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  1. mark686

    Gaylord couple

    I live neer bay city
  2. mark686

    Peeing uncontrollably

    I have the same problem when I have been seated for a long period. Bad thing is my job requires me to sit for long periods
  3. mark686

    Tykables Cargo

    How are the cargo pants holding up? How do you like the shorts?
  4. mark686

    incontinent and a truck driver

    the Question has nothing to do with lack of confidence I am fine there. jus don't want to broadcast it to the world.
  5. I am wondering if there are any other truck drivers on here that are incontinent and how you handale taking the drug and alchahol test. how do you conceal your supplies in your
  6. setting I am pearty dry, but ass soon as I standup I am peeing
  7. mark686

    NorthShore supreme

    I use the supreme and they are great. I don't like the cloth backed they come loose
  8. mark686

    telling parents and close freinds

    8 hours ago, InconSteiner said: In the interest of keeping this on topic, I'd like to propose an open question. When is the best time to tell people who you think might find out, or is that even preferable?
  9. mark686

    telling parents and close freinds

    I had a small conversation with my mom the other day and told her that my back is worse than first thought and I did have it checked out and some of what the doctor said. I am yet to tell her that I cant hold it vary long.
  10. mark686

    telling parents and close freinds

    6 hours ago, rusty pins said: Your parents already know you don't have complete control.
  11. mark686

    bedwetting and day wetting

    update my day wetting has gotten worse and I have been to a urologist and nothing was found wrong. I have to pay for tests out of pocket and are exspensive. the only thing they can come up with is I damaged the nurves when I fell. not sure what test they would do to check but I don't like doctors (A.K.A drug dealers to begin with) they think that is also why my legs fall asleep when I am sitting for long periods.
  12. mark686

    do diapers make you wet more

    On ?12?/?16?/?2016 at 10:15 PM, oldwetter66 said:
  13. mark686

    What sites do you buy diapers from?

    depends on where you are located I use northshore care fast delivery for me next day
  14. mark686

    telling parents and close freinds

    On ?3?/?15?/?2017 at 9:46 PM, ELLIE52 said: Just my opinion:
  15. mark686

    telling parents and close freinds

    1 hour ago, babylin said: Stay cool . You can "What If" yourself crazy.