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  1. I went a little overboard recently. I bought: 1 CaseABU Simple max 1/2 case ABU Paws 1/2 case ABU Space 1 Case Dotty Pride 1 Case Tykables Overnights 1 Case Northshore @ 2XL boosters 1 Case Rearz Seduction 1 Case Rearz Princess 1 Case Rearz barnyard. Bottom line at a little over 1 diaper per day I have a years supply of diapers. =/ I really need to step up my wearing game overall. Thinking about doing a boosted review if anyone is intersted DAQ
  2. It isn't so simple. Some are thicker while others are wider. I think my preference for unboosted dry thickness is the ABU Space/Little Paws/Simple. They are not packed super tight so one can take the right out of of a bag and wear.
  3. Received a shipment today and it only had one piece of brown packing tape along the top, which broke or slipped or both during shipping. Glad that my roommate got to see all of my Overnights just hanging out there in the open. FML
  4. I was so disappointed when I saw they were only selling them by the bag right now. I can't wait for next week. I have Pride, Tykable Overnights, Rearz Barnyard, Safari, and Seduction, as well as ABU Simple Ultra, Space, and Little Paws coming. Time for some boosted fun!
  5. My diaper is so thick, it misses the punchline to every joke
  6. I never intended for this to be a one shot story. But the further I got into it I realized that where it was starting and ending would not lead to an unsatisfactory beginning/middle/and end as a stand alone story within universe. I actually have another chapter written but I want to make sure that what ever I write and/or release has a finished quality to it and does not leave a sour taste in one's mouth if that is all that is read. I see so many stories like this left in cliff hangers or abandoned and it frustrates me to no end and I do not want to subject others to the same. I will continue to write and release hopefully as things progress.
  7. I have been reading the Diaper Dimension stories since the beginning and have been a big fan and consumer since day one. While I have had several thoughts and ideas for stories, this is the first that felt fleshed out enough to post here and this is my first story posted period. Without further adieu, enjoy. Jake had snuck out of his crib easily enough. He had always been strong and hoisting himself out of the crib even with the grip limiting footed pajamas had not been too much of a problem. His heart pounded as he fell out of the crib with a thud. The thick diaper wrapped around his waist provided a nice cushion as he landed. He lay still on all fours for several heart beats listening for any sounds from “Mommy's” room. How he loathed to call her that. Funny how a few short days ago it was a dream, she saw that it was no longer the case. In a few short moments the humiliation of the last week would not matter. He crouched low and made his way towards the nursery door. Each step creating a distinctive crinkle from his protruding nighttime diaper. His only hope was that the baby monitor mounted on the changing table near the door would not amplify the sound too much. Each carefully placed step felt like a gunshot in his ears. The thickness making movement just a little more difficult than it needed to be. Each rustle and crinkle of the diaper sounded as if he had deliberately placed a megaphone against his crotch. His legs bowed as he tried to make as little contact with his legs as possible The door creaked as he opened it to the darkened hallway. Several more seconds passed as his heartbeat drown out every noise in his world. He reached out a tiptoe of each pace searching for any creaky floorboards in his path past the door that stood ajar to “mommy's” room to his right. Ten paces past that to his left lay his escape. The stairs, his next obstacle but one that seemed completely doable and easy in comparison to the task that lay ahead. He knew from experience that Sandra was a light sleeper. Every step he took reality reformed itself. “Mommy” became Sandra, His identity as “baby” became the reality of captive little and not a toddler. The disgustingly cute nightlight depicting Oliver and Co now firmly behind him. It still reminded of him of day one in this bizarre place when the mere peek at the TV caused his diaper to grow warm and his desire to suckle a pacifier grow. He remembered the first full day he was in this dimension. Sandra had taken him the the “nice” doctor. The doctor had injected him with nannites that were programmable. He had given the program to Sandra and he had wondered from that day how many of his thoughts were his own. He reached down to his navel where the pacifier rest and put it in his mouth to silence the jackhammer and the doubt pounding in his chest. “Just make it down these stairs, and you are in the clear” he whispered to himself so quietly that it was only barely audible over his own breathing. As he reached the landing for the top step he turned around, braced himself against the wall and the floor and swung his lower body into the nothingness that was an Amazon stairwell. His logical mind told him that the next stair was mere inches from his toes stretching as far as his adrenaline pumped body would allow. His emotional brain screaming to not let go as if falling off a cliff. Finally he mustered the courage to let go and fell safely onto the following step with the faintest thud announcing his arrival. “Just 13 more of those.” He thought to himself as he set up the next leap of faith. Twelve more heart stopping drops later he was at the bottom of the stairs. Even thought he had planned this day for the last week he had not even considered what to do next. His chances of success up to this point seemed so low that he had not even thought of what was next. Should he go for the garage where the highly mobile car was located that he may or may not (the more likely option) be able to drive was located or should he head for the front door and try and hoof it to the interdimensional gateway. He knew from his previous drives that it was a short 10 minute drive to the portal but had no inclination what that meant for his tiny little legs in this dimension or how quickly he might be picked up on the street. In the end he decided that the engine starting would be too much of a noisemaker and wondered how he could possibly drive a vehicle meant for an Amazon. He opted for the front door. Jake threw caution to the wind and ran towards the door. He took a running start towards the door and reached for the lever handle. He had made contact with the handle when his hands and legs went completely numb and limp for a second as it felt he had just been shocked with a taser. With a loud thud he made contact with the door and fell into a heap onto the ground. The second that his body made contact a loud siren sounded and he knew immediately that he was sunk. In a last ditch effort he scrambled to his feet and race towards the back