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  1. Bettypooh

    OAB and feeling horrible

    This sums up the problem nicely. And it's not just funding, but the "me too" people who try something that works for them assuming it will do the same for everyone else too. I have dietary problems which prevent me from following many recommended courses, and being just barely able to feed myself at times monetarily also puts up a roadblock I can't get around. It's really something that is going to vary with all of us, and the only constant is to not make any large moves with your diet unless you have adequate medical monitoring to show that it's at least doing no harm. That medical advice is what should steer you, not what may happen with others unlike you Bettypooh
  2. Bettypooh

    “Green” diaper disposal?

    Agreed- we have such a site near here that has kept the use of previous coal-fired plants down under peak-load conditions. The geography here made it possible (foothills of the Appalachian mountains and lots of river flow) but most of the US can't use this. The previous solution of a "Grid system" helps that to some degree, but what is really needed is more localized generation to avoid the losses incurred with distance which essentially throws away part of what took so much to make. And "NIMBY" people don't want that. Look at Southern California as an object lesson where even a normal summer strains their system to it's limits with the people not wanting new plants to be built to fill their needs; you can't have it both ways at the same time people And this also shows why I don't think the real solution is to be found with electrical power; more EV's and such means more load on a system which isn't ready for that even if we add renewable sources. The real solution is going to have to be personal responsibility for what we do no matter how inconvenient that is or what it costs, along with reducing our electrical load and finding other ways to power what we need instead. So do we want more landfills which will kill the future? Are we ready to pay for special processing to lessen the footprint of diaper disposal? Which could mean we'd either have to take our own used diapers to a disposal center somewhere, or to have them visible and separated in our household garbage pick-up system? If we want a better future our choices are very limited. Darn few of us would want segregated and visible roadside pick-up. Some of us don't have transportation options to handle it ourselves. And nobody wants to pay more for such processing So the point is moot- nobody (or nearly nobody) is willing to do what we truly need to do about dealing with our used diapers; therefore it isn't going to happen. Me? I'm just going with the flow- I'm as guilty as you in that I could do more and better too. I'm just realistic enough to understand that I alone can't make the needed difference. If I did everything possible the human race might last 0.0000000001 second longer. Yes I'd put my diapers in a separate visible bag for recycling and pay more for that but not until everyone else will because only then will the difference I make count for anything Bettypooh
  3. Bettypooh

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Unfortunately all the lost pics and messages from the crash are gone forever on our end. I do ask that those who were affected by this re-post what they can, especially in this thread where a pic is worth a million words of description and more. Bettypooh
  4. Bettypooh

    OAB and feeling horrible

    What the average person needs is a balanced diet without too much or too little of anything. And while the body is very adaptable, that takes time to occur. One of the early arctic explorers (can't remember which one) overwintered with the Native Aleuts to learn more about them. By springtime he was gravely ill, emaciated, and would have likely died had it not been for other explorers coming along when springtime came. The natives had adapted to a diet of almost exclusively meats and animal fats as here is almost never anything else edible in the region, but the explorer was used to having some vegetable matter in his diet.It was only when his 'rescuers' shared grains and vegetables with him that his health was restored. In fact, this event is what spurred the medical world into deeper dietary studies where they discovered similar things happening world-wide. In general terms, humans are omnivorous and we do best with a varied diet. It is best to not make sudden or large alterations to one's diet without their being a medical necessity for that, and along with it medical monitoring. Grains and leafy green vegetables are usually good for the digestive tract as they tend to 'scrub' the walls of the intestines clean as they pass which improves the bioavailability of all nutrients to the body. Certain medical conditions may contraindicate them, so in that each case is an individual. If you do have such a condition then you need to pay extra scrutiny to your diet and eat accordingly. Such information isn't hard to find but always keep your Medical team on board with any changes you make or plan to make so that they can best treat you. Bettypooh
  5. Bettypooh

    I posted a diaper pic to my normal Instagram

    I know ONE such company, and it is lauded as one of their best aspects and brings them more customers than others in the same business can get. They can't solve every problem or please everyone but they try very hard to do that- and openly too. Another similar company emerged onto that scene but once their problems started popping up, they tried to take the 'keep it unseen' approach, and they are now broke and defunct. They never really tried to fix their problems which didn't help that either. How you operate when problems arise says more about you than anything else, for anyone can succeed when there are no problems to be dealt with. Bettypooh
  6. Bettypooh

