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  1. If you look closely at your definition, it's you being restrictive and not me. ABDL means there is an interest in diapers- the single commonality among us all- and possibly interests other things juvenile too. There can't be two definitions, just personal variations involved which may define oneself but do not define others. In everything there is a spread of personal positions, not just ABDL matters and it's rather shallow to argue that which is so apparent. The most important part of all this is that each of us find our own true self and become comfortable with that person because you're not ever going to escape them. Bettypooh
  2. Fresh pee is not harmful to the person it comes from, but when it gets older or comes from another person that can change. I'm not one who minds a bit of stale pee aroma, nor do I mind urine-wet bedding as long as it's not cold or otherwise uncomfortable to me but to go that far is like so many of the other "challenges" which are so popular now- just utter stupidity. I'm not going to risk my health or my relations to this world's reality by doing something unnecessary and potentially harmful when it can be avoided. Sure it get s a lot of 'hits' and popularity- a lot of that is coming from folks with only one hand available to type with So let's do another challenge even "smarter" than this one- why not challenge her to use the same diaper since it's not necessary to try to keep the bed dry anymore? And why not just keep wearing that same diaper when not in bed? I hate to say it but it sure seems this world has become rather stupid of late and Darwin isn't doing enough to fix it. Bettypooh
  3. Not at all. My interest here is limited to only diapers and directly associated things, and there's nothing else "on the list" which is what those coming from an AB aspect usually cannot understand. If you limit that description to only those with attractions to diapers you'll hit the target. That's really the one and only thing we all have in common here even though the majority here do seem to have some AB interests too. There's no need and no point in trying to justify one's position. You are what you are and I am what I am and neither is right or wrong. ABDL is simply an "umbrella term" we gather under or use to help find others with similar interests. If you need justification or explanation then you don't yet really understand what you're about, and lacking that means you can't be any more understanding of others either. This is where so many lose touch with reality which does not change with changes of perspective or opinion- in fact that's how one goes about finding it. Bettypooh
  4. Physiological or psychological the effects are the same, and there are physical changes that come with not wanting and not having control which help you move along that path. What you end up with is your body no longer storing urine, but releasing it as it gets produced or something very close to that. Most of continence is simply a learned habit of long-time practice. As such it can also be un-learned or otherwise altered. Incontinence is the more natural state; we all began that way and would have continued had that been possible or more practical. Unless trained to do otherwise the body will choose the most efficient process to maintain life, so once you un-learn continence your body will lose the no-longer-needed processes which allowed retention. No point in it wasting energy so it won't. All that the body really needs is for the kidneys to produce urine and to have it drain and not build up inside of them- the sphincters, detrussor, and even the bladder itself are unnecessary. The anus could simply be at the end of the intestines without a bowel and it's sphincter and there would be no loss to the body directly; in fact it would be more efficient that way as long as the processed body output didn't create another more adverse effect. All that would become like our tonsils and appendix- body parts which no longer perform a needed function but we've still got anyway. That's where the physiological and psychological meet for those who have desired incontinence: the no-longer-needed parts are still there but now do nothing. And the longer that they do nothing the more they try to maintain that more efficient state of being. Bladder elasticity and muscle tone fade away from disuse, possibly to the point of permanent atrophy where recovery to their former state becomes impossible. I've always had nerve-related bladder continence problems with my detrussor being spastic in nature and my internal sphincter unreliable for retention. The only path to dryness I had was to consciously and constantly hold my external sphincter closed whenever there might be leakage, and eventually it being continuously overworked wore it out to where it no longer holds for more than 15 seconds no matter how hard I try. My bladder still spasms sometimes but nothing like it used to; now it's a rarity versus being a normal state. I have to consciously will my detrussor into squeezing when I'm using the toilet to save on diapers. My internal sphincter is the same as always- no telling what it's going to do whether holding or releasing but it too seems more relaxed than ever. My bladder has shrunk or lost elasticity to the point that at best I can hold maybe 200mL and that takes much conscious effort on my part plus relies on my extrnal sphincter holding which it might not do. I usually get this in the mornings