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  1. Definitely. I first discovered plastic panties when I was looking into cloth diapers, and I wear them with everything now. They're very convenient.
  2. In the leadup to it I feel a fullness which is hard to tell from having a full stomach. I usually feel a very gentle and distant sort of pushing, much like I would have felt when I was continent, but not under my control. Occasionally I'll feel a very sudden and intense peak which will usually be followed by messing pretty heavily. If I try to hold it, which I really have no capability to do, I get a weird spasmodic unsettled feeling and can feel pushing, followed by, again, usually messing pretty heavily.
  3. As an Australian, I mostly buy my diapers from Independence Australia, and occasionally from ABU Australia. I limit myself to large sites because I'm IC, so I need >100 diapers monthly at a reasonable price.
  4. I was consistently in diapers from birth to eight years old, so yeah, a few diapers at school - various baby and medical type brands that I don't know. I don't recall wearing in high school. I wore a few times during my first undergrad. I'm in the first year of my second undergrad and between graduating my first one and now, I became incontinent, so I'm now wearing diapers to school all the time, lol.
  5. I used to carry a messenger bag but these days I've reverted to my old school backpack because it can fit my diaper stuff. I usually carry 2 day diapers 1 overnight diaper 6 plastic shopping bags a travel pack of powder a travel pack of lotion a travel pack of wipes a 100-pack of gloves my change mat If I know I'll be out for a while I also carry a change of clothes similar to the ones I'm wearing. If I'll be staying somewhere I take a sleeper.
  6. I don't want to be seen, but I'm not too fussed about not being seen. I get fussy and nervous if I have to go out in my cloth diapers, because I don't want to be seen, but I know there's minimal risk that I'll be seen even in my LittlePawz if I wear the right pants, so I feel OK wearing those out. Obviously as an incontinent person my attitude to wearing diapers out is a lot less tense than it was as a continent AB/DL. I should note that one big exception is that I hate being messy in large, populous public spaces, because I know from experience that if your diapers aren't thick enough, messing shows up as a big noticeable bump in the seat.
  7. I've been 24/7 for a very long time so I don't really have individual diaper experiences as such anymore. I think the time in diapers I've most enjoyed was the time when I was wetting the bed irregularly and had very little daytime control, but only occasional messing accidents, and thought I could still retrain. It was fun and different from being continent, but it was worry-free. These days I'm wet all the time and have very frequent messing accidents to the point of basically having no messing continence, and I've tried to toilet train twice and had no success. It's OK, I'm at peace with it, but it's still not really as fun.
  8. Leaking may be a fit issue. I use Abena M3, but I'm transitioning to thicker diapers because I'm finding I'm really not worried about thickness anymore and I prefer the higher absorbency. For my bedwetting I use cloth diapers.
  9. I got rid of my undies when I started detraining. I briefly tried to toilet-train with my ex-partner acting as my caregiver, and we bought some panties for that. I still have those, but I never wear them except over my diapers and plastic pants.
  10. By the age of 8 I was about as fully potty trained as I've ever been. I don't know if my accidents were ever "rare" by other people's standards. My control started degrading again around the time I was 19, so I'm on the cusp of having been not potty trained for a larger percentage of my life than I was potty trained.
  11. Don't lie to your doctor. It's like lying under oath.
  12. Well, I'm glad I managed to make an end run around this scenario by developing incontinence.
  13. I used to, but now that I'm incontinent, it's not practical. I do still experience purge cycles, I just can't act on them.
  14. It generally only happens if I'm sleeping pretty heavily, and I almost always wake up while it's happening.
  15. I am incontinent and an AB/DL.