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  1. How much guilt have you felt over your diaper life?

    I voted 'never' but that's not quite true. I did have some guilt feelings initially but they are gone forever now I don't quite know where those feelings came from, only that they were there as long as I accepted them. I can't feel guilt in diapering when I need them and when they make my life better because I wear them- nothing but good in this for me now Bettypooh
  2. New Video exploring how sodium affects incontinence

    Impressive vid and I generally like it but you've made the same mistake Doctors do in thinking that there is one correct RDA for sodium which applies to everyone. I perspire hugely in the summer heat. I can lose as much as 2 gallons+ of hydration a day My clothes get soaked as if I just climbed out of a pool- they drip perspiration. My body requires lots more sodium than usual or I'll lose hydration faster than I can replenish it. In the heat I have to constantly drink water almost to the point of feeling it sloshing in my tummy or I dehydrate. My urine production level drops somewhat then but stays clear which indicates that it's enough. The only dry part of me in the summer is inside my diaper Luckily I am also hypotensive so it helps my blood pressure instead of hurting it If I don't gets lots of salt in the summer, my blood pressure sometimes drops so low I nearly faint- not good when you're way up in the air working For most folks you're on the mark and indeed most Americans eat way too much salt. Fast food and prepackaged foods are so full of it that adding more puts folks into the danger zone It was interesting to see how salinity affected diaper absorption rates, retention, and overall capacity. Baby diaper manufacturers use a propriety saline liquid for testing which they call "insult"- a term which I personally am insulted by I will definitely be watching all your other vids soon and I want to offer a BIG THANK YOU for posting this one here. Very well done Bettypooh
  3. Clueless parents

    Boy howdy, you've nailed it again Peer pressure and limited mild embarrassment can be good teaching tools, but it's playing with fire and it's almost always the child who gets burned in the process I'd love to meet your Brother so I could chop into his pudenal nerve He needs to be learning, not teaching Maybe oneday the chance to teach him well will come to you; I certainly hope so. I cut the family some extra slack- partly because I know them so well and partly because I do love them- because we've all got faults (that includes me too ). Yet unaddressed faults never get better on their own so where I can I do try to help my family as they do for me too. Sometimes I speak with the parent, sometimes the child, but always done with love and caring as the motivation when any anger I may feel is in control Kids need to be pushed into the right direction sometimes, but that never allows for shoving them there and it has to be done with care and love along with explaining why you're doing it in terms they can comprehend. Kids need chances to grow and they all develop at different rates. I've never understood why we group them by age, expecting them to all be alike because of that. It's clearly a stupid approach Parenting, just like any other job, can always be done better. Nobody will ever get perfect doing it but everyone can try. It's a shame that so few do. We're all somewhat handicapped by our own raising but that doesn't mean that there's an excuse for when that was done wrong. Do well by your kids because if nothing else they are going to be deciding which nursing home you're going to get stuck in and they won't be forgetting your mistakes when they do that Bettypooh
  4. Childhood Memories and Experiences

    As a child I had very poor bladder control, what they now call 'neurogenic bladder' or 'mixed incontinence'. This was in the 60's when not much was known about incontinence compared to now. Dad was in the military so I got poked and prodded by Doctors at every base we moved to, which was many since Dad was a drunk who got transferred a lot. Nobody could find anything physically wrong so I was finally sent to the Psychiatrists when I was about 9. I didn't quite understand what was going on but after meeting the Doctors and talking with them awhile they told me I'd have to wait in a room while Dad was away at a meeting. The Doctors and me went in and there was a table on the left with girls toys then further down another table with boy's toys. They told me to go ahead and play with any of the toys I wanted to and they'd come to get me when Dad was done. I asked "Any of the toys?" and they said yes- any of them, and then they left. I'd noticed that the wall above the tables was lined with mirrors and my older brother had already explained what one-way mirrors were and how that if you looked at them correctly you could see into the room behind them a little, so I knew I was being watched but I didn't know why or by who. I walked along and looked at the toys then went to the girls table to play with the pretty dolls and the dollhouse. In moments I saw a flash of light through the mirrors at the hallway end then the door to my playroom flew open. The Doctors seemed scared or worried and told me I couldn't play with those toys- I could only play with the boys toys. I reminded them of what they'd said but they said they'd meant I could only play with the boy's toys on the other table. I was heartbroken because the first chance I'd ever had to play with the toys I really wanted to was taken away from me- my sisters wouldn't let me play with them and their toys were off-limits. I began crying and told them they'd lied to me then they left. I walked down to the 'boys' table but nothing there interested me at the moment so I just sat in a chair crying, looking wistfully at the dollhouse I couldn't play with. In a few minutes the Doctors came back and said Dad's meeting was over and I could go now. I was still crying as I took one last look at the dollhouse, the biggest best and prettiest I'd ever seen, somehow knowing I'd never get that chance again. Looking back as an adult it all became clear. I was quite intelligent but very immature for my age, so back then I had no Idea of what it all meant. Dad and everyone else never believed me when I said I couldn't help my pantswetting and that I always tried with all my might to stay dry but it just didn't work. They were looking for something wrong with my head when my problem was in my body. And they didn't understand Transgender back then so it must have been a shock to them to see me wanting to play with the dolls. We went back to those Doctors later on but I was never allowed into the playroom again, and I never trusted them because they'd lied to me so I told them what they wanted to hear when they asked me questions instead of what I really felt inside. I never quite understood why I felt like a girl inside until my 30's when I finally got online. I do remember them asking if I wanted to wear diapers (yes) and why (to keep my pants dry and let me become like the other kids my own age). I somehow knew there was more to it than that, but again it was never understandable till I got online and found other DL's like me. The world is much better for kids with incontinence and Gender issues now, and I'm happy for them that they won't have to go through the He!! which my own childhood was. Maybe they wont find their lives destroyed like mine was- all kids certainly deserve better chances than I had. I've got my life together now but to what use I don't know- I'm nearly 60 and though I'm well-traveled and experienced in much you'd hardly believe is true, my own life has passed me by. I can only imagine how much different things would have been for me had I been allowed the diapers I honestly needed and the chance to express my real gender instead of having to hide it just to survive. Childhood memories? You can keep them- mine aren't worth having and you wouldn't want them to be yours anyway. Bettypooh
  5. The last few years.

