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  1. Bettypooh

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    With most things, it's not what you're thinking but what you're doing that counts. It's perfectly legal to think about murdering someone, even to planning it in the finest detail. It's when you begin to act on it that the problems begin. Local news here a couple days ago told of a guy who's going to jail for many because he tried to buy a bomb to blow up some ex-friends, and the "seller" turned out to be Law Enforcement 😲 Of course buying or making a bomb is illegal, but so is making the attempt to do those things. While I'm sure this guy knew that doing the deed was illegal, I'm not sure than he knew making the attempt without actual doing it was also illegal. The same thing applies here- it is illegal to have children or pictures of them involved in a pornographic manner at any level. Even just viewing online in your own home without ever going outside and doing anything further. Even if you never communicate those thoughts to anyone else. What you or I think of that does not much matter when the law is clear on that point. And most importantly here for the OP is that if you have contact with anyone who is caught breaking that law, you can bet your a$$ that this will be discovered and you're going to be deeply investigated too. Do try to help those you care about, but if they are bent on a path of self-destruction then get away from them and don't let their problem spill onto you. And if you honestly believe that someone is going to hurt a child then act on that, for children cannot defend themselves against things like this and that responsibility falls on all of the rest of us to see that they are defended, and never come to harm because of things like this. Some years ago, my best and truest friend ever decided to go back on drugs even though he knew it would positively kill him because of his heart condition. No amount of pleading and trying to give him alternatives would change his mind. No amount of showing my care or concern could change his decision. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done to distance myself from him, for I loved him like the brother he was to me and there were no limits to what I would to to help him out. But his course was set- I couldn't change it no matter what and how I tried- so all I could do was back away slowly and let him go. I've always felt guilty for doing that but really there was nothing else I could do for him or me. I had to limit the damage that was going to happen to me for if I hadn't, I would have likely killed my own self afterward because of my Clinical Depression. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing else you can do for a situation except protect yourself and let the rest of it go as best you can. Bettypooh
  2. Understood- discretion matters 😉 Bettypooh
  3. Huh? For me that's one of the best times to be wearing (thought that is always now) because it means I don't have to stop in the middle of a process to go pee again and again. At work is the same. Definitely helps productivity and a smooth flow of work. Bettypooh
  4. Bettypooh

    Just wondering about waking up in a wet diaper

    I love waking up soaking wet because that re-affirms who I am and it also means that I have slept deeply through the whole night so I'm feeling equally good physically too. It's as positive a feeling as I've ever had in life, nothing better ever. Bettypooh
  5. Bettypooh

    should i use boosters

    Oh, one last thing for @suzuki2011 Do not speed in Virginia if you're going through there with out-of-state plates. They will show you no mercy and fine the crap out of you. Speeding 20 over there lands you directly in jail with your vehicle impounded. Definitely ruins a nice road trip. Bettypooh
  6. Bettypooh

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    Here in the US, HIPPA generally protects a person regards private matters when there is an agreed-to Doctor-Patient relationship. That becomes less clear when the Doctor is a third-party. Psychiatists, Therapists, and Licensed Counsellors also have to follow HIPPA, but they are permitted to call in the authorities or cause their client to be admitted to a care facility if they believe that person is a clear and high risk to themself or to society in general. With today's paranoia regards child safety I go to great lengths to distance myself from actual children even online, because if that gets discovered it will be twisted to be used against you as much as they can possibly do, even if you would never actually act on that fantasy. So here, I would be having a long talk with that friend to get them to understand the risk they are taking and it's likely consequences. If they fail to back away from this, then I would back away from them. What I wouldn't do is tell anyone else about this unless I truly believed that they would harm a real person, and even then I would tell them that I was going to do this before I acted in hopes that at least then they would understand the problem and work to mitigate it. I love seeing children playing happily- the purest and strongest expression of true joy there is. But I am an older single 'guy' with no kids, and if I actually do that I will immediately be suspected and likely be seen as a predator when there is nothing farther from the truth. Not only would I never harm any child, I would immediately kill anyone who I saw doing that even if it landed me in jail for the rest of my life. There is nothing I can do to change that because of modern society's paranoia regards child safety so to protect myself I simply avoid it. I really have no other choice. Your friend doesn't have a choice either and he need to understand that before he becomes his own victim. Bettypooh
  7. For my body shape, the Moli and Tena are nearly the same fit which is perfect for me. So far I've found nothing else close, but maybe Abena has something. Of the premium brands they are the one I've least explored. I haven't tried most of the newer print diapers either. Northshore Supreme are my next go-to, however they are thicker and slightly lower between center and side which tends to bulk up on me making them considerably less discreet but the capacity is good.I tried one Seni Quattro awhile back and IIRC it fit nearly like a Tena or Moli, but my memory may not be correct. Best to find a seller who has samples of what you want to try, as it's easier to lose a few bucks than the price of a bag if you can't use them. Bettypooh
  8. Bettypooh

    I’ve been lied too

    This. Exactly. If someone truly cares about you, they will try to not hurt your feelings, but they will know that it's far worse for you to to be deceived and they will find some way to tell you what you need to know. So unless it's a "changed her mind" thing, there has been 12 years of deception going on and that cannot be good. Bettypooh
  9. Bettypooh

    divorce and moving

    It now looks like we're good here for Florence, just a few inches of rain and a little extra breezy. Areas to the north get progressively more rain, and they will have some problems with flooding and landslides due to the terrain. The road trip should be OK by then unless something gets washed out in a major way. Just as you get settled in should be when the trees turn colors, and it's beautiful here then. Bettypooh
  10. Bettypooh


    I don't have any real regrets with this save for waiting so late to get back in diapers 😛 But I would have done a few things differently than I did and I wish now that I had. Like when I watered the lawn at night wearing only a diaper, then the neighbor switched her light on. I could have worn shorts over the diaper but I didn't. And my not going into the local stores who had begun advertising that they now had adult diapers. And my not trying premium diapers sooner. No big deal with any of that, but it is something I'd do differently today. Bettypooh
  11. Bettypooh

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    And I have to wonder why you are responding to a post from 2011 when things are clearly different now? There was no point in you posting this either- just saying it's a lot like the pot calling the kettle black if you know what I mean. Bettypooh
  12. Could also be a 'scent product' they use or the backing sheet make-up allowing some contact with SAP's. The simple solution is to avoid them from now on. Bettypooh
  13. Bettypooh

    How do you know?

    Being unable to control it doesn't mean that you can't feel it happening- only that you can't stop it. And it comes in various forms from various causes. Betypooh
  14. Bettypooh

    oh I have a story to tell you all

    It never went as far as me being in diapers, but the last few years of my Mom's life she needed protection because she couldn't always get to the toilet in time anymore. At first it rather upset her, but once she saw how much better life was that way she didn't have any problems with it any more. My sisters took care of her personal needs, so I didn't get directly involved there. My oldest sister needs pads due to age and previous surgeries but isn't inclined to say much about that so I leave it alone. I have a brother who lives far away, and he recently had to have bladder surgery. Diapers were going to be needed for at least awhile after that so I shared something of it with him, but only as related to my own life-long continence issues and not as a DL. I think my family would be OK with my DL side, but since I don't have to go there to explain my wearing I won't burden them with that. Just my way of doing things, YMMV 😀 Bettypooh
  15. Bettypooh

    Feeling Alone

    This exactly. You can break that attachment if you want to, but for right now focus your energies on getting the rest of your life back on course. Then later on when feelings aren't as strong you can come back to this if you wish as it will always be here. All things in time and needs over wants 😉 Bettypooh