    First diapered weekend

    A- Any mild odor will clear adequately with a hour or two of open airing as long as the source is no longer present. Also girls tend to be more sensitive to this than boys. Coffee and fermented beverages will increase the odor significantly so are best avoided beforehand and during wear-time. And clean or keep clean any leakage so that in dealing with the used diapers you've dealt with the possible source of odors. B- Girls are at a highter risk of UTI's so to keep that minimal you shouldn't wear a messy diaper for any length of time, and you should clean up well afterward. C- Do whatever you think you'll enjoy; after all it IS time for you and you deserve to get the best from it while you can. Follow your heart. Bettypooh
  7. I'm ravenous for a bag of Fritos and some French Onion dip I'm offended that the store clerk hasn't brought these to me gratis and that they do not know of my desires because I haven't made them known It simply must be their fault and not mine just because You don't push others to where they do not wish to go unless you want to be pushed back- and by that time you've wasted any chance you had to further your cause so you might as well walk away and find a more amenable place to be Bettypooh
  8. I see part of this falling under "intent". Here we ask the question of "What was this person intending to do?" first, then once we have that answer we can better judge whether the actions were appropriate. I'm known for boldness, and I've many times related having been in public, private, and semi-private places with it being very clear and obvious that I was wearing a diaper (leakage, torn pants, and crinkle). There was/is some embarrassment involved for me but also the boldness, for I really don't give a hoot what most people think about me and what I do. I do not see any valid reason for me to change my approach to life and my wearing of diapers just because some people might be offended by that. But I do see that I do have a social obligation to recognize that everyone has feelings which I should not go out of my way to hurt It is not my intent to offend anyone, but neither does anyone have the right to require me to be as inoffensive as I possibly can be or even as much as I can be reasonably expected to do, or to ask that of others. Clothlike-backed diapers are sufficient for my needs and are indeed quieter and less likely to cause offense, but I do not like them. I like to be somewhat crinkly; not overly so but enough for me to be regularly reminded aurally that I'm wearing plastic-backed diapers which is what I want to do. The sound is intended for me to hear, and while I know others may hear it I cannot help that. They are entitled to think whatever they want about it, including to be offended by it. For anyone who would tel me to do otherwise I say OK- as long as you let me tell you what to wear too. If you aren't willing to let me control you then don't ask or expect to control me either It works both ways or it doesn't work at all. I definitely have the means to be much more crinkly- would you prefer that? I do otherwise prefer to be reasonably discreet, both because I don't want what will probably be negative attention, but also because i do not desire to overly offend others. But I'm not going to allow the easily offended to place what is their problem onto me. I make a place for you; it's your decision whether you wish to take that place or not. If you choose not to then that was/is your choice, not mine, and that doesn't matter to me at all I cannot judge others unless they make their intentions clear. I cannot compel others to do what I'd prefer they do. I have only my choices given to me and if I don't like what you're doing I can avoid you even if that has a cost to me in some other way; you can do the same with me. Should Mark have chosen to go back and change into something which would have been quieter? All I can say is that I would have and that I would recommend that course for others as well. But it's not my choice, and as far as I can tell here he did not intend to offend anyone with his actions even though he must have known that he would likely be offending whatever random people he encountered. It has been often said that you are the real you when you're all alone where nobody else is involved, and this is totally true. So ask yourself what changes in you between those times and the times you are among others. Ask yourself why those things change. If you find you're doing something negative to others when you're among them then you need to work on that because it's wrong I did not wish my torn pants exposed my diaper; indeed I wish my pants hadn't torn but they did. I did not wish my diaper had leaked before I went into the store but it did; indeed I wish it hadn't leaked at all but it did. I did not wish for others to hear my crinkling but they're going to at least sometimes and I did make some effort to oblige them even if I could do more, so I don't feel bad about that at all. Nor is it wrong even though it will have a negative effect on some people. It's not my place or yours to be totally non-offensive or even totally positive; I do have the right to attempt to cause you to think about your own self and how you deal with things. For all the average person knows I am incontinent and my wearing may or may not be of my choice, so if I crinkle some that should not be offensive to you. If it is, then you have the problem, not me If I were to intentionally expose my diaper visibly, or to intentionally have leakage exposed when I could have easily changed, or to have an odor of poop surrounding me when I could have easily changed then the would be an entirely different matter. Whether you wish to extend that to crinkling is something of a gray area IMHO, and to that I would say it should be based entirely on intent Bettypooh
  9. Bettypooh

    “Green” diaper disposal?

    The problems with electric vehicles are still large and currently without a solution. In this context two things stand out: the environmental factors of batteries from start to finish , and the storage ability and lifetime they have. When you factor in everything about batteries from mining minerals, producing the component parts, assembling them, installing them, removing them when they're spent, recycling what can be saved, then disposing of the rest, you end up with a lot of energy used which cannot be recovered and it's associated pollution, and some parts will need sequestering from earth and groundwater forever much like nuclear or electronic waste. Because EV's are still scarce these issues remain small but must be part of the equation. And capacity in use is still an issue, for at the end of the discharge cycle you don't have the same energy reserves so vehicle performance is limited and that can be a direct cause of crashes when the driver expected normal operation. Also worth remembering is that anytime you convert one form of energy into another form, some losses will occur in the process. Often this is exhibited at least partially as waste heat, which if there's a global warming problem is only adding to that. Even with sustainable power generation like solar, wind, and hydroelectricity there is similar happening. And don't forget to factor in the costs (including environmental) of making those happen. We're at the point where EV's are a sometimes viable choice, but are still too costly for use by the masses when compared to IC engines which are cleaner and more efficient than ever before. Another issue is in power distribution; much is lost over distance so efficient charging points have to be near the generating sources. Don't misunderstand me for I am most definitely a fan of battery power and I see it as a great way forward right now.I just also refuse to be blinded by omitting all it's concurrent problems which we have not solved. I think that in the end what we need to be looking at is a more direct powering at a level closer to the center of atomic structure such as hydrogen fuel cells. And on generation of renewable electricity, all our sources are not constant. Winds, cloud cover, and river flow rates vary. We're still messing with the environment in deploying them, and they are still not as cost-effective as we need them to be. Especially windpower which is only now reaching the point where a lot of equipment is at the end of it's service life and will need large chunks of money to replace. I guess what I'm saying is that we still don't have the right answers and we need to be looking at our choices more deeply and thoroughly than we have been doing or we will end up in a similar spot to the oner we're now in. And most important of all for long-term survival is indeed how we deal with waste- including disposable diapers- because that's all going to be here a long time after we're gone. To achieve what we need to will take a sea-change of people's mindsets and unfortunately that's not likely to happen at all unless the whole world acts as one and follows the same path. Fat chance of that. We're going to have to [email protected] near kill ourselves before we humans learn how we need to be, and more likely is that we'll pass the point of no return before we come to our senses. It's the human way and we're not as smart as we'd like to think we are. Bettypooh
  10. Bettypooh

