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  1. Cloth (which I rarely wear now) I can't get right unless I'm laying down. Disposables I do standing up. Bettypooh
  2. If no questions are asked then there is no point in offering answers You have a medical issue- so do lots of other people. It may het resolved with treatment and it may not, but stressing out over it isn't going to help. Just think about how you will answer if questions are asked, and deal with life as best you can including your current problems. That's the best approach Bettypooh
  3. Just a reminder that this is NOT the correct forum for fetish-related messages. Please read the rules at the top of this forum before posting; they are different here Bettypooh
  4. Although they think otherwise, remember that the Doctors are there ONLY to advise you, NOT to make your decisions for you. Seek knowledge then choose your own path from there. It is your life, not theirs, and nobody knows you better than you do If they can find and correct a physical problem causing the nerve malfunction ypu may find relief there but that is never a certainty. As no known cause or cure can be found for me and my own nerve malfunctioning I simply choose to live with diapers instead of trying to achieve the impossible- there is no point in fighting a war I cannot win Life is far less stressful in that regard for me now so I think I've handled this well Just me- you do what you feel you need to and don't regret your choices. Bettypooh
  5. I totally agree. But you have to keep in mind that much less was known about incontinence back then and even less than that was well understood. I'm very happy to see that the world has changed for the better in that There is still some social stigma for children who have not developed good bladder control in later ages but now that can be handled more discreetly which allows for the child to have a much better life. That can only be good Along with the better solutions has come better medical knowledge which is far more commonplace. Back in my youth what little was known was restricted to specialists, which I was fortunately able to have access to, but one problem still remains, and that is how the Medical world approaches issues they cannot resolve. The shrinks I saw said it wasn't a mental problem with me, while the specialists said it wasn't a physical problem. One or the other obviously had to be wrong but neither would consider that possibility The two fields don't recognize the full validity of the other and neither one can stomach that they cannot solve every problem. Doctors are not all-knowing infallible 'gods' yet most still think that they are And they do not always know what is best. They need to realize that everybody is different and their position is not to issue orders to be followed, but to offer options then let the ones affected choose for themselves. A+B does not always equal C; there are 23 other letters being ignored when you think like that My biggest disappointment as a child is that while I knew I was doing all that I could to stay dry, nobody including my parents and siblings believed that Now that most of those still alive are are experiencing control problems of their own they are beginning to understand what I went through with them and the world so I feel somewhat vindicated but it took nearly 50 years for that to happen, in which time the painful emotional scars they left on me never healed, but only festered. It takes me a concerted effort to feel any compassion for their control problems and I do not like being this way but I am. There are lifetime consequences which go with what happens in childhood so give the children the best chances they can have and not just what you think is best for them Bettypooh
  6. As I need (and like) heavy protection and I'm budget-limited, I have to handle the needs first even if I don't like the color. I use the Molicare Maxis and live with it even though I'd prefer all white. Bettypooh
  7. Back in the old days before treated lumber, best practice was to use a rot-resistant wood species or to isolate with heavy felt;or roof shingles where masonry contact was necessary. Hardly ever a problem but sometimes. Sills take a beating because. that masonry is always in contact with the ground so it wicks moisture up from there. Unless you have a groundwater issue, fireplaces tend to be drier so even though there's still ground contact it isn't normally a problem there. Codes are meant to protect you but some of them border on being absurd. Were it not for the legal ramifications there are several things I'd ignore as useless or stupid but you have to play their game their way so you do. Bettypooh
  8. On a personal level, it's a disability only if you allow it to be one. You can still do almost anything diapered that you could do un-diapered so the rest in in your head In the US, legally it can be seen as a disability or not according to the situation being considered. Employers, landlords, and other public entities must not discriminate against those with incontinence but that only goes as far as making sure your special needs are accommodated. And that doesn't take much- a safe place to change or empty ostomy devices and somewhere to dispose of used products is enough as long as you're allowed to do that when necessary. But it also has to be taken into account that there are some jobs where your physical presence us mandated through the entire shift without cessation other than required breaks and meal-times, and in those cases you'll be expected to make reasonable accommodation for them when that's possible (larger bags, better diapers, etc) and you can be disallowed from leaving your position otherwise. When those situations aren't workable they can transfer you to an otherwise equal job more suitable for you if such a position exists, or you can ask for that. You can a;so be re-positioned temporarily to give them time to make needed changes to properly accommodate you in your regular position. If only lesser positions exist you can decline them but you'll likely be terminated and have to sue for compensation afterward. Normally, urinary incontinence alone is not a problem which requires any exceptional accommodations but if there are other conditions involved (physical limitations or fecal incontinence) then incontinence has to also be taken into account as part of the whole, and those other disabilities will probably rate higher in laws covering the situation. I'm a prodigious wetter but even on my leakiest days my diapers can easily handle 4 hours use so a mid-day change is more than adequate, and actually I can usually stop for a change anytime so to me it's not a disability. In fact I see my being diapered as an asset since I no longer need to take frequent toilet breaks like I used to, and I can continue doing what I'm doing just like most other people do Bettypooh
