in public, I wouldn't let an eleven year old go by herself because I just don't trust people. I know that there are a lot of legit boy-girl people around, but my biggest concern is someone pretending to get a chance to do something if they can get someone alone, especially an eleven year old child, so no, I'd rather take you to the bathroom in public if you feel like a child and have to go, okay?" He smiled at her. "Yeah, you can pick your clothes. Just remember you are no older than eleven, so think about what daddy would say is okay for an eleven year old to wear, or I will definitely say no to it." He took her to the room to get her clothes.
  7. Mike nodded. "Macy has been going through some difficulty for a while, honey. It's really nothing you did, I promise." He looked over at his wife. "I think I best go talk to her now." Mike got up and went up to talk to his daughter. "Macy maybe upset I come her house and take her time and her things," she said still shaking with sobs. "I don't think I help her even one, but she help me many. She give me easel, she help me buy food mall, and she talk me even if I don't speak English good, and she go to store she doesn't like to help me." She looked down.
  8. Shiori The girl had been found on a bench in the park one early morning by Kenji Tanaka. He had been out walking their German Shepherd on one early cool September morning when he saw her lying on the bench wearing a light summer top and a fairly short skirt. Both had blotches of dirt caked to them, and she smelled as though she had not taken a bath in a week. What was more, when she woke up and noticed him, and when he tried to figure out what was going on, she didn’t seem to be able to communicate at all with him. Kenji shook his head and went home to his wife, Midori, and told her about the strange foreigner. Though he knew almost no English himself, he knew that many foreigners that lived in Japan knew English, and that they used that skill to secure good teaching jobs. So, that really perplexed him. Anyway, when he called his find to Midori’s attention, she went with him to the park later that evening, and together, they saw the girl still there. Now, Midori knew that she didn’t look like someone who came from an English speaking country, but she also knew that some places like in India, they often used both English and their native language in daily life, so she had approached her and tried her English. “What is your name,” the taller lady with a brown knot at the back of her head and wearing a nice blue dress asked the younger foreigner. “Bina Bas…,” was all that Midori had understood, and the name was so long, that she decided that it was a lost cause to try to figure out the girl’s name by asking her multiple times what her name was. “What are you doing out here?” she asked the girl. Bina’s hair was thick black, and it came down below her shoulders. Her eyes were a deep brown, and her face was rather thin. Her body was so light looking, that it made Midori wonder if the girl was starving right there before them. “I… I don’t know,” Bina couldn’t think of anything else to say. How could she explain her situation? She looked down at the ground. She had come to Japan because she had been invited to stay by a male friend, but when she had gotten there, it turned out he had already moved past her, and because he had a new girlfriend, he let this girl just go fend for herself. Bina felt a tear on her cheek at that moment, and she wiped it smearing dirt across her face. “How can you not know?” Midori asked her. Though their English was not so fluent as it appears to the reader, they did speak it well enough that they were communicating without any trouble. Bina shrugged. “I came to Japan to visit, but now, I have no were to go.” “How did you get to Japan? Why would you come here without any money?” Midori asked her thinking it was quite a strange thing for someone to do, even a very adventurous youth. “I… I saved for several months for the plane ticket, and then I came. My temporary living accommendations, however, seemed to have been lost to another.” Midori saw the girl leak another trailing tear down the left side of her face. “Don’t you have any money?” she asked the youthful foreigner. “I used the last of my money last night.” “You have a plane ticket, don’t you?” “Yes. But the ticket is for two months from now.” “You’d die before then if you have no money,” Midori told her. Bina just looked down and nodded. “There is no way we can leave here out here like this,” Midori told her tall handsome husband who had just a little hair on his chin. His head of hair looked natural rather than combed out, but it wasn’t so messy that it looked wild. “No,” he agreed. “That would be almost like we murdered her. How about we take her home with us for the day, and then we can take her to the city hall later to see if there is anything they can do for her?” Midori agreed. Two weeks later, the Tanaka-s still had the young girl at their home, and Mr. Tanaka had spoken with his wife the night before about what they were to do with the girl. After he had gone to work, and Midori was left with Bina alone, they sat in the living room sipping tea where Midori proposed a solution to Bina’s problems. “If you go back to where you come from, do you have a place