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  1. My experience with stents

    I think I've found something similar to you in that inward migration was a problem - fortunately, everything that went in came out again. For me, I realised that the stent needed a bit more 'resistance' to anchor it into place. My solution was a 'scooby string' (see the pic below) threaded through the outer end of the stent; this acts as an 'anchor'. Occasionally, at night usually, the stent can migrate outwards a bit, but it's never gone inwards. I'm not sure if the 'crook' I put in really makes any difference. Like all these things it takes a bit of getting used to but you acclimatise pretty quickly and after three or four uses I had no sense that it was there and it's easy to get in and out. For initial 'tests' I left a length of scobby string sufficently long to act as a 'retrieval rope'; once I was confident it wouldn't move I cut it off; retrieval is by grasping the 'bulb' at the outer end through the skin (sitting just behind my balls) and gradually working it out. The tubing is fairly firm medical grade silicon; I found that the more flexible the tubing, the more likely inward migration was - which is why I gave up try to modify a latex cath. Sorry it looks a bit discoloured now - it's had plenty of use! I clean it by putting it in a mug of boiling water and then in the microwave for a couple of minutes. For me at least this design is perfect - but it took many experiments to get there!
  2. My experience with stents

    I find it easiest to lay down as well. Apart from anything else, you need to relax when inserting the stent and laying back is, for me, the easiest way to do this.
  3. Go Vote!

    It's 650 seats in the UK House of Commons. And the election method is actually the same as in the US House of Representatives - except that congressional districts are drawn up by local politicians and so designed to be as non-competitive as possible - you only have to look at the tortuous geographical shape of some US congressional districts to see how rife gerry-mandering is. At least in the UK constituencies are determined by an independent commission which takes account of submissions from all political parties and local people. First-past-the-post is basically a lousy system though as it amplifies the strength of the leading parties and suppresses that of smaller groups, unless their support is concentrated into a small geographical area: which is why, in the UK, the Scottish Nationalists have 56 MPs for 1.4M votes, the Liberal Democrats have 8 MPs for 2.4M votes and UKIP has 1 MP for 3.9M votes (much as I dislike UKIP, this is manifestly unfair). Even in a flawed system though, it's still important to vote ...
  4. I hope you will achieve your goal to be

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. cathdiap


      The longest period since then

    3. nappyboymids


      Well you've got to do things when they feel right, not for the sake of it.

    4. Tadpole


      I must say I'm jealous of you both - I'm pretty certain that had I not met my wife and had kids a few years ago, I'd be in the same place as you. I know before I married I was slowly realising that the natural progression of my love for nappies was that eventually I'd be wearing them 24/7 and if your experiments with stents had happened a few years earlier I'm sure I would have joined in. It is interesting to read about your gradual acceptance and habituation. The only thing I can compare it with is how about 15 years ago, when the Nuk Medic Pro became available and I finally was living without flatmates, I set out to become a pacifier-user, something that had eluded me all my life and something I had always had very mixed feelings about - lots of shame, guilt etc. After a couple of months of really forcing myself to sleep with it, I realised I wasn't forcing myself... and I was sleeping better and craving the pacifier. And six months later, fully hooked on sleeping with it (and using it quite a lot in the daytime) it was no longer something I felt I had to hide from people. I remained a completely "real" dummy (and thumb - that fallowed naturally) sucker for over a decade, and only quit when my kids were born. So I know that with a stent, with nappy 24/7 wearing, it wouldn't be long for it to feel so natural that it wasn't something I needed to hide!

      Keep up the good work!

