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  1. They've been replaced with the new Molicare Slip Maxi which is almost identical. Not as vivid purple color, possibly a tiny bit less capacity, and slightly softer plastic. Works and fits the same- every bit as good as before. My daily wear Bettypooh
  2. Great to hear the "news"- my bad for not being here sooner to say that. Really liking that you've got insurance now! Bettypooh
  3. Also wanted to comment once again about the purpose, scope, and restrictions of this specific forum As the name implies, anything about desired incontinence is allowed here, That includes discussion of the downsides of this as well as questions of whether any person understands all about it adequately or is truly ready to make the choice. What is NOT allowed are posts bashing either any member(s) or bashing the concept of desired incontinence This is not a thing which is right for everybody though it is absolutely right for many of us. We are already aware of how those not desiring it feel and no more need be said of that. Save for rashes and possibly UTI's there are no medical facts contraindicating this when no devices are used inside the body.If a person truly needs to be this way (which many of us are) then there are no psychological facts contraindicating this. Therefore such message content will NOT be allowed here And again I ask that you use the 'report' button when you see such content so that we can keep this forum on track smoothly. We can't monitor it constantly and it will only be as good as you help us make it to be. As an Admin and as someone who has finally found real peace and happiness in not having bladder control I am on your side and always will be Bettypooh
  4. It does this simply because for your whole life everyone has been telling you that not having bladder control is a bad thing Deep inside that will worry you the same as it did all of us. One part of this journey is deciding for yourself deep in your heart that this is right for you no matter what anyone else thinks. Some people can't achieve incontinence without that while others can, but for anyone on this path it is something you need to be aware of You can overcome this and once you are certain that this is right for you then you should overcome it. All it takes is willpower and the certain knowledge that incontinence is right for you with no more doubts getting in the way. Want it with all your heart and you can get it Nobody can say how long it will take but if you never give up you positively will win sooner or later Bettypooh
  5. I have experienced one accidental discharge- mine was a cap-and-ball replica and luckily it only hurt my pride. Hopefully you have learned the lesson why you treat every gun as if it is loaded, no exceptions allowed ever Also like you I wasn't seeking sex at that age, My one experience wasn't what I'd expected and it wasn't important to me anyway. Later on in life I discovered why, but really there's nothing to fear about this. We all stumble when we begin a new path so if you want to go there just do it and maybe ask advice from someone with more experience on how to go forward. Speaking with a counselor or therapist might help you get through this. You don't yet see how this world works and that kind of wisdom only comes with time and personal experience. I was in my late 30's before I got my head straight and now I see where I should have done that sooner. Yoiu can have the life you want but you have to make it happen- it will not happen otherwise. Life can be good bit only if you live it :). Bettypooh
  6. One can be an advocate for others, which in this case I'm all for. Could we use the spaces? I don't see why not as long as it's not infringing in those with a physical need. What we shouldn't do here is push our own agendas on these folks We can (and should) support them for their own sake with care and compassion. Bettypooh
  7. Definitely the above. Leakage can be a symptom of a more serious problem or it can just be OAB, a weak sphincter, or other things which you may not need or want to have treated. You can't make good decisions with bad info or no info so get to the Doctor and get that knowledge Bettypooh
  8. Best answer for sure Needing diapers has it's drawbacks but if it is right for you then nothing else will do And as can be seen here for many people it IS right for us, drawbacks and all Doing your own thing is what life is all about, so go on and live it the way you want to Bettypooh
  9. Just get used to it and it's costs which aren't cheap I used pads at work for the days where I didn't feel 'leaky' but after a few times of deciding that incorrectly I just began always wearing.diapers as a more certain solution. No real problems with that even several years later though I'm sure others have noticed That includes some serious leaks, the noise of plastic, and the odors (which are my only regret). Just do what you want- you'll figure out whet is right for you in time Bettypooh
  10. The winning answer Add to the convo that it is uncomfortable and unreliable so you wear diapers too and prefer them as a solution. A remocable soaker can extend a diaper's use-time and is smaller to pack and dispose of as well Vacuum packing may also help with the logistics. Just one of the issues you deal with somehow when you wear diapers Bettypooh
  11. My solution was simple- I just began wearing diapers 24/7 and let nature and fate take over from there. I still have some control but not much and not for long but I rarely use it. As rime passed it dawned on me that as long as I'm diapered the rest doesn't matter, and that if I'm diapered as well as I like being then there's no point in having control since it's no longer needed So for me anyway, I need to wear diapers more than I need to be incontinent, but that has also come as something of a package deal and I'm quite OK with that. Bettypooh
  12. Once in a blue moon I'll get the urge to wear undies again, but only for a short while. It just doesn't feel right without bulk down there. I kept most of the clothes from my stopped transition as a way to better cope with it; that possibility still exists and that door isn't closed as long as it's possible. That includes undies and all the rest. Yet if I should ever pick up were I left off, diapers will go with me there Bettypooh
  13. Yes, you can get rid of those in the "Trading Post" forums but there's a legal issue involved as in many places, a scrip is required to purchase these so you will need to state that a scrip is required in your offer. After that whatever happens in private is not our problem Bettypooh
  14. From my loose estimates you guys are outnumbered by MTF's around 300-400 to 1 But don't feel alone because you're not- there are lots of special folks like you on similar journeys and there's several places online just for you. One was once my partner and I still miss him. Bettypooh
  15. It's all about context and definition. Legally, urinary incontinence isn't a disability alone, while fecal incontinence could be in a workplace setting. That would be more likely dealt with as an occupational issue with a person given training to work in a similar field where it wasn't a problem if that was possible. Employers must reasonably accommodate your incontinence needs but if that is not possible they can't be held liable for that (such as production line work or ticket-taking at events where you can't leave your position). So the context makes a difference, as does the legal definition of the word 'disability' which has been pretty concisely defined by now and does not include urinary incontinence. On a personal level it can be somewhat disabling though most of that is in how you see things. Before I began wearing 24/7 I had to take frequent bathroom breaks- some days that was every 5-10 minutes. That was somewhat disabling, but now that I don;t have to stop to pee I'm more enabled than before. And I don't have to worry about visible wetting either which has reduced my stress levels and social worries greatly too. So for that part, context alone matters and the definition can be whatever you make it. If you are incontinent you do have some legal protections, but you are not disabled per-se Bettypooh