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  1. My experience with stents

    I do web development for a living and seriously don't understand, for example, how the beginning of our posts was preserved but nothing more. Is this the machined teaser that had to be replaced with the post content or something? Either way, followers of this thread or admins may be relieved to know I have a backup copy made on October 11th. I also have a backup copy made of the "Close To Incontinence With A Catheter" thread on March 17th. In addition, I've backed up most of everyone's original (full resolution) attachments in both of these threads. If admins or members are interested in either restoring these threads or just having it for archival purposes, I could probably help you out.
  2. My experience with stents

    Here are a couple pics of my first attempt. I decided to try extending the Teflon inner tubing to the end, in order to keep the holes open. Now I realize that a flexible tip as originally designed is probably necessary. The Teflon still had some flexibility to straighten out, but probably could have used more. Might have to do more pre-bending so it inserts more straight? Would love to hear some feedback.
  3. My experience with stents

    What the hell happened to all of our messages? Can't they do a database restore? This forum should be shut down for maintenance. Anyway, I decided to make a stent based on Cathdiap's idea and test it out for the first time this evening. The meatus entrance was surprisingly tough to pass with the stent, but it kind of popped with enough force. After that, I managed to get it through the external sphincter, but it took literally half an hour of relaxing and pushing. Like when I say relax, I am to the point that I am literally in the process of peeing, so I am super relaxed. Then my rose bud sound slipped to the side of the stent and I realized I was pushing nothing right along side it! So I backed the sound back up, and the stent must have backed out some because I had to get through the external sphincter again, which was nearly impossible. In this process, the sound slipped to the side about 5 times-- it was surprising and annoying how often that occurred. Then after all of that struggle, I saw a little bit of blood in my urine dribbles and decided to temporarily end the operation. After pulling it out, the two Teflon ends looked a little twisted up for all the pushing I had been doing up against the sphincter. I'm seriously not exactly sure what I was doing wrong, but one thing I did notice is that the stent likes to twist backward (tips facing down) while I'm pushing it in, not the direction you need the stent (tips facing upwards). With the odd shape of this stent, I don't know why no one else here hasn't reported it twisting in rotation while pushing. Test 1 was a fail. If you guys have any tips I could take from this, it would be appreciated.
  4. Half Stent

    Sorry, I see now why you were confused on my last message! I just spotted that I used the sphincter terminology backwards. I just edited it. Now that we have that mystery solved, back to our convo! Cathdiap's stent is a C shape-- I had been picturing your stent placement incorrectly. Yes agreed-- the angle that extrudes past the external sphincter is what keeps it from migrating into the bladder. Cathdiap's design clearly still has an advantage for that outward migration you mentioned: That really is a neat idea that I've wondered about. I'd like to hear more. Another cool thing is, your design doesn't cover the ejaculatory duct, which has been reported by some to cause inward stent migration. Come to think of it, inward migration is probably much less likely (in general) due to the internal sphincter. At the moment, I cannot think of a "great" solution to keeping your design from slipping out though. A tether from the bladder doesn't seem viable for nearly all means of removal. What you could maybe try is refining the bend angle (more acute) and/or adding additional pieces of inner tubing to create bulges: Again, I'm assuming the more "acute" the stent's angle snaps to, the better the odds are it stays in place, hence my recommendation above on the right side. Are you able to control when you urinate at all, or do the flood gates just open when your bladder has filled to capacity? Have you tried sleeping with it yet? If so, let me know what happens in detail! With Cathdiap's design, it's easy to see the issue you describe here. When lying in any position, urine must fill roughly half of the bladder in order to enter the stent and allow gravity to do the rest. To help this (not fix it), that is likely part of the reason Cathdiap punches a small hole into the stent near the interior bend protruding just inside the bladder opening. So far, that seems to be the quickest way to force the automatic passage of urine (that fills up enough) through the internal sphincter. Perhaps the only thing that would help with c-shaped stent bedwetting? A smaller bladder. I suppose if the bladder were always being emptied automatically, it's easy to assume it would begin to shrink over time. That could also be more of a common misconception though... it must take a lot longer time than we think because Cathdiap had reportedly no change to his habits after keeping the stent in for several months. In terms of bedwetting with a half stent, however, I see an advantage with your setup in allowing the detrusor muscle & autonomic internal sphincter to operate normally (unstented). Good work, you should test it out! That is surely much more similar than having either a "continuous drip" or "no flow at all until the person sits up or stands," like reported from those who have attempted Cathdiap's design. However, the detrusor muscle of the bladder always remains relaxed to allow the bladder to store urine, and only contracts during urination to release the urine. In other words, I think it takes conscious nerve reflexes in the onset and process of urinating to utilize this muscle... isn't the whole point of bedwetting not to have that consciousness? You'll have to verify if this muscle indeed works simultaneously with the internal sphincter. If so, and if you have no control over when either function, you may have cracked the bedwetting code!
  5. Moorhead / Fergus Falls, MN!