to live?” Midori started the conversation. Bina looked down in response. Her male friend was supposed to get her residency status in Japan, and he was going to stay in Japan in his house for who knew how long. Now, she had nowhere to go regardless. “I see,” Midori said looking across at the nervous girl with a smile. “Well, that is what Kenji and I both thought. Your name seems pretty hard to stay in Japanese, so if you will agree to stay with us, we will make it easy for you to stay in Japan. And you can eventually learn Japanese, and you may be able to save enough money for when you do go back to where you came from, you won’t be there empty handed.” “What would I have to do?” Bina asked her curiously. “Well, how old are you?” “I’m twenty years old.” “So, you are basically the same age as a university student.” Bina nodded her head. “We will have you enrolled in a Japanese school. There, they teach you to speak Japanese. You have to promise to finish the school, which takes two years, and then you have to work for a year after that so you can earn enough money, then we will be able to send you back to your country with enough money to get started.” Bina nodded. “You’ve already been so kind. Are you sure you want me to stay here all that time?” “Yes, we are sure. Kenji and I talked about it all last night. Just think of yourself as a homestay student.” Bina nodded. “As a homestay student, we will expect you to learn to show your appreciation, and to help us around the house when you are not studying.” “I can do that.” “Then it is settled,” Midori told her. “You will stay with us. I am sure we can talk to the Japanese government on your behalf and secure a student visa for you to study Japanese.” “Thank you, miss.” “The best way to thank me, is to take learning Japanese seriously.” “Yes ma’am.” And that was the beginning of Shiori’s student days in Japan. Fast forwards about a month later, they had finally obtained permission to let Bina, or ‘Shiori’, stay in Japan as a student so long as she enrolled by the summer at a Japanese school. “This is the paper we’ve been waiting for,” Midori told Bina one day after the post had gone. “This is your proof that you have permission to stay in Japan and study Japanese, and it makes us your host family. That means, we are completely responsible for you, and as such, you need to do what we say.” Bina nodded. “I also have looked around for a good Japanese school, and luckily, there is one not too far away.” “Really?” “I think we should go there tomorrow to see what we need to do to get you registered and see when you can start classes. It is rather lucky it is so close because that means I can take you to classes, and pick you up, and you won’t have to worry about getting lost with Japan’s train system.” Bina nodded. It would be nice not to have to worry about getting lost. “Since we are going to have an important day tomorrow, I think we should go shopping for something nice for you to wear.” Bina nodded. And that evening, Midori had taken Bina for a nice shopping trip. They first went to Q, a very popular clothing chain in Japan that was also relatively cheap. As they walked through the aisle, Bina and Midori looked at different things, but Bina wasn’t really sure what she could get. She was completely dependent on Midori for money, so she felt rather shy about asserting her own style. “These are sensible,” Midori held up some light blue jeans for her. “Why don’t you wear these tomorrow, and we can find either a blue or black top to go with it.” “Alright,” Bina said. They walked through the store, and here and there, Midori kept checking sizes for Bina and put several things into the cart for her. Until that day, Bina still only had the clothes she was found in, and a few things that Midori had lent her to wear over the last month. When they got home, Kenji was in the living room reading the paper, and he looked up at them as they brought in several bags with clothes. “I knew you were going shopping for her, but did you have to buy the whole store?” Kenji asked Midori in Japanese. Bina watched them say things back and forth, and just watched the conversation not really following it at all. It didn’t seem like anyone was upset, but it was obvious that something bothered them both. She wondered if even though Midori had talked her into getting the things, and even though she had said they wanted to buy these things for her, if somehow, that was not the reason for the tense conversation between the husband and wife. Eventually, Kenji sighed and shrugged. “I guess you’re right,” he told Midori, and Midori took Shiori, as the two had been calling her for the last month, to her room to help her put her new things away. The next morning, Bina didn’t see Kenji leave for work for he had left very early, but Midori went into her room, and she lightly shook her. “Time to get up, Shiori. We’re going to see about your Japanese classes today, remember?” Bina’s eyes popped open, and she looked up at her ‘host mother’ nodding. “Okay. I’ll get up in a minute.” “No, get up now, please.” “I am, but you are standing right there.” “What are you afraid of?” Midori demanded. “It’s not like I’m a man or you are a boy. Get up.” Bina sighed and climbed out of bed wearing just a short undershirt and a pair of purple panties