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  1. How can I stop

    We don;t always know why we like something. Your favorite flavor of ice cream is probably different than mine, yet neither one of us (or anyone else) can explain exactly what makes that so. There is not one single thing which everybody likes; we are all different. And it's not really necessary to know why we like something, only to understand that we do like it whatever it is As for being stuck with this, well maybe. We can control what we do. We can even somewhat control what we think. But we cannot control; what we like, and it that liking is strong enough then we are going to follow through with it, and when it comes to being ABDL that desire is usually overwhelming The best that anyone can do with this is to not let it become something that adversely interferes with the rest of our life. To achieve that you have to discover how much your own need is then make enough space in your life to fulfill that need. It's called 'balance' Wearing diapers isn't the only thing in life and whatever its importance is to you, it can be accommodated without causing you excessive problems elsewhere. But first you must accept that this is a part of you and that is probably not going to change; the only changes possible are in how you handle it. Have you really tried stopping? What effect did that have on you? How long were you able to remain stopped? What did you do to try to compensate for this loss? How well did that help? These are all questions we must ask ourselves and find the answers to before we can figure out what to do about it. Some of us have an occasional need to wear and some a more frequent one. Some of us can have a closet full of diapers and not wear without need and some can't. We can all exercise some control over this, but almost never can we completely end it. Somehow it is built into us so deeply that it will always be there So ask yourself those questions and answer them honestly. Share with us if you want. Most of us here would simply want you to be happy and try to help you find you bliss even if that's with you ending your wearing And should you discover that you cannot stop then we can help you learn how to manage that because that's what we've all had to do ourselves. You can have a happy life with diapers but only when you create the balance you need to allow for that to happen Bettypooh
  2. Necessity of Diapers

    My physical need is variable. There are times when I can stay dry and times when I can't. The usual is that I could with supreme effort keep things to a dribble for a short while but that's about it I can't know ahead of time what any given day will be like, and it can change from one extreme to the other in minutes. OAB sometimes makes me pee frequently, like every 5 minutes. SI makes me pee just because I move. UI is a instant spasm which I cannot stop, And only on the rare best of days can I hold my bladder completely closed for more than 15 second when SI or UI hits 5% of the time I need nothing. 20% of the time pull-ups would work for about 4 hours. 75% of the time I can barely manage 8 hours with one premium disposable. And occasionally it takes more. My problem is nerve-related and it has been a life-long constant battle to remain dry. I could never tell if my bladder was full. Emptying a full bladder meant nothing a it could be full again in a minute or two- or not. For a few years pads were enough protection, but finally my body wore down to the point where complete control was no longer possible and the bladder urges were so frequent that it was interfering with my work and the rest of my life too Add that to a smallish amount of DL tendency and the answer became clear; it was time to stop trying to do the impossible so I went 24/7 with a smile and never looked back. That took some getting used to but here a few years down the road life is lovely and my only regret is that I waited so long before I did it Emotionally I always dreamed of being in diapers. While part of that was a way to keep my clothes dry (which I could not do well) there was something else about it which I still cant point to. Initially on getting online and discovering he ABDL world I thought I might be AB as it seemed that most were like this I explored that some on my own then came to realize that I really wouldn't be happy as a 'baby' with no choice if what I could or would do and someone else making my decisions for me. I can certainly understand how that would be great for someone else but it's not me. I'm really an older LG inside, able to do what I choose to within reasonable bounds, not understanding of being concerned with sexuality, and having the safe haven of a home where someone loved me as took care of my needs as they would at that age in RL Of course I'd be in diapers because of my physical problems but that would be understood and done versus what I experienced in my own life which was far different. So really I cant do without diapers now, physically or emotionally. They allow me to function in the world, give me the peace of mind in not having to monitor my bladder constantly, and they make me feel special in simply being myself as and when I want to without anyone else telling me that I can't. Bettypooh
  3. Depression and DNA

    Sorry that I missed this when it began- totally my bad for not being on DD as much as i once was. I think there is a genetic predisposition to depression along with the other causative factors. Like so many other traits it seems to follow family lines and similarly does not always show up in everyone. Clinical depression is a very serious matter and I am all for anything which can possibly help make it better for those of us in it's grips. Thanks for doing what you can to help Bettypooh
  4. Do I stick around in my relationship?