    Hey! Just posted my introduction in the other forum: So far, I've completely kept this part of me private from the world, but would like to find others in the area that I can trust and be my real self around. I'm an easy going, fun, honest, and trustworthy person. I have high morals, family values, and am respectful towards other people. I'm hoping to some day meet a FUN girl who wants to be herself and both live and laugh in this shared lifestyle. It would be cool to meet some down-to-earth friends in the process and share/live similar experiences. Life is a big ass mystery and I'd like to live it to the fullest, hopefully finding some awesome friends and a compatible someone along the way Let me know if you'd ever be interested in meeting up
  6. Fargo, ND!

    Hey! Just posted my introduction in the other forum: So far, I've completely kept this part of me private from the world, but would like to find others in the area that I can trust and be my real self around. I'm an easy going, fun, honest, and trustworthy person. I have high morals, family values, and am respectful towards other people. I'm hoping to some day meet a FUN girl who wants to be herself and both live and laugh in this shared lifestyle. It would be cool to meet some down-to-earth friends in the process and share/live similar experiences. Life is a big ass mystery and I'd like to live it to the fullest, hopefully finding some awesome friends and a compatible someone along the way Let me know if you'd ever be interested in meeting up
  7. n00bie here from Fargo, ND!

    Hey, thought I'd introduce myself here as I am new to DD! I've been a strong DL as long as I can remember and have tried about 50 different
  8. My experience with stents

    I just tested out my above idea and I'm sad to report it did not work with this type of silicone tubing. I used the stove top because my heat gun wasn't even topping 240
  9. I have been wearing diapers to bed almost every night for 8 years, allowing myself to "let go" on my back without any straining whenever I feel pee in my bladder. I have completely eliminated my fears of leaking for the last few years, but still have control of whether or not I wet. I don't know how long it will take to lose nighttime control-- at this point it seems hard to believe it's even possible. Clearly some in this community have actually been able to do it, but the best I can do is take their word for it.
  10. Half Stent

    That is interesting. What keeps it in place from slipping into the bladder? Are you done trying after that first experience? I'd like to hear more on what happens. Like you, I have wondered what would happen if you stent "just one" of the interior/exterior sphincters. I'd be even more interested to hear what happens if the controllable exterior is stented, while the interior to the bladder is allowed to shut. Has anyone been able to engineer this? My main goal would be to try to simulate bedwetting. How often does the involuntary interior sphincter open? Is it only when the bladder has filled enough that you need to void? I suppose if a cath was held in place to the prostate, we could find this out pretty easily.
  11. My experience with stents