that were sweaty and wrinkled from sleeping in them. She felt funny being exposed before Midori while Midori was already dressed in a pair of black jeans and a white top. Midori immediately went to Bina’s dresser and picked out a pair of white panties, an undershirt, a bra, her light blue jeans, and a black shirt with roses along the hem, and handed these to her. “Go take a shower,” Midori told her. “You know where the bathroom is.” Bina nodded and left the room with her clothes in hand. “Why couldn’t she let me get up on my own?” Bina asked herself. “There is no reason for her to make me get out of bed half naked with her in the room, is there?” Bina would of course keep these thoughts to herself. She owed these people a lot, and so she really didn’t want to upset them by bringing up something that didn’t really matter. As Midori had said, it wasn’t like Kenji had seen her like that. When Bina came out of the bath with her clothes on, Midori shook her head after studying the girl for a few minutes. “What?” Bina asked. “You are not going to the Japanese school like that,” she said. Bina didn’t understand. She had worked hard to make herself look her best. She had eyeshadow on, had her hair done up in a professional knot, and had nice lipstick on. “What’s wrong with what I have on? I thought you wanted me to wear these clothes.” “The clothes, yes,” Midori said. “But you are dressed completely wrong for school. I don’t know how they run things in your country, but this is Japan. In high school, you don’t wear makeup at all, and your hair is all wrong.” “Am I going to high school?” Bina asked confused. “You might as well be going to high school,” Midori nodded her head. “You don’t know enough Japanese to go to regular university, and it seems you have no idea of how to look good as a student.” Bina sighed and let Midori take over. Midori removed her make up except for a very basic foundation for her face. She then took the girl’s hair out of the knot and arranged it into pigtails on either side of her head. Once that was done, she made sure the girl had her clothes on just right with her blouse laid just right over her pants, and her undershirt tucked in. “Now, you are ready to go,” Midori finally said once she had finished with Bina. Bina didn’t see everything that was done since they worked on her hair in the living room and not around a mirror. She felt stupid though with pigtails, and wondered if anyone else at her school was going to have that style. They walked out to Midori’s car, and after Midori got Bina settled in the passenger seat with her seatbelt on as if she couldn’t figure that out for herself, they were on their way. “Now, don’t be nervous,” Midori told Bina. “We are just going to see about registering, and maybe get a demo lesson. You don’t have to make any kind of impression since the whole reason for you going, is you don’t speak or understand Japanese.” Bina nodded. About an hour after leaving the house, they pulled up to a rather tall building with the title of the Japanese school on the outside. Heart Japan. Parking was quite tight, but Bina already knew that most places in Japan had limited parking after living there for about a month or so. This is a restart of a story I did a long time ago on another site, and requested by someone on this site, that I continue the story. The story is a little different from the original, but I think this beginning gives the (child to be) a more colorful background. I think this story is going to be quite different from a lot of the stories, in that diapers and actual babying is not going to be the main focus. Of course, the girl will be treated like a kid in many ways, otherwise this story might not be appropriate on this site, but the girl, when it starts, is going to be trying to hide her accidents, and because of her age, and the way the (caregivers) think and treat her, even if they find her wetting her pants, they are going to try to ignore it, or they are going to ask her in a humiliating way if she is a child. Feedback is welcome. I know my writing probably sucks at the moment as I am rather shaken by a few of life events, and it has been a while since I produced anything of quality. But rather than just say my writing sucks, please tell me where you might want to see something changed, and I will look at it. I am also open to grammar or spelling checks, and if you think some part may have been better described to add to the story, then I will be more than interested to hearing it. Please don't just say I'm lacking details or descriptions. Please tell me where it is lacking, and how it takes away from the story that I am not spending enough time with a certain detail. At the same time, please don't just say good job or this is a good story. Please tell me why you think it is a good story. TEll me a part you really thought stood out or something you really liked about the writing. If you can't, then this is probably not a good story for you, and there is no reason to lie to me about your feelings. Thank you so much for reading the policy for critiquing my work. The reason for this, is I want to produce the best story I can for my readers, and it doesn't help me to just read this sucks or this is good without any idea of what I didn't do, or what I did wrong or right. Thank you.
