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  1. How does someone get banned?

    The age limit is 18 and just because they list an appropriate age doesn't mean that we wont discover the truth Other reasons for a rapid ban can be ignoring warnings, and once I banned someone who told me they weren't going to obey the rules The moment they broke the rules again they disappeared- I mean how stupid can you get? Were it possible we'd allow teens on the site but the laws which cover us prevent that, and it would also get site access removed for people in the UK and other places where sites like this have to be adults only as required by their laws. If DailyDiapers is to remain online for everyone 18+ it's what we have to do, so we do it. When an underage person is banned, and that member reaches 18 they can re-apply for membership Bettypooh
  2. Sleep Apnia Contributed To Bedwetting

    Continuous inconsistency in the timing and quantity of urine release is one of the main indicators of a nerve related problem. It will be a life-long issue in that case I should know because that's me. Except at my worst times I was peeing (or trying to) as often as every 5 minutes Sometimes a flood, sometimes nothing, and no way of knowing what was coming next, Only my intentional ending of bladder control has made the situation tolerable and only diapers made that possible. The excessive waking up at night to pee just robs your body of it's needed rest and exacerbates the problem And now that I no longer try for bladder continence, the timing and quantity of my bladder releases is much closer to what it should be- Go figure Bettypooh
  3. Grrr.... death rant

    Wow, such incompetence If things get desperate you've got my primary email- I'll send what I can. Just get through today but earmark this for follow-up as whoever did that needs to at least have their bosses foot shoving their hemorrhoids up to their nose so that they don't do this to someone else And if I were their boss they'd be fired Bettypooh
  4. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    Everyone's experiences have value same as everyone's questions. When we share these things everyone can benefit There was a time when I too worried about how to deal with other people regards me being in diapers but it's mostly a non-issue. A life in diapers is supposed to make you feel better, not worse Bettypooh
  5. That's great progress in life Ferix As to the cramps, I went through the same thing. What I believe is happening is that your bladder is still adjusting to its new role and it's trying to stay empty for you Those should end in time- about two months of that for me- as the detrussor muscle weakens and finally stops trying to act automatically. Once it gets the message that it's no longer needed the spasms and cramps will stop If nothing else, the road to self-incontinence is a weird study in the human body's functioning and how the mind interfaces with it With a strong enough mind you can do anything you want to! Bettypooh
  6. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    I think you've answered your own question, and this seems like a good approach. It's my plan too since 'case-by-case' lets you tailor the response to the individual I work with some stupid people, some smart people, some understanding people, and some cads- pretty much the norm for most of us I've thought it through for each person already as well as what I'd say to strangers. That preparedness brings peace because I now know I can handle this And it does help when you're really good at what you do at work. But there are no guarantees in life! When I came out as TG with an old friend I was working for, the end result was that I got fired. This even though we agreed that I;d keep it off the job and that I'd quit when it was time for me to fully transition so that his company would not be affected in any way. And this after me essentially doubling his income through my knowledge and hard work. I was second in command and business was booming In short order I found myself pushed to the bottom of the barrel (which I accepted without a word for all I wanted was a secure job) and then just before Christmas I was fired for BS reasons, but I knew that the truth was he had concealed his true feelings about me and he was too gutless to be honest about it all Since then I've kept all my personal stuff as far distanced from my work as I can. No matter what you think might happen you could be wrong. You can't control others and what they might say or do. You can however cause yourself unneeded problems by doing or saying something which is unnecessary so the best approach is to not act until you really need to, and then only with what is minimally necessary. You will learn to live with holding it in over time even if it does hurt. Better that you carry the burden quietly than shoot yourself in the foot Best Wishes and we're out here cheering you on Bettypooh
  7. Wearing at the hospital

    Being in pain often stops any sexual feelings. I don't worry about my diapers being discovered by hospital or police. "I'm incontinent" is all the answer they need. If a medical situation requires more explaining then SI and UI are why as these are almost always nerve-related and not a physical problem which Doctors can fix Bettypooh
  8. Uncomfortable urination

    Generally speaking, if your body isn't working right after giving it a few days to heal itself then it's time to seek professional medical help See a Doctor. Bettypooh
  9. ABDL pet peeves