    Does our ABDL side help keep us young?

    I think it helps keep our spirits up and make for more frequent happiness, but that can be overwhelmed by disease and aging which can get in the way either through pain or an inability to do things we once did that helped us feel young. Those who say you're as young as you feel simply haven't experienced these things at a level which can give an understanding of the matter. When your every day begins and ends with pain and weariness you simply cannot feel young anymore Bettypooh
  11. Bettypooh

    Diapers at the beach

    A recurring topic. You don;'t need to wear for bladder leakage at the beach; just get wet and stay wet. Yes it's inconvenient and awkward if you want 'dry' activities in between swimming sessions but you don't have any other options except changing your plans or changing your clothes. Swim diapers are for fecal leakage and are meant only as a short-term measure, giving you time to get somewhere so you can clean up and change. Once again convenience or desires have no part to play here. This is one of very few things where incontinence is a real b!tch and has a seriously adverse affect on what you can do. You might find a more accommodating beach as far as places to change but that's about it. Wish we had better news for you but among the roses are always some thorns. Bettypooh
  12. Bettypooh

    “Green” diaper disposal?

    SAP's and pulp from used diapers can make a good amendment for some yard or garden soils but you can't use them like this for growing foodstuffs. And the cover will take quite some time to degrade so it can't be. in there. Cloth isn't the answer either as it is at least equally bad for the environment in growing and processing it. But this is nothing compared to a lot of what we're doing to ourselves with our garbage, so I'm not concerned about it. Of the total garbage footprint I'm leaving behind in my life this is not over 1%, and of toxic or poorly-degradable garbage this is still less than 5% with many other things being far more harmful. When someone comes along purporting to want a 'green' world, ask them if they're prepared to go back to living like it was 1840, because any time after that had large amounts of pollution involved. And even earlier times had pollution involved from the making of metals which it's really tough to live without. If you're thinking about keeping some modern things then you're not thinking 'green' at all. We can do better and keep some modern things but almost nobody will want the inconveniences and costs which will go along with it. It's not that we shouldn't care or bother- it's just that we need to realize that we are dead-set on destroying humanity (and probably the Earth with us) and we're collectively not going to stop or even significantly slow that process down. Be responsible but enjoy the ever-lessening life you have because that's all you ca really do. Bettypooh
  13. Bettypooh

    Best diaper for IBS-D

    Abena, Molicare, and Tena brands are the best known which cater to the incontinent, even to the exclusion of anything ABDL in regards to their products.They know we're out here and wearing their stuff, but they basically ignore us. They make a full range of products so they'll have something for you I'm sure. Fit is very important to containment of leakage and you'd be well advised to try samples before purchasing a bag to see how they work for you. Many of the sources listed on this site sell samples and while the cost per diaper is high, it's better than losing most of a bag for their not being usable. Not sure who makes them but there are also liners made which will contain solids and can be removed allowing longer wear of the diaper which will not be directly soiled. Start with these companies products, and with a bit of experience you'll find your best solution. Bettypooh
  14. Bettypooh

    One size fits all disposables

    Me too. Somehow I just love the way the lower rear legs want to gap open and how the seat puffs out and droops. These were the first disposables I ever saw and rekindled my dormant daydreams of wearing diapers and not having to worry about wetting my pants ever again. I still have a couple of those "Curity" adult ones stashed away for a nostalgia trip I'll take someday. Awful diapers, but awesome in the unique look Bettypooh
  15. Bettypooh

    What was your first time in diapers like?

    My first real adult disposable (and first real adult diaper was an old "Ambeze". Nervous as heck putting it on and wondering why I was doing this, but once it was on I was giddy. And when I looked in the mirror I almost screamed out loud and jumped for joy. I'd done it, a dream fulfilled But the capacity was about that of a few paper towels which I soon found out dripping on my beige carpet after getting up from my wet sofa Still it was very satisfying, and I somehow knew this was just the beginning but I never dreamed it would become my daily life. Bettypooh