when I'm drinking coffee and sitting at the computer but it can be an all-day process sometimes; no rhyme or reason for it's erratic behavior that I can find. Maybe 3 or 4 times a year I'll have an unbelievably wet day where I pass at least 2 or 3 gallons of urine even if I've not drank much fluids beforehand. I also have days where I drink huge amounts of fluid but pass almost nothing. No side-effects from any of this; my body is doing what it needs to be doing I guess so I just let it. It knows what it needs to do and it does it without any interference on my part. I can choose to be conscious of the events or to ignore them. Sometimes I enjoy knowing I'm wetting but usually I just discover that I'm wetter than the last time I thought about it. I've consciously chosen to not bother with attempts at continence, my subconscious mind has eventually followed along, and my physical body has followed that with what are probably permanent changes aimed at best body efficiency. I'm happier not having to work at bladder control and I enjoy being wet and the freedom from worry which diapers give me. This is positively the best state of being for me but YMMV- to each theoir own! Bettypooh
  5. The urge to share openly is intense in me, but reality trumps it. If it weren't for the negative consequences I'd be seen in skirts, dresses, diapers with plastic panties, and disposable diapers at different times as I felt like doing which would fairly eliminate the need to tell anyone because they'd see it! But to do that would take lots of independent wealth which I neither have nor ever will have so I just take everything in stride, doing what's going to work best for me and not doing anything which may adversely affect me. I don't want to be broke, homeless, or targeted as someone to despise or attack for being too open with my deepest feelings and desires so those things are limited to only those who need to know and the things I cannot hide. It's not a happy compromise but it works; a win where a loss would likely happen doing life any other way. Bettypooh
  6. Thanks for the update! It's not one single "path" but bringing many 'paths' together then using them that gets you where you want to go You won't necessarily lose strength on HRT. As long as you continue doing what you do now in the same way, that will continue. What will happen is that if you stop using your muscles they will weaken and regaining that lost strength will be very tough to do. When you change from being 'testosterone-driven' to being 'estrogen-driven' you acquire the muscle traits which follow. Muscle mass will be extremely hard to build and will be limited. Along with that will come with easier tiring from muscle use, so to do the same as before you will have to put more effort into it and you will feel tired sooner. What I found is that I could continue with everything, but I needed more frequent 'rests' between exertions. The upside of it was that for me anyway, those shorter rests brought me back more quickly. It was the end of the workday which hurt the most- I'd be exhausted. Thirty minutes later I could do it again where that same level of exhaustion before HRT took hours to recover from. TBH I was happier this way since 'bad'' feelings were shorter in duration. It was tougher to keep up at work, but more emotionally rewarding when I did that. You will also experience the same problem with weight loss. Any excess food/calorie intake will turn into fat instead of muscle, and it will be significantly harder to burn that fat away. You will have to limit what goes in to being just enough to supply your immediate energy needs and no more. Get used to feeling hungry; see it as being a success on keeping your weight under control. You'll find 'binge' eating to be your worst enemy. Settle into a healthy diet with small portions and stay with it religiously;. Learn what puts the pounds on and avoid that whether you want to or not. This part of your life will be one of the biggest changes you'll need to make if you're like most folks. I suggest that you set and meet your body-weight goal before you begin HRT as it's much easier then. On cosmetics, if you've got skin issues you need to avoid the cheap stuff. Even the mainstream 'hypoallergenic' stuff isn't what it should be. Go to a better department store which sells "Mac" cosmetics and try out one item at a time to gauge any reaction. And remember that with make-up less is more; just a slight touch of the right products done the right way in the right places makes you look much better than you might realize. A professional consultant (like the Mac sales counter staff) gets you there better and faster than what you get from other sources. Especially when the others are sales-motivated like Mary Kay, Avon, Merle Norman etc can be. Once you learn the 'tricks' from the Mac counter you can try cheaper products in the same shades used similarly- big sticker shock with Mac cosmetics but they are among the best commonly found here. Another trick is to look at other women as they buy cosmetics- if they look great see what their product choices are. If they look trashy avoid what they buy. Don't stare, just be aware. Same for hair-care products; careful and keen observation will get you the answers. My electrolysis was one of the most costly things I've ever done but also the second most rewarding in my life; this even after stopping my transition and returning to a mostly 'male' life. Whichever method you chose do it as early into the game as you possible can so that any unintentional regrowth can be dealt with while your skin isn't as thin and sensitive as it will eventually become. Also consider other areas such as chest hair and genital hair if you're going to be getting inversion SRS. The latter isn't something you can go back to later for a re-touch! Don't rush the transition process, be sure you get each step tight and complete before taking the next one. You get one chance to do it right, so make it all count. Bettypooh