    Hey all! I've recently read through all pages of both this thread & also the 46 paged "Close To Incontinence With A Catheter" thread. Since my first experience with a catheter wasn't that pleasant (read experience here), I'm interested to give stents a try, and also offer any engineering ideas I can think of along the way to make this experience both safer and enjoyable for all who try it. It will likely be a month or two before I mod my first stent, so this is my planning stage. I've already purchased the following materials from Amazon-- feel free to critque: uxcell 4mm x 6mm Food Grade Translucent Silicone Tube Water Air Pump Hose 7M Length (stent exterior piece) 2.0 Meters ( 6.6 ft) PTFE Teflon Bowden Tube for 1.75 Filament (2.0mm ID/4.0mm OD) (stent interior bends) WAGNER HT 400 650-Degree Heat Gun (small sized for focused heat on the Teflon tubing) G.S BAKES ROSEBUD URETHRAL SOUND SET, 4MM, 5MM, 6MM, 7MM (looks scary, but would help guide the stent into place) 15lb Fishing Line Clear Monofilament High Abrasion Resistant Nylon Pesca Wire (my only hope to not go into the E.R.) 1/2 in Clear Silicone O-Rings (Pack of 10) (will probably buy bigger ones after reading reports of the small silicone ring disappearing inside the urethra) Now just to put this into perspective, my entire life I've only put ONE object of any kind into my Johnson (a 14fr catheter & only one time), so it goes without saying that I am pretty "unseasoned" for jamming an awkwardly shaped 6mm stent ALL THE WAY up there... But I'll still do it, as long as I know I'm taking every precaution I possibly can... some of you may call it overkill but I did purchase a few more things in that regard: Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips (UTI Test Strips),Leukocytes Test,Nitrite Test,PH Test - 50 Urine Test Strips by Tbuymax BRI Nutrition 3x Strength 12,600mg CranGel Power Plus: High Potency, Maximum Strength Cranberry SoftGel Capsules Fortified with Vitamins C and Natural E - 90 Softgels Also considering on buying some (sealed & unexpired) 500mg USP tabs of antibiotics on the Dark Net (to bypass doctors), just to have on hand: either Ampicillin, Ciprofloxacin, or Levofloxacin. I read on WebMD that each of these work with UTI's, but am unsure if any are better than the other, so your feedback is welcome. The best designs I've seen so far in this thread, especially based on the experiences posted with lack of issues are the following diapered geniuses: Cathdiap: & InD: Each of these stents have their benefits and apparently have stayed in place without migrating in/out issues. Cathdiap's design is clearly the gold medal winner that we have all followed, but InD's design of using an actual catheter obviously looks much easier to insert without causing damage to the urethra. For us with unstretched (and virtually untouched) urethras... ... an easy insertion is vital. As built, the end is blunt and wide. Lots of people are having issues with comfort, and I have a feeling this might also be the main reason why. I want to propose a hypothetical alteration to Cathdiap's design by combining the two stent approaches above. We could possibly improve this design by not folding the end inward, but still creating a "perfectly round taper" on each end of the stent... think a bullet shape. How? We already have a heat gun, so why can't we just use a proper diameter metal mold that gives us the shape we need on the silicone tubing? The above mold (thankfully unrusted & new dual cavity version) is only $19.79 on Amazon. The diameter of the mold is 0.312 in (7.9248 mm). The silicone tubing I purchased is 6mm in diameter-- this would allow enough room (almost 1mm on each side) to avoid the grooves if that matters. My heat gun: Blows at 343.333
  12. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Is this a good topic for introductions? Greetings all, I'm a long-term member of ADISC (where the subject of "Incontinent Desires" isn't allowed), so suppose I'm initially registering @ DD to post my experience last evening with the Holey Foley here. Like most of you, I simply wanted to "temporarily" experience what it would be like to be incontinent. I want to start by saying thanks for everyone's insight. As harmful as these procedures can be, much of it (NOT ALL-- more on that) can be avoided using common sense. Many of you haven't but I'm not here to point fingers. I read through literally all 44 pages of this thread to learn from each of your mishaps and successes, which let me just say took quite a while. Props to each of you for your imaginative and innovative gumption to experiment in these regards, for your honesty when things when awry, and to the