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  1. I have lots more! Those are just from last night and yesterday afternoon and evening. Also have another dozen coming any day to replace some that are quite thread bare from 24/7 use.
  2. I am one more! Hugs to all Pottypanties
  3. I realize this is an old post but thought I'd drop a note here. Moved back to Montana end of October 2016. Been living in Oregon Ugh! West North Valley Pottypanties (Karen Renee)
  4. In the days of sailing ships, there was a reason the "Poop Deck" had such a name. This part of the ship reached out past the hell of the vessel. The crew could remove a hatch if you will, and do their business. There was of course no running water. Hugs, Pottypanties (Karen Renee)
  5. I do hope you like the new diapered sissy pictures of me I just posted! Let me know if you do and what you like or do not like so I can make them even better.


    Love and hugs to all

    Pottypanties (Karen Renee)

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    2. pottypanties


      Thank you Paul!  I am so happy you like!

      Pottypanties (Karen Renee)

    3. pault112


      Hey Karen

      I might get the adult baby sleeper outfit to wear with my diapers at night!


    4. pottypanties


      Oh paul! You should for sure!

      I have many sleepers but am especially fond of my "Babies" print from diaper-pants.com! they have such a cute print and the zipper actually locks!!

      They have plenty of room for bulky night diapers and  plastic baby panties!!

      I wear sleepers to bed every night and always have a pink NUK 6 pacifier clipped on so when I finish my baby bottle filled with delicious warm infant formula! Of course I cuddle with my favorite teddy bear Minky.

      I am such a diapered sissy baby!!