    Wow, you cover a lot of ground here Do remember that I'm almost 60 now and grew up in a far different world than what we see today. Not all of that was good either like some folks would want you to believe. But it has allowed me to see what's gone wrong, where that happened, and why it happened Although the matter is complex in scope, there's one main reason for everything going wrong. I'd post it here but I don't want to take all the flak it would bring and as a Mod I wouldn't feel it proper to fire the first shot in the huge war which would ensue so I'm going to keep my big fat mouth shut about it What I will say is this: Society has gotten what it was truly asking for and it wasn't what the people actually wanted. We've long passed the 'point of no return' and there's no hope to ever see anything better regardless of your political point of view. Financial success is still attainable for those who understand what I won't say and who are so inclined to pursue the exploitation of it Or you can succeed the old-fashioned way: persistence and effort But in the long run it won't matter because we're all on the same ship and it's as doomed as the Titanic Personally I'm glad that you're finding your groove and going into doing something you want to do. I wish you success in that for one of the greatest rewards of things like this is happiness and satisfaction, and you can't put a price tag on those The two most important things in a human are their heart and their brain. Neither can make it without the other and neither is more important than the other. Use them both well and wisely Bettypooh
  6. Its time to start.

    For me the goodness of always being diapered is two-fold. First is the secure and safe feeling they give me- I can't have a visible accident anymore and I don't have to consciously monitor my bladder condition now Second is knowing that I'm doing something I always wanted to do- a goal accomplished I didn't throw out my panties but there was no temptation to go back- I was (and am) committed to this. Sometimes I'll wear briefs over my diaper to get a smoother appearance My motivator was true need- pads weren't adequate to contain the leakage anymore Knowing that people notice changes, it's poor technique for discretion to be going back and forth. Far better to show up at work one Monday in diapers and stay that way. With the weekend in between people won't remember what you looked like as well as they would overnight plus we're usually focused on 'getting back into the working groove' Mondays instead of noticing people. And if this is something you really want to do deeply then it's good for you to do it. Think of it kind of like dieting; it's going to take a while, not a week. If its better for you to physically remove temptations to go back to undies then don't just trash them- reinforce your commitment to diapers by cutting them up with scissors first ritualistically signifying the end of that part of your life. And make diapering interesting- try different ones and browse the webstores for sample packs. Having something on the way to you means you'll have to wear them or waste them when they arrive. It's really not that tough to wear and use diapers as long as you think things through so that you don't come across unpleasant surprises along the way If it's meant for you it won't be long before you know you've made the right decision then you'll never consider anything else Bettypooh
  7. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    I think it would be more correct to say that OAB is a form of incontinence- Wikipedia isn't always 100% correct in all of its assertions Ditto for causation; mine comes from a nerve dysfunction. You are right about that being little understood- they can't pinpoint exactly where my dysfunction is happening (brain? nerve? spinal irritation?) although they know it's happening somewhere The semantics aren't that important compared to the big picture, but they can be confusing and misleading which is why my response. Best for all to have the same understanding of what words actually mean Bettypooh
  8. Being trans and liking diapers