door. He could hear commotion upstairs coming from Sandra's room. Sledgehammers made their way towards what was his nursery. He quickly rushed to his feet and began to run. Pure adrenaline filled his veins. He stumbled over his own feet on his third step and fell to his hands and knees. The pounding upstairs began again. He got up again and took ran several more steps before stumbling again. He got up a third time and took several more shaky steps, each becoming more cumbersome and uncoordinated than the last. “I must have fallen harder than I thought” he said to himself. Walking as fast as he could bracing himself against the wall, on his forth step He had fallen face down and went to push himself up to run but the most he could muster was a crawl. By now the lights were on upstairs and he could see a shadow quickly rushing down the stairs. “Just a little further” He screamed inwardly. He had reached the backdoor. He teetered to his feet and tried for the doorknob. It was at that time that the smell hit him. He had yet to mess his diaper without some indication! How could this happen? But the smell was there all the same. His body braced against the wall he could feel the warmth in the crotch of his diaper as well. “JACOB DOYLE” she bellowed as he fell flat on his ass. The mess in the seat of his diaper spreading everywhere. His face scrunched as he fell. He did not think it possible but his heart rate dropped once more and stomach dropped as she had cleared the dining area and picked him up off the ground threw him up over her shoulder “You spoiled little brat! You have no idea how many ways you could - have - hurt - your – self” each syllable being separated by a hard swat to his thighs and butt. He began to cry from the pain. Over the last week he had done many things to earn a spanking but this was by far the worst. He was sobbing uncontrollably by the time they had made their way upstairs and back into the nursery. With a practiced hand Mommy had pulled off the sleeper and began to change his now thoroughly soiled diaper. She had finished applying a fresh coat of powder by the time he had calmed down enough to really be aware of anything again. He would try to plead with her one last time. “But I just want to go home” is what he meant to say, but what came out was “Bui wanna ghum” His eyes widened and tried again. “pws lemgu” He began to sob again in earnest. The realization of what had happened fell into place. The lack of motor control, the messy diaper, the speech. It all made sense! The front door had been booby trapped. It had activated the nanites. He was now a toddler/infant for real, there was no escape. As this was going through his head his sobbing became wailing. “There there baby. Everything will be OK” Mommy soothed. She undid her top and directed him towards her breast. “Those nannites have taken all the mean away, they won't hurt you anymore” He felt the front of his diaper grow warm again halfway through the first breast. In his daze he thought to himself. “I would have made it if it was not for that damn remote.” Before drifting off to sleep. As I said this is my first story post. So any thoughts or criticisms are greatly appreciated. I do have other ideas for this story for quite a bit more content but also hope that it works as a one and done as I have not decided for sure on that direction yet. Big obligatory citation and credit Princess Pottypants, the creator of this most addicting universe and and BabySofia, who's take on the universe has been one I have thoroughly enjoyed and shamelessly stolen many plot devices from.
  8. 223 Green tips should pack enough punch that they would penetrate even the thickest Amazon skin/bones. there are plenty of concealable pistols or bullpup rifles chambered in 223 including liberator pistols that would make this viable. If one thought that 223 was not sufficient there are single shot liberator pistols chambered in even larger calibers. I like Gramps' idea of going for the knees or hamstrings. Everyone is short once they are on their knees, back, or face after being ham stringed (ham strung?). a 3 or 4 inch knife should be plenty to do this even to someone who is 10 or 11ft tall. Once there, all the vunerable spots are options depending on objective. Neck, armpits, and groin for execution. Calves, elbows, shoulders for incapacitation. On a side note. I love where you are going with this Sofia. It sounds like if the Trellini family gets ahold of Bella, they will have total control of the nanites that reside within Stacy. Foreshadowing perhaps?
  9. I agree with Spokane Girl on a lot of things. Don't give up you for the sake of your children, or you will end up resenting them. Here is my take: 1. There are plenty of things that you consider childish/babyish that you only consider because you are super sensitive towards it. example: Onesies, footed sleepers, "children shows". There are plenty of things you can continue. I think there are plenty of things that you can continue that if your son or daughter sees you doing past adolescence might roll their eyes at and go "Moooooom" and think is uncool but never consider AB/DL unless you give them reason to. 2. If you still want to wear diapers past adolescence I would suggest wearing something inconspicuous and non AB/DL themed. If they find the diapers then it is simply a control problem that mommy chooses to deal with through diapers. 3. The happy meals can easily be explained. Personally I would say it is a way for mommy to limit calories (an amenable goal for any of us) 4. For anything you don't feel like explaining to your kids get a locked chest or safe and lock anything up in there. Only open the chest and indulge behind locked doors and as others have suggested teach your child that closed/locked doors mean something. Good luck on motherhood and I wish you all the best. Let your child be first but don't let them control everything about you.
  10. I have always felt like THE Diaper Dimension was always a misnomer. I view it more as a collection or multiverse dimensions as others have described. It allows me to read the stories without getting too distracted by the similarities and differences between the stories. There are logistical problems that none of the diaper dimension stories that I have read have addressed. And if they have they all contradict eachother. I say go nuts. You are the master of your own dimension.
  11. There was a problem with the site awhile back. Many posts ended up like this. Perhaps DKN117 will repost.
  12. It has been 48 whole hours. Where is my update fix? I am almost, ALMOST tempted to start writing my own story.
  13. People get smaller going through the portal would Amazons get bigger?
  14. I think when she came the first time she was ~6' tall even with the interdimensional shrinking that occurs through the portal. If recall correctly that is almost at the cutoff of little and inbetweener.
  15. how many uses os that? Once s week so like 100-150?