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  1. What I do is 3 enemas, one after another, they are all about a quart to quart and a half in volume.

    I always use the hottest water, I fill my enema jug halfway, take my bar of Oil of Oley soap then roll it around in my hand in the water.

    (The Jug I use is an enema jug it looks like a beer pitcher with a 1/4 hose on the bottom)

    On the first enema I use a tiny bit of mineral oil, I add it after I agitate the soap then fill the jug the rest of the way.

    I stand then take a walk around in my front room, once or twice, then I head for the bathroom, you push out the water that is aching to leave your body.

    In about a minute of two, the rest will start making its way out, when that enema is out carrying most of the mess,.

    Then I go for number 2 enema this one is all very warm water carrying out what is left, the third enema is a rinse finishing you off.

    When all of this is over, I clean up my equipment with dish soap, you need this to get rid of the remnants of the mineral oil.


    Then I go make my evening meal, if there is any water left in you will feel it pushing, I usually don't have this happen.

    You need to use water as hot as your hand can stand it, cool or colder enemas cause severe cramps.

    You do get cramps when you use a soap, that is why I use very mild bar soap it reduced my cramping.


    I think the temperature of the water is most important, cooler water does nothing but give you  bad cramping.

    I started doing daily enemas in 2006, after having no luck with laxatives, my system is compromised by heavy duty pain medication.

    Good luck I wish you success. 


  2. There are times when I just can’t have a messy diaper. Weddings or family/friend gatherings for example. So I’ll do a enema to be sure that it doesn’t happen. I hate them. I have to use a plug with a rubber stopper that the enema wand goes through so I don’t leak while the solution is filling me up. I also get cramps. The worse part is how it throws me of schedule, sometimes for several days. How about you?
  3. I find it odd that you said you’ve never worn a diaper before but are a DL and you don’t know how to put one on. I don’t know.... maybe it’s just me.
  4. That’s not necessarily true. I am urinary incontinent and dribble constantly. It never stops. I use a great diaper & booster at night with a bloomer style covering. My bed does not reek of stale pee at all. I never leak on the bed. It’s my belief that in order to be able to attain nighttime incontinence you have to fully achieve incontinence while you are awake first.
  5. Many many times in the past. Not so much anymore though. I remember being so full without the ability to change that I would move it around by pressing on the diaper to the front & up to make as much room as I could until I could change. I learned some hard lessons about management in those days
  6. I thought I was the only one that used tape. I use electrical tape & diaper suspenders as a onesie is uncomfortable to me. My diaper choice is dry24/7 with a booster. They have changed the tapes and are much better but the tape gives me assurance so I’ll stay with them.
  7. Many times I’ll go to bed a little messy but if I’m not I’ll wake up & will poop almost immediately. But I’m always soaked when I wake up. Many times a very wet diapers will wake me up before the alarm sounds.
  8. Wearing is a personal choice. It sounds like you have that need that so many others have. Let me assure you that there is nothing wrong with it even though the masses don’t. But you also need to know that there are many that feel the same way as you. And it’s perfectly fine. Finding someone else outside of a board like this may be a little tough because of how personal it is. You cannot live life in constant fear of others finding out. That’s not healthy. Read & contribute up & down this board & you’ll get the help you seek in accepting your need to wear. We all have our personal stories just like you have yours. Feel free to PM me should you like.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gary-Pull-On-Euroflex-Urethane-Bloomer-/123999314685
  10. I’m not sure how it went for you but after I became urinary incontinent and became proficient at management of it I had thought about being bowel incontinent as well but never acted on it. Several years went by & I tried it. Something clicked and I’ve never used the toilet again. Over time it became automatic. No planning for it as it all became automatic. Today it’s multiple times in any given 24 hour period. So it’s like I’ve come full circle and am fully content.
  11. Years ago I tried pull-ups and never was happy with the performance of them. I guess if you leak just a little and don’t mind changing more often they’d be ok but if you want something with a large capacity and you’d like to not need not worry about changing for long periods then a plastic backed brief like ConfiDry with a booster does the trick. I understand that Megamax works well too. Constantly changing is a huge hassle and not very liberating. But you’ll need to experiment with what works best for you and what you want out of a diaper. Also don’t forget about a good PUL type of diaper cover. I use the bloomer style that I pull the legs up my thigh to create a cuff in the event of leaks. Those cuffs give ample time to get changed without leaks on your pants or down your legs. Just another level of protection
  12. This by far is one of the better explanations I’ve read out here. It doesn’t explain the drive in some of us to do it but that’s not all that important anyway. Not that you would know or understand either. Please don’t view that as a attack. Clearly that would never be my intention. It’s just an additional question I would have lingering. The bottom line is how does it make you feel? If life is better then that’s really all that counts.
  13. For you constant messers or duals what kind of routine do you have? I start my day about 4:30am most always loaded from the evening before and completely soaked as I constantly drip much like those who use a catheter but without one. I take my shower & clean up real well to start my day. I have breakfast about 6 am knowing I will poop about 6:45 am. That’s usually a pretty good sized one as well. About 9:30 I’ll do my quick change ( just replace the diaper with a good cleaning) whatever is stuck to me stays there. Then I’ll get active for the day until my next changing time & shower about 6pm. After that I’ll eat dinner about 7pm. About 9pm or so I’ll get a smaller load & that stays until I repeat the next day. What’s your routine?
  14. I realize your question was directed at someone else but I’d like to answer your question as well. I’m well over 10 years urinary incontinent and somewhere around 6 years bowel incontinent and my life is far better. Being dual formed a completion for me.