  7. Now here's an odd 'unexpected consequence'- I'm in the final stages of moving house and with the impending time limitations I've not been sorting things out as well as I'd like to, and everything here is a mess with piles of stuff I'm not moving all over the place. I woke up yesterday morning wet and once I got coffee going I began to look for my bag of diapers. Um, damn- I can't find them and I'm on the verge of leaking! Did I put them in storage with the rest of my stuff? I can't remember. Well there's a change in the car so let's get some coffee in me first and then I'll do something about it. One cup later and I'm digging around but still no diapers. Could I have been that stupid? Maybe. Second cup of coffee later and I still haven't found my diapers. I decide to pour a third cup of coffee then go to get my diaper from the car. I turn around in the kitchen to go outside and there beside the recliner is my bag of diapers. I don't know how they got there or why I didn't see them before but whatever- I'll take the win When you need diapers you'd better always have a "plan B" or you're going to eventually discover the hard way why that's so important! Bettypooh
  8. I'll agree on our tendency to be stupid, but not on our having an inability to control our bodies. It's entirely possible to only wet freely in one's sleep- it's just not easily achieved. Bettypooh
  9. It's never a good thing to start with deceit It may help you achieve your goals but if it's ever exposed you lose more than you've gained. In this situation there could be a claim of breach of trust which is generally illegal, but usually carries little consequence beyond recovery of fiscal losses of which there would be none as long as you paid the bill. The lack of direct consequence still does not make it right. As long as there is an understanding of your motivations and desires from the start you could try this but probably without success. A better bet would be a professional "parent" or even a prostitute who is willing to take the same money they could usually make for the time you want them even without sex being involved. And to avoid complications I would definitely keep anything sexual out of this while both parties are present Doing things the right way is usually harder, bit the effort is always worth it in the end Bettypooh
  10. Occasional bedwetting happens to many people, and once or twice a year is not considered to be medically significant, but is worthy of a look into the matter, especially if it increases. We think of some things being beyond out reach, such as our body's autonomous functions like breathing and heartbeat. Yet there are many well-documented instances where people have learned to control these things through meditative techniques and lots of practice. So if that is possible then so is a return to bedwetting, which is essentially the same kind of thing. The one difference here is the hormonal influence of vasopressin reducing urine output from the kidneys at night yet that too should be equally controllable given enough effort and practice, and I think that those who have returned to bedwetting would have lower vasopressin levels were we to measure them. I wish someone would do that measuring to confirm my thoughts. I believe that everything is possible from a whole and functional body. We all once had no bladder or bowel control so it must be possible for all of us to achieve that state of being once again. We've spent most of our lifetime developing the habit of control, so losing it isn't going to happen overnight. As powerful as our mind and brain are, they still respond to hidden doubts which can block the way to our desired destination, so most important is to remove all doubt and desire with all your heart and soul, then it will be possible. Not everyone can do this though and that is because they do not truly believe that all things are possible. Those people will always fail in this endeavor and many others because of that. Believe in yourself and in the goodness of your desires and there's hope for you Bettypooh
  11. You saw it as exercise and you probably didn't enjoy doing it. That's why I say to just be active and do something you can enjoy as the better way to benefit from the physical movement regards depression. Put the exercise in a separate box of it's own elsewhere unless you enjoy doing it. Take a walk in the park, go window shopping, do anything instead if just sitting there doing nothing. It doesn't take much to gain the benefit and you needn't work at it, but you need to be active when you're depressed or it will always just get worse. You've got to actively fight depression or it will win every time. Bettypooh