  9. TSA

    My last pat-down was done in plain view standing to one side of the line while the others passed by. I informed them I was "incontinent and wearing protection" but I had to repeat that to each of the idiots I dealt with. I could have asked for a private screening but I figured that would piss them off even more as it was clear that they hated the additional work I was causing them. I also had a spare diaper under my laptop in the open case on the conveyor belt which too needed multiple explanations. Just play their game nicely however they want you to do it for they have powers to make you miserable far in excess of their ability to use them correctly or even to use them well. Bettypooh
  10. Sounds like you're on the right track now All the details are on the tile forum I mentioned including backer screws, their use and spacing. I don't like the "Hardie backer" as I've seen it delaminate over time I prefer the cementitious board for backer but Hardie should work OK here. As to the treated lumber it's use is limited by code to only where it is mandated and in places outside of the habitable building envelope. It makes no difference whether the masonry in question is concrete, block, brick, or mortar, for they all collect and retain moisture which will cause rot in untreated wood; that's why only treated may make direct contact with it, and that is how the code is worded, interpreted, and applied. It's all in the ICBO and other building codes, look it up if you don't believe me. This stuff is my daily bread-and-butter and I've been doing it all for over 35 years now. In my current working radius I deal with 6 different code jurisdictions each of which uses a different version of code standards or who have added some of their own heightened requirements to a standard code. Some things are contradictory being required in one place while being prohibited in another. It's insane but that's how it works in my business And there's the usual situation of how strictly they are applied since each inspector must interpret them and apply any allowable variances at their own discretion. If they want to make your life miserable they can because nobody and no house is perfect and they can always find a reason to fail you if they want to, which a few of them do just to show you how powerful they are. Luckily most are sensible and willing to bend as long as the intended goals of that part of the code are being met adequately. Legally, work like this requires a permit and inspection due to it being considered safety-related (Fire code) so that must be my 'official' recommendation. But having said that, as long as your work meets or exceeds the code requirements and nobody of authority discovers the lack of total legality now or in the future, you can do it DIY without worry as the end result will be the same either way No guessing and no less than your best wokmanship, then you'll be rewarded for your efforts with long and trouble-free use and something you can be proud of. Post pics when you're done so we can enjoy it with you too Bettypooh
  11. As Erma Bombeck often said "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!" So the girl you've been flirting with knows now- whether that is a positive or a negative from here on is your choice. While I wouldn't 'push it' neither would I stop being myself because of it- I'd continue flirting and see where it goes I'm a "very lucky" person myself- my luck is very good or very bad with very little in between so I've learned not to rely on my luck Bettypooh
  12. Have to agree with Amyuser and those recommending an Ozone generator. 50# blocks of baking soda can be had from fire restorers which will absorb odors too On the smell it is unforgettable- somehow most people know instinctively what it is even if they've never smelled it before It's one of the few things that sends chills up my spine and when burnt is the most highly gag-inducing odor there is in the world. It is also the hardest odor there is to mitigate so if it's gone now consider yourself very lucky indeed.
  13. Glad you got through it all, there are a lot of 'medical nasties' like what you've went through which even the best modern medicine cannot handle. In my time on this blue planet I've learned a lot, and one of those things is that when someone really and truly cares about you they will learn to accept you and your needs even if they can't understand it all And those who cannot accept you don't really care about you regardless of what their words say None of us gets through this world alone- we all need someone who cares to help us through the rough spots. Remember this when someone you care about is having problems because you get what you give and your turn to need will come too Bettypooh
  14. Yep- that's when you know you're doing the right thing Years past that point now, I hardly have a conscious thought about diapers but when I do it's always a satisfying feeling along with the continued happiness of my taking this path. Even when things go wrong like realizing I'm visibly wet in public, the feeling of being right is still there which makes the rest easier to live with. This is how it is supposed to be for me- I'm supposed to be in diapers and I am- and it just don't get any better than this Bettypooh
  15. For tile advice go to the John Bridge Tile Forum- it's where the best tile Pro's hang out Before Houzz took over TOH the TOH advice forum was as good as advice on old houses got, but now they've de-linked that forum and installed their own inane forums full of people who don't have a clue about anything more complex than what paint colors are popular right now Essentially it's gone to crap and I can no longer recommend TOH for getting answers. The old forum still exists but you won't find it and if and when you do answers may take several days to get posted by the few remaining experts still there There was and is no single place online that had the quality and experience of the TOH advice forum. Bettypooh