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  1. I really liked it, too. But I think it got way too fast from just night protection to 24/7 diaper using baby girl
  2. I was hoping he must wear one of the onesies
  3. Thank you. That's the story I was looking for
  4. Thank you Diddldum. You have a nice weekend, too
  5. " Winter Break From School - Completed Stories - [DD] Boards & Chat ... https://www.dailydiapers.com › ... › Completed Stories - Diese Seite übersetzen 14.01.2018 - 2 Posts - ‎2 Autoren Finally school let out for Christmas break. I put my stuff in my locker, went to the bathroom to pee, and put my coat and boots on for the journey ... " that's all information I got. When I click on it, it says just "sorry couldn't find the page"
  6. sadly that are two different stories 😔 it can be seen on google, but Google doesn't show me the cache
  7. hello fellows. Does somebody have the story "Winter Break from School"?
  8. yeah, I wished this story would have been continued
  9. This is pretty funny. What's the context? Why do they buy diapers?