  12. It's true that we lead the way when it comes to new treatments and meds, but when you look deeper you find that there are huge government grants funding most of the research so you're paying for it all now, and you pay again when you need that med or treatment. In the headlines recently we've seen where insulin prices have skyrocketed but did you wonder what was behind that? Nothing has changed in the world to cause that- it would be called price gouging in any other industry becausecthat's what it is. People either pay the price asked or die. Insurance to cover medical bills is just another for-profit industry which raises prices to the consumer without adding to the medical art. Show up at an emergency room and they ask who your insurer is before they ask what your medical issue is. My GP has a wall full of documents showing where he was head of research, head of surgery at highly acclaimed hospitals, led the way in various researches and publications, and much more. He was one of the top Doctors in the nation and then he did something foolish- he walked away from the limelight and money to get good healthcare to those who didn't have insurance or lots of money. He saw what you don't see- the under-treated masses who deserve good treatment as much as the rich people do but who couldn't get that. He opened a small local practice where the first thing you do is sign an agreement to limit his liability in lieu of him carrying malpractice insurance and agree to handle all claims on any insurance you have by yourself. He told me that adding malpractice coverage would triple his costs and that having his staff do the insurance paperwork (like most Doctors do for you) would mean tripling his staff with the majority of them becoming non-productive medically. He saw the waste and profiteering in the system and decided to do something about it. Since he couldn't change the system all by himself he opted out of it. Where you or your insurance pays hundreds of dollars for 10 minutes of a Doctor's time he charges only $60. Where you need more time you pay vastly more but his price is fixed- whatever you need it's $60 no matter how long it takes. He's making a reasonable profit, not going broke or adding massively to his wealth. He sells some of the more common meds right there at his office for far less than the pharmacies do because he sells them at his cost. So to get a simple treatment I pay around $100 but you or your insurer pays $500 for the exact same thing. That extra $400 you're paying isn't advancing the art of Medicine; it's going to investors who don't give a damn about you or your health- they only want your money and the current system lets them get it. So yeah- we've got the best if you've got the money to buy it, which most people don't. So please explain to me why only rich people deserve good healthcare? Is there something bad when a person who has worked hard all their life not breaking any laws does not deserve to be treated for a disease unless they first sell their home and cease working so they can be eligible for Government assistance which you can't find anyone willing to take in lieu of cash? That's exactly what America does and it's not right. If we take the profiteering out of the system everyone could have good healthcare but the only way that's possible is for the Government to step in and regulate things- it's not going to happen any other way. Nobody except the profiteers would lose anything and the costs would go down as my GP has so clearly proven can be done. The system is broken so we must change the system, not just the peripherals, or the inherent problems will continue or pop up elsewhere. If you've for a better solution let me hear it. Just because something is "socialized" does not mean it's inherently bad. It's a proven way that benefits the majority more even if it isn't perfect. Our roads, Fire departments, Police services, and much much more are already "socialized" which is something you're not seeing. I base my thoughts on facts, not politically-driven hysterics spouted by people who are profiting from keeping things as they are now. Take a deeper look at those you follow then maybe you'll see the merit in my approach of not following anyone, but thinking for myself instead. Only fully open minds function properly so have a look around and once you see what I've seen you'll begin to understand what's wrong with healthcare and indeed almost everything else in our Nation of America. Bettypooh
  13. It's not just to benefit your body, but also your mind. Though the process isn't understood, it's been clearly shown universally that being physically active reduces the effects of depression. It doesn't need to be strenuous- sometimes hat can be detrimental- it just needs some activity which is more effective when the results are pleasant. Clean house, take a stroll around outside to see springtime in action, wash the car, anything which will give you positive feelings afterward. Being active is the last thing you want to do when you're depressed but it is simply something those of us living with depression have to do to have a chance for a hopefully better tomorrow. Bettypooh
