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  1. What are you trading for I've got dry24 7s
  2. 20 weeks hrt down 14 pounds andfrom size 18 to 16
  3. 19 weeks hrt
  4. 18 weeks hrt
  5. It's extremely hot out in the van
  6. 17 weeks of hrt
  7. 16 weeks hrt
  8. WelliI had to move to a better town due to my hrt doctor dieing and I was staying in the homeless shelter that was supposed to be trans friendlythey put me in the women's dorm where 3 older ladies were doing everything to try to get me kicked out. And was threatenedby men 6 ttimes the last man was a husband to one of the older ladies that was causing problems he threatened me twice and they only kicked him out till he soberd up. He was back and I put up with his constant evil glares and and went and got a hotel room with the last of my money. My friend who is a trans alli went with me and stayed because we could not put up with the homeless shelter any more we've been in my van the last two days with my service dog and my sisters service dog that my friend is starting to claim since my sister has stopped talking about coming to get him and will be her service dog I'm sleeping in the driver's seat and she's in the the back with our stuff and the dog that may be hers mine sleeps on the passenger seat and all our stuff we need daily is packed in the back with her. We are planning on getting an apartment together. We thought about getting a nice cabin with tent but they cost about 200 dollars that we don't haveand free camp grounds will cost us 10 to 20 dollars in gas that we don't have she's working and been using her money for food and getting the dogs certified and my sisters dog nueterd and both licensed food forthem and got to get my dogs shots to. CChurches in this town don't help cause it is spring out. Also I'm spose to have a cpap machine for sleeping I'm depressed right now.
  9. 14weeks hrt late posting 15 weeks hrt
  10. 13 weeks hrt need to shave been lazy
  11. 12 weeks hrt
  12. Week 11 of HRT chilling in my van
  13. Welcome
  14. Thanks
  15. The events took place last month. First Iwent to fill my prescription for hrt and found out something was wrong with my doctors license and went 120 miles away to get the prescription and blew my head gasket on VAn found out two days later my doctor died a month or before. So towards the end of last month I decided to move where mynew ddoctor and mental health appointments are 120 miles away from me and moved out of my apartment last Monday and live in my van with two dogs till the 17th so I can get my deposit back by the time I move. Right now it is cold and rainy and will turn to snow to night I'm bundled up good though