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    • Like I have often said " Don't get caught with your pants down ". I see so many people here that have written questions and posts like " How to tell my friends and family ". I see many of the people on this post say they cringe and feel exposed. I for one started using diapers as a 12 year old because I did not want to spend my allowance buying new panties only because they were stained with poop and pee. How does a 12 year old in 1978 explain to a parent " I enjoy pooping my panties, it makes me feel good". The first thing that would happen is my parents would have taken me to a shrink ! I was the neighborhood baby sitter, so I used that opportunity to my advantage. I had access to countless diapers, and could keep them in a bag without my parents even asking. I am 54 years old now and was married for over thirty years. I told my husband once and that was never acknowledged by mt husband. It was my secret and my secret alone. To this day I have never told my mother nor do I wish to. I have worn for over forty years and I think in that time only two people have known. There is no reason for me to reveal to my employers.nor any one else for that matter. I feel so bad for you busy britches and I empathize with you. It sucks when your personal life is used against you and life becomes a living hell. I have always said it will be a secret that I take to the grave with me, and  people should take notice of this situation and take it very seriously. Stop with all the I want to tell my friend or lover or parents. It will backfire on you. Hugs to you all and busy britches. If you ever want to chat I am here for you. This site may keep us anonymous, but it keeps us together as a people.
    • "Yes I will. I'm sorry." Ruth said, squirming in her seat about to fully wet herself.   "Thank you. I hope that's true and I hope my reading gets better." Lacey said. Lacey squirmed as she felt the need to pee increase.  
    • I follow Tyler to the carpet, and sit down when he tells me to.  I don't fight at all when he pulls me onto his lap, instead just snuggling into his chest, and lettting him hold me.