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  1. Bettypooh

    Abena m4 changed?

    This exactly Companies like Abena, Molicare, and Tena know about us, but they do not market to us, nor do they design their products for the way we use them. If you want a babyish or thick diaper, those are better sourced from manufacturers who have ABDL's as their primary market focus. The incontinent generally change more often and value discretion more, so product changes we might not like are probably aimed for adding to the appeal for the incontinent. Bettypooh
  2. Bettypooh

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    It's about being considerate of others, and with many of those who post here about their non-chalance in this situation I see other things which lead me to believe that they are inconsiderate on a much larger scale. That's not good, but until Karma bites them back they often do not learn the value of being considerate of others. I feel no need to excessively hide my diapering, but I'm not going to 'push' it onto anyone else. I'm certainly not going to expose them to what is essentially hazardous medical waste regards used diapers. I try to cover the used ones in the trash if I can't bag them separately so that they can just handle the liner and not my diapers. But if they snoop (another bad personal characteristic) they're going to find my clean diapers and I'm not going to go to great lengths to hide them. And I always tip, for these people go through a lot to get their minimum-wage pay and I respect that. Bettypooh
  3. Bettypooh

    Lang plastic pants from Lifestyles Emporium

    Lang has (or had) a grainy side and a smooth side. They are rather thick, and somewhat noisy. The biggest difference to Comco is that they aren't quite as full-cut, and they have forward-facing leg openings. I'm not sure why they aren't more popular- probably because for the longest time about the only source was LE and they didn't "push" the product. Back when I got mine they were a good value and quality-made with the forward-facing leg openings being otherwise hard to find. Bettypooh
  4. "Surprises" go with the turf which is why I always recommend over-protection when a surprise can have a large negative effect on life. I've come to enjoy most of the surprises I get from wearing and wetting, but only to a point. Catastrophic failures suck, and moreso if you have no means of mitigating them. Like when my Moli completely disintegrated at work when I was riding with someone else and couldn't have a spare change along I still can't find any fun or humor in that event. But most of the time I do find something pleasant because I look for that. For instance a minor leak reaffirms that my desired lack of control is present, and that I am not much ashamed of myself and who I am A major leak at the wrong place and time is altogether different- I DO want to avoid those. Nothing in life is 100% guaranteed or 100% effective, so it's better to expect the occasional surprise so that you can better deal with them because they are going to happen now and again, especially with diapers! Bettypooh
  5. Bettypooh

    Lang plastic pants from Lifestyles Emporium

    Mine are older, but are really good both in fit and protection. Of two, one pair has begun ripping at a seam but got lots of use before that. You'll like yours I'm sure
  6. You're on the right path now Life is full of glitches so don't let yourself get bummed out over them. Persist toward your goals and you'll reach them; you can do anything that's physically possible to do as long as you keep pushing forward. The world looks brighter when you have an "I can do this" mindset, and focusing on that helps make getting past the glitches easier Bettypooh
  7. Bettypooh

    Trump's latest attack on trans people

    Two things- This forum is restricted to use by LGBTQ persons and their supporters ONLY. Even though this thread deals with politics, it is NOT for politics in general, only that which directly applies to the persons who are permitted use of this forum. Bettypooh
  8. A lot of things we deal with in life are as much how we view them as it is their real affects on us. I'm in the worst financial situation I've been in in decades, and this time round with very little means of improving this. Right now if I had a windfall of $1500 I would darn near feel rich and could get things set up to where the next few months would ensure a decent year ahead. So yeah, seen this way it's a lot of money. But over a whole year's time it's just $4.11 a day which I could probably manage to come up with at least half of that without hurting severely for the effort. As it happens I owe that exact amount to my sister who kindly loaned it to me to get my car fixed. Somehow I'm going to repay her though it's not going to be all that easy. Which it would have been a few years ago. So as soon as I can scrounge the few bucks I need for parts to (hopefully) make my second car run I'm going to sell it. If I can sell it running it will pay more than scrap prices so it's my best approach. I'm also going to be selling some other stuff I've acquired over time that isn't needed by me anymore. Craigslist will help me there even if that won't get me top price. I'd like to keep a lot of that stuff but I simply can't now, and I can live without it. I'll soon be changing my phone plan to a cheaper one. I've already switched to my cheapest possible option for the diapers I need even though I hate doing that. I've gone to eating as cheaply as I can which wasn't too far from where I already was but every cent I save helps immensely. It isn't easy nor does it make me happy but it's necessary and I can live through it which is all that matters to me. Unlike you, there's no happy ending possible to my story but you've got a chance for a happy future if you can get past this so you should change how you look at it and see it as a one-time temporary setback which you can get through at just $4.11 a day. Which isn't much if you look at it that way. Bettypooh
  9. Bettypooh

    Botox for incontinence?

