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  1. Diaper Chase

    Portable High Chair

    If anyone is interested online raffle for a pink and a blue high chair. Shipping included in the US https://fetlife.com/groups/164733
  2. Diaper Chase

    Do i have your attention?

    One other video has her and other twenty somethings playing in party inflatables.
  3. Diaper Chase

    Do i have your attention?

    Looked up the singer and she definitely seems age play and regression aware.
  4. Diaper Chase

    Need milk

    Check Fetlife look up ANR/ABF in your area. Fetlife will have more variety of age play.
  5. Diaper Chase


    South of you in BC.
  6. Diaper Chase

    Houston, Texas Diaper Lovers

    Here is a group on Fetlife that has monthly munches. https://fetlife.com/users/5759704
  7. Adult nursing relationships is a kink all by itself and also in age play. Look it up on fetlife. There are wet nurses out there that serve the kink.
  8. Diaper Chase

    Male chastity in diapers. New confused feelings?

    That is the point of the device. I recently bought one and have been wearing it periodically. Haven’t had it with diapers yet but it is not uncomfortable and wore it all night last night. It does stop an erection. Definitely need to shave the area it fits around.
  9. Larges are too big and fit too loose. I have found the Dry 24/7's and found they fit best. I like the solid white but sometimes want a printed diaper that fits that good. They do remind me of the early to mid 80's Huggies.
  10. Looking for a Medium printed diaper that fit like the Medium Dry 24/7's. The Bellismo's and ABU diapers I am between sizes. Looking for an ABDL diaper that fits as good. Not barely or swallowing me.
  11. Diaper Chase

    Rules / Agreements married ones

    No my work has some risk of being found out if clothes get contaminated. You lose your pants and have to be frisked out then given scrubs.
  12. Diaper Chase

    Rules / Agreements married ones

    Rules when in diapers. When I see that you need to be put in diapers you are no longer an adult. You have the rights of a baby. You give up all adult decisions and lose most of your modesty. I decide what you wear and you follow these rules. These rules also apply during reward time for negative bedwetting progress. 1) I am to be referred to as Miss Kristi. Any adult will be referred to as Miss or Mr. +first name. 2) Baby must be in diapers at all times, and must use them for whatever need arises. The potty is strictly off limits! 3) Baby cannot untape his diaper or adjust/remove it without my help. 4) I will change all wet diapers. Dirty diapers I will decide or you will handle yourself. 5) I decide when diapers are checked and changed, and a check does not necessarily have to result in an immediate change. 6) You cannot ask for a check/change, and cannot make any indications about the state of your diaper. This means no whining, no fidgeting, no standing/waiting in plain sight in a leaky diaper, and no knowing looks or pleading glances. 7) I keep the pacifier with me and decide when you may have it. 8) If I place the pacifier in your mouth, you may not talk or remove it until I remove it for you. 9) You must eat and drink everything I give you. 10) You must stay on the floor and can only get on furniture if invited. 11) Absolutely no touching the front of your diaper or any attempt of self pleasure. You are only allowed adult pleasure when I give you permission. Any evidence will result in being punished as I see fit. 12) You generally must do as I say, failure to do so I will result in a punishment. You maybe placed in the care of a sitter. All rules apply and no adult pleasure is allowed. I am the only one to give you that privilege. They will have instructions on how to correct any infractions. If you misbehave you will find out what punishments they can use. Punishments are of my choosing. Corner time Spanking More time in diapers Early bedtime Or as I see fit
  13. Diaper Chase

    Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    Initially putting a diaper on turns me on. I have to have my penis pointed down otherwise I leak. I can get hard in a diaper and rub one out. After I orgasm I want to take the diaper off though. When my wife diapers me she sometimes gives permission to have an adult release but she keeps me diapered and requiresy pacifier to be on my mouth for the next hour. My penis size is above average so erections while clothed always are pointed down and one side or the other.
  14. Diaper Chase


    I am in the Lake Jackson area. Here is a group on that host munches and has parties. https://fetlife.com/users/5759704