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  1. I bet you have 900 pms by now.
  2. I'm glad you had fun. Our son was really into Monster trucks, but he gradually became disinterested when he started school. We always had a lot of fun. We would get the Pitt passes and meet all the drivers before the show. $25 is a great deal. We always got the presale option because we went every year. We were front row in the middle evertime. Grave Digger even threw my son a plushie Grave Digger one year. He got a Grave Digger from Grave Digger! How cool is that?!
  3. Monster Jam! This was the first year we didn't go. We have even been to Digger's Dungeon, Grave Digger's home base. I highly recommend going there if you are ever close to the NC Outer Banks.
  4. After speaking to an LG who seems to resent sissies, I'm curious to see how we define ourselves. I'm quite sure even our own self definitions will be very diverse. I will go first since it seems like the right thing to do. I identify as a sissy because dressing up in the most feminine wear really turns me on. Plus, satin feels great! I'm very much straight and comfortable being a man, but the idea of being feminized really excites me. I love the frills. I love the lace. I love feelings of bras and corsets. It has nothing to do with how I look. That's probably why I don't bother with makeup. It's all about how I feel. I believe our own feelings are what's important. In fact, it's why this website exists! Throw in some diapers and it's like adding gasoline to a fire! I would have never embraced my cross dressing side if it wasn't for this site. My diaper fetish eventually led me to accept my cross dressing side because "sissies" existed. I totally ignored the brief moments when I would dress up in my wife's clothes and the feelings of excitement the would overtake me. This site helped me to accept my own self. I don't dress up much but when I do, I am able to accept it now because I am a sissy!
  5. Poker: playing, reading, and even teaching.
  6. I just saw this. I'm in Winterville which Is Greenville 2.0
  7. I am too non judgemental to understand.
  8. '"To girl for their liking" What does that even mean? I think it would be fun to have a LG to play with. Sissies need to get over themselves.
  9. Abriform Xplus. Thick and bulky is what I prefer between my legs. That sounded hilarious inside my head!
  10. I find it quite humorous this thread has turned into a philosophical journey of the sissy definition. I do believe that it is highly relevant though. Maybe that's why we are so hard to please with designs? Great discussion.
  11. This is insanely facisnating. Could you share where you found it? I would like to research this research. It has to be somewhere accessible.
  12. Wanna know what else is interesting? There a females that actually participate with us males! Greatest thing ever.....
  13. My wife has never had any issues with my, ummmmm, extra curricular activities. Sometimes it just feels great to share such a coveted part of yourself with someone. I am happy for you!
  14. I want a ridiculously thick, over the top, plastic backed disposable diaper. I mean like a six inch thick specimen that could easily hold a weeks worth of urine. A nice well designed sissy diaper would be great as well.
  15. Prostate stimulation is phenomenal. My wife enjoys it too. Relax, be honest with your partner about what you like & do not like, and do not be afraid to experiment. I have tried numerous toys and will probably continue to do so. I really like vibrating ones. It can feel so good when it hits the right spot. Good luck!