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  1. My solution was simple- I just began wearing diapers 24/7 and let nature and fate take over from there. I still have some control but not much and not for long but I rarely use it. As rime passed it dawned on me that as long as I'm diapered the rest doesn't matter, and that if I'm diapered as well as I like being then there's no point in having control since it's no longer needed So for me anyway, I need to wear diapers more than I need to be incontinent, but that has also come as something of a package deal and I'm quite OK with that. Bettypooh
  2. Once in a blue moon I'll get the urge to wear undies again, but only for a short while. It just doesn't feel right without bulk down there. I kept most of the clothes from my stopped transition as a way to better cope with it; that possibility still exists and that door isn't closed as long as it's possible. That includes undies and all the rest. Yet if I should ever pick up were I left off, diapers will go with me there Bettypooh
  3. Yes, you can get rid of those in the "Trading Post" forums but there's a legal issue involved as in many places, a scrip is required to purchase these so you will need to state that a scrip is required in your offer. After that whatever happens in private is not our problem Bettypooh
  4. From my loose estimates you guys are outnumbered by MTF's around 300-400 to 1 But don't feel alone because you're not- there are lots of special folks like you on similar journeys and there's several places online just for you. One was once my partner and I still miss him. Bettypooh
  5. It's all about context and definition. Legally, urinary incontinence isn't a disability alone, while fecal incontinence could be in a workplace setting. That would be more likely dealt with as an occupational issue with a person given training to work in a similar field where it wasn't a problem if that was possible. Employers must reasonably accommodate your incontinence needs but if that is not possible they can't be held liable for that (such as production line work or ticket-taking at events where you can't leave your position). So the context makes a difference, as does the legal definition of the word 'disability' which has been pretty concisely defined by now and does not include urinary incontinence. On a personal level it can be somewhat disabling though most of that is in how you see things. Before I began wearing 24/7 I had to take frequent bathroom breaks- some days that was every 5-10 minutes. That was somewhat disabling, but now that I don;t have to stop to pee I'm more enabled than before. And I don't have to worry about visible wetting either which has reduced my stress levels and social worries greatly too. So for that part, context alone matters and the definition can be whatever you make it. If you are incontinent you do have some legal protections, but you are not disabled per-se Bettypooh
  6. Wearing no, but changes to your urinating habits can. I still have some control when I want it, but not a lot and not for long. Since I went to 24/7 wearing many years ago I simply start peeing whenever I have to so that is what my body now normally does and most of the time I don't even notice it happening, I just notice that my diaper is getting wetter as time passes. The occasional uncontrollable leakage that got me started wearing diapers is still present but now I don't need to stop it so I rarely notice that either. Bettypooh
  7. I operate on a need-to-know basis mostly.. Only those who will see my diapers need to know, so that's only who I tell And I'm always ready with an answer should there be any unplanned discovery Of recent times I changed main employers and was placed into a situation where I was stuck in an empty apartment with a new co-worker for a few nights, living out of my suitcase. I wear plastic-backed diapers so the noise was probably all too evident as we were working close proximity together but nothing was said. Not so tough finding times and places to change but disposal took some careful planning and execution Wearing diapers is only the issue you allow it to be. If you have friends or relatives who wouldn't deal with it well then you have a relationship problem, not a diaper problem. In this day and age, anyone other than a small child knows something of incontinence and adults who wear diapers because of advertising so they should understand. If they don't understand then you don't need that kind of person in your life whether you're diapered or not. Bettypooh
  8. There are a small but significant number of people who took steps mentally to become incontinent, actually achieved that goal, then later on decided to end it only to discover they could not. Muscles can atrophy through disuse so completely that normal strength can't ever be regained. The subconscious can hold onto a concept so strongly that it cannot be overcome or changed in a conscious or sometimes even an unconscious state.And one's original ability to control ones sphincter's play a part here too; ig you began with minimal control then losing even a small part of that could render you incontinent. I've seen it happen here on DD. I've spoken with licensed Doctors.who have seen it. Ditto licensed Psychiatrists. While not common, it DOES happen.and because of that, one needs to be absolutely certain that incontinence forever is what they want before they begin to travel any path which could take them there. For those who disbelieve me it is incimbent on you to look intio the matter yourself- I am not obligated to provide you proofs, and even if I did you would always doubt their veracity until you checked them out yourself. So since that has to happen anyway the time for it is now, And don't come here sating somebody is wrong unless you can prove that which means you have to do that research to get that data, and when you do you will discover that what I've said is true and that there are some people who were never able to regain bladder control after intentionally losing it.. Bettypooh
