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  1. Potty is Very Wet and Needs Changed

    Thank you for commenting. I was born without any nerve sensation so I never know when I have to pee and when it starts, can not stop it. In spite of many doctors telling my dad I was not being rebellious or anything like that, he could just not get it. He insisted my mom treat me like a baby as long as I refused to use the toilet and have to be diapered. All of my years at home I was treated accordingly. Fortunately for me I liked it. I have vague memories of loving diaper time, bottle time etc. Additionally I have had prostate issues. Not to the extent you have though. Dec 2 2014 I had a major TURP job. The doc said it is good that I am already incontinent because he had to remove so much tissue he was certain he had damaged some nerves. That was not an issue, but like you can not get my sissy stick up.
  2. Diapers just changed

    I use putty scraper to get the big stuff out and then rinse the diapers in our deep sink. Handy as it is right next to washer!
  3. Potty is Very Wet and Needs Changed

    Yes, however it is a good thing I like them. If I did not, it would be a ad thing!
  4. Pee a Boo!

    Oh yes! Giggle! I might even let you "poke" fun at this sissy!
  5. Pee a Boo!

    Ummm! I would love to let you. I would get into your diapers too so I can see what I find. Maybe a binky?
  6. Diapers just changed

    I completely agree with you.
  7. She Has Her Legs Spread 4 U

    Oh yes! and I will love the feeling of your hardness filling me!
  8. Diapers just changed

    For sure! The big draw back.......This morning I made a really big sneeze while shoveling snow. I filled my diapers and by the time I was able to waddle to the house, poo was squished every where. That part was fine but the clean up a bit much
  9. She Has Her Legs Spread 4 U

    Oh baby! How exciting! Imagine how nice your sissy stick will feel as you slide it into my rosebud. Ummmm! let me wrap my legs around your and French kiss me so I can suck on your tongue!! Of course you could put it into pottypanties mouth and hump away frist making sure she got a mouthful and then swallowed every drop! Then you can make her suckle you up again then you can enjoy the warmth of her sissy hole!!
  10. Diapers just changed

    They work the best by far and are way less expensive than disposable's if you need the wear them 24/7. I'd go broke fast buying throw aways. They are not nearly as thick and poofy either.
  11. She Has Her Legs Spread 4 U

    Giggle! for sure! It also makes it easier for you to slip it in me and hump!
  12. Diapered Sissy Baby Pottypanties

    Thank you so much for the nice comment!
  13. Do I look Diapered

    I does prevent being shocked
  14. Such a Diapered Sissy Baby

    Glade you like!
  15. Diapers just changed

    Ummm! I do love them