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  1. boyhood

    My experience with stents

    If you are unsure about your plan, I encourage you to do some research. Learning "what not to do" along with the procedures that are working for others is really important. Here is a PDF (5MB) backup of this thread before it became corrupted (date of backup: 10/11/17): http://www.filedropper.com/myexperiencewithstents-incontinent-desires-ddboardschat Would be great if the OP (cathdiap) could include this link in the first post.
  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know I backed up your thread before the forums got corrupted.

    Here is the link to the PDF backup: http://www.filedropper.com/myexperiencewithstents-incontinent-desires-ddboardschat

    Feel free to put this in your original post if it may help others.

    Thanks :)

    1. cathdiap


      Hi Boyhood, thank you for saving this file. I just put the link in my OP.. 

  3. boyhood

    My experience with stents

    Loveable_guy, could you explain how your design stays in place without migrating into the bladder? dlnoir, your design is most similar to my latest suction cup design intended to stay in place by means of expanding a point just below the external sphincter. In recognition of your success with this design, it is overall intriguing. Looking back through this thread, it looks like you mounted those O-rings with external stitches. I have several questions if you don't mind answering: 1) What inside or outside diameter are these O-rings and have you experimented with different sizes? 2) What is the exact length between your O-rings? 3) Instead of using external stitches to hold on the O-rings, what would happen if you squeezed them through a punched hole? 4) Also, why is your silicone tubing extended so far above the top O-ring? Your earlier posts show a couple punched holes more clearly, but why this extra length? Technically speaking, wouldn't the bladder be able to drain quicker if the tubing sticking up inside the bladder is as short as possible? -------------- Also, regarding this design: That is interesting advice (to narrow my design another ~2cm). I have read through every post of this topic and understand everyone's anatomy is slightly different. The current distance between my two stent bends as pictured above (accounting for the length of the combined pre-prostatic, prostatic, & membranous urethra) is roughly 6.5 cm. Also important to note that the pre-prostatic urethra length does fluctuate by up to 1.5 cm depending on the fullness of the bladder, a fact that all designs should accommodate. Cathdiap's latest designs have a distance of ~5.5 cm in between the two bends. Inconito described his as 8 cm. Ind described his as 7 cm. Ferix described his as 5.5 cm. Shortening my current design 3/4 inch would put the distance between the two bends at 4.5 cm. That sounds a little short, doesn't it? In fact, wouldn't it almost make sense to elongate it? Think about it: this design slips inside, so could it be that the bottom bend is already too short and flattening out? What's happening, do you think? I thought originally that part of the reason my design allowed easy migration to the bladder may have been the result of the lower Teflon piece length (and position of curve bend along that length that allowed it to flatten out and slip inside)... but I've also tested out much longer pieces of Teflon inner tubing with a more equal positioned curve and though insertion was much tougher, the same issue was still not resolved. Still not sure of what is wrong with my design.
  4. boyhood

    My experience with stents

    I appreciate the advice Diapered Dave & Loveable_guy. I did forget to mention that I actually brought a separate line up through it to sew each cup in place as an added precaution. They are on there super tight (I did some tests) and also extremely flimsy-- I would almost consider them soft, but I agree there could still be some discomfort on both the insertion and removal. I thought that might be part of the reason it would stay in place better where it's seated. Let's get back to the original concept then. Could you tell me what you see wrong in this design? It slides into place but migrates into the bladder even if I walk around, flex my pelvic floor even once (kegel exercise), lay down, cough hard, etc. On rarer occasions where I had an extreme urge to urinate, they on seldom slip out the other way. Looking forward to hearing back!
  5. boyhood

    My experience with stents

    I've tried a couple of cathdiap's standard designs over the last couple months but have been unable to keep the stent in place. It's easy to feel when it slides into place, but It seems to always slip into the bladder, even if I walk around, flex my pelvic floor even once (kegel exercise), lay down, cough hard, etc. On rarer occasions where I had an extreme urge to urinate, it would even slip out the other way. I've got photos of these two stents if any of you are interested to see... But for now, I'm curious to know what anybody thinks of this concept I just came up with (images below). It uses cheap and flexible 22mm suction cups to help keep the stent in place. The suction cups can pretty easily bend either way (up or down). I first carefully drilled a hole through the stem into the center of the suction cup using my smallest drill bit, and then shoved the cup stem into the outside tubing. To open the hole and keep the cups in place, I sharpened (but rounded off) a couple pieces of Teflon tubing on one end so I could shove it through the suction cup and pin it up against the silicone tubing, which is a very tight fit. I haven't inserted it yet only because my opening meatus is too tight-- I'll need to make another alteration to the bladder neck's suction cup side to allow a "point" to insert. I'm thinking this can possibly be accomplished by extending the inner Teflon tubing out of the suction cup end, (but rounded off like the other side to eliminate sharp edges). What does anyone think about this concept? Is it dangerous or worth trying?
  6. boyhood

