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  1. Diapered Sissy Baby Pottypanties

    Of course! I want everyone to know that I am a helpless diapered sissy gurl. Hopefully they will take advantage of me.
  2. Such a Diapered Sissy Baby

    I am at least 4 hours nearly every day. I was Friday, yesterday, today and will be Monday.
  3. Fluffy Diapered Sissy

    Yes! don't you love wearing outfits like this! I just adore them!
  4. Do I look Diapered

    Giggle! It is no surprise that all of my family and many friends know I wear diapers!
  5. Diapered Sissy Baby Pottypanties

    Thank you! Do you think anyone will know I wear diapers and plastic baby panties?
  6. Pottypanties Has Her Legs Spread 4 U

    To bad you were not there to check these diapers. You would have found them to be very wet!
  7. We Have a Diapered Sissy Here

    Actually they were dry when the picture was taken. Not long afterwards they got their first wetting!
  8. Thickly diapered

    Please you like this onesie! You are correct about the plastic baby panties. They are Comcomfg.com. When I found out they were going to go out of business, I called them and was able to purchase every pair in my size they have left. So far I have not been able to find plastic baby panties that begin to compare. most are flimsy junk and expensive.
  9. Beautiful Crenoline Dress for Sissy

    I am so fortunate to have many sissy baby dresses and fluffy petticoats. On most days I wear one at least 4 hours. Often, all day, like now!
  10. Pee a Boo!

    So glad you like. Thanks for taking time to comment!
  11. More Diapered Sissy Pottypanties

  12. Pee a Boo!