    Successful relationships consist of a fairly equal give-and-take on both sides. If it is too one-sided or gets that way, then failure is the only possible outcome. Sometimes no compromise can be reached between two people on a given matter- sometimes that can be handled by making allowances for that thing to happen outside of the relationship. There is no always involved here, only possibilities. People rarely change in their basic nature and though it is very hard to accept when you are faced with a situation that you cannot live with, the best thing to do is walk away from it if they cannot or will not make the changes you need them to. Make every effort to keep the relationship alive but accept that you cannot do that alone. You are no good to yourself or to anyone else if you cannot be happy. Once you determine where your happiness lies then you can pursue it. Maybe try things their way if you are not sure, but once you are ure the answers you need from a partner will become obvious to ypu and that will let you find them. There was just one thing that spelled the end of my last relationship. It was hugely important to me but I could not get any cooperation with it, nor could I stand to suffer from the pain that caused me any longer so I walked away. I'm still not certain if that was the right thing to do but I am certain that I am now pretty happy so it couldn't have been too wrong. Bettypooh
  5. Woman Pooping All Over Town In Colorado

    LOL! I agree with you on that This person is headed for some serious repercussions as they are almost certain to be identified PDQ. And just as certain is that after that somebody will say they should wear diapers- which they probably should Bettypooh
  6. Why no ABDL pride??

    I'm not proud that I wear diapers but I'm not ashamed of it either "Pride" events started in the Gay/Lesbian community as away of publicly saying the same thing, but they have evolved into being proud of who you are and that is not a bad thing. By it's very nature, being G/L involves another person intimately whereas this is not always true with diapers. We're a lot like the Trans community in that regard with many more variations of the basic theme than with most G/L's. The Trans community found some acceptance and allies with the G/L's more open-minded approach to life, but that open-mindedness doesn't often extend to us- at least not that far. Maybe someday, maybe not. but one thing is certain- nobody is going to openly support or ally with anyone who they feel will be detrimental to their own goals. So if we want to exercise a similar "pride" we will either have to ensure we are acceptable to the existing events or do it on our own Most of the AB/DL community shuns the spotlight of public recognition as individuals because of the real chance of unwanted repercussions from doing that It's simply the current reality of the matter. Therefore the more 'private' events are where AB/DL's are usually found. There are no ways to guarantee absolute secrecy to such things, so even with these there is obviously still some risk of exposure and that keeps many folks away. I honestly think there is some chance of eventual public tolerance of us, but to achieve that we must learn from the past. The early G/L Pride events were organized behind the scenes inside the community and excluded certain persons who the majority felt would be detrimental to the cause Openness to what was seen as the "less acceptable" people came gradually and slowly in concert with the gains of public acceptance being made by the others. It was done this way by plan because it was the only workable plan; to have just brought everyone out all at once would have killed the whole effort. These early events weren't the loud boisterous affairs which are common now. They were subdued to levels which the general public would tolerate. If we are to ever succeed with an AB/DL Pride we will have to take that same approach which is not going to make some folks happy at all. And just like them, we are going to have to deal with the many who want to maintain the status-quo of staying hidden behind the scenes Given all this, I do not see it happening anytime soon but I firmly believe it is possible eventually, as the world is becoming more open-,minded to all of our personal differences. It is as much how you say something as it is what you are saying that gets the message across in the way you want it to be heard. Bettypooh
  7. How can I stop

    I'm "addicted" to a number of things, just the same as everyone is. Coffee, favorite hobbies, internet sites- we all have addictions It Is in how you deal with them that matters. I'd suggest finding a good therapist to help you work through this. Don't go into that with expectations of a particular outcome beyond learning how to best handle things, for indeed most of us cannot stop although we can exercise enough control over it to avoid having it adversely affect our daily lives I'm not suggesting that you give in to wearing, just that you find a better way to deal with it as it is very clear that it is currently a problem for you. In the end you might find that you can wear 24/7 happily or that you're better with restricting this to certain times. Your goal should be to find your own happiness in life wherever that may be for you- every one of us can do that including you- even with taking our foibles and "addictions" along with us in that process. You only get one shot at life so find your peace and happiness and don't hesitate to get help doing that if you need to Bettypooh
  8. How Many People Have U Told?