    I'm far from the usual. I always knew my gender was wrong and I've always been attracted to diapers, though it all worked out strangely. Other than in thought I'd explored nothing till my mid teens when I found arousal and comfort (physical and emotional) in wearing panties. I also discovered that while my 'boy' undies were always damp (or worse) from my life-long bladder leakage, when in panties I had nary a dribble, so in my late teens panties became my daily wear and the arousal disappeared. Through to my mid 30's I did some further crossdressing occasionally, and acquired a drinking and drug problem. When I went to bed really drunk there were good odds that I'd wake up to a soaked bed so I experimented (badly) with home-made diapers as that was all I had access to. Late 30's my Trans feelings came to the fore-front and by then I'd quit the drugs but not the drinking. I wound up Transitioning and living full-time for two years except for at work where a male personna was necessary. Diapers were the furthest thing from my mind. Then clinical depression almost killed me. For other unrelated reasons it became clear that I couldn't sustain my transitioned life so it slowly faded away save for my underdressing. I also stopped drinking. Late 40's my bladder control became worse and I started wearing pads in my panties but in time that wasn't enough, so I wound up wearing diapers. At first there was some arousal but that quickly died and was replaced by as deep a self-satisfaction as I'd found in Transitioning, though not as a replacement for it. And that's where I am today, still deeply wanting to get back to life as a woman but unable to, and completely happy to wear only diapers. On thinking it all through, I believe that my dryness in panties came about as part of my 'girl side' not wanting to 'dirty' myself or my clothes; sort of me becoming a 'big girl'. Their thinness also meant that I had to gain bladder control as one spurt was more than they could absorb. Now that I'm much older I can accept that diapers do not detract from being a woman in any way so there's no bad in my wearing them. Diapers are both a physical and emotional need which I would not change even if I could, and even if me returning to a transitioned life became possible again. Both are part of who I am Bettypooh
  9. Who is ready for riding weather?

    Looking forward to the warmer weather too though I don't ride anymore. It never gets too bad to ride here if you're hardcore, but most of the "bikers" here are fair-weather hydrophobics that can't handle even a warm summer drizzle I rode year-round by choice Bettypooh
  10. Clinical Depression, no longer on Meds but they were necessary until I learned how to deal with this devil without them I do 'escape' into gender expression and more openness with diapering sometimes as a means of stress control As to "other disabilities" I have gout in the knees (barely kept in control by diet) and sometimes severe lower back problems. Gotta love getting old Bettypooh
  11. Born, discovered, or made?

    My story is well-known but in short I've always been this way for as long as I can remember. It came about because of my lack of bladder control and a refusal by a parent to allow me to wear any kind of protection When the desire and need recurred later in life I could decide for myself so I did Arguments of 'nurture over nature' are self-defeating; nature provides the predisposition of tendencies then nurture provides the means of expression. One can also be moved 'by nurture' as well, but it not limited to that method alone As with my gender this has always been inside of me, only waiting for me to express it Bettypooh
  12. How do you report an underaged user?

    We do ask (and appreciate) reporting of underage members. US law requires that we male an earnest effort to keep minors off this site, and laws in other Nations are even more restrictive. If we are to continue to be available here and elsewhere this must be done. PM a Mod, report a post, whatever you can do to let us know will help us stay here for everyone Bettypooh
  13. Is this considered incontinence

    Good job this Anytime you experience significant unusual symptoms for more than a few days that you can't positively link to a known and temporary cause, it's time to seek Medical advice. Go to the Doctor's if you can but at least get a phone consultation with them. The earlier that you address a problem, the easier it is to deal with it Bettypooh
  14. Questions for those with medical knowledge

    I had a lifting accident in my late 20's which was never correctly repaired, and that got me a case of Scoliosis when the bones healed wrong. Since then I've been prone to back problems at L-2 and L-3. In my mid 40's a full examination and a back X-ray revealed that L-4 was now becoming involved and that all the discs were degenerating with the Lumbar area being the worst. On top of that all the bones had become arthritic and were degenerating too. I was given a prognosis of 15 years at the most before I could no longer work (which I've surpassed) as well as the ever-present danger that a fall could pop things out of place and damage or partially sever my spinal cord, leaving me in a wheelchair. A Maternal family history of bad backs indicated that at least some of this was likely genetic in nature. I have the world's greatest Chiropractor and she has kept me going, plus now I do nothing which might injure my back in any way. I've always had bladder control issues since birth which they concluded were caused by a nerve or brain dysfunction (bladder spasms, OAB, SI, and UI). As my back got worse so did my bladder control which was attributed to the Pudenal nerve getting chafed or irritated at where L-4 and L-5 have been mis-aligned. I never had a urodynamic study done, however my bladder capacity and function were tested after a Colon surgery which had caused my digestive and urinary systems to shut down. It turned out that while I have a normal-sized bladder, it had always emptied at half-full which was the cause of my frequent urination needs to that point. Not having insurance made a urodynamics study unfeasible so they went with all the info they did have which they deemed was enough. So while my back problems do contribute to my bladder problems, both are separate but now related issues. I've spent several hundreds of hours doing my own research online about how all this comes together and it seems they have me diagnosed correctly. I guess that it's fortuitous that I have strong DL tendencies as that made going into diapers quite easy for me, with the outcome being that now my only concerns are for my back- nothing else is a problem to me anymore. Bettypooh
  15. Bedwetter in Training

    @Your Wet Friend There's a section here for Blogs though it likely won't change the number of readers It is free and you can use it as a personal journal if you're so inclined. Mine gets a few reads from a few friends but it's as much a personal thing for me as a shared one. I do like the price Bettypooh