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  1. 7 weeks hrt
  2. Hi hugs
  3. If you are incontinent and don't have money sign up for full membership Medicaid go to the doctor and get a prescription fo them. Then ffind a Medicaid diaper supplier. You can search Craigslist for free diapers or d See if you have a local diaper bank to just some ideas
  4. I'm incontinent and it didn't hamper me from working sure I had to stop what I was doing to change diapers.. I know people that have both sides of incontinence and still working. To flat out call it a disability is like calling someonewwith glasses disable. JJust likethey use gglasses as a tool to see weuuse medicine diapers or surgeries to cope with it. I also know people who are legally blind or deaf that work and don't claim to be disabled. What it comes down to is the will of the human. I filed for disability cause I was having trouble with the back and mental health to be able to support me yes that makes me disabled incontinence dose not stop me.
  5. Spokane it has got to be so severethat you can not wwork or function. And has to be documented by doctors andif ssomeone tries to collect SSDI for it they will be turned down several times. It was hard for me to get SSDI for mental illness and bad back and the judge accepted my mental illness but told me my degenerative discs and the pain for my back was not debilitating and I would had to appeal if it weren't for my mental illness. I listed on the SSDI reditermination my mental illness and bad back and incontinence and blind in one eye and they told my payee that they might determine that ccould workbbecause I was taking advantage of a special work program that payed 4 bucks an hour for 15 to 20 hours of work. To lower Medicaid incurment now Idid not even get close to the 700 a month cut off were SSI starts to cut the SSDI check. SSI has very strict rules and regulations to find find someone disabled you really need tohhave one or more problems to be determined disabled. Not you don't need to have disabilities to get SSI you have to have evidence of low income for a period of time disabilities get you SSI quicker
  6. 6 weeks hrt
  7. Kind of is. Your employer has to make special exceptions for you and can't fire you it's kind of like a person whowwears glasses they can manage their problems with glasses just like we can manage ours by meds or diapers or catheters or surgeries. You can not get disabilitycchecks for incontinence a lone you have have other problems.. The government finds people who are unable to work is disabled and a IC person can work
  8. 5 weeks 4 days of HRT
  9. Tomorrow makes 5 weeks on HRT
  10. 4 weeks hrt
  11. Will is right you can't get ABDL diapers and get reimbursed for them they have to come from an incontinent supplier I got a good supplier that gets me dry 24/7s and do not need to buy my own and get reimbursed by Medicaid. Most states have a cheap diaper budget. Again you need to download your States rules and regulations to find out.
  12. You guys must live in the states that doesn't reimburse Montana is one of the states that will you can get pdfs on your States rules and regulations on prescription diapers .
  13. Friday morning will be 4 weeks hrt and Monday my nipples started to be sore. No sign oof mood changes and I feel the best I ever felt
  14. Some states do and Montana is one of them the states would rather you go through a Medicaid supplier who inflates the price of the cheap diapers. You will have to read the Medicaid rules and regulations the state workers will not tell if they reimburse you. States want you to get the cheapest diapers