  9. "Well, I'm pretty sure they make diapers so they can go under clothes these days, so we'll be careful in choosing which ones we get. There is no point in getting them if you can't wear them where you most need them." He smiled at her. "And I certainly don't want you to feel embarrassed because of either an accident or because of being seen in a diaper. Even if people think you are eleven or twelve years old, it's still embarrassing for a kid to either wet her pants or to be seen in diapers, baby." He hugged her. "So, I guess I'm on breakfast duty. I think that for today, you are going to be eleven years old at the oldest and eight while it's just you and me. I'm not doing it to punish you, but rather, because I think after wetting the bed, it will be hard to be an adult for a while."
  10. Mike didn't like her talking so vulgar especially at the dinner table, but he figured that they had fought enough for one day, so he let her saying that she was going to 'puke' slide. Normally, he would have told her to use less colorful language around people especially when they were eating. He nodded his head and smiled at his daughter. Sayuri looked over at Sarah and couldn't help a couple of tears from starting to slide down her roundish face. Her cheeks blushed a little when she was called it. It seemed that she had caught on that Sayuri was feeling responsible for everything. She breathed a little heavily, and then she looked in her lap. "I try to not cause you trouble tomorrow," she promised. "I so sorry I made Macy a bad time. She helped me so much at Mall today. She even goes to stores I know she doesn't want it. I just want to make happy memory here. I don't want everyone to...." and then she couldn't hold it together anymore and started to quietly sob.
  11. "Honey, I would never do that to you," he told her. "If I thought the diapers were noticible under your clothes, I would rather you just wet your pants at work than be caught being in that humiliating of a situation. No one would take a professional seriously if they saw her wearing diapers." He smiled at her. "I will make sure they don't show. If they do show, then, I'll just put up with you wetting your pants in public, baby. I would do that whether you were an adult, or whether you really were eight or eleven years old, sweetie." He patted her back. "I'd think it less embarrassing to have an accident in public than get caught wearing diapers. But I'm pretty sure they make them so they aren't so noticeable, which would be the least embarrassing solution to you wetting your pants, right?"
  12. Mike shook his head. "I let you skip breakfast, and you barely ate anything besides a pretzel. You will eat dinner. Sit down and eat," he told her. He was being strict because her blood sugar levels were important. Sayuri looked down when she saw how short Mike had gotten with Macy. She felt tears stinging her eyes. It all felt like it was her fault. She played with her food a little with the fork. Everything was so different here, and it seemed that though no one directly told her that she was a bad girl, she was sure she was the cause of the imbalance at the table.
  13. "Yes, honey. If you are serious about me treating you like a little kid, then we need a few things. You have absolutely nothing around here that helps you relax as a little kid. At the very least, you need some coloring books. And I want you to have some bath toys because if you are really going to be a little girl, then I think I should take over washing you in the bath, and that means, you are going to be bored if you have nothing to do but sit in the tub." He washed her back for her. "And we are going to have to get you some diapers. You may not want to wear them at home or whatever, but I do think you need to wear them in public so when you have accidents in your pants, no one will notice it, and at work, if you pee yourself, just let me deal with you at lunch break, okay?" He smiled at her. "I mean, you can change your pull up if you are really wet, but I still need to clean you up better or you might get a rash. A little girl doesn't really know how to clean herself up after having an accident on herself, does she? And if you wet your pants, even if you wanted to be an adult, I doubt you have the will to be an adult about it once you are soaked in pee, sweetie."
  14. Mike saw his daughter come in, and he sighed as she sat down. "You could have at least walked in wtih her," he said. "Do you really just not like our guest?" he asked her. Sayuri ran across the yard and taking off her shoes at the entrance, using her toes to step her shoes off, she quickly arranged them neatly aftewards and then ran to kitchen and looked sheepishly at everyone. "So so sorry. I go wash hands, now? I be in to sit down in minute, Okay?" Then she ran off to get her hands washed. She felt bad for having everyone wait for her. She felt so bad about it, she just barely ran her hands under the water and then ran back to her seat. She didn't want to upset her host family more than they might already be. Once she sat down, she looked up shyly at Macey. "So sorry to keep making trouble to you."
  15. Not really knowing when dinner was, Sayuri was still in the yard, examining some plants in the far back when dinner time rolled around. Mike came to the table and noticed that Sayuri wasn't there. "Do you know where Sayuri is?" he asked Macy.