    While I've shared with other AB/DL's, a vanilla person close to me recently underwent bladder surgery and in discussing that I told them of my own leakage issues and that I now wore diapers 24/7 to deal with that. I didn't go into the emotionally fulfilling aspects of it as there was no need to go there After all my years of 24/7 wearing I'm pretty comfortable with it now. Bettypooh
  9. Diaper *Crinkle*

    I already noted in another thread that she was here recently. Use the advanced site search for "Members" and you can go to her profile which will show when she last logged on. And PLEASE stop filling the various threads with this topic, I prefer to not have to do Admin/Mod work any more but I can and I will if I'm pushed into it. There are many people who disappear from forums for various reasons. For most of us it's like a part-time hobby and we drop in when we feel like doing that. Better to send a particular member you are looking for a PM then wait for their response. They are not going to magically appear from making lots of posts asking about them! Bookmark their profile then you can check on the, yourself without disturbing others in the process Now back to the fun I like crinkly diapers and I'm sure others have noticed the rather unique sound. While I don't 'push myself' on others around me, I no longer worry about it. The fact of the matter is that I wear diapers and I'm not very concerned what others may think of that or me I'm happy wearing diapers and that's what matters most of all Bettypooh
  10. Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    When I wear cloth diapers my butt gets sore if I sit for very long- kind of like sitting on concrete bleachers at a concert or ball game. Once they get wet, cloth diapers lose their softness and flannel seem to be the worst for that. One of the reasons I switched to disposables My skin stays healthier with disposables too but I still like to experience the feeling of wetness sometimes and nothing gives me that like cloth diapers Bettypooh
  11. Necessity of Diapers

    I've been 24/7 for so long that I don't dare go out without protection Around home or when I'm nearby I can get by with cheap pull-ups; they will barely hold one full wetting for me and I still have enough control to slow things down if I have to but there is no more stopping everything for more than maybe 15 seconds. I can count on them for perhaps a half hour, maybe a little more. They are like training pants to me but most of the time I need and prefer diapers. They are also a good way to ease into 24/7 wearing if you want that While I need them physically, my emotional need for diapers is still there strongly and I am keenly aware of the lack of bulk when I'm not wearing something, such as when showering or sitting here airing out. I know how vulnerable I am then and that prevents 'accidents' but it's something I cannot stand for very long. I'd go insane without my diapers and I ain't gonna let that happen Bettypooh
  12. Bringing Up Diapers To Your Therapist

    They were here 3 hours ago, Here's their profile: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/profile/86369-new2dl/ Members don't show on a site search, you have to use the advanced search function Bettypooh
  13. Feeling good...

  14. Self published my book

    Good suggestions but that can't bring back what I've lost so long ago. As to my previous post, that took me about 10 minutes to write and correct where back when I was more 'normal' (I hate that word!) it would have taken less than a minute. Of which there is no fix Something went wrong between my brain and my fingers and my once-good typing went to pieces. My therapist said things like this sometimes happen if the trauma is deep enough and nothing she suggested was able to help. The words are still in me but it's too exasperating to try to wrote them so now I just keep things short enough for me to deal with. Bettypooh
  15. Self published my book

    My sister finally got her book published but it took her several years to find a publisher who would do it at no cost to her and who had good sales connections so it would get out into the world and be seen. Unfortunately she did not take some of the advice offered by the publisher and other successful writers so her book isn't selling well when it could have. She did it more to give herself some closure with a bad part of her life than to try to make money from it, so that much has been a success for her. And sales may pick up later on. I once wrote fairly well and had some of my work nationally published where it was well received. I had tons of stories that disappeared with a couple of hard drive failures. When my clinical depression almost took me over the edge and I began getting help for that, something went away in me and I just couldn't write like I used to now. A big part of that is in my typing which once flowed nearly error-free, but now is so bad that I can't write a sentence without several mistakes which makes writing such a hassle that it's no fun anymore. And along with all that my memory went sour and I cant remember the important details which made my stories even when I try to write them within a day. I've gotten over the disappointment of my loss but that was a long time in the doing. It still hurts though for there was nothing more enjoyable for me than writing- it was what I was meant to do in this life- and now it's gone forever. Bettypooh