  5. My experience with stents

    Perhaps we are all a little crazy, but as long as we're not harming anyone, why worry? I'm making it my mission this year either to use my stent or to be cathed. I've been going since New Year's Day and had about 24 hours without one or the other since then, so I'm now at 44 days. Occasionally I've used a bag with the cath, but I've been diapered 90% of the time. I prefer the sensation of the stent but the cath can be more comfortable sometimes - I've got to 26fr now; would love to get to 30fr. But the main aim is to be incontinent for a year (or more ...)
  6. Starting a new job incontinent

    I agree - your CV is a place to put your qualifications and experience. If you have a a medical/physical condition which can affect how do your job you should disclose it; in the UK employers are required to make 'reasonable adjustments' for employees with additional/different needs. What you disclose would depend on both the job and the condition - it wouldn't be reasonable to employ someone with very limited sight as a delivery driver, but they might do a desk job with some adapted computer equipment. If no 'reasonable adjustments' are necessary, there's no need to disclose.
  7. What order of priority applies to you?

    I voted diaper - partner - sex. I can't imagine life without diapers - when I have my stent in I'm incontinent so physically dependent, and I reckon I'm psychologically and sexually dependent all the time as I wear 24/7 and haven't had sex that hasn't involved nappies for many years. I love being this way, knowing that I'll always need nappies, and can't imagine life without diapers. So diapers have to come first. Not that I wouldn't like to have a partner or more sex! But I know that any partner would have to be a DL like me and understand/share my diaper dependence (so if there are any single UK-based guys out there reading this who know what I mean, drop me a line ...)
  8. What kind of incontinence would you prefer?

    I chose dribbling all the time. With my stent that's what I experience most of the time. I like the helpless and constant lack of control, the fact that sometimes I sense what's happening and sometimes I don't and, like inconito, the fact that I never have the feeling of needing to go because my bladder is filling up ...
  9. I always wear plastic pants over a disposable at night because I sometimes I move around a lot and the tapes can get dislodged without my realising. And I do find that they give a little bit of extra protection against leaks. During the day I don't bother although I can see that the might cut down the crinkling noise of a plastic backed disposable if they're snug ...
  10. What are the drawbacks being totally incontinent?

    What he said ;-) Especially at the end.
  11. Buying diapers on the high-street, UK

    Big branches of Boots are increasingly likely to sell adult diapers now, although their selection is limited. Your other best bet is to find an independent chemist that specialises is equipment for the elderly/disabled - again, most likely in big towns and cities.
  12. That's a brilliant way of putting it - it's great not ever feeling desperate or uncomfortable, but just knowing that your bladder does it's thing and that as long as you're diapered there's no problem :-)
  13. I chose 2, 5 and 6. For me it's a combination of wanting to experience a lack of control, and total diaper dependence - such that even two or three minutes out of a nappy ends up with a wet patch. Not being able to control something as basic as my bladder is embarrassing/humiliating - that's part of it. And having no control is also liberating; as long as I'm diapered I can just get on with everything else in life. A lot of the time I don't even realise I'm wetting and it's only by checking my nappy that I have a sense of what is happening - that's a big part of the desire ...
  14. To what extent are you an exhibitionist with diapers

    I went for option 2. Basically I make sure my nappy isn't showing (especially at work) but if I'm somewhere where no-one knows me I worry less about my shirt riding up etc. Of course for the observant the padding might be noticeable anyway ...
  15. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    @cathdiap: cool to hear that your challenge is going well so far ... I'm curious to see if being diapered and incontinent will not only become normal but preferable as well or if it will be something to keep for 'special occasions'. @everyone: Although there are quite a few designs out there, the big difficulty seems to be keeping the stent in place. Of course it's not a problem if it move outwards, although it's a bit annoying, but inwards seems to have happened to quite a few of us. I found this with earlier designs although fortunately the stent always came back out again. My latest design (which is pictured on the other stent thread) seems to work for one of two reasons - but I don't know which! It's either the 'wings' I made, using a scooby string, or that the silicon tubing I used had thicker walls and so doesn't bend nearly so easily as a standard foley cath. Whatever the reason, and perhaps because my body is becoming used to it, the design I have now will stay in place for days and not move at all. Which is why I asked about longer term usage ...