  9. Cloth (which I rarely wear now) I can't get right unless I'm laying down. Disposables I do standing up. Bettypooh
  10. If no questions are asked then there is no point in offering answers You have a medical issue- so do lots of other people. It may het resolved with treatment and it may not, but stressing out over it isn't going to help. Just think about how you will answer if questions are asked, and deal with life as best you can including your current problems. That's the best approach Bettypooh
  11. Just a reminder that this is NOT the correct forum for fetish-related messages. Please read the rules at the top of this forum before posting; they are different here Bettypooh
  12. Although they think otherwise, remember that the Doctors are there ONLY to advise you, NOT to make your decisions for you. Seek knowledge then choose your own path from there. It is your life, not theirs, and nobody knows you better than you do If they can find and correct a physical problem causing the nerve malfunction ypu may find relief there but that is never a certainty. As no known cause or cure can be found for me and my own nerve malfunctioning I simply choose to live with diapers instead of trying to achieve the impossible- there is no point in fighting a war I cannot win Life is far less stressful in that regard for me now so I think I've handled this well Just me- you do what you feel you need to and don't regret your choices. Bettypooh
  13. I totally agree. But you have to keep in mind that much less was known about incontinence back then and even less than that was well understood. I'm very happy to see that the world has changed for the better in that There is still some social stigma for children who have not developed good bladder control in later ages but now that can be handled more discreetly which allows for the child to have a much better life. That can only be good Along with the better solutions has come better medical knowledge which is far more commonplace. Back in my youth what little was known was restricted to specialists, which I was fortunately able to have access to, but one problem still remains, and that is how the Medical world approaches issues they cannot resolve. The shrinks I saw said it wasn't a mental problem with me, while the specialists said it wasn't a physical problem. One or the other obviously had to be wrong but neither would consider that possibility The two fields don't recognize the full validity of the other and neither one can stomach that they cannot solve every problem. Doctors are not all-knowing infallible 'gods' yet most still think that they are And they do not always know what is best. They need to realize that everybody is different and their position is not to issue orders to be followed, but to offer options then let the ones affected choose for themselves. A+B does not always equal C; there are 23 other letters being ignored when you think like that My biggest disappointment as a child is that while I knew I was doing all that I could to stay dry, nobody including my parents and siblings believed that Now that most of those still alive are are experiencing control problems of their own they are beginning to understand what I went through with them and the world so I feel somewhat vindicated but it took nearly 50 years for that to happen, in which time the painful emotional scars they left on me never healed, but only festered. It takes me a concerted effort to feel any compassion for their control problems and I do not like being this way but I am. There are lifetime consequences which go with what happens in childhood so give the children the best chances they can have and not just what you think is best for them Bettypooh
  14. As I need (and like) heavy protection and I'm budget-limited, I have to handle the needs first even if I don't like the color. I use the Molicare Maxis and live with it even though I'd prefer all white. Bettypooh
  15. Back in the old days before treated lumber, best practice was to use a rot-resistant wood species or to isolate with heavy felt;or roof shingles where masonry contact was necessary. Hardly ever a problem but sometimes. Sills take a beating because. that masonry is always in contact with the ground so it wicks moisture up from there. Unless you have a groundwater issue, fireplaces tend to be drier so even though there's still ground contact it isn't normally a problem there. Codes are meant to protect you but some of them border on being absurd. Were it not for the legal ramifications there are several things I'd ignore as useless or stupid but you have to play their game their way so you do. Bettypooh