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  1. 12 weeks hrt
  2. Week 11 of HRT chilling in my van
  3. Welcome
  4. Thanks
  5. The events took place last month. First Iwent to fill my prescription for hrt and found out something was wrong with my doctors license and went 120 miles away to get the prescription and blew my head gasket on VAn found out two days later my doctor died a month or before. So towards the end of last month I decided to move where mynew ddoctor and mental health appointments are 120 miles away from me and moved out of my apartment last Monday and live in my van with two dogs till the 17th so I can get my deposit back by the time I move. Right now it is cold and rainy and will turn to snow to night I'm bundled up good though
  6. You should have postedtthisin the sissy sectionuunless you are transgender in denial
  7. 10 weeks hrt
  8. That'swwhatI have iIhget 123 a month only last 2 weeks
  9. Already haveone and it only gets me 1. Meal a day for2 weeks
  10. Nine weeks hrt late posting
  11. New Development my sister was OK w me being transgender but is disowning me for moving where I will be better off
  12. Sorry to hear
  13. So if you read in my post it's been a fusterating 2 days in rainbow diapers you know I've got to travel 120 miles to another town for hrt doc. We'll I think I blew a headgasket in my van. So now I'm giving 30 day notice to my landlord and moving to that town I will be homeless with my dog. And I'm out of food so I'm scared hopeless and depressed. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  14. 8 weeks hrt and bad hair day
  15. YesterdayI found out that my doctor had died a month ago he seemed healthy