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  1. Bettypooh

    One Year Unpotty Training Update

    I'd say ride it out for now. Paying any attention to your bladder's condition or habits might induce a return to previous (and in this case unwanted) behavior. Of course we do notice things, that can't be controlled well, but leave the thoughts at that point and refuse to think further on it. I find that easiest by distracting myself with doing something else totally unrelated to diapers. Same as with everything else in life, the more you worry about it the worse it gets, so don't worry- pee happy As long as it goes into a diaper there ain't nothing to worry about My own peeing habits still vary at times too, but I don't care. I'm going to be diapered and deal with it accordingly, and that's where my happiness is Bettypooh
  2. Bettypooh

    Is re-potty training for bedwetting possible?

    Re-potty training is a sometimes thing, unpredictable and with no way of knowing which way will be you. This is why we are so adamant about being positive that you want incontinence before you begin this journey because it might be a one-way trip with no return. And that can leave you prone to depression and other things which can essentially ruin any chance of happiness for the rest of your life if you can't handle it well. Bettypooh
  3. Bettypooh

    From disposables to cloth

    Being a big coffee drinker my urine smell is rather strong. What I've found that works well to reduce the retained odor is to fully rinse the diaper in cold water immediately on removing it. Almost as good is rinsing in the shower or having a water-filled diaper pail, preferably with some bakiing soda added. With the latter you'll want to leave them no longer than 48 hours before laundering. Bettypooh
  4. Bettypooh

    A close call with my girlfriend

    Most people can slow down or otherwise limit their wearing substantially, but few if any can totally quit the game. That point can be something you will need to know should matters reach the point where you wish to attempt it. And as often as not, the passing of time increases the desire or need to wear unless you have already reached a point of total satisfaction with it. This is something very deep and very strong in us. It's not within our total control, and attempting to limit it below our individual need usually results in it overwhelming us. Always be prepared for any eventualities for they may happen. Bettypooh
  5. Bettypooh

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    Park in back. Park down the street. Park in front of a more 'tame' business. Invent a good reason to be parked there. Grab an Uber ride. Always have enough "CYA" prepared before you do anything out of the mainstream or anything you want to remain hidden. That applies everywhere, not just here. Spontaneous responding on touchy subjects rarely does anything good for you Bettypooh
  6. No problem. I do "play" with pooping my diapers once every couple years but so far it's still not appealing to me. To each their own Bettypooh
  7. I think you may have me confused for someone else. I'd rather not have that. Bettypooh
  8. This closely parallels my own experiences. It takes time to become consciously aware of your internal sphincter as you normally cannot feel it. Once you make that connection you can further learn how to mentally manipulate it, placing it at least partially into the consciously controllable realm instead of unconscious control only which is the natural state. I actually learned the process from the meditative side of martial arts training. Approached correctly, you can control every aspect of any body function but the more deeply the function is connected to survival, the harder it is to achieve. After years of working on this, my internal sphincter defaults to being open most of the time while I'm awake. It is now a habit, and not a process I have to pay any attention to like I did for the early part of my journey. It's not an always thing, and sometimes I just cannot get my internal sphincter's full cooperation which is rather frustrating. What I find works best at those times is to forget about it by focusing fully on something else, and then it give up it's rebellion faster. Thinking about it seems to just make it last longer. I can also get it to close at will given enough concentration on that, but with it's ability being weakened through atrophy from years of disuse whatever control I can achieve is both uncertain and short-lived. My external sphincter is in a similar state. I am now truly incontinent in that I cannot stop my wetting, and that is what I wanted. Bettypooh
  9. Bettypooh

    do you have kids that wet too

    It does tend to be genetic in nature, but as with all genetics there can be significant exceptions to the trends. Of my family, I'm the sole example of abnormal continence which occurred naturally save for one nephew's son who was around 9 before he became reliably dry. His other 3 kids have developed normally. Bettypooh
  10. Bettypooh

    sleeping in diapers or wetting the bed

    This has been proven many times over, but AFAIK nobody has really been able to pin down the exact cause(s). During adulthood women tend to become incontinent more, especially after pregnancies, surgeries, and menopause, due to physical body changes. Men react similarly with prostrate issues (including surgery) but to a lesser degree. Accidental injuries have an equal effect for both. Bettypooh
  11. Bettypooh

    I want to become a bedwetter. Need advice

    Agreed with the above. Bedwetting only is the hardest form of desired incontinence to achieve but it can be done. Advice on how to best reach the goal can only be given in a general way since everyone's urination needs and habits differ, but two things are constant for all. First is that you must always diaper for bed, no exceptions ever. Your subconscious needs to know at it's deepest levels that you can always safely pee in your sleep. Second is that you need something in your body to expel during your sleep. Drinking extra water before bedtime will help with that but do not over-do it, just staying well-hydrated should be enough. Whatever you do should be a constant and always thing. There is some risk of continence problems at other times occurring with this. There is an even higher risk of permanence since your conscious mind will not be able to intercede during sleep to change the newfound habits, especially if you find them to be positive in their nature which you probably will. It's a tough goal but given enough time and persistence it is one which most people can achieve. Bettypooh
  12. Being almost completely asexual I can't say any more on that other than I've had nothing change there. Otherwise my loss of bladder control has been the most deeply satisfying thing I've ever done which has given me a better outlook on myself and life in general. That is priceless to me and I only wish I'd done this sooner. Bettypooh
  13. Bettypooh

    Best diaper for discreet purposes

    If you're going to use them and not use the toilet, then none of the average diapers will do the job- you'll need a premium diaper or you'll need to plan in some changes. For all-day discretion I like the Seni Quattro; clothlike backing which doesn't wick through, high capacity, and fasteners which hold reliably. When I began my 24/7 journey I wore Depends and Attends. They did OK with changes as needed but it wasn't long before I discovered that changes aren't always an easy thing to arrange; having a lot more capacity buys you time to find a good changing situation. I still wear cheap pull-ups here at home using the toilet as I feel the need to, but they're not enough away from home. My choice is more a financial need than a want- I simply can't afford to do any better than this so I make it work. Bettypoh
  14. Bettypooh

    Signing out

    If you set your browser to empty your cache when you close it, that should log you out automatically when you close your browser or shut down your PC. Also check it for "saved password" functions as that can automatically log you in anytime you visit this site. I also clear my history on browser shutdown as an extra step in security. My only saved passwords are for sites which I don't mind anyone else knowing about. Bettypooh
  15. Our forum engine's capabilities are limited, which is the only way we can afford to keep this site up. We're giving you all we've got now. But really, you shouldn't have any expectations to not see things or people you do not wish to see in public areas- that's how the real world works and they have every right to be where they are same as you do. Just don't go there and you're OK. Ignoring is a mindset, not a button. Bettypooh