    Well said! Bettypooh
  10. Christmas -- it just takes a bit of initiative

    Beyond my Mom and siblings I've found that my friends are my family The other people related to me don't act like family at all Bettypooh
  11. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    Just to make it clear I'm not into hypocrisy, my Molis are purple and the Tenas I wore previously were white, but both have thick noisy plastic backing because I want that There are more discreet cloth-like backed diapers which would work for me. but I don't want them so I can understand the pink My planned "excuse" for the plastic is that the others don't have the capacity I need and that could work for you as well I still feel that keeping quiet about wearing is the best approach- you can still go to HR when the car gets out of the bag- since there's not really anything to gain by speaking out before then. If someone has already noticed something and they've already spoken to others about that then the word is out there already; they're just keeping you out of that conversation to avoid problems or hurt feelings which is not a bad thing. Being more open can't improve on that. If nobody has spoken there again you can't improve on that. You need to know that your telling everyone is a purely selfish move which might not go as well as you think it will. While it will ;lessen your worries it also opens the door to the discussion becoming more widespread since there is no secret anymore and it will probably lead to you getting all those who know already asking you for more details and not always with your best interests at heart If that becomes a company-wide problem then they might find a reason to fire you as their best method of ending the problem which they could easily perceive as one which you intentionally caused If even after understanding this you still want to unburden yourself then limit that to HR as they are the only ones other than you with a vested interest here After that you can deal with it on a person-by-person basis if and when the issue arises, and you can tailor those responses to the individual based on what you know and expect of them. That way also gives you the weight of telling them that the company already knows which implies that they had better deal with it professionally or it may go bad for them instead of you I know that most or all of the people I work with and for know I'm wearing- I've seen them focus on my diaper area with their eyes after I crinkled as I've leaked very visibly few times (unbeknownst to me). I know how these people think and act and I'm certain they've talked about it among themselves. But because I clearly aim for discretion they keep that away from me to avoid hurting my feelings. And the one or two who might want to have fun with this have certainly been told to keep their mouth shut or else So for me my method works perfectly because it's based on them, not me. I know I wear diapers and I like that, and I know that I will never stop no matter what is said about it. I'm ready for anything- they can't hurt me The best plan is always the one which has the most options along the way so that you can adapt to whatever may happen and still succeed. Wearing diapers is indeed a personal thing and those things are best kept out of the workplace rumor mill. Do what you must but know what you're doing and what the possible outcomes may be. Wear pink if you have to and I'll crinkle because I have to Bettypooh
  12. New Airport Scanners

    Which diaper you're wearing also plays a part. Something thin may not show up as an anomaly. Plus the machine's sensitivity settings are adjustable and not every one will be set to the same standards. It's still a moot point though- the worst that will happen is your getting extra screening before you're allowed to board the plane and that happens randomly too so it's no more of a problem than you make of it. Bettypooh
  13. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    Not much personal experience with boosters here but for me they stay in place without adhesives You might just expose part of the tape. It's something you'd have to try for yourself to see if and how it works for you I'd also recommend a more discreet diaper unless you also want to possibly find yourself dealing with possibly explaining the AB and Sissy parts of your wearing on being discovered Explaining Incontinence isn't too bad, but no way the rest can be flown under-the-radar, and tolerance or acceptance of those 'extras' may not be forthcoming. My own take on wearing at work is this: My work is what makes everything else in my life possible therefore I must make whatever changes I have to in order to continue working even if I don't want to Were it possible there are days where I'd wear a dress to work- I can handle what would be said but I'm only half of the situation and the other half can't handle that at all so I'd lose my job if I tried it. I just have t live with that since I cant change it. And yes, if you wear diapers in any specific situation then eventually someone will notice. Torn pants. unexpected leaks, crinkling sounds, shirttail pulling up exposing the waistband, something will positively happen eventually and you're not in control of that either. So you prepare for that and have a plan in place to get you through with minimal damage "Yes I'm wearing a diaper because I need to. It's a personal thing which I'm not going to discuss further with you." That should be enough as long as it's clear you're trying to be discreet. I doubt it would be enough to explain AB or Sissy prints (and it wouldn't help with me in a dress either) So a lot of it is simply accepting your situation and taking the right approach to get through the rough spots in life. You can wear AB or Sissy diapers everywhere else but doing that at work is not a wise decision IMHO; YMMV. So I wear diapers- so what? It sure beats going around in visibly wet clothes and I don't really care what others may think of that, but if I can avoid having to deal with the issue I'd rather go that way instead simply because that is the best way for me. Bettypooh
  14. To solve the problem would have taken at least many hundreds of work-hours, maybe even more. It was just totally impractical but everyone tried. Sometimes you don't win and the best you can do is to cut your losses and try again- this was one of those times. We've all suffered from the loss. I had my own journey unto diapers chronicled here but it's gone too- you have no idea how much that meant to me. It is what it is and it won't change so best to just forget about it and move forward from here. Bettypooh
  15. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    Not sure what your job is but there should be some place to poop privately and that will also do for a diaper change There's also lunch break and you may have access to your car where a change might be possible If a change is truly impossible then using a booster may be the best answer as that can be quickly removed and will extend wear time Not so long ago I was working out of town doing 3 day stints with a co-worker and staying the nights in the same room with them. Even with nearly zero privacy I still found ways to change discreetly 3 times a day though sometimes it required waiting for the chance. Discreet disposal was more of a problem than changes but once again it was possible with having the bags ready to run to the dumpster with when I had a moment alone Usually whoever thinks best wins the game Bettypooh