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  1. Bettypooh

    selling my stash :(

    OK folks, stay on topic here, and unless you are interested in buying these please do NOT post a reply here. If you have something else to say then PM the seller. Also remember to not post private details (names, phone numbers, addresses, etc) but exchange them via PM for security reasons. Bettypooh
  2. Bettypooh

    Barrier Paste Help

    Good products come to an end for various reasons, but today it's usually a lack of dividend-generating sales that causes the stockholders to make the company management do something else or get fired. The best products usually come from privately owned companies who can do what they [email protected] well please without any similar outside interference. I have heard much good about Boudreaux's Butt Paste, though TBH I've never used anything but aloe vera gel on the few rashes I've had. If someone detects a "medicine" smell they will likely just presume chafing which the continent get too. Bettypooh
  3. Bettypooh

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    Predestination or free-will are neither good or bad. One cannot classify concepts such as these that way, only the effects which they may bring might be considered good or bad, and even then that could vary considerably depending on the viewpoint of whoever is deciding that. This way of thinking which is doctrine of many denominations falls flat on it's face when you consider this: if there is good and it's opposite of bad inherent in anything, then the same standards would also apply to God who created evil as well as good. Therefore either God has sinned or God is a hypocrite in judging us for his same failings. If we have free will, then God erred in giving us something knowing that we would use it wrongfully, much the same as giving a loaded gun to a child would be, yet if we are predestined then none of this is our fault as we could do nothing else and all bad would be the fault of God. If he simply knows what our free-will is going to be then that too is a form of predestination isn't it? The bottom line is that we don't really have much free-will at all if we have any. Predestination is the only answer which adequately addresses all the questions without reservation. Bettypoh
  4. Bettypooh

    Random Thread

    It is not 120 degrees outside even though my 15 year old electronic thermometer thinks that it is. Bettypooh
  5. The local store ran out and issued rainchecks to those who were too late. Yeah, I think this blew up in their face but I can't see why anyone would have expected any other response. When this quarter's financial report comes out it will probably show their biggest loss ever. And if it does, there will be some marketing jobs opening up there with some stupid people deservedly joining the ranks of the unemployed. I hope they have other skills because with a blunder this size they won't be offered any more marketing jobs anymore Bettypooh
  6. Bettypooh

    That diaper feeling

    The novelty does wear off, and most of the fun too, but with me that has been replaced by a deep satisfaction with myself in knowing that I am living a dream doing what I always wanted to do. Knowing how much better I feel now being 24/7 there is no going back. It's not for everyone but it positively is for me If you're curious about whether it's right for you too, give it a 2 to 4 week try. No cheating, 24/7 means always wearing no matter what. No early stopping either. By the end of that time you'll either be sick and tired of always being in diapers or planning to do it forever. Whichever way it goes, you will have the right answer for you which is the whole idea here. There are no wrong answers either way. Bettypooh
  7. Counselling and Therapy are there to help you solve problems. If diapers aren't a problem they won't be focused on. And even if they are causing problems, it isn't the diapers where the problem is, it is in why they seem to be a problem. Nobody can help you if you're being dishonest with them. That doesn't mean that they have to know everything, just that you must be ready to explore everything to find and fix the problems which brought you there. I wasn't experiencing any ABDL thoughts or feelings when I was in therapy so we never discussed it directly, but we did go over my taking high on forever to become continent and how that affected me. And you do need only someone you feel comfortable with, someone you know that you can and will be totally honest with, or it won't work as well as it should. Let them decide where the conversation will go so they can get to the root of the problems and start working on solving them with you. Notice I said"with you", not "for you", because the work to be done is yours, they are just there to direct you toward what needs to be done so you can end the problems and be happier in life thereafter. Bettypooh
  8. Bettypooh

    I'm Beginning to Wonder...

    Being the realist which I am, I can't quite reconcile being an AB and having adult thoughts or habits. Yet we are adults, at least in age and experience, and that cannot be changed. So odd as it may seem, those must be compatible since they do happen. Just another one of the crazy things about being human which does not make sense but here we are anyway Bettypooh
  9. Bettypooh

    I told my wife I like to wear diapers...please read.

    Glad to hear there is progress! On shame, it is a social construct; not something we always have in us but something which has been put there from outside. We chose to accept it so we can also choose to reject it That can be a very hard thing to do, believe me, but it can be done. On this, don't look back any more than to understand that you felt shame in the past and maybe you still do but wish you didn't. The thing to do is to see today, knowing that shame isn't welcome, then refuse to allow it inside you. You don't have to replace it with pride or anything else, just throw the garbage out and be done with it Nothing else has to change along with that. I was ashamed of cross dressing for decades. When my TG side came along and took over my life that shame couldn't be anymore- I was 'crossdressing' everything visibly 24/7. The two were incompatible and one had to go The process took months but finally I reached a point where even the nasty comments I sometimes got didn't hurt anymore; I took them for the uneducated hateful thoughts they really were and let the other person carry that burden as I smiled knowing that there was none of that in me now. In overcoming my shame I became a better person which is something those haters would never be. I took the win and let them have their loss I've now reached the same point with diapers. Though I always knew there is nothing wrong with wearing, my thoughts and my feelings were in conflict; incompatible once again. This took years but now I honestly feel no shame about diapers And I'm not ashamed of my past, even though it is full of mistakes. Whatever I felt then is irrelevant today. Anything bad from back then simply taught me to do better now, and I have done that. Use the past to learn from and to recall pleasant memories- don't go back there for any other reason. We all learn through our errors and the only good in focusing on them is to help remind us that we should be doing better now. If you refuse to let the past hurt you then it can't. Life is about today- now- and not what went on in the past. If you feel shame, ask yourself why. Ask yourself if there is something wrong in it, and if there isn't then refuse to let that shame steer you. Throw that trash out- it's not your problem anymore Bettypooh
  10. Bettypooh

