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  1. Love your undies
  2. I just pee in my trunks - I make sure I get wet as quickly as I can after I get changed so nobody notices
  3. Did not like starting to pee my bed again and even less peeing my pants. But returning to diapers was a revelation- I no longer had to worry about wet pants and wet sheets, I just used my diaper. I now enjoy the feeling of peeing myself, without the worry - over time it has become more enjoyable - just as well as I now have no control
  4. I have sleep apnea as well and use a cpap machine. I pee at night all the time. Think it may be linked.
  5. I got to the stage when I was always rushing to the toilet and going in my diaper anyway before I got there. Made decision to stop trying, made like far less stressful, very rapidly lost what little control I had left. Just pee all the time now
  6. Looks like you need nappies again
  7. Looking good
  8. Love your undies
  9. Nice photo
  10. Love your photos

  11. Nice and wet
  12. Love your boxers
  13. Looks like a good fit
  14. I used to pee my bed when I was a boy. Diapers until 8 or 9 then just in my bed after that. Reduced in frequency over time, but still had the odd accident, have always had a plastic sheet on my bed. Over the past few years it has returned, not helped by nerve damage, I now pee every night, and have next to no control during the day - need diapers 24/7
  15. Always for peeing, cannot control it at all now. I only mess myself if I leave it to late, but control is getting less and I mess more than I did