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  1. Will is right you can't get ABDL diapers and get reimbursed for them they have to come from an incontinent supplier I got a good supplier that gets me dry 24/7s and do not need to buy my own and get reimbursed by Medicaid. Most states have a cheap diaper budget. Again you need to download your States rules and regulations to find out.
  2. You guys must live in the states that doesn't reimburse Montana is one of the states that will you can get pdfs on your States rules and regulations on prescription diapers .
  3. Friday morning will be 4 weeks hrt and Monday my nipples started to be sore. No sign oof mood changes and I feel the best I ever felt
  4. Some states do and Montana is one of them the states would rather you go through a Medicaid supplier who inflates the price of the cheap diapers. You will have to read the Medicaid rules and regulations the state workers will not tell if they reimburse you. States want you to get the cheapest diapers
  5. There's a new procedure to create a vaginas called cheek cell.and you don't have to diaolate and it is better than the old way and looks like a natural vaginas. It's about 5 years before it hits the US
  6. I've been feeling the need to get off. I tried to relieve myself a couple days ago and felt like I was going to have a heartattack. How long till these desires ddiminish
  7. Congratulations I'm waiting for five years when America has the cheek cell version of the surgery has less recovery and don't have to use a diaphragm and looks more like the real thin. CCongratulations
  8. I'm feeling better than I've ever felt in my 41 years. I'm on a low dose can't wait to up it in 3 and a half months.
  9. Some states will reimburse you for buying diapers up to a certain amount Through medicaid
  10. Feeling good
  11. Well I've struggled with who I am since I was young. But didn't have the guts to come out as I mtf lesbian
  12. Thanks Friday morning Will be a week nnoticing my skin is softer
  13. Congrats