    Madonna Live

    LMAO. And it will probably happen-some people don't know when to quit and she's one of them. Here's my true feelings on this...... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5_hhj1K3G8g Profanity warning. Remove headphones and brains before watching video. Enjoy before YT finds it and removes it. BTW I actually have that CD Bettypooh
  11. Bettypooh

    What is your faith?

    More than basically, nearly totally is more on target. Bettypooh
  12. Bettypooh

    Any one else have a bug out bag????

    I was once quite of the mindset which is now known as 'Preppers', but that has changed. Ones of the biggest factors in that change was my actually needing diapers now. No different than people who need medicines to live, there is a point where life cannot be sustained no matter how well you prepare for it I'm a member on one forum where the best peppers hang out; they have group efforts going to cover almost everything, but they cannot understand that the world their grandchildren will be in if TSHTF is going to be incredibly cruel and tough. Still, there is wisdom in some of the ideas like BOB's Disasters can hit hard and fast, natural and man-made, so being ready to escape to safety instantly is simply good sense. We've got good disaster assistance programs in the US but those take time to deploy. The general advice is to be ready to take care of all your own needs for at least three days minimum; by then there should be some assistance available. You can go for minimal or extensive supplies, just remember that you may have to carry that on foot for three days so don't go crazy with packing every imaginable thing. All you need is the basics and knowledge of what resources you will have the ability to acquire and how to harvest and use those things If you've got family then you have to consider that they too will need supplies, so the minimalist approach let's you have more for them. Read up on long-distance hiking and trekking and see what those folks have with them and how they live. Everything they carry serves at least two uses. It doesn't really take much but what you have must cover everything you might run into because there is nobody around to save your hide if you fail. There is no room for junk or extras, just the basics but well-chosen ones. Most of all those frolks pack knowledge because that it the critical element here. You will not make it without that Everyone needs a BOB but relatively few have them because nobody likes to think that they will be the next victim of circumstance. Nobody wants to believe that their entire world can go away in mere moments leaving them with nothing except what they have with them. Disasters don't always happen to someone else, and the worst affected are always those who were not prepared for them at all. I prefer to not be an early statistic counted in the aftermath and that is why I have a BOB. You should too. I hope this discussion evolves, we can learn from each other Now here's something I'll bet you didn't think to pack but should- cash, especially coins. The first thing lost in a disaster is power and services like credit cards and ATM's. Coins can get you things from vending machines should you find one working. Nobody is going to be able to sell you anything without cash. And should you have the bad luck to be robbed in daily life, that stash of cash can get you home even when no other disaster is involved. I keep $5 in coins and like to have around $40 in small bills ready. Doesn't take much space and not much weight but it should definitely be in there! Bettypooh Bettypooh
  13. Bettypooh

    RIP - Toy's R us

    Let's keep politics and bashing of all sorts out of here or I will do some official bashing of my own Back on topic please! Many retail businesses have lost out to online selling because that allows for cheaper prices and greater company profits. Just how the world works today. Though it's been ages since I read it, the book "Future Shock" by Alvin Toffler is a must-read. Written in the 60's it forecast much of what we deal with today and it's predictions are still being fulfilled. To know what is coming is scary, but we need to know that to deal with it. After you read it you will understand the why of us losing our old ways including retail stores. Add some deeper thought to that and you'll see where this will all end which makes me happy that I'll be dead before it happens. To me anyway, the saddest part of the Toys r Us story is that the founder had to see his fulfilled dream crumble. The idea was genius and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, then things beyond his control destroyed everything. Books a Million and Barnes and Noble have suffered a similar fate, and oddly enough the one same company was responsible for much of this- Amazon, who started as a book-selling site. EBay helped. The world changes and it you don't change with it you get left behind. As we shop on price and convenience we're doing this to our own selves, and it's always too late when we finally see what we've done to make it better. Bettypooh
  14. Bettypooh

    Big store brand diapers suck

    There are some store brands better than others, but the cheapest ones are all made by one company about 40 miles from here, and those are all the same. And none of them will be what the ABDL's want which is different from what the intended market wants. Unless you've got a really big medical supplier or ABDL store nearby, online is the only way to get good diapers Just how the world is today and it won't be changing Bettypooh
  15. Bettypooh

    hazards of wearing 24/7

    Sometimes they leak long before you expect them to- damage, faulty manufacturing or QC, clothing tucked inside, improper fit, and more If you are going to wear and use diapers then sooner or later you will leak. There's just too many things which can happen to always avoid them all. I've probably experienced all of the by now, but it's not a big issue to me anymore either. Bettypooh