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    This evening I've taken it upon the New Year to start it off incontinent with the holey foley method! This is the second time I've tried doing this, but on this one... more successfully! The retention issue was being caused by my meatus opening being so tiny, it was sealing the urine back around the catheter, not allowing it to exit. Bending the cath along the top of my dick and taping it there has allowed the meatus to open enough to produce a decent dribble. Most often I feel a minor burn on the tip of my dick when I do urinate though-- hoping that goes away. I haven't completely figured it out yet because it mostly seems like I have a lot of control still-- a topic that nobody here seems to talk about. In most positions, I am required to even initiate the stream. I don't know how that works when both of my sphincters are above the holes and cathed. It also doesn't allow for flooding. If I get the urge to piss and I'm not able to pass it quick enough (and piss at the fast speed I need), I get repetitive painful cramps and urges until all the urine has exited. I did punch 2 holes into it, but it seems like it would need way more if that's the issue. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. boyhood

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Wondering if the mods are able to restore anything or if everything is literally gone with no backups ever made? Until then, here are five I saved regarding the holey foley. All photo credits go to posters of this thread.
  8. boyhood

    My experience with stents

    I do web development for a living and seriously don't understand, for example, how the beginning of our posts was preserved but nothing more. Is this the machined teaser that had to be replaced with the post content or something? Either way, followers of this thread or admins may be relieved to know I have a backup copy made on October 11th. I also have a backup copy made of the "Close To Incontinence With A Catheter" thread on March 17th. In addition, I've backed up most of everyone's original (full resolution) attachments in both of these threads. If admins or members are interested in either restoring these threads or just having it for archival purposes, I could probably help you out.
  9. boyhood

    My experience with stents

    Here are a couple pics of my first attempt. I decided to try extending the Teflon inner tubing to the end, in order to keep the holes open. Now I realize that a flexible tip as originally designed is probably necessary. The Teflon still had some flexibility to straighten out, but probably could have used more. Might have to do more pre-bending so it inserts more straight? Would love to hear some feedback.
  10. boyhood

    My experience with stents

    What the hell happened to all of our messages? Can't they do a database restore? This forum should be shut down for maintenance. Anyway, I decided to make a stent based on Cathdiap's idea and test it out for the first time this evening. The meatus entrance was surprisingly tough to pass with the stent, but it kind of popped with enough force. After that, I managed to get it through the external sphincter, but it took literally half an hour of relaxing and pushing. Like when I say relax, I am to the point that I am literally in the process of peeing, so I am super relaxed. Then my rose bud sound slipped to the side of the stent and I realized I was pushing nothing right along side it! So I backed the sound back up, and the stent must have backed out some because I had to get through the external sphincter again, which was nearly impossible. In this process, the sound slipped to the side about 5 times-- it was surprising and annoying how often that occurred. Then after all of that struggle, I saw a little bit of blood in my urine dribbles and decided to temporarily end the operation. After pulling it out, the two Teflon ends looked a little twisted up for all the pushing I had been doing up against the sphincter. I'm seriously not exactly sure what I was doing wrong, but one thing I did notice is that the stent likes to twist backward (tips facing down) while I'm pushing it in, not the direction you need the stent (tips facing upwards). With the odd shape of this stent, I don't know why no one else here hasn't reported it twisting in rotation while pushing. Test 1 was a fail. If you guys have any tips I could take from this, it would be appreciated.
  11. boyhood

    Half Stent

    Sorry, I see now why you were confused on my last message! I just spotted that I used the sphincter terminology backwards. I just edited it. Now that we have that mystery
  12. boyhood

    Moorhead / Fergus Falls, MN!

    Hey! Just posted my introduction in the other forum: 10 minutes ago, boyhood said: Hey, thought I'd introduce myself here as I am new to DD! I've been a strong DL as long as I can remember and have tried about 50 different
  13. boyhood

    Fargo, ND!

    Hey! Just posted my introduction in the other forum: 5 minutes ago, boyhood said: Hey, thought I'd introduce myself here as I am new to DD! I've been a strong DL as long as I can remember and have tried about 50 different
  14. boyhood

    n00bie here from Fargo, ND!

    Hey, thought I'd introduce myself here as I am new to DD! I've been a strong DL as long as I can remember and have tried about 50 different
  15. boyhood

    My experience with stents

    I just tested out my above idea and I'm sad to report it did not work with this type of silicone tubing. I used the stove top because my heat gun wasn't even topping 240