  14. In a perfect world a person's ability to choose would be limited to their level of ability to think things trough. Younger folks simply cannot comprehend how their decisions will affect their later life simply because they do not yet understand how widespread even the simplest decision will impact them and the world around them, and they do not yet understand the paradox of time which is both very short yet nearly eternal at the same time. The founders of the US decided that a President needed at least 35 years of life experience before they could be trusted to make good decisions for themselves and the others they would be leading. It was only after I passed that milestone myself that I began seeing the wisdom of that, and in each passing year that wisdom becomes more manifest. It is why I try to discourage those younger than 35 to not go here yet, but to wait until such a time as they have the wisdom and understanding which it takes to make a good decision regarding desired incontinence. I know that for me deciding to pursue incontinence has been the best decision I've ever made. I did not make the decision based solely on what I felt about it, and I didn't lock the decision in until I had experienced nearly every aspect of my life in diapers, and had fully considered it's likely permanence and how that could affect my future years. Had there been even an inkling of doubt in my mind I would have waited; patience being another one of those things which one does not fully understand the value of when they're young. What the decision to go ahead can mean is that once you get here diapers will rule your life in every way every day. By necessity they come first, above eating, above paying rent, and yes even above romance. You will have to do whatever it takes to keep supplied with diapers even if that means robbing someone, which we all hope never comes to pass but now becomes a possibility should you lose any other means of acquiring diapers. It's that serious of a matter and it requires that level of comprehension and understanding before you're truly ready to make the decision. And I've never seen anyone under 35 who has thought this through to that necessary depth. If you think you're different then please come back when you're 40 to tell me I'm wrong and why. Nearly all those who chose this path and regretted it later began at an early age under 35, or somewhere close to that. It is the very rare person who fully thought it through and began later only to have full regrets down the road. I'm not waning to deter anyone from acquiring their bliss, for indeed those of us who need to go here do find our bliss in it. I just don't want anyone making a mistake which has the potential to destroy their chance at having any bliss in their life. There is no room for error in the decision so better to wait until you're knowledgeable, wise, and certain before locking in the decision which may well not be reversible. We all make mistakes in life and having patience can help you avoid a mistake here. There's no need to hurry the choice- you have the entire rest of your life to experience this in- it will always be available to you later on. in the meantime just do life as you'd do if you were incontinent without any exceptions and gain the experience you'll need to decide well. And to all: May you find your bliss wherever it may be! Bettypooh
  15. Keeping costs down? Not so with healthcare in the US. We pay more for the exact same meds- sometimes hundreds of times the prices the rest of the world pays. I can go to places elsewhere in the world who have healthcare which is deemed to be good and get an entire sex-change surgery done for what 3 days of laying in a hospital bed costs here, that before you add in Meds and treatments. The government could do the job better even with all their inherent inefficiencies. What we've got now id politicians who are heavily invested in insurers and big pharma who are getting rich by not implementing regulations which could improve things. In doing nothing they can plausibly deny any conflict of interest so that's exactly what they do. Looking worldwide there are many nations with lower GDP numbers who have much better healthcare than the average American gets and done at lower costs too. Of those many, almost all have near-universal healthcare coverage at least for serious conditions requiring a hospital stay or surgery. We could do similar here without much cost by simply eliminating the for-profit aspect and by eliminating the waste of excessive malpractice lawsuits and the costs of malpractice insurance by making Doctors face their responsibility better and by eliminating all the closed doors of the AMA where bad Doctors get what is essentially a free pass to continue being bad for decades if not forever. Nobody is doing anything in the US to look after our healthcare unless you're rich with massive insurance coverage- then you can get the best of everything while most people barely get decent treatment. The problem is inherent in the system and has only been getting worse,m and as bad as Government usually does with out money they would be hard pressed to do any worse than what we've got now. Before you offer political-based opinions you should do some research on how the many Countries of the world address healthcare for their people and see the many ways it can be successfully done at very reasonable cost. Then you'll understand why the US has second-class or worse healthcare compared to any other major Nation. Unless you're rich that is, and that is always the end outcome of all totally free-market approaches to everything. A totally free market always creates a small number of those who have and a huge portion of those who have not, and of the latter the former keeps the doors to change closed when the rich rule over the rest. Being rich should not be penalized but neither should it be given any power beyond it's percentage of population, and the masses should always set the rules everyone has to live by. Healthcare should be deemed a human right and treated as such with all involved being responsible for doing their part to not be an unnecessary burden on anyone else. Bettypooh