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  1. I think over the next several months you will have many firsts and interesting experiences. Should be a fun time relearning who you are.
  2. She has a youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/@BumblePree
  3. I bought a case recently. I am impressed. Very solid diaper and I like the cloth backing even more than the alphagatorz or little kings. The cloth backing is much tougher than the latter. I would say the Try Agains are comparable to the Tykables Animooz. I haven't done a detailed analysis or anything but having worn both I would say they are identical in all but price and and style. So if you care more about price I would go with the Animooz. If you care about supporting an upstart business and/or the pattern, go with the Try Agains.
  4. As I am in the process of some major life choices I was left with a thought that I could not shake while taking antidepressants. "Are my thoughts my own, and how much of them is chemical driven?" Was a hard feeling to shake and I almost stopped them cold turkey because of that and a couple other reasons
  5. @Reddy so when the cath comes out tomorrow are you going to change the name of the thread? "Got Surgery in Mexico"
  6. Going to throw the Str8up and Tighty Whities from Tykables into the fray of premium diapers to consider. If one is going to spend $3 on a MegaMax, the world is their oyster as far as options are concerned. There are not many diapers that are more expensive and none at the case quantity that I know of.
  7. I think that has been what is so alluring about the surgery for so many people. That choice and on the fencedness of untraining, hypnosis, stents, or even botox feel like temporary and possibly reversable measures. By physically destroying the muscles it is a one way street. I think that once someone becomes truly incontinent that they will adapt and if you became permanently incontinent that you might get those feelings every once in awhile but they would pass, rather quickly even.
  8. Currently living vicariously through Reddy until I can gather funds, PTO, and be appropriate BMI for surgery.
  9. I am sure he needs the rest. I can't image he got much sleep last night. I know I wouldn't be able to sleep waiting for something like this.
  10. Does this person need to stop and listen as well?
  11. Someone on the DD incontinence only forum posted about Botox for underactive bladder. They did not have a good experience. Apparently the muscles became paralyzed closed and they had to cath to go at all for over 3 months. I was excited about trying Botox before all this and still may try that route but it is not without its risks. If anyone follows this link please keep in mind that it is a medically incontinence support forum. https://incont.org/index.php?/topic/210-botox-for-under-active-bladder/
  12. If everyone was down there on the same day I could see a legitimate reason to discount it. All the equipment is three and setup. Just need to do a cleaning between procedures.
  13. With as much interest as this post has generated we should all get together and see if there is bulk/Groupon pricing 😁
  14. The scanners seem so random. I have heard back and forth about diapers setting them off. I wore a megamax through security and it didn't set it off. I personally only ever had my powder set off the explosive detectors.
  15. I am a huge fan of the Tykables Animooz. The cloth backing is tough enough to actually stand up and reasonable in terms of odor control.
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