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  1. Hi mommy!  


  2. Hi mommywiggebut I've read your post here and on FetLife and me be interested in getting to know you and see if we can make friends and get to get to know you and see how it goes I'm bigbabydale on FetLife


    1. Davelo


      Hi there,

      So sorry for the late reply, I have been so busy of late and havn't been on here, thank you so much for your contacting me, I am also on fetlife dvinasartspace will check out your profile on there ..

      Thank you again and yes would love to chat further.

      kindest regards D x

  3. Can u be my mummy  im baby 👧 

  4. Your work is amazing! I love it so much!
  5. This looks super cute! Congratulations!
  6. My tips for pooping in a diaper are: if you want to poop right away use Fleet Glycerin Suppositories. You should poop in two-three hours. Don't stay in a poopy diaper for ten hours or you will get a horrible diaper rash. If you must squish around in a poopy diaper for a long time, put Desitin cream on before putting on your diaper. You will thank me later. If you want to contain the smell plastic pants over a diaper do a pretty good job of containing the odor. The easiest way to clean up afterwards is to wash off in the shower.
  7. If you don't want to leak wear a stuffer inside of a diaper with plastic pants that fit snuggly around your legs.
  8. Haha! No I never found a ghost. I was in a ghost hunting club for years and I never found anything. Now, I am a skeptic, so when one of our members found something I was always the person explaining it away with logic. But, I had a friend who captured a video of a shadow scampering up a wall. It looked like the shadow of a little boy and it reminded me so much of Peter Pans shadow. That was hard to explain away, and it gives me the creeps. The shadow figure was captured at Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury MA, which is one of the oldest Inns in the country. But if I had come across a ghost, wearing a diaper isn't a bad idea 😉
  9. 1. Funniest is when I wore a diaper during a playdate and I leaked more than the adult baby I was Mommying. 2. Strangest was when I wore a diaper to NYC so I didn't need to use the restrooms in the city. I went into a Catholic Church to explore the inside (I'm an atheist) with my partner and it felt strange to be wearing a soggy diaper in church. 3. Scariest was when I wore a diaper during a paranormal investigation.
  10. If you mess the tapes up horribly, use white duck tape and try to tape the sides together while you are standing up. Lean your back against a wall to hold the diaper in place and use the tape to pull the diaper tighter on the sides. You can also do this laying down.
  11. My dream ABDL store wouldn't be so discreet from the outside. And it wouldn't have a vanilla waiting room. The waiting room would have toys, books and games like a pediatricians office. The store would also have adult sized changing tables and furniture like Tykables. And it would have adult sized strollers that I could buckle my little one in and push around the store. Littles could try things on like diaper samples, plastic pants and onesies to make sure they had the right fit.
  12. If someone purchases a baby banker what does it mean? (I'm new to this site). Do we get anymore storage space? I'm in desperate need of more storage space in my in box/mail box.
  13. The online store Privatina has the cutest adult sized snow suits I've ever seen. http://privatina.shop-07.de/shop-privatina.html
  14. I was watching Shameless, season 9 episode 1, and Debbie the red haired woman wears a diaper to her welding job, to prove to her boss that she doesn't need to take pee breaks. They showed her taping a diaper on herself securely using duck tape. She pees in her diaper in front of her boss. Debbie's pee face is amazing. Her younger brother Carl finds her soggy diaper on the bathroom floor and he picks it up and moves it. The Deb's diaper references in this episode are some of the hottest I've ever watched in a television show.
  15. I use lots of baby wipes on my babies. First, I use them for wet and messy diaper changes. I also use them for cleaning up after messy baby food play in a highchair. I love to take wipes with me to an ABDL event, because lots of other people either forget to bring wipes, or they can't find them. Also! baby wipes are magical for getting some stains out of vintage clothes, fabrics and even stuffies.