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  1. ABDLism =/= LGBT

    Absolutely. You can only be offended or shamed when you accept it. If you refuse to accept it, then it doesn't matter what someone else thinks We here all know that there is nothing wrong with being LGBTQ or ABDL, but society at large hasn't grasped that truth yet and that is where the problem is really at How we solve that I do not know but I am all for having it happen Bettypooh
  2. My wife wants me to see a therapist.

    It took me 3 tries to find a good Therapist, but if I hadn't made the effort I would not be here now Most people don't understand what Therapy is trying to accomplish. They are not there to change you- instead they are there to help you understand yourself and others and to help you find ways to better cope with your problems in life It seems that 'wifey' thinks that you going to a Therapist will 'cure' you of your ABDL tendencies when it won't And she needs to see this for what it really is- a relationship problem. With it being that, then it is necessary for both of you to be involved in the process of determining how to best go forward from here. Either one of you going alone isn't going to do a whole lot to solve this problem Bettypooh
  3. Mourning Las Vegas

    All people are allowed their opinions here but we also need to try to remain on topic and not get into arguments So let's lose the religious bickering and get back to mourning the LV victims and how we're handling that. Bettypooh
  4. Ranting

    My height is on the short side of what is common for men and on the tall side of what is common for women. Being part of both genders it works for me, but I'm equally unhappy with being at the edges of both groups I've always been attracted to tall women, even those taller than me, but it's not important to me. Most guys don't place a huge value on what their appearance means to others while most girls place a high importance on that. The way I see things us to consider what everyone is going to look like when we're 80 years old By then the lesson will be learned by everyone about the low absolute value of appearances versus the high absolute value of the person inside that body If someone doesn't like me for what I look like then I already don't like them for who they are Their loss, not mine Bettypooh
  5. ABDLism =/= LGBT

    There's no rules against necro-posting here by design. If you prefer to pick up on an old thread instead of starting a new one that's OK I've known all types of people, and in them all tolerance of others is always variable. That;'s counter-intuitive but it's true Even among those in the smallest minorities or with the largest visible differences you find some who are intolerant. I've never been able to figure out a pattern to this intolerance save that it occurs more often in less-intelligent types. And I can find no solution either though I wish I could. All that anyone can do is to be their best and to treat others the same way they want to be treated and hope that it is noticed and catches on Yes, there are some differences between ABDL and LGBTQ. There are also some similarities. Rather than the differences we should be seeing the intolerance we each get, and remember that others are getting the same thing too. We can change our own self to set the example of tolerance even for those people who we don't understand. Don't expect tolerance from others unless you tolerate them, for you are not going to get what you don't give Bettypooh
  6. What's your religion?

    I'm a monotheistic realist with general christian protestant beliefs. Personal beliefs are just that- personal- and therefore should not be imposed onto others That point is where all organized religions fail miserably which is why I refuse to be a part of any of them Bettypooh
  7. Incon question

    Try what the Doctors recommend as ut might help, but in the end always remember that you are in charge- they make the suggestions and you make the decisions Most Doctors don't like facing that approach as they tend to see themselves as 'demi-gods' so if you find a Doctor who is comfortable with that stay with them. Bettypooh
  8. Acceptance from general public

    It will be a very long time yet before we have widespread tolerance, and that gas to come before we get acceptance Till then I think the best approach is to make sure nothing negative about this happens, and in that all we can do is control our own self and what we do Bettypooh
  9. Forced to choose

    Nooooooo- you can't do this to me! I'd have to go with my Molicare Slip Maxi's Excellent fit, great capacity, and the lovely plastic crinkle The problem would be that if I wear only one style diaper constantly I tend to get chafing and rashes. There must be variety and diaper changes Bettypooh
  10. I'm forced to "grow up"...

    When you're talking about a relationship with someone else the best you can expect is 50%, for your partner matters every bit as much as you do And when children enter the equation there will be even more limits all round. Counseling may help- it's worth a try but the bottom line is that if your ABDL can't allow you happiness at the levels it is going to be restricted to then it's better to break off the relationship and look for greener pastures to live in Bettypooh
  11. Are you loyal?

    I find what works best for me and stay with it Of course to find that you have to try different things I'd "play" more but money to do that with is scarce Bettypooh
  12. Do the diapers make my butt look big

    It's all about what you look like normally. Since I'm always diapered nobody notices my size or shape changing because it's always the same And given my body shape, I think diapers make me look better- well at least below my neck Bettypooh
  13. Self published my book

    I'm not a story-teller per-se. The spoken word doesn't work for me- it is the written word which is in my soul. I need to see it, read it, edit it, make it shiny, then share it It is as much the process of writing as it is anything else and without the process there's nothing in it for me And the problems I have with the process are fubar. Thanks for the thoughts but it's just another one of the things I've learned to life with. Bettypooh
  14. Should I start wearing diapers 24/7

    You can if you want to- there;s nobody stopping you except you Just don't expect there to be no issues doing it because there will be some. And don't expect anyone/everyone to understand it or be tolerant of it because they won't Bettypooh
  15. Incontinence Plateau

    It may be in your mental approach to this. When my physical bladder control declined to where pads weren't enough anymore I decided to wear diapers 24/7 and let whatever happened happen; I would not attempt to remain dry. Now several years later I still have some control when I want it but it's short in duration. And I still wake to pee at night. Initially I thought I'd want to be a bedwetter but in time my mind changed on that which is probably why I still wake up to pee. As to the rest, I still don't care Sometimes I can tel when I need to pee, sometimes not. Sometimes I realize it's happening, sometimes not. I made a conscious effort to not know or notice which in time has become the usual, and it seems to have moved out of my subconscious into a shallow occasional noticing of what my bladder is doing. In the last couple of years nothing has changed. Though I'd like less knowledge of what my bladder is doing and less control I'm pretty happy as things are now. I have reached the point where I no longer have any stress or concern about my diapers and that is where I wanted to be all along. Maybe you're experiencing something similar, for the subconscious is very strong and if you have any qualms or reservations about wetting that will be at work in the shadows of your mind If you are happy then lose those reservations and let happiness be enough! Bettypooh