mods that have kept the topic of conversation under control. The most common FR/CH catheter recommended for beginners seemed to be the 14. I purchased two of these sizes, along with one 12 of the Bardex I.C. Silver-Coated Latex type from Allegro Medical ... Only the 12 as well because the thought of sticking "the very first item of my life" (of any size) up my pee hole was somewhat terrifying. I also purchased that blue catheter plug with drainage protector along with three insertion trays to maintain sterility as much as possible. Finally, I also purchased a General Tools standard leather punch on Amazon, along with 5 Cranberry juices at my grocery store. My mod: I stuck to the basic procedure (no cutting the catheter, clamping, plugging, & stringing). The only difference was that I plugged the catheter "inside the bottom-most punched hole" with the cut-off tip of a plastic golf tee (sterilized with alcohol). This was aimed to immediately direct the drainage out of the holes, avoiding one of the only major concerns that piss going all the way down to the catheter plug could become stagnant with bacteria build-up over time. The first leather punch of the 12fr went okay (4 inches after the end of the balloon). I wanted another hole about an inch lower, and somehow accidentally rotated it enough to nick the inflation tube (BAH!) so had to discard it and move to the 14fr (so much for starting small!) My new leather punch apparently doesn't clamp down even, so it was rarely an immediate clean cut and required a bit of wiggling & pulling. The 14fr went as planned-- not as clean oval as some of your cuts, but again I blame my shitty leather punch. The results: Like a few other reports while either sitting, standing, or laying, I had to push to initiate the pee (which was always painful), but when that started it was "nearly" impossible to stop. If I tried to stop it, (especially if I was able to using all my energy) there was lots of pain. The only exception that would make me involuntarily pee was when I was in the process of walking/moving... this was the highlight of my experience as it never produced pain. The pee, however, continued to sting the tip of my penis which was annoying and always unpleasant. I quickly went through three of my five 64fl/oz Old Orchard Cranberry Classics, which DON'T BUY, btw... I realized when I got home that it only contained 27% juice. It said "reduced sugar, reduced calorie" but I added it up afterwards and had consumed about 500g of sugar and 2,240 calories in those 3.5 alone (HOLY SHIT). Buy 100% juice if available, and if it doesn't taste bitter and gross, you probably didn't get the right stuff. Either way, I drenched my first Bambino Bianco Ultrastretch (all-white Magnifico) in the first three hours, definitely a record. Still, this wasn't the experience I had hoped for. My idiocy: There was a plaguing inflammatory pain that I had been experiencing earlier that day (above my left testicle). I don't know if this was a sign from God to not do what I was set out to do. Have you ever felt swelling in one of the seminal tubes that connect your nuts to your urethra? I have in my life, but once or twice before this. Thankfully the pain of this "mostly" went away in time to try out the cath, so I foolishly decided to cath anyway. This pain returned after I inserted the cath, and got so progressively bad that I could barely walk. I took a shower with the cath, noticed the pain and swelling had grown to my left testicle (which looked nearly double in size, I couldn't even touch it) and I obviously decided to take it out right after. The pain continued, and I think I may have been experiencing some minor bacterial infection (see Epididymitis, nonspecific bacterial). I popped two 100mg minocycline antibiotics leftover from about 4 years back... had a big prayer with God, I slept it off, woke up with about 90% less pain, took another this morning and most symptoms have subsided now (about 20 hrs later). I only have one more antibiotic pill left and will probably take it this evening; I'm hoping that all will be fine because I currently lack health insurance-- hence the idiocy heading... Conclusion: I don't know if I'll ever cath again. It's actually not fair to say that when the inflammation wasn't necessarily caused by cathing (and rather perpetuated by it). This was obviously bad timing on my part, but this fetish is odd as you know... I actually had purchased two cases of diapers in preparation of this (that's 80, most owned at one time), and only got through one diaper... I think if I ever do cath again, I will need to have health insurance in the event shit hits the fan. Be careful everyone!