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  1. Hitting seven years old.
  2. This is my time to shine! I took a long time to be toilet trained. There was an abortive attempt to toilet train me around the age of 3 but ultimately I wasn't consistently out of diapers until I was roughly 7. I had accidents after toilet training. Now, I thought this was normal but I actually found out recently that the number of accidents I had wasn't normal. I had a couple of dozen wetting accidents between toilet training and going back to diapers 24/7. I think the average works out to one every couple of months. I just assumed that was normal, but apparently I was wrong. Oddly enough, I never wet the bed. There were also probably half a dozen occasions on which I filled my pants. I untrained after going back into diapers full-time, but my control is starting to slip further than I'm comfortable with (I'm now having to deal with messing accidents). I think it's stabilised as a result of me trying to hold it. Currently I know about 2 to 5 minutes in advance of voiding, which means I usually have time to get to the toilet and, if there's a cubicle free, I can get in and mess in the toilet. It's not really great control but it's something.
  3. I personally prefer the baby powder and Sudocrem smell. I suspect I smell like baby supplies (powder, wipes, cream) and I actually don't mind that. Better than smelling like what a lot of dudes my age smell like.
  4. Butt pat, crotch grab, occasional "pull stretchy short leg aside to look".
  5. In my experience as a DL and as an incon person, I think it actually makes a lot of sense that people who are just incon seem to have more trouble living with it. Being a DL means that thinking about my diapers and how I should deal with them is something I enjoy. It wouldn't be the same for someone who was just incon.
  6. I remember a lot of accidents, but I had - it seems - an unusually large number of accidents, over an unusually long time.
  7. I've been wanting to write an article for my tumblr about how to dress to avoid visually clueing in other people that you are wearing diapers. What would you say are some visual clues that someone is wearing a diaper? Other clues are also acceptable, if they are obscure and you feel people might not know about them.
  8. The pros have been talked about above. The big cons are: price. My Abena Abri-Form M3s are $39.95 for a pack of 22. That's $1.82 per diaper. On average, I wear 3 or 4 per day. In a year, I go through 1,280 diapers roughly. That's 59 packs, which amounts to $2,357.05. That's just the diapers, and doesn't count expenditures on Sudocrem, powder, disposable gloves, plastic pants and other accessories. loss of control. I have no wetting control, awake or asleep, and my messing control is now on the order of minutes. To be fair, I think this varies wildly between people - I know people who have been wearing twice or three times as long as me who report no noticeable diminution in control whatsoever, and some of them are actively trying. However, the only way to know whether this will happen to you is if it happens to you. I've personally had no luck toilet training, so if you go in assuming you can take the risk based on the idea that you can toilet train, you may not be vindicated.
  9. A lot of people who are in diapers are also sexually submissive and into other kinks, meaning it's more common than the population average for them to be collared, leashed or otherwise restrained.
  10. I wear a onesie (t-shirt that snaps at the crotch) and make sure my pants are loose enough to comfortably conceal my diapers. I wear plastic pants, which block out smell, muffle noise, and are basically silent themselves. I also wear fairly quiet diapers (cloth-backed Abena M3s). When I'm sleeping I wear one-piece pyjamas. This winter I'm adding bib-and-brace denim overalls to my collection - I'll be wearing them under a sweater so they'll look like jeans. In reality they have a much deeper and wider butt with elastic at the waist, allowing me a lot of extra room for padding.
  11. Diapers increase my libido. However, they have functioned as a chastity belt in the sense that when I have casual sex, it usually takes the form of me giving oral. I have sex in longer-term relationships, but getting cleaned up to an acceptable level to have sex with someone takes long enough to kill the mood (with a casual partner), and I have to get padded immediately afterward due to being incon, so there's really no hiding it.
  12. This is actually the second Christmas I've spent in diapers full time.
  13. I'm quite body shy and generally like to be clothed, but since going 24/7, my tastes have changed. In private, I like to wear as little as possible. It's largely practical - if you're not wearing anything, you can't leak on it.
  14. I started to develop bedwetting as I was going to bed in wet diapers, but I figure my circumstances are probably different from most bedwetters.
  15. The majority of the time, I wear Abena M3 Comfort. At night, at home, I wear pin-on terry-cloth diapers and plastic pants. This is because even if I recover my daytime control -- which would be a surprise at this point -- it is extremely unlikely to impossible that I will ever recover my night control, so a permanent investment in cloth diapers is a good idea, in my opinion. At night, away from home, I wear ABU Simple. They have the extra absorbency that I need for overnight, and they are not a huge deal to dispose of.