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  1. 24/7 diapers

    It will depend on your existing continence and your inherent susceptibility. I had minor continence issues and now I have no continence in that respect because I was susceptible to untraining, but my experience is not representative.
  2. Hey, I remember this feeling from when I was using laxatives to mess. My messing control is a lot worse now, so my food sensitivities will generally have the same effect on me.
  3. I've always been kinda interested in filling my diapers. The thing that made me start filling them a lot was that I was in diapers full time and had severely impacted wetting control (which has since completely broken through the floor) so I figured since I couldn't be out of my diapers, I might as well fill them, too.
  4. When You Fill Your Pants...

    If I'm alone, I'll generally leave it until I would otherwise feel a change is needed. If I'm with others, I'll excuse myself immediately and change.
  5. Times You Actually Pooped In Public

    I have some messing control, like I can usually make it to a toilet if I don't mess around (pun intended), but I have a wide range of food and drink sensitivities that take that away from me, so I have irregular but semi-frequent public messing accidents.
  6. I feel like I wouldn't go to an AB/DL camp. This interest tends to bring together very different people who may not be compatible.
  7. Reasons

    I was separated from my mother at the age of three.
  8. Do You Have A Diaper Bag?

    I don't have a built-for-purpose diaper bag but I do have a backpack that travels with me when I need to carry diapers.
  9. Diaper bulge ??

    I prefer them loose. It's a practicality thing - I need to be thickly diapered and I don't like my diapers compressed.
  10. Longest time in a single diaper?

    I think about 24 hours one time, in an ABU Simple?
  11. Forced to choose

    ABU. Space/Simple/LittlePawz, not really picky which shell.
  12. Down There!

    I'm fully shaved. Only way to be.
  13. Incontinence By Choice?

    I'm pretty sure the first time I saw this poll was when I let nature take its course. My best continence was pretty much normal albeit with occasional wetting accidents and even more occasional messing accidents. Since then, I've let it fall apart to the point where I have no detectable wetting control and at best partial messing control. I think in retrospect I'd still have untrained wetting but the loss of messing control is a bit much.
  14. Quickie: Cloth Or Disposable

    A sensible mix of both.
  15. Can I Call You...?

    I've been an AB and a DL for as long as I can remember. I went into diapers full-time a couple of years back. I always had minor continence issues, but that was like sticking a crowbar into them and levering them wide open. When I started, I had occasional wetting accidents and even more occasional messing accidents. Within the first year I was a bedwetter (and called myself that for a while). At this point, I have no detectable wetting control, day or night, and my messing control is severely impaired and very sensitive to my diet. I called myself a 'diaper user' for a while, but I tried to retrain a couple of times and had no luck, so I just go with 'incontinent' now.