    If you desire something strongly enough you can find a way to fulfill your desire. An ex-member here found a doctor to administer botox and more but they had to go through a few doctors to find one who would do these things. For them, the effects they wanted were incomplete and short-lived which was probably because the intended muscle is normally very strong and the maximum 'dose' limited. Though botox has become popular the jury is still out regards long-term effects and there are well-documented cases where things went badly wrong with it's use, so IMHO it's best to avoid it if you can. In doing many things in life, there are often 'shortcuts' you can take to reach your goals quicker or more easily, however there are always drawbacks in doing things that way.Always better to go through a whole process step-by-step so that you miss nothing along the way. So before you seek direct medical intervention you should try everything else first. Just smarter that way! Bettypooh
  10. Bettypooh

    Family issues

    Pursue your dreams- that is really what life is all about You may not achieve all of them but if you do not try you never will. There's usually a lot of hard work and sacrifice involved in achieving your dreams and goals but it's all worth it in the end when you get what you always wanted. If you like the WH environment you might consider a path into management. It's a PITA job but if you're really good at it you might get up to being a District manager and then you're set for life after that. The same goes for any kind of job anywhere. It's usually our own self which limits how far our careers go but if you can tolerate what it takes to get where you want to be it's a dream fulfilled and worth going for Bettypooh
  11. Bettypooh

    Gonna wear diapers from 12/26-12/31 nonstop

    Happy New Year everyone And a reminder that this forum has special rules prohibiting the posting of remarks which are critical about those on the path to desired incontinence as well as excessive re-hashing of things which have already been well-posted about it. Such posts will be removed and a verbal warning given which does not affect your account here, but persisting in such violations after being warned will result in more serious action being taken right up to being banned when that is deemed necessary. If you do not like what we do here or what this forum is about then simply do not post here. Bettypooh
  12. This is called a "win" and I'm much the same- quite happy that my back hasn't yet failed me completely although that is possible at any time. I'm very careful to not over-stress it which limits me at work, but so far I've found ways to manage. Bettypooh
  13. I'd try different taping techniques and different diapers. It's been my experience that diaper fit is everything with disposables, especially at the rear leg area. Wishing you spousal acceptance and harmony in your home in the New Year Bettypooh
  14. My decaying back exacerbated my existing UI/SI/OAB problems to the point where I couldn't get by with pads anymore. So maybe not the direct cause but certainly a part of it all. Bettypooh
  15. Bettypooh

    Family issues

    You need to contact the arresting officer who will know what the Court dates are as they have to appear at them. You should then contact the DA's office and find out the case number as well as if they are going to want you to appear and when. Make sure that whoever you speak to notes on the case paperwork that your temporary address is your workplace so that you receive any summons there; otherwise it will go to your address on file (where you left). The trial on the 23rd is probably a preliminary hearing where you won't be needed. It's basically just where the Courts determine whether a case is valid, considers any initial legal objections, then set a hearing date for the actual trial where you'll probably need to appear. The "no contact" rule applies to all cases but is mostly to ensure that the defendant does not interfere with the plaintiff (you) or try to coerce them. Just stay away from the house and you're fine. It usually takes a few days for the paperwork to get shuffled around between the involved agencies to coordinate things, so for now don't worry about anything. Just take steps to ensure that those agencies know how to contact you now and in the future should you gain a more permanent address. Any bills you may have gotten via mail will need to be dealt with differently until you get a new address set up. In the meantime I'm hoping you can find somewhere to stay PDQ because being essentially homeless sucks, and you've had too much crap thrown at you already to have that added to the list. Bettypooh