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  1. Roll Call

    Hello, I have some family in SE Nebraska Helena here also. Actuall North valley
  2. I posted many new pictures yesterday. Hope you will check them out and take a moment to comment.

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    2. pottypanties


      Hello Nikki,

      Apparently we do! I like in Helena Montana, Quite a distance.

      So happy to know that you like my pictures. I really need to post a lot more of them.

      Would love to hear all about you. Do not worry, nothing you can say will offend me.

    3. nikkidl


      Too bad you live so far.

    4. BabyWendyMarie


      Can't wait to see them, baby girl! Thanks for the heads up! :)

  3. Bedtime Routine

    Thank you for commenting! When it is warm, I instead of wearing sleepers, I wear a snap shoulder diaper shirt. The ones i have are quite short, only barely touching the tomp of my plastic baby panties and diapers. I do wear plastic baby panties over my diapers as they will be very wet by morning. Hugs, Pottypanties
  4. Bedtime Routine

    I often wonder what the bedtime routine is for out ABs, especially while I am being readied for nighty night. The following is my typical routine: On our bed I always see the following when it is time for night time diapering that occurs around 7:00 to 8:00 pm.. Laid out is my sleepers. My wife especially likes my baby-pants footed sleepers with the locking, zipper that goes from my neck to nearly my ankle. The sleepers are laying under my thick cloth night diapers and on top of them is an adult changing mat with pink bunnies. Nearby will be fresh pink print plastic baby panties and a NUBY 10 oz. baby bottle filled with warm infant formula. I will lay down on the diapers. My wife will put the baby bottle nipple into my mouth and then pull my plastic baby panties down, unpin the diapers I am wearing and have me lift my butt, she pulls then out and puts them in one of my diaper pails. Then she pulls the changing pad out, leaving the soft fresh diapers. For bedtime she lays out a Purity 4 layer flat diapers on top of it. She then lays another one folded length wise in 4ths. Finally she places another one on the top of all making very thick diapers. She will generously sprinkle baby powder on my diaper area and rub it in. I love this part! Finally my legs are put through their holes and the plastic baby panties are pulled into place. Once I am diapered, she puts my feet into the sleepers and works them onto me. Of course being big, I help her with this. Finally she zips me up and then lock the zipper closed. Finally she attached a NUK 6 binky on a tether to my sleepers. When I have finished my bottle, I can get up and read or watch TV until bed time. About 9:30 she calls me for biddy bye. The covers are turned down and as I get in bed, I always am reminded of the plastic lil ducky print plastic mattress cover that is on our bed. My wife got it off the internet a couple of years ago. When new it was silent but now it is pretty crinkly. I lay down. My wife removes my paci and hands me my favorite teddy bear and another baby bottle of warm formula. Usually she comes to be about 10: pm and she says I am nearly always asleep cuddling with Minky my bear. She put my pacifier in my mouth and it will be there when I awaken in the morning along with 2 used baby bottles. Frequently the last one is not entirely empty. I realize that few wives or partners are willing to baby you this much but I would love it if some of you will share your bedtime routines with me. Hugs to all Pottypanties
  5. My wife has tried everything but my beautiful new bubble suit is ruined!

    My mom is making me a new one. After finding out how much I loved it she is going to make me several!

    I can not wait!


    1. Sandiramon


      I can't wait to see it!! :)

    2. pottypanties


      I can't wait to wear them!

    3. BabyWendyMarie


      awwww, i'm so sorry about the first one, baby, but it sounds like mommy has things firmly in hand. sorry you had to go through such angst! it will be great to get the new one. hugs

  6. I am so pleased with my new Princess disposable diapers. After ordering 4 cases, I began to feel like I should have tried a package first. Imagine how surprised I was to open them and see how beautiful and how sissy baby they really are in real life!

    I occasionally wear Abena Form X Plus original

    1. ruffledpanties


      How exciting to pretend to be a big boy and actually be dressed by mommy as a secret princess.

    2. pottypanties


      Oh absolutely! Of course I am such a diapered sissy baby

  7. My mom made me the prettiest pink and white bubble suit. with 3 rows of pink eyelet material on the butt. The same eyelet material is on the shoulder straps and around the openings for sissy babies legs! the crotch has large, very visible pink snaps for diapering baby.

    I will be posting pictures soon but had misfortune. I was wearing

    1. BabyWendyMarie


      Awwww!! That's too bad, little one! I'm very sorry this had to happen to you. :crying-baby-smiley-emoticon:Hope it gets fixed soon so you don't have to go to the laundromat, how inconvenient that would be! In the meantime we'll look forward to seeing more of your delicious lil pix, sweetie.:baby-waving-bye-bye-smiley-emoticon:

    2. pottypanties


      Repairman came today. All of the noise turned out to be caused by a little bitty pebble!!!

      Everything is working now. My beautiful new bubble suit is in the washer as I type this. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is not ruined. Mom says she can make another one if it is. I told her that even if it is ok, she is welcome to make another one or two. It is way to cute and so babish and girlie! Perfect for me.

      I want to take advantage of her willingness to do this as she is very old.

      Thank you for your kind words

    3. BabyWendyMarie


      Of course I realize you are so appreciative of her love and care and you know just how lucky you are to have such a wonderful life partner. Good for you. Hope you pamper her to no end, massages and the like... ;) Glad the dryer thing turned out OK, that kind of thing can become really irksome! You don't expect something like that to happen on a brand new machine, eh?? Looking forward to the update, lil one. :6c40599601c3a1b365b5788b389356f4:

  8. Sites you visit daily? (ABDL)

    The "changingtimes site is looking very interesting. I hope they can keep going in business!
  9. Very nice, just use night cloth pull-ons for night use and Depend pull-ons for day.

  10. I filled my already wet diapers a few minutes ago and am sitting in them now! My wife and 2 of her girl friends went shopping this morning and were planning to go out for lunch, then one of them is going to take my wife to buy groceries. Before leaving this morning, after my breaky and bottle of warm infant formula, my wife changed my sopping wet night diapers with nice and clean fluffy one. She diapered me with night diapers again and them put me into bby-pants.com footed sleepers with a locking zipper. She pinned my diapers on with adult sized pink ducky pins and seale them up in pink plastic baby panties with baby animal print. The sleepers I am wearing are pink with yellow ruby duckys all over them Last of all she locked the zipper and took all of the keys with her! I have 4 pair of these sleepers. and each came with 2 keys! Anyway, I do not expect her home for at least another hour and a half. Soooooo...I guess I just play in very wet and not messy diapers. I think I will go ride my bouncy horsey for a bit!
  11. Is There Really Only Two Abdls In Montana

    I am one more! Hugs to all Pottypanties
  12. Roll Call

    I realize this is an old post but thought I'd drop a note here. Moved back to Montana end of October 2016. Been living in Oregon Ugh! West North Valley Pottypanties (Karen Renee)
  13. Just a question about an old expression

    In the days of sailing ships, there was a reason the "Poop Deck" had such a name. This part of the ship reached out past the hell of the vessel. The crew could remove a hatch if you will, and do their business. There was of course no running water. Hugs, Pottypanties (Karen Renee)
  14. I do hope you like the new diapered sissy pictures of me I just posted! Let me know if you do and what you like or do not like so I can make them even better.

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    2. pottypanties
    3. pault112


      Hey Karen

      I might get the adult baby sleeper outfit to wear with my diapers at night!

    4. pottypanties


      Oh paul! You should for sure!

      I have many sleepers but am especially fond of my "Babies" print from diaper-pants.com! they have such a cute print and the zipper actually locks!!

      They have plenty of room for bulky night diapers and