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  1. Very nice, just use night cloth pull-ons for night use and Depend pull-ons for day. 

  2. I am happy that you like my picture! I am wearing 3 Purity, 4 layer flat cloth diapers ( 44" x 44"),under those yellow Comco plastic baby panties. This is my normal night and daily wear except when out in public then I only wear 2 of them.
  3. Thank you for the nice comment. The bib was a short run by Comco mfg. When ever I play around, I wear a plastic baby bib so I do not get my pretty sissy dress soiled. *giggle*
  4. Sissy baby loves sucking on anything!
  5. I may just do a photo like you mentioned, just for you!
  6. Stan I am so happy to know you like a diapered sissy baby on her back and ready!
  7. Very happy to know you like my picture! I hope the "view" maybe even got you a bit excited?!!
  8. Write me and tell what you are think about! I really want to know!!!!
  9. I was wearing plastic lined light blue rumba panties with 3 rows of white ruffles!
  10. No need to be sorry! I love the idea! Let's play sweety!!