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  1. Roll Call

    I'm in missoula now
  2. I tried deleting it. I didn't click on it to post it don't know why it showed up I asked mod to delete it it
  3. First picture will be 2 years ago middle of February a and second is now almost 1 year hrt Please delete first photo and March 10 is when I came out
  4. Trans baby girl

    I'm a trans girl from the USA
  5. I read into this that you are confused about being transgender. A lot of this is how I felt for41.5 years. I fantasized of being a female I went as far as having sexual relationships with4 woman.while having sex with them I fantasized that I was a woman having sex with a woman. No the hatred of the penis is a 42 year problems I've hated erections since I started to have them in my early teens I'd have several a day till I got my hrt it took a year to get it Friday will be 30 weeks hrt and 32 weeks testosterone blocker. I'd recommend going to planned parent hood if you are in the US or a program simular if in another country. And ask how to start hrt. I'd. Post a little better post and title about being confuse about sexuality. And talk to people who post it helped me here1 year and 9 months ago. You can read a few of my posts back in January or February almost 2 years ago. People will help. The best advice I got was to let go of my male self and become female and come out of hiding wish you the best of luck
  6. One year of becoming LeAnna now 3 weeks hrt

    24 weeks hrt
  7. One year of becoming LeAnna now 3 weeks hrt

    22 weeks and 4 days hrt still getting over a UTI that was getting to the point where I was dehydrated and heat sick was in the ER 3 times last week I'm kind of sweaty and dirty in this pic
  8. Just had to out myself

    Sorr. If you don't get the job you can sue for discrimination because they asked you personal questions that should be kept confidential I don't think a job has the right to know and their insurance company should be keeping your records discrete from the employer and the insurance company is the one who should be able to make a decision weather they want to insure you. Now employers can ask for a physical to make sure you are physically capable of preforming your job. In the US youcan take the eemployer to the labor board and turn them in for asking for all medical records especially the private one's you do not want them to know especially if you don't want to come out as Transgender to them. I did not know that you did not have insurance in my last post now your incontinence would be discovered in a physical but like I said the LGBT has rights to keep their transgender transition in private in the US that is
  9. Just had to out myself

    If you pay for your incontinence and transgender out of pocket and don't use there insurance for themyou can get a hhold of there insurance or medical staff department and tell them that you have 2 conditions that are medical that will not interfere with your job that are private and do not want toddisclose at this time because I pay for them out of pocket and feel that you could be discriminated against if workers find out. You also can choose which medical records are released. The other thing is that you can say to your employer that you want to turn down their insurance policy and get your own private insurance policy because you have two things that you get medical treatment that is private and does not ininterfere with your job performance and feel that you could be discriminated against if someone were to find a out. Good luck
  10. trading pink asc and white bambinos

    What are you trading for I've got dry24 7s
  11. One year of becoming LeAnna now 3 weeks hrt

    20 weeks hrt down 14 pounds andfrom size 18 to 16
  12. One year of becoming LeAnna now 3 weeks hrt

    19 weeks hrt
  13. One year of becoming LeAnna now 3 weeks hrt

    18 weeks hrt
  14. It's extremely hot out in the van